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Interactive Digital Board

75” Rear Projection Series

IDB 3670 4-in-1 presentation device • Full HD 1920x1080 DLPTM Display Technology • Touch or pen driven overlay technology • Integrated speakers • VTRON’s intuitive control system

Engage your audience with High Definition Technology.

Agile and instinctive The 3670 combines VTRON’s rear projection technology with VTRON’s DLPTM projection system. The 3670 is a 4-in-1 presentation device built on VTRON’s “three phases of interactivity” strategy making it perfect for training, meeting and teaching.

Why choose VTRON’s IDB 3670? ● ●

Tough enough for training

Providing advanced ruggedized technology for the modern meeting and training environment has led VTRON to produce a mobile rear projection cabinet. Either stored centrally and simply wheeled into the required training room or installed into a wall, the 3670 is an agile presentation device.

Perfect for presentations VTRON’s impressive DLPTM projection system produces sharp and clear picture quality making it ideal for presentations whilst at the same time catering for the advanced requirements of the modern Meeting, Teaching and Learning space.

Cool for schools Engage different learning styles using VTRON’s 3670 interactive rear projection screen. Visual learners learn best through visual displays. VTRON’s DLP projection system provides crystal clear images that will bring any lesson to life. Embed audio and video clips into your lessons and allow auditory learners to benefit through the 3670’s fully integrated speakers. Invite children up to the interactive surface to motivate the kinesthetic learner. VTRON’s intuitive digital flipchart software is designed to support education by adding a whole new dimension.

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Intuitive & instinctive to use Quick setup time 75” Rear projection displaying 1080P (HD) Pen or finger driven User-friendly hot keys Built-in speakers, DVD/CDRw Fully integrated pen tray Enhanced connectivity for multiple signal inputs No annoying shadows or ambient light issues Greater viewing angle Anti-scratch, anti-friction screen Ultra mobile

VTRON’s 3 phases of interactivity Phase 1: Use the touch screen to manipulate the device Simply control the device by using your finger to manoeuvre your way through interactive websites or third party software.

Phase 2: Pick up a pen from the pen tray Annotate over the top of any application by simply picking up a pen to create an acetate layer.

Phase 3: VTRON’s digital flipchart. Launch the Vboard digital flipchart to experience VTRON’s intuitive presentation medium. Much more than a notepad, Vboard boasts full multi-media presentation capabilities. Embed HD video clips, audio files and even hyperlinks into your digital flipchart effortlessly with Vboard.

Key Functions Pen or finger driven Use a pen or your finger to drive and manipulate VTRON’s IDB, it’s up to you.

Vboard software Vboard is VTRON’s intuitive presentation programme. Vboard support users of our IDB series by making the creation of multi-media presentations easy. Vboard forms part of VTRON’s impressive suite of software products all of which have been designed for Teaching, Meeting, Planning and Training.

Separated Design

Less than 1 minute to set up Turn on and off by pressing the power button, VTRON’s fully integrated 4 in 1 device is managed through VTRON’s instinctive control panel.

Screen recording Vboard’s screen recorder is able to record all screen and audio activity on the IDB and save as industry-standard AVI video files. Your captures can be used for creating training & demonstrating videos for reviewing at a later date.

Specifications IDB 3670: Weight Overall Screen + Tray Movable Stand

200kg 138 kg 62 kg

Dimensions Overall 1860mm (W) X 1995mm (H) X 600mm (D) Size Screen + Tray 1782mm (W) X 1225mm (H) X 600mm (D) Movable stand 1860mm (W) X 770mm (H) X 555mm (D) Temperature Input Voltage Input Power

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Display Specification: Screen Dimension 75” Diagonal Resolution 1920 X 1080 Brightness 400cd/m2 Contrast 1800:1 Signal Interface: Audio Input:

L/R X 3 Mic in X 1

Audio Output:

L/R X 1

Video Input:

Composite Video S Video YPbPr YCbCr DVI VGA


X2 X1

5゚C – 40゚C 100V-240V MAX 600W


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