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Top 5 things you must know before start your android application development Currently smart phone world is divided by two giants, Android and iOS. There are class people who use iPhone and iPads but there is a mass that use Android smart phones and tablets. The reason behind success of Android phones is the wide range of phone they provide and competition among phone providers to give standard android phones at competitive rates.

The success of Android phone means huge market of android application development which makes better opportunity and growth for android app developers. Android development is more popular then iOS development because it is open sources and you do not need any special product to make your development environment. However, before you start development of android application, you must know following details in advance! Android phones sizes and resolutions There are over 2785 different android devices available in world compared to iPhone and iPads of Apple. Different devices come with different resolutions so more work for developer. You need to have clear idea of DPS (low, medium, high and extra high), Screen size (small, normal, large, and extra large) and layouts (layout-large , layout-large-mdpi , layout-mdpi , layout-normal-hdpi , layoutnormal-mdpi , layout-xlarge) before you start actual development.

Targeted Android OS Android devices come with range of android OS from 2.0 to recent 4.4.2 kitkat. Before starting app development, you must know application target OS to make sure that if you app needs to have support in 2.2 then you have to use API level which support them. Targeted Mode You need to clarify with client about mode of application. Will it be supported in

Portrait mode only or Landscape mode only or both? Knowing this in advance will save your time later on in coding and delivery. Targeted Devices Before starting your app, you need to confirm whether app would be supported in smart phones only or tablet only or both? This will allow you to set different layouts to make sure app looks good in targeted devices and you need to hear shouting from your client. Testing Case As mentioned earlier, there are more than 2785 devices available which of course you cannot have. You need to have 4 to 5 physical devices of major smart phone providers like Samsung, nexus, Motorola, Sony and Lenovo! Try to get idea about what your client is using so you can grab that device from your circle to test it out and give great product to your client. Android development is fun but it has few complications and getting idea of above factors will make sure that your app development is smooth and later on changes are minimal. Are you looking for your android application developed by a standard company, drop us an email now and send your requirement to us!

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