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NGOs Won Support From NATO Organization (February 5) Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek, the Chief of the General Staff welcomed the representa"ves of NGOs that had excelled in the interna"onal compe""on, thus securing Þnancial support for their project s from the NATO Charity Bazaar organiza"on. Symbolic Þnancial checks totaling 12.426 euro had been presented to the representa"ves of two Slovak NGOs on January 28, 2013 at the NATO Command Headquarters in Brussels by Fran"šek Kašický, the Head of the Permanent Slovak representa"on to NATO, and Lt. Gen. Peter Gajdoš, the Slovak Na"onal Military A#aché to NATO. One of the successful Slovak projects was submi#ed by the Marta – pomoc núdznym NGO from Zvolen. NCB support totaling 5.430 euro will be used to fund the moderniza"on of a kitchen and a dining room in a house providing social care and humanitarian assistance to the homeless and people from disadvantaged families. The other NGO - Go-ok - also resides in Zvolen and its ac"vi"es primarily focus on assis"ng handicapped individuals, senior ci"zens and parents with children. Its project "tled Wheelchair access eases the life not only of the handicapped won 6.996 euro from the NCB. ● Members of the reconnaissance diving squad of the Sereď Engineering Battalion have concluded a two-week strenuous practical training encompassing reconnaissance of underwater objects (wheeled military equipment, ship and port), and deactivating dangerous explosives underwater. Military divers also trained securing all important control elements of a ship at anchor in a port, enabling a group of divers working on its hull underwater a relatively safe environment. ● The Military Police Training and Cynology Center (CVaK VP) in Vlkanová participates in improving the linguistic readiness of military policemen. The necessity for effective communication is especially prominent when military policemen are deployed to operations outside the Slovak territory, where misunderstandings may lead to the loss of life. Twelve military policemen have entered a three-week language course; the instructors - Maj. Robert Schütz (CVaK VP) and Master Sergeant Jozef Kmeť (Military Police Topoľčany) - focused on the most common English phrases used in a dialogue; on special police terminology, reporting and radio communication.

Evaluating The Training Year

(February 6) Ivan Gašparovič, the Supreme Commander of the Slovak Armed Forces and the President of the Slovak Republic recognized the efforts of the MoD and the Slovak Armed Forces to ini"ate ra"onaliza"on processes and procure the necessary equipment and accoutrement for the military during his visit to the MoD on the occasion of the official evalua"on of the 2012 Training Year. “I am glad that the assessment of the Slovak Armed Forces – especially the foreign missions – was posi"ve. Slovak soldiers carry out their job excellently both at home and abroad. Your make us proud,” said Gašparovič in his speech addressing the troops. In his words, Slovak soldiers had won recogni"on by all units they had served with. “A very important task is to complete the restructuring of our military so that it meets all the requirements of NATO,” said Gašparovič, adding that despite addi"onal cuts in the defense budget, the situa"on has improved. Defense Minister Mar"n Glváč conÞrmed that the MoD will con"nue to invest available funds meaningfully: “We are redirec"ng reserves, but not to the detriment of any of the capabili"es, which we already have. We have ongoing discussions with the military regarding their needs. Funds, which we have saved internally, were redirected to cover the military priori"es and needs,” he said. Glváč pointed out that the openness of the communica"on between the civilian part of the ministry and the military representa"ves had helped for"fy the atmosphere of mutual trust: “We have managed to integrate the military more fully and frui&ully in the decision-making process making it a more ac"ve player in the discussions on the future shape and role of our armed forces.” Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek, the Chief of the General Staff explained that this year should see the Þnal stage of the process of replacing military automobiles designed for regular use by the troops. “We are looking forward to Þnally disposing of our legendary UAZ type vehicles and to se'ng new accoutrement standards so that our soldiers are ou&i#ed and armed as we see necessary,” said Vojtek emphasizing that he insists on replacing and replenishing the military transport ßeet by newly procured airplanes: “We Þnd it necessary keeping in mind the safety of our soldiers.” Ivan Gašparovič welcomes the idea of introducing voluntary military service: “Especially bearing in mind the fact that our military carries out not only combat and defense tasks, but - as a rule rather than excep"on - assists in natural disasters and helps ci"zens in need.” On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Slovak Armed Forces, the following individuals were awarded Commemora"ve Medals by Defense Minister Mar"n Glváč: Ivan Gašparovič, the President of the Slovak Republic; Jaroslav Baška, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commi#ee on Defense and Security; Lt. Gen. Marián Áč, the Chief of the Military Office of the President of the Slovak Republic; and the former chiefs of the General Staff — Gen. Ľubomír Bulík (Ret.), Col. Gen. Jozef Tuchyňa (Ret.) and Maj. Gen. Marián Mikluš (Ret.).

Soldiers Help In Need (February 7) Responding to the call for assistance issued by the crisis center of the Prešov Municipal Office, the Slovak Armed Forces had deployed a snowplow built on the chassis of the Tatra T-815 truck to assist the Prešov municipality in managing the snow calamity. The Prešov Helicopter Wing reacted promptly to the call, which had been made at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday - within ten minutes the truck left the garrison and started clearing the most critically affected parts of the city, such as the main thoroughfares, access roads to hospitals and other important infrastructure. Prešov military specialists are standing by to deploy should snow conditions deteriorate.

● In the past couple of days the key personnel for the planned June ISAF-Afghanistan rotation the core of which is formed by members of the 11th Mechanized Battalion from Martin went through arduous training in preparation for the duties carried out by the Force Protection Unit at the Kandahar Airfield (KAF), and those carried out by the National Support Element (NSE). The training focused on specific parts of the ISAF operation and the Afghanistan environment encompassing the history of the country, its culture, anti-guerilla measures, mine security, rules of engagement, force escalation, convoy protection and the practical training of actual duties carried out by the Force Protection Unit at the KAF base's Entry Point 5 (ECP-5). ● On February 4, 2013 the Commander of the Hlohovec garrison Lt. Col. Adrián Melega announced a drawing contest for children from pre-schools and elementary schools in Hlohovec titled Soldiers As Seen By Children. The best drawings will be rewarded. The goal is to positively present the Slovak Armed Forces in public and also to help children in their sports activities. With this goal in mind soldiers have decided to pool money and buy sports equipment for children from pre-schools and elementary schools in Hlohovec. The fund-raising campaign will continue until the end of February.

Members of the Helicopter Wing from Prešov stand ready to assist citizens in need in emergency situations. TV program PROFESSIONAL aired by STV´s Channel 2 invites you to meet the helicopter pilots and technicians on Wednesday Feb. 13 at 11:45 p.m. and in two reruns - on Feb. 14 at 1:00 p.m. and on Feb. 18 at 4:30 p.m. The Slovak radio MILITARY FEATURES are also in a full swing - Radio Slovensko airs them each Tuesday at 4:13 p.m.; Radio Regina Bratislava each Friday at 9:20 a.m.; Radio Regina Banská Bystrica each Tuesday at 2:47 p.m.; and Radio Regina Košice each Tuesday between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

New Panorama Inaugurated (February 5) State Secretary Miloš Koterec delivered a speech on Tuesday at the presentation of the new Panorama of Global Security Environment 2012, published by the Center for European and North Atlantic Affairs in cooperation with the MoD and the International Visegrad Fund. “The ninth volume of Panorama demonstrates the viability of our partnership and the importance of the publication for both the Slovak and the international security community,” said Koterec, acknowledging the MoD experts' contributions to the publication, which help encourage the debate within the community. The debate is necessary in the context of the current economic and financial crisis, defense cuts and current developments in the Middle East and the Sahel region. “Panorama remains a platform for presenting the views of Slovak defense experts to interested parties abroad,” said Koterec.

Key To VOP Changes Hands (February 7) Defense Minister Martin Glváč symbolically handed over the key from the Nováky Military Repair Works (VOP) to Marián Goga, Director of MSM Martin, the MoD's strategic partner. The twenty-year lease had been signed by both partners early this year. “I came to check how all the contract provisions are being met; how the new lessee is doing and whether he adheres to the rules which we have agreed upon. I highly appreciate the fact that he has offered all the employees new work contracts, proposing even to raise the salary and improve the work conditions in certain jobs, which goes way beyond what we have agreed in the contract,” said Glváč. Marián Goga confirmed that the company aims to maintain and develop the original production segment: “Our primary goal is to stabilize the company. It had lacked investments for a number of years. It is necessary now to ease the minds of the customers, introduce certain innovative procedures and set-up business relations. Currently we are developing the portfolio of products. In the meantime we run the non-military line and also produce some military hardware.” The MoD had chosen the strategic partner in a public tender. Three criteria were taken into consideration: the price for the lease, the purchase price for the stock, and the number of maintained and/or newly created jobs.


February 4 - 10, 2013

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eBulletin 07/2013 - en

eBulletin 07/2013 - en  

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