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Prior to Deployment to Cyprus

(January 29) A tactical exercise of the members of the Slovak contingent to be deployed within the March rotation to the peacekeeping forces UNFICYP in Cyprus is being held in the premises of the training area Kolíňanský vrch in the vicinity of Nitra. The aim of the exercise is to put the soldiers’ capabilities to test, to make sure they are ready to perform the tasks arising from the mandate of the peacekeeping mission of the UN. The staff members are subject to the testing focused on their functions and responsibilities, while the members of the forces protection company are subject to the testing focused on their ability to address the potential incidents, on reporting and performing the tasks they will be supposed to perform in the area of operations. The engineers are being tested on specialized tasks. The vital part of the tactical exercise is the second stage, which represents the practical test of capabilities. After completion of the exercise, the selection of the best will take place. Altogether 107 members of the AF SR take part in the exercise, to include 7 female soldiers. Approximately one half of them are the members of the Air Force. In mid March, 85 best soldiers will leave for Cyprus.

● On Monday, 27 January, a preparation training of the ISAF unit’s members for the next rotation has begun with their muster in the premises of the 12th Mechanized Battalion in Nitra. After the preparation training, the members of the SU KAF ISAF will undergo a specialised training of the key personnel in the Military Missions Training Unit in Martin, where they will further participate in a tactical exercise with a live simulation, and in a concentrated and final refresher training in the Military Training Area of the Military District in Lešť. ● On 27 January, members of the Staff of the Combined Wing, and Combat and Training Squadron participated in a specialised training on signalling the site of impact after a successful emergency aircraft evacuation. Pilots practised firing signal cartridges VSN-15mm from a launcher, using special means of signalling, and procedure after an emergency aircraft evacuation.

Sportsmen from Dukla in Sochi (January 30) The Minister of Defence of the SR Martin Glváč wished the sportsmen from the Military Sport Center Dukla Banská Bystrica every success at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Altogether 12 sportsmen will represent Dukla in alpine skiing, biathlon and bobsleigh. “I am very glad that the sportsmen from the Military Sport Center did not slacken and twelve of them managed to qualify for the Winter Olympic Games. I do believe that they all will proudly represent Slovakia and particularly Dukla and defence department; and I do believe they will meet our expectations and will win at least one medal. We will keep our fingers crossed!” said the Minister Glváč. Petra Vlhová and Adam Žampa will represent the Military Sport Center Dukla Banská Bystrica in alpine skiing and Anastasia Kuzminová, Pavol Hurajt, Sgt. Matej Kazár, SSgt. Miroslav Matiaško, Cpl. Martin Otčenáš,Jana Gereková and Martina Chrapánová in biathlon. Dukla will be represented by MSgt. Martin Tešovič, Lukáš Kožienka and Milan Jagnešák in a four -man bobsleigh team.

Congratulations to Colleague (January 30) The Minister of Defence of the SR Martin Glváč made a telephone call to express his congratulations to the new Czech Minister of Defence Martin Stropnický and to invite him to an official visit. “Allow me to wish you every success and many right decisions in your new position. I do believe that we will continue to develop successful cooperation between our departments and that our joint projects will be beneficial for the both countries. Should you feel you would like to discuss anything, feel free to contact me any time,” said the Head of the Slovak Department of Defence. The Minister Stropnický assured Martin Glváč that he views the already launched joint projects as meaningful and he is determined to continue the projects.

● Employees of the Cynology Department of the Military Police Directorate visited the Division of Cynology and Hippology of the Presidium of the Police Force in Bratislava on 28 January. They discussed extending their cooperation in the field of service dogs training in the form of cynology internships for dog handlers of the Police Force at the Cynology Department of the Military Police Directorate, and cynologists of the Military Police at the Division of Cynology and Hippology of the Presidium of the PF. The service dog handlers from the Cynology Department of the Military Police Directorate were also on a cynology internship at the breeding station of the Police Force service dogs in Moravský Svätý Ján.

Training with Combative Start

(January 27) The preparation of the units designated to fulfil the NRF 2015 tasks started with a week-long intensive close combat training without weapons, and with long weapons in the Mechanized Battalion, based in Michalovce. The contribution of the 22nd Mechanized Battalion is 2nd Mechanized Company, and a logistic platoon-sized unit. In the first half of 2014, they will undergo a national training aimed at the development of capabilities for all types of military operations. They will complete it in June with a company tactical exercise in combat shooting, concluded with certification. As of the beginning of 2015, they will be kept in a state of readiness for the NRF.

NATO Charity Bazaar 2013

(January 27) On Monday, 27 January, Major General Miroslav Kocian, the Military Representative of the SR to NATO and EU, presented a symbolic cheque from the charity organisation NATO Charity Bazaar to the two non -profit organisations in the Slovak Republic – the Centre for Integration Activities SINA Nitra and St. Francis Hospital Bratislava. In total they raised more than 15,000 euros this way for their operation and activities.

● The members of the Military Police participating in the project of the Multinational Battalion of the Military Police attended an introductory planning conference and the staff training in Poland from 27 to 31 January, in order to prepare materials for the SHARP LYNX 2014, the exercise which will be held in the Březina Military Training Area in the Czech Republic at the turn of September and October this year. ● On 30 January, Lieutenant Colonel Milan Cvik was appointed the new Commander of the 11th Mechanized Battalion in Martin, replacing his predecessor Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Funtáľ. Lieutenant Colonel Funtáľ had held the post since June 2012. Lieutenant Colonel Cvik, the eighth Commander in the history of Martin’s Battalion, symbolically received the battalion’s battle standard from the Commander of the 1st Mechanized Brigade Topoľčany Colonel of the General Staff Ján Bujňák. ● The Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC), General Patrick de Rousiers, and the Commander of EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker visited Slovak LOT House NOVO SARAJEVO in the EUFOR operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 28 January. He got acquainted with the organisational structure, the LCC‘s main tasks, and the current situation. At the end of his visit, he appreciated the work of the members of the AF of the SR in the ALTHEA operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wished them every success in the future.

Puppy to Become Soldier

A German shepherd puppy Cézar is starting a career. The dog handlers/rescuers from K-7, who provide dogs for the AF of the SR, chose this pup on the basis of its pedigree. Head of K-7 Peter Bátory described Cézar: “His father is a police dog from Orava. He has a fierce character, and his mother is renowned for her excellent sense of smell and tracking ability.” The 12-week-old puppy is not afraid. It even started to jump on the legs of the Minister of Defence. “It is a very cute doggie, and a smart one too, because the low-calorie bone that I brought for Cézar did not smell good to him, but he snapped for a sponge biscuit immediately,“ said Glváč.

Takeover of Position of Director of International EOD Centre of Excellence

(January 30) A replacement took place in the NATO EOD Centre of Excellence Trenčín.

The Commander of the Engineering Battalion Sereď Lieutenant Colonel Ľubomír Mrváň was promoted by the Chief of the General Staff of the AF SR Lieutenant Colonel Peter Vojtek to the rank of Colonel and was appointed as the new Director. Lt.Gen. Vojtek appreciated the importance of the Centre and the work done by Colonel Jaroslav Bielený, the former Director of CoE. He emphasized that Col. Bielený significantly contributed to the completion of the process of establishment of the Centre and to its credit home and abroad. Since its accreditation in April 2011, the members of the International EOD CoE Trenčín actively participated in specialized preparation and training of the EOD staff officers and other EOD specialists from NATO and other countries, to include Iraq.


The role of EOD CoE, which is the only NATO institute on the territory of Slovakia, is, among other things, to provide support to the NATO transformation and operational effort in the field of EOD and to provide professional knowledge and skills as well as support and assistance at developing tactics, methodology and procedures of explosive ordnance disposal. They specialize at training of specialists from the Alliance and from Partner countries in the field of unexploded ordnance disposal and explosive systems disposal. Since the certification of the Centre, nearly four hundred specialists from 24 NATO and Partner countries undertook training in the Centre. Currently, besides the members of the Slovak Armed Forces, also their counterparts from Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic operate in the Centre.

January 27 - February 2, 2014

eBulletin 5/2014 - en  

eBulletin 5/2014 - en

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