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Iraqi Soldiers Trained in Nováky to Detect Explosives (November 21) Recently, the Iraqi EOD specialists have arrived in Slovakia to improve their skills in the field of detection, identification and disposal of homemade improvised explosive devices. In the Ammunition Testing Centre in Nováky they will undergo the course aimed at enhancing a capability to detect and neutralize the laboratories that produce explosives. The specialized course for 14 members of the Iraqi Army has been organized by the Centre of Excellence in the field of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD CoE) in Trenčín. The Minister of Defence Martin Glváč views the course as the acknowledgement of a lead position of Slovakia in the field of explosive ordnance disposal. “This is a significant contribution to the development of partner relations with Iraq, where, sad to say, the attacks using explosives are a fact of life,” stated Glváč. The Minister confirmed that Slovakia will continue to engage in similar activities. The course is being organized and is in major part financed by the Alliance program Science for Peace and Security. It is a pilot project initiated by the Slovak party. ● From 11 to 21 November, a laboratory skills training course was held at the Training Analytical and Supply Centre (TASC), CBR Defence Facility Čereňany for specialists from the member states of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Nine specialists from nine member states got acquainted with the characteristics of the toxic chemicals listed in the OPCW Schedules 1 and 2, and with providing the first aid. They exercised preliminary detection, sampling, packing and transportation of samples in field conditions, preparation and analysis of samples in the Stationary identification laboratory.

Partner for the VOP (November 22) As from 1 January 2014, a new strategic partner will enter into an agreement with the Military Repair Plant (VOP) Trenčín. The Defence Department selected the partner through a tendering process. By taking this step, the Department ensured that the employees will not lose their jobs and the plant will not be Þnancially dependent on orders from the Department. This informa"on was provided by the Minister of Defence of the SR Mar"n Glváč at the press conference. Two companies submi#ed their offers for the tender. A more favorable offer was received from MSM Mar"n Ltd. “The strategic partner has guaranteed to maintain jobs for the Plant’s 288 employees for the next 5 years. Furthermore, we will receive € 7.56 million for the lease, and € 15 000 for tangible Þxed assets,“ the minister explained. The head of the Defence Department stressed that proprietary rights would remain unchanged. “The property will stay in the state’s hands; this is just a 20 year lease agreement.“ Such inclusion proved well to the Defence Department in the case of the Military Repair Plant Nováky. Today we can see that it was a good decision. The plant has maintained full employment, stabilized itself and got a solid order backlog. “Employees got a pay raise, and in the following year, the strategic partner plans to expand the produc"on and create more jobs,” the minister pointed out. The Military Repair Plant Trenčín is one of the biggest employers in the region. To date it provides jobs for 322 employees. Preserving the jobs was one of the key criteria in the adjustment of the tendering process.

● On 18 November, the U.S. Defence Attaché to the Slovak Republic Lieutenant Colonel Matthew D. Atkins with his delegation visited the Headquarters of the Training and Support Forces (TSF), where he was welcomed by the Commander of the TSF, Colonel of the General Staff Martin Stoklasa. He introduced to the Attaché the structure and capabilities of the forces, and focused primarily on the cooperative projects between the Training and Support Forces and the United States Armed Forces. The U.S. Attaché awarded medals of the United States Armed Forces to the selected members of the TSF who served in advisory teams of the ISAF mission among the first Slovak professional soldiers outside NATO military bases. ● Members of the Recruiting group Prešov of the Personnel Office of the Armed Forces of the SR started a series of presentations in high schools. On 19 November they visited high schools in Levoča and Poprad. They described to students the conditions of the state service of professional soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, and the potential of the study at the Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik in Liptovský Mikuláš. Senior students were particularly interested in the issues of social welfare and financial security of the future students of the Armed Forces Academy. ● On 20 November, the Committee of the Commander of the Wing held a meeting in the premises of the Staff of the Combined Wing Sliač to select the best enlisted man and the best non-commissioned officer in the 2013 training year. In the 8th year, five non-commissioned officers and two soldiers from the Corps of Other/Enlisted ranks advanced to the units’ round. Finally, Sergeant First Class Ján Šteták and Private First Class Tibor Kurinec from enlisted men were shortlisted within the Air Forces of the AF of the SR to the round that will take place in Zvolen on 28 November.

Ministers in Brussels (November 19) On 18 November, the EU Ministers of Defence and Ministers of Foreign Affairs discussed the issue of preparation of the December 2013 European Council on the level of Prime Ministers. The European Council to be held in December shall address the issues of the EU Joint Defence and Security Policy. The Delegation of the Ministry of Defence of the SR was led by the State Secretary Miloš Koterec. The negotiations continued on 19 November by the Ministers giving their final approval to the budget of the European Defence Agency for 2014. Together with the operational commanders, they also raised the issue of the current engagement of the EU in the Horn of Africa and in the Sahel region. On the occasion of the meeting of the EU Ministers of Defence, the meeting of the V4 representatives was held as well.

Slovenes in Slovakia (November 20) The delegation of the Slovenian Military Police undertook their first visit to Slovakia on 18 – 21 November. The Head of the delegation Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kinar met with the Director of Military Police Colonel Milan Hamar at the Military Police Directorate in Trenčín. The guests visited the Training area of the Military District Lešť and were briefed on the tasks and opportunities provided by the Institute of Special Health Care and Training MoD SR, Lešť. Equally, the had a chance to see a practical demonstration of training of the members of Military Police in the Jakub Coloseum helicopter and landing training simulator. They were shown round the training settlement Jakub Village, which is a training facility with tactical-shooting simulators and fire-rescue simulators, to include a tactical-shooting simulator Jakub Building Gun. They also visited the Training centre and military police cynology in Vlkanová – Hronsek.

● Members of the Slovak contingent in the UNFICYP mission in Cyprus won the Military Skills Competition on 20 November. The grueling competition put not only the participants’ shape to test, but also their knowledge in topography, driving skills, team cooperation, their ability to respond to incidents in the buffer zone, knowledge of weapons and ability to shoot. The overall competition winner was a team from Sector 4, under the command of First Lieutenant Ján Migas, and received a well-earned trophy. Slovak Corporal Jozef Juriga was a member of the Mobile Force Reserve team, which took a second place.

Elite Troops’ Practice in Lešť under Real Life Conditions

(November 20) On Wednesday, within the framework of the international exercise Cobra 2013, the elite troops practiced military action in the Training area Lešť. They practiced halting the convoy transporting dangerous materiel as well as saving the adversary who had suffered wounds in the armed military action. Slovakia is represented by 120 members of the 5th Special Forces Regiment Žilina in the exercise, supported by the Air Force. Nine other members are at the Polish Special Operations Command in Poland. The


exercise is viewed as a final preparation of professional soldiers of the Slovak Special Operations Aviation Group (SOAG) deployed to ISAF, Afghanistan. “The exercise enables the testing of the capabilities of our Special Forces in concert with the Alliance and Partner Special Forces,” said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of the SR Miloš Koterec. Cobra 2013 is a multinational exercise organized by the Polish Special Operations Command, supported by the NATO Special Operations Head-

quarters located in Mons (Belgium), the United States European Command located in Stuttgart (Germany) and the United States Special Operations Command. The exercise is going on from 4 to 30 November 2013 in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania, with 2,300 members of the Special Forces from 12 NATO and Partner countries taking part in the exercise. The Armed Forces of the SR are represented by the members of the 5th Special Forces Regiment, supported by the Air Force.

November 18 - 24, 2013

eBulletin 48/2013 - en  

eBulletin 48/2013 - en

eBulletin 48/2013 - en  

eBulletin 48/2013 - en