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Certified Product Manager®:

Increasing Your Product Management Skills

Certified Product Manager®

The Certified Product Manager® is a designation of the AIPMM (Association of International Product

Marketing & Management). The AIPMM has a primary objective to provide educational programs and

standards of excellence necessary for a product or brand professional to achieve professional recognition.

Through the Certified Product Manager® and Certified Product Marketing Manager™ courses, individuals have the opportunity to pursue continuing education and increase industry involvement and industry-wide

recognition by achieving Certified designation.

Course Introduction Product management is the function responsible for championing new products throughout the front end of the product lifecycle, from inception through to launch. It is the “go-to” function that orchestrates internal activities and ensures the best possible outcome for the product. In this course, you will discover best practices in product management that you can apply in your organization to improve the success rate of your products. The course will be highly interactive and will include numerous action learning exercises that reinforce the key points.

With AIPMM Certification, You Will:

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical product management and product marketing management, including underlying concepts, principles and terminology

Evaluate and implement every aspect of product management and product marketing management strategy, including: o New product development though product elimination o Start-up companies through established organizations


CPM- THREE DAY COURSE FORMAT Day One:   Course Overview And Objectives To begin the course we will identify the major challenges facing you and focus the course material on the issues that are most valuable. Understanding Products And Services Effective product management starts with a deep understanding of the product. In this section, you will discuss: • The definition of a product and the different levels of a product that exist from the customers’ perspective • Different types of products and how these differences impact the nature of the product requirements • The different attributes of a product and how each must be considered explicitly Action Learning Exercise: Determining the different levels of a product Gathering Market Intelligence Understanding your customers and prospects is vital when making product management decisions. This section will cover: • The various sources of information available to the product manager • The pros and cons, and when to use each • How to conduct in-depth interviews to identify customer needs Product Positioning It is important for your product to be positioned clearly in the minds of your customers and prospects, since fuzzy or poorly articulated positioning may cause them not to take the next step in the purchase process. In this section, you will discover: • How and when to position your product? • The importance of market segmentation in determining your product positioning • The warning signs that positioning needs revising Action Learning Exercise: Positioning your product Day Two:

The Product Lifecycle Product management is responsible for the fi rst half of the product lifecycle – inception through launch. This section reviews the stages of the product lifecycle with a focus on the critical first stages. You will: • Review the stages of the product lifecycle and the key activities within each • Examine a methodology for managing the development process that is in widespread use today • Discuss a proven approach to screening ideas and the common mistakes that are made at this important step in the process


The Special Attributes Of “Services” Services are typically treated as products, which works well in most situations. However, services have several attributes that set them apart from tangible products, and these present special challenges – and opportunities – for the product manager. • The key differences between tangible products and services • Implications for the development process – what needs to be done differently? Action Learning Exercise: Service development

Product Life Cycle Strategies This section will discuss several of the popular frameworks for developing new product strategies: • Using situational analyses to evaluate the attractiveness of new products • Approaches to expanding the business • Assessing your competition and the appropriate response to competitive moves

The Value Chain There are many companies ultimately involved in delivering the solution to the customer, each with a specifi c role to play. This section examines the value chain from the perspective of: • The key components of the product value chain • Designing and managing the value chain Action Learning Exercise: Determining your value chain.

Pricing There are many considerations when setting product pricing. In this section, you will: • Review pricing best practices • Examine three distinct pricing strategies • Discuss the various factors that must be taken into account, with a focus on the internal considerations that impact the product management function • Setting the pricing for new products Action Learning Exercise: Setting pricing

Day Three: Preparing For The Launch In addition to marking the transition from development to commercialization, the launch is also the typical handoff of the product to product marketing from product management. Both functions need to be intimately involved for the transition to run smoothly. This section reviews: • The overall activities associated with the product launch • Internal launch preparedness • Ensuring a smooth transition to production END


CPM™ Certification Training Cost  



SAR. 4,500.00 |5-9 candidates     SAR. 4,100.00 |10-19 candidates  

SAR. 3,800.00 |

20 and above candidates

Course fee includes:

1. Training will be delivered ON-SITE in Saudi Arabia 2. 24 Hours of Live Expert Instructions  

3. 3 days 4. Original Textbooks 5.   3 Practice Exams 6.   Framed Certificate of Completion 7. Letters to corporate & HR officers  

8. Announcement in the “Certified Letter”

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