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By implementing game changing technologies the industry can unlock true value that will set companies apart from their peers.” Founded in 2014 by Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke, two self-professed video game industry veterans, LlamaZOO was born out of a vision to take their expertise in building highly engaging, interactive and large-scale 3D experiences, and use it to create solutions for real-world challenges. What it’s really about is big data and 44

big data needs to be visualized, be better understood and needs to be analysed using AI and machine learning to be better processed and derive better insights and actionable data from it,” says Lavigne. “When you start layering in live data from IOT sensors everywhere, you start being able to paint a broader picture and a clearer picture of the operating conditions and parameters of a site or a facility or an asset, and then when you visualize it, you create this amazing digital twin, that can reflect a one to one in a geospatial temporal sense of what is actually happening and what is the historical representation of what has happened.” NOVEMBER 2018

“I’ve got to say the one part about my job that I love the most is getting people to try these new technologies and seeing and understanding the potential and the value that it can bring to their organization just by trying it” — Charles Lavigne, CEO & Co-Founder of LlamaZOO

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Mining Global — November 2018  

Mining Global — November 2018