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TV over Cat-5/UTP Mediastar Compact

911-4141 Compact IR Sensor Module The 911-4141 unit is an IR Sensor Module fitted with 3.5mm Jack for connection to MediaStar Compact Receiver Unit, (Part 751), to allow the small IR sensor to be located in a convenient location and the larger receiver unit housed discreetly behind a screen.

911-4147 Compact IR Blaster Module The 911-4147 unit is an IR Blaster module for connection to MediaStar Compact Video Hub, (Part 740/743) or Remote Video Transmitter Unit, (Part 752). Coupled with the MediaStar Remote Video Transmitter, this IR routing feature allows viewers to easily control remotely located IR equipped source devices such as cameras and DVD players.

790/1x Compact IR Remote Control Unit Viewer control of the MediaStar Compact Receiver Unit (Part 751) is with IR Remote Control Unit. Viewers can select channels and adjust volume, assisted by an On Screen Display capability showing channel name and volume status.

Companion Models & Accessories: 740 Compact Video Hub 743 Compact Video Hub 751 Compact Receiver Unit 752 Compact Remote Video Transmitter 753 Compact RS232 to IR Adaptor 747 2 or 4 Compact Interconnection Cable Kit

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Mediastar 911 Sensor & Blaster  

Mediastar 911 Sensor & Blaster

Mediastar 911 Sensor & Blaster  

Mediastar 911 Sensor & Blaster