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October 2014


Liebherr Australia TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION DRIVING EFFICIENCY How Susceptible is the Mining Industry to IT Security Risks?

Futuristic Excavator Concepts

Mergers on the Horizion for Gold Mining Industry

Operating Successfully In Emerging Jurisdictions



“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure” – Peter Marshall IN the October edition of Mining Global,

ALROSA opens the door to the company’s Udachny mine and explains how the company is transforming operations and shifting the world’s largest diamond mine underground. Also this month: we examine how susceptible the mining industry is to IT security risks; how an influx of mergers is on the horizon for the gold mining sector; and shed some light on the most advanced and revolutionary excavator concepts to hit the mining industry in coming years. Lastly, we break down the top 10 mergers and acquisitions of all-time and how the deals reshaped the mining industry forever..

Enjoy the issue and throw your diamonds in the air

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Finance More Mergers on the Horizion for Gold Mining Industry


TOP 10

Insider Access: The World’s Largest Diamond Mine

Mergers & Acquisitions


18 26 Machinery Futuristic Excavator Concepts and More!

Technology How Susceptible is the Mining Industry to IT Security Risks? 5


Company Profiles EUROPE 50 Association: Euromines



60 Eldorado Gold

60 76


Eldorado Gold

76 Grand C么te Operations

 rand C么te G Operations

102 Discovery Metals New Era for Discovery Metals 116 BCM Group



Discovery Metals New Era for Discovery Metals


128 KGHM Carlota Mine 136 ArcelorMittal Canada 162 Association: NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines

116 BCM Group


KGHM Carlota Mine

170 Gypsum Resource Materials

AUSTRALIA 176 Liebherr Australia


NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines

170 Gypsum Resource Materials

188 QCC Resources 196 CITIC Heavy Industries 208 UGM Group 214 Association: World Coal Association 220 Association: Pilbara Regional Council 7



September 2014

Insider Access: THE WORLD’S LARGEST DIAMOND MINE ALROSA opens the doors to the Udachny mine and explains how the company is transforming operations and shifting the world’s largest diamond mine underground Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E


O P E R AT I O N S AS RUSSIA’S LARGEST diamond mining company, ALROSA knows a thing or two about diamonds. The company has been engaged in the exploration, mining, manufacturing and sale of diamonds for over 60 years and accounts for over 27 percent of the global diamond production, including owning the largest rough diamond reserves in the world. ALROSA, which previously operated the largest excavated hole in the world in the Mir mine, has been


September 2014

aggressively carrying out initiatives to transition its Udachny project in northeast Russia underground. The state-controlled diamond mining company granted us insider access, providing exclusive information and updates on the mine and what the company is anticipating for the future. The state-controlled diamond mining company granted us an inside look into the Udachny mine, including exclusive information and


updates on the future of the mine. Largest diamond mine in the world Discovered in 1955, the Udachny mine has become one of ALROSA’s largest diamond deposits ever. The mine is part of the Daldyn-Alakit field situated in the central part of the Yakutian diamondiferous province in Russia. The region consists of kimberlite rocks which contain eskolaite mineral within the natural diamond. The ore

body of the mine is separated into Eastern and Western ore bodies which are divided by a block of Upper Cambrian sedimentary rocks. The open-pit mine, which commenced in 1971, hit its peak in the early 1990s producing more than half of the company’s rough diamonds with 12 million tons per year. At depths of more than 630 meters, the Udachny mine is one of the 10 deepest open-pit mines in the world. As of late, however, the open-pit mining is nearing its end and the company has initiated plans to transition the mine underground. “The open-pit mining couldn’t last forever,” says Evgeniya Kozenko, head of public relations at ALROSA. “At a certain point open-pit mining at any deposit becomes unprofitable as the pit walls need to be widened to extract kimberlite ore. Today, Udachny open-pit mine has extremely steep slope and we use the remotely controlled equipment for the safe extraction of ore there.” Open-pit mining is expected to be phased out by 2015. Future outlook of the mine In 2004, ALROSA began 11



September 2014


construction at Udachny to transition it underground. The first start-up complex of the mine was commissioned in 2012 and the commercial production commenced in June 2014. “The commissioned start-up complex includes a nine meter diameter skip shaft to remove ore and rock and an eight meter diameter ventilation shaft, the largest in Russia today,” says Kozenko.

“Above-zero temperatures are permanently maintained in all the workings by heater installations to ensure comfortable working conditions and prevent possible freezing of the systems.” The underground portion of the Udachny mine is expected to become Russia’s biggest underground diamond mine when it reaches full capacity in 2019. “An ambitious program for the 13


construction of underground mines is an integral part of ALROSA’s development strategy aiming to keep its world’s leading position in terms of rough diamond mining and ensure the diamond mining growth up to over 40 million carats,” said ALROSA CEO Fedor Andreev. “Launch of the Udachny underground mine will allow the Company to maintain stable volumes of diamond production in Western Yakutia for many years.” The mine will produce 2.4 million 14

September 2014

ALROSA’S KEY PERSONNEL Fyodor Andreev Chairman of the Supervisory Board, OJSC ALROSA. Mr. Ilya A. Yuzhanov was born on February 7, 1960 in Leningrad. He is a graduate of the Economics Department of the Leningrad State University (1982).

Fyodor Andreev President (CEO), OJSC ALROSA. Mr. Fyodor B. Andreev was born in Voronezh on August 16, 1966. He is a graduate of Leningrad State University with a diploma in political economy (graduation year 1989).




to 3 million tons per year by 2016, reaching full capacity of four million tons by 2019. The cumulative production by 2034 is expected to reach 72.3 million tons of ore. Once at capacity, the mine will be able to provide over five million carats of diamonds per year. Future of ALROSA While the transitioning of the mine to underground has gone seemingly well, it hasn’t been without its obstacles. According to Kozenko, one of the 16

September 2014

main problems at the construction of Udachny underground mine was mineralized groundwater. “As to the chemical elements content, groundwater is not dangerous to human health, but is harmful to metal, which requires additional protection for machines and cables. In the early 2000s, ALROSA was considering the possibility for separating useful elements from groundwater, but this project was considered unprofitable.


Furthermore, the deposit contains methane manifestations, which requires additional industrial safety measures. Udachny underground mine is equipped with the air analyzing systems in the workings responding to the excess gas level. Electric drive machinery is used in the working instead of diesel machinery to minimize the risk of fire.” Along with the transition, ALROSA has several other new pipes scheduled for the start of mining operations in the future, including

re-commissioning of the Mir mine. Although the project was completed in 2001, ALROSA has further development of the deposit through underground mining. “In 2012, it was decided not to rush launching the mine at its design capacity of one million tons of ore per year, and to focus on the creation of the most effective drainage system to ensure the stable operation of Mir in the years ahead,” said Kozenko. “Nevertheless, diamond mining at Mir is underway.” 17


Futuristic Excavator Concepts and More! We take a look at some of the most advanced and revolutionary excavator concepts to hit the mining industry W r i t t e n b y: R O B E R T S P E N C E


M A C H I N E RY LIFE IS 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. In the wake of declining commodity prices, mining companies have began testing the waters for newer and more efficient ways of producing more with less. And while you can’t control the ore grade and reserves, you can change the efficiency of how it’s mined. According to Jurgen Beier, a national mining practice leader for Deloitte, innovation and structural changes have become a necessary part of the mining industry, including technology and machinery. “There are a number of proven

technologies and things that are out there today that radically change the way ore is extracted and change the way mining occurs (…) We think this is the opportunity to embrace that innovation, to get to that point of sustainability.” The struggle for the mining sector is real, but it’s beginning to spawn some of the most advanced and revolutionary ideas ever thought possible – especially with excavators. Volvo Volvo may seem like your ordinary automaker but the company has opened the doors to a wave of new

Volvo in action

20 October 2014


Doosan in action

concepts for mining equipment. The company has teamed up with Swedish industrial design house ‘Prospective Design’ to develop the excavator of the future, offering an array of innovative components never seen before. The machine is one part space age and another part primordial. Featuring a small fuel cell that produces electric energy, the excavator adopts four tracks with separate wheel motors that can brake, accelerate and steer. With an improved cab built for visibility, the excavator includes a transparent boom for safety along with GPS based telematic capabilities

to ensure the excavator never leaves a predetermined area. Although merely a concept, the two teams have created a combination of futuristic ideas, giving the sector a peek inside what mining equipment could eventually resemble. Doosan While Volvo may only be designing a concept, Doosan Infracore is working on something tangible. As the company’s vision for the future, the CX excavator includes a number of technological features to promote safety, usability and efficiency. The body is a hybrid power system 21


Scorpion Excavator

reducing emissions, fuel costs and noise while the cabin has the ability to be extended forward to provide improved visibility for the driver. Within the cabin, all controls are integrated into the seat with Hyperemotional digital technology and a haptic control panel displaying all vital information on a transparent screen. This allows the operator to maintain focus on its surrounding. The undercarriage design incorporates four swing arms 22 October 2014

attached to an independent tracked assembly. The excavator uses an articulating joint to provide better maneuverability while also providing improved stability on any surface. In addition, the machine of the future is equipped with an epochal expansion of sliding cabin, an independent and endless navigation facility, an eco-friendly hybrid power system, and automatic operating system with artificial intelligence. The CX excavator, which received

the Best of the Best Award in 2009 for futuristic concept, is expected to be developed by the end of 2018. Scorpion Excavator In an effort to breed newer earth moving machinery, the Scorpion excavator is a concept for its time. The innovative design, which is a hypothetical proposal from JCB for the year 2073, is a remote-controlled excavator modeled after a scorpion. The excavator is powered by a 750

bhp diesel with an electric drive transmission and all-terrain wheels. The six wheeled drive incorporates a fully independent suspension and swinging half-axles for greater traction with go-anywhere capabilities. The omni-directional “scorpion tail� rear backhoe allows for greater degree of freedom, improved control, and longer reach. The design also includes a wider and larger front bucket for enhanced loading as well as counterweight support. 23

M A C H I N E RY Hyundai next-generation earthmover Another automaker on our list, Hyundai has recently unveiled its R220LC-9 HI-POSS excavator, a futuristic concept brought to modern

Hyundai R220LC-95

24 October 2014

day life. The excavator showcases Hyundai’s next-generation power system providing improved fuel consumption and controllability by the optimal control of electronic pumps and valves.


The earthmover utilizes an innovative system (Hyundai Intelligent Power Optimal Sharing and Energy Saving) that maximizes energy utilization through electronically controlled pump and valve, leading to more precise and effective machine operation and improved fuel consumption and operability. The excavator reduces energy consumption by reducing waste flow through optimal flow distribution

and recycling of waste energy through an accumulator. Hyundai’s R220LC-9 HI-POSS excavator boasts a 143 hp Cummins Tier 3 QSB6.7 engine. This model has an operating weight of 50,520 pounds, a maximum dig depth of 22 feet, 1 inch and a bucket breakout force of 31,830 pounds. Although most of these excavators and earthmovers are simply concepts, they’re breathing new light into the industry, helping to revitalize a sector that has been hit hard by rising costs.



How Susceptible is the Mining Industry to IT Security Risks? As the industry continues to grow with new innovative technology, the one emerging problem no one is paying attention to is breach of information Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E


TECHNOLOGY THE LAST FEW years has seen an influx in technological advances for the mining industry. Companies like Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton are leveraging innovative equipment such as autonomous vehicles and simulation technology to their advantage. However, the one emerging problem no one is paying attention to is breach of information. In 2013 Ernst & Young Global Limited conducted a Global Information Security Survey and found almost 41 percent of the mining and metals respondents experienced an increase in external threats over the past 12 months. Not to mention, 28 percent

Rio Tinto work with industry leading technologists

28 October 2014

experienced an increase in internal vulnerabilities over the same period. Cyber hacking and breach of information has become one of the biggest concerns to the mining and metals sector. The threat, believe it or not, is real. “On a scale of one to 10, we saw examples at nine, and examples at one. SCADA [the protocol used by large-scale industrial control systems] is an example where a lot of organizations don’t even understand that it’s IT,” said Mike Rothery, first assistant secretary in the National Security Resilience Policy Division of the Attorney-General’s Department, and secretary to the government’s Cyber Security Operations Board. The industry, which boasts one of the largest cash flows on investments, has the least developed understandings of managing IT security risks – and it shows. According to a recent report by ZDNet, discussion between the Australian government and the mining industry has exposed the sector as a spotty security landscape. “I’ve certainly had some discussions with CIOs of utilities who show me their map of their IT environment,


CAT’s Minestar System shows how integrated systems are becoming and all the controls they have ... and the background checking they do on people that work in the accounts area and the call centre and so forth, and then you say to them, ‘There’s nothing on here with your SCADA system. Where’s your engineering side of it?’ ‘Oh that’s not IT. That’s the engineers. That’s not a problem, because they’re not interconnected’,” Rothery told the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in Sydney, “When you go to see the chief engineer, he’ll say, well they used to not be interconnected, but when they took out all the analogue systems and they needed to put it

on an IP-based system, we weren’t going to put in a separate IP-based network. We just dumped it onto the corporate network. The CIO doesn’t even know it’s there’,” Rothery said. The use of automated equipment has placed companies at the mercy of unscrupulous cyber hackers looking for their next big cache of private information. Criminals understand the increasing dependence mining companies have on technology, and are actively looking for ways to threaten the denial of access to data, processes and equipment. Although cyber criminals have yet to figure out a way to make 29


Rio Tinto’s Argyle Underground Mine is one of the most technologically advanced mines in the world, providing opportunities to be at the forefront of mining technology and innovation

30 October 2014


‘The number of attacks on SCADA systems that everyone agrees have happened is probably in the 15 to 20 mark, compared to other forms of cybercrime and cyber espionage, it’s minuscule, but it’s just got this huge potential for the vulnerabilities.’

Securing SCADA from hackers is critical for the future of mining

money from hacking mining databases, the potential is there. “The number of attacks on SCADA systems that everyone agrees have happened is probably in the 15 to 20 mark, compared to other forms of cybercrime and cyber espionage, it’s minuscule, but it’s just got this huge potential for the vulnerabilities.” Where there’s a will there’s a way, and cyber hackers are notorious for finding a way. Look at Target for example. One of the biggest retail hacks in U.S. history wasn’t particularly inventive, nor did it appear destined for success, but it happened. The hack stole 40 million credit card numbers, 70 million addresses, phone numbers, and other pieces of personal information in the blink of an eye. If there’s a message to be learned here it’s that mining companies need to start paying special attention to their data and how it’s protected. Just like their massive mining operations and infrastructures, companies need to build their IT systems in a similar fashion. Are mining companies susceptible to security IT risk? In the words of Walter White, “You’re god --- right.” 31


More Mergers on the Horizon for the Gold Mining Industry W R I T T E N B Y: R O B E R T S P E N C E

As the gold mining industry recovers from the worst slump in prices in 30 years, the need for more mergers is becoming evident THE GOLD MINING industry is in dire need of assistance. The sector, which is recovering from one of the worst price dips in the last 30 years, is not exactly in the best of health. According to Joe Wickwire of Fidelity Investments, almost 33 percent of all gold production is a money-losing venture if the precious metal price is lower than $1,250 oz. Right now, the trading price for gold is around $1,230 oz. “It’s part of the life cycle of industries that every so often you need to have a cleansing of that which is not working,” Wickwire said. A cleansing of the market might not be such a bad thing. Since last year, the gold market has declined by 28 percent, prompting many gold producers to cut budgets, sell assets and adjust mine plans, which has totaled more 33

FINANCE than $26 billion in writedowns. What the industry needs is more mergers to assist in improving the investor returns and in eliminating the mines deemed unprofitable. Profitability or lack there of According to Randgold Resources Limited CEO Mark Bristow, the biggest issue facing the gold mining industry today is profitability. “It’s going to be tough, right now we’ve seen the fund managers looking to management to fix it,” he said. “I think, to a large degree, the fund

34 October 2014

managers are joined in how we got there, culpable like management. “Perhaps some of the fund managers should practice what they preach, and that is allocation of capital,” he continued. “For gold mining to be profitable, you have to take out a whole lot of gold production. If you take out a lot of gold production, everyone’s going to make more money including the host countries in which we operate. “I think that’s what the industry needs and I still think the industry’s living in denial,” he added. The current price of gold


makes it hard for any mining company to be successful. “I don’t believe as an industry we’re profitable at $1,300, let alone $1,250,” he said. “If you look at the assumptions being made to allocate capital today, they are above the spot price, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. “Although we’re [the industry] saying the right things, I don’t believe we’re actually doing them, with exceptions of course.” Mergers and acquisitions During the first half of 2014, deals for the mining and metals industry had a total value of $16.7 billion. That’s 69 percent less than the previous year, and 34 percent less in deal volumes. Nearly nine out of every ten agreements were valued at less than $50 million. Simply put, there needs to be more mergers in the gold sector. According to estimates by Bloomberg, funds raised $1.1 billion for investments in mining and metals this year, which is nothing compared to the $8.8 billion in 2013. Less than $2 billion has been spent by PE investors on mining assets in the past two years. The latest Ernst & Young market barometer believes contributors

‘By combining companies in mergers and/or acquisitions, unprofitable operations can be eliminated and weak companies with good assets can be targeted by stronger producers’ to these funds are unlikely to wait much longer to see their investments put to use. “There should be a flurry of activity within the next 6-12 months, as these countercyclical investors who have been waiting for clear signs that we are at the bottom of the market begin to make their move when assets prices are at their lowest” Consolidation is another consideration the industry teetering on. By combining companies in mergers and/or acquisitions, unprofitable operations can be eliminated and weak companies with good assets can be targeted by stronger producers. It’s a win-win for the gold industry. 35

TOP 10

TOP10 Mergers & A

Acquisitions Writ ten by: Robert Spence


TOP 10


AuRico Gold Purchases Northgate Minerals

On August 29, 2011 AuRico Gold Inc. purchased Canada-based Northgate Minerals for $1.49 billion. The deal combined the two companies into one leading intermediate gold producer with five operating gold mines, and three gold development projects in Mexico, Canada and Australia. The company is now 62 percent owned by AuRico shareholders with the other 38 percent inhabited by Northgate’s shareholders.


October 2014


Eldorado Gold Corp. Buys Out European Goldfields Ltd.

In a cash-and-shares deal, Eldorado Gold acquired European Goldfields Ltd. for $2.4 billion, creating a gold producer with a market value of $11 billion. The deal, which was completed on February 24, 2012, gave Eldorado the rights to the company’s Stratoni mine in Greece and two additional projects in Greece and Romania. By 2015, Eldorado will have an annual gold production exceeding 1.5 million troy ounces. 39

TOP 10


Cliffs Natural Resources Buys Consolidated Thompson

In the second quarter of 2011, US-based Cliffs Natural Resources pulled off a blockbuster deal by purchasing Consolidated Thompson for $4.6 billion in cash. The deal gave the company a total of 10 iron ore facilities, six coal mines and a chrome project in North and South America and Australia. 40

October 2014



Arch Coal Acquires International Coal Group

In May 2011, Arch Coal acquired International Coal Group Inc. for $3.4 billion in an all-cash deal. The purchase put Arch Coal on the map as the fourth-largest coal producer globally and the second-largest US producer of metallurgical coal. The acquisition also put Arch Coal as one of the top 10 suppliers to steelmakers in the world.Â


TOP 10


Peabody Takes over Macarthur

The end of 2011 gave way to Peabody Energy acquiring Macarthur Coal Ltd. in a $4.7 billion takeover bid. With the help of mining company ArcelorMittal, Peabody was able to seal the deal and take over one of the biggest miners of pulverized coal. The deal also gave the pair ownership of mines in Queensland, the biggest exporter of the fuel.


October 2014


Barrick Acquires Equinox

2011 was a big year for acquisitions and mergers in the mining industry, especially for Barrick Gold. The gold producer acquired Equinox Minerals Limited through an all-cash offer of $7.8 billion, giving the miner control of the Lumwana mine in Zambia and Saudi Arabia’s biggest copper deposit.


TOP 10


AngloGold and Ashanti Goldfields

One of the biggest mergers to occur in the mining industry happened on April 23, 2004. On that date the High Court of Ghana approved the merger of AngloGold and the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, changing the name to AngloGold Ashanti Limited and creating one of the largest mining companies in the world. 44

October 2014



Broken Hill Proprietary Company and Billiton Plc

In 2001, the merger between Broken Hill Proprietary and Billiton Plc created a global powerhouse in the mining industry. The two companies, which have a history spanning over 100 years, came together to form the global mining giant BHP Billiton. Under one name, the company has catapulted itself into one of the top four global mining and metal producers on the planet. The merger brought the company from a market capitalization of $28 billion in 2001 to one of $42 billion in 2003.Â


The benchmark in agricultural machinery conveyance.

AGRITRANS Serving the Southern African Agricultural Industry T: +27 58 813 1303 • F: +27 86 689 7623


October 2014




Freeport and McMoRan

In 1981 Freeport Minerals merged with McMoRan Oil & Gas with each entity becoming a subsidiary of the newly formed Freeport-McMoRan Inc. In 1998, McMoRan Exploration Co. formed with the merger of McMoRan Oil and Gas Company and Freeport-McMoRan Sulphur Co., Inc. – officially creating Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc. Since then, the company has become a juggernaut for gas and oil, agricultural minerals, sulphur, phosphoric acid, gold, copper, silver and uranium. In 2014, the company changed its name to Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 


TOP 10


Glencore and Xstrata

Reaching #1 on our list of Top 10 Mining Mergers and Acquisitions of All-Time is Glencore and Xstrata. In May 2013, the two companies merged together to form the world’s fourthbiggest mining company and the world’s biggest commodities trader. Together, the two companies have a diversified business spread across several commodities, including copper, coal and zinc. The company has a market value of roughly $66 billion.


October 2014


European Association of Metal Ores & Industrial M

Self-promotion helps Euromi capitalise on continental prom Written by: Matthew Staff Produced by: James Pepper

f Mining Industries, Minerals

ines mise



Conference field trip, Aitik mine, Sweden

“We should be doing exploration and mining and processing and supplying to the people that need those raw materials� – Mark Rachovides, President


October 2014


nder the Presidency of Mark Rachovides, The European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals (Euromines) is striving to lay to bed assertions of the past to encourage its members about the potential of the future. Mining in Europe, and indeed across the world, has often come in for criticism but through a strong focus on external industry collaboration and internal optimism, the association is well on its way to changing industry standards and consequently, public perceptions. Existing as a not-for-profit organisation in its current form since 1996, Euromines represents more than 40 different metals and minerals, more than 100 companies and about 350,000 jobs across its member states, and


Key Personnel

Mark Rachovides President

Rachovides is positive that Europe can become a partner of choice within the mining industry. “The important thing through what we do is to point out where mining fits in the value chain and to get away from those old stereotypes,” he said. “We need a balanced, responsible approach to keep the value chains in the EU because it won’t contribute to our renaissance or our future if part of the value chain is being sourced outside when we have the ability to do it here. “We should be doing exploration and mining and processing and supplying to the people that need those raw materials. We can do the whole thing and that should make us the partner of choice because we should be showing ourselves as the leaders in terms of sustainable use of our resources.

Mark Rachovides is a consultant to Eldorado Gold Corporation and until recently was Chairman of Deva Gold, Eldorado’s subsidiary in Romania. He was formerly an Executive Director of European Goldfields which was acquired by Eldorado in early 2012. Rachovides is a well-known specialist in South East Europe and Chairman of the Euromines Gold Group.

w w w. e u r o m i n e s . o r g



Vykleky quarry in the Czech Republic after rehabilitation

“Europe is surprisingly underexplored and underinvested for exploration” – Mark Rachovides


October 2014

“That’s what we want to achieve; to set the standard that’s higher than everyone else.” Present virtues Manufacturing in Europe currently accounts for 75 percent of the EU’s exports and many of these manufactured products depend on raw materials. It is figures like these which the Association aims to make clearer to the business world moving forward.


“Europe is surprisingly underexplored and underinvested for exploration, but in terms of technology, we’re very advanced, so we are increasingly developing the ability to mine more complex deposits and have more automated machinery,” Rachovides said. “We ultimately look to a future of stateof-the-art modern mining in Europe.” The Association is therefore striving, through affiliations with organisations and

Europe is rich in natural resources w w w. e u r o m i n e s . o r g


Wealth Creation by Mineral Extraction in Europe, organised by Euromines on 3rd December 2013 in Brussels

Xxxxxxxxxx Vykleky quarry in the Czech Republic before rehabilitation



conferences at high profile events, to start getting that positive industry message across. This can only come with a collaborative and integrated drive among its members too though, and Rachovides is adamant that all are responsible in that push and none are burying their heads in the sand. “Most of our members need and do talk more about our good stewardship and the added value that we bring across the spectrum of our activities,” he added. “A lot of the criticisms are the sins of our past and we need to talk more about the virtues of our present and our future. “Our performance today in Europe speaks for itself. We have excellent health and safety records, very low numbers of fatalities and rank very highly in terms of productivity. We invent a lot of technologies used worldwide because we are constructive, responsible, intelligent people.” Globally competitive Structured through a series of committees, comprising a decision-making steering committee, a think-tank policy committee, and some more specialised sector committees – environment, health and safety, emission training standards, communication, gold mining and magnesia production – Euromines is set up to be the recognised representative for mining in Europe; a voice and point of reference in relation to the European institutions, and a sounding board for members regarding

Key Personnel

Corina Hebestreit Director Dr. Hebestreit is the Director of Euromines. She has 20 years of experience in the mining sector, from primary raw materials to marketing of end products. Over the years she has built an extensive network in the industry and academia.

Johannes Dreilsma Deputy Director of Euromines

w w w. e u r o m i n e s . o r g



Wealth Creation by Mineral Extraction in Europe

EU mining sector can boast a wealth of deposit opportunities


October 2014

policy matters and technical issues. The main goal as a consequence of these ongoing discussions, forums, collaborations with global organisations and monitoring of international trends, is to ensure that the EU maintains and builds upon its position as a responsible and balanced source of minerals. Complementing the effective stewardship, innovation and people that the EU mining sector can boast is also a wealth of deposit opportunities where the industry can expand its footprint, and this is what Euromines will be smoothing the pathway towards


Association Information A S S O C I AT I O N TYPE

Mining L O C AT I O N

Brussels FOUNDED

1996 NO. OF M E M BE RS


over the coming months and years. “There is certainly a lot of money in Europe and we also have a tremendous amount of intellectual capital and industrial capital in terms of making and inventing things,” Rachovides concluded. “If you look at our competitive positioning, we are heavily regulated, have a large population, not a lot of land mass, but still manage to compete in an international market on a company-by-company basis successfully. “We’ve dealt with the questions of the past and can now be innovative and adopt competitive solutions to problems of the future.” w w w. e u r o m i n e s . o r g


Eldorado Gold:

Operating Successfully in Emerging Jurisdictions CEO Paul Wright discusses the company’s two Turkish assets – Kisladag and Efemcukuru – and explains what the future holds for the gold mining company Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: James Pepper



E Gold pour 62

October 2014

ldorado Gold Corporation is a 750,000 ounce gold producer with mining, development and exploration operations in Turkey, China, Greece, Romania and Brazil. The Canadian-based company owns and operates seven mines and is developing six projects. The Company’s success to date is based on a low-cost strategy, a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, safe and responsible operations, and long-term partnerships with the communities


Underground at Efemcukuru mine

where it operates. It’s a disciplined approach that makes for a pragmatic culture; a culture that is honest, forthright and preservers to find solutions. It’s an approach that is shared across Eldorado Gold’s diverse global operations. This ethos has seen Eldorado double production, increase its resources and reserves, and maintain cash operating costs in the lowest quartile of the global cost curve over the past five years. Eldorado’s pipeline of of high-quality,

‘The Canadianbased company owns and operates seven mines and is developing six projects.’

w w w. e l d o r a d o g o l d . c o m



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long-lived projects has the potential to make the Company a 1.5 million ounce gold producer. Eldorado Gold is now working to develop its assets, particularly those in Greece, that will become a major component to its capital growth. Assets in place Eldorado Gold’s success is exemplified by its two Turkish mining assets – the Kisladag and Efemcukuru gold mines. Although the country hasn’t traditionally been a top location for mining investment, Eldorado saw Turkey’s potential. “We elected to go into jurisdictions that aren’t typically viewed as mainstream countries for gold mining,” said Eldorado Gold CEO Paul Wright. “Greece and Turkey have a long history, an ancient history, of gold mining and are very


Kisladag Gold Mine


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prospective. That’s our target. “Turkey has been incredibly successful for us. It’s a very good country to operate in because you have a rule of law, strong work ethic, and a healthy degree of pragmatism. Plus, there’s a rich mining tradition.” The company’s most successful gold mine to date is the Kisladag project in Turkey. As the first open-pit heap leach mine in Europe, the mine produces over 300,000 ounces of gold per year, and is the largest gold producing mine in the country. “It’s been a very successful, predictable, low cost operation for us. It’s the cornerstone of the company,” Wright added. The mine, which began production in 2006,

New mine fleet at Kisladag

Working on Kisladag Leach Pad w w w. e l d o r a d o g o l d . c o m



Trucking ore from the Kisladag open pit

“We’re currently going through an expansion so we’ll be looking at increasing annual production from 12.5 million tonnes to 20 million tonnes” – Paul Wright, CEO


October 2014

was first discovered by Eldorado using traditional grass roots techniques including satellite imagery followed up by geochemical sampling, drilling and then various stages of engineering, permitting and construction. Wright added: “We’re currently going through an expansion so we’ll be looking at increasing annual production from 12.5 million tonnes to 20 million tonnes. The expansion will bring the mine life to 16 years.” Eldorado is looking to add a parallel crushing circuit and expanding the ADR plant to provide for the additional capacity. Located in Western Turkey, the Efemcukuru mine is a high grade, underground gold operation. While one of the smaller mines for Eldorado, the project is currently processing over 400,000 tonnes per year. “It’s an impressive operation not only because of the ore body and the operating performance, but also because the project is only 30 kilometres away from a city of 3 million people,” said Wright. “We put an immense amount of effort and resources to build an operation in a manner that is as low impact as possible.” Eldorado consulted extensively with local communities on mine design and process flowsheet. “We made various investment decisions that you normally wouldn’t see with a mine this size. It was designed to reduce visual and environmental impacts, including moving crushers underground. It’s nicely tucked away in the hillsides.”


Efemcukuru mine site at night

Developing future assets Along with its Turkish mines, Eldorado Gold is developing additional long-lived assets. According to Wright, the company has projects in place that will provide major growth capital for years to come. “We’ve been very deliberate in building a company through exploration and careful

Kisladag gold bars

w w w. e l d o r a d o g o l d . c o m


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acquisition. We’re building a portfolio of extremely high quality, long-lived assets.” The company is currently focused on the development of two projects in Greece: Olympias and Skouries. “The Olympias mine was a pre-existing polymetallic mine producing silver, lead, zinc and gold,” said Wright. “We’re currently developing it in three phases.” The first phase is a rehabilitation project, where Eldorado is cleaning up 2.4 million tonnes of preexisting surface tailings. “We’re half way through the cleanup where we are treating the tailings by running them through a refurbished processing plant,” added Wright. The second phase will include the reactivation of the mine. “We’re in the process of rehabilitating and redeveloping the underground mine and we’ll be looking at processing ore through the existing, refurbished mill using a flotation process to produce three concentrates: lead-silver, zinc and gold-bearing pyrite-arsenopyrite” said Wright. “We’re looking at an initial run rate of approximately 400,000 tonnes per year from the underground mine.” The third and final stage will be doubling the throughput of the underground mine, including a new plant facility, which will be roughly eight kilometres from the mine. “We’re in the process of driving an eight km tunnel to connect the new plant location with the

Main access portal at Olympias

Olympias site

‘The Olympias mine was a pre-existing polymetallic mine producing silver, lead, zinc and gold’ – Paul Wright, CEO

w w w. e l d o r a d o g o l d . c o m



Olympias tunnel development

bottom of the underground mine,” said Wright. “That tunnel is currently 1.6 kilometres complete. “Although this is a number of years out, you’ll see us removing all of the infrastructure around the Olympias mine site, reclaiming almost all areas, including dismantling the current processing plant.” Another exciting project for Eldorado Gold is its Skouries asset in northern Greece. The highgrade gold-copper porphyry deposit will operate in two phases with the initial phase consisting of a small, open pit mine. The production of the mine, which is expected to commence in late 2016, will be roughly 8 million tonnes per year.

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“The project will be followed by 20 plus years at 4 million tonnes per year with the underground aspect” said Wright. “We’re in full construction now,” The mine will also include a simple metallurgical process that will produce a clean copper-gold concentrate via flotation as well as doré form a gravity circuit. Long-term Partnerships Eldorado has built a strong track record as a responsible producer that delivers on its commitments. Operating with integrity is one of Eldorado’s top priorities and it implements

Skouries mineralisation

Skouries main adit

w w w. e l d o r a d o g o l d . c o m



Noise sampling at Kisladag

Coarse Ore


October 2014

world-class technical, environmental and safety practices at all its assets. The Company recognises that its success is contingent on building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with its stakeholders. “Around the world communities continue to be resistant to mining projects and developments. Based on our experiences, we’ve learnt to be open and transparent and engaged in the society from the moment you’ve stepped foot in their community. From the very beginning, companies need to develop rapport and trust that responsible mining can be beneficial to society.” “You have to take a holistic view, recognise your impacts and develop ways to manage and


Company Information INDUSTRY


Vancouver, Canada FOUNDED


Over 7,000 Planting trees at Kislada REVENUE

mitigate these from project inception through to reclamation, closure and life after,” said Wright. “There’s no point in hiding from that reality. Most people expect you to be open and have dialogue.” For Eldorado, integrity means being honest, straightforward and accountable. This is achieved through transparent practices such as conducting local mine tours or having community groups test the operations themselves for environmental compliance. Wright concluded: “We spent a lot of time in teahouses in Turkey answering all types of questions about our operations. Without a doubt, it was this engagement that was fundamental to our success in the country”.

US$ 1,124 million PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Iron Ore

w w w. e l d o r a d o g o l d . c o m



Grande C么te Operations Brings Economic Boost to Senegal with Globally Significant Mining Project Written by: Matthew Staff Produced by: Anthony Munatswa



The TiZir Limited and Senegalese Government-owned company has spent much of the past decade planning for one of the world’s biggest mineral sands mining efforts, and is now ready to bring the fruits of its success to the local region

Mining in the deposit has commenced 78

October 2014


rande Côte Operations has begun production in one of the world’s largest dredging operations as it aims to achieve economic prosperity, not only throughout its 15 year-plus lifecycle of the mine, but also far beyond that to Senegal and the local population. Stretched four kilometres wide and 100 kilometres long, the Grande Côte site has been a long time in the planning under the guidance of owners, TiZir Limited, and the Senegalese Government who owns the remaining 10 percent; both of which have played an integral role in supporting all stages of the operation’s development. The origins of what is now a globally significant mine, goes back to 2006 when Mineral Deposits Limited gained the tenure, followed quickly by a similar successful tender for a gold project, also in Senegal. While the gold mine took off immediately, Grande Côte was slowly developed in the background in regards to logistical planning, locating resourcing and carrying out feasibility studies; all of which culminated

‘Stretched four kilometres wide and 100 kilometres long, the Grande Côte site has been a long time in the planning’


Dredge Yeene floating on the start-up pond

in the key ownership agreement which has funded the project to where it is today. Chief Executive Officer, Simon Finnis explained: “Mineral Deposits Ltd (MDL) signed an agreement with ERAMET, a large industrial company with an ilmenite smelter in Norway, as a joint venture partner. “MDL then merged the Grande Côte project into this joint venture, forming the company, TiZir Limited which now owns the smelter in Norway and 90 percent of the project here in Senegal. “Now that the construction effort is over we can look towards producing what some people have reported as six percent of the world’s mineral sands products from this Grande Côte mine.”

Simon Finnis

CEO Grand Cote Operations

w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s




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G R A N D E C Ô T E O P E R AT I O N S Ramping up production Located 50 kilometres north of Dakar, Grande Côte runs parallel with the ocean for the entire 100 km length of the mining concession, making it a globally significant mineral sands deposit. The mine itself was constructed over a two year period, at a cost of $650 million, finishing in March 2014 and will mine relatively low grade 1.7 percent heavy mineral sands. Now in the “ramping-up”, commissioning phase of the project, Finnis is eager to start seeing the fruits of the organisation’s labour. “The project itself is fully integrated and starts off with us mining a large sand dune with our dredge.” he said. “We then process that sand through a mineral concentrator - a floating wet


‘Grande Côte runs parallel with the ocean for the entire 100km length of the site, making it one of the world’s largest mineral sands deposits’

Construction of the wet concentrator takes place on site

w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s




concentrator – which separates the sand from the heavy minerals using gravity techniques, creating a heavy mineral concentrate. “This concentrate is pumped to a storage area, and we place the clean sand, using pumps, pipelines and stackers, behind us. “What you end up with is a big pond where we take from the front and put it in the back, so the whole pond continues to move along the mine path following the ore body.” The mining operation will, at full production, mine and process at a staggering production rate of 55 million tonnes per annum. Over a projected lifecycle of at least 15 years, this equates to more than a billion tonnes of resources, with nearly 800 million in reserve. The heavy mineral concentrate is then trucked


Overlooking the initial dredged pond


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G R A N D E C Ô T E O P E R AT I O N S to the operation’s mineral separation plant where it is put through further stages of processing, all of which culminates in approximate annualised production of 575,000 tonnes of ilmenite (two grades), 80,000t of Zircon (two grades) and smaller amounts of Rutile and Leucoxene. Reaching new scales While inevitable that each of these products will ebb and flow in regards to market demand over the course of the mine’s lifecycle, the flexibility of Grande Côte means that the range of products available from the operations will allow a rise in certain customer interest in one mineral to offset any shortcomings from another. This is also testament to the sheer scale of



“The project is of such a scale where using equipment that had been previously used elsewhere wasn’t an option. Everything we built was brand new” – Simon Finnis, Chief Executive Officer, Grande Côte Operations


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Inside the 36MW power station

“The rail development has led to a key risk being eliminated in getting our products to port” – Simon Finnis


October 2014

the project, as Finnis explained. “The project is of such a scale that using equipment that had been previously used elsewhere wasn’t an option. Everything we built was brand new and purpose designed. “It’s a brand new industry in Senegal but not in Africa necessarily. The processes we’re using are common and the same goes for the equipment. However, the scale is not common. “From a mining perspective, it’s twice as large as any single dredging operation in the world so it’s a very significant project.” Ensuring that all construction and mining requirements were available onsite has been a pivotal component of the mine’s potential success, and has recently lent itself to dealing with early challenges and teething problems. Minor redesigns of the project and the implementation of new equipment is something that Grande Côte has been able to respond to quickly and effectively to ensure that optimum productivity is returned to within as short a time as possible. Finnis continued: “It’s very important to us that we are self-sustaining so we built everything ourselves to make sure everything is catered for onsite, to be as efficient as possible. “We’ve built a large facility at the port to store our finished products and load the vessels, as well as building a power station onsite to provide our electrical needs. We also have a camp, power lines and our own water system to ensure


we have everything we need, built ourselves.” Supply chain management Continuing in this vein, Grande Côte has also taken the same internal approach to its supply chain, and especially its distribution channels via rail. “From this point of view, we have also installed a brand new railway from the mine to Mecke to connect in with the national rail network, and have refurbished the line from there to Dakar Port, which we are also managing as we transport minerals to the port,” Finnis said. “It’s been quite difficult because we’re introducing

New track from the MSP to Méckhe nears completion

This map shows the existing rail currently being refurbished and the new 22km rail spur link to the mineral separation plan w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s


Grand Marine Oil and Gas (NIG) Limited is a company in the marketing of petroleum products and provision of marine support services in the downstream sector of the Oil and gas industry.

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G R A N D E C Ô T E O P E R AT I O N S brand new trains and brand new roads and a different culture from the point of view of maintaining that rolling stock in Sengeal.” As a consequence, $50 million has been invested into the rail builds and refurbishments with the operation having received a concession from the Government to manage it internally. Finnis continued: “The rail development has led to a key risk being eliminated in getting our products to port. The roads here may be a lot better than in other African countries but it is still quite difficult from a traffic and efficiency standpoint. 700,000 tonnes per year heading to port is not feasible via trucks.” For such a large scale operation, supply chain considerations have played an integral


GCO’s locomotives and rolling stock are part of its fully integrated logistics solution from mine to ship

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G R A N D E C Ô T E O P E R AT I O N S role from the outset, with Grande Côte requiring the correct skills and equipment throughout the construction phase. In regards to the large amounts of steel, pipework, cables and dredges being purchased, availability simply isn’t there in Senegal, so a lot of the essential components were imported. However, the operation’s dedicated local focus was accounted for in terms of labour via nearby contracting companies. “From a purchasing perspective now, we try and purchase locally as much as possible, keeping availability and price in mind,” Finnis added.


“Skill sets in areas like trades, instrumentation and high tech plant aspects we don’t see a whole lot of, so we just have to make sure we tailor our training for areas like that” – Simon Finnis

Employ and train The theme of local commitment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one that resonates



C2K Staffing LTD is a Senegalese company that provides services in recruitment, staffing and human resources management. We are a talent provider to national and multinational companies operating in the West African region. C2K Staffing LTD offers and implements flexible and fast solutions to the requirements of its customers in various sectors: mining, energy, construction, manufacturing… The reputation of our company is well established it is based on a single word quality; by making available to our partners the best profiles in the market. Our expertise comes to us from our permanent contact with the labor market. www.c2kstaffing.com

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HC is an international structural steel fabricator and erector located in Spain, specializing in industrial facilities and equipment, public buildings, bridges, footbridges, sports stadiums and heavy plate work. For the “Grand Cote Mineral Sands� project we have fabricated the structural steel for the wet concentrator plant, including the floating pontoons, platework and major structural steel buildings.

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G R A N D E C Ô T E O P E R AT I O N S throughout everything that Grande Côte does, and becomes especially prevalent in regards to employment and people management over the entire lifecycle of the mine. Similarly to the supply chain situation, the skill sets aren’t available in a lot of key operational areas, but this certainly does not mean that Grande Côte has cast aside the premise of local workers, and is instead devoting much of its efforts to developing and promoting the best that the surrounding region has to offer. “It is true that in some areas the skill sets just aren’t there; there aren’t the people who can operate certain items of plants, so our


Highly trained experts

Operators undertaking exploration drilling w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s


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We have been operating in Africa for many years, and in addition to the Grande Cote project, we have undertaken a number of significant projects in countries including Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Zambia and Mauritania. Collectively these projects demonstrate the depth of experience and commitment we have to Africa.

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G R A N D E C Ô T E O P E R AT I O N S philosophy is to employ and train,” Finnis said. “We have a highly skilled set of expats here doing the training for us and there are very well educated people here who will continue to grow in the organisation. “Skill sets in areas like some trades, instrumentation and high tech plant aspects we don’t see exist, so we have to make sure we tailor our training and expatriate support for areas like that. “We are looking long term and building for the future so that in a couple of years the local guys will have received the high levels of guidance and mentoring required to take over from the expats and to run things themselves.” Local focus CSR and sustainability doesn’t just stop at employment opportunities either, with a tailored sustainability department set up to cover areas of environmental considerations, health and safety procedures, community initiatives and corporate aid. “Beginning with the Grande Côte workers, in a perfect world we employ people locally rather than from Dakar so they can go home every night to their families, get plenty of rest and come to work refreshed and happy,” Finnis said. “We have therefore started a housing scheme so our workers can afford to buy and own their own home over a number of years. “We have set this up with BHS, a Senegalese


“We are looking long term and building for the future so that, in a couple of years, the local guys will have received the high levels of guidance and mentoring required to take over from the expats and to run everything themselves” – Simon Finnis

Top view of the surge bin on the Wet Concentrator Plant

w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s



Zircon and rutile storage at the Mineral Separation Plant

institution that specifically targets the support of housing projects, where they will purchase land and we will assist in getting our people approved for mortgages which is usually a difficult process. We will look out for them and do what we can to help them get their own home in the local area, close to where they work.” A strong health and safety adherence promotes this ethos further, with hazard identification a pivotal factor not only for the organisation’s direct employees, but also the local population in general. Finnis continued: “It is not uncommon in Senegal to see things like people riding around

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Recent aerial view of the Grande Côte mining area

on the roofs of buses, and other hazardous behaviours but of course we can’t accept that because of the safety risk to our people. “We therefore spend a lot of time training and planning to make sure that everything is not just as environmentally efficient as possible, but is also as safe as possible.” Market acceptance Following the eight years of hard work, the next key phase to dictate the overall success of Grande Côte will be the market’s acceptance of the organisation’s products, something which Finnis anticipates being a relatively smooth transition, based on feedback already received.

Project location in Senegal

w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s



Dredge Launch

Dredge Launch


October 2014

“Every time you introduce a new product, customers need to get used to that and we’ve sent some trial parcels to various places like China and North America over the past year,” the CEO explained. “We have seen acceptance of the products on a trial basis and we hope to do long term business with them, on ilmenite especially. From a zircon perspective we already have some long term partnerships in place.” There will inevitably be a period of time now while prospective customers assess the products coming out of Grande Côte but there is likely to always be a product among the range which is performing well to ensure the


ongoing success of the overall operation. “The products we’re going to make are high quality and they will gain market acceptance,” Finnis said. “There will always be periods in the industry when the market is soft and then times where it’s good. It’s just a case of getting from one period to the other as smoothly as possible. “For instance, the market is robust on the zircon side of the business right now but soft in the ilmenite market.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Senegal, West Africa FOUNDED

World class business While many companies have short and medium term goals, the lifecycle of this mine means that Grande Côte can look even further ahead at the bigger picture, and Finnis believes that much of the organisation’s overall targets will be visible within just five years, especially in regards to its influence on Senegal. “In five years’ time we will be a well-known and well understood business in Senegal,” the CEO concluded. “We’ll be an integral part of the community, providing a continuous revenue stream and providing jobs to local people. “In just a few years, the number of expats will be reduced, the expertise of the locals will be increased and we will be providing a platform for the people of Senegal to go on to bigger and better things in the future as well. “We’ve come in and built a world class business and it deserves to be managed to the highest levels possible.”




Mineral Sand Mining

w w w. m i n e r a l d e p o s i t s . c o m . a u / g r a n d e - c o t e - m i n e r a l - s a n d s


New Era for Discovery Metals Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Anthony Munatswa



Brad Sampson with President

Board members at the

Seretse Khama Ian Khama

Official Opening

Boseto Concentrator

Discovery Metals financial stabilisation has opened the door to underground mining for the company


October 2014


iscovery Metals Limited is a copper and silver concentrate producer from its 100 percent owned major asset, the Boseto Copper Project in northwest Botswana. The company was founded in 2003, and work at Boseto began in 2005. The past five years have seen Discovery Metals evolve from an explorer to a copper-silver producer. Its last financial year was very successful—the company produced 18,000 tonnes of copper, and are looking to produce between 24 and


Key Personnel

Jeremy Read Executive Chairman

Traditional dancers perform for community and employee guests

25 thousand in the next few years. Although Discovery Metals hasn’t always been as stable as it has been for the past year or so, moving forward the increased production in Boseto, exploration and production in underground mines and the company’s continuing expectation for a safe and effective company culture will guide Discovery Metals into a new era of mining in Africa.

Jeremy Read has 23 years domestic and international minerals exploration experience and was previously the Manager of BHP’s Australian Exploration Team. He has extensive exploration experience for nickel and copper sulphides and played a critical role in the discovery of Kabanga North Nickel Deposit in Tanzania. Jeremy was the founding managing director of Discovery Metals from its incorporation in May 2003, until his appointment as a non-executive director on 1 February 2008. Mr Read secured the Boseto Copper Project for the Company and was responsible for all Discovery Metals’ fund raising activities and for listing Discovery Metals on the Australian Securities Exchange, Botswana Stock Exchange and the Alternative Investment Market in London.

Boseto Boseto is a long-life mine with an initial evaluated w w w. d i s c o v e r y m e t a l s . c o m



D com Sub Sa DTH a


Head Office: T: +27 14 573 3444 • F: +27 14 573 3555 • E: info@discoverydrilling.co.za Botswana: T: +26 7 261 5870 • F: +26 7 261 5775 • E: louw@discoverydrilling.co.bw


Discovery drilling is one of the leading diamond drilling mpanies in South Africa, drilling any where south of the ahara. Drilling from BQ to T6-146 size core. We also do and RC drilling and we manufacture our own drill rigs.

We are big enough to matter and small enough to care.




Established: 1999 Industry: We are proud to present Discovery Drilling Contractors as the complete solution for exploration drilling needs. Our service is solid, based on experience and quality of both management and field personnel, as well as rugged, safe and dependable drilling equipment. Services: Discovery drilling is one of the leading diamond drilling companies in South Africa, drilling any where south of the Sub Sahara. Drilling from BQ to T6-146 size core. We also do DTH and RC drilling and we manufacture our own drill rigs. We are big enough to matter and small enough to care. Ongoing Projects: Keeping to our standards and maintaining momentum in development and delivery of excellent service is the key for a promising future. Although Discovery Drilling already is a sizeable drilling venture, it will not be allowed to slide into an oversized, clumsy entity. Our short to medium term planning is to expand drilling operations into sub-Saharan Africa.I, as the director of Discovery Drilling Contractors want to assure you of our professional service and loyalty towards your company. Website: www.discoverydrilling.co.za



mine life of 15 years. Because the mine has been so lucrative, Discovery Metals is currently developing a plan to increase the life of the mine to 25 years. Boseto is part of the Kalahari Copperbelt Prospecting Licence, which covers over 10,500 square kilometres from Zambia in the northeast of Botswana down to the southwest of the country. The Kalahari Copperbelt is underdeveloped and has a lot of potential, so the company will be investing more time and effort into exploration and eventual production. “The backbone and the positive thing for us is that we have inherently concentrated or we’re the only operation within the Kalahari

“The backbone and the positive thing for us is that we have inherently concentrated or we’re the only operation within the Kalahari Copper Built” – Bob Fulker, CEO

Updated mineral resources and ore reserves map

w w w. d i s c o v e r y m e t a l s . c o m



Ore moving through the crushing circuit

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October 2014

Copper Built,” said Bob Fulker, chief executive and operating officer. “We’re the first company to develop an operating mine. There are a lot of others out there that are trying to do what we’ve done. They are still exploring, still trying to get their projects approved or funded.” The main ore bodies on Boseto are Zeta, Plutus and Northeast Mango Two. There are also Zeta Northeast, Mango, and Northeast Mango One. Within the Kalahari Copperbelt, the company also has 10,000 square kilometres of exploration leases.


Storage shed

Underground Future Currently, Discovery Metals is out in the market with the goal to raise equity from current shareholders and a few potential new shareholders to proceed into underground development operations. The company wants to start exploration in the beginning of the calendar year 2015. “The money raised will fund the first of those underground developments,” said Fulker. “The cash flow to be generated for that underground development will then be put back into

“We’re the first company to develop an operating mine. There are a lot of others out there that are trying to do what we’ve done.” – Bob Fulker

w w w. d i s c o v e r y m e t a l s . c o m


EMS Mining a contract mining company executing specialised mining services both surface and underground mining projects. We have the operational ability, track record and the necessary resources to execute a safe, professional and successful project, incorporating our various disciplines and key skills.


quality market leading mining services

■ Mine design and planning ■ Vertical shaft sinking ■ High speed trackless development ■ Raise boring ■ Underground production drilling ■ Surface drilling and blasting

Tel: +27 (0) 11 234 7054

Cell: +27 (0) 82 352 0222

Email: info@emsmining.co.za

P.O Box 21659, Maun | Office No1 Mogobe Complex, Maun

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subsequent underground development.” The planned underground development is expected to wield enough to get Discovery Metals’ copper output above 36,000 tonnes per year. This is a long term goal, with multiple underground operations eventually feeding the mill. Once the underground mines are established, mill expansion will follow. The site at Mango 2 is the highest prospective for another underground site, but the company still has drilling and some in-hill resource analysis planned. With the leap into underground mining, Discovery Metals is also considering an upgrade in technology. The aim of this upgrade is faster development cycle that will give the company the ability to access the ore quicker. The new technology is planned to keep track of employees while on the job and provide better communication and data transfer. “It’s not new technology,” admitted Fulker, “but it’s not a widely used set of tech that underground fraternity uses. There’s a need to be able to track your people from a safety perspective and from a blast clearance perspective. Anything that can help in those areas will improve our safety culture, which is something that we’ve been working hard on in the last 12 and 18 months.”

Key Personnel

Bob Fulker CEO Bob Fulker is a highly experienced mining engineer with more than 20 years senior leadership experience in the minerals industry in both operational and technical roles. He has a broad foundation of experience in metalliferous, coal and ferrous commodities in underground and open pit operations and focuses on improving mining business efficiency. Bob’s most recent role was as Asset President at BHP’s Cannington Mine.

Community Relationships Discovery Metals employs predominantly local employees. Much of the workforce lives directly w w w. d i s c o v e r y m e t a l s . c o m



Tailings Dam

“We’ll always have open pits in the area as long as there is pittable material. But I think underground is the future.”” – Bob Fulker


October 2014

Zeta Mining Pit

around the mines, with the rest coming from other parts of Botswana and a core of ex-patriots from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Australia. All of the company’s front-line operators are local and well as several of the superintendents and six site managers. To support their employees, Discovery Metals provides workers with two camps and two mess halls. The entire workforce eats together—three meals a day are provided for all employees, and the rest of the accommodations are relatively generic for a mining work site. The company also employs a dedicated community relations officer, who is intimately involved in the community in the region and in a broader scope in Botswana. The community relations officer and the HR manager have created community programs for each of the mine’s


Company Information INDUSTRY


Brisbane, Australia FOUNDED

Road from Zeta Mining Pit


surrounding villages that the chief in each village runs. This connection the community allows the company to continue to attract their workforce, all while providing services to the region.


Stabilisation Leading To A New Era As Discovery Metals moves forward with their plans to venture into underground mining, the stabilisation of the company on multiple levels is what is that got them this far. “In the last 6 to 12 months, we’ve stabilized operations and we’ve stabilised the company,” commented Fulker. “We’ve taken time to consider how to do that. Eventually we’ll position the company to start operations in a new era for us in discovery. We’ll always have open pits in the area as long as there is pittable material. But I think underground is the future.”



AUS $60m

Copper and silver concentrate

w w w. d i s c o v e r y m e t a l s . c o m


BCM Group Aims for the Top With class-leading equipment, an experienced workforce and an ethical approach to operations, the company’s ambitious goals in Africa and beyond appear justified Written by: Joel Levy Produced by: Anthony Munatswa



‘Having operated in Africa for more than two decades, family-run BCM has earned a reputation as one of the most experienced and established mining contractors servicing the West African mining industry’

Blast drilling equipment 118

October 2014


est Africa’s largest contractor, BCM Group, is pushing forward with its vision to become “the leading innovative and professional civil earthmoving and Open Cut Mining Contractor operating in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia”. The company has a solid plan in place to achieve this ambitious goal through continued best practice and service to its existing client base as well as new entrants to the mining scene in Africa and Central Asia, while customising solutions for their mining extraction requirement. Since it entered Ghana in 1990, the Group, which began life in the 1950s in Australia as Bayswater Contracting, has enjoyed significant growth to the point where it now has 10 operating subsidiaries, and employs some 1,500 people, servicing clients in diverse locations. Having operated in Africa for more than two decades, family-run BCM has earned a reputation as one of the most experienced and established mining contractors servicing the West African mining industry. It has become recognised for its consistency in completing projects on-schedule and budget, working closely with clients through its mining and civil estimation department to ensure the customer’s specific project requirements are met within their financial constraints. The Group’s wide-ranging specialities covers haulage of ore and waste, drilling and blasting environmental rehabilitation of waste, road survey

Hauling ore and waste from the mines

and construction, concrete and earthworks, site clearing, water storage dam construction, plant hire, crushing and more. Experienced In a technical sector where the value of experience and a proven track-record cannot be overstated, BCM considers its 20 years in Ghana key to its success. In this location it has worked extensively in local cultural and business practices, workforce management, local business relationships, tax and corporate compliance matters, banking relationships and other logistical practices. It is vital experience that the Group has

Crushing conveyer belt

w w w. b c m g h . c o m


Atlas Copco Ghana Limited Committed to Sustainable Productivity Sustainability has always been one major constituent of Atlas Copco’s business in every part of the world. In this tough economy, customers desire to save energy, improve their operations and make returns on investments. Atlas Copco, an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly www.atlascopco.com Tel: 0302774512 info.ghana@gh.atlascopco.com

systems meets all these customer expectations and delivers sustainable solutions for increased customer productivity through innovative products and services. With a vision to become and remain First in Mind – First in Choice® of its customers and other stakeholders, Atlas Copco Ghana Limited operates through a number of

divisions within three main business areas; Mining and Rock Excavation Technique, Compressor Technique and Construction Technique. Atlas Copco Ghana Limited boasts of a well-defined aftermarket (service) team which offers expert service and training to customers to increase their production capacities.



successfully transferred to other parts of SubSaharan Africa and the Central Asian region as it has established itself in both- the only western contractor to do so. BCM sees these as markets with huge potential, as dominant producers of the world’s minerals and precious metals, which will be important in driving further growth going forward. Over the years, BCM has developed strong relationships with many key clients that are a major part of the international mining and engineering services companies operating in Africa today. With such customers as Anglogold Ashanti Limited, Ghana Australian Goldfields, Lycopodium, Semafo Holdings, Sabodala, Nevsun Resources and many more, it is clear that this is a company trusted by the industry’s major


Providing equipment to mines


Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The Group serves customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco develops products and service focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 180 countries. Website: www.atlascopco.com

w w w. b c m g h . c o m



Trucks ready for Ore transportation

‘BCM’s services are particularly valuable to the smaller, undercapitalised mining companies, enabling them to develop mines faster and more economically’


October 2014

players. In Asia, the Group also works with Oxus Gold and Glencore/Kazzinc. BCM’s services are particularly valuable to the smaller, under-capitalised mining companies, enabling them to develop mines faster and more economically with access to a skilled workforce and the best equipment without having to make huge investment. Conversely, the larger mining companies benefit from increased productivity and plant utilisation rates. Current successful ongoing operations are widespread, taking place in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso & Niger. The company is also operating in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.


Reliability The Group’s offering is enhanced by strong Logistic and Supply Chain Departments which work collaboratively to ensure all projects in West Africa and the CIS countries are constantly equipped with the necessary spare parts and mining consumables. These departments are highly knowledgeable in the appropriate suppliers, transportation companies, customs regulations, warehousing, material handling, packaging and security, ensuring the timely delivery of all equipment, parts and consumables to all on-going projects. The reliability afforded by this level of expertise

Supplying spare parts

w w w. b c m g h . c o m


BCM GROUP and market knowledge is important to clients’ confidence in getting their projects completed on-schedule and part of the reason for their faith in BCM. In Ghana, the company has a large central warehouse and component rebuild facility to support its West African Operations.

Excavator in action

Latest equipment BCM has been rated as possessing the best rebuild facility and quality of work, a significant accolade in a field where rivals include large companies like Caterpillar and Komatsu. Taking its cue from such companies, it also

Stock Europe



«Always first with security, safety & compliance»

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MOVING TOGETHER We take out the complexity of logistics and help our customers gain a competitive advantage, by giving them the means to get products to market faster and more efficiently with a local expertise. salesdgfghana@dhl.com www.dhl.com


uses the most advanced and reliable construction equipment and technology to assist in getting the job done efficiently and to the highest standard. Its ever-expanding list of plant and equipment is largely purchased outright, and on occasion supplemented by hired or leased equipment. Permanent equipment currently includes 35 excavators ranging from 25 to 230 tonnes; 23 motor graders; 22 wheel loaders; 20 Atlas Copco drill rigs; 11 rollers and compactors; 18 dozers; two scrapers; 12 water carts; 105 dump trucks ranging from 50 to 100 tonnes and 24 tipper trucks. It is a list that will continue to grow as the company inevitably wins ever more projects and

‘BCM has been rated as possessing the best rebuild facility and quality of work, a significant accolade in a field where rivals include large companies like Caterpillar and Komatsu’

The company has an ever-expanding list of equipment w w w. b c m g h . c o m


Workers evaluating the land

Skilled staff working on site


October 2014

expands its clientele. The BCM Group workforce has been strengthened by the fact that the Group’s increasing visibility and reputation have in turn increased the numbers of people keen to work there. Therefore the company enjoys access to the most skilled and driven people in the industry. Success breeds success, and furthermore, potential recruits know that once they make a career at BCM, they will receive quality inhouse, on-the-job training to further develop their skills with a view to moving higher up the company’s ranks. The Group’s workforce currently consists of 50 expatriate employees and over 600 national employees in Africa and 10 expatriate and over


100 national employees in Central Asia. The excellent working environment has promoted long-termism and seen a good number of the core expatriate employees remaining at the company for many years, gaining broad experience of operational, technical and administrative levels, and ensuring consistency to complement the new blood.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Accra, Ghana

Responsible operations The Group takes health and safety seriously and pursues a shared ‘Duty of Care’ policy with its staff as it strives to achieve an injury-free workplace. Senior management establishes a Safety Management Plan manual that meets the requirements of Local Regulations and puts in place measurable objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement aimed at the elimination of work related injuries and illness for each project. BCM has additionally adopted South Africa’s NOSA safety management system across all its operations. It also takes a proactive approach to environmental protection, developing a unique management plan specific to each area that is to be disturbed in order to minimise disruption during civil earthworks projects. With responsibility underpinning a skilled, experienced workforce and quality equipment, there seems no reason why the BCM’s ambitious vision cannot become a reality.


Early 1950s (as Bayswater Contracting) EMPLOYEES



Mining construction

w w w. b c m g h . c o m


KGHM International

A Legacy of responsible min

General Manger Dave Cook explains how the company str legacy of responsible mining with new initiatives and mineat its Carlota mine in Arizona Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan


rives to create a -for-closure plans




s a wholly owned subsidiary of KGHM Polska Miedz S.A., KGHM International is focused on its operating assets, working to advance its growth pipeline. The company operates a slew of projects spread across North and South America including three open-pit mines and two underground mines. One of the most advanced and responsible initiatives the company has undertaken is the implementation of a mine-for-closure plan at its Carlota mine. Mine closure initiatives Discovered in the early 1990s, the 130

October 2014

Carlota project is a 100 percent owned open-pit mine producing roughly 25 million pounds of copper annually. Located in Arizona, the mine has become the first copper mine designated and permitted under modern environmental legislation. Since the inception of the mine, KGHM has been pursuing a goal of responsible environmental stewardship and excellent community relations. The company has implemented a mine-for-closure plan that follows suit with the Arizona environmental regulations which is permitted under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


“Mine-for-closure has always been a part of our plan and various parts of the facility were combined into that methodology,” says Dave Cook, general manger of Carlota. According to the general manager, the infrastructure at the mine was built with the intentions it would be closed in the format of the regulation. “One of the specifications was a partial back fill in lieu of building extra waste dumps. Other plans included visual issues and waste dump reclamation, including putting a cover and exclusionary capping on our leach pad.” As the life of the mine winds down,

the company is extremely proud of the work it’s done at the site. “We have an opportunity to set a standard that will serve the company well because as we permit other facilities, it’s important to be able to say we’ve done it before and that we can be successful,” says Cook. “We’re going to have our challenges as we close things but we’re going to be responsible and what we say we’ll do in our permit documents, we’re going to do.” Environmental and Community relationships KGHM International is actively

w w w. k g h m i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m


One of the largest HAZMAT Carriers in the West!

Over 54 years in operation. We specialize in providing reliable, quick, and accurate service. www.bjceciltrucking.com

Physical Address: 5555 South Hospital Drive Globe, AZ 85501 Mailing Address: PO BOX 2228 Claypool, AZ 85532 Phone: (928) 425-5781



involved in its surrounding communities and the environment. The company supports the local community both financially and with donations of employee time. KGHM has donated funds to repair and reopen the Miami Community Pool as well as supporting a variety of programs for the elderly, such as Meals on Wheels. The company is also a member of the 2012 Pinto Valley Road clean-up team. As part of its commitment to Carlota, the company has developed and maintained a Zero Impacted Water Discover operating plan for the mine. The plan includes actively recycling and managing storm water runoff for construction activities and in mining operations. Water conservation is a big portion of the plan as Carlota purchased lower quality water from local sources to replace some of the fresh water used in its operations. “From a zero discharge perspective, it’s made us more environmentally sensitive as an operation and it’s also allowed us to make better use of a resource, which in the past, may have just become a

waste product,” says Cook. “The initiative has also made everyone on site be more environmentally responsible. They’ve understood the situation and the value of taking care of things.” The company was able to exceed expectations of the zero discharge plan by exceeding the amount of water it was required to “put back” into the environment to mitigate for water taken from wells for use in mining operations. In addition, KGHM also took initiatives to support and partially fund the cleanup of the Gibson Mine located in near the Carlota mine. Although the mine isn’t part of the company’s portfolio, KGHM took action because the company believes it’s important to be a responsible neighbor. Employees Having experienced and sound employees has been vital for KGHM. The company strives to cultivate a company culture that both drives employees and gives them the freedom to make the right decisions. “We started out with a deliberate effort to build a culture here focused

w w w. k g h m i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m




October 2014


on a high level of environmental and safety standards,” says Cook. “In order to do that, we needed to make sure communication was a key factor in all levels of the organization.” And it has been. The success of the Carlota mine is placed squarely on Cook and his team of employees, which have been able to demonstrate responsible mining by working together and keeping an open dialogue between employees. “We’ve worked really hard to make more people aware of what’s going on in all facets of operations, allowing them the ability to contribute on all levels. This includes communication between departments and crews. We want everyone to communicate so everyone can contribute positively to this effort.” Safety is another vial aspect of what KGHM succeeds at. The Carlota mine achieved a 2012 Total Medical Injury Frequency Rate of 1.8 compared to the average US 20121 Incident Rate for Open Pit Metals Mines of 2.34. “We really focus on giving our people the freedom to protect their own safety,” says Cook. “By doing so, if they see something in the field that’s unsafe, they have the ability to shut it down or modify the situation to make sure things are done safely.” He adds, “Communication was one of the key things we valued here at Carlota.” The success of Carlota and its responsible mining plan is one part initiatives and two parts execution.

Company Information KGHM International Ltd. operates mines in Canada, the USA and Chile and is currently constructing the Sierra Gorda coppermolybdenum project in Chile. We are advancing the Ajax project in British Columbia as well as the Victoria project, our newest discovery in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., focused on growth in copper.

w w w. k g h m i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m


ArcelorMittal Mining Can

World Class Performance

Steve Wood of ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. discusse expansion project at its Mont-Wright mine, including major improvements and future plans to be best in class Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Aaron Wells

nada G.P.

es the company’s successful r investments, continuous



MW Mine avec sautage 138

September 2014


Expansion projects in the mining industry are no easy task. Successfully implementing new objectives into operations requires the successful planning, integration and execution. Under the helm of Steve Wood, ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. is currently perfecting the skill. Founded in 1957, ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. is the largest mining division of the multinational

corporation, ArcelorMittal. The company has become the leading supplier of iron ore and steel in Canada, producing approximately 60 percent of the country’s total production. Expansion of the future ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. currently operates two large openpit mines: Mont-Wright Complex and Fire Lake. The Mont-Wright mining complex w w w. a r c e l o r m i t t a l . c o m




Located in Quebec (Canada), The Castech-Plessitech Group is a young, dynamic and experienced team that contains over 200 employees. Since 1931, Castech-Plessitech is present in many sectors such as: Mining, Aluminum, Pulp and Paper, Industrial, Hydro and Wind energy. The Group is unique because of its complete value added manufacturing services: •

Engineering Department

Ferrous castings up to 40 000 lbs in all types of alloys and irons

Machining of parts


Assemblies with lifting capacities of 100 tons

Screw conveyors

Finishing and painting

Overload and wide load transportation

Installation on site

Website: www.castechinc.com – www.plessitech.com

A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A is a highly systematic operation comprised of an open-pit mine, an ore crusher and concentrator facility along with a train loading system. The mine is linked by a companyowned rail to the Port-Cartier industrial complex. Located roughly 55 kilometers from Mont-Wright is the Fire Lake mine. Because of the high demand for iron ore, the mine has become an additional deposit for the ArcelorMittal to operate at. In 2011, the company undertook one of the largest expansion projects in Quebec. The project, which was completed last year, entailed expanding infrastructure at the Mont-Wright mine to increase production from 16 to 24 million tons of iron ore by end of 2013. “We hit the run rate of 24 million late last year in November and things look good to make 24 million again this year,” says Steve Wood, president of ArcelorMittal Mining


Canada G.P. He continues, “It’s pretty phenomenal to get those rates right after an expansion project. It’s an exciting time in terms of expansion and maximizing benefit of our investment.” Part of the latest expansion involved the commissioning of new spiral lines and a concentrating plant with additional upgrades to the railway and port in Port-Cartier. Wood believes with a few minor improvements ArcelorMittal can reach an even higher production rate. “We can see a day where with a few minor tweaks we can go above name plate capacity,” says Wood. Overall, the expansion project included: • Commission of new spirals line at concentrator • New trucks and maintenance shop operational • Additional rail sidings completed • New concentrator completed

“Our job here is to get world class levels of performance in every aspect of the business in terms of productivity, maintenance, and reliability of equipment” – Steve Wood, President of ArcelorMittal Mines Canada w w w. a r c e l o r m i t t a l . c o m


1 866 444-9944 | hewitt.ca

MAC 18-14A



MAC 18-14D

Wherever there’s mining in Quebec and in Western Labrador, you’ll find Cat products hard at work – drilling and digging, loading and hauling, grading and dozing. You will also find a Hewitt Equipment Limited branch, providing unmatched support, expert service and integrated solutions. Superior products. World class service. One source.

MAC 18-14D



19-08-2014 13:41

Founded in 1952, Hewitt Equipment Limited is the authorized Caterpillar Dealer for Quebec, Western Labrador and the Maritime Provinces in Canada. Hewitt has the expertise to deliver the world’s largest mobile mining equipment and act as a partner to help customers achieve success in their projects. Hewitt also provides the following services: • Assessment and continuous improvement: Hewitt’s mining experts perform a wide range of evaluations on site, while assessing processes and operational performance, enhancing productivity measures and identifying gaps and areas of improvement. • Best practices implementation: Hewitt and Caterpillar have developed throughout several decades of field experience an outstanding portfolio of best practices, in areas such as Maintenance & Repair, Application Component Life and Service Contract Management. • One stop shop: Hewitt achieves important synergies, leveraged by the supply of the largest variety of mining equipment and parts, volume discounts, processes optimization, and the access to a large pool of expertise and technical resources.

Hewitt, Service par Excellence +1 514-6303100 Visit our Website: www.hewitt.ca

A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A • New stacker-reclaimer and shiploader in commissioning • Concentrate production exceeded 2Mt in December 2013 • Shipments of 1.987 Mt in December 2013 • Costs benefiting from scale The province of Quebec is benefiting from the expansion as well. Income taxes and mining rights revenues will account for over $3 billion, which will assist the government through 2039. Quebec will also profit from increased export capacity of goods overseas, consolidation of the mining sector in general and community development. Job creation in Canada is another benefit of the expansion. Over 8,000 jobs were created during the construction of the project and another 600 permanent jobs


have been implemented since the completion of the expansion. Investments To get the project rolling ArcelorMittal has invested significantly to the tune of $1.6 billion, including an array of new equipment and technology to expand the production rate and increase efficiency. “We purchased new equipment; hired additional people; increased our processing capacity; added another large line, increased our capacity for concentrate by 50 percent, and put in a new processing mill and more spirals,” Wood continues, “We also purchased 13 Caterpillar 797 400 ton trucks to assist in moving larger volumes in less time.” The 400 ton trucks are equipped

“It’s pretty phenomenal to get those rates right after an expansion project. It’s an exciting time in terms of expansion and maximizing benefit of our investment” – Steve Wood, President of ArcelorMittal Mines Canada w w w. a r c e l o r m i t t a l . c o m






A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A with an 18-step staircase to reach the driver’s cabin with each truck being utilized to transport crude iron ore to a breaker where it will undergo its first transformation. According to Wood, part of the expansion also included investing in its rail line to streamline production. The company railway transports iron ore concentrate from Mont-Wright to Port-Cartier and is renowned throughout the North American rail industry for its reliability and innovation. “We also wanted to amplify the capacity of our rail line so we purchased more locomotives and



cars, extended some siding that allows us to haul more to port, expanded our capacity to load ships by putting in a new ship loader and stacker as well as a modified conveyor. The future is all about cycle times and reliability,” says Wood. “We want to replicate what we’ve done in the past. We have some of the smartest people in the industry.” Along with acquiring the best equipment possible, technological investments were also made. “We’ve installed the best available technology in terms of planning, dispatching of equipment at mines


The introduction of this long family history journey began May 7, 1931, when Mr. Adelard Soucy clears itself a ground of Témiscouata street in Rivière- du- Loup, in order to install its smelter. It manufactured at that time , seamers crank to seal the lids of home canning. Two to three employees then specialized in machinery repair.

Website: www.adelardsoucy.com

w w w. a r c e l o r m i t t a l . c o m


Your business partner on the Terminal Operations


Railcar Transloading

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Porlier Express oers direct and intermodal integrated solutions since 1953. www.porlier.com



and monitoring progress on a daily, hourly and real-time,” says Wood. “We’re in the process of perfecting it. We know where we can be and we’re working towards it.” Continuous improvement According to Wood, ArcelorMittal is continuously looking to improve in all phases of operations. “Our job here is to get world class levels of performance in every aspect of the business in terms of productivity, maintenance, and reliability of equipment.” With the expansion completed, daily records show potential in system for further growth in: • First sustain 24Mt and chase the “shifting bottleneck” to maximize system potential • Incremental investments for debottlenecking


Port Remorqueurs


Established on Québec’s North Shore since 1953, Porlier Express offer different services such as: terminal operations, stevedoring, railcar transloading and heavy equipment services. From our installations located at Mont-Wright, Labrador and various ports (Sept-Îles, Port-Cartier and HavreSaint-Pierre), our local and specialized teams offer you direct or intermodal integrated solutions adapted to the specific needs of the region and the industries (mining, smelter, petroleum and chemical).

With Porlier Express, you can be assured of peace of mind ! www.porlier.com (418) 962-3073

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We are a dynamic company specializing in industrial and commercial electricity Kilotech Control Inc. is the prime contractor or subcontractor in collaboration with various partners trust. As electrical contractors for over 30 years, we are able to achieve a complete product into electricity through our multidisciplinary team, while ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our reputation is that of a company that meets the initial conditions and timing of contracts awarded. Business confidence, Kilotech Control Inc. strives to continuously improve its standards and remain leaders from different donors item. We are able to perform electrical work, instrumentation and control, work line, high voltage and fiber optic, our company offers a full range of services that adapt to specific customer needs, regardless of the size of the project.


1739 RUE GRANDE CHICOUTIMI, QUEBEC G7K 1H8 TEL: 418-545-6189 FAX: 418-545-7173


180, RUE NAPOLEON SEPT-ÎLES, QUEBEC G4R 3M5 TEL: 418-968-3006 FAX: 418-968-4009


A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A as required: • Mt Wright mine optimization, Fire Lake expansion (richer ore) and crusher debottlenecking • Rail winter reclaim capability, long train capability, additional sidings • Additional conveyor capacity at port • Significant cost benefits from scale • Potential to expand beyond 30Mt at low capital intensity The company believes over time, with various improvements, the expansion has the potential of producing 100 million tons a year. Wood comments, “We believe there’s an opportunity to do even better. By applying some world class management techniques, training and improving productivity, we think we can hit



Produits Boulettes


We develop, import and distribute a full assortment of scales to service all types of scale dealers, under the Kilotech brand name. Furthermore, we also carry other quality brands such as Tanita. We focus solely on weighing and measurement products, allowing us to concentrate on a more personal level in servicing our dealers’ needs. Our front line team is ready and able to answer any questions you may have regarding weighing and measurement products. After all, they’ve combined over 50 man years of sales experience and 40 man years of technical support experience between them. We have an established network of distributors across Canada and the U.S. Website: www.kilotech.com

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PROVIDING SOLUTIONS, CREATING VALUES Applied Industrial Technologies provides solutions and creates value for customers. We supports the manufacturing and maintenance operations in every industry segment. We offer technical expertise, repair services, and a complete offering of Bearing,

Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission products, Fluid Power products, and Specialty products.

For more information contact us at 1-418-296-5575 or visit our website at www.appliedcanada.com







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A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A a higher rate of potentially 27-28 million tons and eventually more”. He adds, “Going forward, we’re continuing to work out the bugs so we’re more reliable and consistent in our production.” ArcelorMittal Mining Canada


G.P. is continuously striving for excellence and accomplishes this by employing initiatives to not only reach their goals, but exceed them. With the help of employees and extensive training, the company is leading a number of teams

Port Chargeur de navire et homme w w w. a r c e l o r m i t t a l . c o m


Rock-solid litigation expertise At De Grandpré Chait, we advise our clients at every stage of the litigation process before all levels of court in Canada. Whether a case goes to trial or is resolved through arbitration, mediation or negotiation, our experienced lawyers are committed to helping clients achieve the solution that best resolves the dispute at hand. Our expertise extends to a vast array of contentious issues, such as: • Construction claims and litigation • Commercial disputes • Insolvency and financial restructuring • Debt collection • Insurance and liability

• Litigation and dispute settlement • Tax litigation • Shareholder disputes • Real estate and environment • Intellectual property

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Miller Thomson’s Construction and Infrastructure Group Understanding the mining industry’s construction needs


Our Construction and Infrastructure Group is a leading provider of legal services for construction and infrastructure projects across Canada. We understand the wide range of issues facing the sector and how they specifically impact mining companies. And with more than 80 lawyers in key cities across Canada, we can provide tailored solutions to your industry’s unique business needs. Louis-Michel Tremblay lmtremblay@millerthomson.com 514.871.5421

Added experience. Added clarity. Added value.

Normand D’Amour ndamour@millerthomson.com 514.871.5487

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A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A in processes for operational excellence. According to Wood, “it helps engage employees. They’re the ones with the ideas and know how things need to run. We want to take their suggestions and implement them. We’re going to


do some retraining, reorganization of work and work methods so our productivity is best in class and everything is running consistently.” Though the company can’t control certain things, such as ore grade, it still provides superior service in

UB Disques d’agglomération w w w. a r c e l o r m i t t a l . c o m


From pit to port Helping our clients realize maximum value from their investments

Our extensive experience in the iron ore industry includes: mining, crushing, beneficiation (gravity and magnetic), flotation, fines agglomeration, pelletizing, and sintering; rail, port, materials handling and feed and product blending; process and logistics dynamic simulation; market studies, and process optimization. To learn more visit hatch.ca.


A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A everything it can control. “We’re benchmarking ourselves in terms of equipment availability, utilization, productivity workforce and best practices,” says Wood. “We can’t change the ore body but we plan on being world class in everything we can control.” The company works toward


ambitious goals, including their zero-thirty-thirty goal. Wood explains that this goal, “entails zero harm, 30 million tons a year and 30 dollars a ton. It’s an aspiration we work every day on. That’s what our operational excellence teams are doing – identifying the potential and engaging teams to achieve it. We

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Expanding the horizon with the highest quality railway products. We supply new, relay and reconditioned track material for all of your track construction and maintenance needs.

www.crawfordrail.com 905-873-6247 info@crawfordrail.com

A R C E L O R M I T TA L M I N E S C A N A D A don’t think we’ve reached our potential yet.” Transforming tomorrow As a leading supplier of iron ore, ArcelorMittal is also committed to setting global standards for future generations. The company strives to provide the leadership, quality and sustainability that will transform tomorrow’s steel and mining industries for the better. ArcelorMittal’s focus on sustainability reaches far beyond just Canada and the company is firmly committed to minimizing its environmental repercussions. The company has developed a sustainable development policy aimed at maintaining its international leadership position and being a strong advocate of Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM), a Mining Association of Canada (MAC) initiative. In doing so, the company works to implement corporate Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001; actively communicate and cooperate with governments, the public and communities of interest; and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s commitment to sustainable development derives from five fundamental principles: health and safety, profitability, improvement, commitment, and respect. It’s as simple as that.


Company Information INDUSTRY


ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel, it is the leading supplier of quality steel products in all major markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. ArcelorMittal is present in more than 60 countries and has an industrial footprint in over 20 countries.

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The NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines

The voice of the Northern mi exploration industry Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Aaron Wells

ining and 163



he NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines is leading the charge for responsible mining operations in Canada’s Northwest Territories and Nunavut as well as providing socio-economic, community and safety commitments Located in Canada’s North, the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines is the voice of the Northern mining and exploration industry. Since 1967, the association has served companies operating in the NWT and Nunavut, supporting and leading the way for responsible and sustainable mineral exploration and development in the region. The Chamber of Mines acts as the point of contact for the NWT and Nunavut mining industry. The organization researches current issues, arranges meetings, and assists in organizing special events, including the annual Geoscience Forum, theNunavut Mining Symposium, NWT Mining Week, and the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting. As a result, the Chamber of Mines is leading the charge for responsible mining operations in northern Canada as well as providing socio164

October 2014

economic, community and safety commitments. Membership The mining industry has been instrumental for the economy of the NWT and Nunavut. It has, and continues, to provide significant training, employment and business opportunities as well as contributing infrastructure to each territory. The Chamber of Mines is comprised of over 500 influential individuals and companies including some of the biggest names in the mining industry. Members of the organization include producing mines, exploration companies, a variety of service and supply companies including drilling and aviation firms, expediters, prospectors and a wide range of consultants. The Chamber offers members privileged connections to the growing mineral sectors. Being a member of the Chamber of Mines provides a wealth of benefits. According to the association’s website, “membership in the Chamber allows you to keep tabs on what is going on in the mineral industry. The Chamber


w w w. m i n i n g n o r t h . c o m



publishes monthly newsletters and also emails news items to members. If you are engaged in any business in the North, you need to know what’s going on in mining and exploration or you’ll miss out on some exciting opportunities. All northern business, no matter how big or small, or what your focus, is directly or indirectly tied to a healthy and vibrant mining industry, something the Chamber of Mines promotes every day. Socio-economic, community and safety commitments


October 2014

The Chamber of Mines actively works to improve the health, safety and environment of the Canadian mining industry through collaboration. The organization has cultivated a group of individuals and companies to lead its Northern Mine Safety Forum (NMSF) in sharing health, safety and environment (HSE) best practices and lessons, cooperating with members on common health and safety challenges, and engaging with external stakeholders on common industry issues.


According to their website, “the group is underpinned by the common understand that HSE sharing is for the greater benefit of everyone in the forum i.e. keeping our coworkers safe).” The NMSF supports this objective through numerous initiatives which have been agreed upon by the signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding . This includes participating and contributing to regular group meetings, conference calls and actions/updates agreed by the group between meetings; maintaining a professional level

of courtesy and respect towards members of the group and guests; treating information shared by participants as confidential; and using information shared by participants in the forum only with the intent of improving HSE. The NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines also works to assist the industry in developing its most profitable assets. As of 2012, there are five operating mines in NWT and Nunavut - The Ekati, Diavik and Snap Lake diamond mines, the Cantung mine which produces tungsten, and Nunavut’s first w w w. m i n i n g n o r t h . c o m



gold mine in several years, the Meadowbank mine. The goal of NWT and Nunavut’s resource exploration industry is to complete diamond drilling programs as quickly and cost effective as possible due to the huge cost around diamond drilling in the North. To assist, the Chamber launched its own 168

October 2014

workshop to provide valuable information and knowledge to the industry. According to their website, “The “Alternative Diamond Drilling in Permafrost/Arctic Conditions” workshop was hosted by the Chamber of Mines in Toronto in 2013. This innovative program focused on issues and


Company Information

challenges to drilling for resources in the Arctic. The workshop brought together experts in the diamond drilling industry with direct experience operating in the North. The goal was to discuss the latest innovations around operating in Arctic conditions, and possibly derive new ideas for piloting and/or testing these technologies.� With the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines at the helm, the mining industry in Canada has a bright and supportive future ahead of itself.

The NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines, which continues to serve companies operating in the NWT and Nunavut, has been the voice of the Northern mining and exploration industry since 1967. Its goals are to promote the industry and the North to Northerners, Canadians, and the world at large. It continues to speak out on industry opportunities, concerns and issues. It advises governments, investors, the media, educational institutions, and the public on industry positions and initiatives.

w w w. m i n i n g n o r t h . c o m


Gypsum Resource Mater Diamond Hill Gypsum Mi

Gypsum Resources Materia with Prestige from the Groun

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for various landmarks but one Diamond Hill Gypsum Mine: one of the oldest and most res Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Bobby Meehan

rials (Blue ine)

als: Operating nd Up

e of its well-kept secrets is Blue spected mines in the industry




ith over 25 million tons of proven and probable reserves, Blue Diamond Hill Gypsum is the largest gypsum mine in the state of Nevada. Active since 1902, the mine is one of the oldest and most respected gypsum mines in the country. Sitting at over 3,000 acres, the Blue Diamond Hill Gypsum Mine serves three major market segments: wallboard, cement and agriculture. Currently owned by Jim Rhodes, Blue Diamond Hill (BDH) Gypsum sits atop Blue Diamond Hill near Red Rock Canyon and overlooks Las 172

October 2014

Vegas. With a recently established processing plant in place, BDH Gypsum is a leader in gypsum mining and production in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, as well as the expanding markets of Oregon and Washington. David Hornsby, Chief Operating Officer, joined BDH Gypsum in 2012. With a background of over 26 years in the mining industry, he regards BDH Gypsum as a top quality mine focused on treating its employees like family, building strong client relationships and consistently improving its processes and methods.


Blue Diamond Hill

A Family Mindset “We motivate our employees by treating them like family,” said Hornsby in regards to his team at BDH Gypsum. “They’re able to come in any time and talk about issues and ideas, and that keeps them motivated.” By keeping close bonds with its employees, BDH Gypsum is able to retain its workforce and have

a committed and hard-working team. A quarterly bonus plan that is driven by ten factors – including safety, production, quality, sales and productivity – also drives a little friendly competition between the team, fueling the flames of inspiration to continue striving to do a better job each and every day. But aside from working hard, employees at BDH Gypsum are also w w w. b d h g y p s u m . c o m


Sanders Construction, Inc. is the premiere drilling and blasting company in the southwestern United States. Along with our sister company, Western States Drilling and Blasting, Inc., we provide drilling and blasting services for residential and commercial development, site preparation, mines and quarries in Nevada, California, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Washington and Hawaii. Contact Danny Sanders at 702.558.4900, or danny@blastwest.com, to discuss your drilling and blasting needs.

SANDERS CONSTRUCTION INC. P.O. BOx 92707 | HendersOn , nV 89009 | www.masterblasters.com 702.558.4900 | Fax: 702.558.3563 | email: danny@Blastwest.cOm

Your Best Bet in Fuels, Lubricants, and Donaldson Filters As a Donaldson Filter Distributor and fuel and oil wholesaler, we strive to give our customers the best service.

experienced in a wide array of assets. “Everybody out here has to be willing and able to do any job at any point in time. They have to be a jack of all trades,” said Hornsby. At any moment, someone’s job may be switched and the flexibility of having an employee who is able to make that transition is very profitable for a company such as BDH Gypsum. Partnering with the Right Technology, People

702-379-6094 | bigslickoil@gmail.com | bigslickpetroleum.com

G Y P S U M R E S O U R C E M AT E R I A L S One of the major contractors BDH Gypsum works with is Sanders Construction. Owned by Danny Sanders, the group works alongside those at BDH Gypsum, assisting them with their drilling and blasting needs. “[Sanders] handles all of our exploration drilling along with two in-house geologists,” said Hornsby. “We drill and blast here almost every day and they do a really good job. They may be a contractor but they’re a really critical partner of ours. They’re here at the mine every day – just like our own employees.” Just like its management assets, BDH Gypsum also relies on state-of-the-art equipment to run its operations. With not a single piece of mining and processing equipment over 2 years old, BDH Gypsum prides itself on running top-ofthe-line equipment.


Company Information INDUSTRY


Las Vegas, Nevada FOUNDED

1902 (Mine) 2012 Gypsum Resource Materials, LLC EMPLOYEES


Looking Ahead With a strong production capability and a plethora of resources, BDH Gypsum will continue providing high quality gypsum for years to come. “Our market research indicates the next few years should yield steady growth for our products,” said Hornsby. “The housing and construction markets are coming back and I see the agriculture market demand getting even stronger with the on-going droughts and water concerns. We believe 2016-2018 will be the peak in this cycle.

+1 M

w w w. b d h g y p s u m . c o m



Liebherr-Australia: Technology Driving Efficiency in Manufactu

The company’s high quality, 100 percent Liebherr-mad company culture. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: James Hayes

y and Innovation uring for Mining

de products exemplify Liebherr’s



MINING IS A MAJOR part of Liebherr-Australia’s business plan, although the company has several other divisions successfully operating in the country. Since the onset of the mining boom, Liebherr has been extremely successful with earth moving, mining and crane sales, leading to an expansion of their facilities, including a recently completed, dedicated remanufacturing location in Adelaide. Liebherr-Australia, part of the global, family-owned company Liebherr Group, began its tenure in Australia in the 1970s with the dealership network. In 1981, the 178

October 2014

Australian affiliate of the company was officially incorporated, and the commencement of their own operations under the Liebherr name. Liebherr-Australia Head Office moved to the current location in Adelaide in the 90s. Remanufacturing c allows Liebherr to repair of all of their own components, which offers the customer a quality end product at a reduced cost. Liebherr promotes a vertical integration model which allows l control of our cost and component life, in turn reducing costs for the end-user. “Our key customers that


Liebherr-Australia predominately work with are tier-one mining houses which largely deal in iron ore and coal said David Pichanick, the general manager of sales and marketing at Liebherr-Australia. “The company has been very successful with the likes of BHP, Glencore, Fortescue Metals Group, Leighton Group, and Downer to name a few. We’ve put such a big installed population of machinery out in those two commodities of late, and that machinery is working even harder now, despite the price of both coal and iron ore dropping. Both our parts and support

business will continue to grow” New Facilities Liebherr-Australia recently invested over $170 million to complete new support facilities in Sydney and Newman Western Australia. Existing properties in Mackay, Mt. Thorley, and Perth were expanded to accommodate the company’s goal of continuing to meet our customer needs. The crowning jewel of the company’s expansion efforts is the remanufacturing facility in Adelaide. Construction started in January of 2013 and was completed in August w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /



Avoid bucket to truckload mismatches and boost productivity byAvoid up to $3m in revenue per unit, per annum! bucket to truckload

mismatches and boost

UNBEATABLE COMBINATION IMAGE - Liebherr R996B with the CQMS Razer N6810 Castproducts Lip NSW on Australia “We haveStingray trialled both site and we have

productivity by up to $3m in revenue per unit, per annum!

now fullytrialled completed conversion of all “We have both products on site andour wemachines have now to the CQMS Razer product based on the benefits fully completed conversion of all our machines to the we have CQMS Razer product based on seen”. the benefits we have seen”. MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT – STEVE HOWELL

MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT IMAGE - This is a Leibherr 995 Back Hoe. ??? Bucket, with a CQM Razer Stingray lip Marccola NSW Australia



Why choose CQMS Razer? •

Highly engineered products to maximise productivity

Lower maintenance costs of frontline assets

Why choose CQMS Razer? • Reduced downtime boosts profitability

engineered products to maximise • Highly World beating technology proven in theproductivity field Lower maintenance costs of frontline assets Market leading benefits

CQMS Razer Stingray and HD cast lip ranges leadStingray the world in productivity, CQMS Razer and HD cast lip ranges lead the world and in productivity, profitability profitability dependability and dependability

manufacturers CAT and Liebherr. Through our knowledge and close onsite collaboration, we have lead the way to breakthrough solutions eliminating the causes ofwith lostcustomers, revenue today’s Through our knowledge and close many onsiteofcollaboration we mine lead operators are to facing. have the way breakthrough solutions eliminating many of the causes

of lostproducts revenue offer today’s mine operators are solutions facing. for dramatically reducing Our proven, quantifiable downtime, and boosting profitability over competitive products. Our products offer proven, quantifiable solutions for dramatically reducing downtime, and boosting profitability over competitive products.

Ourtechnical technicalsales salesmanager managercan can Our conductaafull fullreview reviewof ofyour yourfleet fleetand and conduct prepareaaconversion conversionprogram programthat that prepare canbegin beginboosting boostingyour yourprofitability profitability can from nowyour to book fromday dayone. one.Call To find localan appointment on XXour XXXX XXXX. representative visit website.

Working with theirof site team, we optimised Widest range cast lips

the rigging and bucket set-up for each Dragline, achieving up to 16% CQMS Razer has the widest range of cast lips for excavator productivity improvement, plus 19% decrease in drag buckets ensure exact matching energy, to plus longer campaign life.of bucket to truckload, minimizing over and under loading.

Widest range of cast lips

CQMS RAZER RAZER IS IS GLOBAL GLOBALMINING’S MINING’SPROVEN PROVENINNOVATOR INNOVATORininHEX HEX lips lips Dragline bucket bucketproductivity productivityand andwear wearsolutions. solutions.Our Our massive investment and Dragline massive investment in in R&D R&D has has produced produced aaline-up line-upof ofinnovative innovativeproducts productsproven proventhe theworld worldover overfor unbeatable performance, reliability and profitability. for unbeatable performance, reliability and profitability. CQMS Razer is the global innovator with over (? 30) years experience working CQMS Razer is the global innovator with over 30 years experience working side-by-side with the world’s leading mining companies and heavy machinery side-by-side with theand world’s leading mining companies and heavy machinery manufacturers CAT Liebherr.


CQMS Razer Draglines are engineered Reduced downtime boosts profitability for profitability. We move up to 12% more dirt than our competitors per World beating technology proven in the field hour. For one of our major partners that translated into 10% of their EBIT in the last financial year.

Exact match yields massive productivity gains of up to CQMS Razer has the widest range of cast lip excavator 20 more truckloads per shift than a competitor’s bucket buckets to ensure exact matching of bucket to truckload, inminimizing the same dig–a staggering $10m of additional product over and under loading. per Up machine. to 20 more truckloads per shift than a competitor’s bucket in the same dig, which can amount to around $10m

Best in field support of additional product from one machine.

Customer research based engineering, innovation

Best field support andintesting • Superior Customer research based engineering, manufacturing standards offeringinnovation the largest and testing single pour capability in the southern hemisphere • Superior manufacturing standards offering the A highly sales and support team largestexperienced single pour capability in the southern hemisphere Long established trusted industry partnerships •

A highly experienced sales and support team

Long established trusted industry partnerships

Global Mining’s Most Trusted Solution BRISBANE BRISBANE DALLAS DALLAS






LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA of this year to a cost of around $80 million. The facility will be hiring around 138 new employees over the next year and a half out of the South Australian job market. “The rebuild centre focusses on all of our major components for our mining operations in Australia and New Zealand,” said Pichanick. “All of the spare parts and components from the machinery will be sent back to Adelaide for remanufacture and then go back into the distribution outlets around Australia. Our business had a very decentralised model previously; however we are now consolidating everything under



the one roof. The disassembly area includes a wash-bay, shot-blast, disassembly work-cells, quality control station and machining. There are over 2,000 locations for pallets in the SEU warehouse, as well as cylinder and rod storage, a place for REMAN planning and a production office. The assembly area includes a paint booth, another quality check station, 12 wall-travelling cranes and four overhead gantry cranes. 100 Percent Liebherr Vertical integration is one of Liebherr Group’s strategies. As the Liebherr family built the brand


We deliver a complete range of tailored services to meet the individual needs of your project, application and industry environment. Partners on the ground, in the field, we are committed to service quality, speed and reliability. From first fit solutions and staff training, to custom fabrication and condition monitoring, we guarantee service and support excellence, everytime. Website: http://www.cqmsrazer.com/

w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


STATE-OF-THE-ART TRANSPORTATION SERVICES McAleese Heavy Haulage and Lifting provides over dimensional transport and logistics support solutions to assist Liebherr Australia service their customers across all mining regions throughout Australia.


McAleese Heavy Haulage and Lifting 102 Farrellys Road, Paget, QLD 4740 T: (07) 4955 3388

F: (07) 4955 1316


“The location will be a total rebuild centre for all of our major components for our mining operations in Australia and New Zealand,” said Pichanick. “All of the spare parts and components from the machinery will be sent back to Adelaide for remanufacture and then go back into the distribution outlets around Australia. We used to use various subcontractors to take care of this process, but now we will be able to do everything in house.”

LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA and the business, they have consistently found ways to develop the company’s own technology in house; the machinery the company offers is much more efficient and cost-saving for the end-user because of this business strategy. “The most important thing for us is controlling the quality and reducing the cost where we can,” shared Pichanick. “We can do this because of our vertical integration model. We want to be able to provide our customers with the lowest cost per tonne on the market through the product lifecycle You’ve got to have a good quality machine that’s reliable, but to maintain our reputation it has to be the most cost-effective machine on the market. Liebherr-Australia has built that reputation.” A way the company successfully reduces costs is through their innovation process. When a prototype is made, it’s already been well designed and engineered that it goes to work right away. With research and development undertaken in house, and a high regard for innovation, LiebherrAustralia are able to produce the


right machinery the first time around, instead of needing several prototype models. This success is only possible with direct customer feedback and input through the research and development process phase. Partnership with Detroit Diesel Although the goal of Liebherr is to design and produce 100 percent company-made products, they still work with outside suppliers on some components. Detroit Diesel is a major supplier for engines, and supplies the engine for the previous generation of the company’s electric powered mining truck; the largest in the world. “This specific truck is very dependent on the engine,” commented Pichanick. “The reliability and the innovation that Detroit Diesel supports us with is incredible. They make a very good product, and are on the same wavelength as Leibherr-Australia when it comes to making sure we are delivering what we need to for our customers.” Evolution of Product Life After fourteen years in production w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA and over 350 units globally, Liebherr ensures its T 282 Series Haul truck continues to provide business partners the latest in technology, through strategic investment in product evolution. The highly efficient IGBT Drive System and its class-leading payload to weight ratio ensure maximum productivity and performance. In May 2014, Liebherr proudly launched the next exciting evolution for the T 282 Series Haul Truck: the T 282 C Extended Life Profile, which is the result of an extensive Liebherr international collaboration project, focussed on enhancing and increasing


the T 282 C product life cycle. This delivers increased economic machine life, resulting in substantial reductions in total cost of ownership for Liebherr business partners. A Passion To Work “The most important thing in any business is you have to value your people. A lot of companies forget they are successful only by the great people they have. You have to give them a career and an exciting and enjoyable place to work. LiebherrAustralia does that.” Pichanick was very passionate when talking about how the

“We want to not only in supply Australia, but the rest of the mining world with our product. Australia is the benchmark for the rest of the world of mining, so if we get it right here we can get it right for the rest of the world. There are a lot of Australian mining companies that are mining and other parts of the world. That’s why we put so much energy into doing so well in Australia.”

w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA company treats its employees. Liebherr-Australia has many employees that have length of service dating 10 to 20 years at the company, and one man who just celebrated his 50 years of service with the company this year! “You know what sets Liebherr apart? We have a culture where everyone is driven by the customer’s needs and passion for the long term outcome. It’s all about our Core Values! “Our employees just want to be people that serve their customers” said Pichanick. They want to do a good job and are very proud of what they do. We all build trust in, and we respect each other for who we are and what we can bring to the company. If everyone’s committed 100 percent every day to giving the customer what is promised, and people enjoy what they’re doing, we consider it a success.”

customers coming back, Liebherr provides not only exceptional service but also high-quality customer support and interaction. The company provides almost complete visibility into the design process for the customer, allowing them to provide feedback throughout the process. “We listen to the customer and develop a product they really want,” said Pichanick. “There’s so much passion in the business, and that’s a big part of the reason we’ve become so successful and enjoy what we do. Everyone that works at the company is proud and really wants to become part of that journey to become successful. The customers really enjoy it as well; they get great visibility into our business. They see the simplicity: if there’s a problem, it gets fixed very quickly. That’s just the way the business works.” The Liebherr Way Liebherr-Australia doesn’t offer Like any successfully run company, the whole range of products their Liebherr is in the business of competitors have. Although they meeting the high expectations of manufacture for the niche market their customers. The company is of digging and hauling dirt, it’s not only selling a product, but the one of the most important parts support and maintenance of the of the mining process. Their goal product for its lifespan. To keep their throughout is to offer the most 186

October 2014


cost efficient and effective model that produces throughout its entire lifespan. By developing their products alongside their customers, they produce the product that the customers need and want, not a product the customer must adapt to. As for growth, the Liebherr organisation thinks long-term for the strategic plans. “The third generation of the Liebherr family is now coming through the business,” said Pichanick. “. We must continue to build our reputation in order to grow and continue our success. If the family continues to invest the way they do, we will always be one step ahead of the pack. All of the company’s research and development is self-funded. For an innovative, technological efficient company like us, this strategic plan will carry us far.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Para Hills West, South Australia FOUNDED



For the Future Liebherr’s goal is to be the best leading supplier and to support business for mining equipment. This goal isn’t just for Australia, either. “We want to not only to continue to supply the Australian market, but grow our product and position from a global perspective Australia is somewhat of a benchmark for the rest of the world in mining, so if we get it right here we can get it right for the rest of the world. As there are a lot of Australian mining companies that are mining and other parts of the world. That’s why we put so much energy into doing so well in Australia.”

$600 - $700 Million PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Since its inception in Australia in 1981, Liebherr-Australia has expanded rapidly, with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company sells and supports a range of in-house designed, produced and maintained products include crawler cranes, mobile cranes, deep foundation machines, earthmoving equipment and mining equipment.

w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


QCC Resources:

QCC Resources teams up with Ravenworth north project

Andrew Swanson of QCC Resources discusses the c Glencore’s Ravenworth north expansion project inclu to successfully complete the mega project Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: James Hayes

h Glencore for

company’s recent completion of uding partnering with the company



Worker in Hunter Valley, Australia

HEADQUARTERED IN ONE of the largest coal regions on earth, QCC Resources is the essence of strategic consulting for coal processing. The Australia-based company specializes in design, engineering, operations and optimization of coal preparation plants throughout Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and Russia. “QCC Resources was born in 1987 at a time consultant to the coal industry was a new thing,” says Andrew Swanson, Executive General Manager Strategic Consulting and Business Development. 190

October 2014

“Over time we’ve grown as the use of consultants and contractors has grown.” In 2004, the company was purchased by Downer EDI Limited becoming part of the company’s mining division. Together, the two have become established providers of Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) design and construction services to the coal industry internationally. The company recently completed one of the largest projects of its kind, working in unison with Glencore to deliver the design, procurement, construction and commission of the


Hunter Valley site

Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Coal and Downer. (CHPP) in Hunter Valley, Australia. “We set up an alliance partnership between Downer, QCC and Xstrata Ravensworth north coal project: Coal to form a good working Known as the Ravensworth north relationship that can provide all coal project, the project required these operations,” says Swanson. the relocation of a 330kV Transgrid “Our teams were onsite for transmission line requiring 48 new two and a half years delivering towers plus construction of a new two million site hours with over 66/11kV substation, relocation of a 650 people onsite at the peak of 66kV Ausgrid transmission line and construction. Importantly no lost various overhead and underground time injuries were incurred and the HV works including all 11kV site project recorded a total recordable wide reticulation. injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of 5.7.” To complete the project as The company’s alliance with efficiently as possible, the company Glencore dates back to 2009 when set up a partnership with Xstrata the QCC began assisting in the w w w. q c c r e s o u r c e s . c o m /


High Quality Products for Performance and Reliability Repipe Connection is a leading Australian owned and operated distributor of pipes, valves, fittings and machinery, providing products and solutions to the fire, water, mining, irrigation and general industries.

Sydney • Newcastle • Perth

1300 362 954




POLY PIPE FABRICATION • INSTALLATION • FIELD SERVICE PIPES AND FITTINGS • PONTOONS • MANIFOLDS Waterways of Singleton specialises in pre fabrication and installation of polyethylene piping systems up to 800mm diameter.

Ph: (02) 6571 1555

1/5 Enterprise Crescent Singleton NSW 2330 waterways@hunterlink.net.au • www.waterwaysofsingleton.com.au

PPW Project’s Pty Ltd t: 02 6545 9977 e: headoffice@ppw.net.au w: www.ppw.net.au 16 Hayes Street Scone NSW 2337 Australia

PPW is a leader in the engineering and construction industry Australia wide, providing outstanding performance in quality, safety and delivering “on time” projects, to satisfy the most stringent client schedules and specifications.

QCC RESOURCES project for the company. “We started off in 2009 doing a concept study for them and that progressed into a pre-feasibility study, then feasibility study and then we set up the design and scope for the Ravensworth project,” says Swanson. One of the biggest challenges in delivering the Ravensworth project was that it had to be constructed within an existing operational facility and was therefore governed by a wide range of constraints including a large geographical area. According to Swanson, an interesting fact is that the project required 14 new conveyors to be designed and constructed. “The total length of the new conveyor network was over 9 kilometers. In addition upgrades were required for existing conveyors which covered just under 5 kilometers bringing the total length of the entire conveyor network to an incredible13.9 kilometers.” A key factor in overcoming the challenges was the deployment of QCC Resources team members from the recently successfully completed Mangoola project. The


team brought with them high levels of technical expertise and valuable onsite experience. In addition, they were assisted by teams from Downer East who delivered all of the electrical work and some of the SMP work. Services The core of QCC Resources’ business lies in strategic consulting in coal processing, engineering and design, and project delivery. “We have a deep understanding of coal quality and processing,” says Swanson. “That’s what sets us apart and drives great results in our designing and in our construction.” In correlation with Downer, QCC is able to provide an enormous wealth of capability to the coal mining industry. “We teamed up with Downer to be able to construct and supply whole coal preparations for the industry,” says Swanson. “We do the designing and now with Downer we are able to offer a full suite of services from the early stages of a project (feasibility study, engineering and design) to the execution.” “We are able to bring our experience across the whole spectrum of the coal development w w w. q c c r e s o u r c e s . c o m /


One of the largest, experienced engineering fabrication, design, manufacture and site services companies specialising in all areas of steelwork from structural, pipe, plate, complete fit-out, machanical, pressure vessels to conveyors. We offer a complete package with tracking system to constantly and accurately update clients through all processes. ENGINEERING PROTECTIVE COATINGS MINING EQUIPMENT

Established in 1986, Brezac Constructions is a quality assured company versatile in all forms of steel fabrications and associated services to the resource, infrastructure and commercial sectors.



and production cycle,” says Swanson. “We’ve looked at all different types of coal and coal problems across Australia. We’ve also done a number of projects overseas. So when people employ us, all that experience comes as part of the package. That’s an important thing we bring our clients.” Tools of the trade Along with partnering with Downer, what sets QCC apart is its wide array of experience in the industry. 194

Phone: +61 7 3803 6188

October 2014

27-35 Calcium Court Crestmead, Qld 4132

admin@brezac.com.au www.brezac.com.au

The company’s team of employees brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to projects, helping clients develop strategies and designs right for them. To keep its team as sharp as possible, QCC commences a wide range of training programs as well as continuous programs. The goal is to maintain a high level of knowledge and experience within a wide array of specialty fields. “We have formal training programs including our young profession initiative,” says



Swanson. “We also provide employees with specific training courses as well as rotating them around different positions. We allocate them to various jobs so they can understand all aspects of the trade.” Technology is another vital aspect for QCC. The company incorporates a range of technological tools in its operations from designing to implementation. “From the design point of view, it was only 20 years ago when people needed draftsmen to design a plan,” says Swanson. “Now, we have AutoCAD, 3-D design, animation and other tools. It’s been a huge help in the designing process.” According to Swanson, simulation software has helped the company streamline the designing process. “With computer simulation software, we can put together a detailed analysis of the design with all aspects configured in. That way, we can see what works and what doesn’t work. The software allows us to streamline the process and be more efficient but more importantly, we can simulate a slew of possible scenarios, helping us come up with a robust design.” “We’ve seen a huge improvement in simulation software and we’re making big investments in it,” says Swanson.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Hunter Valley, Australia FOUNDED


500-1000 REVENUE

Xxxxxxx PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Headquartered in Australia’s largest coal region, the Hunter Valley, QCC’s teams are located onsite at major projects, and in offices across the Hunter Region and Queensland. Over the past 25 years, QCC has delivered over 3,000 projects including the design, engineering, operation and optimisation of coal preparation plants throughout Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and Russia.

w w w. q c c r e s o u r c e s . c o m /


Citic Heavy Indu

CITIC HIC Continues to Domina Heavy Machinery Manufacture

CITIC HIC is a market leader in China with equipment op the world (including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and A Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: James Hayes


ate as a Mining and r

perating successfully in China and around Australia).



18500 kg Forging Press

CITIC HIC BEGAN its stellar track record of success back in 1958. After more than 50 years of evolution and development it has become a significant global supplier of mining, cement and metallurgical equipment. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Luoyang, China, and Pontevedra, Spain. CITIC HIC has offices in Australia, 198

October 2014

Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, South Africa and Spain. CITIC HIC is the second-largest manufacturing facility in China. As part of this, the Company is especially proud of its 18,500t forging press, which is the world’s largest, capable of handling a 400 tonne single piece forging. In addition, their large casting workshop can pour one of the



world’s largest single steel castings. “We have a melting capacity which is virtually unheard of in the western world, equaling 900 tonnes of molten metal that we can pour,” says Citic Heavy Industries CEO Rajiv Kalra. These robust and comprehensive facilities help enable the HIC to produce over 200,000 tons of quality

equipment annually. “We design equipment according to both standard designs and madeto-order designs,” says Kalra. “The made-to-order designs usually include large grinding equipment for applications in the mining industry, mainly copper, gold and other base metals.” CITIC HIC also produces premium w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /



At the forefront of centralised grease systems & workshop lubrication service equipment solutions for over 70 years, Tecalemit offers a complete design, manufacture & supply package to key OE Equipment Manufacturers and end users including Rio Tinto, BHP & Caterpillar Underground. Automatic Greasing Systems for Fixed Plant • Mill Lube Gear Spray • Mill Bearing Lubrication • Crushers • Feeders • Stackers, Reclaimers and Shiploaders • Car Dumpers • Train Loadout Automatic Greasing Systems for Mobile Plant • Loaders • Dump Trucks • Excavators • Diggers Service Equipment • Grease Filtration • Air Operated Oil & Grease Pumps • Electric & Hydraulic Operated Grease Pumps • Hand Operated Grease Guns • Hand Operated Oil Pumps • Spring or Power Rewind Hose Reels • Oil Meters • IBC Oil Transfer Kits

Head Office: 6 Sheffield Street Woodville North, SA 5012

Fax +61 8 8445 6012 Email sales@tecalemit.com.au www.tecalemit.com.au

CITIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES grinding mills, scrubbers, crushers, kilns, coolers, hoists, reducers, steam turbines and compressors. CITIC HIC also manufactures heavy castings and forgings, as well as electric/hydraulic control and lubrication systems. Their factory in Luoyang covers more than 3 million square meters, of which 2 million square meters is under cover. It has a total workforce of approximately 10,000 employees of which more than 1,200 are engineers.



Major Mining Equipment “The largest of the grinding equipment that we have supplied so far are 12.2 metres in diametre and 11 metres long,” says Kalra. “Each of these has 28 megawatt drives (28,000 kilowatts). There are six of these being supplied in Australia, two of these lines are in operation right now, and the other four are set for operation by the end of this year. CITIC HIC has the capability to design and manufacture Grinding mills up to 13.7 m (45 ft) diameter


The Profitability of the resource sector, relies more than ever on equipment reliability. Tecalemit has been at the forefront of centralised greasing systems, vehicle hoist and workshop lubrication service equipment solutions for over 70 years. Tecalemit Lubrication solutions are packaged for a variety of customers involved in the design, maintenance and reliability engineering of fixed and mobile plant. Tecalemit’s knowledge and experience cultivated over many years enables us to quickly identify customer’s specific needs and develop customised, cost effective equipment solutions. Tecalemit is now the preferred supplier for Australian and International Original Equipment Manufacturers. Tecalemit’s commitment to its customers and partnership with its suppliers is geared to total customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. Web site: www.tecalemit.com.au w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m


CITIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES with 35 MW gearless drives and 12.8 m (42 ft) diameter with dual 12 MW drive geared mills” Mining Industry Jaw Crushers

“As far as the standard equipment is concerned, we also produce giant jaw crushers. These are used after the mining companies complete their blasting. They bring their blast material to giant dumpers, and the dumpers feed directly into our giant crushers. On average, the blast material is approximately 1 - 1.5 metres in size. Our giant crushers process the materials down to approximately eight inches in size,” explains Kalra. The Company also produces the


highly impressive CITIC-HIC AJ (Auto Jaw) Range of single toggle jaw crushers. These incorporate the use of a hybrid cylinder (patent pending) toggle system. The new design of toggle system has made the operation and maintenance of the jaw crusher is simpler and safer than other jaw crushers currently available in the market. The traditional tension rod system has been eliminated and replaced by a hybrid cylinder, the toggle arrangement not only allows for the equipment to be easily adjusted. This design also provides tramp relief for the equipment which adds another level of protection to the machine and minimises potential damage to the crusher when tramp material enters the crushing chamber. An added advantage of this system, the crusher is able to be adjusted while the machine is running reducing which improves the availability and productivity of the crusher. The toggle system has also been designed with maintenance in mind, the toggle system pivots outward to create easy access to the toggle area for maintenance purposes.

Largest Design and Manufacturing Kalra points out a unique element to the Company’s approach, highlighting that they are “likely the largest company in the world in our specific industry who does the design and the manufacturing”. CITIC STIRRED MILL (CSM):

CITIC STIRRED MILL (CSM) 3D MODEL CITIC has developed a range of vertical stirred mill with advanced features to handle wide range of regrind and fine grinding w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /



16m Gear Cutter

applications. Three units of CSM1200 are currently under manufacture for project in South America, there units will replace the existing conventional regrind mills in copper mine. About Sino Iron Project: The massive Sino Iron project is being developed at Cape Preston, 100 kilometers south west of Karratha in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation in Australia. The Sino Iron project is focused on delivering 204

October 2014


a world class magnetite iron ore development which will add value to the Western Australian economy through significant downstream

Location of Sino Iron Project

Once operating, the project will mine about 140 million metric tons each year and the processing plant will handle approximately 80 million tons of material. This material goes through in-pit crushers before being transported to the concentrator. The crushed ore then enters giant grinding mills, the most powerful in the world. There will be six grinding mill lines, each using an autogenous (AG) mill 12.2 m (40 ft) diameter Ă— 11 m (36 ft) long with a 28 MW gearless motor followed by a 7.9 m (26 ft) diameter Ă— 13.6 m (44.6 ft)

processing, employment, community benefits and international technology transfer while balancing social and environmental considerations.

Magnetite concentration process

long ball mill, each with two 7800 kW motors (44 MW in each of six lines) and standing more than 17 meters high. The final product from these large regrind ball mills using small grinding media will be approximately 28 microns. The mills will produce a fine ore stream which enters magnetic separators to become a concentrate. The concentrate will be thickened and stored before being pumped 25 kilometers to the port, where it is filtered to reduce moisture. From there, the concentrate will be exported for use in steel making. w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /



Technical Centre

The world’s largest AG mills (12.2 m diameter × 11 m long with 28 MW drives) and six 7.9 m diameter × 13.6 m long ball mills with dual 7.8 MW drives which are design and manufactured by CITIC HIC. CITIC SMCC Process Technology CITIC SMCC Process Technology Pty Ltd (CITIC SMCC) is a newly 206

October 2014

formed subsidiary company of CITIC HIC Australia, following the exclusive 100 percent acquisition of SMCC Pty Ltd and its IP by CITIC HIC Australia (100% owned by CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. China (listed on the Shanghai stock exchange) on 6th July 2012. CITIC SMCC is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, and has


Company Information INDUSTRY


Luoyang Henan Province China FOUNDED


10,000+ REVENUE


commenced to provide technical services to various mining projects since January of 2013, mainly in the area of comminution circuit design, technology and equipment selection, and optimization of mineral processing plants. The formation of CITIC SMCC will expand the CITIC HIC’s current technical services and provide more complete solutions to its customers with the best suited solutions for milling technology selection, comminution circuit design and plant optimisation.

CITIC Heavy Industries Company Ltd (CITIC HIC) began in 1956 under the name of Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant. CITIC HIC is now the largest mining machinery manufacturer and one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in China.

w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /


UGM Australia

UGM Australia: Cost-ef coal producers

CEO Paul Hartcher discusses the company’s re how it’s set to turn the coal sector on fire Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: James Hayes


ffective options for

ecent acquisition and



THE COAL INDUSTRY in Australia has seen better days but one mining service company is set to turn that around. The Australia-based diversified company UGM Australia, which has a long history of specialized support and training to some of Australia’s largest mining companies, has acquired the rights to new mining technology which it expects to set to turn the coal mining Mining Global on fire. “We think there’s a grand opportunity for this software not just here in Australia, but the American market and others,” said Paul Hartcher, CEO of UGM Australia. New beginnings Beginning in 1997 as a single 210

October 2014

service provider for underground mining, UGM Australia has built a stout reputation for developing cost effective and reliable relationships with clients. The company, which offers a comprehensive range of underground mining services, specializes in engineering, plant and equipment hire, projects and construction, safety and environmental management, and diesel services. Headquartered in Australia, the company recently added a new business to the UGM Group, adding the Engenicom division to it wealth of services. Engenicom is a project management service, providing a combination of engineering,


construction, environmental, safety and commercial expertise for complete, practice and flexible project management solutions. The new division provides: • Risk assessment and management • Contract preparation and administration • Cost control and reporting • Project closeout • • Regulatory approvals and compliance • • Safety and environment plans • • Design management • • Defects liability management • • Pre-construction approvals • • Expediting • • Financial and Management

accounting • • Due diligence reviews • • Project feasibility modeling • • Budgets and business plans • • Internal auditing • • Policy and procedure review ADDCAR The single biggest asset UGM has acquired in the last few years is the sole ownership of ADDCAR Highwall mining machine division. The $21 million acquisition from Arch Coal gives UGM all licenses, patents and technology related to ADDCAR’s systems, including the manufacturing facility in Ashland, Kentucky. “We acquired the ADDCAR software from Arch Coal in February 2014 but w w w. u g m . c o m . a u /



we’ve been involved in the technology since 2008,” said Hartcher. “The strategy we’ve put in place for ADDCAR is to incorporate it into our contracting business.” The purchase gives UGM the ability to offer a suite of services. The new addition also adds to UGM’s commitment to not only providing quality mining services, but innovating and implementing new ideas. “We’re a contractor but what we’re also focused on the innovation and development side

PRECISION MANUFACTURED PARTS, REPAIRS AND FABRICATION FOR OVER 35 YEARS! Riggs Machine provides fabrication, repair and design services to the coal, steel, power and petroleum industries.

• • • • • •

Fabrication Design Machining Milling Turning Boring

• • • • •

Mining Petroleum Coal Steel Mills Rolling Mills

Ph: +1 606 324 0090 3850 Belford Street, Ashland, KY 41101, USA


of the business,” said Hartcher. “We’re already developing new technologies and enhancements for the controls and systems.” In addition, the ADDCAR technology and cascading conveyor cars help to maximize through put volume as well as decreasing fines. It’s the only system that offers navigational capabilities, including a positive steering mechanism, coal thickness sensors, inertial directional controls and PLC control systems. In return, contamination is reduced, recovery is increased and safety is improved. Working with Glencore UGM signed a five year highwall mining contract with commodities giant Glencore earlier this year. The deal is expected to help Glencore produce one million tons of coal a year at its operation. The company’s ADDCAR System equipment has commenced its move from the Kentucky facility to Glencore’s Newlands Mine in the Bowen Basin. With operations due to commence later this year, the ADDCAR System is helping lead the


resurgence of Highwall mining in Australia. “The system gives us the capability to go greater than 20 degrees in the coal seam,” says Hartcher. “ADDCAR is currently the only system that can go beyond eight degrees. We’ve already hit 16 degrees but we want to go further.” The new system in Glencore’s operations will provide: • • 200,000 tons per month consistently • • Productivity: 18-27 tons per employee hour • • Penetration: +500 meters • • Seam heights: 0.9 meters – 10 meters Future endeavors The future is looking bright for UGM Australia. The company, which has an array of projects lined up, is gearing up to take its ADDCAR technology to the next level. “What attracted us to the ADDCAR system is we knew what it was, and we saw it as a technology that if taken by someone who knew it, it could be enhanced,” said Hartcher. “Since 1993 the system has mined roughly 100 million tons of coal. I don’t think people realize the potential of this technology.” Hartcher adds, “We’ll have five systems operating in the next three years.” With the new system in place, UGM is working to bring the combination of ADDCAR and engineering to Australia’s coal industry.

Company Information INDUSTRY


York St Teralba, NSW EMPLOYEES


UGM Australia is a diversified professional services company supporting mining and related industries including ports, rail and power generation.

w w w. u g m . c o m . a u /


World Coa Association: The WCA is the global network for the Written by: Laura Close

al : coal industry. 215

“OUR MISSION IS to defend and grow markets for coal based on its contribution to a higher quality of life globally, and to demonstrate and gain acceptance that coal plays a fundamental role in achieving the least cost path to a sustainable low carbon and secure energy future.” – Milton Catelin, Chief Executive, WCA The World Coal Association (WCA) is a global industry association formed of major international coal producers and stakeholders. The WCA works to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the fundamental role coal plays in achieving a sustainable and lower carbon energy future. Membership is open to companies and not-for-profits with a stake in the future of coal from anywhere in the world, with member companies represented at Chief Executive or Chairman level. 216

October 2014

The WCA has four core goals that shape our work. 1. To demonstrate that coal is an abundant, low cost energy source critical to meeting the energy needs of a low carbon world. 2. To demonstrate that coal is essential to building sustainable societies through the use of coal products, such as steel and cement. 3. To influence international bodies and national governments to support investment in low carbon coal technologies – including improved energy efficiency and carbon capture, use and storage – in support of international climate objectives. 4. To ensure that the World Coal Association and its Member s are recognised and valued as constructive and responsible participants in


Economic Forum and national governments. The WCA has been influencing policy at the highest level for almost 30 years.

international environmental, climate and energy security forums. The WCA provides a voice for coal in international energy, environment and development forums, presenting the case for coal to key decision-makers, including ministers, development banks, NGOs, international media, the energy industry, business and finance and research bodies. The WCA produces material that improves understanding of the vital role of coal, organises workshops, holds meetings with senior policymakers, and develops policy positions to inform international policy discussions in bodies such as the European Commission, European Parliament, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Environment Programme, World Bank, World

WCA Leadership The WCA’s leadership team is headed by a Chairman elected for a two-year term, currently

Milton Catelin handing out the award for Leadership on Mining Safety to a representative from the Shenhua Group.

w w w. w o r l d c o a l . o r g



September 2014

W O R L D C O A L A S S O C I AT I O N Harry Kenyon-Slaney, the Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Energy. There are three Vice-Chairmen and a Chief Executive, supported by an Executive Committee.


Company Information INDUSTRY


WCA Work Programme The WCA’s activities are shaped by the work of two committees. Every WCA Member can sit on these two committees and have a major input into the WCA’s work programme. The Energy & Climate Committee’s role is to develop WCA policy on issues relating to energy access, energy security and climate change and to develop and oversee projects to implement those policies. The Resources Committee develops WCA policy on issues relating to coal’s sustainability as an essential resource in a modern economy and develops and oversees projects to implement those policies. WCA Members play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global coal industry.




Chairman: Harry Kenyon-Slaney, Chief Executive Rio Tinto Energy,Chief Executive: Milton Catelin PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Non-profit, global industry association formed of major international coal producers and stakeholders.

w w w. w o r l d c o a l . o r g


Pilbara Regional Council (PRC) Local government underpins regional change Written by: Tony Friday - Cheif Executive Officer, Pilbera Regional Council



Port Hedland Ore Ship

About the Pilbara region Spanning an enormous landmass, the Pilbara is remote by every definition. Remote from major capitals, remote from markets, and remote from labour sources. The environment is harsh, subject to cyclones and without ready access to fresh water. Despite these constraints, the Pilbara is also one of the most productive and dynamic regions in the country, supporting thriving communities that deliver a significant proportion of Australia’s wealth. This productivity means that 20% of goods exported nationally come from 0.2% of the population located in the Pilbara. 222

October 2014

History of the association The Pilbara Regional Council is a statutory local government created in 2000 to support the four local governments of the Pilbara region in Western Australia. Originally located within the Pilbara, the PRC’s head office was relocated to Perth several years ago in recognition of the growing role the organisation was playing in federal and state advocacy on behalf of the region. The goals and roles of the association The PRC undertakes a broad body of work on behalf of its member local governments; categorized


broadly into either bureau services or advocacy. These may take the form of active lobbying for Federal immigration policy change, through to the attraction of events such as the Adventure Film Festival to the region. Current legislation The Pilbara Regional Council is a statutory local government created by an Act of Parliament. The PRC is governed by a Constitution, and guided towards its objectives by a Council of nominee members drawn from within the member local governments. The PRC is regulated by the Western Australian Department of Local Government. Latest news and Industry ‘Hot’ topics It appears that we have reached the current peak of the mining boom (in terms of construction, as opposed to productivity), and are now about to embark on a new boom in the form of agribusiness across the region. Regional food security has been emerging as a significant national issue over the past few years, and has now gathered weight with our nearby neighbors

Tony Friday

questioning whether they will be capable of producing sufficient protein for domestic consumption in years to come. This offers both a regional security challenge, and a significant commercial opportunity for Australian protein producers. The Pilbara is well positioned in terms of market proximity, port facilities and ready access to (potential) plentiful water from mine dewatering activities. The challenge for the region and for our Federal and State policymakers is how to encourage both miners and pastoralists to enter a new age of active cooperation that goes well w w w. p r c . w a . g o v. a u


PHILBARA REGIONAL COUNCIL beyond the current disinterested coexistence. The PRC has been actively encouraging the Pilbara region towards greater degrees of sophistication in the packaging and marketing of foreign direct investment for the region in order to support a step change in the nature of the Pilbara primary industry. This has extended to advocacy for the formation of a special economic

Pilbara region mining site 224

October 2014

zone within the region. Australia is the only country around the Indian ocean rim that is not taking advantage of the benefits that a special economic zone can bring in terms of encouraging inbound investment. The Thailand car industry is a stellar example of the impacts of these zones – unfortunately to Australia’s detriment in that particular example. The Federal Government’s vision


for the development of northern Australia, and the Prime Minister’s task force, have both identified that substantial population growth is key to building sustainable cities in the north west of the country. The PRC has recently applied to be the proponent for one of Australia’s first Designated Area Migration Agreements, potentially allowing Pilbara regional employers to smooth the peaky labour market challenges associated with resource projects and global commodity prices, whilst acting as an enabler for a vibrant small to medium enterprise sector.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Suite 5, 205 Bulwer Street Perth WA, 6000 FOUNDED


Tony Friday - Chief Executive Officer, Alexis Guillot - Deputy Chief Executive Officer. PRODUCTS/ SERVICES The Pilbara Regional Council is a statutory local government created in 2000 to support the four local governments of the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

w w w. p r c . w a . g o v. a u


Profile for Mining Global

Mining Global – October 2014  

Mining Global – October 2014