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Napier Parking – The history of the Corvette SS The debut of the car was rather hasty, occurring less than a year after the initial idea was thought up by Earl, in 1957. Stirling Moss and Juan Fangio had initially agreed to try out the car for the race called 12 Hours of Sebring, however there were delays with the car’s development which made some of the racers second guess it’s abilities on the track. But the Corvette SS did show a considerable amount of promise, and Juan Manuel Fangio, who had won the Sebring races in 1957, was impressed enough to try out the car in a practise run for his next race. The results surprised both Fangio and his spectators; he was able to complete the entire lap more than three seconds faster than he had ever done before. However, he was unable to use the Corvette SS in his upcoming race, due to the racing ban imposed by the Automobiles Manufacturers Association. The car was then relegated to being a show and a test car. Although modern cars one might come across in a napier parking lot have come a long way in terms of engineering, they simply don’t quite measure up to the style and iconic look of cars like the Corvette SS.

Napier Parking – Car repair basics, how to change a tyre One of the most basic, but important skills which every driver should have is the ability to change a tyre. When you’re driving on your own and you discover you have a flat, you’ll be glad that you learned how to perform this simple repair. The first thing to do is to get the necessary tools; in newer cars, these can almost always be found in the boot, along with the spare tyre. Second hand cars may not have these, as the previous owner may have lost or kept them. If this is the case, then you’ll need a car jack and a socket wrench or tyre iron.

Napier Parking – Socket wrench, universal joint and sockets There’s a specific point on the car’s body where you’ll need to attach the jack. Be careful when doing this, as if the jack is placed in the wrong area it can damage the trim or the bodywork.

Before the car is raised, you’ll have to loosen the nuts on the wheel which needs to be replaced, as the wheel will just spin in circles if you attempt to loosen the nuts after the car has been elevated.

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