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Spring | Summer 2022

The Make-A-Wish Collection Our Spring | Summer 2022 collection reflects changing times, when nothing can be taken for granted, but hopes and dreams are omnipresent. Now it’s time to “Makea-Wish” and believe like a child that dreams can come true. As always, nature is our tireless inspiration and this time its dandelions that have moved us to create a poem to encapsulate the new collection: Dandelions in the air One just landed in your hair Close your eyes and wish my dear Perhaps it is already here The emphasis of the Make-a-Wish is light like the feathery parachutes that are blown in the air and comfort is key. Colours are subtle Scandinavian dreamy and range from light Almond to warm Latte with accents of rose. Nimble Nordic skies are replicated in shades ranging from a light cloud to deep Jade. Our essentials have been enriched with two effortless, luxurious qualities. A GOTScertified collection in 100% organic cotton rib. And a sumptuous silk-cashmere blend comprising two new women’s styles and a delicate 3-piece babies set. Also added are four new styles in our Signature Silk Seamless line. Finally, the timeless GOTScertified organic cotton jersey and cotton piquet’s lines have been extended with new capsule styles for a timeless and sophisticated basic wardrobe. We invite you to Make-a-Wish and embrace the season in a candid spirit. Enjoy!

Cover : Lis dress

Make A Wish scarf | Bergen blouse | Elspa shor ts

Ljos top | Ejby Gym shor tstop | Barcelina bodyLin | Bit-shir hairband t | Elspa shor ts | Binda scarf

Lin t-shir t | Elspa shor ts | Binda scarf

Eiven polo shir t | Nicer leggings

Lis dress

Lin t-shir t | Elspa shor ts | Binda scarf

Eiven polo shir t | Nicer leggings

Rille bib | Rebild body | Ejby shor ts

Oluva top | Ohlala shor ts

Rebild body

Lin t-shir t | Bieber leggings

Rap body

Norra body | Ejby shor ts

Ry beanie | Rein jumpsuit

Bergen blouse | Lin t-shir t | Ejby shor ts

Blomst top | Nicer leggings

Rille bib | Blomst top | Ejby shor ts

Gerda blouse

Rein jumpsuit

Bippi body

Obladi blouse

Bergen blouse

Blomst top

Pippy body

Lin t-shir t | Bieber leggings

Gr y dress

Blomst top | Ribs leggings

Rein jumpsuit

Long top | Nicer leggings

Bornholm body

Oluva top | Ohlala shor ts

Pippy body

Lis dresses

Ljos top | Elspa shor ts

Ljos top | Nicer leggings

Eiven polo shir t | Bieber leggings

Belfast blouse | Bobbi bloomers

Lis dress

Binda scarf | Blomst top | Nicer leggings

Lin t-shir t | Bieber leggings

Pippy body

Bi headband | Eiven polo shir t | Energi pants

Long top | Eiven polo shir t | Ejby shor ts

Bi headband | Bornholm body | Babla bloomers

Blomst top | Elspa shor ts

Long blouse | Energi pants

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