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Buildings From Around Great Britain

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Copyright © 2012—John Higgins

Foreword Hello, this is my third mini-publication and differs slightly from the first two, being more focused towards the models. Included are four detailed models used to produce the finished renders on the cover page, ready to be textured and rendered to your own liking. Aimed at intermediate Sketchup users, it also includes a PDF file from a previous publication which goes into more details of using floor plans and line elevation drawings. The four scale models include Belton House and High Meadon. These two magnificent English Mansions are modelled from scanned plans taken from the book Vitruvius Britannicus by Colen Campbell, published by Dover Books. Highly recommended if you like modelling these splendid old buildings.

The other two models represent what I really enjoy, scenes from the English Dales. Foresters Lodge and The Grain Merchants are not representative of any particular location, rather adaptations of different images found on the internet. Another great resource of inspiration can be Google Maps and Google Street View. I have left a basic glass texture and were applicable, a plain gray texture to represent any mortar joints between stones. This part of the texturing can be very time consuming and boring. Feel free to modify, extend or demolish parts of the models “ learn by dessecting the model”, it’s your world, but above all have fun whilst doing so. John

Belton House - Textured SU Model

British Buildings  

This Mini Publication by John Higgins contains four of his latest building models, Betton House, Country Cottage, Grain Merchants and High H...

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