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meet carol. A tractor pulling champion, motor cycle adventurer, and a new adaptive yoga student.

In 2013, after a snowmobiling accident left Carol Suchy with a severe spinal cord injury, it was her community - her friends, family and peers - that helped her maintain a positive outlook, which inspired her to work hard and continue to live the active life she always had and loved.

ties with her busy family or heading away on camping trips or motorcycle rides with her adventurous friends. She even competes with the National Tractor Pulling Association, which is another whole story!

Then she saw a flyer for adaptive yoga and wondered if it might help her find relief from her tight hips. Being one to never shy away from a challenge or try something new, she gave it a shot.

After practicing with MBS for nearly eight months, Carol has definitely noticed that her hips are more relaxed and open. But she has also discovered that there’s more happening in an MBS adaptive yoga class than what meets the eye.

Carol has always seen the importance of being part of a community and explains that she has always been active, whether going out to activi-

Not only is she finding new ways to move and be in her body, she has found another community with MBS. In speaking about MBS adaptive yoga


classes, Carol says, “I definitely enjoy the people. The [students], teachers and volunteers are rockstars.” She adds that the teachers and assistants have helped her ease into her yoga journey. With this support, she has gained greater knowledge of her body and has found more ways to help her relax and center. For these reasons, Carol’s advice to anyone considering yoga is to give it a try, no matter your reason. She says, ”You may find more benefits than what your original reason was for trying it.”

carol is mbs.

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Mind Body Solutions' Humanity Update 2016  

Mind Body Solutions' Humanity Update 2016