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Literary Contest under Auspices of MoD Assistance of soldiers at home – flood assistance, fire management assistance and assistance in emergencies – that is the title of the literary contest held under the auspices of the Minister of Defence of the SR, targeted at the secondary school students as well as at the university students. “This year, many inhabitants were in need of the assistance rendered by members of the armed forces during floods and calamitous snowfalls or disastrous fires. We seek to get insight as to how the young people perceive the Armed Forces of the SR. I will be glad to see that students evince interest in taking part in the competition,” stated the Minister of Defence Martin Glváč. The students may send the 500 – 800 word essays or stories at the e-mail address by 11 November 2013. The committee will publicize the best works at the Facebook account of the Ministry of Defence so that the wide public may vote and final voting results may be revealed. The authors of the winning essays or stories will receive financial award from the Ministry. The absolute winner will get a premium of 800 EUR, the author of a work placing second will get 600 EUR and the author of a work placing third will be awarded 400 EUR. Further details on terms and conditions of the contest can be found in the information banner at web page

● On Monday, 14 October, the 9th competitive shooting event of the Chief of the Military Office of the President of the SR (MO PSR) and the commander of the Guard of Honor of the President of the SR (GH PSR) was held in the military training area Turecký Vrch. Six competing teams put their skills to test in the following disciplines: the type 52/57 rifle shooting, the type 82 pistol shooting, and the type 58 assault rifle shooting. The members of the GH PSR, the MO PSR, but also of the Military Office of Social Security could demonstrate their shooting skills. The 2nd Company of the GH PSR under the command of Captain David Kejdan has achieved the overall victory.

Saving 1.2 Million Euros (October 17) The current leadership of the Department of Defence has saved taxpayers 1.2 million Euros. Recently, an extra-judicial agreement with the supplier of spare parts for the air search and rescue service helicopters has been concluded. The contract for a purchase of the so-called Lego bricks amoun!ng to more than EUR 16 million had been made by the former leadership of the Department of Defence, which le" behind an unpaid invoice, the invoicing amount of EUR 8.5 million to be paid by the current leadership. Moreover, the purchased spare parts were procured without any requirement being posed by the armed forces. A"er difficult nego!a!ons we eventually signed the agreement, the execu!on and delivery of which agreement will actually save us 1.2 million Euros. I view this as very good news not only for the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces but also for all the taxpayers,” said the Minister of Defence of the SR Mar!n Glváč. Having concurred with the Chief of the General Staff of the AF SR Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek on how to use up the amount saved, the investment will go in the soldiers’ equipment and armament. „A"er a long !me we will again start to send our soldiers to study at the renowned universi!es in Germany or in England,” he stated. He emphasized that the case is not one based on virtual savings, but the real amount of EUR 1.2 million was saved which the Department of Defence had been supposed to pay under the original contract. The Minister of Defence informed of the purchase of the unneeded spare parts for helicopters yet back in January this year right in the Aircra" Repair Plant in Trenčín, namely of the terms and condi!ons subsequently s!pulated by the former leadership, upon which terms and condi!ons the guarantee period would start to inure as from the moment of delivery of the components instead from their installa!on, as set forth in the original contract.

● Once again, Martin will become a home to 106 newly recruited professional soldiers, which will begin their initial military training in the Training battalion on 14 October. Eight women are among the candidates to a preparatory state service. After completing admission procedures and being equipped with the necessary materiel, the recruits were assigned to the training platoons, where they started their training focused on the mastering of the basic military skills. The recruits will conclude their training and graduate on 13 December, and afterwards will be placed to their first military units. ● On Tuesday, 15 October, a first aid course for drivers was held at the Training, Education and Specialized Preparation section of the Medical and Veterinary division of the Surgeon General’s Office Ružomberok in Liptovský Mikuláš.

Training Evaluation Visit

(October 18) On 17 October, nine inspectors from seven countries made the training evaluation visit of the 11th mechanized battalion in Martin, in compliance with the Slovak Republic’s commitments following from the Vienna Document 2011. The team of inspectors from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was led by Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Dlouhý from the Czech Republic, who was accompanied by members of the Slovak Verification Centre as an organizer of the event. In his briefing, the Commander of the battalion Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Funtaľ introduced the key officers and the historical background of the battalion and focused on its role and mission, on the main equipment and on the conduct of the training. After the briefing, the inspectors were shown round the educational and training facilities of the battalion and acquainted with the main armament and equipment in the inventory of the battalion. At the end of the visit, the Head of the Slovak Verification Centre Lieutenant Colonel Rastislav Tomajko extended his thanks to the Commander of the battalion for a perfectly managed organization of the training evaluation visit.

● From 7 to 11 October, members of the flying personnel of the Helicopter wing of Colonel General Ján Ambruš have refreshed their basic survival skills in the wilderness during summertime in the area of Kráľova Lehota. The training included orientation in the terrain with and without a map, during day and night, building shelters, obtaining water and food in the wild, setting up traps, manufacturing means of signalling, making use of medicinal herbs, or making and maintaining a fire. They had to repeatedly move on foot or bicycle over a long distance through mountain areas with a high elevation difference. In the Cave of dead bats, they managed to get through subterranean areas with the use of belaying equipment. ● On 16 October, 44 members of the Training battalion donated blood as unpaid volunteers in Martin. In the ranks of the soldiers there were 18 regular blood donors from the battalion in Martin and 26 participants of the courses and candidates to a preparatory state service, of whom 18 decided to do so for the first time in their life. Blood donation is for the Training battalion a matter of tradition thanks to the excellent cooperation between the battalion dressing station and the National blood collecting station in Martin. ● Members of the Headquarters and Staff of the Logistical Support battalion of the 2nd Mechanized brigade in Prešov underwent the last enhancing preparation of this training year on Tuesday, 15 October, in Ruská Nová Ves. Its aim was to consolidate habits already acquired, examine and perfect the skills of professional soldiers in shooting, medical and language preparation. ● Members of the Slovak Air Force attended a two-month specialised intensive Aviation English course in Sliač. The second run of the course was held under the auspices of the Office of Military Aviation of the Slovak Defence Ministry in collaboration with the Language Institute of the AF of the SR. Altogether 10 members of the Slovak Air Force participated in the course. Among them, four were pilots and six were air traffic controllers.

Ceremonial Parade in Rožňava

(October 18) After having served eight years with the artillery in Rožňava, Major Ľubomír Bodnár bid farewell and handed over his position of the Chief of the Staff of the Rocket Launcher Division to Major Roman Bobaľ, so far holding the post of the Chief of Staff of the Self-propelled Artillery Division in Michalovce. The Commander of the Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Toderiška extended his thanks to Major Bodnár for a job well done and wished him every success in his further service in the Armed Forces of the SR.

Mentoring Team MSF KDK AT concluding Preparation for Afghanistan

(October 18) In the premises of the garrison training area Kolíňanský vrch and barracks of the Nitra-based mechanized platoon, the preparation of the Slovak Mobile Strike Force Kandak Advisory Team (MSF KDK AT) came to the end. As from January 2014, it will advise the Rapid Response and Manoeuvre Battalion of the Afghan National Army. The key personnel of the team prepared for the two weeks in the Military Missions’ Training Unit in Martin, drawing on experience from the national and supranational preparation of the Slovak contributions so far deployed within the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team and Military Advisory Teams in the Afghan province Uruzgan from December 2008 until July 2013. The core of the team is made up of the mem-

bers of the mechanized battalion in Nitra, and the team comprises also the specialists and capabilities which the battalion itself cannot provide. A portion of the unit is to be deployed in


November, while the rest of the unit will be deployed in December. As much as two thirds of the members of the unit have the experience of being deployed to the missions and operations abroad, one third of them having been deployed to ISAF but none of them has served in a mentoring or advisory team. The preparation was carefully monitored by the evaluating team of the Commander of the Land Forces. The Head of the team, Deputy Commander of the Topoľčany-based mechanized brigade Colonel Zoltán Iboš concluded the team is ready to perform its tasks. In Afghanistan, the Slovak advisory team MSF KDK AT will continue to fulfill the tasks so far performed by the American military unit.

October 14 - 20, 2013

eBulletin 43/2013 - en  

eBulletin 43/2013 - en