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The iPhone app market is a competitive industry but it can also be a rewarding one. With hundreds and thousands of applications available in the iPhone, it can be rather difficult to compete. This fact, however, should not discourage new developers though. After all, the demand for these applications has always been high. With the existing technology and the availability of tools to make iPhone apps, it does not take a professional developer to create one. In fact, nowadays, just about anyone can design their own app without any difficulty. The following steps present a brief overview of the entire process: Brainstorm for ideas The first step on how to make an iPhone app involves a lot of thinking. The key to succeeding in a market where there are thousands of other applications demanding for attention is to come up with something unique. However, since it is difficult to come up with an application that is entirely original, your next best bet is to take an old application, study its flaws and improve it. You can also take on an existing category and create an app that offers innovative features unlike its competitors. It would also be helpful to find a niche to make the designing process go by smoother. Check for Competition The next step on how to create your app is to research your competition. The higher the competition is, the harder it would be to sell your app. Ideally, it would be best to look for a category with the highest demand and the least number of competitors but since this is an impossible task, you can opt to look for those with minimal competition. If you do decide to choose one with high competition, you have to be ready to come up with an app like no other. Download all the necessary tools There are a lot of tools you can utilize to help you make your app look appealing. Of course, most of these tools you have to pay for. Research and ask for recommendations about which tools would make your design process easier. Making apps isn't too difficult once you have the right tools. Begin the Designing Process You can do this yourself or you can hire a developer to help you. Whichever method you choose, make sure to be as original as possible. Market Your App

After you have finished creating your iPhone app, you have to successfully market it. The Process of how to make an iPhone app would not be complete without actually selling the product.

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How to make an iphone app  

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