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How the Best Facebook App Development Company Utilizes Facebook Open Graph The best Facebook app development companies quickly realized the importance and value of using Open Graph with the programs that they create for their clients. Only the leading Facebook web and application development firms know how to make the most of Open Graph. This knowledge and application allows them to even further improve the chances of rolling out an app that will result in clients reaching business goals. How Open Graph works Before one can begin using Open Graph, he will first need to have a Facebook app. This social media networking site offers SDKs (Software Development Kits) for all platforms, including the web itself, Android, and iOS. These apps would require users to log in using their Facebook email account and password, as the programs would access the user’s Facebook credentials. Once a relationship between Facebook, the app and the user has been established, one can start using Open Graph. There are four different elements comprising Open Graphs. There is the actor (the person responsible for publishing the story), the app (in this case, the app that is the platform used to publish the story created by the actor), the action (the activity that has been performed by the actor) and the object (the object that the actor or the publisher of the story interacts with). Benefits of Open Graph Ever since Open Graph was launched, Facebook has been hammering users to begin utilizing the platform. There are many benefits that come with using Open Graph and integrating it with a Facebook app, especially from a business point of view. If one runs a business and he has a Facebook app, it is time to realize just how invaluable Open Graph is as a marketing, advertising and promotion tool. One of the greatest benefits of integrating Open Graph with a Facebook app is a significant increase in traffic. Since this tool publishes stories from the various apps integrated with it, more Facebook users are exposed to and aware of the company’s app. Through this exposure and awareness, more people are highly likely to begin using the Facebook app. This will then result in more and more visitors going to the company’s website. Exposing a greater number of people to a Facebook app will result in garnering more potential customers. From this point, a business owner can then proceed in implementing his most effective sales strategies, techniques and methodologies to transform these potential clients into paying customers. Through a well-developed Facebook application integrated with Open Graph, businesses are sure to obtain and reach both long-term and short-term business goals. Companies that know the value of Open Graph As one can already see, taking advantage of Open Graph is something that business owners should not think twice about. Just make certain that the Facebook web and application development firm completely understands and knows how to use Open Graph with apps. One such Facebook app

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How the best facebook app development company utilizes facebook open graph