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Should  you  Consider  Online   Marriage  Counseling?

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What  does  Online  Marriage  Counseling  Offer  that  Traditional   Marriage  Lacks?  

  Traditional  marriage   counseling  can  present   several  deterring  factors  for   couples  with  tight  schedules,   finances  or  privacy  concerns.       Online  marriage  counseling  provides  a   convenient  and  safe  alternative  for  these   roadblocks.   Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:

How  does  Online  Marriage  Counseling  Work?
   Online  marriage  counseling  is  often  offered  in   a  downloadable  format  which  allows  the   couple  to  pace  their  sessions  at  their  own  rate   of  progress.  The  couple  will  often  download  a   series  of  videos  and  a  workbook  to  complete   together.  

Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:

Online  marriage  counseling   requires  the  couple  to  learn  to   work  toward  solutions  together   while  they  make  an  investment   into  one  another.  When  questions   arise,  there  is  a  professional  on   hand  to  answer  by  phone  or       email.   !

  This  ensures  that  the  couple  is  able  to  independently  handle   problems  that  arise  with  the  professional  support  they  need.  

Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:

Watch  the  FREE  ‘Save  Your  Marriage  Video’  at:

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