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SC C imply


Vol. 4, No. 2


October 15, 2009

Education Division faces accredita- onstrate the claims made, the Board will interview not only the Education administration, tion in October Two years have passed since the Kentucky Board of Examiners gave provisional approval to SCC’s Field-Based Educator Preparation Program (FEP). The time is here for this Board to assess the program and grant it full accreditation. A board of 11 examiners will be visiting SCC from October 24-28 for this purpose. In preparation for the event extensive documentation has been prepared and submitted to the Board. During the visitation the examiners will determine if the courses in the program of studies are designed according to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB), the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) unit and program standards, and Interstate New Teacher Standards Consortium (INTASC) principles, the program standards of Association for Elementary and Curriculum Instruction (AECI) and the National Middle School Association (NMSA)as well as the SCC Core Content requirements. In addition to visiting the exhibit room with artifacts to dem-

faculty, and students, but they are free to request interviews with any persons associated with the College. Examiners will also visit the local schools where our candidates have field experiences on a regular basis. Sr. Angie Shaughnessy, SCN, Division Chair, and the faculty encourage all of the SCC community to become as familiar with the FEP as possible before the visitation. They are convinced that SCC’s renowned spirit of hospitality will make the examiners feel very welcome. (Prayers are requested!) ************************************* The logo of the SCC Field-Based Educator Preparation Program reflects the Dominican tradition upon which it is based. When Dominic de Guzman founded the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) in 1206, he prepared his followers spiritually and intellectually before sending

them out to preach and teach the Gospel Truth. His motto was “contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere,” or translated: “To contemplate and to give others the fruit of your contemplation.” An appropriate modern translation is “Learn. Teach. Lead!” The shield is the Dominican logo representing light piercing through darkness. The torch is based on an anecdote. A pregnant Spanish woman dreamed that the child to be born was a dog with a torch in his mouth. The torch enlightened the whole world. Her son Dominic later founded the Order of Preachers which for 800 years has preached and taught the Truth in all but 14 countries in the world.

children are protected. We also anticipate several strong entries in the Freshman Read Essay Contest following Cadet’s appearance on campus. Also in October, the rl³ Office looks forward to planning our involvement in the Kentucky Book Fair and our development of Reading Intensive, Reading Supportive courses across campus. It bears saying that rl³ appreciates all the Read Leaders, Co-Leaders, Project Leaders, and support personnel who have stepped up and jumped in to help make our QEP program strong and successful. We are off to a good start! Thanks so much, Evelyn Silliman, Director - rl³.


Dr. Toder Pens Article

The Office of rl³continues on its busy schedule as is evidenced by the projects of August, September, and October. We have seen a successful increase in attendance and participation for the Freshman Read project this year, have experienced a rewarding week of celebrating our freedom to read during Banned Books Week, and have seen an increase in participation in the Springfield Parade project, where the SCC Housekeeping Staff, along with Ashley Carey’s SCC Ambassadors, will be distributing books to the children present at the parade site. Another tie has been made for SCC and the local community as our Housekeeping staff and Ambassadors join with the Washington County Public Library in their effort to give books to local children. These books are donated from across campus and from Washington County Public Library’s share of last year’s winnings in the “Free Books for Children” contest. In October, rl³ welcomes JeanRobert Cadet, the author of Restavec, who speaks to us about his experiences in trying to change the culture of Haiti to one where all

Once again Dr. Harry Toder has been featured as a guest columnist in the Springfield Sun (September 30). In a column title “A Little Bit about Heroes”, Dr. Toder addresses the accomplishments of Myles Brand, past president of the NCAA who passed away recently. In the column Dr. Toder writes “. . . Myles Brand did more than any other single individual to help college sports represent the best about itself.” In addition to the keen insight that is always part of Dr. Toder’s columns, the editorials also are valuable in shedding a positive light on St. Catharine College and the intellectual contributions that our faculty can provide to the community.

year in a row. Dr. Donathan will also be preDr. Becky Lee Meadows, Assistant Professor, senting “Project Based Assessment: A Student will be presenting her paper “The Pickaxe and -Led Learning Initiative” at the Association for Integrated Studies Conference at the UniverMe: The Movement from the “As-If” to the “Lived” Experience in the My Bloody Valen- sity of Alabama in October. tine in 3-D Experience” at the Popular Culture Matthew Branstetter, Instructor, along with Association in the South/American Culture Association in the South Convention in Octo- Mary Sue Barnett, will be taking the Peace and Justice Committee (and any other interested ber. students) to the Catholic Action Center in OcTeresa Tedder, Instructor and Musician-inResidence, along with her duet partner Joanna tober. The Catholic Action Center is a homeless shelter in Lexington. Ximenes, were featured on Louisville's Fine Arts Station Classical 90.5 FM on September Dr. Harry Toder, Professor of Criminal Jus30th during their Live Lunchtime Classics. Mrs. Tedder is also writing a mass in remem- tice & Sociology, was a guest columnist in the September 30th issue of the Springfield Sun brance of our late beloved professor Terry with his article about Myles Brand, the reWard. Although the entire mass will not be cently deceased president of the NCAA. The completed for several months, the first two movements are complete. Mid-Kentucky Cho- article was titled “A Little Bit About Heroes” rus will be premiering the piece Gloria at their and praises Brand for his courage in the various stances he took while president. Christmas concerts.

Faculty News Corner

Jeannie Oldham, Assistant Professor/ Pharmacy Technology, will be attending the annual meeting of the KY Society of Healthsystem Pharmacists (KSHP) in Lexington and will be taking her students with her. She will be installed, for the second time, as Technician Representative to KSHP as well as serving on the program planning committee.

Lee Ann Mitchell, Maria Voils and Peggy Newton, Instructors of Nursing, attended the Kentucky Board of Nursing Bi-Annual Conference on September 25th. They were able to hear from nursing leaders around the country address the changing world of nursing and learn what other educational programs in KY are doing.

Ellis Blanton, Assistant Professor/ Radiography, will be attending the KY Society of Radiologic Technology’s fall meeting. Last year Mr. Blanton was selected by the KSRT Board to receive the Olive Bell Award (the highest award given by our state group) and was the Olive Bell Memorial Speaker at the meeting. Each year the former recipient presents the award to the new recipient. This years’ recipient and guest speaker is former Faculty member Ms. Donna Crum.

Bettye Brookfield, Professor of Art, participated in the Fine Arts of Bardstown “plein aire” outdoor painting project October 1st and 2nd. The project had 42 artists from 4 states participating. Congratulations to Sr. Elaine DeRosiers who was one of the winners!

Dr. David Donathan, Professor, has been invited to return to the prestigious Governor’s Scholar Program at Centre College for the 3rd

Dawn McNeil, Assistant Professor/ Radiography, traveled to Albuquerque, NM at the end of September for the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) board of directors meeting for which she serves as Vice -President. The ASRT has a membership 130,000, and represents all 300,000(+) registered radiologic technologists in the US. An-

other duty of the board is to speak at affiliate meetings. Mrs. McNeil will be traveling to the Simply Campus Communications is a Connecticut Society meeting in October to pre- monthly publication of the Department of sent her two favorite lectures “Customer Ser- Communications. It is designed to keep faculty vice: The Real Story” and “Why Ultrasound”. and staff informed of events and information across campus. It is issued on the 15th of each Mary Hogan Jones, Associate Professor of month. The deadline for all submissions is the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, 9th of each month. has a busy month ahead as she will be providPlease submit your information to tbying a workshop on “Active Play, Science and Children Working Effectively with Parents” for workers in Marion and Washington counties. She will also be providing training for child care providers in Elizabethtown on writing lesson plans, encouraging dramatic play activities and having peaceful classrooms. This is a six-hour training held at the Community Coordinated Child Care Office. Later in the month she will be at a child care facility in Elizabethtown discussing topics such as positive discipline and planning active outdoor play for children of all ages. In Springfield she will be providing a session for parents at the “Saturday College Workshop” sponsored by the Washington County School’s “Primary Talent Pool”. The theme of the three-hour workshop is “Parenting Students with Talents and Gifts Comes with its Concerns”. Peggy Tillman, Associate Professor, will be escorting her Lifetime Fitness class to Fuel Fitness in Springfield for a full evaluation of their services.

Thanks to contributors Thank you to all who contributed to this edition of Simply Campus Communication. The mission of this publication is to keep the campus abreast of accomplishments, news and events of our faculty and staff. As you have read, this month’s submissions have fit that mission perfectly. Thanks to Sr. Elaine DesRosiers, Dr. Harry Toder and Evelyn Silliman. And to Christie Tucker for assembling the new feature here called Faculty News Corner.


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