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KCCIS Year 10/11 2010/11 English Language and Literature Group Aims and Objectives Edexcel IGCSE Literature Objectives AO1: a close knowledge and understanding of prose, poetry and drama texts and their contexts AO2: understanding and appreciation of writers’ uses of the following as appropriate: characterisation, theme, plot and setting AO3: understanding of the writers’ use of language, structure and form to create literary effects AO4: a focused, sensitive, lively and informed personal engagement with literary texts Edexcel IGCSE Course Objectives: Language Specification A AO1: SPEAKING (i) Communicate clearly and imaginatively (ii) Use standard English appropriately (iii) Listen to and understand varied speech (iv) Participate in discussion, by both speaking and listening, judging the nature and purposes of contributions and the role of participants. AO2: READING (i) Read with insight and engagement, making appropriate reference to texts and developing and sustaining interpretations of them. (ii) Follow an argument, distinguishing between fact and opinion (iii) Understand and make some evaluation of how writers use linguistic and structural devices to achieve their effects AO3: WRITING (i) Communicate clearly and imaginatively using and adapting forms for different readers and purposes (ii) Organise ideas into sentences, paragraphs and whole texts using a variety of linguistic and structural features (iii) Use a range of sentence structures effectively, with accurate punctuation and spelling. IGCSE LANG AND LIT KCCIS 2010/11 S. Hirst


This is a two year course assessed by both coursework and external examinations in Year 11 in which we seek • To develop students' understanding of the spoken word and the capacity to participate effectively in a variety of speaking and listening activities, as both participant and audience • To develop the ability to read, view, understand and respond critically to material from a wide variety of sources, both fictional and non-fictional; to recognise and appreciate themes and attitudes and the ways in which writers achieve their effects • To make explicit links to other subjects, in particular Geography, History, Sociology, Art and Music • To provide an enjoyable and stimulating introduction to the higher study of English Literature, both in depth in the full study of one novel and one play, and through the study of the selected anthology texts • To develop the ability to construct and convey meaning in written language, matching style suitably to audience and purpose, in a range of formal and informal situations • To encourage students to become more responsible, mature and thoughtful in their studies and their critical thinking and approach and informed global citizens • To prepare students and equip them well with the necessary skills for higher level study of language and literature in the IB Diploma programme

To achieve a Grade A: Candidates respond enthusiastically and critically to texts, showing imagination and originality in developing alternative approaches and interpretations. They confidently explore and evaluate how language, structure and form contribute to writers’ varied ways of presenting ideas, themes and settings, and how they achieve specific effects on readers. They identify and comment on the impact of contexts of texts on different readers at different times. They convey ideas persuasively and cogently, supporting them with apt textual references. IGCSE LANG AND LIT KCCIS 2010/11 S. Hirst


Resources Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller The Edexcel Anthology The Edexcel Language and Literature Textbook Alongside the prescribed novel and play and the anthology texts, a wide range of other texts types drawn from a range of sources and with an international perspective will be explored on a weekly basis, including visual, literary, and non-fictional, so that students are able to meet the requirements of the course expectations and also help to further develop their critical faculties as readers and viewers and hopefully prepare them for the rigorous demands of the IB Diploma programme. These texts might for example, include BBC video news reports of cultural and political relevance to our geographical area or cultural situation: a recent example of this would be the opening of Guangzhou's new opera house which was designed by a female Iraqi architect and prompted interesting discussion and probing questions about cultural identity, the role of the arts in politics, issues of taste and aesthetic appreciation, and also led to further discussions about the role of the Arts in Hong Kong and Norman Foster and his winning design for the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Other text types, (with a specific long term departmental view to preparing these students for the new IB Diploma Language and Literature Course) relevant to the lives, interests and cultures of our students but offering an international perspective, might also include • advertisements • articles • autobiographies • blogs • brochures • captions for pictures and photos IGCSE LANG AND LIT KCCIS 2010/11 S. Hirst


• cartoons • charts • computer-assisted presentations • conversations • CVs • debates • descriptions • diagrams • diaries • electronic postcards • email messages • entries on social networking sites • family trees • films • forms • forum messages • graffiti • horoscopes • informal personal notes • instructions • interviews • invitations • itineraries • journals • formal and informal letters • maps • reviews • trailers As well as these traditional resources, students have been encouraged to download Kindle for Mac, have been shown legal websites offering free downloads of out-of-copyright literary works, have been shown Itunes U and been encouraged to subscribe to and download Podcasts from, for example amongst many others, the BBC, the New Yorker magazine, CNN, or Oxford, Harvard and Yale Universities. Students are also regularly encouraged to refresh and update these downloads and podcasts. Students are encouraged and regularly reminded to use the school and public libraries.



KCCIS IGCSE Language and Literature Outline  

KCCIS IGCSE Language and Literature Outline