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Addis Educational Center


Maldives Healthcare & Research Facility


One Chase Manhattan


Warehouse Educatioan Reform

An education center dedicated to serving refugees in local Syracuse Community.

A healthcare and research facility dedicated to help the locals in Maldives and finding a solution to global climate change.

A lower Manhattan skyscraper repurposed to serve the local community through residential living space, public amenities, and high end restaraunt.

A warehouse redesigned to feature a new education style that stems away from conventional education system. By understanding the different approaches to education, the warehouse responds with specific interior designed spaces that fully uses the space to its maximum efficiency.

Addis Educational Cente




Addis building company will be transformed into an educational center for the Syracuse community. Addis will become a hub for immigrants who need educational support ranging for young children to adults. The biggest barrier for immigrants is trying to assimilate into a new country and by helping them learn the language and any other subjects, it will allow them to participate in their community.

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

449-453 S. Salina St. Syracuse, New York



Addis Rendering The first floor acts as a commerce floor with a cafe, bookstore, and daycare. The second and third floor is for learning. Children and adults are spread out according to their knowledge and will receive support from teachers and volunteers. Other subjects are also studied here as well. The fourth floor is a library and technology floor. Computers, books, and other resources are here to be used for additional support. The fifth floor is the administration floor where they are in charge of the building and its logistics. The workers help regulate the residents coming in or out and also administers volunteering work from outside colleges.

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Fourth Floor Library

Second Floor Study Area



Addis Rendering The third floor of Addis Education Center. This area is used for the public to access computer and other peripherals to support their learning. Within the third floor, there are areas for people to lounge and study.

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

Fourth Floor Technology Room




Fourth Floor

Rendered Floor

Fourth Floor Ceiling



Wall Studies

Following the basic form of an undulating wave



Undulating wave slowly developing a solid form

3D composite of sticks forming the undulating form of a wave

Fourth Floor Study Area

Multiple wall surface pressed together

Multiple surface manipulated to create larger wave-like form

New form shows a hybrid of an undulating wave as a single panel, but when put together creats a mountain form



Maldives Healthcare Clinic & Research Facility



Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

Healthcare & Research 10

11 Maldives

Maldives Environmental Studies Maldives is located south of India, made up of a collection of islands. The capital of Maldives, Male, has been experiencing an increase of foreigners migrating to the islands of Maldives. This movement in a small city can cause rapid spread of diseases. The location of Male also poses environmental threats, such as rising sea levels, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the effect of climate change. To combat rapid migration and potential environmental dangers, a healthcare clinic and research facility is being built in the capital of Maldives, Male. This clinic will be a haven for supporting locals, as well as, being in the forefront of climate change research and its affect on the world.

Healthcare & Research 12

Cultural Elements The location of Maldives influences its cultural habits. Being surrounded by water, the natives of Maldives hand craft wooden boats called dhonis to use as a vehicle of transportation. The unique shape of the bow distinguishes the dhonis from other wooden boats.


What makes the Maldivian boating so unique is the shape of the dhoni boats, mainly the front bow. The same element of the signature curve is brought to the sculptural piece.

Sculptural Dhoni Construction

13 Maldives

Using locally sourced material, the coconut palm tree timber is used to construct the unique skeleton of the sculptural element.


Sculptural Dhoni Front View

The unique design of the sculptural element is based of the shape of the dhoni boat. While the front part is influenced by the curved element of the boat, the main body mimics the skeletal pattern of the boat during construction.

Sculptural Dhoni Side View

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

Healthcare & Research 14

Maldives Construction


15 Maldives

Maldives Healthcare & Research First Floor Plan Scale 0’-3/32”=1’-0”

Floor Plan


Maldives Healthcare & Research Second Floor Plan Scale 0’-3/32”=1’-0” Healthcare & Research 16

Maldives Environmental Movements

In case of sudden rise in sea level or a tsunami attack, the building is designed to minimize the damages. The pressure of the rushing water breaks the glass that surrounds the facility. This relieves the pressure of the walls. The reinforced concrete column will be able to hold up the building and prevent it from collapsing.

Flow Diagram

On the second floor above the garden, there is a sky roof that allows sun to come through. This open source of natural light brings warmth and also energy to the people and the garden itself. The sky roof being open makes the building feel more transparent.

Building Section at Entry

17 Maldives

Flow Diagram

There will be open areas in the glass wall that allows air to move throughout the building. By bringing in the air, the facility would not feel still, rather feel like there is a connection between the outside environment and the interior space.

With the second floor roof being open, the building will be able to receive the sun’s energy including heat. Since Maldives is located near the equator, majority of the temperature is consistent all year. With the warm sun constantly shining, the building does not require extra heat produced by the building.

Building Section

Healthcare & Research 18

Maldives Structural Renderings The view displays the dhoni sculptural piece from above. The sculpture sits in the middle of the facility which can be viewed from various points from within the building, as well as the outside. It is the focus point that creates a connection between the facility and the Maldives’ environment.

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

19 Maldives

Axon Diagram

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Healthcare & Research 20

Reception Desk

First Floor Waiting Area

Lobby and Central Area The healthcare clinic and research facility combines the attribute of transparency and privacy through the unique use and placement of materials. The glass allows for transparency, which allows visibility throughout the building that combats the cluster like structures located in Male, the capital of Maldives. Local woods from coconut tree and banana trees are used to create walls for the privacy of the patients.

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

Second Floor Gaden

Healthcare & Research 22

Recovery Room

23 Maldives

Healthcare & Research Space This building acts as a healthcare clinic and research facility. Locals can come to the healthcare clinic to receive treatment concerning their physical and mental health. The building also acts as a research facility that conducts research and experiments pertaining to climate change. Maldives is an ideal location for climate change research due to the fact that the location itself is in the center of the change. The building will act as a beacon of reality concerning the changes that are occurring with the environment due to human activities. Therapy Room

Research Room

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

Healthcare & Research 24

One Chase Manhattan One Chase Manhattan is a project about researching, surveying, and repurposing an existing skyscraper in New York City to benefit the local community. My group surveyed the One Chase Manhattan building located in lower Manhattan. After surveying the building and the local area, we were able to find issues with commuting and living situations.

Large Permanent Living Space

25 One Chase Manhattan

Since the financial district has a lot of commuting, we decided to design a residential space accommodating both temporary and permanent residents. The building would also have public amenities in first floor as well as a high end restaurant that would utilize the view at the top of the skyscraper. My responsibility was desiging the temporary and permanent residential spaces in the One Chase Manhattan building. The space would utilize multiple floors of the building into creating a single living unit. This would give more square footage to the living spaces. Nature and sustainability was our driving element in our project, so we brought in gardens and water aspects into the building, especially because the financial district lacked greenery.

Hospitality 26

Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex Main Bedroom

27 One Chase Manhattan

Permanent Living Space In the One Chase Manhattan building, there is a permanent resident living space. The permanent space is for those who are residents of New York City. Living in lower Manhattan makes it easier to commute to work especially if the resident works in the Financial District. This resident space is a collection of three floors. By combing three floors, the square footage is increased for more comfortable living. The permanent resident living space has mezzanine style floors, which overlooks the floors below and also allows all the floors to be seen from the first floor. With the mezzanine style, maximum view of lower Manhattan can be seen.

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additonal Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

Hospitality 28

Temporary Living Space In the One Chase Manhattan building, there is a hotel section for temporary living. There is a temporary living space for those who are commuting from local or long distances. This hotel section overlooks lower Manhattan. Hotel residents are allowed to enjoy the garden and water element the building has to offer.

Model: Sketchup, Render: Keyshot, Additional Software: Photoshop & Illustrator

29 One Chase Manhattan

Temporary Living Space

Temporary Living Space

Hospitality 30

Mechanical Floor: Garden The mechanical floors are transformed into sustainable spaces for residents and the public to enjoy. The garden mechanical floor utilizes its location at the top section of the skyscraper, by using solar panels to capture renewable solar energy to power the building. With large panels of glass, the garden mechanical floor is able to get maximum sunlight.

Top Garden Mechanical Floor

Bottom Garden Mechanical Floor

31 One Chase Manhattan

The lower area of the garden mechanical floor is meant for people to gather as if they were in a park. The pathways are lit for people looking to walk around and there are seating areas next to the garden. Plants are brought into the space to mimic the natural scenery outside.

Hospitality 32

The bottom section of the water designed mechanical floor is a place where anyone is able to come and walk on marble paths that float on water. There are also seating areas along the water pathway. Beside them, water is gently streaming down the marble stairs. The water beneath is being filtrated through a series of charcoal and other filters. The filtered water would then circulate back into the building.

33 One Chase Manhattan

Mechanical Floor: Water Design This part of the One Chase Manhattan building transforms an existing mechanical floor to a water focused design. Residents and the public are able to come and see water flowing down on a stair made of marble. This floor creates an attraction, where just leaving the floor to be a mechanical floor would be wasted. The mechanical systems are condensed to occupy half of the floor that are hidden from the water design.

Top Water Mechanical Floor

Bottom Water Mechanical Floor

Hospitality 34

System in Society

Education Law -Not enough resources -Student to teacher ratio is off -standardized testing doesn’t test ability of students -Current method of teaching is old Transportation -Carbon output -traffic -more accessible -collisions

35 Syracuse Warehouse

-Issue with the power of the police -favoring certain people over others -certain laws being passed

Economy -unemployment -wide wage gap -Inflation -recession

Healthcare Sustainability -Increase in Carbon Dioxide -Equal Healthcare and methane -Accessible to everyone -Trash in land fills -proper treatment -Trash in the ocean -focus on researching treatments -attacking nature for resources

Govervment -Too much people to control -not understanding their intentions

Equality -Ethnic boundaries -Gender difference -religious beliefs -segregation

Redesigning Educational Space Revamping the educational system through purposeful design. By utilizing the concept of openness and collaboration, the design of the education space enhances the students ability to learn and communicate better amongst each other.

Education 36

Lobby Area

Warehouse Education Space Reform Human beings are capable of accomplishing incredible achievements. We can further our social advancement by focusing on problems that we face and finding the solution. All of the problems that occur in our society are due to inefficiency in our systems. So in order to fix the problems in our society such as proficiency in learning, transportation, health, economy, government, law, sustainability, and equality, we need to address the that causes of the inefficiency in those system. Revamping the educational system through purposeful design. By utilizing the concept of openness and collaboration, the design of the education space enhances the students ability to learn and communicate better amongst each other.

First Floor Plan

37 Syracuse Warehouse

Waiting Area

Waiting Area Study Area

Education 38

Art Studio: Wall Panel Element In the warehouse reform education design, there is a unique design element that is shown throughout the entire building. The design element of using wall partitions is the same all throughout the building, but the design itself changes when it comes to different circumstances. The idea of using wall partition that are titled is to create a feeling of both transparency and privacy. When the angle of perspective changes as you move throughout the space, so does the level of opacity. This change in opacity gives curiosity to what is happening on the other side. For the first floor, the art studio has moveable wall panels that can change into different modes, from open, to private. This movement of panels allows for more dynamic interaction between the students, as well as creating new possible spaces between the walls.

Warehouse Art Studio

Original Wall Panel Configuration

Art Studio Panel View

Closed Wall Panel Configuration

Open Wall Panel Configuration

Art Studio Panel View

Warehouse Classroom

41 Syracuse Warehouse

Warehouse: Classroom Cluster Redesigning a classroom to fit a new form of education needs to be very different than the contemporary education space. The key idea for the new design is collaboration and openness. The idea of wall panels still exists in the classroom. The walls that divide the classroom also has the ability to open up completely, letting two classrooms form into a bigger classroom. This model invites collaboration between two classrooms that might have different subjects being taught.

Warehouse Classroom View Outside

Education 42

Warehouse Study Area

Warehouse Library

Warehouse Study Area

Warehouse Auditorium

43 Syracuse Warehouse

Warehouse: Resource Areas The warehouse includes necessary amenities to aid the students during their learning experience. Using the square footage wisely, the warehouse has one large auditorium that is floors high. This auditorium accommodates all types of activities from lectures to presentations. The warehouse has multiples areas in the classroom levels where students are allowed to study. The space between the floors are open and are accessible using stairs so students are able to collaborate between disciplinary. One of the better ways of learning is through working with other students to expand potential areas of studies. The library is accessible to all students. The resources the library includes a space for study, books and other resources for further learning, and technological resources.

Education 44

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