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JOY GLOBAL leaving a footprint in most South American mining projects

Grand Marine Oil and Gas (NIG) Limited is a company in the marketing of petroleum products and provision of marine support services in the downstream sector of the Oil and gas industry.

SERVICES Vessel Owners (Oil Tankers) Provision of Barges and Tugboats Provision of Jetty facilities Marine security services Shoreline protection services Bunker and Fresh water supplies Ship chandelling and Manning services Provision of House boats Marine consultancy services

C O N TA C T U S www.gramog.org info@gramog.org +234 (0) 808 0770 004

+234 () 803 317 3144 17c, Marine Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria





“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” – Clive James S I M U L A T O R S H A V E B E E N A hot

topic in the mining sector. These video game esque systems offer a comprehensive blend of improvements in safety and profitability in operations. In the February edition of Mining Global, we break down everything you need about these interactive devices including safety, productivity, and cost savings. Also this month: We reveal when machines (or operators) go wrong in our top 10 mining equipment fails. Lastly, we interviewed Liebherr Mining to discuss the companies approach to innovation and how it designs and manufactures the most sought-out equipment in the mining sector.

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MACHINERY: Customer minded approach to mining equipment

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Mining Colleges & Schools in the United States



FINANCE Everything You Need to Know about Mining Simulators



58 34  mall Mine S Development



Joy Global Peru

 outh East S Construction


Harrison Gypsum

AMERICA LATINA 34 Joy Global PerĂş

CANADA 48 South East Construction

USA 58 Small Mine Development

66 84 EP Minerals

66 EP Minerals 74 Harrison Gypsum





Approach to Min

Liebherr Mining discusses the compan designs and manufactures the most sou


ning Equipment

nies approach to innovation and how it ught-out equipment in the mining sector Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E 9

M A C H I N E RY LIEBHERR MINING ISN’T your ordinary equipment manufacturer. Committed to a very niche market, Liebherr is dedicated to enhancing the core aspects of mining activities (digging dirt and hauling it) by producing quality products in the most effective and cost-effective way possible. The company has earned a solid reputation for building some of the largest and most advanced machinery

the mining world has ever seen. With the help of a proven team of innovators driven by a customerminded approach, Liebherr is striving to transform the way the mining industry does business. Innovation lights the way Superior products don’t happen overnight. It takes years of experience, proven R&D, innovative designs and some of the most

Liebherr has earned a solid reputation for the most advanced machinery the mining world with excellent product support

10 February 2015


forward-thinking minds the industry has to offer. Liebherr has them all. The company has developed a dream team of staff committed to revolutionizing the way mining equipment operates. “The majority of projects we’re working on center around ease of operations, cost reduction, and performance increase,” says Swann Blaise, Group Leader of Liebherr’s marketing department. Along with creating bigger, faster and stronger machinery, Liebherr is focused on making it smarter. Technology is the driving force behind Liebherr. The company is committed to cultivating new ideas as well as improving upon original ones. “We believe that improved quality leads to reduction of cost, therefore our focus is to improve quality at three levels: during production and assembly in the factories; during assembly and commissioning on the mine site; and during machine operation.” Liebherr is constantly engaged in continuous improvement projects whether it’s changing or innovating new components for equipment. Continuous improvements include its Assistance Systems, which is

“We believe that improved quality leads to reduction of cost, therefore our focus is to improve quality at three levels: during production and assembly in the factories; during assembly and commissioning on the mine site; and during machine operation” – Swann Blaise, Group Leader of Liebherr’s marketing department.

comprised of health monitoring, application severity avoidance, performance survey and operator assistance. Liebherr is also focused on reducing machine dead weight by increasing net payload, generating faster cycle times and reducing load on structures. Customer-minded approach What distinguishes Liebherr from other OEMs is the focus on customers and keeping them at the center of 11

M A C H I N E RY production. The approach is helping Liebherr find new technological ways of improving equipment while maintaining the company’s signature of quality and craftsmanship. It has led the company into concentrating on the overall quality of its products as well as innovating new ideas for its customers.

An employee of Liebherr Aerospace Brasil Ltda. adjusts intersection holes that were machined into components for flight control systems

Specialist machine tools and automation systems

12 February 2015

For Liebherr, the main drivers to increasing quality are as followed: • Training employees accordingly. • Providing state-of-the-art working environment and tools for staff. • Strong relationships with suppliers and continuous monitoring of their manufacturing processes and their component quality. • Usage of Liebherr components and owned Service Companies wherever possible. • Prevention and continuous improvement through FMECA studies to control the risks of non-compliances. • Continuous monitoring of incidents in operation and their analysis by multidisciplinary groups plus issue resolving through defined processes.


Trainee technical product designers Liebherr has developed a unique approach to ensure the company continues to focus on what customers want. “We run a dedicated Mining Engineering group that holds close contacts with our sales and after sales support teams, customers and affiliates as well as other Engineering groups in the Liebherr Group of Companies,” says Blaise. Along with the feedback from customers, Liebherr takes it one step further by utilizing data

from its own equipment. “We also have strong processes in place to collect and assess the data that comes back from our machines in the field. All this creates a source for straight forward product development and improvement and for innovation,” says Blaise. Liebherr has implemented a vast network of customer support lines to secure total customer satisfaction ranging from mining training systems to operator training. According to Liebherr’s website, the company 13


Assembly of an A350 XWB nose landing gear

“We also have strong processes in place to collect and assess the data that comes back from our machines in the field” – Swann Blaise.

14 February 2015

has even launched an exchange component program where customers can exchange worn out parts for new. “Over the course of a machine’s lifetime major components must be replaced in order to ensure continued optimal performance. “Replacing major components with genuine Liebherr reconditioned parts reduces costs without compromising quality.”


The future for Liebherr With 2015 already upon us, Liebherr’s goal for the future is simple: Continue to produce the best mining equipment possible. “We’re going to continue to expand our global product offerings including new mining excavators and mining trucks, new service support packages and tools, and expansion of the service networks,” says Blaise. “Our products will continue to be supported through an excellent support network with a customer minded approach for solution finding.” “Our goal is to focus on the expansion of our worldwide Customer Service Support network,” says Blaise. “This includes general Sales, Customer Service Support but in particular regionally centralized Reman Center. The company was on hand at the 2014 Bauma China expo to unveil their latest developments and technologies. One of the standouts from the event was its 110-ton hydraulic excavator. Powered with a 565kW Liebherr V12 engine, the machine is equipped with a 7-m3 Liebherr build bucket combined with the Liebherr ground engaging tools (GETs) for both improved penetration and a higher fill factor.

Liebherr staff are enrolled on training programmes to ensure the highest standards are meet “The latest developments from Liebherr include the R9400E and R9800E, both of which are now available,” says Blaise. “For 2015, we’re going to start rolling out the R9200, a new machine in the 200-t class and the T264, a new product in the 240-t class.” With Liebherr at the helm, the mining industry is in good hands as the manufacturer is expected to continue innovating smarter and more efficient ways for companies to dig and haul dirt. 15


Photo crdit: Thoroughtec

Everything you need to know about

THE MINING SIMULATORS As simulators continue to gain ground in the mining sector, we break down everything you need to know about these interactive devices including safety, productivity and cost savings. Writ ten by: ROBE RT SPE N C E


TECHNOLOGY MINING SIMULATORS ARE all the rage right now. The video game-esque system, which replicates elements of mining operations, is being utilized to provide real-time conditions and operating responses. Used mainly for training and efficiency analysis, simulators provide a comprehensive blend of improvements in safety and profitability for mining companies. The way they work is simple: The simulated cab provides a highly realistic replica of actual mining equipment with fully functional

Photo crdit: Thoroughtec

18 February 2015

simulated instruments and controls. Mounted on pneumatic actuators, these devices are surrounded by screens displaying threedimensional imagery to reveal real-time situations for operators. With countless benefits to offer, we break down everything you need to know about mining simulators including benefits like safety, productivity and cost savings. Improving the safety of miners The mining industry is one of the


more dangerous professions a person can have. Because of this the biggest benefit of simulators in the mining industry is safety. The use of simulators allows for precise training in a safe and controlled environment. The use of simulators allows operators to focus on reducing the frequency of accidents by concentrating on specific tasks and being continuously monitored. Trainee operators are able to receive accelerated training that improves their productivity as well as eliminates bad habits. Effectively training employees on the potential pit-falls in the industry can alleviate accidents, injuries and deaths. According to Thoroughtec, the world’s largest providers of simulators, the ability to train on a mining simulator allows trainee operators to learn all the vehicle’s functions and operating procedures in a safe and controlled environment. “Mine personnel and equipment are not put at risk by rookie operators, while at the touch of a button trainees can be exposed to various emergency procedures such as tire bursts or engine fires, none of which can be safely taught on the real vehicle.”

Link to ThoroughTec Simulations videos With mining simulators, trainees can learn techniques that are associated with typical mine site activities, including: • Mine site familiarization • Standard operating procedures • Safety procedures • Familiarization of new equipments • Operation under different weather conditions • Operation in emergency conditions Boosting productivity One of the main benefits of utilizing simulators is increased productivity. Why? Let’s count the ways: The use of simulators allows trainee operators to get the most efficiency out of their vehicles. By 19

TECHNOLOGY continuously being monitored and recorded during the training process, operator’s faults and inefficiencies can be improved through review and analysis. Therefore, productivity is directly improved by having more proficient operators who are effective at performing their core tasks. Operators trained with simulators have proven to improve performance in machine function cycles. This means operators are able to improve their techniques for digging, swinging and dumping, which could equate to less time onsite as well as thousands of dollars increased in revenue. Although not all simulators are

created equal, some have the ability to be integrated with mine planning, maintenance and fleet management systems to identify opportunities at site, crew and individual level. Cost savings One of the biggest advantages simulators bring to the table is a reduction in cost. Simulators enable operators to be better trained and prepared leading to fewer accidents. This means less maintenance to equipment and less downtime to repair broken machinery. Furthermore, the wear and tear on machinery is diminished as operating costs Photo crdit: Thoroughtec

“Because mine vehicles are being used for fewer training tasks, the associated running costs of training are greatly reduced” – Greg Lew, Executive Vice President of Global Business at ThoroughTec.

20 February 2015


Photo crdit: Thoroughtec

such as fuel are eliminated. “Because mine vehicles are being used for fewer training tasks, the associated running costs of training are greatly reduced,” says Greg Lew, Executive Vice President of Global Business at ThoroughTec. “Damage and wear-and-tear on mine vehicles decreases as green operators are able to familiarize themselves with the controls of the machines and iron out their mistakes on the mining simulator instead of the real machine. This means less

unscheduled maintenance and lower maintenance and training costs.” Simulators remove the need to use real machines for training and significantly reduce operator training times. This also saves valuable working machines for training purposes, which lowers Overall, simulators are being seen as an important part of mine safety as well as an investment into operator competency. This means simulators equate to increased safety, productivity and profitability. 21

TOP 10

Mining Colleges and Schools in the United States

The United States is home to some of the most prestigious mining and engineering schools in the world. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the mining sector, these schools are the cream of the crop. W r i t t e n b y : R O B E RT S P E N C E


TOP 10


University of Alaska (Fairbanks, Alaska)

UAF offers vast opportunities of students looking to enter the mining industry. Specific to mining, the University offers vocational and technical training as well as advanced degrees. Because mining plays a vital role in Alaska’s economy, the University has developed a mining workforce development plan, helping to assist students in their future career paths. www.uaf.edu

24 February 2015



Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania)

What began as a school offering instruction in mining engineering, geology and metallurgy evolved into a diverse college with five departments. From mineral recovery to its use, Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences offers a wide range of degree programs that address the effective production, conversion, use and management of energy and mineral resources. The college’s engineering programs, all accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), include Energy Engineering; Environmental Systems Engineering; Mining Engineering; Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering; and Materials Science and Engineering. www.psu.edu


TOP 10


Missouri University of Science & Technology (Rolla, Missouri)

Mining Engineering was one of the four founding disciplines of Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) in 1870. The university offers the B.S., M.S., M.E., Ph.D. and D.E. in Mining Engineering and the M.S. and Ph.D. in Explosives Engineering. Missouri S&T offers one of the largest programs in North America with over 230 undergraduate students and over 160 graduate students and it is also a leading university in distance education in Mining and Explosives Engineering. www.mne.mst.edu

26 February 2015


The University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The University of Utah is home to one of the premier Metallurgical Engineering programs in the country. The school partners with mining organizations (Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration; Women in Mining; and American Rock Mechanics Association) as well as working with some of the largest mining companies in the world (Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, BHP Billiton, and Freeport McMoRan) to employ graduates. www.metallurgy.utah.edu 27

TOP 10


Montana Tech - The University of Montana (Butte, Montana)

Founded in 1900, the University was originally named Montana State School of Mines offering two degrees: mining engineering and electrical engineering. Although the school has grown in stature, including academics, mining remains a key aspect of its culture. Montana Tech offers specialized degrees in mining-related fields including Mining Engineering and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, as well as degrees in Geological, Geophysical and Environmental Engineering. www.mtech.edu



University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky)

Among the oldest and newest programs of its type, the school’s Department of Mining Engineering is one of only 12 ABETaccredited mining programs in the nation. The program, which was initially founded in 1866, works to assist students in advancing the intellectual and personal development by providing education filled with stimulating classes, travel and an array of career options. www.engr.uky.edu/mng 29

TOP 10


Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Blacksburg, Virginia)

The school offers M.S., M.Eng, and Ph.D. in Mining &Minerals Engineering. The program prepares students for high-level, challenging efforts in research, development, design, industry, university teaching, and government. In addition, the VT provides graduates with employment opportunities in the mining of construction aggregates, coal, copper, gold, phosphate, mineral sands, and many other commodities. www.admiss.vt.edu/majors/index.php/majors/major/MINE 30 February 2015



University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)

Founded in 1885, the University of Arizona holds one of the most prestigious Mining and Geological Engineering programs in the country. The school offers various programs in Mine Operations, Geomechanics, Sustainable Resource Development, and Mineral Processing. Perks of attending the University of Arizona include: operating large mining trucks, utilizing high-tech equipment, paid internship, and attending national conferences. Believe it or not, in the last 10 years the school has obtained a 100-percent job placement rate for students after graduation. www.mge.arizona.edu


TOP 10


South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (Rapid City, South Dakota)

Since 1885, the school has been a national leader in preparing worldclass engineers and scientists through its award-winning undergraduate education. The school works closely with industry partners and is guided with input from an industrial advisory board comprised of top names in the mining industry, many of which are alumni of SDSMT. Along with top-notch education, the school provides a variety of extracurricular activities such as a student mine rescue team and a mining and mucking team, which compete internationally. www.sdsmt.edu

32 February 2015


Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colorado)

Founded in 1874, Colorado School of Mines has distinguished itself among the best mining colleges in the nation by developing curriculum and research programs geared towards responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources. “Newmont has working partnerships with all of the major mining schools, as they are the training ground for the next generation of mining professionals that sustain our business and drive best practices in our industry,” says Omar Jabara, communications officer for Newmont Mining. “With our headquarters near Denver, having the Colorado School of Mines in our backyard affords us a direct connection to CSM’s world-class technical and research expertise, as well as their talent pipeline.” inside.mines.edu 33

Joy Global leaving a

footprint in most South American mining projects The sale of mining equipment is the starting point toward complete service cycles as a partner for the mining industry.

Written by: Rebecca Castrejon and Mateo Rafael Tablado Produced by: Taybele Piven Interviewee: Cesar Cruz-Saco, CEO, Joy Global Peru


O Offices in Peru


February 2015

ne of the world’s leading companies in supplying equipment and machinery for the mining industry began its productive journey about 130 years ago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Back in 1884, Joy Global Inc. first offered repair services and machinery assembling for manufacturing companies. Their business line has certainly transformed since its establishment by now offering heavy machinery solutions to major mining companies, providing a vast array of blasting, crushing, excavating, loading, and hauling machinery, as well as original replacement parts for such equipment. Joy Global’s sales and rentals are a necessary resource for coal mining, copper extraction, iron mining, oil sands, gold extraction and other mining activities. During the corporation’s 100 year-plus history, Joy Global’s products and services have settled in different markets worldwide; its presence is very important in Latin America, specifically in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, where the corporation has subsidiaries. The corporation’s Peruvian affiliate opened in 1977, following through with the goal of supplying innovative products and solutions for mining, also covers neighboring countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. Joy Global’s product line in Peru offers P&H electric shovels, drills, draglines and front-end loaders; heavy-duty air conditioning systems and consumables and G.E.T. hardware, among other


products. “For years, we’ve been perceived as an equipment and replacement part sales division, but we are changing that by becoming service providers, supporting our clients according to their needs and problems,” said Cesar CruzSaco, CEO for Joy Global Peru. Cruz-Saco graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. During his 15-year tenure in Joy Global he has been in charge of operations in Peru and Chile; he was named CEO in 2007. Cruz-Saco previously served the education, food and chemical sectors.

Specialized Staff

Key People

Cesar Cruz-Saco CEO, Joy Global Peru Cesar Cruz-Saco, current CEO of Joy Global Peru, is a mechanical engineer graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) in 1984. He quickly positioned himself as the Manager of Services for P&H MineProServices Peru SAC, were he was responsible for the assembly and support of P&H equipment in the country. By January 2005 he was working as the Technical Manager for Joy Global Chile, and in July 2007 he took over as the CEO of Joy Global (Peru) SAC. Prior to his introduction in the mining industry, CruzSaco worked in education, agriculture (cocoa processing), and fishing.

Global manufacturing w w w. m i n e p ro . c o m / M i n e P ro / P e r u . h t m



Within construction of La Joya Service Center in Peru Familiathe JOY-GLOBAL

Joy Global mining simulators

Joy Global offers high level support to clients in Peru and Colombia through a qualified staff of more than 50 employees. This personnel is properly trained in mining equipment applications, assembly, LCM (MARC’s) maintenance and repair contracts, operational and mechanical/electrical audits and training, overhaul services, equipment diagnostics, repair, troubleshooting and general technical support, among other services. “Major mining can only be possible when moving thousands of tons per day, a task which can only be performed by heavy machinery,” stated CEO Cesar Cruz-Saco. New Products In recent years, Peru has experienced constant


February 2015


Minería subterránea

growth, and the mining sector is no exception; after years of successful underground mining, surface mining is now about to be fully developed, an endeavor demanding specialized vehicles and equipment able to convey a heavier load and higher operational speed. Joy Global Peru is now offering electric shovels able to carry 400 tons, loaded in 3 steps to convey 135 tons per cycle in 30 seconds. These are some of the P&H brand products available through Joy Global’s manufacturing, marketing and direct sales efforts. Also available is new, diesel/electric hybrid equipment; low-cost fuel and lower carbon-dioxide emissions are not the only advantage offered by this new machinery, but these also become reliable resources when mining at locations where taking electric power

“We have been viewed as vendors, but we want to be seen as a service company by helping customers solve their problems” – Cesar Cruz-Saco, CEO, Joy Global Peru

w w w. m i n e p ro . c o m / M i n e P ro / P e r u . h t m



Used P&H, Model 2300XPC

“Big mining is possible if you can move thousands of tons per day, and that is only possible with the right equipment” – Cesar Cruz-Saco, CEO, Joy Global Peru


February 2015

supply (or a power plant) becomes difficult and expensive. “We constantly strive to offer solutions able to lower costs for our clients and increasing their productivity,” summarized Cruz-Saco about efficiency resulting from new products in the company’s catalogue. Closing the Gap from the End Client Joy Global’s leverage is a result of being an equipment manufacturer, which allows a distributor-less scheme by dealing directly with end clients. Every single problem with their units worldwide is logged in a database available to their technicians all over the globe. If a certain troubleshooting symptom is present in a vehicle manufactured and sold in Peru, and that same


Joy Global personnel

symptom (and solution) is registered as previously happening in, say, the Australian branch, the fix will be faster. The client support and service department’s goal is to reduce inactivity due to equipment failure or repair time. “It’s a top priority for our service staff to receive worldclass training, with asserted knowledge about possible problems caused by regular use of our equipment,” Cruz-Saco said. Growth from Regional Development During 2008 -Cruz’s first year as the affiliate’s CEO-, Joy Global reported $34 million in revenue; at the end of 2014 this figure sums up to $235 million. This figure’s only way seems to be up, since there is a projected growth through the year

Underground Mining

w w w. m i n e p ro . c o m / M i n e P ro / P e r u . h t m




2020 based on copper extraction. The world’s largest copper supplier is Peru’s neighbor Chile, whose production is five times Peru’s; but new agreements and investments foresee a growth which in five years will take this figure just below or at the same level as Chilean copper production. “Peru’s mining potential is not fully developed yet; in recent years the country has experienced constant growth and our company has made the most out of this fact,” said Cruz. La Joya, in the Heart of Peru’s Mining Country

Rotary drilling

Construction for Joy Global Peru’s new service and supplies megacenter in the La Joya district in the Arequipa province is to be concluded on March 2015, opening during the following month. A $40 million investment, this multifunction center will become a storage facility for replacement parts, a repair shop and equipment monitoring headquarters able to service vehicles and machinery also for industries other than mining. “La Joya was strategically selected due to its location in the Pan-American Highway, and its vicinity to merchant seaports and mining centers in south Peru,” said the executive. Improvements from Technology Upgrades Joy Global’s research and development department produced PreVail remote health w w w. m i n e p ro . c o m / M i n e P ro / P e r u . h t m


Electric mining shovels for high productivity mining



monitoring system, able to offer real-time details about equipment use, potential troubleshooting, productivity and performance as well as operator’s practices and tendencies, among other data. This system can be accessed from remote computers and a mobile phone app. “With PreVail, there’s no need to use valuable time for vehicle inspections, the system offers a complete array of data figures to evaluate machinery’s efficiency and proper performance,” Cruz said. P&H uses drilling



Joy Global provides opportunities for local supplies that meet requirements of both Joy Global and the end client. The company has established a partnership with FUCSA Cast Chilca, SA to allow this smelter company to commercialize Joy Global’s components in Peru and the rest of the region. “We seek suppliers in the countries where we operate to assist the development of this industry, locally,” said Cruz-Saco.

Social Activities The nearly 40 years of Joy Global collaborating with Peru’s mining sector have allowed them to participate in developments and improvements within the mining practice. Joy Global’s hybrid equipment (Diesel & w w w. m i n e p ro . c o m / M i n e P ro / P e r u . h t m



Within the construction of La Joya Service Center in Peru

Equipment 2800xPC


February 2015

Electric) provides savings in fuel, lubricants and tires. “Reducing this consumption means long-life components, which makes us environmentally friendly,� said Cruz-Saco. But beyond the rules of its industrial operation, Joy Global shares a concern for the communities where it operates. The company cooperates with nearby schools by offering specialized courses. Joy Global Peru also facilitates the introduction of local suppliers in new projects, for example, in the construction of La Joya Service Center in Peru, Joy Global will hire local providers for industrial inputs (lubricants, etc.) and sewer services, telecommunications, transportation and food.


The Future of Joy Global in South America The development of mining in Peru, and consequently of Joy Global in South America, depends on the proper distribution of ‘canon’, an income tax for industrial activities. It is important to acknowledge that mining is now governed by standards that contribute to reduced environmental impact in the communities where it is exercised, and through the collection of taxes for this activity, the country is developing its infrastructure. The future of mining in Peru is promising, and Joy Global business activities would benefit from this growth. “We are not just suppliers of mining, we are partners of the miners,” said the General Manager.

“We are not just suppliers of mining, we are partners of the miners”

Company Information NAME

Joy Global (Perú) S.A.C. INDUSTRY

Mining equipment and machinery HEADQUARTERS

San Isidro, Lima, Peru FOUNDED


250 WEBSITE www.minepro.com/MinePro/Peru.htm

– Cesar Cruz-Saco, CEO, Joy Global Peru

w w w. m i n e p ro . c o m / M i n e P ro / P e r u . h t m


South East Construction

The Easy Button for Compan

An unrivaled dedication to continuous improvements, safe become the service provider of choice Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



ety and client trust is helping SEC



Heavy Civil Construction and Site Development for Mining


ocated in the prairie providence of Canada, Saskatchewan, South East Construction (SEC) is a multitrade industrial construction company specializing in the Potash mining and milling industry. The company, which began in 1986 as a contractor to local Potash mines in the area, has transformed into an all-in-one service provider for a wealth of industries. “We looked at our core business and realized there was a lot more we could provide to clients. We decided to revamp ourselves from being just a contractor, to being a service 50

February 2015

provider,� say Mike Silvernagle, chief operating officer of South East Construction. New businesses In 2010, the company began diversifying its business. It commenced an array of divisions within the company adding concrete, carpentry, electrical, earth works and site services to its repertoire. The company also has it hands in construction and maintenance, conducting structural steel and piping for companies as well as maintenance and sites service


Storm Water Management, and Buried Services

work, including snow removal, road maintenance, water and waste removal. SEC also has a fully integrated steel fabrication and painting facility equipped with an industry leading PythonX robotic CNC plasma cutting machine as well as a full service paint shop. South East Construction is trained and certified CWB certified, Boiler Branch Certified, ISNet registered, SCSA Certified and a member of the Saskatchewan Construction Labour Relations Association. “It doesn’t matter what people want, we want to be the easy button for companies.”

Easy button In an effort to become the easy button for companies, SEC continuously strives to be better. The company confides in management and team members to find new ways of improving productivity, efficiency and pricing for clients. “Continuous improvements is learning from one another and continuing to resource consultants and people within our company to help us build what we’re trying to do,” says Silvernagle. “We have a continuous improvement meeting weekly and part of the meeting is focused on changing each w w w. s e c o n . c a


A Company Built on Integrity, Safety & Quality Pryme Concrete Construction Inc. offers concrete services to include but not limited to new construction, demolition, restoration and general contracting. We handle a variety of industrial and commercial projects in central Saskatchewan, Canada.

Bryce Field President-Owner

Reg Field Superintendent-Owner

Pryme Concrete Construction Inc. | Office: 306-743-2290 | Fax: 306-743-2254 | Email: pryme@sasktel.net GRAVEL • CONCRETE • EXCAVATION • AGGREGATE

Brockman Enterprises a supplier of transit redi-mix concrete along with many excavating services, including track-hoe work for trenching, tracksteer/loader work for landscaping and snow removal in the winter months. We specialize in sand and gravel products along with screening, washing, and crushing of the products. Chilly’s Water & Septic Inc. is an experienced water, septic and hydrovac service provider located in Saskatchewan, specializing in a variety of services within the mining, excavation and service industry at competitive rates.

Proudly serving Humboldt and area for 89 years 306-682-4340 | Fax 306-682-2413 Email: brockmanenterprises@sasktel.net

P.O Box 388 | Stockholm, SK SOA 3Y0 | Canada 306-793-3060 | fax 306-793-3061 chillyswaterandseptic@hotmail.com www.chillyswaterandseptic.com

SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION section to be more efficient, more streamlined and overall better for the client.” According to Silvernagle, the goal behind its continuous improvement plan is to build trust among clients. “It boils down to how fast you can do business when the trust component is there. Once you have trust, the speed at which you can do business is remarkable. We’ve proven the way we do business works. The company recently invested over a quarter of a million dollars into software programs to better control costs. The investment allows SEC to be more thorough, detailed and conscious of where every penny is going. “Trust with the client is built through safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness,” says Silvernagle. “We made the software investment to help us control our costs so we could lower rates and provide clients with the best deal possible.” “Our clients want to know we are managing there money properly. Trust among the client is vital, and if you have that, the client retention follows.” Other continuous improvements


include personnel. Within its organization, SEC has highly qualified people, including Construction Manager, Project Managers, Superintendents, General Foreman, Health and Safety Manager, Safety Administrators as well as numerous long term employees in foreman and tradesman positions. However, unlike most companies, SEC doesn’t just look at qualifications. “It’s all about character and Integrity in our business,” says Silvernagle. “I’ll browse resumes but I like to look future employees in the eye and see if they’re personal, intriguing and what they’re built like. Character is everything to me., and we want employees that will drive to ensure our clients are looked after” Safety driven company South East Construction is committed to a strong health, safety, and environmental program that protect employees, subcontractors, clients, property and members of the public from hard. The company has an extensive training program for new employees w w w. s e c o n . c a


YOUR BUSINESS RUNS 24/7. SO DOES TR PETROLEUM. Locally Owned and Operated in Saskatchewan for over 35 years

FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE WHERE AND WHEN YOU NEED REFUELING. NO SPILLS, NO SHORTAGES, NO STRESS. TR Petroleum brings what your industry needs to stay running—from Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, and Construction to local service stations and more. Nordic Industries is the largest fencing installer, manufacturer and wholesaler, in the province. Efficient production, diversity of products, large supply of stock and a reputation for experience and quality is what makes Nordic Industries the answer to all your fencing needs.

Since 2001, we’ve built our business by providing reliable service, and putting our clients and safety first. 1323 FLETCHER ROAD SASKATOON, SK S7M 5H5

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Wolseley Industrial Canada (formerly Goodman Industrial) is proud to supply Pipe, Valve and Fitting products and services to the Potash Mining Construction industry.

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SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION that encompass a wide range of training and safety initiatives in the workforce. Along with a traditional orientation with the company, SEC has new employees go through its Safe Start program for training. “The main question we ask is ‘what would happen if you didn’t come home tonight?’ As we force them to write this down, it’s amazing what happens. It hits home for people,” says Silvernagle. “After two weeks on the job we bring them back to finish the safety program. It not only helps refresh them and hold them accountable, but it shows we care about their well being.” SEC focuses on daily assessments. This includes daily job requirements as well as everyday job hazards. It’s reviewed daily with the employee and foremen to ensure employees understand the risks each day and for each job. In addition, South East Construction has a corporate safety manger that ensures the company goes above and beyond the call of duty in safety. “We take safety very seriously and we like to reward employees who’ve been exceptional in that department,” says Silvernagle. “We elect an employee at each site who has gone above and beyond the safety bar and reward them a gift. We like to make it personal to show we care.


South East Construction provides snow clearing, waste management, materials handling, and disposal

Underground Mine

Recent projects and plans for the future South East Construction is engaged with Potash Corp and Mosaic in a collection of new and


w w w. s e c o n . c a




February 2015


ongoing projects around Canada. The company is involved in numerous Structural Steel , Mechanical and electrical projects on surface and underground. “We are local to 5 mines in our area. We wouldn’t be were we are today if it wasn’t for Mosaic and PCS. They have helped us grow and supported us all the way. Since 2011, SEC has been providing site services for the exciting new Jansen Potash mine for BHP Billiton. These services include snow removal, Dust control, Janitorial, misc carpentry, offloading , electrical maintenance, and land management. There workforce has grown to include construction of roads, ponds, potable water, septic and Hydrovac services, road building as well as concrete foundations. “BHP Billiton’s commitment to safety and operational efficiencies is serious and it forced us to be better at what we do,” says Silvernagle. “BHP is an outstanding client to work for and we are extremely proud to there” One of the larger, and more challenging, projects South East Construction has undertaken was rebuilding the Tazin Lake Dam for SaskPower. “It was extremely challenging but it really represented who we are. It was a job we had no experience in but our team stuck together and got it done. The project turned out great and through all the challenges it really showed our integrity as a company.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Esterhazy Saskatchewan, Canada FOUNDED



w w w. s e c o n . c a


Small Mine Development (SMD)

Customized solution providers for the mining industry

General Manager Keith Jones discusses how Small Mine Development has become a leader in mining solutions by integrating safety and employee satisfaction into its company culture Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



An Atlas Copco ME7 Simba finishing drilling a long-hole stope blast pattern.


eadquartered in Idaho, Small Mine Development (SMD) is a leading underground mining contractor. Since 1982, the company has earned a prominent reputation for building and operating some of the largest underground mines in the United States, as well as for being a leader in productive and innovative mining solutions. Similar to their approach to 60

February 2015

mining, the company is building a safety-based culture by integrating tried-and-true methods developed by major mining companies and creating new approaches to the idea. Customized solutions Through the years, Small Mine Development has developed a comprehensive approach to mining operations. The company, which


Remote mucking in a stope utilizing a Nautilus Buddy System proximity detection system.

maintains an excellent working relationship with both their client and regulatory agencies, understands the strict policies and requirements in the mining industry and continues to adopt and comply with the policies for each specific job. One of the many ways SMD provides new solutions is through its expertise. The company’s workforce, which includes years of experience in various stages of mining activities, helps SMD implement cutting edge tactics and initiatives into operations. “We bring specialized skills and expertise to the table for our clients,” says Keith Jones,

General Manager of Small Mine Development. “As a mining contractor, we provide customized solutions for mining projects.” According to Jones, projects sometimes require the need for customized solutions such as equipment needs, and many companies aren’t versed in that aspect. “Sometimes you have to modify machines and build your own gear. We’ll work with the manufacturers to upgrade equipment and provide new additions and solutions to equipment. In the past, we’ve worked with clients in implementing new initiatives such as bio diesel to improve operations.”

w w w. u n d e r g r o u n d m i n i n g . c o m


DRIVING SUCCESS TOGETHER We’re proud to see our equipment working hard for Small Mine Development as they continue in their success. 355 W. River St, Elko, NV 775-777-2204 | www.atlascopco.us/elko

Building a culture of safety As a leader in mining solutions, SMD is more than just a contractor. The company employs roughly 400 members across the organization and is committed to cultivating a workplace free of injuries and occupational illness. The company actively strives to uphold its motto— The most important job you have is to go home safe and uninjured at the end of your shift— and has implemented a rejuvenated approach to do so.


February 2015

Launched in 2011 by Newmont Mining, the Safety Journey is a program that describes a company’s safety culture in terms of a journey. The stages range from simple awareness of safety issues to full integration where it’s simply how business is conducted. It provides tools for changing a safety culture within an organization and is meant to be an employee-driven program aimed at ensuring workplace safety. A key piece of the program is Vital Behaviors. There are six

SMALL MINE DEVELOPMENT (SMD) sources of influence and to incorporate lasting change, at least three to four of the six specific behaviors must be affected to facilitate lasting change. Employees are asked to consider their actions in terms of the motivations and abilities to ensure that their actions are aligned with safe work practices. Workers are asked to consistently choose the Vital Behaviors that could have an impact on the job’s safe outcome. “The Safety Journey program is essentially a mechanism to build a company culture based on safety,” says Jones. “The program integrates safety management training and leadership programs to achieve that culture.” The company’s safety accolades speak for themselves:


Remote mucking in a stope utilizing a Nautilus Buddy System proximity detection system.

2013 – Nevada Mining Association’s Underground Operations, Small Category (20-99 employees), First Place at Starvation Canyon Mine. Crews here worked 82,000 hours injury free in 2013. 2013 – Nevada Mining Association’s Underground Operations, Small Category (20-99 employees), Third Place at the Lee Smith Mine. Crews here worked 185,000 hours with one injury for a Reportable Rate of 1.09 in 2013. 2012 – Sentinels of Safety Winner for the Small Underground Metal Group at the Fire Creek project. A total of 45,715 hours were worked injury free. 2011 – Sentinels of Safety Winner for the Small Underground Metal Group at the Fire Creek project. The portal pad, infrastructure, portal and

Employees review their five-point work area inspections and complete a safety share underground.

w w w. u n d e r g r o u n d m i n i n g . c o m



A two-boom jumbo drilling a round in Northern Idaho.

2,000 feet of drifting were completed skills within its management and while working 27,250 hours. workforce to establish a solid company culture centered on safety. According to Jones, the program “The program initiates employees has helped SMD achieve the to speak up and ask questions as 64

February 2015


well as build leadership qualities. The program has enhanced our safety record in 2012 and 2013 and Newmont was gracious enough to allow us to make it our own.” In addition to the Safety Journey initiative, SMD incorporates a number of in-house initiatives. These include: High-Level Risk Assessments on various tasks the company encounters; Inspecting work areas to ensure areas are completed utilizing its 5-point safety system, including a field level risk assessment; and holding daily lineout meetings to discuss immediate on-site job concerns as well as conducting weekly in-depth “tool box” meetings for each member.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Boise, Idaho FOUNDED



Employees and vendors As well as creating a company culture based on safety, the company is dedicated to being an employer of choice. SMD has worked with a large amount of people in the mining industry and is arguably one of the best mining contractors to work for. The company, which was recently given the bronze award for best employer in Northern Nevada, believes its employees and vendors are a vital part of their success. “We value their support and sometimes we’re pretty demanding,” says Jones. “Vendors and employees are a key part to our success. We can’t do what we do without them.”

w w w. u n d e r g r o u n d m i n i n g . c o m



EP Minerals

A Long History, A Modern Approach

w the industrial minerals company impacts the world over. Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: Bobby Meehan 67


EP Minerals Lovelock, Nevada plant


ver the course of its storied 171-year life, EP Minerals has grown to become one of the more exciting and progressive industrial minerals companies in the United States—and it’s just getting better. Founded in 1843 by Edgar and Stephen Conkling, the company originally went by the name Eagle. In 1916, Judge Oliver Picher merged the company with his own lead mining business to create EaglePicher Lead, the forerunner of modern day EP Minerals. 68

February 2015

In the years since, the ambitious minerals company has acquired a series of highly valuable assets, such as a large diatomaceous earth (DE) deposit and factory in Clark, Nevada. In 1959, the company commissioned a DE producing plant in Lovelock, Nevada, which remains the largest DE producing plant in the world to this day. That plant was upgraded in 1993 with a perlite expander, officially bringing the company into the perlite business. A new DE plant was built and commissioned in Vale,


Loader and equipment at the Lovelock, Nevad mine

Oregon in 1985. In 2013, EP Minerals acquired the Moltan Company and with it additional mines and processing facilities in Nevada and Tennessee. Finally, in 2014, a new perlite facility was opened in Blair, Nebraska. “We have six plants, close to 600 employees, plus or minus, and with that we sell all over the world and to about a hundred countries,” said Al Kaczanowski, vice president of marketing. What They Do EP Minerals doesn’t just sell its products in bulk. The company maintains a full-scale R&D department devoted to the development of cutting-edge,

products, such as AXIS DE and AXIS Ceramic soil amendments, AgReady fertilizer carrier, DEsect insecticide and NXT-2 arsenic remediation product. While perlite and absorbent clays are a large part of the company’s business, the cornerstone of their product offerings is DE. Though this material is regularly present in almost everyone’s life, its applications are often overlooked by those not involved in the sector. “We sell DE into well over a hundred markets,” said Gregg Jones, president. “Our largest market is beer filtration, [which] would be a radically different process if DE wasn’t available. Same thing goes for wine and juices.” w w w. e p m i n e r a l s . c o m


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EP MINERALS He added that DE is an essential component in high-quality paints, giving them a matte finish. “We also sell it as an animal feed,” Jones said. “It’s used for filtration in biodiesel and in the oil and gas industry. It goes into catalysts, polishes, and even facial scrubs. It is used to filter corn syrup, citric acid, sugar, vegetable oil and soy sauce. It’s really a key ingredient in almost every food and beverage that gets filtered, and the reason they use it is that it’s extremely versatile.” The list goes on: maple syrup, fertilizers, pet litter, pharmaceuticals, swimming pool



filters and more. In addition to the many applications for EP Mineral’s DE, their absorbent clay is regularly used on baseball fields as well. “The product that’s used a lot on baseball fields is calcium bentonite. That’s the red clay that goes around the field,” Jones said. “That’s a product that’s important in the United States, Caribbean countries and Japan.” Who They Are Many companies refer to themselves as “family companies” or having “family values,” but ultimately


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w w w. e p m i n e r a l s . c o m


EP MINERALS most fail to display those values. EP Minerals appears to be an exception. “We’ve spent a lot of time defining what behaviors represent our culture today and what we want it to be in the future and we call that the EP Way,” Jones said. “These fundamentals [cover] how we interact with each other, how we treat our customers and how we make decisions on a daily basis, and we’ve just rolled that out across the whole organization. “


February 2015

He added, “All of us, including me, have things to work on that we don’t do so well today; leave your ego at the door, practice blameless problem solving and listen generously.” How They’re Evolving While EP Minerals’ facilities obviously don’t date back to the company’s origin 171 years ago, some of their infrastructure has become dated none-the-less. In an effort to maintain the quality of their products, the company announced a wide range of facilities upgrades, some of which have already been completed. “We put a new dryer on one end of our kilns at Lovelock—a very big investment that improves the quality of the product coming out of the process,” Jones said. “A big investment in our Clark plant to make what we call our natural powders and some of the technology we put in there was new to us. It gives a better particle size distribution and better control of the product


overall for the marketplace.” The company recently finished construction on a perlite plant in Nebraska. “We’re shipping ore from Nevada—our own mine, our own perlite ore facility— and we’re shipping it in railcars to Nebraska,” Jones said. “It gives us a nice centrally located perlite facility to supply what is a pretty big market in the Midwest.” He added that among other improvements, the company is also investing heavily in their exploration group to facilitate the discovery of new ore deposits. Among those investments are technologies that improve their overall drilling ability. It would be wrong in every sense of the expression to refer to the veteran company as an up-and-comer or say they were “on the path” to success—they’ve been there for some time. Rather, it’s important to point out all the ways they’re already present in the market around us, and that they have no intentions of slowing down. “I think it’s worth noting that a lot of businesses are selling commodities and they don’t have a lot of interaction with the end-use markets,” Jones said. “One thing that we’ve always been focused on, and its part of our growth story, is not only understanding our markets that we sell into and understanding the value that our products contribute to those applications, but working on new applications. That’s what’s always gotten me interested in the business: the constant opportunity to find something new and figure out how we can sell into a new space.”

Company Information INDUSTRY





w w w. e p m i n e r a l s . c o m


Harrison Gypsum The World of Gypsum

Harrison Gypsum discusses how the company has developed into the largest producer and supplier of gypsum in the United States Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Wirtgen 2200SM Continuous Miner (Milling Machine) 76

February 2015


Overview of Bouse Junction Mine in Northern Oklahoma


ince 1956, Harrison Gypsum has been a prominent figure in the gypsum mining sector. The company has made a name for itself by maintaining a consistent and high level of product quality. They operate four gypsum mines in Oklahoma, one mine in North Texas and three limestone mines – two in Oklahoma and one in South Kansas. The company also operates a number of hard rock quarries and pits in South Texas. Used as a fertilizer and constituent in many forms of plaster, gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium

sulfate dihydrate. The use of gypsum is prevalent in the oil and gas industry as a road aggregate, and widely used as a calcium additive for yeast food products like bread. Harrison Gypsum has developed into one of the largest producers and suppliers of gypsum in the United States by integrating a family-oriented approach, careful acquisitions and continual investments in mining equipment and infrastructure. From the beginning Born and bred in Oklahoma, the w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m


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High Purity Gypsum Rock being pushed up w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m


HARRISON GYPSUM Harrison Gypsum Company started from humble beginnings. The mining company, which originally formed under the name Cement Gypsum Company, started as a small family operation supplying gypsum to local neighbors in the community. Commencing its first mine (Mine No.1) in 1955, the company changed its name in 1956 to reflect its overall commitment to the mineral. Along with a family-oriented approach to business, Harrison



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Gypsum believes pursuit of consistent quality leads to cost effective mining and operational efficiencies. This dedication to quality and efficiency has aided Harrison Gypsum in becoming one of the top gypsum producers around the U.S. In fact, in 1994 the U.S. Department of the Interior Publication named the company’s Gypsum No. 2 mine the largest single gypsum mine in the United States. In continuation of their dedication to quality products, Harrison


Gypsum established Allied Custom Gypsum Inc. in 1987, a customized service aimed at providing customer-based solutions for quality gypsum products. As its own entity, Allied Custom Gypsum Inc. provides custom products and a series of ground gypsum products including flame retardant fillers, animal feed additives, agricultural and turf products, and a high purity food and pharmaceutical grade gypsum to select markets in the industry. “We take pride in offering flexible responsive services to our customers, while also maintaining consistent quality standards that produce a premium product,” says Kris Kinder, Vice President of Operations at Harrison Gypsum.

in South Texas for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition became ACG Materials, which now operates six mines producing aggregate material used to build and maintain roads. The company includes a grinding operation that produces gypsum products for a multitude of enduse applications – including food grade calcium sulfate. Additionally, a state of art plaster plant that produces both alpha and beta hemihydrate plasters which are used in construction products, ceramic products and dental formulations in also included within the division. The company also supplies soilstabilization products and steel products manufactured for the energy market. “We are very excited about this Growing through acquisitions next stage of growth for Harrison Harrison Gypsum is content on Gypsum. Our new Eagle Ford growing its business through operation will ... help us capitalize acquisitions. The company, which on the significant growth occurring is keen on furthering its success in South Texas,” said Russ Harrison, by incorporating new projects to CEO of Harrison Gypsum. “Our its repertoire, has acquired a wide expertise in mining aggregates and array of companies in recent years. existing customer relationships In early 2013, the company should bring significant benefit to purchased the assets of Pinnacle ACG Materials.” Materials LLC’s Eagle Ford Division w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m



Heavy loaders managing windrows of gypsum that milled from a prepared production pad


February 2015


Along with acquiring new businesses, Harrison Gypsum is committed to capital investments. The company has made multiple investments to upgrade to modern mining equipment and improve infrastructure, helping the company expand projects, gypsum reserves and production capacity. The company also utilizes a preventative maintenance program that ensures dependable operation and minimal downtime.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Oklahoma FOUNDED

Striving for perfection Along with acquisitions and company culture, the success of Harrison Gypsum boils down to quality products. The company has created a system that assures every possible measure is taken into account to maintain a consistent and high level of product quality. The company thoroughly tests deposit sites to ensure the resultant ore is up to par and suitable for use. In addition, selective mining techniques are utilized to ensure recovery of gypsum is maximized and contaminants and substandard rocks are prevented and discarded. Additional, Harrison Gypsum controls all aspect of mining, processing and packaging operations. This guarantees a high level of quality and product confidence along with customer satisfaction.


w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m


NEPEAN Mining:

Trusted Name in High Va

The Australian company is continuing to deliver inno products to the mining industry while integrating a u ensuring customers are taken care of. Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: James Hayes


ovative and sustainable unique approach to


Atlas Iron Ore - NEPEAN supplied stock yard Conveyor, Port Hedland


or the mining industry to overcome its current state of turmoil it’s going to require many things. It’s going to entail improvements in practices and operational efficiency, it’s going to require commodity prices to rise and it’s going to take more companies like Nepean Mining. As Australia’s largest privately owned engineering, mining services and industry manufacturing organization, Nepean has assembled an army of applications for the mining sector. The company’s mining division, 86

February 2015

Nepean Mining, has earned a solid reputation for its capability to supply fully integrated turnkey mining systems. Through its four specialist businesses, Nepean Mining is delivering high value, innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s leading mining companies. Product Offering Nepean Mining offers an exquisite line of innovative and sustainable solutions for underground and surface mining equipment. The company has been recognized as


KMG - NEPEAN supplied Barge Loading Facility

one of Australia’s most successful suppliers of large-scale, fully integrated, mining conveyor projects. Since 1985, the company has supported Australian-and South African-based mines through its four core businesses: Conveyors, Longwall, Power and Gas. Along with being one of Australia’s largest suppliers of integrated electromechanical bulk material handling solutions, Nepean provides custom-engineered solutions for some of the largest miners in the world including Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group and BHP Billiton.

One of the main contributors to Nepean’s success is innovation. The company has accumulated a workforce comprised of knowledgeable and experienced engineers with proficiency in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning machinery. With complete inhouse capabilities, there’s not much Nepean can’t do. “The reason we’re excelling is because we have a strong engineering department which allows us the ability to do all the designs and modeling ourselves,” w w w. n e p e a n . c o m / m i n i n g


Leading-edge technology your mining facility can completely rely on with full support from start to finish? Absolutely.

ABB offers one of the most complete primary production c motors, Dodge速 mechanical products, the breadth of our o

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ABB Australia Pty Limited Contact Centre: 1800 222 435

comprehensive packages of products and services for the chain within the mining and minerals industry. Spanning drives, power transmission products, safety PLCs and low voltage offering is unsurpassed.

ve Australia-wide network of service centers, we ensure that ximise the value of their investments across the entire lifecycle tralia.com.au


ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people. In Australia, we have been active within the mining industry for more than 100 years. We offer one of the most comprehensive packages of products and services for the complete primary production chain within the mining and minerals industry. Spanning drives, motors, Dodge® mechanical power transmission products, safety PLCs and low voltage products, the breadth of our offering is unsurpassed. Our extensive Australia-wide network of service centers, ensures that our customers can fully maximise the value of their investments across the entire lifecycle of their mining facility. Industry: LV & MV squirrel cage motors / LV - frequency converters drive up to 2800 kW / MV - frequency converters 315 kW up to 100MW / Converter transformers/ DC drives (new & revamping)/ LV & MV squirrel cage motors / Slipring motors (wound rotor induction motors) / Secondary rotor starters, Soft starters / Power factor correction and harmonic filters / Beltless direct drives / Gear reducers shaft mount reducers / Spherical roller bearings / Mounted bearings / ISN bearings / Couplings and mechanical soft starts / Conveyor and elevator pulleys / Low voltage products / Safety PLCs (Temperatures (-40… +70 °C) Services: Remote service / Remote monitoring / Resident engineers / On-site containerised workshops / Fully customized support programs / Certified skilled resources in all systems and products / Industrial process experts available to align equipment and application / Lifecycle support from installation to disposal / Condition assessment and upgrade Website: www.abbaustralia.com.au



says Rolf van Rooyen, managing director of Nepean Mining.

underground coalmines. The facility also serves to showcase Nepean’s dedication World Class Facilities to safety. The company recently In addition to a vast product range, achieved a milestone by reaching Nepean is accessible almost 1,000,000 man hours without anywhere in the world. With a total a Lost Time Injury (LTI) in its of 10 facilities worldwide, including Conveyors business and 700,000 Australia, South Africa, and China, in its Power business. Nepean Mining has captured “I believe the key to our success roughly 35-40 percent of the mining is everyone in our organization equipment market in its core market understanding that they have a role of eastern Australia by incorporating to play in sustaining a zero harm facilities close to its clients. environment. These milestones In early 2013, Nepean completed are a significant achievement a significant expansion of one of its and this is something that many conveyor facilities in Wollongong, companies aim for, but few Australia. The new factory, which achieve,” says Van Rooyen. includes manufacturing operations Van Rooyen admits in the past such as fabrication, machining, the company had an old-school assembly and quality assurance approach to safety but since has testing, continues to serve the adapted to stricter rules. company’s rapid expansion in NSW “You can see the difference in our

“We can sell solutions right on the spot because our team knows what our customer’s needs are.” - Rolf van Rooyen, Managing Director, Nepean Mining

w w w. n e p e a n . c o m / m i n i n g


NEPEAN MINING safety record over the last five to seven years. If you manage safety correctly, it will change the culture of your company and be a positive flow on effect on your employees and customers.” The increase in safety has been advantageous in more ways than one, strengthening the moral and company culture in the process. “It’s amazing the impact implementing stricter and more efficient safety initiatives has had

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on moral and motivation among our employees,” says Van Rooyen. “We’ve seen an improvement in productivity and the quality of products.” Supplier of value Overall, Nepean is more than just a manufacturer of mining equipment; they’re solution providers. The company has integrated a unique approach to adding value for customers.


“Our engineers are a big part of the sales process,” says Van Rooyen. “They go to the customer’s site, listen to their questions and solve their problems. They’re an extended part of the customer’s operation.” According to Van Rooyen, because engineers work closely with the sales team, their expertise and experience designing and manufacturing the equipment enables customers to better understand how it works. “We can sell solutions right on the spot because our team knows what our customer’s needs are. In addition, the fact we have an in-house electrical solution provider adds significant value for our customers. We provide a consolidated system solution and essentially derisk the job for them right on the spot. It’s a huge advantage for us.” To continue being a trusted partner with high value solutions, Nepean is looking to open offices in strategic locations to make buying and selling equipment more flexible for customers. “We’ve been importing from China for six years and we’ve learned our lessons,” says Van Rooyen. “We now have the processes in place and the feedback from customers to really set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Smeaton Grange NSW, Australia FOUNDED




Nepean is Australia’s leading privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organization. The company has unique capabilities to deliver high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s leading mining, construction and transport companies.

w w w. n e p e a n . c o m / m i n i n g


Profile for Mining Global

Mining Global Magazine - February 2015  

SIMULATORS HAVE BEEN A hot topic in the mining sector. These video game esque systems offer a comprehensive blend of improvements in safety...

Mining Global Magazine - February 2015  

SIMULATORS HAVE BEEN A hot topic in the mining sector. These video game esque systems offer a comprehensive blend of improvements in safety...