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Interactive healthcare compliance game to train and engrain compliance principles and integrity behaviors at a strategic, operational & human level. Developed for biotech, pharmaceutical companies & healthcare organizations in close collaboration with IFPMA.

Strategic Level

Operational Level

Tactical Level

Human Level

Contains realistic scenarios that enable players to test their compliance decisionmaking strategies in a safe virtual trial-anderror environment

Provides insight in complex grey zones and prepares and empowers players to make better decisions in the field.

Leads to understanding of compliance processes, insight in how individual actions affect the company and its stakeholders.

Brings together geographically dispersed teams and stimulates them to solve complex compliance issues. collaboratively

Interactive computer-based game with workshop format.

State-of-the-art, cleverly combining compliance expertise, technical muscle, creative design & psychological incentives.

Safe virtual environment with realistic dilemmas & opportunities to correct mistakes.

Attractive content & design with a natural look & feel.

Story driven by players. Their decisions determine the outcome of the game. Fully supported by a dedicated team of developers and facilitators. Fully customizable to meet your business needs.

SERES will engage your learners & hold their focus and interest.

SERES will empower your teams to make better decisions in the field.



SERES will ensure your learners retain more knowledge, long-term.


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SERES will be the most effective state-of-the-art learning tool in your arsenal.

SERES will reflect your specific business needs & compliance focus (tailored).

“SERES felt very familiar! I think it is because of the natural look and feel, and the fact that the stories seemed to be based on what we experience in our day-to-day jobs…”

SERES will engage players and hold their focus and interest, thanks to realistic dilemmas, attractive designs & clever psychological incentives.


Players are confronted with realistic dilemmas that are part of the compliance grey zone of their day-today jobs. This instills a sense of “familiarity� and engages learners on an emotional level. Previous players describe the game as compelling. The compliance dilemmas and pressure are tangible throughout the session. Players drive the storyline. Their decisions determine the course and outcome of the game. Players are fully immersed in the storyline and have a sense of ownership for their decisions.

“SERES stimulated me to discuss compliance scenarios with colleagues from other departments. Hearing their field experience helped me understand their perspective.�

SERES’ workshop format fosters team dynamics whilst providing players with an opportunity to gain experience. This empowers teams to go out and make better decisions in the field.


When played in a workshop format, SERES brings together geographically dispersed teams and stimulates them to work collaboratively, learning from one another’s expertise.

As the workshop progresses, team discussions often become passionately fierce, with people fully immersed in the storyline. The feedback built into the game and the input from more experienced team members prepares players for the complex compliance challenges of their daily work. This empowers them to make better decisions in the field.

“When designed well, serious games can improve retention of knowledge by over 108%” - Kauffman Foundation -


SERES offers a safe environment in which to test compliant decisionmaking strategies with opportunities to improve upon mistakes. Players receive immediate feedback on how their individual actions affect the company’s stakeholders (employees, the press, KOLs, authorities etc.) and exposure to risk. Experiencing the consequences of actions first-hand, leads to better understanding and more retention of knowledge compared to traditional methods of learning.

Thanks to a clever combination of compliance expertise, technical muscle, creative design and psychological incentives, SERES will be the most effective state-of-the-art learning tool you own.


SERES was developed under the guidance of healthcare compliance experts, in close collaboration with IFPMA. The storyline is scripted to resemble actual compliance situations, so that it feels familiar to players. The development team combined their technical prowess and creative mindset to design a game that is not only robust, but also attractive and light in look-and-feel. Our education experts built in clever psychological incentives that engage gamers throughout the session, and often long beyond.

SERES is fully supported by a dedicated team of developers and facilitators. It can be customised to meet your specific learning objectives or compliance focus.


We provide full support either remotely or on site. SERES comes with a range of clear manuals for the players, trainer and the administrator. We provide pre-read material to help prepare players for the workshop. SERES can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. It is easy to customize module order, topics, difficulty levels and scoring. New scripts can be created on demand. Moreover, we integrate client feedback in each iterative development cycle to continuously raise the bar.

SERES is developed and marketed by . is a game changer in learning and insight projects for the healthcare, business & public sector worldwide.

Game-based learning stimulates the user to take an active approach to learning. The rapid feedback and clear consequences lead to higher engagement and improved learning.

Virtual simulations and models enable the user to experiment with different scenarios in a safe environment, for better decision-making in real life situations.

Interactive dashboards & intuitive infographics can stimulate active exploration of data. It fosters development of useful insights & deep, lasting understanding.

Our team leverages its unique talents and skills to develop tools that unlock people’s intrinsic talent for learning. We aim to maximize insight & effectuate sustainable behavior changes.


We prefer to let the game do the talking. Join us for a live demo of SERES and experience its impact first-hand. We can organize a web-based demo in which you play a shortened version of the game, exploring its many features. We can discuss how SERES can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and compliance focus.

To set up a demo – free of charge – please contact us at

SERES by Mindbytes  
SERES by Mindbytes  

SERES, an interactive healthcare compliance game for the pharmaceutical industry, developed in close collaboration with IFPMA.