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[LIVE PMP速 PREP. CLASSES] Now in Saudi Arabia! Developed by

Rita Mulcahy

Founder of RMC Project Management, Inc. USA. The innovator in Project Management since 1991. Brought to you by

Mind Merge, Inc.


MindMerge, Inc. is the only authorized Rita Mulcahy Project Management Training Provider & Product Distributor in Saudi Arabia.

About RMC Project Management, Inc. Founded by Rita Mulcahy in 1991, RMC Project Management is the worldwide innovator in project management training and professional development. Over the last 15 years, tens of thousands of project managers in over 40 countries have utilized one of RMC's professional development resources, classes or e-Learning courses to expand their project management knowledge and further their careers. Today, RMC offers a wide range of innovative classes and products for beginning project managers, advanced PMs, and project managers seeking an internationally-recognized certification.

Live PMP Prep ®

PMP Combo: PM Tricks of the Trade® + 2-Day PMP® Exam Prep This combination course is specifically designed for project managers who need exam preparation training AND a refresher on project management fundamentals. It entails five consecutive days of training and two exceptional courses. On the first three days, students will participate in RMC's Project Management Tricks of the Trade® course, designed to assist the student in understanding and applying the International Standards for project management on real-world projects. On the fourth and fifth day, the training shifts specifically to the PMP® exam itself, where students will receive 16 hours of intensive and highly-focused exam preparation training. This class requires the student to bring a laptop computer.

Why Take This Course? 1. You Need It! Over two-thirds of students who have taken the PMP® Exam Prep course wish they had taken this class but did not know they needed it. And most of the students that have taken other project management courses realized they could have used a comprehensive, basic course. 2. Passing Rate This class will give you all of the Fundamentals of PM knowledge that you need to increase your chances passing the PMP® exam! 3. Study time needed It is expected that the Combination Course will decrease your study time by at least 10 hours. However, the real reason to take this course is to increase your understanding of PMI® terminology and application in the real world. 4. Get your hours Get the 35 hours of project management training needed to take the Project Management Institute's PMP® Exam. Register at

Distinguish Yourself. Get Certified

Project Management Tricks of the Trade® Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Overview (Day1, 2 and 3 of 5) This world-class course replaces the four to eight classes that other PM training companies recommend. Students learn real-world PM techniques, plus advanced Tricks of the Trade® for dealing with issues that project managers face every day. In addition, students will share their real-world project experiences with other PMs in a variety of industries. Learn to translate the International Standards for Project Management into real-world project management technologies and real-world applications! Project Management Tricks of the Trade® is designed for project managers, team members, project offices and senior managers looking to acquire a firm grasp of specific steps in the project management process, or of the entire process from beginning to end. In addition, because this course teaches students how to apply International PM standards in the real world, it can be taken as additional prep for people looking to earn one of a number of Internationally-recognized project management certifications.

By the end of the 3rd day, you will be able…  To learn previously unpublished and untaught project management Tricks of the Trade® from over 4,000 other project managers.  To translate the PMBOK® Guide into real-world project management technologies and applications.  To save time by utilizing an accelerated learning technique that condenses two weeks of training into just three days.  To increase your chances of passing the PMP® exam by refining your existing project management techniques, learning new methodologies and getting your mind around the PMI® approach to project management. Students receive a copy of the Project Management Tricks of the Trade® Workbook and supplemental materials that provide the exercises and case studies that are used and referenced throughout the class.

Learning Objectives 1. Define and describe common project management terminology. 2. Use a step-by-step process to manage projects faster while using fewer resources. 3. Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in managing projects. 4. Apply the Tricks of the Trade® used by 4000 project managers around the world in the IT, IS, New Product Development, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and other industries. 5. Apply the International Project Management Standards from the Project Management Institute (the PMBOK® Guide) to real-world situations. 6. Define their role in the global project management process. 7. Identify what knowledge and experience is needed to pass the Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Exam.


PMP® EXAM Prep. Day 4 & Day 5 Overview Day 4 & 5 of 5

The last two days of the course is designed to help you prepare for the PMP® Exam—and gain the most understanding of project management with the least amount of study. Developed by Rita Mulcahy, this course is designed to decrease your after-class study time from hundreds of hours to less than 40.Unique features of this course include games, exercises, case studies and other tools to help you understand—NOT MEMORIZE—the concepts necessary to pass the PMP exam. This course includes Rita's entire PMP Exam Prep System (a $399 value) for free as part of the course materials. If RMC's constant innovation is not enough, students in this class have averaged higher-than-passing scores on an RMC exam simulation immediately after class—BEFORE the recent upgrades!

By the end of the course , you will …  Be sooooo close to passing the exam!  Decrease your study time to between 8 to 40

hours (this is 150 to 300 hours less than what is required by other courses).

 Have the latest information from over 14 years of

experience helping thousands of project managers pass the exam.

 Have focused training on areas where students

have the most difficulty with the current exam.

 Be "prepped" to take the exam - this is a prep

course and a review course.

 Know the secrets to taking and passing the exam.  Have a personalized study plan.  Have received four times more information than

available in many other prep courses.

 Have had individual attention.  Have learned what you do not know.  Have insider tips. Course Materials Course materials will include Rita Mulcahy's PMP® Exam Prep book, PM FASTrack® exam simulation software, and our Hot Topics Flashcards, plus additional materials not available to the public. The book includes hundreds of pages of detailed review materials including coverage of material not in the PMBOK®, sample exams, exercises and activities.

Why Take This Course? 1. Guarantee You are guaranteed to pass the PMP® exam! 2. Study Time Only 40 hours of study or less needed after this course. That is 70% less study than is usually necessary with other courses. Become a PMP® in one week! 3. Retention Students recently scored an incredible average 83.25% on a sample PMP® exam after taking this course, before they even began studying. Passing is 61% for the PMP® exam. 4. Materials and Extras RMC Project Management offers students a comprehensive system of products as part of their classroom training registration. These materials include the best-selling book PMP® Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy, PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software, and Hot Topics flashcards (audio CD version). Also included in this course are materials not available to the general public. Note: these materials are included as part of the course, and you will NOT receive a discount on your course registration if you already own any or all of them. 5. Instruction This course uses accelerated learning techniques. Expert project managers who are also expert trainers teach our courses! We hear, "This was the best class I have EVER attended on ANY topic!" 6. Experience RMC is not a newcomer to PMP® exam prep training. We have helped thousands of people get ready for the exam over the last 14 years. 7. PMI® Registered Provider RMC is a Registered Education Provider with PMI. Many PMI® chapters who want expert instruction and the best material have also selected this course. You can't get any better than that!

About the PMP® Certification Exam The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a PMP® certification exam which is in high demand by employers and individual project managers around the world. Today, there are over 100,000 PMP-certified project managers worldwide. To obtain PMP® certification, an individual must satisfy educational and experiential requirements, agree to and adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct and pass the PMP® Certification Examination.

PMP® Certification Criteria Candidates applying for certification as Project Management Professionals must satisfy the educational and experiential requirements for one of the following categories listed below and agree to abide by the Project Management Professional Code of Professional Conduct. Category

General Education


Bachelor’s Degree


High School Grad

PM Education 35 Contact Hours 35 Contact Hours

PM Experience

No. of Questions

Sign Code of Conduct

4500 Hours



7500 Hours



Category One

Category Two

At the time of application, the candidate holds a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree and has a minimum of 4,500 hours of project management experience within the five (5) process groups.

At the time of application, the candidate does not hold a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree but holds a high school diploma or equivalent secondary school credential, and has a minimum of 7,500 hours of project management experience within the five (5) process groups.

Note: The number of hours on the Experience Verification Form(s) must total at least 4,500 hours and the project dates must indicate that the candidate has at least three (3) years of project management experience within the eight-year (8) period prior to the application. Candidates must indicate at least thirty-six (36) unique (nonoverlapping) months of project management experience on the Experience Verification Form(s) to satisfy the three-year (3) requirement.

Note: The number of hours on the Experience Verification Form(s) must total at least 7,500 hours and the project dates must indicate that the candidate has at least five (5) years of project management experience within the eight-year (8) period prior to the application. Candidates must indicate at least sixty (60) unique (non-overlapping) months of project management experience on the Experience Verification Form(s) to satisfy the fiveyear (5) requirement.

The Examination The examination is computer-based and is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions. The allotted time to complete the examination is four (4) hours. The examination is offered around the world at PMI-approved testing centers. To find a testing center in your area please visit the PMI website. The current fees for the examination are as follows: PMI® Member $405.00 PMI® Non-Member $555.00

REGISTRATIONS OPEN. Contact us now for more information

Tel. 03. 898 4224 ext 222 |

PMP Combo: PM Tricks of the Trade® + PMP® Exam Prep. ` `

Training Cost

SAR. 5, 750.00 Installment Plans are Available. Group Discounts are available. Call for more information.


Payment Options B2B transfer To be provided upon request. Bank Check / Credit Cards Check made in favor of “Al Rammah International Co.” Credit Cards All Major Credit Cards are accepted.

Course fee includes Live classes by Rita Mulcahy trained Instructor and Rita’s complete PMP® Exam Prep System plus other materials not available to general public. Students are allowed to keep the PMP® Exam Pre. System (SAR. 1,500 in value) for free upon completion of the course.

CONTACT INFORMATION MindMerge, Inc., Mousa Center, Corniche, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Tel. 03 898 4224 | 03 896 1700


Now in Saudi Arabia! Developed by Mind Merge, Inc. RIYADH | JEDDAH | AL KHOBAR Training Brochure: 2011-2012 Founder of RMC Project Managemen...

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