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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon - Long-Term Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery It's been confirmed by Psychologists that people having plastic surgery are more likely to achieve goals then with out the surgery. ( -- April 2, 2013) Sacramento, CA -- According to a recent study, a group of researchers found that benefits achieved by cosmetic surgery are measurable in terms of mental health and a more positive self image. The study was noted by a reputable Sacramento plastic surgeon and presented in the journal of Clinical Psychological Science. The purpose of the study was to determine if cosmetic surgery patients are measurably different from the general population in regards to goal setting prior to the surgical procedure and the success in achieving those goals after the operation. According to the researchers, "Three groups were identified. Group 1 was first time cosmetic surgery patients, Group 2 consisted of those who had desired surgery but elected not to have the procedure. The third group was made up of people from the general population who had no interest in plastic surgery procedures. The three groups had similar statistical levels for health, mental health, depression, and life satisfaction. Prior to the cosmetic surgery, the subjects were provided with a standard test. The "Goal Attainment Scaling" instrument measured ten standard goals and a number of open questions, ranging from unrealistic to more reachable attainments. Almost 90 percent of the respondents had reachable goals which were the basis for seeking cosmetic surgery. Follow-up testing was conducted at three, six and 12 month intervals. Participants claimed to be satisfied with the results of the surgical procedures, on average. In addition to the feature that was the surgical area, patients were happier with their overall body appearance. Better physical health, less anxiety and higher self-esteem were also reported at each of the follow-up intervals. For more information visit Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon - Long - Term Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery It's been confirmed by Psychologists that people having plastic...

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