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VBoard 65

Interactive Digital Board – LCD Series

Impress Everyone in Teaching, Meeting, Planning and Training. PRELIMINARY INFORMATION

The VBoard 65 series encompasses all the advantages of an all-in-one presentation device with a stylish and efficient looking design. It is a valuable apparatus that caters to a wide variety of learning styles that in turn translate into an enhanced educational and conferencing environment. In the completely new Multitasking user interface – Shell, all multimedia contents such as interactive presentation documents, video clips, websites, or even a global map are easy to access, and in a classroom setting, this leads to a higher level of motivation to learn and participate.


Slim, Stylish Design

‘Shell’ Multitasking interface

VBoard 5.0 Educational Software



meeti n

VMeeting Conferencing Software

Innovative Accessories

‘Shell’ - Multitasking User Interface New With just a double-click of a pen or a finger, this quick and easy action allows you to swiftly access a variety of applications on the ‘Shell’ interface including WindowsTM, global map, Internet Explorer, and all preset presentation applications. Customize your presentation style by switching between WindowsTM and the ‘Shell’ interface.

Attract your pupils using ‘VBoard 5.0’ Educational Software The latest version of educational software 'VBoard 5.0' allows users to more easily create a content-based presentation through the upgraded layout design of the whiteboard. This is a significant enrichment of the resources available for teaching and training, combining the forces of its image gallery (Education and Meeting contents), more user-friendly writing features, and a better management program for ready-made files.

‘Collaborating has never been easier’ VMeeting Conferencing Software facilitates the modern and most cost effective way of distance learning, training, meeting, or collaborating on a project through the power of the internet. The highly functional and completely customizable VMeeting tools allow multiple participants to host a long-distance conference, share a desktop, videos, and documents. Cut down on your traveling costs and save time by starting to use VMeeting right away.

Accessories for Education Visualizer, writing pad, remote controller, wireless mouse, eraser...... VBoard 65 facilitates Interactive learning for different teaching style by giving users more options of teaching tools.

Specifications VBoard 65 : Weight Overall Screen + Tray Movable Stand Wallmount Stand

131kg 85kg 46kg 20kg

Dimensions Overall 1735mm (W) x 1923/2073mm (H) x 570mm (D) Size Screen + Tray 1735mm (W) x 1138mm (H) x 150mm (D) Movable stand 1100mm (W) x 1736mm (H) x 570mm (D) Wallmount Stand 820mm (W) x 400mm (H) x 90mm (D) Screen Dimension Temperature Input Voltage

Signal Interface: Audio Input:

L/R X 1, Line in X 1

Audio Output:

L/R X 1

Video Input:

Composite Video X 1 S Video X 1 YPbPr/YCbCr X 1 DVI X 2 VGA X 1 HDMI X 1

USB Input


Display Specification: Resolution 1920 x 1080 Brightness 400cd/m2 Contrast 4500:1

65” Diagonal 5°C - 35°C 100V - 240V

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VTRON VBoard 6501(65")  

VTRON VBoard 6501(65")