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called a disruptive technology. The risk then, lies not within the technology itself, the risk comes from not investing at all. “Some larger companies have already taken that risk and so they’re already going be a year ahead or two years ahead of you,” he says. “The question has changed. It’s not can we afford to spend or should we spend this quarter or half a million dollars of our budget on

“There is only so much value in operational efficiency that you can derive from grinding and extracting and processing, you have to take a leap of faith” — Charles Lavigne, CEO & Co-Founder of LlamaZOO

this technology, it’s can we afford not to?” One such technology solution, is MineLife VR – an innovative system 46

that fuses complex geospatial and mine planning data with IoT data into an interactive, life-sized virtual replica of the planned, current, and future states of a mine site. “MineLife VR is really collection of the

a partnership Maptek, a leading provider of innovative software,

exploration data, planning data and

hardware and services to the mining

collection all of the extraction and ore

industry. Through a collaborative effort,

calculation and profitability model data,

LlamaZoo and Maptek will combine

as well as engineering data and opera-

expertise to bring digital twinning and

tional data,” says Lavigne. “Then bringing

advanced 3D data visualisation to go

it all together in one central repository

to market with customers. .

that can be accessed by all stakeholders,

Maptek is but one example of the key

both internally and externally, to acceler-

partnerships that LlamaZOO has

ate their understanding of a project.”

struck with industry leaders, which

In summer 2018, LlamaZOO announced that it had entered into NOVEMBER 2018

include Barrick, Teck Resources and Goldcorp and Lavigne feels that

Profile for Mining Global

Mining Global — November 2018  

Mining Global — November 2018