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Lithium: Rising demand, more than stable supply


There are plenty of projects out there that have more than enough potential to supply demand in the long term. It’s very clear there’s plenty of lithium for everyone to consume, but in the medium term there will be a big scramble to find this resource. Look at the announced plans from auto manufacturers including Mercedes, Volvo, GM, Ford. This shows the massive demand for lithium well in excess of where the lithium demand is today. Today there is a little over 200,000 tonnes of lithium into carbon equivalent a year, looking in the next seven to 10 years estimates suggest this will more than double. When paradigm shifts happen, they happen exponentially. People are already allocating capital to make it happen, it’s simply a question of supply and demand curves. Wealth Minerals President Tim McCutcheon

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Mining Global — November 2018  

Mining Global — November 2018