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Gustard Wood & Blackmore End


June 2020

Local Services Update Hertfordshire Local Resilience Could You Pass for Posh? www.wheathampsteadmagazine.co.uk To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Mid Herts Golf Club

There has never been a better time to join our Club! ATTRACTIVE MEMBERSHIP OFFERS INCLUDE • Lifestyle Weekend Membership* • Lifestyle 30 Round Membership* • 5-Day Membership (over 70’s)* • Under 40’s Membership* • Great savings when 2 or more join together *Terms & conditions apply

WHY MID HERTS? • No Tee Booking Required • Four Starting Points • No Temporary Winter Greens • Easy walking course • Regular Roll Up Groups • Reduced Buggy Hire

• No Traffic or Train Noise • Buddy System for New Members • Full Calendar of Competitions & Social Events • Welcoming Clubhouse • Discounted Bar Prices

For further details please contact Joy Pickard, General Manager Mid Herts Golf Club, Lower Gustard Wood, Lamer Lane, Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8RS Telephone: 01582 832242 Option 5 | www.midhertsgolfclub.co.uk To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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nother month has rolled by and we are essentially still amidst a sort of lockdown. BUT it seems that more of us can now get together in gardens and parks, we can play golf with one other person as well as tennis and I seem to think that fishing is now allowed too (not really sure why fishing was stopped anyway!). So ambling rather than sprinting to that ‘new normal’ we have all heard so much about, but heading steadily, it seems, to that destination anyway. For June we are again online only, but have already booked our print slot for the July issue which will be delivered once again through all letterboxes in the area and will be available to pick up in various places too during the last week of June. For this issue we have again provided an update from the Local Resilience Forum for Hertfordshire which details what’s happening health-wise across our county. We’ve heard from more local businesses that are planning to open or who have already opened, including the Swan Pub in the village and, whilst they are not open as usual just yet, they plan to start a new take-way service for authentic, hand crafted Pizza within the next week or so. Although, it’s a shame that most of us were unable to properly celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day, we explain a few of the things that did happen to mark the event and lastly, for fun, we’ve included a short quiz – ‘Could you pass for posh?’... Well, could you?

Eve Atkins


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Useful Phone Numbers

Doctors Surgery: Marford Road 01582 832258 Dentist: Marford Road 01582 833 408 Gas Emergency: 0800 111 999 Electricity Emergency: 0800 404 090 Power Cuts: 105 Healthline: 111 Police non emergency: 101 Parish Council: 01582 832541 County Council: 0300 123 4040 Local Pharmacy: 01582 832102

Help Lines

Mind: 0845 766 0163

Advice for Mental Health Issues

The Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90

Confidential non-judgemental emotional support

Alcoholics Anonymous: 0845 769 7555 Stroke helpline: 0845 303 3100

Advice from the Stroke Association

Age Concern: 0800 00 99 66 Frank: 0800 77 66 00

Advice about drugs from professional advisers

Beating Eating Disorders: 0845 634 1414 Cruse Day by Day: 0844 477 9400 Help and support for people who are bereaved

Macmillan CancerLine: 0808 808 2020

Autism Helpline: 0845 070 4004 To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Hong Kong then...

June 9, 1898 The British signed a 99-year lease for Hong Kong, located on the southern coast of China. Hong Kong, consisting of an area measuring 400 square miles, was administered as a British Crown Colony until July 1, 1997, Hong Kong’s autonomy was guaranteed by the 1997 agreement when its sovereignty reverted to the People’s Republic of China.

...and now

According to the BBC, China is facing mounting criticism over a planned security law for Hong Kong which would make it a crime to undermine Beijing’s authority in the territory. The UK and US said at a private session of the UN Security Council that the law would curtail the city’s freedoms. China, which blocked a formal meeting, warned them to “stop interfering”.

We’ve heard...

Under the current uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust has sadly cancelled its annual Festival of Wildlife at Panshanger Park. Scheduled to take place on 25th and 26th July, it’s the Trust’s largest community event.

Get yourself...

...an authentic Barrel & Stone thin and crispy stone baked pizzas from The Swan as they begin to offer a take-away service for the well loved brand - prepared and baked fresh to order. Please mention MiniMagazines when responding to adverts

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Useful Contacts


Local Resilience


Local Services


Victory in Europe


Share Your Views


Are You Posh?

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Health Matters

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19 To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Coronavirus: Useful Contacts Emotional & practical support www.hertshelp.net 03001234044

Health advice and information www.nhs.uk/coroavirus

Local council services www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/ coronavirus

Domestic abuse www.hertssunflower.org Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse helpline 08 088 088 088

Financial Advice www.hertforshire.gov.uk/benefits Citizens Advice 03444111 444 www.hcas.org.uk National Debtline 0808 808 4000 www.nationaldebtline.org

Avoiding Scams Sign up for scam alerts www.hertfordshire.gov.ik/updateme

Volunteering www. volunteering.org.uk

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Coronavirus: M

iniMagazines has received the following Local Resilience Forum update, via Healthwatch Hertfordshire, the consumer champion for health and social care.

Supporting residential and nursing care homes

During late May, the Care Minister wrote to all local authorities to announce a £600m fund to support care homes to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission within and between homes. The county council has written to all providers setting out the key points and conditions of the funding to ensure that they can quickly access the money. The Care Minister has also asked local authorities, in partnership with health colleagues, to develop and publish a Care Home Resilience Plan that identifies all the current support available to care homes and what actions we intend to take to ensure that they continue to be supported. This was due to be published by 29 May. Coronavirus testing for staff and residents with and without symptoms is now starting to being rolled out to all older people’ care homes across the country. We are working to ensure that there is sufficient capacity for testing in Hertfordshire and a clear prioritisation framework for allocating testing kits.

Caring for ‘shielded’ residents

As of 13/05/20, there were 41,482 records of Hertfordshire residents on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s shield list. This number continues to increase as further shielded citizens identified by local health professionals are received. 61,000 parcels of food and household items have been delivered to people who are self-isolating and people helping those in need, as well as over 1,000 prescriptions.

Guiding Hertfordshire’s Schools

Extensive guidance and support has been provided to primary schools in preparation for the planned phased return of particular year groups from June onwards. Hertfordshire’s guidance uses information from the Department for Education as a starting point but is extended Please mention MiniMagazines when responding to adverts

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Local Resilience Forum and tailored for our county, covering issues such as infection control, the welfare of staff and pupils and planning. Each primary school has an adviser to help trouble-shoot problems or test out ideas and most schools are expected to progressively extend their offer to pupils from June onwards.

Getting more hospital services up and running safely As the number of coronavirus cases reduces, the county’s health organisations are increasingly focusing on resuming a wider range of services. Although health services have continued to see and treat patients needing urgent treatment throughout the pandemic, all routine treatment has been put on hold and a lot of people are waiting for this to resume. We need to open up access to routine healthcare in a managed way and our health organisations are working together to prioritise patients and find ways of meeting their needs safely. At the same time, we need to continue to provide care for those people currently suffering from COVID-19 as well as those recovering from the virus, and to be able to rapidly step up our response if cases start to increase. In keeping with social distancing measures, health services will continue to provide virtual appointments and consultations by phone or video where possible. Potential visitors are asked to speak to ward staff in advance to discuss arrangements for keeping in touch with inpatients. Allowing extra time for staff to put on and take off personal protective equipment and to check that patients going into appointments have no obvious coronavirus symptoms will reduce the number of people that can be seen in any one session. To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Coronavirus testing in Hertfordshire expanded

The COVID-19 testing service in Hertfordshire has now been expanded to include even more people who may have developed coronavirus. From Monday 18 May, the government extended the criteria for COVID-19 testing. Now anyone aged over five years old who is in the first few days of having suspected symptoms can have a test. In addition, another symptom has been added to the list of signs that someone might have contracted coronavirus. As well as a new continuous cough or a high temperature, a loss of, or change in a person’s normal sense of taste or smell has been included. To book a test, go online to www.gov. uk/coronavirus and enter your details. The booking system will only show you details of test locations which are available in the following 24hrs.

On another note...

We’ve heard that the government has produced some guidance on financial support for voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations to respond to coronavirus. Within that funding opportunity – the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (£200m) has been announced, which may be of interest to some local groups. Applications opened on Friday 22 May at 10am. Further information can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/financial-supportfor-voluntary-community-and-social-enterprisevcse-organisations-to-respond-to-coronaviruscovid-19 *Hertfordshire’s Local Resilience Forum is a multiagency partnership of local public services which is working to coordinate the approach to COVID-19. Please mention MiniMagazines when responding to adverts

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Amazing Pizza from

The Swan Kitchen coming soon

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Local Services

t seems that many of us have been holding a collective breath just waiting to get back to normal or ‘the new normal’ to use the current term and there seems to be no doubt that the UK and Hertforshire are moving toward that time. Looks like some children will be going back to school, and many so called non - essential shops will be allowed to open sooner rather than later. Social distancing will of course still be going on to ensure that we all stay safe and well whilst getting back to a life free of the static lockdown that we have all endured for the many past weeks. Despite the easing of lockdown, it’s worth noting that the Wheathampstead Support for All Initiative organised by the Wheathampstead Community Group (WCG ) continues to operate with great efficiency. Over 100 volunteers are providing shopping, prescription collection and other services for more than 80 vulnerable residents in the village. The group are also working in response to direct requests to help families in need at this time of crisis, by providing shopping vouchers to help them when struggling with funds and lack of income. Mike Greensmith, a representative from the group told Minimagazines ‘We are mindful of potential future spikes in coronavirus cases and regional lockdowns so we will continue the service for the foreseeable future. Activities have been financed by grants from St Albans Old Peoples’ Trust, Hertfordshire County Council and Tesco Groundworks. Since the start of lockdown, local residents have donated over £3,500 to WCG to support our efforts in this regard. We thank them To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Page 9

all for their incredible generosity.’ The group is happy to help in various ways such as shopping for essentials, financial help, prescription collection, transport to medical appointments or simply someone to talk to. So, if you are in Wheathampstead and need help, please call the Wheathampstead Support for All hotline on 01582 380910 or email info@ wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk. All communications will be dealt with sensitively.

A New Normal?

Even though it’s been fun talking with friends and family via Zoom or What’sapp or any of the other digital video platforms available, it’s just not the same as meeting in person. So it was good to hear that it will now be possible to meet in groups of 6 for garden parties and gatherings provided that participants continue to socially distance and all being well those numbers are bound to grow. Let’s hope that’s something we can all look forward to soon. Much to the delight of many, last month, Mid Herts, our local golf club in Lamer Lane Gustard Wood welcomed members back to begin playing again although with just one other person. During the lockdown, the excellent course at Mid Herts has been maintained and cared for in the usual way by a team of green keepers. Wheathampstead’s very popular local pub The Swan (pictured) have told MiniMagazines that they have used all the downtime to upgrade, clean and paint the various areas of the pub that needed it. Depending on government guidance and possibly as soon as early July, it looks like Continued on page 11 Please mention MiniMagazines when responding to adverts

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Wheathampstead and District Preservation Society

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Continued From page 9 the Swan could be utilising their outdoor space to re-site tables and chairs in order to welcome customers once again for socially distanced outdoor drinking. Early June will see the start of something special from Sally and Glenn at the Swan as they begin to offer a take-away service for the well loved Barrel & Stone thin and crispy stone baked pizzas. Sally said, “Only authentic high quality ingredients will be used and all pizzas will be prepared and baked fresh to order. All orders will be taken by telephone only and of course, social distancing rules will apply when collecting. We are so excited to partner up with Barrel and Stone and can’t wait to introduce our customers to the fantastic taste of these amazing Pizzas.” John ‘the Window Man’ Harris is back and fully operational, so if you’ve had any sort of problems with your windows and doors, do give him a call. Matt from Farr Brew told us that they are offering various examples of their own brewed beer, which you can order via facebook and collect from their brewery in Wheathampstead. RTI Autos, Specialists Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance providers in Down Green Lane have continued, as necessary, to offer their services to support customers throughout these difficult times, whilst other car specialists Jessamine Motor Company have opened their doors to welcome back local customers for all help needed for their vehicles. When it comes to how your vehicle looks, paint and bodywork specialists, Chips Away, are back and offering the same top service either at their workshops or via their mobile operators. Pan AutosFES_WM_8th-page_Advert.pdf is also back with a bang providing 1 08/12/2019 servicing,tyres and MOT’s as usual.





Local and reliable electrician, for all domestic needs.






Call or email for a no obligation quote. 07778 601 609 bartfoley@mail.com

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Gardener, Painter & Decorater Local Lady Fully insured, friendly, trustworthy & reliable no job too small ‘’ASK SARAH’’ today for a free quotation Tel: 07968 670597 sarahemmamolls@hotmail.co.uk

Local electrician

Excellent results, minimal disruption, fair pricing, good time-keeping. Ben Hooper ​07815 119790 stalbanssparks@gmail.com www.stalbanssparks.com Darren’s Meals, the new high end food delivery service born in Lockdown, continues to flourish and great local produce is still available at Carpenters Farm shop and now the lovely Garden centre side of the business is open too. Leigh at the Electric Bike Shop is still offering all services regarding cycling, so do give him a call if you need anything.



Designs prepared for extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, porches, disabled adaptations for Local authority planning and building regulation approval. Advice on the Party Wall Act and Construction (Design Management) Regulations T: 07817489627 E: comberdown@btinternet.com W: www.richardlloydarchitects.co.uk

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Come home to a clean house Our professionally trained team of maids will make your home sparkle. We tailor our cleans to your individual needs, schedule and budget. Call us today to arrange your no obligation in home quote

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Free Range Meats Rose Veal Local Tamworth Pork Turkeys Free Range Chickens Homemade Sausages & Pies Regular Special Offers

01582 834656 Free Delivery Mill Walk, Wheathampstead To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Victory in Europe Day 8

th May 1945 marked the end of World War Two in Europe- VE day is the day that celebrates the formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender by Britain and its Allies marking the end of the world war 11 in Europe. Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader, had committed suicide on 30 April during the Battle of Berlin and Germany’s surrender was authorised by his successor. Once Germany had signed the documents of surrender, celebrations erupted throughout the western world, especially in the UK and North America. More than one million people celebrated in the streets throughout the UK to mark the end of the European part of the war. In London, crowds massed in Trafalgar Square and up the Mall to Buckingham Palace, where King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by their daughters and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, appeared on the balcony of the palace before the cheering crowds. Churchill went from the palace to Whitehall where he addressed another large crowd. It wasn’t just in London, the day was one of celebration across Britain and saw people coming together to enjoy the victory in streets up and down the country. Several countries observe public holidays on the day each year, also called Liberation Day or Victory Day. In the UK we call it VE Day. This year some 75 years later due to the lockdown across our country, this very special anniversary was much more difficult to mark or celebrate, although MiniMagazines heard that To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

some determined locals were able to set out tables in their front gardens and toast to those in opposite or adjacent gardens! But there were no large-scale street parties or parades although the traditional silence still fell around the country as people honoured servicemen and women. As part of the commemorations that could take place, at 15:00 BST, the same time that Winston Churchill addressed the nation on 8 May 1945, BBC One broadcast his words: “We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toils and efforts that lie ahead.” Later that day, the queen addressed the nation and Prime Minister; Boris Johnson expressed “eternal” gratitude to the wartime generation. The commemorations began with a flypast over London by the Royal Air Force display team the Red Arrows, while RAF Typhoon jets flew over Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. Please mention MiniMagazines when responding to adverts

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Your NEW THIS SPRING! This spring we will be adding a selection of ready-to-eat deli items to our product range. These will include: sliced Ham, Beef & Chicken. Quiche, seasonal salads and more! All prepared and cooked by our Chefs on-site. For those of you that want to eat well but don’t have time to cook from scratch, we also offer Cook Ready Meals.

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Local Farm Shop

At Carpenter’s we provide the very best local produce. In our Farm Shop you’ll find our own grown vegetables, locally sourced meat, bread, cheese, beer, chocolate & more!

• Fresh Meats from R&M Butchers, Harpenden • Bread from Redbournbury Mill & Simmons • Cheese from Wobbly Bottom Farm, Hitchin • Chocolate from I Am Cocoa, Handmade in St Albans

Carpenters, 106 St Albans Rd, Sandridge, Herts, AL4 9LJ T: 01727 853340 www.carpentersnursery.co.uk To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Your local independent vets

Veterinary Surgery 01727226475 www.stalbansvets.co.uk 71 The Qudrant AL49RQ

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Share your views

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ealth and social care champions Healthwatch Hertfordshire, have now launched various coronavirus experience surveys to understand more broadly the experiences people in Hertfordshire have had over recent weeks and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their care and treatment. Healthwatch are an independent body that have been given powers by central government to make sure that the people’s voice gets heard, and to act as a ‘critical friend’ to organisations that provide health and social care. Healthwatch improves services by gathering and listening to feedback from the public and using this evidence to focus on the important issues for people who use services;- so it’s vital that you share your views in terms of your recent health experiences of the coronavirus pandemic. The surveys take about 5 minutes to complete

and will be used to inform service providers about public experiences during the pandemic. There are currently three surveys concerning Shielding, Mental Health as well as Health and Social Care. To share your views and so help to improve services please visit: https://www. healthwatchhertfordshire.co.uk/covid-19surveys/

The Electric Bike Vault • • • • •

The bikes of the future Electric Bikes Conventional Bikes Sales Spares and Repairs Test Rides available Extensive range of bikes


We welcome you to call in and have a chat to see what bike type will suit you. 16 High Street, Wheathampstead, AL4 8AA Tel: 01582 278443 Email: theelectricbikevault@gmail.com Web: www.theelectricbikevault.co.uk To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Pet Superstore


click & collect


or call 01582 833883

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buy in-store

New Mill, Lamer Lane, Wheathampstead, Herts, AL4 8RG

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Could You Pass for Posh? W

hen kids get to a certain age, frequently, the teenage years, it seems that many of them are just embarrassed by their parents. It could be your taste in music, or the clothes you wear that suddenly make kissing your offspring goodbye at the school gate a complete and utter no, no! I’m sure it didn’t used to be like that. Was it only a few decades ago, that for many socially elite households it was the nanny that dropped of young Freddy or Harriet and that’s if they weren’t being home schooled by a private tutor in the house nursery! Although today there doesn’t seem to be much of a class system, back then it was easy to identify ‘the upper classes’. For one thing, they were titled, they probably lived in stately homes and most had a raft of servants. It was all very upstairs downstairs, although it seems that many children in those families hardly knew their parents so there really was not much chance of embarrassment. Of course, it we ever bother to think about it, it’s reasonable to assume that most of us today would consider ourselves to be at least middle class, although some would insist that they come from a very high class background while others seem proud to admit to being low class! To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Fact is, it really doesn’t matter anymore so just for fun, take our little quiz to see if you might just pass for posh or find out once and for all if you really are as common as muck? If you answer Yes to 3 or more of these questions, you are definitely posh! 1. Do you refer to any place outside London as “the country”? 2. Do you address your parents as Mummy and Daddy – even though you are much much older than10? 3. Do you wince when you see people holding a knife like a knitting needle? 4. Do you think tweed is a good look? 5. Have you ever flicked through the back pages of Tatler looking for pictures of your friends? 6. Do you hang out with people called Bunty, Flossy and Pickles? 7. Do you go to the ballet/opera? 8. Do you have a cleaner? 9. Do you own a stake in horses/sailing? 10. Do you spend over £10 on a bottle of wine? 11. Do you say supper instead of dinner? 12. Do you have an Aga? 13 Do you drink Earl Grey/ specialist teas? 14. Do you know what Prosecco is or eat hummus?

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Ground breaking ways to heat your home The latest air source & ground source heat pumps, Combined with underfloor heating and plenty of insulation, are a great way to lower your energy bills and cut your carbon footprint.

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Health Matters

Our Lungs are Incredible. E

very day you take about 25,000 breaths, mostly without thinking. How often you breathe in and out every minute depends on your age and what you’re doing. If you’re resting, an adult will breathe around 12-20 times a minute – that adds up to around 17,000 – 30,000 times a day! The amount of air that moves in and out of your lungs can vary from just a few litres a minute when you’re resting to over 100 litres a minute if you’re exercising vigorously.

The lungs absorb oxygen from the air you breathe in and transfer it into your bloodstream so that it can get to every part of your body. As the cells in your body work, they produce a waste gas called carbon dioxide that is released into the bloodstream. Your lungs get rid of this waste gas when you breathe out. Your two lungs fill your chest and sit on either side of your heart. The left lung is smaller than the right because it shares that side of the chest with your heart. Continued on page 23



Producer of the Year

Best local producer


Food & Drink awards

Farr Brew’s beautiful tap room is now open collections openforevery single Saturday – 11am to 35pm Farr Brew are proud to support:

Discover our full range of quality ales. Also known as ‘The Best Beers by Farr’

Farr Brew, Samuels Farm, Coleman Green Lane, Wheathampstead • :farrbrew

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John Lewis & Partners Lounge Chair, Ampana Print, £499 Galeries Maeght Hantai Framed Poster, £125 Marble Beaded Pedestal Side Table, £199 Teal Drip Vases, £50 Sultans Garden Boxed Teapot, £75 Berber Ikat Rug, £525 Blue Coral, £50 Poole Pottery Maya Purse Vase, £90 Tumbler, Amaranth Pink, £5. https://johnlewis.com

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Continued from page 21 Your main breathing muscle is the diaphragm. This divides your chest from your abdomen. Your diaphragm contracts when you breathe in, so pulling the lungs down, stretching and expanding them. It relaxes back – into a dome position – when you breathe out, reducing the amount of air in your lungs. The abdominal muscles are used to push air out of the lungs when you breathe out. There are also muscles in between the ribs, which keep the ribcage stiff and help with breathing. These are called intercostal muscles. The system works so that you breathe in and out comfortably at rest where the least effort is required to move air – and you’re probably not conscious of your breathing. When you exercise, you need to move more air. To do this you can take bigger breaths or breathe more quickly – usually both. To stay alive, we need oxygen. Without our lungs, we can’t get the oxygen we need. If your lungs are damaged, you can’t breathe. If you can’t breathe, you can have problems doing even the smallest task. This is why lung health matters. According to the British Lung Foundation

Tax problems? Talk to:

Fenlon & Co 6 High Street, Wheathampstead • Accounts for Ltd Companies • Self Assessment Tax Returns • Accounts for Self Employed • Payroll & VAT Returns • Audit and investigations NO FEE FOR INITIAL CONSULTATION Paul Laskier - FCCA Mike Crafer - CTA Tel: 01582 831234 Email: laskier@fenlonandco.co.uk www.fenlonandco.co.uk To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

Health Matters

Taskforce for Lung health (blf.org), every year 115,000 people die because of lung disease. Every year, 700,000 hospital admissions are down to lung disease. The UK has the 4th-highest mortality rate from lung disease in Europe. Alongside heart disease and non-respiratory cancer, lung disease is one of the UK’s 3 biggest killers. And while mortality from heart disease and many non-respiratory cancers is falling, the number of people killed each year by lung disease is staying the same. Respiratory disease affects 1 in 5 people and is the third biggest cause of death in the UK. For the purpose of this example, respiratory disease does not include all respiratory diseases, but does include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. Asthma affects people of all ages. Approximately 20% of those diagnosed are children and young people. The aim of treating adults and children with asthma is to prevent unnecessary deaths each year, and support people to control their symptoms. Asthma is not a progressive condition but the condition can worsen. Most asthma deaths are considered to be avoidable. According to GOV UK health pages, the number of people affected by asthma in the UK is amongst the highest in the world with up to 5.4 million people in the UK estimated to have asthma. Patients with COPD Continued on page 25 Please mention MiniMagazines when responding to adverts

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Nannies 4 Grannies

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Fully Guaranteed - Our repairs come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car

Panel Replacements

We specialise in repairing all car paint and bodywork damage. We offer both a Mobile Service and also have our own Bodyshop for larger repairs

For a free no obligation repair estimate, contact ChipsAway St Albans on: 07807 665380 or Email: brian.palmer@chipsaway.co.uk Unit 4, The Gryphon Industrial Park, Porters Wood, St Albans, Herts, AL3 6XZ www.chipsaway.co.uk/brianpalmer To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Continued from page 23 tend to be older than those with asthma. 13% of people over 35 years of age may have changes in their lung function indicating a diagnosis of COPD. Many people with COPD are or have been smokers. The condition is a deteriorating one and the number of deaths from COPD is much higher than from asthma. What is COPD? It’s a common lung condition that includes two conditions – emphysema and chronic bronchitis. In emphysema, the damage occurs to the breathing tubes and to the air sacs. Breathing tubes – attachments that hold the breathing tubes open are destroyed and result in collapse of the breathing tubes when breathing out.Air sacs – the walls of the air sacs are destroyed causing enlargement. In contrast, with chronic bronchitis the glands that line the breathing tubes produce too much mucus which blocks the passage of air when breathing out. Those diagnosed with chronic

Health Matters bronchitis cough up mucus most days. It is common to have both chronic bronchitis and emphysema. About 1 out of 5 people who smoke at least a pack or more of cigarettes each day for at least 10 years “gets” COPD.

Does lung disease just affect smokers?

Anyone can get a lung disease. Smoking is a major risk factor. Never smoking is the biggest thing we can all do to keep our lungs healthy. Poor air quality, workplace dusts and chemicals, and genetic susceptibility can also cause lung disease. But in some cases, there’s no clear cause. No matter what the cause, it’s important that everyone gets the treatment and support they need. *Information supplied by The Chest Foundation, Gov UK health pages and British Lung Foundation.

The Window Man Are Your windows a pane? Are they misty, not bright Does your door hang in shame Are your hinges too tight Then give John a ring He’s ever so nice He’ll look at your problems And give you a price ….. For FREE advice and an estimate call

John can repair your windows and doors and if necessary, he can quote for full replacements No job too small Quick friendly


Registered FENSA member

01582 609143 or 07916 128280 johnthewindowman@gmail.com

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Cost effective Servicing Specialists for all Makes of Car MOT CENTRE • TYRES • EXHAUSTS • BRAKES • BATTERIES CLUTCHES • SHOCKS CALL NOW FOR EFFiCIENT COST EFFECTIVE SERVICES FOR YOUR CAR FAST FIT/TYRES/MOT’S 01582 764322 Grove Road, Harpenden AL5 1PX ALL CAR SERVICING 01582 469955 www.panautos.co.uk

To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Specialist in vehicle servicing and maintenance

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Nutwood (Left Hand Gate) Down Green Lane Wheathampstead, Herts, AL4 8EB

when booked with a full service

Contact Robert Innes - 07596 454 550 - Servicing (All vehicles) - MOT’s - Tyres - Batteries

- Air Conditioning - Bodywork Repair - Remapping - Wheel Alignment

Free collection of your vehicle - Wheel Refurbishment - Timing Belts - Exhausts - Diagnostics

Friendly, Reliable, Independent Business To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012

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Block Paving . Patios . Paths

Ornamental Walls . Steps

TELEPHONE: 01992 830 321 MOBILE: 07587 320 427


Chapel Mill, 29 Tamworth Road, Hertford SG13 7DD

Landmark General Builders Ltd specialise in block paving, tarmacadam, brickwork, graveling, fencing, patios and general hard landscaping. We are happy to point you in the direction of projects that we have already completed so that you can see firsthand the quality of our work. Call today, we will be happy to offer you a free and very competitive no obligation quote. Available in a comprehensive range of colours, designed to blend and harmonise with any style Burnt Oak





To Advertise call 01582 842052 or 0775 3857012


Free Estimates and Advice

Fourteen Day Cooling off Period No Deposit Required

Autumn Gold


TELEPHONE: 01992 830 321 MOBILE: 07587 320 427

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