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Hypnosis is becoming less and less mysterious and more and more respected as the modern scientific world has recognized the many benefits of this rather effective psychological technique. Those who want to learn how to hypnotize should be happy to know that the practice doesn't require any special skills or talents, and is one that can easily be mastered with the right training, dedication, and knowledge about this fascinating subject. What is Hypnosis? The actual meaning of hypnosis is not one that is easily defined, as it is often described as a trance-like state, albeit one that may vary in its type of intensity from person to person. It is not, however, being asleep or unconscious, but in fact, being in a heightened state of concentration and intense focus. These truths quickly dispel the myth that the hypnotherapist is the one in complete control as it as been mistakenly believed in years past rather than the person being hypnotized. Here are five simple ways to learn how to hypnotize someone and make use of its many positive applications: 1. First, the environment should be quiet, semi-dark and the person to be hypnotized should be in a comfortable position. Be sure you won't be interrupted and that the subject is as relaxed as possible. 2. Ask the subject to focus intently on an object somewhere across the room, the size and type of object are irrelevant just as long as it is located slightly above their normal line of sight. Begin to speak in a soothing voice, detailing how heavy their eyelids are becoming as they feel each part of the body becoming more and more relaxed. 3. Encourage deep breathing, instructing the subject to exhale slowly through the mouth, holding each breath for 10 seconds and releasing as they feeling themselves falling deeper and deeper into an intense state of relaxation. 4. Ask the person to imagine themselves on a descending escalator, or perhaps walking down a set of plush and richly carpeted stairs, counting backward from 10 to 1 with each step or level, again descending deeper into the hypnotic state. 5. Now, offer positive affirmations or whatever has been agreed upon prior to the session. Then, inform the subject that as you count backwards from five to one, they will feel themselves lifting from this state, becoming more and more alert as you reach the number one, after which point

they will feel completely refreshed. When attempting to learn how to hypnotize, it's important to remember that consistency is key as the more you practice the basic techniques, the better able you'll be to delve into the more complex applications, such as hypnotherapy and conversational hypnotherapy.

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==== ==== Here are the HYPNOSIS SECRETS they don't want you to know! Learn simple, effective hypnosis easily from the best! ==== ====

How to Hypnotize - 5 Simple Steps