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To Edwin and Joan Greenberger. who gave me that first Superman comic at age six and encouraged my love of the characters and medium


Labors of love are not unique to anyone, and many of us tread the same territory in different eras. Long before there was an Internet, let alone com­ puters with vast stores of memory, Michael Fleisher cataloged every Batman comic book DC Comics had published to date. He had this crazy notion that a single-volume encyclopedia of super heroes could actually be researched and written. Then he entered DC's fabled print library and saw the vast scope of what a single company had published since its founding in 1935. Undaunted, he changed his plans to a multivolume series featuring the greatest super heroes, starting with Batman. He was aided by Janet Lincoln, and together they stored their data on twenty thousand index cards. The first volume of The Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes was published in 1976 and all told, only three of the projected eight volumes ever saw print. In 2007 DC released facsimile editions of these three, spotlighting Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, fill ing a desire among longtime col­ lectors to posses this information. St ill , Michael 's efforts pretty much stopped in the late 1960s as DC continued to publish comics. As a resuit, much more to the mythos has been added, tweaked, revised, revitalized, abandoned, and so on . DC and Del Rey thought there remained a de­ sire to present the most comprehensive histories for each character, so the triumvirate will star in three books over the next few years , beginning with the volume in your hands. While Michael limited his research and writing to Batman's appearances in Batman, Detective Com­ ics, and World's Finest Comics, the Caped Cru­ sader during those same days also appeared regu­ larly in The Brave and the Bold and Justice League of America. Today he stars in Batman, Detective Comics, Batman Confidential, and Justice League of America, while making regular appearances in Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, and many of DC's other core titles. Elements from various titles have proven essential to Batman's world, so a new work needed to expand its horizons to every appearance Batman had made since his 1939 debut. That said, this book does limit itself to those sto ­ ries that are considered part of the Greater DC Universe. This means that comics based on the feature films or animated series are not reflected in these pages. Similarly, Batman's appearances in

movie serials, live-action television, feature films, animated stories, and the like are also excluded from these works-so don't be confused if, say, the Riddler's origin s as listed here don't match what you recall seeing on-screen in Batman Forever. What can be confusing, though, is the notion of parallel worlds and how the canonical stories and character details have changed through cosmic events. In short, DC Comics was not concerned with a universe of consistent story details until the 1960s . Prior to that, the editors' presumption was that the readership turned over every six to eight years; thus they didn't feel constrained by stories published years before. As a result, Batman fought the Nazi menace during World War II and then aliens and monsters in the 1950s without having to worry about things like aging. That all ended when editor Julie Schwartz in­ troduced the Earth-1/Earth-2 concept. Parallel un iverses were a staple of science fiction for de­ cades by 1961, and Schwartz-who first read, then agented, science fiction-added the element to comic books. It all happened in Flash #123 when the modern-day Flash met his inspiration, whom he thought was actually a comic book character. It turned out that their universes occupied the same physical space but v ibrated at different speeds, allowing them to coexist (trust me on this). One parallel world was nice and popular, so through the years more and more parallel worlds were in­ troduced. Batman existed on several of these worlds, with the first Batman published considered to be set on Earth-2 . That became the home to all the heroes considered the forerunners of the super heroes most know today. When comic readers formed comic fandom, this era was known as the Golden Age. Batman and Robin were among the first inhabitants of that age. As a result, Bat­ man aged, albeit slowly, and while the Batman of Earth-l was in his prime, his forerunner was in semi-retirement, with an adult Robin eventually replacing him. By 1983 it was decided that editors, writers, artists, and readers were fatigued by tracking these varying worlds, especially as characters crossed back and forth with impunity. To celebrate the company's fif­ tieth anniversary in 1985, it was decided to blow up all the parallel universes and reduce everything down

to one, with one Batman, one Joker, one Superman, et cetera. The result was Crisis on Infinite Earths , a twelve-issue comic book event that was cosmic in scope as countless universes were wiped out and the remaining ones combined into one universe. On the heels of the event's conclusion, a new Batman editor and creative team retold the first year of the Dark Knight's career, reestablishing many of the basic facts about Batman, Catwoman, Commissioner Gor­ don, and others. In time, though, inconsistencies throughout the DC titles led to one revamp after another, all intended to streamline events and correct "mistakes." In 2003 a new road map was drawn up by incoming executive editor Dan DiDio that put Batman in the center of the action. A series of stories ran across the various titles and in their own miniseries, culminating in 2006's In­ finite Crisis, a sequel to Crisis. Reality was modified once more, including the creation of new parallel worlds, although lim ited to a mere fifty-two. The New Earth, the core of the DC Universe, presented newly modified backgrounds and details for the familiar he­ roes and villains . What I attempt to do in this volume is sort all of th is out by clearly Identifying what happened in each re­ ality. After all, comic book historian Don Thompson once said that the Golden Age of comics is twelve. It's when we are at our most passionate about a hobby, in this case, comic books. My Golden Age was then 1970, whereas my son's was 2000, and the details each of us knows about these characters are different as the storylines have evolved. As a result, I try to sift through the events and contradic­ tions so you understand how these people evolved. If you scratch your head In bewilderment only once or twice, my job here was done well . I had one other issue to contend with: These stories are going to continue unfolding long after this man­ uscript goes to press . Some endpoint needed to be established. After consulting with the DC editors, it seemed that limiting entries to the stories published through September 2007 (cover-dated November 2007) made the most practical sense. Stili , comics coming out after that time will add new elements, retell familiar stories, and add wrinkles that may make some of these entries seem incorrect. Espe­ cially foreboding is the notion that as I write this, DC is publishing a title called Countdown to Final Crisis. I have no idea what this cosmic event may do to the reality of these characters.



I used Michael Fleisher's Batman encyclopedia as my starting point in this book, but with double the number of year s to cover, it was impossible to include everyone he first used in addition to every major and minor character to appear in a Batman comic. My master list concentrated on those characters who appeared at least twice in a core Batman title, including Batman (and related one-shots and mini­ series), Detective Comics, Batman Family, Legends of the Dark Knight, Shadow of the Bat, Gotham Knights, The Brave and the Bold, World's Finest Comics, and Justice League of America. Characters who crossed between these titles and the family of Batman-related books, including Robin, Catwoman,

Nightwing, Batgirl, and Birds of Prey, were also in­ cluded. Those unique to family titles were left out for space considerations. Entries on many of the heroes Batman has worked alongside were limited to those who had part icular impact on Batman 's life , such as being handpicked to work with him in the JLA or the Outsiders, so casual team -ups had to be excluded. Characters are listed following standard encyclo­ pedia st y le. An entry for the Club of Heroes, for instance, would appear as CLUB OF HEROES, THE . Characters appear alphabetically, and those with surnames are listed accordingly: WAYNE, BRUCE. Those with titles are listed by title: MISTER FREEZE.

Those w ith dual identities are listed both ways: GRA YSON, RICHARD and NIGHTWING entries are both here. The detailed entries for the heroes tend to be listed by the ir birth names, given how many people have used many of the same names, such as Robin and Batgirl. Cover dates appearing here were used on the actual com ic books; some list only a year, which means that no month was identified, an increas­ ingly common practice since 1986 . Story titles were omitted for sp ace co nsid erati o ns. Cross-references are indicated by names appear­ ing in SMALL CAPIT ALS.



ABATTOIR Seria l ki lle r A rno ld Et c hiso n grew u p convinced that his fam ily members w er e evil. He even tually mu rde red t hem in the beli ef t hat t he ir deaths w o u ld p ro t ect the world fro m fur t her p erils. Et ch ison a lso be lieved that he abs o rbe d t he li fe force fro m eac h v ic ti m aft er h is or her dea t h. Tak ing t he name A ba t toir, he continued his mu rd erous spree un til Ba tman ap pre hended h im . Et ch ison was dec lared c ri mi nal ly insa ne and sen te nced to spend th e re st of his life in GOTHAM CITY'S ARKH AM ASYLUM. Wh en the interna tio na l c rim inal BANE freed t he Arkham inm at es while ca rry ing out h is p lan to weaken t he D ark Kn ig ht , A ba t toir im me d iat e ly return ed t o tr ac ki ng down an d ki lli ng m embers of hi s ex tended fa m ily. Et ch ison w as event ua lly fo u nd b y JEAN- PAUL VALLEY, w ho at t he t ime was subs ti tu t ing for Bat m a n afte r t he la t t er was crippled in a fig ht wi th Ba ne. The ir confron ta t ion t o o k place at a Gotham ref in er y w he re Vall ey, w ho lac ked BRUCE W AYNE'S u nw ave rin g m o ral sc ruples, a llowed Aba ttoi r t o fa ll t o his dea th . However, Vall ey lat er learn ed t hat Et c h iso n had left a n innocen t v ic t im, his co us in GRAHAM ETCHISON, hid d en away in an undisclosed to rtu re c ha mbe r. With Etchi so n dead, t he vi cti m rem a in ed und isc ove red and ev e ntu all y di ed . Some ti me later Etchison's sp irit ret urn ed to p lague Bruce Way ne, w ho had hea led and w o re Bat m an 's c ap e and cowl o nce aga in . Abat toi r 's spir it attempted t o cause his last surv iv ing relative, an unnam ed co us in, t o mi sc arry, t he reby providi ng h im wit h a m ortal vessel to possess in hi s pla n to retu rn to huma n fo rm . Instead , A ba t toi r ani ma ted Valley's armored BATSUIT and fo ught Bat man u nti l th e Dark Knight conv inc ed Et c hison 's spi ri t t o aba ndon his vengeful m issio n and re turn to his

p roper pla ce in t he spiri t rea lm . ( Detective Com ics # 62S , Januar y 1991)



Little is kn ow n abo ut Kyle Abbott, wh o se firs t recorded appeara nce saw him in the emp loy of ecoterror ist RA'SALGHUL. He late r swore his allegian ce to al GhOl's former employee, WHISPER A'DAIRE , who inje c ted him wi th a serum made by Ra's th at gave Abb ott t he abili ty to shap e- shift into a we rewolf and eternal life. The serum need ed t o be taken o n a regu lar basis , th ereb y grant ing a' Daire c o ntro l over Abbott, w ho be came her much -fe ared seco nd in com man d . (De t ec tive Comics # 743 , Apri l 2000) Abbott was als o a'Daire's w hi p p ing boy, and w as punished eve ry ti me one o f her power-grabbin g schemes fail ed . As a resu lt o f the many bea tin g s he re cei ved , he was left par tia lly b linded and di sfi gured until a'D aire used t he seru m t o rest ore A bb o t t 's health, although he rema ined blind in o ne eye . Despite his sufferi ng , Abbott rem ained un sw er v ingl y lo yal to his v ic io us m ast er. When a'D aire to o k over HSC Int ern at io nal Bank in g , a legitima te co m pany fro nt ing for the cr iminal g roup INTERGANG, Abbo t t re ma ined by her sid e. Event ua lly rega ini ng t o t al sig ht, Abbott - now able to c ha nge f o rm fro m human to semi-I yc an to full w er ew olf-l ed a tea m of shape-chan g er s again st th e QUESTION and for me r GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT de tect ive RENEE MONTOYA, who were tracing illegal alien weap o nry t o Interg an g . Abbott and his men engag ed Int er g ang in a vicious fight th at lef t a ll of Interg an g 's agents dead. Abbott later m anag ed to track Mo nt oya a nd th e Question t o Khandaq , fram ing them for th e slaugh ter t ha t had occurred at t he Int erg a ng HSC w are house. (52 #1,2006 )

When he returned to Gotha m , Abbott w as alarmed at the fervo r BRUNO MANNHEIM, Interg ang's leader, dis pl aye d fo r the task of destroyin g the cit y t o fulfill a pr op hecy f rom the Cri me Bib le, A s a result, he turned hi s back o n a' Da ire and proved cruc ia l in leading Mo nt oya t o th e kidnapped BATWOMAN, about t o be sacrificed by Ma nnheim. He was last seen accompany ing N,GHTW,NG in di sabling devices d esign ed t o tu rn t he c ity int o a charred lu m p o f ro ck. (52 # 4 8, 2007)







ac co mpan ied by SUPERMAN, would be hyp not ized by PROFESSOR CARTER N,CHOLS and manage to p ierce th e time barrier. One such adven t u re land ed the W orl d 's Finest team in t en t h-cen tu ry Baghdad. The swart hy g iant Abd ullah led the no to ri ou s Fo rt y Thieves an d t raded a you th named Aladdin a use less oil lam p in exchange for a fort une, and the n tr ied to fra me A laddin as a mem b er of t he th ieves. The t im e-t raveling trio not o nly hel ped th e lad rega in his fortu ne, which had been sw ind led from him by Ab du llah, bu t also sto pped Abdu lla h's pl anned crim e w av e t hro ug h a Bag hd ad baza ar. ( World 's Finest Com ics # 79 , Novem ber/D ec em ber 1955 )

ACADEMY, THE Organized cri m e in GOTHAM CiTY has t aken many shapes ove r t he years , b ut no ne so b latant ly m irro red th e effo rts of law enforcement as t he Acade my. A secre t train ing facility for crim inals, it also doub led as the headqua rt e rs for the un derworld grou p th at most ben efi te d fro m the tra ining. Standards for adm issio n w ere hig h, t he A cademy accepti ng o nly those men with an IQ higher t han 135 who


were p hysicall y at t heir pe ak . Upon learning o f t he A cademy's exist ence, Bat ma n w as de te rm in ed to shut down t he facilit y for g o o d. The Cap ed Crusad er disguised him self as a rec ru it an d went through all the training co urses up on accept anc e. His well-developed mind and bo d y ensured that he advanced rapidly, and even t ually he bec am e a no m in ee for the nex t lead er of t he o rga nizat io n. Batman to ok the leade rship ro le and subsequently brough t about t he Academy's downfa ll, w it h th e help of the GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTMENT. Th e 'Acad emy 's hoard o f sto len property and it s cu rren t m ember ship ros te r w ere ta ke n in to custo dy, and th e fac ili ty was shut down for g o od . (Ba tman #7 0 , April/May 1952 )

ACCORD The sm all town of A ccor d w as said t o b e located " t wo hundred or so mil es no rth o f GOTHAM CiTY" Accord was founded by th e gr eat- grandfather o f it s local physician, Lynn Eagl es, wh o aided the Batman during a ca se invol v ing t he JOKER. ( Legend s of th e Dark Kn ig ht # 67, Jan uary 1995)

ACE THE BAT-HOUND When would-be co u nterfeiters k id nappe d en­ graver JOHN WILKER, Batman and ROBIN laun ch ed an inves tiga t io n. They saved Wi lke r's aba ndoned Germ an she phe rd , Ace, from drowning in a river, and used the dog 's inna te t rac k ing ab ilit ies to help loca te hi s m ast er. Durin g t he searc h, BRUCE WAYNE also p laced an ad for A ce's mas te r. Given t he di stinctive diamon d -sha ped m ark o n Ace's fo rehead, Wayne hoped so meo ne w oul d recognize th e dog and provide so me useful info rmat io n. Su re enoug h, on e of Wi lker' s neigh b o rs gave Br uc e a vita l cl ue. Wayne wa s al so co ncerned that peop le m igh t assoc iate Ac e and his d ist inc t ive d ia mon d ma rk w ith Bat ma n and hi s true identi ty; a s a res ult, he q uickly fas hio ned a bl ac k hood an d bat -symbol co lla r, and Ace jo in ed th e Dyn am ic Du o. A c rimina l t racked by t he cowled can ine soon dubbed hi m Ace t he Bat-H ound . Wilker's kidn appers were at temp ti ng to st eal ink f ro m the Eastern Pri ntin g -Ink Co m pa ny when th e c rim e fighters caught up t o th em , o nly to be subd ue d during the fi gh t. Fashio nin g a crude BAT-SIGNAL from cloth and a flas hligh t, Batman managed to sum mo n Ace, who g nawed t hrough Robi n's bond s, fr eeing th e heroes and allowin g t hem to defeat t he co unte rfei ters . (Ba tman #92, June 1955) Wi lker loan ed Ace t o Bat ma n fo r nu m erou s cases ove r th e next few m onths. When W ilke r to o k a new job th at required him to tr avel freq ue nt ly, Wayne fina lly adop ted t he dog. By the n Batman had added a rec eiver to Ace's collar that used an ultra -hig h-freq uency sou nd to summon t he ca nin e. ( Ba tman # 125, Augu st 1959) Ace we nt o n fre q uent adve nt ures with the Dyn ami c Du o , and worked alongsid e BATWOMAN as w ell. BAT - MITE, th e magical imp fro m another dimen sion, o nce be q uea t he d Ace t em po rary superp owe rs, w ith disastrous res ults. In th e reality c reat ed by t he CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Batm an encoun tered t he German shepherd When the do g w as pe t to a 130 -ye ar- ol d Na tive




HOl/ND!' Am erican shama n named Blac k Wolf. Ba t man was dra wn to a bat-shaped pa tch on t he dog 's shou lder, and followed t he dog. Batma n w as led to and resc ued Black Wo lf from members of hi s ow n tribe, w ho wa nted to sile nce his protes ts at th eir evi l pl an s. Bat m an and Bl ac k Wolf worked t o g ether t o stop th e tr ib e fro m com m it ting at roc ities th at t hey fe lt would ba la nce t he heinous cr imes co mmitted by Eu ro pean set tle rs in 1863. After th eir m ission, Blac k Wolf died and Batma n brought Ace back t o GOTHAM CiTY. Ace aid ed Batman o n seve ral oc casion s, incl udi ng tra cking the m o nst rou s and elu siv e KILLER CROC. (B atman #462, May 19 91) O nce en scon ced in th e BATCAVE, Ace was draw n to th e mute hun c hb ac k Haro ld , who had al so come t o live in the cave and b uild to o ls for th e Dark Kni gh t. Harol d , in return, b uilt Ace a m ech anica l mouse to p lay with . Ace wa s las t seen prior t o eve nt s known as No MAN'S LAND. Ace has no t appeared in th e reality created after th e eve nts of INFINITE CRISIS.

ACTUARY, THE As a way to comm it crimes w it hout int erference from Bat ma n, th e PENGUIN onc e re cru it ed an unn am ed act uary. Th is ac t uary observed t hat th e best w ay to co mmit a crime without being foi led by Batman was t o do so in broad d ay lig ht. A s th e Pengui n mad e his p lans, he wa s un aw are t hat Ba t man had al read y t arg eted one of h is current gan g mem bers , Nico Va ne t t a. Bat man lea rne d from Vanetta that the Peng uin int end ed t o r ob the annu al Gotham Flow er Show. The Da rk Knig ht t he n

eng ineered events so t hat t he show w as pl unged int o darkness, and t he Pen guin 's latest schem e was fo iled. Evi de nce g athe red at t he crime scene prevented Bat man fro m link in g the near robbery to the Peng ui n . In hi s rol e as a casi no ow ner, t he Pen gu in not o nly had an alibi , b ut co u ld exp la in away ci rc umsta nt ia l evidence as we ll . Sti ll, to set tl e th e possib le c rim ina l charges , Pen g u in m aneuvered the actuary int o p lea d ing g ui lty to the flower show robbery. The actuary was subsequently sen te nced to BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. ( De t ec tive Co m ics #683 , March 1995)

A'DAIRE, WHISPER Litt le is know n abo ut W hisp e r a'Daire, whose first rec o rd ed appeara nce had her work in g fo r eco terro rist RA's AL GHUL. (De tec tive Comics # 74 3, Apri l 2000) A t t he time, Ra's had develop ed a ser um th at ena bl ed humans to cha nge at wi ll into o ne of seve ral anima l fo rms. She t oo k th e seru m and be came a snake woma n, w hile he r loy al bo d yguar d , KYLE A BBOTT, beca me a werewo lf . One effec t o f th e ser um was pro longed li fe, and a'Da ire was estimated t o b e at lea st eig ht y years old at the ti me Ba t man fi rst enc o un t ered he r, de sp ite ap p eari ng to be in her late twen ti es at mos t. Her youthful v isa ge was maintain ed by regul arly shedding her sk in, much lik e her snake counte rpart. When Bat m an attempted to free a' Daire and A bbot t from Ra's cl utch es, a'D air e re fused , as she liked he r new form and he r ab iliti es. She t hen disappeared and used the ser um on sev era l other former fo llow ers o f Rei's, cre ati ng a sma ll army of hal f -hum an/ half­

beast creatures. All were controlled by a'Daire's considerable mental powers. She learned that this telepathic link had limitations, however: Those under her command with superior willpower often sought their freedom. A'Daire has demonstrated the ability to hypnotize by locking her slit-like eyes onto her victims. However, she often gets her way without employing this skill. A'Daire's fiery temper surfaced whenever her plans went awry, and she once spat a powerful acidic poison at Kyle Abbott, which blinded him. The redheaded seductress later surfaced as the manager of HSC International Banking, a legitimate company fronting for the criminal group INTERGANG, with Abbott once more by her side. When the QUESTION and former G.C.PD. detective RENEE MONTOYA were tracing illegal alien weaponry to Intergang, she ordered them killed. During the battle between the detectives and her minions, led by Abbott, a'Daire vanished. (52 #11, 2006) She resurfaced in GOTHAM CiTY more than six months later, aiding BRUNO MANNHEIM in performing spells as outlined in the Crime Bible. When that plan crumbled, she was severely burned and went her own way. (52 #48, 2007)

ADAMS, ABEL A citizen of eighteenth-century GOTHAM CiTY who was better known to the masses as a criminal highwayman, CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT.

ADAMS, MICHAEL A criminal who fought the Batman under the name OGRE.



On Earth-2, Agatha was BRUCE WAYNE'S aunt, although her exact relationship to the Wayne and Kane families remains unknown. Some time after Wayne began his career as Batman, Agatha arrived for what was to be a two-week visit, to ensure that her orphaned nephew was being well cared for by ALFRED PENNYWORTH, the family butler. To Wayne, the two weeks felt prolonged and on numerous occasions proved challenging for him and his ward, DICK GRAYSON, in their fight against crime as Batman and ROBIN. The timing of Agatha's visit could not have

been worse, as Alfred was on a two-week vacation and there was no one present to distract her. The bespectacled, white-haired Agatha was kindhearted and somewhat overprotective of her family. Unfortunately, the visit complicated the Dynamic Duo's war on crime, especially when she fell asleep in front of the grandfather clock that doubled as the entrance to the BATCAVE. After they changed into their costumes in the WAYNE MANOR kitchen, Agatha discovered Bruce and Dick prior to their leaving the mansion, and she believed them to be dressed for a costume party. Instead the pair tackled the Rotor-Robbers as they were committing a crime, the confrontation conveniently "delaying" the costume party by a day. While this gave Batman and Robin a second chance to use the costume party excuse, they found themselves overwhelmed by the Rotor-Robbers ... that is, until the JOKER arrived and pointed a gun at the Robbers, ordering them to free the Caped Crusaders. Removing the Joker mask, Agatha revealed herself and nearly gave away Batman's alter ego in the process. The confusion allowed Batman and Robin to subdue the Robbers, and the remainder of Agatha's visit went without incident. She was never seen again and is presumed no longer a part of Batman's life after the reality-altering events of various recent crises. (Batman #89, February 1955)



Maureen Breen was a meta-human on retainer to the YAKUZA, Japan's underworld. As Aiko (a name that translates to "patronage or favor"), she first encountered Batman when she was sent to GOTHAM CiTY to handle an INTERGANG stoolie. Breen demonstrated incredible strength and fast reflexes when she confronted the Dark Knight. A trained fighter, she managed to go toe-to-toe with the Batman, resulting in a draw during their first confrontation. When his next mission took him to Japan, Batman encountered Aiko a second time, where he manipulated her into ending the life of a deviant criminal who liked cosplay (costumed role playing). Aiko unfortunately proved an embarrassment to her superiors, and her ultimate fate went unrecorded. (Legends of the Dark Knight #213, February 2007)


Unlike Gordon, Akins disliked the reliance the G.C.PD. placed on its costumed protector, Batman. The reticence began during his Gateway days, when Akins had first encountered a vigilante and had approved of his efforts until a hostage situation went bad, leaving both the vigilante and the kidnapped victim-a child-dead. However, constant exposure to the psychotic and costumed criminals preying on Gotham's citizens eventually made Akins recognize that there was a place for Batman and those like him. That changed during the events known as WAR GAMES, when Batman usurped Akins's command and started issuing orders to Gotham's police forces. The officers charged into a volatile gunfight between criminal gangs, which resulted in heavy casualties among the uniforms. There was a major loss of trust on both sides, and Akins ordered the BAT-SIGNAL removed from the G.C.PD.'s rooftop, declaring that all costumed vigilantes were to be considered in violation of the law. Shortly after these events, Batman, Robin, and NIGHTWING left Gotham City for six months, and Akins subsequently tendered his resignation, clearing the way for Gordon to come out of retirement. Rumors of fresh police corruption had circulated, and there was speculation that Akins resigned under pressure, given that the rumors stretched all the way to the commissioner's office. Since his resignation, Akins has not been seen in Gotham.

Michael Akins originally served the citizens of Gateway City as a police officer before relocating to GOTHAM CiTY. As a member of the GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT, Akins achieved a sterling record and was eventually named as Commissioner JAMES GORDON'S replacement. Gordon retired after Gotham City was reopened in the wake of No MAN'S LAND. The African American officer bravely endured all of Gotham's relentless problems, which gradually diminished optimistic Akins's belief in human nature. This was exacerbated when he asked Internal Affairs to investigate detective HARVEY BULLOCK. At


the time, Bullock was suspected of shooting a man who had tried to kill Gordon. Bullock retired from the force under a cloud of controversy, and Akins found himself mistrusted by the officers for going after one of their own. (Batman: Turning Points #5, January 2001)

Edgar Albrek was desirous of his uncle's vast wealth and crafted a complex scheme to murder him and avoid conviction for the crime. The plan involved convincing law enforcement officers that while out of the country, Edgar had lost both hands to a gan­ grene epidemic in Africa. Through modern medi­


cine, his claim went, new hands were grafted on, but they would prove to be the hands of an English murderer. Albrek would then contend that the mur足 derer's hands acted on their own accord, against his will. Batman and ROBIN learned of the proposed crime and exposed the preposterous scam before Albrek's uncle could be killed. He was arrested. (World's Finest Comics #41, July/August 1941)

ALCOR Alcor was a distant world with a prospering civilizat ion. The citizens were protected by TAL足 DAR, a crime fighter not unlike Batman. When the Dynamic Duo visited the world, they aided Tal足 Dar in overcoming his vic ious enemy, Zan-Rak. (Detective Com ics #282, August 1960)

Crispus Allen was a METROPOLIS police officer before relocating to the GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTMENT'S MAJOR CRIMES UNIT. (Detective Comics #742, March 2000) Allen was a disciplined officer, finding strength from his family and believing that the role Batman played was a necessary component in the fight against crime. Allen was partnered with RENEE MONTOYA. and the two had a long string of successes work ing together. He was a loving and devoted husband and father to two children, and placed their safety above all else. Despite his fam ily 'S strong religious beliefs, Allen remained an agnostic, refusing to believe in a God who could let

Allen's life took a trag ic turn when he and Montoya tracked gang members into a deserted building. W ithout waiting for backup, per police procedure, they spl it up and trailed the crim inals. BLACK SPIDER II suddenly appeared and shot Montoya, who avoided ser ious injury thanks to her bulletproof vest. The costumed criminal took aim at Montoya's unprotected head, but Allen arr ived before he could f ire and fatally shot Black Spider. As Internal Affa irs officers began their routine investigation, the corrupt crime scene officer, JIM CORRIGAN, pocketed the bullet Allen had fired that killed Black Sp ider. Corrigan kept it to sell on the collectors' black market, but without it IA was unable to complete its Investigation. Tipped off by lA, Montoya tracked Corrigan and beat him to retrieve the ev idence before he could sell it. While this freed Allen from suspicion, it fouled lA's separate investi gat io n into Corrigan, and marked the partners as enemies In Corrigan's eyes. This news also placed a strain on Allen and Montoya's partnership. Obsessed w ith obtaining evidence against Corrigan , Allen began putting in extra hou rs on his own, hid ing his work from Montoya. Eventually learn ing of Allen's efforts, Corrigan had an infor m ant who was about to speak out against him beaten to death. Subsequently Corrigan lu red Allen into finding the body before cravenly shooting Allen in the back. In his role as an invest ig ator, Corrigan tainted the cr ime scene , thereby avo iding arrest. Montoya, unable to nail Corrigan , suffered an emotional breakdown, left the force, and set off on a self-destructive path. (Gotham Central #38, February 2006) Allen left behind his wife, Dore; his sons , Jacob and Mal; his mother, Violet; and two brothers. As Allen's body lay in the city morgue during the events known as INFINITE CRISIS, the SPECTRE was forced by God to take Allen's corpse as its new human host. Allen's sp irit was unwilling to accept this divine intervention, however. and initially tried to reject it. Nevertheless, the Spectre was summoned to Stonehenge by Earth's practitioners of magic to help usher in the Tenth Age of Magic. This new incarnation of the Spectre meted out justice by killing the villa inous Star Sapphire for her past misdeeds. (Infinite Crisis #4, April 2006) Allen and the Spir it of Vengeance later came to an agreement that would give Allen's spirit

SO much evil exist in the world.

a year to roam the Earth and study humanity



The first name of Bruce Wayne's longtime butler and confidant, ALFRED PENNVWORTH.

ALFRED MEMORIAL FOUNDATION ALFRED PENNVWORTH died on Earth-1 while protecting Batman and ROBIN from the TRI-STATE GANG. He was trapped and perished under a massive pile of boulders, and in his memory BRUCE WAYNE opened the Alfred Foundation. A cheritabte organization, it would further Alfred's efforts to better all humankind. When Alfred later returned to life as the villainous OUTSIDER and was subsequently restored to his old self, the foundation was renamed for the WAYNE FAMILY. The WAYNE FOUNDATION continued its mission of good works while also expanding, thanks to the vast Wayne Family fortune. (Detective Comics #328,June1964)

ALI Ali 's Health Resort in GOTHAM CiTY-a front for a cr iminal enterprise-was run by a corpulent Arab named Ali. As wealthy patrons visited the resort, selected victims were kidnapped and imprisoned w ithin secret sect ions of the facility. Carefully prepared impersonators emerged from the resort and resumed the victims' lives, using their private access to funds to enrich Al i. For a brief time BRUCE WAYNE was numbered among the kidnapped, but D,CK GRAYSON discovered the impersonator. The scheme was eventually foiled by Batman and ROBIN. (Batman #19. October/November 1943)


~ 6

before accepting the Spectre's presence. Without a human to anchor the Spectre, all humankind was threatened. Allen's spirit remained largely in Gotham, watching over his family and witness ing the fruitless investigation into his own death; he even discovered Batman's true identity. As the year ended, the Spectre returned and Allen finally accepted his fate. By this time Allen 's younger son. Mal. had determined on his own that Corrigan must have killed his father. Seeking revenge, Mal murders the corrupt cop, only to be confronted by the Spectre Immediately after. Allen had no choice but to condemn his son to death for committing the crime. Because of this, Allen recognized his role as the Spectre's moral compass and always ensured that the punishment fit the crime. (Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre #1-3 , 2006)

ALLEN, TOD Tod Allen was a wealthy fr iend of BRUCE WAYNE'S, and through their many soc ial int eract io ns at the Sportsmen's Club, Allen eventually deduced that Wayne and his ward. D,CK GRAYSON, were secretly Batman and ROBIN. Indulging his fondness for practical jokes, he began taunting Wayne w ith letters purportedly from a Mr. X, ind icati ng that Batman's alter ego was in danger. Investigating the letters, Batman determined that Mr. X was Allen, and prepared to confront him about the ruse. Before he got the chance to do so, Allen died in a plane crash, his knowledge of Wayne's secret dying with him. (Batman #134, September 1960 )



Harold Allnut suffered all through life with muteness and a hunchback. ( The Question #33, December 1989) After being thrown out of his home by his cruel parents in Hub City, he found his way north to GOTHAM CiTY. There he came to the PENGUIN'S attention , and when the criminal learned of Harold's Innate genius w ith mechanical objects he provided shelter in exchange for Harold creating new devices to be used in the Penguin's crime sprees. However, anyt ime Harold tried to object to what the Penguin asked , he threatened his life. Batman fought the Penguin 's gang on many occasions, and eventually rescued Harold from the stout felon. (Batman #458, January 1991) Grateful for his reprieve, Harold turned his skills to helping the Dark Knight build new crime足 fighting gear; eventually he ma intained everything

an infant. When sent by the doctor to aid Batman and ROBIN during a fight with the GREEN MASK BANDITS, Alpha complied without question, but when he thought Batman had turned against him, Alpha went on a destructive rampage. Alpha also had a crush on BATWOMAN, which led to his sacrificing himself while saving her life as she dangled off the edge of a cliff. The android was destroyed, and a distraught Burgos never built another model. (Detective Comics #306, September 1962)


Wayne used, from the BATMOBILE to the BATCAVE'S computer systems. Shortly after Harold came to live in the Batcave, Batman's back was broken during a confrontation with the villain BANE. As Bruce Wayne began his long recuperation process, he turned the mantle of the Bat over to his recently acquired ally , JEAN-PAUL VALLEy-aka AZRAEL. Valley lacked Wayne's strict moral code, however, and quickly devolved the Caped Crusader into an armored avenger, barring Harold from the Batcave. Harold found a new way in and worked in secret, ultimately supporting NIGHTWING, ROBIN, and a recovered Wayne in their attempts to stop Valley. Little has been recorded of Harold's activities between the restoration of Wayne as Batman and the arrival of the mysterious villain called HUSH. Dr. Tommy Elliot. a childhood friend of BRUCE WAYNE, sought revenge against Wayne for a long-ago slight, and used his miraculous surgical skills to transform Harold from a misshapen man into what passed for "normal." To repay the scheming surgeon, Harold agreed to hide microcircuits inside the Batcave's computer systems. The circuits then transmitted subliminal cues int o Batman 's mind, throwing the Caped Crusader off balance as Hush pressed forward his plan. Hush eventually killed Harold, whom he felt was nothing more than a loose end to be tied up. As he died, Harold confessed to Batman that he continued to look up to the hero, despite his own betrayal. (Batman #618, October 2003) A sympathetic Batman buried Harold overlooking WAYNE MANOR.

Aaron Helzinger was born with a diminished mental capacity, and was prone to violent rages while growing up . Early in his tragic life Helzinger underwent brain surgery in an attempt to reduce the number of violent outbursts. The doctor performing the operation mistakenly removed his amygdala-the collection of nerves the brain uses to control emotional associations-rather than the hypothalamus that was the Intended target. Complicating matters was that the botched operation mysteriously left Helzinger with strength beyond the human norm. (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #3, August 1992) Helzinger suffered from a variation of KIOver-Bucy syndrome, which involves damaged amygdalae, leaving Its victims unable to properly respond to stimuli. Given his unstable mental state and Increased strength, Helzlnger became a pawn of GOTHAM C,TY'S underworld, which resulted in his eventually being committed to ARKHAM ASYLUM. Now dubbed Amygdala, his brute strength proved more than a match for the Batman when the Dark Knight was trapped within the institution by JEREMIAH ARKHAM. Once he was finally subdued, his

condition was properly diagnosed, and Amygdala received medication that corrected his emotional Imbalance, The medication was slow to change Amygdala's condition, however, and he eventually began committing additional crimes, which landed him back at Arkham until his condition stabilized. When BANE freed Arkham's residents during his attempt to weaken the Dark Knight, Amygdala fell under the sway of the VENTRILOQUIST, who took great comfort in his hulking presence. Their freedom did not last long, and soon they were back within the walls of the institution. At some point after this, Amygdala was transferred to BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY, where he took pleasure in being a fearsome hitter on the prison baseball team. Soon after, he was transferred back to Arkham, and freed once more, this time by the demon Neron, who was out to tempt the world's villains with their hearts' desires. The freedom was a rush for Amygdala, but before leaving he wanted to gain some measure of revenge against Arkham's cruel administration, and he nearly killed Jeremiah Arkham. The surprise appearance of the New God Izaya, aka Highfather, whose calming presence soothed Amygdala, saw the brute subdued once more. Amygdala eventually agreed to a medical implant that distributed medication replicating the amygdala's function throughout his system, which seemed a permanent treatment for his condition. Helzinger. was now declared cured and freed from custody, and he relocated to BLUDHAVEN and wound up living in the same apartment building as NIGHTWING. (Nightwing [second series] #18, March 1998) He proved to be a good friend to D,CK GRAYSON and his neighbors, in addition to being

ALPHA (THE EXPERIMENTAL MAN) Dr. Burgos once designed and constructed an android he dubbed Alpha. The artificial life-form possessed superhuman strength, but imperfect programming left Alpha with the emotional level of


su cce ssfully employed as a warden at Lockhaven Pri son , When BLOCKBUSTER II blew up the apartment bu ilding as part of his vendetta against Nightwing, Amygd ala wa s left shattered and homeless. He ev entu ally found a new apartment in the city, but his wh er eabout s after BIOdhaven was destroyed by Che mo hav e yet to be chro nicl ed.



LONN IE MACHIN'S m other, sh ow g irl Gret a Mitchel l, ga ve hi m up fo r ado pt ion as a baby. His adoptive p aren ts, Mike and Roxann e Ma chin , re cognized that Lonni e w as spec ial. Mi ke t ook the incredibly br ight and inq uisi ti ve Lonnie to many bookstores to fee d hi s in satiable interest in all things, especially philosophy. A s an adolescent Lonnie w ent be yond the typical d efi nit io n o f rebellious, findin g American so cie ty esse nt ially m orally bankrupt; he de spaired at w hat pe ople w ere doing to one an other and to the pl anet it self. Do nnin g an out fit he constructed that cove re d him head -t o -t o e and simu lated great hei g ht , he ex p re ssed his rage toward po lluters by attack ing a fact ory that dumped waste int o the water. W ith his wal kin g st ick , wh ich conta ined a taser, he p ro ve d ad ept at combat. Confronting Anar ky, Bat m an q uick ly deduced from body

languag e and comm ent ar y that und ern eath th e elongated outfit w as a yo ut h, After p hy sicall y restraining Mach in, Batman had him conf ined to a juveni le detention c enter, ( D et ec tiv e Com ic s #6 0 8 , No vember 198 9 ) During his inca rce rati o n, Mach in acc esse d t he fac ility's c omputer s and, using th e scree n name Mon eyspid er, hac ked int o var io us corp or at io ns' bank accounts and sipho ned m illion s. Thi s he sen t anonymou sly t o the Third World countrie s he fe lt need ed t he mon ey more than b ig bu sinesses did. Machin also m anag ed to repeatedly esca p e and co nti nue hi s on e-teen crusad e. When Eclipso w as out to co rrup t th e world with his Bla ck Diamond slive rs, Anarky obtained one and used it s power to attack buildings he felt w ere sy m b o ls of oppression . ( Robin Annual #1, 1992 ) He engag ed not onl y w ith Ba t ma n, but w it h the SCARECROW and Batman's tem po rary repl acement JEAN-PAUL VALLEY as w el l. His ge nius led hi m to c reate t he A nar kist Fo und at ion ; he also ea rne d fi ve mil lion d ollars by selling his own per son a l t rac ts vi a t he Int ernet. Unfo rt unate ly on e o f his c ust om ers, MALOCHIA, used th e tr ac t s t o fu rt he r his own agenda as a prophet of d oom . In his zeal Malo chia b ecam e a danger to societ y, o ne Ana rky felt respons ibl e fo r. When Anarky tri ed t o contain Maloch ia, he-al ong

with Batman and JOE POTATo-were instead tied to an explosives-laden zeppelin. Anarky freed Batman and Joe Potato, but needed rescuing by ROBIN seco nds before the zeppelin detonated, ki lling Ma loc hia. Anarky used the explosion t o fak e his d eat h and left a wr itten farewe ll for his adopt ive pa ren t s. ( Batm an: Shadow of the Bat #40-41, July/ Aug ust 1995) N ow o n hi s own, Mac hin d issolved hi s fou ndation and laun ched Anarco, nam ing hims elf pre sident and CEO. He co nt inued to sell his provocative documents, and in short or de r th e co mpany earned $199 million. Ma chin al so tra ined extensivel y to improve hi s ph ysical co nd it io n and better pr epare himself for th e co nfro ntat io ns he now knew would be a regular part of his mi ssion . Thi s regimen included eig ht hours a da y of biofeedback, which seem ed t o result in hi s fu sing the two hem isp heres o f his brain together, b oo sting his m ental ca pab ilities a hundredfold. W ith his newfo und genius, he developed a d ev ice to im p rove t he m inds of fellow humans, ho p ing th ey w o uld become more enlig htened. However, t he machine needed vast amounts o f po w er to run . He sought as man y meth ods as poss ib le to obtain the energy, first turning t o Etrigan the DEMON for help. Failing at that, he built hi s ow n version of a Boom Tube and hoped to ex t rac t the energy from Darkseid, ruler of the alien world Apokolips. He was stopped from doing this by Batman, who feared for Machin's life. Using the ma chine on himself, Anarky saw the many mistakes he was making and vowed to do better, When Gotham City was devastated by a massive earthquake and descended into lawlessness, An arky saw an opportunity to help remake the c ity. Batman wanted him out of the city, though : He saw Anarky as a d istraction, not a help. Before acquiesci ng, Ana rky searched for his parents, and fe ared t hem to have per ished when he could not loc ate t hem . W it h thi s new fou nd sense of direction and p ur pose, Machi n set o ut on a new life. He relocated t o Wa shington, D.C., w here he esta blis hed a li vin g and working spa ce und er t he Washington Monumen t. (A na rky #1, May 199 9 ) There he built MA X, a supe r- co m p ute r with advanced AI technolog y. While w orking for a better t omorrow, An arky found himself at c ross purposes with GREEN LANTERN and Jade, a nd then became a target of RA's AL GHUL when he d isc ov er ed the latter's plan t o ig ni te a Middle Eastern war. Thi s plan fail ed, and A narky mana ged to survi v e his batt le w ith t he ecote rro rist, althoug h he ea rned himself another enemy. No t lo ng after bu ilding th e super-computer, he aske d MA X to access al l ava ilab le online records and d et erm ine if his parents had survived the eart hq uake. MA X reported that Mike and Roxanne w er e not his natural parents, and news of his adopti on rocked Machin. The computer told him of h is birth m other. but no record existed about his fath er . Clue s, though, led Machin to speculate, with mu ch f ear and trepidation, that his father may have b een th e JOKER. Thi s presented the teen with a crisis of co nfi denc e, and he largely withdrew from public sig ht . It took a rally of all the teen heroes to aid



sub ject and was im m edi ately red uced in st at ure,

Pierr e An ta l was a noted Eur op ean p ai nt er who

Soo n af te r, a foo t -high figu re d ressed in a scarl et

rem ain ed virtuall y un kn own in th e Un it ed States. Th e " so c iall y e m ine nt " Americ an Mr. Wylie was vaca tioning o n th e Con tin ent w hen he fell in love with An ta l's wo rk, He p urchase d a nu mber of t he pai nt ings at relat ively inex pe nsi ve p rices, desp it e his shaky fiscal conditi on , W yl ie then concocted a sc he m e to bring Ant al t o Am eri ca, get his work noti ced , and let the valu e o f his Antal collection ap pr ec iate so that he co ul d sel l t he works and

co stu me was fi rst not iced in GOTHAM CITY w he n he came t o ROBIN'S aid in appreh end in g W ell es and hi s m o b . Th en, to the Boy Wonder's shock, the A nt- Man abscon de d with t he ve ry jew els W elles had t rie d to st eal ! Carso n, as Ant-Ma n, had int e nd ed to p lague W el les in revenge, but w as in st ead ca p t u red by Rob in. Without a known cure f or Han son 's formula, Cars on rema ined permanentl y in mi nia t ure form.

rest ore his lo st weal t h. He t o o k th e plan a ste p furth er by letting Antal p aint a ser ies o f port rai ts of A me rica 's we alt hiest citize ns . After eac h pa inting w as fini shed, Wy lie w ou ld desecrate the im ag e in a specific w ay -suc h as by slashi ng it w it h a bu tc her knife. Donning a sku ll mask, Wylie th en m u rd er ed the painting 's su bjec t in the same w ay. He co m m it t ed three ki llings , in the process c rea ti ng g rea t notoriety for Anta l. His fourth attem pt, however, wa s thwarted by ROBIN . Then, in o rder to lure ou t t he k ille r. BRUCE W AYNE agreed t o sit fo r a p o rt rait . Sure eno ug h, W yli e m ad e an other at te m pt, but was stop ped by th e Caped Cr usa de r. Rather th an be tri ed for his cr imes, W yli e sho t hi mself to dea t h. Batma n would late r not e th at he conside red this to b e th e Dynam ic Duo's fir st major ca se, (De te c ti ve Comics #4 2, August 1940) Years later noteworthy peo p le w ere once again dying aft er having their p ortra it s pai nt ed by Antal. Amo ng th e v ictim s we re a b roke r nam ed Jenning s th e YOUNG JUSTICE t eam in b ri nging Anarky back into action. During th e ad ve nt ure th e t een s w ere t em p o raril y t u rned into a dults; seeing th e wor ld t hro ug h new eyes, Mac hi n re c o nsid ered the importanc e of h is li fe - despi t e t he possib le connection t o th e Jo ke r. ( Young Justice: Sin s of Youth #1, May 20 0 0)

ANDERSON,PROFESSOR An derson w as a g ift ed eng ineer and sc ien t ist who co nst ruc ted a device that ac tually tra nsp ort ed peo p le into w orks o f fict ion. When he de monst rate d the de vice to Batman and ROBIN, he d id so by send ing them insid e a vo lu me calle d Anthology of Fairy Tales. W hile jo urn ey ing t hro ugh t he sto ries, th e duo rescued A nd e rson' s da ug ht er Enid , wh o had become trapp ed in th e book, from the Black Witch . The trio soon safe ly return ed to the real world, and the device 's future uses w ent unr eco rd ed. (Batman #5, Spring 1941)

ANDREWS A nd rews was an assist ant cu rator wor king at the Gotha m Muse um w ho also ha d a larg e corru pt st reak. He comm it t ed num ero us high-pro file crim es while di sgu ised as a m ummy, lead ing p eo pl e t o conclude that th is rel ic fro m ancient Egypt had come back t o life , An dr ews chose the mummy motif not onl y beca use it frightened o rd ina ry citizens, but also be c ause t he wrappings co ve red h is ove rsi zed hea ring aid , a sure c lue to hi s ident ity. Hi s c ri m ina l ac tivities p ro ved short- lived wh en he w as q u ic k ly c ap t ured and exposed by Batman . ( Ba tman # 57, Feb ruary/March 1950 )

( Batm an #156 , June 1963 )

AQUAMAN Or in, ak a A rt hur Curry, th e kin g o f ATLANTIS, served w ith Batman as a founding me m b er o f th e JUSTICE LEAGUE 01' AMERICA. The y have w or ked t o g et her as par tne rs o n numerou s occas ions since, Both men are usu a lly g rim and deter m ined in th eir m issio ns, maki ng th em close allies des pi te th eir vastly d ifferent b ackgrounds, Aqu aman 's o rig ins have be en alte red many times as th e fab ric of reality has b een co ntin uo usly rewr it t en, bu t he remai ns a wa t er - breathing monarch w ith great t e lepat hic abi liti es th at enab le him t o com m un icate wi t h all forms of sea lif e. His adopte d so n Gar t h, known fir st as Aqu alad and t hen Tem pe st, served wi t h Batma n's w ard, D'CK GRAYSON ( t he first ROBIN ) in t he TEE NTITANS, (More Fun Comics #73, November 1941)

and singe r Lo uisa Pon elle. The pa int in g s had been a ltered ju st as W yli e's we re yea rs be fo re. W he n Batman investigated Antal , th e ar t ist expres sed h is co nce rn o ver his rep utation b ein g o nce more called int o q uest io n, Batman let A nta l pai nt Bruce W ayne 's image aga in in another attem pt t o lure th e co pyc at killer, but Batman and Robin w er e ca p t u red by the killer instead . The real kill er reveal ed himself to be a derang ed , unnam ed c rimi nologist w ho held a th eor y t hat if Bat man had failed at hi s first m ajo r invest ig at io n, hi s caree r as a c rime fight e r wo uld never hav e g ained traction . The c ri mi nolo g ist th eo rized that o nly lu cky sta rt s m eant long -te rm su cc ess, so he re-created W y lie's crimes in order to ruin Batm an' s confi dence and career. To avoid be ing ki lled by t he c ri m ino lo gis t, Batman and Robin took the ri sk of unmasking th em selves and plead ed that th ey were standing in for t he real Dynamic Duo, wh o we re in GOTHAM CiTY making a rad io broad c ast. The criminologi st turned on his rad io and was shattered to hea r Batman 's vo ice , nev er o nce real izing it w as a p re- recorded m essag e. Driven o ve r the ed ge by hi s see m ing failu re, he im itated W yli e's fi nal ac t and sho t hi m self. ( Batm an #3 8, Dece mber 19 46 / January 194 7)



JUMBO CARSON was a riv al mobst er to AI Welles and w as marked for death by th e latter. Escaping the assass inati o n attempt, Car son fell int o the river near Hanson 's Research Labo rat o ry. The wa ter by th e lab was saturat ed wit h che mical runo ff fr om Professor Han son 's attem pts t o p erfec t a fo rm u la to sh ri nk peop le in size ; Carso n pr ov ed an un expected test



JOKER, KILLER CROC, and th e MAD HATTER. ( Ba t m a n:

TIM DRAKE'S fri end wh o d ied durin g th e eve nts o f W AR GAMES and w as lat er resurrec t ed by Jo hnny W ar lo ck and ca lled the W ARLOCK'S DAUGHTER,

Shado w o f the Bat #1- 4 , June-Sep t em ber 1992)

ARDELLO On another p lane o f reali ty exis te d an art if ic ial construct named Ardello, who was d esc ribed as a "no nm et allic robot." Accompan ied by another const ruct, an "el ect ro nic bl oo d ho und " t hat cou ld sc an hum an b rain-w ave ac ti v it y and loc at e crimi nal pa tterns, A rde llo jo urn eyed to Earth's p lane in or der to find w hoever had been cross ing th e b ar ri er be tween d im ension s an d steali ng high­ tech weapo nry. Fear ing w ha t harm the w eapon­ w hich w as said to hav e been able to tr ansform matter - :cou ld do, Ardel lo and th e b lo odhound felt g rej'lt:'u rg ency in accomplish ing th eir t ask. As a result.'. they mi stakenly beli eved Batman to be b ehind the. cr imes, and a bizarre m anh unt fo r the vig ilante bega n. W hen A rde llo even tua lly c ame to th e realiza ti o n th at th e Dar k Knigh t wa s a fellow c rime fighter, th ey compared notes and co ncl uded t hat a cr imi nal d isg uised as Bat ma n was beh ind the crim e. The unl ikely d uo tr acked d ow n Gim let (aka Ed Co llins), th e t ru e pe rpe tr ato r. Co llins had ma naged to cr oss th e d im ensio nal barrier using an ing enio u s- and sto le n- device be longing to a p ro m inent unname d scie ntist. W it h the w eapon recovered, t he mechanical man hunters ret urned to the ir own real ity. (De tec tive Comics # 279 , May 1960 )

ARISTO A rist o was a "cu nni ng in terna tional th ief" w ho arrived in GOTHAM CiTY wi th riches o n hi s mind. W it h his gang , he br o ke into t he Go tham Muse um and sto le a m agic lam p, cre ated by the leg end ary Lar ko, a so rc ere r. W hen Batman and ROBIN arr ived to apprehen d the th iev es, t he lamp w as used t o tran sfo rm t he Caped Cru sad er into a jin n i, or "mag ica l genie ," connected to th e lam p. As a ma gi cal be ing , Batman w as now posse ssed of g re at p owe rs, but he co ul d o nly use th em on b ehalf o f th e lamp's own er. Robin, w orking w ith BAT-GIRL, mana g ed to outwit Ari sto , forcing t he trad iti ona l three w ishes to b e expended without ca us ing t o o mu c h harm to Gotham 's peopl e an d property. With his o b lig ati o n com pl eted, Batman re sum ed m ortal form and , with Robin, brought Arist o and th e ga ng t o ju stice. Th e lamp w as ret urned to t he museum and kept un d er firm lo ck an d key. (Detective Co m ics #3 22, De c em ber 1963)

ARKHAM, JEREMIAH Ne ph ew t o Amadeus Ark ham, Jeremi ah was t he most rec en t adm in istrator of ARKHAM ASYLUM. He p roved an u neven ad m in ist rato r t hanks to t he fr eq uent esc ap es and high rate of reci divism amo ng t he asylum 's residen ts . Som e even qu esti o ned his c lo se relationship wit h sever al of th e inmates , especi ally M,STER ZSASZ. When th e facility wa s upgraded so me years ag o. Arkham ove rsaw it s reo pening and subs eq uentl y tr ap ped Batman with in t he asy lu m fo r researc h pu rposes. He d ecid ed t o see what made Batman t ick by exp os ing th e Dark K nig ht to sev era l libe rated inmates, includ ing the


Je re m iah's own sanity wa s eventu all y questi oned , and wh en the asy lum was te mpo rar ily closed by fe de ral o rder, he wa s seen cowering in the shadows . Th e bui ld ing reopened a year lat er, and the unstab le Jeremiah was unbelieva b ly back in charge.

ARKHAM ASYLUM The Elizabet h A rk ham Asyl um for t he cr im inally insan e was lo cated no rth of GOTHAM C,TY, and had been the ho me t o both ave rage and sup erp owered cri m inals sinc e it s fou ndi ng in th e early twentiet h ce n tur y. Named for o rig inal asy lu m d irector Amadeu s Arkham 's mo the r, the facil ity w as d ed icated t o hel p ing those aff lic te d w it h mental illne sses, as wa s Eliz ab eth. Amad eu s had told others that h is moth er had co m m it t ed suicide, but the truth wa s lat er reve aled : He euthanized her when she becam e t o o mu ch to handle, and th en repressed his mem or ies o f t he m urd er. Amad eus took co ntrol o f th e family mansion and had it c o nve rt ed into an asy lu m, and it has b een co nst an tl y reb uilt and add ed on to ov er the yea rs; fo r th o se res id en ts wi t h unique needs, cus t o m ized fac ilit ies have been inst al led , such as a refri g erate d cell for MISTER FREEZE. A s the expa nsion wo rk was in p ro cess, A ma deus; hi s wi fe, Cons tance; and his d aug ht er, Har riet , rel o cated to METROPOLIS, wher e he te m pora rily treate d p at ie nts at t he st ate psyc hi at ric ho spi ta l. ( Ba tm an # 2S8, Oc to be r 1974 ) Whi le ove rsee ing the cons t ruc t ion of the asylum d ur ing a tri p b ack to Gotham , A r kha m wa s co nsu lte d by Me tro pol is po lice after Mar tin " MAD DOG" HAWKINS, a pa tient re ferred to A rk ham , had esc aped fro m a Metropol is p rison. The police were unable to find t he killer and asked Ar kham for assistan ce . A rkham ret urn ed his fami ly t o Gotham as co nstruct io n nea red c om pl et ion . He arrived ho me on A pril 1,1921, o nl y to d isco ver t ha t Haw kin s had tra cked him down and raped and mutilated both Con stance and Harriet. Hawkins had eve n carv ed hi s nicknam e o n Harr iet's fre sh c o rp se. Seem ing ly undaunted by these gri sly events, Arkham oversaw th e asy lum 's op ening the following November, with th e recaptured Hawkins among the first re sident s. At vario us t im es th e facility wa s referred to by the publi c as eit he r Arkham Hospital or Arkham Sanitarium. Arkha m p erso nally treated Hawk in s for six months, but on April I, 1922, he st rap pe d t he cri minal to a t ab le, pur portedly for elec tros hock th erap y, an d executed him . The po lice ruled it an accid ent. Arkham, how ever, sli pped into ma d ness from tha t moment onwa rd, ev entually b ecom ing a w ar d of his own insti t ut io n. A ft e r t he arriva l of many costumed fe lon s d u rin g t he modern age of heroes, the cells at Ar k ha m A sy lu m w ere filled with a col o rf u l var iety of c ases t hat t axed the staff - and on occasio n t he b uil din g itself. In fa ct , it w as d amaged and partia lly d emol ished severa l t im e s. At one point th e ent ire fa c ility was d estroyed and co m pl ete ly rebuilt. Up o n it s reopen in g, JEREMIAH A RKHAM, great ­ neph ew o f Amad eu s and a ma n of que st ionabl e sc ru pl es h im self, b eca m e its ne w d ire ctor. In fa c t , sh o rtl y after the A sylum's reopen ing, he trapped Batman w it hin its wal ls for a b rief t im e as part o f

an intense psyc hia t ric stud y. Even after Bat man esca p ed , A rk ha m remained in c harge o f th e fac ility. (Ba t man : Sha dow of th e Bat #1- 4 , June­ Sep t em b er 19 92) Mo nths lat er, the int ernationa l crim ina l BANE actuall y b lew u p a po rt io n of t he asylum in o rde r to release the inma tes as p ar t o f his scheme to weaken Bat m an. (B a tm an #491, Apri l 1993) Recapturing the esc aped inm at es took weeks and pushed Batma n t o hi s emot io na l an d physical limi ts . W ith Ark ham damaged , the inmat es we re temporarily housed at BLACKGATE PENITENTI ARY. When the fe deral government cu t off sup p or t to Go tham Ci t y, Ark ham 's cells w ere opened by th e sta ff, it s inma tes freed , and the facility cl ose d for a yea r. Durin g th at t ime, the JOKER and Harley Quinn t o ok up resid e nc e o f the ir own free will. Oth er c it ies across the country have sent th eir dan g er ou s or in sane su p er -v illains to Arkham A sy­ lum de sp it e its so m ew hat shaky hi story, b eli ev­ ing it b etter to sim p ly dump th e cr im ina l probl em o n Go tham City. Among th e noteworthy out -of­ towner s kept in Arkham we re J ASON W OOoRUE, Jo hn Dee ( Doc t o r De stiny), t he Dum my, Da ncer , Doc W ILLARD, t he Cr umbier, a nd Mist er Thorn to n. Near ly every c os t umed foe t he Da rk Knight has eve r fa ce d has been inc arc era te d in A rk ham at o ne p o int o r ano th e r. Financi er W ARREN W HITE es­ ca ped a w h ite -colla r c ri m e convict ion by pleadi ng in sanity and b e in g assig ned t o Ark ham A sy lum, witho ut rea liz ing th e d elete ri ous effects tha t ex­ po sur e to h is fe llow inm at es wo uld have . W hite, by then kn own as th e GREAT W HITE SHARK, was left a d if ferent p er son upon his re lease, and be came a ru t hless und er w o rld boss. (A r k h am A sylum : Living Hell # 1-6, 200 5) The fac ility on t he wh ol e pr oved extremely p orous, its res ide nts hav in g esc ap ed on cou nt less o c casion s. Tho se released had a hi g h rate of recid ivism. Secu rit y wa s un even as well, to p ut it ki nd ly, and th e asylum's st affing p ro ved qu estiona bl e gi ve n how un stable seve ral of its d oc to rs became, incl udi ng Dr. HARLEEN QUINZEL , LYLE BOLTON, and , in so me versions of Arkham 's reality, JONATH AN CRANE and HUGO STRANGE. De spite all th at, th e asy lum remained a functi oning fa cil ity relied up on by th e g ov ernment to treat those in nee d . It did, t ho ugh , rem ain under constant su rve illan ce by th e ever -v igilant Ba tman. In th e reality after INFINITE CRISIS, th e Arkha m Mental Hosp ita l w as orig inally known as Arkham House and at some po int in the p ast clos ed it s d oo r s. Early in Bat m an 's c areer, JONATHAN CRANE told t he Dark Kn igh t his dream was to renovate and reopen the fa cil ity as a sec ure loc at io n to house a new b reed of v illa in. W it h th e advent o f crim es comm it ted by th e m adman w ho wou ld be lat er kn own as th e Joke r, Crane's gra nts were finally app ro ved and he expected to o p en the ho spi t al by the end o f t hat year. ( Batm an Conf iden tial # 9 , N ove mber 20 0 7)



A leg end ary ma r ti al art s sense i c alled th e Arm less Master t au g ht several hero es and vi llains-such as TIM DRAKE ( ROBIN III) , CATWOMAN, and HELLHOUNo­ fig ht ing sk ills fr o m hi s base in A sia. ( Ro b in #4 9 ,

Janu ar y 19 9 8 ) His brother was t he Paris-base d Iro n Hand (once k no wn as th e Leg less Master), w ho tra in ed b oth Tim Dr ak e and a young woman nam ed DAVA in Fran ce. Th e killing tec hniq ue kn own as the Whisp ering Han d w as t he sign ature m ov e bot h m en ta ugh t their ap pr ent ices. Th e A rm less Master, a le g end In t he Thai fighting cir cuit, w as killed by a masked figur e known only as Tengu , who turned out to be LADY SHIVA. She had b ro ug ht the recover ing Batman t o t he Armless Mast er to b egin his retrai nin g in th e w a ke of hi s bac k (and spi rit ) b ein g br oken by BA N~. On c e su ff ici ently Inspired, Batman fought th e Armless Mas ter 's st udents and eve nt ually regained hi s at rop hied skil ls.

ARNOLD, PROFESSOR HUGO D espite g re at technologi cal accomplishments du r ing hi s c a ree r, Professo r Hug o Ar no ld was ove rlooked by t he GOTHAM C,TY Histo rica l So c iet y w hen they selec te d p ro m inent ci ty a ncest o rs t o b e re cogni zed in a se ries o f publ ic eve n ts . HIS overs ized ego b a d ly b rui sed , A rnold swo re to ruin th e socie t y' s effort s and b rin g at t enti o n t o h is o w n g en ius . With the help o f a br ain stimulator of h is ow n devising, Arn old Incr eased the size of his inte lle c t , in addition t o h is b rain and skull casin g, tu rni ng him Into a de fo rme d f ig ure. USing his ne w fou nd ex te nsi ve know le dge, A rn ol d bu ilt severa l at t enti on-g ettin g devic es, Includin g a lightn in g c annon and In vi sible fl Yin g ro b ots. B oth were us ed t o at ta ck th e pa gean ts , ru ini ng t he socie ty 's ce le b rat io n and causing panic in th e st ree t s. Empowered by hi s fi r st su cc esses, Arnold de c id ed to show the world how smart he wa s by plan n in g the creation of a seco nd moon and p la c ing it in o rbi t around Earth- reg ard less of t he havo c suc h an ad dit iona l cele st ia l b ody w ou ld w reak ac ross the g lo be . HIS a nt ics br ou ght him t o th e attenti on o f Batman and ROBIN, w ho mana g ed to stop A rno ld and his henchmen before t he m ad scien tist co u ld go too far . A rno ld 's dev ices were qu ic kl y rendered inoperat iv e, an d the professor w as j ai le d. (Detective Co mics #306, August 19 62 )

ARTISANS, TH E A gang o f ruthl ess, p lai nc lo t hes GOTHAM C,TY crim inals led by J ACK "F rvs STAR" THORPE a nd event uall y b rought to jus tice by Batman and ROBIN. ( Bat m an # 6S, June/J uly 195 1)

ARVIN, DR. EDWARD A b ril liant sci en t ist who turn ed to a li fe of Crime as MISTER BLANK.

ASHER A sh er own ed A sher Lu mber Co m pa ny, b u t gave in to hi s baser instin ct s w hen he co ve te d ow nershi p o f th e mu ch more lu crative No rth Woods lum ber holdin g s. The first step In his pl an was to murder lumber magnate Matth ew Powell and obtain co ntr o l o f his rival's lan d . Howev er, Batman and ROB IN in t err upted eac h st ep in As he r's pla n u nt il t hey fina lly ens nar ed him and b roug ht him t o trial to face attem p te d murd er ch arg es. ( Bat m an # 7, Oc tober/November 19 41)





Promoters-turned-crim inals J. J. Ashley and Ed Burton staged a series of Mardi Gras-themed carniva ls across the United States. In add it ion to enterta ining the masses, they moved stolen goods from city to city. buying them from fences in one spot and selling them elsewhere for an increased profit. The business was a successful one, and had gone undetected until Burton decided to double足 cross his partner. With the help of escaped co nv ict Mike Kelso, they attempted to murder Ashley and gain sole control of the business. Instead. Ashley killed them. which im m edia tely brought him to the attention of the Dynamic Duo . Batman and ROBIN shut down the crim inal enterprise and sent Ashley to jail. (Detective Comics #309, November 1962)



A supsrpowered crim inal better known to law enforcement authorities as MISTER Asp.

ASTRO Astro may have been the g iven name of an underworld inventor. but it was more likely a moniker bestowed thanks to the inventor 's work with satellite technology. His greatest device was a multifunction satellite that could aid cr iminal activities from orbit. Once secretly launched, the "crime satell ite " managed to help rob banks, melt pursuing police cars . and even create a force field to protect itself from attack. Astro grew rich from his invention and continued his string of incredible crimes until he was brought to the attention of Batman and ROBIN. With the GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, the Dynam ic Duo put Astro out of bus iness. and the satellite was rendered useless. (Detective Comics #266, April 1959)

A'rHENA CELIA KAZANTZAKIS worked herself up from near poverty to great success running an orphanage. However, she eventually grew greedy and corrupt, disdaining the way high society looked down on her. She fell in love with Lorenzo Rossetti, a low足 level thug , and after he was executed by his family she sought revenge. In t ime Celia built the NETWORK, an international criminal empire using the name of the Greek goddess Athena, and struck at the Rossetti family as well as WAYNE ENTERPRISES. g iven her soured relationship with MARTHA WAYNE, Bruce's deceased mother.



The man known only as Atkins was a stockholder in the Hobbs Clock Company whose secret des ire was to control the entire business. He brought Elias Brock, a Hobbs employee, int o his confidence, knowing the skilled clockmaker was mentally unstable. In fact, Brock fancied himself a contemporary " Fat her Time " and did Atk ins's bidding, includ ing killing two of the ma jority stockholders. believing In each case that the victims were "time wasters." For both killings, Brock constructed tabletop clocks that emitted either a deadly gas or a poisoned dart. Realizing that his work was being exploited, Brock killed

." ' 12

Atkins and then fought Batman when the Caped Crusader arrived to investigate the murders. Brock fell to his death from the Hobbs Clock Company's clock tower during the confrontation, a f itting end to a sad life . (Batman #6. August/September 1941)



GOTHAM CITY'S Atkins and Bork Curio Shop was the starting point for one of the most bizarre cases in Batman's early career. A dying crimina l arrived at the store and provided Atkins and Bork with a map that was said to lead the owner to four ancient objects of great power. The duo tracked down the objects across the continents and recovered all four-a green box conta ining a living, fire-breathing dragon; a prism that distorted light and deflected energy; a glove that dissolved inert matter; and a mantle that turned Its wearer inv isible- and intend ed to use the recovered tal ismans for a life of crime. Before they could accompl ish their goal, however, Atkins and Bork were defeated by Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN, and the Man of Steel hurled the objects into space at such great speed that the friction was presumed to have destroyed them. (World's Finest Comics #103 , August 1959)

ATKINS, GWEN Gwen Atkins was BRUCE WAYNE'S longtime secretary at WAYNE ENTERPRISES. She never once dated Bruce or suspected his secret life as Batman. She abruptly left his employ, possibly as part of GREGORIAN FALSTAFF'S scheme to ga in control of the company some years ago . Her whereabouts after leaving Wayne Enterprises are unrecorded. (Batman #217, December 1969)



Atlantis is the Greek word for "Island of Atlas, " and is largely the stuff of myths and legends. In Batman's initial reality, dubbed Earth-2, he discovered the island to be a reality, its people surviving on the floor of the sea some eleven thousand years after the continent supposedly sank. Atlantean scientists had constructed an art if icial sun to provide light and heat ; a giant transparent dome kept the deep sea pressure at bay. Ruled by the youthful TARO and his sister Lanya, Atlantis was nearly ensnarled in the events of World War II when Batman and ROBIN fought the Nazi forces of ADMIRAL VON BURITZ above the domed city. (Batman #19, October/November 1943) On the parallel Earth-1, and subsequent re足 orderings of reality, Atlantis also survived and became home to Orin, better known to the surface world as Aa UAMAN.



Ray Palmer, a phys ics professor at Ivy University, discovered a piece of a white dwarf star when a meteorite struck the outskirts of Ivy Town . Studying the celestial object, he learned how to harness its properties, which allowed him to control his size and we ight. Creating a costumed identity, Palmer began a crime-fighting career as the Atom. and subsequently joined with Batman as a member of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. The Batman had tremendous respect for Palmer's expertise and ability to teach others, In Earth-l's reality the two

paired up on several occasions, most notably when Batman was electrocuted by Buggsy Cathcart's booby trap, leaving the Caped Crusader near death. The Atom entered his brain and jumped from point to point to animate Batman and save his life. (Showcase #34 , September/October 1961) In the reordered universe after the CRISIS ONINFINITE EARTHS, the Atom dealt with the double blows of his wife, Jean Loring 's, infidelit y and mental illness , wh ich led her to kill SUE DIBNY, wife of fellow JLAer ELONGATED MAN. Palmer then vanished from sight, enter ing one of myriad microscopic universes to deal with his grief. Palmer's disappearance turned out to have cosmic repercussions . When the mu lt iuniverse was re-formed in the wake of INFINITE CRISIS, Palmer apparently visited many of the newly formed parallel Earths, leaving behind a trail . He was said to be the solution to an Impending "Great Disaster" although the secrets remained unrecorded. (Countdown #52 ,2007; Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer, January-February 2008)



PAUL STROBE was a brilliant electrical engineer who worked with three partners to create electronic devices for sale. Strobe also engaged in private atomic studies and needed additional cash resources for funding . Desperate, he wound up steal ing gold and plat inum from his own company. He was eventually apprehended by Batman and served jail time. Once free from jail. St robe returned to his studies and created several dev ices w ith the express purpose of revenge aga inst his former partners for report ing the crime, and Batman for capturing him. He created a pair of special goggles w ith colored filters, the various combinations of wh ich would channel the massive energy created by a machine of his own design. The filtered power could alter the molecular structure of any object; one setting would turn solid objects to water, another would change the item into glass . Donning a green-and足 yellow costume, he dubbed himself Atomic-Man.

With a gang of thugs, he committed a series of crimes aimed at his former partners until he was stopped by Batman and ROBIN. Strobe was sent to jail for good after standing trial for his crimes.

Templar, it was a secret society that mixed martial training with a quasi-mystical belief system. Over time improved technology helped to serve the order's goals of protecting those they deemed

intent to kill. When Wayne defeated him, Valley was distraught. Jean-Paul spent the next few years trying to find a place for himself in the world while fighting

(Detective Comics #280, June 1960)

sacred. In the twentieth century its members began to experiment with test-tube babies and genetic manipulation. At the same time, the order trained followers in something known as "the System," which mixed fervent religious belief with unparalleled fighting skills. (Batman: Sword of Azrael #1, October 1992) JEAN-PAUL VALLEY was the first successful result of the test-tube experiments, his genes having been mixed with those of simians. As a child he was deeply indoctrinated into the System, something he was eventually trained to forget until he was ready to employ his knowledge as an adult. Valley remembered nothing of the order until his father revealed everything as he lay dying. Jean-Paul's secret past was brought to light, and the university student was shocked to learn of his forgotten childhood. Upon his father's death, Jean-Paul was taken to a secret location, where he donned the armor of Azrael (the order's Angel of Death) and began following the order's instructions without question, just as his rigorous training demanded. When assigned to kill a weapons dealer who threatened a fragile

compassion, remembering Batman's training and placing it ahead of the System. This then put him at odds with the order, whose members demanded strict loyalty to their agenda. They ordered his death, and agents of the order tried to kill Valley on more than one occasion. To compound matters, Valley didn't quite understand how to successfully deal with people and fumbled at things as simple as social interactions and dating. He earned himself enemies whenever he came to the aid of others, including megalomaniacs NICHOLAS SCRATCH and CARLTON LEHAH. Azrael was called to aid the Dark Knight on several subsequent occasions, such as when the CLENcH-a deadly disease-was unleashed on Gotham City. Finally, when he no longer needed to single-mindedly fight the System, Azrael took on his father's spirit, and that of Saint Dumas himself as well. In the process he experienced hallucinations and other supernatural manifestations that made him question how much freedom he truly had in choosing his own path. One result of this spiritual conflict was the destruction

international peace, Azrael first encountered Batman in GOTHAM CiTY. As a result of the encounter-which ended the dealer's business without ending his life­ Azrael realized total blind obedience was wrong; recognizing the need for further training in all matters, he accompanied Batman back to Gotham City. Together they fought crime, and while

of the order's European mountain headquarters, and its centuries-long reign finally came to an end. In a climactic battle with his frequent opponents Scratch and Lehah, Azrael was struck with bullets coated with a deadly toxin. Although his body was never recovered, Batman and the rest of the world believed Azrael dead. (Azrael: Agent of the Bat #100, May 2003)

ATOM-MASTER, THE The Atom-Master, a scientist also known as the Illusion-Master, committed a series of crimes in METROPOLIS and GOTHAM CiTY to raise enough capital to build a gigantic transmitter that would further his criminal activities. Using the equipment he had already built, the Atom-Master convinced the residents of both cities that they were being attacked by either a giant crab in Metropolis or a dive-bombing BATPLANE in Gotham. Such distractions kept Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN, in addition to both cities' police, preoccupied, allowing the criminal to rob elsewhere. With the stolen money, the Atom-Master managed to construct the next­ generation device, which gave his illusions actual form and substance. When Batman and Robin finally tracked the Atom-Master to his lair, an old pottery factory outside Gotham, they discovered him wearing a bulky headpiece that sent his thoughts to the transmitter, which would then create the life-like images to be projected in either city. Before Atom-Master could use the devices further, Superman arrived and apprehended the scientist. (World's Finest Comics #101, May 1959) When the Atom-Master turned up some time later after being freed from jail, he managed to rebuild his machine into a smaller and more streamlined helmet. He teamed up with super­ villains Enchantress, Ultivac, and Mister Poseidon, forming a group dubbed the Forgotten Villains, although he felt the mentally unstable Enchantress was too unreliable, This suspicion proved true, and the villains wound up defeated by Superman and a cadre of other costumed crime fighters, (DC Comics Presents #77, January 1985) The Forgotten Villains again fought the Man of Steel and his allies the Forgotten Heroes (Animal Man, Dolphin, Immortal Man) several years later. The villains acted as agents for the immortal Vandal Savage in a battle that took them through time as they sought fragments from the meteor that had turned Savage and Immortal Man into long-lived beings. Superman, Atom-Master, Vandal Savage, and Resurrection Man all became trapped in the distant past when Savage escaped, but were eventually were returned to the present thanks to the intervention of Time Master Rip Hunter. Atom-Master was then once more imprisoned. (Resurrection Man #25, June 1999)

AVIARY, THE The nightclub known as the Aviary was one of many legitimate businesses that served as hideouts used by the PENGUIN throughout his criminal career, all of which were inspirations for his legitimate operation, the ICEBERG LOUNGE. (World's Finest Comics #55, December 1951/January 1952)

AZRAEL The SACRED ORDER OF SAINT DUMAS existed for five centuries. A splinter group of the Knights

for justice. He tempered his fighting with more

Batman tried to instill some sense of moral justice in Jean-Paul, he struggled to fight the System with his newfound free will. He would do so for the rest of his life. A short time later, before Azrael's training was complete, Batman's back was broken during an encounter with BANE, and with Gotham City overrun by the criminals Bane freed from ARKHAM ASYLUM, the gravely injured BRUCE WAYNE asked Jean-Paul Valley to put aside Azrael's armor and take up the mantle of the Bat. A grateful Valley accepted and donned Batman's cape and cowl. Little time was lost in establishing to Gotham City residents that Batman was back in action, thereby squelching rumors of the Dark Knight's injury or death. However, the System continued to prey on Jean-Paul's mind, and fairly quickly he began to replace portions of Bruce Wayne's Batman costume with tailor­ made armored enhancements of his own design. Unlike his more disciplined mentor, Jean-Paul fought to win and didn't care what condition his enemies were left in. He continually defied Wayne's instructions, including taking on Bane, whom Jean­ Paul defeated in hand-to-hand combat. (Batman #500, October 1993) Obsessed with his new role, he eventually banned ROBIN and HAROLD ALLNUT from the BATCAVE in order to focus on training in complete solitude. In time Bruce Wayne recovered from his ordeal with Bane, and his first act was to reclaim the Batman mantle from Jean-Paul, who fought Bruce with the


BABBLE. ALLY Ally Ba b b le liked to ta lk ... and tal k an d talk . He used his pa rticu lar g ift to con v ince p eopl e to see th ings h is wa y, often with remar kab le resu lt s. When Babble successfully used hi s sk il ls at the req uest o f Jas p er Quinch to silen ce a tap dan cer livi ng abo ve him, Quinch decide d to hire th e voluble fello w to handle thirteen ot he r p et p eeves t hat w ere disturbi ng his life as well . Accep ting the five -thousa nd-do llar fee , Ba b b le set right to work . A subway g ua rd w ho liked t o ove rpac k subway c ars found him self shoved into a c rowd ed ca r, w hi le a m otori st who lik ed t o sp las h ped est rian s by drivi ng throu gh pud d les 'Nas hi m self tossed into a huge m udd y de lu ge . GOTHAM CiTY po lice were even t uall y alerted to t he se misd emean ors an d beg an to invest ig ate. At th e same t im e, two c ri mi na ls named Hoiman and Shoima n learn ed o f Babbl e's abilities and robbed hi s hom e. Th ey sub seq uently followed Babbl e to th e Cl own Club , a ho m e for practical j ok er s, and as Ba b bl e de alt with the an noyi ng jokers -ano ther item o n Quinc h 's list-the t w o t hug s tried to steal the club's so lid-gold tr o p hy. Th ey we re stopped by Batman and ROBIN, and th e Dyn am ic Du o, alo ng w it h t he bl abbering man, return ed to veri f y t he fac t s w i th Q u inc h. It was t he n th at Ba b bl e found himself placed o n Qu inch's pet p eeves list and was shown the door. ( B a tm an #3 0 , August/Sep tember 19 4 5 ) Some t im e later Babble turn ed supe rstitious in ad d it ion t o being a public nuisan ce . Upo n hearin g a g ypsy who read tea leave s pr om ise he w oul d fi nd w ealth , love , travel, and th e abili ty t o b ri ng happ iness to o t hers, Bab bl e t o ok t he tea leaves, sealed each in a sep arate envelope , and cas t them into the sp ri ng w inds . By foll ow ing each enve lo pe,

Ba bb le t heorized, he would be ab le to fin d hi s fo rtu nes come to li fe. The first envelop e was track ed to a trolley car t hat had jus t been hijac ked by c ri m inals hoping to obtain th e bo nds b eing carried by a passenger onboa rd . Bef o re Bab b le could act, Batman and Robi n arrive d and sto p p ed the criminals. Since the Dyn am ic Duo never accepted rew ard s, the bon d co mpany preside nt turned over the reward-one dol lar-to Ba b b le. W hile tr acking t he secon d envelope, Babble saved a w o man f ro m be ing struck dow n by a car. She reward ed him wi t h a p ec k o n th e c heek. Babbl e p resu med thi s m eant he had m et th e g irl fr om th e p rop hecy, and prompt ly fell in love w ith her. Leavi ng t he con fuse d wo man b eh ind . Bab bl e head ed after t he th ird envelop e. w hich w ou nd u p in the lou nge area o f a hos pi tal. The lo ung e was decorated to resembl e th e deck o f a luxury ocean liner in an ef fo rt to b rin g a sense of peace and calm to the pati ent s. As Babbl e studied the surrou nd ing s, he no t iced th at crim ina ls were also present and w er e trying t o ste al the fac ility's sup p ly of radi um . As Batm an and Robin arriv ed ­ they had b een followi ng th e superstitious Bab ble­ he acc ide nta lly inha led a larg e amou nt o f pure oxyge n. w hic h lef t him intoxicated . His drunken ambling abou t ac tua lly serv ed a good cause , as it enab led the heroes to stop the attemp te d ro bb ery . In his haze Babb le believed himself to be tr avelin g, also as p rop hesied by the tea leaves. While the po lice took the crimi nals away, Babble complained o f bei ng left hoarse by the oxygen overdose. Batman laughed and suggested that Babble's in abil it y to speak w as the fourth fortune come tru e: His no t spea ki ng b ro ug ht great hap pi ness t o t ho se arou nd h im . ( Ba tm an #34 . Ap ril/May 1946)

BAFFLE. MICHAEL The in terna t ional t hief named Micha el Baffle used hi s char m an d g ood looks to commit c rim es all ac ro ss Euro p e. A fte r fi nal ly being apprehend ed fo r a jew el rob be ry. he w as sentenced to death, but mana g ed to char m t he firing squad into filling their rifle s with b lanks, ena b ling him to escape during the result in g co nfusion. He immediately left fo r A m eri ca and arri ved in GOTHAM CiTY. Wasti ng little t im e o nce he was set tle d in the gl ea m ing ci ty , he soo n acq ui red two t hu g s. Fish- eye and Eg g­ head . W ith th eir help Baf f le co m pi led a listin g o f wea lt hy t arg et s and set o ut to relieve them o f all th eir bel ong ing s. In so me instanc es the t ri o ro bbed empty ho mes. w hi le o t her t im es t hey stake d out man sion s. Using hi s innate charisma, Baffl e po sed as a soc iety reporter and interviewed hi s future v icti ms, sim ul taneo usly taking pictures o f t he interi or s o f th eir homes using a camera sec reted within hi s b outonni ere. The criminals would th en return and ro b th e hom e at a later time . Batman qu ic kly joi ned t he p ol ice invest ig at io n into th is rash of crimes and came to respect Baf fl e's mo du s ope randi. In turn. as t he Dy nam ic Du o fo iled at tem p t afte r attempt and manag ed to retrieve sto len p ro pe rty , Baffle also learn ed t o resp ect the cos tu me d lawm an 's m ethod s. In the end Baffl e engi neered a daring esc ape; as he d epa rt ed. he admi tted he liked th e Batman, w ished t hey cou ld b e friend s un d er o t he r ci rc um stances, and hoped th ey w ou ld see eac h o t her again. Batman admitted he felt t he same w ay, but Baffle's hope nev er ca m e to p ass. (Detec ti ve Com ics #63, May 1942)

BAGLEY Bag ley was a GOTHAM CiTY u nderworld b o ss w ho soug ht to co ntrol all cr im inal ac t iv ity in t he


city. Doing so of course meant removing the omnipresent threat that Batman posed to illegal act ivity. Bagley devised a plan to capture the Caped Crusader and unmask him before the city's mob bosses, thereby rendering Batman ineffective and asserting his own supremacy. Bagley's attempt failed when Batman learned of the plan and allowed a Batman robot to be captured in his place. At t he unmasking, the stunned criminals were quickly apprehended by the Dynamic Duo. (Batman #109, August 1957)

activity. Batman manag ed to grab the crooked lawyer before he could flee the courtroom using ROBIN as a human shield . (Detecti ve Comics #199 , September 1953)


Nick Bailey was a ruthless criminal who would stop at nothing to get his way. One of his crimes included stealing a quantity of jade from a Wyoming boxcar shipm ent. In an effort to fence the material, Bailey d isguised himself as the mayor of GOTHAM O TY'S CHINATOWN, Shing Far. Seeking the real Far, who had been reported missing, Detective Ling Ho enlisted the help o f Batman and ROBIN, and the unlikely trio managed to stop Bailey from shipp ing the sto len jade as part of Far's curio import/export business . The impersonator was soon apprehended and the real Far freed . (Detective Comics #139, Septem­ ber 1948)

Griffin Balfor wa s known to many as one of t he greatest d irectors of the silent-film era . With the advent of sound, however, his career came to an abrupt halt, and he brooded about th is for years . The time alone seemed to have twisted his m ind, and one day he hit upon a warped scheme to launch a comeback. Balfor used his reputation and connections to gain access to the greatest modern-day actors and actresses, and he kidnapped them. He then transported the "cast " and all his equipment to a remote, nearly ina cce ssible valley and set out to film his next masterpiece. Batman and ROBIN managed to track the missing stars to the valley and arr ived in time to free them . Balfor flooded the valley in a va in attempt to kill the rescuers but wound up drowning instead when he rushed back to retrieve a reel of vintage film from his pr ivate collection of great silent dramas . (Batman #66, September 1951)






To disguise his crime wave, gangster Martin Bain posed as eminent time-travel authority PROFESSOR CARTER N,CHOLS. With the impostor Nichols speaking as an authority, the crimes were being attributed not to Bain's gang but to time-displaced figures includ ing Jesse James, John Dillinger, Genghis Khan , and Captain Kidd . The bogus Nichols informed the police, as well as Batman and ROBIN, that his latest device, a time ray that could retrieve objects from the past, had been stolen. While the gullible public believed these famous f igures to be real, the police continued to try to stop the c ity's gold supplies from being stolen. The Dynam ic Duo aided the police in f inally capturing the th ieves , exposing them as modern-day thugs. Bain was subsequently apprehended, and Batman's fr iend Nichols was freed from his closet prison. (Batman #43, October/November 1947)

BAKER, BIG JACK Big Jack Baker was a ruthless mobster who was im pri soned and awaiting trial when he convinced his defense attorney, Verne Lever, to assume temporary control over his men. Baker told Lever that th is was to provide leadership in the vacuum created by his imprisonment, but it was really a ploy to have Lever incriminate himself and thus work his hardest to get Baker freed during trial. Compl ications arose when Batman was acci­ dentally doused with liq uid from a vat containing an experimental radioactive dye that left the Dark Knight temporar ily invisible. Not only could people not see Batman, but BRUCE WAYNE was nowhere to be found , either. As he struggled to preserve his secret identi t y, Batman had to testify at Baker's trial. Fortunately, he managed to convince the judge of his presence and was allowed to testify. Baker was later found guilty and, before being taken from the court, exposed Lever's criminal

~ 16

Described as a faraway kingdom, Balkan ia was ruled by PRINCESS VARINA when it became part of a case involving Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN. It was believed to be a tiny principality somewhere in Europe. (World's Finest Comics #85 , November/ December 1956)

BALLARD, BRAND Brand Ballard had a mediocre career as a stage illusionist and makeup art ist who allied himself with criminals in a scheme to discredit Batman by convincing the citizens of GOTHAM CITY that the Caped Crusader was, in fact, an alien. Ballard's work was effective enough that even Batman's close allies began to mentally rev iew his amaz ing feats and wonder if Ballard's cla im could be valid. With the evidence mounting , support from Police Commissioner JAMES GORDON and VICKI VALE paled, and the public. scar ed of anything out of the ordinary, was even more put off. As a result, Batman's effectiveness was hampered: People feared he was merely the vanguard of some alien invas ion that would endanger the world. Eventually Batman dis covered Ballard's role and forced him into a full co nfessio n. A newly emboldened police force aided the Gotham Guardian in apprehending Ballard 's cr im inal allies . Afterward , Gordon and Vale publicly reaffirmed their faith in Gotham City's protector. (Detective Comics #251, January 1958)

BAMBOO MONKEY The Bamboo Monkey was a martial artist who served the cult known as the BROTHERHOOD OF THE F,ST. In combat, he had bested both ROBIN and N,GHTWING before being defeated by CONNOR HAWKE, son of the GREEN ARROW. The fighter's t itle meant that he was as strong and flexible as the material he was named for. (Nightwing #23, August 1998)

BANCROFT, BIG JACK GOTHAM OTY'S public enemy number one was once Big Jack Bancroft, a ruthless gangster. He also closely resembled Eddie Blinn, noted saxophonist in Kay Kyser's band. To avoid arrest, Bancroft had Blinn kidnapped, and he replaced the musician while the band was performing in Gotham City. Bancroft managed to fool Kyser for a t ime, even during radio performances on Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge, but eventually Batman and ROBIN tracked down and exposed the criminal. With the help of "the 01' Professor," the Dynamic Duo arrested the corrupt crook. (Detective Comics #144, February 1949)

BAND OF SUPER-VILLAINS, THE Three ordinary criminals (ASTRO, the Mer-man, and an unnamed third) were caught up in a scheme created by a would-be dictator on a far-off planet. Brought to this alien environment, they were each g iven a belt that provided the wearer with fantastic powers. The humans were told they were to use the belts to become famous super-villains on Earth and then return to help the dictator secure his position. The real scheme involved the releasing of poison from the radioactive elements contained within each belt into the atmosphere, killing all humans and preparing Earth for an alien colonization . The villains wreaked havoc on Earth for a brief time before their newfound powers proved ineffective against the World's Finest team of Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN. The alien's plan now exposed, he destroyed himself and his spacecraft as punishment for failing to carry out his own goals. (World's Finest Comics #134, June 1963)

BANE The villain known as Bane began life in the dreaded Pella Duro prison on the island nation of SANTA PRISCA. His mother had been imprisoned whi le pregnant, and , cruelly, the unborn child was to serve out his unknown father 's sentence. The question of Bane's parentage would haunt him throughout his adult years . Bane grew up in the harsh, unforgiving prison environment, developing a hard edge at an early age and striking out at antagonists from as young as eight years old. He committed the first of hi s countless murders at that age , killing a man who sought information from the young Bane . Bane was no fool, and took advantage of Pella Duro's meager facilities, reading every book in the library and using the gym's equipment to develop a superior body. By adulthood Bane stood at six feet one inch tall and weighed a massive 325 pounds, all of which was muscle. Intellectually he developed his mind to an extraordinary degree, his eidetic memory enabling him to master at least eight languages and match the most accomplished leaders in a variety of scientific fields. Among his many mentors was an old Jesuit priest, who saw to it that the youth was grounded in classical teachings in addition to the "street life" he experienced day after day in prison. Still, Bane considered no one his friend; that title was reserved solely for Oslto, a stuffed bear and his only toy while growing up. It also became the hiding place

motif was one he recogn ized from the dream s that terrorized him t hroughout the years. Bane d ec id ed t o destroy Batma n and ru le Gotha m by hi m self. ( Batman: Veng eance o f Ba ne #1, 19 93) Bane was c ra fty and highly intell ig ent, and wo rke d out a sc hem e to weaken th e Da rk Knig ht before engag ing him in sing le co m bat. He figured out Ba t m an's alter ego and us ed that knowledge to his ad vant ag e as we ll. His first step in vol ved destroying A RKH AM ASYLUM and unleashing the ps ychot ic criminal s who had been housed there. Go tha m City wa s q uickly overrun w ith homicidal fe lo ns, overtaxing t he police departm en t and p ushi ng Bat man t o the edge of exhau sti o n. It t oo k t he Caped Crusad er some three m onth s t o track and re captu re all the inmates. His m issio n seem ing ly co m p let e, Batman ret urned to WAYNE MANOR to find Bane waitin g for him. The battle in the BATCAVE was brutal but d ec id edly one-sided gi ven Bane's superh uman streng t h and Batman 's ph ysical and menta l exhaus tion , The fight ended w hen Bane b ro ke Batman's back and left h im lyin g o n th e c ave's floor, (Batman # 4 97, Lat e July 1993) Ban e th en seized co nt ro l o f Go t ha m 's un d er w o rld and ru led w it h an iro n han d unt il he wa s c ha llenged by Batman's su cce ssor, JEAN- PAUL V ALLEY, who ha d been temporarily gi ven the m antle of the Bat. Dur ing th is co nf ro nt ati o n, Bane w as bested when Valle y severed the cable s carryin g th e Veno m drug,

fo r a k nife that Ba ne used to d efe nd him sel f. When Bane reached ad ult ho o d, he agreed to become a test subj ect fo r a drug known as VENOM, which

suf fe ring the w it hering an d p ain fu l sid e effect s. He had a se ries o f tu b es b uilt and co nnec t ed t o a supply o f the drug so he wa s co nst antly fed

b ut w as lef t alive , Lat e r, aft er BRUCE WAYNE healed and re sum ed hi s ro le as Batm an, he had a rematch with Ba ne t hat saw th e t wo m en on more equal footin g . Du rin g th is fig ht Ba t m an prevailed, although the t w o would fight aga in and again in the years th at followed , alwa y s ending in a d raw. After his defea t, Bane left Gotha m City and sought a des t iny d ivo rced from th e Bat m an, On a re turn to Santa Prisc a, t he b it ter Bane kil led the p riest w ho had tu tored him , the act granting Ba ne little solace . He fell under th e swa y o f th e in te rna tiona l te rrorist RA's AL GHOL, act ing as hi s bodyguard w it h th e prom ise o f m arriag e to Rii's da ugh ter TALIA HEAD, bu t tha t partnershi p wa s doomed t o fai lure. ( Ba tm an: Bane of the Dem on #1-4 , March - June 1998 ) At o ne po in t Bane so ug ht to learn his father 's id enti ty, and di scovered clu es po int ing to the po ssib ility that Dr, THOMAS WAYNE ma y have had an adu lterou s affai r an d fathered Bane. Batm an learned th at h is father had spent time at Santa Prisc a and had known Bane's mother, but the issue o f parenth o o d w as proven false, Bane tra ck ed ne w cl ues to KING SNAKE, leader of the GHOST DRAGONS; when he lea rned that King Snake was h is true fat her, he ki lled hi m . Dur ing all of t his, Bane sought to rid himself o f hi s d epend ency o n the Venom drug. Bane also tr ied to wa lk the path o f good, going so far as to bathe in a LAZARUSPIT, w hich he saw as a chance for rebirt h. Th is proved no t to last, how ev er, and Bane allied him sel f

had proven deadl y to others i t had been t est ed o n, While it sick ened him almost to dea t h, Bane survived and found hims e lf in possession of superi o r str eng t h, The re w as a pri ce to b e p aid for such pow e r, however: He had to ta ke fresh doses of the drug every t we lve hours or immed iatel y be gi n

dosag es w ith ou t fa il. Ban e, accompani ed by fe llow co nvicts TROGG, BIRD, and ZOMBIE, even tua lly esca ped Santa Pris ca and set ou t for Ameri ca, Du ring the co ur se of hi s ext en sive read ing, Bane had be com e fasc in at ed by how t he p eop le of GOTHAM CITY fe ared th eir cos tu med p ro tec t or, the Ba t ma n, The bat ­

with th e g lobal o rga niza tio n k nown as th e Soc iety , m ade up o f th e w o rld's fo remost sup er-v illains. During t he Grea t Bat tle o f METROPOLIS,Bane joined t he villains in opposing a cadre o f sup er her oes , repeatin g his sig nat ure move and br eakin g the Jud omaster's back , (Inf inite Crisis # 7, Jun e 2006)



After that adventure Bane sought out the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA'S Hourman, Rick Tyler. He explained to Rick and his father, Rex, the original Man of the Hour, that he had been working to undo the damage Venom had caused the world. Before the events in Metropolis, he had returned to his homeland and destroyed the drug lords' control over the corrupt government. In so doing he learned of an even more addictive and potent

form of Venom. Bane wiped out the drug lords and destroyed their research notes. He also got rid of every sample save one. In reviewing the notes, Bane learned that the formula for Venom derived from Rex Tyler's early work in developing th e Miraclo drug-the one he used to give himself, and subs equently his son , temporary superhuman abiliti es. Seeking a twisted form of revenge, Bane wanted to kill Rex and turn his son Rick into the

last Venom addict. His plan almost worked-until the two Hourmen fought back, trapping Bane in the remains of the very same Santa Prisca prison where he'd been born. (JSA Classified #17-18, November-December 2006) Bane escaped the prison once more and backed an anti-US faction during Santa Prisca's general elections. The election proved to be rigged by Computron under orders from CHECKM ATE" AMANDA WALLER, and Bane forc ed the current reg ime to declare martial law as the country teetered on the brink of civil war. (Checkmate [second series] #11 , April 2007) In the wake of these revelations, Bane apparently abandoned his country to actually work for Waller and her Suicide Squad. (Outsiders [third series] #SO, November 2007)

BANNER,THE The terrorist known to the public as th e Banner arr ived in GOTHAM CITY after the city was rebuilt in the wake of a devastating eart hq uake that resulted in the federal government w ithdrawing support. Believing himself a true patriot, the Banner meted out violent justice to those he felt had betrayed Gotham, from gangsters to cit izens who had turned their backs on the city during the yearlong period when Gotham became a No MAN'S LAND. When the city was welcomed back as part of the United States, the Bann er wanted to express his displeasure with th e government 's stance by blowing up the newly constructed FBI headquarters located in the Truman Building. A subway filled with explosives hurtled beneath the streets toward its target, and the plan would have succeeded had Batman not intercepted the tra in. The Banner escaped arrest and has not reappeared since. (Batman #S7S, March 2000)



A cr iminal who was better known to law enforce­ ment authorities as the TRAPPER.



Jason Bard was a red -haired private inv estigator with a history that was altered with each change of reality. Initially he was a resident of Earth-1 , and as a youth he sought to avenge his mother's death by killing her murderer-his fath er. The hunt proved difficult since Bard 's mother destroyed all photographs of his father. Look ing to channel his rage, Bard enlisted in the marines and was sent to Vietnam. There Bard's right knee was crippl ed, and he was honorably discharged. Than ks to th e GI Bil l, Bard earned a degree in crimi no log y and obtain ed a private investigator's license, opening up a one­ man business in GOTHAM CITY. During his professional career, Bard built a positive reputation, earn ing him cases from high ­ profile clients, including Police Commissioner JAMES GORDON. For a time Bard was romantically linked with Gordon's daughter, BARBARA, not knowinq that she was moonl ighting as BATGIRL. Bard did occasionally find himself all ied with Barbara's inspiration, Batman. Bard even took on KIRK LANGSTROM as a partner in the agency without realizing Langstrom was also the MAN-BAT. (Batman Family #20, October/November 1978)


Investigations (ow ned by Larry Lance, husband to the first BLACK CAN ARYand father of the second), Bard was shot and crippled by a sadist masquerading as KILLER MOTH. (B atgirl Year One #1, 2003) Unable to return to duty, Bard used his experience to become a private investigator and date Barbara Gordon. The two were briefly engaged , but Barbara's life was changed forever when she was crippled by the JOKER. Feeling vulnerable and scared, Barbara broke

himsel f the greatest puppet master of th em all. Over the next few weeks he constructed a ser ies of life-like puppets and used them to comm it crimes aimed at property owned by the var ious competition judges. In time, though, his campaign was thwarted by Batman and ROBIN, with Bard being arrested . ( Det ec tive Comics #212, October 1954)

off the engagement, and Bard left Gotham City. His ne xt recorded appearance was as an investigator for the Child find Network in New Yo rk. (Firebrand #5, June 1996) Some time later he became a freelance operative who traveled the globe. After Barbara had taken on her role as ORACLE, she began directing the second Black Canary on her mission to the isla nd of Rheelasia . There Black Canary encountered an undercover Bard, posing as a criminal named Reed Montel. In order to save the Canary, he revealed his true identity and was literally beaten blind . Despite these setbacks, Bard and the Black Canary fought past HELLHOUND and his group of mercenaries to escape the island. ( Bir ds of Prey #1, January 1999) Bard quickly ma stered his new handicap and remained an active PI. He wanted to renew his relationship with Barbara, but she put him off, preferring to keep things professional. In time, though, they met, and she finally explained why she had ended the ir romance. Barbara also helped Jason find medical treatment for his blindness, and his sight was restored . Jason admitted that he remained in love with Barbara, but she told him she could not return those feelings . Back in Gotham City, Bard helped ROBIN cure his former partner, Langstrom , from another disastrous run as Man-Bat. Bard then agreed to help Barbara by shadowing the Black Canary in Cannes, where the latter had begun dating some mystery man. When the man was revealed to be the ecoterrorist RA's ALGHUL, Bard wound up captured. Black Canary

Charles Barden was one of a rare breed : a succe ssfu l businessman with a heart of gold. After earning millions of dollars, he used a small portion of his wealth to purchase an amusement park near Gotham Beach. Dubbing it Playland Island , Barden intended that children of all ages sho uld be adm itted free. Soon after, Barden was found dead in the park's Funhouse. Batman arrived to aid the police investigation and rounded up three suspects: Barden's wastrel nephew Wilton, who objected to the way his uncle had "squandered" his fortune; Barden's daughter, who was hoping to marry a man named Macklin-but the milliona ire insist ed the young man complete college before the wedding , and Macklin objected to the interferen ce : and finally Carter, a former business associate who remained bitter that Barden had withdrawn funding from a bu siness venture when it appeared that Carter was careless. Batman's inv estigat ion led him to accurately accuse Carter of the crime. It was later learned that Barden had been k illed when he found Carter hiding stolen jewels within the Funhouse's mechanical clown. (Detective Comics #264 , February 1959)

convinced Ra's to free Bard, but she refused to acknowledge the perilous depth of her situat ion. (Birds of Prey #31-32, July-August 2001) Reality was mod ified once more during the events known as INFINITE CRISIS, and Jason Bard was back in Gotham Cit y as a private investigator. After Batman ended his one-year absence from Gotham, he put Bard on a weekly retainer to conduct investigation s during the daylight hours when Batman preferred to remain out of sight. On his very first assignment, Bard reentered the world of super heroes and super-villains by tracking the disappearance of the female villain ORCA. This led to Bard being shot in the arm by the T ALLYMAN, but the detective managed to defeat th e shooter and detain him until the Dark Kn ight arrived . He remains in service to Batman whi le hi s PI bus iness flourishes. ( Det ec t ive Comics #817, September 2006) Years after his abusive father had killed his mother, Bard finally tracked the man down, only to see him


fatally shot. (Detective Comics #491, June 1980) Reality was shifted during the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and in the re-formed world Bard was never a crippled marine. Instead he entered the GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTMENT and became a uniformed officer, While responding to a call for help at Lance

Jonathan Bard was an expert puppeteer who was never content to rely solely on his entertainment skills. At a competition he once actively tried to sabotage other puppets, only to be caught and expelled . Enraged at hav inq been tossed out. he vowed revenge against the judges; he would prove


BARHAM, JAMES James Barham was a gun manufacturer who preferred living in iso lat io n from society. His home was a European castle, transported st o ne by st o ne and rebu ilt on a small island upriver from GOTHAM CiTY. When the millionaire was found murdered, Batman aided the police investigation. Four men quickly emerged as prime susp ec t s: gun smuggler and former mobster Jay Sonderson; Adam Barham, a cousin and sole heir to the man's fortune: businessman John Gorley, who was accused by Barham of fraud; and Barham Gun Company vice president Robert Cray. The Gotham Guardian determined that the killer was Cray, who had murdered his boss in order to keep hidden the massive embezzling he had been conducting . (Detective Comics #246, August 1957)

BARNABY, A. K. Few people know more about Batman Island, the small island on the Gotham River, than the obsessive fan who constructed it , A. K. Barnaby. The multimilliona ire obtained all manner of souvenirs from Batman's cases from GOTHAM C,TY and around the world and put them all on d isplay. Barnaby received the thrill of a lifetime when he aided his idols, Batman and ROBIN, in stopping a gang of jewel thieves operating on the island, (Batman #119, October 1958)

BAR ROC, ERIC Eric Barroc was a brilliant inventor who dev ised a machine that could change the structure of


anima l li fe. tu rn ing commonp lace crea tures into human -animal hybrids. Barroc perfec ted his transformation machine and lea rned to co ntrol

owner of th e Batmantown Safe Storage Compa ny, and se t o ut to convince the ci tiz ens that the town w as a crime-free haven. The Safe Storage Company,

the di f fe ring su b ject matters. Once th e murders began, t hey came t o the attentio n o f Bat m an, who subsequent ly jo in ed the club as BRUCe W AYNE. His

t he new lif e- f o rm s, despite their ferocious natu re and supe rior streng th, agi lity, and spee d . W ith his crooked ai de Roscoe, Barro c unleas he d sev eral

t hey cla imed, would be an ideal place to store their valuables. Barsh intended to help himself to the st or ag e uni ts while t he po pulace w as distracted by t he ann ua l Bat man Pageant. The pla n was foiled when Batman an d ROBIN learn ed o f it and ar rived in t ime to st op it. (Batman 1/100, June 1956)

specia lty was race ca rs, and he to ld the club that he w as an ama t eur dri ve r. A fte r Barton learn ed th at Wayn e had pu rc hased a series of Mex ic an stamps d ep ict ing fie ry ra ce cras hes, he sabotaged W ay ne's ca r before an upc o mi ng race . In st ead o f Wayne dying, t ho ugh , Ba rton w itnessed hi s own capture at the hand s of Batm an and ROBIN, thereby ending this threat. ( Batman 1/78 , A ugu st/September 1953)

speci ally selected crea tures to co mmi t a series of spec t acul ar crimes in GOTHAM C,TY. Given the larg e scale o f th e cr imes . Bat ma n rel ied o n the aid of not only ROB IN, bu t BATWOMAN a nd A CE THE BAT­ HOUN D as w ell. Wh en th e tr an sformation machine w as turned on Batman , th e Cape d Crusader was tr an sform ed into a m indl ess gorilla- like beast. The o t her m emb ers of his t eam m an aged to stop Barroc and ta ke co ntrol of th e m ach ine-turning th e ani mals, and Batm an . back t o no rm al. ( Ba tm a n 1/162. Marc h 1964)

BARROW, "BOSS" Not only was "Boss " Barrow a fea red crimi nal, bu t he was al so a scientific genius. He inve nted a device tha t cou ld sca n t he faces o f tw o differen t p eo pl e and act ua lly rev ise th ei r faci al features so th e t w o would see m to have swa p ped id entities fo r a period last ing no m ore th an t w el ve hours. Addi tionally. th e fir st o f t he tw o people would ret ain no m em o ry o f th e p rocess. Rathe r than sell the tec hno logy and obtain his wea lt h leg iti matel y. Barrow used th e device t o sw ap t he fac es o f his henchmen with t ho se of GOTHAM C,TY 'S we al thies t ci tize ns. The impostors wo uld the n stea l huge sums o f money fo r Barrow. The scheme w as unravel ed t ha nks to t he combi ned efforts o f th e world 's greatest d et ec t ives. Batma n and th e ELONGATED MAN, w ho m et f o r t he firs t tim e w hi le o n the case . ( De tec tive Com ics 1/331, Sep te m be r 1964)

BARROWS, BARNEY Wh en Barn ey Barrows failed the written psyc ho lo gica l p rofile t est required to become a GOTHAM CITY p o lic e o ff icer. th e d ej ected man took a job as a ja nitor at po lice headqua rters. His hatred of crimi nals kept him close t o law enfo rc em ent in so m e ma nner. Thing s changed . th o ug h. after a frea k acciden t in the police lab , which bath ed Barrow s in exper imental radiatio n. This left him w it h an inc reased mental capacity, and he lit era lly b ec am e a ge ni us ove rnigh t . Given his dis tas te for c rim inals, Ba rro w s tu rn ed his at te ntio n t o crime figh t ing . Bar row s q uickly d educ ed t he secret ident it ies o f Bat man and ROBIN and used th at info rmation to b lack mai l t he Dy namic Du o into aid ing him. They d id so unt il it became apparen t th at w he re as Bat m an apprehended crimi na ls for trial, Barrow s in tended to ki ll his prey. Soo n after, Ba tma n and Rob in ma naged to o utwi t Barrows lon g enough t o apprehend the Metals Mob as they at temp ted a dari ng ro b be ry o f rare m et al s. Bar rows 's enh ancements even t ually fade d as t he ra d iat ion left his body, returni ng him t o no rma l wi t h no recol lec ti o n of Batma n's g rea tes t sec re t. ( D etecti ve Co mics 1/217, Marc h 1955)

BART, JOE Joe Bart op erated a p rint shop in GOTHAM CITY that also printed fr au d ul ent st oc k ce rtificates. His scheme rem ain ed und et ect ed u nti l he g ot greedy and robbed th e jewe lry store nex t d oor. Ba rt t hen tr ied to f rame former convict Roge r Rainer, Ba t man an d ROBIN b ecame involved and de ter mined t hat Bart was t he t rue crimina l; Rainer was quickly exonerated . ( Detective Comics 1/101, July 194 5)

BARTLETT, JOELY Joely Bart lett was a GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTMENT de tective w ho was partne red wi t h Sergean t Vi nce nt d e l A rras io. She worked in the G.C.P.D.'s MAJOR CRIMES UNIT and lived o n a ho useboat. Bartlett was al so said to be very observa nt o f her Ca tho lic faith. She and her parents beca me estra nged when th ey used their great wea lt h to support LEX LUTHOR'S successfu l bid to become president. (Detective Comics 1/747, Augus t 2000)

BARTOK Ba rt o k was a successful inventor who sold his cre ations t o crimi nals until t he GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT arres ted him. After serving five years in pr ison , he w as freed and resume d his work, He b uilt a series of rob ot s t ha t were designed specifi cally to o b tai n th e ma teri als he need ed fo r his next project , a series of ad van c ed robots th at cont ain ed art ificia l in tel ligence, These robo ts co uld indepe nd en tl y lo ot Ea rt h's riches unti l Bar to k be c am e the wea lt hies t man in th e world , He sent his rob ot s ou t t o begi n accu mula t ing t he electro nic co m ponents he need ed to achieve his dream. Ho we ve r, Bat m an and ROBIN t ra iled t he robo ts back to Ba rt o k's lair, lo cat ed in Eagle Mou ntain , some 125 mi les nort hwest of GOTHAM C,TY. The Dy namic Duo was ove rw helmed by t he robots and held hostage un ti l a Bat man robot, stored in the BATMOBILE'S trunk, was sum moned by remote co ntrol. The dis t raction allowed th e heroes to free t hemselves an d defeat Barto k. ( Detective Comics 1/258, August 1958)

BARTOR,BRAND When Brand Bartor was arrested for im persona ti ng the Cape d Cr usad er by wearing a Batm an cos t ume, he mou nte d an imag inative d ef en se. The cri minal mai ntained tha t Batman himself vio lated th e GOTHAM CITY ordi na nc e ag ain st wearing an im it at ion BATSUIT to preserve the unique crime -fig hti ng ou tfit worn by the Dark Knight. His de fe nse pointed to a t h ree- t ho usand -year- ol d image of a Baby lon ian weari ng a sim ilar o ut fit . The recently u ncovered cave p ainting de picted t he ancie nt " Bat m an" fig ht in g a so ldier in a fi erce ba t t le. Ba tma n had t rou bl e co untering the arg ume n t, knowing full we ll that the image o n the cave wa ll was based o n him and not a Babylo nia n. He had t rave led to the past usi ng th e u nique hy p no sis process perfected by PROFESSOR CARTER NICHOLS. W it h ROBIN'S help, he had d efeat ed the evil King Be ladin and return ed King Lanak t o th e throne. The co mp lic ation w as th at t he trip w as made by BRUCE W AYNE and D,CK GRAYSON, so if Bat m an exp lai ned he was th e pa inti ng's subject , t heir ide ntities wou ld b e rev ea led. In the end Batman cou nte red Bar tor by ex p lain ing to the judge that th e Baby lo nia ns worshipped ZORN, who wore a cos t u me not unl ike Batman 's uniform. The judg e t o ok ev ide nce o f thi s "he ro -id o l" to heart and rul ed agai nst Bar t o r, ( Batm an 1/102, September 1956)


Upon learning o f PLAINVILLE, also known as Batm antown, Barsh and hi s gang relocated there to

Bar to n was a former sai lor and member of th e Sta mp Club w ho attempted to ma nipula te the phi latelic m arket vi a murder and mayhem. Members of th e club eac h special ized in collectio ns of st amps that d epi ct ed t he areas of an individual 's interests, such as Barto n's passion for t he sea. Know ing t hat specific stamps apprecia ted in value if t hey had a unique his tory at tached , Bar t on so ught to purc hase a stam p f rom several different disciplines, t hen use the st amp's image t o inform a m eth od of mu rde r fo r eac h cl ub m emb er. This way, t he st amp w o ul d gai n in valu e- and

Among Bat m an' s ma ny t ool s, perhaps the most recogni zable is th e Bataran g . The bat- sha ped device was clearly inspi red by the A ustralia n boomera ng , bu t Batman's wea po n did more th an f ly through t he air in an arc, re tu rning t o its owner. The Batara ng was his long-dista nce weapo n of c hoice; it co u ld incapacita te a fo e, kno ck weapo ns o ut of assa ilan ts' hands, or t ravel lon g d ista nces to at tach itself to objec ts, o ften t railing a strong cable th at enabled Bat ma n to cross vast di st an c es. W ith the Dar k Knight ha vi ng vowed never to use a gun, he devised this substitute, wh ich was jus t as effective at d isabli ng crimin als. ( De tec tive Comics 1/31, Sep tembe r 193 9 ) Thr o ug h t he ye ars Bat man de vel o ped o ther uses fo r t he Ba t arang , inclu di ng a ver it ab le ar sen al of custo mized Batara ngs that w ai led li ke a siren, emitted smoke, exp lod ed, and much mo re. Bat ma n saw to it that t he various ROBINS w ere as adept with th e Batarang as he was, and th at t rain in g w as exte nd ed to BATWOMAN, BAT-GIRL, and th e vari ou s BATGIRLS.

hatch t hei r p lan. Th ey allied themselves with Dane.

suspicion would be aimed awa y fro m hi m given

On Earth-2, Batman used the more gadget­




speed was 120 miles per hour; 150 mph using the hydrofoil. When submerged, its ma ximum speed was thirty knots with a max imum depth of two hundred feet. Its offensive weaponry inc luded a pneumatic harpoon with titan ium cable, a launching grapnel that doubled as an anchor, variable-setting depth charges, and a small supply of active-homing torpedoes with heat/motion/vibration target acquisition. When underwater, the Batboat's o xygen supply provided six hours of breathable air, with an additional twelve hours stored for life support and d eep-water submersion.










ROBIN was surprised at the arrival in GOTHAM CITYof a pint-sized cr ime fighter who used a baseball motif, Batboy. With Batman out of town on a special assignment, Robin was working to apprehend Tapper No lan and his mob on his own . Batboy, hiding beh ind a catcher's mask and armed with a variety of imaginative tools, came to the Boy Wonder's ald. From his Dugout hideaway, Batboy sallied into battle with tools not unlike the bat­ themed equipment Batman made famous. Instead o f the scalloped BATARANG, Batboy employed a baseball bat-a rang, a battering ram bat, a parachute-bat, porcupine-bat, and a web-bat that ensnared his prey. During the course of the case, Robin learned that Batboy's true Identity was Midge Merrill, a middle-aged little person with a personal grudge against Tapper Nolan. When Nolan had worked as a circus roustabout years before, Merrill was part of a performing trio known as the Mighty Mites. Nolan had set fire to the circus to mask his robbery of the gate receipts. The resulting conflagration killed Merrill's partners, and the surviving Mite swore vengeance. Batboy and Robin eventually managed to bring Tapper Nolan to justice. Merrill then happily hung up hrs mask and found a Job as a professional batboy for an out-of-town Major League Baseball team . (Batman #90 , March 1955) oriented Batarangs, which hung on a display board In the BATCAVE and were selected In anticipation o f each case . On Earth-1, Batman's Batarang was more consistent and remained largely gadget-free, with the excepti on of the rope. After CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, the Batman's other tools began to vary In size . The Batarang remained an offensive weapon, with the cable relegated to a grappling hook and a gun also affi xed to his remarkable UTILlTv BELT. Batman also developed sm alle r Batarangs that worked more like Japanese sh un ken or darts, sharp ened to cut Into criminal s' hands or arms In order to disarm them. The most co nsist ent ly used version s of the Batarang Included ones with micro-serrated edges; a hard-impact version for stunning cr iminals; a remote-controlled one linked to his Utility Belt; and an aerodynam ically edged mode l w ith a throwing top. Ro b in I, as NIGHTWIN G, mod if ied his Batarangs to create bird -shaped tools nicknamed wing-ding s. Robin III gave up usrnq a Batarang In favor of R­ shap ed sh unken, used to the same effect. He once told hi s fellow TEEN TITANS that the "Batarang budget" wa s huger than they could imagine.

Whenever pos sibl e, Batman and Rob in co llected the used weapon s to keep them out of the ha nd s of cr iminals or curiou s, untrained c ivi lians who migh t injure themselves. A s a result, real Batarangs remain rare objects beyond Batman's control. Nightwlng noted thi s when presenting a sing le Batarang to Batwoman the Chri stmas after they met. He explained that the current model was compostte-qreptute-molded . unbreakable t o ten thousand psi, laser-honed, aerodynamically te sted , and perfectly balanced . (52 #33, February 200 7)

BATBOAT Th e fir st BATMARINE was a sp ecially designed sub m ersi bl e and the m odel for a ll o th er amphibious vessels th at followed. ( B a t m an #86 , September 1954) Early in his career Batman first used a Batboat w he n investi g at ing arms dea lers along CHINATOWN'S wharves, de stroy ing the cr imi na ls' ma ch ination s using a bow-mounted flamethrower. Th e Batboat wa s eventually ho used on sub -level six of the BATCAVE and measured 25.4 feet In length and 8 .56 feet at the beam . It s ma ximum su rfac e

BATCAVE The Batcave is a series of catacomb s, tunn el s, and a multi-tiered immensely vast cave di scovered deep beneath W AYNE MANOR. The space wa s dra stically modified by BRUCE W AYNE to serve as Batman's headquarters, research laboratory, training facility, and trophy room . On Earth-2, Bruce Wayne initially kept his sole piece of equipment, the BATGYRO. in a sec ret hangar. Soon after, he used a fal se wall within Wayne Manor to house scientific and medical equipment. Within a year of beginning hi s war on c rim e, Batman finally built hrs permanent headquarters beneath the manor. (Batman #3 , Fall 1940) The Batcave was accessed by a stairca se loc at ed behind a grandfather cloc k in the mansion. A w inch hauled the BATMOBILE up an inc line to acc ess an ex it tunnel. The BATPLANE wa s hidden within a barn situated over an accessway to the c ave. Th e BATBOAT remained anchored at the cave's edge, with the Gotham River easily accessible. It wa s said that the Wayne ancestors knew of the cave through th e years they occupied the manor, and different events


were subsequently traced to the catacombs. This Batcave had an elaborate collection of trophies that included a d inosaur replica taken from Dinosaur Island (Batman #35, June/July 1946), a giant JOKER card (Detective Com ics #158, April 1950), a giant penny (World's Finest Comics #30, September/October 1947) , and a collection of the PENGUIN'S trick umbrellas (Detective Comics #158, April 1950), among many other it ems. A compiete inventory was never chronicled . On Earth-1 the cave was accessed by either a staircase located behind a grandfather clock in the mansion or a service elevator. (Batman #164, June 1964) A road and ramp prov ided the Batmobile with access to a little-used road so m e twelve miles from GOTHAM CiTY. A high hill served as the Batplane's hangar, allowing the craft's VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) gear access . The Batboat remained anchored at the cave 's edge, with the Gotham River accessible. This Batcave survived to the thirtieth century virtually intact, and once provided refuge to the Legion of Super-Heroes. (Adventure Comics #341, February 1966) At one point D,CK GRAYSON left for college and Bruce Wayne closed the Batcave and moved into

.~ 22

Gotham City itself, establishing a smaller version in the sub-basement levels below the W AYNE FOUNDATION building. (Batman #217, December 1969) In the reality that merged the parallel worlds, the Batcave grew in size and scope and was first discovered by Bruce Wayne at the age of four. The Batcave was-as usual-accessed by a staircase located behind a grandfather clock in the mansion's study. The hands of the clock had to be set to ten forty-seven, the time Bruce's parents were slain, to unlock the secret entrance, A giant carousel housed a multitude of Batmobiles that allowed the chosen vehicle access to a tunnel route. The exterior entrance was shrouded beh ind holographic technology. The Batplane, or BATWING, was housed on an upper level, while the Batboat was located on level six. Initially the WAYNE FAMILY history recorded that the cave was used as a storehouse and a resting stop along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Bruce accidentally discovered the cave as a child when he fell through boards that had concealed a well and access point to the cave . The well remained as an emergency access, and was used by N,GHTWING and Robin to enter the Batcave after JEAN-PAUL VALLEY den ied them access during his

br ief tenure as Batman, and again when Nightwing needed to investigate the police accusation that Bruce Wayne had murdered VESPER FAIRCHILD. The centerpiece of the command center was a huge computer int erface with a massive screen several feet tall . It was connected to a series of linked Cray and Dig itronix computers providing massive amounts of computing ability. As a result, it datamined around the globe, analyzing and storing countless megabytes of informat io n to be recalled whenever required , Batman also had a series of satellites in orbit around the globe that could retrieve information or send it to the Dark Knight without fail. He maintained constant online links with both ORACLE and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. The level of medical equipment in the sick bay rivaled the best hospital in the world, which often proved the difference between life and death, most notably when BANE broke Batman's back during a savage fight and ALFRED PENNYWORTH was forced to use the cave's advanced labs . A different section of the cave had a training area with equipment for every part of the body, as well as simulators to create different scenarios to test reflexes and reaction t imes . When STEPHANIE

BROWN trained to replace TIM DRAKE as Robin, she spent more time here than an yone else . The laboratory equaled the researc h eq ui pment found at S.T.A.R . LABS, allow ing Batman to process forensic ev id ence or develop new m ethods fo r subduing criminals. He also had th e mechanical means to fabricate c er tai n materials. but much of his crime-fighting equ ipment and suppl y of vehicles were init ially bu ilt el sewhere, usually in different di visions of W AYNE ENTERPRISES. Beyond his more famil iar veh icles, Batman also housed a Justice League transporter within a recess of the cave . A sled-like transport granted him access to Gotham City's subway ralls through an abandoned spur line. (Detective Comics #667. October 1993) While other realities showed Batman with an elaborate trophy collection that could span several levels, the current reali ty limited the di splays. One constant was a glass case contai ning the Robin uniform worn by JASON TODD, the sec o nd Boy Wonder and the fir st t o die in the line of duty. A BATGIRL costume also hung in tribute to BARBARA GORDON after she was cri p p led by the Joker. After a devastating earthquake in Gotham City and its nearby environs, Wa yne Manor wa s

demolished, b ut the Batcave survived because Bruce Wayne had see n to it t hat t he structure was reinforced to w it hstand alm os t an yt hing . St ill, Bruce decid ed t o rev amp th e set up . utilizing eigh t separate levels. the lowest b eing eigh ty-f o ur feet beneath sea le vel. W ith sol ar and hydrogen ene rgy powering the fac ility. the Batcave could eas ily act as permanent headquarters or a sieg e bunker. The main level (150 feet above sea level) conta ined t he ma in eq ui p ment and c o mputer interface. Seated o n a ro c k led ge , Batman 's computer p latform feat ur ed sta t e-o f-t he-art holographic technology for di spl aying information, as well as a giant screen for vi sual communications. The Batcomputer wa s fir st built by WayneTech employees who w ere told it w as for a strategic command-and-control bunker to be housed beneath th e Can adian Ro ckies . The most recently chronicled suit e co nsi st ed of sev e n linked Cray T932 computers, the m o st pow erf ul setup on Earth, and was co nst a nt ly be ing upg raded. Su b -level one ( 138 f ee t ) fe at ured Ba tman 's laboratorie s an d library, plu s guest quarter s, Th e second sub-level ( 11 4 feet ) hou sed the tr aining facilities for himself and was also used for SASHA

BORDEAUX and Step hanie Bro wn. The third sub-level (ninety-six feet) wa s sto rage . W he n HAROLD A LLNUT and A CE THE BAT-HOUND st ayed w it h Batma n, th ey live d on sub -l eve l fou r (e igh t y -f o ur fee t ), w here the Subway rocket was also ho use d. Sub -level five (s ixty-srx fe et ) func t ion ed as th e cav e's power plant, while sub -leve l six (sea leve l) wa s wher e th e Batbo at w as mo ored . Th e seve nt h sub -leve l (eig ht y-fo ur feet bel ow sea level) has yet t o be reve aled , it s c on te nt s k nown o nly to Batma n. Bat m an estab lishe d m iniature versio ns of t he Batcav e as saf e ho uses in and aro und Gotham Cit y, and operated from these du ri ng the events known as No MAN'S LAND. O ne, Bat cave South, was located across fr om Par is Island, while the Northwest Batcave w as hidd en b en eath ARK HAM ASYLUM. At o ne p o int in th e Earth -2 reality, Batman had inven ted a nd co nst ruc t ed a flying Batcave. Larg er an d less mane uverabl e than the BATCOPT ER, it did boast lab o rato ry an d co m p ut er facilit ies, pl us sm o kescreen g ene rat or s so that it co ul d hide in p la in sig ht. The flying Batc ave al so carr ied a modifi ed Batmobil e ca lled a Batracer. It required fr equ ent refueling and pr ov ed a cos t ly sho rt- lived ex per im ent. (Det ect iv e Comics #18 6. A ug ust 195 2)


BATCAVE WEST Bat cave We st wa s t he OUTSIDERS' base o f o perat ion s wh en th ey w ere be ing trained by Batman. (Outsiders 1119. May 1987) Designed by Dr. He lga Jac e, it co nt ained ma ny of the same faci liti es as it s East Coa st counte rpa rt , bu t w ith out t he size and scope. It p rovi ded mai nly tem p orary liv ing qu arter s, t raining and m edical faci liti es, and a mass ive com p uter/ comm un icat io ns area for use by th e ent ir e tea m. After Dr. Jace wa s reve aled t o b e an android d esign ed by t he alien Man hunters to infiltr ate t he te am , t he Batm an cons id ered t he fac il it y com pr o m ised and cl o sed it do w n. Onc e th e Outsid ers d isbanded, it was not see n aga in.

BATCOPTER On o ccasion Batman used a m od if ied helicopter t hat ena b le d him to reac h p lac es neit he r the BATMOBILEor BATPLANEcou ld easily ma neuver around. ( Detective Comics 11254, A p ri11958)



In ad di ti o n to the BATMOBILE, Batman so m et imes used a slig htly smaller, more versa t ile roa d veh icl e. Thr oug hou t his career, he drove a variet y o f ma kes and m odels, all cu sto m ized for the all-t errai n pursu it nee ds of h is m issions . Additionally, eac h


motorcyc le wa s o utfitted w it h st ate- o f-th e-ar t co mmunicatio ns eq uip ment t ha t kep t t he dr iver in constant co ntact w it h t he BATCAVE, ORACLE, or the GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT.

BATGIRL The mantle of Batgirl ha s been taken on by seve ral di ff eren t you ng w omen ov er the years and t h ro ugh th e varying real it ies. In most cases, Batg irl has been supported and endorsed by Batman and is

usually a trained member of Batman's allies in his war on c rime . The first Bat-Girl was seen on Earth-2. (Batman #139 , April 1961) She was BETTY KANE, ni ece o f KATHY KANE, the BATWOMAN of her world . In her red-an d­ green co st u me, she proved adept at acrobatics and ba sic crime fighting, and was often par tnered wi t h ROBIN the Boy Wonder. On Earth -1, Betty Kane also be came Bat-G ir l, but late r in the time line. She, t o o, was Kathy Kane's nie ce, bu t had a lo nger career, even ser ving o n a sp linter division of t he TEEN T,TANS called Tita ns We st , Betty Kane wa s also a no ted te nnis professional. In the reality af ter t he mu lt ip le Eart hs wer e merge d into a single Earth, Mary Elizabeth " Bet t e" Ka ne wa s also a crim e fighter bu t u nd er the co d e na me FLAMEBIRD. She was a t en nis pr o fes sional as we ll, b ut seem ed to t ake her crim e career far less serio usly than her predeces sor s and w as wr it ten o ff as fl ighty by her peers. On Earth-1 , BARBARA GORDON, daughter of Po lice Commission er JAMES GORDON, w ent as Batg ir l to a costume party, encountered KILLER MOTH, and a cri m e-f ighti ng career was born. She foug ht beside Batman and Robin for several years until she b eg an to question her effectiveness. Her career en ded

The mute CASSANDRA CAIN came into Barbara Gordon's care weeks later, and qu ickly showed a keen interest in jo ining Batman's crusade. After she 'd proven herself to all, Barbara supported Cain's becoming the new Batgirl. When Cassandra seemed to g ive u p cri m e fi g ht ing in favo r of ru ling the LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS, a Batg ir l wannabe infiltrated Oracle's headquarters and eve ntually became a part of Barbara 's life. Her mystery slowly u nfolded as the BIRDSOF PREY attempted to learn who she was and how this young woman knew their secret identities. After disp laying meta-human powers, inc lud ing te leportatio n and superstrength, Barbara complained abou t the teen usurping the Batgirl name. Instead the g irl renam ed herself Misf it and made a new cost ume. (Birds of Prey #96, September 2006) In time Gordon came to realize that Misfit was hiding her p ast. She tracked the teen down, discovering that she was a homeless girl named Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe. When her fam ily's tenement apartment caught fire , she used her skill s to seek freedom, but it meant leaving her mother and baby sister to die in the inferno. Gordon invited Charlie to come live with her in the Maiden Tower, headquarters to the Birds of Prey. (B irds of Prey #108 , September 2007)

BATGYRO When t he Batman o n Earth-2 recognized that he need ed to get arou nd Gotham City faster than his feet cou ld manage , he designed and constr ucted t he Batgyro, a modif ication of the autogyros that were in w ide use during the 19 30 s. He ma int ained the craft in a secret hangar, the exact whereabo uts never hav ing been chronic led. The ve hi cle cou ld fly like a p lane or brief ly hover ove r locatio ns like a helico pter. It also possessed an earl y version of autopilot tec hnology. The vehicle was q uic kl y replaced by the faster and more versatile BATPLANE. ( Det ective Comics #31, September 1939)


after t he co sm ic events of t he CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS reordered reality. (Detective Comics #359, January 1967) In t he re-fo rm ed sing le Earth, Barbara Gordon was now Jam es Gordon's n iece , w ho came to live with him after her pa rents d ied. She became Batg irl in mu ch t he sam e way, but was tra ined by Batman after her d ebut, and she began a flirtat ion w ith a teenage Rob in that later f lared into a fu ll-fledged romance. She continued her career unti l the JOKER

shot and cripp led her. Ref using to give up the f ig ht aga inst cr ime , she turned her computer skills int o her greatest asset and became the computer­ based hero known as ORACLE. Whe n GOTHAMC,TYwas c ut off from federa l aid for a year after a devastating earth qu ake, a new Batgirl emerged. She t urned out to be HELENA BERTINELLI, also known as t he HUNTRE SS. After He lena 's identity was exposed, Barbara took the costume from her for safekeeping.

When President Jose Camaran of the sm all Latin American republic of Mantegua visited GOTHAM CITY, he was honored with a ticker-tape parade. An assassin tried to kill the president during the event but was fo iled th ank s to the timely arrival of the Dynamic Duo. After the parade, Batman and ROBIN were introduced to the president. who lamented his country's lack of proper law and order. The citizens were be ing pl agued by a criminal nicknamed EL PAPAGAYO. The cr iminal also had a pred ilection for talking with his omnipresent parrot , who displayed a remarkable vocabulary. Camaran asked Batman if he could come to Mantegua and teach someone to become the ir count ry' s own cr ime fighter. Two days later Batman and Robin arrived in t he capita l ci ty of Casanegro. They im m ed iately set to work , find ing a good-sized grotto beneat h an abandoned farmhouse to act as a new BATCAVE. Batman t hen selected a superior horse from Argentin a to provide t errain -ap p ro p riate tra nsportation. Camaran was shocked to see Batman reject the use of sw ord s and f irearms, instead se lecting a w hip to be used as the new hero's ma in tool. Batman and Robin then put the app licants through rigorous physical testing , rejecting those


w ho fai led to perform basic routines, such as fifty chin-ups. Luis Pe rald a. one of the fina l candidates, passed each of the demanding p hy sical and mental c ha lleng es. Batman settled on Pe ra ld a and began tra ining him as Bat-Hombre. Pera lda , though, was actually in the employ of EI Papagayo, and was prepared to betray Batman and destroy President Camara n's hopes for law and order. Bat man discovered Peralda 's plan and had him put int o cust od y, then d isgu ised him self to infi ltrat e EI Papagayo 's mob. Before Batman co uld put th e cr im inal out of business, however, Peralda escaped and exposed Bat man. Surrounded by troops, Batman and Ro bin were sentenced to be executed. As usual , EI Papagayo consulted his parrot, w ho suggested t he d uo fig ht to t he d eat h w it h w hips. Forced t o take whips in han d, Bat man and Rob in appea red read y to figh t, but instead t hey used Whips t o lat ch onto high t ree br anch es and swi ng o ut of da nger. Bat man exp lained to Ro b in th at he had used a mild d o se of cur are t o knock out t he parrot and employed ventriloquism t o suggest t he w hip s. They sub dued t he entire mob just as Camara n's feeble police force arrived . Bat man was t hen info rm ed t hat Camaran had passed away, happy in the knowledge his people were being protected by Bat-H ombre. W it h EI Papag ayo in custody, Batman fe lt t hat proper law enforcement co uld now ga in a hol d in t he co untry, finally fulf illing Camaran's dream. (B atman #56. December 1949/ January 1950)



A name given to ACE, the Germa n shep herd w ho accompa nie d Bat m an and ROBIN o n numerous cases .

BAT-KNIGHT In a poten t ial fut ure rea lity, t he Bat- Knig ht s w ere ro b o ts crea te d by BRUCE W AYNE t o ac t as his ava tars, charged wi th pr ot ect ing GOTHAM C,TY'S citize ns. They w ere huge, hulk ing crea tions w ith hea ds sty led after one of the early model BATMOBILES. The g uardians coul d fly and usual ly t raveled as a small unit. Crimi nais w ere ro ut inely t hw art ed , con tai ned, and tran sp o rt ed t o po lice d et ent io n. Th e Bat- Knight s had a limi te d fo rm o f ar t ificia l inte lligence bu t w ere mo ni tored an d co nt ro lle d by W ay ne fro m t he BATCAVE o utsi de t he ci ty. (King dom Come, 1996)

BATMAN A . Origin 7. The Original Account THOMAS WAYNE, his w ife , and their son BRUCE W AYNE attended a movie one evening . Afterward , they were hea de d for home when they were accosted by a th ief who d em an d ed their money and jewelry. Thomas stepped between the th ief and his w ife and was shot for his effort; a second shot killed the woman. The boy was left to stand over their corpses as the t hief fled into the shadows. He vowed over their graves to fight a war on crim e and then de dica ted his life to both physical and menta l perfection to wage t hat ba t tle. As an adu lt, he deemed himself ready for t he fig h t bu t w ant ed

I '"",,,.Wh:~ bet entere d the W,,", M,~',

w indow, he took th is as an omen , devising the BATSUITand tak ing to the city's rooftops as Batman. (first appearance, Detective Comics #27, May 1939; origin revealed, Detective Comics #33, Oc tober 19 39 )

2 . Addenda and Revisions O ther acco un ts altered what hap pened next b ased o n w hic h wor ld t he st ory was taking place o n, as well as reali ty-a ltering even ts such as the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and INFINITE CRISIS.

Deta ils also slowly came to lig ht in subsequen t retell ings of that pivota l night. GOTHAM Cory was n't id en tified until some time later ( Batman #4 , Fall 1940); likewise th e name of his mother (MARTHA W AYNE in Ba tman #47, Ju ne/July 1948). The W AYNE FAMILY'S influence in Go tham evo lve d throu gh th e chronicles, as did t he revela tion of Tho m as's profession . (De tective Comics # 235, Sep tember 19 56 ) Mart ha's interest in social work came t o lig ht m uch later in the c hronicles. (Batman: The Ultimate

Evil, 1995) One acco unt said th at t he fat efu l eve n t

( Wo r ld's Finest Comics #5 9, Jul y/August 195 2) There he met JULIE MADISON, who w as performing as Ophelia in Hamlet, wh ile Bruce portrayed Polonius. They dated and fell in love during this time, but when they graduated sh e left for Manhattan and he remained in Gotham. A sho rt time later Bru c e p roposed , and th ey becam e engaged . (Secre t Orig ins [second seri es] #6, September 1986 ) Upon graduation, Bruce d eclared that he wa s read y, was in spired by the bat, and be c ame t he Batman. His fi rst c ase invo lved the arrest of " Slug sy" KYLE, a petty th ief , and a clear v ictory for the crime fighter. (Detective Comics #265 , Mar ch

1959) He also b ef ri en ded Police Commissioner JAMES W. GORDON. a friend of his uncle Philip, around th is time, figuring that be ing close to the source of cr im e news would prove inva luable. In sho rt order he learn ed of deaths at a chemi ca l factory and cra cked th e cas e of the chem ic al sy nd ica te. ( De tec t ive Comics #27 , May 1939 ) Shortly thereafte r Br uce pu rc hased t he estate soon to be known as Wayn e Manor and began constru ction of a labyrinthine BATCAVE beneath it. (D etective Comics #205, March 1954) On Earth-1, Bru ce may have been subconsciously influenc ed to adopt th e Batman guise after see in g his father wearing a sim ila r costume for a party, a memory he didn't re call un til his adult years. ( Det ec t ive Comics #235, September 1956 ) Wayne wa s al so taken in by Uncle Phil ip and large ly raised by Mrs . Ch ilt on, secretly t he m other of Joe Ch ill. His tra in ing, for the most part , went unrecorded. However, Bruce did don a vari et y of identities prior to becoming Batman. When he visited Smallvill e, Bruce became the Flying Fo x (A d ven t ure Comics # 275 , August 1960) and th e Executioner (S up erb oy #182. Februa ry 1972) prior to donning hi s ROBIN-like cos tum e w ith Harvey Harris. ( Batm an # 213, July/August 1969 ) After the Crisis , it wa s stated th at Bruce remained in Wa yne Manor w it h ALFRED PENNYWORTH until he was fourteen , when he deemed himself ready to learn from the greatest masters of the fighting arts and d etecting skills. The exact order of his trainin g ha s yet to be recorded but it is likely

o ccurred on d ifferent dates on the var ious paralle l worlds. (D et ect ive Comics #500, March 1981) On Earth- 2 it wa s establi shed that Bru ce wa s b orn o n April 7, 1915. ( Wor ld's Finest Comics # 33 , Mar ch /Apr il 19 4 8 ; Sta r -Spangled Comics #91, April 19 4 9; America vs. th e Ju st ic e So ciety #1, Janu ar y 1985) The fatal robbery o ccurred on June 26 , 1924 (Secret Origins [se cond series] #6, September 198 6) ; the same account indicated they had se en a Rudolph Valen ti no f ilm , e ither Monsieur Be au caire or A Sain ted De vil. Bruce was said t o

b e su bseq ue nt ly taken in and rai sed by Th o ma s's brother Philip. It wasn't until Bruce wa s an adult that he learned of JOECHILL b eing the robber, with that ac cou nt ch an g ing Martha 's shooting t o death from a heart attack . ( Ba tm an #47, June/ Ju ly 19 48) The first re corded inst anc e of Bruce b eg inning his training told of his adopting a red-and-yellow co st um e to st ud y al ongside police d et ect ive HARVEY HARRI S. (Dete ctive Com ics #226 , De cember 19 55) A lit t le later, aro und 1935, he enrolled at Go tham Un ive r sit y to g et his formal ed uc ati o n.

he began lo ca lly, learn ing about magi c and abou t death-defying esc a pes from John Zata ra, father to his pla ym at e ZATANN A. He learned boxing fr om former heav yweight champion TED GRANT, who also battled cri m e during Wor ld W ar II as W ,LDCAT . From Harvey Harris ( D et ec ti ve Comics A nnual #2, 1989) and France's amoral HENRI DUCARD ( De t ec t ive Comics #599, April 1989), he learned the skills of the detective. By fifteen he was traveling the globe, learn ing how to track a man from Woodley. (Legends of the Dark Knight #1-5 , November 1989 ­ Marc h 1990) In Asia he was taught how to kill by the LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS' DAVID CAIN, but he refu sed to actually kill , which dampen ed Cain's ent husiasm for his student. A no t her League member wa s Master Kirg i, who t rained m o st of the member s in the ways of stealth . (B atman #431 , March 1989 ) Tsun etomo taught him many of the basic martial art s. ( Det ec t ive Comics Annual #3, 1990) His quest for knowl edge led him t o an ascended master in th e Paekt usan Mounta ins o f Ko rea and a co nvi cted ki lle r livi ng o n an island o ff Borneo ; he dwelled for a len gth o f


time in Japan and China . While on the continent, he went to Nepal and learned healing techniques from monks. By the end of his phys ical training, he had sculpted his body to hard muscle and mastered the 127 known forms of hand-to-hand combat. In Africa, Bruce sought out tr ibal Bushmen to teac h him their hunting techn iques; in the Middle East he learned other skills from the TEN-EYED MEN OFTHE EMPTY QUARTER. (52 #30, 2007) Bruce did not neglect his other studies, taking advantage of his inherited wealth to study at the finest inst it ut ions around the planet including the Ber lin School of Science, Cambr idge University in England, and the Sorbonne in Fran ce. He began to cultivate a reputation as a disinterested wastrel by never staying at anyone school for lo ng, usually just a semester. He was actually cherry-picking the subjects he felt he needed to master while receiving education from the finest m ind in each field . By age twenty Bruce had returned to Amer ica and thought he could apply himself through the FBI. He lasted all of six weeks as a trainee, recognizing that the war on cr ime could not be fought from beh ind a desk. (Secret Origins of the World 's Great Super-Heroes, 1990) Bruce left and resumed training on his own. By his early twenties he had ended his training and returned to Wayne Manor, where Alfred had patiently waited for him, only so he could resign in person. Again, accounts differed as to what occurred next, but Bruce made several forays against common criminals in Gotham, earn ing bumps and bruises as he attempted to put his training to practical use. Alfred felt he could not leave Bruce as he was beginning a new life . He used his own experience to help ref ine Bruce's knowledge of makeup and disguise, giving him tips on how to make certa in the general public differentiated Bruce Wayne from Batman. (Batman Annual #13,1989) Dark clothes and a ski mask did not make an effective d isguise, and he sought someth ing that would make a difference. In the manor's library, he sat brooding until the bat arrived-and inspiration struck.

B. The Secret Identity A ll along he recognized the need to keep Batman and Bruce Wayne separate, not only in his own m ind but in the minds of others. As a result , he went to great lengths, in all realities, to maintain the secret. He trained himself, and later instructed Rob in, to sign with his left hand while in costume. (Batman #92, June 19S5) In other cases when there was a possibility that his ident ity might be pierced, Batman took precautions su ch as wearing modified cowls or even a face mask. When he revealed his identity to BATGI RL, he used traces of wax to convince her that he was masquerading as Bruce Wayne, diverting susp icion. (Detective Comics #363, May 1967) Despite the efforts he made to protect his real name, many pe ople deduced his secret-and in most cases Batman went out of his way to convince them they were wrong . Often th is involved using others to pose as either Batman or Bruce Wayne to prove the suspi cion wrong. Among those who


imitated the Caped Crusader were Alfred , SUPERMAN, and Robin . The first time he needed to do this, Batman hired an actor who would die soon after. (World's Finest Comics #6, Summer 1942) Quite often those who learned the secret too k it to their grave, either through happenstance as w ith the villainous QUEENIE ( Bat m an #5, Spring 1941) or because they were already old or ill , such as Bruce's great-uncle Silas. (Batman #122, March 1959) Oh the other hand, Wayne angrily revealed himself to Joe Chill , telling the gangster it was his robbery attempt that set a boy on the path to becom ing Batman. Chill panicked ; after he told his men he'd created Batman, they gunned him down. (Batman #47, June/ July 1948) On Earth-l fellow members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA knew his secret identity, as did his fellow OUTSIDERS and Gotham-based allies Batg irl and CATWOMAN. With the TEEN TITANS and J,MMY OLSEN aware of Robin 's real name, it was understood that they, too, knew Wayne was Batman. DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR'S discovery of the Titans' secret identities also laid bare Batman's secrets to him. HUGO STRANGE, one of Batman's deadliest foes, learned his secret and used it to impersonate the Dark Knight for three days.

While several villains had the chance to learn Batman's identity, most resisted the temptation given the circumstances . One who d id manage to figure out the secret was RA's AL GHUL. who kept the secret to himself. (The UBU who accompanied him at the time d ied soon after.) His daughter TALIA HEAD also learned the secret and kept it to herself. Later both NOCTURNA and BANE deduced the secret and used it to exploit him in their early encounters. The RIDDLER also discovered the secret and shared it with Tommy Elliot, Wayne's former childhood friend, who had always sought revenge against Thomas Wayne for saving his mother's life after he tr ied to kill both parents when the boys were just eight. Even though he subsequently lost the knowledge, the Riddler had the answer to the greatest puzzler in the super-villain community. In post-Crisis continuity, Catwoman was finally told the secret-but during a period when she was not .only Batman's ally but also his lover. Among the civilian population, Alfred was always aware of the secret; after the Crisis, LESLIE THOMPKINS knew Batman's secret from the beginning. Police Commissioner Gordon was often suspected of knowing but apparently never did. Aware that criminals might bel ieve otherwise,

Batman inst r uct ed the comm issioner to ide nti fy him as real estate agent Neil Merrick if he was eve r in a life-or-d eat h situation. (Detective Comics #465, November 1976) When Batman offer ed t o reveal his ide nti ty t o repa ir a ri ft b et wee n them, Gordon refus ed. ( Leg ends of the Da rk Kn ight #125 , January 2000 ) Interest ingly, the y ou ng est person to figu re out Batman's id enti ty was TIMDRAKE, who wa s a w it ness to t he death of the FLYING GRAYSONS. Later, when he recognized a patented move Rob in made on news footage, Tim real ized that if D,CKGRAYSON was Rob in, Bruce Wayne had to be Batman. He kept the inform ati on to himself until it dawned on him that after the second Robin d ied , the Dark Knig ht needed a junior partner. He insisted he b e given a chance. A ft er the Crisis , Batman went to greater lengths to maintain his mystique, keeping his identity a secret even from his fellow heroes until much later in his career. In time, though, most of the JL A knew his real name. Superman's wife, LOIS LANE, was also made privy to the secret after their marriage. Simila rly, among his operatives in Gotham City, beyond Rob in, BARBARA GORDON and Batgirl knew, while the secret was int ent io nally withhe ld fro m HUNTRESSand SPOILER. To aid his war on cr ime, Batman created seve ral personae as he needed them, inc lud ing Thomas Qu igley, Detective Hawke, Sir Hem ingford Grey , Frank Dixon , and Gordon Selk irk . For the most part, his mai n al ias was MATCHES MALONE, until t he rea l Malone turned up and then died. A ft er Scarface dispatched Malon e, Batman used several new personae, among them Edd ie Nickles, Bronner, and Lefty Kno x. Lefty was his m os t frequent new id ent it y; for it , he covered his right hand w ith a three-pronged hook prosthetic. He established his reputation so well that the PENGUIN called Lefty a "crook I can trust. "

stocking with blac k-blue gloves, boots, t run ks, cape, and cowl. He cont inually modified the Bat suit, inc ludi ng a pe riod wh en it cons ist ed o f a o ne-p iec e all-black ver sion . The cape wa s co nstr uc ted fr o m a Nomex fire-resistan t material t hat bo asted a Kevlar weave to rep el bull et s w ithout losing fle xibil ity. Bat ma n's suit seem ed t o vary w it h each use, but in most cases t he cowl concea led a vo ice-activated communications system, a va riety o f lens es, and in once inst ance t iny gas caps ules tha t deployed whe n the cowl was tampered w it h, pr eservi ng his true identity even if he was unconsc ious .

2. The Emergency and Special­ Purpose Costumes Over t he yea rs Batman and Ro bin wo re a numbe r o f uni form s in d ifferent colors or fabr ics b ased on sp ec ific needs, suc h as all-wh ite ar ct ic suits for w intry env iro ns (World's Fine st Comics # 7, Fall 194 2) and a cam ou flage un ifo rm fo r jungl e terrain. W hen th ey c limbed to the sum m it o f K4 , t he Dyn am ic Du o adopted heavily insul ated ou t fits. (Batm an #93, Augu st 1955) The b asic suit t em plat e was also ada pt ed for t he deep sea. (B atm an #68, December 1951/January 1952)

C. The Batsult 7. The Basic Costume and Accessories The basic elements of the BATSUIT have remained fa irly cons istent throughout the d ifferi ng eras and realities. However, some differences have be en dramatic. On Earth-2, for example, t he Batsuit had br ig ht blue highlights, an d the cowl ears wer e b ob b ed. The gray unitard was covered with blue boots, gloves, br iefs , cape, and cowl. Early on , once the short gloves became more like gauntlets, they acqu ired three fins; for a br ief t ime they also conta ined sho rt claws for climbing . In the beg inn ing of his career, Batman was also know n to have bri efly used a bulletproof vest. The early Earth-1 vers ion had a ye llow ova l contain ing the c hest's bat-symbol. Batma n stated on numerous occasions that the oval provided v illa ins with a target away from his more vul ner able head. The integ rated gray un itard contained th e blue-black briefs, supplemented by b lue-black gloves, boots, cape, and cowl. The suit worn by Batman in the wake of the parallel worlds merging during the Crisis on Inf inite Earths cons isted of a dark gray custom-made body


3. The Utility Belt In all realities Batman relied on a UTILITY BELT festooned with m iniaturized gear to aid his investigations. The first belt housed only a coi led rope and then a BATARANG to secure a cable, enab ling him to sw ing from bUilding to building or cl imb exterior structures . The Earth- 2 Batman even had a pistol and ho lster for hi s first few cases before giving up guns forever. No other vers ion used guns. The gear depicted in his adventures has inc lud ed a variety of Batarangs of differing size s, bat-shaped handcuffs, a rebreather dev ice, flash bang and gas grenades, plastic exp los ives, lock-p icking tools, a taser, a remote control for the BATMOBILE, a Justice League of Ameri ca signaling device, a forensic crime scene ki t, emergency first -a id supplies, cash, and empty pockets for storing ev idence. The Utility Belt had ant i-theft technology that usually delivered ele ctric sho ck s to thwart cr im inals or the curious. A ga s-propelled grappling hook and gun mechanism allowed the Dar k Knight to scale steep st ructu res or traverse the Gotham City rooftops. Batman constantly improved on his g ear and learned how to handle it more effic iently while in action. Early on , a thermite charge accid entally went off, destroying his first Utility Belt. (Batman #404-407, February-May 1987) Much of his technology cam e from the futurist ic research and development d ivisions from across W AYNE ENTERPRISES. In the shi ft ed reality in the wake of Infinite Crisis , Lucius Fox was the chief arch itect of tools and equipment used by Bruce Wayne.

D. The Batcave The Batcave is a series of catacombs, t unnels, and a multi-tiered im m ensely vast cave discovered deep beneath Wayne Manor. The spa ce wa s drastically modified by Bruce Wayne to serve as Batman's headquarters, research laboratory, tra ining facility, and trophy room. On Earth-2, Bruce initially kept his sole piece of equipment, the BATGYRO, in a secret hangar. Soon after, he used a false wall w ithin Wayne Manor to house scient if ic and medical equipment. With in a year of beginning his war on crim e, Batman finally built his permanent headquarters beneath the manor. (Batman #3 , Fall 1940) The Batcave was accessed by a st aircase located behind a grandfather clock in the mansion . A winch hauled the Batmob ile up an incline to access an exit tunnel. The BATPLANE was hidden w ith in a barn situated over an ac cessw ay to the cave. The BATBoAT remained anchored at the cave's edge, w ith the Gotham River easily accessible. This Batcave had an elaborate collection of troph ie s that included a dinosaur repl ica taken from Dinosaur Island (Batman #35, June/July 1946), a giant JOKER card (Detective Comics #158, April 1950), a giant penny (World's Finest Comics #30, September/October 1947) , and a collection of the Penguin 's trick umbrellas (Detective Comic s #158, April 1950), among many others. A complete inventory was never chronicled . On Earth-1 the cave was acce ssed by either a

staircase located behind a grandfather clock in the


mansion or a service elevator. (Batman #164, June 1964) A road and ramp provided the Batmobile with access to a little-used road some twelve miles from Gotham City. A high hill served as the Batplane's hangar, allowing the craft's VTOL ( ver t ical takeoff and landing) gear to gain access . The Batboat remained anchored at the cave's edge, with the Gotham River easily accessible . After the Crisis, the Batcave grew in size and scope and was first discovered by Bruce Wayne at the age of four. The Batcave was-as usual­ accessed by a staircase located behind a grand­ father clock in the mansion's study. The hands of

the clock had to be set to ten forty-seven, the time Bruce's parents were slain, to unlock the secret en­ trance. A giant carousel housed a multitude of Bat­ mob iles that allowed the chosen vehicle access to a tunnel route. The exterior entrance was shrouded behind holographic technology.

E. The Extraordinary Abilities and the Famous Crime-Fighting Equipment 7. The Abilities Batman has been described as being the World 's Greatest Detective and the World 's Greatest Escape

Artist. To many he might be the greatest living tactician, given his numerous plans and scenarios that had him prepared for almost any eventuality. His eidetic, or photographic , memory proved invaluable in mastering languages, arts, sciences, and the myriad details he had to command instantaneously to conduct his war on crime. The records indicate that he mastered Arab ic, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Eskimo, Latin, French, German, Spanish, and even Kryptonese. If there was anything he was less than perfect in knowing it was pop culture, movies, books, and television-ephemera he had little time to peruse given the demands on his time as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. Still, he figured out one of the MARTIAN MAN HUNTER'S disguises as being based on the Japanese anime series Sailor Moon. (JLA #27, March 1999) Batman was said to be proficient at the 127 recognized forms of hand-to-hand fighting, which he blended into something unique and solely his own. He was not the world 's best martial artist, a title usually given to LADY SHIVA. While Batman swore never to use f irearms, he made certain he knew how to recognize and operate all manner of weapons from pistols to bazookas. Sim ilarly, he was proficient with a sword, lariat, bow, and other weapons . He was among the greatest experts with a boomerang, which he customized into his Batarangs, but clearly second to the first CAPTAIN BOOMERANG. A master of d isguise, he was tra ined on Earth-1 by BARRETT KEAN (Detective Comics #227, January 1958) and in the post-Crisis world by Alfred, who had initially wanted to be an actor. In a related field, Batman was also a good ventriloquist , a skill that saved him on severa l occasions. (Detective Comics #150, November 1949) On Earth-2. and early in his time on Earth-1 , Batman used his training to design and construct much of his crime-fighting gear, from his Utility Belt tools to the Batplane.

2. The Equipment In his unend ing battle aga inst crime, Batman made certain he maintained state-of-the-art tools, which he carried as needed in his remarkable Utility Belt. Additionally, his vehicles-from the Batmob ile to the Batplane-were all cutting-edge, one-of-a­ kind designs that were customized for his par­ ticuiar needs. It was established that Wayne grew Wayne Enterprises in order to explore all manner of technology that could be siphoned out of the research and development labs and into the Batcave for use . He purchased the companies Cyberware and KORDTRONICS specifically for what they offered to meet his crime-fighting needs. Batman has also stolen technology as required, including MISTER TERRIFIC'S T-spheres, programmable floating orbs that can record information or project messages. Perhaps Wayne's greatest technological feat was his creation of Brother I, a mammoth satellite that contained adaptable artificial intelligence and was launched into orbit to observe the planet's meta­ human community. Unfortunately it was usurped



twice in rap id suc ce ssion , first by Al exander Luth or from hi s Limbo-like realm ; t hen by Maxwell Lord , wh o used it to spread nanotechnology that turned more than two million human s into cybernetic sold ier s, his OMACS. Br oth er I ga ined a degree o f sent ience and renam ed its el f BROTHER EYE, dev iating so drastically fr om it s p ro gram m ing t hat it had t o b e d estroyed by it s cr eator.

F. The Batman Counterparts

7. Batmen of All Nations Given Batman's Earth-2 fame, there was littl e surprise when other costum ed vigilantes began operating in other countries, st art ing with th e KNIGHT and the SOUIRE. ( Ba tma n #62 , December 1950/January 1951) A t o ne p o int Batman inv it ed the Batmen of A ll Nations-Knight and Sq uire, LEGIONARY, MUSKETEER, EL GAUCHO, the RANGER-tO v isit Gotham City fo r a meeting. ( De tec tiv e Comic s #215, January 1955) O n Earth-1 th ese heroes-with the exception of the Rang er-joined Superman, Batman, and Robin in th e CLUB OF HEROES (World's Fin est Comics #89 ). Batman a lso travel ed to Sou t h America to p ersonally cr eate a BAT-HoMBRE to help p rotect t he ci t ize ns. (Batman #56, Dec ember 1949 /January 1950) On post-Crisis Ear t h, th e he ro es gath ered o nce more as t he Cl ub of Hero es, adding in the European-based W 'NGMAN and Chief MAN-OF- THE­ BATS, with disastrous results. (Batman #667-669 , Oc t o b er- Novem b er 2007) Beyond that, Batman 's t emplate of costum ed­ c rime - fig ht e r -a c co mpa ni ed - by -y o u th f ul - sidek ic k w as inspirational and ada pte d t ime an d again. Ini ­ tially GREEN ARROW had Spe ed y, and his A rro wcave , A rrow ca r, and Arrow plane b ecame a running joke b etween the crim e fighters. A cr oss t he Ame rica n W est, Chief Man-of-the-Bats and his son , LITTL E RAVEN, looked after p eopl e on their reservation . (Batman #86, September 1954)

2. Azrael On occasion Batman was inc apacit at ed and tu rn ed to other s to don the ca p e and cowl. On Earth-2 he o nc e sum m o ned hi s d esc endant, BRANE TAYLOR, from a pot entia l thirt ieth centur y to fill in . ( Det ec tive Comics #216 , February 1955) A lfred or ig inall y po sed as Batman of his own volition (Batman #22 , April/May 1944) but was subsequently prevailed up on to do so offi ci ally many times. At vari ous points Batman a lso had Robin impersonate him in a padded cos tume. ( Detectiv e Comics # 165, Batman #243 , Au gust 19 72, am on g many o the rs) Supe rm an wa s a reli able backup as w ell (b eg inning in W orld's Finest Comics # 71, Jul y/August 1954 ) ; Batman even resorted to using a robot on m or e than one occasion ( be gi nni ng in Detective Comics #224, October 1955). However, the first tim e he ever let someone fill in for him for an ext end ed per iod was after Bane br ok e his bac k in a brutal fight. Unc erta in of his future, and needing so meo ne to carry on the mi ssion , he asked JEAN-PAUL VALLEY to repl ace him. Vall ey had b een raised by th e SACRED ORDEROF SAINT DUMAS and tr ained in it s u niq ue p rog ram called the Syst em to


be its Av eng ing Angel, A ZRAEL, m aking him a close m atc h t o the Dar k Knight. Vall ey agreed, but th e Syste m had been accompan ied by psychologi cal conditioning that turn ed Vall ey more violent than

replaceme nt wa s kno w n to have d efeated a second ­ g en erati on Two-F ACE by pr ov ing stat ist ica lly th at

W ayne imagined . His Batm an grew vicious; th e Bat suit was slowly repl aced w ith armor, and it wa s cle ar t her e was a new Caped Crus ad er in Got ham City. Afte r Wayne healed, he chai le nge d Vall ey t o regain what he ca lle d the m an tl e o f th e Bat. A fte r pr evailing, Wayne real ized he need ed to reg rou p in m ind and body and aske d Dic k Gray son to g iv e up b eing N,GHTW,NG for a time and b e the next Batman.

t im e line postulated that hundreds of Batm en w ould fol low throu g h to the 85 3r d century. A d if f erent Batman was see n in rough ly th e same p eri o d : Terry McGinn is, w ho used a t echno­ lo g ic ally sophisticated Batsu it to continue th e fight on cri me . (Sup er m an/ Ba tm an # 22-23, O ct ob er­ November 2005 ) One time line follow ed th e ex pl o it s of the sixt h, f ifteenth, and nineteenth Batm en. The latter and his family were nearly w ip ed o ut by the Joker 's

:1. PotentIal Future Versions The c hro nicl es have show n that Batman's leg ac y ext end ed far into th e future, wit h descenda nt s and o t he r s adoptin g the ca pe and cow l to f ig ht for ju stice both o n and off Earth. With th e future an eve r- c hang ing ser ies of possib ilit ies ba sed on action s in the pre sent , t he following Batmen a re all pos sibl e g limpses of how the mantl e of the Bat has b een handled in succeed ing g en erations. The first such record ed app earance was by a man named Cohen in the war- rav aged America of 2050 . He fought alongs ide a t im e- stranded Jonah Hex; after cra shing hi s Batw ing int o a harbor, his fa te rem ain ed unknown . ( Hex 1111-12, July-August 1986) In a variant near future, Batman's p ermanent

his good side was dom inant. ( DC One Million #3 , November 1998) Th e date is sp ecu lat ive, and this

d escendant. Batman 's son , Br on , became the twenti et h Batman in 2967. ( World's Finest Comics #166 , May 19 67) In th e ye ar 3000, two possibl e Batm en hav e been recorded, th e first b eing BRANE, the twentieth di rec t de scendant of Bruc e Wa y ne an d hi s era's Caped Crus ad er. (Ba tm an #26, Decem be r 1944/Janua ry 1945 ) An entirely different man wa s Batman in a vastly different 3000. (Robin 3000 #1, 1993) In 3057 Brane Taylor, a po ssible relativ e, took over the rol e, ( Ba tm an #67, October/November 1951) From an unspecified era came a Batman who v isite d Earth-2 's Batman on o ne o cc asion. ( Ba tm an 11105, February 1957) Batman, Robin, and Ni ghtw in g w er e re- created in th e 8 53rd centu ry. Tha t far-di stant era's Da rk Kn ig ht was based on th e d istant planetoid Pluto and served with the Justice League. Robin was actually a robot, nicknamed th e Toy Wonder. (DC On e Million #1-4, Octob er 1998-February 1999)

4. Imaginary Story/Else worlds Versions Batman 's ex p lo its w ere not lim it ed to Earth-l o r Earth-2: There hav e b een notewo rthy record ed adventures across th e multiverse p rior to its collap se during the Crisis on Infinit e Eart hs. What follows are highlights from those record ed variations in order of th eir appearance in th e time lin e. The Wayne Fam ily fought t he im m o rt al con­ queror Vanda i Savage th rou g h th e ce nt uries. ( Ba t ­ man: Dark Kn ight Dyna sty, 1998 ) A kni ght of th e Round Tabl e sw ore fealty to Kin g Ar t hur but also sou gh t t o ave nge his parent s' death. (B atm an: Dark Knight o f the Round Table #1- 2,1998-1999) Bruce Wayne served as Leonardo da Vinci 's ap prentice and used his ba t-wing designs to b ec om e a costumed crim e fighter. (Batman Annual #18,19 9 4 ) Scie nt ist Bruce Wa yn e resto red his fat her t o lif e in Germany, wi t h di sastrou s results. (Batman : Cas tle of the Bat, 19 9 4 ) Batman was a Union ag ent du ring the Civi l Wa r. ( Ba tm an: The Blue, th e Grey and the Bat, 1992 ) In a different version of th e era, Bruce Wayne joined th e Pinkertons, a soci ety of d etectives. (Batman: Det ective No. 27, 2004 ) In the Victor ian e ra a heavily c loaked and gog gl ed Batma n w ent into ac tio n to hunt d ow n Jack th e Ripp er in England. (Ba tma n: Gotham by Gaslight, 1989 ) Fig ht ing



Prohibiti on,

federal agent


f ~ ~ ~ ~ MIUm III

~l~~~ J~~ ~ ~ ~ 1m

Eliot Ness became Batman to do what his badge wouldn't allow. (Batman: Scar of the Bat, 1996) Amenca needed its Batman to work for the OSS dunng World War II. (Batman: Dark Atteqiences. 1996) One world saw LEX LUTHOR kidnap and subse­ quently kill the Infant from KRYPTON, Kal-EI. Reper­ cussions of there being no Superman Included the lack of a JLA and Joe Chili killing Barbara Gordon 's parents Instead of Bruce Wayne's . As a result, It was

. S2Ji

Batgirl who came first, partnered with SUPERGIRL, Kara Zor-EI, who rocketed to Earth without benefit of the Man of Steel's guidance. Bru ce Wayne grew up to be the dilettante he nor mally pretended to be. (Else world's Finest: Supergirl & Batgir/, 1994) A different world saw a nail give Jonathan Kent's truck a flat tire so he m issed his fateful rendezvous with Kal-EI 's rocketsrup. Instead he was raised by an Amish family, depnvinq the world of Superman. That world saw Robin and Batglrl fall in the line of duty

and Catwoman marrying Bruce Wayne, changing her persona from Catwoman to Batwoman and continuing the fight against crime. (JLA: The Nail #1-3, 1998; JLA: Another Nail #1-3 ,2004) Batman and Superman both began their careers as they did on Earth-2, but married sooner and had children, beginning parallel generations of heroes to survive the millennia. Both progenitors also lived well into the distant future, ensuring peace on Earth. (Superman & Batman: Generations #1-4. 1999 ; Superman & Batman: Generations II #1-4, 2001 ; Superman & Batman: Generations III #1-4, 2003) In the late twentieth century Batman began investigating a series of murders only to discover that the killer was Dracula, lord of the vampires . To combat the undead villain, Batman had himself turned into a vampire by a rogue named Tanya. After losing his humanity, he had the power necessary to defeat Dracula. Some time later Dracula's hordes were taken over by the Joker, who needed to be subdued by Batman and Catwoman ( w ho in thrs reality was a werecat) . After she was killed, Batman souqht revenge by killing the Joker via drinking all his blood, He Insisted he be staked and killed for good but found himself resurrected to help Gotham City defend itself against its costumed super-villains . They intend ed to lure Batman into the Batcave then detonate a bomb that would expose the caverns to the sun and destroy him once and for all. The plan failed , and KILLER CROC and Two-Face were killed in the fight. A wounded Batman was offered Alfred's blood to 9ive him the strength to win the battle. He then ordered James Gordon to trigger the bomb; the comrnissroner was crushed In the debris. (Batman and Dracula: Red Rain , 1992; Batman: Bloodstorm, 1995; Batman: Crimson Mist, 1999) A different modern-day story showed what happened when Abin Sur crashed on Earth and passed the power ring to Bruce Wayne in lieu of Hal Jordan, inspiring the driven millionaire to become GREEN LANTERN. (Batm an: In Darkest Knight, 1994) Alfred was inspired to write imaginary stories wherein Batman and Batwoman married and had children. In time he retired , and Dick Grayson became Batman II while Bruce Wayne Jr. became Robin II. (Batman #131, April 1960) Other realities showed Bruce Wayne Jr. struggle or delight in following in the foot steps of his father. ( Wor ld 's Finest Comics #154 , December 1965; Action Comics #391-392, August-September 1970) One reality, said to possibly be a computer glitch in the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, showed Clark Kent Jr. JOIning his counterpart as the SUPER SONS. (World's Finest Comics #215, December 1972!January 1973) While New Earth featured DAMIAN as the sporleo son of Batman and Talia, different possibilities showed him as a more responsible successor to his father, whether as Tallant (Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat, 1995 ; Batman: League of Batmen #1-2 , 2001) or Ibn al Xu 'ffasch. (The Kingdom: Son of the Bat #1, February 1999) Alexander Luthor's efforts to create the perfect Earth failed during Infinite Crisis , but did cause the rebirth of the multiverse. Thrs new set of parallel worlds was limited to fifty -two, most of which remained unchronicled. Many, though, have been


William, who was cursed by a witch on what was once known as Earth-97. (Tangent: Batman, September 1998) Earth-19 featured a Victorian-era Batman. (Batm an: Gotham by Gaslight, 1989) Earth-43 featured a world where vampires were a major threat and Batman turned vampire to stop Dracula. (Batman and Dracula: Red Rain , 1989) Earth-13 was ruled by magic, not science, and Bruce Wayne was known there as the Batmage, master of the Dark Arts . (Arena #1, February 2008) Earth-21 saw the rise of the modern age of heroes in the late 1950s when Batman was still older and still active. (New Frontier #1-46, March­ August 2004) An unnumbered world featured Terry McGinnis as Batman's first true successor. (Superman/ Batman #22-23, October-November 2005) Earth-40 featured costumed champions all without superpowers ; they worked as espionage agents during World War II. (JSA: Liberty Files #1­ 2, February-March 2000; JSA: The Unholy Three #1-2 ,2003)

G. The Man Himself (as Bruce Wayne)

" = -=

~= - ...

:=::::;;.., .1_.., c_'*





~ • •Ii~ identified and are similar to but not exact replicas of the pre-Cr isis multiverse. The New Earth continues to feature the adventures of the core set of characters that provide the template for all para llel variations. Many include members from Batman's life . Earth-2 featured a world with the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, complete w ith adult Rob in and Batman's daughter grown to adulthood as the Huntress. (52 #52,2007)



Earth-3 was home to the Crime Synd icate of America and the Jokester, with OWl-MAN fulfilling the Batman role . (52 #52, 2007) Earth-22 was a world where the heroes became more of a threat than the villains they opposed and a crippled Bruce Wayne cont inued to operate from the Batcave, controlling his robotic Batmen. Nightwing had married STARFIRE and they had a daughter, Night star. (52 #52, 2007) An unnumbered world featured the knight

Often Batman saw Bruce Wayne as a useful disguise, not as a real person. Other times he preferred playing the playboy to the brooding Dark Knight, recognizing the good he did by owning Wayne Enterprises and running the WAYNE FOUNDATION. He was handsome with black hair and blue eyes ; he stood six feet two inc hes tall and we ighed 210 pounds. His chest measured forty­ four inches, while he had a thirty-three- inch sleeve length. (Detective Comics #169, March 1951) On Earth-2 he had a silver plate in his left shoulder to repair a bullet wound received wh ile in action. (Detective Comics #199, September 1953) He also briefly smoked a pipe but gave it up early in his crime-fighting career. That world's Bruce Wayne was a member of many of Gotham City's unique clubs and served on the boards of many local companies. After the Crisis, Bruce Wayne had little t ime for work beyond the needs of Batman, and he served on precious few boards. One exception was ARKHAM ASY<.UM'S parole board-an assignment that actually enhanced his ability to work as Batman. (Detective Comics #831. June 2007) To the world at large. Bruce Wayne was a bill ionaire who seemed to be at the edge of the international social swirl, always seen with a gorgeous woman (or two) on his arm. The media recorded his whereabouts and often speculated about when he would end his bachelor days. As a result, whenever he needed Bruce Wayne to drop from sight, Batman had the media cover Wayne's travels or the injuries he suffered during his inept athletic pursuits, from polo to auto racing. When Bane broke Batman's back, Alfred planted the story that Wayne was severely injured in a car accident as Nightwing wrecked one of the many sports cars Wayne owned. By virtue of his wealth-Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $6.8 billion , making him the seventh richest man on Earth-Wayne was a

magn et for women, woul d -be inve ntors, c rac kpot s, the needy, and more. His charitable works burnished the W ayne ima g e but also brou ght him a deep p er so nal sat isfac t io n, for he kn ew t he fam ily w ealth co u ld heal p eo pl e in w ays Batman nev er co uld touch . Br uce Wayne w as also seen as the fac e of the cit y. W hen Co ng ress was con sidering cut t ing all fundin g to Gotham, v ir t uall y cutting it off fr om A m erica, it was Bru ce W ayne who test if ied before th e Senate. And after a ye ar with the city a virtual No MAN'S LAND, Wayne and his resourc es led the rebu ilding proces s, making many aro und t he world look at him in new ways. A d ow nside to such w ea lth was th at Wayne wa s often the target of the un scrupulou s. Co rrup t emp loyees at Wa yn eTech tri ed to ma ke hi m th e f all guy when their ex perim e nta l program went aw ry . (D et ec t ive Comics #598 -600, March- May 1989 ) Sim ilarly, he has been susp ected of vari ou s crim es, notably murd er, o n more th an one occas io n. He actual ly was jailed on suspi cion of k ill in g his fo rm er lover VESPER FAIRCHILD. His inc arc era t ion pus hed Wayne to drop the mas k he normally w ore, and he severely injured several inmates at BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. When he th en beca m e a fug itive to c lear hi s nam e on hi s own, it w as the cl os est th e two halves o f hi s personal ity had ev er co m e t o bl ending. (Batman : The Ten Cen t Adventure, March 2002) Throughout th e year s he ha s be en Ba tman, W ay ne has often ve ered be t we en emb ra cing and distancing himself from his real name and legacy. In the wake o f Inf inite Crisi s, Bruce Wayne traveled th e world t o renew his m ission, ret rain ing in hi s physical sk ill s but also m entally refreshing him self. Upon hi s return t o Go t ham, Bat man w as no ti c eabl y less grim and Bruce Wayne seemed a little more g rou nded, less t he dim-wit ted dilettante,

H. The Man Himself (as Batman) Alfred once said of the man he helped raise , " He' s at his b est w hen co rn ered . Faced w ith t he poss ibility of d eat h, m ost o f us d escend int o th e throes of pani c. But not the Batman. They thi nk he will somehow be afraid of them. Fr ightened by their twisted fa ces, conto rted with ev il. The y don 't understand that he's not seein g th eir faces in th e st ru ggle, b ut the fa ce of t he o ne w ho ki lled his parents. And th en his own fa ce, wet w ith tears. It 's what gives him the strength to face any opponen t. The Batman endu res becau se his sorrow ha s been c hanneled into a white hot rig hteous nes s. As a child he could o nly watch wh ile his pare nts bl ed t o d eath in the street. He re fused to eve r feel that ho p elessness agai n." (S uperm an/Batman # 32 , February 2007) On Eart h- 2, Batma n was drive n but appeared to enjoy his miss ion, displaying a sense o f humor and see m ing ea sily ap p ro ac ha b le by th e man on th e street. It wasn't always th at w ay. Earl y o n, Batman took his jo b serio us ly, m et in g o ut ju stice as he felt the circ um st ances dictated . He even ca rrie d a gun and was willing t o kill when necessary. On o ne of his ea rlie st cases , Batman t hrew a memb er o f FRENCHV BLAKE'S gang off a roo f to hi s d eath (De tective

Com ics # 28, Ju ne 19 39) ; soo n after t his he st rangled DOCTOR DEATH'S aide, JABAH, and br ok e the neck o f another assis tan t, MIKHAIL. ( De tec tive Comics #2 9­ 30 , Ju ly-August 1939) When he fir st en counter ed th e MONK, th e Da rk Kni g ht d ete rmined t hat t he

only way to end his threat was to kill him w ith silver bullets. (D etective Com ics #32, Octob er 1939) He con ti nued in this mann er, g oin g so far as to use a ma ch ine g un m ounted on th e first Batplane, until he ended the GREEN DRAGON'S me nace , ( Detective Co m ics #3 9, May 1940 ) He then seem ed to take a vow aga in st killi ng. Ba t m an's car eer w as a co lo r ful one t hro ug ho ut t he 19 40s. A f te r Worl d Wa r II, th ing s be g an t o change and slo w down. Bat m an wa s also m ore interested in selec t ive c ases, and he w atched Di c k Grayson attend co llege and b eco me a lawyer, (DC Super -Sta rs #17, November/December 1977 ) He and Cat w oman, tho ugh , ta ng led o ne f ina l t ime, which lan d ed her in jail. Later, when th e SCARECROW pr oved more dangero us th an usual, Batman asked fo r Cat woma n's hel p ; by m ission 's end. th ey fin ally gave in to the passi on they'd felt for each o th er for years, (Th e Brave and th e Bold #197, April 1983 ) They m arrie d , and SELINA KYLE ga ve birth t o a da ughter, HELENA W AYNE. At t ha t po int Batma n slip ped into sem i- re ti rement. Batm an and Catwoma n were re ti red for good , Or so bo th thought. Selina was bl ackmailed into goi ng out fo r one m ore ro b bery as Cat wo m an, o nly to di e during th e c ri me. To av eng e her, Helena adop te d th e gu ise of t he Hun tr ess. (DC Sup er -Stars #17, November/December 1977) By then, de sp ite the JSA re- fo rm ing and its memb er s frequently advent ur ing wi t h t he ir Earth -1cou nt erp arts. Batma n w as d one. In fact, W ayne succeeded James Go rd o n as po lice co m mi ssioner, con ti nuing t he fight ag ainst crim e from a new vantag e point. Bill Jense n, a petty th ief wh o g ain ed sup erp owers, forc ed hi m t o don th e c ape a nd cowl o ne final time. Both men di ed in the con f ro nta ti o n, althoug h cou ntless lives were saved in th e process . (Adventure Co m ics #461 -4 63 , January/February 1979-April/May 1979) On Ea rth-1, Batm an was rec ord ed as usin g a g un o nly on ce and ne ver ag ain; he w ent o ut of his w ay to avoi d using them . He als o w as never record ed to have ki lle d anyo ne, The sam e held t rue for th e Batma n re-creat ed af ter t he Cris is and Infinite Crisis. His ca reer wa s filled with co st umed super -v illa ins an d int erg alac t ic th reat s, w hic h he handled without mu ch stress, The worl d w as growing d ar ker, th oug h, and th e threats were m ore co m pe lli ng, st art ing w it h th e arri val of eco t err or ist Ra's al GhOI. Batman watch ed Di ck Grays on grow up an d leave f o r co lleg e. Th ere was t ens ion between the two fo r a t ime , but when circu ms tanc es de m and ed it , Robin w as alway s ready t o ba ck up the Dar k Kn igh t. Br uce wa s th en alo ne for t he first t im e in years and b oard ed up the man sio n f o r a brief t ime, living in th e pentho use at o p the W ay ne Fou ndati on b u ildi ng . He even had t im e for ro m ance, w it h g irl f rie nds in cluding ph otoj ournali st V,CKI V ALE and Catwoman , who wa s attempt ing t o turn he r li f e around . A ft er t he Cri sis, Ba t m an f aced new cha lleng es and b riefly attempted t o ma int ain th e notio n


that Batman wa s an urban legend. Some people insisted that the po lice flashed the BAT-SIGNAL only to scare the criminal element; Batman sightings were lumped together with those of Bigfoot and Elv is. Batman was rea l, however, and he was no longer alone. He encountered JASON TODD and brought him home, training the headstrong youth t o become the second Robin. Dick had since taken the name Nightwing and was out o n his own or with the Teen Titans . Th e new Dynamic Duo took on new and fam iliar threats until the Joker killed Jason in the Midd le East. The m o nt hs that followed saw a dark, grimmer Batman prowl the streets of Gotham, dishing out brutal justice. Alfred despaired over the changes in his master

but seem ed at a loss to get through to him. Dick, busy w ith the Titans and his lover Starfire, was feel ing somewhat estranged from his mentor, unhappy with how he'd handled Jason. As a result, it took t he arrival of Tim Drake to shake Batman from his self -destruction . Tim had deduced Batman's identity years earlier and began a campaign to convince Dick that Bat man needed a Robin . Dick finally noticed wh at had happened to his guardian and returned to Gotham, but as Nightwing. When they were endangered , Tim convinced Alfred to let him borrow a Robin outfit, and he came to their rescue. Only then did Batman begin to realize what having an opt imistic and energetic partner meant to

him . Learning from his experience with Jason, he demanded that Tim undergo a six-month training program. Tim agreed. Six months later the th ird Robin was at Batman's side when he responded to the Bat-Signal. Batman slowly built up a cadre of agents in Gotham, frowning on vigilantes who did not have his blessing, among them Huntress and ORPHEUS ; he turned a blind eye to the altruistic RAGMAN. He used his agents as pawns with Gotham his chessboard, and time and again they proved the difference between disaster and success. Then international crim inal Bane arrived in Gotham, intending to supplant Batman as the source of fear in the city. He freed the criminals in Blackgate and Arkham, letting Batman and his team exhaust themselves rounding up the villains. After three months Batman was emotionally and physically drained-which is when Bane turned up in Wayne Manor. They fought, and the VENOM­ powered thug broke Batman 's back across his knee. (Batman #497, Late July 1993) Alfred helped stabilize Bruce Wayne, and the wounded hero turned the mantle of the Bat over to Azrael. Azrael had to struggle aga inst early training called the System, and in the process he became a Batman that really terrorized Gotham's underworld. Wayne feared he'd never walk again until SHONDRA K,NSOLVING, his physical therapist, used her meta­ human skill to repair his spinal damage. He then began retraining himself, calling on Lady Shiva for assistance. When he was deemed ready, he fought Azrael to regain the mantle for himself and proved victorious. Still , he needed more time to prepare himself and finally asked Dick to fill in as Batman for a time. Then the CLENCH was unleashed in Gotham. The disease rapidly spread and killed hundreds, nearly adding Robin to the list. Not long after, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook the city to its foundations. Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Huntress, and ORACLE protected the citizens from the rampaging villains freed from Blackgate and Arkhern, assisting rescue operations and protecting lives. Later, the federal government cut off Gotham from the country, turning the city into a No Man's Land. At first Batman felt dead, like the city, and vanished from sight for three months. He worked out of a series of mini-Batcaves he had constructed throughout the city. One hundred days later, he returned and found anarchy reigning. In short order he reestablished his presence, adopting the graffiti-tagging system others had used to mark turf. Working alongside Gordon and his agents , Batman began to restore order bloc k by block. The Dark Knight recognized hi s need for his allies-his surrogate family-and worked with them with great success . Things changed once more, though, when Lucius Fox forced Wayne to take on a bodyguard, SASHA BORDEAUX. Rather than let her interfere with his crime fighting, Wayne slowly left clues leading Bordeaux to his secret. He then brought her fully into his world . She trained, mu ch as Tim did, and even donned a mask and costume for Wayne's


nigh t s on t he to w n. One nig ht , t hou g h, th ey re turned t o t he manor to find t he bo d y o f Vesp er Fairch ild . The po lice arrived m om ent s late r, an d the two we re arrest ed on susp ic io n o f mu rder. Bruce broke out o f Blackgate and we nt to investigate the trut h o n his o wn . His allies, baff led by his distance, worked feverishl y to find the answers. In t he end th ey all learned th at th e murd er had been commi t ted by Bat g irl's fa ther, David Cain, under co nt ract fr om Lex Luth o r, wh o wanted revenge agai nst Wayn e fo r usurpin g his dr eam of being the driving forc e beh ind reb uildin g Got ham. Bo rd eaux remained in jai l unt il she wa s hurt in a fig ht an d beli ev ed d ead, only t o be sp irited away by CHECKMATE to star t over. Bat m an w as fr eed from her pr esence, des pi te Sasha havi ng captu red his heart . He con t inued to w ork against t he od ds as cr ime and corrupt ion seem ed to grow more and more p revalent. Tim 's fat her learned his secr et and demanded that the boy g ive up his costumed rol e-o r else he 'd expose W ay ne's secret, too. Tim 's gi rlfriend, STEPHANIE BROWN, lob bi ed Bat m an t o beco m e th e ne w Robi n, arg uing t hat her t im e as Spoiler had prepa red her . He had pret ty mu ch concl uded b y th en she was mor e heart th an sk ill, b ut he agreed to take her on anyway-w it h the und er standi ng t hat if she d isob eyed him o nc e, she was th rough . They worked togethe r for ne arly three mo nths before she d id as he exp ec te d , and she was fired . Ho p ing t o rega in his co nfidenc e, she ac t ivated one of his W AR GAMES sce narios w it ho ut understanding all its impl ications, p lu ng ing t he c it y int o a vicious, bl o o d y gang w ar. It for ced Tim back into cos tu me, f inally with his fat her 's bles sing . But th e war came at a p rice-Spo iler w ou nd up cap t ured by BLACK MASK, t ort ur ed fo r informa t io n, and left to die from her w o unds . W o rse, Bat ma n ab use d Oracle, using her mo re as operator th an ally , and usurped the police fr equ enci es, giving un ifo rm ed officers orders ah ead o f Commi ssioner M,CHAEL AKINS. When the war ended, Blac k Mask conso lidated power in the underworld , the cos tumed heroes were de clared vigi lan tes to be shot on sight, and Batma n lo st Oracle as an ally . Th ing s grew darkest w he n th e wife of th e ELONGATED MAN died, beginning a series o f events t hat nearly broug ht down the supe r- hero commun ity . Wh ile t he her o es inv est ig at ed , o t he r lo v ed ones w ere targeted, and th e Dyn ami c Du o arrived too late to p revent Cap tai n Bo om erang from ki lling Tim 's fath er , JACK DRAKE. Soon after, Batman learn ed th at his spy satelli te Bro t her I had been taken over by Checkm ate 's insane leader, Maxwell Lo rd. He ha d ki lle d BLUE BEETLE, who investigated his own susp ic ions ­ theories Bat m an had d ism issed wh en he'd firs t heard th em. Bordea ux t ip p ed off Bat m an th at th e Beet le was dead, for c ing him to g et p roacti ve . Inste ad , Eart h's heroes w ere p lunged in t o a war agai nst its vi llains as th e Soc iety atta cked and Lo rd turned mo re than tw o m ill ion humans into OMACs, p rog ram m ed t o kill m eta-humans. It took t he co m bined ef fo rts o f th e sup er heroes to stop b ot h t hreat s. Ba tman led a team into space to d est ro y his crea tio n, whi ch by then had renamed itsel f Bro ther Eye.

Bat man soon after learned t hat t he satell ite had also been used by Alexander Lut ho r, survivor o f Earth- 3. He wa nted to remake the u niverse, b rin g in g bac k the m u ltiverse in order to fin d the p er fect Earth. Batma n, Supe rman , and WONDER WOMAN bic kered among themselves, for eac h d isapp rov ed of wh at t he others had d o ne du ring t he OMA C w ar s- inclu di ng W o nd er W om an ki lling Lord to break h is te lepa t hic control o f t he Man of Steel, who had nea rly beaten t he Dark Knight to death. Without th e t riu mv irat e ac t ing as lead ers, things grew chao t ic as an Inf init e Crisis w as unleashed on Earth. When t he Battl e o f METROPOLIS ende d , along w ith t he threat , Nig htwi ng had b een bl ast ed ; he lay in a coma for three weeks. Superma n had lo st his pow ers, and W o nd er W o man's homelan d of The mysci ra left its pl ane of exis tence . Bat man wa s spen t , emotional ly, and recogn ized t hat it was t ime to regroup. Af te r Orac le declared Dick Gray son healed and read y, Batman inv ited him and Tim to jo in hi m for a yea r ab road , where they wou ld all re tra in and re fres h. Batman confide nt ly lef t Go tham in t he hand s of HARVEYDENT, knowing th at a restor ed Co m missione r Gordon w oul d be there to he lp . Th e t rio traveled fro m con ti nent to co ntine nt, b ut when they were in t he Mid dl e East after si x months overseas, he sent his c hildren home. Batma n remai ned wi t h t he Ten­ Eyed b rotherhood , having t hem psychica lly cut out his p erson al demons. Clea nse d , he traveled to New De lhi t o experie nce the Thorg al Ordeal in the leg end ary land o f Nan d a Parbat. He fi nished w it h a seve n-day sensory deprivation expe rience, t hen climbed t he 9,999 stairs to a c ham ber to co mplete hi s work. (52 # 47, 2007) Upon hi s ret urn to Gotham City, t hing s felt right to th e Dark Knight. He had Rob in at his side, Gordon back in office , and Gotham City save d from imm ol at io n t hank s to Nigh t wi ng an d o t he r alli es. W ith re ne wed op timism, he retu rne d to hi s mi ssion to fight crime . W it h Superma n and W on d er W o m an , he also reb u ilt th e Justice Leag ue o f America , re co gn iz ing t hat t he wor ld need ed a t eam o f heroes it cou ld coun t on . Sti ll, he knew t here were addit iona l d ang ers in t he world's darkest co rne r; when t he o p portu nity p resen ted itse lf , th en , he g lad ly to o k over t he O u tsiders fro m N ig h t w ing , au d it ioning a new st r ike for ce to do what th e J LA co u ld not.

I. The Relationship with Rob ln(s) Dick Grayson Dick Grayson was born for action . Raised in a circus env ironmen t and trai ned as an acro ba t, he w as a nat ur al wh en Batma n adopted him in th e wake of his paren t s' d eat hs. As the red -and -ye llow Rob in the Bo y Wond er, he exu ded optimi sm and b rig ht ened his new father 's mood. They enjoyed fighting crime side by side and became the inspiration fo r m any other heroic du o s. The two m aintai ned a stro ng fam ilial relatio nshi p on Earth -2 and Eart h-l, as Bruce Wayn e d eligh t ed in Dick's acco m p lishmen ts . Thi ngs were a lit tle different afte r t he Crisis: Dick's lig hth ear t ed

approach grew a shade d arker after a da ngerou s encou nter w it h Tw o- Face. Bat m an watched Dick grow u p, take comm an d o f t he Teen Tita ns, and become hi s own p erso n. Howev er, as Dic k neared eig hteen, he beg an to assert h is in de pe ndence. After head ing off to an upst ate co llege, Dick rarely had ti me to op erat e wit h Batman. Dick 's decisio n to d rop out o f co lleg e caused a br ief rift betwee n him an d Bru ce , but the two soon reco ncil ed . Now an ad ult, he felt increasingly conflicted in cos tu me. Noting th e desire of Bruce's new ward Ja son Tod d to be come a super hero in his own ri ght, Dic k ga ve him the Robin persona with hi s ble ssin g w hil e ado p t ing the new identity of Ni gh tw ing fo r h im self. Dic k st ru ggled to come ou t fr om the Bat m an 's shadow. He fou nd himself at od ds with hi s me ntor t im e and aga in, esp ec ially as Bat man never told him o f Todd's d eath: Dic k had to learn it from a fellow Tita n. They b ickere d in t he af te rma t h and were estra nged for a t im e. As a result, Dick c ha fed w hen Tim Drake asked hi m to co me back as Robin . He recog ni zed that Ba t ma n need ed help but went back as Nightwi ng . How ever, w he n th ey w ere b oth captured by Tw o ­ Face, it was Tim, d ressed as Rob in, w ho saved t he day. W it h Batman distant toward Tim , other t ha n t raining , Dic k took it upon himself to ease the teen into hi s new role. Dick w as hur t when Bru ce p ic ked Jean-Pau l Valley to repl ac e him af t er Bane broke Bat m an's back. Th e Dar k Knig ht di d so out o f respect for Dick's ind epende nce , thou g h. Lat er, after healin g, he asked Dick to act in his st ead fo r a time. The re lationship finally began to heal, and Bru ce 's respe ct for the man Dick had b eco m e was c lear. Indeed, as a symbolic gesture, Bru ce w oul d eve n formally adopt the adult Dick Gray so n as hi s so n. He also picked Nightwing to act as JL A lead er wh en an emergency JLA need ed to b e fo rm ed . (JLA #68, September 2002)

Jason Todd Batman fi lled th e vo id in his life when Dick Gray son left for co llege by rep laci ng hi m wi th Ja son To d d . Pri o r to the Cris is, Ja son 's path t o Robin was eer ily sim ilar to Dick 's, w hic h made th e transition smooth. Po st- Crisis, thoug h, Jason was a st reet kid wit h g uts and bravado but no ath let ic skills. He proved b ras h, head st ro ng , an d di f fic u lt, maki ng his t rain ing c ha lle ng ing . Ad d it ion ally, his life experie nces gave him a skewed mo ral code; he o ften b lurred the lin es be tween rig ht and wrong . Batman was ini tia lly forgiving o f t he di fferences, but over time it be ca me clear th at Jason was trouble. Batman tried to find a wa y t o correct his worldview before t hi ngs spiraled ou t o f co ntrol. Instead, Jason defied Bruce, be nc hing him. He le ft Gotham in search of hi s bi rth mothe r, o nly to find Sheila Hayw o o d w or king fo r the Jok er in t he Mid dle East. He w as no match fo r the Clown Pr in ce of Cr ime and w as b eaten with a crowba r and left to die in an ex p los io n. Batman blamed him self for t he sense less d eath and hung a Robin outfit in the Bat cave as a reminder of his failure. A fte r Jason's miraculous resurrection, the two had ye t to so rt out their relationship.


her with many of his secrets. Largely, that was a result of his belief she would not live up to the role and the blind obedience It demanded. She proved him right and was fired . They remained estranged until she lay dying , a victim of Black Mask 's torture. Batman was filled with grief and gu ilt for not working harder to make her dream a rea lity.

J. The Women of the Chronicles

Tim Drake

Tim Drake Like Jason Todd, Tim filled a vord in Batman 's life­ although it took the Dark Knight time to recognize It . He respected the boy's enthusiasm and keen mind, which had discerned Batman's identity at the age o f nine. Still, he didn't want to repeat the mistakes he'd made with Jason, so it took a lot of conv incing from Alfred, Dick, and Tim before Batman agreed he needed a Robin . In time Batman came to embrace the new Rob in. He remarked to Alfred and Dick that Tim was likely smarter than he himself. They meshed well, and Batman went out of his way to look after Tim even though-unlike Dick and Jason-the bo y had a living father. That all changed when Jack Drake d ied at the hands o f Captain Boomerang . Tim wanted his own Independence for a while, moving t o BLODHAVEN and rejecting Bruce Wayne 's


offer of adoption. However, after the neighboring city was destroyed, he moved to a farmhouse on the Wayne estate. He finally came around to accepting Bruce's offer and moved into the mansion as Wayne's legal son , setting up res iden ce in Dick's old room.

Stephanie Brown Batman never thought Stephanie had what it took to be a member of his team . He tried to train her and even asked the BIRDSOF PREY for help. Stephanie proved to have desire and spirit, but she lacked the keen mind and athletic skills needed to be the exceptional crime fighter Batman's mission d emanded. When she lo b b ied to be come the fo urth Robin , Batman accepted her and dr illed her harder than he had her predecessors. Unlike the others, he never revealed his identity to her or entrusted

Batman was so busy fighting crime that he usually dated women-as Bruce Wayne-only when he had an ulterior motive. Early In his Earth-2 career, Bruce Wayne was engaged to Julie Madison, but she broke it off to pursue her career. Soon after, Bru ce dated LINDA PAGE, but she left to become a nurse. Vicki Vale arrived in Gotham and dated Bruce Wayne, but the relationship petered out. He was always attracted to the Catwoman but did not admit his feelings until well af ter World War II, when they finally married. Bruce Wayne had a few serious female re­ lationships on Earth-l, notably KATHY KANE. Similarly, Batman and Batwoman seemed to share a mutual attraction but rarely acted on it ; she qu ickly retired from crime fighting, ending the chan ce for romance. Rii's daughter, Talia , fell in love with Batman, but the Caped Crusader wou ldn 't act on his feelings since this would have played int o Rii 's plans to have him as an heir. Their relationship ran hot and cold until finally she gave up on him. Wayne fell hard for SILVER ST. CLOUD, a platinum­ haired beauty, but she ended the relat ionship after figuring out his secret. it was a life she could not handle, and she left Gotham rather than see the man she loved risk his life night after night. Bruce Wayne actually dated Catwoman-that IS, a reformed Selina Kyle-for a while, but the relationship never lasted, and she returned to crim e. Later, Bruce dated Vicki Vale and even JULIA REMARQUE, Alfred's daughter, but both women grew frustrated that the relationships never progressed. The final woman to garner Batman's affections was Nocturna, a deadly, deranged woman who ultimately died from her actions. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Bruce Wayne's female companions grew in number, although most were arm candy to protect his playboy image. In fact, women boasted of their conquest of Bruce Wayne while none ever got past the first floor of Wayne Manor. His first girlfriend while Batman was the Gotham Museum of Art's Lorna Shore. (Batman Confidential #7, September 2007) Wayne observed that the night they slept together was the first time he'd slept through the night since he was eight. Soon after, he did fall for Jul ie Madison, who learned hrs secret and like Silver, left rather than deal with hrs dangerous life. (Batman and the Mad Monk #6, March 2007) Those who actually touched his heart during his tenure as Batman included the always sim m ering Catwoman, Talia , Vicki Vale, RACHEL CASPIAN, Vesper Fairchild, Shondra Klnsolvlng , and Sasha Bordeaux. Through his life as Batman, he came to escort fellow heroes Dr. Light II and Fir e, but he was surprised to find himself growing increasingly attracted to the Amazon Princess. They finally dec ided to try

d istrusted the v igilantes for the remainder of hi s

Their friendship de ep ened with time, so that when Gordon be came co m m issio ne r, Batman had an ally at the t op of th e law enf o rcement w o rld . SARAH ESSEN GORDON di sliked Batman b ut tolerated him because of Jim Go rdon's relat io nship w it h him. In t ime, thoug h, she cam e to accept hi m as an ally . Ji m

tenure. Var ious ma yors reacted d ifferently to Batman . HAMILTON HiLL, RUPERT THORNE'S lac key, active ly d isliked t he cr ime fig hte r. MARION GRANGE, t hough, re lied heavily o n t he Dark KnIg ht when Gotham

Gordon's successor, Mic hael A k ins, ga ve t he Caped Crusad er t he benefit o f t he d o ub t u nt il g ang wars turned t he street s red wi th b lood. Batm an t oo k ove r t he pollee ba nd and ordere d the cops aro und as If he w ere In c harge. w hic h angered A k in s so much t hat he ordered th at anyone In cos tume be sho t o n sig ht. While he eve ntua lly rescind ed th e order, he

wa s p lag ued w it h th e Cle nc h and the n an ear t hq uake . Away fro m Gotha m , Batma n wa s kep t at arm's length by t he federal g overn m ent's va rio us o perat io ns, fro m Checkm ate to t he SUICIde Sq uad. W he n Lex Lu thor wa s or estden t, he act ive ly worked to d estroy Batman , faI ling In th e p roc ess. Through th e JLA. Batman en joy ed free access to

a n actual date and see w hat hap pened , bu t Bru c e Wayn e aba ndon ed Wo nd er Woman t o fig ht c ri me , let ti ng A lf red 's d in ne r go to wa st e. They ag ree d th e re lat ion ship wa s be st left as a frie ndsh ip . (JLA #90, January 2004 ) Batman and Catwoma n finally b egan a romanc e at th e same ti me Husa wa s targeting t he Dark Kn ight for d eath. He went so far as to ent rust he r w ith his sec re t Ide nt ity, but broke thing s off w hen he real ized he cou ld not full y trust her. They have remained fri endly ever sinc e but hav e esc he we d th e romanc e wh ile she raise s her daughter, Hel en a, th e product of a brief relationship with Sam Bra d ley .

K . The Relationship with the Law Enforcement Establishment Batman began lif e as a vigi lante and wa s ac t ua lly wanted by the police at the outset of his ca reer. In t ime, th ough, Poli ce Commissioner Gordon realiz ed what an asset Batman and Ro bin had beco me . They becam e officially deputized member s of th e police for ce, enhancing their crime-fighting ab ilities . ( Batm an #7, October/November 1941) Later Batman wa s issued a p lati num badge. ( Detec tive Comics #70, December 1942; actually p resented in Detecti ve Comics #9S , Nove m b er 1945 ) On Earth-1,Batman genera lly seemed to enjoy t he sup port of t he po lice -in terrup ted by brief p eriods involving unfrien d ly p o litic al ad m in istrat ion s or false accusations o f m urder-and had a wa rm , end ur ing frie ndsh ip w it h Co m m issioner Gordon, even exc hangi ng Chr istmas g ifts. W ith t he JLA a w or ld-reco gn ized crim e-fig h ting o p eration, Batman enj oyed po lice p rivileg es beyo nd Am eri ca. After the Cri sis, Batman was seen as a vigilant e onc e m ore , and wa s hunt ed down by Commi ssion er GILLIAN B. LOEB. ( Batm an #404, February 19 87) He tru sted only new ly arrived d etective J im Gordon.


m o st co un t ri es. He d id not nece ssar ily have po lice pow er s, th ou gh , and usually worked un der th eir radar when awa y from hi s home bas e.

L. The Relationship to the Super-Hero Community As o ne o f th e fir st heroes t o operate o n an y of th e Earths, Bat m an enjoye d a pa rti cular p lace in th e hearts and m ind s of hi s fellow he ro es. His examp le of an average m an ma ki ng himself th e eq ual o f almost any su per he ro was a model for co un t less oth ers . He was a found ing member o f the Justi ce So c iety o f Amer ica on Earth-2 and the Justi ce Leagu e of Amer ica on Earth-1. His p lan ning and pr eparation kept the world safer, although h is plans also c am e back to haunt him.

Gotham Allies Locally, Batman operated in Gotham City usually with a Robin at his side. That's all he seemed to need on the parallel worlds despite the periodic ap p earances of Batwoman, Bat-Girl, and Batgirl. After the Crisis, the threats grew-and so did his need for allies . Around the third year of Batman's ca ree r, Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's niece, bec ame Batgirl and received surreptitious assis ta nce from the Dark Kn ight. He lat e r wel com ed her to t he b attle and grieved whe n she wa s c rip p led by th e Jo ke r. W hen she too k up the identity o f Oracle, she pr oved eve n more va luab le. A s Dic k Grayso n g rew up and becam e Ni g htwing , Batm an and Ro bin separat ed. Ot her Ro b in s fo llo wed , and th e Dyn ami c Duo w as often a titani c tr io. Later, th e Huntress began to op e rat e in Gotham, much t o Batman' s di sm ay sinc e th ey did not share th e sam e id eal s. He acti vel y resisted her help but did find her useful on numerous o cca sion s, as he d id Az rae l. Later, w he n th e cit y wa s a No Man 's Land, CASSANDRA CAINarrived and p ro ved she had th e sp irit t o work wi th th e t eam as th e next Batgi rl. Du rin g the tumultu ou s t imes tha t followed , Batma n wa s able t o co un t o n his all ies . Joi ning th e ranks over t im e we re Orpheus and ONYX. After Batm an's yea r away f ro m the city, t ho ugh, man y of his allies had di sappeared-Orpheus was dead, A zr ael th o ug ht d ead , Orac le in Metropolis, and Batgir l a lo st sou l. Gotham City once more could rely only o n Batm an and Robin, which seemed to suit the Da rk Knight.

Superman Superman and Batman were the best of fri end s on .Eerth-l and Earth-2, sharing their sec rets, adventuring across the galaxy together, and watching each other's backs. After the Cri sis, things grew more tenuous. Superman saw Gotham's Dark Knight as a vigilante who needed to be rein ed in. ( Man of Steel #3, Early November 1986 ) Ove r t ime, t hough, they forged ten uo us bo nd s th at after m any yea rs t urn ed into a fr iend sh ip . Much o f th at b o nd ing grew out of a t ime w he n t hey didn 't w or k we ll t ogether and a man died. ( Ba tman & Sup erman: World 's Finest #1-10, Apr il 19 9 9 -J an uar y 2000 ) In t he co nt inuity o f t he New Eart h formed after Infinit e Cris is, the relation ship b etween th e t wo hero es o nce aga in seem ed t o have bee n a c lose o ne d ating ba c k to thei r early d ays ( as evi de nced


by fl ashb ack s in Justice League o f A m erica [ sec on d ser ies ] # 0 , Sep t em b er 2006, am o ng othe rs) .

Got ham Cit y. During World War II th e JSA ex panded

Their mutual respe ct help ed th em g et past th eir different ap p roac hes to cri me fighting and ju sti ce. Each learn ed from th e other, and Supe rma n even­ tu ally ent rusted Batman with KRYPTONITE to be used sho uld he eve r lose co ntro l o f his power s. Th e fri end ­ ship d eep ened , and th ey often fir st turned to th e o ther in tim es o f crisis. Batman ex te nded th at trust t o Lo is Lan e after she ma rried th e Man o f Stee l.

and beca m e th e A ll-Star Squadron, to which bo t h Batman and Ro b in be lo nge d . (A ll-S ta r Squa d ro n # 3, November 19 81) A fter the JSA returned t o ac t io n, Batman chose to remain in sem i- re t irement until o ne final c ase, wher e he lo st hi s life. During th e many team -ups with Earth -1 's Justice Leagu e of A m eric a, he participated in o nly two o f th e m eeting s. (J ust ic e League of A merica # 8 2, Au gu st 1970 ; #13S-137, Oc t ober- Dece m ber 19 76 )

Wonder Woman

Justice League of America

The Amazon Princess and Bat m an had noth ing but t he utmost resp ec t for each o t he r in t he vario us real iti es. A fte r t he Crisis th ey were seen as among t he tr iu mvirat e, alo ng wi t h Supe rman , tha t gu id ed Earth's ch am p io ns o f ju st ice. The re w as a brief romanti c spa rk between th e two but th ey remained noth ing but alli es in the w ar aga inst ev il.

On Eart h-1, Batma n was presen t during th e p ivot al c ase t hat b rou g ht the wo rld 's g reat est supe r heroes together to repel an alie n inva sion . The t eam t hat cam e from that adventure, th e Just ice Leag ue of America, stood as Earth's vang uard for truth and justice. After the Crisis, Batman grud gin gly jo ined within the first year of the JLA's exi sten ce w ith prodding from Superman. (JLA: In carnation s #2 , August 2001) After secretly bankrolling th e t eam during its early existence, Oliver Que en p riva te ly asked Bruce Wayne to succeed him as th e JLA's financial benefactor when his own fortun es bega n to fail. (Legends of the DCU #12, Janu ary 19 9 9 ) In

Justice Society of America Batman jo ined Earth-2 's Just ic e Soc iet y of America in N ov ember 1940 (DC Special #29, August/ Sep te m be r 1977) , althou gh he w as not pre sent at m any o f their m eetings g ive n hi s o b liga t io ns in

He usuall y had t he right mi x o f skills a nd exper ie nc e t o com plemen t no npo we red or superpowered collea gu es. Mo st , fro m batt le- t est ed veteran to newcom er, rem aine d in awe of his dedication, preparatio n, and p er sev erance . The FLASH once ob ser ved t hat Bat m an sp o o ked him, but was th e f irst one t o c all in an emergency. (Jus tic e League o f A m er ica [second series] # 12, Sep t em b er 2007) Ba t man, though , has had issues wi th th e super­ hero co mmun ity, ste m mi ng fr o m when th e JLA be g an using Zata nna's m ag ic t o erase m emor ies o r al t er pe rso nalities o f super-v illa ins . He didn't know ab out this fo r so me ti m e, because Za t anna sea led o ff t en mi nu tes of his m em o ry w hen he fi rst saw t he JLA ab out t o alt er Dr. Light. Thi s probab ly exp lained wh y he never remained w it h any incarnatio n of t he JLA or Ou ts iders fo r lon g stretch es, a lt hough he never real ized it himself. In t he aftermat h of SUE DIBNY'S death, after th e JLA's d irty sec ret becam e co m m o n knowledge among super-vi llains , Batman 's memories came ba ck . Disgu st ed at his colleagues' betrayal, and co nce rn ed ove rt he gr owing me ta -hu m an popu lation o n Eart h, he took covert ac tion . Bat man desig ned and iaunched Brot her I, a mam mo th sate llite co mp lete w ith art if icial intelligence to m on it or th e meta-hu m ans in case o f eme rge ncy. The sate llite, we ll int ention ed as it w as, was mi sused by several v illa ins including Ma xwe ll Lo rd. w ho reprogrammed it so th at it gai ned a level of sent ience. Calling itself Bro t her Eye, it p lu nged t he w o rld int o a crisis that saw many heroes , villain s, and ci vili ans die needless ly. (Co un tdown to Infinite Crisis, May 2005; The OMAC Project #1- 6, June-Nove m ber 2005)

th e co ntinu ity foll owi ng Infin it e Crisis , Bat m an was o nce agai n sai d to have been a fou nd ing m em ber of the Leag ue. W hen t he JLA enjoyed Unit ed Nati ons sanctio n, it w as as ked to stay ou t of a co up in MARKOVIA. Batma n wanted the Leag ue 's he lp t o rescue Lucius Fox, but members refu sed- so he qu it and, during the rescue, wound up formin g th e Outsid er s. ( Ba t m an an d the Outsiders #1-2 , Au g ust -S ept em b er 1983) He lat er left that team an d rejo in ed th e J LA (J us tic e League of America #2 50 , May 1986) , so methi ng tha t happened o n oc ca sio n. He was genera lly present w henever th e Leag ue re- formed (Leg en ds # 6 , A pr il 1987) , al t ho ug h his level o f invo ivem ent wa xed and w aned. Foll owing a battl e wi t h Doct or De st iny, Batman ag reed t o join a new inca rna tion o f th e Jus tice Leag u e of America wi t h its headquarter s a Watch t owe r on th e m oon . (Justice League: A M id summer 's Nightm ar e # 3, Novem b er 19 9 6 ) Batman and th e JL A have had tr ust issue s through the years. W hen Bat man arr ived at the satellite headquarters t o see Zatan na abo ut t o use her magic on Dr. Light's mi nd, he objec te d - o nly to have ten minutes o f hi s mem or y my sti cally o b scu red . Th o se m em o ries re sur faced later, pl u ng ing the J LA into serious pr o bl e m s. Year s lat er the tea m lea rn ed t hat Batma n had pr ep ared files on ea c h member detaili ng ways each co uld be inc ap ac ita ted o r k ill ed . Wh en Ra's al Ghu l st o le th e fil es a nd used them aga in st th e JL A , th e her oes preva iled but asked th e Dark Knig ht to leave. (JLA #4 6, Oc tober 2000) Batman had t o ag ree t o a full- d isclo su re agreemen t t o re tu rn t o t he roster ( JLA #50, Fe b ruary 2001), w he re he rem ai ned until t he t ea m wa s dissolved. (JL A #125, Apr il 2006 ) On t he o th er ha nd , o ne o f his contingency plan s pr ov ed m o st usef u l wh en the

w it h a new ros te r led b y Nightwing . (JLA # 6 6- 76 , July 2002-Feb ruary 2003) Aft er Infinite Cris is, Bat ma n, W o nd er W o ma n, and Supe rm an t oo k a yea r aw ay fro m cr ime fig hti ng to pu rsue personal agenda s. How ev er, w hen all three re turned t o ac tion, they me t in the Bat cave and hand -selec t ed a ne w t eam . (J ustic e League of America [ sec o nd series ] # 0, Sep te m b er 2006) Batman did not thi nk t o in clu d e him self in the roster until BLACK LIGH TNING in sisted . (J us tice League of America [ sec o nd serie s] #7 , A p ril 200 7)


A m o ng the myr iad pa ral le l wo rl ds w as o ne Ear t h tha t had a rad icall y different set o f sup er heroes. On t his world t he Batman was a co nv ic t- t urned­ profess io na l-wrestle r. (Jus t Im ag in e Sta n Lee with J oe Kubert Creating Batman. Sep te m ber 2001) W ayne W ill ia m s w as fram ed fo r a cri m e he d id not co m mi t and sentenced t o pr ison . While serving his tim e, W illiams be fr iended Fred erick Gran t, a scie nt ist w ho mentored him in an eclectic array of d iscip lines fr om sewing t o bodybUildin g. Dur ing his sent en ce

team was plunged th ree th o usand yea rs back in time: His emergen cy pr ot o col s re -fo rme d the JLA

Despite hi s reputat io n as a lo ne r, Batman worked on countless occasio ns with one o r more heroes.

Willi am s w as info rmed th at his mother had died ; he bl am ed th e ga ng leader, Handz, who'd framed

Outsiders Bat ma n left the J LA after it s me m bers refused t o help him rescu e Lu cius Fox in Markovia , w hic h wa s going throu gh a cou p at th e time. While th er e, he encountered seve ral o t he r her o es; after Fo x w a s fr eed and th e cou nt ry saved, th ey for m ed t he Ou t sid er s. (The Bra ve an d the Bold # 200 , O ct obe r 1983) Batman brought the m to Americ a and w o rk ed on t raining t he new comer s GEO-Fo RCE, KATANA, and HALO. The t eam worked well t ogether for a time, b ut wh en Bat ma n wi thheld information from them ab o ut new tr oubles in Markovia, they split from th eir f ou nder. Years lat er a new inc arna tio n of the team was founded by Ar sen al and Nigh t wi ng . Aft er o p erat ing hap hazard ly for a time, Nig ht wing real ized it wa s no t t he t eam for hi m . Batm an, though, rec ogn ized tha t tr oubl ed t im es we re a head and knew he' d need a st rike fo rce fo r sit ua tio ns t he JL A co u ld not to uc h . He st ep p ed in and re -formed th e team, ex pect ing th em t o b e co ld , obedient operatives w ho woul d d o th e w o rl d' s d irty work without q uest io n. (Bat m an and the Ou ts iders [ seco nd ser ies] # 1, Decem ber 2007 )

A s a result, Batman mai nta ine d a healthy distrust for tho se w ho deviate d fro m their heroic ideal. For exampl e, wh en Gree n Lantern was infected by Para llax, t he embod ime nt of f ear, he comm itted many illegal ac ts un til he sacri fic ed him self in an ac t of at on em ent. Bat m an rejected h is o ff ers o f help ; it wa sn 't until the Lantern's rebirth tha t he cou ld prove his good int ent io ns. o nce ag ain earn ing Batman 's tr ust . (Green Lantern [fourth series] # g, Apri l 2006) When a rocke t from Kry p to n cras he d nea r Gotha m , Bat man was th e fir st t o d isc over the t een ag e g irl in side. He was skep tic al w hen she claimed t o be from Kryp ton and ri sked Sup erm an's ang er w hen he conti nued to b e suspi c iou s o f t he newly arrived Supe rgirl. (Sup erm an/ Bat m an #8 -12, May- Sep t ember 20 04) After Inf init e Crisi s, and Batman's year away for renewal, he wa s m o re we lcoming of allies, both in Goth am and on ad ventu res aro und the world .




him, for keeping him away when his family needed him most. A short time later Williams rescued the warden from harm and earned himself a full pardon , While avoiding Handz until he could exact a measure of revenge, Williams shaved his head, donned a mask, and become a professional wrestler named Batman, In keeping with his new persona, Batman never unmasked in public, giving him a real mystique among his growing fan base , Before long, Batman was commanding top dollar at the gate, and Wi lliams found himself possessed of unexpected wealth, Since he owed his physique to Grant's tutelage, Williams sought out the recently released scientist and shared his secret identity with him, He then enlisted Grant in helping him prepare a perfect revenge plan, Granthelped Williams design a variety of gear for his w'res'~ljng costume, preparing it for its new use, The ,mask was outfitted with night-vision lenses, and the costume was remade using Kevlar. Lin ing the outfit were electronic devices that could magnify sound to d isorient foes ; glider wings were added to allow Williams more freedom of movement. Williams bought a mansion and installed Grant as its owner, while he took on the less obvious role of Grant's bodyguard. The Batman then used his new network of contacts to find Handz, who fell to his death before being able to admit to the frame­ up , Enjoying the positive feeling of delivering justice, Batman switched from wrestling to cr ime fighting full-time, When the evil Reverend Darkk attempted to bring a demon called Crisis to Earth, a handful of powerful figures gathered to combat the plan, including Batman, The demon was stopped , but Darkk escaped, To protect the innocent from Darkk's kind , the five heroes banded together and became the Justice League,

study life on Earth and grew fascinated by Batman, whom he continually observed. The scientist then used a teleportation ray to br ing Batman to his far­ flung world, Tiano demonstrated for the surprised crime fighter that he had modeled himself after Batman, fighting crime in a similar costume. After the meeting, Tiano remained inspired to do good for his people. (Batman #113, February 19S8)



A privately owned island shr ine to Batman, conceived and maintained by wealthy eccentric A. K, BARNABY, (Batman #119, October 1958)



On the parallel world once known as Earth-97, superpowered champions began appearing in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Into this world came Sir William, a knight who fought beside King Arthur during the Middle Ages. While an ally of the king, he was never asked to sit at the famed Round Table, He was married to the Lady Tasmia, in reality a bat-like creature from Hell, and her presence bode ill for Arthur, For, ignoring Arthur's warning, Tasmia wreaked havoc, the blame laid at William's feet. The wizard Merlin cursed W illiam, and his body was trapped within the castle until such t ime as he could atone for his sins against the Crown and England, William's spirit was able to leave his body, animating a suit of armor in order to accomplish good deeds in the hope of redemption. In the twentieth century William encountered Imra, a woman who resembled Tasmia , and became enraptured, He fought for good and even joi ned that world's version of the Justice League in his never-ending quest for redemption . (Tangent: Batman, September 1998)

During one memorable adventure, Batman used the BATMOBILE to stop an out-of-control car, thereby saving the family within , The grateful passengers named their newborn son Batman Jones in the Caped Crusader's honor, In return, Batman built a " Bat -Co op " crib for the baby and posed for reporters' pictures with the family, even holding the baby himself. Since Batman never accepted rewards, grateful citizens instead sent presents or money to the Jones family. Batman Jones grew up revering Batman as his id o l. One night the BAT-SIGNAL summoned Batman and ROBIN to police headquarters, where they witnessed the arrival of young Batman Jones, clad in a homemade bat-uniform and riding a bike, Commissioner JAMES GORDON asked Batman and Robin to help recover a silver statue stolen from a millionaire's home. By threatening to launch his own investigation, Batman Jones convinced the Dynamic Duo to take him along in order to keep him out of mischief, The boy proved to be of use when he organized a game of hide-and-seek among a group of neighborhood boys, using their talent at finding pla ces to hide to uncover the stolen statue's hiding place; as a result , Batman was able to intercept the thief as he returned for his booty. Later, Batman and Robin took their protege back to the BATCAVE, claim ing to be offer ing h im a training session, In reality, they int end ed to demonstrate that crime fighting was too difficult for most people, including Jones, to master, Batman Jones, however, proved quick-witted and agile enough to pass all their tests, After sending him home, the two heroes admitted they needed another tack. Batman Jones deduced that crim inals would try to use the machine tools exhibited at a hobby show to tunnel through a connecting wall into the ne xt­ door bank. The youth was there to see the crooks make the attempt, but Batman and Robin also arrived and apprehended the thieves. However, Batman Jones discovered a stamp exhibit while at the show, and became so engrossed with it that he dropped his desire to be another Batman in favor of stamp collecting, much to the relief of Batman and Robin. (Batman #108, June 1957)



ZUR-EN-ARRH was a planet in a far-distant gala xy that possessed much advanced technology. A man named TLANO used a sophisticated telescope to

JOHN VANCE was a youth who once helped Batman before the latter took DICK GRAYSON to train be side him as ROBIN, Some time after the Dynamic Duo




debuted, Vance returned to help Batman solve one last case , which caused young Grayson to feel threatened , However, Dick qui ckly realized he had nothing to fear. ( Det ec ti ve Com ics #231, May 1956)



Upon the death of an unnamed philanthropist, it was revealed that he had left money to GOTHAM C,TY for the construction of a downtown headquarters for its chief protector, Batman, The House of Batman, as it was known , was built as a surprise for the Caped Crusader, and contained a variety of tools and equipment the city presumed he would need, Honored, Batman took to using the building as his headquarters-but soon he realized that the thief MAYNE MALLOCK always seemed to be one step ahead of the crime fighter, Batman learned that the entire buildinq had been Mallock's idea and was being used as his secret hideout. The Gotham Guardian set a trap and eventually ensnared Mallock; he thereafter abandoned the bu ilding, letting the city use it as a museum. (Batman #102 , September 1956) The museum subsequently moved into larger quarters, a bat-shaped building that was designed by SUPERMAN. ( World 's Finest Comics #149 , May 1965) Several other individuals built museums based on Batman's fame. One example was "Breezy" Lane's traveling Batman Dime Museum, which briefly set up shop in Gotham City but was ultimately bought out and closed by BRUCE WAYNE. (Detective Comics #223, September 1955) Another was Tomioka, the head of Tomioka Pharmaceuticals, who was fasci­ nated by the American hero and had a private col­ lection of Batman memorabilia, Tomioka, however, was so obsessed with the Dark Knight that he had worked on a DNA-altering drug he thought would enhance his physique so that he could enshrine Bat­ man in his museum and replace him as a new Bat­ man. The plan was foiled when Tomioka died in an gang-related explosion that destroyed the museum and the drug , (Batman : Child of Dreams, 2003) One potential future showed a twenty-first­ century Gotham City complete with Batman Museum. (World's Finest Comics #11 , Fall 1943)

BATMARINE A variation on the BATBOAT in its submersible configuration,

BATMEN OF ALL NATIONS __ Given Batman's fame, there was little surprise when other costumed vigi lantes began operating in other countries. At one point Batman invited them all to GOTHAM C,TY for a meeting, (Detective Comics #215. January 1955) From South America came the EL GAUCHO, while the RANGER arrived from Australia . Europe was represented by the WINGMAN with the KNIGHT and SQUIRE direct from England, the MUSKETEER from France, and the LEGIONARY from Italy, Nicknamed by the media as Batmen of All Nations, they were dubbed by others the CLUB OF HEROES. During the meeting, the club also included SUPERMAN, who represented the rest of the world . (World's Finest Comics #89, July/August 1957)

After t he CRISISON INFINITE EARTHS, the int ern at ion al heroes we re orga nized by A frica's Dr. Mist as an internat ion al opera tio n kn own as th e Glo ba l Gu ard ian s, said to b e ins p ire d by th e JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA. Their headq uarters, known as th e Do m e, was loc ated in Euro pe. In a po ten tial fut ur e, the heroes were kn own as the Batm en o f Man y Nations. In additio n t o th e recognizabl e Batman -inspired heroes, t he re was also Russia's Cossac k, Japan's Samurai, Ch in a's Drag o n, My ste ryman , St eel, and a BATWOMAN ha iling fr om t he Fourth World . ( Kingd om Come, 19 9 6)

BAT-MEN OF DALTON CORNERS. THE Afte r yea rs of wearing a sacred Ind ia n Bat -Man costume and performin g ritua ls to preve nt t he return o f a d ang erou s bat-god, Jo hn and Pau l Wainwright w ere driven from Dalton Corne rs. Relocating t o Aust rali a, John Wainwright eve nt ually d ied, but his son Joh n Jr . returned t o Dalton Corn er s t o don th e costume hims elf and he lp sto p t he bat-g o d 's retu rn , (World's Fin est Comics #255 , Feb ru ary/March 1979)

BAT-MISSILE In o ne d ire case invol vin g an ove rsize d alien invade r, th e Eart h- 2 Bat ma n and ROBIN launched an exp eri mental veh icl e from within th e BATCAVE and land ed safely on Earth using its uniqu e ro cket­ chute landing gear. (Detective Comics # 270 , A ugu st 195 9)

BAT-MITE In a d im en sion w he re m agic w as co m monp lace, o ne im p used his inna te skil ls t o sig htsee th roug h m y riad d im e nsio ns, an d wh en he fo und Eart h-1, he be c am e fasc inat ed by the exp lo it s o f Bat man . He would tune in regularly to watch the Caped Crusad er and th e Boy Wonder outwit c ri m inals and escap e dange rou s death traps . Th e fasc inat ion grew to id oli za tio n until f ina lly, co nj uri ng up a va riat io n on Batman's unifo rm, the im p journ eyed t o Eart h. Introducing him self as Bat -Mite, he decla red hi m self Batman' s b ig g est fan and attem p ted to us e his ama zing magica l abilit ie s t o aid Ba tm an in ap p rehe nd ing felo ns. A s o ft en as he was a help, his ef f orts co nflic te d w ith Batman 's own work, and simple cases bec ame complicated . The re w ere times wh en Bat-Mite also engineered events t o prov id e hi s id o l op portu nit ies to demo nstrat e his superior pr ow ess. Batma n could n't rem ain angry at th e well -mean in g ma g ic al bei ng, althoug h he fr equent ly t ried t o co nvi nc e him t o g o home. ( De tective Comics # 257, May 1959 ) On several o cca sion s Ba t -Mite woun d up w o rking no t only w ith Batman, bu t wi t h ot her GOTHAM CITY cos t umed champions as we ll. He g ot to sha re adventu res with ROBIN, BATWOMAN, a nd BAT-GIRL . Later he discovered a similarly powered bein g in MR. MXYZPTLK, and either paired up w it h or cha lleng ed the FIFTH DIMENSION bei ng de pen di ng on his m o od . On those occasio ns, it took th e com b ine d e ffo rt o f the Wo rld's Fin est team o f Batman , Ro b in, and SUPERMAN to put a n end t o th eir m isch ief. Bat- Mit e w as kno w n to tr av el to o the r di m ensi o ns,

inc lud ing a w orld k no wn as Earth-Prime where Batman and com pa ny w e re m ere ly c hara cters in co m ic book s. O n his so le vis it, Bat- Mite t ried to co nv inc e a publisher to gi ve him a featu re as we ll, Th e p loy did not work . In t he wa ke of t he cosmic eve nts o f th e CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, all th e parall el w o rld s we re co lla psed into a single rea lit y. Bat-Mite did not regularly journey to thi s new world or meet up w ith Batman. On hi s ver y fir st vi sit to the world, he w as co nsid ered a hal luc inati on by BOB OVERDOG, a p et t y cri m in al. ( Legends o f th e Dark Knig h t #38, Oc tober 19 92 ; Batman: Mitefall, 1998 ) Six years afte r Ba t man fir st appeared in Go t ham City, in the new rea lity Ba t -M it e fin all y en counter ed his id o l and me t up wi t h Mr. Mxy zp t lk imm ed iat el y afterward. ( Ba tman & Sup erm an: World 's Fin est, 1999) Supe rm an t heo rized at the time that hi s Fi fth Dimensional nemes is ac tu ally created Bat-Mite, with the imp's powers ba sed o n Overdog's ravin g s. Bat-Mite was not see n ag ai n, lending creden ce t o the hy p o t hesis. Reality wa s shaken one m o re ti m e during INFINITE CRISIS, and Bat- Mite ap pea red o nce mo re. Th is t ime th e imp came into co ntac t w ith th e JOKER, howev er, and th e Clown Prin ce o f Cri m e managed to absorb Bat- Mit e's mag ical en er gies fo r a b rie f t ime. This end ed after th e int erfere nce of the a rt ifi cia l c reat u re known as Biza rro, and Bat-Mite was o nce again free. In th e new wo rld, it was unclear how Bat-Mite viewed th e Dar k Knight and what th eir exac t rela tion ship w as. (S uperm an/ Bat m an # 25 , December 20 06 ) In o t her rea lities Bat-Mite ap peared in a va riet y o f ways, suc h as co -fo u nder of th e Fir st Church o f the La st So n of KRYPTON. ( Batm an: The Dark Knight Return s, 1986) He pe rp lexed Batm an and o t her heroes in th ese m y ri ad real iti es, rarely w ith ill intent. (Kingdom Com e # 2 19 96; World 's Funn est, 1999) He wa s al so see n o n Eart h-38 39 (Superman & Batman: Gen erations # 2, February 1999), and in o ne potential future th ere w as evidence that Bat­ Mite existed in t he 853rd cen t ury. ( D C On e Million a O-Page Giant #1, 199 9)

BATMOBILE. THE Of all t he pie ces of equ ipmen t used by Batman in h is fight aga inst cr ime , none m ay hav e b een as ico nic as his ca r. Th e Batmobile, in a ll it s co nfig ur atio ns, remaine d a sing ula r enti ty as it tr av er sed GOTHAM CITY'S str eet s, pe rf or m in g fea ts and resc ues o t her d rive rs co u ld on ly dream about. When Batman f ir st t o o k t o the rooftops of Go t ham City, he didn 't thin k m uch about getting aro und on a large sca le. It soon became obvious he needed a vehi cle, howe ver , an d he selected a red seda n that cou ld have belo ng ed t o anybod y. W he n this p rove d o bvious, he des ig ned a bla c k ca r with a bat -wing fin a to p t he roo f that c reate d a d istinctive silho ue tte. In tim e th e c ar ga in ed ad ditiona l f eat ur es and ga d getry, and o ne souped­ u p model q ui ckl y fo llowed an other. On Earth-2, Batman drove several model s, sta rt ing with the red sed an, He quickly changed to a d ark blue sedan bu ilt for bo th speed and silence. The wheels were coa te d wi th a radioactive substa nce t hat allowed th e Dy nam ic Duo t o t race t he veh ic le using inf rared te ch no log y. The ba t­ sy m bo l was ad d ed , fir st as a roof ornam ent and th en as a sca llo p ed fin . Th is ver sion was co nt inuall y up g rad ed , eventually becoming t he fa stes t car in the wo rld. One m o del w as eve n ab le t o skim a lo ng at op water fo r b rie f p eriod s, alth o ug h this ev entu ally gave way to th e new BAT BOAT. Over time t he Batmobile's commu nic ation s g ear grew to inc lude a direct link to Pol ice Co m mi ssioner JAMES GORDON'S office. A bat-headed g rille w as added to t he fron t, which furt her d ist in guishe d th e vehicl e an d pr ovid ed addit ion al p ro t ectio n fr om gunfire. Th at ver sion was eve nt ua lly tot al ed and replac ed w it h a mu ch lon g er car. It st ill had th e bat-g rill e up fro nt, b ut the d river 's sec tion was a bubbl e­ t o pped area, and th e ex t ende d trunk section con t ai ned room for a w or kin g lab , communications eq uip m ent , and extra g ear. O n Earth-1, Batman use d a va riet y of sportier ve hicl es, inc lud ing on e long-runn ing ve rsio n based on a Lin coln Futura chassis . Eq u ipm ent aboard th is vehicl e inc luded advanc ed co m mun icat io ns gear, not ably a wi re less ph on e co nnec t io n to Co m m issio ne r Go rd on . Experimental technolog y incl ude d the en ceph it ect o r, which w as d esigned t o t rac e indi vi d ual br ains ' al p ha wa ves, an d a hydro fo il atta chm ent al lowing th is Batm o bi le, too, to skim wa t er using compre ssed ai r. There w ere also times Batman employed so nic detecting equipment, sop his t ic at ed enough to detect even individual hea rt beats . A f ter the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Batma n wa s seen t o drive most ve rsio ns o f th e Batmob ile ac ross th e forme r parall el worlds . Th e va rio us m od els remained in storag e w ithi n th e BATCAVE an d were u pg raded on a reg ula r basis , lar ge ly b ec ause Batman t end ed to t ot al th em with g reat regu larity. La ter models averag ed near ly t we nt y feet long and eig ht feet wide; th eir 97 pe rcent octane jet fuel ena b led them to accel erate fr om zero to ninety in a mere 5.2 second s. The ma xi mum speed wa s clocked at 245 mi les p er ho ur th ank s t o a f ifteen ­ hund red- ho rsepowe r jet turb ine engi ne. W ith a fterb urne rs, o ne ca r ac hie ve d 350 m ph for b rief d ura tions . In m o st cases the veh icl es w ere shi elde d


against bullets and sm all mi ssiles without sac rifici ng speed or maneuve rab ility. The chassis usua lly w ere com po sed of lig ht exper im ental titan ium alloys, coa te d with b u lle t pr o o f cera m ic. Th e tires were th e m o st durabl e, punctu re-proof ver sions ev er de signed . So me model s had brea kaway sec tio ns to acc ess di ff ic ult spaces, while ot hers w ere

chock-full of firep ower to stop a wide var iety of threats . Standa rd eq uipmen t included b ull etp ro o f wi nd足 shields, ejec to r sea ts, automatic/ vo ice- c ontrolled pilot, radio link s to th e Bat cav e and ORACLE, a cus足 t omized GPS syste m , anti-theft de v ice s, and infrared vis ion to allow st ealth driving. The d efensive mec ha足 nisms includ ed sp inni ng tire slasher s, sm okesc reens, oil slicks, flares, and even piercing so nic s. Con stru cti on of the Batmobil e was handled by a va riet y of peopl e. On Earth-l , Batman saved Jack Ediso n, a stu nt d river and ca r d esig ner who built m od el aft er m odel for him in g rat itud e. In most realities Batman himself oversa w the d esi g n and c o nstr uc tio n, us ua lly w o rkin g in tand em w it h A LFR ED PENNYWORTHo r ROBIN. Muc h o f t he t echnology that kept t he Batmobile at the edge of automotive technology w as originally developed throughout various di vi sion s o f WAYNE ENTERPRISES.



Th ey c am e from ano t he r d im en sion: little peo p le with bat -wi ng s, sim ilar in app ear ance to Ba t ma n. They w ag ed w ar o n hu m ans in th eir d im en sion , a batt le t hat wa s soo n joi ned by th e Dyna m ic Duo . When the BATPLAN E was caught in a hurricane, it


was wh ipped by such terrific for ce th at the vehicle shatter ed t he dimensional b arrier and entered anothe r real it y. Fo und by human s, Bat ma n's resembl anc e to thei r en em y resul te d in the Dyn ami c Du o's c ap ture and imprisonment in a dungeon. In d ue co urse Batman a nd ROBIN proved th ei r g ood inte nt io ns and w ere free d . They soon af te r e rec t ed a fiery barrier t o kee p th e bat -people aw ay. Batman a lso uncovered a human plot, led by th e vill a inou s Arko, that had hi s p eopl e aiding the bat足 peop le in th e hope of over t h ro w ing the queen and t a king over th e coun t ry. Bat m an and Robin we re th anked fo r th eir work, and they used th e rep aired Batplan e to pierc e th e barriers and return home. (Ba tman #116, June 1958 )

BATPLANE The Bat pl ane enabled Batman to extend his reach in his unending c ampa ign ag ainst injusti c e. Need ing t o g et across GOTHAM CITY o r reac h ot her tr o ub le spots fast er t han eve n hi s BATMOBILE co uld manag e, Batma n found th e pl an e a necessity. Since its inceptio n, he used various mod el s and initiall y ho use d th em within t he grou nds of W AYNE MANOR. On Earth-2 the first airc raf t w as the BATGYRO, essent ia lly a car with giant propellers, closer to

up to forty-five th ou san d feet, ret racting bat-shap ed wi ngs, rad ar -d eflecting shield ing , and c ut t ing-edge co m m unicat io ns equipment. If necessar y, d elta fins could b e d epl oy ed so t he c raft co uld reac h a ma ximu m altitu de of fifty- fiv e th o usan d feet. The body wa s rigged t o wi thstan d supe rso nic speed s. Within th e cockpi t , t he con t ro ls could be used manually or auto m ated , eve n voice-activated.



Citizens of GOTHAM CITY co u ld lo ok up in the sky and be comforted t o know th at Bat man was loo ki ng out fo r the ir bes t inte res ts w henev er they saw t he pal e yellow sig nal In the sha pe of a bat sum m o ning him t o polic e headquarters. Of all Earth's super her o es, Batman had th e most VISible connect io n to lo cal law enforcem en t t hr o ug h use o f thi s sp ec ial sig nal. O n Ea rt h- 2, Cornrnissro ne r JAMES GORDON too k to usmq th e Bat -Signa l ear ly in Batman 's ca ree r, either activating it fr om a b ut t o n on his desk o r actually turning it o n fr om the rooftop of police headquarters. ( D et ec t ive Comics #60, February 1942) The equipment Its elf w as said to use a hand­ ground b ull etpro of glass le ns a nd a fog filter. Durin g World War II t he Bat-S ig nal w as b nef ly sw it ched t o an infrared version; spec ially t inted win dows at W AYNE MANOR allow ed th e Dynami c Du o t o detect when th ey were b ein g sum mo ne d . In time o t he r te chnol ogy wa s employed to al ert Batman and ROBIN t hat t hey were need ed . O n Earth -1, Co rnm issro ner Go rd on used t he Bat-S ig nal f rom th e roofto p and awa ited the Dark Knight 's arrival. A ll too o ften Batman would arrive and depart without being detected, frequently speaking to Gordon o n ly from the shadows, especially If o t he rs w er e arou nd. After th e even t s o f CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, conflict ing acco un t s were record ed . In most c ases Batman p rov id ed the sig na l to newly pr omoted Police Comm iss io ne r Gordon as a sy m b o l o f trust and a w ay th ey co uld com m unica te with eac h other. On e accou n t suggest ed that Batman p resented the signa l t o Gord o n after hi s fir st encoun t er With th e J OKER. ( Batman: The Man Who Laughs, 20 0 5) A d ifferent record ed legend had Batman providing Cornmi ssron er Gor d on with a high-tech signaling device. During the case o f the mad MONK, Gordon finally tos sed the device awa y, disliking ItS skulduggery Implication s; he wa nt ed something more aboveboard and less cove rt. ( Batm an and the Mad Monk #5, Feb rua ry 20 0 7)

Th ro ug h the ye ar s var io us peop le hav e accessed

a he licopter t ha n an airpl ane. Ini t ially it wa s even equipp ed with a m ach ine gun. It was quick ly repla ced with a m odified jet-propelled m od el featurin g





advanced . so did mod el s of the Batplane.



Bat ma n's p lane was secreted within th e hold ing s of Way ne Aerospace. The fir st m o del w as a WayneTech design onqmally built for a government

the w ell -k no w n sig na l. ea ch for hi s or her own rea son. Even c rim ina ls have used It t o sum m o n Batman's pro tec t io n -a lt ho u g h th ey turned the bat-symbol u p sid e d own . Imi t at ing the in te rn at io nal sy m bol for distress. ( Legends o f the Dark Knight #6, February 199 3) Unlike some real it ies, wh ere Batman was a duly deputized officer of th e law, he w as not a sanctioned

cont ract that was fraudulently award ed to LEXCORP.


On Earth-l , Batman utilized a variety of jet craft,

Wayne told the dejected engineers he had plans for

preferred being th ou ght of as an urb an legend, the

includi ng several mode ls boasting VTOL ( vert ical ta keoff an d la nding) mod e. The Batplanes w er e stocked wit h high-tec h co m municat io ns, com p u te r,

the pla ne and had It modified into t he fi rst Bat pl ane. ( Batman Confidential #3 , Apn1200 7) The aircraft had auto-m ai nt enance systems t hat allo wed It to refue l

signal therefore a t ool t he pol ice used to frighten crim inals into t hinki ng Batma n w as work ing for t he departm ent. To pr o t ec t th e GOTHAM CITY POLICE

and lab eq uip m en t, allow ing th e Dynamic Du o t o co m p le te th eir investi g ation s while in th e air.

and rearm Itse lf. Modern-d ay m od els were styled after th e SlipS t ream . which had a c ruisi ng alt itude of

DEPARTMENT from t aint ing c ases by sum m o n ing a cost umed Vigilante. no representative of the



City. For years,



police wa s all owed to acces s th e signal. Instead th e G.C.P.D. em p loyed a civ ilian aid e to handle the giant k lieg li ght. The only recorded civilian to handle the chore wa s a yo u ng woman nam ed STACY, who harbored sec re t rom an ti c fan tasi es about t he Da rk Kn ight. ( Go t ha m Cen tral # 11, November 2003) Du ring Batman 's de cad e-pl us career in Gotham City, his relati on ship with th e po lice wa xed and waned . The use or abse nce of the Bat-Signal was seen as a barometer o f t he relationship. After Batman usurped control of t he G.c.p.D . during the events of the WAR GAMES, Co m m issio ner MICHAEL AKINS had the signal removed from th e rooftop. It was soon after returned for un expl ain ed reasons, as witnessed by its use by th e QUESTION. In the wake of INFINITE CRISIS, Batman left Go t ham for a year, and the skies remained dark. Upon his return, the signal shone brightly once more, and th e citizenry was made to feel safe. (Detective Comics # 817, May 2006) In on e fut u re reality the Bat-Signal was seen not as a com fort t o th e c iti zens, but as a symbol of fear. ( Ba tma n: The Dark Kn(ght Returns, 1986)

BAT-SQUAD W hen BRUCE W AYNE tr aveled to London to observe Basil Co ve nt ry direct The Scarlet Strangler, he be c ame inv olved in a bi zarr e ca se. On the fir st day of fi lm ing , lead ac tors Vivien Tremain and Ronald Dawson w ere kid nap pe d . Soon after, Daws on wa s found murd ered, prompting Wa yne to investigate as Batman. During th e co urse of th e inv estigation a m od ern -day st rang le r attacked him , a nd th e Goth am Gua rd ia n w as sav ed du e to th e arrival o f former Scotl and Yard in spector Major Da bney, the m ovie's t echn ical adv iser. The Caped Crusader fou nd him self allie d w ith not only Da bney, but also sc rip t gi rl Marg o Cantrel l and musicia n Mick Murd o ck. Dab ne y co nt inual ly cast a susp icious eye on Murd ock, d ue t o the fact that the inspector had on c e arres t ed Murdock for a minor crime. The inv estigation led Batman and his mod Bat­ Squ ad to find Tremaine chained beneath the Half Moon Inn. Circumstances led first the actress and th en th e others to think they may have traveled b ack in time to 1906, when the original murders occ urre d. When Batman found an unexploded b omb, co m p let e with swastika, the remnant from W orld W ar II shocked everyone to the reality of t hei r situa tio n. Dabney talked Murdock through di sarming th e bomb, but they ran out of time before it w ent o ff and narrowly escaped w ith their live s. Final ly t he qu artet found the Scarlet Strangler, wh o proved to be director Cove ntry's father-and the n t he truth ca me ou t. The or ig ina l strangler wa s Cove nt ry 's g rand fat her. Feari ng he wo uld t urn o ut like th e g rand fathe r, Cov entry's father had hims elf co mmit ted to an asylum, leaving his brother to raise Covent ry. When th e filmmaker learned of his heritag e, he w anted t o make a movi e about it , but th e news o f this drove his father insane. He broke out o f th e asy lum and b egan to think he was th e strangler. It wa s his fath er w ho abduct ed th e sta rs, b ut Cove nt ry also crac ked und er the stra in of events and killed him . The in sane di rect or wa s tak en into cust od y and-d espit e hopes of rete am ing wi th Batman som et im e in t he fu ture- t he Brit ish t rio were never seen agai n. ( The Brave and the Bold #92, October/Novem be r 1970)

BATSUIT After hi s deci sion to b eg in his o ne- ma n w ar against

brief s, c ape , and co wl. Earl y o n, o nce th e short g loves became more lik e g auntlets , th ey acquired

cr ime , BRUCE W AYNE needed an outfit th at w ould enab le him to m ov e freel y and provide ve rsa t ility a nd cover as he patr ol led GOTHAMC,TY. Insp ired by a bat, he had an o utfit tailored t o resem b le t he Win g ed cre at ure's silho ue tte, theo riz ing that th e fri g hte ning v isag e w ould st rike fear into t he superst it io us and co w ardly crim inal s p rey ing on t he ci ty's innocent c it ize ns. He w as co rr ec t in th is assumpt ion , and the im age of th e Caped Crusad er 's cloaked form be came ind e lib ly lin ked t o Gotham City. By d onni ng th e ca p e and c owl, Bru ce W ayn e was sy m bo lica lly re affirm ing the vow he 'd m ade at his parents' g ravesi d e. In hi s earli est record ed adventures, the costume was littl e more than an acrobat 's outfit with a few m in o r m odifi c ations. The gray ti ght s w er e cover ed with bl ack trunks, short g lo ves , boots, and a scallo p ed cl o ak that wa s affi xed to hi s arms . Th e outfit w as eve nt ua lly modified, a nd th e Clo a k b ecame an enve lo p ing, sca lloped-ed g ed cape, wh ile th e gl ov es g re w in len gth an d gaine d t hr ee fins. His b e lt w as augm ented w ith poc ke ts and po uc hes for his cr ime -figh t ing gea r. The b at- ear s o f t he co w l a lso

three fin s; for a brief time th ey also co nt ained short claws fo r climbing. In th e beginning of his caree r, Batman wa s also k now n to have b ri efl y used a bullet p roof vest. Over t he years he w o re a num ber o f uniform s in different co lor s or fab ric s based o n spe cific need s, suc h as an all -w hite arcti c suit for w intry env irons and a camouflage uniform for jungl e terra in. The basic suit temp late was al so adapted fo r scu ba, deep-sea, and high-a lt it ud e scena rios. The early Earth-l vers ion had a ye llow ova l background for the chest's bat-symbol. Batman

gr ew in len gt h, im p rovi ng o n th e m enac ing im ag e he projecte d from t he sh adow s an d a lley ways a nd ro oft o p s. Th e basic ele me nts o f the Batsuit have rem ain ed fairly c o nsiste nt throughout the d iffering eras and realities. Howev er, so m e d ifference s have been dramatic.

Nom ex fire -resist ant material that b oast ed a Kevlar w eave to rep el bullet s wi t ho ut los ing flexibil it y. Batman 's suit see me d t o vary w ith ea ch use, bu t in m o st cases the co w l con cealed a voice-activated c o m m unicat io ns system, a variet y of len ses, and in on ce in stan c e tiny ga s caps u les th at d epl oy ed when th e cow l wa s tampered with, pr eserving hi s tru e id entity eve n if he wa s un con sci ou s. In al l realiti es Batman reli ed on a UTILITY BELT fest o on ed with miniaturized g ear t o aid h is

On Earth- 2, for example, the Ba t suit had bri ght b lue highlights, and th e cowl ears w ere bobb ed . The gray un it ard w as covere d w ith blue bo ot s, gloves,

stated on numerous occasions that th e ova l provided villains with a target away from hi s m ore vulnerable head. The integrated gray un itard contained the blue-black briefs, supplem ented by blue-black gloves, boots, cape, and cowl. The suit worn by Batman in the w ake o f th e parallel worlds merging during the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS co nsist ed of a dark gray custom-made body stoc k ing w ith black-blue gloves, boots, trunks, ca p e, and cow l. He continua lly modified the Bats uit, incl udinq a period when it cons isted of a on e- pi ec e all-bl ack versio n. The ca pe was constru cted from a


investigation s. The first belt housed o nly a coi led ro pe and t hen a BATARANG to secure a cabl e, enabli ng him t o swin g from buildin g to bu ild ing or climb exterior st ruct u res. The Earth-2 Batman even had a pistol and hol ster for his first few cases before giving up guns forever. No other vers ion used guns. The gea r d ep icted in his advent ures inc lud ed a var iety of Bataran gs o f differing sizes, bat-shaped handcuffs, a rebreather d evi ce, flashban g and ga s g renad es, pla sti c explosives, lock-pickin g t ools, a taser, a remote co nt rol for the BATMOBILE, a JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA signaling d ev ice, a forens ic cri m e scene kit, emerg ency first-aid supplies, ca sh, and e~p:ty pockets for storing ev id ence. The Utility Belt .,' had .anti-theft t echnology that usually d elivered ~ ..>~i::~~~C \ r i C shocks to t hwart c rimi nals or th e curious. A I gas -propelled gra ppl ing hook and gun me chanism allowed the Dark Kn ight to scale steep st ruc tu res or t raverse th e Go tha m City rooftops. Batman co nstantly improved o n his ge ar and learn ed how to hand le it more efficiently w hile in act io n. Early on , a therm it e charge accid entall y went off, destroying his first Utility Belt. (Batman #404-407, Februar y-May 1987) Much o f his techno logy cam e from t he futuristic research and developm ent di visi ons from across W AYNE ENTERPRISES. In th e shifted reality in th e wak e o f INFINITE CRISIS, LUCIUS Fox w as th e chi ef arc hitec t of to ols and eq uip m ent used by Bruce Wayne. The most sig nifi cant variant of Batman's g ear was worn by his temporary replacement, JEAN­ PAUL VALLEY, aka A ZRAEL. Influenced by condition ing known as the Syst em , Vall ey sought an outfit and accom pany ing g ear that w ould be more offens ive t ha n defensive . The uni tard was replaced wi th bul ki er armor co m p lete w it h full face helm et . The ge ar included a flam ethrower, clawed gauntlets, and a shuriken laun ch er, A ft er Bruce Wayne resumed his rol e and Vall ey gav e up t he gear, t he g auntle t s w er e somehow ob tai ned by a Gotham City law yer w ho kept them lo c ked up. A small-time criminal sto le them until he was apprehended on the W est Coast. They wound up in the evidence room of the Los Angeles Po lice Depa rtment; when Distr ict Attorney Kate Spencer raid ed the room to bu ild her MANHUNTER outfit, she to ok th em .


BATWING Some vers ions of th e aircr aft flown by Batman have b een called eith er t he BATPLANE or the Batwin g ,

BATWOMAN, THE Batwoman was a costumed crime fighter wh o fo ug ht along sid e Batma n in var iou s reali ties and was either an ally o r romantic partner-or someti m es both. On Earth-2 soc ialite KATHY KANE wa s in spired by Batman to d on a va riat io n o n his BATSUIT and jo in his fi g ht aga inst crim e in GOTHAM C,TY. W it h her yellow unitard, red gloves, boots, belt, and cape, the adventurer used a red purse to substitute for Batman's famed UTILITY BELT. (Detective Comics #233, July 1956 ) Batwom an fought beside Batma n, and even champi on ed her niece, BETTY KANE, as BAT­ GIRL. Ba tman continuall y en cou raged Batwoman to give up the da ng ero us profession, and eventually


she retired w hen Batman m arried Catwoman . A lt hou gh she sub seq ue nt ly married and had child re n, he r hu sband wa s never identified . In th e w ake of the Batman 's d eat h, Kane ca me o ut of retirement to pr otect Gotham City wh en it was threatened by Professor HUGO STRANGE. (Th e Bra ve and the Bold #182, Janu ary 1982) On Earth-l socialite Kath y Kane was also inspi red by Batman to don a variatio n on his Batsu it and joi n his fi gh t again st cr ime in Got ham City . (D etect ive Comics #233, July 195 6) She voluntarily ret ired aft er years of cr ime fighting and purchased a cir cu s. Sad ly, Kane became a victi m in a war between RA's AL GHUL and the SENSEI. (D et ect ive Com ics #485, Septem ber 19 79) In the reality created in the wake of INFINITECRISIS, Katherine "Kate" Kane donned a black-and-red out fit and first fought crime as Batwoman during Batman's on e-year absence from Gotham City. She w as befriended by N,GHTWINGand slo w ly accepted by the Gotham Guardian up on his return. (52 #11, 20 06) On other parallel w orlds Kathy Kane bec am e Batwoman, bu t in o th er realit ies d ifferent pe op le used the nam e. One exam p le was a resident fr om New Genesis who- inspired by Batman-modified armor to match his uniform. She rode a bat-wing ed dog-like creature named Ace. (Kingdom Come, 1996) Another was SELINA KYLE, partnering w ith her husband, Batma n, in an out fi t resem b ling Batwoma n's traditional red-and-yellow garb. (JLA : The Nail; JLA : Another Nail, July 20 04 ) HELENA W AYNE w as the Batwoman of a w orl d w here traditio nal g end er roles were reversed, and her be st friend w as SUPERMAN. (Superman/Batman #2 4, November 2006) In one potential future Bette Kan e, FLAMEBIRD, became an adult and took the name Batwoman.

BATZARRO The Batza rro w as an im per fec t dupl icat e o f th e Batman an d ap p eared in several varying realities. On Earth -! it wa s c rea t ed by a ma ch ine­

Bi zar ro- in it iall y d evi sed by the twi st ed sci entis t LEX LUTHOR, t ha t p roduc ed thes e fau x hu m ans . Luthor 's o ri g ina l plan w as to create and cont ro l a duplicate SUPERMAN in order to d est roy th e original. Th e m ac hi ne also produced co u nt less Bizarro humans and sup er-hu m ans, from LOISLAN E to GREEN LANTERN. The machine even man ag ed to d upli ca t e a ve rsion o f Eart h, which b ecame th e un iver se's only kn own sq u are -shaped planet. The ma chine rendered a basic human oid fo rm , b u t w it h t he uniq ue ef fect s of c rag gy c halk­ w hite fac es an d warped t hink ing t hat had th em speaking in a rev ers e language, so hell o m eant "good-bye" and so o n. (World's Fine st Comics #156, March 1966 ) In the POSt-C RISISON INFINITE EARTHS real ity, Bizarro was also create d by Luth or, th is t ime usin g a p iece o f Sup er m an's g enetic material. Bizarro so ught a p lace on Earth for its elf, lacking the compan ionsh ip of others in its image that were seen in other realities. The Bat zarro creati o n wa s a flawed, fun-hou se­ mirror image o f Batman , with an upside-d own bat­ symbol on his ches t . Th e imitation UTILITY BELT w as worn upside down, w ith the various poc ket s op en, t heir content s long g one . Batzarro also used p ist ols to sho ot cit izen s in GOTHAM CITY'S CRIME ALLEY, and sp orted a steel c hai n an d g rappling ho ok as his so le tool s. Self- des c ri be d as the world 's worst detective, Batzarro neve r explained how t his ca me to be, despite his pro pensity for conversat ion . (Superman/Batman #20, June 2005) Bizarro encountered Batzarro and took pity on the lonely figure, Acc epting an offer to team up , Batzarro spent t im e w it h Bizarro unti l a fragm ent of b lue KRYPTONITE, w hic h he had on his p erso n, negat ively affect ed Luthor's cr eation. Bi zarr o flew aw ay to lessen th e object's effect s, leaving Bat za rr o to hi s own devices ,

Now attempt ing to aid the Dark Knig ht, Bat zarro couldn't ma ke him self understood clearly eno ug h, and eve nts grew co m p lic ated . W orse, Batman never kn ew Batzar ro exi sted , and was ne ve r ab le to understand hi m sinc e t he arti ficial li fe -form sacr if iced hims elf t o st o p t he JOKER'S b ulle t fro m kill ing t he Bat m an. Sp ecu lati o n rema in ed th at the sam e ma c hi ne Lut ho r used to cre ate Bi zarr o may hav e b een t urn ed o n the Dark Knig ht , but th e truth w as neve r rev ealed . (Sup erm an/ Bat ma n # 24 , Novembe r 2006)

BAUMGARTEN,STANLEY A cri m ina l w ho beca m e the second person to t ake the name DAR K RIDER.

BEAGLE,ALFRED In t he real ity know n as Ear th -2, A lfred Beagle w as t he name o f BRUCE W AYNE'S bu tler and co nfi da nt.



Solly Bean was an inmate at ARKHAM A SYLUM known for his eve n temperament. He wa s impri son ed for h is inabili t y to co n tro l his cannibalistic u rg es, which requ ir ed m edi cat io n an d co nsta nt observa tio n. ( Batm an: Shado w o f the Bat #80. D ecem b er 1998)



Tom Bec kett w as th e adopted so n o f "Grey Mike" Rig g s, an infam o us c ri mi nal who wa s execu ted at Baxt er Prison north of GOTIiAM CiTY. Jus t after his fat her 's dea th , Beckett contra cted a d ead ly illness w hile o n a ju ng le exp edi t ion . Doctors co nfi rm ed that he had a m o nt h to live, whic h see me d to acce lerate Beck ett 's already d eteriorating m ent al cond it io n. Fear ing his own d eath and b lami ng Bat m an for his adop t ive fat her's d eath. Beck ett de c id ed t hat th e Caped Crusad er w ou ld d ie w it h him . Ov er th e co urse of severa l days Beck ett m ade attempt after attem p t at elaborate murd er -sui cide schem es. a ll o f wh ich failed. A s Batman ca me to understand th e pa in that drove Beck ett, h e used his va st resources t o determine t hat a littl e-known antid ot e exi st ed . Once he was t reated, Bec ket t 's mental stat e improved and he was c leared o f all attempted murder charg es. (World's Finest Comics #6 9, Mar ch /April 1954)



" Brains" Beld on made his mark in GOTHAM C,TY when he and hi s gang p ulled off a hei st of twenty mill ion d olla rs-money that wa s en route to th e new Go tham National Bank. The same time p eriod saw Batman tr an sformed int o a virtua l b ioha zard . Because o f a fr eak acc ident, t he Da rk Knight was ge nerating so m uch heat t hat he had to operat e from a sh ie lde d ho verc raft . In t he co urse o f his pursu it o f Be ld o n and co m pany, Bat man w as st ruc k by a p ow er lin e, w hose electrical force rest or ed the hero t o normal. Thereafter th e thieve s were c ap tu red in shor t o rd er. ( De tective Co mics #3 01. March 1962) After hi s parol e, Beldon returned to his Long Isla nd mans io n. No w asp iring to jo in th e in ne r ci rcl e of th e c rim inal outfit know n as H.I.V.E., Beld o n designed a red power suit capable o f d isrup ti ng the sy naps es in the bra in of any meta-human

o p p o nent , ind uc ing sp asm s and prevent ing his o p p o nent from usin g her or his powers. His so n Michael, as the Disrupter, w ore the p ower suit when he atta cked th e TEEN TITANS. Micha el cra ved his father 's approval , b ut the old ma n co nt inually demeaned him, co nst antly referr ing to his so n as an id iot. In the end t he Disr upter was d efeated w hen the myst ica l RAVEN showed hi m a horrif ic vision of his probab le future and th e yo ung man colla psed in tears . Micha el refused to im pl icate hi s father in his cr im es and received a t en-year pr ison sentence. " Brain s" d isowned hi s so n a nd vowed never to speak to him again. ( New Teen Titan s #20, June 1982 ) Left almost hysterical by his father's rej ect ion, Mic hae l vowed to prove him self t o hi s father by m urder ing the Titans. The oppo rt un ity presented itsel f when he w as freed from pr ison by t he W ildebeest, but inste ad of getting reveng e Michael was rend er ed powerless when the Teen Titan Jericho too k contro l of hi s body and Jericho's teammate Da nny Chase destroyed his exo-suit. (New Teen Titans #41-42, March-April 1988 ) Michael even tuall y managed to re-create the Oisruptor c o stum e a nd sought reve ng e o n the Teen Tit ans on ce m ore. Th is ti me he was opposed by the incarn at io n o f the t eam k nown as the N ew Tit ans. The Disruptor he ld his own aga inst t hem unt il he was kn o cked co ld by a punch t o th e jaw from Arsenal. Mic hael w as o nce more im p riso ned , a nd his fath er has not b een heard f ro m since rej ec t ing his o nly chi ld . (Titans Secret Files #1, 19 9 9)



Up o n learn ing that GOTHAMC,TY'S elite had creat ed a ser ies of lead -lin ed ca ve s t o protect their pr iceless belo nging s in case o f nu clear atta ck , Lo ng ho rn Be ll de c ided t o hel p himself t o t hes e item s. He worked w it h a geolog ist named Duane, and the two were succe ssfu l in raiding the "at o m caves." On ce there, Duane detected a cave that seemed larger than the others and wa s not lead-lined. Tun ne ling into it , they discovered the BATCAVE, and realized that t he Dy namic Duo were, in rea lity, BRUCE W AYNE and D,CK GRAYSON . Aided by ALFRED PENNYWORTH, the cost umed crime f ighters ma naged to convi nce t he cr im ina ls that the Batcave was rea lly an elaborate movie set. The sc hem e ended when Bell , Duane, and the ir hen chme n were apprehended . ( Batman # 68 , December 1951/January 1952)

clues that lo cal p olice could f ind . News o f th e disappearing gang reac hed GOTHAM C,TY and prompted Ba tm an and ROBIN to inves tiga te. The y d eterm ined that th e members of the Wh iskers Mob were actu ally pr ison inmates working o n a p r ison farm . Ward en Beltt had establ ished the m ob and, w ith t he aid o f cor ru p t g uard s, arra nged fo r th e prison ers t o leave t he fa rm , commit th eir crimes, a nd ret urn with the lo c al o f fic er s none the w iser. On ce exposed by the Dynamic Duo, Be lt t and th e guards w ere arrest ed . ( Bat m an #47, Jun e/July 1948)

BELVOS Belvos was a p lanet in an other gal axy th at w as ho m e to KLOR, an ev il be ing . His eff orts t o fram e SUPE RM AN for his own c ri m es w ere thwarted wh en Batman, ROBIN, and Superman v isited his w or ld . ( Worl d 's Fin est Comics #122, December 1961)

BENNETT, "KEYS" Bennett earned th e nickname "Keys" from his belief that key s brought him luck as a result o f a key-shaped sca r o n his face. The crim inal and his men p rov ed unlu ck y after all wh en th ey w ere apprehen ded by Batman and ROBIN. ( Ba t ma n #73 , N ovem be r 195 2)

BENTLEY, MORRIS Mo rri s Bent ley w as a successful Ho llywood f ig ure on Earth -2 , head in g up the Arg us Mo t ion Pic t ure Co m pa ny. A mong his many cred its wa s Dread Cast le, a feature film sta rring actress JULIE MADISON, who was ro m anticall y invo lved w ith BRUCE W AYNE. Wa y ne , as Batman, got in vo lve d in t he p rodu c t ion when he had t o save Mad iso n and Be nt ley from BASIL KARLO, th e first CLAYFACE. It wa s Bent ley wh o ordered his p ub lic ity manager Gabby Fest t o rename Madison Portia Storme. Be nt ley repeat edly offered Batman a contract to st ar in fil ms , and eac h time th e Dark Knig ht politely refused . ( De te c tive Comics #40, June 19 4 0 ) Batman once again save d Bentley from Clay fac e a year lat er. ( De tec tive Comics #49, Mar ch 19 41)



Born into o ne of GOTH AM CiTY'S Mafi a fam ilies, He lena Ro sa Bertine lli survived a br ut a l g angland slaughter of her fam ily to grow up and becom e th e v igi lante known as the HUNTRESS. Det ails of her pa st have change d wit h eac h retelling o f her life, but initially Hel ena wa s said

Ex-convict Ed Stinso n decided to help hi s fellow paro lees by creating an employment agency for people with crim inal rec o rd s. Upon learni ng of this , loc al busine ssma n Ralph Be llows decided t o take ad vantage of the sit uat ion and began robbing compa nies th at hired ex-c ons . A s Bellows had ho ped , the co mpan ies blamed the ex-cons, but the ploy proved short-lived when Batman and ROBIN began their investigation, which led t o

to be th e favorit e daughter of Gu ido and Carmela Bertinelli. Her life was shattered when, at age six, she was ki dnapped and raped by som eon e fro m a rival crime fam ily. On ce her fami ly reg ain ed custo d y of their d au g ht er, He lena w as sent off to boa rd ing scho o l, and a bo d yg ua rd ac compan ied her to ensure her safe t y. W hile home for a family w edding, the wit hdr awn nineteen-year-old w as th e so le survi vo r of a g angland hit that left her an orphan .

Bellows's arrest. Stin son and his ref erral s were then exonerated . ( Batm an #103, O ctober 1956 )

An enra g ed Bertin elli vowed to exact revenge. W ith Sal, her bodygu ard, training her, Bertinelli became a dangerou s fighter. When he declar ed her ready, they returned to Gotham, and the Huntress w as born . ( The Huntress #1-4 , Ju ne- Sept em b er 19 9 4 ) She craved acceptance into th e fam ily of

BELTT, WARDEN The W hiskers Mob commi t ted crim e after cr ime, vanishi ng fro m sight each t ime and leavi ng no


costumed crime fighters, wishing to work alongside Batman, ROBIN, and N,GHTW,NG, but was always left to feel the outsider. Batman sensed Helena's rage, something he himself had managed to control-but he feared that it controlled her. The Huntress was aggressive, violent, and reckless when it came to dealing with criminals, and she struggled to follow Batman's instructions and authority. Both Robin and Nightwing had easier dealings with her, the Boy Wonder going as far as to help clear her name when she was suspected of murder. In an effort to "smooth her edges," Batman acted as the Huntress's sponsor to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. (JLA #16, March 1998) She worked hard to be accepted by the whole team, although she never really grew close with any of her costumed colleagues. Her tenure was cut short when the Huntress tried to kill PROMETHEUS after the mercenary attempted to destroy the League. Now back in Gotham, the Huntress continued taking on the mob, but was forced to stop and reexamine her life when she uncovered new information about her past. The new information revealed her purported parents' names to be Franco and Maria. Then she discovered that she was actually sired by rival don Santo Cassamento.

When Cassamento's capo, Mandragora, ordered the. Bertinelli family eliminated, he passed on the order and instructed that Maria be spared. A misunderstanding left eight-year-old Helena alive instead. (Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood, 2000) Helena was then said to have been shipped to live with her cousins, the Asaro family, in Sicily, Italy. Sal was now her older cousin who taught her to fight using a variety of weapons, and also helped turn her body into a weapon. Some time later Sal and his father were arrested, and the truth finally hit home: Helena had been born into a Mafia family from which there was little hope of escape. She continued to grow a hard shell around her, keeping others at arm's length. When Helena was sixteen, she made a brief return to her home city of Gotham, where she first saw Batman in action. The way he handled himself proved inspiring, and when she left Gotham once more to attend boarding school in Switzerland, his image lingered in her mind. Upon completion of her lessons, Helena attended a university in Palermo to be closer to her family. With a degree in education in hand, Helena eventually returned to Gotham City and became both a schoolteacher and the Huntress. Shortly after learning of her true heritage, Helena tracked down her true father, Cassamento, who had already figured out that his daughter was the Huntress. She told her uncle that Cassamento was the man who ordered the Bertinelli killings, and he was subsequently executed. The Huntress continued to operate in Gotham City despite Batman's official disapproval. That did not stop other members of his team from aiding her, and on one noteworthy case she and Nightwing engaged in a one-night stand. Not only did she find him attractive, but she had hoped the liaison would help her get closer to Batman. (Nightwing/ Huntress #1-4, May-August 1998) While that ploy failed, a series of devastating incidents kept the Huntress an active participant in Gotham, giving Batman little choice but to avail himself of her considerable skills. During the plague known as the CLENCH, followed by the terrifying earthquake, she acquitted herself time and again despite her status as a rogue agent. When the federal government cut off support, Gotham became a virtual No MAN'S LAND. Helena chose to stay within the city but gave up being the Huntress, recognizing those who remained would fear anything-and anyone-who wore a bat-cape. She designed an all-black outfit that obscured her face and hit the streets as the new BATGIRL. Despite the objections of the original Batgirl, BARBARA GORDON, she was continually given assignments. (Batman: No Man's Land #0, December 1999) In one case she had to single-handedly protect the sliver of the city that had been marked as Batman's turf. When Two-FACE and hundreds of hardened criminal encroached, Batgirl failed to protect the shaky borders. Batman blamed her for losing the space and formally demanded that Batgirl stop operating. Helena left the outfit with Barbara and defiantly took to the streets once more as the Huntress. She continued to work independently

until she got in the way of the



latest scheme,

which would have involved the murder of innocent infants. The Joker shot her several times, but Helena survived, and the entire incident caused Batman to give her the respect he felt she now deserved. (Batman #574, February 2000) Following Gotham's City return to federal government status, the Huntress continued to work on her own. ORACLE, however, brought her in on several missions, and-given her success and easy rapport with Oracle's other field operative, the BLACK CANARy-Bertinelli finally found acceptance. She traveled the globe as a BIRD OF PREY, once temporarily leaving the team when she felt she was being manipulated by Barbara. Additionally, she continued to lend aid and support to Batman's efforts in Gotham, although their relationship remained tense at best. Her work with the JLA and Batman made her an ideal candidate to fill in for Arsenal after he was seriously injured on an OUTSIDERS mission. Given their history, she and Nightwing had a rocky relationship as co-leaders. When he learned that she had previously slept with Arsenal, things got even tenser. During her work with the Birds of Prey, and on her own, Bertinelli used her family connections to make the Mafia think she was reasserting her family's authority. She pushed matters so far as to be made a capo, and the Dark Knight was concerned that she was going to trigger a new gang war, something the city could not handle in the wake of the WAR GAMES fiasco. To his surprise, she wound up providing him with detailed intelligence and a "mob atlas," which went a long way toward healing the rift between them. (Birds of Prey #91, April 2006) After that, she remained with Oracle, serving as the top field operative in the wake of the Black Canary's withdrawal from the team. She often found herself allied with fellow adventurers Lady Blackhawk, Gypsy, MANHUNTER, and even the New God Big Barda. When Spy Smasher usurped control of Oracle's operation, one of the incentives she offered was eliminating Bertinelli's remaining obligations to CHECKMATE. (Birds of Prey #104, May 2007)

BIFF Bored with his job as the elevator operator at the Maskers Club, Biff decided to use the club's motif in a series of crimes. The Maskers were all people who used masks in their professions, such as welders or deep-sea operators. Biff figured he could use the masks of the club members to avoid suspicion and also hide his thick prescription glasses. No sooner did he begin his criminal career than he was caught and arrested by Batman. (Batman #72, August/ September 1952)

BIGBEE, "ANGLES" Bigbee used to operate as a GOTHAM CiTY underworld gang leader, but relocated to the Arctic. Hiring a new gang, Bigbee established his new base of operations within the Bikou Glacier. His Snow Man Bandits then began a crime wave across the region, from Alaska to Greenland. Upon hearing of Bigbee's activities, Batman and ROBIN journeyed

north and tracked him to North Town, near the

Alaskan Klondike. However, before he could be

turned her crime-fighting efforts to the cyberworld

hesitant to do so again, fearing more mistakes.

arrested, Bigbee died after being crushed in an icy crevice. (World's Finest Comics #7, Fall 1942)

and created the online presence known as Oracle. After aiding the Suicide Squad on several cases, she


branched out, becoming the information resource among the costumed crime-fighter community.

She scoured the lists of other potential heroes around America and selected BLACK CANARY, who had previously worked on several teams and was

A man possibly named B. G. Hunter was better

(Suicide Squad #23, January 1989) For a brief time

known as the Big Game Hunter, making his name with his spectacular exploits in Africa and the

she was even a full-fledged member of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERIcA-all without leaving her clock

responded enthusiastically. For a while the two worked

Himalayas. To Hunter, the biggest game of all was

tower headquarters in GOTHAM C,TY.

well together without even meeting. Eventually they

the Gotham Guardian-Batman. He determined that the best way to bring Batman out into the open would be to stage a large-scale crime. As a result, he freed Roy REYNOLDS from prison and kept him in a cage until he agreed to participate in the game. The Hunter wanted to capture Batman and break

After a roster revision that left her at reserve status, Oracle saw the benefit in using other heroes to do the legwork she could not. Her first attempt at working with another heroine, Power Girl, ended badly (Birds of Prey # 42, June 2002), and she was

met and grew close as both friends and colleagues. (Birds of Prey #21, September 2000) At times, Black Canary was paired with other operatives, most notably the HUNTRESS. (Birds of Prey #69, September 2004) Oracle continued to provide her services to other

at that point without an anchor or focus. (Birds of Prey Secret Files #1, 2003) Oracle got in touch with Black

Canary, who

his mental state, turning him into a tame animal, thereby making this the Hunter's greatest triumph. Reynolds and the Hunter's underlings executed a robbery at the Riverside Museum. Responding to the jewelry theft, Batman and ROBIN followed the intentional trail of clues to the Hunter's man足 sion hideaway. The Caped Crusader fell through a trapdoor and into a thick plastic bag, where he was immediately pummeled by the thugs. Batman fell unconscious when his oxygen supply became de足 pleted, but when he was removed from the bag, he revealed that he had feigned unconsciousness. He quickly subdued the henchmen and apprehended both the Hunter and Reynolds. (Batman #174, Sep足 tember 1965)

BIG-HEARTED JOHN Big-hearted John's actions belied his nickname. The heavyweight loan shark was known for brutal acts toward customers who were late with their payments. The cigar-smoking shylock wound up falling to his death at a construction site during a fight with Batman and ROBIN, who then shut down his criminal operation. (Detective Comics #88, June 1944)



Billings was the criminal who donned a costume and played with people's perceptions as the second SPELLBINDER.

BIRD Bird was one of the three criminal companions who left the SANTA PRISCA prison with BANE. He accompanied Bane as far as GOTHAM CiTY and was never seen again. (Batman #489, February 1993)

BIRD HOUSE, THE The PENGUIN attempted to branch out from his Gotham City criminal enterprises by opening the Bird House, a nightclub and casino, in Florida. Working in the new business were old colleagues Buzzard Benny and Joe Crow. The featured singer was a woman named CANARY. It proved a short足 lived operation. (Batman #11, June/July 1942)



Birds of Prey was the unofficial title given to the all-female squadron of operatives who performed missions around the world under the guidance of ORACLE, BARBARA GORDON. After Gordon was crippled by the JOKER, she


heroe s, incl udi ng Batman, wh o in return stayed out o f the Bird s' bu sine ss. As a leader, Oracle displayed a co m passio nat e nature, offering succor, support, and money, as well as whatever else her friends and fellow agents needed . A mercen ary named Savant, once a target of the Bird s, kidnapped and severely beat Black Cana ry, g oin g so far as to break her legs. When that case succ essfully concluded, Oracle wound up chall enging Sava nt to improve his life and the w orld ar ound him . He accepted the challenge and lived up t o her f aith by c leaning up a Gotham City ne ighborhood. W ith success came more co m p lex m issions that req uired the t eam to g row and adapt. In the wa ke o f O rac le lo sing her head quarters to BLACK MASK, sh e went mo b ile fo r a ti me, flying in a cust o m ized jet p ilo t ed by Zinda Blak e, a temporally displaced w oman fro m th e past. She w as dubbed Lady Bla ckhawk in her day, and th e name remained. ( Birds of Prey # 75, De cember 2004 ) Blake wa s al so th e first o ne t o ref er t o th e cad re of adventurer s as th e Birds of Prey. Ora cle a nd the Bird s set tled in MET ROPOLIS's Dalten Towe r as Lad y Black hawk traded in t he jet for a hel icopte r d u b bed Aerie Two. Soon af ter, Ameri ca 's sup er-vill ai ns w ere band ed together by the LEX LUTHOR fr om a pa rallel world . The Society intended t o take a stand again st th e heroes' tampering with th eir m ind s and personalities . A Society leader, the CALCULATOR , attem pted to track and kill Oracle, his her o ic co unt er part. (Birds of Prey #88, January 20 0 6) The t eam went through several gyrations in the wake o f th ese ev ents, which saw Black Canary and LADY SHIVA sw it ch pla ces for severai months. The Birds compl et ed several missions with the help of Shiva, wh o went by th e name Jade Canary for the d uratio n of her st ay w ith the team , and left when Blac k Ca na ry ret urn ed from A sia . It wasn 't io ng af te r t his t hat t he Ca nary formal ly resigned from t he t eam , pr ef errin g t o sp end ti me with a young gi rl named Sin wh om she rescu ed from Mother, the woman who o rigi nall y trained Sh iva and attempted to tr ain Black Canar y. Replacing h er on the ro ster w a s Gypsy. ( Bir ds o f Prey #92, May 2006) The Birds of Prey co nt inue d th eir operations aro und the world usinq a variet y o f co st u med advent u rers as their sk ills w ere required. Oracle 9ranted pe r son al ac cess to a pr eciou s few at that t ime , incl udi n9 Black Cana ry, Huntress, and Lady Black haw k. W hen Gor don 's ol d rival, Spy Sma sher, seized co ntrol o f th e Bird s, the women rallied in great num be rs, co nv incin g the government operative that they would not w ork for her and she was to leav e Oracl e alon e. Spy Smas he r left, and the Birds of Prey w ere free to operate as they pleased. (Birds of Prey #108, September 2007)

BISHOP, TIGER Tig er Bishop was know n as one of the coldest kill er s in the history of crime . His ca reer came to an end wh en he wa s pursued by crim e reporter Dave Purd y. The ir f ina l co nf ron t at ion took place atop GOTHAM CiTY po lic e hea d q ua rte rs, wh er e the career c rim inal was b li nded by th e po w er f ul light emitted


by th e BAT- SIGNAL, leavin g him vu lnerable t o Purdy's right cross, w hich la id him low. Pur dy was aided from th e side lines by Batm an, who witnessed the fight and interfered when needed . ( Det ec t ive Comics #164 , Octob er 1954 )

BLACKBEARD A criminal named THATCH w as named for the famous pirate Blackbeard , Th is modern -day Blackbeard led a grou p of buccaneers acro ss the seas near th e GOTHAM CiTY coast. When th ey raided the Yacht Club's vesse l during it s annual outing, the occupants were carried off to Bla ckbeard's ga lleon unti l the arri val of Batman and ROBIN, The pi rates were qui ckly thwarted and arre ste d . (Batman #4 , W inter 1941)



Bla ck Canary is the co d e name for two women, mother a nd daughter, w ho hav e been c os tum ed crime fight er s in different era s. On Earth-2 , DINAH LANCE w as th e d aughter of a co p and trained to become a fight er and d etective . ( Flash Comics #86, Augu st 1947) She donned a wig , fi shnets, and a short jacket t o fi g ht cri m e as Bla ck Canary, and wa s the last hero inv it ed to joi n t he leg endary JUSTICE SOCI ETY OF A MERICA in the late 1940 s. She married La rry La nce o nly to watch him d ie during a battle with th e cos mi c b eing Aqu ariu s, With nothing tethering her t o Ear th-2 , she accompanied the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA to Earth-1 and eventually began a rom ance w ith GREEN ARROW. (Justice League of America #72-73, Augu st 1969) On the world after CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Dinah and Larry Lan ce had a daughter, Dinah Laurel, and worked hard to kee p her from becoming a super hero. In sec ret she tra ined w ith TED GRANT, aka WILDCAT, and as a t een she donn ed her mother's outfit for the firs t tim e. She wa s pre sent to he lp fend off an al ien invasion an d became a charte r member of the Justi ce Lea g ue o f America. She and her mother argu ed frequ en t ly, b ut w hen t he elder Dinah lay dying o f ca nce r, her da ught er wa s at her sid e. Wh en in co llege, she was ma rri ed fo r less than a year to Cra ig Windrow, who c o nt inue d to turn up in her lif e lik e a bad p enny, Dinah graduated and w ent to w ork as a florist , much like her mother, and fought crime as Black Canary. Her roman ce with Green Arrow waxed and waned through th e year s, with Dinah di sa p p ro vi nq of his co nst ant c heati ng . In addi ti on to her sti nts w ith the JL A , she b ecame par tn ered w ith ORACLE as a BIRDOF PRE Y. While on e of the w o rld's greatest martial artist s, she so ug ht to improv e her fig ht ing sk ills by working wi th several teachers. The last tea cher, Moth er, wa s the

After mu ch d eliberation , she accepted , and th ey finally wed . ( Gr een A rro w/ Black Canary Wedding Sp ec ial, 2007)

most brutal. The w oman had p revio us ly trained LADY SHIVA and attem pted to rema ke th e Canary in her image, but Lan c e refu sed to g ive up her moral convictions to be com e a k illi ng machin e. Lance left A sia and soon aft er left th e Birds of Prey to reestabli sh a life on her own a nd raise Sin, a young girl who wa s also being taught by Mother. (Birds of Prey #95, Mar ch 20 0 6) Th e JLA re-formed after the ev ents of INFINITE CRISIS, and she became the new tea m' s fir st c hai r, (J ust ic e League o f A m eric a [se cond seri es] # 7, Ap ri l 2007) She t oo k Sin to Star City where she renewed her rel ations hip w it h Green Ar row, leading to his p roposal o f marriage.

vicious Barracuda Brothers, and d em olit ion ex pert "Nitro" Nelson-to plan a major st rike : the d eath of Batman and ROBIN. The Black Diam ond th eorized that eliminating the Dynamic Du o would leave Gotham City ripe for the plucking . Th e sc hem e failed when Diamond and the oth er s w ere sto pped by Batman, Robin, and the poli ce. ( Batm an #58 , April/May 1950)

BLACK DIAMOND, THE The cri mi nal know n as th e Bla ck Dia mond earned hi s name due to his overw he lm ing fascina ti o n w ith accumu lat ing gem sto ne s. The Bla ck Diam ond put together some of the GOTHAM CiTY und erwor ld 'S greatest minds-triggerman Bull 's-Ey e Kend a ll, th e

BLACKFIRE, JOSEPH Deacon Joseph Bla ckfire led a c oll ec t io n of GOTHA M CiTY'S home less in a war on cri me th at p ut hi m in Batman's path. (Batman: The Cul t #1- 4 , 1991)

In an ef fo r t to rid Gotham City of the pervasive cri minal elemen ts that w ere robb ing th e ci ty o f its huma nit y, Jo sep h Black fire beg an to organ ize th e ho m el ess and di senfranc hised c it izens w ho sou gh t harbor in the c ity's sew er syst em . The cha ris matic relig io us fig u re insp ired t he m en an d w o m en to rall y to h is just cause, and soo n an army of t he fait hful was forme d. W hen Bla ck fire and his fo llower s took to the stree ts , they qu ick ly ro ut ed o ut c rim inal s a nd assum ed co nt ro l of th e city. Crim inals escaped into t he sewe rs, on ly to find themsel ves t rap pe d and kil led . A s his following grew in size, Bla ckfire's p ower see med to fu el his passion-but it al so na rrowed his w orld view , and so o n Gotham Cit y wa s virtua lly cut o f f from the rest of No rth Am er ica . Wh en Batman sen sed that t hings t eet ered o n t he brink o f ch aos and int erve ned, he w as overpowered and t ak en hostage by Blackfire . Durin g hi s captivity Batman wa s sub jec te d to various mind-control techniques, including drug s. Bla ckfir e succeed ed in t he one th ing that Batman's ar ch nem eses had fai led to do over t he years: He br ok e Batm an's spir it. Wh ile Batma n was ca p ti ve, Po lic e Commi ssioner J AMES GOROON turned to ROBIN for help . More than f ive hundred mis sing per sons report s had be en fil ed in a single w ee k-more a nd m or e p eople w ere jo ining Blackfire's army, w illingl y or not. Meanwhile, a bra inwashed Batman wa s ta ken alo ng o n a m issio n agai nst a Ma fia don. The Maf io so and his acc ompl ice fled , bu t Ba tman w as firmly under t he d eaco n's sw ay. Ro b in infi lt rat ed t he cu lt in t he ho pe of fi nding Batman , bu t the Dark Kn ig ht w as ke pt apart from t he p eo p le, regai ning hi s streng th in so litude. Mean w hile, th ing s w ere rapi d ly sp iraling out o f contro l as Blac kf ire's cont ro l over the cit y t ig hte ned . Th e mayor and ci ty co unc il w ere execu te d , and Commission er Gordon was shot during a pr ess co nfe rence. The governor finall y declared martial law , and the Nat ional Guard was c all ed in. Gua rdsmen ente ri ng Goth am 's sew ers wound up de cimated . Batman a nd Robin were f inally reunited, and the tim e had com e t o retake the c it y. In a spec ially m odified , arm o red BATMOBILE, th e Dyn ami c Du o approach ed Gotham Sq uare and used tranqu ilizer darts to cu t a sw ath through Bla ckfire's for ces. Takin g to th e sew ers , Robin su stained a sho t to th e le g bu t co ntinue d su b du ing Blackf ire's cu lt. In a fin al confron t ation , Bla ckfir e succ umbed t o Batman 's str on g er w ili and, now bro ken , b eg g ed for d eat h. Blac kf ire' s c ult turned o n him, and he

men , 273 of them guards wh o co m m u ted daily and by boat, watched ov er by Warden Tom Lansky. Blackga te's Dea th Row wa s lo c at ed on the p rison's low est, groun d - leve l tier-"c lo sest to Hell," accor di ng t o it s un willing inh ab ita nt s. The Go tham ear th quake sent a t idal w ave smash ing into t he island pr iso n. Of t he 2,103 occupant s still o n Black gate Isla nd , 1,761 w ere alive. W hile 342 w ere eithe r missi ng, esca ped, or d ead . Bla ckgate wa s said t o hav e feat u red so m e of t he m o st sop hi st icated p rison defense s this side of Keystone City's Iro n Hei ght s, all deve loped by W AYNE INDUSTRIES. Later, BRUCE W AYNE spent time th ere as he awaited trial for th e murder of VESPER FAIRCHILD, g ivi ng hi m an in ti mate look at the life to wh ic h he 'd con de m ned so many crim inals . ( Batm an: Blackgate-Isle of Men , April 19 98)



Thi s seafaring criminal earne d his name by escaping the polic e. Arrested by a detective who cuffed their han d s t ogether, Blackhand forced both t hei r handc uffed hands int o a fire . W hen t he po liceman fai nted, Blac k han d g ot t he keys an d esca ped de sp ite c ha rri ng his han d . Lat er he formed a gang and attack ed oys t e r fi shermen, st ealing their c atc hes at th e end of the day as they returned to sho re. Batman and ROBIN, aided by feisty fisherwoma n Jo seph in e Jibbs, b ro ught Blackha nd 's c rim inal effo rts to an end . ( Detec tiv e Comics # 113, J uly 1946)

BLACK LIGHTNING Jeffe rson Pierc e wa s a gold-med al-wi n nin g O lym p ic decat hlete w ho en de d his at hle t ic c aree r and returned to his hom e neig hborhoo d of METROPOLIS'S Sui cid e Slum as a high sc ho ol te ache r. Fr ustrated by his ina bi lit y t o rea ch h is st ud ent s, and given th e prevalen c e of ju ven ile delinquen c y and crime controlled by th e crim inal organizat ion kn own as the 100, Pier c e had a co st um e and d evi ce constru cted ena b li ng h im to f ight back.

The o rig inal Blackgate Priso n was cl ose d after de cad es of serv ice. It wa s bui lt in th e lat e 1800s and eve nt ua lly co ndemned by Amnest y Inte rna t ion al. Bla c kg at e Ro ck had a gallows that stood fo r m or e th an a cent ury, and in that t im e 313 m en had been execu te d. Init ially b uilt to hou se GOTHAM CiTY'S crim inals, it ser ved as both a pr ison and a p re-t rial

Th e device allowed him t o g en erate larg e electric c harg es, and Pierce hit the st re et s as Black Lightning . (Bla ck Lightning #1, A pr il 1977) In time the electric charges w er e internalized through his m eta-g ene and grew in st re ng t h. He fought crime on h is o w n for a t ime until Batm an re cru ited him for his OUTSIDERS t eam-p eopl e w ho would ta ke o n c ases t hat the JUSTICE LEAGUEOF A MERICA co u ld no t, g iven t heir gove rnment af fil iat ion. ( Th e Bra ve and the Bold # 200, J ul y 1983) Pierce successf ull y fou ght cri m e despite oc ca siona l setbacks until he wa s tapp ed by Pre sident LEX LUTHOR t o ser ve as secr etary o f educati o n. Pierce ac cepted , figu ring tha t at least o ne mem ber o f th e sup er hero c o m m un it y sho u ld st ay c lo se to the ev il m ast er m ind . Dur ing his t enure, he recommended t hat hi s niece Joa nna ai d GREEN A RROW in a laws uit ag ain st bu sinessman Mart in Som er s. As a resul t, Somers o rd ered Joanna 's

detent io n ce nter. Black ga te was d esigned t o hou se nin e hund red co nvicts , b ut had b een fo rced over the ye ars to hold in exc ess o f twice that numb er. Ju st ov er three hundred of it s occupants were women . Isolated in Gotham Bay, Bla ckgate, al so kno w n as Blac kg at e Penitentiary, held a population of 2,342

d eat h. Enra ged, Pierce tr ack ed Som ers d ow n and tr ied to put f ear int o him wi t h a lig htning st rike. To h is horror, Somer s fell dead . Later, it w as learned that DEATHSTROKE had sho t So me rs moments before th e lightning wa s d ischa rg ed. A de va stated Pier ce d id not finish his term , resigning amid c ontroversy

w as kill ed in t he melee.


th at exp osed his id en ti t y. President Pete Ro ss, how ever, later pardon ed him. Pierc e was co nce rne d w hen his da ug ht er, A nissa, who dis p laye d po w ers similar to her father 's, gra duated fr om college and immed iately donned a costume t o joi n the " fam ily business" as Thunder. To his surp rise, she w o und up jo ini ng a ne w inc a rn at io n o f the Out sid er s, this t ime led by Batm an's prot eg e N'GHTWING. (O utside rs [t hird seri es] # 1, Au gu st 20 0 3) Blac k Lightning a id ed Batman in tak ing o ut BROTHER EYE, th e arti fici al intelligence that wa s a key co m po ne nt in t he even t s known as INFINITE CRISIS. In t he wa ke of those events, Pierce decided to com e cle an ab out hi s invol vem ent with Som ers 's d eath, and he surrende red hims elf to CHECKMATE. Not wi shing to cause furth er co m p lic at io ns, the int ellige nce agency di sgui sed Pierc e and let him serve time in Keyst on e City's Iron Heights prison. Soon after, th e RED HOOD told Nightwing that Pier ce was innocent and that it w as Deathstro ke who had killed Some rs, hidin g his sho t in th e lig ht ni ng b last. On learn in g th is, A nissa led th e Outsiders on a miss io n to fr ee her fath er fro m pr ison afte r hi s ide nt ity had been co m p ro m ised . ( Outsid ers #45, April 200 7) It wa s Batma n who rec ommended th at Black Li g h tni ng fo rmall y jo in the JLA in t he wa ke of th ese events. (J us tice League of America #1 [secon d ser ies], Octo be r 20 0 6) Blac k Lig ht n ing had p ret ended to pass along cr iminal int ellig enc e t o Lex Luthor bu t was ac tu ally bu ild ing his own resource s t hr ou g ho ut th e cri m ina l community. Lut hor, o f co urse, knew o f th e d ec ept ion. (J us tice League o f Am er ica [second seri es] # 12, Oc t o be r 20 0 7)

BLACK MASK Bla ck Ma sk w as one of GOTHAM CiTY'S many b izarre cri m inals. He g rew to b ecome a ruthless killer who br iefly co nt ro lled th e c ity's underwor ld .


The Sionis family were among the elite living in Gotham City, and their lifestyle reflected this status. Young ROMAN S,ON,S was expected to join the family business, Janus Cosmetics, but he first

Unprepared for his newfound wealth and role as head and owner of the Janus company, Roman squandered all of the money and ruined the company. Rather than lose Janus completely,

something he felt was denied him in the legitimate business world. His first target: WAYNE ENTERPRISES. The Society kidnapped Wayne Enterprises executives and brought them to Black Mask, who

endured a childhood in which he was seen more as a liability than a joy. The first evidence of this occurred when his mother displayed an inherent lack of maternal instinct and dropped Roman on his head immediately following his birth. The family, afraid of a damaged reputation, covered up the incident. Several years later Roman was bitten by a raccoon, and once more the family covered up the incident, refusing to let their son ever mention it again. (Batman #386, August 1985) Roman watched his parents' hypocrisy in action

Roman asked his team of research chemists to develop a new product. A waterproof makeup was developed, and Roman rushed the new line to market without proper testing or FDA approval. He figured the cash flow would more than offset any government-imposed fines, Almost immediately the untested makeup proved to be toxic, leaving many women disfigured, The company was now beyond salvaging, and Circe, Roman's fiancee, ended their relationship in front of the remainder of the Janus staff.

as he grew up-specifically their faux friendship with THOMAS and MARTHA WAYNE, a family the Sionises disliked intensely. However, the Sionis and Wayne families would get together at functions, and Roman was encouraged to play with young BRUCE WAYNE. Rather than attend an elite college upon graduating from high school, Roman went right to work at Janus, and was given an important

A last-minute offer from Roman's childhood "friend," Bruce Wayne, saved the day. Wayne offered to buy the company, but only if Roman surrendered control and let Wayne fill the board of directors seats with his own choices. Humiliated but desperately in need of cash, Roman agreed. The loss of face eventually drove Roman over the edge, and he visited the Sionis mausoleum, where he broke into his father's crypt and removed a large piece of ebony from the coffin. After carving the ebony into a mask, Roman was transformed into a new person, and the criminal known as Black Mask was born. Using the business skills he had developed over the years, Black Mask assembled a criminal mob and dubbed them the FALSE FACE SOCIETY. His goal was to make a place for himself in Gotham's underworld on his own terms,

placed on each face a mask coated with the toxic makeup. He had Circe brought back to him and disfigured so she would never leave him again. She killed herself instead, and the twisted Black Mask took to speaking with a mannequin in her place, The attack on Wayne Enterprises drew Batman into Black Mask's world. In quick order Batman apprehended members of the Society and tracked down Black Mask, who was headquartered at the ruins of the Sionis mansion, To escape, Black Mask set the mansion's remains on fire, but he became trapped, By the time Batman rescued Roman, the black mask was permanently burned onto his face, further damaging his fragile psyche, After standing trial, Black Mask was remanded to ARKHAM ASYLUM, only to be freed when BANE de足 stroyed the facility in his own scheme to rule Goth足 am. Roman re-formed the False Face Society and took on a man named Tattoo as his new second in command. Once more, Black Mask targeted Wayne Enterprises and managed to kidnap CEO Lucius Fox. Batman arrived before Fox could be harmed and captured Tattoo, although Black Mask escaped. Working underground, Black Mask continued to seek control over Gotham's underworld. He accom足 plished this on his own and through periodic alliances with vil足 lains such as the PENGUIN.

role despite his total lack of work experience. While there, he met and fell in love with CIRCE, a young secretary from a working-class family. His parents didn't approve of the relationship and insisted their romance be terminated. Tired of the constant condemnation based on shallow issues of class, Roman snapped under his parents' incessant needling and eventually burned down the family home. His parents were killed in the blaze,


His und erw orl d co ntrol last ed until th e ear t hqu ake tha t d evasta t ed t he cit y. Bla ck Mask ch ose t o rema in in t he No MAN'S LAND an d carved o ut a pi ece of the ac t ion for himse lf. Those d rawn to him pl edg ed t he ir allegiance t hro ug h ri tual sca rr ing , alth ou g h any w ho refused t o join his cult were automatically k illed. Bat man finally apprehended Blac k Mask, putting him in BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY, but he ev entua ll y escaped . In t ime Roman re built his d im inished p ower base t hr o ugh d rug run ni ng, avo idi ng c ap t ure. Eventually Roman rel ocated to Gotham's EAST END a nd ignored that sec t io n's protector, CATWOMAN. That is, un til she b egan defeating his o pe ra ti ves, int ercep t ing cash paym en t s, and dis b ursing the mo ney to the East End 's needy. He nee de d a w ay t o stri ke back at th e e lu siv e fe li ne, and so ug ht o ut any wh o kne w her. Dur ing th is sear c h he enc ou nte red fellow mobst er Sy lv ia Sin clair, wh o kn ew that Ca t w o ma n wa s actually SELINA KYLE. Armed with th is kn owl edg e, Bla ck Mask set ou t to eli m ina te Cat w oman , sta rti ng w it h the destru ct io n of a youth ce nter she had fun d ed . He t he n had he r siste r MAGGIE KYLE an d brot her -in- law captured , t o rt uri ng t he brot her- in-law until he d ied, t hen fo rci ng Maggie t o ea t from his remains. Bef ore Blac k Mask co u ld turn his at te nt io ns t o HOLLY ROBINSON, Selina's b est friend , Ca twom an arr ived and v iciously fou g ht w it h Rom an. Bla ck Mask seemi ngl y f ell t o his d eat h fro m a pen t house ro o f aft er th e fight. Ho we ver, Black Mask escaped d eath an d re m ain ed ou t of sight un til circu mstanc es even tually p ro ved for tuit ous. W here he went and ho w he surv ive d remains unrecor ded, but he next surfaced w hen th e ci ty wa s ca ugh t up in gan g w ar trig g ered by a woul d -be p ro t ege of Batm an named SPOILER. She enac te d one o f Bat ma n's W AR GAMES scena ri os w it ho ut rea liZi ng th at it all hin g ed on Batman 's al ias MATCHES MALONE; w ithout Malone, th e plan was d o omed to fa ilu re. To rectify m at te rs, Spo iler t ried to rec ruit an o the r o f Batman 's ag ents, ORPHEUS, into f ill in g Malon e's rol e. Black Mask so m ehow tr acked down t his m eeting , overheard th e ir co nve rsat io n, and th en kil led Orpheus and captured Spo ile r. He used hi s makeup experience to imperson at e the helmet ed O rp heus, then tortured Spo ile r to learn th e rest o f th e game p lan. (Batman: War Games Act Tw o, 20 0 S) Rat her t han exec ute Bat ma n's pla n, Black Mask su bst ituted hi s own, w hic h b ro ug ht ch aos an d bloodshed back to Go tha m's stre ets . Th e insane cri mi na l relished t he hell he v isit ed o n th e ci t y, b u t wh en he return ed to h is h id eo ut to to rt ur e Sp o iler for sp or t , he fo und she ha d esc ap ed . H e located th e inj u re d w o ma n, howeve r, an d t hey fou g ht Vicious ly. Sp o ile r esca ped , but w as mortally w o u nded . Blac k Mask made h is way across Go tham City an d p ro claim ed o n live t e lev ision th at he had found Bat m an's secret headquarters - the c lock tower that was ac tually home to O RACLE. The Dark Kn ig ht b ec am e enraged and repeated ly struck Blac k Mask . Orac le was f o rce d t o ac t iv at e th e clock tower 's sel f -d estr uc t device to preven t B lac k Mask's d eat h. Black Mask escaped th e ex p los io n and m an足 ag ed to reass er t hi s authorit y o ver th e remnants of Go t ham 's u nderworld . For a ti me his contro l re足

m ained unquest ion ed and his w ealth wa s restored. Yet he remained d issat isfied a nd w anted rev eng e o n Batman for all pre vi o us slig hts . Bl ack Mask th us im perso nat ed Ba t man and comm it te d a ser ies of act s desi gn ed t o d iscred it th e Da rk Knight, all co v 足 ered by t el ev ision rep o rt er A RTURO RODRIGUEZ, who had been co-opted by Black Mask . The p lan wa s sp oiled , ho we ver, when the JOKER arrived, ready to k ill Bl ack Mask, wh o had killed Spoiler. The pu blic had co m e to learn t ha t Spo iler was t rai ning to b e足 co me Batma n's ne w ROBIN, and t he Jo ker fe lt t hat onl y he wa s allowed to ki ll Robin s. Batman arrived during the fight and stoppe d it, c ap t uring Bla ck Mask and exposing Rod riguez 'S co m p lici ty. Black Mask managed to esc ape yet aga in by mu rd ering a po lic ema n and runni ng o f f. Bla ck Mask attempted on ce more to rebu ild his cr imi nal operation, w hic h had be en sig nifica nt ly d amaged when hi s p lan s w ent aw ry. It w as further erod ed thanks to Batman 's vi gilance and the arrival o f the RED HOOD o n th e cri me sce ne. A s a result,

great Merl in, Dunn reve aled the lo cat ion to him and wa s sub sequ ent ly placed in a m ental in stitution un til a cure co uld be ach ieved . (World 's Fine st Comics #62, Ja nuary/Feb rua ry 1953)

Blac k Mask happi ly accepted DEATH STROKE'S o ffer to jo in t he newly fo rmed soci ety of su per -v illain s. In ret urn , Deat hstroke supplied Capta in Naz i, Co un t Vert ig o, and o ne of t he t wo Hy enas to help stop Blac k Mask's irri t ants . Th e effo rt d id not wor k, howev er: Not only did Batman st o p the villains, but he ma naged to successfu lly keep th e Soci e ty out o f Goth am City as we ll. A desper at e Bl ack Mask t ri ed o ne last t act ic and o nce more w ent aft er those ind iv idua ls c los e to Cat woman . The feli ne fe lo n was fed up wi t h Bla c k Mask an d sho t hi m at close range, b lo w ing apart his jaw an d k illi ng him . In the weeks that follow ed, she and Sam B rad ley dis m antled the rem ainder o f Black Mask 's o pe ratio n; th en she ga ve up her c os t um e to seek a qu iet er civil ian lif e. Her repla cement, Ho lly, wa s arrest ed for the m urd er o f Black Mask, but wa s subseq uent ly c lea red .

and w ithin a two-year span hooked up with f ellow ju nkie Li nd a Morrel and had a son , Mich ael. Eric took to ro b bin g to f ind t he m oney to support the ir drug hab it and raise t hei r baby. On e night he ro b bed a liquor st o re an d g u nned down a cus to me r who'd lunged for him. Eri c real ized th at he 'd jus t m urdered hi s own father. Eric wa s arrest ed an d sen t t o ja il, w here he fi nally kic ked his heroi n hab it. Upon his rele ase, he d ecid ed it wa s t ime to st o p th e re lent less flow o f d rug s into Go tham and d onned a cos t ume, taking th e name Black Sp id er. Insp ired by Bat m an b ut un inhib it ed by any strict mora l co de, he began kill ing dealers and su p pliers w ithout rem or se until Batman in tervened . W he reas Batma n had his UTILITY BELT and t o ol s, Blac k Sp ider re lied on a wri st-mou nt ed gu n t hat had d ead ly accuracy. The two fo ught seve ral t im es, and it ap pea re d that Blac k Spider di ed after hi s last b attl e with th e D ark Knight atop a subway car . In fac t he ba rely survived the fi g ht and wa s




ERIC NEEDHAM w as a drug-addict -tu rne d -v ig ilante who so ug ht t o des troy GOTHAM CiTY'S d ru g trad e. ( De t ec tive Com ics #463 , Septem be r 1976) A s a child, Eri c wa s raised by a lov ing famil y t hat f ell ap art wh e n his m o t her d ied f rom illness. His fath er wa s d ist raug ht and Virtually ig no red you ng Eri c, who st ruq q led on hi s own to co p e with hi s mother' s lo ss. Seek in g co m pani o nship , Eric took to th e str eets an d fo und him self g etti ng involved in g an gs and dr ugs. The numbing ef fects o f th e dru g s he lp ed ease his pa in for a time, until he bec am e addi cted t o hero in. His fir st co nfro nt ati o n with the law o ccurred when Eri c was arrested for mugging an elderly woman. After serv ing th ree y ears, he was release d,

Soon after th e ex istence of a CRYSTAL CREATURE b ecame publ ic, Bla c k Pat ch an d h is gang of c ri m inals decided to ca p ita lize on the public's foc us on the art ificial lif e-fo rm. The y began a series of crimes involving th e theft o f metal sta t uettes and gold bullion , hopin g th e police would attribute th e cri m es t o th e Cre ature. Ba t m an, however, d et erm ined t hat Black Pat c h w as resp o nsib le and ar rested him an d t he gang. ( De te ctive Comics # 272 , Oc t o ber 1959 )

nur sed at a free cl inic for several months. A s he heal ed and retrained himself, Needham learn ed that he wa s being funded by a man named Hannibal Hardwic ke, a major drug lord. Hardwi cke inte nde d to use Blac k Spider to remove and k ill hi s competition. Once healthy, Blac k Spider stalked the stree ts for Hardw ic ke, and onl y Batman's intervent io n m eant jai l-and not th e g rav e-fo r Hardwi cke. Lo st for a tim e, Bl ack Spid er shifted fro m vig ilan t e t o cos tu m ed cri mi nal and foun d himse lf batt ling Batma n jus t for th e sak e o f it. Even t uall y


Need ha m re foc used o n h is war on d rug s, especially w hen th e battle cl aime d his still -add icted w ife and sma ll son in a cr os sfire. In a fin al de spe ra te ac t, a severe ly w ou nde d Nee d ham d et on at ed ex p lo sive s he had stra p pe d t o his b ody and t o ok out a larg e cartel o f drug d eal ers . Mean w hile, in Hell, Lu cife r had fo r reaso ns of his own se t all the de ad free, a turn o f events th at w o u ld ev entually lea d m any b ack to Earth. (Sandman

FELIX DUNNwa s a longtime fan of the leg endary Bla ck Knight from Engli sh legend . The well-read cri minal even cr aft ed a bla ck costume, co mplet e w ith p lum ed hat, t o beg in t he next phas e of hi s career. His fi rst act was t o stea l t he Crown Jewels that were currently on d ispl ay in GOTHAM CiTY, t hereby attracti ng th e atten tion o f Batman and ROBIN. During th e robbery Dun n suffered a b low t o the head tha t left him b eli eving he wa s t he Blac k Kn ight in carnate. W it h t he jewel s hidden, Batman feared th e lo ca t io n wou ld b e fo rgotten if Du nn rega ined his senses. Therefore, he, Robin, and th e police masqueraded as kn ights, fu rther ing th e d elu sion until the jewel s w ere fina lly recovered . Wh en Batman p os ed as the

#23 , Feb ruary 1991) Eventua lly t he angel s Duma and Remi el took ch arge of the dark realm . By t hen most of t he de ad had returned. (San dma n # 28 , September 19 91) Mo st, but not all . Needham had no intention o f going back and seem ed to hav e st ruc k an unh o ly barg ain t o rema in o n Earth. Omi no us ly,


he frequented a nightclub oversee n by Lu cifer him self, (Sand m an #57 , Februar y 1994) As t he Black Spi de r, he was seen with othe r vil lains hopi ng t o st rike a d eal w ith t he demonic Ne ro n. (U nderworld

AMERICA member pl aced t raining Goth am 's youth over battling it s supe r-vi lla ins. He t o o k a leave o f ab sence from t he JSA, determi ned t o have a pos it ive influ ence over t he next ge ne ration of crime fig ht ers,

Unl eash ed #1, November 1995) The d eal 's details remain u nreco rded, but Black Spider fe ll in w ith cos tumed cri m inals suc h as DEADSHOl and MERLYN a nd rem ain ed ac t ive , (I de n tity Crisis, 20 0 4)

(A dve ntur e Comics #4 64 , Jul y/ Au gu st 197 9 ) Thr ee years lat er Charles Bull o ck joined th e law fir m o f Cran st on , Grayson & W ayn e, wh ere th at world 's ROBIN and Huntress worked in th eir civi lian ident it ies al on g sid e A rt hu r Cran st on , Karnage- a super-v ill ain wh o attacked t he f irm in an attempt t o kil l Cranst on and Bullock-was k no cked aside du rin g th e attack , The Hun t ress arr ived in ti m e to st op Karnage and save Cranst on , ( Wo nder Woman #286-287, December 1981-Janu ary 198 2)



W ith Black Sp id er b elieved dead, hi t man JOHNNY LAMoNICA t o o k th e name for himsel f w hen he accep ted a co nt rac t to ki ll BLACK MASK, LaMon ic a w as an egoman iac who, unl ike hi s pre d ec essor, d isliked covering his face, He infilt rat ed Bla ck 'Mask's FALSE FACE SOCIETY, but the assass ina t io n attem pt failed ; the new Black Spid er w ound up c ap t ured by Batman .a n d sent to jail. Duri ng th e b attl e, his face was ' pushed int o a mir ror and seve rely sca rre d, (B at man #518 , May 19 9 5) LaMo nic a w as even t ual ly released; he resumed his c riminal career , on ly t o be sho t dead by Detective CRISPUS A LLEN w h en LaMonic a g ot t he d ro p o n his p artn er, RENEE MONTOYA, (Got ham Central # 23, No ve m ber 20 0 4)

Bullock was incen sed at his fut ili ty d uri ng the sit uat io n and sought t o b etter pr epare himself to function in a w orld fill ed w ith su pe r heroes and super-villains , He spe nt co nsiderab le t ime p reparing his bod y fo r co m b at. an d some time later he emerged in a va ria t io n on' the lat e Bat ma n's cos t um e- ligh t b lue repiac ing t he gray, a more styl ize d bat ches t emble m an d UTILITY BELT, yellow ban ds around his wrist s and ca lves, a nd a sharp ly arch ed ye llow- tip ped face mask th at evoked b at­ ears in silho ue tte. Calling himself Blackwing , he wa s eage r t o ta ckl e st ree t cri mi nals, b ut q uickly p roved u nsu ita bl e for crime fighting , The crimi na ls shredd ed h is cape and u nm asked hi m , He w as ta ke n t o t heir lead er, a cha ris ma tic fig ure kno w n on ly as the Boa , When the Hun tr ess, who had bee n t a ilin g Blackwing, showed up, she bec am e m esm erized by the Boa and wa s so o n o n the ver g e o f being cru shed by a boa constrictor, Bla c kw in g m anaged to free her in time and , usin g his ex t ensive legal tr ain ing, found the evid en ce nec essar y t o p ut th e Bo a and his men awa y fo r g o od , (Wo nder Woma n # 297, Novem b er 1982)

BLAKE,FRENCHY BLACK SPIDER III When th e CALCULATOR need ed someo ne to learn th e identi ty of h is co unte rp ar t, ORACLE, he recru ited a man named Der ric k Coe , Coe b ec am e t he t hird incarna tion of Blac k Spider and was descri bed as hav ing bo ugh t th e name from th e Calc ula to r - t his despite evi d enc e that t he fir st Bl ac k Sp id er had de fied d eath and still roamed GOTHAM CITY with ot her supe r- v illains, Coe tracked down Sava nt, wh o had fir st fought against-then w orked for-Oracl e, an d t ort ured him in the hope of learnin g her tru e ide nti ty, O rac le dispatched her B,RDS OF PREY t o rescu e Savan t, and Coe was t o ssed fr om a wi ndow by th e fr eed Sav ant. He appea red to have survived t he even t b ut has no t b een seen since. ( Birds of Prey # 8 7, December 2005)

Fren ch y Blake w as th e lead er o f a ga ng th at specialized in je we l robberi es, He chose to m at ch wi ts wi t h Batman, onl y t o find himsel f hu ng o utsi de a wi ndow o n a ro p e. He was fr eed af t er signing a co nfession o f his c rimes, mak ing him t he second crimin al ever t hw ar te d by th e Bat m an , ( De tective Comics #28, June 1939 )



Geo rg e Blake, the manager of th e Gotham Th eatre, turned to crime for un expl ained rea son s, He dis g u ised himself as Two-F ACE, hopin g sus pic io n w o uld fal lon HARVEY KENT, th e derang ed Earth-2 criminal, and not a seemi ngly resp ectab le th eat er manage r. Batma n pr oved ot her wi se, an d Kent was q uickly exo ne rated. ( De tective Comics #18 7, Sep te mber 195 2)

five members o f t he po lice force t o b eg in int ensi ve training in case o ne w as req uir ed t o d o n Bat man's cape and cowl. Among th e five was Ted Blak ely, w ho had never told a nyo ne th at h e had been rai sed and finan ci all y su p po rted by th e cr im inal Matt "S ugar " Krole r. Kro ler and Blake ly 's fat her we re ce llmates in p ri son, and Kro le r ho no red hi s friend' s wi shes to lo o k afte r yo ung Ted when t he elder Blak el y died. W he n Batm an was trapped in a m ine shaft but Got ham need ed its co stumed guardian, Blak el y was su m moned t o duty, His task was to appreh en d Kro le r, and at first he felt torn between duty and o b lig atio n, b ut ultimately he arrested Krol er and hon or ed his o at h to the city, (Batman#77, Jun e/ Jul y 1953)



Co ry Blan e w as a film p rod ucer shooting a m ov ie o n Sku ll Island , locat ed in the Pacific Ocean, After hi s se ts and crew w ere repea t ed ly vandali zed by a sea cre at ure, Bl an e turned to his fri en d Batman for help, Th e Caped Crusa de r t raveled wes t an d b egan inv esti ga t ing th e crea t ure. He soo n lea rned it w as actually a robotic const ruct b uil t and ope rated by Tod Martin, th e fi lm's prod uc tion assis ta nt. Ma rt in had devised th e crea t ure t o sc ar e away the cast and crew after he discove re d a ri ch bed of rare black-pearl oy ster s in th e isla nd's Green Lagoon and wanted them f or him self , He w as subs eq uent ly arrested, and th e oys te rs remain ed protected, (Detective Comics # 252, February 1958 )

BLANNING, RAND Wealt hy Rand Bl ann in g wa s a member o f GOTHAM CITY'S Expl orati on Club. When fel low m em b er Guy Hawtree di sc ov er ed Incan ru in s in a Peru vi an jungl e, Blanning d ecided to plunder th e pl entiful gold th at w as lo cated th er e. Desp it e Hawtree' s at te m p ts at kee p in g t he lo cat ion a sec ret , Blan nin g learned th e de t ails and immedia tely left by pla ne. When Batman an d ROBIN learn ed of Bl anni ng 's pla ns, they took the BATPLANE so ut h of t he bord er and arrest ed him before he c o uld steal a sing le ou nce o f gold , (Batman #91, April 1955 )



The Blaster wa s nam ed for his p red ilec t io n for using demolit ion d evi ces t o bl ow up t rai ns and b ui ld in g s d uri ng rob b er ies, W or king w ith "Spots" De rro w and Guy Banning , wh o w as a corrup t ad mini strato r at Samson Ex pl o sive Works, t he Blast er ha d a successful ca ree r un til he was arrested by Batman and ROBIN. In th e w ak e o f th e



On Earth-2, Batman and CATWOMAN mar ried and had a d au g ht er, HELENA W AYNE, w ho g rew up to beco me th e HUNTRESS , Amo ng th e ma ny adve rsaries she fo ug ht , Blackw ing was per haps the mo st m em or ab le, Years ago, WI LDCAT encountered a scrappy yo ung bo y nam ed Charli e Bullock, w ho had co me to his aid w hile the hero battled four would-be mu g g er s, Impressed , Wildcat unmasked and intr oduc ed

A we alt hy b ig -g ame hunter, Blake grew bored w it h ani mals and set hi s sights o n hu ma n be ing s, After squa nderi ng his fort un e, he t urn ed t o crimi na l ac ti vi t ie s, d onn ing a costume and ba ttli ng Batman and o t her cr ime fighters as CATMAN,

Blast er' s arrest, Der ro w tri ed t o shoot Batman , but in st ead lo st hi s bal an ce o n a high c lif f and fell t o hi s d eat h, Batman exposed Bann ing 's co mp licity by disgui sin g him self as Derrow an d getting th e executi ve to m ake a ful l confess io n, (World's Finest Comics #65, Ju ly/ Au g ust 195 3 )




him self to Charlie, and soon the JUSTI CE SOCIETY OF

Co mmissioner JAMES GORDON conceiv ed of a pl an

Named for his preference for using fire during his crimes, the villain known as the Blaze t errorized the



to ensure th at GOTHAM CITY w ou ld be protected in the event th e Cape d Crusad er w as in capac itated or kil led , They fo rm ed the SeCRET STAR and selected

in their partnership Bat m an and Police

-calcium com po und an d re luct a nt ly t o o k d own Block b uste r w it h an up pe rcut. (Detective Comics #349 , March 19 66) Batman saw to it th at Blo ckbu st er w as rem anded t o t he ALFRED MEMORIAL FOUNDATION for t reat m ent and a po ssib le antid o t e to t he ori g ina l serum th at had cau sed his co nd it io n. Inst ead a cosmic being known as t he An ti-Matt er Man rem ov ed Blo ck b ust er fr om Earth and sent him t o th e parall el world kn own as Earth- 2, w he re he trad ed p laces wi t h SOLOMON GRUNDY. The cat astrophe b rou g ht t o gether the combined fo rc es of th e JUSTICELEAGUE OF AME RICA and the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, and th e two be ast s wound up k no c k ing each other silly. (J ust ice League o f America #46-47, A ug ust-Sep te mber 19 6 6 )

citi zen s of GOTHAMC,TY. W ith his gan g, the Bl aze set fre e a tra in full of crim inals and an nou nced t o the ci ty tha t he int end ed to take over the und erw orl d and unleash a new ag e of cr im e. The bearded re d head 's fir st step was robbing th e City Museum. He had ho ped to d istract Batman by po sing as Baron Von Pelt z an d asking fo r t he Ca ped Crusade r's help ag ainst t ho se w ho mea nt the baro n harm . Inst ead Batman saw t hrou gh th e d isg uise and to o k th e Blaze down be fo re th is new ag e o f cri me co uld be g in. ( Detective Comics #95 , Jan uary 194 5)

BLINK LEE HYLAND was a bli nd man who developed t he m et a-human ab ili ty to see throu gh th e eye s o f others aft er m aki ng p hy sical co nta ct w it h t he m . He used hi s skil l for hi s personal g ain, gett ing peo p le to access th eir pe rso na l ban k acc o unt s. Hy lan d was seeing through a noth er man's eye s w hen he w it nessed a w oman 's b ruta l mu rd er. He w ou n d up implica ted in th e cri me and fir st e nco unt ered Ba t m an when th e Caped Crus ad er arrived to invest iga te . A fte r touch ing th e Dark Kni g ht , Hy land acc essed Batman and lea rn ed that Bat m an was in real ity BRUCE WAYNE. Batman and Pol ice Co m m issio ner JAMES GORDON ove r saw th e in ve stig ation, a nd Hy la nd w as u ltima te ly clea red . The he ro and the g rift er fo rm ed an odd alliance as Hyla nd strove to pr otect his criminal ac t io ns while al so kee ping Bat m an's secret t o h im self. Togeth er t hey t ri ed to p iece t o g ether th e m et ho d s of a serial ki ller th at defied log ic. In t he end it wa s d iscov er ed t hat the kiil in g s w ere b eing rec o rd ed for a series of "sn uff" film s mad e by a man na med Davies. (Le g ends of the Dark Knight #156 , Au gu st 20 0 2) Bat m an enco un tered Hy land a second t im e when th e b lind m an wa s forced by A merica 's m ilita ry to sp y on in terna t io nal te rrori sts . The Dar k Knight Detec tive d efended Hy land 's rig ht t o fre ed om over the nat io n's need t o pr otect itself. Ulti m at e ly, Hy land was freed and lef t to fe nd for him self once more. ( Leg en d s of the Dark Kn ig h t #164 , April 20 03)

BLOCKBUSTER I MARK and ROLAND DESMOND w ere devot ed b ro t her s who expe rienced ho rri fic t rans fo rma t io ns into th e m am m o th enti ty known as Block b uste r. A s a t eenager Mark Desm ond wa s con sidere d a scien ti fic geniu s, ac h ievi ng his hig h sc hool and coll eg e di plomas years ahea d of his p eer s. However, th is left hi m soc ial ly awk wa rd wit h peo ple o lder t ha n him self, so he p refe rred liv ing a so lita ry life wi t h his o lder b ro th er o n an island near GOTHAM C,TY. Mark g ot himse lf mired in quick sand once, but for t un at el y BRUCE W AYNE w as stro llin g th e island an d rescued the te en . Insp ired by his t im ely res cue and ho pi ng t o im pr ove his ph ysiq ue, Mark used his advanced kn owledge t o fa bri cat e a ser u m th at would p rov ide him wi t h m usc les almost inst ant aneo usly. An xiou s to tr an sform himself, he never stopped t o t est the formu la. As ex pec ted , his end o c rine g land s al t ered, and he gai ned m ass and musc le. Une xpec t edly, th e ante rio r lobe o f Mark 's pituitary g land al so en larged, wh ic h seemed to ro b hi m of most of hi s m e nt al faculties. The t ran sf ormed Ma rk wa s prone

t o emo ti ona l rag es ca lm ed on ly by his br ot her 's so o t h ing w o rds and pr esen c e. Ro land wa s at fir st hor rif ied by th e t ransfo r ­ m at io n, b ut also saw how he cou ld exp io it his br other's str en gth fo r his own g o als. He ask ed his br o ther to aid hi m in committ ing hi s c rim es, fi gur­ ing t hat Mark's streng th and endurance wo uld best bo th th e pol ic e and Go t ha m 's g uard ians , Batman and ROBIN. Sure en ough, b ull et s b oun ced rig ht off th e t oughe ned b ody; Mark even pum meled the Dy­ namic Duo into sub m issio n. Rob in de sc rib ed Mar k as a b lockbu st er, and the m ed ia q uickly p ick ed up o n t he name. A t th e scen e o f th e n ext De sm ond brothers' crime, Ba tman opted to fo llow the be hem o t h, figuri ng that so m eo ne wa s m ani p ulating t he see m ing ly sim pl e-m inded man , Once t he y reach ed the island, Bat m an reco g nized it fro m his tr avel s m onths ea rlie r. Realizi ng th e crea t ure was Mark , Bat m an rem oved his cow l and showed Bloc k bus te r his t rue id en ti ty, Som ew he re in hi s altered b rain there w as re co gn ition, and Bl o ckbuster c alm ed down. To re in for ce th e con ne cti o n, t he unmasked Bat ma n en te red th e same p atc h of q uicksand and submerg ed hims elf un til Blo c k bu st er re peat ed W ayn e's res c ue using a bran ch, W it h Blockbu st er co m p lac ent , Batm an and Robin cap t ured Rol and an d b ro ught him t o ju st ice back in Go th am City. Bu t when Batman retuned to t he island, Mark was gone . ( Det ec ti ve Comics # 34 5, Novem b e r 19 6 5) Blo c kbus t er reap p eared later, t his t im e u nd er th e OUTSIDER 'S co ntro l. His addl ed mind retain ed Rola nd 's rec o nd it io ning th at Bat m an wa s an ob je c t o f hatred , and t he O ut sid er ex p lo it ed that. When Batman tr ied t o unmask him self o nce m o re, the Outsider' s science t hwarted his attem pt. The Ca ped Cru sad er t hen hardened his gl ove wi th a

Once mo re back on Earth-' , Blockbu ste r resumed treatment at Alfred Mem orial Fou ndat io n, now renam ed th e Wayne Foundation and regained som e o f his co gn it ive abi liti es, starti ng wi th improved speec h. St ill, occasio ns arose th at b ro ugh t Blockbust er away from his co nfinement , and hi s hat red of Batman rem aine d . Subd uing him w as oft en a chall en g e, Sad ly, he also rem ained an easy sub jec t to pl ace und er ano t her 's thrall. Queen Clea had him take on members of the JLA, whil e t he v illainous Wi zard abduc te d him from th e Wa yn e Fou nd at io n and used him as a sold ie r in his perso nal vende tta again st t he JSA. During t his ti me chem icals released by JASON W OODRUE, th e FLORONIC MAN, int ensified Block b uste r' s hatred of Batman , undoing countless hou rs o f recondi ti o ni ng therapy. (Justice Leag ue o f America # 166- 168, May - July 19 79 ) Hav ing exhaust ed t heir resou rces, t he Wayn e Foundat ion turned Blo c k bu st er over t o S.T.A.R. LABS. Sta ff th er e devel o ped a rad iat io n t herapy that they hoped would undo the serum's muta tions. Th e ex pe riment see med to hav e kille d Bl o ck bu st er, b ut it turned o u t on ly t o be a d eath -l ike st at e, someth ing Ba t m an lea rned on e b itter winter' s night. His spe ec h limited o nce more d ue to the radiat io n the rap y, Blo c k b ust er co ul d n't explai n th at he w as t ryin g to he lp a wo man w ho had ove rdo sed o n drug s; he see mi ng ly d ro wned in t he Go tham River as he save d her. ( Ba tma n # 308 - 30 9, February-March 1979) Blockbu ste r sur fac ed some t ime later, w ind ing up in Bleak Rock , We st Vi rgin ia. He wa s ta ken in and ca red for by Will ie Macon , a mu t e, and hi s fam ily. Mark Des mon d fina lly ac hieved a me asure of peace and co nt e nt ment, so m ethi ng de nied him fo r a lo ng time. Batm an eve nt ually ca ugh t a news it em th at alert ed him t o th e fact th at Blo c kb uster st ill lived. W hen he ar rived in W est Vi rg inia t o investiga te , he and Bl ock bu st er wound up w or king t o g ether to save mi ners from a cave -in . After w ard. however, w hile pl ay ing wit h an el ectroni c t oy, Bl o ckbu st er once m or e ca m e under ano t he r's control , t hi s t im e Ge ne ral Electric , w ho p itted h im again st the A m azo n Pri ncess W ONDER W OMAN. (Wonde r Woman #294, Au gu st 19 8 2) Blo ck bu st er 's more heroic hab it s co ntinued after this interruptio n when he aid ed Earth's sup er heroes d uring t he eve nts know n as CRISISON INFINITE EARTHS. The paralle l worlds we re merged into o ne Eart h, and Blo ckbuster cont inued to live with th e Macon s. It t oo k t he lu re o f a po ssib le cure for him to leave West Vir g inia and perform a mi ssion for AMANDA


WALLER'S newly formed Su ici de Sq uad . She need ed

leaving th e rest homel ess. Blockbuster pu t a p rice on Nightwin g 's head an d em ployed a sm all ar my o f cos tumed mercenaries - Lady Vic, Stall io n, Br ut ale, th e TRIGGER TWINS, and SHRIKE- to t a ke him o ut on c e and for all. Wh ile esc hew in g assist ance f ro m his m ent or, Nightwing d id occasi ona lly avail himself o f help from Orac le, Black Can ary, and Robin d uring hi s batt les wi th Block b ust er. Lat e r he en co un t ered CATALIN A FLORES, wh o d ressed in th e sty le o f th e her o TARANTULA, and b egan work ing along side her to t ake down Blo ckbu st er' s ope rati on. Bo t h sid es grew mo re d es pe rate t o end the confrontat io n, and th e at tac ks grew in brutality. Exhau st ed both physic ally and menta lly, Nigh t wi ng and Block bus ter fa ced off one fin al t im e. Bl ockbust er taunted Nightwing , tell in g t he her o t hat he wou ld co nti nue to p ick awa y at his friend s and his fa mi ly until t hey w ere all dead. The amo ral Tarantula saw a way to e nd th e battle that Nightwing woul d never con sid er: She shot Blockbust e r. Ni ght wi ng kn ew he co uld have p revent ed it , bu t Jet Tarantula d o w ha t he co u ld never b ring him self to d o. His inac t io n b rou g ht abo ut a breakd ow n tha t le ft him adrif t for so me t im e. Reg ardless, the ci tize ns of BIOdhaven w ere finally f ree d from Blo ckbu st er' s tyranny. ( Nigh t w ing [se cond series] #97, Nove mbe r 2004 )

his str en gth t o confront the A pokoliptian crea tion know n as Br im stone. Brims to ne cr ushed Mark De smond in his fi ery fi st, leavin g o nly a char red cor pse . Mar k Desm ond di ed a her o 's d eath and wa s fi nall y at p eace . ( Leg ends # 3, Jan uary 1987)

BLOCKBUSTER II ROLAN D DESMOND and hi s broth er MARK lived on th eir own in a hom e on an islan d ne ar GOTHAM CiTY. They we re aba nd o ned by their crue l, manipulative m other, w ho had relocated to nea rby BLODHAVEN. Left to his own devices, Ro land wou nd up com m ittin g several petty c rim es to ensure their suppo rt ; he built up a t hick rap she et. He env ied Mark fo r his sup er ior int ellec t u ntil an exp er imen t of his w ent wrong , a nd Mark w as turned into a be he mot h known as Blo c kbust er. ( De t ec tive Com ics # 345, Nove m ber 196 5) In th is t ran sformation Mar k lost much o f hi s mental acu it y. Roland train ed hi s b ro t her to rega rd Batman as t he en em y, and th e n sent hi m from t heir islan d home to nearby Gotham City, w he re Mar k co uld com m it ro b beries for Rol an d . Batman and ROBIN tra ile d Blockb uste r back t o th e island , th en calmed hi m d own and apprehen ded Roland . While serv ing time in jail , Rol and was a vi ct im of an experim ent at the hand s of th e al iens known as the Do minators. Part of an alien inva sio n of Earth, the Dominators so ug ht to test humank ind's met a­ hu man gen e by activat ing it in rand om peo p le. Ro lan d w as o ne suc h v ictim: as a result, he w as sent to the pri son hospital, wh e re he was given ste ro id treatm ents. The co m b inati o n of st e ro id s and t he now act ive meta -hu ma n ge ne turn ed Rola nd in to a hulking form that nearl y match ed th e st reng th of his br ot he r. Th ere we re t w o key di ff eren c es bet w een t he two, ho w ever: Rol and co uld t ransfo rm from hi s normal shap e to Blockb ust er size, a nd he retained his inte llec t. He fr eed hi ms elf from pr iso n, an d it t ook t he co m bi ned ef for ts o f Batman and STARMAN t o d efeat him at Arizona's Mo nu me n t Vall ey. (S ta rman [first series] # 9 , Ap ri l 198 9 ) Ro land w as ar re st ed anew b ut left pr iso n to work with a ver sion of th e Suic id e Squad b efor e returning to jai l once more, He was then offered a dea l by t he demon Neron . In exch ange fo r his soul , Ne ro n wou ld grant Ro land an intell ect that ri valed th at o f his dead b ro t her Mark. ( Under wor ld Un le ash ed # 1, November 1995) No w po ssesse d o f a supe rio r m ind and body, Rol an d was re ady to establish him self as a crimin al leader. Seek ing a bea chhead , t he new Blo c kb uste r tested hi ms elf ag ainst t he youthfu l speeds te r Impulse a nd th en se t up o pera ti o ns in Wa shin gton, D.C. How eve r, his ef forts w ere stym ied by the capi t al's p rotec t or , St eel, and he u ltimately decide d to relocate. (S teel #33, December 1996) He returned clo se to h is ro ot s and mov ed to t he b leak c it y o f BIOdh aven , st ayi ng near hi s now ill and unh appy m other. Even in a t own fill ed w ith co rrup t p ol it icia ns and po licemen- no t t o ment io n membe rs o f t he va rious Mafia cri me famil ies-no one wa s p repa red for Bl o ck bu ster's arrival. In sho rt orde r he o ust ed An g el Marin and pl aced cri min als an d law enforce ment under his t hic k t humb. He co ntrol led th e m ayor's o ff ice an d police


headquarter s, w it h Pol ice Chief Redhorn and Inspe c to r Du dl ey Soam es d o ing most of his d irt y work . His new operation had t endrils that reach ed to such far away places as Sta r City and , close r to home, Go tha m. Soon aft er, th ough , he fo und fr esh o ppos ition in the form o f N,GHTW,NG, th e o rig inal Robin, w ho was seek ing a fresh start awa y from th e Da rk Knig ht 's shadow. (Nig htwing [ sec o nd ser ies] #1, O ct o ber 19 96) Thu s b eg an a war between hero and vi llain that w ou ld str et c h b ey ond th e city's li m its an d harm fri endS and fam ily of b oth pa rt icipa nt s. While Blo c kbust er so ug ht to kill Ni ghtwing, he w as also bo the red by hi s hid d en ban k acc ounts be ing d isco vered and e m p tied by a cyberentit y known o nly as ORACLE. She had been w atch ing Roland Desm ond for quite so m e time and had decid ed th at hi s wea lth sho ul d fu nd her op erat ion s. (Un de rwor ld Unleash ed : Patterns o f Fea r, 19 9 5) In time Blockbuste r hunted her d own, ca p t u ri ng not t he real Or acle b ut BLACK CANARY. ( Bir d s o f Pr ey # 21, October 20 0 0) Com p licat ing his cam pa ign was a recurr in g chest pai n t hat was final ly di agnosed as a t e rm inal hear t co nd itio n bro ug ht o n by hi s tran sfo rm at ion. Bloc kbu ster wo u ld need a hea rt transpl ant t o live, b ut his u nu sual ph ysiqu e requ ired a heart larg er than a no rmal hu man's. He turn ed his attent ion t o the sentient residents of Go rilla City hidd en aw ay in Afri ca, and used a ci t ize n nam ed Grimm to he lp h im f ind a SUbject. (Nig htwing [ seco nd series] #43, May 2000) Mo re m iser y fo llo w ed soo n after w ith t he dea t h of h is mothe r, wh ich th e d ist raught Blo c kbu st er incorrectly b lam ed on Nightwing. The bat t le between them grew eve n m ere viciou s when Blo ck bu st er ble w up t he apartme nt b uildi ng w here Nightwing lived , killing many of hi s neighbors and

BLOCKBUSTER III A new Blo ckbuster em erg ed in the w ake o f LEX LUTHOR'S creat io n of hi s ow n supe rp owe red g ro up , Inf ini t y, Inc. To create t he pu bl ic percept ion t hat th e new t ee n heroes w ere re ady to defend METROPOLIS and th e world , he unl eashe d th e lat est Blo ckbust e r ag ain st t hem . Mu c h as he co nt ro lled t he heroes, Luther see m ed to exer t co nt ro l not onl y over Blockbust er' s actions but ov er his level s o f st re ng t h as w ell. In Luther's est imatio n, the new Block b ust er w as even stron g er tha n either of his p red ece sso rs. (52 # 21, 20 0 6 )

BLONDEED, BLACKIE Blacki e Blondeed deci d ed th at the way t o co m m it bette r ro bb eries wa s t o lay o ut the pr opo sed cr ime s much as footb al l coach es set up pl ays fo r their teams. Hi s g ang , wh ich in clu d ed Glassjaw Greeg an , Cu rly, an d Skee ts, w o u ld reh ear se th e ro bberies d u ri ng pr ac t ice sessio ns b efo re going into th e f iel d . The noti on , w hile sound, sti ll failed given th e timely intervention o f Batman and ROBIN. (Detecti ve Co mics #82, Dec em ber 194 3)

BLOOD, JASON Jaso n Blood shared a myst ic bon d w it h a de mon from Hell know n as Etr igan, but o n his ow n he w as a respe ct ed d emonologist and frequent ally of Batm an. Blo od 's o rig ins w ere con vo lut ed given the reordered reali t y of the un ive r se and the very nat ur e of th e mysti cal w orlds , in clud ing Heaven and Hell. Mo st reco rde d hist or ies show t ha t in the w ani ng hours o f Cam elot, a d esp era t e Mer lin summ on ed a demon fr o m Hell to stop the witch Morgana Ie Fay. The DEMON Et rigan arrived and cut a bloody swat h thro ug h Ie Fay's ho rd es, b ut ev en hi s p resence w o u ld not chang e th e o utcome. A s a result, th e

w izard either b ond ed Etrigan w ith a member o f th e cou rt, Ja son Bloo d , o r tra nsform ed Etr iga n in to B lood . ( Th e Demon #1, Au g ust/Sep te m ber 1972 ) Accounts vary as t o w ha t tr an spired next , w it h Bl ood either an inno c ent o r all ied wi t h Ie Fay and bond ed t o Etrigan as puni shment. One account said th at Bl ood had a w if e, Marie, and two daugh te rs. On c e connect ed t o Et rig an, Blood wa s driven t emporar ily insa ne and ki lle d hi s family wi t h an ax. It wa s a ye ar bef o re th e new form man ag ed a se mb lance o f reason . ( Th e Demon [seco nd series] #0, October 1994 ) B lood wa s see ming ly granted im m o rt alit y as a resul t of Etr ig an 's p resen ce, and he acc umulated va st knowledge of d emons and so rce ry . In any p ainted pic t ure, he looked t he same, never aging, and kept on th e move around Europe . He fi nall y set t led into an ap artment in GOTHAMCiTY, a locati on bu ilt up o n c ur sed land, perfect for a d emonol og ist. On e d ay Bl o od w as co m pe lled t o v isit Merl in 's crypt and found a poem that, when recited, w ould tu rn him ba ck in to Etrig an.

rhyming year s ago." A fell ow demon, Vortigar, appeared befo re Etr ig an an d inf o rm ed hi m that he wa s be ing d em ot ed fro m th e rhym ing c lass; Etrig an w as coerce d into rec ru iting th e Blu e Devil as a repl ac em en t in Hell' s ra nks. Blue Dev il and Etrig an fought, all owing the demon t o gain possession o f Lucifer 's Unholy Trident, w hic h he used to retu rn to th e d ep th s in th e hope o f o btain in g th e c ro w n o f th orns d en otin g rul ershi p ov er Hell it self . The ef for t failed and Etrigan was tu rne d t o st o ne insid e t he Ob livi on Ba r. The spell would be undone at day break, but w ithin the pandim ension al bar, th e su n never ri ses, trapp ing Etr iga n. seem ing ly, fo r eterni ty . (Shadowpact # 9 -11 . Mar ch -May 2007)

BLORE, "GADGETS" Described as a warped g enius, the criminal inve nt o r "Gadg ets " B lore devised a series of hig h-tech w eap on s powered by hi gh -vol t age elec t rici ty. They w ere used to com m it a st ri ng o f o ut rag eo us c rimes th ro ughout GOTHAM CiTY; his cannon genera te d

The demon was fr eed after ce nt uries of slumber and began a new cy cl e of cha os in the world . On h is heels wa s th e re t urn of Ie Fay and oth er th rea ts t o humankind . Et rigan reli shed hi s work as a de m on , and im pre ssed Hell's hi erarchy enou g h t o be pr omoted t o t he rank of Rhyme r, which m eant h is every utteranc e was in the form o f a rhyme. Giv en that Go tha m was his hom e base , o nce Etrigan reappea red, he came t o Bat m an 's attent ion . De spite pref erring ta ngib le m atters he co uld handle on his own, Batm an recogni zed Blo od as an ally, and when th e oc c asio n demand ed he sought he lp from Blood and Etrigan. In tim e th e Dark Knight re al ize d th e d epth of Bl o od 's kn owledge and courage. Wh en he p re pa red ex te nsi ve notes fo r re­ crea ti ng th e JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA in th e w ake o f t he team 's d evastat ion, he selected Blo od t o ser ve the JLA as it s resident w iza rd . With th e JLA lo st in time durin g ATLANTIS'S Obsi di an Age, th e call went ou t, and a re lucta nt Bloo d answ ered. Because Batman wa s a lways prepared for any occasion, N'GHTWING kn ew wha t w ould be requ ired sho uld Et rigan need t am ing . When t he p rim ary Leagu er s w er e returned t o their present t im e, Blood wa s happy to retu rn t o hi s quiet life . (J LA #66-76, Ju ly 20 02-February 200 3) Wh en GREEN A RROW see mi ng ly rose from the d ead, Batman tu rne d to Blo od t o be t ter und erstand wh at had oc c urred. It was Blo od wh o learned th at th e Emerald Ar ch er was a " ho llo w" - an anim at ed b od y witho ut a so ul. Etri g an tr ied to k ill th e b od y lest it b e used by a d em on t o g ain access t o humankin d' s w o rld, but Gree n Arrow stop pe d him and ev en tually re g ained his o w n soul. ( Green Arrow #1, April 20 01) In the real ity af te r the ev ent kn own as INFINITE CRISIS, much of the legend wa s me rged so t hat Blood and Etrigan were o nce ag ain sepa rat e en ti t ies, jo ine d by Merlin, w it h no fam iliar relatio ns between

enough heat to melt saf es, fo r instance, and a so nic gun emitted eno ug h p ower to split a tr ee in two. W he n Bat man and ROBIN f irs t t ried t o apprehe nd Bl or e, th ey we re bathed in radiation fr om th e ele ct r o m agn eti c field , le aving Ba t man p ositi ve ly charg ed and Robin neg at ive ly c harg ed. As a resu lt, the Dyn ami c Duo actually repulsed eac h o t her. The Caped Crus ad er bu ilt a Robin robot t hat the Boy W o nd er op e rated by remote co nt ro l t o trac k d own Blore. Soon aft er, Ro b in's charge faded , and he wa s ab le to help Bat m an sto p Blore once and for all. Batm an' s charg e qu ickly dissipated as well. (Detective Co m ics #290, Ap ril 1961)

the wizard and Etrigan. Bl ood w as a ren ow ned invest ig at o r o f th e occult and p aranormal, wh ile th e demon w as d escribed instea d as "a pri nce among th e fall en , ca p t ain-gene ral o f th e fifteenth d iab oli cal host , so met ime w ar d og o f th e sorcerer Merlin and a Rhy m ing -Class de m o n who stopped

corrupt ion , it s b iggest inf lue nc e was Bludh aven . One re ason the city comp rised a hod gepodge instead of w e ll-designed neigh borhood s had t o do wi t h d ec ad es o f g raft and th e und ue influen ce of th e crimi nal und erworld . The ci ty was und er th e sw ay o f mob b o ss A ngel Marin until ROLAND DESMOND, the

BLUDHAVEN Lo cat ed so me twenty-th ree mil es d own the co ast from GOTHAM C,TY in Haven Co unt y, BIOdhaven was settled in 1777 but wa sn't incorporated until 1912, and w as never con sid ered an Am er ican jewel. Inste ad the whaling t own grew with o ut a p lan , and over time row hou ses found th em selves built ne xt to petroche m ic al p lants . Situated on t he Bay

second BLOCKBUSTER, m oved to th e t own's wealthy Aval on Hill sect ion . Desmond asserted h is contro l w it h a g rip tight er th an Marin 's a nd mad e ce rt ai n he co ntro lle d not o nly th e mayor's o ffice but also t he pol ice fo rce, wh ic h w as headed by Chie f Fran c is Al exand er Redhorn . So on after, however, the city rece ived its fir st costu me d c hampion wh en N,GHTW,NG m oved t o BIOdhaven fr om Go t ha m . The hero mad e it hi s goa l to restore a m easu re o f self-respec t in it s p op ulat ion and p ut a st o p to th e co rr up tion, w or k in g out of hi s ap art m e nt in th e Melville section . He an d Blockb ust er b eg an a feud that end ed only w hen Bl o ck bu st er was sho t and ki lled by an ot her v ig ilan te c alle d th e TARANTULA. Nig htwing left BIOdhav en aft er let t ing Tarantula co m m it murder, as Gotham end ur ed a horribl e g ang w ar. In its w ake ROBIN and BATGI RL t emporaril y m oved to BIOd have n in an effort t o sta rt afre sh. A lso d ropp in g in fo r a year w as th e PENGUIN, no lon g er we lcome in Go tha m's un d erw orld . A t 12:51 AM on a Frida y, DEATHSTROKE and the Soci ety dropped th e toxic Ch em o o n the city, kill ing 100,068 ci tizens. Nightwing , Ro b in, and Bat g irl w ere al l out of t he city at the time bu t w er e o n han d t o help wi t h th e rescu e effo rt s. SUPERMAN, t he TEEN TITANS, Me ta l Men, and several other hero es also resp o nd ed t o t he cata st rop he. A s Chem o reintegrated, Sup erman battled th e cre at u re. Th e Man o f St eel th eor ized that Chem o 's rei nt eg rat io n w o uld dra w most of t he deadly t o xins fro m t he st ree ts and build ing s. On ce th e pr o c ess w as co m ple te d, Supe rm an hur led Che mo int o outer sp ace . (I n fin it e Crisis # 6, 2006) Fearing residual ef fe c t s from Che m o' s attack, Presid ent Horne d ecl ared a st ate o f nati on a l emerge nc y and had t he city w all ed off fr om the res t of Hav en Co unty . Unde r presidenti al order, a t eam o f superpowered govern m ent ag ents c alle d

Highway sout heast of Ossav ille and about 18 4 miles from Op al City, the mess was exacerbated by a confu sing ser ies of ro ads and highways in an d around th e c ity. Suc h mu nicipal ch aos result ed in hi gh pollution co ntent in th e air, and that ca use d t he city 's p o pulat io n t o level o ff at ab o ut t wo million . It s p opulace had g ro w n jaded th rou gh t he years and actually liked it wh en the media dubbed BIOdhav en "A sbest o s City, USA ." (Nigh t w ing [ second series ] #1, Octob er 19 9 6 ) Dur in g th e Revoluti o nar y War, a network o f und erg ro und t unn els wa s b uilt under Fort Jo seph and ran throughout th e t own . While no tunnel reach ed the sur fac e an ym o re, Batman had th em lin ked t o eit he r th e sub way tu nnel s or the sewe r syste m for easier access during hi s patrol s. If Gotha m City wa s k no wn for crim e and


Freedom's Ring, led by the enigmatic Father Time, took command of the city. The unaffiliated heroes were eventually ordered out of the devastated city, where a new era began. Refugee camps sprung up by the wall erected by Freedom's Ring, and people struggled for basic necessities. The golem known as Monolith arrived from New York City and tried to help the needy. A secret band of government agents known as the Atomic Knights were activated and worked to help trapped citizens escape the wall to freedom. Unbeknownst to most, Father Time also helped himself to the disenfranchised populace, subjecting several people to his secret experiments. Around the same time, the Society sent in the androids known as the Nuclear Family to help find a radioactive leak that was causing much concern to the city's remaining populace. With all this activity, it was only a matter of time before Freedom's Ring and the Atomic Knights came to blows . Joining in the fray were members of the Titans and agents from Father Time's Super Human Advanced Defense Executive operation . During the conflict, the Titan RAVAGER killed Lady Liberty, and Monolith smacked the Black Baron, a local drug lord, into another state. When Major Force arrived, he was quickly handled by GREEN LANTERN, which prompted Major Victory to order Freedom's Ring to cease hostilities. When Major Force objected , he beat Major Victory to death to make his point clear. The brutality cost him the loyalty of the other SHADE agents. Dur ing the melee, the Atomic Knights finally tracked down the source of the radiation-an imprisoned and injured Captain Atom. They rescued the hero and placed him within a containment suit to limit exposure. Captain Atom hit the streets of BIOdhaven in time to stop Major Victory by draining him of his radiation-spawned power, seemingly killing him in the process. Captain Atom warned everyone to evacuate the city, with the Atomic Knights securing themselves within an underground facility known as Command足 D. When the quantum hero received an all-clear, Captain Atom unleashed his power, reducing the beleaguered , underappreciated, and much足 maligned city to atoms. Only a crater remained to mark the site of the soon-to-be-forgotten town.

(Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bliidhaven #1-6 , May-October 2006).

BLUE BEETLE Blue Beetle was the name used by three different heroes throughout the twentieth and twenty足 first centuries, linked only through legacy and an ancient beetle scarab that was a unique blend of science and magic. Dan Garrett was a professor who used the scarab's power, as well as his own scientific enhancements, to battle crime during the modern heroic age, but he died in his attempt to prevent androids from another world from conquering Earth. Garrett then bequeathed the scarab to his favorite student, Ted Kord . (Secret Origins [second series] #2, May 1986) The scarab never seemed to bestow any special abilities on Kord while it was in his possession, so he

used the resources of his father's technology firm,


Kord Industries, to become a new kind of Blue Beetle. He built a special outfit and custom-designed an aircraft resembling a giant beetle filled with cutting足 edge technology. With his Bug, the Beetle first fought crime in his native Chicago and later joined one incarnation of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Batman always considered Kord to be a second-string hero, and rarely spent time with him. However, Kord befriended ORACLE and lent his fists-and more often his technical expertise-to her while she formed her BIRDS OF PREY operation. Heart and weight issues forced Kord to give up crime fighting, and he struggled to make Kord Industries a viable business after he was placed in charge. When it looked like the company was on the verge of failure, it was bought out by a division of W AYNE ENTERPRISES. After Blue Beetle discovered that the former

US government agency CHECKMATE had been reorganized by Maxwell Lord, he grew seriously concerned . Lord had a checkered past. and Blue Beetle had long been suspicious of the JLA's onetime benefactor. Blue Beetle tried to have the scarab summon help, but it only took him to the Rock of Eternity, where the wizard Shazam took custody of the scarab and returned Blue Beetle to Earth. When Blue Beetle's concerns were ignored by many, including Batman, he secretly accessed Checkmate's new European headquarters. He was shocked to discover detailed information on all of Earth 's meta-humans. Lord had Blue Beetle detained and offered him a chance to join him in his quest to eradicate all the meta-humans from Earth. When Blue Beetle refused, Lord shot him in the head. (Countdown to Infinite Crisis, 200S) The scarab was then seemingly forgotten when

the Rock of Eternity exploded over Gotham City, and eventually the scarab wound up in New Mexico, in the hands of a teen who was to become the third Blue Beetle. With his quasi-mystic/alien-tech scarab, the new Blue Beetle accompanied Batman into orbit to help deactivate BROTHER EYE, the satellite Batman had once constructed to monitor all meta-human activity, but its programming and artificial intelligence had been perverted by Maxwell Lord. (Infinite Crisis, 2006)

BOCK, MACKENZIE "HARDBACK" MacKenzie Bock worked his way up through the ranks in the GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT to become a detective in the MAJOR CRIMES UNIT. Along the way he impressed many with his work ethic and was partnered with SARAH ESSEN GORDON prior to her promotion to commissioner. They were among the detectives who helped rescue RENEE MONTOYA when she was held by the criminal operation CELL SIX. His work earned him the job of running the MCU before ceding the role to MAGGIE SAWYER. During the No MAN'S LAND year, Bock left the police force to help maintain order in his home neighborhood. When JAMES GORDON retired as commissioner in the wake of his being shot by Jordan Rich, Bock was promoted to captain of the Organized Crime Unit. Little was recorded about Bock's personal life, although he was married to a woman named Dore and was nicknamed "Hardback" due to his fondness for reading hardcover books. His reading gave him a deep and broad background of knowledge that often aided his exemplary police work. (Detective Comics #681, January 1996)

BODIN, "HUSH-HUSH" Bodin earned his nickname Hush-Hush thanks to his extreme distaste for loud noises. He led a successful gang of criminals in GOTHAM CiTY until he was stopped once and for all by Batman and ROBIN. (Batman #30, August/September 1945)



A famed circus-escape-artist-turned-criminal who committed his felonies under the guise of the HUMAN KEY.

BOLES,BEETLE Beetle Boles had a lengthy criminal record that included the murder of a police officer. He was known for his brazen strategies, which worked until he was confronted by Batman and ROBIN. Noteworthy in this case was the rare assistance lent in the field by ALFRED PENNYWORTH. (Batman #42, April/May 1947)

BOLEY, JINX Jinx Boley was everything Batman imagined criminals to be: superstitious and cowardly. Boley firmly believed in the special powers possessed by the number seven and took to wearing a bulletproof vest while committing his crimes. When the escaped convict attempted to steal jewels from the Gotham Historical Society, his vest proved his undoing. Batman had installed a powerful electromagnet near the jeweis prior to

Boley's robbery attempt, and it held Boley firmly in place until he could be apprehended by the Dark Knight. (Batman #67, October/November 1951)

BOLEY BROTHERS, THE Slats, Dave, and Bull Boley were career smugglers seemingly favored by fortune. They found the BATPLANE after it crashed into a clump of trees north of GOTHAM CiTY. It had been abandoned due to equipment failure, but the brothers secured the craft before Batman could return. With their vast monetary resources, the brothers had two duplicate planes constructed, allowing the three to grow their criminal enterprise. Their attacks grew more daring and forced Batman to design and construct the next-generation Batplane, which put the brothers out of business for good. (Batman #61, October/November 1950)



Frank Bolton was a noted physicist who developed an unusual device during the course of his research. Dubbed the "illus-o-ray," the machine used two gem-shaped objects atop a shaft that refracted light-much the way a prism works. The difference, however, was that these projections would create realistic images not unlike holographic technology. The only way viewers could tell image from reality was through a pair of specially tinted glasses. Bolton's lab assistant, Parker, contacted criminal AI Framm and entered into a partnership that led to a series of spectacular crimes. The police were baffled by the false images the criminal projected, letting Framm and his cohorts abscond with vast quantities of plunder. Batman and ROBIN countered the ill us足 o-ray with their own new device, a combination radar and sonar emitter, which they fitted into the BATMOBILE in order to pierce the false images. Parker, Framm, and the "illus-o-raiders" were quickly brought to justice. (Batman #90, March 1955)



A criminal known as LOCK-UP who fought Batman on several occasions.

BOLTON, TOM Tom Bolton grew up in the shadow of his father, Mike Nolan's, criminal career. When the elder Nolan intended to confess his misdeeds to the Batman, gang leader Nick Rocco murdered Mike. Tom believed it was Batman who had killed his father, and thought the Caped Crusader was a lying coward. As a result, he went into law enforcement and became a well足 respected state trooper, trying to be everything he felt Batman was not. When the Dynamic Duo wound up partnering with Bolton on a case involving Rocco, Tom finally saw the truth. Batman's actions were also bolstered by Rocco's confession, so the grudge between cop and crime fighter became instead a friendship. (Detective Comics #65, July 1942)

Operators would then use the technology to send the subjects' minds into the minds of the recipients, controlling their actions. Kenneth Harbinger, the project's creator, was asked by the Cartel to field-test the soldiers. Outfitted with a wristband containing infrasound technology, the bodybuilders were nicknamed the Bonecrushers, given the technology's ability to reduce bone to powder without breaking the skin. A Bonecrusher was directed to commit a robbery; at the crime scene, a body was found with every bone pulverized. Batman entered the investigation and wound up confronting the Bonecrushers on several occasions. The white-hooded, brown-vested agents proved formidable, but Batman prevailed and obtained one of the transfer units. During one of the battles, Batman was injured and temporarily confined to a wheelchair. To stop the Bonecrushers and defeat the Cartel, he wound up entering the mind of Roy Kane. Kane was a test subject who had escaped the Cartel some time earlier and was found by Batman during the investigation. Unfortunately, Kane's body wound up being struck by an elevated train; while he died, Batman managed to return consciousness to his own body before he, too, died. The Bonecrusher project was exposed, and despite the Cartel trying to place the blame on WayneTech owner BRUCE WAYNE, it was implicated. Cartel members killed their Gotham coordinator, Mitchell Riordan, and withdrew operations from the United States. (Detective Comics #598-600, 1989)

BOONE Boone was the man who became known as the costumed criminal SHRIKE, a longtime foe to DICK GRAYSON, the first ROBIN.

BORDEAUX,SASHA Initially hired by


bodyguard, Sasha Bordeaux was drawn deep into Wayne's world, first as a costumed vigilante and then as a cybernetic agent for CHECKMATE. (Detective Comics #751, December 2000) Given Wayne's high profile in the worlds of business and society, Fox decided that the time had come to protect the man, even though Bordeaux was hired against Wayne's wishes. Wayne and the attractive Bordeaux were initially cold toward each other, but clearly both felt something stirring beneath the surface. To control events, Wayne slowly left clues that aroused Bordeaux's suspicions; eventually the bodyguard came to conclude that Wayne and Batman were the same person. When she finally confronted him with the knowledge, Wayne didn't deny it but insisted that if she were to continue as his bodyguard, she would also have to be a part of Batman's world. Against her better judgment, Bordeaux acqui足 esced and began training in earnest. When Bat足 man deemed her ready, she was given a mask and purple costume and joined him on nightly patrols

BONECRUSHERS,THE A secret group known as the Cartel began using WayneTech resources in the hope of creating an army of remote-controlled soldiers. The Cartel used a team of bodybuilders as guinea pigs, and each member had a bio-chip implanted in his brain.

across GOTHAM CiTY. Even though Wayne kept up pretenses as he dated women, Bordeaux realized he let none of them matter to him and couldn't help but fall in love with her newfound mentor. On orders from LEX LUTHOR, assassin DAVID CAIN killed Wayne's former lover, VESPER FAIRCHILD, and


successfully framed Wayne by leaving the body in WAYNE MANOR. Wayne and Bordeaux were found by Gotham police with Fairchild's body and were both arrested. Without giving away Wayne's secret, Bordeaux could not possibly reveal that they couldn't have committed the crime, so she remained silent, refusing all legal help. While at BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY, Bordeaux suffered in silence, getting beaten, fighting back, and holding out hope that Wayne would come to her rescue. While Wayne escaped and set out to clear his


name, Bordeaux remained to suffer. Even after he was exonerated, Wayne was slow to have Bordeaux freed. Instead she got into another prison fight and, while in the hospital, was spirited away by agents from Checkmate. The world was left to believe that Bordeaux had died from her injuries, filling Wayne with guilt. Checkmate healed her and offered to train her as an agent, even though it meant giving up her identity. She agreed and underwent plastic surgery in addition to her training. Batman, meanwhile,

didn't believe she died that easily-not with the training he'd provided her. Over time he came to suspect that Checkmate had a hand in the events surrounding her death. He set out to interfere with all of Checkmate's Gotham City operations until he forced a meeting with Bordeaux. While both admitted their attraction to each other, it was clearly not something meant to happen. She left, asking that he stay away. In short order, Bordeaux made an impression on Checkmate's management and rapidly rose to the rank of Knight, reporting to the Black King, Maxwell Lord. At the time, she was unaware that Lord was insane and intending to use Checkmate as a pawn in his plan to rid the world of meta-humans. He had already located and usurped the BROTHER I satellite from Batman and designed the nanites that would turn ordinary humans into armored cyborgs known as OMACs. (Countdown to Infinite Crisis, 2005) When Bordeaux learned the truth, she needed to warn Batman without being detected. She surreptitiously shipped the slain BLUE BEETLE'S goggles to Wayne Manor, which convinced Batman of the grave danger faced by the entire world. When he arranged a clandestine meeting with her to share intelligence, OMACs descended upon them. While Batman managed to escape, the attackers captured Bordeaux. Lord's own meta-human power of mind control failed to force her to talk, so she remained imprisoned. She was later freed by fellow agent JESSICA MIDNIGHT, who had once before tried to kill Lord. As they fled, an OMAC impaled Bordeaux­ but rather than kill her, the puncture transformed her into a new being. She was encased in a metal skin, a human-sized independent OMAC. Her lack of humanity weighed heavily on her, but she still managed to see to it that Lord was stopped at every turn. She effectively usurped his control of Checkmate by reaching out to the disenfranchised agents who'd left when Lord himself seized total control of the organization. She then used her new technological skills to develop a computer virus disabling the renamed and now sentient Brother Eye. As she uploaded the virus, Earth's super heroes unleashed an electromagnetic pulse that disabled all but two hundred thousand of the OMACs. When she next saw Batman, Bordeaux was unhappy, but he pointed out that she retained her humanity and individuality; she could never be like Brother Eye or the OMACs. She accompanied Batman into orbit in order to directly confront and destroy the sentient satellite. As they disabled Brother Eye, it crashed in Saudi Arabia, and she followed it to the surface. The satellite's central core remained intact and tried to assert control over Bordeaux's cybernetic form, which she resisted. Brother Eye revealed to her that she was unique because the satellite had 'd esig ned her nanites to prepare her as an emergency backup to the central computer core. She managed to destroy the remains of Brother Eye; with it finally offline, the metallic casing she wore began to shed from her skin. All that remained were metallic pieces around her left eye and right forearm. She returned to Europe with Midnight to help rebuild Checkmate. In the re-formed order, she was promoted to Black Queen and began a romance

with the JUSTI CE SOCIETY OF AMERICA'S MISTER TERRIFIC, who also served Chec k m ate , In her new field rol e, she displayed a willin gness t o kill without mercy , making some think she had finally shed her human ity, (Che ck m ate [se c o nd series] #1, June 20 06) On on e fateful mis sio n, she was ca ptured by th e mi ssha pen c rim inal Cha ng Tzu, who tortured her, t esting her cy borg attributes. He d et ermined that she wa s a g ood 1S pe rc ent fast er, stronger, and more ag ile th an t he w or ld 's b est Olympian. He r nan ites also repaired any o rga ni c damage done t o her body; by the tim e Batm an and the OUTSIDERS re scued her, she w as little more than a torso with stumps for limbs, unt il the nanites re constructed her. (C heckmate [second seri es] #16 , September 2007)



Carl Bork never had it easy as a child, leading t o c rim inal behavior. A s an adu lt, Bo rk took t o work ing the GOT HAM CiTY wh ar ves, earning himse lf th e nickname King of the Dock s. Some time lat er Bork was preparing t o rob a docked ship when he wound up saving th e lif e of a young boy who lived on nearby Desol at ion Island . His heroic effort w as rewarded by t he boy's fa t he r w ith the g if t of a sta t ue. Back in Goth am , t he sta tue p ro ved to have magi cal p ropert ies: It ad d ed bulk and mu scl e t o hi s b ody, as well as m ak ing him invulnerable. Newly em powered , Bor k esca lat ed his cri mi nal activiti es, lead ing t o a co nfli c t w it h Bat man. Com ing to t he Cap ed Crusader 's aid w as the FLASH, who tra ced t he st at ue's origin back to Desolation Island. The Fastest Man Alive wa s un able to destroy the statue; inst ead he hurled it int o t he sun, where it finally d isint eg rat ed, revert ing Bor k to huma n proport ion s. Fou nd gu ilt y of his cr im es, Bo rk was sen ten ced t o METROPOLIS'S Van Kull Maximu m Sec ur it y Facility. During hi s inc arce ration, th e now d estr o yed st at ue's m yst ic effects co nti nued to w ork o n his b od y, m utat ing hi m an ew. His bu lk and inv ul nerab ility return ed , allowing him t o esc a pe from pr ison . Elud in g Batman and th e Flash , he made his way t o Newark, New Jersey, to see hi s ill mother. When the heroes arrived, Bork's m other fell victim t o co ngest ive heart failu re, and Batman convin ced Bor k t o surrend er in exc hange for a promise to hel p the woman. A d ist raug ht Bo rk ag reed , and th e W AYNE FOUNDATION co v ere d th e ho spital tab. ( The Brave an d the Bold # 81, De cember 1968)

th at in cident remain unrecord ed . (JSA Classified #19, January 2007)



Grego ry Bota appea red to most peop le as a South A m eri can mil liona ire rec entl y relocated to GOTHAM CiTY, but to a selec t few he was a sc hem ing c rim inal. Bota told th e wo rld he w as fascinat ed with c rime and co llec t ed photog rap hs havi ng t o do with it . The reality wa s more sord id : Through his p let hor a of col lec te d photos, Bota fo und incri m inating evidence agai nst four of Gotham 's underworld bosses. His hope was to blackmail th e q uartet into naming him ki ng of the underworld. Instead, Batman and ROBIN t ook d own the four mobsters, and the resulting fig ht ignited a fi re t hat w ound up d estroying the bla ckmail mat eria l. Bota directed his w rath towa rd the Dyn ami c Duo and had a spe cia l g un co nst ruc te d th at cou ld sim ult aneo usly fir e bullet s while snap p ing p ictures t o p reser ve t he act. Before he coul d c arry o ut his revenge, th ou g h, Batm an and Robin apprehended him, (Batm an #64 , April/May 1951)

t o b o u nce o f f objects, Takin g th e nam e Bouncer, he use d his discovery for a series o f sp ec t acu lar cr imes in GOTHAM CiTY. Wh en th e Dynamic Duo failed to ap p rehe nd him, th e loc al med ia q uest io ned th e cr ime fi g ht ers' effec t iven ess. Final ly Batma n d eterm in ed that the b est w ay t o ap pr ehend h im w as to strai n the c rim inal's co stume's limit s. He o ut fi t t ed ROBIN and himself with e lec t ro des that ge nerated a co ld beam ; th ey tr ap p ed the Bounce r b etwee n th e two of th em , chillin g the t hief and fr eez ing th e rubber costum e in an o utsized shap e. The Boun cer was apprehend ed , at last earn ing the heroes ove rd ue praise from th e med ia. (Detective Comics #347, November 196 5) The Boun cer appeared a secon d t ime as o ne of several costu me d crimi nals wh o t oo k adva ntage of Batman's p rolonged abs ence at o ne po int. His new red cos t ume used a modificati on o f his co m po und. When Batman returned from his case ab road , th e Bounce r hoped to crush him using a high -veloci ty attack , but the Caped Crusad er's wel l-timed kick caused him to ricoch et in a confined space unt il he w as knocked uncon sciou s. (Batman #336, Jun e 1981)

BOUNCER A n unnam ed metallurg ist- t urn ed-c riminal invented a uni q ue al loy com prising rub be r, st eel, and chr ome, th e resul t o f fiv e years' resea rch. Clad in a body-sized brown su it coa te d in th e co m pound , he w as ab le to ab sorb ki ne t ic en ergy and use it

BOURDET PROFESSOR CARTER N,CHOLS w as fa sc inat ed w ith A lex ande r Dumas's story o f t he Man in t he Iron Mask, so he per suaded th e World 's Fin est t eam o f Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN to allow themselv es t o b e hy p notized and tra nsp o rt ed to the 1619 French cou rt of Lo ui s Xl V. The tr io came upon the famed Thr ee Mu sketeers-Athos, Porth os, and Aramis­ wh o were wounded by guard sm en loy al to the ev il chance llo r, Bourdet. Takin g up th e wounded m en 's swo rds, the heroes di sg uised them selves as mus ket eer s and teamed wit h D'Artag na n to save the kind ly Co unt Fern ey, wh o wa s locked in Pignerol Cast le and forc ed to w ear t he fabled iron m ask to hid e hi s id entity. The her oes fr eed Ferney and exposed Bourd et 's tr each er y to th e king. A s p unish m en t, t he ch ancel lor w as strip p ed of his t itle and sent t o th e Bastille, imprison ed for th e rest of hi s li fe in th e iron mask, (World's Fi ne st Com ics # 82 , May/J une 1956)

BOWERS, BERT Bert Bowers was a c rimi na l w ho esc ap ed custod y and hid in GOTHAM C,TY 'S Steven s Warehou se. Batman and ROBINm anag ed to tr ack him d own with the help of ACE, a hound th ey had recently rescu ed from a river. W he n Ace latc hed on to him, Bower s p rov ide d Ace with a c rime d og 's na m e, c all ing him a Bat-H ound, (Batman #92 , June 1955)

So m e t ime later, Bork wa s rel ea sed o n pa ro le and had d iffi cu lt y find ing a leg itimate job. Man y pr o spect ive empl oy er s were as wary of hi s c rim ina l record as of his gr otesquely muscular physique, Things turn ed arou nd for him when th e wealthy Josiah Power o ff ered him a position w ith his corporate her o es, Power Company. Th e ne w ly hi red asso cia t e w o rked w ith t he team fo r a t ime, ev entuall y sha ring an apa rtm en t with f ellow asso ci at e Sap p hire. (JLA #61, February 20 0 2)

Mod el ing himself after th e notor iou s Napoleon Bonapar t e, " Li t t le Na p " Boyd t o ok a ca lcu lated app ro ach to h is crim es. He w ent b eyon d t he usua l ca sing o f p otential lo c ations t o c ra ft elab orate c am pa ig ns ensuring th at his e fforts would b e

Bork w orked with Power Co mpa ny on numerou s m ission s but also did wo rk pro b o no d uri ng t im es of great cat ast ro p he suc h as th e events known as INFIN ITE CRISIS. Shortly afte r that, he was captured by th e criminal Roulette and forced to take part in her gladiatorial games, battl ing the latest person to go by the name Vul can . His wh ereabouts after

succ essful. US Sp ec ial Ag ent Jo hn O'Brie n was sho t and ki lled whi le attemptin g to arrest Bo yd during th is sp ree. Batman and ROBIN intervened to end Boyd's criminal campai gn, and they welcomed th e assistance of O'Brien's adult so ns, Tim and Nick, to acc o mplish the feat . ( Wo rld's Fin est Comics #8 , W inter 194 2)





The Bra dley fam ily enjoyed a cen tu ry-old leg acy o f adven turing th at en d ure d in GOTHAM CITY in the la st mem bers of t he fam ily, Slam an d his so n Sam . Biff, the eldes t Bradley brother, w as reco rd ed as jo urn ey ing to the le gend ary Dino saur Island in the com pany o f g unslinger Bat Lash and German flyi ng ace Hans Von Hammer in t he 19 20s . Bif f sac rif ice d his life during a con fro nt ation w ith the immor tal Vanda l Savage. ( Guns o f the Dragon 111-4 , October 1998 -J anua r y 19 9 9) His yo unger brothe r, Slam Bradl ey, w as a private inve sti ga tor who usuall y sleut hed more wi th his fist s t han his w it s in Cleve lan d and lat er New York Cit y. He o ft en fou g ht alongside his l on gtim e pa l " Sho r t y " Morgan. ( De tec tive Comics Ill, Mar ch 19 37) Another Slam Brad ley- p re sum ab ly a Sla m B radl ~y: Jr.-:-ap peared as an o ff ice r in th e METROPOLIS Pol ice D epartm ent. In the. wake o f th e reality-altering eve nt s o f INFINITE CRISIS, th e Bradley br other s va nished and on ly on e Slam Bradl ey exi st ed . This Brad ley wa s a police-o f fice r- turned -priva te -ey e in hi s six ties, wh o had spe nt his ca ree r in Go th am Ci ty . ( Detective Comics 11759, August 2001) His fir st record ed case wa s b ein g hired to inve stigate the appa rent death of CATWOMAN. SELINA KYLE, the rea l Catwoman, tu rn ed up alive and befriended Bradl ey. They foug ht a lo ng side each o th er fo r a t im e, protec t ing Gotha m 's EAST END fr om enc roac hi ng

crimi n al ac tivity. On more th an o ne occasio n Brad ley crossed pat h s w ith Bat m an, and the tw o ex pe rienc ed an un easy allia nce. Bra d ley and Ky le had a b ri ef romantic fl ing but remained loyal to eac h o t her. During this time, Slam revealed the ex istence of his son, Sam Brad ley Jr., al so nic kn am ed Slam an d an officer in th e GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. Det ails abou t Sam 's mother w ere neve r rev eal ed . Sam came to Catwo man's aid after she sho t and killed BLACK MASK. The two spe nt several mont hs c lo sin g d o w n Blac k Mask 's var io us operations, and in th e euphoria o f co m p le t ing th e ta sk, t he two ma de love. Short ly af te r learn ing that Seli na wa s p reg nan t , Sam w ou nd up be ing c ap t ured by o ther cr im ina ls sti ll loy al t o Black Mask's memory. He w as beat en and left fo r de ad. He died wi t ho ut eve r seeing his chi ld . Nine mont hs lat er, Selina g ave b irth to a d au ghter, Hel en a. Slam rem ain ed a part o f Selina's and Hel en a's lives. In an alt erna te realit y, a Slam Bradl ey wa s seen as a pol ice det ective pa rt nered w it h Jo hn Jo nes, secret ly th e MARTIAN MANHUNTER. ( New Frontier, 20 03)



Jim Brad y and A I Rorick w ere ca ree r c rim inals wh o were d isco ver ed by Bat man a nd ROBIN d uri ng t he co m m ission of a c rim e. The re sulting chase led t o GOTHAM C,TY'S underg round su bwa y syst em , w here th e cro ok s boa rded an ea rly -morn ing tr ain. Disast er st ruc k w hen Brad y t ried t o shoot a pa ssen ge r bu t hi t Rorick inst ead. A f te r th e Dy namic Duo boarded th e crowded sub w ay car, Bat m an missed be ing st ruc k by a me t al hamm er, wh ic h instead fo und t he elec trif ied t hird rail, shoc k ing Brad y t o d eat h. (Batm an # 4 3, Oc tober/Nov ember 1947 )

Su bs eq uen t ly t he bal d , green -sk inn ed co nst ruc t aban d o ned its p rogramm ing and b ecam e a re curring ne mesis to the Man of Steel. Frequentl y, t his re q uired Batm an 's assis tance. A f t er the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Brain iac w as Col ua n sc ien tis t Vri l Dox. Wh en he tr ied to ove rt hrow the Co mpu ter Tyrants of his homew orld , he w as sen te nced to d eath . Do x man ag ed t o transfer his mind to a human, Milt on Fin e, a purported men talist. (A dven t ures o f Superman 114 38 , March 1988 ) He used LEXCORP t echnology to reg ain his Col ua n fo rm and went o n to attempt to c o nq ue r Eart h and its he roes t im e and ag ain . ( For a comp lete account o f t he m any inca rnation s o f Brai niac , co nsu lt The Essen tial Superma n Encyclo ped ia.)

BRAMWELL, BRAMWELL B. Bramwell B. Bramwell was th e author o f a series o f best selling crime nov els wh o d ecided to challenge GOTHAM Cory's to p four crime bo sses. He invit ed th e ga ng ste rs- Brig ht Guy Warner, Slim Ryan, CHOPPER GANT, and Muscles Hardy-to joi n him for a "literary tea" wh ere he pr oposed to test their croo ked mi nd s. Bramwell met th em in his cast le-like reside nce and asked th em to co m m it a crime per mo nt h to dem o nst rate t heir inge nuity and mo xie. At th e co nclusio n o f that month's four crime s, Bramwell wou ld choo se a w inne r, with the p roceed s from all four crimes go ing to the cham pio n cr imi nal. The crimes began w ith a sp lash and qu ick ly d rew t he attention o f Batman and ROBIN. Bramwell mad e his ow n robbery attempt at a soci ety ben ef it for t he A llied War Relief Fund and was easily apprehended by t he Dy nam ic Duo. ( Worl d 's Finest Comics 119, Spring 1943)



W hen Eart h-2 's A laska w as ad mitt ed t o t he United States o f Am erica as its forty -n inth st at e, a w eal t hy min er named Chalmer s intended to p rese nt the new st at e w it h a gi ft : fo rt y -e ig ht magnificent jew els w it h a lar g er fo rty-ninth d iam ond. Bef or e Chalme rs co ul d m ak e his presentati on , however, th e Brady b ro th ers- Mat t , W ill, an d Bart-st ol e t he pr ic el ess tr easur e. A lerted t o the c rime by his o ld fr iend Cha lmers, Bat man journ eyed no rth w it h ROBIN and tr ac ked t he Bra dy Bro t hers . Acr o ss t he st at e, t he Dyn ami c Duo ma naged t o gai n cu sto dy o f t he fo rt y -ei g ht same -sized d iam o nd s and fina lly locate d th e larg est o ne o f t he m all . Th e Brad y Broth ers had g iven it t o t he mini ng p lant 's gu ar d , A t kin s, for his help in committ ing th e crim e. They w ere ar rest ed and sto o d t ria l for th eir cri me . ( Batman 11126, Sep tem b er 19 59 )



On Ear t h-1, Brainiac wa s a n an dr oi d const ruc t f ro m th e alien p lane t Col u. Ful fi lli ng it s pr o gramming, Brainiac t rave led amo ng t he st ars using a m in iatu rizati o n ray to c ap t ure sa m p le cit ies f ro m popu lated w or ld s, inc lud ing KANDOR f ro m t he p la net KRYPTON . W hen Bra ini ac arr ived t o co llec t a c ity fr o m Earth, he was sto p pe d by SUPERMAN, w ho rescu ed Ka ndor and kept t he b ot tl ed c ity in his fam ed FORTRESSOF SOLITUDE. (Action Com ics 11242, Ju ly 1958 )



In th e days fo llowing World Wa r II, f ly ing ace Ed d ie Br and jo ined t he g row ing f ie ld o f t est p ilo t ing. On o ne suc h f lig ht Brand 's plane cras hed , and d o ct o rs p er forme d an o p erati o n t o t ry to save hi s eye s. The emergen cy sur g e ry d id so me th ing to Brand 's v ision , allo wi ng him to see in t he X- ray spect rum . No lon g er elig ib le t o fly , Brand reso rt ed t o using hi s ne w t al ent o n the vaud evi lle ci rcuit. He soo n grew di sh ea rt ened an d bitte r, ho we ve r, as he reali zed ho w mu ch p eople feared h im for be in g differ ent. Brand fi nal ly t urn ed t oward a li fe of c ri me . He so ught o ut Milt, a c rimi na l acq ua inta nce , and t og et her th ey st ag ed a ser ies of crim es in w hic h Bran d 's X- ray v ision prove d invalua b le. Ulti m at ely th ey co nf ro nted Bat m an and ROBIN. Milt acci denta lly touched a high-voltag e w ire d uring t he b attle, elec t roc uting hims elf. Bat ma n em p lo ye d a daring psychol o g ica l ruse t o entr a p Brand , lead ing to t he m a n's co lla ps e. When he aw o ke , his u niqu e X- ray v isio n had d isappea red , leav ing his sight no rma l. Doc t or s and t he Caped Cr usad er d et erm ined t hat Bran d had been d rive n t e m p o rar ily insan e from t he co m b ina tion o f ba ttl e f at ig ue f ro m t he wa r an d tr au m a from th e crash . As a resu lt, Brand w ould no t b e pr o sec ute d fo r hi s c rime s. ( Wo rld 's Finest Com ics 1131, No vem b er/ Dec em ber 194 7)



The w est ern-st yl e cr im ina l known o nl y as the Brand arrived in GOTHAM CITY hopi ng t o st eal a hund re d

th ou sand dollars that had b een raised for a you th cen ter, The money was to b e p resen t ed by Bat m an to th e c ity's ma yor d uring a ceremo ny, but until then it was stored in th e Gotham Ban k's vaul t. The Bran d pl anned t o tunn el into the vaul t and stea l t he money, b ut w he n he fell be hi nd sched ule, he ca me up w ith a delay ing ta ctic so the ce re mony w ould be postpone d . De spite th e e laborate p lan , th e Bran d fai led to g et t o th e m on ey in t im e-t he de lay t ip p ed o ff Batman and ROBIN t o t he pe nd ing crime. He and his m en were app rehe nded, and t he mo ne y wa s do nat ed t o th e ci ty. (Ba tman # 137, February 1961)

BRANDO,WOLF - - -- -


O nce d ecl ared public enemy number on e, W olf Br an d o escaped prison and sought ref ug e in th e ma nsio n of BRUCE WAYNE. There Br and o acci d e nt ally d isco vered the entrance to the BATCAVEan d rea lized he now knew th e secret of Batm an' s ide nt ity. Th e Caped Cr usa der and Boy W on d er fo llowed him thro ug h th e ca t aco m b s un ti l Br and o, star tle d by a flock of ba ts t hat fl ew in hi s pat h, fell t o his de ath in an undergro u nd w h irlpoo l. ( Ba t ma n # 4 8, A ug ust! Sep te mber 19 4 8 )



In a poten ti al t hirtieth ce nt ury, hu man k ind was e nslaved by Sat u rn's warl ord Fura. Brane and his co mpa nion Ric ky took up an ages -o ld tr ad it io n. Bra ne sa id he w as t he twentiet h direct d esce nda nt o f BRUCEW AYNE and was going to b e a new Batman , co mi ng t o Ea rt h's aid. His inspirati on ca me f rom f ilm foo tage of Batman and ROBIN in ac t io n, res c ued fr o m a time c apsu le dating ba ck t o th e 1939 New York W o rld 's Fair. Donning the t radit ion al ga rb of t he Dynam ic Duo, Brane and Ricky in sp ired t he rest o f humanki nd to fi gh t t he ir robotic opp resso rs. The f ut ur e Ba tman an d Rob in to ok the st rug g le back t o Sat u rn, w he re t hey confro nte d Fu ra him sel f. The warlo rd esca pe d into space, foll ow ed by a dete rm ined Brane. During th eir battle in the va cuum o f space, Br ane rip ped Fura' s space suit, and t he co nq uero r su ffoca te d in spac e. (Ba tman # 26 , Decem ber 1944/Ja nua ry 1945 ) Bra ne 's exp loits w o ul d p ro ve in sp irati ona l a centu ry lat er to his descenda nt BRANE TAYLOR.

BRANE, PROFESSOR L. M. _ _ L. M. Br an e wa s a theatrical agent wh o used his ski lls t o m oonlight as a booking ag ent for cr imi nal ac tivi t y. He would provide specialized t al ent to crim in als in need , ensuring that th e ir ro bbe rie s w ent off w it hout a problem . One such pl a n inv olved b lac kin g o ut part of GOTHAM CiTY, w hich wo u ld all o w bl ind c rim inals to eas ily navigate aro un d t he Go tham Ci t y Ban k and steal a gold shi p men t . Ba tm an and ROBIN strug g led at fir st in t he d ark but learned to c o m p ensa t e. Th ey t he n tr ac ked d own Bra ne , arresting him a nd a b and of dea f c rimi na ls bef ore th ey cou ld ro b rec eipts from a wa r bo nd d rive . (World's Fin est Comics #18 , Sum m er 1945)



A g am b ling cza r, Brann was also know n as th e DAGGER.



Brentwood Academ y w as a priva te high school lo c at ed near GOTHAM CiTY. JACK DRAKE was a widowe r fr eq uen tly t ravelin g on business, so he decided th at his teenag e so n TIM DRAKE sho u ld live at th e sc hool. Tim 's see m ing ly erra tic comi ngs and goings co ntrib ut ed t o thi s decision-Jack did not know th at at th e time, hi s so n w as al so spe nding ti m e as ROBIN the Teen W on d er. To ease the b oy's t ransiti o n, BRUCE W AYNEasked his butler A LF RED PENNYWORTH to joi n Tim at Brentw oo d . Tim easily made new frie nd s, sta rti ng wi th hi s room m at e, A li Ben Khadi r, who hailed from the sma ll Asian country of Dh ab ar. Be ing th e co unt ry's religious leader meant that he, t o o, had a co m p an io n, a muscular man named Dhabar. Tim sti ll m anag ed his Robin career, creating a so upe d -up ska te boa rd t o g et around campus and t he envi ro ns, He also ma inta ine d his romantic relationship w ith SPOILER , so the d istan ce d idn 't hurt hi s cr ime fi gh t ing . Duri ng Tim 's t im e at th e academy, t he scho ol saw it s sh are of od di t ies-fro m the arriva l of MAN­ BAT t o a ph oto shoot co nd uc ted by Jen nie-Ly nn Hayd en (secre t ly th e crime fighter Jad e) gone aw ry

In a biza rre tw ist o n t he p riso n system, Scar Brink bu ilt a prison t hat hous ed members of law enforcem en t, estab lish ing him self as t he wa rden .

w he n th e sc hool's m ascot w as stole n. Eventually Jack rel ented an d let Tim return hom e. (Ro bin #74, March 2000)



A nthony Bressi was a GOTHAM CiTY mo bs t er w ho ran a larg e protection rack et wh en Batman f ir st bega n hi s war on crime. Bressi co nt inue d to co nd uc t hi s ill egal business despite th e pr ol if erat ion of cos t um ed crim e fighters. (Robin 11/: Cry of th e Huntress #1, December 1992) He refu sed KILLER MOTH'S o ffer of p rotec ti o n from th e "capes" and co ntinued t o oppose Batma n, BATGIRL, and th e HUNTRESS th rou g h t he yea rs. "To ug h Ton y" Bressi live d in a mans ion in Gotham's Som er set neigh b o rh o od un ti l it was destroyed by Killer Moth and F,REFLY in a reven g e sc he me co mplic ate d by Bat girl an d BLACK CANARY. He wa s not seen afte r th at incident. ( Batgir l Year One # 6 - 7, Jul y-August 2003)

BRIDESHEAD Th e Brideshead sect ion o f GOTHAM CiTY incl ud ed Pin kn ey Square, w ith its sta t ue o f archi te c t Cy rus Pinkne y. The Coit Pyramid bu ild ing ( o nc e ow ned by mob ster Ramon Bracud a) w as o n Mott St ree t. (Showcase '93 #1, January 1993 )

The p ri son, lo cated o n a str etch of isol at ed m ar shland near GOTHAM CiTY, w as infi ltra ted by Batman and ROBIN until th ey w ere discove red and becam e inmates. Once inside, th e Caped Crusader in cite d a p rison revo lt th at t urned th e t abl es o n Bri nk an d his men, who soon fou nd t he m selves insid e t he cel ls w hile m em b ers of the GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT ar ri ved t o t ake charge (Batman #71, June/Ju ly 19 52)



Bristol was an upscal e nei ghborho od in northern GOTHAM C,TY, about t en k ilom et ers from th e c it y p roper and to on e side o f t he Go t ham Tunnel o n Bristo l Parkway, Spi llk in Hill looked d own ove r the city. Br ist o l was home t o b ot h BRUCE W AYNE and LUCIus Fox, t he latter resid ing at 375 Spran g Street. Al so of note: the Br ist o l Pike Drive- In, the Br ist ol Cou ntry Club's Senec a Lod g e, and Go tha m Cem e te ry. (World's Fin est Comics # 28 6 , December 198 2)



Th e Bron ze Tig er was a ma rtial -a rtls t- turned ­ cri m e-fi ghter who fe ll under t he sway o f t he SENSEI and k illed KATHY KANE, BAT WOMAN, on Eart h-l. Ben Turner grew u p in Ce nt ral Ci t y w her e, at age ten, he killed a burgl ar robb in g his home , It was the first manifestati on o f a deep inne r rage that Ben barely kept co nta ine d . Choosi ng t o c ha nne l this rage, Turn er, at t hirt een , b eg an m art ial arts t rai ni ng, While hon in g h is skills, Be n ne ver lo st t he anger, b ut he also came t o enjoy infl ic tin g v io lence on ot he rs . Recogni zing t hat if t he rag e was le ft untrea t ed , he wou ld wind up in ja il, Turner traveled t o th e Far East. A fte r rejec t ing severa l t each er s w ho wa n ted t o exp loi t, not co nt ro l, hi s feeling s, Turn er fo un d th e O -Se nse i, w ho reco gnized hi s troubl ed spirit. He al so me t fell ow A m er ic an Ric ha rd Dr ag on , a nd t he t w o fo rm ed a t ight f riendsh ip th at has en d u re d through t he year s. Retu rni ng t o t he St at es, Tur ner an d Dr ag on worked as agen t s f o r Ki ng Faraday and t he Cent ral Bureau of Intelligen c e. (Ric ha rd Dr agon, Kung Fu Fighter #1, April/M ay 19 75) When they were assig ned to d ism antle the LEAGUE OF ASSASSINS, Turn er cam e un d er th e sw ay

BRIGGS Br ig g s wa s a wea lthy ar ch it ect w ho wa s also t he lead er o f a cr imi nal o perati o n. His pecul iar passio n was to purc hase p rized b uild ing s an d have them moved, b rick by br ick, to a pr iva t e island hid eaway. W hen he w as dyin g, Br ig g s told his nu mber two hen ch m an Ca t lin about a series of c lues to a fabulou s t reasure. Catlin se t out to find thi s prize, ac co m pa nied by fell ow cri mi na ls Hoke and Da nn y. They we re tra ile d by th e Dyn am ic Duo , who a rrived in t im e t o reco ve r t he t reasur e-a weal t h of it em s stolen f rom museum s- bef o re Ho ke and Da nny cou ld doubl e-c ro ss Cat lin an d t ake the st ol en goods for themselves , A ll three wound up ar rest ed , a nd the items were return ed t o t heir resp ective mu seum s. (Batman #147, May 1962)


of the man ip ulative Sensei. He brainwashed Turner into associating hi s rage and anger w ith a tige r mask. Wh enever Turn er donned the Bronze Tiger ma sk, he became an engine of destruction, controlled entirely by the Sensei. The Bronze Tig er was a fearsome opponent. Op erating across three different co nt ine nt s, he wa s kept so busy, he rarely took the mask off. When the Sensei and RA's AL GHUL cam e into con flict , the Tige r wa s sent into battle, ultimately d istra cting Batman in a fight long enoug h for one of th e others to kill Kathy Kane. (Detective Comics #485, August/September 1979) Eventually Ben Turner wa s resc ued fr om the Sens ei, and while th e proce ss took years, th e psychologica l damage w as u nd one. A s a result, when Batman needed t o inva d e SANTA PRISCA t o rescue JACKDRAKE and SHONDRAK,NSOLVING, he trusted Turner enoug h to recruit him for a team including GREEN A RROWand Gypsy. In the .r.ealj t y after INFINITE CRISIS, Turner never ki lled Kat hy Kan e, so his relati o nshi p to t he Batma n remain s une xplored.

BROOKS, PAULA On Earth-2, Paula Bro ok s w as an athlete-turned­ cost umed -c rim inal who operated as the HUNTRESS.

BROTHER EYE When Batman learned that the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA had voted to use ZATANN A'S mag ic to alt er the minds of crim inals, he objected . Zatanna th en da red to use her magic, era sing ten minutes from the Dar k Kn ight's mem ory so he would not rec all witnessing th e vote and it s aftermath. Some year s later Batman 's memory healed itself, and he grew susp ic io us of hi s fellow Leag uer s. In secret he used te chnology originally d esigned by Pseudo pers on s, Inc., p rogramm er Buddy Blank, who d esigned the prototype Brother I. ( Co un td o wn #3 0 , 2007) . Batman co nst ructed a ma ssive satellite, also dubbed Brother I, to monitor the world 's sup er­ heroic acti v it y, seeki ng lawbreakers. (Identity Crisis #1-7, A ug ust 2004-February 20 0 5) Soon af ter it achi eved orb it, the satelli t e wa s usurped by Alexander Luthor, the so le survivo r of a parall el universe known as Earth-3, and g iven alternate pr ogramming, boost ing its level of artifici al intelli gence. Brother I wa s then used to help de f ine co or d inates for co nst ruc t io n of a tower th at would ch annel energ ies cull ed fro m m eta-human s to turn the universe back into a mu lt iver se. (Infinite Crisis #1-7, December 200S-June 2006) After that, Maxwell Lord , on ce the ben efa ctor to th e Justice League, also d iscovered th e satelli te and took permanent co nt ro l of it. Brother I took to calling Lo rd " teach er." At the sam e time, Lord had seized co ntro l of the governm ent spy organizat ion CHECKMATE, and with it he laun ched a mad sc he m e to w ip e ou t the Earth's meta-humans. He used a nan ov iru s, co nst ruc te d from advan ced futu re technology that had been modified by the US Departme nt of Defen se and LEXCORP, to turn normal human s int o armored battl e cyborgs dubbed OMACs-Observational Meta-human Activity Con structs, A s his plan unfolded, he came int o co nf lic t with SUPERMAN an d W ONDER W OMAN . Using hi s own meta-human power to co ntro l mind s, he


took co nt rol of the Man of Steel and nearly ki lled first Batman, then Wonder Woman . Seeing no other choic e, the Amazon snapped Lord 's neck , ki lling him . (Sup erm an: Sacrifice, 2005) No on e realized that Lord 's death triggered a program called KinglsDead , which acti vated all 1,373,462 infec ted humans as OMACs, terrorizing the world. Brother I ren amed its elf Brother Eye and soug h t to turn world opinion against the

her oes by endlessly st ream ing footage o f Wonder W oman's murder of Lord worldwide. As the super heroes battled the OMACs, Batman soug ht to stop his own crea ti on from destroying the wor ld. An electromagnetic pulse was unl eashed, short­ c irc uit ing most of the OMACs-but even that wa s not enough. The disruption acti vated Brot her Eye 's " Trut h and Ju st ice " protocol , sending the rem ai ning two hundred thousand OMAC s to attack

the Amazo n Princ ess's hom e o f Them ysci ra, in t ent on killing eve ryo ne. Rat her than lo se m o re lives, Wonder W oman encou rage d her sisters t o remove t hems elves from t he morta l p lane, and the islan d va nished , (In fin it e Crisis, 20 0 5) In t he wa ke of t he OMACs' defeat, Batman took a cad re of heroes into spac e, includin g GREEN LANTE RNS Hal Jordan and Jo hn St ew ar t, GREEN A RROW, M'STER TERRIFIC, BLACK LIGHTNING, BLACK CANARY, BLUE BEETLE, METAMORPHO, Boo st er Go ld , and SASHA BORDEAUX. Th e new Blue Beetl e used his myst ic sc ara b to find th e ca m o ufla ge d

to go o ut into th e w orld an d k il l t he be st martia l art ists ali ve, so no ne w o uld further c hallen ge their sup rem acy. Rep resent at ives loya l t o t he Bron ze Mo nkey made t he fir st str ike , attacking fo rmer spy Ed d ie Fyer s. After Fy er s shot them all rat her than figh t t hem, he wa rn ed his frien d CONNOR HAWKE, w ho had prev io usly d ef eat ed t he Silver Mo nkey in combat. A t tha t time Haw ke, so n of GREEN A RROW, was in Gotha m Cit y investig at ing illeg al arm s b eing dea lt by his step fath er, Milo A rm itag e. He and th e Batman had teamed up and w ere tracin g the d eal to a facili ty

Paper Mo nkey, see m ing ly fig ht in g her own peop le. Seeing Hawke, she c hallen g ed him , revealing her true id enti t y as the d ead ly fig ht er LADY SHIVA. She took o ut Nig htwing w it h a sin g le k ick w hile eas il y ig no rin g Hawke's arrows. It wa s clear t hat Sh iva lived for t his fig ht-it had b ecome obvio us to her t hat Haw ke was t he great est li vi n g chall enge t o her skill s, The t w o battled . Dur ing t he confrontat ion Hawke learn ed that, shou ld he d efe at her, he w o uld assu me t he lead ershi p o f t he Brotherh o od, making him the grea t est living martia l ar t ist in th e w orld. Good a s Hawke w as, Shiva wa s b etter, an d

sate llit e, and Batman cra shed t he ir ve ssel in to Brot her Eye . Batman p rovided d istract ion wh ile Sasha Bordeau x, aided by ORACLE, uploaded a co ncentration of all known computer viru ses into Brother Eye 's operating syst em. The other heroes used their var iou s powers to sho rt out system s or destroy parts of the unit. Mi st er Terrifi c finally ma naged to take Brot her Eye o ut of orbit , and

used by the KOBRA CULT, w he re th ey were surprised to find a coll ect ion o f b o dies . Among them was Add er, co nsid ered to be a to p martial arti st in the cri m inal underworld , A sw arm of Emerald Monkey di sciples descend ed up on th e duo, who handled th em easily-but th e faci lity wa s de stroyed . Almost immediately Batman and Hawke were a t t ac ked by th e Ivory Monkey tea m, figh tin g the

the ma chine cra shed in to the Earth, seemingl y destroyed as it landed in Saudi Arabia . Brother Eye wa s not entirely deactivated, though : Over time, repair programs came onl ine and a warped versio n wa s rebuilt. It s programm ing determine d that all human life sho uld be w iped o ut, although it also d ispla yed sc hi zo ph renic tende ncies. The physical she ll wa s t aken by NO RA D for safeke ep in g . A fina l human, Mic hael Co st ner, po ssessed th e last act ive O MAC-now known as O m ni Mind and Communit y- na noviru s and came int o co nf lict w it h his "c reator." ( OMAC [seco nd series] # 1, September 20 0 6) The Bro ther Eye wa s. bu ilt bec ause Batman d istru st ed his fellow heroes, qu estio ning t he ir m otives as we ll as th eir mora ls. In th e end , th e Dark Kn ig ht no t only reg a ined t he ir t ru st , bu t restored his ow n faith in hi s co stu m ed co llea gu es as w e ll. The damag e done w as ex t ensive and long lasti ng , bu t the resul t ma y have lef t the wo rld of heroes a st ro ng e r one,

heroes in th e snowy hill s o uts ide Gotham City. The battle triggered an avalanche, with the Dark Kn ight savi ng the Em erald Ar c her. W ith Batman preoccupied , it fell to a v isiting N,GHTWING and Rob in t o lo ok after Gotham 's c it ize nry, making th em ta rg ets for th e St ee l Monkey fight ers. Given thei r tr aining , th e heroes qu ic k ly p rev ailed. Edd ie Fyer s arr ive d in time to save them fro m bei ng speared by yet ano th er br anch of the Brothe rhood. Mea nw hile ot he r ma r tia l artists around the wo rld w ere also b eing attacked , incl ud ing Batman's for m er O UTSIDERS t eam mate KATANA, Hub Cit y 's QUESTION, an d t he Jud o m aste r. Once Nightwing an d Robin lea rned of t he Brot herho od 's p lans fr om Fyers , they sp read the word v ia ORACLE. Whe n O rac le got in t ouch w ith her fie ld age nt BLACK CANARY, she wa s alrea dy engaged in a b at tle aga inst ove rw helming od ds , Her sav ior p ro ved to b e t he BRONZE TIGER, w ho w as also drawn int o th is str ugg le. Toge th er they sou g ht the Brot herho od's base o f operation s nea r th e Burma-C hi na bord er,

she d efeated hi m . A s sh e p repared for th e killi ng Leopard Blo w, Robin got between them, ca ll ing in a debt she owed hi m for sav ing her life so me time ba ck . Wh ile she refused to acknowl edge th e debt, she did sp are Hawke's life, saying t hat she resp ec t ed Rob in 's co u rag e. It did m ean , though, that she and the Teen Wonder wou ld have to batt le each ot her so m e fu tu re day. ( Green Arrow #134 , Dete ctive Comics #723, Robin #55, Nightwing #23 ,

BROTHERHOOD OF THE FIST Th e Broth erhood of t he Fi st was an Asia n order d ed icated to sp eci fic fighting forms with in the world of m art ia l ar t s. Eac h form 's ma ste r wa s named for a sp eci fi c property-ob sidian, ivo ry, paper-and ha d a cult of fo llo w ers. The fewer members a d iscipline had, t he more d iffi cult it wa s. Ch ief amo ng the Brotherhood w as the Monkey King . Named for a legend from Ch ina, the Monkey King wa s know n as a fighter unequaled o n Earth or in Heaven . It took the m yth ical being Buddha to tri ck th e Mon key King into submission, and the Brotherhood w as bu ilt aro und this legend ary figure. High est wi thi n th e Brotherhood w as t he SILVER MONKEY,w ho doubled as a me rce nary and fi rst arr ived in GOTHAM CiTY to ful fill a co nt ract to assassinate th e criminal KINGSNAKE. The Silver Mon key and th e lead er of the GHOST DRAGONSw ere so evenly matched that the fight wa s only st o pp ed after ROBIN interfered , fo rcing th e Silver Monkey to leave, the contract incomplet e. (Detec tiv e Comics #685, May 1995) By selli ng hi s sk ills, the Silver Monkey wa s said to hav e shame d the Brotherhood . To restore the Brotherhood 's name and purity, t he leaders decided

Soon after, Bat man gath ered hi s team, alo ng with Haw ke, recog niz ing t hat th ey wou ld best wi t hstand the Bro t her hood as a un it ed for ce , What t hey d id no t co u nt o n wa s th e Bro t her hood hir ing the d eadly DEATHSTROKE t o tak e o ut Fyer s, w hi ch pla ced the heroes in a co nfro nta tion with the fastest, most d angerous me rc enary al ive. Surviv ing that, Fyer s decid ed to take the fight ba ck to the Brotherhood. After he left, th e fem al e known as the Paper Monkey c hallenged Hawke directly, in structing the Brotherhood that Robin be left alone. Members of th e Ob sidian Monkey cul t cha lle nged her and pa id w it h th eir lives. Dea ling with the Obs id ian Mon key d eaths exposed Batma n's t eam to an at tack from the Bambo o Monkey. Thi s fighter bested both Ni gh t w ing an d Rob in before succ umbing t o Haw ke. A s eve nts unfolded in Gotham, bot h Blac k Canary and the Bronze Tig er fell vi ctim to the Brot herhood's number s and were taken prisoner. Fyer s tracked down th e Fist's b ase and was finally c o nfro nt ed by Deathstroke, narrowly escap ing with h is lif e. He freed the Can ar y and t he Tiger, t rapping th e Silver Monkey in th e process. The cos t um ed crime fighter s fi nally fou nd t he

Green Arrow #135, Jul y-August 1998) The Brotherhood 's ranks were severely d epl et ed , it s head quarters co m p ro m ised , and it s existe nc e made known to the world's super heroes. It wou ld ta ke the members so me t ime before they cou ld o nce more cha llenge t he w o rld 's ot her mart ial artists.

BROWN, ARTHUR A mult ip le-t im e lo sing cri mina l, he had a b rief c areer as t he costu m ed c rim in al CLUE",ASTER.

BROWN, STEPHANIE The CLUEMASTER'S o nly child , she sou gh t to b e his opposite, a hero, and de sperate ly t ried to fight c rime as the SPOILER.



B. Bos we ll Brow ne was Batma n's self -appo inted b iographe r. He ama ssed a wea lt h of memorab ilia and wrote a vo lume about the Dar k Knight Dete ct ive. His efforts caug ht the attent ion of a criminal kn own as t he Conjurer, w ho po sed as a journa list to gain acce ss to Brow ne, The Conjurer aske d leading question s, lea rn ing how Batman foug ht and where he might have weaknesses. Brow ne eventual ly ca ug ht o n t o the Conjurer's p lan and proved essent ia l in Batman's eventual apprehension of the clo ake d cri mi nal. (Batman #17, June/July 1943 )



Brule wa s not only a success fu l cattl e ran ch er but al so the sec re t leader of a gang o f bla ck ­ market rustler s. The sch em e wa s undone b y t he arriv al of Batman a nd ROBIN, ai ded by local ranc hers w ho'd bee n v ict im iz ed by Br u le. He re sis t ed ar re st a nd too k ai m at Rob in b ut w as fat ally sho t by the local she r iff . (Batman # 21, Fe bru a ry/ Ma rc h 194 4 )

BUCHINSKY, LESTER The seco nd man to become t he shocking v ig ilant e known as the ELECTROCUTIONER.



Ji b Bu ck ler was a sw indler who c ra ft ed an elaborate sc hem e to rob su n ke n v esse ls in


Gotham Harbor. The plan call ed for Buckler to torpedo a b oat . let it sink, and c laim salvag e r ig hts. He w ou ld t hen find a sa lva ge c o m p any, pl ead poverty. a nd se ll the sa lvage right s, p ocketi ng th e in ves t me nt . Before th e co m p a ny c ou ld arr ive to d o its wo rk . th o ugh, Bu ckl er would surrept it iou sly raid the wreck a nd take th e sa lvag e for h im self, which he would then fen ce for huge pr o fits . A f t e r es cap in g in hi s custom ­ built "s u b mo bi le," he would then d es t roy th e wrec k to c o ve r hi s t racks . Hi s efforts weren 't g o o d enou gh, th ough : H e w as d iscovere d by Batman and ROBIN . As he attempted to fle e, Buckler cra shed the submobil e int o a stockpil e o f torpedoes and died in the result ing explosion . ( W o rld's F ine st Co m ics # 14, Su mm er 1944)



A youth named Hector grew up in the wake o f w itnessing hi s parents' doubl e homi cide. leaving him 'with th e co m p ulsio n t o b e a voyeur. He channeled th is o bsess io n into beco mi ng an expert w ith survei lla nc e eq ui pment, eve nt ua lly co m ing t o th e a t te nt io n o f inte rn at io nal cr im ina l A THENA, w ho recr uited him in to he r NETWORK operation . Bugg used increasin gl y so p hist icate d d evi ce s to infiltrat e any location Athena found of intere st; he would t hen monitor t he multip le feed s, cl ai m ing he never sle p t . After Bat ma n d estroyed th e Network, Bugg wa s arr est ed . ( Ba t m an Fam ily #1-8, December 20 02 - July 2003)



The Bullet-Hole Club was an exclu sive club for GOTHAM CITY po lice offi cers wh o had been shot while o n duty. To joi n, the extract ed bullet had to be pr esented fo r inspect io n. A t the t im e the cl ub w as ch ro nicle d , Bat man was its preside nt , earn in g th e rank by having t he largest number of wounds, nin e. (Wor/d's Fin est Com ics #SO. Februa ry/March 1951)



Harvey Bullock w as a GOTHAM CITY poli c e detec t iv e w it h a checkered ca reer t hat in cl ud ed co rrup tio n, a detour into g overn m ent work, and ultimately d isgrace and red emption, (D etecti ve Comics #441 , June 1974) In it ially Bul lock w as a ca reer po lic e offic er, wo rki ng his w ay up to detective. His love of films fr om t he 194 0 s and 1950s in f lue nced his career c ho ice. A ll alo ng, he distru st ed Batman. Duri ng Batman's early yea rs in Gotham , Bullock also foun d himself investi gating such fel o ns as HELLHOUND. (C at wom anAnnual #2 , 199 5) W it h his p al and fe llow c o p JACK CRANE, Bullock spe nt a good deal of time at t he Pol ic e Youth Lea g ue BUilding. ( Detec tive Comics # 528. Ju ly 198 3) The sergeant was eventu ally seduced by the rampant c o rr up tio n pervasiv e throu ghout Gotham City g ove rnmen t and fell und er th e influence o f Mayor HAMILTON HILL. Bullock w as ask ed to hel p ruin JAMES GORDON'S ca ree r as pol ice com m issio ne r. Give n Gord o n's g rowing he alt h issues at the t im e, Hill forc ed t he co m m issio ne r t o acc ept Bullock as an aid e. ( De tec t ive Com ics # 527, June 19 8 3) Thereafter, th e twenty-year vet eran, already a


slo p py dresser and overweight, d eve lop ed clumsy hab it s that just hap pe ned to spoil one c rim e scene afte r another. Bulloc k's haras sm ent of Go rd o n co nt inued unabated, in clud in g tra shing th e co m missio ner's f iles. He p hon ed in a fal se ala rm about a cri tically wounded Batman, arrang ing co m p ressed spring s in the drawer where Go rd o n kept his ca r keys. The co llec ti ve jo lt of t he phone call and the sp ri ngs leap ing o ut at him tr ig gered a heart attac k. ( Ba tman # 364, Oc tobe r 1983) Bullock felt gr eat g ui lt and co nfes sed his sins t o a c o m at o se Go rd o n, alt ho ugh he w as ov erheard by Gord o n's nie ce BARBARA GORDON. When Hill tried to m anipulate ev ent s so that Bullock w ound up the next co m m issio ne r, the cop ref used . The new ly ref ormed Bu llo c k w as overly zea lous in me nding his w ays, however, so hi s clums iness w as no longer an act . Hi ll st ill w anted Gordo n ou t o f off ice and ad d ed reven g e aga inst Bullock to his to-do list. Instead Gordon and Bullock, aid ed by Batman, slo w ly bu ilt up a cor rup t io n ca se aga inst Hill. The mayor at te m p te d t o kill Det ect ive Bu lloc k but seve re ly w o unded him in st ead. As Bullock recuperat ed , Batman orchestrated eve nts to ex p o se Hill' s v illainy o n televi sion , leading to hi s quiet surrender to Gordon. A recovered Bullock joi ned Gordon in a ca re full y choreog rap hed double­ tea m in g o f th e next mayor, GEORGE P. SKOWCROFT, puttin g him o n notice th at things had to remain on the st ra ig h t and narrow. It was Bull o ck who f irst no ti ced that JASON TODD see m ed sm all er and younger t han t he previou s ROBIN and brought hi s suspicions to Gordon. The co m m issio ne r kne w all about t he sec on d Boy W onder and co nf irme d Bulloc k's th eor y. This led

Bullock and Ro b in to form a friend ship highlighted by their work to gether to sto p t he FILM FREAK. ( Ba tm an #395- 396, May-June 19 8 6 ) Bull o ck on ce at te nded a d et ective co nve nt io n in Las Veg as alo ngside suc h lu m inaries as Jon ny Do uble , Chr istop her Chanc e, Jonni Th under. and A ng e l O'Day (C ris is on Infinite Earths #11 , February 1986 ) . He was a lso sent to Washington, D.C., for a three-week semi nar th at wo uld change hi s life . While th ere , h is running vo cal c o m me ntary caugh t th e attention o f sem ina r or ganizer Harry Stei n. More im p o rt ant ly, Bu llo c k's sharp detective ski lls help ed Ste in lo cate a mis sing quarry, and th e two quickly returned to Gotham Cit y on the hunt. (Vigilante #45 -46, Septem be r- October 1987 ) In t he wa ke of th e ir succ ess, Bull oc k rem ai ned a lia ison w it h th e fed er al govern me nt . When Stei n t o o k co ntro l o f th e espi o nage ag enc y CHECKMATE, he offered Bull o ck a positio n as Bis ho p. Bu llock, un c ertain of the future, took a leave of absence from the force and retained hi s rent-controlled apart m ent wh ile re locating t o W ash ington. (C heckm ate! #1, Ap ril 19 88) Despite his successes w ith Checkma te, Go t ham remai ned his ho me . When the JOKER bru t ally shot Bar bara Gord on and ca pt ured t he co m missi o ner, Bullock rushed to Gotham. (Batman : The Killing J oke, 1988) He di d eventually leav e Checkmate, and hi s first case bac k ho m e w as an invest ig at io n o f th e Garbag e Man murders. (Ba tma n: Turnin g Points # 3, 200 0) Bullock wa s seen as a larg e r- t ha n-li fe m em ber of Gotham 's MAJORCRIMES UNIT, He had a reput ation that w as less than st e llar, with accusati ons fl ying about t hat he too k br ibe s, used bruta lity to acc o m p lish h is g oal s, and w as in t he p oc ket o f o rga nized crime.

He spoke o ut regu larly aga in st t he vig ilante tac tics em p loyed by Bat man and g rudgingly collabo rate d on cases w hen the re was no o t he r cho ice . He was partnered at th is t ime w ith RE NEE MONTOYA and t he t w o, at fir st, did not" work well togethe r, (De tec ti ve Comics #64 4, May 1992 ) Wh en Batman wa s injured by BANE and rep laced by JEAN- PAUL VALLEY, Bullock found himself almost approv ing o f t he new Bat ma n's far more br uta l methods. However, whe n Bullock rea lized t hat Valley had kill ed ABATTOIRbefore learn ing t he w herea bou ts o f a v ict im, he t urned o n t he new Caped Crusader. (Shadow of the Bat #28, Ju ne 1994 ) Bu lloc k nearly died soon after w he n the KGBEAST to ssed a me tal drum at the cop. Robi n perfor med lifesaving CPR, and Bu llo ck remained in a coma for m ore t han three days. One o f his duty nurses, Charlotte, ag reed to go out w ith h im after his discharge. Their budding relat ion ship was cut short when a would-be carjacker ap proached them afte r a da te . A s Bu llo ck reached for th e keys , th e crimin al pan icked and fired , mortally wounding Char lo tte. ( Ba tma n #520, July 19 9 5) Bullo ck had t roub le adjusting in t he after math and w ent beyond reaso n in dea ling wit h MISTE R POLKA DOT, resulting in Montoya reques t ing a new partner. The d isgruntl ed cop wa s the n partnered with Kev in Soong, although it proved a short-lived relationship after Soong ret ired ear ly, the result of being wounded in the line of duty. (Batman: GCPD #1-4 , A ugust -November 1996 ) Some t ime a fter tha t , Bull ock received a tem pt 足 ing offer from BLACK MASK . The de ranged criminal offered hi m a da ta disk filled wit h inc ri m inat ing informati on o n most of Go tham 's active u nd er足 world, in exchange for t he cri m inal Johnny Poodles avo id ing trial and be ing set fre e. Bu llo c k p layed his o w n game aga inst Black Mask, thoug h, accept ing th e di sk and secret ly using its info rm ati o n for a stunn ing str ing of arrests . He also infiltrated Black Mask 's FALSE FACE SOCIETY in an at tempt to find enough information to take down Johnny Poodles. It requ ired t he Batman's help, but t he cr iminals we re ult im at ely arrested , and Bullock p rov id ed t he testimony tha t sea led Pood les's fa te . (Batma n: Bullock's Law #1, 1999 ) Bullock b roke his arm du ring the case , and he piled o n other injuries as Gotham City endured a devastating earthquake t hat led to it s b eing c ut off from t he fed eral gove rn ment. The d oug hnut-lovi ng d et ect ive rem ained an act ive and useful m em be r o f the force , th ough, beloved by his brothers and .sisters in bl ue. He burn ished his reputation by remaining in Gotham af ter th e governmen t withdrew it s support during the yearlong time known as No MAN'S LAND. It was during that yea r th at TIM DRAKE, th e third Robin, earned Bull o c k's respect . Bull o c k, ba t tered and torn, helped keep the fragil e peace alongside Go rdon. The scarc ity of sup p lies forced him to fina lly break his doughnut habit , lose weight, lower his cholesterol, and give up smoking his b eloved ci ga rs. As t he c it y pr ep ared to reo p en to the rest o f t he co un tr y, Gordon promoted Bull oc k to lieutenant and p laced him in c harg e o f t he Major Cr imes Un it . (Detective Comics #742, March 2000) Fro m Bu llo ck's perspective, there would be no

crime mo re maj o r than t he sho oting of Gordon o n his b irt hd ay (Batm an #587, Marc h 2001 ) and t he fac t t hat his assailant , Jordan Reynolds, wo uld go free . Bullock went so far as to stop Montoya from brea king t he law to get at Reynolds, w ho was enr olled in t he fed eral Witness Protect io n Pro g ram. The next time anyo ne saw Jo rd an Reyn ol d s's apartment, it had been st ripped of all its contents, a trail of b lood leading out its shattered door frame. (Batman: Gotham Knights #13, March 2001 ) Suspe cted b ut never co nvic ted o f killin g Rey nolds, Bu llock was finally d isg raced enough t o leave t he G.C.P.D. Briefly he atte mpted a new career as a private eye, bu t he soon fell int o de press io n and alco ho lism . Some six mont hs after Bat m an left Gotham City in the wake of the events known as INFINITE CRISIS, Bullock wa s reinstated to t he G.c.p.D. The de tails of hi s sec ond caree r are t hu s far unrevealed. W hen t he Dar k Kn ig ht returned, Bul loc k bu ried t he ha tche t, establishing a more cordia l wor king relati onsh ip.

BULOW, BRAINY Bra iny Bu low led a trio of cr im ina ls w ho pr eyed o n t heir fellow v illa ins. After be ing released from pr ison , Bulow and t he ot hers wou ld see k out wanted cr iminal s, capture them, and collect the reward . Hav ing done too good a jo b, the bounty hunters decided to break convict s out of p rison, let them run free, and the n round them u p after a reward was posted. Bat man and ROBIN put an end to the unscrupulous business. (Detective Comics # 92, October 194 4)



Tommy Bur ke was a membe r of t he GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT'S MAJOR CRIMES UNIT, work ing t he da y shift and partnered w ith Dagmar Procjnow, Burke wa s close to Commiss ioner JAMES GORDON, as witnessed by his presence at the b irthday party where the comm issioner was shot. Cons idered the ladies' man of the MCU, he also had a big mouth tem per ed by his sense of humor and po ker-play ing skill. (Detective Comics #7 48 , September 2000)

BURR, JOE - - --

- --



Wh en Joe Bu rr escaped from pr ison , he abducte d Professor Norenz, w ish ing to use t he sc ientist 's noteworthy shri nking ray. Bu rr had ho p ed the ray wo uld red uce him to t hree inc hes tall, making it easy for h im to be sm ugg led out o f t he cou nt ry in a shipme nt of toys, Instead he and his hench m en were th warted by Batman and ROBIN. ( Batman #145, February 1962 )

BURTON,HENRY Henry Burto n, t he m anag er of Thompson's Luxury Shop, sto le gems from th e store's jew elry depa rt足 me nt and t he n hid t hem in t he toy department. Members of "Muscl es" Malone's ga ng wou ld t hen buy t he spec ific to ys, legally removing them from the store. Eventuall y the scheme was exposed and ever yo ne arres ted by Bat m an and ROBIN. ( Batm an #11 , June/ July 194 2)

BUSH, HENRY - - - - - - 足 Henr y Bu sh was BRUCE WAYNE 'S personal atto rney unt il Wayn e exposed him as a forg er and em bezz ler. He d id t h is by fak ing h is own d eat h in an auto acc id ent and t he n eavesd ro p p in g o n t he read ing of hi s w ill. w hic h Bush had alte red to leave th e bu lk of the WAYNE FAMILY fortu ne to a dummy company he secretly co ntrolled. ( Ba tm an #40 , Apri l/May 1947 )

BYRUS On one of Bat m an and ROBIN 'S t ime-travel tr ips courtesy of PROFESSOR CARTER NICHOLS, t he Dynamic Duo encountered Byrus, a Persian vil lain in the fif th century BC. By rus attempted to d isrupt the O lympic Gam es in At hen s by sett ing up a Pers ian invasio n; he was st opped by Batman, Rob in, and a va riety o f Greek at hletes. (Batm an #38, December 1946/January 19 47)

BURNS,BOSTON Bo sto n Burns, an ex-co nvi ct , decid ed that for cri m inals to succeed, they nee de d to be as well t rained as the pol ice offic ers t hey o p posed . A s a resu lt , he established a train ing acad emy on Devers Island . The rigorou s trai ning covered physical and mental disciplines, and it eventually came to Bat man's attention. He disguised himself and jo ined the academy, claim ing to be a fugitive. An accidenta l exp los ion tore his c lo t hes, revea ling his Bat m an co st u me und ern eat h, b ut Bat m an prevailed , aided by the timely arrival of ROBIN and a contingent of US Coast Guard officers. The academy wa s quickly put o ut of business. (World's Fine st Comics #5 1, April/May 1951)

BURR, JASON One o f a pair o f twins who shared a psy ch ic bond, he wa s stolen at b irth and raised to be the head of the KOBRA CULT. He lat er terrorized the world in the gu ise of KOBRA.


unique to the sibling s. In observing Carolyn and her younger sister, Sandra, he noted that Sandra

ta xing to Gotham's citizens, but to Cassandra it was ripe with opportunities. She came to O~ ACLE 'S attention, and the crime fighter provided the teen shelter and friendship, When Cassandra learned of Oracle 's efforts-along with those of Batman, ROBIN, N,GHTW,NG, and others-to preserve order, she wanted to participate. Oracle, the first B ATGI~L, ini t ially demurred, until Cassandra saved Po lice Commissioner JAMES GO~DON 'S life. Then she wa s allowed to work with the others and wa s given a Batgirl costume with the former Batgirl's blessing. This outfit covered her entire face and wa s entirely black . Despite being given a vers ion of the UTILITY BELT complete with bat-tools, Cassandra rarely employed any of them, preferring to use her hands and feet to do the work. Over time Oracle began to teach Cassandra words and concepts that proved ta xing to the teen. In fact, her brain had developed in such a way that learning to speak and read was very difficult. At first she spoke in simple sentences, sim ilar to those of a two-year-old ,

The daughter of DAVID CAIN and LADY SHIVA, Cassandra Cain wa s raised to be a living weapon until she rejected her train ing and sought her own de stiny. ( Batm an #567, July 1999) Dav id Cain was a member of RA's AL GHUL'S LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS, hoping to perfect a fighting style that would one day result in an ideal warrior who could serve as the nearly immortal leader's

would hold back for fear of hurting her sister. To win Sandra over and bring her to the emotional point he felt was necessary, Cain killed Carolyn, letting her sister find the corpse , Sandra wanted revenge and began seek ing the killer, which led her to the League and a trap laid by Cain. As she fought for her freedom , Sandra experienced the epiphany Cain sought: She needed to let go and be the fighter she could be . Cain offered to spare her life, saving her from the League. if she agreed to bear his child' and let him raise it alone , Sandra agreed and resumed tra ining, becoming the world's greatest living martial artist, LADY SHIVA. Her goal was to one day stop her daughter from performing great evil. Cassandra, named for the mythological being who could see the future, was raised to understand the people around her by their body language alone. As a result, she never learn ed speech. The method proved effective. and she grew up to handle the cloistered world of the League without dis comfort. By age eight Cassandra was deemed ready for her first assignment: to kill a randomly selected executive. As Cain recorded her act ions, Cassandra played the " g am e" - w hic h is how her father explained th e job-and killed the man. She knew exactly the moment to strike and delivered the killing blow, but its aftermath shocked her. The youth concluded that what she had trained to do

Even thouqh Batman learned of Cassand ra's crime. he had enough experience with her to see that she truly intended to fight for justice. When c o nt ac t with a telepath resu lted in her brain being altered, allowing her to master language, Cassandra suddenly had to retrain herself. While she could suddenly speak in complete sentences and at length, she could no longer " read " people's motions and act accordingly; thus she now had to

bodyguard . Cain's training methods continued in earnest but kept falling short, and he determined that he needed the perfect woman to provide the right child to train . His research led him to Detroit and the Wu-San sisters, who had studied martial arts from a young age and c o m m u nicat ed in ways

was wrong, and 50 she ran away. Cassandra spent the ne xt decade on her own, racked with guilt over her crime. She entered GOTHAM C,TY just as the federal government wa s withdrawing its support. cutting off the city from the rest of America. The No MAN'SLAND year proved

modify her approach to every aspect of her life. Desperate to be allowed to continue her c rim e­ fighting work, Cassandra sought out Lady Shiva and asked the woman to help her retra in. unaware of their int im at e link. Shiva accepted the request w ith the understanding that in one year's time,

CAIN Cain and his brother Abel were mythi c archetypes known for participating in the first homicide, The sons of Adam and Eve, the two were ine xtricably linked from conception, According to the Bible, Cain traveled to the Land of Nod-which was revealed to be an aspect of the realm known as th e Dreami ng , Dream of the Endless invited them both to live in his realm . There Cain was seen as a tall . thin, bearded man with glasses who lived in a structure known as the House of Mystery. He would sp in yarns to any who would listen to him. (House of Mystery #75, July/August 1968) With Abel liv ing next door in the House of Secrets, the two would get together frequently. Each time Cain would give in to his bloodlust and slay his brother, And each time, Abel would be restored. At one point BRUCE WAYNE was on a cruise and wound up interacting with Cain in a sup ernatural ca se as the Batman. (The Brave and the Bold #93 , December 19 70/January 1971)




they would m eet and fight. All It too k was a single ni g ht for Sh rva to t each her daughter everyth ing she needed to kno w . Batg ir l continued to fight crime in Gotham City, receiving ad dit io na l train ing in figh t ing and detective work from Batman, Rob in, and ONYX The Dar k Knight taugh t her the Navajo language, wh ic h In some ways bridged her t w o manners of comrn urucation. Cassand ra pr oved pivotal in helping clear BRUCE WAYNE of murder charges,


though the incid ent grew com p licated w hen it turned out the true kill er w as her own father . She also got t o meet o the r co st ume d heroes. enjoying bnef flirtation s here and there, someth ing entirely new to her . A fr iendship b los somed with SPOILER. althoug h Cassandra had a habi t of gIv ing her f rien d a co ncussio n rather than let her participate in batt les she was clearly unprepared for. A year pa ssed, and Cassand ra and Lady Shiva kept their appointment. The fight was brutal and brief,

leaving Cassandra dead. Shrva, feeli ng Cassandra had a death wish, broug ht her bac k to life, and th e fig ht co nt inued. It becam e ap parent that, for entirely separa te reasons, both fema les harbored death wishes ; their battle ended in a draw. In the wake of Il devastating cri m e wave in Gotham, both Batg irl and Robi n br ief ly relo cated to BLOOHAVEN. There she made friends w ith a few civ ilians , which enhanced her und erstand in g of the world she had c ho sen to protect. While In her new ci t y , she fought the PENGUIN'S crim in al operat ion and defeated RAVAGER, da ughter of DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR. Batman u sed he r on undercover assignment s; once she infil t rat ed a spl inter JUSTICE LEAGue OF AMERICA operation as the m asked f ighter Kasumi. (Justice League Elite #1, September 2004) Finally Cassandra decided to seek out her birth mother, and she put together enough clues to point toward Lady Shlva. When the two women again confronted each other. It caused a split among the League, which wa s st ill reel ing from the recent death of Ra's al GhOI. AI GhOI's daughter NYSSA RAATKO had recogn ized Cassandra as the proph esied "One who is All, " prompting half the League to declare its allegiance to her. The re st sided w ith her mother, Lady Shiva . Th is prompted a civ il war, and during t he fight MAD DOG-one of Dav id Cain 's earl ier prototypes-wo unded Cassandra. Shiva saved her d aug hter's life. d ipping her in a LAZARUS PIT. Rev ived, cassand~a cam e to recogn ize that her mother would never stop be ing a killer. and once more t hey fou g Ht. Shiva wa s severe ly in jure d, and she begged her daug hter not to u se the PIt. In ste ad Cassandra left the para lyzed woman hang ing over t he pit, seemingly to d ie there. Shiva survi ved , escaped, and heal ed out of sight. No longer feeling worthy of the uniform. Cassandra abandoned her Batgirl id enti t y and toqk to once more wandering the world . Deathstroke found her and manipulated the lost w oman In~o joining his side in his latest campaign against the TEEN TITANS. Part of the plan saw her resume her role as the League's leader (Robin [second senes] #150 , July 2006) and saw Tim Drake as another wounded soul and potential ally. She convinced him to break Dav id Cain out of pnson, and as he d id her bidd ing , she began killing Cain 's other stud ent s. W hen her father was before her, she ordered Dra ke to kill him but the Teen Wonder re fused. A s Batgirl and Robin struggled , an explosion separat ed them and allo w ed Cain to escape. She returned to leading t he League as assassin s for hire , going so far as to ta ke a con trac t on 5upergirl 's life . (Supergirl [s i xth serie s] #14, March 2007) Prepared wit h swords im b ue d Wit h red solar energy, she gave the Maid of Steel a fight for her life . Cassandra surv ived the battle, as did Superq rrl, and they ne xt conf ro nted each other during a battle aga inst the Teen Titans. whic h wa s Deat hst roke' s ultimate goal. Dur ing the struggle, Rob in reali zed Dellthstroke had her in hi s t hrall by Inject ing he r w ith a drug. After a rematch with Ravager , she was finally freed when Robin Inje ct ed her with a cou nt erag ent . Even though Batgirl sw it ched sides

and helped subdue Deathstroke, Nightwing arrived

teenage BRUCE W AYNE in t he ways of morta l com ba t as the orphan prepared for his ca reer as Batman. To Cain, int ense prepara tion wa s essential to becom ing a successful assass in. He d ev ised a train ing m ethod t hat would ensure the fighter cou ld read an oppo nent's act ions and d et erm ine the appropriate co urse in adva nce of the actua l movement. Over t ime Cain emp loyed th is tra ining on you ng ch ildren, hoping to create the id eal assass in . His g oa l w as t o one day create the perfect bodyguard fo r the Leag ue's leader, the near­ immortal R,,'s AL G HUL. Cain's ef forts re peat ed ly ca me close b ut ended in failur e- alt hou g h he nea rly succeeded w it h a b oy who grew up t o be the psychotic ki lle r k no wn as MAD DOG. Cai n d ecided t hat his failure stemmed from imperfect breeding and soug ht a genetic pa th t o his goa l. He bega n searching th e g lobe fo r t he rig ht woman to bea r t he de sire d child , w hose tr aining w oul d beg in fro m b irth. The hu nt led him t o th e Wu-San siste rs in Detro it. Carolyn and Sand ra were accomp lished martial art ist s, even at a young ag e, and frequentl y spa rred. They co m m unicate d in th e sort o f un iq ue language usually asso ciated wi t h tw ins- bu t it worked fo r the g irls. Cain fe lt himself d raw n emot ionally to Sand ra, and in watching her he d iscovered tha t the younger W u-San g ir l w o uld allo w Caro ly n the vict or y rather t han br ing her harm . To w in Sand ra over and br ing her to the emo­ t iona l point he fe lt was necessary, C ain killed Caro ­ lyn ,letting her sister f ind t he corpse. Sandra wa nt ed

in t im e to prevent her fro m kill ing him in a vic iou s ac t of rev eng e. ( Teen Titans [thi rd series] # 4 3-45, Marc h-May 2007 ) He r whereabouts afte r t his incid ent rem ai n u nr eco rd ed , b ut she clearly m ad e am end s w ith Batman , who added her as a repla cem ent member of his re-f or m ed Out sid er s. ( Bat m an and th e Outsider s [ seco nd series ] #2 , February 2008 )

CAIN, DAVID David Cain was a master assassin and key fig ure in the int ern at ional organization known as t he LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS. He trained numerous p eop le as assassins, most notably his d augh t er CASSAN DRACAIN, who becam e BATGIRL. ( Batm an #567, Ju ly 1999 ) Cai n's backgro und rema in ed largely une xplored , bu t he was known t o b e o ne o f t he p eople to t rain


revenge and began seeking the killer, which led her to the League and a trap laid by Cain . As she fought for her freedom, Sandra experienced the epiphany Cain sought: She needed to let go and be the fighter she could be. Cain offered to spare her life, saving her from the League, if she agreed to bear h is child and let him raise it alone. Sandra accepted. In time she gave birth to a girl whom Cain named Cassandra. After Cain took the child away, Sandra set out to complete her training and became LADY SHIVA, the world's greatest martial artist. Cain ra ised Cassandra as he desired, teaching her to read people's body language. Her intensive training did not allow Cassandra to learn speech; instead she studied one fighting discipline after another, getting faster and learning how to handle a wide variety of opponents. At age eight Cassandra was deemed ready for a field test. Cain picked a businessman at random and set her loose. She performed as expected, thrilling her father. However, when she realized she'd taken a life, Cassandra rebelled and ran away. Cain was left with nothing to show for his investment of time except the knowledge that his system worked . He truly loved his daughter, and he recognized that in some ways he had failed her entirely. Some time later Cain left the League and became an ind epend ent contractor. He accepted a contract from LEX LUTHOR to frame BRUCE WAYNE for murder. Cain created an almost perfect plan, killing VESPER FAIRCHILD and letting the police believe that Wayne had committed the cr ime. In taking the contract, Cain knew it would bring him to GOTHAM CiTY and closer to his daughter, whom he had come to recognize as the city's latest BATGIRL. It also meant that Cain would interact w ith Wayne, a man he had trained but could not teach to actually kill, a choice that initially baffled him . Batman's allies rallied to investigate and clear Wayne, leaving Cain d isheartened. He finally revealed himself and fought Batman, losing the struggle and choosing to turn himself in to face American justice. While in custody, he surv ived a murder attempt by DEADSHOT, hired by Luthor to avoid being implicated in the Fairchild murder case. Cain chose to allow Deadshot to succeed but realized he wanted to remain alive for Cassandra. He subsequently broke out of BLACKGATE PENITENTIARYto leave his daughter a birthday gift. His relationship with Cassandra remained complicated, and despite her efforts, he refused to reveal the name of her birth mother. (Batman #606, October 2002) One year later Batgirl manipulated Robin into bringing David Cain from prison to the League of Assassins . The Teen Wonder thought he was doing this as ransom to free Batgirl, but she revealed herself to be the League's new leader. She explained to Robin that she needed her father dead so no other children such as Mad Dog or herself would ever be trained to kill. She handed Robin a gun and asked him to pull the trigger . When he refused to kill Cain and join her in the League, they fought; Cassandra wound up shooting her father. When Robin and Batgirl continued the fight, there was an explosion that separated the two and apparently allowed the wounded Cain to escape. His whereabouts remain unrecorded. (Batgirl #73, April 2006)




Jay Caird was a scientist who chose crime over research and was sentenced to jail for espionage. After serving his time, he returned to his lawless ways and stole an experimental ultrasonic beam projector from the Gotham Trust company. Caird and his hired men were stopped by Batman and ROBIN before they could get away with the device. Caird turned the projector on the Dynamic Duo with the unexpected side effect of temporary amnesia so complete, they no longer recalled their secret identities. After figuring out their alter egos, the confident crime fighters apprehended Caird and his mob. (Detective Comics #234, August 1956)



Once a costumed criminal , the Calculator became the underworld's information broker and ultimately assumed control over the secret Soc iety. (Detective Comics #463, September 1976) NOAH KUTTLER used his scientific genius to design hardware that generated "hard light " constructs to aid in his crim inal pursuits. A victim of obsessive­ compulsive disorder, he treated his condition with medication, which allowed him to focus on his inventions. In addition to creating these objects, the Calculator was also able to access computer networks, traveling through network connections. For phase one of his master plan, the Calculator took on the ATOM while attempting to steal an earthquake-inh ibiting device from Ray Palmer's friend Richard Bagley. In this Ivy Town battle, the Calculator demonstrated the variety of shapes his oversized equipment could generate, from a ring of fire to pure energy in the shape of a hand, to keep the Tiny Titan at bay, As the Atom beat the Calculator senseless, the Mighty Mite missed seeing the Calculator press the asterisk button on his chest-mounted keypad . He next surfaced in Star City during a heat wave that threatened to mar the city's Tricentennial celebration . The Calculator tried to increase the heat. effectively stealing Founder's Day from the

citizens until he was stopped by the BLACK CANARY, He did, though, manage to esc ape, and again he threatened Star City, this time by using his advanced gear to literally stretch its citizenry into malformed shapes. A visiting ELONGATED MAN spoiled the chaos Kuttler hoped to ignite, but once more he eluded capture. His th ird and final appearance in Star City was during the World Series when he threatened to steal every baseball used in the games between the Star City Stars and GOTHAM CITY Giants. GREEN ARROW, on hand to fire a first-pitch arrow, managed to thwart the ploy. By this point three more heroes had been engaged and recorded by Kuttler's computerized costume. The Calculator moved on to Midway City where he challenged Hawkman, trying to prevent him from bringing in a nuclear scientist to repair an atomic facility that threatened the city. Again the Calculator was stopped and the asterisk key pressed. The Winged Wonder grew suspicious of the costumed villain and took his concerns to the World's Greatest Detective, Batman. Together they suspected that the Calculator was gathering intellig ence on America's super heroes­ a theory borne out by a subsequent attack on Gotham City. Then , thanks to the FLASH'S absence, the Calculator struck twice in Central City. Batman finally figured out a ploy in wh ich the Calculator wound up trapping himself, allowing the heroes to put an end to the bizarre spree. (Detective Comics #468, March/April 1977) When he resurfaced some time later, Kuttler had modified his equipment and fought other heroes, including a rematch with the Atom and an encounter with the second BLUE BEETLE. (Blue Beetle #8, January 1987) At one point he was arrested and was said to be serving three consecutive life terms for his crimes. The Calculator escaped and attempted to gain revenge aga inst the heroes Coordinator and Stretch by attacking them through their affiliation with the vigilantes-for-hire organization Hero Hotline. The exact nature of their conflict was never recorded. Kuttler admitted that his career in costume

wa s fru itless and turned his at t ent io ns to u sin g hi s t ec hnol o g ic al sk il ls In new wa y s. He b ui lt u p a massiv e co mpu ter networ k and datab ase, st y ling hi mself as a go-between for crimina ls in need of help and a seem ingly endless supp ly of all ies and he nch men. In exchang e, he would receive a p er centag e o r neg ot iated f lat fee fo r his effo r ts. A s h is expe rt ise and re pu tatio n g rew, Ku ttler began cha rging a t ho usa nd dollars per q ue st io n as an ex pert . (Iden tity CriSIS #1, Au g ust 20 04 ) Give n his k now led g e and co nnec tions, he w as appro ach ed by LEX LUTHOR to jorn a na scent soc iet y o f Villains, hopin g t o ensure that super hero es nev er aga in used th eir pow ers t o alt er th e mind s and m em ones o f v ill ain s. A fter discovering th at ZATANNA had d on e ju st th at t o Dr. light, a sens e o f ur g en cy sp rea d am on g the v illam o us fraternity. W hat Ku ttler didn 't k now at t he t im e w as t hat th is Le x Luthor was , in real ity, Al exa nd er Lut hor, so le su rvi vo r of Earth -3 and an esca pe e from a limbo th at en abled him to survi ve t he ev ents known as CRISISON INFINITE EART HS. (C oun td o wn to Infinite Crisis, 2005) In the af te rma t h of the events known as INFINITE CRISIS, Lut hor w as expo sed and ultim ately d ied , but th e need fo r an o rgani zed v ill ain op erat io n re ma in ed . Ku t tler to ok ove r t he leade rshi p ro le and saw t o it t hat th e v illains rema in ed loy al , send ing ag en ts after t ho se w ho chose to re m ain rogue. He also grew obsessed w it h trac ki ng down, exp osing , and destroymq his hero ic co un terpa rt , ORACLE . Fr us t ra t io n over no t suc ceed ing d rove Ku t t ler t o t he point o f a ner vo us b reakdown. Hav ing ceased taking his m edica t io n, Kuttler su ff ered from n ig htma res fea t un ng t he g reen wirefram e face t hat was Oracle 's o nline pe rsona . ( Birds o f Prey #87, Dec em b er 20 05 )

CALENDAR MAN Th e Cal endar Man was a co st um ed c rim ina l w ho p lagued Bat m an f ro m th e earl y da ys of hi s c areer in GOTH AM CiTY. ( Det ec t ive Comics #259, Septem ber 1958) JULIAN GREGORY DAY, t he Ca lendar Man , f irst ca me to the attention of law enforcement when he audaciou sly at tac ked the Gotham City Planetarium. Dressed lik e th e m an from the moon, he sto le priceless st am ps th at had been hand-cance led o n t he lun ar surface by ast ro nauts. HIs co stumed an t ics and b ro ad ap proach t o cr im e marked him as bot h a deranged th ief and a t hn ll -see king exh rbit ron rst. In t ime he came t o app rec iate matchi ng w its wi t h Batman ; he o nc e ad m it ted t ha t eve n th o ug h kill ing th e Dark Kn ig ht wo ul d be a red -let t er da y, th e d ays th at f o llowed w o uld be ho llow. The Cale ndar Man ba sed his c rim es on elemen ts t ake n f rom acros s hist or y - w h ich o n the one han d m ade him pr edi ct ab le, and on t he othe r m ad e him a ch allenge to app rehend . He sported six teen d ifferen t outf it s during hi s firs t t hree c rime sprees , t o t he de lig h t o f th e press and th e co nst erna t io n of t he GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTME NT. Brie f ly t he Ca le nda r Man w o rked o ut o f a g ro un d -lev el head q ua rte rs tha t w as a shri ne t o t im ekeep ing dev ic es. Ba t m an wa s at first c on found ed by the p letho ra of hrqh­

The Batman and Cap ta in JAMES GOR DON offered the inc arc erat ed Day a dea l: If he p rovi ded th em Wit h information a nd ana lys ts regard ing a similarly themed m u rd erer known on ly as HOLIDAY, Gordon w o uld have Da y 's sentence com muted to t im e

Februa ry 19 97; #8, July 199 7; #12, November 1997 ) It lat e r t u rn ed out th at Ho lid ay w as b ot h a ma n, A LBERTO FALCONE, an d a w om an, GILDA DENT. Wh en Batman apprehen d ed Fal co ne, he w o un d up in a ce ll fac ing Day at A RKHAM A SVLUM. By t his t im e Day

t ech gea r the Cale nda r Man em pl oy ed - fro m laser s

served . Day agreed t o he lp and even accur at el y

had t h e m onths o f t he ye ar t attoo ed ar ound his

to soni c w eapo nr y-b ut f ina lly found an ap p roa c h

determ ined the ki ller t o b e a w oman , which was

sha ved head . ( Batm an: Dark Vic to ry #0, 1999)

lead ing to Day 's apprehension.

partly correct. (Batman: The Lon g Halloween #3,

When a new killer, dubbed the HANGMAN, b egan


a spree in Gotham, the d eaths were also linked t o th e calendar, Form er di strict attorney HARVE Y DENT broke Day o ut o f Arkham and put him on a mock trial with o t her co st ume d fel on s as his jury , Dent tried to de t e rm ine if Day was Hangman, Day co nti nu ed to profess t ha t he never condon ed murder, and it w as m ore li kely Dent-not Day­ w ho was the m u rd e rer, Day was fr eed and t oo k advantage o f the two -way mirrors and secr et pa ssag es Dent had ins talled in Fal cone's home. When Falcon e w as parol ed from Arkham , he heard vo ic es, w hi c h he int erp re te d as his d ead fat her urging him to go back to murdering o t he rs and then c o m mit su icide. Dr iven t o th e ed ge , Fal con e fin ally reali zed hi s fath er w ould never as k him to d o th ese thin gs, and he fi red at t he m irror f ro m whi ch the voice was em erging. Day was on th e o t he r sid e, a nd fired his p istol as w ell. Day wa s incense d th at o t he r s wou ld ste al his motif, and other costumed crim inals so on mad e Gotham forget about the Calendar Man, ( Ba tm an: Dark Victory #7 , June 2000; #11 , Octo ber 20 0 0 ; #12, Nov em ber 20 00) Batman a nd Gordon a rr ive d t wo hours lat er t o find Day on the Falc on e pr op erty, hi s jaw broken. Falcone soo n after su ccumbed t o t he wound he'd rece ived from Day. ( Ba t m an: Dark Victory #13, December 200 0 ) The Cal endar Man quickly returned t o his ov er­ th e-top crimes, seeking th e spotl ight, No other c ri mi nal wa s bold enough to chall enge Batman and ROBIN in pr int, so Day took to ann ouncing his cri m inal p lan s in t he Gotham Gaz ette, daring th e Dyn amic Duo t o stop him , The timely c rim inal ap pea red in on e-off costumes until set t ling o n a red- and-white number th at fe at ured calenda r pages fo r a cape , In add ition t o his spec t acular so lo crimes, he was recruit ed on several occas io ns fo r larg er cap er s. He wa s once freed from p riso n by th e ecot error ist RA'sAL GHOL and actually refu sed t o jo in the ma ss attack on the Dark Kni ght. ( Ba tm an #400, October 1986) His lo sses t o Batma n finall y dri ed up his financ ial resources, and he w as fo rced to rema in in hi s o ne cos tu m e, A s a result, he partnered w it h CATMAN and Cha nc er in KILLER MOTH's scheme t o kid nap BRUCE W AYNE, Mayor A RMAND KROL, and Co mmissioner Gordon for a t en -mill ion -dollar ran som. He sho w ed a marked di ffere nc e fr om hi s p eers, kn o wn as th e Misfits, wh en he insist ed the ho st ages not be k il led-someth ing K iller Moth was more than read y to d o . ( Ba tm an: Shado w of the Bat #7- 9 , Dec em ber 1992-Feb ruar y 199 3) Another failed attempt at worki ng in a group saw Calendar Man recru it ed by th e c ri m inal 2000 Co m m it t ee , alo ng with t he CLOCK KING, Chrono s, and t he Time Comm and er , in an attempt t o o ve rt hr ow the federal g overnm ent. They w er e stopped, d esp it e th eir t im el y pl anning , by the TEAM TITANS, w ith Day hav ing so me of hi s hair b urned o f f by Battalio n. ( Team Titans #13-15, O ct o be r-December 199 3) The t im e thieves actually reteamed ag ain, now seeking a device t hat would ena b le them t o tr avel throu gh t ime wit h ease. Instead th ey found t hem selve s t rapped in a t emporal loop u nt il t he T im e Commander shatter ed his pow erful hourgl ass. (Sho wcase '94 #10 , O ctober 1994) Th e rep eated time-traveling eve nts left Day 's


mind rattled, and it took him some time to sort ni ghtmares from reality. In o ne ni ghtmare, he imag ined hi s bald -headed inca rn at io n as a jail er at A rkh arn . (S uperm an # 160 , September 2000 ) Reg ardless, Day faced trial for his latest crimes and wa s sente nc ed t o prison, o nce more ex pe rie ncing a p sych otic br ea kd own th at led to his return t o Ark harn . He wa s fr eed w hen BANE released all th e inmates. He fled to try his luck in Century Cit y , only to be thwarted by Power Girl. Thi s t im e he wa s sent to BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY until an earthquake d estr oy ed th e facil it y, Day remained in Gotham even after th e federal gov ernm ent withdrew its su p por t. After surv iv ing in th e No MAN'S LAND, he ev ent ua lly turned himsel f ov er t o t he law and wa s sent ba ck to a reb uilt Arkham. There a radical th er apy wa s attempted: p lacing him in a darkened room, aw ay from ca lenda rs and reminder s of tim e's pa ssage . Rat he r tha n he lp , t he so lit ary co nf ine m ent seemed t o shatter his psyche. After additional th erapy, Day w as su rp risingly par oled . He wa s not at a ll cu red, how ev er , and g re w ob sessed with th e t ime tha t had passe d - the ev ents and hol idays he had mis sed-while in Ark ham . Dressed in a new c os tu m e, th e Ca lenda r Man now w ore pr edominantly red , incl ud ing hoo d and ca pe, with gol d sho uld er p ad s and b elt and an Egyptian motif that includ ed a pharaoh 's mask and a sacr ed ibi s o n hi s chest . He spent fiv e months recruiting hen chmen an d pl anning a new w ave of am az ing crimes. The Dy na mi c Duo co nc lude d that hi s crimes w ere bas ed o n ancient ca le nd ars, not t he mod ern-d ay Gregorian ver sion . The vi llain g re w m or e br az en and ac t ually resorted to ma ss m urde r w hen he used a shou lde r-mounte d rifle to fire a missile that destroyed an airliner with two hun dred people ab oard . Batman used hi s MATCHES MALONE per son a t o for c e th e und erworld to te a m up and b ring Cal endar Man to justice. They too k down th e henc hman, but Day him self re m ained fr ee as he threaten ed a nuclear pow er pl ant with a ba zo oka. Batman arrived in t im e t o spoil t he shot and sav e Gotham. Day w as a rrest ed , tr ied, found g u ilt y , and senten c ed to eig ht y ears in pr ison . ( Ba t m an 80­ Pag e Giant #3 , 20 0 0)



Rob Call ender wo rked in a twenty-first-century lab or atory, b ut an acc ide nta l ex p los io n he cau sed p ro pell ed hi m back app roxim ately one hu ndre d years in time. A rriving in GOTHAM C,TY, Callender qu ic k ly determi ned where he was and ch ose to take ad vantag e o f hi s ci rc umstanc es. In sho rt o rder he hired severa l henchmen and b ega n a spree o f crim es that at fir st confound ed police, g iven their in noc uous natur e. To Calle nder, they w er e pr iceless, becau se he kn ew th e st o le n property would all w ind up in Batm an' s BATCAVE trophy room . His ho pe wa s to bring th ese objects back hom e with him and t hen sell th em to the highest bidder. Batman and ROBIN d educed Calle nde r 's t rue na ture and ap pr eh ended hi s m en , Befo re Callender himself could b e taken into custod y, th e accident's effects wore off and he returned to his proper era. ( World 's Fin est Com ics #11 , Fall 194 3)



The c rimi na l bette r kno wn t o law enfo rc ement offici al s as th e cos t umed kill er STILETTO.



The c rimi nal b et t er known t o law enforce ment offici al s as cos t u me d kill er th e M,ME.

CANALVILLE Located two hours no r th of Gotha m City, Canalv ille wa s d escrib ed as "a sleepy sma ll tow n t hat 's been running downhill si nc e the c ana l was abandoned d ec ades ag o." Its park inc lud ed a statue d edicated to a Civ il War hero an d wa s th e site for o ne o f th e Batman a nd JOKER'S m any confrontations , (The Bra ve and the Bold #111 , Febru ary/March 1974 )



W hen the PENGUIN o pe ne d a nigh tc lu b in Flori da , he hired a physician 's-a ssistant-turned-sing er named Canary as his headl iner, She w or ked along side Buzzard Benny and Jo e Crow. imported fr om GOTHAM CiTY, as th e BIRD HOUSE front ed a crim inal ente rp rise. A swimming Canary was res cu ed by Bat man when she was at t ac ked by a squid . Fortunately for her, BRUCE W AYNE happened t o be vacation in g near wh er e th e Bird Ho use was loca te d. She told the st o ry of this d aring re scu e to the PENGUIN, w hich put h im on th e ale r t - mu c h as her presen ce mad e the Cap ed Crusa d er susp ic io us abo ut the nightc lub , Dur in g th e inv est igation, ROBIN w as captured and used as bait. Batman arrived soo n after and de m and ed to know where hi s pa r t ne r w as be in g held . Benny pr o vided an address, bu t a smitte n Can ary war ned Batman that it w as a trap. Enraged at her betrayal , Benny attem pted to shoo t the si nge r; Batman threw him self in front o f her, ta kin g t wo bullets m eant fo r her. The Caped Cr us ad er ma nag ed t o sub d ue Benn y and then st ag g e red o ff to free th e Boy Wond er. No soone r di d Batman fi nd Robin th an he collapsed f ro m his w ounds . Canary u sed her nur se's training t o remove th e bullets and save Batm an's lif e. Soo n aft er, th e Dy nam ic Duo appreh end ed Benny, Crow, and th e Peng uin . Cana ry d ec ided to give u p singing and use her ski lls as a Red Cros s nurse. Before leaving , though, she g ave a surp ris ed Batman th e ki ss she' d alw ays wa nted to d eli ver, ( Batm an #11, June/ July 19 42 )




What m ad e Cap' n Ben 's an im al ac t un ique w as that he had his a nim als pe rfor m ab o ard a sho wboat. The patron s delighted in th e p erformanc e and were un aw ar e that th e bo at was be ing operated by a trio o f criminals-St ilt s, Ed , and Pet e. Ever y t ime the boat d o ck ed, p eopl e wou ld co me ab oard fo r a show. ' . wh ile the c ri m inals head ed for shore a nd robbed th e neighborh ood , Th ey kept th eir booty hidden be neat h th e an imal c ages until th ey co uld fen ce it at oth er sto ps alo ng their rou te, The pl oy worked until they ca me to the attention of Batman and ROBI N, who qu ick ly put th em o ut of busin ess. ( Ba tm an #170 , Mar ch 1965 )

CAPSHAW, TERRY - - - - Some time after the villain called ORCA was released from the Siabside Penitentiary, she met Terry Capshaw. They were, he joked, the only two stra ight people at a party thrown by gay mutual acquaintances. He fell in love with her despite her I deformity, noting that he liked full-figured girls: she was drawn to him for being a nerd. They were married for about a year, and he loved everything about her and her friends . The notion of costumed villains dropping by on social calls was about the most unnerving part of the marriage for Capshaw. When Orca vanished for a week, he panicked until private investigator JASON BARD interviewed him on Batman's behalf. Bard had been assigned to investigate Orca's disappearance, which was in fact tied to a plot by the GREAT WHITE' SHARK to take over Gotham 's underworld in the wake of BLACK MASK'S death. A s Capshaw explained what little he knew of Orca's role in working for the PENGUIN and being recruited by HARVE'Y DE'NT to spy on the Penguin for him , Capshaw was shot by the TALLY MAN and killed. (Detective Comics #819, July 2006)

CAPTAIN BEN Ben was the captain of a steamboat that boasted wild animal acts as well as performances by humans, The boat was, however, a front for a sophisticated crim inal enterprise, Whenever the boat docked, people flocked in from nearby areas ; when the performers took breaks, they would disembark and rob the empty homes, The loot was hidden under animal cages until it could be fenced at subsequent towns along the itinerary, The plan worked until the troupe was apprehended by Batman and ROBIN. (Batman #170, March 1965 )

CAPTAIN BOOMERANG Digger Harkness-an Australian brought to America to promote the boomerang as a toy-became a ruthless costumed criminal known as Captain Boomerang. (The Flash #117, December 1960) Raised in poverty, Harkness developed a warped and cynical view of the world and always sought ways to enhance his wealth. He developed an unusual skill with the boomerang and was hired by the Wiggins Toy Company, which wanted a co stumed spokesman to entice American children into buying boomerangs , Dressed as Captain Boomerang, Harkness thought he was on his way to fame and fortune but instead found himself mocked by the youthful audiences. Disgusted, Harkness took to a life of cr ime, using the costume and boomerangs to commit robberies. In time he developed an aptitude for technology, modifying the boomerangs for uses from flashing blinding light to exploding. Each came in response to his frequent defeat at the hands of Central City's protector, the FLASH. He became a charter member of the Flash's Rogues Gallery, dedicated to defeating the Scarlet Speedster and his successors. At some point he and criminal speedster Meloni Thawne had a brief liaison, which resulted in a son he didn't meet until year s later. Hoping to change his fortunes, he and Mirror Master tried to commit crimes in GOTHAM CITY, only to be stopped by Batman. Captain Boomerang eventually encountered the

Dark Knight again when he served with the secret government operation known as the Suicide Squad . Harkness continued to crave money and took to masquerading as Mirror Master to avoid capture. Later he spent a year on a remote island, which left him missing Australia and reconsidering his life. Harkness fell on hard times, having difficulties committing enough successful crimes to live on, and took to begging the CALCULATOR for help. During this time he reflected on his past and decided it was time to contact the son, Owen Mercer, he had never seen . The two met and formed a tentative bond, but circumstances prevented anything more. The Calculator forwarded an assignment that was unusual for Harkness: assassin. Still, hard up for cash , he took the job and stalked JACK DRAKE. TIM DRAKE'S father, already on edge in the wake of other recent attacks on the loved ones of costumed crime fighters , had been provided with a gun and one night heard a sound. Drake fired as Harkness simultaneously tossed a razor-sharp boomerang, resulting in each man dying in a pool of blood, (Identity Crisis #5, December 2004) Members of the Rogues Gallery held a full-scale funeral and memorial for their fallen comrade and offered Owen Mercer a sp ot in the ir ranks . He joined them and was immediately plunged into a ci v il

war among the Flash's army of villains, centering on the theft of Boomerang's body. The body was eventually recovered, but Boomerang's memories had first been accessed, allowing Mercer to learn the truth behind his parentage. Finally Captain Boomerang was dead and gone, his tortured soul consigned to Hell. (Flash #225, August 2005 )

CAPTAIN BOOMERANG II _ _ Son of the original CAPTAIN BOOMERANG and Melo ni Thawne, Owen Mercer inherited skills from both parents and succeed ed hi s father as the new Captain Boomerang. (Identity Crisis #3 , October 2004 ) Ow en grew up never knowing that his father, DIGGER HARKNESS, was the criminal Captain Boomerang. Little has been recorded about hi s early years or relationship with his mother. Mercer finally met his father when Harkness was going through a rough patch, convinced that the world of super heroes and super-villains had passed him by. The two men managed to form a tentative bond until Captain Boomerang died while killing JACK DRAKE, father to ROBIN III. It was d uring this time that Mercer revealed the same skill with boomerangs that his father possessed-but he also demonstrated bursts of superspeed , making many wonder who his mother


headquarters to free his team . After a horribl e fight, a de al was cut that saw t he Outsiders inf il t rati ng O ol on g Island, b ut th ing s w ent awry. Batman managed t o sav e the team, and it w as then Nightwing turned the Outsiders over to hi s mentor. ( Outsid ers [ t hi rd seri es] #50, Nov ember 2007) Immediately, the Dark Knight he ld aud itions to build his new team . Nightwing and Mercer competed until the new hero decided he had nothing left to p ro ve- t o Batma n o r him self. ( Outsid ers: Fi ve of a Kind-Nightwing/Boomerang, 20 0 7) Following in his father's footst eps, he alli ed him self wi th the Sui c id e Squ ad . His first assig nme nt with th e team saw him apprehend his former fellow Rogues, Heat Wave and Weather Wi zard , for th e d eath of the th ird Fla sh, Bart All en . (All Flash #1, Sep t em be r 20 0 7)

CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT Michae l Martin wa s an Irish- bo rn hi g hwayman who came to the United States in 1818 . In his new co unt ry he resumed his criminal way s, robbing coa ches and the ir rid ers , until he wa s capt ur ed and hung in Cam b ri d ge, Massachusett s. The story of Captain Lightfoot, as th e horse thi ef was know n, had b ecome a leg end acc epted as fact until BRUCE W AYNE learned the truth. A pparently a loyal Gothamite, Abel Adams, too k on the persona of a highwayman by that nam e dec ades earlier, in 1753. Ad ams di d th is after learning that Hug o vornev, a Criminal, W3S selling arms to th e nearby Native Americans and inciting th em to rio t and atta ck the v illage o f Gotham . Vorney' s goa l wa s to get rich sup p ly ing arms and ammun ition to the c it ize ns of Gotham who needed to d ef end their ho m es. Adams, as Captain Lightfoot , intercepted the coaches bearing arms, risk ing his fr eedom in an effo rt to tamp down a chance o f war. Vorney wa s finall y defeated, and a tru ce es t ab lished b etween Natives and colon ist s, thanks in part to the arrival of a time-travel ing Batman and Robin. (Batman #79, October/N ov ember 1953) m ight be . For a t ime member s of the FLASH'S Rogues Galler y assum ed his m other wa s th e Golden Glid er, th e deceased sist er of Captain Cold . Wh en Captain Boomeran g' s bod y was stolen by a cadre of form er Flash foe s, all see m ing ly work ing for th e government, the o t her villains launched a war to recover the body. They ac ce ssed Harkness's memories and learn ed that Mer c er' s mother w as Meloni Thawne, m ember of a famil y who hated the Flash lega cy and also m o t her to Ba rt Allen, th e hero kno wn as Im p ulse and , lat er, the Flash . In the wak e of Harkness's death, the Rogues invited Owen to joi n them as the new Captain Boomerang, and for a br ief t ime he d id just th at. They provided him w ith a sense of belon g ing , som et hing lack ing from his lif e. In time, though, he b egan to recognize t hat he d idn 't sub scribe to t heir beli efs and co d e. He rema ined with the Rogue s long enough to be recruited int o the secret Soci ety of super-villa ins. W ith Capta in Cold and Mirror Master, Mercer wa s assig ned by DEATHSTROKE (actua lly the OUTSIDERS' Arsenal in d isg uise) to pr otect a factory from th e Outsiders. Sure enough, a fight b etween teams broke o ut ; w hen t he factory exploded it wa s the Out sid er s, not th e Ro g ues, who saved Me rcer's life.


Th is cha nged Mercer's fo c us, and he affil iated him self w ith th e rog ue te am o f heroe s. The und erground nature o f th e g ro up appeal ed to him, and he turned t o ho ni ng his skil ls. Unlike hi s fat her, Mercer cam e to rely a lmost exclu sive ly on one kind of boomerang : a model with razor-sharp edges that he took to cal ling his "razorrang." He perfected using hi s sho rt b ur st s of speed wh ile t oss ing his w eapon w it h d eadly accu racy. Merce r's ed gy nature fit right in w ith th e Outsi de rs, and he hap pi ly p e rformed d irty work as assigned by Arsenal or NIGHTWING, the team 's co-l eaders. Still, he also felt he had unfinished bu sines s with Robin . The two f inal ly me t, with Robin exp ec ting a fight. Instead Merc er w anted to ap ol og ize for one father killing th e o the r. They even w orked together on one of Ro bin's cases, and alt houg h th e Teen Wonder came to recogn ize what Merc er wa s feeling, he refused to shake the man's hand. While with the Outsiders, Merc er st ruc k up a close f riend ship wi th SUPERGIRL aft er Kara Zor-EI joined t he te am . They br iefly d ated, and she ga ve him the ni ckname Boomer. CHECKMATE to o k down the Ou tsi de rs, save Nightwin g, w ho managed to infiltrate their



KARL CROSSMAN, a convicted c ri m inal , wa s sent to a Cent ral City jail. Th er e he shared a c ell w ith Len Snart, better known as Capta in Cold . After his release, Cros sman relocated to GOTHAM CiTY, inspi red to become a co st um ed crim inal af t er learn ing from Snart. He bought a rep lic a pirate shi p and turned it in to a rest au rant ca ll ed Stingaree. As owne r and gre et er, Cros sman to ok to wearin g pi rate garb inc lud ing a long purple co at, an orange sash, and a sharp cutlass. The bearded pirate's head was shaved, and he also wore a patch ov er hi s left eye -which apparent ly was tr uly d amag ed . Whil e he established himself as a legitimate bu sin essman, Cro ssman was also w orking to establi sh hims elf in Gotham City's crim inal underworld. Crossman got their attention with his ac c o m ­ plished sword work, but it was his supe rb t ac t ic al sk ills that earned hi m a mea sure o f re sp ec t. His one flaw was the firml y held belief tha t Batman cou ld not p ossibly be a single person, but a te am o f tri p­ let s-priva te investig ators Jerome, Michael, and Robert Courtney-wearing the same un iform and

funded by t he WAYNE FOUNDATiON. A s a resu lt , his scheme s were base d o n inco rrec t data . Stinga ree set o u t to capture each " Co ur tney Batman," and he believed he w as succeed in g un ti l t he true Dark Knight turned up and p ut an end to his scheme. After his ini ti al enc ou nter w ith Sti ngaree, Batman learn ed of his Courtney theory and asked the pri va te investig ator s to aid h im in entrap ping the crimi nal. Com p leting the p loy, Bat man had rec ruit ed the FLASH to come to Gotham and lend a hand, dressing as Bat man and vani shi ng in a burst of speed to co nfuse Stin g aree . Once he was captured, i t wa s learn ed that Crossma n hel d a grudge ag ainst th e triple ts since he was actua lly t hei r four t h b ro the r and dis liked bei ng t he b lack sheep of th e family. (De tec tive Comics #460-4 61, June-J uly 1976) Soon after, Capt ain Cold he lpe d Cap tain Stin ga ree b reak out of priso n and w or k wi th CAPTAIN BOOMERANG to beg in a new c rim e sp ree to prove th eir supe riority. Inst ead t hey w ere st o p ped by t he BLACK CANARY and Ca pta in Com et. (Secre t Soc iety of Super-Vil/ains #6 , Marc h/ A pr il 1977) Ca p ta in St ing aree nev er ag ain enjoyed t he re­ sp ec t and atte ntion he c raved as a c rim inal m as­ t erm in d . Instead , time and again he wa s recru ited w henever Batman 's enemies were g athered en masse. ( Ba tm an #291-294, Sep temb er- D ecem b er 1977; De tective Comics #526 , May 1983; Batm an # 400, October 1986) He rem ained at larg e after RA's AL GHUL freed the costumed fe lo ns from pr ison. A t some po int he al so engaged in a romantic relationship with fellow Batman foe th e CAVALIER.

other o ut w hen they cam e in to conta c t. In fact. t he ir f inal to uc h shorted o ut bo t h set s of powers but left Dennison drawn to ev il . Cardinal Sin has not been seen since. ( Legen ds of t h e Dark Knigh t Annual #3 , 1993)

CARDINE, " K N O T S " " Kno t s" Card ine was a powerfu l GOTHAM CITY underworld figure wh o sou g ht to el im inat e his greatest th reat -Bat m an. Upon hearing that an int ern at io nal assem bl ag e of law m en was coming to t ow n, he hat ch ed a sche m e t o no t o nly k ill t he Cape d Crus ader but also ma ke o f f with a truck filled with c ur renc y. When the BATMENOF A LLN ATIONS assem bled in Gotha m, Cardi ne ma naged to su bdue and re place the LEGIONARY. Cardine int e nd ed t o kill Batman an d t he n hav e the " Legi o na ry" vol un tee r t o gu ar d t he shipment in t he dead hero's stea d. Batman and ROBIN di sco ver ed t he sc he me a nd put an end t o it before it co uld b e fu lly executed. (D et ective Comics #215, Janua ry 1955 )

CARDINE , PAYNE The tortured pian ist Payne Cardi ne was be tter known t o the police as the costumed villain the MAESTRO.



The Car lat han Mo un tai ns were located in Europe's Hungar ia. Here Bat m an stayed in a hotel as he sought o ut t he MONK. His quarry wa s ho led up in a cast le in the nea rby lo st mountains of CATHALA, wh ic h m ight or m ig ht not be co nnec t ed to the Carla than Mountain s. (Detec tiv e Comics # 32, October 1939)



Professor Card en d evelo p ed a m irac ulou s artificia l life-form that co ul d morph its me tall ic body to resemble anyone th anks t o th e spec ia l helmet it wore t ha t analyzed b rain waves . Th ese b rain wav es were then tra nsmitted to the android' s rece iver, an d th e m achine b eg an re-fo rm in g itse lf pe r it s new template. Carden tried this with Ba tm an , an d th e machine resembled th e Got ham Guard ian in ap p earance, kno wle d ge , and ca pa b ilities. Matter s grew co mp lica te d wh en the c ri min al ca lled DALL stole th e Batman robo t . Th e rob ot wa s ulti m at ely recovered and Car den regained hi s inve ntion. ( De tec t ive Comics #2 39, Janu ar y 1957)

Carl in was a meth od actor who was deeply inhabi t ing t he part of a caveman when he received an accidenta l bl ow t o his head . Up on awakeni ng, Carl in tr uly bel ieved himself to be a cavema n named Goth. In hi s con fusio n he stum b led upon t he BATCAVE and cla imed it fo r him self, defendin g it from its true o ccu pant s, Batman and ROBIN. As th ey fo ug ht, a seco nd b low to his head see med to cle ar away t he m en t al fog and Carlin reg ained hi s se nse s. Fo r t unat ely for the Dy nami c Du o , this happ en ed aw ay fr om thei r cav e hea dquarters, and the th espi an recall ed no t hi ng o f h is time as Go t h. ( Batman #10 2, Sep te mber 1956)



Aliens invaded t he Earth d uri ng t he modern he roic age, led by a pa rasit ic life-form named Gem ir. W he n t hey b it humans, t heir secretions act ivated the hu man meta-gene , bestowi ng unp red ic ta bl e ab ilit ies o n eac h victim . In t he case of form er priest Perry Denn ison, his very touch would decay liv ing matter to the point of death. The changes to h is body a lso seemed to alter hi s out look o n lif e, and possessing th is power made hi m embrace all t h ings evi l. Denn iso n headed for GOTHAM CITY, determined

Cats paw Carlin and his partn er, Corky Hug g ins, ma de

to kill Bisho p Ma xwell , wh o suddenly sto o d for thing s he co ul d no longer abi de. He was st o p ped by Bat m an- wh o at the time was JEAN PAUL VALLEY, because BRUCE WAYNE was rec uperat ing fro m inj ur ies. Gem ir had a lso at tac ked Den niso n's ha lf b rothe r Lu ke Hames, an esca ped co nvict. Lu ke and Perry learn ed th at t heir p owers c anceled each

t he u nfo rtunat e choice to rob W AYNE MANSION. Even though their cr ime succeeded g iven t hat the home's occ up ants -BRuCE W AYNE, D,CK GRAYSON, and ALFRED PEN NYWORTH -were away fi shing at the time, ne it her rea lized it meant they had stolen from Batm an and ROBIN. When the c rim e was reported , two d own- on -th eir- Iuck d et ec tives nam ed Haw ke and Wren n decided t o bo lster t heir careers by d re ssing as the Caped Crusaders and apprehending the thieves themselves . Despite their b umbling, neither prevented the true heroes fr om ap pre he nd ing Carlin and Huggins. ( Batman #29, June/ July 19 4 5)

CARLO Carlo pe r formed a m ind-read ing ac t o n t he dying vaudev ille circu it. He was inju red in an autom o bil e

acci dent and required brain surgery. Upon recovery, Car lo wa s aston ished to d iscover he t ru ly could rea d m inds. When he read BRUCE W AYNE'S m in d and learn ed of hi s Batman al ter ego, Car lo intended to profit from the knowledge. But first , he hoped to use his new fo und t ale nts t o rob fr om others and enrich him se lf. One such v ic tim w as Pete Jo rg en, wh o shot and ki lled him . Batman's secret d ied w ith Carlo. ( De tect ive Comics #70, De cember 1942 )

CARLSON Carl so n grew emb ittered whe n he was inv olved in a colleg e fratern ity ini tiatio n that went horri ­ bly w ro ng . A n ac c id enta l injectio n of c he mica ls left him with a deforme d face, a lon e and b it t er. He sp ent t he fo llow ing yea r s trying to re-create the serum ; wh en he ac hieved his g oal , he used t he sub st anc e o n o th ers, tra nsformi ng them int o his UGLY HORDE. The che m ica ls we re said to pa ra ­ ly ze th e t hy ro id g lan d and bro ugh t ab ou t a dis ­ ease ide nt if ied as myxed ema , c ret ini sm . Carl son and his d ef o rm ed ar my sought to terrori ze t he popu lace, no t ab ly t he m em b er s o f the fr at ern it y wh o had first injec ted him. The Ug ly Horde als o des troyed anythi ng of beau ty , however, inc ludi ng k illi ng a bea uty queen, de stroy ing wor ks o f art, and bombi ng st at ues. W earin g a life- like mask to pass as handsome, Car lson gained adm ittance to the fratern ity and be ga n injecting it s mem bers with the serum , ruining the lo o k s o f several members. He wo uld have gone further had Batman not in ter ven ed . The two engaged in a vi c ious f ight; just as Car lson wa s read y to stab t he Caped Cru sader, he w as shot and k illed by police detective MCGONIGLE. A Dr. Ekhart developed a co unteragent to Car lso n's seru m , and his v ictims were restored to normal. (Batman # 3, Fall 1940)

CARLYLE, ROGER Th e great characte r ac t or Rog e r Carlyle suffered b rai n damage from an auto acc ident. Mon arch Pic t ure s, whi ch he ld hi s co nt rac t, suggested he ta ke t im e o ff t o recover, wh ich Carlyle t oo k to m ean t hey th ou gh t his car ee r wa s at an end . Th e d erang ed man swore vengean ce agai nst Mon arc h's owners-Austi n, Bates, and Harmo n-and set ou t to ki ll t hem. As he stal ked the tr io, successfully kil ling A ustin and Bat es, Car ly le also sough t to make it appear to the po lic e that he w as b ein g framed by th e real m ur derer. Fortu nat el y, Ba tman and ROBIN saw t hrough t he ruse and stopped Carlyle b efore he co uld k ill Harmon. (Detective Comics #314 , A p ril 19 63)



Tommy Carm a once had a promising fu ture w ith the GOTHAMCITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. He was t he yo ung est detective on the force but proved t o be m ore brutal than nec essary. A s a resu lt , many ca ses he wa s involved with were tossed o ut of co urt due to t ech ni cali t ies. Carma was care ful when he arrested a major u nd erw o rld fig u re, and the pr ocess we nt off without a single er ror . Ho wever, on the first day of tria l, a bom b under th e Carma fa mil y min iva n ki lled h is w if e and d aughter. The shock caused Carma t o qui t the fo rce, and he took work as a


private security guard, All the whil e, though, hi s mental state deteriorated u ntil the day he decided to be com e his id ol : Batman, Carma dressed as th e Dark Knight and set out to kil l each cr imi nal he had ar rested but the court s turned free, As a result, suspic ion cent ered on the real Batma n, Inst ead , th e Cap ed Cru sad er tracked down Carma and b rought him to justi ce, ( Batm an #402 -403, December 198 6-January 1987)



Clem ent Carp was a c ri m inal best known as co st um ed crim inal the SQUID.

CARRIER, THE CARY RINALDI wa s visit ing in Colombia wh en he b ought a tr easure map from one of the local ven dors. W hat Rina ld i di d n't realize wa s that he had been exp ose d to a virus that mad e him a carrier of a fata l di sease. When he arrived in GOTHAM CiTY, he exposed countless people to the unnamed virus . At the sam e t ime , a new designer drug called Sanit iz wa s m aking the round s of th e Gotham c lub sce ne and was a ca use of co nc ern for t he police. Batman, in th e early days o f his crime­ f ig ht ing caree r, attempted to tra ck the drugs. He fo und Claire, a drug d ealer han dling Sanit iz, and fo llowed her t o a club, p lanting a bug on her, ALFRED PENNYWORTH info rm ed Batman that th e bug showed she was to m eet her de aler at the airport that nigh t. When he arrived, a HAZMAT team was alr eady present sinc e everyon e aboard the Colombia n airp lane had co nt racted som e vicious disease. Th e m an on th e p lane was not only Claire's sup p lie r but also the drug's inventor, and he b ecame a vi ct im of th e disea se. O nly on e man, Cary Rinal di , survived . As Batman invest ig ate d further, he learned that Rinaldi wa s loose in Gotham and sp read ing th e d isease with a rap idl y mounting de at h toll. Batman be g an working w ith Li eutena nt JAMES GORDON, sharing information as an uneasy all iance solidified . Research in dicat ed th at the disease's origin was a Colombian cav e and its ba t inha bitants. Batman and Alfred th eorized t hat they them selve s were im m une fr om the di sease given th eir con stant ex po sure to th e bats inha b it ing th e cave ben eath stat ely W AYNE MANOR. While t hey inve sti gated, Rinald i roamed t he streets of Gotham, pr otecting the populace by w earing a ga s mask , but he occasionally lifted it to infec t those wh o offended him. Batman tra c ked th e sick and dy ing unt il he fou nd o ne ill m an wh o finall y provided h im with Rinaldi's nam e. Batman and Gordon concluded that Rinaldi wa s intentionally kill ing p eopl e who had b een using Sanit iz. Rina ld i had met Claire, the pair forming an odd fr iendship. They robb ed a bank together to finan ce hi s hunt, and she too k to carrying the cash in a satchel th at rar ely le ft he r sid e. Rinald i was see ki ng th e man who sold him t he su p posed treasur e m ap-the one that led him to th e cave where he contracted th e disease. Upon locating the man, Rina ldi d iscovered that Barry Lew ison had a natural im m unity , so he co uld n' t exac t rev eng e as plann ed . Instead Lewison shot Claire and had h is man take Rinald i pr isoner. Whil e a captive, Lewison cut o ff Rinaldi 's hand to use as a mobil e wa y to sp read th e


di sease and intended to auction it off, This drove Rinaldi mentally o f f the edge. Cla ire wa s sm art eno ug h to a ccom pa ny Rinald i we aring a bu lletproof ve st ; w hen Batman arrived , she had been injured but remained alive. Batman att empted to f ree Rinaldi but wa s met w ith overwhelm ing force that ca use d th e c rim e fighter to b ack off. Lewison, though, wanted th e cash Clai re carried and so ug ht her o ut. She p ro d uced a gun an d held him cap t ive , eve ntually reg aining po ssession of Rinal d i's han d. Batman, me ant ime, tra ced Lewiso n's men to an armored truck carrying a st eel co ntainer that held Rin ald i. The men had all contracted t he di sease and d ied . Batman recovered th e stee l case and transferred it to A RKH AMASYLUM, w her e the now in san e Rinaldi cou ld be treated . Clair e told Gor don of th e impend ing auction , and th e lieutenant fla shed th e BAT- SIGNAL to inform t he Dar k Knig ht. With t he new informatio n, Batman tried to break up the auctio n by himself but wound up interfering with an FBI ra id. He van ished from th e scene and took Claire to v isit Rinaldi at Arkham. She gently removed his prot ect ive co ve rin g, gave him a kiss, and willingly exposed hers elf to the dis ease, ready to d ie w ith him rather t han b e apart. ( Ba tma n: Journey into Kn ight #1-6, October 20 0 5­ Mar ch 2006 )



Benn ett Carson wa s a resp ected GOTHAM CiTY ci t izen wh o seem ed the id eal candidate to hea d up a comm ittee invest igating th e Red Glove s Gang. What no one at the time knew wa s that Carson was secret ly th e gan g 's leader. Soon members of his gang learn ed Carso n wa s planning to ch eat them out of th eir fair shares from th eir robberi es, and th ey wanted him d ead. Rather than kill ing him , though, they left Carson injured and with t emporary am nesia. He wa s rescued by Batman and ROBl N, who had to help him regain his memory so they could better understand why the gang wa nted him dead. When his memory returned, the truth came out, allow ing the Dynamic Duo to br ing Carson and th e Red Gloves Gang to ju st ice, (Batman #117, August 19S8)

CARSON, JUMBO J um b o Car son wa s a c rimi nal who used stolen scientific gear to reduce him self in size and wa s lat er known as th e ANT-MAN.

CARSON, TED Ted Carson turn ed his ob session w ith fir e into a crim inal career as the deadly F,REFLY.

CARTER, MICHAEL Micha el Carter was a criminal who to ok on th e co stumed persona of the SWASHBUCKLER.

CASPIAN, JUDSON In th e days b efore Batman protected GOTHAM CiTY, Judson Caspian meted out a very br ut al form of justice as the costu m ed vi gi lante th e REAPER.



During Batman's second year in GOTH AM CiTY, his alter ego, BRUCE W AYNE, wa s introduced to Rac hel

Caspian. The two felt a mutual attraction de spite Rach el's impending vows to b ecome a nun . So o n after, her fa t her, Jud son, return ed to Gotham after many year s abroa d. At almost th e same t im e, a costumed v igilante kno w n as th e REAPER ret urned to Gotham's streets afte r an ab sen ce of m or e th an a d ecade. His brutal ap p ro ach to c ri me st o p p ing brought Batman into opposition with the Reaper, with d evastating resu lt s. As Batm an sou g ht ways to tak e th e Reaper d ow n, Bru ce continu ed to develop a relatio nship w ith Rach el, leading her to que st ion her vo cation. In tim e Bruce p roposed to Rachel, and she acc ep te d. However, when Batman and t he Reaper had a f inal co nfrontati on at a co nstr ucti on sit e, the scy the- handed opponent fell to his death and wa s revealed to b e Judson Caspian. Rach el br oke off her engagement with Bru ce and co m p let ed her vow s so she could atone for her father's sins. ( Detective Comics #S7S, June 1987) Bru ce saw Rach el one more time, when she return ed to Gotham, convinced a new Reap er was her fath er reincarnat ed. Whil e she stayed w it h Dr. LESLIE THOMPKINS, th e Reaper incl ude d Rach el in hi s plans for reveng e, pl aguing her w ith ima ge s that made her think it really was her father reborn . This proved to be unt rue, and although seeing Br uce sti rred rom antic feelings anew, she rem ain ed committed to her co urse, (Batman: Full Circle, 1991) In th e aftermath o f the INFINI TE CRISIS, this version of reality wa s rewr it t en so t hat Rac hel never met Bru ce Wayne .

CASSIDY Cassid y w as a m emb er of t he car thiev ing gang kn own as th e SPEEDBOYZ, whi ch speciali zed in high­ priced, powerful ma chines. He en gaged ROBIN Ili o n several occ asio ns and the Batman once. ( Rob in #1, November 1993)



The offspr ing of CLAYFACE II and Lady Clay, Cassiu s w as an amorph o us, near - m ind less ch ild.

CAT, THE O n Earth-2, SELINA KYLE began her criminal career w earin g a long g own topped w ith a cat- shape d head ma sk as the Cat b ef or e being known as CATWOMAN.



Lo cated in Hungaria, Cathala m ay be a region or sp ec ifi c lo ca ti o n but was d efinitely ho m e to t he cas t le housing the MONK. Th e region was located nea r t he River De ss and mi g ht be a part of th e CARLATHAN MOUNTAIN range. ( Dete ct iv e Comics #32, Oc t o b er 193 9)

CATMAN Big -game hunter THOMAS BLAKE grew bored and sought new challen g es, turning to crime and adopting the costumed per so na of the Catrnan. He th en became an enem y of th e Batman and subseq uently a dangerous o p po nen t to any who cro ssed his path . ( Det ective Comics #311 , January 1963) O n Eart h -l th e famous jun gle ca t trapper earned an d sq uan d ere d a fort une , the first o f many up-and-down c yc les that would plague Blake throu ghout his adult li fe. Whil e in Afri ca , he o b t ained a c at skin that w as said to provid e the we arer w ith eig ht extra li ves, lik e a true ca t w as said t o have. He had the skin modified into a c os tu me, in sp ired by t he co stum e worn by GOTHAM Crr v's fel on CATWOMAN . Blake was inspired to become Catman when he ove rheard a c hance co nversation saying that if he an d BRUCE W AYNE w ere so bored, th ey should put o n c os t um es and fight eac h ot her, A s Catman, Blake wore a yell ow costume and t ights with orang e g loves, bo ot s, and cow l plus t he cat -ski n ca pe. The ora nge initial s CM were emblaz oned o n hi s chest. He init ially ca rried an oran g e satchel -a kit ba g th at included variou s Batman- in spired t o ol s, from a c at -l ine t o a c at aran g . Ca t wo man initially resented Cat man and we nt so far as t o partner w it h Batman t o appreh end him, They enga ged in a friendly rivalry for some t im e until th e world was w iped out during th e CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Despite his failures as a c ri m inal, Cat man co nt inued t o operate in Gotham City, pr ompting ROBIN to wonder wh y he d id n't relo ca t e t o a cit y with out a sup er hero . Batman rem inded hi m th at Catman w as irresistibly attracted to BATWOMAN. She o nc e gave in to her mi xed feel ings toward Blak e and began a whirlwind romance, even forsaking her Batwo ma n co stum e in fav o r of a Cat -Woman o ut fit, but it did not last. (Detective Comics #318, July 19 63) After b ein g freed, Blake im me d iat ely re sumed hi s cri m ina l c areer as Catman, on c e m ore cro ssing path s w ith Catwoman as t hey both so ug ht a cat -them ed o bjec t. His goal wa s t o create an independ ent island nation as a hideaway for c ri m in als in exchang e for a percenta ge o f their lo ot. (D etective Comics #32 2-324, December 1963-Febru ary 1964) Their rel ationship co nt inued despite Blake's seve ral near -death experience s, culm inati ng w ith his spending a year as a fugitive until Batman,

Robin, and Batwoman fin ally apprehended him. (Detective Comics #325, Mar ch 1964) Batman ev entuall y b ecame co nv inc ed o f the cape's magical properti es, which had seem ingly sav ed not onl y Blake but also Catwoman from certain d eath o n m ore th an o ne o ccasion . In prison Blake sh ared a c ell w ith an inmate named Coll in s, who learned all about the costum e and its magic. At o ne point Co llin s stole the outfit and be ca me th e new Cat- Man for a p er iod o f time, altho ug h he far ed no better against the Dark Kn ight Detect ive . (Batman #371, May 1984 ) Bl ake reg aine d his cos t ume an d re sum ed his career o nly t o me et defeat at t he ha nd s of MANHUNTER. (Manhunter #13, May 1989 ) In t he singl e un iverse post-Cris is, Blake d ebuted as Catman, w earing a cl oak that was so urc ed not from Afr ica but a South Sea cu lt. Blake journeyed to a South Sea island , bored and hungry for new exp eriences . He st ayed with a nat ive tribe and st ud ied its wors hip of a sac red c at despite th e cult 's prohibition again st non-natives and th o se und er the age o f thirty-f ive. One night, after the cu lt members drank a native potion and ente red a tr anc e-l ike sta te, Blake ent ered t heir hut and stole th e cat statue and th e cloth it was wrapp ed in-both sai d t o po ssess m agical energ y. (Batman : Shadow of the Bat #4 3, Oc t o b er 1995 ) Catman proved to be somewhat c hauv ini st ic toward women, an attitud e that ultim ately caus ed Catwoman, with whom he was briefly partnered, to reb el aga in st him . Later, the South Sea c ult's Coun c il of Thr ee hired her to gain the cloak for them , but she fa iled and ins t ead d eli vered them a fake . Along the way Blake began to realize how unfulfill ing being a crimi nal was. He grew to hate the co nst ant relocation and so ug ht a way for Blake

to vanish and Catman to be out of the way, Despite hi s m o st fervent hop es, he w o und up aidi ng Bat m an and Cat woma n in st o p p ing a pl an by the RATCATCHER that threaten ed Gotham. Catman was res igned t o his crim inal ways until he could afford to retire. Blake c o nti nue d as a minor cri m ina l threat t o Batman , rarely t aken seriously. In fac t , he wa s in a group known as the Misf it s, includ ing KILLER MOTH and CALENDAR MAN, seek in g to make names for themsel ve s but failing in the pr o cess. Blake recruited a man nam ed Chan cer to joi n them , believing he, too, was lucky and would help the te am . (Bat ma n: Shad ow o f th e Bat #7-9, De cemb er 1992 -Feb ru ar y 1993 ) While other criminal s were ready to kill , Catman wa s not. He assur ed police o ffic er SARAH ESSEN GORDON th at no harm would befall May or A RMAND KROL, Commissioner JAMES GORDON, or m ill iona ire playboy BRUCE WAYNE, unaware that Killer Moth wa s read y t o execu te them t he minu t e th e ten­ m illi on-dollar ransom wa s received. Blake 's mo ral co d e was evident time and again, such as when he refused th e demon Neron 's offer for enhanced abi lities in exc hange for his soul. Later, when he wa s o nce mo re in BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY, the pr ison wa s c rac ked op en by an earthquake, and rather than flee he saved a fe llow inmate from b eing kil led by th e KGBEAST. (Batman: Blackgate-Isle of Men #1, 1998 ) Free fo r good, Blake left Gotham rather than be trapped there when the government cut off aid . He set o ut to ach ieve his goal of ind ep endence, but fir st met defeat at the hands o f the Black Con d or (Starm an #80, June 2001) and wa s later seen trying t o gamble his way to wealth at Rou lette's illicit gamb ling de n, the House. (JSA #28, November 2001). When Oli ve r Qu een, the GREEN ARROW, d ied , Blake attended his funeral at th e beh est of the


enigmatic Shad e, After that, he seemed to have ma de his fortune and retired t o ob scur ity, letting himself ga in weight an d g et out o f shap e, ( Gree n Arrow #1, Apr il 2001) Queen retu rned to life and sought out Blake to understand what had happen ed at th e fun eral. They lat er had a shar p co nfro nt ati on w hen Green Ar row caught Blake being abu sive once more to a fe m ale com panion , Th e fight ended w hen the v illain Warp ap pe are d and snatc he d Bla ke. ( Gree n Arrow #20, March 2003 ) After finishing hi s unrecord ed business with W arp, Blak e d ec ided t o t urn his life aro und . He lo st the weight, regained h is hunter 's p hysiq ue, and re tu rn ed to th e jungl e, At that time, th e Soci ety had formed-a co alition of sup er -vi llains determ ined to m ake a st rike against the world 's supe r heroe s. Tho se who refu sed t o jo in we re th e re cip ient s of st ro ng arm tactics, In Bla ke's cas e, when he ref used admission, the pride of lions he wa s near wa s killed

by DEATHSTROKE, Still, he rema ined ind epe nd ent. u nt il he w as coax ed into joining a rogue operation led by a m ysteriou s figure known as Moc kingbird, Catman became a member of the Sec re t Six , working to thwart th e So ciety's ef fo rts , Wh ile wo rking alon g sid e the Six, Bla ke cam e to learn that it was t eammate DEADSHOT, no t Deathstroke, who had killed the lion s, at Mo ck in gbird's b ehes t . Catman lived up to his big-game hunter 's repu­ tation, prov ing himself a f ierce fi ghter and cunning t actician. Dur in g his bat t les wit h th e Soci et y, he ac tually ma naged to g o t oe -t o -t oe wi th th e sup er ­ ape Monsi eu r Mallah , In his deal ing s with the Six and the Soci ety, Blak e m ade it clear he preferred being ar ound p eople who we re honest with th em ­ selv es and tr ue ab o ut t hei r inten ti o ns. A s a resul t, he and De adshot and even Green Arrow c ame to develop understandin g s. His moral approach and manly physique intrigued fellow m ember Che shire, who chos e him to sir e her seco nd child, an unn amed so n. He cont inued working w it h the Sec ret Six an d o n on e mi ssion developed a cru sh on th e HUNTRESS, who promised to g ive him a chance o nce he w ent st raigh t. One Inc arnation of Catman w as rendered ob­ sole t e during t he earl ies t realit y- altering w ave s th at be cam e t he INFINITE CRISIS. Here Blake bec ame Cat man durin g Batman 's first two years in Go t ham City, He was a serial kill er, beginning w ith hi s mother, and spo rte d a gray o ut f it c lo ser t o Catwoman 's. Batman a nd Catwom an ac tually formed a tr uce in o rd er to stop the killer. ( Leg end s o f the Dark Knight # 4 6-49,Ju ne-Augu st 1993) Note: Cat ma n is not the same as the villain KING OFCATS,

CATWOMAN On Earth -2, SELINA KYLE began her crim inal ca ree r as the Cat , wearing a gow n and cat-head m ask. ( Bat m an #1, Sp ring 1940) She used a cat-o'-nine tail s and w as drawn t o spect acula r ro b be ries. Time and aga in she and the Batman o pposed eac h oth er, both ackn owl edging that there was so m e ro ma nt ic t en sion under lyi ng each meetin g . At o ne t im e Selina explained she w as in reality a flight attendant wh o had suff ered a concussio n


du ring a p lane crash t hat altered her personality and memories. ( Ba t ma n #62, December 1950/ January 1951) She late r recanted th e amnesia sto ry and revealed the truth : She had be en marri ed to an abusive husband wh o kept her jewelry in a va ult . When she wanted to leav e him , she need ed to b reak int o the va ult t o get her p o ssession s. She enjoyed the liberating experien ce so much that she la un ched a new car eer as a crimi nal. ( The Brave and the Bold #197, April 1983 ) Cat w o ma n was highl y Infl ue nced by th e Caped Cru sader, g o ing so far as to drive a Catmobil e and even f ly a Cat pl ane . For a whi le sh e seem ed to cha ng e allegian ce s, possi b ly du e to her affect ion fo r the Gotham Gua rd ian; they ac tu ally w ere allies on several oc casion s. ( Ba t man # 65 , June/J uly 1951; # 6 9, Fe br uar y/M arch 1952) For reason s of her own , ho w ever, she re t u rne d t o her crim in al ways. ( De t ec t ive Comics #203, January 1954) Finally, in the 1950s, both slowly withdrew from th eir battl e and sub seq ue nt ly g ave in t o their ro ma nt ic fe elin gs, BRUCEW AYNE and Selina Kyle w ere m arried in a lavish ceremony that was attended by a large gatheri ng, in cl uding CLARK KENT and LOIS LANE. (S uperma n Family # 211 , October 1981) So me year s lat er Seli na gave bir t h to a d aughter, HELENA WAYNE, and the three settl ed into a happy fa m ily sit ua ti on . This id yl l wa s shattered when Selina wa s bl ackmailed into co m mi t ting a crime that resulted in her death , (A d ven t ure Co m ic s #4 61-462, January/February-March/ApriI1977) The brutal act g al vanized t een ag e Hel en a into action; she put o n a c os tu me o f her own, be comin g the HUNTRESS, (DC Super-Stars #17, November/December 1977) Soon th ereafter, W ayne o nce more put on the Batman uniform to jo in the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF A MERICA o n a case t hat re sulted in his own d eath , (Adventure Comics #4 6 6, November/Decemb er 1979) On Eart h-l , Selina Kyle became Catwoman and enjoy ed many successes as a ca t burglar and frequent op ponent o f Batma n and ROBIN. The attraction that existed on Earth-2 was also pre sent her e, but to a lesser deg ree. She bat tl ed aga inst th e Dynam ic Duo a nd eve n crosse d paths with METROPOLIS reporter Lo is Lan e (S up erman 's Girl Friend Lois Lane #70, November 1966) Catwoman co nt inue d her life of c rim e, g o ing so far as to m ur d er to accom plish her tas ks , Ev entually, Se lina Kyl e worked o n reforming her wic ked ways and even enga g ed in a romance w ith Bruce W ayne. ( Ba t ma n #310-326 , A pril 197 9 -August 1980) Batman's alte r eg o encou rage d th e rela ti o nship in the hope that it would reform her , , . which w orked until Earth-1 w as erased . In th e w ake o f para llel w o rlds b eing m elded into o ne during the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Kyle 's life chang ed dram at ic ally. This Kyl e was a pr ostitute and dom inatrix, perf orming in a catsu it with a w hip and a jaun d ic ed vi ew toward society. When new s reports fir st t o ld of a man d re ssed as a bat. she w as intrigu ed. She modified on e o f her catsuit s and ente red th e Batman 's lif e for th e fir st tim e. ( Ba tm an # 404-407, Februa ry-M ay 1987) It was lat er reveal ed that Selina had end ur ed a sad childhood , Her mother, Mar ia, w as an unl oving w oman who see me d t o p refe r her ca ts t o her c hild ren, Selina and MAGGIE KYLE. W hatever de m o ns haunt ed

he r event uall y drove Maria to co m m it sui cid e. Her husband, Bri an, grew angry at his wife's act ion . He to ld Selin a he d id n' t like her because she res em b led Maria . Bri an took to the bottle and staye d wi th it until he d ied . (Catwoman #0, October 1994 ) Selina w as placed in an orphanage followed by a GOTHAM C,TY juv en ile ha ll. While at the hall , thi rt ee n-y ea r-o ld Selina fou nd that an ad m inistra tor was embezzli ng and confronted the man , She wa s placed insid e a b ag and dro pped in th e Gotham River t o drown . Inst ead Kyl e made it t o shore an d w ashed up in a sec t ion o f the city k no w n as A lle ytow n, lo cated between th e EAST END and Old Gotham. (Catwoman #12, July 1994) She w as take n in by an o ld st reet woman ca lli ng her self Mam a Fortuna, a modern­ d ay Fagin w ho har bor ed ot her ho m eless ch ild ren and taught them to st eal on her behalf. Selina and her fr iend Syl vi a ran awa y and fell into prostitution t o support themselves, worki ng fo r a pimp nam ed St an, Sylv ia hated her experienc e and d eveloped a hatred f or Selina , w ishing her fr iend we re m or e sup po rti ve, A ft er Sy lv ia vani shed fr om h er life, Selina m et HOLLY ROBINSON, another t een p ro st it ut e, and the two beca me best fr iend s, a rel ationsh ip that endured unlike so many o th ers in her life . In t im e, t hou gh , Holly and Maggie left for the W est Coa st.

Selina escaped Mama Fortuna's influence in any event and learned to become a thief, The people who helped train her to fight inc lud ed the ARMLESS MASTER and TED GRANT, the former heavyweight champ and co st u m ed fighter WILDCAT , ( Ca t wo m an Annual #2, 1998 ) Selina as an adult set her sights on so m eth ing better and remade herself into a socialite. She used her st olen money and other resources to reestabl ish her Selina Kyle persona with a partly faked background, and she held on to It until Batman found out she was Catwoman. This prompted her to abandon the name temporaril y, but she revived it periodically to keep It in play. Batman never got around to tell ing the authorities, romant ically believ ing he 'd be spoiling he r shot at redempt ion. (Catwoman Secret Files, 2002 ) Later, Stan reentered Selina's life and abused Magg ie violently. Th is drove Selina to kill him. (Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper, 1989 ) Her adventures over the next couple of years paralle led th ose of her Earth-1 counterpart, complete with a variety of co st um es. The key distinction was that Se­ lina was defeated but never appreh ended. After the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA discovered her tenuous link to the secret Soci­ ety of super-villains,

ZATANNA altered Catwoman's memories. She ret ired her costumed ide nt it y and, as Selina, started up an affair with Bruce Wayne-only to hav e it collapse when his trust in her wavered due to Batman 's mi s­ taken be lief th at she'd returned to cr ime . Resuming her Catwoman persona, Selina remained a heroine, deducing that Bru ce wa s Batman and gradually rekindl ing the ir rom ance. That cam e to an end wh en the JOKER learned of the romance and arranged for DOCTOR MOON to mod­ ify Selina's behavior back to that of a c rim inal. The pr oce ss wa s a success and also removed Catwoman 's memo­ rres o f both her re­ cent reformation and Batman's real identity. (Dete c­ tive Comics

#569-570, December 1986-January 1987) How­ ever, Moon had unknowingly int erfered w ith Za ­ tanna's behavior modifi cation spell, and this would plague Selina for years to come. The inc onsisten­ cies in her personal ity and alliances stemmed from the conflicting commands in her mind . Consequently, the SCARECROW'S gradual


pen etration o f her p syche wa s even more ef fec ti ve than he could hav e expected . ( Ca t w om an #58-60. Jun e-Augu st 1998. revealed and cu lm inating in Catwoman #92-94. May-July 20 0 1) Al ong the w ay she appeared to revise her moral co de based o n th e sit uati o n she fo und her self in. On the one hand. she had a tender spot in her heart fo r or ph ans- w it ness her adoption o f a youn g teen runaway Arizona-but on the oth er. she thought nothing of wor king alo ng sid e ki llers such as BANE , Oddly, though, she wound up sneak ing up to the moon and infiltrating th e JLA's Watchtower head quarters in time to aid th e League in de feating PROMETHEUS. (J LA #17, April 1998 ) When Goth am was temporarily rendered a No MAN'S LAND, Catwoman revived her Selina Kyl e identity, thi s time in New York City. Rising quickly to become CEO of Rand ol f Industries. Selin a d ecided to ru n for mayor. The intense publ ic scrutiny quickly sho ne a light o n her sketchy b ac kground , an d Catwoman w o und up "kill ing " Selin a Ky le to extricate herself from the mess . ( Cat wom an [ second ser ies] #67-71, April -August 1999 ) When t he body was lat er exh um ed, it wa s di scovered th at the corpse's prints matched a DOA fr om three days before Selina Ky le was "killed,"


Graduall y easi ng her self ba ck into Gotham so ci et y, Selin a fir st appro ached her old b oyfri end Bru ce Wayne pr ivately, telli ng him that "ev en in New York, they've sort of qui etly revoked my death certifi cate ." ( Cat wom an #10 , October 2002 ) Kyle wound up fighting alongside Batman as he opposed LEX LUTHOR'S attempts to g ain co nt rol of real estate during Gotham' s recon str uction . Still, she wa s arre sted by Commi ssioner JAMESGORDON for older crim es, but she easily broke out of jail. Soon after, she b ecame a susp ect w hen Gor do n wa s sho t, although she wa s c leared . She was sub seq uently shot her self and seemi ngly killed onc e m ore by DEATHSTROKE . (Catwoman #94 , July 2001 ) Her apparent death didn't stop SLAM BRADLEY, a private inves t ig ato r, from seeking her out. When he fin ally tr acked her down. Ky le was settled in the East End and had decided this was her refuge, She would become it s defender and woe be to any cop, cape , or villain wh o tried to cross her there. (Detective Comics # 759-762, August-N ovember 2001 ) She continued her burglaries. as much for th e th rill as for th e m oney. She found herself fighting as often aga inst Batman as she d id with the Dar k Knig ht , As a resul t , they began their long­ anticipated romance, leading Batman to actually

unma sk. read y to share every t hi ng w ith her. During thi s time, though, the v illainous HUSH sta lke d Batman and in the end , he remained susp iciou s of Cat woman, consid ering she m ight have been one of Hush's pawns. ( Ba tm en # 608-619, December 2002-November 2003) They remai ned allie s after that but kept their d istance. Soon after, A m erica's villa in s learned that m any had been rnaq ically mindwiped by Zatanna in an effort to protect the sup er heroes' sec ret identities, They banded to g ether as a sec ret Soc iety t o oppose the heroes, although Catwoman was not active with them . Still , Zatann a d id adm it t o Cetwornan that she was one o f her subjects , Sel ina Kyle was tortured with the news , no longer certain of who she reall y was . Did she lo ve Bruce Way ne? Was she protecting the East End bec ause dee p down she wanted to do good ? She had no an swers. ( Ce t wom en [second series] #50, December 2005) One thing was certain: Her life would never set t le down as long as BLACK MASK controlled Gotham 's underworld. He continued to encroach on the East End in more and more brutal ways. She declared war on him , with disastrous results . Black Mask found and recruited Sylvia as an ally and from th e

bitter woman learned that Catwoman was Selina

was d oing bu sine ss in HASARAGUA. The y demanded three million d ollars in rans o m and a letter o f ap ology from Wayne Enterprises for the co m pa ny's suppo sed d espoiling of Hasaragua's environment and exploitation of it s people. Batman tra veled to the cou nt ry to re scue h is f riend and learned that t he k id napp ing was act ua lly a co llabo rat io n between Hasaragua 's f ina nce m ini ster and Cell Six. ( D etec tive Co m ics An nu al #10 , 19 9 7) Later Ce ll Six went t o GOTHAM CITY and st age d a kidnapping

Kyle. Arm ed w ith th is info rm at ion . he threatened Maggie and her hu sband , killing him. Left with no choice, Kyle gave up any pr eten se of h eroism and shot Bla ck Mask to death. (Catwoman [ sec ond series] #5 2, February 2006 ) In the wake of Black Mas k's d eath, Cat w oman too k it upon herself to di sm antl e hi s criminal operat ion . She teamed w it h Sam Bradley, son of Slam , and th ey spent we e ks p ick ing apart the Black Mask em pi re. Th ey fin ally managed to trap Black Mask's right-hand ma n, Dylan, and had him arrested. During the euphor ia that followed, they made love and she conce ived a daughter. Dylan was freed a week lat er and ordered that Sam Bradley be caught. He tortured and then killed Bradley on the d ay Sel ina learn ed of her pregnancy. (Catwoman [ second series] #5 9 , September 2006) Holly took over as th e new Catwo man while Selina, living und er the ali as Irena Dub rovna , t urned her attention t o carin g fo r her infant da ughter, He lena. Eve n after train ing Holl y, with Ted Grant 's help, Selina put o n th e cats uit from time to time. The p oli ce co nt inued to seek Bla ck Ma sk's killer, and clues pointed toward Catwoman. Su rve illance footage indicated that th er e might be two Catwomen o p erati ng in Go t ham , so m et hing that caught the attention o f t he FILM FRE AK. Wor k ing w ith the foo tage, the Frea k determ ined who Ky le real ly was and, aide d by the A ng le Man , abducted Helena. Catwoman manag ed to rescue her daughter and then d emanded Zatanna repay her debt by mindwiping the Film Freak so he would forget her identity. Holly was arrest ed for the murder but freed and cleared by Selin a Kyl e. Wh ile Robinson moved to Metropolis, Kyl e rem ained in Gotham, and both went into acti on as Catwom an. Kyle, at Batman's request, infiltrated the Bana warrior s, an offshoot tr ibe of Amazon s t hat insti g ate d a war between the legenda r y w o m en and Ameri ca. (C atwom an [se cond series ] # 69 , September 20 07) In the vari ous alternate realities and parallel universes, Seli na Kyle has usually remained Catwoman. One vers io n saw her with a v icious, murderou s st reak that also sho we d Holly no lo ng er a lesb ian but st raig ht an d married t o a man named Arthur. W hile st ill Catwoman, Seli na was also runn ing the Tin Roof Cl ub , w hich acted as a front for her lucrative fenc ing o pe ration. When Arthur found out about th e ill egal bus in ess, he arranged to kill Holly and grab th e bu siness for himself. During their confrontation at the Gotham Plaza Hotel, she callously tossed two guard s off the roof and then calmly framed Arthur for the ir death s, resolving the challenge to her busin ess. (Actio n Comics Weekly #611-614, 1988) In one parall el wor ld Sel ina thought herself the daughter o f cri me b oss CARMINE FALCON E, but the evidence rem aine d inconclusive. (C atwom an: When in Rom e #1- 6 , Feb ruary-August 20 0 5)



MORTIMER DRAKE w as a bored mill ion aire who decided to indulge hi s whims and become a costumed villa in using t he name the Cavalier. (De tec tive Comics #81, November 1943 ) On Earth-2, Dra ke tu rned to cr ime so he co u ld

attempt agai nst the w if e of a Hasaraguan ambassador-only to fail at th e hands of the Dark Knight and th e p olice. ( Ba tm an: G.C.PD. #1-4, Augu st -Decemb er 1996 )

CHALMERS, DEUCE obta in what he co uld not legally buy to su it his exoti c ta st es. Onc e he fou nd hi msel f o p po sed by Batm an and ROBIN , thoug h, Drake seem ed to relish the cha lle nge . Batman figured o ut that the Cavalier wa s Drake and used that k no w led g e to arrest him. Drake returned ag ain and ag ain to ste al- b ut more to co n fro nt the Dynami c Du o. Eventually he wa s arr est ed and ret ired from hi s lif e o f c rime once and for all. On Eart h-1 , he fo und hi m self o p po sit e not Bat足 man b ut BATGI RL and BATWOMAN, and he abandoned the code o f chi val ry his costume demanded and pun ched Batg irl. Later, he accepted a challenge from KILLER MOTH , attempt ing t o learn the BATCAVE'S whereabouts from ROBIN before the Moth could learn the sam e sec ret from Batgirl. The heroes led the villain s t o false locati on s, with the Cavalier con足 vinced Robin w as really an alien life -form. (Batman Family #15, December 1977/January 1978) In the revi sed real ity in the wake of the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, t he Caval ier w as not hi ng more than a m in o r cos t ume d fe lon w ea ri ng a Renaissance swashbu ckler 's outfit. He w as a p o or co m b atant who took to drinking w ith his fell ow villa ins. (J us tic e League of America #44 , November 1990) His failure s seem ed to ha ve driven him in sane . and Drake was co nfi ned t o ARKHAM A SYLUM. He un derw ent treat me nt an d wa s released after an unsp ec if ied t ime. He rema ined a cost umed cr iminai but agreed to beco m e BLACK LIGHTNING'S inf or man t when threaten ed with the revelation that he and CAPTA IN STI NGAREE w ere engaged in a secret homosexual affa ir. (J ust ic e League of America #2 , November 20 0 6) A criminal named Hudson Pyle was also the Cavalier in a variant reality, fighting Batman only once. (Leg en ds of the Dark Knight #32-34, June足 July 19 92)

CAVE, CARL C. Car l C. Cave w as a ma ster crim inal better known t o th e po lice as t he ma n called NUMBERS.

CELL SIX Cell Six w as a Latin Amer ican terrori st organization th at pr ef erred kidnapping as a way t o raise money for o t her bu sines s. Ce ll Six troops could be disting ui shed by t he number- 6 o r V I- t at to o ed o n t he ir f or eheads. The y w ere respons ib le for the abd ucti on of W AYNE ENTE RPRISES' LUCIUS Fox while he


Deuce Chalm er s wa s a sc he m e r and confidence man who set u p a schem e to kidn ap six mi lliona ires and hold them for ranso ms o f o ne m illion dollars ap iece. Th e scheme in vol ved hi s be ing disguised as Batm a n the very week th e real hero was selecte d. as BRUCE W AYNE, t o serve as hon o rary mayor of GOTHAM CITY. Bruce had to expose Chalmers and re scue hi s fellow millionaires without gi ving away hi s alte r ego. Chalme rs w as no match for the W orl d 's Great est Det ecti ve; he was so o n arrested . ( Det ec t ive Comic s #179, January 19 52)



Romy Chand ler ini t ially trained to become an FBI agent but, desp airing over the amount of paperwork, so o n sh if t ed her focus to local law enforcem ent. Her te st sco res, athletic skills, and black belt in karat e got her assigned to GOTHAM C,TY'S MAJOR CRI MES UNIT, where she served on the second shift. Th er e Chandler w as initially partnered with the abrasive NATE PATTON. Iro ni cally, her fellow cops th ought she had a crus h o n Patton; in fact it was Pat t on holding the crus h, He always managed to say th e wrong th ing but rema ined he roi c, rescui ng a new scast er from one o f th e JOKER'S b ombs. only to lo se his life. Chand ler blamed the Batman for the Joker 's exi stence and harbored a grudge toward him. She w as subs eq ue nt ly partnered with MARCUS DRIVER and the two entered int o a clan de stine ro m anc e kn ow n on ly t o STACY, t he ci vilian a ide . ( Go tham Central # 1, Early February 2003 )

CHARAXES The cr im inal k no w n as KILLER MOTH was also kn own as m ill iona ire Cam ero n Van Cleer and fought Batman and BATGIRL on numerous occasions before selling hi s so u l to Neron in exchange for tru e power. He be came the hideous creature renamed Cha rax es. (Bat m an #63 , February/March 1951) On Earth- 2, a co nvic t chose to oppose Batman as an almost m irro r im ag e. He used hi s hidd en sto le n pr operty t o fin anc e the creation of Killer Mot h, compl et e w it h a moth cave headquarter s, m othmobile, and even a moth-signal. Once in hi s Killer Moth cos tu m e, the crim inal be came a high 足 priced mercenary to members of GOTHAM CITY'S und erworld . In hi s fir st en c ounter with Batman and ROBIN, Killer Moth managed a sta lemate befor e ap parent ly d rown ing. Inst ead he sur vi ved and fo ugh t Batman a sec o nd t ime . He also created the f ic t it io us Cam ero n Van Cleer so he cou ld o perate




Act or PAUL SLOANE w as an Eart h-2 imposto r who p osed as Two -FACE. This occu rre d w hen he was hir ed to p or t ray HARVEY DENT in a film ed bio g rap hy o f th e tortured m an 's life. During filming, an accid ent rep licate d the d isfig ure me nt that had w arpe d De nt 's mind; Slo ane th ou ght he, t o o, w as


with ano ny m ity. Du ring th eir next battle Batman arreste d Killer Mo t h and exposed th e Van C1eer alia s. Ki ller Mo t h esc aped and decided t o stea l a liv ing person 's id enti t y, th at o f BRUCE W AYNE. Afte r Kille r Mot h trapped W ay ne in a vaul t , he underwent p lastic surgery to resem bl e Wayn e. So successful wa s the transformati on , DICK GRAYSON wa s convin ced he was the real man. It also meant that Dick acc id ent ally gave away the Batman's sec ret ide nt it y, so m et hing Killer Moth expl oited , Disg uised as Batm an, he set out to convin ce t he unde rw o rld t hat t he Caped Crusader wa s t erri fied of Kille r Moth . Wayne escaped the vault, and so o n Batman co nf ro nt ed Kille r Moth for real. By t he n crimina ls had fir ed at " Bat man," not o nly di sfig uring hi m bu t al so affecti ng Kil ler Mot h's m em or y, pr eserv ing their sec ret id entities. ( De tec tive Com ics #173, July 1951) On Ear t h-1, Kille r Moth wa s million aire -turned­ cri m ina l Came ro n Van Clee f, a m inor cos t um ed felo n w ho o p pos ed Batm an o n occas io n. (Justice League of America #35, May 1965) Seeking t o exto rt m on ey fr om his former socia lit e f rie nds , Kille r Mot h inten ded t o attack a cos tu me ba ll bu t wa s thwarted by BARBARA GORDON dressed as a Batg ir l­ the sem inal event that launched her c rime -fi g hti ng car eer. ( Detec ti ve Comics #359, January 1967 ) Ki lle r Moth remained a thorn in Bat g irl' s side after th at. He once teamed with for m er m il liona ire

Drury Walker


MORTIMER DRAKE, th e CAVALIER, to ferret o ut th e location of th e BATCAVE. Wh ile Drake at tempted t o learn the secr et fro m Ro bin , Killer Moth t ried to p ry the info rmat io n fro m Bat girl. (B atm an Fam ily # 10 , Marc h/Apri l 1977; # 15, Decem b er 1977/Ja nuar y 19 78) In the wake of that d eb acl e, Killer Moth w ent sol o against Batgirl once more. (Ba tma n # 311 , May 1979) Realities merged durin g th e CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, but Killer Moth wa s larg ely unaffected . Drury Walker remained a minor co st u me d crimi nal who o cca sionally sold his se rvices to o t he r c rim inal s. He also used the aliase s Arthur Leland and Cameron Van Cleer whi le comm it t in g crimes , At o ne po int, in som e de speratio n, he fo rmed th e Mis fi ts w it h CALENDAR MAN, CATM AN, an d Chancer, ho p in g to abd uc t Ma yor A RMAND KROL, Poli ce Commi ssio ner JAMES GORDON, and Bru ce Wayn e for ran som . Unl ike th e other s, Killer Moth w as read y t o k ill th e m en, ran som paid or not. (Ba tma n: Shado w o f th e Bat # 7-9, December 1992-Febru ary 19 9 3) Ki lle r Mot h sought po we r and respec t, so he w as among the first to accept t he d em on Neron 's o f fe r for just that. In exch ang e for his so ul, Ki lle r Moth evolved into a giant in sect w ith an insa tia b le ap p et it e now known as Cha raxes . ( Un d erworld Unleashed #1, November 1995 ) In his new form, Chara xes w as six feet two, co m p let e with the power of fl ight an d en hanced st reng t h. He also secreted an aci d ic solution . The new inca rnatio n seemed t o ro b Dru ry o f his rea soni ng faculties. (Rob in #2 3-24, Dec em b er 19 9 5-Ja nuar y 199 6) Charax es often co nfro nted Ro bin and even co nte nded against his fellow TEEN TITANS. In ad d it io n, Chara xes's tr an sf ormat ion left him wi t h th e abil it y to lay eggs, which see me d to hat ch m iniature ver sion s o f his W alker self. The g overnm ent took p o ssession of these new life­ fo rms f o r st ud y. At on e p oint they g o t loose and w ou nd up being destroyed. During a battle with Sup erboy-Prime d ur ing th e eve nts known as INFINITE CRI SI S, th e co rru pte d Teen o f St ee l ripped Charaxes apart, en di ng his tr ag ic lif e and consigning his soul to Hell . (I nfinite Cr isis #7 , June 2006)

Tw o-Face. He w as ap p rehended by Batman and sen t for treat men t. (Ba tman # 68 , Decem ber 195 1/ Ja nuary 19 52) A fter t he reali t ies w ere merg ed d u ri ng the CRISIS ON INFINITE EART HS, Pau l Slo ane w as an actor hired by GOTHAM CiTY un d erworld cos tu me d criminals. His assignment wa s t o po rt ray Two-Fac e in a ruse that was intended to end in Bat m an 's death. The real Two-Face learn ed o f th is and ob jec t ed to Sloane's impersonati on , so he had th e ac to r kidnapped. Two-Face used aci d to scar t he ac tor's face in a pattern sim ilar to his own inju ries. Slo ane wa s t he n exposed to t he SCARECROW'S ne w ly d esig ned fear t oxin , and th e co m b inat io n dr ove him ma d . Now kn own as Char latan, he so ug ht veng ea nce agai ns t all th e c rim ina ls; he w as al so determined t o fulfill hi s co nt rac t and k ill Batman. He fail ed in his q ues ts and wa s event ually take n int o custody. Slo an was subs equent ly p lac ed in ARKHAM A SYLUM, ( De t ec t iv e Com ics #776-782, Janu ar y- A ug ust 2003)

CHASE, CAMERON Cameron Cha se w as th e daughter o f an obscure super hero who grew up hid ing her meta -human potential, instead bec om ing o ne of the most celebrated agents at th e Departm ent of Ext rano rmal Operations. (Batman # 550 , Jan uary 19 98 ) Walter Chase d ou b led as th e Acr o -Bat, a c os t um ed c ri me fight er and mem be r of t he Ju st ice Ex pe rien c e in be t ween t he two g re at ages of supe r heroes. On e o p ponen t, Dr. Trap, ki lled Chase in his ow n hom e, and it w as young Camero n, hi s e ldest

child, wh o found the body. A s she grew up, she remained angry at super heroes and developed a distrust of them. As an adult she became a private investigator, dealing out justice in her own way until recruited to the DEO by its director, the reformed su pe r-vi llain Mister Bones. Dur ing her time with the DEO she learned that when pushed, she could exert a power that dampened other meta-humans' abilities . And de spite her dislike of super heroes, she en countered many in her time with the DEO, including Batman on several o c casions. One assignment had her seek out hi s true identity, but it resulted in a rare fa ilure. (Chase #7-8, August-September 1998) Her experiences with the heroes so ft ened her objection to them, and she finally seem ed to accept them when she learned that her co lleg e roommate Kate Spencer had become the latest MAN HUNTER. They tra ined together, and eventually Chase began an affa ir with Dylan Battles, a former criminal hen chman who had come to work with Spencer. When not on the West Coast with Manhunter, Chase ma intained an apartment in Brooklyn's Park Slope. She also had a romantic relationsh ip with a ci v ilia n, Peter Rice , a lthough the affair with Battles may have ended that.

However, he was also manipulated by the terrorist K08RA into beginning an interagency battle against Waller 's Sui cide Squad and the Pentagon 's Project Atom. This left thirty-e ight Knights dead and forced Wa ller to g ive up contro l to Sarge Steel. Under Steel, a Russian divi sion was created, although it wa s poorly funded and underemployed, much like its host country. It was during this period the notion of Black and White administrations be­ gan to develop. At some later date DAVI D SAID became Che ck­ mate's new King and o rch est rat ed an invasio n of the BATCAVE intended to re cruit the HUNTRESS to the operation . At Batman's urging, she accepted the role of Queen in order to keep him informed on Che ckmate's op erations. She remained in thi s role for only a brief period, pre ferr ing her independence. (Batman: Gotham Knights #38, April 2003; #48, February 2004) Later, after SASH A BORDEAUX was cleared of murder charges involving BRUCE WAYNE'S ex-lover VESPER FAIRCHILD, Checkmate faked her death and broke her out of BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. There Said and agent JESSICA MIDNIGHT offered her a new life . She accepted, gained a new face and id ent it y, and saw Batman

CHECKMATE A cr iminal wa s eluding Batman and R081N when he hid insid e a lead -l ined container of nuclear mater ials that irrad iat ed his body, poison ing him . Wi shing revenge, he used his waning days to create an elaborate series of death traps and hid them within a GOTHAM C,TY amphitheater, After he died, his men lured the Dynami c Duo to the location, and the heroes had to us e their great acrobat ic sk ill s and quick wits to avoi d one trap after anot her, A ll were designed t o lead them to the final trap, a room c o nta ining the sam e deadly nuclear material that had killed Checkmate. The pair avo id ed each trap and never entered the fin al room, instead arresting the men. ( Det ec t ive Comics #238, December 1956)



Che ckmate wa s first a federal then an international espionage organization that was frequently involved in Batman's career. (Action Comics #598, Mar ch 1988) In all it s inc arn at io ns, Checkmate wa s or gan ized around the players on a chessboard, initially with on e King controlling Bi shops, who operated Rooks ( f ie ld supervisors) and Pawns (the field agents), Afterthe operation went global, with United Nations sanc t io ning , it more c lo se ly resemb led the board w ith Bla ck and White parallel executives pr ov id ing a series of c hec ks and balances to prevent it from being usurped as it had been by Maxwell Lord . (Countdown to Infinite Crisis, 2005) Initially Che ckmate was organized as a branch of the fed eral government's Task Force X, which was then overseen by AMAN DA WALLER . The f ir st Queen was former Doom Patrol member Colonel Valentina Vo stok, followed so o n after by Harry Stein a s the fir st King. Under Stein, the ag en cy grew and tackled many global threats. For hi s Bi shop, Stein recruited GOTHAM CITY'S HARVEY BULLOCK for a t ime .




only once more, to say good-bye-and that only after Batman threatened Said to force the meeting. Around this time, financier and megalomaniac

deadly eyes that it scared the hit man and he ran off, leaving Bru ce an orphan , Through the years, Chill became a successful,

Maxwell Lord maneuvered himself into becoming the operation's Black King. He wanted to use Checkmate to further his goal of wiping out all of Earth's meta-humans. When he discovered that Batman had launched BROTHER I, a satellite with artificial intelligence designed to perform meta-human surveillance, he took control and reprogrammed it. Lord's scheme continued as he killed the second BLUE BEETLE, TED KORD, and unleashed a nanovirus among humanity, turning hundreds of thousand of people into cybernet ic agents known as OMACs. He went out of control and wound up being ki lled by WONDER WOMAN. It fell to Earth 's super heroes to stop the OMAC threat, and Batman brought down his creation. In the aftermath of this, Checkmate was a ruined, disgraced agency. Its reputation was further spoiled by an undercover MARTI AN MANHUNTER who was determined to get President Horne to close it down once and for all. (52 #24,2006) The United Nations stepped in days later and rebuilt the agency under its auspices (UN Security Council Resolution 1696). A new st ruc ture was installed with a balanced mix of super heroes and normal humans in command, including GREEN L ANTERN Alan Scott as White King and MISTER TERRIFIC as Black King. Amanda Waller came back to the agency as White Queen; the Black Queen was Sasha Bordeaux. The new Checkmate performed the dirty jobs no other operation could safely tackle, ensur ing worldwide safety. Its leaders continued to modify the limits to the work they were willing to do. (Checkmate #1, April 2006)

albeit small-time, mob boss who came to the attention of Batman, When Batman saw Chill up close, he recognized the man despite the passage of time. The Dark Kn ight Detective cornered Chill in his offi ce and unmasked, showing the killer what hi s effort s had c reat ed , Chill, threatened by Batman 's promi se to haunt him , burst out of his office and into where his men sat. When he blurted out that he wa s responsible for the creation of Batman, they sho t him dead. (Batman #47, June/July 1948) Only later did Batman d iscover the true reason behind hi s parents' deaths, It was crime boss Lew



Jack Chifford was a trained martial artist and assassin who was best known as HELLHOUND.



Eddie Chill led the Night Owl Gang, criminals who disguised themselves with owl masks. To bring the gang to justice, Batman devised a scheme to make Chill believe its members had killed him. Batman then infiltrated the gang by disguising himself as Wedge Dixon, Chill's trusted number two. Chill was enticed into revealing the location of the stolen goods they had accumulated, at which point ROBIN and a Batman robot revealed themselves and took the gang into custody. (Detective Comics #281, July 1960)

CHILL, JOE Joe Chill was the mugger who robbed THOMAS and MARTHA WAYNE, shooting them when they resisted and setting their son, Bruce, on a path that led to his becorn inq the Batman. (Detective Comics #33, November 1939) On Earth -2, Chill was a thief actually hired by a mobster named LEW MOXON to rob and kill the Waynes, settling a score with Thomas W ayne. When Thomas resi sted the presumed robbery, Chill shot him; the shock c aused Martha to have a fatal heart attack . Young Bruce looked at Chill with such


Mo xon who ordered Chill to kill the Waynes. The reason dated back to a costume party before Bruce wa s born. There, Thomas had dressed in a co st u m e not dissimilar to that of the Batman. Moxon and hi s men had barged in and forced the doctor to remove a bullet from Moxon. Wayne subsequently testified against the criminal, and Mo xon vowed revenge. Batman tracked down Moxon and , with his regular uniform damaged, wore his father's costume. Mo xon had been suffering from amnesia at the time but, upon seeing the outfit, his memory snapped back. Confused, he thought it was Thomas Wayne's ghost co m e to haunt him; he ran into the street, only to be struck and killed by a truck. (Detective Comics #235, September 1958) On Earth-1 , only low-life criminal Joe Chill wa s inv o lved in the Waynes' deaths, Chill intended to rob them, but when Thomas resisted he wound up shooting both adults, In the wake of the crime, GOTHAM CITY 'S Social Serv ices personnel turned Bruce over to h is uncle Philip . Bruce spent hi s childh o od at Philip 's estate, growing close to the housekeeper, Mrs. Chilton, never learning she was Joe Chill 's mother. She, though, knew Bruce had become Batman and kept a scrap b o o k of his exploits , Even though both her sons, Max and Joe, died after encountering Batman, she harbored no grudges. (Batman #208, January/February 1969) In one reality created by the CRISIS ON INFINITE






EARTHS, Joe Chill was still responsible for the Waynes' deaths but played a later role in Batman's life. When the REAPER returned to menace the city's criminals, the various bosses chipped in to hire Chill to kill the vigilante. Chill and Batman crossed paths and agreed it might be best if they pooled their resources even though it became clear to Batman who Chill was. He vowed that once the Reaper was disposed of, he would kill Chill. When the Reaper killed the men who had hired Chill, the hired gun no longer felt the need to honor the contract. Batman took Chill to CRIME ALLEY, where the Wayne murders had taken place, and unmasked. The two men fought, with Batman actually holding a gun to Chill 's head, ready to pull the trigger, when the Reaper arrived. The vigilante, inst ead, k illed Chi ll. (Detective Comics #572-575, March-June 1987) Waves of reality rippled through the universe as a result of people trapped in a limbo-like realm . One such ripple removed Joe Chill from reality, and for some time Batman had no idea who had killed the Waynes. (Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #4-0, September 1994) After the events known as INFINITE CRISIS, Joe Chill was restored to the fabric of time and space and was known to have killed the Waynes; he was imprisoned for the crime, with the Reaper encounter erased . (Infinite Crisis #6, May 2006) On the parallel world designated Earth-3, Joe Chill and Thomas Wayne were friend s. When a police officer wanted to Question Wayne regard ing a crime, the doctor refused . The crooked cop fired at Wayne but instead killed Bruce and Martha . It was Joe Chill who found the bodies in Crime Alley. He raised Thomas Jr., who later became that world 's smartest thinker, OWLMAN. Thomas Sr. went on to become Gotham's police commissioner. (JLA: Earth 2, 2000)

CHILL, JOE JR. Some time after JOE CHILL died at the hands of the violent REAPER, Joe Chill Jr. took up the Reaper's identity. Little was recorded regarding his upbringing or what prompted him to choose this self-destructive path. He did, though, want to avenge his father's death, which he incorrectly blamed on the Batman. Rather than violence, Chill attempted to use psychology to make Batman feel guilty for surviving his parents' deaths. By this point in his career Batman had added ROBIN to his life, and it was that physical presence that reminded him of what he had and had to live for. He overcame Chill's plan and defeated him. (Batman: Full Circle, 1991) In the wake of INFINITE CRISIS, Joe Chill Jr. never existed.



The spirit of Boston Brand, nicknamed DEADMAN, arr ived in GOTHAM CiTY, suspect ing that a criminal named Monk Manvil le was actually the one-handed man who had murdered him . The wraith tracked down Manville and wound up getting involved in a case that caused him to ask for Batman's assistance. When the two worked together, it was revealed that Manville was an alias for Max Chill, brother to JOE CHILL, the man who had murdered THOMAS and MARTHA W AYNE during a botched robbery. Chill had

a hook repl ac ing an injured hand, b ut De ad m an real ized th at it was on t he w ro ng hand; Chill co ul d no t have been his murderer. Ch ill sub seq uent ly w as crushed to d eat h under a pile of fa llin g slot

to study h is oppo ne nt Bat m an. In due time he dedu ced t ha t Bat m an was also BRUCE W AYNE. Chubb th reatened to expose the Gotham Gua rd ian 's secre t un less he allowed Chubb an d his ga ng to op erate

Soo n thereafter, Roman's t wis ted mind led him to assume t he perso na of BLACK MASK. He ordered his m en to tr ack Circe d ow n and b ring her back to him. Black Mask de m and ed that Circe be di sfig ured

m ac h ines . ( Th e Brave and th e Bold #79, A ug us t! Septem b er 19 68 )

unmol est ed . In st ead , Bat m an and ROBIN crea te d a se t o f ru ses to co nvi nce Chubb he wa s mi sta ken . A f te r th at , Chub b and his m en w er e b rought to just ice . (De tec tive Comics #159 , May 1950 )

to match his own eb o ny skull- like appearance. He reason ed tha t she'd never leave him again. Instead , Circe killed her self, deprivin g Black Mask o f wh at he loved mo st. In the wake o f her dea th, he beg an talkin g to a man neq ui n. ( Batman # 386 , A ug ust 1985 )

CHIMERA Chime ra was a thief w ho at tac ked a ci rc us near GOTHAM CiTY. Since this was t he circu s w here JASON TODD'S pa rents had worked before the ir deaths, th e boy insist ed on invest iga t ing . Bat m an he lpe d his new ward , t he second ROBIN, and t hey lea rn ed that Chimera actuall y w as disgu ised as m ult ip le people. Chimera was eve nt ua lly ap p re he nded. (Batman #364, Detective Com ics #531 , O ct ober 1983) In the reality shifts create d by th e CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Jason To dd 's ba c kground altered , calling into q ue st io n wh eth er he and Bat m an ever faced Chimera.

CHINATOWN GOTHAM CiTY'S China tow n w as lo cat ed o n th e w har f and co uld be ente red through an o rna te g olden gatewa y on Ga te Street. One o f China town's highlights w as fam ed ni ghtclub th e Crys ta l Pala ce, later d estroyed by t he GREEN DRAGON. Cast ro St ree t an d Cat hay St reet co u ld also be found in t hi s area.

CHORN On the di stan t pla ne t ZORON, a horde of interplanetary co nq ue ro r s arri ved, led by Chorn. They turned the pacifist peopl e into slaves until the arrival of the W orl d 's Fin est t eam o f Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERM AN. Give n th e un iqu e pr operties of the planet and it s so lar syst em , t he human s were granted superpowers wh ile th e Kry ptonia n was rend ered a m ere m ortal. Po ol ing th eir t al ent s and ex p erienc e proved exactly w hat w as need ed to end Cho rn 's ho ld over the Zo ron s. (World 's Fi nes t Comics #114, December 19 60)




Ern ie Chubb w as a br aw le r cal ling him self a boxer. Th e hea vy wei g ht had de luded himself into beiiev ing he w as box ing 's heav yw eight champion when he wa s ju st ano th e r slug ge r. Calling himself the Fabulou s Ern ie Chubb, he w ound up partnering with LOCK-UP in an illega l pay-per-view wrestling event c alled the Secr et Ring . The y captured varyi ng fig ht e rs, incl uding KILLER CROC, then t hrew them int o t he ring; on ly one was expected to eme rge alive. There was lit tl e d ou bt t ha t Croc wou ld emerge vic torious, but th e enti re o p eration was shu t d own by Batman and th e tru e former heavyw ei ght cha m p, WILDCAT. ( Ba tma n/Wildcat #1- 3, April -June 199 7)



In Bat m an's wo rld th ere have been three d if fere nt Circes act ive . The first and bes t kno wn was t he actua lly Ci rce o f Greek myth, who o ft en challenged WONDER W OMAN. The sec ond wa s an obscure onetime vill ain ess. The third w as a form er runway model who took a job as a sec re t ary at the Sionis company, Janus Co sm et ics. Ther e she me t and ultimately got invol ve d w it h ROMANSIONIS, hei r to t he family fortune . His paren ts d id n't ap prove o f his re latio nship with a w o ma n from a work ing-class fam ily. A fter Ro man snapped and burn ed d o wn his fam ily home in an act o f vengeance, Ci rce ended th eir enga ge ment, humiliatin g him in front o f th e Janus st af f.

The landlad y at 1013 Parkt horne Aven ue in BLODHAVEN, Br idget Clancy was a well-loved woman, perh ap s ap p reci ate d by no one more than DICK GRAYSON . (Nig h t w ing [ second series] #6, November 1996) Cla nc y was born in Hong Kong but raised in Ireland after her ad o ptio n as an infant. She lived in Ireland unti l m ov ing to t he Un it ed States to attend co llege in BIOdhav en . To help pay for school and livin g ex p enses, she t o o k t he lan dl ady job, ne ve r ex pecting t o b ecom e so close to th e peop le dwell in g in the crumbling b ui ld ing . It was an od d c o llect io n o f tenants, including th e elderly Jo hn Law ( fo rme rly the hero TARANTULA), th e m edi cated fel on A MYGDALA, and th e Ho g an boys Mich ael ( Mutt) and Ha nk (H ero ) , Her gorg eous ex ter io r w as a cov er fo r someone w it h guts and a va riety o f skil ls. She co uld swing a hammer and ma intai n th e bu ild ing without fo rma l tr ainin g . Cla ncy, as she preferred to be called , al so w as ge ne ro us and helpful to all she came into contact w ith. W hen Dick Grayso n moved in, it was awhil e bef or e t he two ac t ua lly met. Dick grew to like t he ne ig hb or s and used his wealth to act as a be nefactor, savi ng th e apa rt ment bu ild ing from d e m o lit io n. Lat er, he arranged for t he W AYNE FOUNDATION t o o ffe r Clan cy a scho lar ship so she co uld fi na lly affo rd m edi c al sch oo l. Soon aft er, they flirt ed and eve n at te m p te d d ating, alt ho ug h Dick 's o d d hours as a co p a nd as NIGHTWING co m p lica te d matter s. Worse, Clancy bac ked off wh en she lea rne d o f his long-stand ing re lationshi p w ith BARBARAGORDON, des pite he r ha v ing fa llen in love w it h Grayson . It w as h is reve lat ion t hat led her to u lt im at el y leave BIOdhaven to take up her studies at Bel levu e Ho sp ital in Manhattan. By leavinq, she avoi de d be ing killed when BLOCKBUSTER II had th e bu ild ing d estr oyed in his vendetta against Gray son . Som e t ime lat e r Nightwing had relocated to New Yo rk, but t he two had ye t t o reconnect.

Trained as a pl ast ic surgeo n, Chubb supp lemented his ro ut ine p rac t ice by spec ializing in p erfo rm ing wo rk o n crimina ls. He to ok befo re-and-a ft er photos of eac h pat ient for his files bu t eve nt ually used th is treas ure t rov e to black mai l his pat ients. When Police Commi ssion er JAMES GORDON asked Chubb to examine Batman 's leg s after an accident, he decided there wa s no better pla c e to hide the film than on the Cap ed Crus ad er's perso n. He told Batman that both leg s w ere broken and nee d ed to be placed in plaster casts , o ne o f w hic h also hel d t he incrim inating film. Bat man used his vas t athletic skill to sti ll fig ht cri me fro m a w hee lcha ir. W ith ROBIN'S help , he d isgui sed the casts so no o ne would see BRUCE W AYNEalso spo rt ing t wo b ro ken leg s. Th e Boy Wonder ad d itio nally ai ded Batman in d iscovering th e t ru e exte nt of hi s injuries. The y ap p rehended Chub b in hi s home, w hic h saved th e d oc tor fro m cr im ina ls who had invaded it , seeki ng th e inc rimi nati ng film. (Batm an #63, Oc t ob er/N ovembe r 19 50 )

truck , o ne of th e men w ould send out p oli ce ca lls, di vert ing any o f fice r s w ho mi ght be tr ack ing th e men af ter a heist. Clat e's ru se, t hough, did n't deter Batm an and ROBIN, w ho fin ally c aug ht him. (D etecti ve Comics # 61, March 1942)



The self-described cri me cza r T. W orthin gton Chubb had operated in GOTHAM CiTY lon g e no ug h

Clayber w or ked for t he Go t ham Gem Company, which he soo n d iscovered wa s fronting a gem­

ClATE, "CRAFTY" CAL " Craft y" Clate d evised a way t o ens ure tha t he and his m en got aw ay fr o m robberies w it ho ut p ol ice p ursui t. Using a tr an smitter hidden in a laundr y


smuggling operation. He approached the partners who owned the company-John Wilcox, Henry Stubbs, and Ed Carder-informed them he knew their secret, and demanded to be made the fourth partner. They agreed, but soon Clayber insisted on a larger cut of the illicit profits. The partners, instead, murdered Clayber, framing ex-convict Ted Greaves for the crime. Batman and ROBIN investigated and learned the truth, bringing the three partners to justice and shutting down the smuggling business. (Batman #131, April 1960)

CLAYFACE Clayface was the name used by a variety of criminals and creatures, all of which have plagued Batman's career. The very first to use the name was BASIL KARLO, an actor driven insane when he learned his landmark film, The Terror, was going to be remade. Even though he was hired as a consultant, he feared that this meant the end of his career, so instead he sought to cause mayhem on the remake's set. Hiding behind a mask of The Terrors antagonist, Clayface, he caused damage and near death until stopped by Batman and ROBIN. (Detective Comics #40, June 1940) On Earth-2, Batman got involved with Karlo's vendetta because his fiancee, JULIE MADISON, was acting in the film. In the reality after CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Julie was no longer an actress, and Batman got involved with the Karlo cases for un­ recorded reasons. After trial,

Karlo was

sentenced to ARKHAM

ASYLUM. When SONDRA FULLER, the fourth to use the name Clayface, visited him to see who started the legacy, it was Karlo who proposed that all the namesakes be united as a fighting force that became the MUDPACK. (Detective Comics #605-607, October-November 1989) While trying to kill Batman with his allies, Karlo managed to

gain the shape-changing


of the other Clayfaces by injecting himself with samples taken from them. He developed the ability to project quartz-like crystal, taking the name the Ultimate Clayface. He used those abilities to hold POISON Ivy hostage when she was providing fresh vegetables from ROBINSON PARK during GOTHAM C,TY'S period as a No MAN'S LAND. The second Clayface was a skin diver and treasure hunter named MATT HAGEN. He surfaced inside an unexplored grotto when he encountered a pool filled with unidentified radioactive goo. Hagen slipped into the pool, and his body was almost instantly transformed into a walking lump of protoplasm. Hagen learned that with a thought he could change shape for finite periods of time. Taking the name C1ayface, he turned to crime and fought Batman on numerous occasions. At first he had to return to the cave every two days to renew his abilities; then he produced a copy of the substance in a lab and managed a version endowing him with up to five hours of shape-changing. In

Basil Karlo

hormonal secretions that caused him stiffness and pain. This condition resulted in a horrible childhood, exacerbated by abusive parents who didn't understand his issues. While working at

time though, his body adjusted, and he remained

August/September 1980) On the other hand, with the passage of time he could go for extended periods without renewal. (Detective Comics #526, May 1983) Hagen eventually died during the event known as Crisis on Infinite Earths. (Crisis on Infinite

a branch of S.T.A.R. LABS, Payne encountered a

Clayface permanently (Detective Comics #298,

Earths #12, March 1986)

sample of Hagen's altered blood and studied it. In

December 1961) Hagen fought Batman repeatedly, and his powers continued to require renewal from the original pool. (World's Finest Comics #264,



time he found an enzyme he thought might cure

became the third Clayface. Payne suffered from hyperpituitarism, a condition caused by excess

his condition and injected it. This allowed Payne the ability to shift his appearance and ease his pain, but







-. -,


Clay . He decided t o oppose t he super heroes who stood in his way by creat ing hi s own superpow ered Strike Fo rce Kobra . Ful ler, w ho c o ns id ered her normal appeara nce d isfi gured and ugl y, ag reed to th e pr o cess kno wi ng she co uld assume o t he r, more pl easing v isages. Unlik e Hag en and hi s temporary ab ilit ies, she permanen t ly p o ssessed her s. Fuller not only du pli cated peop le's ap pea rance s b ut seem ed ab le to mimic th eir super-abili tie s as w ell , making her far m o re dangerous. ( Outsid ers # 21, Ju ly 1987) Fulle r and the Str ike For ce w er e defe at ed, and she set out o n her own path . This led her to seek out her na mesakes at Arkham Asy lum and convin ce t hem t o form t he Mudpack. To honor the fall en Hag en , they ma intained a port ion o f his inert clay form . ( Det ec tiv e Comics #605-607, October­ November 19 89 ) Th er e she met and fe ll in love wi t h Preston Payn e, whi ch re sulted in the birth o f th eir child , Ca ssius. (Shadow o f the Ba t # 27, May 19 94 ) Th e Mu d pac k w er e de fea ted t im e and aga in by Ba t ma n, and Cassi us wound u p in govern me nt custody. He w as sub jec t ed t o numerous te st s t o

" Preston Payne

t he effec ts we re limited in d u rat io n. On a disastrous d ate , his skin seemed to lit er ally m elt , horrifying his girlfriend . W o rse, w hen he touc he d her, it turned o ut his tou ch wa s to xi c; she, too, me lt ed and died. Payn e used hi s sc ient if ic know ledge to con st ruct an exoskeleto n to pou r him sel f into, wit h a Plexig las fac e ma sk allow ing him to see. ( Det ect ive Comics #478, Juiy/Aug ust 197 8) The event s t o o k a to ll on his psy c he, an d he los t hi s moral ba lance. He also be came fi xated on a ma nnequin he named Helena, figuring the ina nimate form would never m elt. (Batman Annual #11 , 19 87 ) Pay ne , as the t hird Clay face , experienced psyc ho t ic epi sodes drivi ng him to ext reme ac t io ns, t hat w e re always stopped by Bat man , and ea ch time he wa s re turned to A rk ham Asylum, where Hel en a awaited him . To Pay ne , t hey we re a ma rried co u p le, and t he m annequ in was t he one t hi ng the doc tors co uld re ly o n to cal m h im . During th is t im e, a me d ici ne had been developed th at allowed Pay ne to co ntro l the p hysical pa in he sti ll felt , so t he hun g er tha t had once driven h im be came merely a psychol o gi c al co nd it io n t ha t also co uld be t reated . So nd ra Full er v isited him at Ar kham and en­ co uraged him to join w ith o the r Clayfaces in forming th e Mudpack. Mee tin g her chang ed Payne's life. for thi s w as a liv ing being wh o co uld lov e him. They began a ro mant ic liaison th at also pro d uce d a child, named Cassius, w ho wo uld become the fi ft h Clayface. In another reality Payne w as see n in Arkham A sylu m, bu t th is one wa s a w asted vers ion; his body ravag ed wi th pa in and di sease, unsuccessful at lov e and at bei ng a super-villa in. (A rkham Asylum, 198 9) Sondra Fu lle r wa s turned into a shape-shifter by the t errori st KOBRA, c alled either Clayface IV or Lady

ga uge t he f ull extent of his power s. Apparent ly, if a p iece broke off from t he main body, it, too, could grow to anothe r ful l-sized fo rm- bu t wit h a retarded set of menta l fa cu lt ies. Sho uld a pi ece be af fixed to another per so n, th e new human hybrid took on morphing a b il ities , fr o m shape-c hang ing to Cass ius's fat her 's a b il ity to m elt organic objects. Cassius appeared limi ted in his abi lity to rem ain in cl ay -like fo rm be f or e need in g to c hang e shap e. (Batman : Go tham Knig hts #7 1, Janu ar y 2006) Johnny Will iam s, a form er fir efi gh t er, wa s the sixth Clayface. He wa s t he on ly membe r of a sq uad not to be in jured d uri ng a Got ham Cit y w arehou se fir e tha t ex p osed all to so m e fo rm o f to xic wa st e. Wh ile ph y sical ly fine, W ill iams was left mental ly shaken , and he slo w ly los t his g rip on rea lity. In time he rea lized he had been chang ed by the exposure and could cha nge his shap e like t he other Clay faces. ( Batm an: Go tham Kn ights #60, Febr uar y 2005 ) Soo n aft er, he wa s fo und by the vi lla in k no wn as HUSH. The bandaged c rimi na l manip ulated W illiam s, going so fa r as to hold his w ife, so n, and da ughte r ho st ag e. W illi am s ag reed t o d o Hu sh 's b idding , c ha nging to resemb le Hu sh 's a lte r ego, TOMMY ELLIOT , in o rder t o co nf use Bat man . Wi llia ms had reach ed a men t al limit and o f fered to he lp Bat m an against Hu sh as lo ng as the Dark Knig ht saved his fam ily . W ill iams also seemed to know t he t o xic waste wa s slow ly kill ing him and w anted to ens ure they wo uld be

f ine be f ore he died . His last ac t was t o clear ALFREO PENNYWORTH o f murd er charg es, ( Bat m an # 616 , August 2003 ) One of the g ov ernm e nt lab ex perim ents on Cassius led to Dr. Mall ey, of t he Dep artment of Extranormal Operation s, bein g exposed to a sam p le; he became a creation dubbed Clay th ing . Batm an and CAMERON CHASE sto p pe d t he crea t ure, and it w as killed with the rem aining sam p les locked aw ay in a DEO facility. ( Ba t man # 550 , Ja nu ary 19 9 8 )

CLENCH,THE Eco ter ro rist RA's AL GHUL f ou nd th e legendary Whee l o f Plag ues, a mytho log ica l it em t hat led him to d ev el o p a strai n o f the Ebo la v ir us , w hich he in tended to use to w ipe out mo st of hu m anit y so the Earth co u ld hea l i t self . The disease was stole n an d rel eased in GOTHAM C,TY by the SACRED ORDER OF SAINT DUMASas an ac t o f rev en g e fo r Batman taking AZRAEL away from t he m . Th e stra in Ebota Gu lf -A sp read q uic k ly , ea rn ing t he n ic kn ame th e Cle nc h, and th e dea t h t oll rapi dl y mount ed . Az rae l a lerted Ba t man t ha t disaster had co m e to the ci t y, so it fe ll to t he Da rk Knig ht , RDBIN, NIGHTWING, A zrael , and CATWOMAN to spa n t he globe in searc h of a cu re. ( Bat m an : Shadow of the Bat # 4 8 , March 199 6 ) At one po int, Bat man ma naged to syn thes ize a vacc ine and pr ov id ed it to POISON Ivy, wh o had a natural immun ity to the Clen ch, in o rder to help people trapped in th e rit zy Babyl o n Tow ers. Instead, Ivy tried to turn thi s to her adva ntage. (Batm an #5 29 , April 1996) The vaccine ultimately p roved ineffec t ive, and Robin subsequently co ntracted th e di sease, (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #4 9, A pr il 19 96 ) As the Teen Wond er su ffer ed in th e BATCAVE, Azrael real ized he p o ssessed st o len Saint Du m as documents that, when stud ied , provid ed th e in fo rmati on ne ed ed to de vi se a pro per cur e. Robi n wa s saved , but it was clear t hat the virus had mutat ed and st ill threatened all life. Once the ci ty wa s saved , Batman, Ro bin, and Nig htwing headed to the Sud an in search o f a p erman en t cure. Ba tman left HUNTRESS be hind to wa tc h o ver the cit y w hile Catwoma n set o ut to find the Wheel o f Plagues. A fter several battles. t he trio found Rii 's al GhOI, hi s da ug hter TALIA HEAD, and t he eve r­ pr esent bod ygu ar d UBU. Rii 's exp lained that he had fo und the Wheel o f Plagu es and intend ed to crea te three d iseases to destroy three major pop ulatio n centers. He also to ld Batm an that Ubu would be his heir sinc e Bat man had repeat edl y rejected the offer. (D et ec ti ve Com ics #7 0 0 , Augu st 1996) Ca t woman had been captured by Rii 's d u ring her hunt but freed he rsel f and lea rne d that Rii 's intended to unleash th e d isea ses in Ed in burg h, Paris, and Gotham . Nightwing and Ro b in head ed for Paris, where they united with HEN RI DUCARD, o ne of the men who'd trained BRUCEW AYNEyea r s earlier. They managed to stop R:3's LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS agents at the Louvre. (Robin # 32, Au gu st 1996 ) No sooner did Batman also ac hieve suc ces s in

Preston Payne

Sco t land than ORACLE co ntacted him, let t ing him kn ow t hat a fou rth loc ation , Cal cutta , had bee n id e nt if ied. The re Ba t m an fou nd him self work ing to w ar d a co m mon goa l wit h th e d eadly LADY SHIVA. Successful ly fi nis hed t here, the Da rk Kni g ht retu rn ed hom e. ( Ba tm an # 534 , Sep te mber 19 9 6 )


Back in Go t ham , th e he roes unit ed and track ed Ra's al GhOl's bo at in an ef for t to sto p him from unl ea shing the fi nal pl ague. Batma n ma nage d to not o nly stop the bomb but also d ef eat hi s nem esis BANE, wh o w as w orki ng w it h Ra's. Wh ile th at fight con ti nu ed , Nightwing, Huntress, and Robin ta ckled the terrori st 's g ua rds. Robin m an ag ed t o send a d ig ital copy o f t he Wheel t o Or acl e, wh o extract ed the v it al informati on for a uni ver sal c ure , Th e Clen ch and its rel at ed variation s w er e no longer a threat to humanity . ( Ro b in # 33, Sep te m be r 19 9 6 )

b usi n essma n John Mayh ew form ed th e Clu b o f Heroes w ith the no ble goal o f sha ring tr aining an d in forma tion to m ake th e w orld saf er. He p ro vi ded a twenty-bill ion -d oll ar METROpOLIs-based headqu arter s but the co m b ina t io n o f hero es, sans the Man o f Steel, p ro ve d ex p losi ve . After o ne meeting that Batm an attende d, thing s beg an t o fall apart . Chie f MAN-OF-THE-B ATS and WINGMAN jo ined at the second me et ing, bu t no o ne go t alo ng without the Dark Kni g ht 's presen ce. Mayh ew, a bored b usi ness ma n, d eci ded if he co u ld n't have hero es, he'd have reven g e ag ain st Bat m an-who 'd snu bbed hi s dream - by beco m ing a v illain . Years later, he summoned t he hero es t o his Carib b ean m ans io n and faked h is d eath. A s t he heroe s inv esti g at ed, May hew wo rked wi th Wi ng m an and EI So m b rero , o ne of EI Gaucho's fo es, to b egi n kil ling the he ro es o ne by one. Bat m an cou ld n' t save Rang er and Leg ion ary, but he d id m an ag e to sto p Mayhew 's sch eme. Mayh ew him sel f wa s explor ing the no tions of good and evi l with a f igure known onl y as th e Black Glo ve. By faili ng t o ki ll the heroes, he los t his ho use, whi ch w as bl own up . (Batman # 667-6 69 , O ct o ber-D ecember 2007)

CLEVENGER, EPSILPAH Ep silp a h Cleven g er wa s better known to Batman and th e pol ice as t he murd erou s MIMIC.



In t he Gotham pr iso n sys te m, a co nv ic t nam ed KYLE had one claim t o fam e: He sai d he wa s the f irst c rimi na l appre hen de d by t he Batma n. (Detective Comics #2 6 5, Marc h 195 9 ) He vowed that he'd have revenge and spe nt his every wak ing moment study ing clocks un ti l his parole. Once free, he used hi s kno wledge t o become the yellow-clad villain c alled the Cloc k. He used timepieces to attempt his pl ans for ven g eance, boasting that he would co m m it t ime-them ed robberies leading to Batman's d eath. Batman recognized Kyle, which explained to him the impo rta nce o f 3 PM -that was the moment when Kyl e had begun hi s pri son sentence. While co m m itti ng o ne o f hi s crim es, the Clock accidentally d ropped his w at ch , whi ch Batman studied. Its high co nte nt of fl our residu e pointed the Caped Crusader in the d irect ion o f an o ld flour mill. However. the watch had inte nt io na lly been left behind. leading to a t rap th at ca p t ured the Dy nami c Duo . With the mill set to exp lo de at th ree o'c loc k sharp, they escaped by c ut ti ng t heir bon d s wit h pieces of the watch 's bro ken crystal. The Dyn ami c Duo ap pre hended Kyle at the Clock Fair and sent him t o a pol ice hol d ing cel l that co nve nient ly fac ed t he p rison clo ck.




W ILLIAMTOCKMAN d on ned a blue bodysu it wit h cl o ck de sign s an d ba t tled t he GREEN ARROW and Speedy as the Clock King . (World's F in est Comics #111 , Aug ust 1960) He w as a re peat offend er, usually fig ht in g so lo -b ut after one f ailu re too many, he began to for m tea ms . He joi ned the Inju sti c e Gang be for e t eami ng w ith Chronos, Ti m e Co m m ande r, and CALENDAR MAN ( Team Titan s #13-15, Octo ber ­ Decem ber 1993; Showcase '9 4 #10, O ct ober 1994 ) to im prove hi s fo rtunes. He reinvent ed him self again and g athered seve ra l young m eta -humans to form the C1ockwa tc he rs. Again, th e plan fail ed : Th e youth s w ere ca p tu red by th e DEO 's CAMERON CHASE w hi le Tockman escap ed . (Chase #4, May 1998) Th e Clockwa tc he r s and th e ir leader w ere lat er recru it ed fo r a new in carnat ion o f the Su ic id e Sq uad . Th e f ir st m issio n p ro ved d isastrou s, and all t he you ng allies w er e ki lled and Clo c k King ser io us ly w ou nd ed . Maj or Disaster repor t ed Clo ck King had d ied , alt ho ugh no bod y w as found . (Suicide Sq ua d [secon d series ] # 1, No vembe r 2001) Since t he n, a Clock Queen has been me ntioned , b ut no connec t ion between t he t wo ha s been




The m an known o nly as the Cloc k mas ter w as an intell ig en t t hie f wh o de vi sed an elabora te sch em e to st eal a priceless co llection o f ge m s at a GOTHAM CiTY ex hib it. He d evi sed a fa lse g em co ntai ning sle epi ng ga s, wh ich wo uld allow him acce ss to the real gems without g ua rds in t erfer in g . Ho w ever, he wa s co nc erned ab out th e city 's p ro tec t o rs, Batman and ROBIN. Clockmaste r thus learn ed o f some peers' robbery plan s and left th e Cape d Crusa d er c lues to this series o f real crim es b ein g co m m it ted at mu ch th e same time he inte nd ed hi s jew el heist. Batman and Robin rac ed ac ross th e city, ap p rehe ndi ng th e c rim inals until th ey learn ed o f th e one cri me w ithout a c lue . As Ro bi n han dl ed a bakery lar cen y, Bat man arr ived in t ime to sto p Cloc kmas t er's pl an , ( Batm an #141, A ug ust 19 61)

CLUB OF HEROES, THE After SUPERMAN joi ned th e KNIGHT and SaulRE, EL GAUCHO, LEGIONARY, an d Ba tm an in an intern at ional brother hood o f crime figh t er s, the BATMEN OF ALL NAT IONS were renam ed t he Clu b o f Heroe s. In the

establ ished .


A RTHUR BROWN w as a fail ed daytime game-show host wh o turned into th e crim ina l Cluemaster. He

reality af te r INFINITE CRISIS, m ill iona ire

taunted the p oli ce and Batm an with clues but he wa s eq ually a fa ilure at crim e. (Detective Comics #351, May 196 6 ) Brown co uld not ca tc h a break as a professional entertain er or hu sband . His daytime children's t elev ision se ries had di smal rating s and was c anc ele d, rep lace d with ca rtoo n rerun s. leaving him un employed. Br ow n de cided he had little choice b ut t o rob in ord er t o pa y th e re nt. He devised an orang e body-st o ckin g cos t ume an d a hand kerc hief face m ask and deb ut ed as t he Clue mas t er. Brown wa sn't eve n an inv ent ive crim inal, heavily b or rowing fro m t he RIDDLER'S m et hod s- com p lete wit h leav ing clues to hi s c rimes to taunt both t he GOTHAM C,TY po lice and Bat m an . His mo st unique g imm ick wa s w ear ing a series o f capsules sewn o nt o t he f ro nt o f his o utfi t ; these co nt aine d explosives and ga s pe llets, which he used wh ile co m m itti ng cr imes . On his fi r st ou t ing, Clue m aster co m m itted a robber y whil e his hi red m en tried to learn Batman's iden ti ty. If he succee ded, he cou ld st rike again st the super hero' s p ub lic id entity and take Batman o ut o f the pi ctu re. The Dynamic Du o stop p ed that sc hem e, b eg inning a pattern that w ould plague Clue mas te r's c rim ina l ca ree r. He and hi s wife, Cryst al, watch ed as th eir m arriage crum b led d espite the birth o f th eir d au ghter, STEPHANIE. After turning to c rime, Brown wa s in and o ut o f jail o fte n e no ug h that he w as always a di st ant pare nt, leaving his wife to raise Ste p han ie pr etty mu ch o n her own. Failin g as a so lo c ri m inal, he br iefl y jo ined t he Inju st ic e Gang-bu t t hey, to o, were d efeated t im e and ag ai n by Justice League Int ern ati o nal. The ga ng b riefl y ag reed t o serv e as a JLI branc h based in A nta rc t ica, un t il t he ir base was de stroyed by Major Disast er. (Jus tic e League Europe #23 , Fe b ruar y 19 91; JLA Annual #4. A ugust 2000) Br own , un sure of w hat else he could do, returned

By th e time Br own -n ow c alling hi mself Aa ro n Blac k- ret urned to Gotham City, Stepha nie had d ied d uring the horrendou s eve nts known as W ARGAMES. Black we nt public, seek ing to find his daughter 's killer. He gave away Stephan ie's Spoiler hi story and demanded to know w hat had hap pened after her injured body wa s ta ken to Dr. LESLIE THOMPKINS'S clinic. Batm an t o ok u p t he cha llenge w ithou t rea li zing that he was o nc e more respo nd ing to Cluemaster's mod us operand i. He d iscovered t hat Step ha nie co uld have be en saved -but Thompkins had let her d ie t o pay f o r her invol vem ent in t he g ang war. Batman's investi g ati o n tu rned Gotham City u p sid e d own and made t he cit izens vu lnerable o nce more as he crossed paths with t he deadly BLACK MASK and JOKER. Tho m p kins admitted he r crime an d w as arrested , leaving A rt hu r and Crystal Brown t o separately grieve fo r t heir lost c hild. (B atman # 6 4 3- 64 4 , Detective Comics 11 80 9 -810, October 20 0 5)

COBB, PHIL Sma ll- ti me cri mi na l Phi l Cobb so ug ht g rea te r cri mes under th e cost ume of the S,GNALMAN. to a life of crime. Soon a fter, h e was back at BLACKGATE PENITENTI ARY. This time, t ho ugh, he worked w ith a psych iatrist wh o help ed him halt his cl ue­ leavi ng compulsion. Inste ad, he channeled t ho se th o ughts int o more pr od uctive uses and devel o ped int o a surprisingly effective t ac t ic ian . He p racticed by or g anizin g cr imes to b e commi t ted by W iley Cutter 's gang, in exchange f o r a 10 p erc ent fee . After the plan succeede d , Brow n got g ree dy and k illed Wiley, intendin g to t ake ove r. By this time, his daught e r w as a teen and disappo inted in he r fat her. She decided t o sto p him , ado pting he r ow n costu me d p er son a as th e SPOILER and send ing clues to th e p o lice to make certain he was foil ed . She the n encoun te red Batman as he investigated W iley 's deat h, and t hey fou nd Cluemaster together. Th e fath er - d aug hter reu nio n was a disaster: She t ri ed t o choke him to d eat h w ith a chain. (D etective Comics # 64 7- 64 8 , Aug ust-Sep te mber 19 92 ) Back at Blackg ate, Cluemast er d ecided he ha d had enough time in jail and tried to b ust out. on ly to fa il o nce more. (Ba tma n: Bfackga te #1, 1997) Gotham City's devasta t ing earthqu ake accomplis hed what he had bee n unable t o, and C1 uemaster was o nc e more fre e. Being free, though, d idn't seem t o help as he cont in ued to strugg le w it h robberies, send ing w hat mo ney he c ou ld t o Crysta l and Step hanie. He continued to get arre sted and acce pted par o le in exchang e for serv ing with t he federa l governm ent 's clandest in e Suic ide Squad. Wh ile o n a m ission, C1uemaster was presumed de ad . Brow n had asked that if he shou ld d ie, the sq uad wou ld t ell Crystal he 'd died a hero, but they refused. (Suicide Squad [second seri es] Ill, November 2001) Instead of dying, Brown w as severely burned. It took hi m a year to recover fr o m the inj u ries a nd subsequent plas tic surgery. Stephanie wa s shocked by t he news of his " de at h" and attem pted to investigate w ha t had reall y hap p ened, b ut even wit h ROBIN 'S hel p she c am e u p empty-han ded . (Rob in #111-1 13, A pril-Ju ne 2003)



Oswald Chesterfie ld Cobblepot gr ew up w ith a body shaped not un like t hat o f a penguin , earning him a hat ed ch ildhood nick nam e and sour view o f hu m anit y. As the PENGUIN, he p roved a dead ly foe of the Batman .

him se lf as a Nati ve America n and ente r near by v ill ag es. Once he'd insinua ted himself among th e o thers, Coe was ab le t o learn of any plans that migh t threaten th e nearby co lony o f Gotham. His u nrecord ed exploits were finally discovered when PROFESSOR CARTER NICHOLS sent Batma n and Rob in back in t im e to t hat peri od . There t he Dynam ic Duo aided Coe in warning a fort of an im pe nd ing attack, (Detective Comics #20 5, Ma rch 19 54 )

COHEN, IVAN Ivan Co hen was a detective wi th th e GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTMENT'S MAJOR CRIMES UNIT. Litt le was reco rd ed ab out his p erso nal life or c aree r record . (Ba tma n #5 8 7, Marc h 2001)

COLBY, ART To resid ent s o f Midvi lle, A r t Co lby was t he ow ne r of the Gree n A nchor Nightcl ub. What th ey didn't kn ow w as th at he also led a ga ng spec ializi ng in je we l ro b ber ies. One of th eir c rimes had th em ste ali ng jewels fr o m Mid v ill e's jewelry sto re and sec reti ng the lo ot among t he be longings o f Sando, a circus st ro ngman in town fo r performances. A jewel was fo und among his p o ssessio ns, and Sando was arrested fo r the cri me . W hen ROBIN heard the news, he aske d Batman to help inve st ig at e since t he Bo y Wo nder knew Sando back from his days w ith the FLYING GRAYSONS. The Dynamic Duo h eaded t o Mid vill e. Sando aide d in an invest iga tion t hat rev ea led Co lby 's du p licity and exo nerated t he str o ngman, (Batm an #129, Feb ruary 1960)

COLEMAN, ROBERT Using high-tech so nicgear, Robert Co leman brought g re at harm t o GOTHAM CITY as the QUAKEMASTER.

COLLECTOR, THE The Collector was a n u nnamed masked criminal w ho w as known fo r stealing art t reasures for his pr iva t e use. His ca ree r w as b ro ug ht to an end and his co llect io n recovered by ROBIN and BATWOMAN. ( Detective Co mics # 249, Novem b er 19 57)



Early in Batman's ca re er, the Caped Crusader saw Lee Collins perfo rming with boomera ngs at a circus, whe re Collins used the we apon to take down a thief. Fascina ted, Bat m an saw th e potential in havi ng a lo ng er -rang e we ap on at his d isp osa l and asked Collins fo r lesso ns. The A ustralia n agreed , and t hey w o rked togethe r over t he co u rse of seve ral days . Colli ns cr af ted t he first boom erang t o have t he sca lloped edge resemb ling a ba t 's w ing s. He presented t he first BATARANGt o the Caped Crusader as a gi ft. (De tect ive Comics #244 , Ju ne 1957) In t he reality-a lte ring effects of t he vari ous cr ises, t his event may no lo ng er be pa rt of Batman's li fe.

COLLINS, VANCE Van c e Collins was a fo rmer convict w ho had been



Du rin g A me rica's co lo nia l p er iod , Jeremy Coe d iscovered th e cave t hat wa s known lat e r as the BATCAVE, Given t he bats that inhabited the cave, Coe also t o ok to ca lling it a Batcave. He used it as a base of opera tio ns, allowinq hi m t o sec ret ly d isgu ise

ar res ted by Bat m an and ROBIN. Releas ed , he to o k a job at a hot dog sta nd, livi ng a peaceful lif e. Unfor t una te ly, he was str uck with a purple ray emana ti ng f rom somew here beyo nd t he so lar system . Bizarrely, t he ray str uc k a nearby bi llboard and ref lec t ed off it , hittin g Coll ins . So mething in the


alien beam's properties seemed to affect Collins, who began periodically morphing from human to

tech weapons that were being sold at a METROPOLIS underworld auction. Before the bidding could

resemble the creature depicted on the billboard, advertising a horror film. In his terrifying form, Collins took control of the Jackson Mob. Together they performed daring crimes, bringing them to the attention of Batman, Robin, and SUPERMAN. In time, however, the ray's affects began to wear off, and Collins reverted to his normal shape with little memory of his activities. When the ray's residual effects were gone from his body for good, Collins was mortified to learn what he had done. He joined the World's Finest team in apprehending the Jackson Mob and cleared his name. (World's Finest Comics #116, March 1961)

conclude, SUPERMAN arrived to spoil the sale-only to be shocked by a weapon that sent him, holding a Duranian time bomb, to another dimension. When Superman eventually returned, he recruited Batman's help in stopping the criminal quartet. (World's Finest Comics #279-281, May 1982) Colonel Sulphur has not been seen since.

COLONEL SULPHUR A psychological terrorist and criminal, the man called Colonel Sulphur matched wits against Batman with little success. The self-styled leader of a freelance spy ring, he manipulated people into doing his bidding. The middle-aged criminal had thinning black hair and a goatee. He sported a black glove on his right hand, which turned out to be artificial; a razor-sharp knife was hidden in the middle finger. He abducted Mary MacGuffin, ordering her diplomat husband, Howard, to steal top-secret documents from the Pentagon. Howard did as asked, and the crime brought Batman into the investigation as clues led back to the MacGuffins' GOTHAM CiTY apartment. It was there the Dark Knight learned of Mary's part in the crime. Colonel Sulphur called the apartment, and when Batman answered without providing the password the criminal had provided, he knew the game was on in earnest. Batman knew a little something about the ruthless opportunist and his preference for committing his heinous acts at dawn, somehow believing the rising sun brought luck. He listened carefully to a taped playback and detected the sound of train tracks, narrowing it down to a sound made by an elevated train. The Dark Knight Detective tracked hotels adjacent to the L line and finally found Sulphur and Mary as he prepared to kill her. Batman fought the man, and the colonel was about to deliver a killing blow when the rising sun glinted off his knife hand, distracting him long enough for Batman to win the day. (Batman #241, March 1972) The colonel turned up again when he accosted a World War II survivor upon his release from prison and demanded the location of a diamond the naval officer had hidden aboard an aircraft carrier in 1943. Batman once more spoiled Sulphur's scheme. (Batman #248, April 1973) Colonel Sulphur next opposed Batman when he kidnapped Fred Danvers, a STAR. LABS scientist developing experimental rocket fuel. Danvers was the adoptive father of Kara Zor-EI, SUPERGIRL, who sought help from the World's Greatest Detective to find him. They were located in a submarine, and the colonel was no match for the Maid of Steel. (The Brave and the Bold #160, March 1980) Note: In the poSt-CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS reality, this story never occurred. Failing at his solo career, Colonel Sulphur joined with three other villains-General Scarr, Captain Cutlass, and Major Disaster-to acquire stolen high­


COLOSSIMO, BIRD Colossimo was a criminal and associate of BANE, better known to most as BIRD.

COMBS, HARLAN Harlan Combs was a thrill seeker who purchased from Joseph Rigger F,REBUG'S original costume. He became a superior arsonist until he killed a babysitter who discovered his secret, bringing him to the attention of the Gotham City Police Department. He was apprehended without Batman's involvement. (Gotham Central #5, May 2003)

COMPOSITE SUPERMAN The Composite Superman was a superpowered human being who temporarily gained an array of powers, enough to challenge Batman and SUPERMAN. (World's Finest Comics #142, June 1964) JOE MEACH was a down-on-his-luck man having trouble finding work as a diver. To call attention to his skills, he intended to dive from a METROPOLIS high-rise building into a tank on the street below. Meach missed detecting a leak in the tank and would have died in the attempt had Superman

not spotted it and rescued him. Upon hearing of his misfortunes, the Man of Steel found Meach work at the Superman Museum. While thankful for the work, Meach disliked being reduced to a custodian and developed a grudge against his benefactor. As he dusted a set of miniature statues of the thirtieth century's Legion of Super-Heroes, of which SUPERMAN had once been a member, a stray bolt of lightning hit the figurines. Since each figure had been created using advanced imaging technology, they were charged with energy, which passed into Meach. When he recovered from the jolt, Meach realized he had gained the individual powers of each Legionnaire, from Chameleon Boy's shape-shifting skill to Light Lass's gravity­ defying powers. Meach decided he now had the ability to strike back at Superman, so he re-formed himself as half Superman and half Batman with a green face, derived from BRAIN lAC 5. He located the heroes and demanded to be allowed to join them as the Composite Superman. If they refused, he would announce their secret identities, which he'd learned by using Saturn Girl's telepathy. The Composite Superman set out to embarrass the World's Finest team, and as they handled each complication tossed their way, it became apparent that Meach did not wish to be a hero but really wanted to rule the world. The Composite Superman's threat ended when the powers wore off and he reverted to normal. The Composite Superman was revived when Meach regained his powers as a part of the alien Xan's scheme to exact revenge against Batman and

Superman for his father's death. Still bitter, Meach



wanted to kill the super heroes and willingly fought

"Knuckles" Conger made his name as a boxer and

On Earth-1, Harriet Cooper was DICK GRAVSON'S aunt,

them. He nearly succeeded-but again, the powers

was a skilled athlete. He was also a criminal who

sister to his father JOHN GRAVSON, who came to stay

faded. Xan took matters into his own hands and

sought to commit a series of crimes as a mirror image of Batman. To accomplish this, he found

with Dick and BRUCE WAVNE at WAVNE MANOR. Harriet Cooper had doted on her younger brother, John, and worshipped Dick as well. In the wake of her

fired his own energy weapon at them, but Meach got in the way, attempting to save the heroes. Joe Meach died for his efforts, a hero at last. (World's Finest Comics #168 (August 1967) Sometime later, Xan escaped from his alien prison and came back to try once more for vengeance. He used his technology again, but this time on himself, becoming a new Composite Superman. This newly

a homeless shoeshine boy named Bobby Deen and made him his companion. Over the course of several weeks, Conger trained Deen in acrobatics and the manly arts. When Deen was deemed ready, the two set off for their first case, with the youth believing they were out to fight crime, emulating


brother's death, Harriet considered taking Dick into her home. However, her husband was an invalid, the result of a grave injury. Cooper returned to work, taking on two jobs to make ends meet. Given her circumstances, she was grateful when Bruce Wayne

the Dynamic Duo. Instead Conger duped the lad

offered to care for Dick as his guardian. Still, she

powered being showed greater control over the

so each crime prevented was actually a crime

refused Wayne's offer of cash to ease her burdens.

myriad powers, so he renamed himself Amalgamax. It took Batman, Superman, and the real Legion to battle him until he was subdued more through subterfuge than raw power. (World's Finest Comics #283, September 1982) In the wake of the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, these

committed. Eventually, though, Deen caught on to Conger and helped Batman bring his mentor to justice. (Batman #15, February/March 1943)

In time, though, her husband's injury benefits mysteriously increased, and she never found out how. (Detective Comics #328, June 1964) Cooper's husband passed away and left Cooper uncertain of her next steps. She didn't need both jobs and had spare time on her hands. The timing

events were wiped from the chronicles. The Composite Superman image endured when a powerful computer named Crayd'll accessed the



Using stage magician techniques, including misdi­ rection and deception, the Conjurer committed a series of crimes. He was finally apprehended when he sought Batman's secrets and threatened B. Bos­

was such that when she heard the tragic news that Wayne's butler, ALFRED PENNVWORTH, had died in an accident, she saw an opportunity. She felt the

files of the teen heroes known as YOUNG JUSTICE and

WELL BROWNE, Batman's self-appointed biographer.

millionaire playboy and his ward needed looking

created a being who was half ROBIN, half Superboy.

(Batman #17, June/July 1943)

after and arrived to do so. In reality, the men were concerned about their ability to spring into action

The speedster Impulse tricked the artificial entity into downloading music rather than additional files and put the creation out of action. (Impulse #56, January 2000) The teen inventor Hiro Okamura, TOVMAN, created a


spaceship featuring a Composite Superman when he aided Superman and Batman in their battle against LEX LUTHOR'S corrupt White House administration.

to the home of R. Davenport, a physician. With little choice, Davenport repaired the damage to the best of his abilities. To ensure the doctor's silence, the

(Superman/Batman #6, March 2004)

men left, bringing Davenport's daughter MARJORV

goings of both Wayne and her nephew. She heard

DAVENPORT with them. On the trail, though, were

odd sounds from one room and saw flashing lamps


Batman and ROBIN, who tracked down the gang.

from another (signaling an incoming hotline call



Marjory was rescued, and it was learned that

from Police Commissioner JAMES GORDON). Cooper

under the guise of the Condor. With his gang, Titus committed a string of robberies noteworthy enough to capture the attention of Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN. To bring the Condor Gang to justice,

despite the doctor's efforts, Conklin was expected

began suspecting that Wayne led some sort of double life and feared for Dick; Wayne, in turn,







During a shootout with police, criminal kingpin Bugs Conklin was seriously wounded. His men managed to escape the police and took their boss

to die in a matter of days. (Batman #23, June/July 1944)

short period of time. (Detective Comics #328, June 1964) During her short stay in the manor, Cooper was frequently frustrated by the odd comings and

was concerned that the kindly older woman was zeroing in on his secret identity. She even began setting up cameras throughout the mansion in an effort to find out what Wayne was up to. Unwittingly, her efforts provided a clue to the

Superman posed as Professor Milo, who was said to have invented a machine that accurately predicted the future. With the Dynamic Duo's help, the somewhat preposterous predictions all came


specializing in company payrolls and hired other

Caped Crusader in his case against the CLUEMASTER.

true, catching Titus's eye. He dispatched his gang

ex-convicts to provide them an honest living. The


to bring Milo and the machine to him, at which time

company proved successful-so much so that

attempts to learn the truth came to an end when

Milo revealed himself. With Batman and Robin's aid, the Condor Gang was brought to justice and Titus's identity exposed. (World's Finest Comics #97, October 1958)

current criminals were leaving their gangs to hire on. Such actions infuriated Duke Ryall, a GOTHAM CiTY mobster. He decided to put Conroy out of business by striking at the payrolls and making it appear


that Conroy and his employees had returned to their criminal ways. Batman and ROBIN investigated

Alfred returned to life and she realized there was no further need for her to stay. (Detective Comics #364, June 1967) Cooper stayed in Gotham City, where a lingering health issue grew worse, requiring hospitalization. To help the process, the doctors used cryosurgery­

the crimes and apprehended Ryall and his men, clearing Conroy and the company of wrongdoing.

but the device failed, prompting Batman and Robin to track M,STER FREEZE in order to obtain his freeze

(Batman #35, June/July 1946)

gun and cannibalize it for needed parts. (Detective


operation but needed time to recuperate. Wayne

The Namesake Club comprised folks who shared names with famous people throughout history. The organization was so successful that when several patrons died, they left large bequests to the club.

moved her back to the manor and Alfred cared for her. (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #11l, June 1968; Detective Comics #380, October 1968) After she recovered, she moved out but stayed in touch with her remaining family.

The Condor Gang was based out of Center City but took to absorbing criminal gangs from cities coast to coast. Over time these independent


as Batman and ROBIN without giving away their secret. While Cooper meant well, she was clearly unaccustomed to their lifestyles and left after a

When Big Ed Conroy left prison, he was determined to stay honest. He established a messenger service

groups were unified in the first-ever nationwide crime operation, with members wearing condor headgear. To hasten their expansion plans and bring public shame to one of their most feared threats-Batman-they planned to destroy the Flying BATCAVE, which was in Center City. As Batman was appearing as an honored gust at a policemen's convention, the gang would destroy the machine and steal the policemen's fund. Instead Batman and ROBIN stopped the plot, aided by a young rookie officer, Joseph Arno. (Detective Comics #317, July 1963)






Comics #373, March 1968) Cooper survived the

John Cook, the club's vice chairman, decided to hasten some of these deaths and take possession of the bequests for himself. After he killed two members, Batman and

ROBIN investigated and

saved the lives of others. Cook was (Detective Comics #183, May 1952)


Cooper's last recorded visit with her family was over the Christmas holidays some years in the past. (Batman Family #4, March/April 1976) In the reality after CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Harriet

Cooper has not been seen.


He was initially so focused on his target that he remamed unaware of events around him, allowmg the Dark Knight to apprehend him. Even with his constricting tail as a superior weapon , Copperhead was easily stopped time and again. His SUit was frictionless, which, coupled with his ab ility to compact his form, allowed him to gain acce ss where most humans could not reach . The Copperhead worked solo and often In groups until he so ld his soul to the demon Neron and became a liVing snake. Deadlier and more ViCIOUS, sp it t ing poison, Copperhead was a larger threat. Stili , he was killed in a battle with Kate Spencer, the MANHUNTER. (Manhunter [second series] #1, October 20 0 4) In the wake of his death, the name Copperhead was used by an Indian super heroine. (52 #10, Se p t em b er 2006) The full extent of her abilities have yet to be recorded.




./"" r:

Madolyn Corbett was a stalker, and her target was millionaire BRUCE WAYNE. When Wayne went to confront her, he found her dead in her own home. Not for the first time was Wayne suspected of murdering a woman. The police arrived and, given his celebrity, Commissioner JAMES GORDON himself conducted the Interview. The investigation led them to believe that the mentally disturbed woman had been unable to achieve her goal-Wayne-and committed suicide. (Batman #517, April 1995)

CORRIGAN, JIM There have been two Jim Corrigans in Batman's life. One was a cop durinq the 1940s, who was gunned down by gangsters and became the mortal host for the Wrath of God called the SPECTRE. On Earth-2 the Spectre and Batman served together in the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, while on the combmed Earth after the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Batman and the Spectre crossed paths on numerous occasions. There was also a corrupt member of the GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT named Jim Corr igan . In addition to examining cr ime scenes and studying forensic evidence, Corrigan supplemented his income by selling collectible evidence on the black market. Corrigan's corruption was an open secret among the G.C.PD., but the Internal Affairs divr sron had trouble bUlldmg an airtight ca se aga inst him. Their efforts were complicated when RENEE MONTOYA accosted Corrigan during the Investigation re sulting from her partner, CRISPUS ALLEN, being accused of murder.



Wearing a snake costume and appear ing unusually w iry , the th ief cal led Copperhead became a recurring threat to Batman and subsequently other heroes until his death . (The Brave and the Bold #78 , June 1968) His real name was never revealed. He first fought


Batman, WONDER WOMAN , and BATGIRL In GOTHAM CiTY. At first Copperhead appeared to be an above­ average thief, but he grew deadl ier .n subsequent c onfrontat ions and took to working as an essassm­ for -h ire. Thi s allowed him to mdulge his passion for collectmg transistor radios , antiques from an earlier t ime.

Although he w as cleared , A lle n wa s un hap py th at IA had not put Corri gan ou t o f b usine ss, so he b egan investigating the m an o n hi s o w n, He b u ilt a sup erio r case-but before All en co uld pr esent hi s ev ide nce , Corrigan lured him awa y fro m headqu ar t ers and shot him dead. Alth ou gh Corrigan wa s arreste d for the murder, he had pr ep ared an ali bi that co u ld not be shaken . Even t ual ly he wa s fr eed . His fr eed om sent Mon toya int o a rag e fol lo wed by depression and self -dest ruc t ive beh avio r. Lo sing all resp ec t fo r t he law , she f inally co nfron ted Corrigan in h is apartmen t. The p revious ly smug Corriga n recognized th at she was read y t o kill him and b ro ke down, begg ing for m ercy. Montoya re lented, let ting Corrig an live, and resign ed fr om the G.c.p.D. Cor riga n to ok to d rinking heavily and when A llen, th e new ho st for th e Spect re, found him , he chose not to take his lif e. Inst ead , Mal A llen , Crispus's yo ungest so n, fou nd Corrigan and shot him to d eath . (Crisis After m ath: The Spe ctre # 3, Sep tember 2006)

CORROSIVE MAN Derek Mit c hell w as a GOTHAM CiTY police o ffice r who gave in t o th e ci ty's p ervasive corru p t ion . Unlike many o f hi s fe llo w of ficers, Derek Mitc hell 's involvement wa s discove red , leadin g t o his arres t and imprisonment. Mitch ell esc ap ed f rom BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY and so ug ht revenge ag ain st MORTIMER KADAVER, the kill er w ho 'd set him up for arrest. Eluding th e p oli c e seeki ng him , he w as d own at the Gotham docks w he n a bo lt of lig htni ng struc k. The en su ing exp losion o f a b uil di ng dou sed him in a un iq ue b lend of chem icals and ha za rd o us w ast e. Th is appa rently ac t ivated Mitche ll's me ta-ge ne and a ltered his body t o em it a high ly corros ive ac id . Mit chell cont in ued his hunt for Kadaver, now convi nced he had th e pow er t o en d the v illa in's lif e w it ho ut co m p lica ti o n. When Mitch ell found Kad aver, th e ki lle r was t ortu rin g hi s lat est vi ct im ove r a lim e pit. Bef ore Mitch ell co uld exac t reve nge, Bat man interfer ed a nd a figh t began . Du ring the str ugg le, Mit ch el l fell int o t he lime pi t, the m ine ra l ne utraliz ing his aci d ic to uch, allo w ing t he Ca pe d Cr usa der to su bd ue him . ( De tec tive Comics #5 87 - 58 8, Ju ne - July 1988)

CORT, MAXWELL This d erang ed pol ic e ser g eant t o o k costumed per so na o f N,GHT- SCOURGE.


to tracking down the Coss ac k and ave ngin g her partner. It took her five years, but Stone managed to find him. Better, she arran g ed t o ge t into th e ring with him for an ultimate fi ghti ng mat ch tha t was broadcast on an illegal closed-circuit network, When Batman tracked the sig nal t o m o bst er Jimmy Gluck, the Dark Knight saw th e Cossack v ic iou sly beating Stone on the screen , He o f fe red Glu ck t he twenty thousand dollars he'd just co nf isc at ed in o rd er to get in the ring wit h th e Cossack, hop ing t o save Ston e's lif e. Batman and t he massive Co ssack squ ared o ff; after th e Caped Crusader susta ined a sho uld er injury, t he Cossac k was moving in for th e ki ll. Sto ne di stra ct ed hi m , g et t ing staked for her t rouble. Batman, a ngered a nd nearl y o ut of co nt ro l, b eat th e Cossac k in t o sub m ission. It to ok eve ry o unce o f self-control not t o kill him d esp it e th e c rowd's fevered e ncourageme nt. The police arrive d at that mo m ent , arresting th e Coss ac k whi le Ba tma n t oo k Sto ne to safe ty . ( Legends o f the Da rk Knig h t # 37, September 1992) A t hird man t o o k th e name Cos sack bu t w as bet t er known as t he DARK RIDER .


Three differ ent pe o p le have been named the Co ssack in Bat ma n's w orld. Th e fi rst f ought the Doom Patrol once and d isap p ear ed . Th e sec o nd wa s a mer c hant seama n kno wn t o be f ro m the Ba lt ic s and nic knam ed t he Cossack . Wh en in GOTHAM CiTY's po rt , he also ea rn ed a re puta tio n as a b raw ler. W he n Bat m an arriv ed t o b reak up a rio t t hat had sta rted ou t as an illeg al ba re-k nuckl e f ight, he w as w arn ed off by a ro ok ie cop, Mercedes Stone. He allo wed th e po lice to do th eir work, st ay ing o n t he ro oftop, until he real ized th e Cossack had bru t all y a ttac ked eve ry c o p . St o ne was ser io us ly inj ured, her partne r d ead . Batman ag re ed t o help tr ain St o ne to fight be tter, b u t her g rief turned to anger a nd six mon t hs lat er she w as sus pe nded fro m th e force fo r exce ssive violence. She t urned her atten ti on s

mad e him a match for the Man of Steel. He fou ght Supe rma n and injured him with some kryptonite. The METROPOLIS Marvel summoned Batman and ROBINfor help , asking each to also take a dose fr om th e box, The Dynam ic Duo complied and fo ught Craig . Wh en his powers faded first, Craig w as no longer a matc h fo r Batman and Ro b in and was a pprehended . ( Wo r ld's Finest Co mics #8 7, March/ Apri l 1957) Craig w as pl aced in a Met ro po lis p ris o n b ut soo n aft er b ro ke o ut. He head ed fo r GOTHAM C,TY and th e Ge ne ral Che m ica l Co m pany, w he re he'd hidden th e last vi al o f Jor-EI 's serum . While Su perma n, Batman , and Robin searc hed for Cra ig, BATWOMAN deduced w he re Elt on w as headed . She arrive d just as Craig un earthed th e v ia l, and th ey fought ove r it . She m anaged to snatc h it fro m hi m and dran k the serum rat her t han let him hav e it. End o w ed w it h t em por ar y supe rpow ers, Batwoma n easily g rab bed Craig and returned him to Metropo lis. (World 's Fin est Com ics #90, September/October 19 57)

MICHAEL STRAIT took on the nam e of th e Co u nt, organizing GOTHAM CiTY'S bunko rack et s into a sing le, smooth-running business. It took und ercov er poli ce officer SHIRLEY HOLMES, ALFRED PENNYWORTH , Batman , and ROBIN to bring the bu sin ess t o an end , ( Batm an #28, April/May 1945)

COURTNEY, KARL Karl Courtney was an em bi tte red cri min al w ho soug ht ve ngea nce on his th ree br oth er s as CAPTAIN STINGAREE.

COYNE, JOE Cri m ina l Jo e Coyne , th e PENNY PLUNDERER, was resp on sible for o ne o f th e Batman 's m o st fam ou s tr ophies.

CRADDOCK, "GENTLEMAN" JIM Thi s forme r ninet eent h -ce nt ury highway ma n wa s hun g but be ca m e th e vengeful GENTLEMAN GHOST, plagu ing Hawkma n and Batma n.

CRAIL, VINCENT Vin cent Crail studied handwriting and becam e an ac k now led g ed expert in his field. However, he a lso co m m it t ed forgery and was wanted by the p oli c e. Crai l d ecided that there would be treme nd o us adva ntages to unearthing Batman 's tr ue ide nti t y t hrough handwr it ing analys is. He narrowed down his list of sus pects to Howard Da ne, Ted Stevens, Guy W ilf o rd , and BRUCE W AYNE, four m en who had bee n suspec ted at so m e t ime in the past of b eing t he Go t ham Guar d ian. De spite his ef forts, Crail w as fo und and apprehend ed by Batman and ROBIN, Ro bi n noted th at Crail w as d o omed to fail since th e Dynamic Du o had both pr acticed to sig n th eir heroic names with th eir left hands, ra t her th an th e ir ri ght-hand ed incl ination. (Bat m an # 9 2, Ju ne 19 55)



Jac k Crane w as b et t er known t o the police an d Bat man as the cos t um ed c rimi nal SAVAGE SKULL.




t hat Jo r- EI had int end ed the vials as a me dici na l aid for any Kryptonians who had made it safe ly to Ear th , alt ho ug h Superman was the sole surv ivo r. Crai g t ook one dose and gained superpowers th at


Un ive rs ity- professor-turned -c ri m ina I Jon ath a n

AI Craig ran a traini ng ope ratio n fo r juv enile delinquents, working out o f th e gy mn asium he owned. Once they were re ady, each youth d onn ed a ROBIN outfit and simulta neou sly co m mi t te d c rimes across GOTHAM CiTY. De spite p o lice con fusio n ov er the Boy Wonder 's see m ing new ca reer, Batm an and Robin man aged t o c rac k th e case and arrest Cra ig . (Dete ctive Comics # 34 2, Aug ust 19 65 )

Crane so ug ht to master people through th eir fear s as c o st u m ed felon the SCARECROW.

CRAIG, ELTON Elto n Cra ig fou nd a box of ca ps ules th at had surv ived t he destruction of t he p la net KRYPTON. Th e cri m ina l had been sea rc hi ng among me t eo r fragments, ho ping t o fin d so m e KRYPTONITE t o use against SUPERMAN. Inst ead he had th e box , w hic h w as in scribed in Eng lish w ith a note say ing eac h vial wou ld res tore sup erp ow er s to a pe r son for t w en t y -four hou rs. Lat er, Superman ex plai ned



multicolored spo t ligh ts. In his new ca re er as Crazy

off on hi s o w n. ( Ba tman 1t400, October 1986) He

Timmy Cratc hit t 's fath er, Bob, was was t ing away in a GOTHAM C,TY p rison , co nvic t ed o f mu rder. W ith no o t he r fa mil y, Tim m y had been sent to an o rp hanag e, w here he encountered Bat man . Hear ing o f th e boy's p lig ht, Bat m an loo ked int o t he c ase and learned that Bob had been fram ed. W it h t he rea l m urderer fou nd , Bob Cratchi tt wa s released and reuni ted with Tim m y in time fo r Chri st mas. (Ba tma n 1t9 , February/M arch 19 4 2)

Quilt he continu ed co m m it t ing crimes bu t actually wound up bei ng defea ted o n at least fou r o c casions by t he you ths known as t he Boy Commandos, ( Boy Comm andos 1t15, March 1946) Relocating to GOTHAM C,TY, Cra zy Quilt announced his arrival alt ho ug h no one paid at t en tio n, his words a nd li ghts lost amid the city's hustle and b ust le. He intend ed to c hange t ha t but fir st he establishe d his head quart er s, d ubbed t he Co lor Do me and co mp lete wi t h a Co lor Org an so he co u ld ind u lge his pa ssion fo r mus ic . If t he ci t y wa sn 't going to no ti ce

wound u p app rehended and was remanded, thi s tim e, t o A RKHAMASYLUM. He w as later transferred t o Be lle Reve in Lo uisian a and , whil e t here, reject ed an offer fro m th e demon Ne ro n. Craz y Quil t bo un ced between Ark ham a nd Be lle Reve , w here he fin all y attacked the w ar d en d uring a riot. (JLA 1t34 , Oc tober 19 99 ) Dur ing the fo rm at ion o f th e cr im inal Soc iety, a fem al e w ear ing a sim ilar he lme t and o ut fi t a nd ca lli ng her self Crazy Qu ilt de b uted . No th ing was revea led about her o r if t he ori ginal vi llain's status had c hang ed. ( Villains United 1t2, Aug ust 2005)

CRAWFORD,BRANDON Brandon Crawfo rd was a reclu sive sci enti fic geni us who accid ent ally transformed th e seem ingly de ceas ed ALFRED PENNYWORTH in to th e vi llaino us OUTSIDER. (Detective Comics 1t356 , O c to be r 19 6 6)

CRAZY QUILT On Earth -2 the law b re ake r known as Craz y Qui lt head ed u p a natio nw id e crim inal opera tion . Earl ier he'd been an art ist of some renown who wa s also lead in g a double lif e as a thi ef . He had b een b linded d uring an assassination attempt by riva l c ri m inals. He had h is m en fin d a q ua lified surgeon and th en held h im ho st ag e until he pe r formed surgery t o he lp t he pai nter's sig ht. These at tempts left the villai n wi t h imperfec t sight, a llo w ing hi m to see only b right, pri mary colors . Enr ag ed by what he co nsi d ered a bo tc hed o perat io n, the man killed hi s doc tor-and so Crazy Qui lt w as born , He adop ted a co lo rfu l co st u m e and wore a he lmet t hat em it t ed

his colo rfu l p resence, he inte nded to ro b Go t ham of its co lor. W ith his me n bl each ing every t hing from flags to p aint ing s, th ing s w ere lo oking rather gray. Even ROBIN th e Boy W on d er f ound his bright costume rendered w hi te when he fir st opposed Crazy Quilt. In time, he figured o ut that the lack of co lo r wa s a ruse to hid e t he fa ct th at Crazy Qu ilt int en d ed to act ual ly steal t he pri ce less pai nt in g s tha t seem ed rui ned . (Star Sp ang led Comics 1t123, December 19 51) Years lat er, Paul Dekker, an underw orl d fe nce, to ok o n th e Craz y Qui lt p erson a b ut w it ho ut th e uni que helmet, subs t it ut ing a sim p le ho od. He co m m it ted a series o f cr imes th at led peop le t o th ink he was in sane , bu t in actua lity he had hidd en his loot in inno cu ou s it em s th at he later recovered . It fell t o interna t io nal t ro ub lesho o t ers t he Blackhawks to bri ng th e sec ond Crazy Qui lt's career to an end . (Blackhawk 1t1 80, Ja nuary 1963) On Earth-1, Crazy Quilt w as mu ch th e same but had only opposed Bat man and Robi n in Gotham City. (Batman 1t316 , O c to ber 1979) When Craz y Quilt w as paroled from prison , he learn ed t hat h is eyes ight wa s failing altog et her. Rat her tha n accep t his fate, he sto le an experiment al laser fro m Gotham 's 5.T.A. R. LABS b ranch, eludi ng Batman and Robi n. On ce m ore he had hi s m en kid nap a su rg eo n to handle th e delica te surg ery. As he recovered , Cra zy Quil t rem ain ed seq ues­ te red beh ind a dead ly ar ray of lig ht -b ased we ap­ ons int en ded to keep the Dynam ic Duo at ba y. When they final ly rea ched him , Rob in grab bed an in strument tray and re fiected Crazy Qui lt's he lmet lights back at him. Th e sens it ive eyes, st ill re cover­ ing from the surg ery, w ere inj u red and th e man's greatest fear cam e tru e: He wa s left b lind. Desperate, Crazy Quilt o nce m or e so ug ht out a surgeo n, Dr. Kinski , w ho migh t help him rega in hi s sig ht. Th is doc tor added elec trodes between t he bra in, op tic ner ves, and he lmet, whi ch enab led Crazy Qui lt t o ac tua lly see, but only throu g h t he he lme t le nses . The he lmet retained its light ­ em itti ng a bi lities, as p roven by Crazy Qu ilt k illing hi s docto r. Now "cured ," he wa s rea dy t o res ume his crim ina l ways-but first , he wa nted reve nge ag ainst Robi n, eve n thoug h at the tim e Robi n wa s JASON TODD, no t DICK GRAYSON . The sec o nd Bo y Wonder wa s in uniform f o r just a day w he n he w as attacked. A s Crazy Qui lt fo ught, Robi n m anaged to deflect the light beams and th en smash the helmet, rendering the vill ai n b lin d on ce more. (Batman 1t368, Detective Com ic s 1t535 , Febr uary 1984) When RA's AL GHUL freed crim inals f ro m prison, he prov id ed Crazy Quilt w it h a new helmet, bu t rat her than aid t he ec oterror ist Crazy Qu ilt set


CREEPER,THE Th e Creeper w as ini t ia lly a costumed person a of c rusadin g jo urna list Jac k Ryder, only to lat er becom e t w in p erso nal iti es inhab it ing the same bo dy. (Showcase 1t73, Marc h/Apr il 1968) On Ear th -1, Jack Ryder was a t el ev isio n hos t wh o angered his management, wh ic h yanke d him off th e air. He subsequent ly became a sec uri ty investigator for his ne twork. One o f his fi rst cas es wa s to fig ure o ut th e w hereabouts o f Professor Ephraim Yatz , ab du ct ed by Co m m unist sp ies. When he determ ined Yat z was b eing hel d at the site of a co st um e party, he q uick ly bought odds and ends fro m a cost ume shop and becam e the gar ish Cree per, with a g ree n wig, yell ow body stocking and face paint, and short red sheep ski n cape, His attempt t o re scue Yatz le ft him wounded from a knife and ly ing in th e sam e room with the doctor, Yatz used an expe rime nta l formula he carried t o heal t he w o un d- bu t fi rst impl ant ed a devi ce in Ryd er 's stoma ch. He then p laced t he d ev ice's tw in in the jo ur nali st 's pa lm . Yatz exp lained t hat th e ser um no t o nly wou ld heal Ryder but al so endow him w it h enha nced streng th, agi lit y, and end ura nce . The d ua l devices would enable him to ma ke th e Creeper o u t fit ap pea r and d isap p ear. Before Ryder co u ld free Yatz , t he p ro fe ssor was sho t; po lic e be lieved the Cree p er had ki lled h im . Ryd er used his Creepe r pe rso na to batt le cr ime and corrupt ion , eventually regain ing his on-ca m era d ut ies. His gonzo jo u rna lism sty le and combati ve on-air per so nalit y were g ood m at ches for the wil d and an archi c fi ght ing sty le used by his alter ego. Some time after b eg inn ing hi s ca reer, the Creeper aided Batman in sto ppi ng th e in sectoid creature ca lled HELLGRAMMITE. (Th e Brave and the Bol d 1t80, Oc tober/ November 19 6 8) The Cree p er and the Dark Knight c ros sed pat hs on ot her occasions , althoug h no real friend ship ever de veloped. The Creeper ev en to o k on the deadly JOKER d uring o ne notabl e c ase and sur vi ved . (The Joker 1t3, Sep te mber/Oc tober 1975 ) Ryder's ca ree r led him to a variety of cities, endi ng in Bo st o n w hen the reali t y-alt ering eve nts of th e CRISISON INFINITE EARTHS struc k. In the w ake of t ho se even ts , Ryd er w as much the same, bu t t he Creeper see m ed mo re of a sc hizo ­ ph renic b eing th an a ro le be ing played . There w as ser ious doub t as to wh ether the Creeper and Yatz 's fo r mul a we re ma k ing Ryder insane. Addition all y, Yat z reve aled th at t he d ev ic e he had impl anted ac­ t uall y im printed an o bj ec t in its c irc uitr y, allowing th e co st u me t o appear and d isap p ear. Al so, Ryder had been dr ugged by th e cri m inals wh en he was

inju red - t he serum that ent ered his bloodst rea m at the sam e t ime thus alte re d him in a u nique w ay, never to be rep eated . The m akeup of hi s blood was also imprinted, so eve ry t im e he tran sform ed fr om Ryder to t he Creeper, th e alter ed bl o od w as re -c reated . ( The Creeper [ sec on d series ] #1, De­ ce mber 19 97 ) A t o ne poi nt Ryder co nfro nted his du al pe rso nas th an ks to W ONDER W OMAN'S lasso of truth, b u t it was so me t hi ng he ignored . In st ead he entered into a vicious grudge aga ins t th e v illa ino us Eclipso. The ir climactic fig ht seemi ng ly lef t th e Creep er dead, bu t th e Yatz formu la slowly heal ed him . ( Eclipso # 13, November 1993) Rea lity

w as al t ered

ye t aga in

thro ugh


events known as the INFINITE CRI SIS. in the reord ered world Ryd e r rema ined a journal ist , but th is t ime he wo rked fo r t he METROPOLIS Daily Plan et before movi ng on to a newspape r jo b in GOTHAM CiTY. Some t im e after th at , Ryder became host of t he te levisio n ser ies You Are Wrong! Wit h his co nfro ntational sty le, he goaded his guests o n hot -b utto n topics o f t he day. Prepa ri ng fo r a show, Ryder studied t he work of Dr. Vinc ent Yatz , w ho had a new form o f nanotechno logy th at wou ld be used fo r m ed ic al th era py. Yat z's work was being t est ed o n b urn victims, a nd one test subjec t tried to he lp h im self to a sample. A figh t broke ou t and Yatz, fearin g for his work, injected him self wi th the last samp le. Ryder arrived and w as sho t in the head, then left

fo r dead . Yatz 's nan otec hnology was used to save Ryder 's life an d it interacted w it h his ce lls, al lowi ng him to tra nsform h im sel f int o th e Creeper. (The Creeper #1, October 2006) When the new Creeper took o n t he Joker in Gotham City, it caught Bat m an 's attent io n. The Dark Knight studied Jack Ryd er and ca me to un d er st and th e sch izo p hren ic nature o f th e m an ; he provided g uidance b ut no d irec t aid. In th e end Batman had to capture th e Jo ker o n his own when th e Creeper had his own issues to d eal w ith. Batman in formed th e Cree pe r tha t Professor Yatz had injec ted Ryder w it h a seru m co nt aini ng Yatz 's unique nanotechnology, called the smart skin , but al so elements d erived from the Jo ker 's d eadly veno m, w hic h ex pla ined his manic state. Batman w arn ed Ryd er that the venom in its p ure fo rm ki lled o r d rov e m any insane . In analyz ing Ryd er 's con t amin ate d b lo od , he observed th at the ma keup w as vol at ile, with t w o ce llular str uctures compet ing t o occupy t he same sp ac e. Batman synt hesi zed a co mpoun d that he ant icipated cou ld cure Ryd er and ga ve hi m the vial. Wh ile Ryde r co nside red t his, th e Creep er took offense, accus ing Batma n of tr y ing to elim inate him. The Dark Kn ight let Ryd er and th e Creeper decide what to do, The new life- form d ecided to destroy the vial but work t og eth er o n the sid e of good. (The Creeper [fourth series] #6, March 2007) In th e p otential future of the 853rd century, a be ing ca lled Insan itation arrived on the planet IAI, drawn t o thi s ene rgy so u rce ca lled Creeper. A Jac k Ryder ex isted in the year 85 ,271, worn out after years as a hero . Th e forc e spl it Ryder and Creeper int o separate b eing s fo r th e f irst t ime, Insan ita tio n batt led and inju red the Creep er, whic h forced Ryder to reu nite wi th h is al te r ego, their live s inex tr icably linked . (DC One Million, 1998)

CRIER, THE On o ne of Bat man an d ROBIN'S t ime-t ravel tr ip s cou rtesy o f PROFESSOR CARTER NICHOLS, they vis ited ancient Baghd ad. W hile t he re, they stopped a c ri mi nal known as t he Crie r given hi s t en d en cy t o weep wh ile co mm itting hi s ro b b eri es. (Ba tman # 4 9 , October/ Novembe r 19 4 8 )



A sma ll side st reet in GOTHAM C,TY'S EAST END was forma lly known as PARK Row. Over t he ye ars it fell into the shadows and became unsafe. It was o n this street that THOMAS and MARTH A W AYNE los t th eir lives and BRUCE W AYNE set o f f on h is path t ow ard beco mi ng t he Batman . On t he ann iversary of th e ir deaths, Bat man arrived in the shadows an d left beh ind memorial flowers. Crime A lley was where Dr. LESLIE THOMPKINS maintai ned her cl in ic . Later, it was w here Ba t ma n first me t JASON Tooo, w ho was steali ng t he BATMOBILE'S t ires. ( Detect i ve Comics #4 57, March 1976) In a poten t ial future, it w as also where Batman and SUPERMAN engaged in a climactic battle. (Batman: The Da rk Knig ht Returns #4, 1986)

CRIME DOCTOR, THE MATTHEW THORNE w as a m id dl e age d physician on Ear t h- 2 who liked perfo rming surg ery b ut was t ru ly energized w hen he com mitte d cr imi nal


The Crime Doctor (front) , Killer Croc, Clayface, and the Ventriloquist with Scarface


acts. As a result, he created the persona of the Crime Doctor, providing criminals with insightful diagnoses. He was also available to make house calls during crimes that developed complications, During a confrontation with Batman and ROBIN, the Crime Doctor honored his Hippocratic Oath and performed a life-saving appendectomy, then allowed himself to be arrested, (Detective Com ics #77 , July 1943) Just one month later, though, he escaped and took his cr im ina l pract ice on the road , work ing fro m a tra iler. The Dynam ic Duo pursued hi m ; during a batt le, Robin was shot by one of the d octor's m en in viol at io n o f the d octor's or ders, Again Tho rne risked c apt ure t o save t he Boy W on der, alt hough t his t im e he manag ed t o get away, headi ng for California. On ce more his skills were requ ired t o help th e wife of one o f his hirelings, alt ho ugh this time Thorn e refused . He co m m itted his next crime , and th e w oman d ied . The ang ry widower found th e Crime Doct or and m ortally w ounded him. By the time Batman arrive d , it wa s to o late; th e rem ors eful d octor di ed. ( Batm an #18, August/September 194 3) On Earth-1, the Crime Doctor wa s physician BRADFORD THORNE. Du ring hi s c aree r he t reated BRUCE W AYNE for a sho ulde r inju ry. Later, when Batman took o n the Crime D oct or, th e Cape d Crusader's unifo rm tore and Thorne recognized hi s o w n handiwork, learning Batman's t rue identit y. Ma ster sm ug g ler STERLIN GT. SILVERSMITH heard o f th e d octor's kn ow ledge and had Th orne poiso ned , o ff er ing the antidote in exchange for t he secret. Bat ma n arrive d , but by the time he c o u ld get Thorn e treatm ent , th e po ison had left him in a vegetative st at e, ( Detective Comics #494-495, Septembe r-O ct o be r 19 80) The Crime Doctor who exi sted in t he reali ty created by the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS had Tho rn e recover from Silversmith's poison. It wa s also revealed that he was brother to the co rru pt politician RUPERT THORNE. Undaunted by hi s inj ur y, Thorne resumed his criminal ways, although he

apparently no longer remembered Batman's true name, Instead he opened a hospital for the underworld. There he was responsible for the plastic surgery that turned actor PAUL SLOANE int o a Two-FACE doppelganger, CHIMERA, (Dete ctive Comics #579, 581, October, December 1987) The Crime Doctor continued to operate his hospital but abandoned the "do no harm" part o f his oath, In fact. he began resorting to withholding treatment when it suited him or even using slips ho d surgical techniques, He also took to wearing sta r­ shaped glasses, said to be a souvenir fr om hi s fir st victim, Katherine Wheyhall, the nurse wh o'd fir st voiced her suspic ions about hi s acti on s, Hired by the cr iminal Soc iety, he tortured t he v illains compr ising the Sec ret Six t o learn th e id enti t y of t heir lead er, Mo ck ingbird. CATMAN resist ed the tort ure long eno ug h t o st ab and bl ind Tho rne in on e eye . (Villains United # 3, Sep tem be r 2005 ) In the wake o f t his. Thorne wa nt ed t o br eak aw ay fr om the So ciet y. Inst ead th ey sent PROMETHEUS to make him re consider his c hoice by kid nappi ng , torturing, and kill ing hi s yo ung daughter Bethany. Before he co uld co m p lete th e mi ssion , th e B,RDS OF PREY interfered and save d th e g irl. Th e Cri me Do ctor had see n eno ug h and ca use d eno ug h

mi sery for all, so he c ho se t o kill him self, ensuring that his d aughter would live, LADYSHIVA to ok th e g irl and br ought her to A sia, wh ere she b egan t raining as a martial a rt ist and assassin . ( Bi rds of Pr ey #95 , August 2006)

CRIMESMITH RANOGARROW w as a cr im inal o nce arrested and j ail ed by Ba tma n. Wh en he w as freed early af t er using his know-h ow t o upgrad e pr ison fac il it ies, he used his ge ni us t o co mmi t smarter and better c ri mes . A s Crimes mi th, Garrow was not onl y a c unning p lann er but also a g if t ed inv ento r who de signed his ow n to o ls fo r his c rim es, Am ong his creati on s w as a burrow in g mac hine that dug und er st ructu res to reac h va ul ts . He'd aid ot her c rim inals for 50 pe rce nt o f t he p rofi t s, all to fund his ma st er pl an . W hen he wa s ready, he unleash ed a ho rd e o f ro bot att ac ke rs th at threw GOTHAM CITY into a p an ic . ROBIN fl ew t he BATPLANE to sky w ri t e a me ssage d esi g ne d t o reassure the popula ce . Batman, m eanwh ile, w orked with the p ol ice t o tra ck and ap p rehend Crim es m it h, ending the robotic threat. ( Wo rld 's Fin est Co mics # 68, January/February 1954 ) In the reality aft e r the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Dr. Jeffrey Fraser wa s the Crim esm ith, a detail­

oriented c rimi nal ma stermind . He so ld his serv ices to thieve s in exchange for a hefty percentage o f their take. The maps and plan s always indi cated where the sec u rit y cameras would b e, allowing them to avo id surv eillanc e. Crim esm it h to ok the unu sual step o f im p lanting explosive de vi c es in his und er ling s so he co uld rem o t ely detona t e t he bombs sho uld any employee s fail to foll ow hi s o rd e rs o r turn stool p igeon. Reg ar dl ess, Batm an managed t o t rac k dow n Crirnes mi t h. In the end he died w hen his hea d ­ qu art ers we nt up in flames , ( Batm an #44 3-444, January- Feb ruary 19 90)

CRIMSON KNIGHT, THE GOTHAM CiTY'S re sidents were surp rise d t o see a knight in c ri mso n arm or arrive t o battl e c rim e. Armed with h is ele ctr ically c harg ed broad sw ord and bulletpro of armor and shi eld , the Crimson Knight w as readil y w elcomed as an other pr otect or , What no o ne realized was that th e Knight wa s a fi cti on cre ated by D,CK L YON S, an und erworld figure wh o laun ched an audaci ous sch em e d esign ed to get him clo se t o th e Lib erty Train , Lyon s figured th at if the Cr ims on Kn ight w as ad or ed , he'd be inv ited t o th e hon or guard that t rav el ed with th e tra in, wh ich ca rri ed man y o f th e nation's most pre cious documents. He 'd the n use th e armor to help himself steal th e d ocument s and b lac k m ail th e fed eral governm ent into p ay ing to g et th em ba ck. To ga in the c ity's tr ust , Lyon s planned a series o f hei st s for his men th en , as the Kn ig ht , sub d ue d his o w n emp loyees . Batman , ROBIN, and th e Kni ght we re p icked for the ho no r gua rd , but before Lyon s cou ld co m pl et e the robbery, Batman apprehe nded h im, hav ing pre v io usly fig ur ed o ut th e p lan . ( De tec t ive Comics #2 71, September 1959 )

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Th e un iver se in which Batman lived w as creat ed and re- created repeatedl y. At th e time o f the Big

Bang, there were but two universes, one composed of positive matter, the other of anti-matter. On the distant planet Oa, in the universe's center, a sc ient ist named Krona attempted to understand the act of Creation in violation of his people's taboos. A s Kr ona witnessed the formation of the universe, an ex p lo sio n rippled across reality, shattering the two universes, forming countless parallel realities. In m ost recorded parallel universes, there was a BRUCE W AYNE who became the Batman, Th e exp los io n al so awoke two cosmic beings, tw ins, wh o had on ce co nfro n t ed each other, and th e batt le ca used both to enter coma-like states , One, t he Anti -M onitor, resided in the ant i-matter un iver se o f Qward an d hungered for power, Using his ener gies an d the Weaponers of Qward as his army, th e Anti-Monit or began elim inating o ne un iverse after enough , unleash ing a wa ve o f ant i- ma tte r th at de st royed t hem entirely. His co unte rpa rt , the Monitor , searc hed through th e rem aining uni ver ses as well as t ime and sp ace t o put t o g ether an army that cou ld hol d o f f the Anti ­ Monit or until he co uld be sto p p ed for g o od . In th e e nsui ng battle, all but fiv e world s w e re destroyed; these five w ere m erged into one, with reality reorder ed and p eople's lives modified to fit th e new template. Th is left onl y one primary in carnati on o f eac h p er son , so there wa s no longer an Ear t h-2 Batman wh o'd died prior to these eve nts - just a sing le Batman. No on e remembere d th e p a ralle l w orld s or va riat io n s in their li ves . The so le except io n, a perso n wh o exi sted b ut shou ldn 't have , wa s the Kara Zor-EI o f Eart h-2, who was kno w n as Power Girl. The Anti-M onitor st ill wanted to destroy even the sole rema in ing pos it ive-mat t er universe, but was u lt imately ann ih ilated by the SUPERMAN from Earth-2. The Sup e rm an and LOIS LANE of Earth-2, the ALEXANDER LUTHOR of Earth-3, and the Superboy fr om Earth-Prime entered a crystalline limbo, shie lde d from the reordered universe. In the aftermath, many heroes and villains and c iv ilians died, but the single positive and anti­ matter universes endured. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12, April 1985-March 1986) In the years following this cataclysmic event, reality was continually altered, culminating in the events known as INFINITE CRISIS.

CROCKY To children around America, the green crocodile called Crocky was a beloved companion, His appearances on syndicated television, movies, theme parks, and merchandise made him ubiquitous. Crocky's catchphrases included "You Be Me, I Am You" in addition to "It all fits together like a ha nd and a glove. It all fits together with love ' So long unti l tomorrow and remember to be a happy g ator! " (Robin #42, June 1997) TIM DRAKE ci t ed Crocky, in h is white T-shirt w ith a red heart , as one of his chi ld ho o d id ol s. The p opula r cerea l Cro cky Cru nch was a favorite of D,CK GRAYSON; t he cereal also sp ons ore d t he HALY BROS. CiRCUS. (Birds of Pre y # 8, August 1999 ) The Cro cky licen sing empire was run by Ell en Anders. When a theatrical production was in th e offing, the c roc o d ile' s human persona, Dexter


Crabtree, demanded a raise and points to appear in Crocky the Movie. Instead, PARAGON P,CTURES' Calvin Berkowitz had him unceremoniously fired. (Detective Comics #668, November 1993). The movie did so well that a sequel was made only months later, Crocky 2: The Motion Picture. Logically, Crabtree became a suspect of the GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT when someone in a Crocky suit began committing robberies. Anders admitted that two costumes had gone missing from Paragon's Gotham facility. With Robin's help, the true culprit, Mr. Bingo from the television series, was nabbed. Crabtree was rehired.

CRONIN, LEW When counterfeiter Lew Cronin served his prison sentence, he learned from a cell mate the whereabouts of two million dollars in stolen gold bullion. Cronin soon after escaped prison and dug up the gold, creating an elaborate scheme to launder the bullion and get rich without being caught. He posed as Mark Medalion, the wheelchair­ bound coin dealer who peddled treasure maps in exchange for 50 percent of their find. People bought the maps and found the bullion, already smelted and turned into imitation ancient coins, thinking they were getting rich. As word about the maps spread, "Lucky" Smith and his gang took to stealing the maps and looting the "found treasure" for themselves. Batman and ROBIN exposed the fraud, and Cronin was returned to jail. (World's Finest Comics #20, Winter 1945)



This restaurateur turned costumed criminal after sharing a cell with Captain Cold, bedeviling GOTHAM C,TY as the pirate CAPTAIN STINGAREE.

CROWN, CAROLINE GREGORIAN FALSTAFF wanted WAYNE ENTERPRISES and did whatever he thought it would take to gain control. He maneuvered BRUCE WAYNE'S longtime secretary GWEN ATKINS to leave and had her replaced with Caroline Crown. The new, equally attractive assistant committed numerous acts of corporate espionage to provide Falstaff with vital information. (Batman #323, May 1980) When Wayne began to investigate Falstaff, he learned that Crown had been blackmailed into committing her crimes-Falstaff was holding her young daughter, Elizabeth, hostage. As a result, Batman rescued Elizabeth and helped shut down Falstaff's criminal activities. Crown remained Wayne's secretary for a short time after those events but eventually left the company to raise Elizabeth.

and was eventually lured out of GOTHAM CiTY by Robin, who used steel cubes like pet treats. Bat­ man, meantime, used a radio transmitter to shatter the creature with sonic waves. (Detective Comics #272, October 1959)



When gang boss Bart Cullen discovered a crashed alien vessel, he looted it. With the advanced technology, he decided to pass himself off to rival boss Tod Garret as an extraterrestrial. Together they formed the GIMMICK GANG and used the alien equipment to commit a series of spectacular crimes. All along, Cullen planned to double-cross his partner by eventually exposing Garret and the gang to the police. Then, on his own, Cullen would control Gotham's underworld. Instead, after apprehending the Gimmick Gang, Batman exposed the alien gangster as a mere mortal. (Batman #160, December 1963)

CULLEN, BOBO In a fight against the Dynamic Duo, Cullen gained possession of Batman's famed UTILITY BELT. To regain it before Cullen could figure out that Batman's fingerprints would be on it-putting his secret identity at risk-Batman set up a scheme to get close to Cullen. He and ROBIN posed as Spence and Li'l Red, common criminals who could be passed off as Batman and Robin to elude police suspicion. They hired on with Hugh Bradford and his partner Wilks but needed a convincing Utility Belt to complete the ruse. Cullen let it be known the belt could be rented for a price. When they met to arrange the details, Spence and Li'l Red revealed their true personas and regained the precious belt while apprehending a handful of criminals. (Batman #158, September 1960)



The Crystal Creature was an unusual living crys­ talline structure that seemingly emerged from be­ neath the Earth and ran amok until subdued by Batman and ROBIN. Scientists theorized that the creature was given life through a unique combina­ tion of factors including an underground volcanic eruption, which opened a cask of atomic waste that in turn coated fish, and mutation occurred.

AVERY TWOMBEY was a killer-for-hire called Cypher. He began killing the CEOs of corporations engaged in work similar to that of WAYNE ENTERPRISES, leading BRUCE WAYNE to suspect that his own CEO, Lucius Fox, might be next. (Detective Comics #657-658, March 1993) Wayne stumbled onto this informa­ tion during one of his rare bouts of actively work­ ing at the company during the day, rather than in­ dulging the playboy persona he used to mask his real activities as Batman. As a result, he saved the partying for the evening and allowed Robin and AZRAEL to handle patrolling Gotham City's streets. The duo found a corporate spy at WayneTech, and when Azrael apprehended the man, he beat him mercilessly until stopped by Robin-an early warning that Azrael might not be entirely stable. It became apparent that Cypher was after a top-secret project the WayneTech division was preparing for the federal government. 50 were the other two companies, something the government knew, and they stepped in to shut down Wayne Enterprises until the killer-who convinced the CEOs to commit suicide, hiding his involvement-was caught and the project preserved. In the meantime, Cypher managed to capture Fox, who was freed by Batman, Robin,

The mindless being sought metal as sustenance

and Azrael before Cypher could commit a third



murder. Later Cypher surfaced again, only to die after a second confrontation with Robin as he handled a case against the SPEEDBOYZ. (Robin #2, November 1993)

CYRIL The EARL OF WORDENSHIRE'S son, who secretly aided his father, the KNIGHT, as the costumed adventurer the SQUIRE.

CZONK Titus Samuel Czonka was a former construction worker who took up with ARTHUR BROWN, the CLUEMASTER. The two losers were their own support system after meeting as they escaped BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY with the ELECTROCUTIONER. (Robin [second series] #1, November 1993) Czonka wanted a costume to fit in better with the Cluemaster and devised one on his own: a flight cap and goggles, orange pants, and a yellow shirt with a violet question mark in the center. He took to calling himself the Baffler, master of mysteries, but everyone called him Czonk. In an effort to replicate the Cluemaster's clue­ leaving habit, Czonk accidentally gave away their location, allowing ROBIN and the police to find them. Soon after, still free, Cluemaster renamed the Baffler the Headbanger, more in keeping with Czonk's preferred fighting style. A green shirt complete with skull replaced the yellow one. Soon after, the Electrocutioner met defeat again thanks to the SPOILER. The remaining two criminals fought Batman and later wound up back at Blackgate as cellmates. They once more sought their freedom and achieved it, at least for a while. (Batman: Blackgate #1, 1996) They were arrested once more and tried separately; during a break, the Headbanger managed another escape. While free he actually managed to capture Robin and Spoiler and thought about killing them as a way to make a name for himself, but the teens broke free and subdued him once more. (Robin [second series] #44, August 1997) When an earthquake freed Blackgate's prisoners, Cluemaster and Czonk were freed, although once more it was temporary. Czonk was almost immediately stopped by the HUNTRESS at a local mall. (Batman: Spoiler/Huntress: Blunt Trauma #1, 1998) After GOTHAM C,TY was declared a No MAN'S LAND, Czonk was again briefly free, until he was apprehended by the vigilante known as LOCK-UP. He remained Lock-Up's prisoner until the captives were freed by N,GHTW,NG. (Nightwing [second series] #36-37, October-November 1999) He has not been seen since.



The man know n only as Dabblo craft ed a p lan to stea l the fabled Pear l of t he Or ie nt when it wa s on display at Go tham Sq uare Museu m. Fol low ing hi s timetab le, Dabblo accessed the mu seum' s rar e tr easures exhibit without tr ipping the security syste m. He a nd a co lleag ue m ade it as far as GOTHAM C,TY'S wa terfront be fo re being st o p p ed by Bat m an and ROBIN. ( Batman # 164, June 1964)

DAGGER,DEADEYE W hen Two-FACE escaped from A RKHAM ASYLUM, he too k refuge at th e Lo c kha rt Circ us, enticed th ere by Schi sm, the ci rcus 's con joi ned twins. Among the other circus workers who took Tw o - Face's sid e in his conf ro ntation wi th Batman was ace knife t hrower Dead eye Dag g er. Despite h is sk ill, he was no m at ch for th e Dark Knight, w ho m anag ed to re capture th e vi llai n . ( Batm an #52 7-528, Feb ruary ­ Mar ch 1996 )



Earth-2's GOTHAM CITY society was shocked in mi d ­ 1951 w hen m illionai re p lay boy BRUCE W AYNE found a new d iversion-boxing . Officially t he Par k Aven ue Kid , as he wan ted to be known, was fig hting to rai se fun d s for charit y, b u t sec re t ly Batman was sea rc hing for a connection be tween Go t ham gamb lin g racket ee r Ned Bra nn and the Dagger, t he lat est co st u m ed crook t o te rro rize th e ci ty . Th e Dagger and his me n a ll wore red ho od s, and t he Dagger wa s known f or his sk ill with a throw ing kn ife. When Bat m an appreh ended Brann, he p rov ed the cr imin al wa s also masquerad in g as the Dag g er. ( De tecti ve Comics #174, Augus t 1951) O n Earth-1, Batman beca me aware o f a d ifferent Dag g er when victi ms o f a protect ion sc he me

wou nd up w ith knife wounds . As the Da rk Kn ight investiga t ed, he encountered the Dag g er, dressed in pu rp le and oran g e w it h daggers attached t o bot h arm s and leg s, admi nistering punishment to a c ust o m er unw ill ing to pay. A s the Dagger used a blade to disable a mov ing tru ck , Batman tried to save the ve hic le -but another knife hur led int o t he BATMOBILE'S engine st art ed a fire, and th e car went into Go t ham River. Batma n survived an d broug ht th e weapon back to the BATCAVE fo r analysis, learning it w as manufac tured by Renni ngton Stee l. Batm an journ ey ed no rt h of Gotham to Stokl ey, wh er e he met with DAVI D RENN INGTON, the company 's owne r. The m id nig ht v isit a llowed Batman to p rivat ely stu dy t he company records as Renn ing t o n expla ine d the fam ily f irm's f ina ncial struggles . At o ne point Renn ington exc used himself, he re t urned moments lat er d ressed as the Dag g er. Desp it e th e kerc hief c over ing part of his fac e, it w as c lear th e Dagger w as Renn ing ton , w ill ing t o kill to salvage h is co m p any. A s th ey fo ug ht, Batman heard how Rennington intend ed to use th e protection in co m e t o help refinance his st ee l f irm . A t o p a giant swo rd replica, Batman swung down and de livered a final blow. ( Ba t m an #343 , Jan uary 198 2) The o nly other appeara nc e of t he Dagge r ca m e af te r th e CRISISON INFINITEEARTHSw he n he was among the d o zen s of crim ina ls re leased fr om BLACKGATE PEN ITEN TI ARY by Ri\'s AL GHUL. Rii' s d aug hter, TALIA HEAD, sto pp ed him du ring his fr enzied rampage t hrough Gotham. (Ba tman # 4 00, Oc t o b er 198 6)



Dirk Da gner w as one in a lo ng line of GOTHAM CiTY u nd erw or ld mob bosses . He decided t o commit a se ries of Ch ris t ma s Eve cr ime s th at wo uld ne t hi m a sma ll fo rtune w hile also co mplica t ing Batman 's

life . Whi le th e spree began successfu lly, Da g ne r and hi s men we re qui c kl y app rehend ed by the Dy nami c Duo. As Dag ner sat in a jail cell, Batm an and ROBIN visited lighth ou se keepe r Tom Wick for a holiday me al, br ingi ng c heer t o t ho se with so lit ar y lifest y les- a j oy Dag ner clearly didn't und ersta nd . ( Ba tman #15, Fe b ru ary/Marc h 19 4 3)

DAI-LO, THE Among the d ead lier gangs inhab iti ng GOTHAM CiTY was the Tri ad s, led by EKIN Tzu, also known as the Dai- Lo. Tzu blamed a rival Russian gang for th e d eath of his wife durin g a turf fig ht. WHISPER A'DAIRE came to the Dai-Lo's aid , d eliverin g to him VASILY Kosov, head of t he Russians. She als o provi d ed him with a d ose of the chemical c o m p o u nd that g ran ted her not o nly seemi ng im mor ta lity b ut also an anima l- like appeara nce . A ll she aske d was Tzu 's to tal devotion . Tzu ag reed and d rank th e compoun d , t ra nsf o r m ing int o a raven - lik e be ing. W he n Batman arrived t o b reak up the f ight wi t h Ko sov, Tzu abruptly surrende red . He explain ed th at acc o rd ing to th e I Chi ng , th e bat was m or e sacred t han the rave n, an d he recog nized Batman 's su per ior it y. A'D ai re, w ho had actually kil led Tzu' s wife t o c oax h im to her sid e, escaped d uring the fig ht . In th e afterma t h o f this co nfronta t io n, t he Dai-L o rededica te d hi s life to e nding evi l in Go t ham. ( Detec ti ve Comics #768-770, May -Ju ly 20 02)

DALA BRUCE WAYNE'S fian c ee on Earth -2, JULIE MADI SON, fe ll under the thrall o f t he sinist er MONK and his ac com p lic e Da la, w ho tr ied to hy p no ti c ally fo rce Julie t o m urder one o f th e ir enemi es. Bru ce sent Ju lie o n an ocea n c ruise t o rec up erat e from the o rdea l. As Batman , he foll o w ed her t o Eu rope in


o nto he r ow n sac rificial b lad e. (Batman and th e Mad Monk #1-6, O ct ob e r 20 06- March 20 0 7)

DALE,PETER Ba tman a nd ROBIN fo llowed the criminal Peter Dale b ey o nd th e GOTHAM C,TY limi ts , o u t toward America 's so ut hw est ern deserts. Wh ile hiding in a n abandon ed Nat ive A m e ric an pueblo, Dale w as exposed to gase s left over fro m a m ed ic ine man 's hand iwor k, wh ich had combi ned th e f our elemen ts . th e BATGYRO. Once In Pari s, he narrowly esca pe d a d eath trap set by th e Monk and ag ain rescu ed Jul ie from th e v illain 's c lut c hes. ( D e te c t iv e Comtcs # 31, Sep te m be r 1939 ) Batman c ap t ure d Dala in Pari s and forced he r t o lead h im t o the Monk 's st ro ng ho ld in Hung ar y, wh er e he learned that the vi llains w ere bot h vampi res and w e rewolves. He eventually d estroyed both m on st er s using a pistol lo ad ed with homem ad e silver bullet s. It was to b e th e last time th e Dar k Kn ight used a gun o n a c ase. (Det ec tive Comics # 32, Oc to ber 19 39) On Ear t h-1, Dal a wa s so m eth ing else ent irely. A for m er heroin jun k ie, she fe ll under th e Mo nk's sway and JOined hrs vampire cul t, t he Bro t herho o d. On the streets of GOTHAM CiTY, Da la enc oun tered ROBIN and became tascmated w ith hi m , w ant ing t o seduce t he Teen W o nder an d ad d him t o th e Brother hoo d 's ranks. He fell under he r ment al co nt rol and w o und up f ig ht ing Batman to keep him from sto p pi ng th e Br other ho od . Batma n's b loo d wa s ta in ted by th e Mo n k and Dal a, and he requ ired a total b lood tra nsfus io n to rega in his freed om . Fin all y Batman man ag ed to end their threat and a newfound ally, Father Gree n, to ok he r away for safekeep ing . (De tec tive co mics # 511, Feb rua ry 19 82) In the reali t y c reated after the eve nt s of t he CRISISON INFINITE EARTHS, Da la Vadim lo st her p arent s t o ma chi ne-gun fire d uri ng an unname d Euro pean w ar. Seek in g so lac e, she sank Into a heroin d ep enden cy . Adrift, she met Ni col ai the mad Monk, who promi sed th at he could grant her darkest d esire s. She fell in love with him and b ecam e a m ember o f his c ult. Taking the nam e NOCTURNA, she served as hrs ai d e and wou ld-be vamp ire. She fi r st enco un t e red Batman when she helped th e Mon k seduce Ju lie Mad iso n to gain he r fath er 's w ealth . Whi le not a vampire, Dala wa s the Monk's m o st loyal aco ly te . Batman interrupted th e Monk b ef or e Madi son co u ld be sac ri fic ed. After he d ied , Madi son str uck Da la w ith a pi ec e of wood, knock ing he r


Th e exp os ur e alt ered Dal e's form , gr anti ng hi m th e a b ili t y t o c hange in to o ne of fou r shap es, one for each element: th e ea rt hq ua ke -g ene rati ng Earth-Man; Cyclone-Man w ith co m mand of th e wi nds ; Flame Mast er, who co uld c o ntr ol any fi re; and Liquid Man , who could h id e w ithin any body o f water. Dale dec id ed he 'd return to Gotham, commit a monthlong crime sp ree, and ret ire o n the proceeds. During hi s fir st bank he ist, howev er, he was stopped by the Dynarru c Du o. ( Det ect ive Comics #308, October 1962)



Th e m an c alled on ly Dall wa s a cri m ina l who posed as a sc ie n t rst to gain the trust of PROFESSOR CARDEN. W hen he g ot close, he forced the p ro fesso r to turn his ro botic creation into a me c han ic al Batm an. Carden 's g en iu s w as in his c rea tion's ab ili t y to rrurruc it s human m odel's at tri b utes and abi li ties. W it h t he Bat man ro bo t respo ndi ng o nly to Da ll's vo ice, It po sed a rea l d an ger for t he Cap ed Cru sade r. In th e end , the rob o t wa s lured near th e Got ham Power Company, wh ere it w as enmes hed in hig h­ vo lta ge w ires that o verload ed its circui ts . Dall w as subsequentl y ap prehend ed b y th e D ynamic Duo . (Dete ct ive Corrucs #2 39 , January 19 57)

DALLING, MRS. Mr s. Da lli ng w orked as a nig ht t im e ja nitor at GOTH AM CiTY'S police headqu arter s an d used the so li tu d e to acce ss police fil es. Over t im e she po red through c o un tless criminal records and d ev eloped a keen understand ing o f which techniqu es worked , and which were doomed to failure. Arm ed with this know ledge, she so ug ht t o co m m it crim es to fre e her self from her grim life. Batman Inv est ig ate d and ex pos ed Dall ing , which resu lted in ja il t im e. (Batma n #31, October/N ovember 1945)

DAMFINO, NINA Nin a Damfino wa s a b iker who d onned a cos t ume and aid ed the RIDDLER as ECHO.

DAMIAN RA'SALGHOLc o nclud ed Batma n m et his qua lif icatio ns t o b ec ome rus he ir and c on sor t t o his m o st be loved da ughter TALI A HEAD. Desp it e Batman's rejec t ion o f th e Initi al offer to jo in him, Ra's re ma ine d d et erm ined , g o ing so far as to once abducting an d d ruggin g th e Dar k Knight, pe rf o rm in g a marriage cere mony wh e n he w as un abl e t o o bjec t. Lat er, th e Dem o n's Head ask ed for Batma n's help w hen a rog ue assassin m urd ered Talia's m other. Du ring th ese ev ents, the rom ant ic t en sion be t we en Batman and Taha resulted In a m or e forma l ceremony foll owed by her conceiving a child , the he ir Ra 's desired . Th e news also affec te d t he Caped Crus ader's w or ldview, mak ing hi m t ak e few er risks and therefore grow less eff ect ive In hrs w ar o n crime. Out of kindness, Talia cl aime d t o have m isc arri ed , and Ra's annulled the second marri ag e. Wh at he did not know was that Tal ia had lied and ca rned th e child to term. He wa s left at a n orphanag e, a bej eweled necklace hi s only c o nnec tion t o Taha. (Ba tm an: Son of th e Demon, 1987) Years later, Talia t urn ed up at a Lon d on museum, rig ht af ter Batma n fo ught an army o f man- bat s. She Int ro d uc ed him t o Damian and exp lained her ruse. Feeli ng It wa s tim e Damian kne w his fat her, Tali a left him w ith Batman , who to o k the bo y back to GOTHAM CiTY. W ith mi xed em o tions Bat man Introduc ed Damian t o his w orld : W AYNE MANOR and t he BATCAVE, A LFRED PENNYWORTH an d TIM D RA K ~ . To Batman's d isp leasur e, Dam ian appeared sp oi led, ill manner ed , and unapprec iative of hrs surround ings . Calle d t o du t y. Batman locked Damian in a room and set o ff . A rr iving at BLACKGATE PENITENTI ARY, Bat man save d an underc over cop from b ei ng killed by o ne o f the Shocker's he nch m en . He then fo und rus o ld foe the SPOOK dead and hea d less. So on af ter. Bat man learned th at Dam ian had sto le n o ut o f the ma nor, foll o w ed him to Bla ckg at e, and beh ead ed th e Spo ok w it h a sw ord the boy own ed . A t th e Batcave, Dam ian was b oasting of hi s ex p loi ts and sho wi ng o ff th e Sp ook's head , complet e with a gr en ad e in th e mouth. He tossed the head in the air so it co u ld ex p lode, the sho ck wave sending Damian and Tim ato p th e di no saur trophy. Damian th en took advantage o f th e sit ua t io n t o b eat Tim sen seless and don JASON TODD'S o ld ROBIN o ut fit. Batm an wa s appalled t o find his costu me ­ clad son on a Go tham rooftop. Damian felt he an d he only sho u ld st and b eside Batman. It w as th e LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS' w ay , tra ining in stilled by Tali a. Batman b ro ug ht Dam ian alon g

for citizens who perfor med high-ri sk job s, t he ki nd that no insurance company would issu e coverag e for. In addition to providing a respite, the club existed to ad m iniste r a fu nd to whi ch everyo ne contributed, providing for the family of anyone w ho d ied in thei r line of work. The club 's sec ret ary, a test pilot named Milding, began murd ering his fellow members to cover up his embezzling from the fund . To divert su spi c ion , he directed at t ent io n to member Mac k Thorn , who had made comm ents that c oul d have been co nst ru ed as th reats. To investigate. Batman ap pl ied for m ember ship and was admitted. Soon after, he exposed Milding; the club c ho se to disband rather than c ause any other member hard shi p. ( B a tm an #76, Apr il/May 1953 )

DANIELS, BIG BOY - - - - ­ Big Boy Daniels was a car eer criminal wh o decided to form a school for youngsters. tea ching the esse ntials t o the ne xt ge ne ration of thieve s. Whi le ensuring a better-educated cla ss of thug, Daniel s also made him self a target f or the Dynam ic Duo. Batman began a campaign to counter Daniels's work, enc o u rag ing Gotham's youth to play fair and obey th e law. ROBIN w ent underco ver as D,CK GRAYSON and recruited form er member s who had refo rmed to help him br ing down Da niel s's scho o l. (Batman # 3, Fall 1940 )



Inside a sec re t GOTHAM C,TY fight c lub , co stumed cr im ina ls and civ ilian lowl if es fough t b efore a cro w d of thugs. Danko was another c roo k w ith nothing left to live for when he entered the ring ag ain st feared Russian ag ent the KGBEAST . Danko di ed during the bout, before the club was dis covered by Batman and WILDCAT. (Batman /Wildcat #2 , May 1997)

DANNING, VICTOR as he tracked Tali a to Gibraltar where her army of manufa ctured MAN-BAT COMMANDOS were about to attack. Batma n had also broug ht the real MAN-BAT, Kirk Lang strom, from the Briti sh army to consult on a cure. In the final confrontation Batman reje cted the notion of a united family , and Damian clutched onto hi s mother. They vanished in the resulting explosion-but there wa s no doubt in Batman 's mind both surv iv ed and would return . ( Ba t m a n #655-658, Se pt em b er- No vem b er 2007) Damian wa s chronicled in several sp ec ulati ve futures from thi s point, including hi s assuming the mantl e of the Bat in a po st-apocal yptic world . (Batman #666, July 200 7) Another possible future showed that ten years into the futur e, Robin and th e TEEN TITAN S found a graveyard o f Batman allie s, in cluding on e m ar ked IBN AL XU'FFAsCH- a more traditional name Damian had been give n by his g rand fat her. (Tee n Titans #18, January 2005) Still other futures showed Damian assuming the name Ibn a l Xu' ff asc h ( A rab ic : ~I 0!); lite rally " son of the bat "). On e possible future sho w ed him rai sed by Ra' s al GhOIu nt il he cut o f f his grandfathe r' s head and sought his own dest iny . (The Kingdom: Son of the Bat, February 1999 ) He was sub sequently rec rui t ed by t he time-travel ing Rip Hunter t o jo in


Victor Danning squandered his scientifi c ac um en in favor of a c rimi na l c areer. It al lowed him to plunder

the sc io ns of other heroes-Kid Flash, Nightstar, and Offspring-to prevent a rampaging murderer name d Gog from d estroying history. ( The Kingdom #1-2 , February 19 9 9) Ibn wa s also attracted to Nightstar, daughter of his father' s ward, N,GHTWING. A d ifferent real it y pos ited that Ra's al GhOI accessed the Batc ave in the wake of BRUCE W AYNE'S d eath and used p rototy pe BATSUITS to outfit an army culled from his League of A ssassins. Bru ce and Talia's son was c alled Tallant Wayne and joined th e brotherhood using his father 's outfit, working

the w ork of other scientists - v ic t ims whom most crimi nals wou ldn't bother with . He acc essed an experim ental device c reate d by Dr. John Carr that was intended to boost a human's mental capabilities. Before he cou ld escape w ith t he dev ice and use it on himself, he got into a scuffle with the World's Fin est t ea m of Batman , ROBIN, and SUPERMAN. Da nning and the Boy Wonder were exposed to the device and became su p rem e intellects while the Man of St eel was redu ced to a dullard . Batman and his br ainy

to stop his grandfather's plan. (Brotherhood of th e Bat #1, 1995 ) What he didn't reali ze at fir st wa s that Ra's al GhOI had u nleashed a plague, and he had t o form his own team in Batsuits to save the world . ( Le ag ue of Batman , 2001)

partner ci rcum vent ed Superma n's well-m eaning interference and manag ed to apprehend Danning and his m en. They then used Carr's m achine to restore Dann ing. Robin, and Superm an to normal. (World's Finest Comics # 93 , March/April 1958 )



When CATWO MAN posed as Madame Moderne, she used her role as publisher of th e high-fashion magazine called Damsel to mask her criminal

Danny w as a midget who devel oped a vent riloquist act that involved him p erforming with a normal­ sized m ann equin. He'd perform the ac t and

ac tivi t ies. ( B a tman #47, Ju ne/July 19 4 8 )

co nvi nc e pe ople that he w as the ma nn eq ui n while th e man wa s real until the act's co ncl us io n. Desp ite his succ ess, aud ien c es and the publ ic took to calling him Danny th e Dummy. The hum iliation angered the man, who decided to gain revenge again st t he ig no rant popul ace and launched a

DANGER CLUB, THE As with other GOTHAM CiTY clubs, the Danger Club catered to a membership with a unique set of cr iteri a. In thi s ca se, it served as a m eeting place



spectacu la r series o f c ri mes . In each case th e c rime inv o lved t he use o f var iou s types o f d u mmies fr om ma nne q u ins to a " d um m y " we ste rn tow n used for

t o-hand c o m ba t ta ct ic s m o st o f th e League use d. Da rk k developed a reputation fo r using c lever de at h trap s, hidd en we ap o ns, and ind ire ct mu rd er

film ed ente rta inme nt, where Da nny hid away with

tools such as gas and p oiso n. (Detecti ve Co mics #40 S-406, N ovember-D ec em ber 1970) At o ne point Dar kk an d Ra's had a d isagreement and th e leader went ro gue, t akin g m an y League m em bers w it h h im . His first act aga inst his fo rm er em pl oy er was t o k id nap Ra's d aug hter, TALI A HEAD. She w as resc ued, th o ug h, by Batma n, who had been inv estig at ing a series o f kill ings; th e t rai l had led th e Dark Kni g h t to Dark k. In th e ensui ng fight to

his cr eat io ns. Batman and ROBIN finally t racked down th e m id get and rang d own t he curtain on his cr iminal career. (Batm an # 134 , Septe mber 19 60)



Jo e Danto n wa s a c oll ege p eer of BRUCE W AYNE'S on Ear t h-2 but wa s shu nne d by their cl assmates for his spoi led and un sp ortsmanlike ways. He grew to resent Wa yn e's popul ar ity and sou g ht to harm him during a fe nc ing ma tch . Da nton d id not p lay by t he rules and left t he safe t y t ip off his fo il, ma nagin g t o slash Wa yne's wri st. Years late r Danton st ill harbored a grudge ag ainst his cl assmates an d d ecided to bring th em ab oard his ya cht for a three-d ay cruise that would end w it h th eir death s by und erwater m ines . Way ne changed to Batman t o sto p th e m adman, and during the ir fight Danton spie d th e scar he'd inflicted on Wayne year s before. Now knowing th e Batman's greatest secret, Dan ton inte nde d to spitefu lly sp read the news. Bef or e he could share th e information, he watch ed as Batman sel flessly saved th e shi p and the ir fellow college alumni. The act ion s o f th e da y also t oo k the ir t o ll o n Dan t o n as a lo ng -t erm heart ailment finally cl aimed his life. (Batman #96, December 1955)



Slits Da nton w as a career c rim in al w ho har bored a grudge ag ainst Batman for his lat est st int in jail. W hen he esca ped, he wa nted reveng e and so ug ht th e Cap ed Crus ader. Wh ile terroriz ing a lectu re hall wh ere BRUCE W AYNE and D,CK GRAYSON happened t o b e liste ning t o a presentat ion on bat s, Danton g ot a mea sure of sat isfa c tio n wh en he managed to k no ck Batman out. In the end , it w as Rob in w ho st o p ped Danton, en d ing h is t hreat an d returning him t o jail. ( De tective Comics # 153, Nove m b er 1949 )



Rob ert Darcy w as a recognized chemi stry exp ert who esc hewe d legit imate wo rk in favor of crime . He intend ed t o use his know led ge to plan a series of c ri m es t hat would make h im and hi s m en rich. When Batman and ROBIN tried to pu t t hem o ut o f bu sine ss, Darcy sho t and seri ous ly w ound ed th e Cape d Cru sad er. W hile Batman spent a w eek re cov er ing , Ro bi n d onn ed a spe c ially d esign ed o utfit t o m ak e pe ople th in k he wa s Batma n. Soon af t er, Ro b in lured Darc y and his mob towa rd GOTHAM CITY'S po lic e, w ho wa ited in hid ing . ( De tective Comics #165, Novem b er 19 50)



Initially ci rcus ac ro b ats, the t hree m en known as t he Dared evils to o k to crime-only t o ha ve their new ca ree r rap id ly d era iled by Batman and ROBIN. ( Batma n # 10 7, A pri l 195 7)

free he r, Darkk w o und up d y in g, end in g th e threat. Th is proved t o be t he fat eful first m eeting between the Caped Cru sad er an d Dau ghter of t he Demon. (Detec ti ve Comics #41 1, May 19 71)

DARK RIDER I The fir st Dark Rider w as better kn own to th e Batma n as t he COSSACK.



STANL EY BAUMGARTEN suf fe re d from a sleeping d isord er that m ad e h is b od y sus ce p t ib l e to a malevolent forc e kn own as Dark Rid er. Whatever Dark Rid er truly wa s-sp ect ral be ing, dem on , me t a-human- it in ha b it ed body af t er bo dy until it fou nd a ho me in Baum garte n. A s Dark Rid e r, he accep ted the PENGUIN'S con t ract to kil l ROBIN after b oth re lo c at ed fro m GOTHAM CITY t o BLUDHAVEN. Dark Rider some how conj u red up a phan tom st ee d to c ar ry him through t he ci ty, and he wielded an e lec t ric a lly ch a rg ed lanc e. Hi s in it ial att ac k on Rob in f ailed , and w ith t he ri sing sun Ba umg arten's mind rea sserted con t ro l over the b ody. The followin g nigh t Ro bi n su bd ue d th e Dark Rid er and tu rned him o ve r t o the p olice. The essenc e of Dark Rider has not bee n see n since. ( Robin [ se co nd ser ies ] #135 -137, A pri l-June 20 0 5)



A n unna m ed c ri m inal k no wn o nly as Darkwo lf set o ut to c ause great dam ag e in GOTHAM C,TY, his motives unreveal ed . Batman st o p p ed him o nce and then paired up with CATWOMAN to rescue a plane fu ll of hostages during a secon d at ta ck . Darkwolf wa s sub d ued and sen t to prison . ( Det ec tive Comics #54 8 , Mar ch 1985)

DARRELL, LOU Lou Darrell worked a me nia l job at Gotham Ho sp it al and ho p ed to im p rove his for tunes by ste aling t he facil ity's rad ium supply. He inte nded t o sell th e isoto pe and use t he fu nds to bring hi s pla ns fo r a radi o-th erap y ma ch in e to fr ui t ion . Wh ile he man ag ed to steal t he radiu m , he wa s appre he nd ed by Ba tm an and ROBIN bef or e he co u ld sell t he m at er ial. ( Batman #37, October/ N ovem be r 1946 )

fo rm e r co unt ry me n, she rec og niz ed th e need to h it har d and m ove o n, so she st udie d sing le-b low t ec hn iqu es. In t im e, Dava had come to learn and employ moves t hat we re co lo r fully nam ed t he Scalp el, the W ind Throu g h t he Reed s, the Lion 's Paw, W ave and Shore, and the Skullcrack. Her studies led he r to t he d o m ain o f the Mast er o f t he Iron Hand in order to learn t he W hispe ring Hand . While t her e, she en c ounter ed TIM DRAKE, w ho w as al so a stude nt , pr epa rinq t o be come t he next ROBIN. Th e two appear ed eq uals and sp arre d w ith p leasure. Dava me ntioned th at her next less o n w o uld co me from LADY SHIVA , t o lea rn t he infam o us Leo pa rd Blow. Hav ing prev iou sly encoun te red th e deadlies t m ar ti a l ar t ist aliv e, Drake grew co nc ern ed for his new fri end . By thi s time, thoug h, Lady Shiva had b een mad e aware of so m eo ne wh o had b ecome th e ma st er of sing le- b low attacks and tr ack ed his wake, lead ing her to the Ma ster of t he Iron Hand. Dav a had by then re turned to Transb elv ia, and the Iro n Mast er ref used to give up info rma t io n abo ut her. He agreed to c o m b at Shiva for the info rm ati o n, allow in g Drake t ime to leave his d ojo and warn Dav a. Dra ke fled as the two fou ght, and jus t as she had kill ed th e A RMLESS MASTER, she no w kill ed his brother, t he Iron Hand . When Dava ret urned home, she d iscov ered t hat K,NG SNAKE ha d beg un armi ng the Krasna -Vo ln y army, w h ich th reatene d to ti p th e tide of battle. Dava had p reviously d erai led on e shi pment o f his w eapons, so King Sna ke accom pan ied th e second , ho pi ng t o di spatc h w hoe ver had k illed his agents. Before they met, th oug h, Drake had fo und Dava and jo in ed he r in th e st ru g g le. To g et he r they be sted General Dv ak Tvorakovich , w ho ha d b utc he re d entire vi llages. At th at point Drake learn ed Dav a's sec re t : She had b een im pr ov ing he r speed an d ag ilit y by u sin g th e o il derived fro m th e Aramilla plan t. W hen she kissed h im, so m e of th e o il rubbe d off and enha nc ed him as w ell. Lad y Shi va arr ived at that m oment and c ha lle nged Dava . Robin o bjec t ed and , w ith his newfound spe ed , accidentally killed Shiva. It w as the n th at King Snake and h is men found th em all and pr ep ar ed to ki ll everyon e. A s Robin revived Shiva, he also passed o n so m e of the Aram illa oil t o th e m artial art ist, aiding her rec overy. In a b lur, La d y Shi va killed Ki ng Snak e's m en as he esca p ed . In th e aftermath Rob in reco g nized t ha t he an d Dav a saw t he w orld in d if fer en t w ay s. Dava 's t ragic expe riences had taught he r tha t ki ll in g cou ld b e easily ju st ified ; she had n o d o ubt s that it wa s re q u ire d . Robi n, af ter Batman's t ra ining, b el ieved tha t taki ng a lif e could not be just ified , and t hey par t ed . (R obin [ sec o nd series] #49 , Januar y 1998 )



Eben ezer Darkk w as chosen by RA's AL GHUL to su cceed th e SENSEI a s leader of his LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS. He w as a ma ster st rat egist who preferred

Dav a Sb6 rsc side d w ith the Transbe lvi ans wh en her homeland o f Tb liska w as split by a b lood y civil war. The you th wa s t in y for her ag e but fa st, and she used thi s to her ad vant age in taking out as many member s of th e KRASNA-VOLNY force s as she

J. Dev li n Davenpor t m ad e his fortu ne in rea l est ate an d for at leas t a decade live d in a m an sion situat ed ne xt to stately W AYNE MANOR. Wher eas BRUCE W AYNE pl ayed at b eing a p lay boy, Daven po rt w as the livi ng embodi men t of th e lifesty le. He came f rom w ea lth and ad ded t o it , spe nd ing much of his tim e w or king on im p ro vi ng h is g olf g am e. On ce, he m an ag ed to win a PGA tr ophy from th e current holder, a so u rce

his wi ts and pla nn ing skills as opposed to the hand ­

possibly could . In hunting the very worst of her

of p r ide. (Detective Comics 11685, May 199 5)






Davenport took to calling hi s neighbor "Bruc ie: ' c o nst antl y inv it ing Wayne t o joi n him o n jaunts to nearby str ip clubs . The seed ier sid e of life held some ap peal f or Daven p ort; he was on occ asio n lured to less-than -Iegal dealings such as watch ing pay-p er-view brawl s and doing business w it h kno w n m o b figures . He was in Bimin i when t he earthqu ake deva sta ted GOTHAM CiTY, b ut he return ed shortly thereafter and was cr ushed t o see his pride and joy , the Davenport Cen te r, ly ing o n its sid e. He refused to let the c it y remove the rubble to clear th e way for relief t ru cks , wh ich drove Wa y ne , as Ba tman, to use an earthmove r to d o the w ork the following even ing. (Detective Comics #724, A ugust 1998) Dave np ort los t a lot of his pr op er ties and, rat her t ha n rebu ild, so ld mo st of his holding s to W ayne. Aft er Gotham City was res t or ed, Dav enport turned his attent ion from real estate to acqu ir ing o t her bu sine sses, inc ludi ng buying an electri c co m p any. (Batman: Gotham Kn ig h ts #4, June 2000) He wa s al so briefly su spected of being involved in the murder of VESPER FAIRCHILD b ut was c leared by A LFR ED PENNYWORTH and ORACLE. ( Robin [seco nd series] #99, April 2002)



Marjo ry Davenport was DICK GRAYSON'S cla ssmate and the object o f the Boy Wo nder's affect ion . The pre t ty tee n wa s kid napped by BUGS CONKLIN to ensure that her father, Dr. R. Da venport , would not go to t he police after he wa s for ced to treat Co nk lin. Batman and ROBIN ma naged to re scue her, but in so doing Mar jory developed her o wn cr us h­ on Robin. (Batman #23, June/Ju ly 1944)

DAVIS, BART Ba r t Dav is wa s a c rim inal who used his physi cal res emblance t o Batman to impersona te h im for a se ries of cr im es. He wa s arrested and ja iled but eve ntua lly relea sed ; so o n after, Davis auditioned t o p lay Batman in Exce lsior St ud io s' p la nned feature film. Batman had agreed to se lec t hi s doppelganger, theorizing t hat Dav is w o u ld take advantage of t h is opportuni ty. Sure enough, Da v is a ud it io ne d , re ceived the pa rt , and, soo n after filmin g began , used t he c o st u m e and prop s

DAVIS, HOMER Ho m er Davis wa s a banker who fe ll in to deep debt and cra ft ed a n elaborate p lan to k ill arc hi te ct Peter Cha ney t o erase the burden . Dav is wa nted to p in the blam e o n Ben Kole , wh o pub lic ly threatened the lives o f Davi s, Chaney, and Batma n. Whe n Dav is enacted his sc hem e, he ac c id ent ally ki lled his own b ut ler and was apprehended by the Cap ed Crusad er b ef o re Dav is co u ld kill Cha ney. (Detective Comics #151, Sep t em b er 19 4 9 )

DAY, JULIAN GREGORY Obsessed with time and holidays, he be came the costumed CALENDAR MAN, using over-the-top co st um es and themes t o c ommit crimes.


A t first, Brand hunted his kille r, loo king after hi s c irc us frien d s and aiding others alo ng t he way. W hen the t rail to ok him to GOTHAM CiTY, Brand en listed t he Batman's assistan ce, f orm ing an o d d f riends hip th at endured t hro ugh the ye ars . (The Brave and th e Bold # 79 , August/September 1968) In o ne parall el rea lity, it was discovered t hat THOMASand MARTHA WAYNEhad a so n na m ed Th o m as Jr., who was men tal ly disabled and kep t in a home. Bru ce Wayne made the shocking discovery on a ca se with SUPERMAN and Deadman. Ultimately he granted Bra nd permission t o permanently inhab it his bro t her's body, bringing som e pea ce to both. ( World's Finest Comics #223, May/June 1974)


JOSEPH BLACKFIRE led an army of th e home less into GOTHAM CiTY and wa s o p p ose d by t he Batma n.

DEADMAN W hen t he SENSEI wanted a ma n kn own as t he Hoo k to randomly ki ll someone t o p rove his elig ibi lity to join the LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS, the target was ci rcus aeria list Bo st o n Brand. A s he performed for t he Hills Bro s. Circus, a sho t rang out an d k ille d him in m ida ir. Rather th an let him g o to hi s eternal rew ard , Rama Kushna, a Hind u goddess, ch o se Bran d as her agen t. Still in his red -and -white costume, he be came an earthb ound sp ir it. able to t em po rarily possess t he bodies of liv ing beings and co nt ro l t he m. Afterwa rd , none could reca ll th e possession. (S trang e Adventures #205, October 19 67)

FLOYD LAWTON grew up in a twi sted fa m ily that ear ly on affect ed h is worldview and set h im o n a path that turn ed him into a deadly assassi n. (Batman #59, June/Ju ly 19 50 ) The Lawtons were a wea lthy fam ily, but George and Ge nev ieve's marriage turn ed sour and th e two bega n m anip ula ting the affections o f both sons, Fl oyd and Edward. A s a t een , Edward wa s en couraged by Genevieve t o kill George. W hen Floyd learn ed of th is, he tried t o st o p his b ro t her, but t he gun fired , ki lli ng Ed w ar d . Filled with gui lt , hatr ed, and remorse, Floyd bega n a self ­ destructive pat h t hat he fel t would not end unti l he died in so m e spe c ta cular manner. ( Dead sho t #1-4 , November 198 8 - Feb rua ry 1989 ) A s an ad ult, Law t o n moved to GOTHAM CITY, married, and had a so n whom he named Edw ard. The life of a socialite bo red him t o tears so, seeking a thril l, he do nned a cos t um e and initia lly appeared as a vig ilante tryi ng to repla ce Batman. Faili ng t hat, Deadshot took to the life of a merce na ry. On sev eral occasions his co m m issio ns brough t him into co nf lict with Batman, resulting in numerou s p riso n term s. A t o ne po int he wa s transferred to Lou isiana's Belle Reve pr ison , the fr ont for the federal government 's clandesti ne Suicide Sq uad divi sio n. There he wa s recru ited b y AMANDA W ALLER, receiving a full pardon for his crime s in exchange for m issions with the sq uad. Law t o n accepted, pre sum ing that if he were to d ie sp ec t acularly, it cou ld be on these

t o o nce m ore imi ta te the Cap ed Crusader f o r criminal purp o ses. Davi s, as Batm an, t hreat e ned to take hi s fellow cri m ina ls int o custody un les s t hey gave him a cu t of their t a ke. All the while, Ba t ma n shad o w ed him, ho pi ng to find the one mi llion dolla r s taken from a Fie lds Armored Car. The plan w orked : The armored car th ie ve s and Davis were apprehended . To make th ing s up t o direc tor He rb De nni son, Batma n ag reed to play himself f or t he remai nder of th e shoot. ( De tective Comics #232, June 19S6)



Fra nk Davis was fas ci nated by th e Batman and became an amateur expert o n th e Caped Cru sader, going so far as to deduce his sec re t identity. When he ap p ea red o n a lo c al televi sion q u iz sho w, Davis w as murdered by t he host, JOE HARMON , before he could give away the secret. ( Batman #108, June 1957)


th is tim e, he had b egun dating Carmen Leno, a member o f th e mercen ary team k no w n as th e Bod y Double s. When the Elit e and Doubles co m pet ed for a contract, Lawton sabotaged the Elite's chances. (Body Doubles #1, February 1998) The Elite took ad vant age of the chaos cr eated wh en th e JOKER infected supe r- villai ns with hi s own brand o f madness and tried to fre e t he inmates o f Central City's Iron He ights pri son but failed . ( Fl ash [second series] #179, December 2001) A new ve rsion of th e sq uad wa s fo rm ed und er a man ca lled the Unknown Soldier and Lawton sig ned u p, p utting th e Elit e be hind him , His t im e with the new team wa s turbulent and un satisfying . (Suicide Squad [second series] #1-12, November 2001-0ctober 20 0 2) All along, Deadshot and the Batman co nt inue d to cro ss pa ths. After DAVID CAIN surren d ered to Batman in th e VESPER FAIRCHILD murder c ase, LEX LUTHOR hired Deadshot to kill Cain before th e pr esident o f the United Sta tes co u ld b e im p licat ed. Batman thwarted that part icular mi ssion and, as in t he pa st, Lawto n rec e ived numerou s wounds but managed to live. (Batman #606-607, October­ November 2002) Som eti m e afte r hi s recover y. Dead shot began to soc ialize more w it h his fellow c rimi na ls at th e sat ell it e o nce used by the Injustice Gang , It wa s there that Dr. Light informed him that Deadshot's mind had be e n tampered with by ZATANNA, maki ng him on e of m any w ho had their m emories altered to protect th e heroes' sec re ts . (Identity Crisis # 4 , November 20 0 4 ) Dead shot was then o ffered a chan ce to join a sec ret So cie ty of villai ns, for med to ex ac t revenge ag ains t the her o es for their tam p ering. He rej ected th e ir offer an d w ou nd up sidi ng with sev eral o t he rs, who were banded to gether by th e my steriou s Mockingbird to stop th e So ciety, While a member of the Sec ret Six , Lawton ad m it t ed t o CATMAN that it wa s he who'd kill ed th e lions in Africa th at sen t Catman ove r to the Six 's side . ( Villains United #1-6 ,

assignments , Instead he wound up surviving despite harrowing ex periences aro und the wor ld , (Legends of the Dark Knig h t #1-4, Nov ember 1986-February 1987 ; Su icide Sq uad #1, May 1987) The sq uad seem ed to 9ive his life new p urpo se, and he b egan exploring his past with the prison p sychiatri st Simo n LaGr iev e, He al so see m ed t o have a pot ent ia l romance in staff er Flo Crawley. As good as t hings g ot for him, th ey turned har sh in a heartbeat. Genev iev e had hi s son , Edd ie,


kidnapped-bait to forc e Lawton to shoot and kill George once and for all. Lawton refu sed , inst ead killing th e m en his m other had hi red , but Edd ie still died. Di str aught , Lawton so ug ht o ut hi s m other and cripp led her with a single shot. ( D eadsh o t #1­ 4 , November 1988-February 1989) In addit io n to his work with th e sq uad, he wa s also briefl y pa rtnered w ith the Ki lle r Elit e, a t eam of assassin s includin g Dea dline and Bolt. (Jus tice League of America #105, November 1995) During

July-December 2005) After the So c iet y wa s stopped , Deadshot traveled t o St ar Cit y, m eeting up with an o ld girlfriend, Michelle Torres. and di scovering he had a dau ghter, Zoe. Lo okin g to do right by her af t er failing Edd ie, Lawton m oved into th eir apartm ent and made ce r t ain the c rim e-rid de n street th ey lived o n b ecame p eaceful and safe . Despite a co nfro nt at io n with GREEN ARROW, they reach ed an underst anding , and Lawton remain ed with t hem for a time, set ti ng up ban k accounts to ensu re that Zo e and her m o t her were w e ll provid ed for. (Deadsh ot [ second serie s] #1-4, February-June 20 05) When Luthor threatened to lev el th e st ree t th ey lived on , Lawton moved ou t, getting th e Emerald Archer to promise to look after them. Dead shot remained an active mercenary, ta kin g on sol o mi ssion s and o cca sionall y wor king w ith the Sec re t Six to st em the Soci et y 's g rowth. He co nti nue d to com e int o confl ict w ith super heroes, not ably Batman , In one confrontation with Batman, the Dark Knight o b serve d that Lawto n alw ays pu lled hi s sho ts around him. He o f fered to tell Dead shot why that w as, but Lawton refu sed . ( Legen ds of the Dark Kn ight #214, March 20 0 7)

De ad shot continued to work for the Suicide Squa d, rounding up villains to be transported to ano t he r realm . (Salvation Run #1, January 2008 ) O ne of hi s assig nm ent s was to collect the Pied Pipe r and t he Tric kst er, failing to obtain them but killing th e latter in the process. (Countdown t o Fina l Crisis # 24 , 200 8)

DEATH-CHEATERS' CLUB,THE Like so many orga niza tions in GOTHAM CiTY, t his cl ub had a unique cri terion for admission: Every member had been declared d ead be for e re tu rnin g to life. The group was tru stin g and tig ht -k ni t, so mu ch so t hat all the members trust ed Jeff Silvers to act as th eir pe rso na l accou nta nt. Silve rs, th ou g h, was embezzling th eir fun d s for hi s pr ivate use; feari ng d iscovery, he sche me d to kill th e m em ber s o ne by o ne . He cleverly framed Little Do ugy, a mo bst er who had been g unned down and br ou ght back to lif e but was de nied m em b er ship. To fer ret ou t th e killer, BRUCE W AYNE used a po ison t o kill hi m self wi t h D,CK GRAYSON revivi ng him w it h art ificia l respi rat io n. Once admitted, Wa y ne be g an hi s invest ig at io n and determined it was Silvers be hi nd t he deaths, apprehending him . (Ba tman #72 , A ug ust/Septemb er 1952)

DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR SLADE W ILSON was a so ld ier who agreed to und ergo expe rime nts d esigned to create a form of super­ so ld ie r. The result activated Wilson's meta-gene, wh ic h a llo wed him to use 90 percent of his mental ca paci ty. His speed, agility, endurance, and healing abi lities w ere all enha nc ed well beyond the human norm. W ilso n also see m ed to age at a slower rat e. A ft er his enha nce me nts were tested, Wil son left t he army and beca me a mercenary, using his marksmans hip and fi gh t in g ski lls along wi th hi s new physique t o become a feared t hrea t known as Death st ro ke t he Term ina tor. A rm ed wit h a power staff, pistols, and knives, he w as an expe rt in most forms of hand -t o -h and batt le as well as comfo rtable wit h any form of weapon ry. ( The Ne w Teen Titans # 2, Decem b er 19 80 ) A t so me poin t in Wilson 's ad ult life, he was t rained by an assass in kno w n o nly as Na tas . How an d when has no t b een recorded. Init iall y Wil son ke p t th e results o f his test s hid d en from his w ife, Adeline, d espite her experience as a m ilita ry combat inst ruc tor. Tog ether th ey raised Gran t and Joseph, and all seemed fine-for a t im e. A nothe r me rce nary kno w n as t he Jacka l, t ry ing t o learn who had pu t the hit out o n his clie nt , kidnapped Jo sep h to force W ilson to t alk. Wi lso n ref used and at tempted t o save his son, b ut not before th e Jackal slit Jo sep h's th roat , rend erin g him mute. Adeline w a s enrag ed at Wil son for allowin g th is t o happen and tri ed to kill him, but wo und up o nly inju ri ng hi m, ruin ing his right eye . As a re su lt , W ilso n to o k t o w earin g a white eye patch; in full b at t le gea r, his m ask wa s black on the entire right side . Jo seph g rew up a gentle soul, and when his me ta -huma n power manifested he wound up joi ni ng th e TEE N TITANS, a team that had become a pere nnia l p rob lem f or Wil son.

His firs t co ntact wi th the team came w hen Grant,

recei ved some of W ilson 's b lood and inheri te d

who also allowed himself to be enhanced , t ook a co ntract to d estroy th e t eam. As th e RAVAGER, he battled the Titan s but died as a result o f the tr eatment he endured . Dea thst roke chose to inh erit th e co ntrac t -and thu s began a series o f battles th at rapi dl y became leg end . When he used th e t w isted t een Terra to infi lt rate t he t eam, W ilson learned th at th e t eam leader, ROBIN, was DICK GRAYSON and th us t hat Batma n was BRUCE W AYNE. He used t his knowled g e freq ue ntly in his futu re encou nters with bo t h hero es. (Tales of th e Teen Titans #44 , July 1984) At o ne poin t , t o save t he wor ld, Death stro ke w o un d up having t o kill Joseph, code -nam ed Jer ich o . A t t he momen t of his d eath, Jeric ho , w ho cou ld possess o the rs, entered Wi lson's m ind , wh e re he w o uld resid e fo r yea rs. In that t ime Death st ro ke b ecam e a fear ed kill er a nd frequent o pponen t not o nly o f t he Tit an s b ut of most super her o es. St ill, he occasio na lly fo ught on the side of th e ange ls wh en ci rc ums ta nc es di ctated. In one

m an y o f his abili ties, including t he heali ng fact or. When th e im mo rta l Van da l Savage sli t her th ro at , she w as left in a m ise ra bl e sta te , b eg g in g for dea t h. Wil son cou ld not kill his ex-wi fe a fte r ki lli ng Jo se ph a nd wa tc h ing Grant die. In st ead NIGHTWING'S lover, STARFIRE, delivered th e ki lli ng b low. ( The Titans #12, Feb ruar y 2000) Lat er, after wa tching t he young hero es risk thei r lives t im e and again, Jericho influenc ed his fa t her and sought t o derail t he buddinq ca reers of t he lat est incarn at ion of the Teen Tita ns. Dea t hst roke sha tte red Im p ul se's leg be fore Jeric ho was freed , leav ing Wi lso n to deal with the rep ercussio ns of his act s. Seeki ng reve nge agai nst Jericho , he recr uit ed hi s illegi t ima te da ugh ter Rose t o become t he new Ravag er. He used a serum simila r t o t he one that had e nha nced him, bu t in her case it lef t he r mentally un st ab le, and inclu de d removing he r left eye to match her father. Rose w o un d up fig ht ing for Death stroke b ef or e be in g fr eed o f he r me nta l

suc h inst an c e he w ou nd u p fi ghting alongside the Tit an s agai nst th e H.I.V.E., wh ich w as then led by

troubles . She subseq uen t ly joi ned t he Tita ns , atoning for her ac ts and hoping t o mast er he r ski lls.

h is ex -w ife. So me time in t he past, Adeline had

(Teen Titan s [ t hi rd series] # 34 , May 2006)


Deat hstr oke w as h ired by Dr. Lig ht t o act as his bodygu ard when he wa s sought by th e JUSTICE LEAGUEOF AMERICA. Dur ing t he inev ita ble fig ht , GREEN ARROW plu ng ed a shaft into hi s em p ty eye socket to st o p him , which earne d the Em erald Ar ch er a new enemy. (I de n ti ty Cris is #2 , Septe m b er 200 4) After learning th at th e her oe s had used ZATANNA'S magic t o alter ma ny vi llains' memor ies, he eag erly jo in ed a new sec ret So ciety to unite the vill ain s again st t he he roes. He served o n its rul ing cou nc il an d persona lly act ed as the mu scle to co nvi nce pe o ple to join. ( Co un t d own to Infin ite Crisis, 200 6 ) Whi le eve nt s w ere unfo ldi ng in the brewing w ar, Deathstr o ke al so m asqueraded as Batman , f eed ing in fo rma tio n to A r senal , w hich wa s used by t he OUTSIDERS to take d own threat s to th e co a lesc ing Socie ty . He also hire d Dic k Gray so n to t rai n his d au ghter Ro se in co m bat sk ills b ut o b jec te d when he learned that Nigh t w ing w as a lso teach ing her how to be "g o od ." Nightwing sugg ested th at he'd sto p traini ng Ro se if Death str o ke ke p t t he Socie ty o ut o f BLODHAVEN . Th e d eal w as acc ep te d and last ed for abo ut thirty -four hours. At th at poi nt De at hstro ke was on hand w hen t he liv ing c hemical c rea t ure Ch emo was dropped on the ci ty, essen ti ally destroy in g it. Nightwing got hi s own m easure of reven g e wh en he confro nted Wil son an d expla in ed th at th e KRYPTONITE Ro se hid in her em p ty eye soc ke t to keep SUPERMAN away wa s slo w ly poisoning her. The explosive battl e left Ro se f ree to jo in the Tit ans and injure d both m en-but th ey liv ed , eac h man vow in g rev eng e. (Nig htwing #112-11 7, Novemb er 2005-ApriI2006 ) In the w ake o f t he events know n as INFINITE CRISIS, Death str o ke d ec id ed to fight fire w ith fire and bu ilt a team o f teen s und er hi s thrall. Thi s Titan s East includ ed BATGIRL, who wa s drug g ed by Wilson to get her t o ag ree t o jo in h im . ( Teen Titan s #43-45 ,

fou ght t o free t he villag e, De Lio n g ave Morgan and his m en water t o quench th eir th irst. When th ey escaped past th e go lde n d o or s, t he water turned to poi son an d k ille d the men . Batman and Rob in left the val ley, prom ising to kee p its sec re t. (Batman #54 , Au g ust/Sep t ember 1949)



BRUCE W AYNE was accused o f murd er in g racket eer Hor at io Delm ar as part of an under w or ld powe r play. The actual m urder w as o rde red b y Delma r's sec ond in co m mand, Fre dd ie Hill, and the sho ot ing wa s d one by We asel Ve nner. Dur ing W ayne's tr ial, Venn er cl eared t he millionaire an d acc used Hill o f th e deed. ( Ba t m an #7 , Oct o ber/N ovem b er 1941)

DEMON, THE Etriga n w as a Hell -b o rn d em on b on d ed to a m an ca lled JASON BLOOD, a frequ ent ally of Batman .



Duel a Dent a p pea red in a variety o f g uises, claimi ng t o be the d aughter o f vari ou s Batman v illa ins ; her true bac kgrou nd rem ain ed unrevealed . (Ba tman Family #6, July/Augu st 1976 ) On Ear t h-1, Dent fir st appea red as t he JOKER'S DAUGHTER, co nfo und ing ROBIN wi t h her subse q ue nt app earances as the su p po sed d aughter of the CAT WOMAN, SCARECROW, RIDDLER, and PENGUIN. In the e nd she admitted t o be ing Due la Dent, d au ghter o f for m er GOTHAM C,TY di st rict at t orney Harvey Dent, w ho was better known as Two-FACE. After he r co nfusing ap pearances, she adop t ed th e name HARLEQUIN an d told th e Boy W on der she w ant ed to jo in the TEEN TITANS, in p ar t to aton e for her father's cr imes. She worked al on gside th e t eam o n a fe w cases but w as never tru ly acce p te d by he r p eer s. After th e te am dis b anded, she returned to GOTHAM Ci TY, d onned the id enti ty of Card Qu een,

March-May 20 0 7) In o t he r realiti es t he nam e Deetbstroke was used by ot her s, not Slade Wilson . ( Tang en t Comics/Th e A tom #1, De c ember 1997 ; Jus t Ima g in e Stan Lee w ith Je rry Ordw ay Creat ing JLA. Feb ruar y 20 0 3)



Darby Deem s was an exper t on d reams and used this fac ility to fu rt her his crim inal career as DOCTOR DREEMO.

DELION, JOHN Wh ereas hi sto ry showed Juan Pon ce d e Leon as seeking the Fountain of You t h, a man known as Jo hn DeLi on was the sixt eenth-century explorer who ac t ua lly found it. To protect th e vall ey where t he fou nta in w as site d, DeLi on bu ilt a cas t le at t he valley 's ent rance. A s each m ember of his exten d ed fami ly t urn ed six ty , they w ou ld t ravel to th e Flori d a Ever gl ad es and ap p ro ac h th e g iant gold en d oor; and o nly then wo ul d they be admitted to drink f ro m the lif e-elongating waters. Whoever dr ank of the wa te r w as also fo reve rmo re confined t o t he vall ey. Crim inal Da n Morga n an d his m en acci d en ta ll y found t he gol d en doors and entered the vall ey, terroriz in g it s sole vil lag e. Simi larly, a vacat ion ing BRUCE W AYNE and DICK GRAYSON a lso p assed throug h the d o o rs an d , learn in g of Morgan's acts, donned their c ri m e-fig hti ng costum es. As Batman and ROBIN Du ela Dent


a nd tried to bring d own a crim ina l op erati on ca lled MAZE, She tu rn ed up at fe llo w Tita n Do nna Troy's w edd in g , w he re DICK GRAYSON o bse rve d that Du ela w as t o o o ld t o be Dent's tru e daughter - som eth ing sh e admi t t ed to wh ile pr oviding no fu r t her in form ation. After the events kno w n as the CRI SIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, a schizoph ren ic w oman wa s said t o have been a rec urr ing m ental in stituti on p at ien t fo r yea r s. She finall y t o ok o n th e nam e Duel a Dent, di sp lay ing acrobatic p ro wess and usi ng ga d ge ts simi la r to sup er -v illa ins' to c o m mi t cr im in al acts. She e nco unt ered a gro up ca lled the Team Tit an s and lat er th e Teen Titan s. In t he latter instan ce, Cyb o rg once sum m o ned al l mem b ers and associates of th e Tit an s, and she turned up despi te no pr evi ou s recorded in stances o f her w orkin g wit h th e t eam in any o f he r gu ises. (JLA/Titans # 1-3, Dec e m ber 1998 - Ja nuary 19 99) A ft e r she helped th e Titans and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF A MERICA save Cy bo rg from an en t ity ca lled Technis , she was see n in a bar soun di ng del usion a l. She clai me d that she was not o nly awai ti ng a ca ll t o jo in th e Tit an s but al so w as th e da ug hter o f an alie n creat ure, Doo m sd ay. W hen Duela Dent heard th at a member ship d rive was be ing held to p opul at e a Titans W est o pe rat io n, she g ather ed the v ill ains Fear and Lo at hin g an d crash ed the eve nt, upset at not b ein g in v ite d. The entire ev ent was u nsa nc tio ned but se t up by Ma t t hew Logan, Gar Loga n's co usi n, an d she w as su bdued by FLAMEBIRD a nd Terra. ( Titans Sec re t Files #2 , O ct o ber 2000 ) Dent was next recor d ed aboard th e Inju stice So ciet y's old satellite, socia lizing with mem b er s of t he secret Soci et y o f vi llains tha t had un it ed ag ainst t he hero es. She tol d o utrageous stories about her lin eag e, co nv inc ing no o ne p rese nt. In a twi st , she also claimed t hat her mothe r wa s th e vi llai n, not one o f Bat m an's m ale rogues. One o f her c laims

Dent helped destroy ARKHAM ASYLUM, at te m p t ing t o re co nnec t w ith her unnamed fath er . Th e pl a n did not w ork and , angered, she we nt o ut and pe rso na lly kill ed BATGIRL, A LFRED PENNYWORTH, a nd BETTE KANE . He r rage w as a lso d ir ect ed at GOTHAM CiTY POLICE DEPARTMENT office r CRISPUS ALLEN, who w as still a mortal an d not th e SPECTRE. Her rampag e w as fi na lly ended wh en Batman, TIM DRAKE, sho t her

w as new: that she had bee n repeatedl y rev ived usin g RA'S AL GHUL'S LAZARUS P,T technol og y . ( Teen Tit ans/ Outsiders Secret Files 2 0 0 5, Oc tober 2005) Wh en th e ca ll went o ut t o a ll t een heroes in times o f crisis , she resp on d ed despite her pro blems wi t h th e Titan s. She aid ed t hem ag ainst Dr. Light an d Superboy- Prim e, usin g her g ad g et s an d ac robat ic skills. ( Teen Titans [thi rd series] #24 , Jul y 2005; # 32 , March 2006)

Janu s had suf fe red th e same fate as Harvey Dent. Batm an and t he fir st ROBIN ended that scheme, and

So me t ime after t he eve nts of INFINITE CRISIS, the Tit an s we re d ecimat ed and rebuilt with Dent finall y a n o fficia lly mem ber, alongs ide so meone else using t he na m e Riddler's Daughter, w ho may be her siste r. Dent's mem b ership didn't last long; so o n after, she left to join DEATHSTROKE'S rogu e ou t f it kn ow n as Tit an s East. ( Teen Titans [ t hird series] # 4 3. Feb ru ary 200 7) After ab d uc ti ng a ce leb ri ty, she w as stopped by JASONTODD. During t he confron ta t io n she threw o ut a ne w clai m : that she hailed fr om a parallel Earth. She esca p ed Todd on ly to be confronted by a Monitor , o ne of the gu ard ians protectin g t he fifty­ two par allel w o rld s recen tly crea te d . Fo r a change, her clai m w a s a val id o ne, and because she d id not belo ng on th is New Ear th , he killed th e "ano ma ly" t o p reserve the mu lti v erse. (Count d o w n # 51, 2007) In a p ot ential future, it w as shown th at Du el a

dead. ( Teen Titan s # 18, January 200 5) A d iff eren t perso n used th e n am e Joker's Daughter in an ent ire ly differ ent p otential fu ture . (Kingdom Co m e, 19 9 6 )

DENT, GILDA Gilda ma rried HARVEY DENT, and together they had dream s o f a b righ t future. A fter t hei r marriage, Har vey was a risin g law yer and rapi dl y became GOTHAM CiTY'S new est dis t ric t at to rney. His p ursui t of iu st ice beca m e obsessive, and after a w hile Gilda beg an to feel neglect ed-yet she still loved Harvey an d w anted things t o w ork o ut . (Dete ctive Com ics # 6 6, A ug ust 1942 ) After t he ar rival of Bat ma n in Go t ham City, Harvey be ca me a trust ed a lly o f th e m asked vi g ilant e, but thi s pu t further st rai n o n the marriage . Gilda w as lonely, and her hopes o f startin g a famil y we re rap id ly dimini shin g , Wh en Dent was p ro secu t ing "Bos s" MARONI, he had acid t hro wn at h im , scarri ng hal f hi s fa ce. It also ca used a p sych ol og ical break, a nd the Two ­ FACE p er son a wa s born. Gi lda d espaired ov e r th e lat est turn o f ev en ts and w an t ed hi m ap prehended so he co u ld be at least m entall y hea le d . Tw o-Face haunted Gi lda time and ag ai n, In o ne c ase he was d espond ent over her inabil it y t o p ro vi d e him w ith two chi ld ren, let al on e on e. She finall y moved o n w it h h er life, marryin g a man nam ed Paul Janu s. Jealou s, Tw o -Face attempted to frame Jan us w it h a c rime th en rep lac e him w ith a hired act or, who w as m ad e up to appear as if

the cou p le were reunited. Some years lat er, Gil d a fina lly had chil d ren-t wins no less. The new s ca used Tw o -Face to b reak out of jail an d t ry to obta in th em for himself, co nv inc ed th ey w er e th e res ult o f an expe rimenta l fe rt ility d rug . Gi lda admi tted t hat t he chi ld re n we re truly Harvey's; she had used fro zen spe rm to con cei ve, Batman and th e third Robin used the inform ati on t o convince Tw o-F ace t o re lease t he c hild ren u nhar med , ( Batma n: Two ­ Face St rikes Tw ice #1- 2, 1993) In o ne inter pr et ati on o f eve nts , all this occurred during a yearlo ng invest igation of t he seri al m urd er er ca lled HOLIDAY, A f t e r Tw o -F ace w as captu red and sent to A RKH AM A SYLUM, Gilda ad mi t te d, b efore d est roying evidence an d leavin g th e ci ty, t ha t she hers elf wa s the first Holi day, followed by h er hu sban d in h is ve ndetta ag ainst mo b ste r ALBERTO FALCONE. Fal cone, th o ugh, ad mi t t ed to all t he m urders, so t he t ru th rem ain ed u nknown . (B atman : The Long Hallo ween #1-12, 199 6-19 9 7) Gild a Dent's whereabouts aft er these in ci d ents rem ains u nr ecorded .



The handsome GOTHAM CiTY d istric t attorney was p hysically an d men t ally scar red du ri ng a co ur t case, re sult ing in the birth of th e twi sted Two -F ACE. O n Earth -2 , the sc arring incident that crea ted Two -Face be fe ll a ma n named HARV EY KENT.

DENT, PAUL Dr. Paul De nt inv ented a de vice em it t ing rays that help ed rapidly kn it sca rred flesh. Th e device was used o n crim inal BART MAGAN and turn ed h im into DOCTOR No-FACE. (Detective Comics # 31 9, Septem b er 1963)

DEREK, DR. During Eart h-2 's World War II, Derek w as a spy workin g in GOTHAM C,TY . He w oul d kidnap sci ent ist s


an d m ilitary me n in or der t o learn t heir secr et s, Enha ncing his success w as a m achine desig ned by his p risoner, Dr. Jo n Hen ry. The m ach in e w as said to em it rad io wa ves that we re ab sor bed by metal ; if t hat meta l was placed at the base of a m an's b rain. he wou ld be d riven cra zy. Derek in tend ed to use FIFTH COLUMNISTS as g uinea p ig s, hav lnq slivers of meta l surgica lly implanted and then having them take jobs at key indust ri al facil ities. He would turn the device on , and the resulting chaos wou ld disrupt America 's mou nting w ar effor t . Ba tma n and ROBIN managed to stop Dere k before t he scheme could be enac te d , savi ng countless lives. ( Detec tive Comics #55, Sep te m be r 1941)



W iley Derek w as a c rim inal w ho wa s al so an ex pert m akeup . art ist. He o bt ained a job at an insane asylum and pr eyed on the delusions of inmates who beli eved th em selv es to be the incarnation o f hist ori c per son ag es. Disgui sed as Lafayette, he wanted to bu ild an army of th e mad and commit a series o f cr imes . Instead , he wa s sto p ped by Batman and ROBIN. (De tective Com ics #119, January 1947)



Mark Desm o nd was a sm ar t man who disliked his average body a nd submi tted to a n experimen t that tu rned hi m in to t he m ind less b ehemo t h BLOCKBUSTER.



Ro land Desmond, brother t o Mark , t he f irst BLOCKBUSTER, also became a physica l g iant but re tained his menta l fac u lties, becomi ng BLOCKBUSTER II, a ru th less crime b o ss.

DEVOE Devoe w as a d eep- sea diver w ho di sc overed a fire ­ br eathi ng c rea tu re near an island. Learn ing th at t he c reatu re w as she ltering an egg , he co nc octed a sc heme to p ret end t o he lp appre hend th e crea t ure, b ut act ual ly kill it and o b t ai n the egg. He wou ld th en ma ke a fo r t une by showc asing th e last su rv iving bab y fr om a near -extinct species . His effor ts w er e thwart ed by Batman and ROBIN, and hi s hum iliati on wa s co mpounded when it wa s d eterm ined th e egg w ou ld no t b e ha tc hing for an other century . ( Batm an #10 4, Dec em b er 1956)



Ralph and Sue Dlbny

The happy, ex t rover te d d et ective w ho dran k an extract of g ingo ld and be came t he st retc ha ble sleut h t he ELONGATED MAN.


m ar rie d th e sleuth w ith t he Fastes t Man Ali ve, th e FLASH, as b est m an .

Sue Dea rbo n Dib ny wa s a soc iali te -tu rned -author wh o d elight ed in trave ling the w or ld bes ide her hu sb a nd , RALPH, w ho wa s known t o all as t he ELONGATED MAN. ( Th e Flash #119, Ma rch 1961) The t w o met at her d ebuta nt e ba ll, w hi ch Ralp h crashed hop ing t o see more o f the ca p tivatin g w o ma n he had spied ea rlier t ha t d ay. By th en, Ralph had d iscov ered that an extract o f gi ngold allowed him to stre tch his form, and he'd b eg un adven turi ng as th e Elongated Man . He and Sue fe ll in love almost immed iat ely, and th e sociali te

O ver th e next few yea rs th e coup le tr av eled t he g lo be invest ig at ing mysteries and enjoyin g the cele br it y th at ca me w it h b eing a hero. Sue w as d elig ht ed w hen Ralp h w as fo rm all y ind ucted int o th e JUSTICE LEAGUEOF A MERICA. Soo n therea fter, th o ugh, w hen she was alone on t he JLA's sate lli te headqu arter s, she w as b rutall y raped by Dr. Ligh t. Even that at tack d id not de ter her from g etting the m os t out of lif e. Sue even tuall y g ot more involved w ith th e JLA, workin g as an ad m inis tra tor throug h severa l inc a rnat io ns of th e team .


Sue fina lly t o ok to writing and wrot e at least o ne be stsell ing d et ect ive no vel - w hich ma de her t he ce nte r o f attent io n for a change. Du ring her boo k t o ur, she and Ralph w or ked w it h Bat ma n on a m yste ry. ( Ba tman: Go th am Kn ights #41, Jul y 2003) The on e th ing m issing fro m their life wa s a chil d, and the da y she p repar ed t o t ell Ralp h the g oo d news that a ch ild w as finally on the w ay, she wou nd up acci den ta ll y killed by a d er ang ed Jean Lo ring, ex-wif e o f the A TOM. The investigatio n into h er death beg an a ch ain o f eve nts th at led to JACK DRAKE d y ing a nd Batman recalli ng th at th e heroes

had begun using ZATANNA'S magic to mindwipe the

vill a in s in t he wa ke of Sue's rape. (I de n tity Crisis #1- 7. A ug us t 2004-Febr uary 2005) Her d eath had a d eva stating effect o n Ralph. lead in g h im to alcohol ism and a rel ig iou s cu lt that hin te d it c o ul d resu rrec t Sue . He carri ed her wedding rin g with him and used it in hi s final de fia nt act, trapp in g the de m on Ner o n in a m yst ic con stru ct b efore dyin g him self. (52 #41 , 2007) The reunited sp ir it s of the Dibny s finally achi eved a new lev el of happiness.

DICKERSON, DANIEL DANFORTH III Li ke so m any of h is pr edecessors, Dan ie l Danforth Di ck er son III was ill equ ipped for the ma yorship of a city as unique as GOTHAM CiTY. He wa s a pol iti cal cr eature, no t a publ ic serva nt , and he wa s eas ily sed uc ed by the rampan t co rru p tio n tha t rem aine d in the p oliti cal infrastructure. Unl ike th o se who cam e be f or e him, Dicker son seemed t o enjoy the publ ic sp o t lig ht and made the most o f it. He assum ed office fr om MARION GRAN GE at the end o f th e city's peri od as a No MAN'S LAN D. His unrema rka b le adm ini stra tion was alm o st derailed wh en WHISPERA'DAIRE sed uced him for her person al ga in. ( Detective Co m ics # 74 3, Apr il 2000) His ter m was cut short wh en the JOKER sho t him to death ju st as the mayor w as discussing hi s plans to cut poli c e overtim e in hi s next budg et. He was succee d ed by David Hu ll. (Go tham Central #15. Mar ch 2004)

DIGGES Digg es worked for b estselling mystery novelist Reginald Scofield. Th e aut ho r maintained a home lo ca t ed some twenty m iles up the co as t fr om GOTHAM CiTY in Crow's Ne st. Th e mansion wa s also used by g em sm ug g lers until their o pe ra ti o n wa s stopped by Batman and ROBIN. ( Det ec t ive Comics #100, Ju ne 1945)

DILLON, DR. JOHN V. Dr. John V. Dillon wa s p er son al physician to both BRUCEW AYNE and DICK GRAYSON on Earth-2. He never knew th e tw o were al so Batman and ROBIN. ( Wo rld's Finest Co m ics #66, September/October 19 53)

DIPINA DiPin a wa s a sc ientist w ho manag ed t o c rea t e a vol atile ex p los ive requ ir ing a mere ounce to de str oy a ci ty bl ock. Fearful o f what m ig ht b eco me of hi s co m po und , DiPin a had an ounce sea led in a lead c asing before di scu ssing matters with the auth oriti es. Before he cou ld act, the lead tu be wa s stol en by a home less m an , who had no clu e how dang erou s hi s lo ot wa s. From th ere th e tube g ot hand led by Boy Scouts, ex -conv ic t s, and esca ped convi c t s, non e aware o f th e it e m' s tru e nature. Burns, o ne of the escaped c ri m inals, tamper ed with the ca se t o see what w as insi d e but wa s sto p pe d from d et on ati ng the m ateria l by the tim el y arrival o f Batman, ROBIN, and ACETHE BAT-H OUND. ( De tective Com ics # 25 4. A p r il 1958 )



The m an k no w n only as the Director built up an exclu sive clie nt el e w ith his nightly performa nces

of The Tho usand Deaths o f Batman. Unable to ki ll th e real Caped Cru sader, the Direct or st ag ed a different death scena ri o for his actors to p erform. He reg u larly sold ou t his theater, lo cated on a private island in Gotha m Bay, to ch eering cr im inals. Batman a nd ROBIN eventually infiltrated the theater and to o k over t he role s f ro m th e act or s. Then , on st age, the Dynam ic Duo. aided by th e harbor poli ce, brought down the curtain on th e show. Man y w anted felon s, including the cu rrent head o f t he underwo rl d, t he Big Guy, w ere arre st ed. ( De tec ti ve Comics #269, July 1959)

DIX, SMILEY Smiley Dix was the leader of a criminal trio that robbed the Van Ness Man sion in GOTHAM C,TY. As Batma n and ROBIN pursued t hem, Dix b lew up a bridge, t otaling th e BATMOBILE. Di x thought he and hi s men w ere fre e until th e Dynam ic Duo arrived in a bra nd - new Batmob ile and apprehended them. (D etective Comics #156, February 1950 )



A fru str at ed sci ent ist, A g a r felt he w as cl o se to co m p let ing a g as th at w ould reduc e pe ople in size . Whe n o ne fin an c ier after ano t her re fu sed to inv est funds to help his w ork, he sou ght revenge. He kid nap ped the w ealthy men and placed them in specia lly decorated rooms design ed t o make the m bel ieve the ga s worked , and they had been reduced in size. In exchang e for funding, he would "r est o re " th em t o normal. His sch eme w as u nd one wh en Batman and ROBIN tr acked down th e m issing men . (Det ec t ive Comics #127, Septemb er 1947).

DOCTOR DEATH KARL HELLFERN wa s on e of several crim inal entities t o use th e na m e Do ctor Death. He d evise d a fata l str ain of po llen and intended to use it to cre at e a

. . ?titS MAN ~E"





ATttNTJON. 1olC- MU&T SE CONa AWAy wm.. / tf r I(NIWW/040 HE IS-8UT, T't) AiTI2ACTHlS





cli mate of terror amon g the world 's wea lt hy ; t hey w ould have to pay t ribute to remain healthy. When learning that Batman wa s on his trail , Do ctor Death lu red the Dark Kn ight into an ambu sh whe re his aide, a large man named JABAH. sho t and w ounded the her o. Undaunted, Batman di sp at ch ed Jabah and th en confron te d Hellfern. The do ct or hel d a test tube filled w ith flammabl e c he m icals and threatened to destroy the Batman . In stead, the Dar k Knight Det ecti ve threw a fir e ex ti ng uishe r at t he doc tor, wh o re fl exi vely dropped th e t ub e. It ignited . Do ct or Deat h ca m e ba c k fr om seem ing death, alt ho ug h the confla gr ation cost him his lips and nos e, c ha rring hi s sk in brown. He d ev ised a new m ean s of obtaining w ealth and began ex to r t ing the rich. killi ng John Jo ne s, th e fir st to refu se t o pa y. Hellfern di spatched hi s new assistant, MIKH AIL. t o rob th e wid ow of jew el s in lieu o f cash. Batman f ou ght the man, allowin g hi m t o escape in or der t o track him back to Hellfern . Instead, Batman wa s led only to Iva n Herd, a fen ce. Mikhail and Batma n fought. leav ing the thu g d ead . Batman th en t hr eatened Herd for informatio n o n Hellfern 's whereab outs, o nly t o di scover th at th ey were o ne and th e sa m e. Batm a n turned th e murderer over t o th e p o lice. ( Det ec tive Comics # 29- 30, July-August 1939)

DOCTOR DOOM Wh y a sm ug gl er to o k th e name Doctor Doom wa s never explained , but he used it effectivel y in his c aree r. Do ctor Do om hid ins ide a m u m my 's sarco p hag us to elud e Batman and ROBI N during an aborted robbery. Unbeknownst to th e Dark Knight Det ect ive , Doom wa s transported ba ck t o the BATCAVE w hen th e sarcophagu s wa s ad d ed to the trophy room. A fte r the her oes left, Doom emerg ed and w as fas cinated by th e place. He then rigg ed man y o f the oth er trophies, turn ing th em into d eath traps in the hope o f ridding th e underworld of the Dynamic Du o. Batman and Rob in m anaged to elud e several of th ese traps so a fru st rated Do om hu rled a gren ade at th em. hiding on ce more in the sarco p hag us . The ex p lo sio n sea led the c ase t ight ly, and Doom d ied fr om asphy xiat io n before Batman co u ld free him. ( Det ect ive Co m ics #158, April 1950)



SIMON ECKS wa s a research chem ist w ho develop ed a m echan ism that w ould am p li fy a per son' s kirilian au ra. In so doing, he created an ener g y duplicate of him self. The dupli cate was depend ent up on the introverted doctor for life, and the two coex isted, gr an t ing t he human energ y- genera tin g powers. The new incarnation also seem ed to warp Eck s's persona l m ora ls, and he turne d to crime t o enh anc e his wealth and feelin g o f superio rit y ove r normal humans. As Doctor Double-X, the sy m b iot ic life­ form set o ut to commit c rim es before enco untering Batman and ROBIN. They m et o n seve ral occasio ns, and in th eir final battle. th e ma chine creat ed an energy du p lic ate o f Bat ma n th at tu rn ed the ba t t le's t id e. A fter apprehen d ing him, Batman des t ro ye d the ma chin e, and Ecks him self was committed to ARKHAM A SYLUM. (Detec t ive Comics #261, November 1958) W hi le in prison . Eck s co ncl uded tha t his


dopp elganger lay dormant with in him . He exp erimented by sti c king his finger in an outl et , wi t h th e electric di scharge react iva t ing Doubl e-X. He escaped pr ison and resum ed his attempts at accumulating w ealth, only to m eet defeat at th e hand s of Batman and SUPERMAN. ( Worl d 's Fin est Comics #276, Februa ry 19 82) After a p ri son term, he resumed hi s lif e o f c rime, team ing w ith the Rainbow Raid er for a pa rti cular b ur glary. Thi s t im e, it took the com bi ned efforts of the Caped Crusad er and the FLASH to subdue them . ( The Brave and the Bold #194 , Janua ry 1983) ' Desp ite th e ab ilit y to sp lit from Ec ks, the Doubl e­ X being see me d an inept fighter. The en ergy form cou ld f ly and emi t powe r b o lts that destroyed m eta l and con crete. Ecks wa s in constant need of raw electricity to rejuvenate hi s new form. Should th e power level d ro p, the Doubl e-X ent it y faded as an ind ep ende nt be ing , return ing to Eck s's body. By this t ime Ecks was co nside red an ordinary cr iminal and w as sent to BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. He w as among th e dozen s of inmates f reed by RA's AL GHOL in one of his attacks again st Batman. (Batman #400, October 198 6 ) He was last recorded op erati ng in GOTHAM CiTY, on ce aga in oppo sed b y th e Caped Cru sad er. (B atman: Dark Detecti ve # 3, Ear ly Augu st 200 5)


with her t eam , the NETWORK, at te m p ted to tak e ov er W AYNE ENTERPRISES an d de stroy th e Batman . Excess esta b lished a leg it imate m edi cal bu sin ess t hat fronted for his crim ina l de ed s. His che m ical expertise prov id ed Athena with substances t hat enhanced people's performance. After the Network shut d own, Doctor Excess vanished . (Batman Family #1-8, December 20 02 - Feb ruary 2003 )

DOCTOR FANG Sergeant HARVEY BULLOCK took it upon hims elf to investigate rum or s of a new crime boss in GOTHAM CiTY. He used his shad y repu tatio n to mak e Doct or Fang believe he could be bo ug ht and allow the cop to g et cl ose. Do ct or Fang never revealed his identit y, preferring his showy co stum ed persona fo r all appearances. (Batm an #370-372, April-June 1984 ) Batman w as also on th e t rail and took down Doctor Fang before Bullock cou ld ; the cop's ruse wa s exposed . Later, when Police Commi ssioner JAMES GORDON w as hospita li zed , Bullock wo und up d efying the or d ers of Mayor HAM ILTON HILL, wh ich angered the corrupt leader. He contracted w ith Do ctor Fang , offering the c rim e bo ss freedom in exc hange for th e assassinatio n o f Bullock. The fir st sho t mi ssed ; the second hit the de tect ive's left arm. Batma n b ro ug ht down the villain be fo re he co u ld fire again. ( Dete cti ve Com ics # 542, September 1984) It too k Batman a lit t le ti me , but he finall y di scov ered Hill' s invo lveme nt, w hic h led t o th e ma yo r be in g ou sted from office while Do ct or Fang remained in p rison .

DOCTOR HERCULES Herc ules wa s a scientist who co nst ructed three g iant robot s to hel p him co m m it crimes. To o perate the machines, h e obtained th e serv ice s o f t hre e criminal s wh o broke out of pri so n. The men-W hit ey Drebs, Georg e "Four Eyes" Foley, and Jawbone Bannon- b egan working th e ma chines with so m e d egree of success. However, a furious Her cules killed Fol ey when on e c rime was not successfully compl et ed . Bef or e more m ay hem cou ld ensu e, Batman and ROBIN arrived to p ut an end to t he operation. (Batman #42, August/S eptember 1947)

DOCTOR MOON DOCTOR DREEMO DARBY DEEMS was a stage performer, a self-p ro fessed ex pe rt on dreams. A s Doctor Dreem o, he used h is st ag e notoriet y to beco me hos t of rad io's The Nightmar e Hour. Rather than use hi s expertise to hel p peop le understand their d ream s, howeve r, he wa s actually d elv ing deep to better understand his g uests' subcon sci ou s fears . Deems then schem ed to ex pl oi t t hem at a lat er date, as he did when he bla ckmailed o ne gu est w ho had co m m it ted murder. Ba t m an and ROBIN tra ck ed and apprehended Doct or Dree m o and hi s m en, end ing t he threat . (World's Finest Comics #17, Spring 1945 )



Th e criminal kn own only as Do ctor Excess w o rk ed for A THENA, t he crimina l m aste rm ind w ho


During Batman 's fir st ext ended confrontation w it h RA's AL GHOL, he en countered Do ctor Mo on . Moon was in Ra's employ , gleeful ly condu ct ing experiments at the Demon Head's direction as well as ind ul g ing hi s own scientific w hims . Bat man was int rodu ce d t o Moon's handiwork when he found th e co rpse of Mason Sterl ing, a sci en t ist whose bra in ha d b een rem ov ed . The Dark Kn ig ht Detective traced the brain to Moon and discovered that the doctor had found a way to link the br ain to a computer. This was done so Ril' s cou ld use th e scientis t 's kno wl ed g e to further his own schemes. Doctor Moon esc ap ed with Ra's and his dau ghter TALIA HEAD before Batman cou ld ap p rehend an y o f them. (Batman #240, March 1972 ) Prior to his crim inal career, Moon was a respect ed As ian doctor who was on ce nominated for a Nobel Prize , but between his increasing ly outrage ous exp eri me nts and his ove rsized eg o, he soon was

ostracized from the m ed ical community. To him, the acqu isiti on of kn owledge wa s more important than eth ics or morals; he once equated hims elf with the infamous Nazi su rg eo n Joseph Meng ele. He be gan co nt ract ing his ser vices to terrorists lik e Ril 's al GhOI and Do ctor Cy ber, d oin g t he ir d irty work to earn th e fund s to pe r fo rm his own stud ie s. As a resu lt, he found him self in oppos ition no t on ly to the Bat man but also t o oth er heroes incl uding WOND ER W OMAN . He grew fascinated with m eta­ huma ns an d wanted to creat e hi s own , g oin g so far as to br iefly operate Do ctor Moon's Athlet ic A cademy in Brooklyn. His onl y real success wa s a ma n named To p p er, who wound up battling and being defeated by Richard Dragon and LADY SHIVA. (Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #7, Apr il 1976) It wa sn't long before Dr. Moon and t he Batman on ce again c ro ssed paths. Moon w as co ntracted by General Ivan Ang st t o help crea t e an ar m y of superpowered men. Angst envisioned Mercenar ies, lnc., to rival the LEAGUE OF A SSASSINS as a lead ing sup p lier o f kill ers. Moon 's work went beyond hi s Brooklyn ef fort s, cutting t he nerve endi ngs on test subject s so th ey would not exp eri enc e pa in d uri ng battle. Batman fo iled An gs t's p lans b ut Moon , coward that he was, escap ed . (Det ect ive Com ics #480, November/December 1978) Their next encounter came when Moon w o rked for the c rim e b o ss Tobia s Whal e, as he attempted to acce ss the memories of HALO, a m ember of Batman's OUTSIDERS team . (B a tm an and th e Outsiders # 20, April 1985) Thin g s grew de adli er , though, wh en Doctor Moon was asked by th e JOKER to help unref orm CATWOMAN, returning her t o the ran ks of vi llai ny . Moon w as not pl eased to be paid in expl od ing cig ars, so he ind ulg ed him self wh en he ins isted Catwoman be awake during hi s p roc ess so he could study her threshold for pa in. His efforts were a success aithough it meant anoth er co nfro nta ti on with the Cap ed Crus ad er, t his t ime resulting in his arrest . He re fus ed Batman's d emand that he undo hi s work, ann ouncing that Cat w oma n

was his master p iece and shou ld be u nt o uc hed . ( D et ective Comics #569- 570 , Dece mber 1986­ Ja nuary 1987 ) His w or k had come to the attention of AMANDA W ALLER, head of the federal agency Task Force X. She had Moo n tra nsf erred to Belle Rev e, the secr et hea d q ua rters of her Suici d e Sq uad . The r e, she had Mo on repeat his work, this t ime eras ing the team 's existence from the mind of Plastique. (SUICIdeSquad #3 , Ju ly 1987) HIs efforts earned him a pa rdon. He w as soon after hi red by t he Sun derla nd Co rporation, a pub lic bus iness that also eng aged In Ille gal re sea rc h activit ies . Aga in his research w as d irected at meta ­ hu mans but t hi s ti me In benevo len t ways, Including p ro vid ing a be tter w ay fo r the heroi c A ir W av e t o harness his na t ural ab ili ties . ( Fires torm #88, August 1989) Moo n cont inued his w or k for Sund er land for so m e t im e, t aking ad v anta g e of th e fi rm's superior t echn ol ogi cal resou rc es an d his ab ility t o freelance o n occa sron, su ch as his w or k with th e m er c en ary Deadline. He eventual ly left Sund erland t o w or k wi t h METROPOLIS's INTER GANG, using his m em or y -t am p erin g t ec h niq ues to wi pe memo ri es fro m t he m ind of repor te r Catherine Grant before she could t est if y against t hem In co u rt. For a c ha nge, Mo on ac t ua lly objec te d to so m e of th e organization's methods and spo ke up. St ili , he accepted a c on tract and was ready t o d o It S d irty w o rk . The ar riva l of Bat m an and SUPERM AN put an end to the th reat. (A dven t ures of Sup erman # 483, June 199 0 ; Action Comics #654,June1990)

Moon woun d u p free once more and returned to Sun derla nd , wher e he hel ped c reate new superp ower ed c rimi na ls, an effo r t th at b ro ug h t him up agai nst Hawkman. O ne of his freelance

a n ew c n m inal ca reer t o t ake advantage of h is new condi tion . D isg uised as Do cto r No -Fa ce , Magan began a series o f see mi ngly se nse less crimes as

Jobs dunnq this period wa s at t he be hest o f Two­

anything w it h a face, such as statues and c locks, were destroyed . He also created suspic io n that

FACE. Th e tw isted f ormer d istrict attorney asked fo r

Doct or No -Fac e was ac t ua lly De nt . As p eo p le re ­

help fin di ng a f ert ility drug t hat had he lp ed t wi ns co m e t o life In GOTHAM CITY. The twr ns be lo nged to

men were stea ling va lua ble objects and uSing rep ­

paired and re p laced t he d am ag ed It em s, Magan 's

Tw o - Fac e's ex- wife Gilda, and only when Bat m an

lic as to h ide their thefts. Investigating the cr imes,

revea led t hey were co nceived usinq Tw o - Face's o wn spe rm was Moon st o pped from performing surgery on t he infan t s- w hen Tw o -Fac e shot his

Bat m a n and ROBIN determined t hat the perpetra­ t or w as Maga n, no t De nt , an d app re hende d the crim in al an d h is men. ( Det ec t i ve Co mics #3 19,

left sho ulder. ( Ba tm an : Tw o -Face Stokes Twice! #1-2, 199 3) Moo n con ti nue d w o rk in g fo r Sunderland for a

Sept em b er 19 6 3) In t he reali ty af te r t he even ts of INFINI Te CRISIS, Do ctor No -Face was m ention ed bu t not see n. (52

ti m e and th en once more w ent free lance. He took

# 17,2006)

t o spend ing time aboard the Injus tice Society 's ol d satel lit e headquarter s, whi ch had b ec ome a han gout


fo r villains. It w as noted, though, th at ev ery t im e Mo on vi sit ed, so meone usually w ent m issing . D r. Mo on fi na lly died a fte r en g aging in a rar e hand-to-h and fig ht w it h t he fem al e MANHUNTER, Ka te Sp encer, who stabbed him wi th his o w n sca lpe l. ( Manh un ter # 18, Ma rc h 2006)

ALEXANDER J AMES SARTORIUS w as invited b y Got ham



Gene ra l's Dr. Bell t o loin th e Tobacc on ist s' Club, an In flue n ti al GOTHAM CiTY Inst itution On ce a m ember, sa rto no us w as inv it ed t o inves t in a nu cl ear p ower p lant th at w as about to be const ructed just o u t side the ci t y. The trusting doc to r agreed and Invest ed his life's savin g s w it ho ut reali zing t he p lan t wa s gOing to be b u ilt o n the c hea p wi th substandard

On Eart h-2, Dr. PAUL D ENT created a mac hine t ha t could rapid ly heal scar red facial ti ssue -he ha d

safety sys tems. Du ring constr uc t ion, Sartorius was

h imself lo st h is fac ial fe at u res in an acc id ent.

doctor t h rew h im self unde r a p ile o f san dbag s,

visiti ng t he site when an exp losion occurred. The

Cr im in al BART MAGAN tn ed t o use t he m ach ine to

hop ing to avor d b ein g killed . Inst ead , ra d iation

obl iterate a te ll t ale fa c ia l sc ar, b u t ins tead h e o bli t­ erated a ll his fac ial features. Magan then desi gned

changed h rs b o d y as the sa nd was elevated o ne ste p up the elemental scale to phosphorus.

Doctor Phosphorus


Sarto rius's body was tu rn ed int o liv ing ph o sp horus, and t he al t erat io n d rove hi m t o t he

her perso nal qu est to kill t he o rig ina l Starma n, Ted Knight , (Starma n [second series] #12, Ju ly 19 89 ) On

br ink of insa ni ty. His every brea t h emitted d eadl y fumes, a nd he glowed br ight w hi t e w ith coruscat ing

several o c casio ns Do ct or Phos phorus and Starm an fough t, and with each set back t he vill ain w as mor e de ter m ined to fi nish t he job des p it e t he occ asion al stay in O pal 's Cray Priso n. He be came a recurring threat in Opal City, killing seventeen g ua rds in a daring escape, until he finally irradiated Starman w ith enou gh energy that the o lder hero succumbed to the p oi son in his blood . Befor e his d eath, STARMAN ende d Do ct or Pho sp hor us's th rea t to his be loved city. (Starma n [secon d series] # 70 , Octobe r 2000)

nuc lear flame. Th e exp os ed skin b ur ned any t hi ng on contact, Call ing himself Do c t o r Phosphorus, Sar tor ius began a rampage against th e crooked investo rs and po liticians who ha d all owed the cu t -ra te plant t o be b uil t. The ci t izens of Go t ham fir st learne d o f t he g ro tesque threat wh en noxiou s fum es were pumped throug h Spr an g Sta d iu m 's vent ilat ion syst em during a roc k co nc ert , killi ng ma ny peop le. Th eir d eath s, co upl ed w it h t he arriva l of fou r dozen injured at Gotham Gen e ral Ho spita l, a lerted po lice t o t he sco pe of th e d anger. Amo ng t he v icti m s wa s ALFRED PENNYWORTH , w hic h mean t, t hree m inutes afte r his ad mi t t a nc e, th at Batman was o n th e case . -H e t rack ed Do ctor Pho sphorus to th e Gotham re servoir, w here the madman wa s attempti ng to poi son t he w at er sup p ly to kill most o f the ci ty's sev en m ill ion ci tizens , A s Ba tm an tri ed t o apprehen d Do ct or Pho sp ho rus, he wa s seve rely bu rn ed , and th e d o ctor f led . Members of the Gotha m City Co unc il, co nt ro lled by RUPERT THORNE, ac te d sw if t ly when Poli ce Commissioner JAMES GORDON also fell vi ct im t o Pho sp hor us's p resence. They banned Batma n's involvement , ra ising his sus pic ions. The Dark Kn ig ht Detect ive t racked the doctor to the offshore nu clear p lan t 's rema ins . Using a specially shielded BATSUIT, t he Caped Crusader face d Doc to r Phosphorus a second t ime and w as v ict oriou s, as the doctor seemingly fell t o hi s doom insid e t he react or's co re. (Detec tive Comics #469-470, May - June 1977) Doc tor Pho sp horus surv ive d , however, and soug ht renew ed veng ean ce aga in st Th o rn e. He arrived at A RKH AM A SYLUM and threatened Tho rn e bef ore turn ing his at ten t io ns o nce mo re to th e c it y. Thi s t im e he at te m p ted t o poiso n t he po p u lac e th rou gh see ding rain clou d s w it h hi s own irrad iat ed m at er ial. Using th e ant i-r ad iation Bat sui t , th e Cape d Crus ader tra cked him to an airf ie ld and used the BATMOBI LE t o crash the v illa in 's pla ne and ke ep it g ro u nde d, (Bat m an #311, May 19 79 ) Sartori us rema in ed in p rison , with tim e logged at b oth A rkham Asylum and BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY unti l he w as free d by RA's AL GHUL. (Bat ma n #400 , Oct ober 198 6) W hen he was apprehende d , Pho sp ho rus w as lo cked aw ay in a specially d esigned c ell. (Black Orc hid # 2, 1989 ) Lat er, he w as tra nsf erred t o Belle Rev e pr iso n in Lo uis iana , where he w as fr eed by th e d emo n Neron. Like so many other v illains, he agreed to sell his soul in exchange for enhanced abili ties . The demon enhanced his power - twenty times by Sar torius 's est imate-an d enab led him t o co ntrol his bu rni ng em issio n s, As a re sul t, the d o ctor t ook t o w ear ing a fash ionable suit and g lo wed w ith or ange -red flam e. (Underworld Unlea shed #1, Nov em ber 19 9 5) Sar torius re lishe d being ab le t o ind ulg e his norma l hab it s aga in, such as ch ain-smoking . He beca me a ca refree c riminal, m ovin g away from ex act ing ven gea nce on Go th am and t oward t ak ing jobs th at ap pealed to him . As a result, he w o und up in Opa l City, w ork ing for the Mist's daughter in


A lex Sart oriu s was be lie ved dea d after hi s en co unter in Op al City bu t t urn ed up at t he Cadm us Research Laborat ories. The re he was care d for by Dr . Chu rch , th e nucl ear t echn ic ian in cha rg e of th e t ax eva sion scam th at had resulted in the initia l accide nt changing Sarto riu s from ma n to m ena c e. Chu rc h stole hi s lif e's savi ngs and intended t o st ea l h is secr et s to paten t th e technology, It wa s said that everyt hing human about Sart o ri us had been co nsum ed by his co nd ition , leav ing him soul less. A fusion react ion comp letely subli m ate d his c en t ral nerv o us sys tem, creat ing fu ncti ona l facs im ile s o f his heart , lungs, kid neys, all w or k ing in co nce rt t o p roduce a near -end less supply of clean energy . He esca ped Cadmus and k ill ed Dr. Chu rc h bef ore cross ing Go t ha m City t o fi nd Dr. Be ll an d exac t his lon g -over du e rev eng e. Do ctor Pho sp ho rus next sought Tho rn e, inc arce rated at Blackga t e. He managed to step once on Thorne's back, burn ing h im , before Batman stopped him. He was rem and ed t o Arkham u ntil S.T.A.R . La b s bui lt a bette r con t ainmen t fa cilit y fo r him . ( Det ecti ve Comics # 8 2S, Janua ry 2007)

DOCTOR PNEUMO The m an known on ly as Doc tor Pneu m o st ud ied air p ressu re and de v ise d t o o ls t hat w ou ld allow co m p res sed air t o do the he avy w or k d u ring th e co m miss io n of c rimes. In o ne case, hi s men d rille d a ho le in a b ank vault; o nce a t ub e was ins er t ed , air wa s pumped into the vau lt , letting th e pressur e bui ld until the metal sp lit ap ar t. A s Batman and ROBIN att empted to stop the t hie ves, t he Cape d Crusade r rec eiv ed an inj u ry t o his o p tic nerves, re ndering h im t em p ora ri ly b li nd , Refu sing t o gi ve up , he d esig ned earpl ugs that acted as son ar b eac o ns and a llo wed him t o fr ee ly move . He an d Robi n fo ug ht Pneu m o and his m en; Ba t m an rec eiv ed a b low t o his hea d , re storing his sight . The c rimi na ls w er e t ak e n int o custody. (Ba tm an #143 , October 1961)



Sampson was a brilliant psychologist but was ja ile d fo r m alpractice . Upon his release, he used his vast kno w ledge to dev ise a ga s that w o uld era se p eo pl e's m em or ies. Sampson an d his men in te nded t o use the gas an d oth er p sych ol o g ical p loys to co m m it a wa ve of cr imes in GOTHAM C,TY. W hen Batman t ried to stop t hem , he w as ex posed to th e "am nesia gas " and forgo t all hi s cr ime­ fig hting tra in ing , In t im e, t hou g h, the Dy na m ic Du o f o und the ga s's coun te ragent and so o n aft er ap p rehe nde d Sampson and h is t ea m . (Det ec t ive Comics #190, De cember 19S2 )

DOCTOR TZIN-TZIN W hile many peo ple conside red Doctor Tzin-Tzin an Asian menace , few knew that he was ac tually an A merica n-born ci ti ze n kid napped in his yo ut h by Chi nese bandits, fo r unknown reaso ns. He was raised by them and took to crime, return ing to America as a modern-day gangster already w ith a lo ng Interpol record . His crimes had incl u ded raiding a So uth Afric an gold mi ne and stealing both a Sou th A me rican jet air pl ane and an ocea n fr eig ht er. (Det ec tive Comics # 354, Augus t 19 6 6) When a crimina l w as fou nd fr igh te ned to de ath , the police suspected tha t Doctor Tzln -Tzln had arrived in GOTHAM C,TY. He g athe red a mob and declare d his goa l: t o destroy t he c ity's pr otecto r, Bat m an. The ma st erm ind set a pla n in m otion t hat saw t he Cap ed Cru sad e r figh t throu g h a ga un tlet o f m en as t he b lood -l oving c ri mi nal recorded the battle, st ud y ing hi s pr ey. When the two finall y met, Do ct o r Tzin -Tzin attempted to tr ansfix th e hero wit h h is storied d eat h- g aze, a form o f hy pnosis learn ed in Asia. When Bat man shat tered a lig ht fixtu re that enh anced the hypn o sis, Do ct or Tzin­ Tzin 's hol d broke an d he w as appreh end ed. Seek ing revenge, Doc t o r Tzin-Tzin remained in t he vi ci nit y, sche mi ng to kill Bat m an and ROBIN in excru cia t ing w ay s. He accepted a contra c t from t he

LEAGUE OF' ASSASSINS t hat funded the modificat ion of a ma nsion int o a dea t h t rap tha t w ou ld fir st inf lict p sych o lo gi c al damage. Bat m an and Rob in st ru g gl ed befo re escap ing t he d ead ly ho us e, w at ch ing it go up in flames, presumably killing the doc tor w it hin. ( De tec tive Comics #408, Februar y 1971) Inst ead , Doctor Tzin-Tzin esca pe d and w ent we st, settling in San Francisco's Chinatow n; th ere he reb uilt hi s o pera tion . His ne w Dragon Ton g sto le and thr ived , thw arting law enforcement at every turn un t il he wa s stopped again, th is t im e by SUPERGIRL and pr ivat e eye Jo nny Doub le. (A dven t ure Comics #418, A p ril 19 72) When he next ap pe ared, he had esc hewed m ere illus ions in favor o f m ast er ing occult for ces. He harbo red tsal-myst ic en ergy- wi t hin hi s b od y to aid his audacious p lan s. First he st o le the Sp hinx , relocat ing it t o th e oc ean flo or and replaci ng it wi th a rep lic a. W hen he arrive d in Gotham , attempti ng t o d o th e same wi th Go t ham St ad ium , he p rem ature ly lured Bat m an in to the st adi um . Wit h t he d oc t or 's mys tic en ergy spe nt fro m levi ta t ing t he st ad iu m, Batman manag ed to sub d ue hi m . It took Do ct or Tzi n-Tzi n six da ys o f m edi tatio n t o re energ ize his tsal; t hen he w ent after the Dark Knig ht on ce more. Sum mo ni ng cou ntless ants to eat away at h is cell's mortar, he freed hi ms elf and hypnotized t he p riso n guards. With them as hi s

Some ti m e lat e r, Do c t or Zodiac w as fre ed from pr iso n and ret urned t o h is crim inal w ay s. He sto le a dozen co ins from A TLANTIS, eac h bear in g a Zod iac symbo l. If t he leg en d s w ere t rue , Do ct o r Zod iac b elieved eac h co in wo ul d bestow hi m w it h a d i ffe ren t p ower. Batman and Superm an w ere o n hand, t hough, to thw art his lat est pl an before he learned the tr u th . ( Wo rl d 's F ine st Comics # 26 8 ,

efforts, he escaped cus to dy once mo re. W illard wa s fina lly ap prehended, no w an in co herent madma n babbli ng abo ut Dyke's bra in be ing lo st to alie ns. The alien in qu est ion w as no less t han ex-GREEN LANTERN Sinestro, who had expanded the cerebell um to th e size of a plane t loc ated in t he ant i-ma tter un iverse of Qward and was using the m utated bra in as a power so urce . With his X-ray v ision, Superman d estroyed

May 1981) Seek ing revenge and powe r, Doctor Zodiac later allied himself wi th the mys tic Madame Zo d iac t o o btai n a different set o f one d ozen Zo di ac coins. Thi s time Bat m an and Sup erm an nee ded ZATANNA'S help in sto p p ing th em , bu t not befor e Doctor Zo d iac learn ed Bat m an's secret id enti ty, allowing him t o poss es BRUCE W AYNE'S bo dy. Duri ng th e ba ttle, t he Maid of Mag ic w as injured ; t he chaos unleash ed

the unnatural extens ion of George Dyke on ce and for all. ( World 's Finest Comics #253-254 , October/ November 1978-December 1978/January 19 79 )

requi red t he JUSTICE LEAGUE OF' A ME RICA'S interv ent io n. W ONDER W OMAN w hisked Zat anna t o Paradi se Island so she co uld be heal ed w hi le Sup erm an fo ug ht to protect Batman fr o m having his b ody pe rman en tly possess ed by a ma levolent force known o nly as t he Master. The Mast er did ma nag e to t ake tempor ar y con trol o f Bat m an 's b ody an d vani she d , with Superman in pursuit. Doctor Zo diac and Madame Zodiac th en tr ied to prepare a series o f d up lic ate Bat m an b od ies fo r th e Mast er to use

of fu t uristic at t rac t ions . Bat m an and ROBIN w er e sum mo ne d t o help inv est ig at e Dodd 's murder,

new ar my, Doctor Tzin -Tzin threat e ned Got ham during t he Christmas season . He used his occu lt ab ilit ies to rob t he c it izens of th eir Chr istmas rec o llect io ns, virtua lly stealing t he ho lid ay f rom Go th am . At t he Gotham Steam Co m p any, Bat ma n confron te d Docto r Tzin-Tzin ane w and f ina lly st o pped his madness by scaldi ng the d oc t o r a nd his o ccu lt creat ions w it h superho t st eam . ( Ba tma n #284 -285, Febr uary- Ma rch 19 77 ) Soon after, Batman en d ured excr uc iat ing p ain aft er b at t li ng a cri m inal ca lle d SKULL DUGGER. Seeking relief, he ap proa che d t he impris o ned doc tor wh ile d isg uised as a prison gu ard. Bat m an w as wi llin g t o fre e t he vi lla in in exc hang e fo r on e ho ur wi t hou t pai n. The doctor ag ree d . Bat m an man aged t o defeat Skull Dug g er and then reneg ed on the deal, keeping Do ctor Tzin -Tzin in jail . ( Batma n # 29 0 , Augu st 19 77 ) The ne xt t ime he t urned up , t he d oc to r had ta ke n co nt rol of a sma ll island -an d its army - so m e seven teen m iles so ut heast of Greece. His ul tim at e goa l was new : t ak ing over Russia. W it h t he great power in disarray, he and h is allies wo uld b e able to p lu nd er East ern Euro pe. Ho wever, Pro ject Peacem aker lea rned of th e p lan an d Chr isto ph er Sm it h, t he Peacem aker, went afte r Do c t or Tzin-Tzin, stop p ing him before th e p lan co uld b e init iat ed. ( Peacemaker #1- 4 , January - Apr il 1988)

when th e t emplat e b urne d out. Instead, Superman rescued his frie nd, and togeth er t hey pu t an end to Do ctor Zodiac and the o t hers ' world t hreat . ( World's Finest Comics #285-288, November 1982-February 1983 ) The doc to r has no t been seen since.



Doc W illar d w as cons idered a renegade scient ist and flo ut ed me d ica l et hics when he transp lant ed GEORGE DYKE'S bra in int o th e bo d y o f a g o rilla. W hen his pa t ient esca pe d and w en t o n a ramp age, W ill ard rea lized th e consequ enc es of his w o rk, and it drove hi m insa ne. A s th e d iso rient ed gorilla fe ll t o it s d eath, ROBIN swept in and c augh t his me ntor- u nm ask ed as Do c Willard . Bat m an ha d faked un co nsciousn ess and swi tc hed p laces wi t h Do c just as th e enrag ed GORILLA Boss awa kened. (Ba tm an # 75, Feb ru ar y/March 19 53) So m e t im e lat er, Dyke 's br a in, preserved as a sou veni r in th e BATCAVE , wa s revived by alien co lo nist s, w ho of fere d Dy ke a new b ody if he w o uld use t he f o rm to erase Ear t h's chloro phyll, wh ich wa s toxic t o th em . Manip u lat ing Ba t ma n into p lac ing th e br a in in th e di sinteg rat io n p it of SUPERMAN'S FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, Dy ke burst forth in a new form, a m assiv e gree n flying manta-like entity m ade u p o f veget ab le ma t ter. Still craving a human body, Dyke soug ht o ut Do c W illard , w ho ac tually ful fill ed the Bo ss's lo ng -held goa l of acq uiring Ba tman's b od y. The fortui to us arr ival o f th e aliens , angry th at Dy ke had reneged on their d eal, al erted Superman to the sw a p. The Man of Steel hast ily perform ed surgery t hat p lac ed BRUCE W AYNE'S b rain ba c k in Bat m an 's bo d y. In t he

Theo d o re B. Carrig an w as an o ld -fashi oned c arn iva l mysti c w ho t urned t o c ri me . He ba sed h is robberies o n a ho ro sco pe bo ok , wh ich he used for ins pi ration . Doctor Zodiac a nd h is men w o un d up be ing ap p rehend ed by Bat ma n, ROBIN, and SUPE RMAN. ( Wo rld 's Fin est Com ics #160. Sep tem be r 19 6 6 )

m eantime, W ill ar d esca p ed . (World 's Fin est Com ics # 251, June/J uly 197 8 ) W illard ret urne d soo n after, hoping to co nfi rm t hat Batman w as in fact Bru c e W ayne, as he'd suspected ever since he'd seen t he Da rk Knig ht 's face d ur ing th e operat io n. Tho ugh frust rat ed in his

DOCTOR X An evi l energy duplicate o f Dr. SIMON ECKS al so know n as DOCTOR DOUBLE-X.

DODD, WALLY W all y Do d d w as a visiona ry en te rtainer w ho managed to const ruc t a floating am usement park t o hover above GOTHAM ClTY. In ke ep ing wi t h its fant ast ic loca t io n, Skyl and boasted a series

and th e tr ail led t hem t o Blinky Co le. The mob enforc er had ki lled Do d d after d isc overi ng t hat th e attracti o n's owner had fil m show ing Col e commi tting ac ts o f sabotag e aft er Do dd ref used t o p ay pr otectio n money. ( De tective Comics # 30 3, May 19 62 )



The villain known only as t he Dodo Man was descr ibed as a psychot ic w ho had an unnatural urge to obtain any t hing rela ted t o t he extinct d odo bird . This led him to comm it crim inal ac t s including a brazen robbe ry at GOTHAM CITY'S Museum of Nat ura l History. Bat ma n a rr ive d to stop t he crime an d suf fered a b low t o the hea d t hat led him t o reverse his p er so nas, dress ing as BRUCE W AYNE by n igh t and Ba t ma n during t he day Des p ite t his b izarre set of circum stances , Way ne t racked th e Do do Man and then as Batm an app rehended him, re coveri ng t he stolen stuffed d o do bird . ( Batm an # 30 3, Sep tem ber 1978 )



Peter Dod son wa s a g oo d-nat ure d and recl usive mi llion air e w ho ido lized Bat ma n. He used his we al th , while it last ed , t o fun d m any o f GOTHAM ClTY'S cel e b rat ions t o ho nor its p ro tector. Cr imi nal s tried t o exp lo it th is by hav ing Do d son kid napp ed and rep lace d by an impo sto r. Then Bat man wa s sum m o ned to t he milli on aire 's home and w as info rm ed by a "d o c to r" t hat Do d son had had a p sycho t ic br eak, leav ing him bel ieving he wa s Bat ma n. Th e docto r aske d t he Caped Cr usad er t o hu m or the man as p ar t of his t reatment. Bat m an ag reed, and th e false Do d so n w as g iven a spa re uniform and eq u ipment to allow him to go on patro l. Bat m an and ROBIN shad owed him to ke ep Do dson safe un t il they realized it was all a ruse to distract t hem from actual cr imes the men were comm itting. Shortly the reafter Do d so n was resc ued and th e crimi nals placed be hind bars. ( Wo rl d 's Fin est Comics # 54 , Oc tobe r/Novem be r 19 54 )

DOLAN, JOE Joe Dol a n had a lo ng his t o ry of crimi nal ac ts , inc lud ing robb ery and mu rd er. He was ca p tured by Bat ma n and ROBIN only t o be f reed so o n afte r. Th e secon d t im e t he Dy na m ic Duo app rehe nded him ,


they were aid ed by Dolan's boyhood chum, now a GOTHAM CITY dis trict attorney. ( Batman #11, Ju ne/ July 1942 )

she hers elf was act ually Public Enemy Number One . This was all part of a scheme on Ivy 's part to drive t he various costumed fe lons to compete w ith one ano th er whi le she wa ited t hem out. Dragon Fly intend ed to arrive ear ly and get t he drop on her rivals , but she discovered that Silken Spid er and Tig er Moth had done t he same t hing. Du ring th e growing m~lE~e , Batma n and Rob in dropped from the sky in parachu tes and subdued th e t hird -t ier cr im ina ls f ig hting amo ng themselves . (Bat m an # 181. Ju ne 1966)

DOLAN, JOHN John Dol an was a crim inal w ho gained powers and foug ht Batman and ROSIN as t he ELEMENTAL MAN.

DONEGAN,KNUCKLES Knuck les Do nega n w as once GOTHAM CITY'S und erwo rld c hie f, until he fled t he city rather t han be arrest ed by Bat m an and ROBIN. The Dy nam ic Duo trac ked t he cr imi na l t o Flo rid a and apprehe nded him . ( Ba tm an #31, October/November 19 4 5)

In t he rea lity af ter CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, t he three women had begun the ir caree r toget her as a rock ba nd ca lled Wo rld Pub lic Enemy be fo re tu rn ing to cr ime and f irst encountering Batma n, Robi n, and Poiso n Ivy. ( Ba tm an: Shadow of th e Bat A nnu al #3 , 19 9 5) Years late r, the tri o was em p loye d by RA's ALGHOL to d ist ract Bat ma n as he so ught t o ob ta in DAMIAN t o co mplete his resurr ect ion . (Ba tma n # 57 0 , Decem ber 2007)

DORN Do rn wa s a researc h sc ientist w ho obta ine d a m et eor it e an d beg an to st ud y its p roper t ies. He fou nd dormant m icr o bes and w or ked to bring t he m back to life- but th e process resulted in an accide nt t hat tr ansfo rm ed him in to a green-hued, alien -shap ed hu m an o id . The tr ansfor m at io n was te mporary but recurr ing , lea vi ng Dorn wit h no memory o f each expe rience. As t he c reat ure, Do rn was d isoriented, result in q in a des tr ucti ve ram pag e through GOTHAM C,TY until Bat m an and ROBIN intervened. Thoug h t he crea t ure em itted de fensive energy, Bat m an fou nd a way to d est roy it and leave Dorn in his n ormal form wit h no last ing ill effe cts . ( Batm an #154 , March 1963)

DORN, MAESTRO Do rn was a puppeteer-turned -crim inal w ho liked to me t icu lously p lan his cr imes. Befo re his men went into the field, Dorn would perform a dry run, using his marionettes to sho w them what to do and where p it falls may be hidden. Desp it e the planning, they we re all ap pr ehend ed by Bat man and ROBIN. ( D et ec ti ve Comics #182, April 1952)


sty le that allowed them to at ta ck a single opponent together without g etting tang led up . N igh twing interested them giv en th eir sim ila rity in fig ht ing sty les and tra ining . ( Nig htw in g #32, June 1999)




DOCTOR DOUBLE-X was the name of the energy bei ng created by SIMON ECKS.


PHILIP PARSONS taug ht martial arts and und er t he alias Drag on cat ; he wa s also a crimi nal . ( Rob in # 22, Novem ber 1995) When eig h tee n-year-old BARBARA GORDON set out to become a vigi lante, she learn ed jujitsu from Dragon cat at his GOTHAM C,TY st ud io. ( Ba tg irl Year One #1, Feb ru ary 20 03) La ter. the third ROBIN, using his own alias o f A lvin Draper, infilt rated Dragonca t 's dojo to lea rn o f his c rim ina l ties . Parso ns w as subseque ntly captured and imprisoned at BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. W hen Batman learned of a planned b reakout, he arrived at Blackga te in t im e to stop Dragoncat from ste aling c hem icals intended fo r F,REFLY. ( Batm an: Blackg at e #1, Jan uary 1997)



Gregor Dosynski t rained with the KGBEAST and came to Amer ica as his successor, the KNV Demon.

A liKI and MARGOT MARCEAU were ident ical tw ins who be came circus ac robats before t urn ing to a life of crim e. They were based in Par is, but their exp loi ts took them often t o America-notab ly to BLODHAVEN, where they encou ntered NIGHTWIN G on more t ha n

A pop artist c hose to mak e stars out of three female cost um ed crim inals: Dragon Fly, Silken Spider, and Tig er Moth. W hile th e unnamed art ist referred to them as World Pub lic Enemy numbers I , 2, and 3. t hey were hardly cred ib le cand id ates . Sti ll. the wome n enjoyed t he ir fifteen m inutes o f fame , incl ud ing t he portra its t he ar tis t pa inted o f them. Also adm ir ing th e paint ing s were BRUCE W AYNE and DICK GRAYSON, wh o were pre sent when POISON Ivy first arrived in

o ne occasion . A s a d uo , th ey perfe ct ed a fig hti ng

GOTHAMCITY, c rashi ng th e m useum and claim ing that




Unlike most crim ina l ope rat io ns, the Drag o n Society wa s a coast-to -coas t or g an izat ion w it h members ma sked at all times. so t hey d id not kno w one another 's real names or face s. How Batman t o ok down t he Dragon Society was t he topic o f a speec h t hat Pol ice Comm issio ner JAMES GORDON gave at t he GOTHAMC,TYPolice Academy. He told of ho w Batman to ok on the Chief Drag o n, w ho was based in Dragon One -a ka Gotham-by apprehend ing Dragon One 's lead er, Harvey Straker, and impersonating him at a na t ional meeting . By th e time the Ch ief Dra go n learned of the de ception , it wa s to o late to escape as ROBINand lo cal police arrived in force. ( Det ec ti ve Comics #273. November 1959)


Duc D'O rterre wa s the head o f the Apaches, a Paris­ ba sed violent cri mi nal operation that worked fro m th e city's sewers. To o b tai n vast wea lth, D'O rte rre w as de ter mined to m arr y a w om an who had co me into a sizable inheritance. He co urted Kare l Marie des pite her brother Charles's o bjec tions, prompting the villai n to use a un iqu e mechanical device to obliterate Charles's facial features. D'Orterre grabbed Karel and they drove away fro m Paris toward Champagne and the due 's chateau . Before he cou ld co mplete the journey, Batm an fou nd them. During the battle, the villa in and his car d rove off a high br idge, killing him . (Detec tive Comics #34, December 1939)




Dana W in ters wa s a GOTHAM C,TY physical ther ap ist when she was hired to help JACK DRAKE regain the use of hi s leg s a fter he was poisoned in Hait i. She and Jack no t on ly w or ked we ll to g eth er b ut felt an attrac tion th at g rew rap idl y. As he reg ain ed th e ability to wa lk , Jack and Dana began to da te . In d ue t im e, the t w o fell in lov e and m arr ied , Dana be co mi ng step m o t her to Ja ck 's so n TIM DRAKE. who was also ROBIN th e Teen Wo nd er. ( Rob in [second series] #12, December 1994 ) Dana enjoyed a loving relationship with Tim until tragedy st ruc k. W hile she was away from ho m e, Jack wa s kill ed by CAPTAIN BOOMERANG. She fell into a d epression and soon after relocated w ith Tim from Gotham to BLUDHAVEN. She lost he r gr ip on sanit y and w as hosp italized , v isited by both Tim and A LFRED PENNYWORTHon a regu lar basis . After t he c it y wa s d estroyed , she was successfu lly relo cated back to Go t ha m .



Jack Drak e was a w ealthy businessman who ma rri ed a woman named JANET; tog et her they had an on ly ch ild , TIM DRAKE. Jack and Janet may have set t led in GOTHAMC,TY, b ut t hey liked t o trave l as he ind u lg ed h is pa ssion for archaeo logy. They form ed a lov ing partnership th at extended fro m hom e to b usiness. (Batma n # 455, Oct ober 19 9 0 )

DRAKE, TIMOTHY "TIM" Tim Dr ake was an excepti on al yo ut h who boldly sough t t o beco m e the thi rd ROBIN. ( Batm an #436 , A ugust 1989) The son o f JACKand JANET DRAKE, he spen t his early years lar g el y o n hi s ow n as his parents tr avel ed th e w orld for bu sin ess and archaeo logy. When he c ame of sc hool ag e, he at t end ed b o ard ing scho o ls. On one rare fam ily d ay, th e Drakes atten d ed t he HALY BROS. CiRCUS duri ng it s stay in GOTHAM CiTY. To reco rd th e event, the Drak es posed fo r a photo with the sta r performers, the FLYINGGRAYSONS. Young D,CK GRAYSON held Tim in hi s ar ms and de d icated the nigh t 's pe r form anc e t o t he six -ye ar-o ld . To Tim's shock, he w at che d as JOHN an d MARY GRAYSON fe ll to th eir d eaths. As his parents rus he d him o u t o f th e t ent, Tim c aug ht sig ht o f an indelible im ag e: th e grievi ng Dic k encou nte ri ng Batman . Three years later Tim saw a television br o ad ca st of The one t hing that see me d to receive sca nt at t ent io n was Tim : Th e c hi ld w as frequently left in Gotham while hi s par ent s trotted around th e g lo b e. As a re sul t. his fo rm ative years were spent in a var iety of board ing schoo ls. A rare instance of th e three act ing as a fam ily. an d thus mak ing an indeli ble im pression o n Tim , w as wh en th ey a ll at te nde d HALY BROS. CiRCUS wh en he was six . A so uvenir fr om t hat d ay was a p ho to o f the sm iling f ami ly w it h the c ircus headlin ers. t he FLYING GRAYSONS. DICK GRAYSON held Tim in his arm s and said he'd dedicate hi s perfor mance t hat night t o the younger boy. It w as the same fateful performan ce that saw JOHN and MARY GRAYSON fall to their death s. p ut ti ng Dick o n a pat h th at led him to be c o m ing Bat ma n's f irst par tn er, ROBIN. The Drak es rushed Tim o ut of t he t en t in th e traged y's w ake . The even t see med to ha ve alte red th e family d yn amic - suddenl y things w eren't th e sam e be t we en Jac k and Jan et . Sti ll . t hey co ntinued to travel. O ne trip took them to Ha it i, wh ere they w er e unfo rt unately kidn ap ped by t he OBEAH MAN . He held them as ho sta g es, de man ding money, whi ch b ro ug ht Batman ou t o f Goth am to save two of it s c it izens. While th e Dark Knig ht apprehend ed t he O be ah Man , th e Drakes fe ll ill aft er drinking w at er a ltered by t he mad mys tic . Ja net d ied and Jac k fell into a coma , a state in w hic h he w oul d re m ain for so me m onths. ( D etec tive Comics # 618- 6 21, Late Jul y - September 199 0 ) Wh en he di d w ak e up , he was left pa ral yzed and con fined t o a w he elch air. By t hi s ti me , Tim had d iscovered Bat m an 's secret identity and convi nced t he crime fight er t o tr ain him as the third Rob in. A s a result, when Jack w as alert and wan t ed to be clos er to his son, thin g s g rew co m p licat ed . Jack o bjected to Tim 's close re lat io nship wi th t heir neigh bo r BRUCE W AYNE, and he w as often b it te r. That cha nged , th oug h. w hen he b egan to fall in lo ve w ith his p hys ical th erapi st Dan a Winter s. Her arriva l so ft ened th e m o o d bet w ee n father and so n, w hic h th ri lled b oth. In due

Given his physi cal and emo t io na l trauma, Ja ck co u ld n' t keep on t op o f his bus iness dealings, and so o n after th e w edd ing , Drake Industries face d bank ru p tc y. Th e Drakes had to g ive up the ir mans ion, and Jac k str uggl ed w it h d epre ssion u nti l he w as con v inced he'd seen a vision of Jan et telli ng him it was tim e to mo ve forwa rd . He to o k th is liter all y, and w he n Go t ham City

t im e, Jac k a nd Dana m arr ied . Jack also be c am e a victim in BANE'S schem e to c rus h Batman. Ban e k id na p pe d Jack (Detective Co m ics #665, Augu st 19 93 ), although he w as eve nt ually rescued by Bru ce Wayne and A LFRED PENNYWORTH . (Robin [secon d series] #7 , June 19 94 )

married JACK DRAKE and g ave b irt h t o TIM, w ho beca m e the third ROBIN.

beca me a No MAN'S LAND, he reloca te d hi s fa m ily t o Key stone City, alt ho ug h t hey ev entually moved back t o Gotha m He ight s after th e city w as re stored . In their new home, Jack grew co nc ern ed about Tim 's frequent absen ce s and lon g hours away from home. After catching his son in a lie, Jack tore t hrou g h his room and d isco ve red the real rea son: Tim w as Rob in. Furiou s, Dra ke con fronte d Wa y ne, th reatening to ki ll and / or expose him. (Robin [second serie s] #124 , May 2004) To appease hi s father, Tim agreed t o stop b ein g Robin and spe nd more time at ho me . This last ed until a crisis precipit ated by Tim 's rep lac em ent, Stepha nie Brow n- aka SPOILER. She unin t ent io nally ignited a g ang w ar, and when Tim 's high school wa s a targe t , he de fied his father t o act as Robin. By the n, howev er, Jac k had come to realize the good hi s so n coul d do and tacitly agreed t o his resu m p t io n o f a crime-figh tin g career. Jack Drake became a victim, thou g h, w hen the deranged Jean Loring . ex-w ife o f th e ATOM, beg an t arg eting th e loved o nes o f super heroes in o rde r to w in her for m er husband back. She co vert ly hired CAPTAIN BOOM ERANG to kill Jack , w hile also sendin g Jack a p isto l so t he co nfro nt atio n could end in a sta lem at e. Loring's idea was th at t hey 'd kill eac h other, framin g th e rogue as the true ki ller of the ELONGATED MAN'S w ife, SUE D,BNY. While Tim listened in over an op en phone line, Jack shot Boome rang just as the cu rved weapon also struck Jack in the chest, leav ing both men dea d. (I den tity Crisis # 5, December 2004 )



Janet Drake was a GOTHAM CITY-born woman w ho

DRAKE, MORTIMER Mort im er Drake w as a cos t umed crim ina l better kno w n t o law enfo rcem ent as t he CAVALIER.

a security t ape show ing Bat m an and Ro bin in act ion and he recognized the Boy Wond er 's quadruple so me rsa u lt from the circu s. He had f igured out the Dyna mi c Duo's secret id en ti t ies. Captivated, Tim foll owed th eir careers w ith keen in terest, keeping th e secret t o him self. His o bservat io ns al er ted him t o the chan g e in Ro bi ns, from Grayso n to JASON TODD. In th e w ake o f Todd's d eath, Tim also w at ch ed as Batman b ec am e gri m me r, m ore v io lent , and even rec kless. Ti m trac ked down t he form er Boy W o nd er and t ri ed t o co nvi nce Dic k t o go back and he lp his me nto r. (New Titan s # 6 0 , December 1989 ) The best p ro m ise Dick co u ld m ake was to work with Batman in hi s current ro le as N,GHTW,NG. While th is helped , Tim co u ld n't shake t he notio n that Batman need ed a ful l-time Ro b in . Using his knowledg e, he approached ALFR ED PENNYWORTH and tal ked hi s way into o b tai ning th e Robin cos tume Batman ke p t in th e BATCAVE'S tr ophy area . In uniform fo r t he fir st t im e, Tim aided Batman and Nig ht wi ng in thei r latest b at t le with Two- FACE. (Ba tman #442, 1989 ) Bat m an wa s angry, unw ill ing t o put ye t another tee n at ri sk as he carried ou t his ven d etta against cri mi na ls, but both Nightwi ng and A lf re d saw the value Tim could bri ng t o Batman 's life . Slowl y, he all owed hi m self t o b e co nvinced , b ut he ref used to sanc t ion Tim u ntil he t rained and tra ined hard . Fir st A lfred worked with Tim , follow ed by Batman; even Dick helped exp lain how t o deal with th eir m entor's grim mood iness . During this t ime Tim took full ad vant ag e o f his pa rents' frequent ab sen c es to devote near ly every w aking ho u r to ei t her sc hool o r t raining. All that cha nged w hen the Drakes were kid nap ped in Haiti. Bat man flew down to rescu e th em from the OBEAH MAN, but t he confrontation le ft Janet Drake d ead and Jack Dr ake in a com a. (D etec t ive Comics # 591, Septem ber 1990) A s Jack slo w ly recovered, Batman qu estioned wh ether o r not Tim co uld co ntro l hi s emot io ns and b e effec ti ve . Unl ike Bat m an, Tim w as m or e eve n-tempere d , des iring to b e Robi n to do g o o d as opposed t o Bat m an and Dick Grayson's need to exac t revenge aga inst crimi nals. After Tim rescu ed the Dark Knight and V' CK,VALE fr om the SCARECROW. Batm an finally sanction ed th e new Robin. (Batman #457, December 1990) Bat m an tho ug ht he had ta ug ht Ro b in we ll, b ut


he knew there were others who could enhance that education. As a result, he sent Tim to study under many of the sam e people who'd initially trained BRUCE W AYNE. (Robin #1-5 , January-May 1991) The new tra in ing began for the Teen Wonder In Paris with RAHUL LAMA, a martial arts master. As Tim learned healing techniques, he had his in itial encounter with the KING SNAKE, head of the GHOST DRAGONS, and his teen aide LYNX. More Importantly, he met LADYSHIVA, who gifted him with her personal t ime and attention. She also rewarded him with his c hoice of weapon, and he adopted a Bo staff. The collaps ible tool was modified to emit a wh istl ing sou nd . After Robin refused to kill King Snake to complete hrs training, Lady Shiva abandoned him. Soon aft er, he returned to Gotham City and began wo rk In earnest as Batman's new partner. DUring th is period, Jack Drake came out of hrs coma and was confined to a wheelchair. As he endured a long period of physical therapy-in which he began to fall for hrs trainer, Dana Winters-he also wanted to spend more time with his son. This added new stress to Tim's limited free time. Jack at fi rst objected to Tim's closeness to Bruce Wayne, but with Dana's he lp, even those wound s healed. It wa s the first time Tim had felt any real sense of family. He also built up a circle of fr iends in public sc ho o l, where he met and fell for ARIANA

December 1992-March 1993) They were an Item for some time, grounding Tim 's noncostumed life. In addition to his work alongside Batman, Tim also single-handedly fought old-time opponents such as CLUEMASTER and the JOKER while taking on newer threats such as the SPEEDBOYZ and the GENERAL. Tim also began to interact with other costumed crime fighters around America, Including numerous peers who gathered to form YOUNG JUSTI CE. Among the charter members was Superboy, a genetic cl one derived from both SUPERMAN'S and LEX LUTHOR'S DNA. Tim and Superboy became best friends, each understand ing what the other was going through as they sought to find their way in the world without being lost In the shadows cast by their respective mentors. Given hrs training, and Batman and Nig ht w ing 's reputations, people naturally gravitated toward levelhead ed Tim Drake as their lead er. Even when he wasn 't their elected captain, most turned to him for direction in moments of crisis . Tim's worlds meshed when he encountered Cluemaster's daughter, STEPHANIE BROWN. She donned her self-made costume as the SPOILER to thwart her father's criminal ways in an attempt to ret ain some semblance of a family. Stephanie was desperate to find affection and ap p roval wherever she could . Shortly after she and Robin crossed paths, she learned that she was pregnant with

her mother, Crystal, and deciding what to do, Tim grew closer to her, first as a supportive fr iend (d isq ursed as Alvin Draper when not rn Robin gear), and th en as a romantic partner. After she gave birth and put the child up for adoption, she returned to her role as Spoiler, and her relationship with Tim deepened. Spoiler slowly became a part of the extended team of crime fighters working for Batman in Gotham City. She craved full acceptance but her training was iffy, despite Tim 's help. Their relationship grew compli cated when Jack decided that Tim needed better scho oling and dispatched him to the nearby BRENTWOOD ACADEMY, where he stayed for about a year. He made a new circle of friends and continued his adventuring as Robin, both solo and alongside the Dark Knight. Alfred Initially accompanied him to ease the transition. (Robin #74, March 2000) Robin was left reeling after Batman recruited Spo iler and told her that his partner was really Tim Drake . (Rob in #87, April 2001) Meanwhile, Tim was present during a series of catastrophic Incidents plaguing Gotham's cit izens . The cycle began when BANE came to Gotham t o destroy Batman and wound up crippling him . Rob in worked along side Batman's chosen successo r, JEAN-PAUL VALLEY, until Valley's training as A ZRAEL forced him to not only work solo but also become a more v iolent defender of justice. Tim tried to work with him but wound up locked out of the BATCAVE. ( Det ec t ive Comics #665, August 1993) After Bruce Wayne healed and took back the mantle of the Bat , Robin was once more at his side . There was a brief time when Dick substituted as Batman, allowing him and Tim to form a tight, sibling-l ike bond. ( Ba tm an #512, November 1994) Soon after, Robin was stricken with the CLENCH, an Ebola-A virus unleashed on the city. Fortunately the heroes found a cure in time. Finally, an earthquake devastated the city and forced the US government to withdraw funding and support. When the city was cut off, turning it into a No MAN'S LAND, Tim was determined to stay behi nd and help Gotham adjust. Instead, rus father re located the family to Keystone City, which made Tim's career as Robin a nightmare. He continued to fight crime with Young Ju stice , and even teamed up on occasion with Impulse in Keystone, but also found his way back to Gotham as needed. Jack did move the family back once the city was reunited with the country. Around this time, Young Justice was drawn Into a battle precipitated by an android from the future that decimated the ranks of the team along with Nightwing's TEEN TITANS. On ce the first Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, was killed at the battle's climax, the teen heroes chose to disband. Robin was left without a regular peer group and remained act ive only with Batman. That changed when the Titan Cyborg wanted to reactivate his team and use It as a training ground for the next generation of heroes. For months Tim shuttled to San Francisco each weekend to train and adventure with the new Teen Titans ro ster. He wa s thrilled. (Teen Titans [third series] # 1, September 2003) Tim Drake left the Brentwood Academy and moved back to Gotham after Jack Drake declared

DZERCHENKO. (Robin 11/: Cry of the Huntress #1-6,

another teen's child. As she st ruggled with tell ing

bankruptcy. (Robin [ second series] #100, May 2002)


Once th e Drakes settled in Gotham He ights, th ough, Jack began to wo nd er ab ou t Tim 's lo ng absences. After catc hing his son in a lie, he invest ig at ed hi s room and d iscovered the truth reg ard ing his whereabout s. Jack wa s ang ry and confronted Bru ce Wayne, threatening to reve al his secret. ( Robin [ seco nd seri es] # 124-1 26 , May-July 200 4). Forc ed int o an impo ssibl e sit uat ion, Tim agreed to step down as Robi n and rema in a m em b er o f the Drake fam ily. Afte r all-as he t ime and aga in told Batm a n an d Nigh t w in g and ot he rs-h e enj oy ed his adven tu res as Robi n, but saw h ims e lf gro w ing into an adult and hanging up the co stume in favor of a "normal " life. And that meant family had to take pr iority. Step han ie lobbied to be come t he new Ro bin and Batman agreed , hoping to finally give her the training she needed . Meanwhile, Tim wa s going to sc hool and staying home at night. his romance with Spo iler definitely o n the rocks . However, when Stephanie fa iled in her new role and was fired, she activated a WAR GAM ES scenario sh e found in the Batcompu t er, hopi ng to prove her w orth . The p lan wa s flawed and led to untold vi o lenc e throughout Gotham as rival g angs were drawn into war, Tim did

what he could t o p ro t ec t those around him, until his hig h sch o ol bec ame a batt lef iel d as g ang s tried to kid nap DARLA A OUISTA, d aughter of a c rim e boss, f o r ran som . Tim sp rang in to act ion u nt il he lp co uld arrive, and he ma nag ed to save m any alt ho ugh Aquista d ied from her w ounds. Ja c k finall y rec o g ni zed all the good Tim cou ld do as Robin and gave h is approval fo r the te en to resume his c o st u me d ro le. He w e nt back to wo rk , b ut too lat e t o save Step han ie, w ho di ed from in ju ri es su sta ined during t he t im e BLACK MASK tort ur ed he r. So o n a f ter, trag ed y arrived in th e su pe r - hero co m m u nit y as loved o nes to the hero es w ere b eing targ eted. Ja ck was drawn int o t his sche m e, cr eated by th e A TOM'S ex-wife Jea n Loring , to get her hus b and back . He fir st found a gun wa iting for him in the house, and th en he heard an intrud er. Jack c alled Tim , via ORACLE, who wa s on p atrol with Batman . As the BATM081LE speed through th e city, Tim heard the attack, which left Jack Dr ake dead from CAPTAIN BOOMERANG'S razorrang , and the gunfire that took Boomerang 's lif e. Ja ck's death left Tim d eva stated a nd sent his sec o nd wife, Dana, in to a p sychot ic breakdown .

Reject in g Bru ce 's o ffe r to adopt him, Tim rel o cated t o BLUDHAVEN, insta lli ng Dana at a ho sp it al. Tim w ent so fa r as to cr eate a fic t it iou s Uncle Ed d ie w ith w hom he co ul d sta y, b ut Batman soo n lea rne d t hat th is w as a ruse w it h Edd ie b eing played by an actor. Bru c e tr ied to len d assistance, an d Alfred w ent to BIOdhav en on num erous o cca sio ns t o help as we ll. BATGIRL had also moved to t he c ity, and the two fo ught and tra in ed t og ether, gi v in g Tim an ou t let for th e tu m ul tu o us em o t ions he was han d ling . The teen wa s at a cro ssro ads of sor ts . He enjoyed b ein g Ro b in an d found him self an orp ha n like Bru c e and Dick, wondering if that meant he would b e a vengean ce-driven hero. His lif e grew m ore com pl ex when a reality-altering wave broug ht his pr ed ece ssor, Ja so n Todd , back to lif e. To d d wa s now in an adult body, angry not only at be ing repl aced as Batma n's partn er but also at seeing Tim so readily accepted by the Titans, a team that had seemed to barely tolerate him years earlie r. The two battled to a standstill and then Todd vani shed , reappear ing as the RED HOOD, determined to make Batma n' s world a m iserab le o ne. Tim co n ti nu ed to w eigh his o p ti o ns wh en he wa s made a new offer. The VETERAN, a m il it ary-styled hero who led a team, thought to ok to be o n his squad . To t est w orked al o ng sid e th em and had alt houg h he ultimatel y tu rne d (Ro bin #138 , Ju ly 20 0 5)

Tim had what it the waters, Robi n several successes, t he offer down ,

But t hen c am e t he event s kno wn as INF'NITE CRISIS. Robin wa s d ef end ing BIOdhave n along side th e Vete ran and o th er s aga inst OMACs. After t he ci t y wa s secured , he was asked by Do nna Troy t o he lp t he Titans elsew he re. Robi n fought a lon gs ide his fell ow Titans plus t he Doo m Pat ro l an d th e leg enda ry JUSTICE SOCIETY OF A MERICA, b ut w at c hed in horror as hi s be st fr iend, Superboy, di ed in battle with Su pe rm an- Prime . De spite their b est e ffor t s, th e he roic rank s w ere dwindling and BIOd hav en wa s d estroyed by the creatu re ca lled Che mo. Robin wa s then asked by Sup erman t o co m m and the heroe s' combined rescue effort s, That lasted until th e f ed era l government in stalled its own team of m eta-human re scuers , (Infinite Crisis ItS, It 7, Apri l, June 2006 ) When the du st set t led and Su perb oy- Pri m e's threat fina lly en de d o n Earth , Tim wa s lef t to assess hi s future. Fir st his mother ha d d ie d, then Ste p hani e Br own, followed quickly by hi s father and hi s be st fr iend. Even his favorite su pe r her o , BLUE BEETLE II, lo st his life during t his t im e. It a ll cou ld have ta ken it s t o ll on the te en . Inst ead , he had the love and sup p or t o f Bruc e and Dick, w hich hel pe d hi m heal. In fac t , Bruc e t oo k th e two around the w o rld , meet in g w it h his tea cher s once more, ret ra in in g and read yin g the heroes fo r a new era. After six mont hs Bruce sent Dic k and Tim ba c k to Gotham t o cont inu e t o lo ok after the ci ty. (52 #30, Novembe r 200 6 ) Tim moved, w it h Alfred 's he lp, int o the Way ne Estate's Car riag e Hou se, a pla ce h e co ul d fina lly ca ll his own. He th en return ed t o action as Robin. d rawn into a sche m e by Batg irl to bring him to her sid e. Tim was given ye t another emot ional wallop wh en he found Batg irl 's body, but it wa s revealed that she was Ly nx from the Ghost Dragons. ( Rob in [ second ser ies] #14 8 , May 2006 )


As he investigated, Tim encountered Lady Shiva once more. She warned him of so m eon e taking ov er the LEAGU EOF ASSASSINS in the wake o f RA's AL GHUL and his daughter NYSSA RAATKO'S apparent d eath s. A s Rob in inv est ig at ed , he found Batg irl 's co w l and a note, in Navajo cod e, telling him to break DAVID CAIN out of prison or Cain 's daughter, Batgirl, would die. Robin complied , only to learn that it wa s all a ruse orchestrat ed by Batgirl, now in charge of the League and hoping to lure Robin to her sid e. She asked him to kill Cain but Tim refused , so she shot her fath er . Robin bolted, fearin g what had become of his ally and fri end . Upon Tim 's return to Gotham, he encountered Owen Mercer, son of Captai n Boomerang, w ho so ug h t forg iveness for his father's heinou s crime, Owen joined Robin in finding a bomb planted by the Joker but in the end, the Teen Wonder still refused to shake Mer cer 's hand. He wa s healing but wa sn 't ready to offer forgiven ess. Batman th en returned to Gotham City, and the Dynamic Duo was reunited . They im m ed iat ely had to figure o ut who wa s kill ing minor members o f Batman's Rogues Gallery despite suspicion being t hro w n HARVE Y DENT'S way. Dur ing the c o u rse of the case , which cl ear ed Dent but revealed the GREAT WHITE SHARK as the underworld 's new boss, Bru ce Wayne took st ock of their lives and on ce more offered to adopt Tim. Thi s time, th e offer

wa s accepted . ( Ba tm an #6S4, August 2006) Tim subseq uently moved int o W AYNE MANOR , taking over the room that Dick and the n Jason had used . Tim was soon after captured and tied up by the Joker but managed to escape o n his own , which Batman acknowledged and c o m m end ed . The bonds were d eepening between them d espite ob stacles that would c o nt inue to be in the ir path. ( Det ec t ive Comics #826, February 2007) Back at a new school, Tim wa s once more mak ing friends , including a girl named loann e who was at f irst hi s tutor. She so o n became something more to him , and the two began dating. Robin continued his work with the Teen Titans, oversee ing a thorough over hau l of t he ro ster that brought him into close contact with seve ra l her o ine s who found him attract iv e. He wa s still mourning Stephanie and even Superboy, so he was surprised when he found himself k issing Cassie Sandsmark, t he seco nd Wond er Girl, Sup erboy's former girlfriend. Tim was also secretly using ad vanced te chnology underneath Titans Tower to try to cl o ne a new Superboy , b ut met with countless failur es. Like his me ntor, Tim had be g un to co llec t reminders of th e loss es he'd endu red in his sho rt life . Among the items he retained were c lo t hing from his parents and the uniforms worn by Sup erboy and Spoiler.

Tim was a growing boy; he'd begun hi s new life at five foot one, but adolescence brought a devel oping body . Wh ile measuring at average height and weight for boys his age, Tim possessed heig hte ne d strengt h, ag ility , endurance , and ey e­ hand c o o rd inati o n as a result of his training at th e hands of the world's greatest teach er s. He proved to be a bright stud ent, ma stering hi s school subjects in addition to crim inology and other skills required for a cr ime fighter. A qu ick st ud y, Tim proved to be an excellent tactician and had a superb eye for body language. Batman even adm itted that Tim was sma rter than both A lfred and himself. ( Robin #136, May 200S) As Ro bi n, Tim w ore a variety of un iforms hark ing ba ck to the red , green, and yellow outfit first used by Dick Grayson. Over time, the materials used pr ov ided additional layers of protection without sacrif icing maneuverability. While he wore a modified UTILITY BELT, Tim preferred his Bo staff and an R-shaped throwinq star he wore as a chest embl em.

DREW, "DIMPLES" The c rim inal " Dim p les" Drew organized an underworld Olympics, ba sing it in an abandoned airplane hangar in Or ville, an hour's drive from GOTHAM CiTY. These games were des igned to find the underworld's best safecracker, burglar, and so on . Drew was no fool and anticipated that Batman

would learn o f t he g am es and infiltrat e them in ord er to apprehend the par ti ci p ants . He o f fe red a m illio n-dollar pr ize to the m an w ho could correctly pierce Bat man 's d isgu ise. In add it io n, Drew rig ged th e ga mes so his ow n men wou ld win, allo wi ng him t o p o ck et bot h wi nnings and e ntry fees. Bat ma n had infi ltrated th e games and was ex posed, as pl an ned , b ut he and ROBIN st ill man ag ed to shut down t he event and arrest the pa rt ici p an t s. ( Ba tma n # 8 2, March 19 54 )

DRISCOLL, PETER Dr. Pet er Dr iscoll suf fe re d a b low to the hea d and de ve lo p ed t emporar y am nesia, resu lti ng in his not knowi ng in which city he'd left a package. Th e package co ntained a via l fill ed w ith a deadly d isease he had b een researching ; if it was rel eased , so me innocent m etro p ol is was impe riled. Bat m an and ROBIN cra ft ed an ing enious ruse to shock Dr isc o ll's m ind , res toring his memo ry. The via l was safely recovered . ( Ba tma n #90, Mar c h 19 55)



Marcu s Dri ver wa s th e last officer select ed by JA"ES GORDON to be m ad e detecti ve be fore t he pol ice co m mi ssion er 's retirement. He jo ined the MAJORCRIMES UNIT and was p art nered w ith vet eran cop Charlie Field s. While investigating a m issing fourteen -year­ o ld, th ey entered an apa rt me nt and unexpectedly encounte red MISTER FREEZE. Driv er's hand s were iced by Miste r Freeze 's weapon, bu t Field s was ent irely frozen . The villai n beg an chi p pin g away at t he iced body, dem and ing th at Driver provide information . When Freeze fin ally got what he wa s after, he shattered th e fr ig id remain s of Fields. Field s had b een out spoken abo ut his b el ief t hat the GOTHAM C,TY POLICE DEPARTM ENT had grown t o o de pend en t on Bat m an and h is caped co lleagu es. His tra gi c d eath m ad e Driver re solve neve r to need a cape's assis ta nce o n a c ase. He we nt so fa r as t o su m m o n Bat ma n t o th e G.c. p.D. ro o ft op and announ ce he d id not need th e Dark Knig ht's assist an ce. Batm an demand ed tha t Driver never repeat th e st un t. The b rown-eyed , b row n-haired detective wa s subsequently partnered with ROMY CHANDLER. Ove r a short space of time, t he two began a clandes tine affair, kno wn o nly to t hemselves and STACY, the MCU's civ ilian aid e. (Go tham Cen tra l #1, Feb ru ary 2003 )

DRYE, DANA Batman co nsidered Dana Drye th e gr eat est detective o f t hem all. When t he t w o men w ere gat hered at a c o nfe rence of notable de tec ti ves, a sho t rang ou t and Dry e, t he guest o f ho no r, fell dea d . Ba t man took charg e o f his fell ow detectives, ste e ri ng the investigation . In time, Batman learned that Dry e had been dyin g fro m a disease an d created th e elaborate ploy, a stu mper t o be rem em bered by . As Bat m an st ud ied Drye's pap er s, he fo und a jo urn al in wh ich t he g reat sleut h had recorded hi s observatio ns, in clu din g th e secret o f Batman 's id entity. Batman

DUBOIS, LOUIS The mi no r crimi na l Lo uis DuBo is was a threat to Batman in h is gu ise as the sec o nd MONK.

DUCARD, HENRI Henri Du c ar d was o ne of severa l people wh o agreed to t rain BRUCEW AYNE in his ques t to b eco m e a liv in g weapo n aga ins t c rime. (De tec ti ve Co mics #599 , April 1989 ) Wayne travel ed to Pari s and so ug ht out Duc ar d for his renown ed skill s as a detective. Ducard agreed to train W ayn e, and th ey spent sev eral m o nt hs wor king together. A ll the w hile. howev e r, the eag er t ee nag er never realized t ha t Duca rd w as la rg el y an am o ral man w ho w o rked w it h b oth sides o f th e law. A fte r Wayn e becam e Batman, he enco unte red Duc ard agai n w hile invest ig at ing an attempt t o w rest co nt rol o f W AYNE ENTERPRISES away fro m him . Ducard, his ski lls sharp as eve r, recogn ized that t he Dark Knight and Wayn e w ere one and the same. Rath er than exploit th e knowl ed ge, he kept it to himself. Wayne finally reco g nize d Ducard's lack of mo rals but st ill thou gh t w ell enou g h of th e man t o let him co nt in ue t o operate . So on t hereaft er, w hen TIM DRAKE w as al so g lobe trott ing as part of his ow n tr ain in g to b ecom e ROBIN, he and Du card encou nte red eac h o t he r in Pari s, leading th em to work t og eth er o n a case in Hon g Ko ng . (Robin #2, Februa ry 1991) The two met aga in when Ro b in we nt to Par is in search of a cu re to th e CLENCH v iru s. (Rob in [second ser ies] # 32 , A ugu st 1996) Ducard also encou nt e red CATWOMAN when she journeyed to Pari s o n a m issio n. (Catwoman #17, January 1995)


Wayn e becam e the Cap ed Cr usade r, he eve nt ually revea led his secret to Du nd ee, b ring ing hi m into his confidence an d m aking Dun d ee his person al doctor. Du nd ee got t o see his friend in ac ti o n after t w o cr imi nals interrupted his examinati on o f W ay ne, in sisti ng th ey rem ove a bullet from th e arm of one o f the m . After Dund ee complied and t he thugs left w it h ma ny of his drugs, Wa y ne used hi s vas t sk ills t o track th em dow n an d b ring t hem to justice. ( Ba tm an #304, O ct ob er 1978 )

DUNN, FELIX Fe lix Dunn was a mod ern -d ay man w ho suffered a concussion t hat left him b eli ev ing he w as a vi llainous k ni g ht from Arth u rian tim es. He became the BLACK ROGUE.

DUPLICATE MAN An un named crimin al devised advanced technolog y t hat c rafted a perfect duplicate of himself. Whe never he des ired , he coul d dematerialize o ne body-a handy skill for avoiding ca pt ure . Clad in blue and o range . he took the nam e Du plicate Man and d ed icat ed himself to acquiri ng t he w o rld 's greatest inventions en route to becomin g t he w o rld 's greatest villai n. He beg an executi ng his p lan but w as stopped co ld by Batman, ROBIN, and SUPER"AN. (World's Fin est Comics #10 6, December 195 9 )

DURFEE, JIM As a chi ld Jim Dur f ee was fasc inat ed by guns, p ut ti ng him on a path tha t led t o an ad ult career as a hit m an . He failed on an assig nm ent to assassinat e BRUCEWAYNE and was soon after sho t dead by a cop wh o t ho ught Durfee w as ro b bing a jewelry store. ( World's Finest Comics # 34, May/ June 1948)


Cosmo Du g g er was a career crim inal who bri efl y used th e mon iker SKULL DUGGER.

DUMPLER,HUMPHREY Hump hre y Dumpier was an ove rw ei g ht, slig ht ly m isshap en man , t aunted since chi ld hoo d . He turn ed t o crime and wa s b et t er know n as HUMPTY DUMPTY.

DUMPSTER SLASHERS, THE _ Karl Branneck and V it o Proc acci ni teamed up t o attac k innocent ci t izens and leave t hem in Du mpste r s arou nd GOTHA" CITY. The y ca me to Bat m an 's a t te nt io n when Kate Babcock, a social worker w ho m BRUCE W AYNE k new, b ecame th eir vic t im . ( Bat m an # 414 , December 1987) Bat man invest ig at ed b ut w as d istract ed t ime and again un ti l he fi nal ly t racked down the t wo ki llers. (Batman # 4 21- 4 22, Ju ly-August 1988)


DURGIN, HAL Hal Durg in w as a bril lian t scie ntis t w ho d evi sed a mach in e st y led after a camera. When it snapped a p icture of an objec t , it would actually dematerialize the object an d store it ins ide as da ta . When he w as safe ly bac k in his lab , Durg in could t he n transmit th e da ta to restore the obj ec t to its p roper size and shape. Rather than profit from selling th e technology, he used it for a series of ba f fling crim es. When Batm an tri ed to apprehend hi m , ROBIN acc ide nt ally hit Du rgin 's arm, and Batman was c ap tured by t he came ra. The Cap ed Cru sader wa s converted in to a liv ing neg at ive im ag e of him sel f th at , w hen exposed t o d irect sunlig ht , rapid ly w eak en ed ; he would so o n d ie. W ith Robin 's he lp, t hey t rac ked down Durg in and had him use t he camera on t he Neg ative Batm an, rest o ri ng him to norma l. Dur g in wa s then ap p rehe nd ed and the ca mera t aken int o cust o d y. (De tect ive Comics #284, O ct o b er 19 60 )

DURIM Durim w as th e pla neta ry ho m e t o Logi , a loca l hero, and his ne m es is, HROGUTH , bo th of wh o m had an encoun ter wi th Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN. (World's Fines t Comics #124 , Mar ch 19 6 2)

su bseque ntly told his fell ow s that Dry e's d eath cou ld not be so lved, then confided in ROBIN t ha t if Drye could kee p Bat m an's sec ret, he wou ld ho no r

Dr. Douglas Du nd ee w as both a p hysici an an d a fri en d to THO"AS and MARTHA W AYNE o n Ear t h -l. It wa s Dun d ee wh o delivered BRUCE W AYNE, with Tho m as's help. He remain ed a family friend eve n af te r th e W ayn es w er e m urdered , o ff er ing t he youth frie nd shi p and counse l at t he ir g rav e site . He wa s t here to see Bruce g ro w into a you ng

the dead man's wis hes and keep his ow n secret as well. (Batman #14 , Dec em ber 1942/January 194 3)

m an, excelling at foo tbal l before he set out t o tr ain en route to bec om ing th e Batman. Once

as secre ta ry o f science in New GOTHAM C,TY. He was also th e inventor of a time machine, wh ich w as stolen

DURR, JON In a p ot ent ial twenty-f irst cen tury, Jo n Du rr serv ed


for criminal purposes by his brother Rak. While


and the relationship co o led. Ariana and her mother,

serving as Jon's ass istant, Rak learned that a unique alloy derived from KRYPTONITE and the legendary

Batman and his various ROBINS were dubbed the Dynami c Duo by GOTHAM CITY'S media.

Natalia. moved in w ith her uncle in Gotham He ights, where they opened Vari & Natty's Deli & Salad Bar.


Ariana drifted out of Tim's life. (Robin 11/: Cry of the Huntress #1, December 1992)

Thor's hammer, miolnir. would result in something with "fantastic powers ." Us ing the time machine, he traveled back to the twentieth century to obtain

Ariana Dzerchenko was TIM DRAKE'S first serious

kryptonite and then farther back to AD 522 to steal

girlfriend, the daughter of a Soviet patriot relocated

Thor's hammer. He almost succeeded in his plan

to GOTHAM CITY. The family settled in the Little

but was stopped by Batman. ROBIN, and SUPERMAN. (World's Finest Comics #135, August 1963)

George Dyke wa s better known to Batman and the GOTHAM CITY POliCE DEPARTMENT as the GORILLA Boss OF

Odessa section of the city and opened Dzerchenko Quality Meats, which had modest success. As the Russian mob grew in influence, it decided to force Ariana's father. varl , to cooperate. which re sulted in his death at the hands of the KGBEAST. Ariana and Tim met in school, became friends, and turned

GOTHAM after a bizarre experiment.

into romantic partners until a family tragedy st r uc k



EAGLE,THE Batma n and ROBIN at temp t ed t o preven t t he JOKER from maki ng o ff w it h the Gotham Bo ok Fair's receipts bu t wound up trapped w ith in an arm o red car. The heavy metal doors were ripped apart by a figu re dre ssed in an ora nge-and-tan feathered c o st um e. Clawed g loves gripped t he d oor . . . and th e Dyn am ic Duo was rescu ed by GOTHAM CiTY'S lates t pro tector, the Eag le. Once freed, the he ro es p ur sued th e Jo ker th rough g iant replicas of cl assic books, but t he Clo w n Prince of Crime esca pe d . Back at t he BATCAVE, the de ject ed crime fighters were sur p rised to discover t he Eag le awaiting t he m, and wh en he unm asked t hey w ere shocked to see th at th eir savior was ac t ua lly ALFRED PENNYWORTH. He exp la ined t hat w hile clea ning t he trophy room,

he'd falle n and been enmeshed in w ires from a weapon c reat ed by "Doc " Cran ium, w hich caused a discha rge that w ent t hr ou gh a cr yst al fr om ou ter space and struck th e bu t ler. The result? A lfred gained incred ib le superpowers. He f ina lly had his ch ance to j oi n the t eam , indu lging a d esire to fight c rim e tha t he had harb o red sinc e ente ring BRUCE W AYNE'S employ. A relu c tant Bat m an, who had already sanctioned BATWOMAN and had bee n duped by DEADSHOT,cou ldn't po ssibl y say no to Al f red , Ove r the followin g day Ba tma n, Ro b in, and th e Eag le w ent into act io n, but A lfred lac ked tra inin g and experie nc e-wh ich no amount of power cou ld g ive him . Eac h attempt to apprehe nd th e Jo ke r tu rn ed in to an embarrassing failu re. Fin ally, ju st as h is powe rs fad ed, A lfred finally he lp ed hi s idols br ing th e Joke r t o justice . (Ba tman #127, October 1959 )

COtSTt..IMEO ,t='IGt..I,QE


o f the ci ty t o p rotec t and fo ught ag a inst st reet gangs and cos t umed felons to ma ke t he area safe for resid ents.


The eas te rn end of GOTHAM C,TY was said t o be p oll uted w it h t averns, strip cl ubs , pr ostit utes, and c ri me, Slums bordered th e historic O ld Go tha m, a p o rt ion of th e c ity saved from da mage d uring

The first Ec ho was a c ost um ed foe opposed by the Cri mson Avenge r. ( De tec tive Comics #49 , March 1941) The seco nd was NINA DAM FINO, who par tne re d with DEIRDRE VANCE t o assist the RIDDL ER in t he cos t um ed gu ises of QUERY an d Echo. Their pa r tn er ship be g an w he n t he women we re bikers who adopted sexy, di str acting costumes to commit a ser ies o f ro bberies. O ne night th ey found a down-on- his­ luc k Riddler, w ho saw th em as a way t o b righ ten his lif e. They w ere clea rly t rai ned fi gh t er s and fou nd t he Riddl er od dly c harism at ic. Toge the r the trio hit GOTHAM CiTY'S Reservoir Street Cash Depository. Caref ully, th ey subvert ed the im pregnable vault 's safe ty devices, and - as t he w o m en fo ught Batman as a distractio n- the Prince o f Puz zle rs made o f f wi t h t he cas h. Nex t , th ey stole pricel ess violins,

a devastat ing eart hquake. The Amicus Aven ue Projec ts we re in t hi s area ; A lleyt own, a net w o rk of co b b les to ne street s, formed a small bo rou gh between th e East End and O ld Go t ham . Built ove r two hu nd red years ag o as a way to ho use a larg e p op ulation o f immigrant s and keep them out of sigh t,

hol di ng t hem fo r ranso m from a mogu l. Whe n Query an d Ec ho arrived fo r th e p ay m e nt , the mogul pr ov ed to be a disgui sed Batm an, who apprehend ed t hem . ( De tec t i ve Comics A nn ua l #8, 199 5) A lt hough Echo II has resurfaced , always w it h


it became t he home of thei r descendants. Jus t o ff McK in ley Street , CRIME A LLEY w as the n ic kname f o r PARK Row, w ho se tr anquility w as sha t te red forever by the mu rd ers o f THOMASand MARTHA W AYN E. Crime Al ley included a n ine-hundred-un it ho using p roj ect call ed t he Skir ley Apa rtm ents but better know n to lo cal s as "Scurvy Ci ty ." Hell 's Cr uci b le was o n th e lo w er east sid e no t far from Cri me A lley. CATWOMAN adopted t he East End as her sec tion

EAGLETON, MORRIS W hen Morris Eag let on and his partn er drank an anc ient formula, th ey were tra ns formed into humano id crea tures w ith stone-like sk in. Eag leton ba ttled Batman ove r t he GOTHAM C,TY sky line as t he GARGOYLE.



Query at her side, little has been recorded about her life . The third Echo was a heroine generated by an al ien device w ielded by the teenager Vicki Grant. Terri Eckhart was a pop star who went by th e nam e Echo g iven her meta -human ab ility to ref lect sound waves . She donned a costume and got hired for m ercenary heroic team the Cong lomerate. With her team, she encountered Batman and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF A MERICA on several occasions. (Justice League Quarterly #1, Winter 1990) The fifth and f inal Echo was a Russian woman who was wired up with advanced technology that allowed he r to acces s other peopl e's thoughts. She was also able to acce ss various aspects of t he electromagnetic spe ctrum . Th e unnamed eSp io nag e agent di sliked using the abilities be cause they caused her massive headach es. Desp it e her skills, Echo V wa s still no match for the Dark Knight during their on e encounter. (Legends o f the Dark Knight #11 9, July 1999)

ECKS, SIMON Sci ent ist Sim on Ecks co nst ruc ted a ma chin e that c reat ed an ele ctric lif e-f orm mirroring his ow n body. Toget her they be came th e superpowered cr imi nal DOCTOR DOUBLE-X.

EDISON Ed ison wa s a film fanat ic who turned to crime as the FILM FREAK, indulging his passi on with crim es ba sed o n classic cinema fr om generatio ns past.


EKDAL, EIVOL Elvol Ekda l wa s a master craft sm an who had two lines of items for sale: gadgets for performing escape artists and ing enio us traps for members of th e underworld. Carnado, a stage performer, bought devices for both activities, keeping Ekdal on retainer but claim ing cred it for the handiwork. For o ne hundred thousand dollars every year, Ekdal would build and provide th e Great Carnado with new tool s to use. The two enjoyed a long relationship that allowed the bald ing, slightly hunchbacked Ekda l to see hi s work appreciated by au diences as w ell as giving him the chance to need le handsome, vain Carnado. Despite the useful equipment, the Great Carnado wa s not neces sar ily a successful performer, and he found himself d riv en to robbery to pay Ekdal hi s annua l reta iner. When he robbed a bank of exactly one hundred thousand dollars, Batman grew c urious and b eg an inve st igat ing . Meantime, Ekdal showed Carnado a c ham b er that featured Plex ig las wall s, an electrified vent, and another vent that rel eased a d eadly ga s. Carnado, de sperate for a new stu nt to revive his flagging career, wanted the device. Ekdal told him it would cost an additional one hundred thousand dollars. Taunting Carnado, the craftsman insisted th at Batman co uld escape th e death trap- so the p erformer de cid ed to lure the World's Greatest Escape Arti st int o the dev ice. First he managed to separate Batman from ROBIN; th en he got the Caped Crusader into the cha m ber. At first Batman sag g ed from the ga s's effect s, but he soon realized that he could scrape his UTILITY BELT'S metal bu ckle against the electrified grate, causing a spark that would ignite th e gas and shat t er the chamber. Free again, he and Rob in set out to track the perpetrators. Fearing th e Dynami c Duo, Ekdal prepared an other trap at hi s workshop. When t he heroes arriv ed, they had to walk pa st two mummy sarcophagi to approach the inv entor. Batman noted Ekdal g lanci ng toward the cases and ordered th e Teen Wonder to the ground-only a moment before gunm en secreted in each sarco ph ag us opened fire w ith pistols. In short order th e gu nm en were subdued and Ekdal and Carnado were apprehended , with most of the latest cash pa yment recovered . The two m en were tried, with the judge ordering ba ll for both m en set at o ne hundred thou sand dollars. ( Detective Comics #346. December 1965 ) So m e tim e later, Ekdal, using hi s intricate knowledge. escaped from the pen it entiary. He re sumed work and set out to build a death trap that w ould exac t rev eng e against th e Dynamic Duo by killing them . He so ld gang st ers a new t rap: a transparent safe that would rise from the floor and , when co m p letely sealed , em it tremend ous heat . Rob in wa s to be lured insid e; when Batma n cracked the co m b inat io n lock, th e f inal tumbl er clic king into pl ace wou ld tr igger an explosion , killing them both. A s this pl an was unfold ing, Ekda l w as distra cted by a visit from Russian KGB agent s seeking his knowledge o f devices used to help East Germ ans

get past the Berlin Wall. Before th ings grew violent, the ga ngsters arrived for the death tra p and t he Russian s withdrew. Robin was suc ce ssfull y lur ed into t he trap. and as Batman w orked the lock he reali zed that th e combination wa s a mnemoni c for Ekd al's nam e, similar to a trick he had shown Robin earlier that day. Fortunately, the inten se heat mel ted the glu e holding the cage in pla ce, allowing Robin to ki ck his w ay free w ithout detonatin g the exp lo sive. The Dynamic Duo then got em b ro iled in Ekdal's troub les with the KGB. Tha nks to a tip that Pol ice Commissioner JAMESGORDON recei ved from German freedom f ighter Thea Albrecht, they knew that Yuri Melikov was the man supplying th e escape dev ices and t herefore wa s t he KGB 's target. The co mplicat ions mounted as Melikov wanted Ekdal dead to protect hi s secrets, the KGB wanted the escapes stopped , the gang sters wanted their money back after the d eath trap's failure, and th e Dynamic Du o had to prevent an international in c id ent. In th e end Ekd al and Melikov wound up dead, and t he g ang sters w ere apprehended. Robin noted, some w eeks later, that w ith the KGB d isheartened by its A merican failure, East German s co nt inued to use Ekdal dev ices to find freedom in the We st. (D etective Comics #361, March 1967)






On Earth-2, Dr. Ekhart was a renow ned pla st ic sur geon who escaped from Germany in 1943. He had bee n visiti ng his broth er there wh en World


W ar II bro ke out, tr app ing him in a foreign co un try . Tw o mon ths afte r he made it back to th e United States, Ekh art wa s d eemed th e o nly man ca pa b le of saving HARVEY KENT'S sc arred fac e. Kent was the GOTHAMCiTYdi stri c t at torn ey wh os e face w as ru ine d by ac id while in co urt , su bse q ue nt ly turning him into th e cri mi nal Two-F ACE. The surg ery w orked, and Kent 's hand som e features were rest ored. (Detective Comics #80 , Octob e r 19 43 )

world . We aring a ski nt ig ht red o ut fit, along w ith the co ntrol belt , Dol an em erge d as t he Ele ment al Man and began hi s path t ow ard th e crim e thron e. Batman, unab le t o punch a being o f iron, t urn ed to Higg ins for he lp . The professor th eo rized th at if th ey co ul d get .Do lan c lose to the ma chine ag a in, he co uld reverse it s effec t s. Batma n at t empted this, bu t Dolan turn ed his skin d iam ond-hard and fled ju st as t he ov erh eat ed ma ch ine ex pl o de d . The


relea sed rad iation immedi at el y affected th e Caped Crusade r, t urni ng him into anothe r Ele me nt a l Man. Rath er than ri sk the sam e m ental alt erat ion, Police Com m issio ne r JAMES GORDON had Bat m an imprisoned . Batm an d id exp er ienc e m eta l cha nges and turned himsel f to me rc u ry, esc ape d th e jail ce ll, and beg an a compet it ion with Dol an to become the city's crime king . Th e Elem enta l Man wa s initially skep tical o f Batman 's o f fer to b ecome p artner s but ga ve in and

The f ir st Electroc uti oner wa s a would-be cr ime fight er wh o grew d isappointed w hen Batman d id not ap p rove o f hi s harsh vigilante methods. The t wo f ou ght, and an inj ured Dar k Knight cou ld o nly watch as the wannabe hero fell through a w ind ow, grasped the fire esc ape, and elec t ro cut ed him self. ( Batman #331, Janu ar y 1981) He su rv ived the ne ar -fatal cha rge and rel o c at ed to New York City wh ere he intended to re sum e his activiti es. Soon after arriving, he crossed paths w ith Adr ian Cha se, a lawyer-t urned -cr im e-fig ht er kn own as Vigilante. Even th ough both used vi ol ent meth ods t o ren der st reet ju st ice , Chas e rejec t ed th e Electro cutioner's o ffe r of a partner ship. (Vigilante #8-9, J uly -August 1984) Th e Electrocution er re cei ved a me asure o f sa t isfactio n wh en he b and ed w it h o t her heroes t o stem the A nti-Moni t or's attack on Earth. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #10, #12, January, March 1986 ) Soon af t er, A d ria n Cha se and t he Elec tr oc utioner fo llo we d leads to a m ob hideout in t he Cat skill Mountains . Durin g th e co nfro nta t ion the Ele ctrocuti oner w as wound ed by the c ri m inals, but it was Cha se who fired th e fata l sho t, kil ling th e cos t u me d f ig ure . Unma skin g the Electrocution er, Chase o bse rve d that he w as a no bo dy. ( Vig ilan t e #24-26, December 1985-February 198 6 ) The Electrocutioner 's sp irit , though , passed t o a limbo-like p lane of existe nce wh er e he b attled an inca rn at ion o f t he TEEN TITANS. ( Ha wk an d Dove A nn ua l #1, 19 90) Not long after t he Electrocut ion er 's death, a new man w eari ng the red-and-black leather outfit hit the st reets of GOTHAM CiTY. Unli ke his p redecesso r, he p o ssessed an electrica lly charg ed wh ip . When he fi rst encount ered Bat ma n, the new Electro cut ion er declared that he w as not interest ed in justi ce or a partn ership, but w as ac ti ng o n his ow n terms. A s vi ctim s b egan to pil e up, Batman reali zed th at all w ere low-leve l mo bsters, being t augh t a lesson to keep others in lin e. The new Electrocuti on er, he concluded, was th eref or e in the em p loy of Gotham's und erworld. Wearing an insulate d BATSUIT, th e Caped Crusade r tr ack ed th e Electro cution er and put an end to his ef fo rts. (Detective Comics # 62 6, May 1992) In less than a year a third man us ing the co st ume, power s, and name arri ved in Got ham City an d manag ed to k ill Batman . Th e Dynamic Duo w as hu nt ing d own t he fugi t ive "Buzz" GALVAN w hen t hey encountered the third Electrocution er, who w as also seek ing Galvan. Wh en he and Bat man fought, the

agreed after watc hing the Cap ed Cru sade r knoc k ROBIN t o the ground , When he gr asped Batm an's hand to g ain access t o a rooft o p, tho ugh , t he Elem ental Man found himself in a tr ap. Hig gins wa s wa it ing w it h a repa ired devi ce, wh ic h effec tively rever sed no t only th e physi cal changes b ut the mental al te rat io n as w ell. Bat ma n ex p lained that by becomi ng an elementa l m an him self and faking h is d ementia, he stood a b etter chance o f cu ri ng Dolan . (D e tec t ive Comics #294, Aug ust 1961) An oth er scienti st named John Dubrovny ma n­ aged t o unwittingly repl icate Hig gins's exp erim ent. Electrocuti o ner. He wa s su bse qu ent ly sent enced to BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. ( De tec ti ve Comics #644­ 646, May-Ju ly 1992 ) Some time lat er, alo ng with CLUEMASTER and CZONK, he esc aped t he pr ison and h id ou t in a run-down ap artment b uildin g . The tri o went on a cri me spree t o fund th eir esc ape from the city. Instea d th ey crossed pat hs with Robin; when th e Electro cutio ner tried to esca pe, he was k no cked co ld by the SPOILER . (R obin [s ec o nd series] #2- 4 , Dec ember 1993-February 1994) Sinc e then the Electro cut io ner has b een in an d o u t o f jail . When fr ee, he relocated t o BLODHAVEN and w orked for BLOCKBUSTER II as part of h is vend et ta ag ai nst N,GHTW, NG. (Nightwing [second series] #33 ­ 34 , Ju ly-August 1999 ) He has not been see n sin ce.

Just as Dolan w ent m ad w ith the tran sformat ion , so d id Dubrovny, w ho w as dubbed Mister 103 and battled th e Doom Patrol on sev eral occasi ons , Di­ vo rced fr o m his w if e, he lived fo r b att le an d con ­ quest and , as Mist er 104 , co nt inued to ba ttle Earth 's sup er he roe s. ( Doom Patrol # 98 , Sep te m be r 1965) Year s later, after the Earths merged d uring the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, t he intern at io nal te rror ist KOBRA studied Gotham 's legacy o f bi zarre transf ormation s. He co ncl uded t ha t m any could be rep licated-and he was pr ove n right w hen he created his Strikeforce Kobra t eam of agents. He turn ed a w o man into a new Elem enta l, alt hou gh she w as limited t o bein g abl e to tr ansform int o only m ercury. 5he w as easily va nq uished by the OUTSIDERS' METAMORPHO, wh o ex po sed her to liq ui d oxygen, effect ively freez ing he r m o lecu les. ( Ou tsid ers # 21- 22, Jul y-Au gust 1987)

ELEMENTAL MAN, THE JOHN DOLAN w orked as assist ant t o Professor Higgin s, wh o w as an ac q uaintance o f the Earth ­ 2 Dyna m ic Duo . During their lo ng f riend ship, th e p rofessor sup p lie d Batman w ith mu ch o f hi s high­ t ec h equ ipmen t. One o f Higg ins 's ex pe ri m ents involved a m ach in e that w ould alter the m o lecu lar st ruc t ure of elemen t s. Higg in s never rea lized th at the m achine was leaking rad iation , wh ich wa s being ab sorbe d by Dol an as he w orked th e equ ipment. Over time Dolan 's body beg an to exh ib it chang es, w it h h is fle sh turn ing t o alu min um and then gold.

d ischarge killed th e Dar k Kn ig ht, but ROBIN forc ed

To help Do lan co nt ro l t hese transformation s,

th e vig ilan t e to use hi s elect ric po w ers t o re st art the Batm an's heart. A s Batm an recovered , Robin took d own the c rim in al. Wh en they unma sked him , th is ne w f o e p roved to be LESTER BUCHINSKY, w ho procl a im ed hims elf the br other to th e fir st

Hig g ins used parts of t he equ ipm ent to fas hion a co nt ro l belt. Stil l, as Dol an repeatedly m etamor ­ ph os ed , his mind was deter iorating . Dol an left th e lab pr ocla im ing he int end ed t o use his newfound abi lities to become k ing o f GOTHAM CiTY'S under­

ELGIN, SLIPPERY JIM Jim Elg in earn ed t he nic kname Slip p ery fo r hi s a b ili ty t o b lend in t o cro wds as a m ast er of d isgu ise. Th e crimi nal easily e luded p oli ce cap tu re time and aga in, bu ild ing a reputat ion as a t op-notch th ief with hi s fat al flaw b ein g an inab ility to com e int o co nt ac t w it h any m eta l. This wa s t he resu lt of a t iny sliver o f m agnetic met al being lod g ed in hi s br ain ; any shiftin g o f its pos it io n in respo nse to me t a lli c object s w ould prove inst ant ly fat al. Durin g one crim e, he w as pursu ed by Batman and ROBIN, and Elg in o nce m or e attempted t o b e lo st in a cro wd . To help his dis g uise , he g rab be d a m an 's to p hat and put it on, unaware that it conta ined a spring t o make it co llap sib le. The metalli c spr ing cau sed the m agnet ic ma te rial t o m ove, ki lling Elg in . ( De tec tive Com ic s # 163, Septe m be r 1950)


Dr. Thomas Elliot

ELLIOT. DR. THOMAS Bruce Wayne's childhood pal grew up harboring a grudge. As an adult he created a labyrinthine scheme to exact vengeance as the bandaged villain HUSH.



Thomas Ellison was a noted astronomer who built his own special telescope and used it to study the d istant planet KRYPTON for years prior to its destruction. The telescope's resolution was so fine that he could observe the planet's society, and he studied ItS culture and lang uag e. Ellison was also an old friend of Dr. THOMAS WAYNE, often visiting the mansion and entertaining the young BRUCE WAYNE With stories about the fascmatinq faraway world. Ellison's observations led him to conclude that the planet was due to explode, and he feverishly worked to save It. Ellison invented an atomic-neutralizing ray and beamed It across the galaxy in the hope that it would calm the planet. Krypton blew up regardless, sending a guilty Ellison Into a depressed state. Later SUPERMAN used a different device-one that c o u ld detect elements from the past-to show Ellison that his effort s had not harmed Krypton ; the help had just arrived too late to make a d ifference. The news mollified the doctor. (World's Finest Comics #146 , September 1964)



RALPH D,BNY grew up fascinated by contortionists, and as he studied them, he heard frequent references to a drink known as glngold. This led him to research gingold's chemical secrets. It proved to

~"'::': extract from

tha G"gO a rare

fruit that alters body chem istry to allow greater elasticity. HIS further experiments led to a liquid that endowed him with the abiiity to stretch his body beyond human norms. He later learned that gingold extract worked in concert With hi s meta­ gene, which allowed him superhuman abilitres. Donning a specially treated costume and mask, he debuted as the Elongated Man In Central City. (The Flash #112, May 1960) Dibny loved mysteries like the secret of gingold, and he set out to solve as many as he could, both With and without his powers. He trained as a detective, was fluent in French, and understood Interlac. Whenever he sensed a mystery, he felt a tingle in his nose, which actually vibrated thanks to the gingold. His earliest encounters led him to cross paths w ith Centrai City'S protector, the FLASH , and to meet socialite Sue Dearborn. Their attraction was Inst ant aneo us, and it wasn't long before the couple got married, in a ceremony attended by the Flash. Around that time Dibny chose to ditch his mask and become one of the few super heroes with a public Id ent it y. Ralph and SUE D,BNYtraveled the country, enjoying the sights and ferreting out mystenes begging to be solved. As a result , they wound up In GOTHAM Crrv on several occasions , which usually involved the pair teaming up with Batman. (Detective Comics #331 , September 1964) The Caped Crusader held tremendous respect for Dibny's natural sleut hing skills and appreciated how seamlessly the couple worked together. In time the Elongated Man was elected into the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, where he and Batman

wrong-it was Jean Lonng, ex-wife of the ATOM, who had acctdentally caused her friend's death. (Identity Crisis #1-7 June-December 2004) Despondent. Ralph tried to carryon alone, but his despair was crippling. He swore off the gingold, began heavily drinking alcohol, and seemed surcidal when he discovered Sue's head stone had been vandalized . His hunt for the culpr it led him to a cult that honored the recently killed Superboy, thinking they could bring Sue back from the dead. During a ceremony, it appeared Sue may have been resurrected-but it was interrupted, leaving Ralph with a nervous breakdown. Oibny began a new spmtual quest when the helmet of Doctor Fate, a Lord of Order, appeared before him and led the distraught man on a global hunt that taught him much about magic, constantly holding out the hope that Sue could be resurrected. Finally, In the mystic land known

frequently collaborated on solving cases . When

as Nanda Parbat, Ralph began the spell that he

Sue was brutally raped aboard the JLA' s satellite headquarters by Dr. Light, Ralph sided with the Leaguers, who felt it appropriate to use ZATANNA'S magic to alter Light's mind. When Batman learned of this, the Maid of Magic erased ten minutes from his m emory-an effect that lasted for years. Ralph and Sue settled In Opal City for a time, helping watch over the city as a favor to the Original STARMAN. DUring that time Sue learned she was pregnant, and she prepared to tell Ralph as part of a birthday surprise. Ralph returned home to find Sue dead, however, beginning a chain of events that was to affect every super hero in America. As the hunt for her killer began in earnest, Ralph was convinced Dr. Light was behind it , but he was

-. ... ".::,:

though t would g ive him his he art 's desi re- but he w ound up sho o t ing th e f lo atin g helm et. A s he d edu ced , th e helmet was ac t ually a n illus io n co vering the JLA's long t im e foe Fe lix Fau st , The m ad ma gician inte nd ed t o trad e Dib ny's so u l t o th e d em on Neron , w hic h w ould in turn have g ranted Faust fr eedo m , Ne ro n ar rived and ­ learnin g o f Dibny 's attempt to tr ap Faust- killed t he her o. However, Di bn y had in te nd ed to d ie, im pr isoni ng Neron and Fau st in a d o o r less towe r with th e b ind ing sp ell onl y respon sive to th e now de ad Dib ny. (52 #1- 44 , 2006- 2007)

ELTON, LORI D,CK GRAYSON left GOTHAM C,TY t o atte nd HUDSON UNIVERSITY, wher e he m et Lori Elto n. She wa s a fell ow fres hma n, a nd th ey enjoyed eac h ot her's compa ny. The bu d d ing romance w as com pl icated by his fre q ue nt t ime away as ROBIN th e Teen W on d er, either solo or w or king alongs ide Bat ma n o r the TEEN TITANS. Lori , pretty w ith long bl ond ha ir, g rew ag ita te d t hat t he ir rela t io nship w asn't p rogressing . ( De tec tive Co mics #45 0 , A ug ust 19 75) Th e co u p le un happily br oke up and Lori b egan d atin g Dave Cor by , shutt ing Dick o ut of her life . Dic k w as th en co nfro nted by DUELA DENT, th e pu rpo rt ed JOKER'S DAUGHTER, who w arned Grayso n t hat Corby wa s d ang ero us, ( Bat m an Family #18 -19 , June/July-Au gu st!Septem b er 1978 ) Lat e in his freshm an year, Ro b in fou nd hims elf bat t ling a new cri m inal o peration called MAZE . He had previously encoun te red o ne of it s age nts, a man named Raven, and onc e aga in o p posed him and Card Queen. MAZE m embers w anted Rob in elim inated for his frequ ent inte rfe rence in the ir business but t hey we re shut dow n entire ly by th e Teen Wonder. Wh en Raven at te m pted to escap e, he wa s sto pped by Card Q ueen, wh o pr oved to be Dent w o rking und ercover, and she exposed Raven as Co rby, shat te ring Elt on's fa it h in herself and her boyfriend. (Detec tive Comics #482-483, Februar y/March- April/May 1979) Lor i has not b een seen since ,

ENFORCER,THE DAN K,NGDOM w as in th e employ of a sec retive group known as th e Co uncil. It s d ec ad es-l on g pl an w as to event ually rule the worl d , and it s sold iers w ere to b e clones of pe rfec t men, On e w as Paul Kirk, the adventurer k no w n as MANHUNTER. Kingdom w as also cl o ned for use by t he Coun c il. Th e rea l King d o m and his cl on e were amon g th e last d ef en ses t he Co unc il em p loyed wh en Batman and Manhunter infiltrat ed it s headquarters. The climac t ic ba t tl e resulted in an at omi c bla st , destroyin g the headquarter s, the Co unc il, t he Ki ngdoms , and Manhun te r. ( De tective Co mics # 4 43, Octo ber/ Novem be r 1974) Ba tm an en countered another man know n as th e Enforce r w ho t urned out to b e a t im e­ d ispl aced Ka mand i in thrall to Ext ortion , Inc. The Caped Crusade r rescu ed the Last Boy o n Earth an d ret urned hi m t o hi s p ro pe r p lace and era. ( The Bra ve and th e Bold #157, December 1979 )

ERASER,THE The Eraser had a spe cialized ro le in th e un d erw orl d hier arch y. Fo r a 20 perce nt c om m issio n, before taxes, t he Erase r w ould e lim inat e a ll clues at a c rime

scene be fo re th e police co uld arrive and co ndu ct an inves tigati o n. We ar ing a suit and f ul l head mask th at m ad e him re semble a li vin g number t w o pe ncil, the Era ser w as m uc h in de m an d, esp eciall y in GOTHAM CiTY. De sp it e his ef fo rts, he eventually m ad e m ist akes th at prov ide d clues used by Batman and ROBIN to tra c k and arr est hi m . The Era ser was revealed as LENNY F'Asco- a f itting na me. (B atman #18 8, Dec em be r 19 6 6)

ERBOT Erbot wa s an au d acious crimin al w ho de vi sed a sc hem e in which he and his fell ow m ob st er s w ould po se as al iens fr om Saturn , They t hreat ened an invasio n of Earth u nless th ey rec e ived a hu nd red ton s o f gold . Batman and ROBIN inves t ig ate d th e pote nt ial dan g er a nd rea lized the decepti o n. Erb ot w as expo sed , and t he sc hem e end ed . (B atman # 63 , Feb ru ary/ March 1951)

ERKHAM In a potent ial t w ent y-fi rst- centur y GOTHAM CiTY, Erkh am w as th e chie f enginee r at Comet Spacecraft Co m pany, He w as also an ind ust rial spy, sabotaging Com et 's han di craft in the em ploy of rival manu fac t ur er Met eor. On a visit to th e future, Batman and ROBIN dis covered Erkh am' s tre ach ery and expose d his cri m es. (Batm an #5 9, June/J uly 1950 )

ESCABEDO CARTEL Based in Co lo m bi a, South Americ a, the Esc ab edo fami ly ran a dr ug car te l t hat sold ille g al narco ti c s aro und t he w o rld , To p ro te c t mem be rs' interests, the cartel empl oyed brutal field so ld iers who prot ec te d the sm ug g lers, m anufact ur er s, and selle rs of th eir p roduc t. Sensing weakness among the rul ing family, sev era l lieu tenants b egan a war to sei ze c o nt rol of t he bu siness . Th e o pe rat io n in A me rica wa s d e pendent o n st reet g angs m o vin g the illicit dru g s. Th ese g ang s had no direct co nnec t io n t o the ca rte l, ma kin g it difficu lt fo r fed eral agen t s to m ake a c ase aga inst t he Escab ed os . Additio nally, t he g an g s used money t o buy o f f police and arranged an "und erst a nd ing " with th e No rth east 's Mafi a fa m il ies, p rov idinq th em w ith dr ugs at favora b le te rms in exchange for being allowed to op e rate unimpeded. The lon g -te rm survival of the cartel d ep ended en ti rely o n it s lead er ship. It had been formed by veteran c rim inal Eman uel Escab edo. Em anuel 's so ns, Henry and Dieg o , st ruggled to ru n th e o pe ra tion wh ile th eir lieuten ant s ba ttled o ne anot he r fo r a favo red p o sit ion in t he hie rarc hy. The Escab ed o s arrived in GOTHAM CiTY, o pe ning a st rip club in the EAST END. Not o nly di d the y run dr ugs th rou gh t he clu b, b ut it al so acted as a fr o nt for a sex-t rad e o perat io n, CATWOMAN, self -p roc laimed protec tor o f the East End , at tempted t o p ut t hem o ut of bu siness, b ut she w as easi ly o utnumbered . Unexpected help cam e fr om Batm an, d isguised as MATCHES MALONE, w ho t raced t o the cl ub a d ea l between th e carte l and CHINATOWN'S LucKY HAND TRIAD, W ith his ai d, Catwom an br o ke the sex- t rad e b usiness. However, hav ing gained a to eh old in Go tha m , th e Escabedos remain ed a part o f th e cri minal po pula t ion. ( Leg ends of th e Dar k Knig h t #177, May 2004 )


ETKAR (NE ETCHISON). ARNOLD Arnold Etchison was the psychotic killer known to Batman as ABATTOIR.

EXECUTIONER. THE W,LLY HOOKER owned a penny-arcade shooting gallery, but wanted something more. He conspired to help free the criminal Big Cal Davis from jail and recover two million dollars, wh ich Davis had stolen and hidden before his arrest. To make the schem e work, Hooker donned a maroon robe with a white E on his chest and introduced himself to GOTHAM CiTY as the Executioner. He murdered wanted criminals and del ivered their bodies for the bounty, estabiishing a reputation that would work to cover Dav is's supposed death. Hooker prepared to break Davis out of jail but first discovered the location of the cash among the prisoner's personal effects . He changed the plan, in t end ing to shoot Davi s for real and keep all the money for himself. Hooker helped Davi s flee prison; however, Batman had already determined the Executioner's real identity and posed as Davis when the breakout occurred. The Caped Crusader was also alerted to the impending double cross and wore a bulletproof vest, which spoiled the scheme . Hooker was then arrested by the police, joining Davis in jail as Batman re covered the c a sh. (Detective Comics #191, January 1953)

EXECUTRIX The company Metrosteel had decided to use

The Eraser


Graham Etchison wa s a cous in to Arnold Etchison-ne ARNOLD ETKAR-the deranged killer

and delivered to Abattoir, who felt Earth could be cleansed of evil by killing each member of his family. Etchison was hidden away wh ile Abattoir battled Batman, who at the time was actually JEAN-PAUL VALLEY; BRUCE WAYNE was recover ing from injuries. Batman wound up killing Abattoir without learning where Etchison was kept. As a result, Etchison died from malnutrition and dehydration . (Batman #505,

known as ABATTOIR. He was captured by CLAYFACE III

April 1999)

Sarah Essen was a GOTHAM CiTY police officer who fell in love w ith Police Commissioner JAMES GORDON, becoming his second wife, SAR AH ESSEN GORDON .




low-grade steel to c o nst ruc t a bridge between METROPOLIS and GOTHAM C,TY . An engineer named Page felt the process and inferior metal would not sustain the we ight and traffic, so he decided to blow the whistle on his company. After giving an interview to Daily Planet reporter Casey Harrow, Page was targeted for death by Metrosteel. They hired the Executrix, a wily mercenary, to silence the engineer before his story could gain traction in the media. Executrix, clad in black leather, killed Harrow, which drove Page to seek a safe hiding place , A friend saw to it Page was ensconced at WAYNE MANOR, which brought the case to BRUCE WAYNE'S attention. Meantime, CLARK KENT used his superhuman abilit ies to look into Harrow's death. As the World's Finest team invest igated, Executrix located Page and took him hostage. Batman and SUPERMAN found the assass in holding Page on the bridge, which proved to be crumbling faster than expected, Batman and Executrix fought until a shift in the structure sent her plung ing into the Gotham River. The Man of Steel managed to rescue her and took her into custody. (World's Finest Comics #313-314, March­ April 1985)



Frank Fabian was a vain model, well aware of hi s noble-appear ing fa ce , He pose d for p ainter Carl Martin and w as so t aken with the fin ished w ork that he tried t o purchase it, b u t Martin refused , The pa inter to ld Fab ian that the w orld w ou ld so meday see p ast hi s pleasa nt features and rea lize what a t wi st ed , rotten so u l lurke d beneath. Enraged, Fab ian k illed Martin a nd st o le t he pa inting , Fab ian soon after g ave up m odeling f or a career in c rime , using the name the Dapper Bandit. A s he comm itted his crim es, howev er, Mart in's widow broke into Fabian's home and , bit by bit, beg an a lteri ng th e pai n ting to bring her husband 's words to life . Fabi an wou ld return home fr om a cr ime and see that the portrait had changed , the sub ject looking less handsome and more twisted . Batman and ROBIN inve st ig ated and re aliz ed what Mrs. Martin was doing, The Caped Crusader used that kn owledg e t o further unnerve Fab ian . Wh en he returned home, Batman st ruc k him uncon sciou s and used makeup to match the robber to the pa inting ; he then rest ored th e portrait to its o ri g inal sta t e. Upon awa kening, Fab ian w as so startled by wh at he saw that he confe ssed to all hi s c ri m es, including the murder o f Martin. He wa s finally arrest ed . (Batman #5 3, June/July 1949)



ERIK HANSON worked at GOTHAM CITY'S popu lar Peregrinator 's Club as a busboy. At th e urging o f the waiter Edwards, Han son willingly joined a gang to rob the we althy patrons after they left the club. Edwards used his po siti on to spy on the soci alites, passing a lo ng informa t io n th at Hanson used in the field. A s Fac ade, Han son mug ged patron after patron, using the sto len money to help fina nce the g an g 's growth,

benefiting all. When Batman investig ated, he discerne d a pattern that po int ed to th e club 's staff, A s BRUCE W AYNE, he m et o ne o f the g ang members while po sing as a rep orter, and sub sequently fo llowed her to the gang 's hideou t. Ther e Batman avo ided being sho t by several mannequi ns that w ere built to hide machine guns at the wri sts, He appreh ended th e mem b er s-all save Han son, wh o ran ba ck t o the club to o b ta in th e rema ining spare cash and escape. At th e club, Batman st o p ped Hanson an d brought him and Edwards to justi ce. (Detec tiv e Com ics #821, Se pt em ber 2006 )



Wayne was not sharin g with her, however, and she began t o study him as an investig ative subje c t. Then the ea rt hq ua ke that de vast ated Go th am derailed her work, and she so on left the city and Wa yn e. ( Batm an #540, March 1997 ) Fairchild wo rke d main ly as a journalist, garner ing a Pulitzer Prize nomination, and then she set her sigh t s on figu ring out Batman 's sec ret identity. Th at required a ret urn t o Gotham City and W ay ne . She even figured th e millionaire might be a good source of information a bo ut t he Dark Kni g ht , bu t he wa rn ed her awa y fr om the st o ry. Fair child al so earned the enmity of Wayne 's new bodyguard,

Mailm an JOSEPH ZEONO rece ived many co m p laint s about m issing mail from stop s alo ng hi s route . A ft er lo sing hi s job, Ze d no had a ps ych ologi cal break and too k rev enge aga inst th e compla iners by killing them on e by one. He skinned the fa ce from each victim and w ore it like a ma sk as he visited t he ne xt t arget. Batman traced t he cr imes, fo und their link, and stopped Zedno b efore all th ose wh o lived on hi s former route were killed . Zedno was senten ced to serv e t ime at ARKH AM ASYLUM. ( Ba tm an #542, May 1997 )

FAIRCHILD, VESPER Vesper Kat he rine Fair ch ild made her name as a journalist and radi o personality. She wa s br ought to GOTHAM CiTY's WKGC to host Siren of the Night, She quickly establish ed herself as a popular br o adcaster in a c it y that thrived at night. Her popularity led to many pub lic appearances and so cial eng agements, and it wa s only a matter o f tim e before she met BRUCE W AYNE. In short ord er they be gan seeing each other, and a romance blossomed , The green-eyed, auburn-h aired w oman sensed there was something


SASHA BORDEAUX, Wayne decided that Fairchild had changed and wanted to create distance between them. He contrived to have her come to the mansion o nly to find the playboy cavorting in the pool with three other women, A month later Way ne and Bordeau x returned to the man sion­ after a night patrolling Gotham in their costumed ident it ies-to f ind Fairch ild's bl oody body in the foyer. Moments later Gotham City police officers arrived in response t o a 911 call and arrested the two on suspicion of murder, (Batman : The Ten-Cent Adventure, Mar ch 2002) The investigation turned Wayne into a fug itive and separated Batman from his closest allies . However, they all learned clues that, when pieced together, pointed to DAVID CAIN as the killer. Among these clues were tape recordings Fairchild made of her investigation, proving she had uncovered Batman's secret b ut had done nothing with the information , Fairc hild was buried at a Gotham cemetery.



Alberto Falcone was the son of GOTHAM CiTY crime bo ss CARMINE FALCONE, He wa s born on Valentine's Day to Carmine and his wife, Lui sa, and grew up feeling cut o ff from the crime family his father ruthlessly ran, Much of this feei ing stemmed from Carmine's pref erence for his old er children, Mari o and Sof ia, To establish himself, both to his parents and his siblings, A lberto managed scholarships at Harvard University and Oxford. Still, he ye arned to enter th e "family business," but his fath er rebuffed every ent reat y, (Batman: The Long Halloween #1, 1996)

FAITH At some po int in the past, Batman met th e teen girl known only as Faith, She earn ed his trust -so much so that when a sub st it ut e JUSTICE LEAGUE OF A MERICA had to be formed , she was recruited , The other heroes, hav inq just met her, had to take Batman 's recorded recommendat ion as a matter of . . . faith, (JLA # 69 , October 2002) Fait h earned their trust and more, becoming a full -fledged member after the core roster returned fr om an ad venture three thousan d years in the pas t. She displayed unmeasured psychi c abilitie s and usually used them to put an end to whatever threat t hey were fac in g, earn ing her the nickname of Fat Lady, Few know any details of her life, although Faith has rev ealed th at she was raised by the mil itary and

One year, soon af t er Batman debuted in Gotham, a serial killer dubbed HOLIDAY b egan brutally murdering Carm in e's associates. Carm ine fell under Distri ct Attorney HARVEY DENT'S suspicio n so he contracted the Irish-hit men for hire-to kill Dent. They bl ew up his home but failed to k ill th e DA. By Thanksg iving the Irish were all dead, follow ed by Carm ine 's con sigliere, Milos Grappa, on Chr istmas. Suspic ion swang from Carmine to a possibl e rival. Matters g rew worse wh en Alberto was k ill ed on New Year's Eve, his body ident ified by a grieving and furious Carmine. Holiday's killing spree continued on celebration d ays throughout the following year , muc h to the co nst erna ti o n of Gotham 's police, Batman, and Carmine. By Labor Day, though, Alberto reappeared, seemingly ba ck from the dead. He sh ow ed u p in time to kill SALVATORE MARONI, the mobster who'd scarred Dent and sent the DA on his tortured pat h to a new life as Two-F ACE. Alberto had served w ith some covert fed eral op eration, In fact, the US government has attempted to regain control of her for us e as a tactical weapon. After serving with the JLA, Faith left to briefly work with an inc arn at io n of the Doom Patrol.


was immediately arrested by Pol ice Captain J AMES GORDON, who then allowed Batman to beat Alberto, hoping to learn inform at io n about Holiday, A lberto wa s fr eed and returned home, where he adm itted to Carmine th at he was Holiday and had killed many people , Carmine told his son that if he

adm itted to Maroni 's mu rder, Carm ine w ou ld see to it Alb erto remained free, To the boss's surprise, his son refused, say ing that as Hol iday he was now a big ger threat to Got ham than Car m ine had ever been , Defiant t o the end , Alberto was tried for his cr imes and sentenced t o d eath in th e gas chamber, Carmine used his influence over law enfo rcement to have the sentence commuted to incarceration at ARKH AM A SYLUM . Alberto was placed in a cell directly o p po sit e CALENDAR MAN, whose crimes were also holiday-therned . A year later. DA JANICE PORTE R, who replaced Dent, had Alberto freed and placed under house arrest. It was pre sumed Mario Falcone and SOFIA FALCONE GIGANTE would help watch over his recovery, (Batman : Dark Victory #1, December 1999 ) While at th e fam ily home, both the SCARECROW and Calendar Man tricked Aiberto into bel ieving that his father 's ghost wa s commun icating from beyond the grave. He soon found Hol iday's gun and used it to rescue his sister from the JOKER. When he was given a second gun on his fath er 's b irthday, he wa s in structed to kill hi s sist er, a st ep toward seizing total control over Gotham 's five major crime families . Although tempted, he refused the order. Some time later, Porter wa s ki lled and her body left in Alberto's bed by Two -Face in an attempt to convince the now psychologically fragile Alberto that he was blacking out and committing more murders. His father's ghost then sug g est ed th at Alberto end everything and kill himself-an act he rejected , co nv inced that his father would never ask thi s. Angry, he finally figured out that th e voi ce was coming from Calendar Man, who was out for reveng e against Falcone for stealing his gimmick . They fought and Alberto managed to br eak Calendar Man 's foot . He then placed the tracer used to mon itor his own house arrest on his enemy and fled, but was shot and wound ed by the pol ice. Sofia rescu ed Alberto, taking him to t he safet y of the family mausoleum, The siblings argued over their father, leading Sofia to smother Alberto to d eath.



Carmine Falcone, known as the Roman, ru led GOTHAMCITY'S underworld when Batman first be gan his campaign against crime, Falcon used h is ill­ gotten inco m e to rai se three chi ld ren - Mari o, Sofia, and Alberto-on an esta te outsid e the cit y limits. His influ ence was such that no one dared commit major crim es in the city without hi s approval ; he had judges, lawyer s, cops, and even th e curre nt police co m m issio ne r, GILLIAN B. LOEB, in his pocket. Loeb d id not see the costum ed Vig ilante as a threat, so m et hi ng with which th e Roman d isagreed. He was proven correct when the Batman made an unexpected appearance at a Falcone d inner. (Batman #404, Febr uary 19 8 7) Batman stepped up his ha rassmen t of Gotham's top underworld boss , delivering a pointed message that things in the city w ere about to chan g e. Falcone was embarrassed wh en he wa s left in only his und erwear and tied to his bed . Enraged, he ordered Batman killed, and to make his point clear he kidnapped police officer JAMES GORDON, his wife BARBARA, and their infant son James .Jr, Batman rescu ed th e family, earning Gordon 's trust and loyalty,

own reasons. In a confrontation with Fal cone, Two­ Face shot and killed the crime boss . Falcone knew no peace, though, as h is grave was robbed shortly thereafter. His daughter SOFIA FALCONE GIGANTE, who succeeded him as boss, received one of the dead man's fingers as a message. During the investigation, it was learned that Two-Face had absconded with the body, using MISTER FREEZE'S cryogenic equipment to maintain it. (Batman: Dark Victory #1, December 1999)



False Face was a criminal who used his skill with makeup to impersonate wealthy people. In reality, the white-haired toothless man was innocuous and seemingly only came to life when clad in a tu xedo complete with black hood wh ile observing potential targets. He studied their habits and routines, choosing from among GOTHAM CITY'S wealthy citizenry. Once his ne xt target was chosen, False Face arranged matters to detain the person for a length of time. With the victim out of the way and posing no threat, he would impersonate him or her and steal goods and serv ices . After six successful crimes, Batman and ROBIN began an investigation. Having sussed out the modus operandi, Batman was on the lookout for the next crime. Hearing that Wally Weskit, a rockabilly entertainer, was trapped in an elevator, Batman realized this fit the profile. Arriving at the theater where Weskit was scheduled to perform, the disguised False Face was ready to take receipt of the charitable donations. The criminal managed to elude capture, frustrating the Caped Crusader. Aware that the Dynamic Duo was after him, False Face altered his next scheme, setting it up so that when Batman found him masquerading as explorer Arthur Crandall, he would lead the Caped Crusader int o a trap. Batman showed up, as expected, and fell unconscious int o a sixty-foot tank. False Face entered the tank, intend ing to unmask the crime fighter. Back at their hideout, the gang grabbed at Batman's cowl, eager to learn who he really was. They were stunned to see Crandall's face. Batman then revealed his own deception: He had surv ived the fall , faking unconsciousness so he could surprise False Face . He traded places, and faces, with the criminal, letting the gang lead him back to their hideout. Batman eas ily subdued and apprehended the men. (Batman #113, February 1958)


Carmine Falcone

Soon thereafter, people around Falcone began to die at the hands of a serial killer, dubbed HOLIDAY given that each murder occurred on a celebration

"family business"-was Holiday. (Batman : The Long Halloween #1, 1996) During the course of the year, District Attorney

day. With each new death, suspicion was cast in Fal cone 's direction , forcing him to hire the growing number of co st um ed "freaks" who had arrived soon after Batman first appeared . In t ime Falcone learned that his youngest son , ALBERTO FALCONE­ the one he most desperately wanted out of the

HARVEY DENT was attacked in court and his face scarred, leading him to a new career as the twisted criminal Two-FACE. Holiday cont inued to commit crimes until the truth came out that the ser ial k iller was actua lly Harvey Dent, his wife GILDA DENT, and Alberto, each committ ing murder for his or her


When Roman Sionis became BLACK MASK, he enlisted underlings who took to wearing masks and formed his False Face Society, joining him on his criminal forays throughout GOTHAM CiTY. (Detective Comics #553, August 1985) In the wake of Black Mask's murder, the gang was permanently put out of business by CATWOMAN, aided by Sam Bradley.

FALSTAFF, GREGORIAN Gregorian Falstaff was a billionaire, but rather than working to earn his money, he used every underhanded method known to humankind to grow his wealth. Falstaff arrived in GOTHAM CiTY and set his sights on taking control of the WAYNE


FOUNDATION and W AYNE ENTERPRISES. His firs t st ep wa s t o try t o hi re aw ay LUCIUS Fox, w ho at th e ti me wa s BRUCE W AYNE'S chief executive o fficer. ( Batman

he cou ld ove rw helm . Nex t , he had t o wear a jester's ou t fi t and d o as he wa s inst ru c te d by tow nspeo ple. Su perm an su rrep tit io usly w at ch ed t o m ake cert ain

# 307, January 1979) Fo x rebuffed th e offer, sensi ng th at th e red ­ haired , ro t und Fal st aff m eant no t hing b ut tr ouble. Sur e e noug h, W ayn e's lon gtim e secret ary GWEN ATKINS mys terious ly qu it her pos it io n, t o be rep lace d by CAROLYN CROWN. Eve ntuall y it was lea rn ed Crow n w as be ing ma nip u lat ed int o feed ing insid er in fo rmat ion to Falstaff since he w as ho ld ing her daughter hos tage. Batman fir st encountered th e co rpo rat e raider when he. re scu ed him fr om an at t ac k by CAPTAIN BOOMERANG, wh o so ug ht rev en g e for a stock investment th at pr oved f rau dul ent. ( Batm an #322, April 1980) As Wa yn e fo ug ht to keep co ntro l o f his co m pany, Falstaff up pe d t he ante by runn ing a sm ear campaig n in Gotham's m edi a an d eve n t ried t o blow up the Wa yne Fou nd at ion buil ding. Falst aff, possess ing d etai led informa tion fro m Crown, was rea dy to seize co ntrol o f th e co m pa ny bu t was sto p ped by Batman , As the two fou ght, Fal st aff produced a high-tech pi stol th at fired a sp he re o f deadly energy. Batman dodge d it , but Falst aff found himself kicked into th e fatal ene rgy by TALIA HEAD, RA's AL GHUL'S da ughter and lo ver t o t he Dark Knight. It w as so me t ime be fo re Bat m an learned t hat Falstaff had b een sent to Go t ham and eq ui p ped with the pi stol b y Rii 's in anoth er attempt to gain control over Batman' s d est iny.

Batman w oul d do nothing to harm himself, a s crim ina ls mi ght hav e hoped . Fin all y he had to d ef eat th e mi gh t iest m an on Earth- an d Sup erman to ok a dive d uring a figh t , t hus b reak ing t he sp ell' s hol d over Bat m an . ( Wo rld 's Fines t Co mics #109, May 1960)

FANG, THE The man known o nly as th e Fang w as a g ang land chieftain who always car rie d a swo rd forg ed in Ch ina as a lucky t alisman . He clai me d t he sw o rd had been made ove r a thousand years ago an d wa s imb ued w ith m ag ic, bri ngin g luck t o it s w ie lder. When the Fan g aban doned th e swo rd at a cri me scene, Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN used it as bai t to lur e th e crimi na l into a trap. In st ead Batman and Robin w ound up in hi s cl u tches- b ut th ey w er e rescue d by th e Man o f Steel, wh o app rehe nded th e Fan g . (World's Fines t Comics #73 , November/ December 1954)

FARNUM, LEW Lew Farnum chose t o prey up o n his f ellow criminals by scheming t o co nvi nce th em that his doctor could alter not o nly fa ces, but also fingerprints. For high fee s, c rim ina ls co uld unde rg o the procedure; soon thereafter, Farnum w ould k ill them before they c o ul d real ize th e t rut h: You co uld not alter fing er print s in th is mann er. Batman and ROBIN tumbl ed t o t he p lan and app rehen de d Farnum and his co lleagues. (Batman # 8 2, March 1954 )

FARR, GLENN Gle nn Farr spe nt a d ec ad e earn ing g re at we alt h as a bl ack market er. A fte r amassing hi s fortun e, he ret ired t o a n empty cas tle ju st no rth o f GOTHAM

CiTY. Farr t hen in te nded to decorate t he space wi t h ob jets d 'ar t f ro m aro und the w o rld . He was fru str at ed , t ho ug h, t o d isco ve r th at m uc h of what he desi red was refused him, as the it em s' own er s had o t he r p lans . Farr d ec ided to engage in unconventi on al b ehav ior t o get what he wanted, which includ ed pu rc hasi ng an ent ire town and replacing th e sta ndi ng admini stration with his own men, all t o ge t his hands o n a c o llec t io n of jade. Batm an and ROBIN put an end t o hi s criminal act iviti es. ( World 's Fi nest Co m ics # 6 0 , September/ October 19 52)

FARRELL, SPARKS Spar ks Farr ell was hi red by Bar on Ferr ic t o kid nap Val on ia's Prin ce Ste fan w he n he v isite d th e Un it ed St at es. W ith Ste fa n out o f th e w ay, Fer ri c hoped to assume th e co untry's thron e. In st ead Batman and ROBIN rescu ed Stefan, and th e tr io t o o k down Farr ell and h is me n. They th e n br oug ht Ferric to jus t ice , rest or ing peac e t o Valo ni a. ( Worl d 's Fine st Com ics # 26, Jan uar y/Februar y 194 7)

FANGAN Fangan wa s a twe lft h-cen tu ry Engl ish w izard who crafted a pot ion t o use ag ainst a k nig ht whom he considered an ene m y. Sec ret ed in a cave, it was left with the hope th e kni g ht w ould ent er and be overcome by it s fum es, w hi ch w ould th en enchant him. The spell w o uld force th e kni ght to perform three impossibi e f eats , w h ich Fang an p res um ed wou ld ultimatel y ki ll his ant ag o nist.

FARROW, DWIGHT Dwight Farrow carved his way toward Batman 's attention as cos tu me d crim inal the WRECKER.



Instead, both Fan g an and the k nig ht d ied lo ng b ef o re th e e lix ir w as use d -a nd ce nturies lat er Batman became its vic t im . W hile in Englan d for a p o lice ma n's c o nvention, the Caped Crusa de r entered th e ca ve and w as enc ha n te d . Co m ing to hi s aid wa s SUPERMAN. wh o first w orked to make ce rta in a ll three feat s co u ld be pe rfo rmed witho ut k ill in g his fr ien d . The d uo fir st we nt t o t he FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, where a machine g rante d Batman tempora ry su pe rpowers . Th en he w as present ed

Fat Frank led a band o f GOTHAM CiTY criminals, who fel l into o w nershi p o f a bi llb oa rd bus iness. Frank rea lized th at th e gang m em ber s co ul d t urn this to t he ir ad vantag e and b eg an a b lack m ail sc hem e, threaten in g pr om inen t Gothami tes w it h ex p osu re of th eir g uil ty secrets via bi llboard unl ess th ey pai d. The pa yments w ere th en mad e to th e bi llboard co m pa ny for advertising space, so nothing ille ga l ap pea red t o be hap penin g ; nor co uld th e police act. A fru str at ed ROBIN w on d ered ho w he and Bat man co ul d stop th e cr im inals w ho, by the book, had d on e noth ing wrong . The Dyn ami c Duo set o ut to de stroy several of Fat Fran k's bi llboard s whi le

with a drag on-l ike beast from an ot her w or ld t hat

Gotham 's p o lice ig no red t he cri m inal's complaints


about t hem destroying his property. The n Batman and Ro b in use d the bi llboards to pos t Frank's pict ure and crim inal reco rd, rousi ng th e ire of th e ci t ize ns, wh o fo rced Frank a nd his m en o ut pa st th e city limits. (De tec tive Comics #104, Octob er 1945 )

FATMAN Fat m an was a c ircus pe rform er who dressed as a com ical version o f Batma n and ge ntly moc ked him, to th e d elight of audiences aro und t he co untry. ( Ba tma n #11 3, February 19 S8)



CATMAN kept several pet animals, including Felina, a bla ck panther. (D et ective Comics #311, January 1963)

FELIX, COUNT Coun t Fel ix wa s a Na zi wh o hea de d up a dangerou s spy ring o n Eart h- 2 du ring W o rld War II. Feli x and his m en , inc lud ing fe llow Ge rm an FRITZ HOFFNER, sabo taged factories in the hope o f slo wi ng A merica 's war effort s. Bat m an a nd ROBIN saw to it th at th e spy rin g wa s smashed, with th e co unt a nd his m en arres te d . ( Ba tman #14 , December 194 2/ Januar y 19 43 )

FERRIS, IRON-HAT Ferris w as a GOTHAM C,TY mo bst er w ho , w hen arr est ed , sq uea led o n his fe llow c ri m ina is. When th e und erwor ld g o t ho ld o f him, an iro n mask was weld ed into pl ac e ove r his head . Henry Kendall, hoping t o be elec t ed as Go t ham' s next district attorney, br az enl y ki d napped Ferri s and committed a seri es o f crimes wh ile w earin g an identical mask. Kendall th en accused th e cu rre nt DA of failing to properly stop Ferris's crime w ave, be sm irching the man 's re p ut at ion . To escalate ma t ters, Kendall int end ed to kill Ferr is, c lai ming he' d d o ne w hat the DA cou ld n' t m anage. Inst ead , Batman and ROBIN d iscover ed the real Ferr is and set ou t t o exp ose th e im p os to r. Fl eein g t he Dyn am ic Du o , Kenda ll race d out into a rag ing storm wher e a b olt of lightning st ruck hi s iro n mas k, ki lli ng him. ( Ba tma n # 39, Februar y/ Mar ch 19 47 )

FIASCO, LENNY The c ri m inal w ho donned a co st ume to cl ean c rime sce nes as th e ERASER.



Duri ng Wor ld W ar II, a fifth columnist was someone wh o worked t o undermine the efforts of a larger group. In A me ri ca, fifth columnists were citi zen s wh o be t raye d th e ir co unt ry in the servi ce o f th e A xi s power s. On Earth-2, Batman and ROBIN repeat ed ly t hw ar te d t he eff or ts of fifth co lu m nis ts t o stal l A m eric a's war effo rts . The fi rst such tr ai t or w as a m an named W RIGHT, w ho murd er ed author Erik Do rn e. (World's Best Comics 1939 )

FIFTH DIMENSION The Fifth Dimension w as a p lane o f exis te nce wh ere t he re lived a race of bei ngs endow ed wit h power s th at appea red mag ical to huma ns. The leg end o f t he dj in n is tr aced to th is realm. It s best- kn own resid ent w as MR. MXVZTPLK, a mag ica l im p who liked t o taunt SUPERMAN. (Sup erm an #30, September 1944)

Wh en t her e w ere mu ltipl e univers es, eac h o ne seemed t o have mu lt ip le p lan es o f exis te nce as w ell, so Earth- 2 feat ur ed Mr. r-txyztplk whil e Earth -1 had Mr. Mxyzptlk. In all cases , th e p eopl e had magical abilities , and th e ru les of th eir m agi c d em anded that practition er s ret urn to their hom e dimen sion for ninety d ay s if th ey said th eir nam e backw ard. In the sing le univer se c reat ed in the w ak e o f CRI SI S ON INFINITE EARTHS, Mr. Mxy zp tl k reg u larly vi sited Earth, usuall y co nfi ni ng h is ant ics t o METROPOLIS and the Man o f Steel. St ill, at o ne p o in t it w as learned t hat hu ma ns c ou ld p ossess a Fifth Dimen sion resid ent' s power s. Unfor t u nat el y, that hum an w as t he JOKER, w ho stole 99 per ce nt o f t he magi c f rom Mr. Mxyzptl k. The wor ld su ffered g reat ly d uring th is t im e, alt hough- even posse ssing this e ne rgy­ th e Jo ker co u ld not elim inate Batman . Inste ad he reali zed th at he saw the w o rld as o ne th at mu st hav e a Batman t o o p pose him . (S up erma n #160, Sep te m b er 20 0 0) Whether th e ab ili ti es of pe o pl e from t he Fifth Dim en sio n w er e t he result of ad van ce tech no lo gy or t ru e m agic remains un clea r.

FILM FREAK Tw o m en hav e p lagued GOTHAM C,TY usi ng th e nam e Film Fr eak. The first wa s BURT WESTON, a man who playa cted h is ent ire sad life . A fail ed act or who yearned t o port ray c haris mat ic, m em o rable vill ain s, We ston experien c ed noth ing but d isappointment. In an effort t o c hang e his fortun e, he faked his death, imitating a m oment fr o m The Sting, but no one paid at t ent io n. ( Bat m an #395 , May 1986) Whil e he w as ly ing low, W est on 's gri p o n reaiity loo sened , and wh en he em erg ed t hree year s later he began a new car eer. W est on c o m mitted a d ar ing series o f crimes al l w ith mom ent s ta ke n fr om c lassic c ine m a, every w o rd he uttered co m ing fr om lon g­ ag o scr ip ts . Jo urn al ist JULIA PENNYWORTH was the fir st to t race the Film Fre ak t o W est on , wh ich m ade her hi s ne xt t ar get. Intending t o f in ish ing her o f f w it h a c rim e inspired by Psy ch o, W est on fail ed but d ecided th at murder ing all h is former co- worke rs wa s hi s next pr oduction . Det ective HARVEYBULLOCK,a ci ne ma b u ff, id entified all o f W eston 's film ref eren ce s, en abling Ba tm an to fina lly t rac k and app rehend th e d erang ed man. Later, W est o n fel l un d er th e MAD HATTER'S thrall and w as used to spy on BANE, wh en th e internatio nal cr im in al w as at te m p t ing to co nquer Gotham 's und er worl d . Ba ne d isco vered t he surveill an ce a nd k illed W est on for his ef fo rts , a sad cur ta in ri ng ing d own o n a small c aree r. So m e year s lat er a television p er son al ity named EDI SON ho sted a cr eepy f ilm p ro g ram a nd used the Film Fre ak nam e. ( Cat wom an [ second series] #54, June 20 06) To him, iife was on e ex te nded motion picture, so he wa s thr ill ed t o rece ive a vid eotape with fo otage of CATWOMAN fightin g th e new Angle Man. The Film Frea k found A ng le Man and they agreed t o t eam up and ta ke down Cat wo ma n, who at th e ti me w as the no v ice HOLLY R08INSON. The Film Fr eak eve nt ual ly sp o t t ed two di ffer e nt w om en in the Catwo m an suit and fo llowed clues tha t led hi m to SElINA KYLE'S apa rt ment , w here he ki dnap pe d her d aughter Helen a. Catwoman rescued he r c hild and th en d emanded that ZATANNA use her m ag ic t o

alter Film Freak's mind, much as the Maid of Magi c had altered Catwoman's mind years earli er. Th e magic didn't work as expected, leaving Film Fre ak a homicidal maniac. It took plenty of effor t, b ut Catwoman managed to subdue the Fr eak , turnin g him over to Gotham's poli ce . (Catwoman [ second ser ies] #61, January 2007)

FINCH, NATHAN Nathan Finch wa s a me c hani ca lly inc lined crim ina l b est kn own t o Batman as GEARHEAD.

FINGERS, SLICK Slick Fingers wa s a c rim inal who specialized in crack ing safes m anufactured by the Titus Keye s Saf e Co m pa ny. The name was actually an al ias for Georg e Co llins , who harbored a grudge aga in st Keyes . He fr amed Titus Keyes for the cri mes , a nd it w asn 't u ntil Keyes was on tr ial th at evid en c e started p o inting to Co ll ins . At th at p oint Ba t ma n and R081N a p p reh en d ed Coll ins . ( Ba t ma n # 20 , Dec embe r 19 43 /Ja nuary 1944 )




Finney was a criminal nicknamed Nails for his nail-biting habit. He led a gang that specialized in stealing radium . To hide the material until it could be resold , he had Dr. James Martin, a tree surgeon , fashion a unique hiding place. Martin hollowed out an oak tree on France Van Orsdell's estate, sav ing it from d isease, and then coated the interior wit h zinc to hide the radium 's emissions. After several more thefts, Finney and the gang returned to the tree, only to be confronted by Batman and ROBIN. The men fought, with two being knocked unconscious. Before the Dynamic Duo could apprehend the others, the fleeing men were killed when the hollowed and weakened tree was struck by lightning and fell on them . (World's Finest Comics #22, May/June 1946)



Na ils Finney was an underworld chief who wanted to rid GOTHAM C,TY of Batman. He hired a man named GARTH to create a dev ice to accomplish this goal. The unscrupulous scientist created a machine that reversed a human 's growth. When used on the Caped Crusader, it reduced him to the form of an infant. What surprised everyone was that Batman reta ined his mental faculties and could still direct ROBIN on the case. Dressed in an infant's version of his BATSUIT, Batman was with the Boy Wonder when they found Finney's hideout. There, the machine's ray was reversed and Batman regained his normal form . Finney, Garth, Swap Smith-a fence-and the others were apprehended. (Batman #147, May 1962)

FIREBUG Sold ier JOSEPH RIGGER was granted leave and returned to hi s home in GOTHAM C,TY after his family died in three suspicious building accidents. Between his mil itary experiences and the loss of his fami ly, Rigger's mind snapped . Determined to pun ish the buildings for killing hi s family, Rigger, a demolitions expert, donned a bodysu it, strapped on tanks of napalm, and attacked the buildings. A s the structures burned to the ground, Firebug was born. Batman was so on on the trail of the arsonist. and the two battled atop the Gotham State Building. When Firebug 's tank ruptured and exploded, Batman presumed he had died. Instead, Firebug somehow survived and was next seen working for the CALCULATOR, attempting to infiltrate Hero Hotline's headquarters. He failed at th is and returned to Gotham, where he auditioned to jo in BLACK MASK, only to lose out to F,REFLY. Angry at another defeat. he set out to prove he was the better cr iminal only to seemingly be killed once more. When not inc inerating buildings, he was said to have made a great cup of coffee and used to visit ORCA and her husband, TERRY CAPSHAW, at their apartment. ( Detec ti ve Comics #819, July 2006)

FIREBUG II - - - - - - - ­ An unnamed man bought a spare F,REBUG flameproof suit and matching equipment, debuting alongside DEADSHOT, Killer Frost II, and the Closer


in criminal mischief. (Deadshot [second series] #1, February 2005)

FIREFLY GARFIELD LYNNS was a theatrical lighting te chnic ian who found himself out of work and struggling in GOTHAM CiTY'S poor economy. Without a steady inco m e, Lynn s used his expe rtise to beg in a cr iminal career in order to survive. Donning a green-and­ purple costume, Lynns employed his expertise staging eye- catching crimes. As the Firefly (complete with FF on his chest), Lynns thought he was on his way to financial security until Batman and ROBIN apprehended him. (Detective Comics #184, June 1952) Soon after, TED CARSON stole Lynns's costume and equipment and ventured forth as the Firefly. Carson mod ified th e outfit: It was now green with yellow stripes and featured decorative wings on hi s back, a cowl that included antennae, and a bl inding spotl ight on his forehead . At first, pol ice and Batman believed that Firefly had robbed the Carson Mansion, knocking out Ted Carson in the process. As KATHY KANE-B ATWOM AN-began a brief romance

with Carson, Batman continued to investigate the new Firefly's crime wave. Batwoman got closer to Carson and realized he was actually the Firefly; she tipped off her crime-fighting mentor. The climactic struggle took place at the Gotham Museum, atop an Incan exhibit, where the Caped Crusader subdued the Firefly. Batwoman explained that the Carson fo rtune was dependent on a gold mine that had stopped producing, and Carson's gambling debts hastened the fortune's depletion. Carson had felt he had little recourse but to steal money. (Batman #126, September 1959) There was even mention of a third man mas­ querading as Firefly. (Blackhawk #175, December 1962) Lynns regained possession of his gear and, upon leaving prison, resumed his career, almost immediately being thwarted by the CREEPER. The colorful v igilante mocked his appearance, as did his own henchmen, causing Lynns to display a violent streak resulting in the death of one of his own hirelings. (First Issue Special #7, October 1975) His luck did not change when he returned to crime once more, only to be stopped by two of Batman 's

OUTSIDERS t eamm at es, HALO and LOOKER . ( Outsi d ers #12, Octob er 1986 ) When BANE cra cked op en ARKH AM A SYLUM , unleashin g a fl ood of c rimi nals to w eak en Batman, Lynns w as o ne of the escapees. Pol ice d escribed Lynns as aff lic t ed with pyromania, a c o ndi ti o n that may have d ev elop ed wh iie in jail. In a new orang e outfit that cov ered him from head to toe, compl et e with g lide r wi ngs , t he new Firefly d escended up on Goth am . ( Detec ti ve Comics # 661, Early Jun e 1993 ) He set o ut to d estroy the pl aces that he'd neve r b een ab le t o v isit w hen he was you ng, includi ng Elm o 's Pier. Ro bi n determ in ed Lynns's g oal s after eavesd ropp ing on a co nversati o n between the v illa in and his siste r. At w hat had on ce been the Or ph eum Maj est ic Theate r, an exhaust ed Batma n co nf ro nte d Firefly. The cri m inal escap ed , o nly t o be tra ck ed and finall y appreh ended at t he Gotham Zoo. He esc ape d o nce m ore , t oo k the alias Gil Fiel d s, an d set t led in the ci ty w hi le o f feri ng his c ri m inal serv ices t o BLACK MASK. ( Det ec tive Co mics #689 , Sep te mbe r 1995 ) He beat o ut F,REBUG for t he assignment a nd w en t o n t o cause m ayh em and dest ruc t io n o n numer ou s occas io ns. NICHOLAS SCRATCH hir ed him t o c reate th e lar g est fire Gotham had eve r e nd u red, and Lynns co m p lied . A n acc id ent, however, left him wi t h burns over 9 0 p er cent o f hi s body, and he wa s rem anded to recuperate at BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY. Miraculously, he heal ed qui ckly and not o nly regain ed mobil ity but also returned t o his c rim ina l w ays, esc api n g Bla ckgate, retrieving his cos t ume , and g etting back t o work. He battl ed CATWOMAN and w a s recru ited by the secr et Soc ie ty o f supe r­ v illa in s, g ath ering to take o n th e her oes en m asse. Wh en th e cyb ernet ic OMACs w er e unl eashed ag ai nst th e cos t um ed heroe s and vi llains aro u nd t he w o rld, Fire fl y wa s on e o f t hose murd ered . ( The OMAC Pro je ct # 6, 20 0S ) The Fir ef ly ou t fit surv ive d Ly nns, and so meo ne ne w too k up the g uise, in th e em pl oy of t he seco nd V ENTRILOQUIST a nd SCARFACE. ( Go tha m Un d er gro und # 2, Janua ry 20 08)

c onver sat ion with Superman that touched on Kryp to nian myth, Gray son chose the new name Ni ghtwing. (Nightwing Secret Files #1, October 1999) Teenage-tenni s-pro-turned-wannabe-super-hero Mary Elizabeth "B ETTE" KANE adventured in the red­ and -ye llow outfit of Flamebird, taking the name after hearing of the Kryptonian legends from Superman. (Superman: Man of Steel #111, April 2001) Supe rm an and LOIS LANE once traveled to Krypton 's past and assumed the heroic identities o f Ni ghtwing and Flamebird. (Superman: Man of Stee l #111 , April 2001) In th e wake of the reordered reality after INFINITE CRISIS, Kara Zor-EI, SUPERGIRL, briefly fought crime in Kandor as Flamebird alongside Power Girl's Nightwing. (S up erg ir l [sixth ser ies] #6, April 2006)



Otis Flanneg an wa s an outcast from soc iety who d iscov er ed an affinit y fo r rats and became the c rimi nal k now n in GOTHAM CiTY as RATCATCHER.



The Flash is t he name used by the fastest men on Earth, d ating b ack t o th e early t wentieth c ent ury. Th e nam e has be co me a lega cy that will endure throu gh th e ce nt uries, with Fla shes rec orded up throu gh th e 853rd ce nt u ry.

On Earth-1 , J,MMY OLSEN accompanied SUPERMAN to the b ottled ci t y of KANDOR , a m iniaturi zed surv ivo r o f Superman 's doom ed homeworld. Under the red su n rad iat ion , Sup erman 's abilities w er e reduced to human norm s. When he was mistakenly ac cu sed of a c rime , he w ent int o hidin g . To find out the truth, he and J immy donn ed cos t umes patterned after Batman and ROBI Nbut based on Kryptonian legend s. N,GHTW,NG and Flameb ird sol ved th e case, cle aring Superman's nam e. Ove r th e year s Ni ghtwing and Flam ebird co ntinued to hav e Kand o ria n adventures, eve n on ce fighting al o ngs ide Batman and Robin .

Th e fir st Fla sh wa s Jay Garrick , a co lleg e st udent wh o g ain ed sup er- sp eed aft er a ch emistry lab accid ent. He became a founding member of both the JUSTICE SOCIETYOF AMERICA and the All-Star Squadron. On Earth -2 he and Batman w ere teammates and fri ends. ( Flash Comics #1, January 1940) On Earth-l, Ba rry All en b ecame the Flash a s a res ult of lightning stri king a wall full of c hemica ls in his pol ice cr im e laboratory. (Showcase #4 , Septe m ber/October 1956 ) As w ith Garri ck, t his en ­ abl ed A lle n to acce ss t he mysterious realm k nown as the Speed Fo rce and be come the Scarlet Speed­ st er. He and Batman became charter membe rs of the JUSTICE LEAGUEOF AMERICA and shared ma ny ad­ ven tu res t o g et her. Batman admired Allen's analyt ic m ind and me t hod ical approach to investi g at io ns. In t he wake of t he CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, real ity wa s altered, so Garrick served as the first Flash and Allen the second , with Batman only serving with the latter. Allen died, though, saving the universe from the Anti-Monitor. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #8, November 1985) His protege and nephew, Wally West, took over the mantle of the Flash. Wallace Rudolph West gained access to the Speed Force in a freak repetition of Allen's accident. (Flash #110, December 1959/January 1960) First, as Kid Flash, Wally learned to harness his skills at Allen's side. With ROBIN the Boy Wonder, he helped form the TEEN TITANS, and the two grew Up as best friends. West and D,CK GRAYSON used to take annual vacations together. As the third Flash, West was invited to join

Later, two native sc ie nt ists , Van- Zee and Ak-Var, took over th e ro les to pr ovid e a co nsta nt crim e­ f ight ing pre sen ce . (Sup erm an #158, Ja nuary 1963 ) In the real ity crafted after t he CRISIS ON INFINITE EART HS, D,CK GRAYSON sou g ht a ne w nam e af t er decl ar ing his c areer as Ro b in ove r. Follow in g a

the JLA and did so despite being somewhat intimidated by Robin's mentor. West worked with differing inc arn at io ns of the JLA and Titans until he sac rifi ced himself during the events of INFINITE CRISIS, leav ing for another dimension of ex istence with his w ife , Linda , and their infant tw ins .

FLAGG, TIM An escaped co nv ic t b etter known t o Batm an as the cos t ume d c ri mi nal HYDRO.


Barry All en had spe nt a m onth in t he thirtiet h c en t u ry w it h hi s w if e, Iris W est A llen , befor e his de at h. He lef t behi nd a leg ac y an d tw ins, Don and Daw n; Do n had a so n, Bart, wh o al so acc essed t he Speed Forc e. To bes t learn how t o use his abili tie s, Bart wa s sen t to t he twent ieth cen tu ry t o learn from the " Ze n m ast er of spee d ," Max Mercu ry . Following in hi s gra ndfath er 's fo otst ep s, Bart too k on the cos t um ed ide nti ty o f Impu lse, ad vent ur ing alongside Robin in YOUNG JUSTICE and th e Teen Titans. During Infinite Cri sis, Bart traveled thro ugh the Speed Force, e me rgi ng physicall y as a twenty­ year -old although hi s emotiona l makeup rema ined that of an adol escent. Wh en W est vanished, Ba rt saw little choice but to become th e next Flash . It was sub sequently learn ed th at Bart possessed th e totality of the Spee d For ce w ithin his b ody. ( The Flash: The Fastest Man Aliv e #1, August 200 6) Bart wa s savag e ly beaten t o d eath by th e Flash 's Rogues Gall er y at mu ch t he same t im e as West and hi s family return ed t o Earth.

FLASS, ARNOLD Arnold Fla ss grew u p in GOT HAM CiTY, joi ning t he Green Beret s after hig h sc hoo l. He left t he se rvice, beco mi ng a d et ect iv e in the GOTH AM CiTY POLICE


DEPARTMENT. Desp ite his valiant record overseas , Flass succumbed to Gotham's rampant corrupt ion under Com m issio ner GILLIAN B. LOEB. Flass spec ialized in shak edowns and acc epted br ib es by the fistful. His career c hang ed when he was partnered with JAMES GORDON, recently relocated from Ch icago. At fir st , Flass thought "Jimmy " would b ecome one of t he " bo ys: ' but h e qu ickly reassessed the earnest­ and honest-detective. As a result, Flas s wanted t o show Gordon what becam e of honest cop s. With Loeb's perm issio n, Flass and fellow officer s hid und er ski mas ks and brutal ly beat Go rdon with ba seba ll bats in the G.c.p.D. parking garage. Dur ing th e beat ing, Gordon recognized Flass's lau g h and knew who led his assault. He was determined to gain revenge. Later that same night, Gordon trailed Flass and wa it ed until the drunk, crooked cop left another o f ficer's home for the evening. Gordon challenged Fla ss to a fight, even providing his opponent with a fres h baseball bat. Flass proved no match, despite hi s military training, and wound up handcuffed, nak ed, on the street. Gordon proved his valor and forced Loeb to in sist th e cop be left alone. Flass continued his bent way s de spite an intimate encounter with Batman, th e co st umed v igilante who had recently arrived in the ci t y. A sho cked Flass insisted that the "bat-man" w as act ually a demon with both fangs and claws. Soo n aft er, narcot ics dea ler JEFFERSON SKEEVE RS w as arrested by Gordon, on ly to be released on bai l under Lo eb 's orders . Batman t racked Skeev ers to a seed y ho te l an d t erri f ied the man . The follow ing morning Skeevers turn ed himself in and confessed th at he had b een paying Flass an d Loe b to leave his bu siness unmolested. Gordon sought and obtained an indictment, leav ing his former partner to face a ten- year jail sente nce . (Batman #404 , February 1987) Fla ss wa s kil led by th e ser ial murderer HANGMAN

after servi ng bare ly two years of h is sente nc e. (Batman: Dark Vic to ry #3 , Feb ruar y 20 00)

FLEMING, "BULL" "Bull" Flem in g led a g ang of crim inals who thought he mi ght have it easy. At the time, a c he m ical acc ide nt su pe rcha rg ed Batman's hands, lead ing th em to be de cl ared lethal w eapons. Instead th e Cap ed Crusade r used all his training to find other m ethod s to car efully subdue Flem ing and his m en. ( Det ec tive Co mics #338, Ap ril 1965)



Joe Fl int wa s a pr ivate detective wh o arr anged t o be shot so he could ga in admittance to th e BULLET­ HOL E CLUB. His g oal was to kill FB I ag ent Terry Co lli ns, w ho w as tr ailing counterfeit er s and wa s a threat to Flint, w ho doub led as th e co unte rfei te rs' leader. Wh en he failed b ut was exposed to Bat m an, a fellow club member, Flint attempted a su ic ide leap out a wind ow . The plan fa iled, b ut th e action did cau se a mental breakdown , Fl int was apprehended and remand ed to a psych iatric in stitution. (World's Fine st Comics #50, February/March 1951)



Edward Deaco n was born w ith d eform ed arm s and leg s that closely resembl ed flipp er s, earning him th e n ick nam e Fl ippy. His drug-addi cted mother eventually sol d her d eformed ch ild to a ci rcus f reak show. W hen th e carn iva l w ent broke, its four fr eak s were aband o ned . One of t hem w as murdered by an escap ed killer, w ho wa s bein g t rai led by Batman. In t he end Batman saved Flippy from de ath . The enco unte r prove d life chan g ing for th e yout h. ( Det ec t ive Co mics #4 10, April 1971) Inspir ed , he vowed to bec om e a supe r hero . As he g rew, Flippy st udie d magic to ga in powers, incl ud ing telekine sis. He sought out Greenwich Vill ag e's Mad am e Xanadu, wh o led him to a vari ety of my stic teacher s. To help pay for hi s studies, Flippy used his lim ited lim bs to be come a m aster ba rte nde r. He claime d his record of drink m ixin g was twenty -th ree. After Nightmaster aba nd on ed th e pa ndimensional Obli vion Bar during the INFINITE CRISIS, Flipp y broke in and assumed own ership. Previou s ow ner Nightma ster con tes ted t he move but ultimately resigned himsel f to a back room , whe re he and fellow members of the Shad ow pact con vene,



Th is BLODHAVEN resident b ecam e a costumed vigil ante, ba sing her nam e and appearance on the hero TAR ANTULA,



Co u nt Florian ha iled from an unrevealed European country and over th e ye ars built up an elaborate espi on ag e operat ion , Tho se loyal to him were not ed by the th ird-eye stickers pr oudly worn on th eir foreheads. To int ernational crime-fighting o rga nizati o ns, he wa s kno wn as the man with a t housa nd eye s. In t he years afte r Earth -2' s World War II, the count t urn ed his org anizati o n int o a for­ hire opt ion for worldwi de org an ized c ri me. Floria n arr ived in America to ove rsee o ne such operation and came to the attent ion of GOTHAM CiTY's Batman


and ROBIN. The Cap ed Crusad er held th e man in co ntempt, disapproving of h is selli ng his servic es to anyo ne, for any pr ice. In or der to br ing Florian to ju stice, Batman posed as a form er un derling, Onc e he and Robin got close enough, Florian and hi s ag ent s w ere ap p rehe nd ed, end ing a threat to A mer ica 's safety. ( World's Finest Comics #43, December 1949/January 1950 )

FLORONIC MAN JASON W OODRUE was a pol itical ext rem ist from an­ othe r dim ension known as Floria. He wa s a revo­ lutionary rac ist w ho saw to it that his dim en sio n's hum an-shaped races were predom inant ov er th e Floral Spir its . He was captured and exiled t o Earth. Seeking a way to survive, he took the name Ja son Woodrue and gained employment as a bota ny professor at Gardner University. His resear ch wa s concentrated on accelerated plant growth, and he was increasingly aware of what humankind wa s doing to his newly adopted world. His noteworthy student body included Alec and Linda Holland, who set off to create a bio-restorative formula; Susan Linden, who morphed into the plant-like Black Orchid; Phillip Sylvan, who later cloned more Black Orchids; Janet Klyburn, who went on to becom e director of METROPOLIS'S S.T.A.R. LABS fran chi se; Dan Cassidy, who became a Hollywood st unt man and then the demonic Blue Dev il; and PAMELAISLEY. It w as rumored among the students that Wood rue and Isley engaged in an affair. A long the way he coaxed her into steal ing herbs from an Egypt ian coll ec t io n, an d t hen tried to kill her by using the he rbs t o craf t a rare to xin. W hen Isley inge sted th e to xin , it act ivated her meta-gene, making her immune t o all po ison s and putting her on th e path to be coming POISON IVY. Shor t ly thereafter, Woodrue left Gardner for Ivy University, w here he conti nue d hi s resear ch in the hope of returning to Flor ia and killi ng Qu een Maya . Somehow hearing of Wood rue 's pl an , th e qu een came to Earth and enl isted th e A TOM'S help in sto p p ing it. ( Th e Atom #1, June/July 19 62 )

After a serie s o f de feat s agai nst t he Atom and t he JUSTIC< LEAGUE OF A MERICA, Wood rue expe rienced a b io ch em ical m ishap t hat a lte red hi s human f o rm to that of a liv in g t ree , co m ple te w ith shrubber y atop h is head. ( The Flash # 24 5, No vem be r 1976 ) Hiding his new fo rm under makeup and a w ig , Wood rue wa s h ired by the Sunderland Corporatio n to stu d y th e c a p tu re d SWAMP THING. It was then that Sw am p Th ing learn ed he was not Wo od ru e's fo rme r st udent A lec Ho lland re bo rn as a sw am p creature b ut a sen t ien t form o f p lant lif e t hat thought it was t he human Ho lland. (Saga of the Swamp Thing #21­ 24, February-May 1984 ) W ood ru e then learned from a Guardian of th e Un iver se that he possessed the making s of the next generatio n o f humankind and agreed to explore that potenti al as part of the te am known as t he New Guardians. Tak ing the name Floro, he adventured wit h the team for a br ief period of t im e. ( New Guardians #1-12, September 1988 - Septem ber 198 9) So m e time af ter this , he had a not her encounter w ith th e Swamp Thing, which left Wood rue decapitated . Scientist s managed to keep him al ive, and Woodrue was exposed to marijuana. He u sed th e pl ant su bs tance to c raft a new body for himself and left th e lab or ato ry. Woodrue journeyed to GOTHAM CiTY, wh ere he un leash ed his new breed of p ot an d also b roke his fo rm er st udent, now Po ison Ivy, o ut of A RKHAM ASYLUM. Aided by his hire lings Holly Wood and EVA GREEN, Wood rue extracted D NA from Ivy, hoping to g enerate a new lif e-fo rm, a child he c o u ld call h is own. Po ison Ivy wa s to receive ten m ill ion d oll ars , earned from sale of his o wn bra nd o f mar ijuana. She dis li ked Wood rue 's manic d esire to take ov er t he world , however, so she help ed Batma n stop th e crazed cr eatur e. Batman lured Wood ru e to a p udd le, the n grabbed a cabl e and elec t roc ute d the grounded lif e-fo rm . Taking a cu e f ro m Swamp Th ing, t he Dark Knig ht on ce more d ecapitated Wood rue . (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #56 -58. November 1996-January 1997) Wood ru e's head was remanded to Arkham A sylum, where he grew a new body. So m e tim e later, Batman was allowe d t o t ake Woodrue to Opal Cit y to aid STARMAN in deal ing with SOLOMON GRUN DY, another humanoid pl ant bein g . Although he wa s sent back to Arkham, Wood rue has sin ce b een fr eed and was one of t he villains who learn ed hi s m ind had been tampered with by ZATAN NA. He ha s since fought with the Society of villains aga inst Eart h's heroes. (Infinite Crisis #7, June 2006)



Th ree m en w ith a high degree of horticultural k no w led ge co m b ined the ir reso urces to commi t cr imes as th e Flower Ga ng . The m en robbed fro m ar ou nd GOTHAM CiTY usin g va rious p lants ' sp ec ific properties to ga in entry or un lock saf es; on e suc h heist w as th e robber y at the Morrow Art Gall ery. While the gang m embers were ima gina ti ve in th eir effo r ts , th ey proved to b e no th reat t o ROBIN, as th e Bo y Wo nd er apprehended t hem w ithout th e aid of Batma n. ( Ba tm an #172, Ju ne 1965)



JOHN and MAR Y GRAYSON were sta r trapeze artists for th e HALY BROS. CiRCUS. Their son D,CK joined th e


act w he n he wa s a youth , a nd the three w ere a hi ghlight attrac t io n. Th e act ca m e to a tragic end w he n Joh n and Mar y fell t o th eir d eat h s, t he ir rop es sev er ed by ANTHONY " Boss" Zucc o to pr o ve that Hal y needed to p ay p rotection money. Dick Grayson wa s adopted by BRUCE WAYNE and tra in ed to be com e ROBIN, th e Bo y Wonder. (De tec tive Comics # 38 , April 194 0 )



Frank Fol land was an enter pr ising engineer w ho sou ght ¡f und ing to build hi s next invention, th e aeraquam obile, capable of tr aver sing sea, land , and raise th e money, Fo lland em barked on a series air. o f exhi bi t io ns highlighting fam ou s f irst s, in th e hope th at hi s vehic le w o u ld join th e list in th e near future. His estra nge d part ner, George Sellm an, hired thug s to ru in th e exh ibits an d kil l Fol land so he cou ld obtain th e prototype veh icl e him self. Instead Batman and ROBIN end ed the threat and apprehend ed th e crimi nals. Soon after, Folland recei ved fundi ng from


a manufa cturing firm. ( World 's Finest Comics #25, November/December 194 6)



In a parall el, unnamed reality, Freddy Forbes wa s a popul ar television comed ian known to all as th e JOKER. W hen Batman pa id t hi s real it y a v isit , he wa s sta rt led t o see how clo sely the co m ic resembled his archnemesis. ( World's Finest Comics #136, Se ptember 1963 )

FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, THE The Fortress of So litu d e is SUPERMAN'S p riva te refuge, mu ch li ke Batman's BATCAVE. On Earth- 2 he had a Secr et Citade l bu ilt into a mountain near METROPOLI S. (Sup erm an #17, July/A ug ust 194 2) On Earth-1, Superman 's Fortress wa s loca te d in th e A rctic, its massive gold en door open ed by a g ia nt key d isg Uised as an airplane directional m ark er. The fo rtress c on t ained num ero us mem entos f ro m KRYPTON, Sm all vi lle , and Metropol is. For Supe rma n's b irthday, Ba tm an on ce staged a myst ery with in the fort res s. (Ac t ion Comics # 241, June 1958 ) Batman and ROBIN w ere fr equent vi sit ors t o t he fortress, both on Earth-1 and on the Earth re-f orm ed by t he CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. On anoth er b irthday, t he Dyn ami c Duo an d W ONDER W OMAN visited th e fortress, o nly to find Superma n in thrall t o Mo ng u l, wh ich led to a ma ssiv e b attle. (Superma n Annual #11,1986 ) ( Fo r a detailed account o f the Fortress of So litud e, co nsu lt The Essential Supe rm an Encyclopedia.)

FOSTER, "BIG JOE" Batman was acting as a t est pil ot fo r the Eagl e Aircra f t Co m pany w he n his exp erimental jet w as bathed in a pas sing co m et' s radiat ion t rai l. Th e co smic energy alter ed his physio log y, not o nly making him gl ow but also imbuing him with su pe rpow er s. Scientists from Eagle d et erm ined t ha t o nce t he rad iation fa de d fro m his syst em , he w o uld d ie. The Cape d Crusad er 's o n ly hope was a t reatment from Professor Blak e, an idi osyncr atic sci en tis t wh ose w her ea bou t s were a mys tery. Up on learn in g of this, th e c ri m inal " Big Joe " Foste r tr ied


t o lo cate Bla ke be for e Eagl e' s sta ff co u ld. With the c lock ti c king , Batman used his newfound abiliti es to figh t cri me in GOTHAM CiTY, init iall y unaware that Foster had managed to fi nd Blake and take him hostag e. Turning his attention t o the kidnappin g, Batman dedu ced where th e sci enti st was b ein g he ld an d arrived in t ime to f ree hi m. Blake th en used hi s ex pertise in rare g ases t o co ncoc t a seru m that would purg e Batman's syste m o f th e radiation, spari ng his lif e. (Det ect ive Com ics #268, June 1959)

FOSTER, FRANK "WHEELS" Frank Foster ran a restaurant t ha t fronte d an illeg al g am b ling d en until he wa s apprehended by Batman an d ROBIN. While he sat in p riso n, a laundry t ruc k ex peri ence d a flat tire, c ausing it to cras h throug h t he fr o nt gate; Fo st er escaped. Mu ch as a stray ba t in spired BRUCE W AYNE to become th e feared Bat m an, Foster saw th e t ire as an omen and began a c ri me sp ree wear ing a ye llo w-and -o range co st ume sp o rti ng a w hee l in sign ia. He used w heels to co m mi t hi s c rim es, wh ich w er e also wheel­ insp ire d. It t oo k so m e d o ing, but the Dy na mi c Duo manag ed t o p ut t he brakes t o Fost er 's newfound career. (Batma n #135, Octob er 1960)

FOSTER, JOHN John Fo st er w as a ca ree r crim inal whose life took a different tu rn w hen he realized he was an id ent ical twin to arch it ect George C. Hud son . Fo st er callo usly murdered Hudson and assumed his id ent it y. He then took the arch itectural plans for houses in various ste p s of co m pletion and added hi dd en ac cess w ays and sto rag e sp ac es. Onc e the ho mes were co m p leted and o ccu p ied, Fo st er and his allies co uld rob t he ho mes w ith out leaving clues for the po lice. Batman f igured o ut that Foster wa s impe rso nat ing the architect and managed to tri c k him into co nfessing th e murd er, allowing th e po lic e to arrest him. (Batm an #54 , Augu st/Septem ber 194 9 )



Lu ciu s Fox wa s t he business m an ag er at W AYNE ENTERPRISES on Eart h-1. He was de sc ribed as hav ing a keen sen se for business and earn ed BRUCE W AYNE'S trust , whi ch allowed him to assum e greater respons ib iliti es o ver tim e. Eventua lly Fox wa s given co nt rol ove r bo th Wa yn e Enterprises and t he W AYNE FOUNDATION, fr eeing W ayn e to co nce ntr ate on being Bat m an. (Batman # 307, Jan ua ry 197 9 ) In the realit y aft er CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Fox was rescued from muggers in Par is by teenage

Bruce Wayne. It was Fox who put forth the notion of using Wayne's wealth for a charitable foundation. During Wayne's second year as the Dark Knight, he recovered a precious medallion for Fox, stolen at a party by the PENGUIN. The renewed acquaintanceship led to Wayne hiring Fox for the Wayne Foundation. (Batman: Ghosts-Legends of the Dark Knight, 1995) A different post-Crisis account indicated that Fox was working for T. Clyde Pontefract's Pontefract Industries when Wayne recruited him to run WayneTech prior to Wayne donning the BATSUIT. At that point Wayne had begun using WayneTech prototypes for his crime-fighting needs, arousing the occasional suspicion from Fox. (Detective Comics #0, October 1994) A refinement of that account showed that Lucius Fox graduated at the top of his class at Morton Business School and began a business career that led to his being vice president of corporate services at failing Atwater Air. In just a few years he turned the near-bankrupt commuter air service into a leading competitor and was made CEO of the company while avoiding the massive layoffs endorsed by every business pundit of the time. He was considered a major player with a stunning portfolio and a limitless future. Every major corporation was said to be angling to land him. His decision to join Wayne Enterprises as CEO and president took the normally staid business world by surprise. (Batman Secret Files #1, October 1997)

FOX,THE Warren Kawford, alias Fisk, wore a business suit and fox-head mask and worked with the SHARK and the VULTURE as the criminal TERRIBLE TRIO.

FRALEY, WALTER Walter Fraley hijacked a shipment of gold bars and had the metal melted and reshaped to resemble antique gold bars. He then buried them in specific places, selling fraudulent treasure maps with his men legitimately finding the buried treasure. When Fraley claimed this was the treasure from the noted highwayman CAPTAIN L,GHTFOOT, Batman had PROFESSOR CARTER NICHOLS send him and ROBIN back in time to learn the truth. In colonial America the Dynamic Duo learned that Lightfoot was a persona used by a crime fighter who worked to maintain a fragile peace between settlers and Native Americans. Back in the present, Batman used his knowledge to force a confession from the accomplices, resulting in them, and Fraley, being arrested. (Batman #79, October/November 1953)

Before he could get her to medical help, Amina died. (Batman #659-662, February-March 2007)

FRANKLIN, WAYNE Dr, Wayne Franklin, described as the "Black Bruce Wayne," suffered a debilitating injury and emerged as the malformed villain GROTESK.

FREEWAY - - - - - - - - ­ Freeway was a meta-human who was able to turn his corporeal form insubstantial, allowing him to spy on people or enter locked structures, At some point the otherwise unnamed Freeway also studied martial arts under ASANO N,TOBE, former associate of Paul Kirk, MANHUNTER, He challenged ROBIN on several occasions, even endangering the Teen Wonder's secret identity, (Robin [second series] #106, November 2002) Freeway was recruited by ATHENA to join her NETWORK when the international operation began working out of GOTHAM CiTY, When Batman shut down her operation, Freeway vanished, (Batman Family #8, February 2003)

FRANK, ADAM Adam Frank promoted himself as the first in everything. He used this to fashion himself as a GOTHAM C,TY celebrity, burnishing his reputation with each new first. When he tried to obtain a valuable Shakespeare first edition, A. H, Evans, the owner, refused to sell. This inspired Frank to be first in something else: first criminal in his family. He found himself a criminal crew and set out to rob using "firsts" as a theme, It didn't take Batman and ROBIN long to track and arrest Frank and his men, (Batman #29, June/July 1945)

A conflicting account showed Wayne coming back from his training abroad to find his father's company being mismanaged with no sign of Fox being present at all. While Wayne acclimated himself to his new role as Batman, he was also delving into how corrupt the board of directors had become and what housecleaning was required. (Batman: Journey into Knight #1-12, October 2005-September 2006) All the previous accounts may have been superseded by the events of INFINITE CRISIS. Shortly after Wayne became Batman, he began diverting Wayne Enterprises' prototypes for his personal use in outfitting his BATCAVE. There he had a friendly relationship with Fox, who was an engineer at the Wayne Aerospace division. (Batman Confidential #1-6, February-July 2007) Some time after that, Fox rapidly rose through the ranks to become CEO of both Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation. In addition to his stellar work managing the entirety of the Wayne family's business and philanthropic activities, Fox was also the father of four. Fox's eldest child was Tiffany, who worked at a Wayne Foundation-sponsored drug rehab clinic. (Batman #308, February 1979) His son Tim graduated from college and had a strained relationship with his father. Over time they healed the rift, and Tim actually did work at Wayne Enterprises during the one year Gotham City was a No MAN'S LAND. (Batman #313, July 1979) Daughter Tam Fox was in high school (Detective Comics #658, April

Siblings Amina and WAYNE FRANKLIN grew up under harsh circumstances, forging a deep bond, Their father was a former radical who once threatened to kill his children and himself rather than be arrested and subjected to the "white man's prison," Both grew up to become doctors, with Amina working at a GOTHAM C,TY community clinic. At a charity fund-raiser, she met and briefly dated BRUCE WAYNE, Two years later she directed a patient, Henry Jones, to her brother, who sought someone to take his place as he faked his own death to avoid both the Russian Mafia and members of the YAKUZA, who demanded repayment for their investments in his failed medical technology, Jones, a terminal patient, agreed to die in a warehouse explosion in exchange for five thousand dollars that his mother desperately needed. But the explosion caught Amina's brother Wayne, disfiguring him and twisting his mind, He sought revenge against the criminal forces allied against him. As GROTESK, he killed without remorse, Amina and Wayne reconnected during this time, and she provided Batman with invaluable information during his investigation. In the end, though, she learned that Jones's mother had never

1993), and Fox's youngest son has not been named. (Batman: Gotham Knights #32, October 2002) Fox was married to a woman named Tanya, although she was also called Nancy in one instance. (Batman #443, January 1990)

received the payment, and the news broke her heart. Grotesk even endangered her life during a final showdown with Batman when Amina was injected with an overdose of poison, forcing the Dark Knight to save her, letting Grotesk run free.



FRIES, NORA Nora Fries was a gentle soul who met V,CTOR FRIES when she attended a strict boarding school. The attractive young woman fell in love with the scientist, marrying him soon after her graduation. Their storybook marriage was short-lived, as Nora fell terminally ill; despite medical science's best efforts, there was no cure, Fries, who studied cryogenics, chose to preserve his wife, awaiting a day when she could be cured. Some time later, an accident turned the despondent Fries into the vicious M,STER FREEZE, able to exist only in subzero environments. (Batman: Mister Freeze, 1997) During one battle with Batman, Nora's frozen body was shattered into pieces, effectively killing her and sending Fries over a psychological edge, In time, though, he reassembled the icy pieces and hoped for a miracle. That miracle finally arrived in the form of NYSSA RAATKO, daughter of RA'sAL GHUL. She offered to place Nora's frozen form into a LAZARUS PIT, which would resurrect her, in exchange for his creating a weapon for use by the Society, a band of super-villains. Nora was placed into the alchemical

Victor and Nora Fries


CiTY, but allow Frye to operate unmolested. The faux-Batman, though, suffered a head injury, leaving him with temporary amnesia. Found by ROBIN, he was brought back to the BATCAVE, where the Boy Wonder and ALFRED PENNYWORTH accepted him as the real Batman/Bruce Wayne. This convinced Larson he was Batman, and he made it a point to bring Frye to justice. Along the way Larson's memory was returned, and he was determined to find the injured Caped Crusader, rescuing him from Imminent death. After freeing him from criminals, Larson fell onto high-tension wires and was electrocuted. Frye and his men were subsequently arrested by Gotham's police. (Batman #83, Apn11954)

FULLER, SANDRA Sandra Fuller was fascinated with the vanous men known as CLAYFACE and managed to gain their powers, operating as Lady Clay.

substance and-given her altered condition-was brought back to life, but not as the loving Nora. She emerged as a living, humanoid molten form that could emit flames. She also seemed to absorb the very essence of the pit and was apparently able to resurrect the dead. She took the name Lazara, and her mental outlook was diametrically opposed to that of Nora. Claiming she hated her husband for what had become of her, she tried to kill him. After falling, she fled before he could use his freeze gun to entrap her. (Betqtrl #70, January 2006)

FRIES, VICTOR This tragic scientist tned to find a way to preserve his ill wife's life but instead was turned into a human who could only survive in subzero temperatures. His twisted mind led to a life of crime as MISTER FREEZE.

FRIGHT Dr. Linda Fnitawa specialized in genetics but lost her medical license when she conducted unauthorized expenments on humans. Disgraced yet still consumed by her research, the albino Friitawa agreed to work for the PENGUIN, who assigned her to work beside Dr. JONATHAN CRANE. Crane, known to most as the fear-inducing SCARECROW, was working on new toxins to create hallucinations, preying on people's personal fears. Friitawa, who slept by day to avoid direct sunlight, worked all night, learning much from Crane. He responded to her kindness, which was a marked contrast with the brutal manner shown him by the Penguin. She coordinated her research with his, then performed an experiment on Crane. The thin, gangly man was transformed into a hulking creature named SCAREBEAST that she could not control. Scarebeast began killing the Penguin's hired men; when Batman attempted to intervene, the creature defensively emitted Crane's toxin. In time it became clear that Crane was transforming back and forth between human and


beast. Batman subdued Crane and helped seek a cure for his condition. Friitawa used the results of her experiment to treat her albinism, which resulted in her gaining superpowers, including the ability to emit deadly nerve toxins. Telling Batman to call her Fright, she escaped. (Batman #627, Late July 2004)

FRISBY, FLOYD Floyd Frisby was a racketeer who fled arrest in the United States and hid in South America. Batman, ROBIN, and SUPERMAN tracked the criminal to the dense jungles and apprehended him. Before they could return home, though, Superman was caught In the full force of an exploding volcano, resulting in temporary amnesia. Natives thought the Man of Steel was a reincarnated king returning, as foretold In their legends, to rebuild their time-lost city. In time he recovered his memories and helped bring Fnsby back for prosecution. (World's Fmest Comics #111, August 1960)

FROGEL, "FIVE ACES" The career criminal "Five Aces" Frogel led a gang of cohorts who decided to take over Sunshine City, somewhere In the American West. The fnghtened citizens beseeched Batman and ROBIN to come to their aid. Upon arrival, Batman was elected as sheriff and the Dynamic Duo quickly restored peace to the town. Frogel and his men were arrested. (Batman #10, Apnl/May 1942)

FUNNY FACE GANG, THE _ _ The Funny Face Gang criminals earned their name for the silly rubber masks they wore during their robberies. When Batman and ROBIN got involved In the case, they apprehended the cnminals, exposing their leader as AI Talley, owner of GOTHAM CiTY'S prestigious Tally Ho Club. (Batman #116, June 1958)


FUTURIANS, THE - - - - - -

"Fish" Frye was a fugitive criminal who Intercepted

Six people possessing extrasensory perception banded together as the Futurians. Their goal was to use their uncanny abilities to rule the world. When they threatened the life of one man, Batman intervened and was seen by the group as a seventh Futurian. He disabused them of that notion and apprehended them before they could launch their plan. (Batman #229, February 1971)

an SOS from Batman, who had been injured during a BATPLANE crash. This Inspired an intricate scheme in which Frye could not only remain free but also profit. He turned to ex-convict HARRY LARSON, blackmailing the man to use his uncanny resemblance to both Batman and BRUCE WAYNE, to pose as the Caped Crusader. This Batman would be active in GOTHAM

GAIGE Gaige w as a fam o us oceanog raph er but was better known to Bat m an as TIGER SHARK.

GALVAN, "BUZZ" Elmo Galvan and his accom p lices m ur d ered fo ur people. W he n t he five we re arrested, th e o t her fou r turned state's evidence against Ga lvan, w ho w as tried , convicted, and sente nced to t he elec tric c hair. The high voltage fa iled to ki ll Gal van, redu ci ng him to a pa rt ially para lyzed m an. A t BLACKGATE

and his m en d uped Ha nniba l Bonaparte Brown, a mili ta ry strategi st , into answ eri ng quest ion s abo ut hypo thet ical st ra tegic pro b lem s. In every c ase Br o w n's adv ice proved key in c o m m it ting their rob beries. Batma n and ROBIN fig ur ed o ut t ha t Brow n wa s be ing used , a nd t he em b ar rassed t act ic al g eni us aided th e Dyn am ic Du o in a pprehe ndi ng t he gang. (Ba tman # 21, February/ March 1944)

Eagl et o n in to a hero. Hav in g st ud ied the case t hr o ugh t he years , Batman recogni zed the tr ut h and c rea te d a sce nario t ha t saw Cris t ina, Eag leton, and him self t rap p ed in an airt ig ht vau lt. Eag let on co nfessed b efo re t ra nsfo rm ing o nc e more to use hi s st reng t h to free t he m . Once t hey we re free , a m or e exp erienced Da rk Knig ht eas ily subd ued him, endi ng t he t hreat once and for all. ( Ba t man # 4 77, Ma y 19 9 2)



PENITENTIARY'S inf irm ary, Ga lva n dr ag g ed himse lf o ut of be d, in te ndi ng to kill hi ms elf by bi t ing into an elec tri cal cord . The vo lt ag e, though, seem ing ly c ured Galvan o f his aff lictio n. He did realize, tho ugh, t ha t he w oul d need t o c a rry a power supply for the rema ind er of his life Galvan decided he could live w it h t hat and left p ri son to seek reveng e o n his former friends and wit ne sses to his botch ed execu t ion , Gal van managed t o kil l t w o me n b ef o re Batma n was on h is trail. The Dark Kn ight was sto pped fro m apprehen di ng Ga lvan when he was attacked by the ELECTROCUTIONER, a woul d ·be vig ila nte. Th e d istract io n allowed Ga lvan to flee and resum e his pl an , w hi c h inc luded ta rg et ing Pol ice Co m m issio ne r JAMES GORDON. Gordon assigned o fficers to cover m o st o f th e othe r witnesses, with t he Dyna m ic Duo sha dow ing t he fina l witness . Galvan manage d to kill the man un der Batm an's protectio n bu t was final ly t ake n down by Bat man an d t he Elec t ro cutioner . (Detective Com ics

Bio chem ist s MORRIS EAGLETON and Dav id Creig hton craft ed a f or mu la-kno wn as "th e Stone Man" ­ originally wri tten in th e t hir t een t h ce nt ury by Jo ri x, an alch em ist. The t wo t ho ug ht if the formu la w or ked , it m ig ht be stow immortality. They followed th e di rec t io ns, and Cre ig ht o n tested it on himself. He w as t ran sf o rm ed into a monstrous shape and ac tua lly at t acked his yo ung daughter Cri stin a. The effec ts p ro ved te m porary, and the horri f ied man insist ed Eag let o n bu rn the ma nuscr ipt. His par tner ag reed , but t hen kept th e m anusc ript and tried it himself. The transform at io n left him with a b loodlust, and he pr o mptly k illed t wo innocent vict ims . Batman t ried to sto p th e creat ure, b ut th e Gar goy le proved to o powerful. Eaglet on used the fo rmula spari ng ly, on ly fou rt een times over th e fo llowing decade, de lig hti ng in th e abil ity to fly and enh anced strength. It d id, though, rava g e his bod y, p rema t u rely ag ing him . Creighto n su spected it was his pa rtne r who wa s b ehi nd th e myster io us slayings

The Gargoy le Gan g c o nsisted o f several wou ld-be k idna ppers, incl udi ng m embers nam ed Maxie, Snail, and Joey. They t o o k a ho st ag e to hold for ran som , hiding in GOTHAM CiTY'S sew e r syst em . Batman wa s on th e ir t rail an d had to o ut race floodwaters that threat en ed t o d ro w n t he gang, the hostage, and him self. Th e Gotham Guard ian accomplished the feat , apprehe nding the ga ng. (Batman Family #18 , June /July 1978)

Garr considered him self the k ing of t he int er p la n­ eta ry und erw o rl d and was fr eq uently soug ht by Tutian, t he Un iver sal Pol ice Cor ps ' c hief inspec ­ tor. Garr came to Eart h-2 and allied him self w ith co m mon cri mi nal Eddie Mar ro w. Th ey b eg an a new cri me spree, sta rting on Earth but spreadi ng across the ga laxy. Tut ian sim ilarly te ame d with Bat m an and ROBINto b ring the pai r to just ic e. ( B atman #117, Aug ust 1958 )

#64 4 , May 19 92)

but he ld his to ng ue un t il h is daughter, now gr ow n, ret urned t o GOTHAM CiTY. During the confrontat io n, Eag let on injected t he formula into Creighton and the n, as he w as t ransfo rm ing , the scientist sho t his par tn er t o d eath. The police discovered t he bo dy and p resum ed t hey'd found the killer, t u rni ng

Jay Garr is and his ga ng were tired of con stan tly bei ng t hw ar ted by Ba t m an. To even the odd s, Ga rris sto le f ilm of Batman in action from bat-fan Elmer Ma so n, W at ch ing , Garris realized that if th ey

GANT, CHOPPER Cho p pe r Gant led a g a ng of criminals, but decid ed t o improve thei r m et hods for committing crim es by seeki ng m il it ar y he lp. Po sing as repor ters, Gant






143 ~

cou ld ma st er the b o o m eran g , t hey could cou nte r Bat man's famed BATARANGS. Rep lay ing t he film en d lessl y, t he m en all practic ed u ntil th ey ach ieve d

Wil son was paroled from ja il and retu rn ed home, expl ai nin g t o h is yo ung so n t hat h e wa s in reality Batma n, fig hting crime for extended p er iods.

b ut h e sur vi ve d . ( Batm an #667-669, October­ Decem b er 2007 )

a d egree o f m ast ery. Garris t hen fas hi o ned several special ize d Batarang s con t aini ng b o mbs t o help commit cr imes. Mason recognized t he criminals t han ks to ne w sree l fo o ta ge from one of t he robberies and alerte d Batm an. Fro m th ere, th e Dynam ic Duo tr aced t he g ang to a d eserted island near GOTHAM C,TY. To access t he island , Batma n strapped him self to th e mammoth Batarang X, which wa s fired by ·a",<:atap ult. On ce on land, h e d efused all th e bornbaran q s and easily apprehended th e gang. ( Detective Comics #244, June 1957)

Tommy id oli zed his dad and was t hrilled to hea r that he wa s ret ired and home t o st ay. Puttin g on the co stume t o show his so n, W ilson w o und up being m istaken fo r th e hero an d cri tically sh ot by Garve r's m en. Upon hearing th is, Bat m an ag re ed to he lp W ilso n ma intain the fiction until t he inj ure d fa th er co uld proper ly rev eal th e truth to th e boy. However, Gar ver kidnapped Tommy, believing he had Batman's own so n. Th e Cape d Crusad er resc ued the yo ut h and apprehended Garve r and his men. Wil son recovered and told hi s so n th e truth, and he accep t ed it with newfound m atur it y. ( Batm an #88 , December 1954 )


GARROW, RAND Th is cr iminal, better known as CRIMESMI TH, us ed his cunning genius with me chanics to co m m it his offenses.

GARTH Garth was d escribed as a ruthl ess, rene g ade scientist ; h is gr eatest ach ievement w as co nstruc ting a m ach ine that could cha nge a man, suc h as Batman, into an infan t. NAILS FINNEY used th e ma ch in e for his own purposes. ( Ba tm an #147, May 1962)

GARTH, JIM Jim Garth w as an ar so nist, sta rting fires fo r pay, b ut fac ed p er so na l traged y w hen a fi re d est ro yed his o wn ho m e and killed his only so n. The flam es seve rely bu rned Ga rt h's face, and the entire event twist ed h is m ind . Rat he r t ha n ad m it any responsib ilit y, he pl ac ed t he bla m e on th e fir em en who c o uld not qu ench th e fi re b efore his so n died . Don ning a f ireproof suit and helmet , he set out as Blaze and sought rev eng e against th e volunteer fire br igade, wh ich had disband ed af te r th e fire. Fo llowing t he p attern of the chi ld ren' s rhyme, he beg an ki lli ng t he former f iref ig hters in o rd er: rich man, poor man, b eggar, and so o n. Men lo st the ir live s or the ir offi ces until Bat man and ROBIN int ervened . Th e Dynamic Duo tracked him down but, b ef o re he could be arre sted , Garth used his flam ethrower on a st ac k of dynamit e and p eri sh ed in th e resulting exp los io n. ( Bat m an #69 , February/ Mar ch 1952)

GARTH, SAM Sam Garth wa s a cl eve r c ri mi na l who used fak e c re de nti als t o gain admittance t o GOTHAM CITY'S Camera Scoops Club . A s a m ember, he wa s ex te nde d priv ileges t hat allowed the eli t e band of p hotojo urnalists insi d e p o lic e lines at cr im e sce nes. W it h h is acc ess, Garth cased prospect ive robbery sites. On c e t he cr ime s b eg an, Batman and ROBIN invest ig at ed . The Cape d Cr usader t urned to t he clu b 's junio r membe rs t o snap p ictures of Gar t h comm itt ing his cr imes, bui lding up the necessa ry ev id ence to arres t him . (World 's Fin est Comics # 21, Marc h/Apr il 1946)

GARVEY, ED "NUMBERS" Ed Ga rvey wa s another GOTHAM CiTY crim inal gang leader but enjoyed only a b rie f p eriod of activity, ultimately b eing a p p rehe nded b y Batman and ROBIN. (Batm an #176, D ecember 1965 )

GAUCHO, EL Argentina 's own co stu me d protector, EI Ga uc ho, w as model ed af te r GOTHAM CITY'S protector, Batman. He wa s in itially a spy for the A ll ie s withi n Nazi Ge rm any, his fir st recorded cas e as a hero. The t w o hero es met when th e Cap ed Crusad er invite d ad venturer s fro m ar ou nd th e w orld t o ga ther in Go th am for a meeting. The BATMEN 0 " ALL NATIONS w ere th rilled to a id t he ir mentor in stop pi ng " KNOTS" CARDINE. ( De tec tive Co mics #2 15, Januar y 19 55) The y w ere reun ite d a short t im e later wh en ph ilanthrop ist Jo hn Mayhew inv ite d th e inte rn at io nal c ri me fig ht er s, along wi t h SUPERMAN, to form a CLUB OF HEROES. (World's Finest Comics #89, July/Augu st 19 57) EI Gaucho used a ho rse, lar iat , and ot her native too ls in lieu of Bat m an's gea r, but t he resu lts were the same . He also used a motorcyc le g iven th e t er rain. Batman noted that wh ile many international heroes faded over time, EI Gau cho rema ined active and gained resp ect for his eff or t s. When t he Club of Heroes reun ited at th e be hest of it s founder, John Mayhew , m ember s b eca m e targ et s in Mayhew's sc he m e of rev enge for th e c lu b's failure. Gau cho wound up sho t in th e chest by th e c o rrup t W INGMAN,






Gav in, Gee-Gee, Moo re, and Da lton escaped from Gotham State Priso n by c o nceali ng t hem selves in a larg e co nta iner that the g overnment use d to tr an sport rad ioac t ive speci me ns. Quick ly the m en becam e in fec ted wi th rad iat io n poison ing, a nd they panicked . Dy ing and a threat to th e ci ti zens of GOTHAM CiTY, th e convicts w ere tra ced by Batm an and th e police to Police Island. At th e time, th is island was home to a Pol ic e World 's Fair w ith contemporary and prototype future law enfo rce ment tools on display. Batman an d ROBIN em p loye d many of t he d ev ic es to help ap p rehe nd th e esc ape d convicts w ithout get t ing too cl ose , thus helping to save th e m en 's liv es. ( Ba tma n #118, September 1958)



NATH AN F,NCH had had eno ug h of hi s hard-luck lif e a nd de c ide d to im p ro ve his fortun es b y ki d nappi ng his boss's d aug h te r and holding her for ranso m . Batman arrived and successfull y fr eed the woman, but could not st o p Finch from fall in g to hi s appar ent d eath. Howev er, Fin ch su r vived and w as di scover ed by two homeless m en , who so ld th e broken body to an underworld d oc t or. The doctor, marveling at Finc h's end ura nce, b eg an experi ment ing o n him to be tter un derstand the fi eld o f cybernetics. In shor t or der Finch los t his frostbi t ten arms and legs, and t he doc t or prov id ed him with a series of in t erc hangeable limbs wi th d if fer in g attrib utes. Dubbed Gea rhead, Finc h so ug ht reve ng e against Bat ma n, b lam ing h im for t he fall. ( De tective Comics #712, A ugust 19 97 ) He failed at his g o al but remai ned a rec urrin g threat in GOTHAM CITY. Dur ing t he yea rlo ng No MAN'S LAND t im e, Gearhead co m p et ed wit h fellow v ill ain s for control of the cit y's sewe r syste m , only to b e thwarted by ROBIN. W hen he lo st access to hi s a rti ficia l limbs, Finch found himself ag reeing to p artner wi th TOMMY "MANGLES " MANCHESTER, wh o carried Finch 's torso w ith him. Bo t h ran afoul of M,STER FREEZE, who fla sh -froze them wit h his g un. Gea rhe ad su rv ive d and found himself up grad ing his attachments, including at tachment to a so uped -up aut o m ob ile. ( Rush City # 1-2, September-October 20 0 6) A d if f erent m an nam ed Gearhead worked in W ashington, D.C., as a n accomplic e o f th e White Rabbit and was d ef eated by St eel. (Steel #14 , April 1995 )


Big Jim Garver led a succe ssful c rimi nal gang in GOTHAM CiTY and wa s th e object of Batman 's

Th e fo ur women kno wn as th e Geis ha Gr rls were YAKUZA associates of a GOTHAM CiTY m o bster named JOHNNYKARAOKE. They w ere na m ed for con temp orary pop sta rs-J.Lo, Br it ney, Beyon c e, a nd Mariah­ b ut we re dea d ly with f irearms and rut hless in maintaining Yaku za traditio n. In th eir firs t encou nter w ith Bat m an , he hand led t hem easily, no tin g th at th ey relied to o mu ch o n t heir w eapo nry. All but o ne appar entl y d ied in a sho o tout at th e Go tha m Op era Hou se, a result o f GROTESK'S t rap t o ri d hims elf of enem ies, inc luding Karaoke. (Batman # 65 9 -662,

investi g ati o n. The case grew comp licated when Ed

February-March 2007)



fortune, Craddock journeyed to the United States, where he was opposed by western guns lingers

GEIST A horde of alien invaders arrived on Earth and, during their attempt at conquering the planet. bit various humans. One, Pritor, bit a man named Dwayne Geyer, and his alien fluids mi xed with Geyer 's body chemistry to activate the man's meta-gene, granting him superpowers . Geyer was suddenly invisible in bright light and only partly visible in lesser light. Taking the name Geist, the Twilight Man, he found his powers useful in fighting crime. However, the condition was permanent, making it impossible for Geyer to hold a job. Gei st did, though, come to the aid of Batman, who at the time was actually JEAN-PAUL VALLE Y. They defeated another of the alien invaders threatening GOTHAM C,TY. (Detective Comics Annual #6. 1993) Geist su b seq uent ly joined with other victims of the aliens and formed the Blood Pack . They had several missions, including defeating a criminal organization, the Quorum , before he left the team follow ing a misunderstanding . Geist then largely ret ired from crime fighting until ORACLE contacted him during a crisis. He was once more alongside the Blood Pack as they attempted to protect METROPOLIS from a rampaging SOLOMON GRUNDY. Later, he was killed by Superboy-Prime, who fired his heat vision at Grundy and the Blood Pack . (Infinite Crisis #7 , June 2007)


crime brought him up close and personal with the supernatural. A gypsy told him he would survive death and return to life . She said he would remain to fight England's enemies, and when that time came Craddock gained the ability to summon ghosts who so ug ht vengeance against their common enemies. Craddock was stopped by WILDCAT and other members of the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA. (JSA #82-87, April-September 2006)

GEO-FORCE BRION MARKOV was prince of MARKOVIA but wanted to do more to help his people. He had Dr. Helga Jace bestow upon him superpowers, using her technolog ical skills in time for him to stop an insurrection led by Baron Bedlam. He gained the abil ity to control gravity and crushed the rebell ion under the name Gee-Force. At much the sa m e time, other heroes were in Markovia and came to his aid. In the end. Batman suggested that Markov, BLACK LIGHTNING. METAMORPHO, HALO, and KATANA remain together as a heroic strike force, taking on cases that the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA would not.


Bi x Gelby was a scheming criminal who managed to convince America's gangland chiefs to contribute written memories and memorabilia about their greatest unsolved crimes for placement in a time capsul e dedicated to crime for burial during the 1940 World's Fair. Once Gelby obtained all the items, he turned around and threatened to deliver the incriminating documents to the police unless he received a total of one million dollars. Once paid, he promised to destroy the incriminating evidence. As the criminals anted up, Gelby got ready to destroy the capsule. What he didn 't realize was that Batman and ROBIN had iearned of the sca m and extracted all the evidence before the capsule's destruction. With the objects in hand, Batman helped law enforcement from coast to coast solve the many outstand ing cases . The Dynamic Duo also apprehended Gelby and his men so they could stand trial. (World's Finest Comics #68, March/ April 1953)


Nighthawk and Cinnamon . It was Nighthawk who apprehended him and killed him via the gallows. Craddock vowed that his spirit would remain until the soul of his killer moved to another plane of existence. Nighthawk, though , was one in a long line of reincarnated spirits dating back to ancient Egypt and cursed to remain that way. it was this connection that led Craddock to plague Hawkman in the 1940s and again in modern times. In the wake of INFINITE CRISIS, Craddock's life story was altered , and his burgeoning life of


Ulys ses Hadrian Armstrong grew up at a military academy and was intrigued by war. To him, it was an art form to be studied and appreciated. When he left sc ho o l, he returned to GOTHAM C,TYand pract iced his lessons by organizing street gan9s into an army despite his youth. When the gangs were sent out on cam paig ns, they were largely successful until they encountered ROBIN. On numerous occasions the General and Robin have matched wits, wi th the Teen Wonder always winning . (Detective Comics #654, December 1992)

GENTLEMAN GHOST, THE " GENTLEMAN JIM" CRADDOCK was a European criminal who attracted the attention of Hawkgirl on Earth-2.

She urged her partner, Hawkman, to travel overseas and try to apprehend the thief. In four meetings the Winged Wonders were stunned to see that he truly appeared to be a ghost clad in white tie and tails , top hat, and tloatinq monocle. (Flash Comics #88, October 1947) On Earth-1 the Gentleman Ghost plagued Hawkman anew. It was learned t hat the Ghost was once "Gentleman Jim" Craddock, a nineteenth­ century highwayman who was hanged for his crimes-but his spirit remained on Earth. (Atom­ Hawkman #43-44, June/July-August!September 1969) He frequently fought Hawkman until he arrived for a stay in GOTHAM CiTY, matching wits with Batman. (Batman #310, April 1979) In the reality after CRISI S ON INFINITE EARTHS, Craddock's spirit battled costumed heroes through the twentieth century, includ ing Hawkman and Hawkwoman, Batman, the TEEN TITANS, and even the SPECTRE. Another James Craddock appeared, possibly a descendant, a silver -haired jewel thief. This Craddock also fought Hawkman and Impulse. Over time, Craddock's story was expanded upon; his opponents learned that he had grown up the son of an Engl ish gentleman who'd abandoned his wife and only child . Craddock took to crime to feed himself and his mother, and he continued in this career as an adult. Seeking a change in

In fact, he had recently resigned from the League, and this met his needs. And so the OUTSIDERS were born . (The Brave and the Bold #200. July 1983) Brion possessed enhanced strength and endurance in addition to his ability to alter levels of gravity, which enabled him to void gravity and fly or increase it and weigh down his opponents . At first he wore a costume in earth tones before eventually adopting one in green and gold to match Markovia's flag. The Outsiders trained together and went into action regularly. In one case they encountered the TEEN TITANS, led by Batman's partner ROBIN . There, Geo-Force met Terra and realized she was his half sister Tara. He explained that their father, King Markov, had an affair with an American woman, which resulted in Tara's birth. She'd grown up in America to keep the hint of scandal far from Markovia. What he didn't know was that Tara was a psychotic, in league with DEATHSTROKE to destroy the Titans. When she died, he at first believed it was a heroic end, but Batman told him the truth some time later. At one point the team split from Batman and the hotheaded prince used royal funds to maintain the operation , now located in the American West. That ended when Major Disaster trashed their headquarters and the US government demanded to know the Outsiders' true identities. If they remained silent, relations with Markovia were threatened . Things spiraled out of control from there as King


were at tacking Bat man and Robi n, who had been broug ht down by the fictitious crea tion t he Hexer, the duo gained the u pper hand and lea rned where Reynolds was . ( Batman #170 , March 19 6 5) The BIG GAME HUNTER b ro ke Rey no lds out of jail in orde r to help h im lu re th e g reatest pr ey o n Earth , Bat ma n. Whe n Bat ma n bea t th e Hunter, Rey nolds was read y t o ret u rn to prison . ( Batman #174, September 1965 ) Some time later, w hen Batman 's rogues tr ied to stop an incursio n fro m West Coast cri m inal s, Reynolds rigged a trapdoor that allowed Bat man to esc ape execution. ( Ba tman #201, May 1968) Years later, the Getaway Ge nius tried his ha nd at cr ime ag ain . Bat m an suspec ted tha t Reynolds was behi nd the latest crime spree and soug ht ge ta way vehic les , While Bat man foun d ground vehic les, he m issed a b ack up he licop t er that Reynolds took t o fr eedom- or so he t hought. Kirk Langstrom, in hi s MAN - BAT fo rm , was in the vicinity and forced the cop ter back t o th e g ro und and an awa it ing Dark Knight. ( Ba tman #2 54, January/ Febru ary 1974) He has no t been see n since.

GHOST DRAGONS, THE Gregor, t he prince's ol der b ro th er, was assassi nated. Br io n assumed the t hrone -o nly t o abdicate when he learn ed Queen lo na was p reg nan t w ith the true he ir. W o rse, he learned t hat Gregor had bee n killed by Dr. Jac e, w ho w as ac t ually an android d up lica t e, as part o f an in terga lac t ic scheme t o de ra il ma n's evo luti o n. W it h all t he tu rm o il, the Outsid ers co uldn 't rem ain t og et her ; they d isb and ed . lona wa s la ter killed by Rod eric k, a vampire, who framed Br ion for the crime. He and his fellow O u tsiders became fug it ives un ti l Ro d eric k co uld be brought t o justice. A lo ng t he way a new Terra arrived, claimi ng to be from a di f ferent point in ti m e. There was so me d ou b t as to t he verac ity of her story, b ut DNA t esti ng proved it t o be true. Soo n after, Br io n finally married his lon gtim e love r, Deni se Howar d , and served Markovia as re ge nt until his nephew co u ld come of age. During th is time, he rarely ap pea red in costume. A t so me po in t his p owe rs evolved t o include t he earth-morph ing powers Terra possessed , and he remained uncertain how or wh y th is occurred . He also bega n operati ng with a new incarnation of t he JLA. (Justice League o f America [second series] #12, October 2007) Deat hst ro ke had been blackmai ling Brio n for in tell igence. Six minutes af ter he was ap proached, he t o ld the JLA , wh o w ired him. (Jus tice Leag ue of America [ secon d ser ies] #12, October 2007)

GETAWAY GENIUS, "rHE Roy REYNOLOS was an experienced GOTHAM CiTY cr im inal who came t o realize tha t beating Bat m an and ROBIN w as nigh unto impossible. Inst ead of seek ing ways to defeat the D ynam ic Duo, Reynolds concentrated o n escape p lans so he cou ld cont inue to commit crimes. He proved adept at this , and qu ickly Rey nolds was reco g nized as a maste rmind . Batman and Ro b in alte red the ir ef forts and concen tra te d on his hen c hm en, who proved gu llib le. Whe n the crimina ls th o ugh t th ey


miles apart-yet th e crimes occurred only minutes apart. The feat was managed by u se of a un ique autogyro that t ran spo rt ed t he thieves and their mounts from town to t o w n, The cr imes attracted the at tention of Bat man and ROBIN, who hea ded west to invest ig at e. They subseq ue ntly unmaske d ranche r Lafe Br un t as the secret lead e r o f t he robbers. Wi t h info rm at io n fro m the Dy nam ic Duo, a lo c al sheriff managed to arres t th e remainder of the gang. ( Wor /d's Fin est Comics #4 , W in ter 19 41)

GHOST MOUNTAIN Located in Darkhill Cou nty in a remote corner of the Ap palachia ns, Ghost Mou ntain has bee n home for hundreds of years to t he eccentric , superstitious Tu ll fa m ily, beg inning w hen " t he first Tu ll hunted o n Ghost Mo unta in w itho ut th e local tribe's p erm ission ." That m an earned hi s fa mily the rig ht to stay by sac rif ic ing his life bef o re th e India ns. Children in the co unt y 's only town are cau ti oned, "Th o se who see nig ht fal lon Gho st Mou nt ain ai n' t likely t o see th e d aw n," ( Detective Comics #440, April/May 1974)


The Ghost Dragons was a Chinese youth g ang wi th members from Maca u, Kowloon, and Hong Ko ng. At the head of the operat io n wa s Sir Edmund Do rran c e, a Brit ish b usinessma n and sec ret ly a crim inal. ( Robin #1, November 1991) Do rrance, known to his people as KING SNAKE, bro ug ht th e Ghost Drag o ns t o GOTHAMC,TY after his peo p le came in to co ntac t wi t h ROBIN III, who was in Par is u nd erg o ing t rain ing . Rob in fo un d him self up aga inst a young woman named Li ng , who had as sumed co ntrol of the bra nc h in the wake of her boyfriend's death. W hen she fa iled to kill Ro b in, King Snake too k one of her eyes as punishmen t, earni ng th e Teen Wonder her enmity. King Snake then cho se to relocate to Gotham City, see ing endless op portu ni ty. W it h Kin g Snake stayi ng beh in d th e sce nes, Li ng, now c all ed LYNX, estab lished her co ntrol over th e ope rati o n, The Dr ag o ns clash ed w ith the Russian OOESSA MOB in a vi ci ou s t u rf war th at involved both Robin and HUNTRESS, ( Ro bin 11/: Cry o f the Huntress #1-6, Decembe r 19 92-Feb ruar y 199 3) A t o ne p o int King Snake was arres te d, an d Lynx's at tempt t o expa nd the Dragons' terri to ry was bea ten back by Robin and SPOILER. Lynx left the Dragons and tried life as a m erc enary, deciding to return to Gotham and her operation. Soon after her return, Gotham City became a No MAN'S LAND and th e Dragons carved out a piece of the ci ty for t hemselves . Things g rew so dire t hat Batma n all ied w it h Ly nx in order to shut d own a child slavery ring . Later, whe n Spoi ler 's p lan s back fired and plunged th e ci ty int o live W AR GAME S, Ly nx once again tr ied t o take more turf for t he Ghost Drag o ns. She wou nd up in a bat tle w it h BATGIRL, only t o be beheaded . The Ghost Drago ns continued to operate in Gotham with no new leader recorded .

GHOST GANG The Ghos t Gang was a large group o f ban d it s in Ame rica's West w ho earn ed their na me by seemi ngl y be ing ab le to rob two t ow ns a hu nd red



Archie Gibbons was a fis h wholesaler who specialized in soupfin sha rks, whose livers were known as an excellent source of vitamin A. However, gangsters w e re at tacki ng soupfin shark sh ipments, t h reat e ning t o ruin b usiness and , worse, deprive t he governme nt o f t he vi tamins needed to keep t he ir troops ov er seas in top shape. As Bat man and ROBIN investig at ed, it became clear that th e t hieves we re secretly led by Gibbons. Th ey shu t d ow n t he crim ina l ring and apprehen de d Gibbons. ( Batman #17, June/Ju ly 1943)

GIBLING, WILLIS Willis Gibling was a former convict also known to Batman as the ZERO.

GIBSON Gibson w as affi lia te d with t he Go th a m Museum bu t w as also sec re t ly the criminal kno w n as th e JACKAL-HEAD,

GIGANTE, SOFIA FALCONE Sof ia Falcon e w as daughter to CARMINE FALCONE, the Roman , who ruled GOTHAM CiTY'S underworld in t he days w hen Batm an began his career. The eldest of the three sib lings, she was a shrewd man ip ulat o r of peop le, clearly being groomed to succeed her father. Even he r m arriag e t o Rocco Gigante was part of a grander scheme. ( Bat m an: The Long Hallo ween #1, 19 9 6 ) Unfo rt un at el y, t he Gigantes got embro iled in the HOLIDAY ser ia l kil lings t hat targe ted t he Roman's asso cia tes . As t he events woun d d ow n, the Roman died at Two -F ACE'S hand s, finally leav ing Sofia in command o f t he o p era t io n. Befo re she could do much in her new role, she got into a scu ffle with CATWOMAN, leavi ng Sofia's face scarred and Catwoman 's bo lo wrapped around her neck as she fell from a build ing and was c ri p p led . Co nfi ned to a w hee lch a ir, th e bu xom woma n also w o re a ha rness to imm o b il ize her hea d and facil ita te hea li ng .

He ma de a memorab le im p ress io n, menti on ed at on e point by the th ird ROBIN. (Robin #15 3, November 2006)

GLEESON, SUMMER When a w ea lthy p hi lant hro pis t u nvei led a statue of Batman as hi s p erso nal th anks t o the Dark Knight for saving hi s life, it pr ovok ed a st ro ng reaction from Professor HUGO STRANGE, He intended to blow up the sta tue an d , as he pl anned his crime, he took televi sion jo u rnalist Summ er Gleeson hostage. Batma n resc ued Gleeson bu t allo w ed t he statue to be de st royed . ( Batman: Gotham Knights #33, Novem ber 2002)


Bitter and an gry, Sofia Gig a nt e d ispl ayed a ruthless streak, eve n to wa rd t hos e close to her. After rece iv in g her dead father' s fin g er as a t rad iti o na l warni ng, she w ou ld not bac k down. A ne w seria l kill er dubbed th e HANGMAN KILLER arrived in Go t ha m City, t ar g et in g po lic e officers. Th is also sp arke d a ga ng w ar as th e Fal con es st rug g led to maintain d omi nan ce while th e Maronis nibbl ed awa y at th eir t ur f. Over t he co urse o f the nine- m ont h spree. pol ice and Batman w ere u na bl e t o identi fy wh o the Hangman Kill er w as o r wh y th e mu rd ers we re being comm itted . In t im e, th ou g h, as Bat m an and Catwoman c o mpared no t es, t he fe line felon realized that they kn ew who had tr eat ed So fia' s facial scars -but noth in g about t he doc to r who'd

truth and help ed app re he nd th e two thieves. The c irc us manag em ent w as un d er st an din g and allowed Gillen t o ret ain hi s job. (De tec t ive Co m ics # 166, De c embe r 19 50 )

GILLIS, BART Bart Gillis was a Cana dia n highwayman w ho esc aped pri son. He tr acked d own a hor se th at ROBIN the Boy W o nd er ow ne d an d t ried to k ill it to keep vita l evid en c e fr om bein g d isco vered. Instead , Gilli s was re-a rrest ed by Ba tm an , an d an exa minatio n o f t he horse led t o a bullet fou nd lodged in it s neck. The b u lle t wa s the p roof neede d t o sho w th at Gillis had ki lled a Canadia n rn ount ie. (De tec tive Co m ics #157, March 19 50 )


treated her paralysis. Her ru se u nc ov er ed, Sofia left her wheelcha ir rev ea led as th e Hangm an Killer. Before be ing appreh e nd ed , she wa nted Tw o-Face to be her last vict im , a fitting end t o t he fami ly 's b usiness. Ins te ad. Bat m an rescue d Tw o-F ac e, w ho th en sho t and ki lled Sofia.

Considered by th e media as t he tri cki est trio of bandits in GOTH AM CiTY, t he Gimm ick Gang p roved no match for Batman and ROBIN, ( Ba tman #11 6, Jun e 1958) A different Gimmic k Gang operated yea rs late r in METROPOLIS. (Ac tion Comics # 36 4, June 196 8 )



Lon g b efore th e PENGUIN b eg an using ni ghtclubs as fronts fo r his cr imi na l ente rprises. he operated ou t of the Gil ded Age Bi rd Sho ppe. In a fight w ith Batman, t he Peng uin acciden t ally des troyed it with fire em it t ed from his f lam et hrower um b rell a. (Detective Comics # 67, September 1942)

John Gillen wa s an ex -co nvi c t, p ar ol ed and working as a success fu l im pe rso na to r at a c irc us. The so-called m an o f a million fa ces kep t his

A se ries o f murder s t err orized GOTHAM CiTY as three m en a ll di ed fro m m ys te rio us ca uses . An in vest ig ati on by Ba t ma n showed th at th e m en d ied af t er t ou ching poison aff ix ed to sharp gl ass scul p t u res th at each received as a g if t. A t fi rst susp icio n wa s directed at Geo rg e Steven s, a g lass manufacturer w ho had on ce threat en ed Hor ace Manders, an amateur ast ro no me r and vict im. The other two vi ctim s w er e form er investo rs in Stevens's company. Th e case ultim at el y led the Caped Crusader t o JUDSON, owner o f Gotham's

cr imina l pa st a sec re t b ut w as threat ened with exposure by t wo co -wo rke rs, Ca rey and Wi t her s. Fear ing for his jo b . Gillen re luctan tly agreed t o their sc he m e of im pe rsona t ing fam o us p eo ple . w hic h all ow ed th e m en t o co m mit c ri mes. When Batman and ROBIN inves ti g ate d, th ey learn ed th e

Comet Car s. Ju d so n's financi al future w as b eing t hreatened aft er Mand er s c hose t o w ithdraw his f ina nc ia l inves t me nt in th e faili ng co m pa ny. W hen Batma n co nfro nted Ju d so n, he backed away. fallin g t o his dea t h into a g lass fu rnace. (World's Fin est Comics # 28, May/ June 19 47 )


Johnny Grim w as a pl aywr ight d riven to extreme b eha v ior afte r selli ng h is pla y for th e stage. The nee dy author subseq ue ntly learn ed tha t a Holl ywood p ro ducer w as ready t o m ake a bid fo r the sc rip t at a substan tia lly high er fee. When Glim realized t hat th e con t rac t allo wed th e rights to revert to him sho uld th e p lay not rem ain open for two straight we e ks, he b egan t o murd er members of the cast. Batman and ROBIN ap p rehend ed him before anyon e else cou ld be ki lled. (B atman #8, December 194 1/Janu ar y 1942 )

GLOBETROTTER,THE The m an kno wn only as th e Glo be t ro t ter was an int ernation a l th ief wh o once v isit ed GOTHAM CiTY. His ta rge t was ge ms inlai d in a sta tue of th e d eity Kw aida n at the Natural Hist ory Mu seum . His st ring o f successfu l c ri mes ended w he n he was ap prehe nded by Batman and ROBIN. aided by mu seum emp loyee Bill Jord an. ( Ba t m an # 44, De cember 19 4 7/ Janu ary 1948)

GLOBE-TROTTER, THE HENRY GUILE III wa s a not ed soc ie ty figure known for his lov e of the theater, m on ey, and himself-not necessarily in that o rd er, Delu d ed into thinking he was a talented thesp ian . he t oo k on a variety of roles, bein g c ri tic ally lambast ed tim e and again. In an effort to co nt in ue working th e sta ge, he funded and sta rre d in his own tr avel ing rep ertor y co m pany. The ve ntu re failed b ot h critical ly and fi nanc ially , leaving Gui le w ith a m ere d im e. He vowe d t o use t ha t di me and his p erforma nce sk ills to regain hi s wealt h. Usin g m a keup and cost umes, Gu ile committed a se ries o f c ri mes in England before m ov ing o n to com mi t m or e robberies in Fr ance. Bat m an and ROBIN tr av el ed t o Eu ro p e to investigate th e crimes. They t ra c ked Gu ile t o th e Eiffe l Towe r, wh e re he w as fin ally app reh en d ed . Given t he sp ectac ul ar na t u re o f t he case, an international gath ering o f law enfo rce ment o f fic ials was convened to ce leb ra te Gu ile's capture. The Dynamic Duo were gu est s o f hon or, an d Batman gave the assemblag e t he ca se' s fu ll d etail s. (Detective Comics #160 , Ju ne 19S0 )

GLOVES Glo ves covet ed m o re o f GOTHAM CiTY'S u nd erw or ld fo r himself, so he m urdered rival ga ng c hief W axey Wil son . Batma n and ROBIN investiga ted t he case and we re aid ed by Ji m m y. a b lin d yo ut h w ho was b eing


trained in crim ino logy by th e Cap ed Crusader. ( Batm an #5 0 , December 1948/January 1949)

GOBLIN, THE MARTIN TATE owned GOTHAM CiTY'S Tate Jew elry Store, but he was al so a safecracker, hiding his identity und er a grotesque mask and old hat. His darin g crim es w er e e nd ed when Batman and m embers o f t he pol ice ap p re he nded him. (Detective Comics #152 , Oc to be r 1949 )

GOLAR, ERIC Eric Golar w as a recognized in ventor who had g on e into sec lus io n to build a fully automated ci t y o f th e futur e. His 'p lan wa s t o co m plete t he w o rk , t hen in vit e lead ing manufacturers t o see the ci ty at w ork and buy right s to mass-produ ce the de v ices for t he Amer ic an public. Instead, word o f hi s w or k reached Nero Thompson and hi s crimi nal gang. They located Golar's island hideaway and stol e the pr ototy pe devices, using them to co m mi t a -. seri es o f cr im es in GOTHAM CiTY. Batman and ROBIN tr acked o ne of the remote-controll ed de vi ce s b ac k t o t he island, fre ed Go lar, and ap prehend ed Thompson a nd hi s m en . ( Bat m an # 8 0, Decem ber 19 5 3/ Janu ary 19 54 )

GONG, THE ED PEALE grew up d etest ing the so u nd of bel ls. He turn ed th at hatred into a symbol of h is cr imi nal lif e and b ec am e the Gong, employing bell s during hi s c ri m inal ac ts, His crimes were at fir st suc ce ssful, and his anti c s engaged the public's interest until he w as apprehended by Batman and ROBIN . ( Batma n # 55 , Oc t o be r/Novem ber 1949)

GOOD QUEEN BESS Good Qu een Bess wa s a renowned homel ess woman in GOTHAM CiTY who briefly serve d as an info rma nt for Batman. Bess, along with Slugger and POET, p rovi de d invaluable in formation, and Batman ga ve t hem cash for m eal s. Dur ing t he ir fir st me et ing, th e st reet peop le helped Batman ide nt ify Qu enti n Conroy, son of "Linehou se Ja ck "-a wanted k iller. (Batman #307, January 1979)

GOODWIN The resear c h sci e nt ist known as Go odw in had deve loped a for mula that placed v ict ims int o a sle ep-l ike sta te in whi ch th ey obeyed c o m m a nds . He allied himself w it h Biff Banni st er and hi s g ang to use the gas o n prominent GOTHAM CiTY bu sinessm en , forcing them t o rob t h eir own co m p anies a nd t u rn the proc eed s ov er t o the cri m ina ls. In his first co nfronta t ion wi t h Batm an, Goodwin ma naged to gas the Cap ed Crusader, b ut throu gh sheer force of will Batm an overcam e its effect s. Batman and ROBIN, aided by ALFRED PENNYWORTH , managed to subdue Go odwin , Bann ist er, and their men. (Dete ctive Comics #8 3, Janu ar y 1944)

in the chronicles, she w as the potent ial v ictim of a jew el robbery, (Detecti ve Com ics #72, February 1943 ) At some po int aft erw ard , th e coup le had a son, TONY GORDON. Mr s. Gordon's last recorded ap pe ara nce wa s at th e w edding o f BRUCEW AYNE and SELINA KYLE. (Sup erm an Family # 211, Oc to b er 1981) On Earth-1, Gordon 's w ife wa s never see n; o nly t he existence of thei r so n Ton y and d aughte r BARBARA GORDON confirmed that there w as a marr iage at all. At one point a conver sat ion imp lied that Gordon was a widower, with no furth er ex p lanat io n given. (Detective Comics # 512, March 1982) In another reality sim ilar to Earth-1, Barbara Kean was a redh ead ed libra rian w ho int ro d uced herself to Bru ce Wa y ne as Jam es Gordon's fiancee, (Det ec tive Comics # 50 0 , March 1981) On th e world c rea t ed in t he wake of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Jam es and Barbara Eil een Gordon m et , fell in love , and w ere m arr ied in Chic ag o. For care er reaso ns, James t oo k a new jo b in Gotham City, re locati ng hi msel f and his preg nant w ife. (Batman #404, February 1987) She stayed at home, trying to adju st to th e dark and corrupt city, while Gordon be came embroil ed in his work. He also entered into an affa ir with hi s fellow officer SARAH ESSEN. Gordon c rosse d th e disreputable po w ers that ra n th e city, and t hey threatened him wit h bla ckm ai l, prompti ng Jam es to confess everythi ng to Bar bar a. She told him she already kn ew. Soon aft er, she d eliver ed a b oy, named James Junior. When t he Gordons' marriag e fell apart during Batman 's sec on d yea r o f op erat io n, Barbara and James ret urned to Chicago, w here she filed f or divorce. (Batman: Turning Po ints #1, January 2001) One account had thi s hap pen ing wh en James was six. (Batman: Night Crie s, 1992 ) At som e later point Barbara died and Jam es v isit ed her g rave on the anniversary of her pa ssing , ( Batma n Annual #13, 198 9 ) A rea lity-sh ifting wave c hang ed thi ng s so t hat Barbara never die d ; she attend ed he r former hu sband 's marriag e to Sarah Essen. ( Leg en ds of the Dark Knight Annual #2 , 199 2)


GOTHAM CiTY p ol ic e co m m issio ner JAMES GORDON has always b een ma rried . On Earth-2 th e unnam ed woman appeared infrequ en tl y after marry in g t he

On Earth-1 , Barbara Gord on w as th e you nger c hi ld of GOTHAM CiTY poli ce co m missi on er JAMES GORDON and his unnamed wife. A prod igy, she quickly made her way through publi c sc hoo l and co lleg e, earning a degree in library sc ienc e and going to work at the main branch of Gotham 's publi c library, (Detective Comics #359, January 1967) On e nigh t she wa s en ro ut e to a m asq uerade par ty, dressed as a fem ale vers io n o f Batman, w hen she cam e acr o ss KILLER MOTH attempt ing to kidna p mill ionaire BRUCE W AYNE. She rescu ed W ayn e and found th e exp eri enc e so exh ilarating, she chos e

COp o n October 11, 19 26. The first time she appeared

to begin a double li f e as BATGI RL. Her inex p erience




at cr ime fighting endeared her t o Batman and ROBIN, but she also d isp laye d a kee n in tell ec t and ab ility t o learn . She rap idly came to be seen as a t hir d mem b er o f th e team, although it wa s year s bef or e she learned their identities. The sup er-he ro commun ity em b rac ed Batgirl as well . She w or ked alongs ide but did not join the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERI CA. (J ustice League of America #60, February 1968) She and SUPERGIRL formed a friend ship that endured , ( Wo rld's Finest Comics #169 , September 1967: Adventur e Comics #381,Ju ne 19 69: Superman Family #171, Jun e/J ul y 1975) Meant im e, sh e a nd her father share d a house at 21 East Sixty-fifth Street in th e c it y, and he dedu ced her id entity long before she rev ea led it t o him . Batg irl f o ug ht co m m on cr im ina ls and c os t ume d v ill ain s w ith aplomb, th e expe rie nc es helping t ransfo rm Barb ara from a m ou sy lib ra ri an to a more confid ent woman. This led to her runnin g for a seat in the US House of Representat ives, whi ch resulted in a relocation to Wa shington, D.C. She sti ll managed to tackle crimes as Batg ir l wh ile re vi ewing leg islat io n as Barbara . W hen D,CK GRAYSON o nce ser ved as he r summer intern , t he p otent ial ro m anc e between older wom an a nd yo u nger man rem ai ned a tea sin g flirt ation, full o f potent ial but never acted upon. ( Ba t ma n Family #1, Sep t ember/Oc t ober 1975) Robin and Batg irl , tho ug h, e ng ag ed in n um ero us m issions , proving they w orked alm o st as we ll togeth er as Batman an d Rob in . All a long, Barbara had only one seriou s boyfriend, private investi gator JASON BARD. After that co o led, she d id date Senator Tom Cleary, although the romance d id no t last. Barbara m et her predecessor, KATHY KAN E, th e fi rst BATWOMAN, when Kane re sumed he r cr ime­ fightin g care er. They b egan a fri end shi p and wor ked

Ass um ing th e perso na of Amy Bed does, she relocated t o Lo ui siana, near the sq uad 's base o f op eratio ns at Be lle Reve pr iso n. This p ro ved t o be a b rief st ay; soo n she w as back in Gotham City, an d Ora cle beg an assisti ng all cost um ed cham p io ns of justi ce. Her sk ills and reputation grew de spite no o ne k no w ing wh o she reall y wa s. At some point she sought ou t and received training in fig hting from her w heelch air fro m Richard Dragon, one o f the world's t op ma rti al art ists and a t eacher to ma ny her o es. Over t im e Batman and Oracle worked ou t a relation shi p t hat had him heavi ly re ly ing o n he r research and ta ctical skills as his growing team o f ag ents in Gotham City faced one monumental d isast er aft e r another, beginning when BANE br ok e th e Dark Knight's back. Oracle managed t o co ordin ate ac t io ns from her new apartment located in th e t op f lo or of a midtown Gotham building ,

tog ether on a han dful of occasions. ( Batma n Family 1110, Mar ch /April 1977) After her term ended, sh e lost reel ection and returned to Gotham, using her experienc e to b ecome a soc ial worker. Batgirl also returned to ac t ion until she was seri ou sly w ound ed by Commorant. Th is beg an a cri sis o f faith tha t li nge red with her for the rest of her c aree r. ( Crisis o n In fi nite Earths 114, July 1985 ) Real ity wa s altered during the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and Barbara became the daughter o f ROGE R and THEL MA GORDON, based in Chicago. Both par ents di ed in a horrific car accident, leaving her an o rp han until James and BARBARA GORDON ad opted th e adolesc ent. (Secret Origins [sec ond series ] 11 20 , November 1987) Barbara and Katarina Armstrong were hig h sc hool acq uain t anc es and academi c rivals without b ecomi ng friend s. Both received earl y adm issi on t o Go t ha m St ate days before th eir six te en t h birthdays. Barbara w as admitted o n an aca d emic sc ho la rship . All al ong, she and Katarina m easured themselves ag ainst each o t her. If Barbara sp oke t en lan guages, Kat spoke eleven. To Barbara, Kat w as a Spoi le d Rich Girl. Wh en th ey ra ced on the t rack - t he hundred -meter da sh in unde r 10 .5 seconds-Ba rbara won and wa s co ng rat ul at ed by her rival , breaking the ice ; soon th e two be ca me insepa rabl e friends. Upon graduat ion , Barbara he ad ed for the Gotham library while Kat w ent into the military until she rose through th e ran ks t o be come the nation's latest Spy Sma sher. ( Birds o f Pr ey 11103, April 2007) Batman's visits to Gordon's hom e proved ins p iring to the teen, which directed her c hoice o f cos tu m e fo r the fateful party that b eg an her ca ree r. On ce she debuted, Batm an and Rob in were ac ti vel y invol ved in her tra inin g, and Bat man refu sed t o let her work w ith him until he deemed

She was engaged to Jason Bard ( no w a G.c. p.D. officer ), alt ho ug h t hat ended and Dick seemed t o b e her o n ly real love. Her ca reer ca me t o a screeching halt o ne ni ght wh en Barbara answered a kn o ck at her d o or. The JOKER w as o n th e o t her sid e and fired a pi stol, knocki ng her to th e g round, crippling her. He then d isrobed he r and to o k pictures of th e suffe rin g wom an, wh ic h w ere used to torture her un cl e. ( Bat m an: The Ki lling Joke, 1988) After recov erin g at th e ho spital , Barb ara faced a new life in a wheel c ha ir, her Bat girl c areer at an end. Still, she hun g ered t o prevent suc h acts from happening ag ain and sought so m e way to make a contribution . As sessing herself, she recognized that her sk ills at d etecting remained intact, in addition t o her sup er ior ab ilit ies with computers . Bit by bit, she assembled hardware and software, p er fecting her hacking sk ills and slow iy bu ild ing an o nli ne pr esen ce. She practiced by surreptit iou sly he lp ing her u ncle wit h a murder investigati on. Finall y she co ntact ed t he Su ic id e Squad, th e g ov ernment's co ve rt ac t io n branch of Task For ce X. She hid behind a g reen- hued avatar and ca lled h erself ORACLE. (S uicide Squad 11 23 , January 1989 ) A s she gr ew m or e comfo rta bl e with her role, Barb ara d ecided to move clo ser t o the ac ti o n.

o bs cu re d by a huge clock face. After set t ling in the clock tower, Bar bara had t ime on her han d s an d wa nted to be m ore p roac tive but needed agen ts b eyond her fr iends in Go tha m City. The fir st f ew t im es she tr ied thi s, she wo rked with her fri end Power Girl , but after a d isastr ou s m ission th e pa rt nership fi zzled . ( Birds o f Pr ey 114 2, June 20 02) After a while, though, Barbara found her perfect partner in BLACK CAN ARY. To g ether they b egan hand ling sm all-sc ale p robl em s aro u nd th e w orl d as a budd ing friendship be ga n. ( Black Cana ry/Ora cle: Birds of Prey, 1996 ) It wa s m ore than a yea r b efore they met face -to-fa ce an d Bla c k Canar y finally learned who her myst eri ous partner and benefactor really was. In time these BIRDS OF PREY worked with other heroines, such as th e HUNTRESS and CATWOMAN. Later the Birds b ecame a more formal operation, and the ro st er was ex pa nde d to include any number of c os t ume d c rime f ighters. Barbara engaged in a corresponden ce and f lirtati on w it h a mysterious presen ce until it w as reve al ed t o be Ted Ko rd, the seco nd BLUE BEETLE. Kord 's t echn ol o gical kn owledg e an d di sar m ing per son ality mad e him a natural fr iend and ally to the Bird s o f Prey. Go th am Cit y end u red a plague c alle d th e CLENCH and an ear thq u ake but finally, th e US g overnment de cided it was don e rebuil d ing the ci ty agai n and agai n. In stead , it d ecid ed to cut Gotham o f f

her ready. The flirtation and hint o f ro mance wi th Dick Gray son started early. (Batgirl Year One 111-9, Fe b ruary-Oc t o ber 20 0 3) Batgirl c o nt inued to operate in Go t ham City, b efriend ing other heroes and w orking on cas es with Power Girl. It remains u nc le ar if she served in Co ngress, althoug h she did not d o soci al work.


from America, Those who stayed behind were condemned to live in a No MAN'S LAND, Barbara kept a detailed diary of that year and worked with citizens to help maintain order and distribute what meager supplies there were, With Batman vanished during those first three months, chaos seemed to be winning despite the efforts of Oracle, NIGHTWING, Robin, and a new Batgirl. Barbara was at first offended to see someone in a variation on her uniform, even more so when it proved to be the Huntress, seeking Batman's approval. A short time afterward Barbara encountered CASSANDRA CAIN, newly arrived in Gotham and unable to speak, but trained as a deadly weapon, After she proved useful and in need of companionship, Barbara offered her a place to stay, Cassandra learned of Batman's mission with his allies and wanted to be a part of the plan, Barbara finally gifted her with the discarded uniform and blessed Cassandra as the new Batgirl. Oracle continued to funnel information around the super-hero community, including formal in­ duction into the Justice League, (JLA #16, March 1998) She funded her operations through raiding criminal accounts, pilfering from BLOCKBUSTER II, BLUDHAVEN'S criminal kingpin, until he began a mer­ ciless hunt for her, Black Canary's self-sacrifice, posing as Oracle, saved Barbara's life, (Birds of Prey #24, December 2000) Later she spread out her efforts, ensuring that enough cash was on hand for technological upgrades as well as mis­ sion expenses, On a personal level, Barbara also took the time to earn a law degree, although she rarely put it to use, Eventually, though, Oracle began to chafe under Batman's constant use of her services without also relying on her observations and advice, A final straw was when he usurped her equipment, complete with satellite links, to control matters during deadly WAR GAMES that SPOILER initiated from his personal


files, During the melee, BLACK MASK targeted the Watchtower on teievision, announcing it as the location of Batman's private headquarters, He subsequently destroyed it, moments after Oracle escaped, (Batman #633, December 2004) In the aftermath she decided it was in her best interests to leave both Batman and Gotham behind, relocating with her Birds of Prey team to METROPOLIS, By this point she had acquired a jet designed by Kord and went mobile with the Birds for a time, (Birds of Prey #75, December 2004) Throughout all this, Barbara remained emotionally stable, largely through her finally ignited romance with Dick, They battled crime together and looked after each other when things got roughest. However, when Blockbuster began his bloody vendetta against Nightwing, Dick grew protective of Barbara, which she resented, The romance ended, although later Dick finally proposed to Barbara in the wake of BIGdhaven's destruction, (Nightwing Annual #2, 2007) A future incarnation of BRAINIAC infected Barbara with a virus as part of its scheme to master the world, One effect it left her with was cyberpathic abilities, literally making her one with computers, but it also threatened to kill her, She virtually battled the virus, which left her in a weakened state, Doctor Mid-Nite performed lifesaVing surgery, and upon awakening she marveled at finally being able to move a toe, Oracle redoubled her efforts with her growing Birds of Prey, marshaling her forces when it became apparent that the villains were organizing, In fact, she was opposed by the Society's CALCULATOR, her villainous counterpart. They matched wits time and again, with Oracle regularly maintaining the upper hand. Oracle and the Birds of Prey prevailed and Oracle and Batman mended fences in the wake of INFINITE CRISIS, Her next challenge came from her college rival, Katarina Armstrong, Spy Smasher,

of the Birds of Prey, (Birds of Prey #103, April 2007) The Birds rallied and forced Spy Smasher to give up, which she did after engaging Barbara in a bloody fistfight. In other realities Barbara Gordon has never been far from her role in Batman's life, On one world her injuries were far more severe; she remained an artificial life-form, a voice that could also speak to the dead. (Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham #1-3, 2003) Barbara Gordon and Dick Graystark, aka Dick Grayson, were costumed vigilantes in the 1960s, and she subsequently teamed with that world's Batman. (Thrillkiller, January-March 1997; Thrillkiller '62,1998) In another reality Barbara was a wealthy­ novelist-turned-cutting-edge-crime-fighter in a world without a Batman. There she befriended a Supergirl. (Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl, 1998)

who manipulated Barbara into giving her control

GORDON. When he retired, Bruce Wayne, who had

GORDON, JAMES - - - - - ­ In all of Batman's realities, one constant has been the presence of James W, Gordon as GOTHAM CiTY police commissioner, On Earth-2, Gordon and BRUCE WAYNE were friends, spending time together prior to the Batman's debut, (Detective Comics #27, May 1939) The officer was suspicious of the costumed vigilante and initially had the police hunting him, In short order, as Batman's successes mounted, Gordon changed his opinion, Soon after the arrival of ROBIN the Boy Wonder, Gordon deputized the Dynamic Duo. (Batman #7, October/November 1941) Gordon and Batman quickly grew into a partnership and professional friendship, Little was revealed about Gordon's life although it was eventually learned he married on October 11, 1926; he and his unnamed wife had a son, TONY

g iven up his cos tumed ro le as Bat m an, succeed ed him as comm issioner. On Eart h-l , Bat man and Gord on were al so seen as all ies and friends, although that fr iendship seemed to deepen w ith time. The two were known for exchang ing Chr istmas g ifts, w ith Bat ma n usually giving Gotham's top cop some unique tobacco for his ever-present pipe. He and his unnam ed wife had two ch ildren, Tony and BARBARA GORDON. At some point his w ife passed away and Tony was off t o college, leaving James and Barba ra together in t heir mid town apartment. In ti me Barbara also grew u p and beca me a crime figh ter in her own way as BATGIRL. He d educed her secre t befo re she reve aled it to him, and th ey ma in tain ed a close relationship. On the Earth fa shio ned afte r t he CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, m ore was revea led ab out Go rd on's past. He and h is b ro t her ROGER GORDON grew up in Chic ag o, wher e he w ent into law enfo rcem en t after ser v ing in th e m il it ar y w it h Spec ial Forces . After ach iev ing th e rank o f d et ect ive, Gordon and h is w ife, Barbara, le f t for Go tham Cit y. ( Bat man #404 , Februar y 1987) He was in it ially partnered w ith A RTHUR FLASS, as corrup t a cop as co u ld b e found in the ci ty . Flass operated w it h im p un it y un der Co mm ission er GILLIAN B. LOEB and w as o ffend ed w hen Gor d o n refu sed to shre d hi s integr it y for some ext ra cas h. Flass helped beat Gor d o n to te ac h him a lesso n b ut Gordon got t he last laugh, publicly embarrassi ng Flass later t hat night. During hi s initi al m on ths in Gotham, t he lieuten ant battled corrup t io n an d gave in to an affai r w ith fello w detec tive SARAH ESSEN. Loeb and Flass tr ied to b lackmail Go rd o n ab ou t th e af fair b ut he adm it ted his ad ul tery to Bar bara, beginn ing the en d of his marriage. Shor tly af te r Ja mes Jr. was born they at te mpted co unseling b ut th e m arriage w as d oom ed . Essen also le ft Go tha m arou nd th at time, leaving Gordon feel ing alone, excep t for h is all-co nsum ing work. W hen Rog er and his wi fe, THELMA, died in a ca r cras h, th e Gor dons adopted th eir niece, also nam ed BARBARA GORDON. Some time lat er, Bar bara and her so n left Ja mes and relocated to Chi cago. Th ey d ivorced at so me future po in t. When Batman arr ived in Go t ha m , he w as hu nted by th e p o lice, inc luding Go rd on . Slow lv, th e two reco gn ized th at t he other cou ld b e tr usted, and cla ndest inely t hey share d info rmat io n tha t too k the first steps toward c leaning the co rrup t ion out of the pol ice for ce. Gor d on 's effort s w ere rec ognized an d so on after he was p romoted to ca p tain un d er Loeb's successor, JACK GROGAN. At so m e unspecified p oint, Go rd o n succeede d Groga n. Batman and Gor don developed a st ro ng b o nd , and on occas io n th e Cape d Crus ad er wo uld confer wit h Gor don at his hom e, with you ng Barba ra wa tch ing fro m t he shad ows . The Dark Knig ht insp ired her t o o ne d ay fo llo w in his foo t st ep s as Batgirl. Gord on was leery at fir st wh en Bat m an bega n working alongs ide young Rob in, b ut the yo ut h's en th usiasm and p rep aredness w on him over. He rem ained cauti ous when it was app arent t he person in t he red -a nd-yellow co stu m e ch an ged th e first tim e.

so smart w ould kn ow the Caped Crusader 's name, but if Gord on did, he never said . At one point, when Gord on felt b et rayed by Batman 's absence during the first th ree months of Gotham's life as a No MAN'S LAND, Batman attempted to heal the r ift by unmasking, but Gordon turned his back on the Dark Knight. (Legends of the Dark Knight #125 , January 2000) Gordon endured a lot as po lice comm issioner,

his life repe ated ly threatened by the cr imi nals and criminally insane cos tumed villa ins that rampaged through the city wi th sickening regu larity. The nad ir may have come when he was kidnapped b y the JOKER then stripped, trussed up, and subjected to several days of psychological torture. Du ring that time the Joker shot and crippled Barbara, tak ing p hotos of her suffering to infli ct further damage o n Gordon, who never broke. (Batm an: The Killing Joke, 1988 )

Thro ugh th e years , Gor do n resi sted learning Batman 's secret iden ti t y. Man y presumed a ma n


His steadfast influence remained strong despite the worst that happened to his city. He helped maintain order when Gotham was overrun with criminals after BANE broke them free from BLACKGATE PENITENTIARY and ARKHAM ASYLUM . Soon after, Bane broke Batman's back and Bruce Wayne asked JEAN-PAUL VALLEY to assume the mantle of the Bat;


the cornrnrssroner instantly detected the change. Because Valley worked alone and was subjected to his own personal demons, he remained aloof from Gordon, wh ich placed one of several strains on his relationship with Batman. Sarah Essen never strayed far from Gordon's thoughts, and soon after her return to Gotham, their romance was rekindled, blossoming Into true love. They married and enjoyed a brief number of years together, fighting crime and corruption while maintaining their relationship. (Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #2, 1992) Things nearly ended before they could start when days after her return to Gotham, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack, the result of years of smoking . (Batman #459, February 1991) The grisly crimes and political stresses d id briefly take their toll on the couple, forcing a separation. (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #35, February 1995) Circumstances grew even more twisted when Essen found herself named as Gordon's replacement, prompting him to quit the force. (Batman #519, June 1995) Her tenure at the top proved short-lived, however: She was replaced by an incompetent, who proved his worthlessness when the city was overcome with the CLENCH. a deadly virus. (Detective Comics #694, February 1996) Gordon was finally returned to his post, which seemed to heal their wounds. The two reconciled. (Detective Comics #702, October 1996) Not long after, he directed rescue efforts when the city suffered a devastating earthquake. When the United States severed ties with the city, Gordon stayed behind, defending the rights of those citizens who also chose to remain in their homes. He and a handful of officers fought for every block of turf, holding out hope that Batman could be counted on for support-and in time that belief was rewarded. At Christmastime, when circumstances In No Man 's Land began to improve, Gordon's life was shattered. The Joker had kidnapped the city 's remaining infants and threatened to blow them up . As Batman rescued the majority of them , Essen found herself opposite the Joker's gun; she had

to c hoo se between saving an Infant or being shot. She dove for the child, cushioning the fall with her body as the bullets slammed into her . After Batman apprehended the madman, Gordon seemed ready to shoot him dead, but Instead blew out his knees, crippling him much as he had crippied Gordon's niece. (Detective Comics #741, February 2000) Sarah's death finally took its toll on Gordon, who chose to retire from office after serving more than twenty years as a law officer. As MICHAEL AKINS succeeded him, he was feted by his friends and comrades. He was shot and seriously wounded as the party ended, beginning a manhunt for the killer. (Batman: Officer Down, 2001) Gordon recovered and tended to the small garden outside his Gotham apartment. Officers and the Caped Crusader visited on occasron . At one point he traveled to METROPOLIS to visrt Barbara, and she finally revealed that she was not only the current ORACLE, but also the former Batgirl. He was pleased that she had confided in him, but admitted he already knew of her life as the dormnoed daredoll. The fabled Rock of Eternity exploded over Gotham City, a portent of a new round of dark times. Seeing his city In need may have prompted Gordon to return to his former post. At some point after INFINITE CRISIS ended, Batman, Robin, and NIGHTWING left Gotham for a year; around Christmas, Gordon returned to his former office. Gordon continued his friendship with Batman upon the Dark Knight's return, proudly flashing the BAT-SIGNAL to summon his friend . In the days that followed, Gordon continued to direct his officers and was once again risking his life. The Joker made one attempt on his life, but the commissioner survived. (Batman #655, September 2006) In one potential future, Batman had retired and revealed his identity to Gordon, and the two became close friends. (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, 1986) In the negative matter universe, James Gordon was a criminal named "Bo ss" Gordon. One record indicated he and MARTHA WAYNE had an affair. (JLA: Earth-2, 2000)

GORDON, JAMES JR. Ja m es Jr. wa s b o rn to JAMES and BARBARA GOROON sho r t ly af t e r th e family rel o cated to GOTHAM C,TY from Chic ago. ( Batman #4 0 7, May 1987) Wh en the Gordons' marriag e fell ap art during Bat ma n's seco nd year o f o p erat ion, Barb ara and Ja m es retu rn ed to Chic ago, where she filed for d ivor ce. (B atman: Turni ng Points #1, January 2001) On e accou n t had th is hap pen ing w hen James w as six. (B atm an: Nig h t Crie s, 19 92) Jam es Jr . b ecam e a paw n b et wee n Go rd on and h is former partner A RTHUR FLASS w hen t he lat te r kidnapped Jam es o n th e day Gordon m arried SARAH ESSEN. W it h Batm an's he lp , the chi ld wa s saf ely recover ed . ( Leg en ds of the Dark Kn ight Annual #2 , 19 92)

GORDON, JOHN John Gordon wa s th e c apt ain of th e River Que en, a Missis sippi River show bo at. He was al so great­ grandfather t o JAMES GORDON, comm ission er of GOTHAM CITY'S pol ice. James ask ed Batman and ROBIN to help clear John 's name, wh ich requ ired a ti me -t rave l tr ip to 18 54. Usi ng PROFESSOR CARTER N'CHOLS'S m et hod s, th e Dy nam ic Duo head ed bac kward in t im e an d d iscov ered t hat Jo hn Gordon had b een fram ed for a serie s of robber ies by Grad y Hawes, head o f t he Ri ver Queen's acting tr oupe. Hawes wore Jo hn Go rdon 's capt ain 's coa t w hile comm itting his cr imes so su sp ic io n wo uld fall o n the ca ptain , not h im . ( Batman #89, Feb rua ry 1955)

she ch anged her opinion reg ard ing th e Gotham Guardian, grad ua lly acceptin g his pla ce in th e scheme of th ing s. The grisly c ri mes and po lit ical st resses d id briefly take t he ir t o ll, fo rci ng the cou ple to sepa rate. ( Batm an: Shadow of the Ba t #35, Feb rua ry 19 9 5) Thing s gr ew eve n mo re t wi st ed w hen Essen found herself named as Gordon 's rep lace ment, p rompt ing him t o qu it t he fo rce. ( Ba tman # 519. June 19 95) He r tenure at the top proved short -lived , howeve r: She was rep lace d by an inco m pet ent , w ho p rov ed his w ort hlessn ess wh en the city was ov ercome w ith th e CLENCH, a deadly v irus . ( De tec tive Comics #694. Febru ary 1996 ) Gordon wa s finally returned to his p ost , w hich seemed to heal their w ound s. The two reco ncil ed . (Detec tive Comics # 702 , October 199 6) Th e 7.6 - mag nitu de eart hquake t hat deva stated Go t ham put their lives on hold in service to the city. There wa s no q ue st io n th ey would remai n when the federal government c hos e to w ithdraw support from the city, turning it into a virtual No MAN'S LAND. They battl ed togeth er to m aintain pea ce for t ho se c iti zens who had al so chosen t o remain. Things slowly began to im p rov e, and t he Gordons th ought the w orst wa s over by Chri st m ast im e. In st ead th e JOKER kid nap pe d t he c it y 's rem ain ing infant s, trig g er ing an inte nse m anhunt. Essen found the Clown Prin ce o f Cr ime re ad y to destr oy th e bab ies

GORDON, THELMA Thelm a an d JAMES GORDON dated fo r a time before she ult ima te ly marri ed James's brother. ROGER. (B atman: Gotham Knights # 6. Au gu st 2000) Roger and Thelm a had o ne chi ld . BARBARA GORDON, and th ere w as brief sp ecu lati o n that James was Ba rbara's actual father although no pa t ernity t est wa s ever t aken . W hen Barbara w as t hir teen, Rog er and Thelma died in a horrif ic car accident. (Secre t Origin s [s econd series] #2 0 , Novem b er 1987)

GORDON, TONY On Earth-2 , JAMES GORDON marr ied hi s w ife o n October 11. 1926, and they had one so n, Tony. Th eir o nly chil d, Tony wa s born seve ral yea rs afte r t he marriage: lit tl e else is known ab o ut him , althoug h it seem s Tony wa s a year or two o lde r t han ROBIN the Boy Wonder. ( Wor ld 's Finest Comics # 53, August/September 1951) Tony wa s in attendan c e when BRUCE W AYNE married SELINA KYLE. (Superman Family #211 , October 1981) Jam es Gordon m arr ied hi s w ife on October 11 on Earth -1, and they became the p arents o f a so n. Anthony, some ti me lat er, follow ed by a daughter. BARBARA GORDON. He w as said t o be a co llege stud en t wh en he w en t m issing, hidin g fr o m Co mm un ist spies. Bar b ara, as BATGIRL. found Ton y in Ch ina . He perished as Batgirl battled th e SINO-SUPERMEN. ( Batm an Family #12, Ju ly/Au g ust 1977; Detective Comics # 4 82 , February/ March 1979 ) In t he rea lity after t he event s of CRISISON INFINITE EARTHS. Tony d id not exist.



You ng er br ot her to JAMES GORDON, t he Chicago native and his w if e, THELMA, had one ch ild, BARBARA GORDON. Whe n Barbara w as thirtee n, Rog er and The lma d ied in a horrific car accid en t. (Secr et Orig in s [s econd series] #20, N ov em b er 198 7)

GORDON, SARAH ESSEN _ _ Sarah Essen wa s a GOTHAM C,TY polic e detective who wa s bri efly partnered with JAMES GORDON, a serg eant re cently arr ived from Chicago. (Batman #405 , Mar c h 1987) The two began a c landestine affair that b ecame the fuel for a bla ckmail plot aga in st Gordon; it w as thwarted when he rev eal ed h is infid eli t y t o his pr egnant w if e. Go rdon and Essen end ed th e affair, and both were reassigned . Essen soon afte r left Got ham City and co ntinu ed her law enforcement c areer, even marry ing ano t he r co p . W he n the un named office r d ied du ring a d rug b ust , she ch ose to retu rn to Gotham . Essen ree ntered Gor d o n's lif e, an d t he roma nce wa s re ne we d -only t o be d e railed by his he art at t ack. ( Batman #458, Janu ary 19 91) Wh ile Gord on re cupera ted, Essen f ound her self cross ing pa t hs w ith his cos t um ed f riend . She saw Batma n as a v igilante and t olerat ed hi m on ly ou t of res pect fo r Gordon . Even t ua lly the renewed rela t io n ship flared in to lov e- so m uch so t hat Gordon proposed to Essen t w ice. ( Batm an # 465, August 1991: Detect ive Comics #646. Ju ly 1992) The two marr ied less than a year after reuniting. ( Lege n ds of th e Dark Knight Annual #2 , 19 92) They served side by side thro ug h t he w o rst years in Go th am 's history, wi t h Essen head ing up t he G.C.P.D.'s MAJORCRIMESUNIT. As a re sult of her cas es,

at poli ce headquarters. Given a choice to save a child or be shot . she cho se t he ch ild, only to be sho t at point-blan k range. She di ed her o ical ly, and Gord on wa s mad with g rief. He was ready to sho o t and kill th e Joker, but inst ead sho t both of t he madman 's knees, crip pl ing hi m mu ch as he had c rip p led Gord on 's niec e BARBARA. (D etec tiv e Com ics # 741, Feb ruary 200 0 ) On New Year's Eve . Ji m p ou red a g lass of champa g ne at Sarah's g rave as he raised o ne for hi mself to his lips . "Hap py New Year, sw eeth ear t. I love yo u." ( B atm an: Sha dow of th e Bat #94 , February 2000). Her tombst o ne read : SA RA H ESSEN-GORDON Hon ored Officer Ki lle d in th e Line of Duty Gotham 's Fine st In a potential future. Go rd on re p eate d to him self . " I th ink of Sara h. The rest is easy," ind icat in g he r effect on him t hrough th e int ervening years . ( Ba t m an: The Dark Kn ight Returns, 1986)

Mobster GEORGE "Bo ss" DYKE died in t he ga s cha m be r o f th e Go t ham Sta te Pr ison o n a cold , rainy even ing . On Dy ke 's orders. h is b o d y w as retr ieved by memb e rs of his ga ng and p resented to di sgra ced surge o n Doc W ,LLARD. Perf orm ing rad ic al su rg ery. Willard transplanted the ho od's bra in int o the body o f a towering gorilla . Thou gh no long er capable of speec h, the Gorilla Bo ss co nt inued to commun ic ate w ith hi s men via pen cil and paper. Unable to st o p the great ape 's reign of terror, Batman began to realize that the creature wa s not merely well trained but in the service o f a human bra in. Having sto len a sat isfact or y sum of m on ey, the Go rilla Boss ca pt ured Batman and returned to his lair, wh ere he commanded Willard to p ut his br ain in the Dark Knight's body-and vice ver sa. Un aware o f th is, th e GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT had co nver ged w hen officer s spo t ted t he gorilla clim b ing a TV t ower with an unconsc io us Batman in tow. As the di sor iented gorilla fe ll to his d eath, ROBIN swe p t in and caug ht hi s mentor-unmasked as Do c W illard ! Batman had faked unconsciou sness and sw itch ed pl ace s wi th Doc ju st as t he enrag ed Gor illa Bos s awake ned (Ba tman # 75. Febr uary/ March 1953) Bat man p reser ved Dyke's bra in as a t ro p hy in t he BATCAVE. Throu g h un known circumst ances , the br ain wa s rev ived by alien c o lo nists , w ho o f fere d Dyk e a new body if he wou ld use the form to erase Earth's c hlo ro p hy ll. which wa s to xi c to them. Man ipulating Batma n into pl aci ng th e bra in in the d isintegrat ion pit of SUPERMAN'S FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, Dyke b urst fort h in a new fo rm , a ma ssive gr een flyin g manta­ like entity mad e up of vegetable matter.


Batman's foe the Gorilla Bo ss and a same- nam ed foe of Animal Man's w ere merged into the same person after the events of CRISISON INFINITE EARTHS. (Swamp Thing Annual #4, 1988 )

GORILLA GANG, THE The GOrilla Gang was a tri o o f Cri m inals wearing gorilla costumes who comm itted a series of robberies In GOTHAM OTY. While they would not normally have posed a problem for Batman and ROBIN, the Caped Crusader was sufferi ng from the effects of an expenment. He had volunteered to test prolonged Isolation In pr eparation for man's ascent into spa ce. Phy sically, he was fone. but mentally he had begun suffering from wak ing hallucmations featuring tentacled c reat ures and allen monsters that inhibited hrs act ions . He had to co nquer those fears before he could swing into action, apprehending the gang. (Batman #156, Jun e 1963)

GORNEY, GOLDPLATE A three-time loser, Goldplate Gorney was facing a life term In prison If he was ev er captured agaon. Since all three arrests were a re sult o f Batman and ROBIN, Gorney schemed to kidnap Robin then kill the pa ir dunng the rescue attempt. To k id nap the Boy Wonder. Gorney and rus men began scouting GOT HAM OTY high sc hoo l sporting events, figunng the te e n wou ld be a top-performing athlete. What they did not ant icipate was that DICK GRAYSON purposely retarded h is eff o rt s so as not to let his training gave him an unfair advantage over his peers. At a track event , Gorney decided that Hugh Ross had to be Rob in, whil e his father must be Batman. The Dynamic Duo rescued Hugh and apprehended Gorney without co m p ro m ising their secr et ident ities. (World's Finest Comics #23 , July/ August 1946)

GOSS, JOHN The Sky Museum boasted the w orld's greatest collection of ancient airs hips a nd airplanes . John Goss , the assistant curator, pr ivate ly boasted that he could smuggle crim inals out of GOTHAM CITY for a price. Upon payment, c rimi na ls were boarded onto a zeppelin and ferried beyond the city limits to freedom. Batman and ROBIN tra iled criminals to the city's outskirts and the mus eum, where Goss was apprehended alo ng w ith a zeppel inful of crim inals. (Batman #94, September 19S5)


had reneged on their deal, alerted Superman to the swap, and he hastily performed surgery that placed BRUCE WAYNE'S brain back in Batman's body. In the meantime, Willard-with Dyke's brain in his possession-escaped . (World's Finest Comics #2S1, June/July 1978) Willard returned, hoping to co nfirm that Batman was on fact Bruce Wayne, as he 'd suspected ever

o p erat io n. Though frustrated in his efforts, he escaped custody once more. W illard wa s fina lly apprehended , now an incoherent madman babbl ing about Dyke's brain being lost to aliens. The alien In question was no less than ex-GREEN LANTERN Sinestro, who had expanded the cerebellum to the size of a planet located in the anti-matter universe of Qward and wa s using the mutated brain as a power so urc e. With his X-ray vis ion, the Man of Steel d estroyed the unnatural extension of George Dyke on ce and for all . (World's Finest Com ics #2S3 -254, October/November 1978-December

The Gotham Broadca sting Com pany was GOTHAM CITY'S o ldest telecommunicat ion s bu siness , formed w hen the first radio lic en ses were granted in the early twentieth century. Early on, engineer Alan Scott changed profes­ sio ns and joined GBC, and W XYZ radio, using its constant flow of news to monitor ectivmes that would require him to swing Int o act ion as GREEN LAN TERN . He rose to th e pos tt ion of vice pres ident and general manager o f Gotham Broadcasting Co m pan y. (JSA #2 , May 1991) Soon after, Scott grew the company with hi s new w ife MOLLY MAYNE; it wa s renamed Scott Telecommunications and ac­

since he'd seen the Dark Knight's face dunnq the

1978/January 1979)

quired GBC outright. ( Chase 1/8. September 1998)

Still craving a human body, Dyke sought out Doc Wi llard, who actually fulfilled the Boss's long -held goal of acquiring Batman 's body. The fortuitous arrival of the aliens, angry that Dyke


GOTHAM CITY One of America's larg est ci ties, Goth am has seen more t han its fair share of t ragedy and d isast e r, yet c o nt inued t o re bu ild and flo u rish, That is du e part ly to its loca t io n on t he ea st er n seaboard, pa rt ly to its wid e va riety of archi tect ure and history, an d larg ely to th e ur ban leg en d s t hat have m ad e Gotham Cit y a m us t -see at traction, ( De tective Comics # 27, May 1939 ) At it s pea k Go t ham has ho used eight m illi on so u ls, although af t e r rec ent ca tac lysm ic even t s, t he popula t io n d ipped as low as sev en and a half m illi o n be fore reb ound in g . It 's lo cat ed in Ka ne Cou nty , nicknamed Gotham Co u nt y gi ven th e dispro p or ti on at e size of t he c it y to t he co unty boundar ies, To the northwest is Ferri s Co u nt y; Wash ara Coun ty also abuts Kane County. Hud son Cou nt y lies no rt h of Go t ham, and Rockland County is no rth of t hat. The city b ounda ries cover twenty- five sq uare m ile s alo ng the east ern seaboard , d ivi d ed int o commun ities and region s t hat eac h have t hei r ow n

d isti nct flavor. Cutt ing throu gh a ll o f th em , th ou gh , is t he wicked , sharp w ind d uring t he w in t er mont hs, nic kn am ed the " razo r" by the resid ent s, Fro m atop the Metro Buildin g in METROPOLI S, Got ham Cit y is v isib le across th e bay. The co u ntr yside su rro unding Go tha m City is unl ike t he suburbs o f o t he r m et ropolitan areas : Wit hin fif t een mil es of the d o wnto w n skys craper s there a re pleasan t far m-l ike est at es-a c res of pa rk land - an d no t a f ew turn- of-the-twentieth -century mansion s, amo ng them W AYNE MANOR an d fa med magici an Za tara's Shad ow c rest. The ci ty was known for it s st ro ng archi tectu ral style, v eer ing to wa rd the Gothic, but always v isu ally ar rest ing . Du ring the 19 4 0 s Go th am wa s co nsid ered one o f th e most exc it ing , vi b rant cit ies o n t he

Gotham , in th eir cus tom ary style, have t urned t he c rit icism into a p erv er se co m p lim ent. The m ad cr im inal HUMPTY DUMPTY unint ent ionall y created a d omi no effec t tha t ca used ma ny of Gotham 's g iant roofto p d ispl ays to com e cras hing t o the g round . As a co nsequence, the sta te sena t e passed t he Sprang Ac t, whic h ba nned such ob jec ts fr om t he sky line. Wha t wi t h all t he b ui ld ings th a t re semb le d giant applia nc es, the look seeped into local me d ia, and du ring the fir st ha lf o f the twen ti et h ce nt u ry

East Co ast , ecl ipsing , in so me minds, Manh attan . Ot he r arc hitec tu ral marve ls include d bui ldings sha ped like cas h regi st er s, b le nders, an d t oast er s. Dan iel Mc Kinl ey w rote a book on th e novelty b uild ing s, publis hed by Sig na l Publ ish ing , a d iv ision of WAYNE ENTERPRISES .

gi ant w o rking-mo d el p rops were a ll th e rage . Man y pieces survived and became co llec t ibl es, C. Car stai rs Biddle ha d an eno rmous p ri va te co llec tio n u ntil h is t o wn h ou se was destroyed du ring an ear thq uake, Goth am Met ro Stu d io s al so hou sed such pr o p s in a wareho use, m any of

Fran k Lloyd Wrig ht, th e ren own ed arc hitect, no t ing the unique architectura l style, called Go t ha m a "Jo t unhe im " afte r the land o f t he g ian t s in Norse myths, c laim ing that t he c it y was de sign ed for a race o f gia nts - bu t not fo r peopl e. The people of



which were used on th e Gotham Island televis ion ser ies. The RIDDLER st ole so m e of these props from th e Finger Warehou se, w hich he used on his own show, The Riddle Factory. ( B at m an: The Riddle Factory, 1995) Hollywood's ongoing love affair with crime drama has made Gotham th e number one locale for budget-conscious moviemaker s who want New Yo rk aesthetics at afford ab le pr ice s, and celeb rit ies w ho fell in love wit h Gotham wh ile fi lming have sna p pe d up t he lu xuriou s p ent hou ses t hat o ccupy th e fo rmer hideouts of Go tha m 's su pe r-c rim inals. Hi sto rians hav e d et ermined th at mu ch of the land ma king up Gotham Cit y and it s sub urbs today wa s w here a tr ibe know n as t he Miag ani on ce lived. Millen nia ago the tr ibe , led by Chief Paleb ear, rose up against the fiery shaman Blac kfire. Failing to kill him, they entombed him in a cav e, marking the location with a mystic totem . When the cro ps began to die, the tribe felt it w as du e to Blackfire's ill will. They abandoned the area, seeking a new home, o nly to come into confli ct w it h an other t ribe and be vi rtually wiped out. ( Batma n: Th e Cult #1, 1988 ) So me five hundred year s ago an unn am ed man and woman became th e fir st Cauc asian set tlers in th e now abandoned region. On th eir fir st ni ght, he g o t d runk during th e ce leb rati o n, ki lli ng hi s sp ouse and g iv ing rise to a demon nam ed Go t ho d ae m on, said to have been rai sed by t he d emon Asteroth and subseq uent ly slai n in modern t im es by Etrigan the demon. (The Demon [ second serie s] #44-45, February-March 1994) Dutch settlers first arrived in 1609, su rp rised t o find no Native American s in the vi cinity. Given th e un inhabited territory, t he col on ist s d ivided th eir resources, setting up hom es bot h by the sea an d far t her inlan d w here th ere wo uld be am ple sp ace for farming . The farme rs unwittingl y sett led the curs ed land w he re th e Miag an i had once lived. While digging a field, th e tomb of Blackfire was un earthed, rel ea sing t he sti ll-living sham an. ( Ba t m an: The Cult #1, 198 8) A d ifferent leg end p er sist s about Gotham's fo unding , im itat ing the leg end o f Manhattan to make the city more palatable to certain tourists. Thi s legend has it that th e Algonquin Indians sold th e sit e in 1624 to European settlers for twenty­ fo ur dollars' worth of trin kets . ( De tec tiv e Comics #4 68 , March/April 1977) By th e 16 50 s Gotham colo ny w as w ell estab­ lishe d. A Father Knick er b o cker d ist ingu ished him ­ self by th is time and w as reg arded as the sy mbol o f Gotham Cit y. Als o during th is p er iod, front ier sman Jere my Co e o ften di sgu ised h ims elf as an Ind ian in ord er to spy on host ile t ri bes . His ba se o f o p era­ t ions wa s the site known ce ntu ri es late r as the BAT· CAVE. ( De tec tive Comics #205, Mar c h 1954 ) Through the years the g row ing town became a city and attracted its share of w ealthy landowners. Man sion after mansion beg an to dot the area; among the oldest surviving structures wa s the Fairbairn Estate. The anc estors w ho helped d evelop t he town into a cit y are al l buri ed on th e g roun ds , and t he cu rrent keep er o f t he flame is Conra d Fairbairn. ( Th e Brave an d th e Bold #101, Apri l/May 19 72) Gotham celeb rated its b icentennial in 1948 ,


p erha p s an ackn owledgment o f so me so rt o f incorpora tio n or m ilestone in 1748. On the 1765 farm of Jacob Stockman, a g rou p o f oc culti st s (all ege d ly inc luding Thoma s Jefferson ) attempted to summon the demon Barbathos . Panicking at th e sig ht of a large bat, the w ould­ be co njurors unwittingly left a netherworld spi rit in limbo. A s th e en ti t y would later put it b efo re he w as fi nally fr eed b y th e Batman, he becam e on e wit h Gotham, g ro w ing as th e town g rew . " My bl ood and seed m ixed w it h t he mortar, m y br eat h in the mud and th e sewe rs and the b u ild ings g rea t and sma ll . My spirit in every b rick, in eve ry inch of t imber. The wh ole c it y a bent an d mi sshap en echo of m y own deso lat io n:' The bur ial site o f th e d emon wa s th e area late r know n as Stock m an's Squ are, " part o f t he origina l old town of Gotham " and enco m passed the byways Peterson Lan e, Stockman Road , Helfer Road, O'Neil Boulevard, and Raspi er Str eet. ( Ba tm an #452-454 , August­ September 1990) At t his poi nt t he var io us realities d iverge, wit h a slight ly di fferent Gotham histo ry pr esented . Historical do cum ents, valid after th e CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, indica te d tha t the area lat er kno w n as Gotham City had b een terrorized in th e lat e 1700s b y a ki ller who pr eceded eac h murder w ith a cryp tic let te r addressed to resident s. In his own w ord s, he id ent ified himself as " Ep silpah Cleveng er, late of London , Eng land . He is known as th e MIMIC for hi s vo ice and mannerism s of any he chooses. 'Tis said he has sent over a score of men and wom en to the hereafter. He is eith er a madman o r possessed by unholy spirits and non e ma y say wh ic h, I'l l w arrant : ' Upon his arrival in th e United States , th e Mim ic lef t a st ri ng o f victim s, t he sevent h o f who m w as discovered in th e wild ern ess nea r the whalin g set t leme n t know n as BLUDHAVEN. A mulatto named Hiram discove red th e co rpse while passing through t he ar ea and b uried him. Hira m's rep o rt of th e murder only enr ag ed Bludhaven m erchant Rance Bened ict, who figuratively sp ew ed f ire- and-brimstone invectives at the tr aveler. Th e latest dead man wa s Ben ed ict 's own brother and Rance struck blow af te r blow again st Hiram, convinced that this was hi s sib ling' s murderer for no ot her reason than becau se of his Afr ican Am eric an heri tage . A s he left Blu dhave n, Hiram wa s ha iled by a be ar de d Eng lishman on ho rsebac k who p rofessed to ad m ire his compo sure du rin g hi s co n fro ntati o n w it h Ben ed ict. Hiram initially we lco med th e co mpany but g rew more co ncerne d as t he st range r's con versat ion turned to t he Mim ic and the recent kill ings . When they arrived in th e future Goth am territory, th e rider inquired abo ut th e framework of a building in the clearing. Hiram noted th at it w ould be a place of worship. Th e strang er d emurred , sug g est ing the site w oul d be better used as a ho me to the insane. Hiram turned d own the request as politely as he cou ld , and the two m en prepared to b ed down for th e nig ht. Aga in st his b etter judgment, Hiram also a ccepted a gun p ressed upon him b y the d octor. That night, Hiram awoke to hear a sho u t of murd er an d em erge d from his t ent to see a

stalker approach ing h im in t he torrent ial rainstorm . Terr ified, Hiram fired the gu n and w at c hed as t he figure col lapsed to t he gro und . An examination of t he corpse revealed it to be Rance Ben edict. And standing nearby was th e d o ct or , w ho admitted to having lured the man to th e scene. Pointing out that no one w ould bel ieve Hiram had kil led Rance in self-defen se, Ep silpa h bl ac kmailed him into co ncealing th e bod y and agreeing to hi s earlier sug g est io n. Hiram co m p lied, and Gotham Ci ty 's fi rst citizens were t he unfortunate d regs o f New Yor k and Bo ston, brou g ht under fal se pretenses and let lo o se. Hiram's subs eq uent wh er eabouts remain a my st er y, but his io u rn al­ wh ich concl ud ed w ith th e fat ef ul encou nt er w it h th e Mimic- eventu ally ende d UP in th e W AYNE FAM ILYarchives. Indeed, BRUCE W AYNE later confi d ed in ALFRED PENNYWORTH that on e of the figure s in the ori gin of Gotham was hi s anc estor. Wh ether that m an wa s Hiram or Benedi ct or Eps ilpah Clevenger remain s unrecorded . Gotham, like so many colonial town s, was devast ated by fi re in 178 5, onl y t o reb uild using more modern techn iqu es. Th e ci ty g rew prosperous from its shi p p ing; it w as lo cat ed in a d esirable location for Eur opean m er ch ant s see ki ng to reach in te ri o r colonist s. The Gotham River b ecame an im p o rtan t th oro ug hf ar e for trade g o od s in pre-C iv il War Amer ica . The Wayn e fam ily lo o ked to the acquisition and parcel ing of land on it s road to prominence. Buying ac res for pennies, inc lud ing quite a bit of swampl and, Charles Arwin Wayne deftly managed his famil y 's mod est fortune and built a thriving enterpri se for h is two so ns, So lo m o n Zebed iah and Jo shu a Thom as. Du ring th e 1820s, inspi red by Jo siah Heller, a sect gr ew in to w n; m ember s w er e pu ritanical in ap peara nce bu t were drawn to the Dar k Arts. Fear and suspicion surr ou nde d th e g ro w ing or g anizat ion until th e d ay a c hild wa s found d ead and a m ob blamed t he Hell er it es. Th eir settlem ent wa s acci d entall y set af ire , kill in g He ller h im self. As he d ied , he cursed the alr ead y cursed g ro und, pr ophesying that Gotham's st ree ts wo uld fill with dust from a desert unti l th e inhab it ant s' sins were c leansed . The remain ing Hell er ite s left Gotham and settled elsewh er e. ( Th e Brave and the Bold #89, Apr il/May 1970 ) In the latter half of th e 18 0 0 s Ju dg e Solomo n Wayne co m mis sioned arc hitect Cy rus Pin kney to desi g n a ser ies of building s t ha t th ey imagin ed would serve as a fortress against th e ev ils of th e rest o f the world . The first o f th e so-calle d Gotham Sty le st ruct ur es w as in wh at is now th e center o f t he financia l d istri ct. Although ve hementl y critic ized by Wayn e's fe llo w Go th ami t es, the ed ifice pleased the jud ge and, in fact, was highly successful in that it attracted o t he rs to locate their ventures nearby-becom ing the focal point for a thriving financial indu stry. Tog et her Wayne and Pinkney ra ised no few er t han a dozen other, sim ilar b uilding s. Pin kn ey's st y le w as, for a time, wid ely imitated, both in Goth am and elsew here­ t his d esp ite v ilif ic at ion f rom v irtually every arc hi tec t ur al journal in th e world . On hi s deathbed Solomon Wayne said, " I wished to lo ck ev il out o f men's ne ighborhood s and heart s. I fear that

instead I have given it the means to be locked in." (Le g ends of th e Dark Knight #27, February 19 92) The Gotham skyline was also noted for the abundance of gargoyles mounted on its buildings, even inspiring art shows devoted to the pieces. By this time Gotham had proven an insp irat io n to visitors includ ing the poet Lincoln Killavey, who once described Gotham "as if the city it self were an engine whose hot breath rained soot and despair up o n it s im mi g rant workers ." (Batman: Gotham Kn ights #42 , Aug ust 2003) In t he nineteenth century, during a wave of im mi g rat io n, ethn ic gangs form ed to ru le the streets, rang ing from the Irish Wounded Ravens to th eIt alian East -Siders no t to m en t ion t he Free Me n Gang , Jewi sh Sons of Dav id , and t he A II­ Americans . They kept their streets safe , p lundered other streets, and fought. One day, to hide which gang killed Jeremiah Whale, a killer emerged wearing a mask. Soon, entire gangs were masked, and then masks replaced ethnicities as marks of di stinction. Many famil ies fled Gotham in the wake of t he masked gangs and t he modern-day grotesque cost umed villa ins were cons idered d irect d escendants of t hese street gangs. (Gotham Underground #2 , Ja nuary 2008) By the turn of t he twentieth century, Gotham wa s d escribed as "an eclectic tra in wreck of undisc ip lined arch itectural aeg is that regu larly frightened pets and small children ." Desp ite the tourist bureau 's best efforts, Gotham came to have the same mythic quality to it as, say, Transylvania. This was not to say tour ists didn't travel there, but that they usual ly cam e for the ghoulish dice-roll of seeing if they could live to tell the tale. Try as they did to gloss over a cityscape dominated by glaring stone gargoyles and cryptic, menacing archways , where the symbol of t he bat was projected reg ularly and in hu g e dimension high above t he mena cing sp ires, Gotham's strongest sell ing po int was also its most obvious des criptor: " Mickey Mouse doesn't live here." (Green Lantern: Sleepers Book Three, 2005) As in other cities around the country, the move toward Prohibition fueled the underworld, which led to an entrenchment of mob families that persists to t his day. A period of eco nomic uncertainty began during t he Depression; basic in fra struct u re wa s ignored, beginn ing the city's decline. A br ight sp o t d ur ing the 19 40 s was the ar rival of GREEN LANTERN, the em era ld crusader who battled t he first gen erat ion of co stumed cr imina ls. Follow ing Gre en Lantern's disappearance in the early 19 s0 s, after he ref used to un m ask before the Jo int Congressional Un-American Activit ie s Committee, things seemed to quiet down. Then came a vigilante dressed similarly to the Grim Reaper and meting out violent justice. Th is spurred Green Lantern to come out of retirement , only to be t hrashed by t he REAPER. Gotham 's ci t izen s co w ered for a t ime unt il t he attack s myster iou sly sto p pe d . The ci t y' s de cl ine co nt inued for th e nex t few de cades as fash ionable areas , such as Park Row, fell int o law less hands. Cr im inal s ruled th e str eets, and the m ob s had effectively neutered the pol ice fo rce thro ugh years of br ib ing po licem en and ju d g es. The nad ir may have been w hen respected m illionaire


THOMAS W AYNE and his w ife MARTHA W AYNEwere killed on Park Row-now n icknamed CRIME A LLEY. The n t hing s be g an to change for Gotham when a caped vigilante to ok to the streets. Ba tman wa s long thought to b e an urban legend, a sm o ke screen for a revitalized police force to hide behind or a media sensat ion for ratings and newspaper sales. In more recent times the myth was sol idly show n to be fact, and c itizens took pride in the ir protector and his coh o rt s. Batman, ROBIN, BATGIRL, and others have b een counted on ti me and aga in to stem the tid e from t he insi di ous mobs and psycho pat hic kill er s rang ing fro m the co lorful b ut ho micid al JOKER to the d ead ly MISTER ZSASZ. Muc h t ime ha s been spe nt debating over w hether Batma n is a response to the growing t id e toward psyc hotic cr imi na ls, or whether his arrival brought them to Gotham. Regardless, the city suffered some of the gr eat est tragedies to befall America as a result of these villains. A chain reaction seem ed to hav e been sparked by RA's AL GHUL'S release o f a deadly viru s nicknamed the CLENCH, wh ich claim ed hundreds of lives . Soon after a cure was adm in istered t o a needy pop ula ce, the c it y endured an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. Fatal it ie s were est imated from a low of 5,057 to a high of several hundred t housand. The fau lt th at caused the Gotham earthquake ran from Sp ill kin Hill across th e harbor to Chalfonte and through t he heart of Go t ham . T he earthq uak e caused bill ions of dollars in da mag e, inc lud inq the d estruction of Wayne Manor, which was located less than a mile from the epicenter. Haphazard con stru ction was d emolished, rev ealing older stru ctures that had b een covered over. Dur ing the rebuilding process, the face of Gotham changed to so m et hing o ld er and more ecc entric, befitting t he c it y 's reputation for arc hitectural variety. The federa l government, fru strated over wasting cou nt less dollars on reconstruction , was encourag ed by the political maneuv ering s of NICHOLAS SCRATCH to effectively cut the city off. Citizens were g iven until m idn ight on Dec ember 31 to leave before bridg es and tunnel s w ere sealed off. The city becam e a virtual No MAN'SLAND with gangs, citizens , and super-v illai ns staking out turf. The pol ice, u nde r JAMESGORDON, ma intain ed what peace th ey could unti l Batman reappeared, th ree months into th e ordeal . Gordon, Batman , ROBIN, NIGHTW'NG, ORACLE, and a new BATGIRL slowly began to reta ke th e ci t y , str ee t b y st reet . Meantime, LEX LUTHOR wa s manipu latin g t he sit uat ion to his advantage, hoping t o own t he ma jority of t he cit y whenever the government cam e to its sen ses and reopened Gotham. Bru ce Wayne outmaneuvered his business riv al, but it was Batman who ensured that Gotham would remain intac t when he thwarted the Joker's de adly Chr istmas bombing . However, to save one infant, Gordon 's wife SARAHESSENGORDON sacrificed her life to th e Clo w n Prince of Cr im e. Gotham recovered and rebu ilt. onl y to endure a co ntinuo us str eam of super-villains, madmen, an d opportunist ic thu gs. The st ree ts were home to vio lent W ARGAMES, accidentally tr ig gered by SPOILER. w hic h led to BLACKMASKrul ing Got ham's underworld w it h a deadly hand. Th is chased veterans inc lUding t he PENGUIN fro m t he city , After Bla ck Mask was

killed , th e GRE ATW HITESHARK p roved to be an ev en deadli er ma ster of crim e and corruption. The ci ty also endured th e explosion of the fabled Rock of Eternity ov er the sky line, remnants of wh ich had deleterious effects on some of the citizens. A year later INTERGANG installed a series of drill s from Apokolips, designed to turn first Gotham, then the Earth, int o a fire-pitted planet resembling the hom ew o rld of the New God Darkseid. Intergang's leade r, BRUNO MANNHEIM, did th is following the instructions found in the Cr ime Bible, w hich fo re tol d that the twice-named daughter of Cain-in t his ca se, Kate Kan e, th e new BATWOMAN­ ne ed ed to b e sac rificed to br ing about the boo k's pro phe cy . Nig htwing and the new QUESTION, RENEE MONTOYA, st o p ped both the Sacr ifice and t he city's de struction , but not before more damage was done to the recently rebuilt metropolis. (52 #48,2007) The city had a particularly high turnover of mayors, largely due to its lengthy history of corruption in addition to the dangers posed by the costumed c rimi nals who called Gotham hom e. Aubrey James wa s mayor ju st b efore T homas and Mar t ha Wayne were murd er ed by JOE CHILL. Jam es was subs eq uen tly stabbed to death. At the t im e Batman debuted in Gotham , the mayor wa s W ilson Klass. A mayor named Hayes served the c ity during Batman's existence . (Batman #207 , December 1968 ) . W hen politica l boss RUPERT THORNE seized control of the politi cal mach ine, he saw to it that HAMILTON HILL became th e ne xt mayor, beating A RTHUR REEVES. (Detective Comics #511 , February 1982) Hil l d id as he was bade by Thorne, which made Gordon's and Batman's lives complicated . GEORGE P. SKOWCROFT served as Gotham's acting mayor in the aftermath of Hi ll's forced res ignation . The ne xt, unnamed ma yor and the enti re Gotham City Counc il were murdered by JOSEPH BLACKFIRE'S followers. Several br iefly tenured mayors follow ed until Mayor Lieberman settled into office; then he wa s abruptly rep laced by an unnamed man. (Batman: Run , Riddler, Run #1, 1992) A RMAND KROL next assumed th e office and began his tenure with an intense dislike for Batman. (Detective Comics #647, August 1992) The Dark Knight saved his life and Kro l changed his opinion, rel ying more on the vig ilante th an had Gordon and h is men. Kro l lo st the next elec tion to MARION GRANGE. ( Ba tm an: Shadow o f the Bat #46, January 19 9 6) She assu m ed office early w he n Krol succ umbed to the Clench v ir us that g rip ped Go t ham at the t ime. Gra ng e ab ly served the c ity through th e end of th e Clench and righ t up until th e federal governm ent declared t he ci t y a No Man's Land . She died from an assassin's bullet. DANIEL DANFORTH D,CKERSON III (Detective Comics #743, April 2000) succeed ed her until he, too, was assas sinated by the Joker. David Hull was the city's ne xt mayor. (Gotham Central #15, March 2004) In the wake of INFINITECRISIS, records ind icated t hat t he new mayor was an as- yet-u nidentified woman.

GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, THE GOTHAM CiTY'S po lice department had a reputation for cor ru pt io n dating through the majorit y of the twent ieth century-more so in the later years . The

co rr up tion st em m ed from t he mayor's of fice and co ntinued throu gh o ut th e law en fo rc em ent an d ju d icia l branch es of th e cit y govern m ent. W hen CARMINE" t h e Roman " FALCONEran Go tha m 's u nd erworld, th e commiss io ner of police w as GILLIAN B. LOEB, w ho steered h is office rs away fro m int erf ering w ith t he Ro man 's ope rat ion s. (Batman #4 04, Febr uary 1987) Afte r Lo eb left office, he w as repl aced by J ACK GROGAN. ( Ba tma n # 407, May 1987) JAMESGORDONsucceeded Gro g an and serve d for a len g t hy pe rio d until po litics rear ed it s ugl y head . In short or der Pet er Pau ling, ANDR EW HOWE, an d SARAH ESSEN GORDON br ief ly t o o k o n t he co mm issio ne rs hip b efore Gord o n w as rep ea ted ly rest o red t o hi s office. Wh en he finall y cho se to ret ire, MICHAEL A KINS succ ee de d h im . Aki ns left office und er unrevea led circ ums tances, and six mo nt hs after Batm an left t he c it y fo r a year, Gor d o n returned t o his office . ( 52 # 33, 2007) Back in Lo eb 's d ay, thing s b eg a n to cha nge for th e b etter when an hon est co p, Gordon , tr an sferred from Ch ic ago and a cost um ed vi g ilante , Batman , bot h bega n to pa tro l th e city's streets. Th ey w orked at exp osi ng th e rampant corru p tio n a nd ultimat ely forc ed Lo eb to re sig n from office in d isg race. Gotham Ci ty , fo r yea rs, w as k no w n for its corrup t po lice fo rc e an d its high turnover in district a t torneys. Th is, too, began to chang e after Batm a n arri ve d . The cru sad ing d ist ric t atto rn ey a t the time was HARVE Y DENT, alth oug h he wa s attacked by a cr im inal and was physically and psyc ho logically ha rmed. As Two-FACE, Den t murdered hi s im m ed iat e successor, A ld ri ch Mean y, alth oug h other accou nts na me the vi ct im as Ju dge Law ren c e W at kins. Dent an d Meany we re fo llow ed in rapi d succession by JANICE PORTER, a ma n named Barn es, John Danton , and Dav id Stevens , o net ime assista nt t o De nt. Stevens had actua lly married Harvey's ex­ w if e GILDA DENT. When Stev en s w as m urdered, Den t t racked d ow n the ki ller and took his life . Ot her DA s t o lo se t he ir lives in c luded Dic k Ja yn es, A RMAND KROL, and MARION GRANGE, th e latter t w o afte r they'd moved up to serve as Gotham's mayor. Aubrey Jam es wa s mayor in t he year s p re ce di ng THOMAS and MARTHA W AYNE 'S murder s. Jam es was hims e lf sta b be d t o de ath , and h is chief o f police, Hendr ik Pet er sen , w as fatally sho t in the same g en er al p eri od. When Batman d eb ut ed so m e seve nteen yea rs later, th e ma yo r o f Go t ha m w as Wilson Kla ss. Lik e being di strict a ttorney, se rvi ng as mayor wa s usually a sho r t - lived p he no m en o n due t o t he rampan t corru p ti o n and virulent c rim e da ti ng back to GREEN LANTERN'S ten ure as the ci t y 's protector. W hile Gordon developed a strong respect for Bat m an and hi s efforts, t he re st o f t he police c as t a suspic ious eye in h is d irect io n. Fo r ye ars Batman was re al to them but an ur ba n leg end to the ci ty's citizens. When th e BAT-SIGNAL w as fi r st use d to su m mon t he Da rk Kni g ht, the populace t hou ght it w as a scar e tac tic d ire ct ed towar d the city's cri minal elemen t. Giv en t he legal im p licatio ns o f the city's po lice summo ni ng a vig ilan t e, o nly a civil ian co uld leg ally activate th e sig nal, a ro le m ost recent ly filled by STACY. (G otham Central #11 , N ov ember 2003)

Gotham's lo ng -standing cri me familie s fo ugh t for tur f wi th a risi ng tid e of cos tu me d cri mi nals, a nd th e police departm en t had to respond accordi ng ly. A MAJOR CRIMES UNIT w as fo unde d to spec iali ze in suc h ca ses, firs t hea de d by Sarah Essen Gord on an d MACKENZIE BOCK. Since t hen, it has b een led by f ormer METROPOLIS co p MAGGIE SAWYER. The c ity also cr eated a QUICKRESPONSETEAM hea de d by Li eute na nt GERARD "JERRY" HENNELLY.

GRADY, "SPARKLES" " Sp ark les" Grad y led a crimi na l gang to t he new ly opene d Batman Exposit io n, GOTHAM CITY'S la tes t t ribute to its pro tec tor. Gra dy wa nte d the je wel s that Raj ah Punj ab had en tr u ste d to ROBIN, w ho w as represen t ing t he Dynam ic Duo wh ile Batm an recovered fro m a b ro ken ank le. The Boy Wo nd er took advan tage o f th e fif ty memo rial s t o t he Cap ed Cr usa der. us ing the ex hib it s as c ri m e- fig htin g


Tigerman appeared inept but had some hold over the World 's Finest heroes, which caught Grambly's attention. Ordering members of the legion to bring Tigerman to him for questioning, the general was surprised to learn the truth. As soon as he had access to Grambly's headquarters, Superman, aided by Batman and Robin, easily apprehended Grambly and his legion, (World's Finest Comics #119, August 1961)

GRANDA THE MYSTIC Granda was a carnival mystic who used hypnosis to learn the innermost secrets of his customers , He then used this information to biackma il them for huge sums of money. Granda's scheme was finally broken by Batman and ROBIN. (Batman #7, October/November 1941)



Guy Graney was an underworld leader who stole an experimental "mind ray." He then offered one hundred thousand dollars to the man among his cohorts who could use the device to actually control their nemesis , Batman, Graney wanted Batman to reveal his identity in public, with the intent to ruin his life, but the plan failed as the Gotham Guard ian proved too strong for the men and the machine. Graney and his men were corralled by Batman, ROBIN, and ALFRED PENNYWORTH. (Batman #106, March 1957)

GRANGE, MARION Marion Grange, fifty-two, was a former GOTHAM CiTY district attorney who was eventually elected to the office of mayor, beating ARMAND KROL thanks to an endorsement from Batman. (Batman: Shadow of the Bat #46, January 1996) She took office in the midst of Gotham being infected with the CLENCH virus. Her first act was to reappoint JAMES GORDON as police commissioner. (Robin #28, April 1996) Grange ably ran the city through the remainder of the Clench ep idemic as well as a devastating earthquake. When she was in Washington, D,C., to oppose the government's attempts to cut off support, she wound up shot and killed with a bullet intended for BRUCE WAYNE.

GRANT, TED Former heavyweight boxing champ ion Ted Gra nt has used his mystically granted nine lives to fight crime as WILDCAT and train other heroes, including BRUCE WAYNE.


weapons with which to single-handedly apprehend Grady and his men. (Batman #104 , December 1956)

GRAHAM Graham was hired by PARAGON P,CTURES to construct replicas of ancient weapons. A head injury left him dazed, leading him to don a medieval costume and use h is own replicas to comm it crimes in GOTHAM CiTY . His crime spree was stopped by the combined efforts of Batman, ROBIN, and ACE THE BAT-HoUND. (Batman #130, March 1960)




Grambly considered himself the Napoleon of crime and organized his hirelings as if they were an army. They wore purple uniforms and worked with military prec ision. He conceived and then executed intricate crimes as if they were war games. Batman and ROBIN were joined by SUPERMAN in an effort to end the threat po sed by the general and his Purple Legion. With a Superman Robot working with the Dynamic Duo, the Man of Steel posed as Tigerman. As they went into action,

Batman and ROBIN were intrigued by money blowing through the nearly deserted streets of GOTHAM CiTY. The trail took them to a man dressed in a light green grasshopper costume, with antennae on the forehead and giowing green eyes peering out from its shadowy depths. He also wore elfin yellow slippers, green tights, and a yellow-and-white shirt with matching bands on his forearms. His cape separated into wings whose purpose seemed more to complete the effect than to enable him to take flight. Calling h imse lf the Grasshopper, he displayed superhuman ab ilities matching the insect's attributes, The man taunted the Dynamic Duo, promising to steal their most

va lued possessions. Sure e noug h, as they read his no te, t he Gra sshopper m anaged to st eal t he BATMOBILE. Soon a fter, aboard a ya cht, he sto le a BATARANG and m ade off in th e BATBOAT w ith Robin as his ho st ag e. Batma n bega n to p ie ce toget her t he c lues and rea lized t hat the Grass hopper w as ac t ually tw in brot her s. He also identi fied one o f t heir vo ices as be longing to a member o f t he yac ht 's crew, allowing him to tra il the man ba ck to the Grasshopper 's headquarters. Batman narrowly av o ided a ha il of bullets as he attempted to re scue Robin. Th en , wh ile t he duo apprehended the Gra sshoppers, Bat m an receive d a message t hat t hey were merely age nt s o f a d eadl y v illa in known o nly as t he OUTSIDER, w ho no t ifi ed t he Caped Cru sader tha t he and Robin wou ld los e t he ir lives. (Detective Comics #334 . December 1964 ) After a series o f encoun te rs w it h th e Outs ider, th ing s d rew t o cli ma x when t w o men delivere d cof fi ns to W AYNE MANOR. Within, BRUCE W AYNE was stun ned t o see ma nnequins o f Bat man and Robin wi th a note promi sing th at he and D,CK GRAYSON would die w it hin th e ho ur. As th e Dynam ic Duo , th ey tra ile d th e delivery truck, learn ing tha t the pas sengers w ere ac tua lly t he Grass ho p pers. They were jo ined by a third ma n wi th th e same amazing acrobatic sk ills, but eve n t hese th ree were no ma t ch for Batman and Ro bi n. De livering t he croo ks to pol ice head q uart ers, the duo then trailed radiation from the truck to t he Outsider 's lair, where th ey fou nd the ir opponent. The sur prise, t houg h, was th a t th e Outsider was ALFRED PENNYWORTH, their loya l bu tler, resc ued from death but transfo rm ed into a t w isted ver sion of himse lf. A different Grassho p p er with an ac ti ve m eta­ gene also o perated in Ch icago in a sim ilar c ostum e. He c ommitted a ser ies o f cri m es o nly to be swift ly appreh end ed by the t hird MANHUNTER. (Manhunter # 18 , Oc to ber 198 9 )

GRAVES (1940) Gra ves t au ght art at th e exc lus ive Blake School fo r Bo ys. He also w or ked in cahoots w ith B lake, the schoo l's head m ast er, t o run a c oun ter feit ing op erat io n near the sc hoo l. W hen Batma n and ROBIN investiga ted t he co u nter feit money circ ulating in GOTHAM CiTY, Bl a ke was rea dy t o t al k. Graves killed him but was su b sequently app rehended by the Dynamic Duo. (Detective Comics # 41, Ju ly 1940)

GRAVES (1942)


Graves host ed Racketsmashers, a ra di o and te levi sio n ser ies that dramatized near-perfect crimes cull ed from po lice caseboo ks from arou nd th e co un t ry, What no one suspected was t hat he a lso headed up a mob that stud ied these cr im es and used them, m inu s th e flaws, as templates fo r perfect robberies. Batman and ROBIN exposed th e sc hem e and had Graves and the men ar rest ed . ( Wo rld 's Finest Comic s #6, Summer 1942 )



On anot her cont inent lived a peop le in a lo st vall ey. Centuries in the pas t , the inhab it ant s had learne d ho w to graft b ird wi ngs o nto human b o d ies,

c reat ing an offshoot spe cies o f humankind, They were de pendent , t hou gh, u po n a rare substance kn own only as se rum alp ha , which wa s jealously p ro tec t ed in the vall ey. The Gravio family wa s r uthless, and terrorized t he nonwinged villagers in t he va lle y. Sandag o Grav io jo urneyed to GOTHAM CiTY to abd uct Batma n and ROBIN and bring t hem ho m e to p ut an end to his fam ily 's tyrannica l ways. Batma n agreed to have hug e bat-wi ngs graf ted t o hi s body so he c oul d battle the Grav ios on t hei r own terms. W ith Robin's aid , Batman battled the evil family and brought them down. The ir hold over the valley wa s broken , and Sandago had th e Dy nami c Duo returned to Gotham City. Recovering from anes t he sia after havi ng t he w ings removed , Batman wo ndere d if th e ent ire ca se had been a vivid dream, ( Ba tman #82, March 19 54 )

GRAY Dean Gray p reside d over Gotham University and upon hi s ret irem ent , fo un d ed Tro uble, lnc ., to offer assistance to t ho se facing problems. Sam Slick rented space ne xt to Trouble, Inc.'s, o ffices and eave sdropped o n clie nts ' co nve rsation s. He used t his info rm atio n t o c api t aliz e o n t heir troub les but was qu ic k ly th w arte d by Batma n and ROBIN. ( Dete c tive Comics # 103, September 1945 )

ex pose the scheme and t he c o u rt returned Dick to Bruce's safekeeping . ( Ba tman #20, December 19 4 3/ Janu ary 1944 )

GRAYSON, JOHN Jo hn Fre d eric k Gray son was a ci rcu s tr apeze ar t ist , on e half of t he fam ed FLYING GRAYSONS. He and his wi fe, MARY GRAYSON, had one so n, Richard , and wh en he was f ive , he became a part o f t he act. When t he HALY BROS. CIRCUS arr ived in GOTHAM CITY, Garrison Haly refused to pay ANTHONY " Boss" Zucco p ro t ec t io n money, so Zucco saw t o it that th e ropes used by the Grays on s were cut. On June 27, performing in a sol d -o ut are na, John and Mary fell to their dea t hs . A st un ned D,CK GRAYSON was approa ched by the Batma n and offered a new lif e. (Detective Co m ics # 38, May 1940 ) Grayson was an enco ur aging father, t ellin g h is young son , " If yo u're sure of yo urself up there, yo u've got nothing to fe ar." (Sec re t Origins [ seco nd series] #13, April 19 8 7) " Sure, it's about br ave ry, son ," John explained. " Bu t th at 's o nly a part o f it. For the rest you need a strategy. You need a pla n, Dick . It 's no t th e ne xt b ar. It 's the bar after that and t he one after th