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Profile: Manny Tamer   Mr. Manny Tamer is a professional consultant and a senior trainer with 30 plus years of experience. He has been associated with renowned international and local organizations in various disciplines such as Engineering, Quality, Design for Manufacturability, Manufacturing Engineering and Health, Safety and Environment.

Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USA and two Master Degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Masters of Science in   Occupational Health & Safety Management both from   USA as well as several professional certifications in HSE from USA, Australia and the National Association of   Safety Professionals, Manny’s passion towards his Over the past three decades, Manny has successfully executed and supervised   hundreds of projects, assignments and other profession has developed into his way of life. tasks in multinational organizations like ARAMCO, Amiantit,   in Saudi Arabia, Amplas in Oman, Flowtite in Manny also represents the National Association of Safety SABIC, and SADIP Norway, Amitech Spain Industries in Spain, SUBOR in Turkey Professionals (NASP) in the Middle East and also heads and Amitech  USA, Mobil, IBM, NJ-DEP in USA just to name a the HSE training division at MindMerge, Inc. few.   Manny is an active member of world class professional Manny is renowned for his expertise in the engineering and   HS&E fields, especially the Process Safety Management (PSM) bodies such as GOEMG, SOHEG, ASSE, NFPA, AWMA, and in the petrochemical and other related industries.   OSHA. Furthermore,  he has conducted seminars and training in many   This consultant is profiled by: parts of the world and delivered hundreds of trainings in the   (A list of the trainings is attached at the end) field of HS&E. MindMerge, Inc.           Professional Certifications ® (CSTS  ) Certified Safety Training Specialist | (CSM®) Certified Safety Manager |   (CSA®) Certified Safety Auditor | (SPS®) Safety Planner Specialist                           MindMerge, Inc.,verifies the accuracy of the information.

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Manny’s responsibilities in the discipline of HS&E included;     a) Developing    companies  safety  manuals  and  standards  to  comply  with Government and local regulations  

Manny Tamer    b) Development of accident prevention methods and procedures     HSE Experience    c) Performing safety audits of various sites  d) Assisting  in  developing the  Safety  Management  System  program                                                            and processes    e) Establishing hazard risk assessment procedures and control measures   f) Designing and implementation of various concepts to improve conditions in the field of safety, environment   Fire protection and prevention for several large scale projects.    h)g) Provide support in the form of training and coaching to boost the application of MOC, JSA and PHA    Training Experience:       Manny has conducted HS&E workshops and trainings to thousands of employees and facilitated seminars all over the  world including Gulf Countries like, Qatar, Oman, KSA, UAE, and Bahrain.       In addition to this, he was also a visiting Professor in Florida Atlantic University and A&T State University in North    Carolina, both in USA.    Training Programs Conducted by Manny Tamer    Process Safety Management (PSM –13 Elements)   Job Hazards Analysis      OSHA Standards   Heat Stress   OSHA General Industry Safety Program   Defensive Driving (Vehicle Safety)      Safety for Managers    Crane and Forklift Safety      Fundamentals of Process Safety   Air Pollution Control    Effective Safety Organization    Emergency Planning      Hazards Recognition and Control    Contractor Safety      Risk Assessment and Management    Compressed Gas Safety   Accident Prevention    Tools Safety     Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis    Fall Protection     Safety Leadership   Confined Space Safety   Safety Management System      Advanced Safety Management   Fire Protection & Prevention    Personal Protective Equipment     Chemical Hazard Communication   Construction Safety   Safe Chemical Handling     Industrial Safety   Hearing Conservation in the Workplace    Permit to Work System     Office and Industrial Ergonomics    How to Prevent Human Error     Material Handling and Storage    General Safety    Occupational & Environmental Health    Hazardous Material Handling and Safety     Electrical Safety    New Hired Safety Orientation     Off‐the‐Job Safety   Impact of Change Management on HS&E   Machine Guarding    Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)      

To arrange a training by Manny Tamer, contact us for a free initial consultation of your training needs:

Mind Merge, Inc. Tel: 00966 3 896 1700 | Cell: 00966 55 25 45 691 |

Manny Tamer Profile Safety(2012)  

Manny is an active member of world class professional bodies such as GOEMG, SOHEG, ASSE, NFPA, AWMA, and OSHA. Manny also represents the Nat...

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