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C on n ectin g to Su ccess

Dear Industry Thought Leader, A s C anada’s leading E dTech strategy and new s organization, w e’rethrilled toshareour 2012- 13 digital m edia kit. It off ers industry solution prov iders strategic options in connecting w ith education leaders in theK - 20 and life- long learning spaceacross C anada through our extensiv eM indShareLearning Leaders N etw ork. “C onnecting toSuccess,” is our passion and v alueproposition aim ed at supporting y our grow th in the education space. Tohelp y ou achiev ey our goals w e’v eexpanded our adv ertising and sponsorship options toinclude: • TheM indShareLearning Report— C anada’s Leadership, Learning & Technology m onthly eM agazine • C anada’s 21st C entury C lassroom VideoC hallenge • TheM indShareLearning C anadian E dTE ch Leadership Sum m it • M indShareB uy er’s G uide • TheM SL Report Top 10 N ew s Stories oftheM onth • M indShareC an/A m P artnering Reception @ ISTE 2013 • M indShareLearning C anadian E du B logger A w ards • C anada’s A nnualE dTech Teacher Surv ey W etakegreat pridein w orking w ith leading solution prov iders serv ing theeducation com m unity , such as: E P SO N , P earson C anada, SM A RT Technologies, DellC anada, Discov ery E ducation C anada, faronics and C 21C anada, tonam ea few . W elook forw ard todev eloping a custom m arketing program toacceleratey our grow th and success in theC anadian education m arket space. Untilnext tim e, keep thelearning curv esteep! R. Rob ert M artellacci, M A E dTech P resident and pub lisher, and theM indShareLearning Team P .S. A sk us ab out our E dTech strategy consulting options!

K -2 0 D IG ITA L REA D ERS O u r readers stretch across the C anadian landscape.


O u r readers rangefrom classroom teachers to keyschoolleaders, inclu ding su perintendents, C IO s, IT directors, cu rricu lu m adm inistrators, instru ctional technologyspecialists, b u siness offi cials, and lib rary/m edia specialists throu ghou t C anada. In post-secondary, w eprovidenew s, action-oriented reports, trends, research, produ cts, and services to C anadian u niversityand collegeleaders. F rom professors, deans, and u niversitypresidents, they u setheM indShareL earning R eport to help gu ide their intitu tions to su cess in thew orld of2 1st centu ry teaching, learning, and research.

“T he M SL R epo r t hasbeco m e essential r eading fo r C anadian leader slo o king to keep abr east o f the latest educatio nal techno lo gy tr ends,issues, and o ppo r tunities." D r.Ro n O w sto n,D irec to r,Institu te fo r R esearc h o n LearningTec hno lo gy, Yo rk University

“T her e isno better publicatio n o ut ther e fo r co nsum er s/educato r s/inno vato r sin the C anadian educatio n techno lo gy space than M indShar e L ear ning R epo r t. T he depth, accur acy and co m plete co ver age o f “ho t” to picsand inno vatio n in the educatio n space isseco e nd to no ne. I w o uld highly r eco m m end any pr o fessio nal,educato r o r adm inistr ato r to get o n thism ailing.”

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M in dS har e Lear n in g Repor t C ir culat ion :O ver 3 0 ,0 0 0 copies oft he Repor tar e dis t r ibut ed acr os s C an ada,m on t hly an d gr ow in g.

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Leadership Natio nalVideo B u yer’ s C hallenge Su m m it Gu ide

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E xclusiv eSponsor TitleSponsor A nnual P ress Release P laqueand m ention at aw ards cerem ony Logoon official b anner Logoon m ain site+ M SL Report P roduct prom otion ( 150- w ords)in Report P hotoshoot Display com pany b anner E xclusiv etim eslot for product display *Sub j ect tochangew ithout notice

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Acol l ect i onoft het opnewsar t i cl esi nt heMi ndShar eLear ni ngRepor t f r om t hepr ev i ousmont h.Goest of ul l opt i nmai l i ngl i s t . Ouronedayuni ques ummi tpr ov i desoppor t uni t yt ogai nv al uabl ek nowl edgef r om educat i onandi ndus t r yl eader s .Thef ocusi soncur r enthott opi csi nt heK12andpos t s econdar yeducat i ont echnol ogys pace,ai mi ngt of ur t herengages t ak ehol der s i ns hapi ngt hef ut ur edi r ect i onofav i t al s ect ort hatmos tef f ect i v el ypr epar ess t udent s wi t ht hees s ent i al s k i l l st os ucces s f ul l ycompet ei nt hegl obal k nowl edgebas ed economy . Mi ndShar eLear ni ng’ sannual 21s tCent ur yCl as s r oom Vi deoChal l engecel ebr at es i nnov at i v et hi nk i ngandnewpos s i bi l i t i est hr ought hepowerofeducat i ont echnol ogy . T eacher sar eas k edt os ubmi ta35mi nut ev i deodi s pl ay i ngt hei rus eoft echnol ogy i nt hecl as s r oom.Thet hr eer egi onal wi nner ' sf r om Wes t er n,Cent r al ,andEas t er n Canadaar echos ent owi nt hegr andpr i z e. Wet ak egr eatpr i dei nwor k i ngwi t hl eadi ngs ol ut i onpr ov i der ss er v i ngt heeducat i on communi t y .Ouri nfl uent i al Buy er ’ sGui dei sl ocat edonourmai nwebs i t eanddi s pl ay s eachcompanyl ogo,di s cr i pt i onands oci al medi ahandl e. O ur annualb logger aw ards honouring excellencein C anadian education b logging including teachers, adm inistrators, and industry professionals.

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C on t actUs M indShareLearning’s audiencerepresents C anada’s m ost influentialand innov ativ eeducators. hegroup represents each lev elon theeducation scalefrom classroom K - 12 teachers touniv ersity professors. They arethedecision m akers, tech sav v y trend- setters and them ov ers and shakers shaping thefutureofeducation in C anada. M indShareLearning prov ides a uniquely C anadian platform toprom oteeducationalproducts, serv ices, and innov ations that appealtothis rapidly grow ing space,executiv elev eleducators, lifelong learners, and industry leaders. For m oreinform ation and custom solutions, contact: Rob ert M artellacci, P resident & P ub lisher rob ert@ m P hone: +1.416.569.2106 OR A islinn M alszecki, DigitalM edia Specialist aislinn@ m P hone: +1.416.457.8105

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B ack2SchoolE dition –TheDigitalC lassroom E ssentialTools DigitalC lassroom VideoC hallengeLaunch Leadership E dition |M SL 21st C entury E dTech Leadership Sum m it O nlineLearning E dition VideoC hallengeW inners A nnounced |A ssistiv eTechnologies W eb 2.0 E dition B uy er’s G uideE dition G lob alLearning E dition C eleb ration ofE xcellence P rofessionalDev elopm ent Sum m er E dition

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