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Tips to Protect Your Teen from Eating Disorders

Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders

Various factors might put teens at risk of acquiring eating disorders:

Societal Pressure Favorite Activities Low Self-Esteem Personal Factors

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Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders

Societal Pressure:

Modern Western culture tends to create an urge for a slim body. Even teens with a normal body weight feel that they're fat. This can trigger eating disorders for being thin – especially in teen girls.

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Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders

Favorite Activities: Participation in different activities that value leanness – such as running, wrestling and ballet – can develop the risk of teen eating disorders.

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Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders

Low Self-Esteem: Teens who have low self-esteem might use their eating traditions or weight loss to accomplish a sense of stability or control.

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Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders

Personal Factors: Biological factors or Genetics might effect some teens more likely to develop eating disorders. Personality attributes such as perfectionism, rigidity or anxiety might also play a role for eating disorders.

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Early Effects of Teen Eating Disorders

Signs and symptoms of eating disorders: Dizziness Weakness Irritability Trouble in Sleeping Difficulty in Concentrating For girls, Menstrual Irregularities Image Courtesy: thehno(dot)com

Tips to Prevent Teen from Eating Disorders

Prevention begins with open communication: Foster Self-Esteem Promote a Healthy Body Image Encourage Reasonable Eating Habits Share the Dangers of Dieting and Emotional Eating

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Basic Tips to Protect Your Teen from Eating Disorders