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IBEX GLOBAL PHILIPPINES Ibex Global Philippines currently has 400 advocates. During peak season, the number of support advocates can reach up to 750! The number of advocates supporting Fitbit users is now 320. Ibex Philippines opened its doors for business in October of 2005. Before this, the company operated under a different name, TRG Customer Solutions. Due to our success with our Sales Center in Bend, Oregon, we were awarded a pilot to launch in 2016, starting with 60 email advocates. That grew to 230 within six months then a successful Chat support launch in August 2017. Chat Sales took off on November 2018 and has been the Ibex "program of choice" ever since.

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Tier 1 Chinese


months With fitbit

Yoyo is our top-performing Voice advocate. Her CSAT score for July is at 100% and QA. She is a quick learner and a great mentor for new hires.



“I received a call regarding a damaged band. The customer sent documents several times, but they didn't meet the requirements to process the claim and kept getting declined. I provided a detailed explanation and helped them replace the band.”

“She is very patient and swift to respond. Also, very thoughtful and enthusiastic.”

Miles Wang

Sunny Liu “She was very patient and could help to resolve my issue very fast.”

“The resolution which the advocate gave to me is brief and to the point.”

Yeong Li Meiko Li “Thanks for the prompt response. I’m really satisfied with your service.”

“The advocate could answer all of my questions promptly. I’m really happy that she could respond to my email during the weekend.”

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months with fitbit

During Ulises for 90 days on the team, he has received a great number of kudos calls from customers that appreciate his attitude and willingness to help. His overall QA score is 88% and CSAT 89%, which shows great promise for a brand new advocate.



“I could tell my customer was not very comfortable around new technology. I tried to add some humor to the interaction to lighten the mood and make the customer comfortable.”

“The gentleman that helped me was so kind. He added some humor while helping me. I knew nothing about setting up my Fitbit, and he was able to walk me through the whole process, which wasn't easy. I want to thank him so much and I would rate his experience helping me the highest possible.”

Jesus David Jaramillo Araque

Sara Quintero Restrepo “Sara was very helpful and informative. The service was great, which makes me a loyal fitbit customer even when my 2week old watch was faulty. Thank you.”

Ulises Villalobos “Ulises was wonderful!!! Super helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating!!! One of the best customer support representatives I have talked to! Thank you!!!!!

“Wonderful agent that was prompt and very helpful. He was pleasant to talk with. The company should hire 10 more of him or, at least, give him a significant raise.”

Blanca Aleida Gongora Mendoza “The woman who helped me was amazing. I am 73 yrs old & not very good with technical stuff. This person was patient, kind, and helped me so much. I have started to look through the manual she sent me via email. I am very appreciative.”

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months With Fitbit

She is a Top performer who made an extra mile to satisfy the customer's needs. Her results are as follows: CSAT: 100%; Q: 94.63%

SUPERHERO INSIGHT: “I responded to a Canadian client who contacted the US line, although she needed support in French. I was able to resolve her issue and offer an exceptional 50% discount. She was very happy with the resolution and the in-language support.”

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “Simona, I am pleasantly surprised by your email, and I greatly appreciate the gesture. I appreciate the attention you paid to my case.”

Micha Gobien Alexander Fredriksson Very good service, quick answer, nice people and good solutions.

Marcel Hemerin “Had tremendous patience and very good knowledge about the product. Also kind and accommodating. I felt I was heard and understood.”

“Everything was excellent. The advocate was very friendly and provided a satisfactory resolution. Everything went fast and smoothly. He met my expectations at 100%.”

Jessica Paredes “The assistance of the person who helped me was correct, very friendly at all times and she did everything possible to solve my problem. In the end, they will send me a new device. She was very friendly, attentive, polite. Everything perfect.”

Telus Int. Guatemala




months With Fitbit

Caroline has supported many launches within the program, including Chat LOB. She was also part of the SME's and has always demonstrated great knowledge, willingness to support her team members and has shown great initiative. Her current scores are QA: 88.12% and CSAT: 93.75%

SUPERHERO INSIGHT: "I had a call with a 78 year-old lady that was very frustrated since she couldn't set up her brand new Versa and wasn't able to put it on its charger properly. To help her out, I sent her pictures on how to put her Versa in the charger, so she was able to set it up. I guided her through the Wifi update. She was very excited to see her Versa counting her steps."

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “Caroline stayed on the phone with me until I got the watch updated. It took a couple of times for it to reset. She was very easy to work with. If I ever need to call about anything, I hope I get Caroline.�

Balvino Antonio Ortega Rangel

Tania Ruiz “Great customer service. Great products.”

“I want to compliment the agent who helped me this morning. He was an excellent representative for your company.”

Vivian Lopez Reyes Yimi Veliz “Seriously had a great conversation with the customer support specialist; A+ service!”

“My Fitbit stopped working while swimming. Fitbit replaced it for free. That’s a great company that stands by its product. I am a forever Fitbit customer!”

Telus Int. Philippines




months With Fitbit

Arlyn has been consistent in her CSAT and QA scores month to month. From Jan-July 2019, she managed to have an average of 97.15% CSAT and 93.44% QA. She's a team player and a pleasure to work with.



“I wanted to show the customer how important it is to be patient and confirm my understanding of the issues they were having when they called. This makes customers feel advocates genuinely care.”

“Arlyn was very patient with me and very polite. She did her best to help me and never once displayed any form of impertinence or hastiness.”

Juliet Rosauro “You did everything well. Clear concise instructions. Rapid response.”

Roel San Jose “You made the transaction easy and the issue was handled quickly. . . Thanks!”

Luis Melo Jericho Pahayahay “Jericho was able to help me through everything.”

“Luis listened attentively. He was very calm and made it easy to discuss the problem. He demonstrated experience in trouble shooting; applied technical know-how on the issue, and provided probable solutions for me to select.”

Ibex Global Bend, usa




months With Fitbit

Joshua has great QA scores -96% and CSAT scores 94.12%. Both of these metrics are well above goal. Joshua is a great asset to the FSC.



“The customer was looking for a replacement band and was unable to get one due to the number of previous replacements. I reviewed all possible options and suggested visiting an authorized retailer. The customer was surprised that retailers were an option and welcomed my suggestion.”

“The service rep was very informative and knowledgeable. He answered my questions and offered advice. He wasn't pushy and seemed to be more than happy to answer all of my questions. He made me feel like I was an important customer. Kudos to him! I love your Fitbit watches.”

Charles Baca “Charles was wonderful. With employees like Charles, you are represented at the highest level. I am so pleased he answered the phone when I called.”

Carissa Boyer “I spoke to Carissa, and she was amazing. She was very helpful and suggested I look at the comparison site to see which fitbit would be best for me. To me, she went above and beyond.”

Alexandra Smith “Alexis was wonderful! I needed some tips on which product to purchase. She helped me! Alexis provided me exactly what I needed. I immediately ordered your product! Thanks to Alexis!”

Angel Rendon “Angel was very helpful, courteous and polite. He answered all of my questions and made sure that I was completely satisfied with my order before we ended the call. I have purchased four or five Fitbits. They make great presents. I’m sure I will be ordering more in the future.”

Ibex Global Jamaica




month With Fitbit

Kenneth has been on the Fitbit account for a month now, and his performance for a new hire is very impressive. His current CSAT scores speak volumes; he received 96% CSAT for his first month. QA tracks at 87.25%.

SUPERHERO INSIGHT: “I spoke to a customer whose name is David. He had an issue setting up his Versa and told me that he was not technically savvy. I noticed that he was getting a bit frustrated. Showing empathy and willingness to help is key in providing great customer service.”

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “My problem was a bit complicated, and the man I spoke to was very patient and kept trying alternate solutions and finally solved it!”

Chantae Williams “Polite, Patient, kind, and explained things so I could understand them. These were our first FitBits, so we didn’t understand them very well. She was very nice and didn't treat me like an older adult.”

Nicole Tapper “The Advocate listened to my story. I have been a customer for over four years and recently felt some frustration with my tracker. Nicole never waivered in trying to see if she could make me happy.”

Beyonce Jacas Nyoka Neilson “She answered all my questions and was very patient and understanding. I hung up, feeling very satisfied.”

“Beyoncé was very patient with me, and when I got frustrated, she did not give up on me. She was encouraging, even when my internet went down. She told me how to complete the troubleshooting, and I got my Fitbit up and running after the phone call!”

Ibex Global Philippines




months With Fitbit

Mark is a SME that has shown passion in making sure his responses to customers are of quality & meaning. He received nothing but positive feedback from the advocates he supports, both tenured & new hires. QA: 100%



"My customer had an issue syncing the device. It took an hour to resolve, but I knew how upsetting it could be when they couldn’t see the progress in their dashboard. I was invested 101% into the resolution of the issue."

“Mark was extremely polite and communicated clearly. He acknowledged information that I provided and incorporated it into his troubleshooting techniques. Mark did an outstanding job as a chat support agent! I commend Mark on his excellent performance. This is my first experience with a Fitbit support agent, and Mark has set the bar high!”

Gilunil Pedro “Gilunil is the most hepful agent, I have interacted with on the FitBit support team.”

Carlo Jan Marie Ferrer “Carlo did a great job. He was able to answer my questions, was very polite and an amazing representative for the Fitbit company. Thank you, Carlo!”

Annabel Gesulgon Alberto Alfie Naldo “Alfie was quick to respond, direct and thorough with his instructions, I appreciate that.”

“Belle took the time to go over all the details of what could be going on and took a lot of time waiting for me to try her suggestions. She made me feel heard on what was going on with my Charge 3. Thanks, Belle!”

San Francisco TIER 3: Security, USA si, risk



months With Fitbit

Nannette has proven time and time again to be hardworking, reliable, and trustworthy. Her productivity is impressive consistently landing her in the top 25% of our most productive agents. She is always looking for tips to exceed her target goals.

SUPERHERO INSIGHT: “I recently helped a customer with some security issues. Her account was taken over, and I was able to help restore it. She was very nice and thankful that I helped.”

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “Clear, descriptive information regarding my case was given. I appreciated understanding what happened, and the actions taken as a result.”

Ross Chapin “Very prompt, well written and friendly emails.”

Carae Voyles “Very helpful and quick service. All sorted in a few days.”

Yuan Wang Denis Yurchikov “Resolved the issue immediately.”

“Representative was a pleasure to work with and helped me with my situation.”

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