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Welcome to Mines Park

Meet your Resident Managers

Laura Brigham

Michael Clark

Kenny Choong

Units 1-60

Units 61-112 209-228 253-272 303-763-0735

Units 113-208



For any questions or concerns about living at Mines Park, please call or email your Resident Manager FIRST. If you cannot reach your Resident Manager, call 303-2733351 or stop by the Apartment Housing Office.

Checking In Obtain the keys to your new apartment. Prior to moving in: -Carefully walk through the apartment. -Note condition of each item on condition form. You may be charged for any pre-move-in damages not indicated on the condition form. -Return the completed Condition Form, the Utilities Transfer Form, and Request for Third Party Notification to your Resident Manager. -After returning your paperwork, please contact your Resident Manager (by phone, e-mail, etc.) to obtain your mailbox key. The Post Office has requested that you check your mailbox at least once a week! -There will be a form to fill out in your mailbox. Please fill this form out, and place the name(s) of all people in the unit in the mailbox. The Post Office will not deliver mail until both of these steps are completed!

Utilities Water is included in your rent. You are responsible for electricity and gas. Call XCEL Energy at 1-800-895-4999 and provide your information so the utilities will be transferred to you on your move in date.

Other Amenities Expanded Basic Cable From Xfinity: Each room is equipped with a digital cable box and remote control. If you are not using a cable box, please contact your Resident Manager about removal. Cable boxes and remote controls must remain in the unit. Missing or damaged equipment will be assessed a charge upon check out ($100/box, $25/remote, $25/power cable).

Other Amenities Internet access is provided via the Campus Network. Campus Computing: 303-273-3431 Personal routers ARE NOT ALLOWED as they reduce the overall quality of the wireless network. If you think your neighbor has a personal router, please let us know! Ethernet cables available for purchase at the CCIT Front Desk: 3’, 5’, 10’, 14’ - ($5) / 25’ - ($7) / 30’ - ($11) / 50’ - ($14) / 75’ - ($19) Website for first time registration to wireless network:

Community Centers Mines Park has two community centers: Community Center #1 1901 19th Street

Community Center #2 2001 Infinity Circle

Both buildings have laundry facilities, a TV lounge, and community-use areas. Only Community Center #1 can be reserved for private use (see the Apartment Housing Office concerning reservation).

Parking There is ample unassigned parking at Mines Park. Per the campus parking policy, each tenant must complete a Parking Permit Request (in your welcome folder). This should be completed and returned to Parking Services. If you have a visitor, you need to obtain a visitor parking pass from Parking Services. Mines Park residents are not allowed to park on campus during normal business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) due to limited parking spaces. DO NOT PARK IN ANY FIRE LANE OR WHERE THERE IS NOT A DESIGNATED PARKING SPACE. Please also honor all traffic signage including speed limit signs. There are student pedestrians and families with children living in your new neighborhood! Speed bumps are in place to remind you to drive slowly through this area. They are not there to see how fast you can drive over them! More information:

Facilities Management Work orders are available online at Please follow the steps in completing the work order, and be as descriptive as possible. The password for the work order is workorder. For immediate assistance from 8AM to 5PM, please call (303) 273-3330. For after hours Police assistance, including weekends, please call Public Safety at (303) 273–3333. In case of an emergency, call 911.

Fire Safety If smoke detector/CO detector horn sounds, exit the apartment immediately. Call 911 and wait for emergency personnel to respond before going back inside. Please replace the batteries in your smoke detector/CO detector when the detector “beeps.� This indicates that the battery needs to be changed. Please replace the battery at least once per year, regardless. Remember this piece of equipment is for life safety. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. Fire extinguishers are placed throughout the complex in convenient locations for your area should you need them in an emergency. Remember that these are for life safety. Please take a moment to become familiar with the location of the fire extinguishers.

Mines Emergency Alert System If you have not already done so, please sign up for the Mines Emergency Alert System. To sign up, log in to your Trailhead account and find the “Mines Emergency Alert System� link under Self Service -> Student. This system will be for official Mines use and only in the case of an emergency or school closures.

Lockouts In the case that you lock yourself out of your apartment, please follow these procedures: During normal business hours (M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm), stop by the Apartment Housing Office to checkout a temporary key. For assistance after hours and on weekends, contact your Resident Manager or Public Safety (303-273-3333). It’s important to remember that your Resident Manager is also a student and might not be available at certain times.

Rent Rent is billed directly to your Student Account. Rent will be posted to your student account the first of every month. Late fees will be assessed after 5pm on the 5th day of the month. Rent can be paid by two methods: 1) At the Cashier office in the Student Center by cash or check. - or 2) Online through the Trailhead/CashNet system by electronic check, account transfer, or credit card*. Payments made online cannot be specified for rent and will be applied to any outstanding balance. *All credit card transactions will be charged a 2.75% service fee.

Basic Courtesies and Responsibilities Outside Your Apartment Please use barbeques away from any structure. Barbeques are only allowed on the ground level. You may not have a barbeque on the second or third floor. This is for life safety first and to avoid smoke infiltration. Please keep child toys picked up. Do not let toys become a hazard to others. Attention: toys that become abandoned or unsightly may be disposed of by our staff.

Please keep balconies and stair landings clear of any storage items. These areas are designated fire escape routes and cannot be blocked at any time. The area beneath stair landings is not to be used for personal storage. If this becomes a problem, staff may dispose of any items. Bike racks have been provided for your convenience. DO NOT chain bikes to trees, rails, stairs, etc.

Please use sidewalks or streets for walking paths. Do not cut through gardens, rock beds, etc. Remember, a beautiful landscape adds greatly to your surroundings. The sprinklers for the lawn will run mainly at night with daytime watering as needed. If the sprinklers present a problem, please call our office (303-273-3351).

Mowing day is usually Wednesday or Thursday. Please make sure your personal belongings are picked up and removed from the lawn prior to mowing day.

Final Thoughts Please remember that you have entered a landlord/tenant contract, and you are living in a facility that is governed by a contract. Attention: pets, window air conditioners, satellite dishes, security systems, and/or ceiling fans are not allowed in the units/buildings. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE UNITS (per Colorado State Law). If you must smoke, please be respectful of your neighbors and smoke at least 25 feet from any entryway or window. Any alterations, modifications, or renovations to the apartment unit are prohibited. If you have specific questions about what you are allowed to do, please review your contract and ask first—this will save us all time and energy.

Mines park welcome  
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