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MingYi Hsu Portfolio


Fascinated by the creativities in commercials, which trigger consumers to purchase the product, I chose to major in Advertising in college. When I was a freshman and a sophomore, I spent a lot of time lear ning the skills of Illustration software such as Photoshop, Illustration, Flash and so on. With the progress of my creation, I started to realize that the creativity has to stay in the correct marketing strategy due to the purpose of advertising-- profits. At that time, I was strongly appealed by the power of marketing and then chose to specialize in marketing planning. Most of the courses I had taken needs students to cooperate with classmates and do presentation such as implementation of consumer data base, advertising media, and advertising strategy & planning. These courses not only strengthened my ability of marketing planning, teamwork, and leadership, but also taught me how to use diverse perspective to see every single thing. In the last year of college, I led a team to cooperate with Heysong Corporation to promote the softdrink. In addition, I had also used my flexible time to take part-time job in Magazine corporation and Media Company enhancing my practical experience. F o u r y e a r s o f c o l l e g e w e n t b y, b u t m y p a s s i o n f o r m a r k e t i n g k e e p s i n c r e a s i n g . The following pages were some introduction of my artwork, extracurricular activities and working experience. And I sincerely hope that I can enter your prestigious graduate school to strengthen the knowledge of multinational marketing and communication, and then fulfill my dream-- being a professional marketing specialist in a m u l t i n a t i o n a l c o m p a n y.

M i n g - Yi H s u , b o r n i n 1 9 9 0 i n Ta i w a n , graduated from advertising department at Chinese C u l t u r e U n i v e r s i t y.

Website design Princess Dress

This web design was an assignment of the course of multimedia web design. Since taking photos is one of my interests, I took some photos to create a website about clothes matching, sharing some fashion items and style.

⊿ ⊿ U s e D r e a m w e a v e r, P h o t o s h o p , I l l u s t r a t o r, a n d F l a s h t o d e s i g n t h e w e b s i t e ⊿ Content on this website requires Adobe Flash Player ⊿ Achievement: Won second prize in the class and was published in the website of Advertising department of Chinese Culture university as a honor

Work experience


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. - Henry Ford

Arts Editor, VIVI Magazine Synthesis Organization

⊿ Design the layout and banners on the website ⊿ U s e I n D e s i g n , P h o t o s h o p , I l l u s t r a t o r, a n d F l a s h t o d e s i g n ⊿ Achievement: Successfully assisted in delivering and publishing 12 magazines


competitive presentation

Slogan: Show your passion Strategy: 1 Communicate with young generation by Internet and outdoor events 2 use mascot to communicate with consumers because it can shorten the distance between consumers and company and effectively spread the spirit of brand

started executing the plan


3 use the point of view from young generation as concepts to develop the plan-- "passion is that using a creative and e n e rg e t i c w a y t o f a c e o u r d a i l y life "


Mission: (1) Effectively operate the fans club on Facebook (2) Spread the spirit of Sarsaparilla-- Passion (3) Elevate the product and brand preference in young generation Ta rg e t a u d i e n c e : a g e 1 9 - 2 4

“HeySong Sarsaparilla”, which r e p r e s e n t s t h e s p i r i t o f Ta i w a n , hit the market with the name of “Sarsaparilla Soda” under the brand of HeySong in 1950 and became a product co-marketed with HeySong Soda. HeySong has also oriented towards young people in recent years by marketing such new products as “HeySong Sarsaparilla ICE” and “HeySong Sarsaparilla Sweetie”. The spirit of the brand is "Passion", "Dream", a n d " E n e rg y " , w h i c h a r e t h e concept s Heysong Corporation continually communicate with consumers.

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Challenge: market decline in young generation

Introduction of Heysong Sarsaparilla

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plan revising

presentation in Heysong Corporation

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We d i d m a r k e t i n g research and then developed a product promotion plan. F i n a l l y, o u r t e a m "dob"--do our best-won competition and started to cooperate with Heysong Corporation.



mascot in this campaign This mascot was the figure of key vision

event Chinese Culture University This was the first outdoor event in the promotional p l a n . We c r e a t e d a n e a s y, interactive game in campus to c o n t a c t t h e TA d i r e c t l y. We successfully reached 748 individuals and

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online -event This was the first online-event in the beginning of promotional plan. The purpose was to elevate the number of fans on Facebook in order to communicate with consumers and share brand information. The numbers of fans increased from 496 to 1162 in five days and the media exposure reached 12,168.

advertisement starred by young celebrities

We i n v i t e d f a m o u s b a n d , athletes and so on to star in 30 seconds advertisement sharing four different definition of passion. Their reputation brought many teenagers to the fans club on Facebook and lengthened the time they spent on the fans club. A n d We h a d e v e n r e c e i v e d over 17,000USD worth of product placement sponsorship from television shows, creating a profit that is over three times the budget. The media exposure reached 163,935.


MING-YI HSU Portfolio  

the instruction of some of my artwork and work experience

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