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Mind Lab’s Kindergarten Program

The time children spend in kindergarten is crucial to the development of their personality and self image. Young children learn everywhere regardless of when and where they happen to be. Every learning experience whether by chance or intentional, contributes to their development process. The important role of games as educational tools is obvious to everyone involved in kindergarten work. Games are an integral part of a child’s natural kindergarten environment and it is thus possible to take advantage of such “chance stimulation� for the acquisition of cognitive, emotional and social skills. Thinkids is a two year program offering 64 meetings. Activities combine movement, creativity, expression and the use of unique super size thinking games and teaching aids. The program was conceived and developed by the Mind Lab development team comprised of young age education specialists and of game experts. The program is based on years of kindergarten experience as well as on profound knowledge in the field of education and the world of games.

Playing Thinking Games

Employing the Mind Lab Method

Applying to Real Life Situations

Among the Subjects Learned • • • • • • • • • • • •

Basic Arithmetical Concepts Improvement of Counting Skills Improvement of Naming and Conceptualization skills Classification, Organization and Comparison Concepts of Proportion and Orientation Distinguishing between Important and Subordinate Items Model Transferring - From a Concrete to an Abstract Model Improving Visual and Audio Memory Skills Creative Thinking Information Gathering Teamwork and Cooperation Coping with Emotions

The Mind Lab Method and Problem Solving The efficacy of the Mind Lab Method has been put to the test in a number of studies carried out in conjunction with senior researchers, most notably with Professor Donald Green of Yale University. The findings verify that the Mind Lab Method significantly improves pupils’ thinking abilities and life skills.

The Mind Lab Method and Problem Solving

The Mind Lab Vision Since the dawn of civilization, thinking games have played an important role in human culture. Teachers would draw lines in the sand upon which their pupils would place the game pieces, as part of an engrossing, mind-sharpening activity. Family members of all generations would sit together and enjoy the challenges inherent in thinking games. Much knowledge has since been forgotten and lifestyles have changed. The fast pace of our lives has given rise to other types of games. Violent, actionpacked computer games, intense video clips, and a plethora of television programs have replaced the traditional activity of sitting together around the game board, an activity requiring deep thought, patience, perseverance, and social cooperation. The Mind Lab Group has reinstated the thinking game to its rightful and natural place and has transformed it once again into a powerful educational tool that appeals to children’s hearts and minds alike. Thanks to a tested and proven methodology, the Mind Lab Group is engaged in one of the greatest educational challenges of our day. Our goal is to impart to the next generation thinking abilities as well as life skills, that will assist them in maximizing their own potential and help them to become more cognizant, successful, and happy individuals, who act honorably towards their peers and achieve optimal realization of their innate talents. For additional information, please contact: Tel: 212-717-0265, Toll Free: MIND-NYC Visit Mind Lab’s website at and join us for a fascinating educational experience!

Kindergarten Brochure  

Nursery and Kindergarten Brochure (2 Year Program)

Kindergarten Brochure  

Nursery and Kindergarten Brochure (2 Year Program)