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PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia The Role Model of Ukraine: Introduction to the Issues & Solutions

David Pearson, CPA

David Pearson March 25, 2016

PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia The Role Model of Ukraine: The Short-term Priorities Leadership & Governance

Revenue Growth

Operating Margin

Corporate Governance & transparency

Engagement with largest clients

Anti-corruption & procurement

Leadership potential

Tariff system modernization

IT systems – SAP & reporting

Growth strategy

Internal Controls

Board & Advisory Board

Stakeholder engagement East/Crimea issue

Centralization/Shared services Talent management & strategy

David Pearson March 25, 2016

Asset Efficiency

Capex management Long-term sustainable financial plan

PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia The Role Model of Ukraine: Priorities & Solutions (In italics, priorities for first 90 days)

Leadership & Governance

Revenue Growth

Operating Margin

Asset Efficiency

Executive leadership: Assess leadership team, with their input set strategy. Align goals of team with corporate objectives. Talent Management: Assess strengths, remove poor performers, seek to recruit future leaders, long-term talent plan. Zero tolerance for corruption, integrity issues Leadership style: Build culture of integrity, quality and trust Stakeholder engagement: Build relations with unions, government, EBRD, IFC, key customers, suppliers, etc. Boards: Outline charter for boards/committees, set short lists for potential board members Corporate governance: Implement system with focus on transparency, quality and efficiency East/Crimea: Understand current issue as it impacts the business, assess potential solutions Key clients: Understand issues/opportunities of largest clients, client account team. Agree client account plans. Meet with and resolve significant current client issues. Tariffs: Review best practices, assess viable options, look at ROI, and look to implement as timely and seamlessly Revenue: Develop growth strategy, review projections/forecasts of the business and the industry in Ukraine, begin to evaluate “big steps� that will be required Procurement: Look for quick wins to decrease corruption, improper payments. Identify high risk areas, centralize control over processes/disbursements. Overall assess current systems & processes, risk areas, evaluate analytics opportunities, implement effective monitoring and control of disbursements SAP: Implement effective financial reporting and controls system to ensure timeliness, efficiency improvement goals and cost metrics are met Internal controls: Understand landscape, develop plan to implement new controls systems where required Centralization/Shared services: aggressively look at opportunity to consolidate business processes to increase efficiency, lower costs Talent: Assess key talent to examine strengths, key people, gaps in capabilities, recruitment processes, begin to develop succession management system Capital expenditures: Understand plan, current status, approach to ongoing spend, monitoring, remain involved with regular updates, vendor and site visits, etc. Funding: Review long-term projections and financing capabilities, needs; goals of external stakeholders, etc.

David Pearson March 25, 2016


PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia The Role Model of Ukraine: My Experience & Expertise LEADERSHIP


Leads with integrity/culture of values Talent focus: builds teams/leads people Builds sustainable boards, governance processes Leads large, complex relationships, proactively, with diplomacy and balance Listens effectively, builds consensus, evaluates options, minimize unnecessary risks Manages, leads significant change in processes, culture

Successfully builds and maintains largest client relationships Leverages industry experts, knowledge of market to ensure modern, comprehensive pricing



Understands the challenges around procurement, corruption Experience implementing SAP, internal controls processes, other solutions Focuses on costs and leverages centralization and shared services Uses data analytics to drive decisions

Monitors capital expenditures with focus, disciplined reporting, hands-on approach Develops long-term financial plan and sustainable business model

Personal focus areas: Develop industry expertise. Build strong team of trusted, knowledgeable experts with deep knowledge of Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia and the rail sector. Develop Russian/Ukrainian language skills & determine role of English in the business.

David Pearson March 25, 2016

David pearson pjsc ukrzaliznytsia 3 slides  

David pearson pjsc ukrzaliznytsia 3 slides