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The MoD And Military Turn 20

(January 3) The beginning of the year 2013 marked the 20th birthday of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Army, the predecessor of today's Slovak Armed Forces. In twenty years the defense sector had witnessed tremendous changes: from a compulsory military service to the professional armed force; from East European type military structures to forces compatible with NATO units; from operating predominantly on the home turf to playing an important role in international crisis management operations. Slovakia has joined NATO and the EU, our troops help address problems in the world's crisis spots, we have top specialists for minesweeping, EOD and IED experts, attested and certified military units ready for deployment in foreign missions and operations. We have become a full-fledged member of the international community. “We have to perceive the twenty years of the MoD and the Slovak Armed Forces in a context of understanding that we do not live on an isolated island: the peace that we enjoy does not mean the threats and security risks do not concern us. State security and defense is – and must be – in the interest and responsibility of all citizens, regardless of their party affiliation or political beliefs. It is the only way we would be able to continue in the legacy of the previous 20 years,” said Defense Minister Martin Glváč. For more on this topic see the January issue of the MoD magazine OBRANA (

New & Stricter Sales Rules (January 2) Defense Minister Mar n Glváč has ghtened the rules governing the sales of surplus apartments managed by the MoD´s Housing Agency (BARMO). The new and stricter rules should result in more effec ve sales, and an easier public access to informa on on the por olio of apartments for sale.

“Of course, we will s ll abide by the rule that in sales we have to respect the provisions of Act on the Management of State Property. But nothing prevents us from adjus ng the process in such a way to eliminate doubts that any of the apartments had been undersold or that the informa on about the sale had been in domain of only a limited number of interested par es,“ said Glváč. Under the new rules BARMO will publish the list of surplus apartments for sale not only in the AVÍZO adver sing circular, but also in the regional press corresponding to the real estate's loca on. “The agency must also inform the municipality in which the real estate in ques on is located, so that ci zens may learn of apartments for sale through the municipal public announcement system or read about them at the municipal informa on board,” explained Glváč. List of surplus apartments for sale shall also be published on the website of the Slovak real estate portal with a link to At the la er interested par es will find images and videos of the apartments for sale. The apartments will s ll be listed at the MoD website, but now the topic will be moved to the main page under the Sec on “Current affairs at the MoD”. Under the law the list is also published at New rules, which should come into force in February, also introduce a prolonged deadline for submi ng price bids. The minimum legal deadline is 10 calendar days and bids submi ed within 15 days were usually accepted. Under the new rules the interested par es may enter their bids within 20–25 calendar days.

● At the 12th Mechanized Battalion the last days of 2012 were reserved for approving the planning and managing documentation for 2013. The battalion's commander Lt. Col. Štefan Acsai approved the planning documentation of the subordinate companies and the infirmary. Company officers, selected staff members and employees of the 12th Mechanized Battalion were invited to a formal luncheon, where they were thanked by Lt. Col. Acsai for their work and commitment in 2012. The battalion officially commenced the new training year on January 2, 2013 by gathering to listen to the Order of the President to the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Slovak Republic. ● On Friday, January 4, 2013 members of the 1st Mechanized Brigade gathered at the parade grounds to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the independent Slovak Republic and its Armed Forces. Commander of the brigade Col. Ján Bujňák read the Order of the President to the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Slovak Republic. Also read were the orders of the Defense Minister and the Chief of the General Staff on awarding the 1st Mechanized Brigade members military medals and badges for excellent work in the service of the Slovak Armed Forces. 12 professional soldiers and employees were honored. Next on the agenda of the gathering was a ceremonial act of promoting selected professional soldiers to higher ranks and a blessing given by the staff chaplain.

Change Of Chinese Attachés (January 3) At the beginning of 2013 the Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek met the outgoing Defense Attaché of the Chinese People's Republic in Slovakia, Col. Dong Wan, and welcomed the new Defense Attaché Col. Sun Xusheng. During the discussions held in a cordial atmosphere Lt. Gen. Vojtek acknowledged good relations between the Slovak Armed Forces (OS SR) and the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA); thanked Col. Wan for cooperation and awarded him the Commemorative Medal of the Chief of the General Staff of the 1st order for efforts in developing cooperation between PLA and OS SR. “I personally value our cooperation very much, because it had flourished not only on the professional, but also on the personal level,” said Lt. Gen. Vojtek, who wished the new Defense Attaché Col. Xusheng the best of luck and success in his new office.

● On January 3, 2013 the Good News carolers arrived at the Slovak Air Force Command. Children and adult carol singers in the company of Father Marek Trochan were welcomed by the Air Force Command Chief of Staff Col. Stanislav Hurčík. The event culminated with the act of blessing the Air Force Command premises.

Well Done, Land Forces! (January 2) On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Armed Forces, the members of the Land Forces Command held a ceremonial parade in Trenčín. At the gathering the order of the President of the Slovak Republic to the 20th anniversary of the Slovak Republic was read, along with the orders of the Defense Minister and the Chief of the General Staff on awarding the Land Forces Command members military medals and badges for excellent work in the service of the Slovak Armed Forces. Deputy Land Forces Commander Col. Karol Navrátil thanked all troops on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff and the Land Forces Commander for work well done in the 2012 training year and wished them personal and professional success in the 2013 training year.

100 Days Of The 3rd SVK SOF Rotation in Afghanistan

(January 2) The New Year's Eve ended the first 100 days of the third and last rotation of the of the Slovak Special Operations Forces to the Special Operations Task Unit (SOTU) in the ISAF operation in the southeastern part of Afghanistan. The unit's primary task is to provide military assistance to the Province Response Company (PRC) of the Afghan National Police, specifically to plan and carry out training, perform joint operations supporting the enforcement of the Afghan law, and demonstrate the readiness of Afghan


Security Forces to maintain order and security. The PRC has repeatedly proven the meaningfulness of the training by carrying our independent operations, without the presence of either Slovak or U.S. partners. Such operations have yielded inter alia a ton of homemade explosives, several hand grenades and mines, weapons of various sorts and other evidence which will be used in further investigation. During one hundred days of the Slovak SOTU operations in Afghanistan, the unit had planned, orga-

nized and provided protection for - in cooperation with the U.S. partner unit and the local PRC team - approximately one hundred convoys and more than twenty other operations of various nature. The portfolio of activities includes a number of meetings held with local authorities and leaders. Terminating the operations of Slovak Special Operations Forces in the SOTU format in Afghanistan will be demanding and strenuous due to the process tied to recalling the unit back home.

January 2 - 6, 2013

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eBulletin 02/2013 - en  

eBulletin 02/2013 - en