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Introduction Hi there! Thanx for picking up this zine! I’ve worked my ass off to give you all of this, but it’s worth it! I’ve been thinking of making a zine of my own for a long time, but never really had the time or I simply forgot... until now. It started out as something to pass the time during the holidays. Now I’m kind of neglecting my schoolwork because I enjoy writing much better. Inside there’s a bunch of interviews, reviews, pictures, and much more... It’s my goal to blend every next issue into a different topic, and it’s up to you to give this zine some deeper contents. In that way, I want this zine to be the outlet of our scene. If you’re willing to write something, share some artwork you made, anything.. just contact me on the mail address below. Next zine will be about art, so if you write, draw, paint, build, photogaph, design, play music, act mather what you classify as doing art, send it and I will give it a place in next zine!


While making this zine I was listening to: - Punch* Push/Pull - Another Breath* The God Complex - Ritual* Kissing Pavement - Ritual* Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone - Take It Back* Atrocities - Alexisonfire* Crisis - Cruel Hand* Lock & Key - Killing The Dream* Fractures - More Than Life* Love Let Me Go - Ruiner* Hell Is Empty - Stay Hungry* No Beginning, No End - MMX: The Deathwish/ Malfunction/ Six Feet Under Spring Sampler Thanks to: Billy The Kid, Tonny Brackevelt & Golden Bullet, Simon & Freek Clinckemaillie, Strike You Down, The Hunger, Steffi, Edward Goodlife, Ferm&Fameus, Reality Records, and awesome pictures from Fienn., Samyne, Andy Vuylsteke, Stageload, Face The Show & other photographers. And thanks to everyone who has contributed to this zine in any way! Thanks alot!

Reviews Music Another Breath The God Complex I picked up this band shortly after they played a show at Mol somewhere in July. I should be really ashamed for discovering them so late, hence they’re playing for a couple of years now and released some cool records. ‘The God Complex’ is their second fulllength and deals with the eternal discussion whether there’s a higher power or not. Lyrically, the record is really personal and very emotional. The title track is just one of the examples how emotionally loaded this record feels, when vocalist Ted Winkworth screams about the day he lost faith in God after his father came home drunk again. Touching… Musically, this record is just as strong as the lyrics. The record shifts from fast paced drumming to rhythmic and slower driving guitars. It’s very melodic, yet it remains straight forward hardcore. If you’re looking for a band like Verse or Have Heart, with super dense lyrics (sometimes a bit heavy, but so much better than most of the empty bands nowadays), you’re at the right address. ‘Fuck your salvation, I just want to live!’ (panic records, 2009)

Carpathian Wanderlust Ever since hearing the ‘Wrecked’ 7”, I was totally into Carpathian. Their sound is dark and slower, somehow different than other hardcore bands, but still a hardcore band in the deepest meaning. Their following record called ‘Isolation’ blew everything away. I was a little bit skeptical when they released their new 7” called ‘Wanderlust’. How could they ever do better than ‘Isolation’? They didn’t, but this record is sort of equivalent to the previous record. I heard the songs ‘Wanderlust’,’ Ironheart’ and ‘Monochrome’ live at a show before I had the 7”, and immediately wanted to buy it! The 7” only has 4 tracks, but is really worth buying. The opening track called ‘Wanderlust’ really kicks and makes you want to side to side and tear your bedroom apart! Also ‘Ironheart’ has the typical Carpathian trademark. Only the third song ‘Monochrome’ is somewhat different. The bass line is so strong and the out of tune guitar really gives it another dimension. You’re either with it or against. The Joy Division cover is, in my opinion, a good cover. Although some (will) have another opinion. This record

is not very different than the previous one. Maybe that’s a shame, maybe you don’t change a winning team…It’s a very solid album, but it needs more time to sink through though. (Deathwish, 2010)

Foundation Hang Your Head If you’re looking for a straight to the point hardcore band with an impressive 90’s and NY-hardcore sound, Foundation is the one you’ve been looking for. In one or the other way, Foundation reminds me of Trial and Reign Supreme. ‘Hang Your Head’ is a really devastating record, full of aggression and anger. The album is filled with tempo changes, metallic riffs, gang vocals and massive breakdowns… nineties style! The opener ‘Fireproof’ sets the tone for the rest of the record - heavy metallic hardcore. The title track ‘Hang Your Head’ and ‘Heartless’ are perhaps the strongest songs on this record. The breakdown in ‘Heartless’ is so hard and powerful, I would advise you to stay away from the pit if you don’t want to get killed. This record adds nothing new to the genre, and critics will say it’s more of the same. But the ferocity, energy and unrelenting songs on this album makes it an indispensable addition to your collection! Be sure to check out their previous record called ‘It Never Stops Raining’, you won’t be disappointed!! (Six Feet Under, 2009)

Lasting Values Keep The Distance Lasting Values is fairly unknown for most of you people, but this five-piece from Nantes, France is definitely worth checking out! I stumbled upon them while checking bands to add to one of my shows. Unfortunately, it never worked out hence the drive from Nantes to Belgium was too expensive, but I got their album by post! I thought it was worth a review, because it’s by far one of the best records of 2009 in my opinion! Their main influences are In My Eyes, True Colors, Get The Point, Youth Of Today and Champion, so I think you already know what to expect… That’s right, pure and positive youth crew, with a funny French accent (yet charming)! The record kicks off with ‘Keep The Distance’

- the title track of this record - and immediately sets the

tone for the rest of the record. Fast and positive with some really catchy riffs and sing-along’s! Every song on this album really sticks in your head instantly and stays there. The best songs on this album are ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Stronger Than Ever’, both on their myspace so CHECK IT OUT! You won’t regret it! (Mental Damage // Can I Say Records, 2009)

Remember Death To All Of Us I first encountered this band when they emailed me for a show together with Reason To Care (also worth checking out). Some of you may have seen them on that show, for those who didn’t: Remember is a four piece from Dortmund Germany. They have released a demo 7” and at the moment of writing they released a new album called ‘Chuzpe’. Since I am not the proud owner of their latest record, I’m just going to review their second record. ‘Death To All Of Us’ has - unlike their demo - a very dark and emotional undertone. Think Carpathian, a slower and darker form of hardcore, alternated with some fast parts. The voice of the singer really fits the sound of the band, if you don’t bother the German accented English. Lyrically, there’s not much to say, as the lyrics are very unclear. I don’t say they are bad, but I’m really clueless about what they’re dealing. Off course, that’s also the beauty of it – interpretation. Highlights of this record are ‘Wreck’ and ‘God Free Youth’. If you haven’t done it yet, you should definitely check them out! ( Rising Riot Records // Eleven Days Records , 2009)

this record, you’ll feel the urge to trash everything near you, jump up and down and beat the crap out of everything. The last half of the record sticks out though, with bombshells like ‘Fuck’, ‘Live’, ‘Hate’ and ‘Love’. These songs are on the demo, which is free to download on their myspace. The record I’m reviewing on the other hand is very, very hard to find! I can’t recall where I found it.. Anyways, be sure to check them out, try to find the record or download the free demo! (Mightier Than Swords Records,2010)

Ritual Kissing Pavement 7” Kissing Pavement is the all new released 7” by this band from Recklinghausen, Münster. The record only consists of 2 songs called ‘Greenest Meadows’ on the A-side, and ‘Kissing Pavement’ on the B-side. The record is limited to 500 pieces, on black and clear vinyl, so be quick! This record is nothing different than their previous releases. The song ‘Greenest Meadows’ is a fast song. There’s no time to catch a breath, it’s 1.59 minutes of raw punk hardcore. The B-track is a typical Ritual song. It starts with the sound of a passing car and immediately evolves in rambling drums. It has a catchy riff but threatening melody to it, so in some way it sounds rather dark, which fits with the lyrics ‘You move nothing in my chest. I feel nothing for you, Nothing but neglect. Still kissing pavement.’ According to the band, this song contains some samples recorded in the sunny streets of Oldenburg, but the idyllic scenery contributed nothing to this dark sound. As a Ritual fan, I’m very happy with this release. For the haters or newbie’s, first check out their previous albums, because this one is a grower. (Reflections Records)

Mountain Man One Last.Fm describes Mountain Man as ‘A hardcore band from Massachusetts with members of I Rise and Last Lights. Check it out if you’re into really fast, and pissed off music about hating work.’ AND FUCKING HELL IT IS PISSED OFF! Think Ceremony, Infest or Last Lights, meaning loud, hard, fast and angry as hell. This record counts 13 tracks, but only lasts for 17 minutes! You get my point.. Lyrically, it’s about hating work, capitalism, about how life isn’t more than working your ass off and not living life to the fullest. “Take a look at my life,24 and there is so much more. This plan. Life is boring. It’s fucked. It’s not enough.” Come to think of it, he’s actually right! When putting on

Homegrown Accept The Change Changing Lanes Unknown is unloved, so says the saying, and it’s true.. at least in our region. In their hometown they are notorious, playing melodic hardcore like Verse or Have Heart added with some good to very good lyrics with a clear message. The similarity with the latter band is really striking, based on the music and the singer’s voice. It’s the same rough, breaking voice of Pat-

rick Flynn, but you don’t hear me complain. It may sound like a copy, but the five piece from Rijkevorsel aren’t like a copy in any way. And if they do, they’re f*cking good at it. ‘Changing Lanes’ is their first demo and is promising for the future. It’s recorded at the Set It Off studio’s in Poppel, completely DIY hand cut and folded into a cdsleeve. The demo consists of 5 tracks, of which one is completely instrumental. The rest of the songs are, as said earlier, very melodic with some fast parts, group vocals and nice sing-alongs. I personally like the songs ‘Open Letter’ and ‘Beyond The Masses’, in my opinion the best songs on this demo. The lyrics of singer Tom are in fact really good, and very understandable which I can only cheer. You can check them on their MySpace, hence the lyrics aren’t added to the demo (which they’re giving away free now!!! ). If I have to say one thing negative about this band or demo, and only because I have to, is that the music was recorded too quiet, giving a huge shock-effect when listening to your I-pod on shuffle. Anyway, this band has huge potential and is very promising for the future! Go check them out if you have the chance…

Saviour Without Mercy ‘From fuck-ups of the scene to saviors of the scene.’ I heard this line some time ago and it immediately came to my mind when writing this review. It’s a given fact that Saviour plays a lot of shows lately, and every time the atmosphere is great! And that’s not always the case with other bands… Saviour is a five piece from my hometown, Oostkamp, Belgium. They have released a split demo cd some time ago with Golden Bullet and now they have a brand new MCD that came out this summer. What’s so typical about this MCD, and the band too, is the aggression. But in the same time, that’s also the strength of this band. Aggression becomes passion, and this is followed by many of the kids in the (THEIR) scene. The record consists of 7 tracks, all with the same amount of aggression. You can expect some fast old school parts and some ruthless breakdowns that will make your heart pound a thousand times faster. The two singers really add each other and give a good alternation between screams and lower registered yelling. Lyrically, it’s not profound or difficult, but that makes it very straight to the point. No fringes, just hardcore. And the latter is about the most important to be said about Saviour…

Golden Bullet Downfall Of Humanity Ominous and dark is the first thing that comes to mind when I open the box. That’s why the red-hot record bears the obscure title ‘Downfall Of Humanity’, a critical view on society, humanity, hardcore,… The record opens with ‘Faster Than The World’, a rather repetitive song, but it sticks. Only the sample in the last half of this track was a bit too much. But they compensate this flaw largely with the next songs. That is, if you like the old, metallic H8000 sound. Because this is what this record breathes, and this is how it should be. Eleven songs we get treated with fast, melodic and metallic songs with every now and then a slice of breakdown. Absolute highlights of this record are ‘Coldness’, ‘Gold. Betray.Bullets’, ‘Settling The Score’ and the title track ‘Downfall Of Humanity’. The latter has such a dark undertone and some kicking drum parts, followed with a huge breakdown. I love it! Also the bonus track ‘Scars’ is an extra treat. It’s the song that drives kids insane at their shows. Overall, this is a must have for every fan of the genre. As I said before, you love it or you hate it, but if you hate it buy it anyways. You might grow into it someday!

Movies Memory Of The Camps (Documentary) I can tell you one thing about this documentary. If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch! This is real footage of concentration camps during the second world war. As the Allied troops entered the German concentration camps, they made a systematic film record of what they saw. This footage was found stored in a vault of London’s Imperial War Museum and broadcasted for the first time in 1985. It’s really shocking and horrifying, but it’s the undisputable truth behind the concentration camps. You see starved people, with no food nor water to drink or wash, barely able to move. You see how they ‘clean up’ the camps, throwing thousands of dead, emaciated people into huge mass graves, piled upon each other with no respect or what so ever. It really makes your stomach turn when you see the faces of these bodies and the swirling body parts when carried to the grave. Words can’t describe the horror these people had to en-

dure, but these images surely do! I advise you to watch this documentary, but it’s not for sensitive people…

Death In Gaza (Documentary) This is one of the most horrific and moving documentaries I have ever seen. This film shows the Gaza conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, through the eyes of the Palestinian children. It’s deeply touching how young children are indoctrinated that dying for their country is an honor, and martyrdom is a holy virtue, a gift from God to live a better future in the afterlife. Death is victory, and many strive to be a martyr. They teach this at school, in poems, on the streets playing war games and by the militants. They learn crying for one’s death is embarrassing , and you must be happy someone died for his country! The documentary only shows the Palestinian children. The maker of this film, James Miller, died making this film being shot in the neck by Israelian soldiers. He never got the chance to film how Israelian children experience this war. His assistant who walked besides him when he got shot finished the documentary. A striking moment in the film is that you see him being shot. I don’t want to pick sides, because I’m not the person to tell who’s right or wrong, but it strikes me how violence fuels a generation of hate, anger and more violence that will never stop until this useless war stops. This documentary is really outstanding but very emotional. The beauty of this film is that James inspired two lost boys in a positive way…

El Laberinto del Fauno In 1944 in the fascist Spain of Franco, Ofelia, a twelve year old child and her mother move to the Northern, rural area of Spain where the fascist, tyrannical Capitan Vidal fights the rebels in the woods. Vidal kills and tortures rebels and is mean to Ofelia and her mother. He only thinks about winning this war and the birth of his son. But the pregnancy of Ofelia’s mother doesn’t go that smooth. One night, Ofelia meets an old, grumpy but sharp faun, who tells her she’s the princes of the underworld. But in order to prove she’s the one, she has to pass three tests where she meets the most bizarre, magical and horrific creatures. This movie is anything but a child friendly fairytale with a good ending, and that wasn’t the intention of director Del Toro. “I hope no one takes his kids to this movie, I hope nobody thinks this is a Harry Potter movie”. This is a fantasy movie, but rather for the mature audiences. At times some scenes are really horrific and brutal, as some

of the torture scenes. Del Toro doesn’t hold back to make this movie as dark and sandy as possible. The mixture between the fantasy world of Ofelia and the reality of war and suffering is really good. Both storylines touch without interfering each other. It can’t be told enough but El Laberinto del Fauno is an adult fairytale. It convinced me, that even death is worth living for.

Adem The minute after seeing this movie, I immediately grasped for air. Now, one day after, I still feel this way. I was a bit shocked after the not so conventional ending, but after rethinking for a while I realized the ending is not at all a cliché. And that’s good! That’s what makes this movie worthwhile, as it not falls into the same clichés over and over again, though I was afraid it would. In my opinion, this is one of the best Flemish productions I’ve seen in a while. The movie is about mucopatients, that are people who suffer from mucoviscidosis, a hereditary, severe affection of the lungs which tears them apart slowly. The life allotted to them is short. The film tells the story of Tom, a young patient who struggles with his disease, pushing away his parents and his brother, who has the same disease . He spends more time in the hospital than at home. Despite of the good influence and life lust of Xavier, his neighbor in the hospital, Tom gets caught up in criminality, loses his bond with his parents and loses his hospital girlfriend after making a wrong choice. In the end he realizes he hasn’t lived his short life to the fullest. The director Hans Van Nuffel also suffers the same affection and is in that way perfectly able to depict the daily life and problems of these patients on screen. This is not a typical film, but more like a coming of age film about a boy looking for himself but gets restrained by his affection. Adem (English: Oxygen) is a true, human film, without falling into clichés, which is definitely worth watching. A true ‘respiration’.

Stukken van de Waarheid (Pieces of the Truth), The Genocide in Rwanda and Belgian Politics


Sincere, honest, pure, deep and straight to the point. That’s how I could describe this book in some keywords. Usually, few history books fascinate me, since they are filled with a shitload of objective information written in a dull, uninviting way. But this book is somehow different! I read it over 1 night. The way everything builds and evolves fascinates me to the bone. A truth that leaves no room for imagination. Even more: it made me feel embarrassed to be human. This book is filled with hard facts, never published truths and stories, and an unwearying urge to know more! This book is for everyone who wants to know the real story behind the genocide in Rwanda, which knew his peak in 1994. How front runners France, the United States of America and especially Belgium were guilty of mass murdering. How corrupt governments of Rwanda and Belgium could do what they did for all these years without any questions. How cowardness evoqued 1 million victims… For everyone who wants to look further than his own nose.

ords Distro!!!

ec Buy it at Reality R

Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit and Sound. ‘ For me hardcore is an escape, education, and emotion. There is not sound that is ‘hardcore’ in my opinion. To me, it is the feeling I get from reading lyrics, seeing a band live and knowing I’m involved in something that people on the outside would never understand. I learned more with hardcore than I did in school. Hardcore is a feeling, ethic, an ideal - It’s what you make of it.’ -

Rob Moran (Unbroken)


No need to say more, except maybe for one sentence: hardcore is more than music. For everyone who is interested in the different aspects of hardcore. Political views, opinions about faith and religion, straight edge, feminism, anti-racism, veg (an) atarianism, … These topics are just a glimpse of what this book has to offer. It’s a book that means a lot to me, and depicts hardcore the way I see it and how it should be: straight from the heart!

While browsing through my daily paper I saw this really striking article about our ecological footprint. It’s written in Dutch, but for the people that don’t understand our beautiful language I made a translation:

Belgians live on big ecological footprint According to a new report of the WWF, Belgians have the fourth biggest ecological footprint in the world. If all countries would follow this trend, there would be needed 4,4 planets to provide in all natural and raw materials. Every year the WWF investigates how man exploits the earth by harvesting all natural richnesses, going from

water to forests. Distressing literature, time and time again. “Our indicators show how the unstoppable demand for wealth and welbeing for the last 40 years, have put a untenable pressure on our planet.” says WWF directorgeneral James P. Leape. Since 1961 has the worlds ecological footprint more than doubled, which is partially held accountable to the rising carbon level due to fossile fuel. The earth gets worn out due to overconsumption of earth’s natural sources. By 2030 there will be needed 2 planets to compensate this overconsumption, by 2050 that will be 3. Belgium gets a prominent place in the report. After the United Arabian Emirates, Quatar and Denmark, Belgium is the highest consumer. Every fellow-countryman uses 8 hectares of nature each year. “Governments have to put their economies on a greener path”, says Leape. “The most important is identifying sources that are less harmful for nature. But this requires fundamental changes in structures of our economies by creating greener industries, putting polluting sectors to a halt and adapting our consumption patterns”, continues Leape, who encourages people to change their life style. //WWF.PANDA.ORG 4,4 planets? That’s crazy shit if you think about it. You can’t deny we’re enjoying life too much lately, and we are spoiled brats when it comes to luxury. But this luxury has consequences. And although we don’t see (or don’t feel) these consequences yet, we have to look forward and think about what are actions are doing to our mother earth. We should all be more aware about our way of life. I mean, some day we ‘ll have to pay the price for our overconsumption. We should stop throwing away good food and leftovers, we should stop using all the lights when it’s not necessary, we should stop heating the place up but leave a window open... I made allready one change this year. From one day to the other, I decided to not throw away anything of garbage or filth on the streets. I put every wrap, every paper in my pockets or in a garbage bin. I even swallow my chewing gum when there’s no garbage bin around. It’s not much, but it’s a start and if everyone is doing it, this world would be so much more beautiful. But there are more things I should pay attention to too! I should start eating less meat. Not only for the animals but for the environment too! I should start putting out some lights I don’t need. I should start wearing an extra sweater and not put the heat on... So much things we can do to give this world some of it’s value back. What are you doing to make your footprint smaller? What are your suggestions? Mail me and I’ll put it in the next zine. We could all learn from it!

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The first issue of Mindset Zine. Interviews with Billy The Kid, The Hunger, Golden Bullet & Strike You Down.

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