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Honoring the Memory of General Štefánik (May 3) The Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic Martin Glváč took part in the commemorative ceremony held on the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the tragic death of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, which took place at the memorial in Bradlo. The torchlight procession’s arrival from Košariská opened the commemorative ceremony, which was organized under the auspices of the Head of the Government of the Slovak Republic, by lighting up the central flame. After the laying of wreaths at the memorial and after the speeches of the guests, the bonfires were lit. One of them was also set aflame by the Minister of Defence Martin Glváč. ´Štefánik can be an example to follow for many Slovaks. I am glad that many people came to this place even after so many years in order to commemorate his message and life’s work Štefánik had accomplished,´ he stated. The Armed Forces Academy of General M.R. Štefánik, whose mission is not only to educate students, but also form their harmonious personalities, cognition, creativity and strengthen their motivation to serve their country, follows the message of the astronomer, the soldier, the diplomat and the politician Štefánik. ● On Monday, 29 April, the 4th Annual Memorial of Capt. Ing. Igor Scígeľ was held in the premises of the Military PoliceTraining and Kynology Center (CVaK VP) in Vlkanová – Hronsek. In the three shooting disciplines, the contestants put their skills to the test, namely speed and accuracy of shooting, as well as the application of logical reasoning skills to assess and manage model situations. The winners in the category ‘The Best Shooting Team’ are MSgt. Eduard Kotian and Maj. František Vaverka. Particular attention attracted the Fastest Shooter competition, with the winner being Sgt. 1st Class Peter Toscano. The best shooters were presented awards from the hands of the Commander of CVaK VP Lt. Col. Miroslav Kováčik.

Minister Introduces Aircrafts (May 2) The Minister of Defence Mar!n Glváč, together with the Chief of the General Staff of the AF SR Lieutenant General Peter Vojtek, introduced the new aircra$s L-410 in the airÞeld in Kuchyňa. Being put in opera!on, they were given names Rohožník and Pernek, which are the villages in the vicinity of the Kuchyňa Airbase. According to the Chief of the General Staff of the AF SR Peter Vojtek, safety was the main criterion governing the purchase of the aircra$s. ‘The aircra$s have top parameters, which eliminates a possibility of a crew error and a crew failure to the maximum extent possible. What should be viewed as an advantage is that they can take off from unpaved runways and are readily deployable on the territory of the SR. In emergencies, where it will not be feasible to use helicopters, the aircra$s may be used for transporta!on of the civilian popula!on, rescue teams and casual!es.’ The Commander of the Air Force of the AF SR Brigadier General Miroslav Korba emphasized the fact that the purchase should not be misunderstood as an increase in numbers; it was just a replacement of the obsolete aircra$s by the new ones. ‘With a view to the tasks we need to perform and given the price and the purpose, these aircra$ were the perfect choice. They are perfectly suitable also for the tasks of home crisis management, as well as for the transporta!on of casual!es, be that troops or civilian popula!ons,’ he explained. The Head of Department of Defence pointed out that it was predominantly Þghter avia!on which required massive investments in the past year. ‘Last year we spent EUR 33 million on the Þghter aircra$s, which is three !mes the amount we have paid for these two aircra$,’ he noted. He highlighted that the purchase was driven by the determina!on to prevent disastrous consequences that Subscriber Agreement, nego!ated back in 2010, would bring about to the Defence Department. ‘Today, we have reached a point when we need to make a decision whether to con!nue in the same lines or we had be&er skirmish around a$er something else.’

● On 29 April, the members of the 12th Mechanized Battalion cleaned the military cemetery from 1914-1915, located in Mlynarce, a part of the town of Nitra, where soldiers of different nationalities and denominations rest in peace. In World War I they had fought against each other, but they rest now in tombs which are very much alike and can only be distinguished by differing symbols on the tombstones. As a part of the spring maintenance, the combat support company cleaned altogether 438 military graves and the surrounding area.

Transparency in Military Forests (May 1) From 1 May 2013 on, Military Forests and Estates, state enterprise, shall publicize the invoices of fees for hunting on their website, as agreed by the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic Martin Glváč and the Director General of the Military Forests Ján Jurica. ´The taxpayers will get an overview of the hunting situation and will be able to review if the hunting was free of charge, or if it was charged and if so, what was the price of it. I regard it as a decisive matter,’ the Minister stated. The state enterprise Military Forests and Estates based in Pliešovce was established by the Minister of Defence of the SR on 1 January 1993. It came into existence due to the necessity of an effective and ecological maintenance of the forest and agricultural land in the military training areas.

● Less than a week passed and the Armed Forces of the SR again had to deploy the aviation equipment from the Helicopter Wing Prešov to fight the fire in the location of a tarn Hranovické pleso. Two military helicopters Mi-17 with BAMBI buckets were deployed as well as a fire engine with aviation fuel to be resupplied to the helicopters. During their intervention on Tuesday, the professionals from Prešov transported and discharged 14 BAMBI buckets. ● On 22 - 30 April, the military missions’ training unit organized the training of the earmarked members of the Transportation Battalion in Hlohovec. The training was aimed at the skills needed in multinational Peace Support Operations. It was a part of the preparation prior to the international exercise Capable Logistician 2013. Its goal was to master the troop leading procedures on the levels of company and platoon, mainly those relating to the convoy operations, and to acquire the vital skills needed in PSO. All the materials and briefings during the training were in the English language only. ● The final Planning Conference, which was a part of a planning and preparatory stage of a comprehensive staff drill WILD LYNX 2013, was held on 30 April in the barracks Jaselské kasárne in Topoľčany, in the presence of the Commander of the 1st Mechanized Brigade (MB) Colonel of the General Staff Ing. Ján Bujňák. It was aimed at creating favourable conditions for the start of a comprehensive staff drill. The Head of the final Planning Conference Chief of Staff of the 1st MB HQ Lieutenant Colonel Ľubomír Podhorec concluded that the tasks set had been fully met. ● On Friday, 3 May, troops from the Multifunctional Battalion were deployed in Hlohovec to help remove consequences of rain storms and devastating effects of storm water overflow. The soldiers helped remove deposits of mud on the roads. The Commander of the Multifunctional Battalion in Hlohovec ordered a tractor with a mouldboard plough and a cistern to be dispatched. ‘Should the situation deteriorate, we are ready to deploy even more troops and assets in support of the civilian population in the town, based on the requirements of the crisis staff,’ stressed the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the SR Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek.

Bratislava Commemorates (May 4) At the memorial to Milan Rastislav Štefánik, located on the Danube riverbank, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of the SR Miloš Koterec paid tribute to Milan Rastislav Štefánik on the occasion of the 94th anniversary of his tragic death. As he pointed out in his address, for Štefánik himself it was critically important that his life’s work be perceived as beneficial for people and for our nation as a whole. His determination to work for his nation came hand in hand with great deeds. ‘He was a soldier and a fighter. Freedom and a new shape of Europe and the world were the values he firmly adhered to and was ready to fight for. The establishment of the first common state of the Slovaks and the Czechs, when the Slovaks for the first time became a state-forming nation, was one of the primary goals of General Štefánik,’ he added.

Military wake-up call for young heroes

Consecration Ceremony in Kuchyňa

(May 2) Despite adverse weather, the consecra!on of the new aircra$s L-410 was held in the Transporta!on Wing in Kuchyňa, which aircra$s have entered the inventory of the Air Force. The consecra!on ceremony was held under the auspices of the Minister of Defence Mar!n Glváč, in the presence of the Chief of the General Staff of the AF SR Lieutenant General Peter Vojtek, the Commander of the Air Force of the AF SR Brigadier General Miroslav Korba, mayors of the adjacent villages and the other guests. The aircra$ were consecrated by the local military chaplain Lt. Slavko Garaj, who wished the aircra$ lots of ßying hours and no accidents.

(April 30) Children who underwent bone marrow transplant had a chance to spend time together with their families in pleasant surroundings for the 13th time. It was the first time that the Kvapka nádeje Foundation (“Drop of Hope”) organized the trip for the little patients who won the fight against Leukemia and it took place in the Special Purpose facility of the National Council of the Slovak Republic in Častá – Papiernička. Almost 70 children spent an extraordinary morning with the soldiers. A military wake-up call, a morning exercise or a show of the Guard of Honor of the Armed Forces of the SR was among the activities which the small patients could enjoy. The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic Lieutenant General Peter Vojtek also paid a visit to the children. All these children are big fighters and I believe that this morning mutually enriches us. It is a great honor for us, the soldiers, to spend


these moments with these children,’ he stated. The children could practice throwing a grenade at a specific target, airsoft gun shooting and try on the Guard of Honors’ uniforms. All the children were thrilled by the dynamic show of the military police, who captured a dangerous offender using a police dog, and by the demonstration of the members of the Engineer Battalion in Sereď. The cynologists from Hronsek addressed their colleagues from the K-7 Rescue Dog Handlers of the SR, who through the canistherapy help the little patients overcome their health problems. Eventually, all the children received a ‘military exercise graduate’ card. The military police from Topolčany, the military cynologists from Hronsek, the divers from the Engineer Battalion in Sereď, the members of the Guard of Honors of the AF of the SR and the recruiting group from Bratislava participated in this program.

April 29 - May 5, 2013

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eBulletin 19/2013 - en

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