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When applying for roles within the mining, oil and gas sectors, give yourself the best possible chance of being invited to interview and, ultimately, offered the position. You will need to be qualified for the role, with relevant skills and experience, but timing can also be key.

Time of day The time at which an employer receives your job application can have an impact on how likely it is that you will be considered for the role.

• Send applications during working hours and towards the middle of the day • Submit applications at the weekends: If you are currently working on a FIFO contract • This could give you the edge over other applicants

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Frame of mind • Make sure you have the time to complete your application properly and pay plenty of attention to detail • With geosciences jobs, as well as many mining, oil and gas roles do not complete an application half-heartedly • A rushed resume or application can reflect badly on a candidate • Only apply for a job when you are in the right frame of mind

Right place

Right time

A number of the jobs within the mining, oil and gas industries are for short-term or contract projects. Therefore, ensuring that your application is successful can sometimes be a case of being in the right place at the right time

• Watch out for new and exciting projects being launched! • Keep up to date with the latest industry developments throughout Australia • Set up job alerts

The best time to look for jobs