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The official Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition Magazine Issue 10 November 2010

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Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition 13th and 14th November 2010 Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia Saturday: 11am - 8pm Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Hilton Park Hotel, Λευκωσία Σάββατο & Κυριακή 13 & 14 Νοεμβρίου 2010

ISSN 1986-1931

Entrance: €7 - includes ALL lectures & workshops

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Clear Out The Clutter

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welcome Dear Friends.... This year’s Nicosia Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition has a very healing feeling to it! Many therapists are taking part and offering some very profound work on self development and healing the soul. Often, we dwell on the negative things in our life rather than being grateful for all the good things that we have. There are so many things to be happy about in our life, so many things to be grateful for and so many things that are positive.

Anette Martinsen Editor, designer and publisher

This issue of the magazine focuses on being positive and how to remove our negative beliefs. There are many different therapies that offer positive guidance at the exhibition as well as several articles in this issue including Theta Healing, SRT, The Enneagram and Phych-K to name a few. Look through these pages, then take the opportunity to meet some of the therapists and learn from their experience and knowledge. Take your time, explore the many participants offering therapy, products and services. Remember that there are many exhibitors upstairs in the Lefkothea Room as well as on the ground floor in the Corridor and Cypria A&B Room. Meet therapists, try a massage or sample a healing session, browse the tables selling books, health-foods, CD’s and Feng Shui items. Enjoy your time reading this magazine, attending some of the many interesting lectures and workshops and just wandering around the exhibition and meeting like-minded people. Thanks to Irene for her technical help with this magazine and Thalia for the Greek translations. We offer our gratitude to the participants who share their time and knowledge and to the visitors who continue to support the event and have sustained it since it began in 2002.

Francesca Pinoni Website

With love and light, Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni co-ordinators MBS Expo For visitor’s whose first language is not English Visit and use the Goggle Translate button. The translation is not perfect but you can get an idea about the presentations and workshops on offer. Frontcover photograph of ‘Mamma’s Margarita’s’ taken by Anette Martinsen

Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni Coordinators MB&S Exhibitions Tel: 99-619049

To advertise in the Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine contact Anette Martinsen on:

Information correct at time of going to print. Please check for any changes to the programme.

We care about the environment. Please recycle this magazine.

The opinions of the participants in the MB&S Expo are not necessarily those of the organisers. As with all things, pay attention and observe if what you hear rings true for you. Use your intuition to find what is useful for you right now.


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Καλωσορίσατε Για τους ελληνόφωνους φίλους μας... Η φετινή έκθεση Mind, Body & Spirit στη Λευκωσία έχει ιδιαίτερα θεραπευτικό χαρακτήρα!

φυσικά την γνωριμία με ανθρώπους με παρόμοια ενδιαφέροντα και νοοτροπία.

Οι θεραπευτές που συμμετέχουν, προσφέρουν εις βάθος εργασία στους τομείς της προσωπικής ανάπτυξης και της θεραπείας της ψυχής. Συχνά, προσκολλούμαστε στην αρνητική όψη της ζωής και δε νιώθουμε ευγνωμοσύνη για όλα τα καλά και για τις θετικές πτυχές της ζωής μας. Υπάρχουν τόσα πολλά πράγματα που μας φέρνουν ευτυχία, τόσα πολλά για τα οποία να ευγνωμονούμε, τόσα πολλά θετικά.

Ευχαριστούμε την Ειρήνη για την τεχνική της βοήθεια με το περιοδικό και τη Θάλεια για τις Ελληνικές μεταφράσεις. Προσφέρουμε την ευγνωμοσύνη μας στους συμμετέχοντες που μοιράζονται το χρόνο και τις γνώσεις τους και στους επισκέπτες που συνεχίζουν να στηρίζουν την έκθεση από το ξεκίνημά της το 2002.

Αυτό το τεύχος του περιοδικού εστιάζεται σε τρόπους αποβολής των αρνητικών πεποιθήσεων ώστε να παραμένουμε θετικοί. Στην έκθεση, υπάρχουν πολλές διαφορετικές θεραπείες που προσφέρουν θετική καθοδήγηση, καθώς και διάφορα άρθρα για θέματα όπως το Theta Healing, τη Θεραπεία Πνευματικής Απόκρισης (SRT), το Εννεάγραμμα, και το Phych-K. Ξεφυλλίστε το τεύχος και εκμεταλλευτείτε την ευκαιρία να γνωρίσετε τους θεραπευτές από κοντά και να μάθετε από την γνώση και εμπειρία τους.

Με αγάπη και φώς Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni Συντονίστριες έκθεσης Mind, Body & Spirit.

Πάρτε το χρόνο σας, εξερευνήστε τις θεραπείες, προϊόντα και υπηρεσίες που εκθέτονται. Να θυμάστε ότι υπάρχουν πολλοί εκθέτες και στον πάνω όροφο στην αίθουσα Lefkothea, καθώς και στο ισόγειο, στο Διάδρομο και στις αίθουσες Cypria A&B. Γνωρίστε τους θεραπευτές, δοκιμάστε ένα μασάζ ή μια θεραπευτική συνεδρία, περιεργαστείτε τα τραπεζάκια με τα βιβλία, τις τροφές, τα CD, και τα αντικείμενα του Φενγκ Σούι. Απολαύστε την ανάγνωση του περιοδικού, τις πολλές και ενδιαφέρουσες παρουσιάσεις και εργαστήρια και

Anette Martinsen Food Intolerance Test Dietry advice, recipes without dairy, wheat and sugar. Help for Tel: 99-619049 Dyspraxia, ADHD, intolerances and allergies.

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Author of ‘A Recipe for Health’ Tel: 99-619049

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theatro transendental


Spice Biscuits






Theatro Transendental Anette Martinsen chats to Korina and HeleniQ


Table Plan - where to find the exhibitors within the exhitibion halls

9 12

List of exhibitors - by table numbers


Healing Naturally from multiple sclerosis Helen Christodoulou


What type are you? What is your point of balance?. Helene Makani


Developing your intuitition and activating your third eye - Maggie Erotokritou.


How negative beliefs and programs are created and the role of SRT in healing them - Xenia Ioannidou


Lecture schedule - an easy way to see all the presentations


Presentations: Full details of the Talks and workshops


Pepperkake/Norwegian Spice Biscuits Anette Martinsen


Near Death Experience - Barbara Jones


Weaving the Rainbow - Olivia Zachariades


Boo...WAKE UP! Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne AKA Louise Langley


Garlic - Anette Martinsen

PSYCH-K - Neophytos Efstathiou


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11/10/2010 11:15:38

Theatro Tran

The room of unlimited posssibilities... Anette Martinsen caught up with Korina Kontaxaki & HeleniQ Argyrou from the show to find out more


what inspired you to make this show?


c tually w hat inspired me are t he di f f er en t wo men in my life. T he p l a y i s a b o u t wo men and it is about differ en t wo men wh o h ave e v eryt hing t hey need t o b e ha ppy b u t are n o t.



So the play is about searching and using the tools that we have?

It’s a woman and her soul and in the play she is trying to find her soul, which is there all the time talking in sounds to her and then at the end she

finds it.

Korrina performs in the play as the woman searching for her soul and HeleniQ is the soul and plays all the sounds of the soul using drums and vibrations. Korina wrote the original script and contacted HeleniQ to bring the production into a place of depth with music in a very specific way to create and symbolise this inner journey.

We use words, our soul uses sounds Theatro Transcendental offers a fresh yet concurrently ancient technique, in which theatre as an art form is used in order to educate and alter human consciousness. When theatre was in its prime, the power of the image, the influence of the live representation on stage, the authority of the sound and the symbolic connotations behind all of this, were considered highly significant transformational

methods; methods which are now undermined and forgotten. Theatro Transcendental seeks to awaken these tools, reinforcing them with modern means of expression and creativity. Theatro Transcendental, through the use of sound, rhythm, movement and visual imagery, aims to awaken ancient memories, to reveal to the viewers things which they have collectively forgotten. Η ομάδα του Theatro Transcendental παρουσιάζει απόσπασμα από Πιθανοτήτων» (Ελληνικά) και υπερβατικό εργαστήρι


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11/10/2010 11:16:01

την το

ansendental Q

Theatro Transcendental A Part of “The Room of Unlimited Possibilities” In English 16:00-17:00 In Greek 17:00-18:00 Saturday 13th November Dyonisus

How will people get a taste at the exhibition?


At the workshop and the exhibition we will be focusing on a conflict that some of us have, how to be happy and to be truly happy, what is happiness really, and is there some wisdom that we gather in life. We will be looking at the keys for life.

Korina is a professional actress, a yoga teacher and teaches yoga philosophy and she was looking for a away to mix and merge all of them together. HeleniQ is a Clinical psychologist, sound therapist and drummer with a special interest in elevating consciousness with rhythm, psychospiritual techniques and creative tools. από ήρι

την αυτό-θεραπευτική παράσταση «Το Δωμάτιο των Απεριόριστων το Σάββατο στην αίθουσα Dionysus στις 17.00-18.00

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“Room of Unlimited Possibilities” Performances: 8th November 9.00pm, Melina Mercouri, Nicosia (Greek) 19th November 9.00pm, Studio 8, Limassol (Greek) 8th December 9.00pm, Melina Mercouri, Nicosia (English) 10th December 9.00pm, Studio 8, Limassol (English)

Tel: 96384954 Email: Website:


11/10/2010 11:16:02

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The corridor Table




















Thermomix - Eminentia Trading Ltd


German designed Thermomix provides fast, easy and healthy cooking in just one bowl; replacing over 20 kitchen appliances in one small. Compact unit. It is a super fast blender that also weighs, cooks, simmers and steams. 99-361871,

Pure Beauty Cyprus A unique range of skin and health care products containing collagen and coral & seaweed. Collagen capsules, for skin repair, hair and nail growth with potentially a range of other health benefits. Prof. Peter & Linda Whiteside, 99-756751,

Heaven on Earth Herbals

Herbal and nutrition consultations and natural health care advice along with running a mail order service across Europe. Caroline Evans, tel. 99-993412, email:

Marion McDonald Parapsychologist /Futurologist/ Card reader/ Psychic investigator / Psychic Consultant. Marion studied in Athens and the UK. Born in the north of England Marion has lived in Cyprus for 14 years and speaks fluent Greek. Many articles have been written about her work.

The Science of Spirituality This Yoga teaches how to obtain true and lasting Happiness, Love, Joy, Peace and Fulfilment in modern life through a simple method of meditation to the inner light and sound. Evy Caradja, + 210 748314, Giorgia Charalambous, 99-644893,

Nature’s Resort Natural & Organic Skin Care The official representative and exclusive distributors of Jason Pure Natural & Organic Skin Care products. Also, high quality bio-supplements from Switzerland. Ms. Natalia Branishte & Mr Spatacos, 22-780429, 99-511886,

Be Natural Store Promotes organic healthy food and products. We respect the human and the planet thus we support green developments, products and services, 22-330225,

Indian Treasures Ethnic clothes designed for women, beadworks, scarves, bedding, wall hangings, healing crystals, etc.established 1995 in Larnaca - Stassinoue St.1 24-665307, 99-616614 email

Jacki Original card reading using tarot cards and ancient rune stones to guide you in your life Jacki 99-588294

Cans For Kids

Is a registered charity, formed in 1990 to organise the collection and recycling of aluminium cans in Cyprus. To encourage people to save their cans, it was decided to use the proceeds to purchase medical equipment for the children’s wards at Cypriot hospitals. As well as upgrading the equipment - and therefore the standard of care - in Cypriot children’s wards, Cans For Kids raises awareness of the benefits of recycling. Bring empty aluminium cans to be recycled for charity., tel. 22-781828 Table


Clear Out The Clutter Clear out the clutter from your closets and your mind! Help those in need and help yourself feel lighter before the holidays. Bring your unwanted clothes (in clean, wearable condition) and also non-perishable food and household goods to give to local charities. Kindly coordinated by Sophia Michaelidou, 99-457554,

Cypria A and B Table


Elemental, Faeries and Angels

Selling the most diverse range of Faeries-Angels-Dragons-Unicorns-Crystals-Old Tupton Ware-Oils-Incense-Mist Lamps-Angel & Faerie Music CDs. We have a shop in Old Paphos. Visit Tel 99-014562, 9

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exhibitors Table

14 Table


Cypria A and B

Denise Offermann-Loizou Denise teaches in Greek, English & German. Certified Psychol. Counsellor, Certf.Hypnotherapist NGH-USA, Certf. Lifecoach, Certf. Athletic Mind Coach, Past life regression therapist trained by, Dr. BRIAN WEISS - USA. 22-485021, 96-710022,


Lo Shu Feng Shui Chinese traditional figurines, buddha, moon frog, mandarin ducks, horses, Fountains, gemstone fountains, essential oils, fairies & fairy coins, woodstock windchimes, Swarovski crystals & silver charms, tumbled stones. 99-669590, Marios,


17 Table

18 Table


Carol Page - Personal Life Coaching.

Carol works with individuals and groups to help you realise and achieve what you really want out of life. Carol is a Personal Life Coach, trained with The Coaching Academy in the UK.. Tel: 9907 8545; E-mail:,

The DEIR School The DEIR School represents a unique system of techniques and focuses on personal development in order to improve the different aspects of life such as health, personal life, business or career. Elena Ogarkova - 99 930275,,

‘Universelles Leben’

Is a community that links up with the Original Christian stream. Over a period of 25 years it has grown into a worldwide movement. ‘Universelles Leben’ is the living in the Spirit of God., 22-499313, 99-439503, Table

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24 Table

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30 Table

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31 Table


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Forever Living

Undisputed world market leaders in organically grown Aloe Vera and products from the beehive. 30 years established and trading in 135 countries, Jag Ghuman + Brian Ashby - Independent Distributors,, 99-755 966,


Is a pioneering concept, understanding that true wellness is a balance of both health and beauty. Dedicated in bringing the very latest, ground breaking treatments, Clinics in Nicosia & Limassol. Tel: 25-328585 or 77-777727,

Lifewave Patches The patches communicate with the body through the human electromagnetic field gently stimulates acupuncture points.. This is known as resonant energy transfer. No drugs, No Chemicals, No Stimulants, Georgios Psychis - 99-326246,

Marek Koukoulca Emotions are a form of energy, which is pulsating more or less, either flowing through the body or staying blocked in it. The “flow” of energy manifests in this way as different states and processes of emotions. Energy Therapies, Tel. 00306 9743 45223


Relieve everyday tension and stress with a massage chair or a massage accessory. Choose from the leading manufacturers most technologically advanced massage professional equipment. Periklis Hanna Tel: 25-398736, 99-825379,

Books Express “Visit “BOOKS EXPRESS” in Limassol and enjoy our friendly, modern, colorful and stationery-free -BOOKS ONLY, thousands of titles of Greek books, CD’S, DVD’S and other products. Nicholas 25-356001, 7777-Book (2665),

Vangelis Lysiotis We are a company which imports and distributes German pharmaceutical products to all the pharmacies in Cyprus, and also visits and informs doctors about the various products that we offer. Vangelis Lysiotis - Losayia Co. Ltd .22-311234,

Layle Stephen- Anderson Is an accredited Dowser and Dowsing Tutor, CranioSacral Therapist, and Health Kinesiologist. She will be sharing her Dowsing and Life Balance skills for your ‘Life’s Adventure’. 00905338492742,

Lynne Bullerwell

Lynne is a Health Detective. Her training includes counselling, healing, kinesiology and energy therapies such as Psych-K, CKT, Matrix/ EFT,, +44118 972 3979,


Now offering DNA Testing, DNA Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine, programmes backed by Yale School of Medicine & Harvard School of Medicine. Clinics in Nicosia & Limassol. Tel: 25-328585 or 77-777727,

Joan Bunyan


Clairvoyant and Channelling Medium for 40 years. Author of 10 books. Numerous Individual Spiritual Training Courses for clients – with manuals, notes, practical training and certificates. 25 33 6284, 25 33 2848, 99 039 453,,

11/10/2010 11:16:16



33 Table

34/35 Table


Elina Papa - Laughter Yoga and Rebirthing


Laughter Yoga Cyprus offers therapies using the proven benefits of laughter and rebirthing-breathwork to heal and improve all aspects of your life. Also, join our FREE Laughter Club in Nicosia run by Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Rebirther Elina Papa. 99-312722

Armoniki Zoi Kyprou

Non profit, Educational and Cultural Association / Organisation offering seminars on Self Knowladge . Their seminars are based on the work and books by the well known author and philosopher Robert Elias Najemy, 99-696765,

Spiritual Response Therapy Was developed by Robert E. Detzler in 1988 and is now a world renowned therapy. SRT clears the negative energies that each of us accumulates and carry from past lives. Xenia Ioannidou +30 210 42 97 105, +30 6932 30 39 29,


37 Table

38 Table


Anette Martinsen - Theta Healing

Healing from the seventh plane, healing on the core level, genetic level, history level & the soul level. 99-619049, anette@anettemartinsen. com. Author of ‘A Recipe for Health’ cookbook for allergies and intolerances is on sale at Expo,

Bubishi Dojo - Authentic Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Constantinos Prosalentis & Christina Argyrou are qualified instructors with experience in Tai Chi, direct students of master James Sumarac. or Constantinos, 96 51 53 55, Nicosia,

Lectorium Rosicrucianum The School of the Golden Rosycross helps seekers form a living connection with this shining filament, which is woven of love, wisdom, knowledge (gnosis) and action. Amalia Panagopoulou and Orestes Terzide +30 -210-644 4303,


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48 Table


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Maria Stavrou Open your heart to the infinite love of spirit. After of several years of workshops for personal development Maria Stavrou has completed her training as facilitator for Systemic Constellation work and Theta Healing, 99-474109,

Aphrodite Aromatics Pure essential lavender oil distilled from local organic plantation certified by Lacon. Suppliers for professional and home use. Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Oreganum, Pine and Eucalyptus Oils are also available. 99-616324, 26- 272627,

Life Centre

established in 2004 in Nicosia. Classes and Therapies include Hatha Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Baby and Mummy Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates, Private sessions, Reiki, Acupressure, Reflexology and more, Elina Pavlides, 22-377630, 99-413707,

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne (aka Louise A Langley)

Mini soul contract readings using ancient hebrew numerology to decode your lifes path! As sessions will be limited over the weekend, if you would like to book a session before the event, please contact Ahqulieah on, or 00 44 788 449 8517

ALTHEA - The Center of Cosmoenergetics & Spirithal Growth Alexander-Bacht Safarov Grand Master Cosmoenergetics™, Qualified Healer in Bio Energetics, 22-375204, 99-611506. bacht.artist@, Ludmilla Breeva Cosmoenergetics; Runes; Fire Flower Technique; Pakal Votan Technique (Energetic Healing).

Maggie Erotokritou

Intuitive Healer. Theta Healing – Heart-Soul Healing. Transformation, Manifestation and Abundance. Next workshop in Limassol March 26/27/28. Author of ‘Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey to Enlightenment’. 99-435687 email:

Susan Worwood M.I.F.A - Fragrant Planet

Fragrant Planet has one of the largest range of organic and wildcrafted essential oils and vegetable base oils in Cyprus. Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sports massage and Pregnancy & Well Being massage, 99-956557,

Kypros Tai Chi Association

Master Vasilious has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong for 30 years. He teaches the original Yang style Tai Chi which includes the 8 gate form, short form, long form, tai chi dance, pushing hands, tai chi sword and heart work, 97-699068,

Pranic Healing A very simple but extremely effective energy healing which heals not only the body but also the mind. It accelerates the body’s natural healing powers 10 times faster! Helen Weeks, 99-851102,

Kirikion - Alternative Therapy Center in Nicosia

Holistic Medicine, Bioenergy Healing, Natural Nutrition, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Iridology, Acupuncture, Radionics Therapy, Biotherapy, Podiatry, N.L.P, Tachyon Crystal Energetic Therapy,, 22-757538, 99-255129

Makani Academy

NLP and Enneagram. Certified trainings: Enneagram Coach, HR Coach and Holistic Coach as well as Healer Therapist. NLP Master Trainers and Healers Jack and Helene Makani, also offer individual sessions. tel. 96-589709 or 96-280095.

11 11

11/10/2010 11:16:16

What is PSYCH-K? Free Your Mind! Rewrite the “software” of your past and change the “printout” of your future.

How are beliefs changed in the subconscious? PSYCH-K techniques create a state of mind that is receptive to change at the subconscious level. We refer to this state as whole-brain, because the left and right hemispheres of the brain are in balanced, simultaneous communication with each other. Using the power of the whole-brain state, we can replace old negative tapes and programs with positive beliefs and perceptions.

How long does it take to change a belief?


earn to rewrite the software of your subconscious mind and change your life! If your life feels like you’re trapped in a prison of limitations, or you’re just not living up to your full potential, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious desires and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict shows up in relationships, self-esteem, spirituality, health and body including weight loss, prosperity, personal power and grief and loss. If you are facing challenges in any of these areas, personally or professionally, PSYCH-K can help you to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life!

What is PSYCH-K?

The processing power of the subconscious mind is enormous; it can handle thousands of tasks simultaneously. Because balances utilize the whole brain, an old belief can be changed within minutes to a new lifeenhancing one. The process is simple, direct, and verifiable through muscle testing.

How will PSYCH-K affect my life? Your beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. When you hold positive beliefs, you can create far more success in relationships, job performance, selfesteem, athletics, weight loss, prosperity, and even your physical health than if you hold sabotaging beliefs. PSYCH-K can also help with spiritual growth, or with recovering from grief, loss, and depression. These techniques have also helped people conquer phobias, such as fear of flying or speaking in front of groups.

How quickly will I notice a change from a PSYCH-K balance?

•A method derived from scientific research in brain dominance theory as well as ancient mind-body wisdom

The results of a balance (i.e., a PSYCH-K change technique) may be felt instantaneously or may e volve over time (hours, days, weeks or longer). For example, if your goal is to find a new job, you may feel the release of fear around changing jobs or of being unemployed at the time of the balance. However, acquiring a new job may take additional time and action, for example, researching new career opportunities, interviewing, etc.

How does PSYCH-K work?

How long does a balance last?

PSYCH-K techniques allow communication directly with the subconscious to test for limiting beliefs and then produce a state of mind that is receptive to change.

Balances last until they are no longer useful to the subconscious mind or until you

•A simple, yet powerful technique to free

your mind of negative beliefs that sabotage your success and happiness •A process that transcends standard methods of visualization, affirmations, willpower, and positive thinking

Within minutes, limiting beliefs are replaced with empowering beliefs. This process is called a balance.

decide to balance for a new goal. Life is an evolutionary process, so what you balance for at one time in your life may not be appropriate at another time.Are you ready to live life at your fullest potential?


by Neophytos Efstathiou

Personal sessions can help you with any goal or situation, such as: •Finding the right career or purpose in life •Improving the quality of your relationships •Increasing confidence and self-esteem •Living in abundance and prosperity •Losing weight •Improving your health •Strengthening your spiritual connection •Sharpening your athletic performance •Recovering from grief or loss With the assistance of your own inner wisdom and power, we will identify the sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with positive ones that will drive you towards success! Experience shows that clients are able to change several beliefs in one session, and many see immediate changes in attitude and behavior. Some issues require working through multiple layers, and may need more than one session to resolve completely. Releasing the fears that are preventing you from taking action on a goal are sometimes felt instantaneously; however, manifesting certain goals (such as finding a new job getting in shape) may require additional time and action. The number of ways in which PSYCH-K can help you is limited only by your imagination!

Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation! “The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.” Author of Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Cellular Biologist.

6 Neophytos Efstathiou Life Coach – PSYCH-K Facilitator NLP Practitioner & Hypnotist

Tel. 99 69 67 65


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11/10/2010 11:16:17


49a Table

50 Table



Sylvia Braun

Offers a unique blend of Bowen Body Work and NLP based techniques to address the links between physical and emotional well-being. She also practices Ki Massage, Reflexology and Coaching. Sylvia is a Yoga instructor and Holistic Dietician. 99-139722

Tarik Tekman

Teaches qigong (chi kung) which is an ancient Chinese energy exercise to regulate and stregthen the energy flow of the More info:

Barbara Jones

Multi Sensory Therapies and Learning Support Programmes and Trainings. Feldenkrais, Bowen, Bach Flowers, Voice Trainer, VoiceBio Assessment Facilitator and Sound Therapist,, 99-335984, Table

52 Table

53 Table


Hatzy Joyce - Natural Therapies

Cert. therapist of Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Bach Flower Consultations, Manual Lymph Drainage, Lymphoedema treatments, Hellinger Family Constellations and supplier of BIOSUN® Earcandles. 99 66 70 39,

AURA Photography - T.K. MEDIserve Line Ltd AURA Photography -T.K. MEDIserve Line Ltd. - Bioenergetics check-up, Biotherapy, Reflexology & Chiropody Centre. Andriana Nicolaide Karantoni, Biotherapist, Reflexologist. 99-409110, 99-662900,

Yiannis Psillos Homoeopath, Homotoxicologist, Head of Homoeopathy Faculty, Natural Health Science, Athens – e-Lybra bio feedback/bio resonance device. Also Schuessler Salts, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Sports Injuries, Iridology,, 99-116883, 25-312494



Kate Psillou Clinical Aromatherapist, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Massage therapist. Mosaic artist. Reviber Plus – whole body vibration. Tel 99-903892, 25-312494,

Lefkothea Room Table

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64 Table


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STUDIO Figura Unique and exclusive health studio which provides full body lymphatic massage - aiding weight loss, skin toning, cellulite elimination, blood circulation and much more. Fast and fantastic results. Suitable for everyone. Larnaca, 24-665549,

Mika Tapio Tarot Card Readings for - improving self-understanding; personal and spiritual growth; guidance in challenging life situations; offering possibilities for the future; exploring the potential that life holds for each one of us., +30-6947-618215


Are rich in natural antioxidants & organically grown herbs to revitalize, nourish and strengthen your skin. We offer Aromatherapy treatments for Face & Body, Pedicure & Manicure, using our products. Dia Kauriefs, 25-814844, 99-468480,

Helen Christodoulou

Helen Christodoulou, Certified practitioner in the following Theta (TM) modules, Theta Healing, Intuitive Anatomy, Theta Healing Teacher, Rainbow Children Teacher, Manifesting & Abundance Teacher, 99-401036,

D. Anne Austin D. Anne Austin is a internationally recognised spiritual teacher, healer, natural medium and clairvoyant, NLP, Reiki master, flower essence practitioner, colour and crystal healer 26-642966,

Dr. Igor Cetojevic, MD

Acupuncturist and magnetotherapist, specialising in the use of the QXCI/SCIO energy biofeedback - bioresonance therapy. 25-342904, Also - NEW IN CYPRUS - Eternale - anti-aging and deep relaxation therapy.

To the Rhythm of the Moon A tale of knowledge and love lost and found ~ by Chess Capino (aka - Francesca Pinoni) A book for the young, and young at heart. This charming story is peopled with characters that engage the reader and a plot that will keep the pages turning.

Thai Elements Centre

Traditional Nuadthai school from Bangkok. Thai practitioners: Traditional Thai Massage, Aromatic Oil massage, Reflexology, Thai Compress Therapy. Trainings with Certifications from Thailand. 70-000744,,,

Angels House University: Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou “DNA Activation Reprogramming Mind and Body”, channelling, international spiritual teachers, healers, authors and lecturer,, +, 30.6932.764.216,,

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Lefkothea Room Table

66 Table


Home of Holistics Is a Hair and Beauty Salon specialising in Alternative Therapies. As sole distributers we present “Angel Fingers” a unique copper massage tool. Wholesale and retail opportunities available. Cheryl Sprintall : 23-721543, 99-866827,

Tina Zachariadou is a renown greek astrologer. She writes for astrology magazines and websites. Her specialty is the relationship astrology and the horary astrology. Tina is based in Athens. 00301- 6946021102,


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Susan Rudd - Lemurian Healing

Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School, Inspirational workshops on Angels, Ascension and Golden Atlantis, Diana Cooper Teacher Training course. Angelic Reiki Master & therapist, Visit her stand for more information,, 97 6482128

John McCarron Shamanic Healing And Ceremonies, Shamans enter an alternative state of consciousness to journey to where the past and future are held together in the present moment to bring back healing for their clients. 26-956004, 99-332126,

Les Naturelles Cosmetics- Anne Marie Michaelides Facials at your home and Natural cosmetics from Switzerland, “ENERGETIC” magnetic jewellry for your well being and energy. Multireflexologie facial, new methode ‘DIEN CHAN”. 24-427148, 99-547031 maninie


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Baltic Amber & Silver Jewelery Amber and silver jewelery

Ethnic Shop The Ethnic Shop has many different things from lots of countries, fairies, gemstone lamps etc, Nicholas Phillipou, 99-649545,

Karpasia Health Products

established in 1985, systematically promotes and distributes herbal remedies and food supplements in Cyprus .Karpasia’s diversity of activities offers the choice for quality in our everyday life., 22-450980, 99-592460,

Ayurveda Botanic Center Health Center: Pigasos 14 Niki Court 501 Nicosia. Shop: Stassandou 4, Nicosia Tel: 99-668446 , 22-513230. Email :

PA KUA Eco Furniture and Feng Shui Shop

Eco furniture, Tatami beds, garden furniture, Feng Shui symbols, water features, Zen gardens, Crystals, Cds and DVDs, books, hammocks, oriental tableware, Japanese screens, Organic products, essential oils, recycle bags and more., 22-463503

Open Sky Café

Offers Healing Touch, Spiritual Readings, Dream Interpretation, Sacred Oil, Spiritual & Angelic Languages. We usually do this in teams of three people serving one visitor at a time, communicating what we receive in the spirit. Yari Koivu,

Eileen Augusti

Aura Photographer, Psychic Consultant & Spiritual Clairvoyant. Eileen is an expert on the explanation of the Aura she reads clairvoyantly channelled from her guide Francis. Aura photographs are exciting with clear & precise meanings., 99-637093

Kriszta Veres

At the exhibition she is offering 30 minutes Soul Readings. During the reading you will look at your life from the Soul’s perspective, getting a better understanding of your Soul’s purpose and your ability to live a happy life.

Angel and Co Kft and

Esoteric gifts, such as Angels, Fairies and Buddhas, crystals and stones and Tibetan Jewelry etc... . At MBS we will guide you to find your personal crystals/stones/lucky charm through the help of numerology, Benny Vervliet +36 204496367,

Information correct at time of going to print please go to for an upto date listing 15

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Helen Christodoulou Theta healer / Theta teacher

Tel. 99 40 10 36 Certified practioner in the Theta (TM) modules: - Theta Healing - Intuitive Anatomy - Rainbow Children - Manifesting & Abundance

at e Th rses cou Theta Basic DNA1 Thet Limassol: 26th November 2010

Theta Basic DNA2 Limassol: 3rd December 2010

Theta Basic DNA1 Limassol: 11th - 13th Feb. 2010

Theta Basic DNA2 Limassol: 18th - 20h Feb. 2010

Healing Naturally f Multiple S My name is Helen, I was diagnosed with M.S. in 1999 after a period of loosing emotional and financial stability. Unable to benefit from prescription drugs I started looking for alternative ways to work out how to address the situation. THE JOURNEY: I acquired a thirst for knowledge and wisdom, and became my own teacher and therapist. Over the years, in between relapses, I studied yoga, naturopathy, quantum healing, and regression. I found all these methods to be of great value, as they took me out of attacks, always without the use of conventional medicine. I then began helping others, with everything I had studied and experienced when I was well enough to do so. THE DISEASE: Despite all my efforts and success at reversing relapses, the overall picture showed that there were signs of progression

Untitled-2 16

and deterioration, as I slowly crept up to two huge relapses a year, lasting months at a time, with residual symptoms in between. The attacks included paralysis, blindness, vertigo, pain and extreme fatigue just to name a few! The doctors warned me, that my relapse symptoms could become permanent, but I continued to trust in the belief, that I would find the way to reverse my health, to what it was, before M.S struck. It was obvious, that there was a void in my approach, so I searched deeper within myself, to find what needed to be done. THE ANSWER I came to realize that I was only scratching the surface, that I needed to address all parts of my existence, not just the body, but also thought, mind, emotion, the soul, past, future, DNA and spirit, but still didn’t have the tools to access this work, with sustainable results.

11/10/2010 11:16:27

from Sclerosis

1 Table 6 by Helen Christodoulou

CREATING MIRACLES: Then I found Theta Healing. Quite by chance, I dropped into a talk given at a Mind Body and Spirit Expo, without knowing hardly anything about the subject. It resonated with my beliefs as well as my needs, so I signed myself up for the course there and then. As corny and clichĂŠ as this may sound, the truth is that all aspects of my life and health transformed from that point on. I reclaimed my energy, strength and clarity, the relapses stopped, my relationships improved and my intuitive and psychic skills increased dramatically. I am grateful, humbled and blessed, to see miracles, little and large, unfold before me every day, not just for myself, but those I am privileged to help, through this wonderful work.

for homes and offices, to manifesting abundance and soul mates. I teach Theta healing classes in Limassol as well as internationally, so that one can learn the technique for themselves.

THETA HEALING SESSIONS AND COURSES Today, I facilitate Theta Healing sessions for issues ranging from relationships to tumours, energy enhancement

My objective is to assist or teach all those who wish to be inspired and healed, and to ultimately reconnect to the self and the core of our existence, as it holds the truth of completeness. Our courses run at various intervals throughout the year. Blessings to all! To book a session/courses, or get more information, call Helen Christodoulou on 99 40 10 36 or email


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What are you? What is your point of balance?

By Helene Makani

The Enneagram is a geometric figure that maps out 9 fundamental personality types and their relationships. The word Enneagram comes from the Greek word “ennea”, meaning nine. The Bolivian born philosopher Oscar Ichazo is considered by many to be the modern Father of the Enneagrama. In 1970, he started the Arica Institute in the United States where one of his students, Claudio Naranjo, further developed the Enneagram to the form we know today.

The Enneagram is based on the idea that each person has the motivation and communication patterns of one of the nine types only, but that certain changes occur when the person comes under pressure as well as when he\she is in more relaxed situations. The lines between the types indicate these changes, and the arrows show the direction of the change When we encounter situations of prolonged pressure or stress, we take on some of the ‘negative’ characteristics from the type that the arrow points to. But when we experience safety and security, we can access positive resources from the type that the arrow is coming from, and this positive development increases our comfort zone. So the more we develop personally, letting go of our fear and stress, the more balanced and healthy we become. So, when for instance a person of type 9 is feeling prolonged pressure he/

she will move toward 6, becoming more sceptical and doubtful towards self and others. A type 9 who feels safe and relaxed will move towards type 3 and become effective, goal oriented and productive.

they are willing to give from the heart but are not good at receiving, and have great difficulty in expressing their needs. They fear that others do not like them, so they seek acknowledgement and appreciation.

Type 1 - The Perfectionist


Ones are concerned with living up to their high inner standards, and with doing the right thing. They often react immediately if something isn’t correct or right. They enjoy doing a job right and well, and they can be trusted to do their utmost, following up on every detail. They fear being bad people, seeking to do everything right.

Under pressure, Twos access some of type 8’s negative patterns: they get very angry, suddenly knowing exactly what they want, and blaming others for being ungrateful and selfish.

Pressure. Under pressure, Ones can feel overloaded and become insecure, feeling that their problems overshadow everything, and start focusing on their own emotions, feeling sorry for themselves, even getting depressed – ‘negative’ patterns from type 4.

Security and balance. When secure and resourceful, Twos get access to the resourceful states of type 4, knowing what is important to them in a more relaxed way, taking care of their own needs and asking for help when needed, and this helps them balance caring for other’s needs with fulfilling their own. They become more relaxed and likeable, warm and caring in an altruistic way.

Security and balance. When Ones feel

Type 3 - The Achiever

resourceful and secure, they get access to the resources of type 7, seeing possibilities, happily planning events, dreaming about everything they might want to do in the future, being much more flexible. This helps them balance perfectionism with options, becoming more easygoing and joyful.

Threes are always busy as they are focused on reaching their goals. They are capable of handling a tremendous workload, but often take on too much, forgetting to take care of themselves, because they are focused 100% on everything that needs doing. They fear being without personal value, and seek value in success and status.

Type 2 - The Helper

Pressure. Under pressure, Threes take on some

Twos focus their attention on how they can help other people by fulfilling other’s needs even before these are expressed. Very empathetic,

of the negative patterns of type 9, experiencing difficulty in prioritizing their many tasks, losing energy and motivation, “spacing out”.


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Security and balance. When resourceful and secure, Threes get access to type 6’s resources, looking more realistically at their tasks and the actual time and resources they have for them. Their effectiveness is balanced with realistic time planning, and they use their charming, extrovert nature for the greater good of everyone.

Type 4 - The Individualist Fours are focused on the people and emotions involved in every task. They regard their emotions as a source of information about themselves and their values, and do their utmost to live according to these and to bring other people’s emotions out in the open.They fear rejection from others, so they seek to be unique and special, constantly comparing themselves to others.

Pressure. Under pressure, Fours take on some of the negative patterns of type 2, becoming insecure about what they really want, overly focusing on other people’s needs and adapting to other people’s wishes. Security and balance. When secure and resourceful, Fours access type 1’s resources. They become more rational, focusing only on the task at hand and are more detail-oriented and perfectionistic. Their individuality is balanced with a focused and productive approach, and they use their deep understanding of human nature for the greater good of themselves and those around them.

Type 5 - The Observer Fives are introvert thinkers, preoccupied with gathering information in order to get a full overview. They like studying, reading, researching and collecting information. They withdraw into themselves to think. They fear being unable to handle a situation, so they seek information in order to be prepared for all eventualities.

Pressure. Under pressure, Fives get access to some of the negative patterns of type 7, as their heads fill with many options and unrealistic ideas. Problems are treated in a quicker and more superficial way, as they jump from thought to thought. They seem more joyful, but it is actually a fear pattern.

Security and balance. When secure, Fives get in contact with resources from type 8, taking leadership in a more direct way and taking action more easily. Their thinking is balanced with action taking, making them strong leaders who look far into the future.

Type 6 - The Loyalist Sixes are good at analyzing situations, looking for potential dangers and seeing things from an alternative point of view. They can be sceptical about new situations and people, but very loyal to those that have earned their trust. As they are fearful about things going wrong, their immediate

reaction to a new project is to analyse it in order to take precautions against potential pitfalls, seeking safety and security. Pressure. Under pressure, Sixes access some of the negative patterns of type 3; they become more active, but often in a hectic way. The activity can be somewhat frustrating because there is not sufficient time for them to analyse thoroughly before making a decision.

Security and balance. When secure, Sixes get in touch with resources from type 9, becoming more relaxed, able to have the full overview, focused on the positive in other people and seeing the possibilities in new projects. Their scepticism is balanced with harmony seeking, and they use their analysing skills in a kind and friendly way.

Type 7 - The Epicure Sevens are people who view the world as full of possibilities, and they like to make many plans - of which only some need to be fulfilled. They are active and often very energetic, but may try to balance too many projects at a time, at the risk of doing some of them superficially. They fear being trapped in the now, feeling unhappy, so they stay active, planning a fantastic future for themselves.

Pressure. When under pressure, they access some of the negative patterns of type 1; they lose sight of the big picture and become more detail oriented and critical of themselves and others.

Security and balance. When resourceful, Sevens connect with the resources of type 5 and become more introvert and thoughtful. It becomes more important for them to spend time collecting knowledge and reflecting, going deeper into the information. Their many ideas are balanced with a deeper knowledge, enabling them to enjoy the pleasure of realising their plans.

Type 8 - The Boss Eights like to take leadership and responsibility, and are very proactive and spontaneous. If they experience unfairness they will fight for their own or other people’s rights. They fear feeling helpless and vulnerable, so they control their own ‘soft’ sides, identifying only with being strong and powerful. They can seem very domineering and controlling, but also very responsible.

empathetic friends to lean on.

Type 9 - The Mediator Nines focus on creating a harmonious environment and are often very good mediators, able to see issues from multiple viewpoints. However, they can have difficulty knowing their own opinions, leading to problems with decision-making, and a tendency to procrastinate. They seek harmony around them, fearing anger and disharmony and therefore try to ‘still the troubled waters’ of arguments.

Pressure. Under pressure, Nines access some of the negative patterns of type 6 and become more sceptical of other peoples’ motivations. They can be sarcastic in their communication, feeling insecure about the hidden agendas others may have.

Security and balance. When secure, Nines get in contact with the resources of type 3; they prioritise goals and are very effective and productive. Their harmony seeking is balanced with efficiency, making them good leaders, family members and friends, who create a good environment for everybody around them. Each type is influenced by “wings” and “legs” In the Enneagram, the circle connects the nine types, and this is why each type can be influenced, to varying degrees, by its neighbours. These connections to other types are known as wings. As a result, a person of one type can have personality traits from one or both of its wings. The person is also influenced by the types connected by the lines, called the “legs”. Thus, type 1 can for instance be influenced by type 9 and/ or type 2, as well as by type 4 and or 7. The idea of the Enneagram is that each person is only one of the types, but that the type can differ in multiple ways, influenced by the connection to the other types. However, the deepest fear and thus the unconscious motivation is the same for all people of a certain type. The fear will be more or less dominant, depending on how much we have worked with personal development and how secure we are at this point in our life.

Pressure . When under pressure, they access some of the negative patterns of type 5 - withdrawing and brooding over new strategies to ‘get back in the fight’. They become non-communicative and inaccessible for a shorter or longer period. Security and balance. When secure, Eights ‘put down their weapons’, as they get access to the resources of type 2. They become considerate and empathetic, taking care of people close to them, or people in need in general. Their control is balanced with empathy, making them strong leaders who others want to follow, or strong and

Helene Makani 96-589709

Table 49 19

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11/10/2010 11:16:52

Developing your Intuition a

the Third Eye by Maggie Erotokritou


veryone is intuitive and has had flashes of insight, a déjà vu experience, a unique sense of knowingness or creative ideas that flow through unexpectedly. However most people don’t pay enough attention to their intuitive insights, not realizing that by developing their intuition further, it could assist them in very positive ways. Many great thinkers, mystics, scientists, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life have talked about their “aha” moments, when their intuition gave them a missing link or they had a flash of the bigger picture and how to manifest it. This important skill can be developed and refined in very specific ways. When the third eye is intentionally activated, the veils are lifted, the creative flow becomes more active, the inner vision and knowingness clearer and the ageless wisdom becomes accessible. Developing your intuitive skills needs practice but as this skill develops, you become clearer about your life and it becomes easier to manifest what you put your attention on and to clear the limitations, which get in the way. You find yourself in the right place at the right time, and the so called coincidences increase. You make better choices because you know when something is right for you or not, you avoid vibrations that don’t resonate and doubt and fear no longer have a place in your life. When you allow your intuition to guide your life, then extraordinary things happen. Most mystical schools and meditation trainings include techniques to open the third eye and develop the inner seeing and other psychic abilities. In the past this

process would have taken many years of practice and progress would be slow in order for the consciousness to gradually open and the awareness to expand. However the global consciousness has been greatly accelerated over the last few years and certain techniques can now accelerate the individual’s intuitive abilities quickly and easily. One of the most important techniques we teach in Theta Healing, using the Theta brainwave is how to activate the DNA in the pineal gland in the centre of the brain. This assists the opening of the third eye and whole brain thinking, which promotes the integration of left and right brain activity. When the psychic abilities begin to open, the intuition becomes much clearer and can play a more important part in your life. We also teach a specific meditation which activates and clears the chakras and gently awakens the kundalini, the powerful life force energy. This enables you to easily reach the Seventh Plane of Existence, the highest level of being, the All That Is, where all knowledge is known and is available. In Theta Healing, we work with the laws of the universe. The Law of Oneness is one of the most important universal principles, it shows us the interconnectedness of all things, linked by patterns of energy and fields of consciousness that allow us to tap into the universal source of knowledge and receive visions of new possibilities that take us beyond the limitations of the conscious mind. Through this global web of consciousness and interconnectedness, your telepathic


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11/10/2010 11:16:54

Maggie Erotokritou will be giving two presentations at the Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition. Theta Healing – Living with Vision on Saturday Nov 13th and Theta Healing - Develop your Intuition, Activate the Third Eye on Sunday Nov 14th.

Maggie Erotokritou Intuitive Healer. Theta Healing – HeartSoul Healing. Transformation, Manifestation and Abundance.

Table 45

n and Activating

Next workshop in Limassol March 26/27/28. Author of ‘Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey to Enlightenment’. 99-435687 visionquest@spidernet.

abilities increase enabling you to receive guidance on whatever level is needed. There are no boundaries within the global mind and when this is deeply understood, it changes your life because you move from the limited to the unlimited into the realms of all possibilities. The intuitive mind speaks to us in symbols, pictures, images, metaphors, words, and feelings; we receive in different ways according to which senses are more developed. When the intuition and logic work together, we create new associations in the brain, our perception changes and we draw upon knowledge that we already know as well as what we can access from the universal consciousness.

“The mind can expand to see far beyond what you thought was possible”

becomes interesting when you hand them over to the universal source and remain open to allow the answers to flow through. Usually we receive the informations step by step, and then you ask more questions, which lead to the next part and so on. Though sometimes the intuitive mind spontaneously kicks in and information flows through like a waterfall. This I find when I do readings for people, according to what the person is asking for, it may take a few minutes until things start moving, at other times from the moment the person sits down it starts to flow through without anything being said, its just there waiting to be given. When I scan the physical body and the chakras, both reveal information so that healing may occur or we find out what blockages need to be cleared to assist the healing. Through Theta Healing anyone can learn how to use their intuition, and move beyond the limitations of their mind. People are amazed when they come on courses about what they can learn to do, and how their mind can expand to see far beyond what they thought was possible. This expanding just continues and continues. What we put our energy and attention on becomes more active. It sets us free to make more life enhancing choices and live a life that is blissful, purposeful, healthy and wise.

Developing your intuition can assist you in practical ways in your daily life. Problem solving and challenges

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11/10/2010 11:17:02

Don’t miss Xenia Ioannidou - Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) & Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) “Old Lives Become New!” Saturday 13th November 17:00 Cypria C

How negative beliefs a are created and the r healing them by Xenia Ioannidou


s an SRT teacher (Spiritual Response Therapy), I am often asked “why some people don’t heal and how they can”. I feel the best way to describe something is away most people can relate to easily. I will borrow an analogy from Darreck Cheng, an SRT teacher from Malaysia who compares humans to a computer. Imagine that a person is like a computer. The equipment (hardware) of the computer iss esthe physical body. The processor, is the human brain. The hard drive is where memories are stored ter oper(our unconscious). A computer ows” is the ating system, such as “Windows” ave installed in sum of all the programs we have our lives (our main negative and positive programs). The user represents the conscious mind. The user writes commands to the computer keyboard (e.g. we program our day). Many of these commands can run automatically and silently in the background without any intervention from us - the same way the human subconscious mind keeps the body running and tells the body when it needs food, water, rest, etc.

Th The computer has specialize programs to run within ized th operating system to the p perform specific functions. D Depending on the prefere ences, the user can install s suites, games and financial p programs, etc. (Something l life skills such as danclike i selling, writing, etc.). ing, S Some “download and insta pirated software and stall” oth free programs on other the computer of their lives. But unbeknownst to them, s this software can be harmful, such as spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, eemails and various other items of qquestionable character (e.g. bel negative beliefs, habits, etc.). These, will do harm tto our computer (our lives in the future.) In time, and without the user’s conscious understanding, all these dangerous and destructive programs can bring potential harm that can come tumbling down, crashing the computer and making it lose its ability to perform its daily functions, namely to slow it down or making it unable to work as well as in the past (e.g. to cause chaos in our lives, filling us with false beliefs and knowledge, thus leading us to make ineffective


Untitled-2 22

11/10/2010 11:17:05

s and programs e role of SRT in

The SRT therapy may help you to: • heal traumas • treat children’s fears • live your life more freely • discover your ultimate potential • live a life of joy and clarity • defragment your psyche • realize your soul’s full potential • remove negative influences • eliminating self-punishment programs • eliminate subconscious barriers • harmonize relationships • lead to spiritual healing

and/or bad decisions). These beliefs and decisions will occur as the many challenges and issues we face in our daily lives, often called “the lessons of life”, which will block our success, abundance, clarity of mind and awareness. The user then realizes that something is amiss and starts to seek help on how to understand and correct these defects and malfunctions. The user is unlikely to know how to find these malicious programs, since most viruses are well hidden (as our beliefs are) somewhere within the system files (in our subconscious).

observation, vigilance and caution are the keys that will help us to take positive programming for us and reject or filter anything that is inconsistent with the higher good for us. By this statement, I don’t mean that an SRT therapy is a repetitious process, rather a beginning in our journey for constant improvement. We encourage you to keep looking in all directions that improve self awareness and especially in those that help us understand how the mind works and how we create our reality.

The user must then, send the computer to a technician (a therapist) who will help him to understand that he/she needs to buy and install an anti-virus software (an SRT clearing) that will “run” in order to identify, uninstall, disable or isolate viruses (negative programs and beliefs). SRT is a tool which helps us examine, identify, discover and clear harmful things that we, throughout our lives have accumulated in the subconscious mind and in the memory bank of our computer, (in our lives).

Xenia Ioannidou

However, there is always the risk that our antivirus package is not properly updated (in other words we don’t do anything else to improve ourselves*) or we continue to misuse our computer (we don’t lead a spiritual life). So the user can re-download another virus or destructive program (out of habit). The problem will persist because it will be re-installed over and over again. If we continue to make the same mistakes due to lack of clarity and awareness on how to live a spiritually responsible life, we will create the same bad results again and again. So, in effect,

Table 36

Accredited Teacher of SRT Consultant of the SpR Therapy Member of the Worldwide Communication Commission of SRA, Pasalimani, Piraeus, Greece Tel: + 302104297105


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11/10/2010 11:17:09

Anette Martinsen Theta Healing Where miracles happen Reading and Healing from the 7th plane on all 4 levels: the core level, the genetic level, the history level & the soul level

Heal issues, physical ailment, disease, trauma, beliefs, pain, past lives, addictions and abuse

Tel: 99-619049

personal effectiveness coaching by

Anita Michaelidis What holds you back from living the life you desire? Imagine working with someone where the total focus is on you on what you want out of life and on how to achieve it. Anita’s work supports you in identifying and actualising your individual direction. Coaching gets results because it brings out your best.

Tel. 2242 3783

Untitled-2 24

11/10/2010 11:17:10

Layle Stephen-Anderson BSD, MAR A Member of British Society of Dowsers

A Dowser, Geomancer and Dowsing Tutor; Earth Energy Healer, CranioSacral Therapist, Health Kinesiologist, Reflexologist Underground water, various earth energy lines combined with electromagnetic fields can affect the balance of your house and business also the health and well-being of every one around. Learn what you can do about it and so enjoy your ‘Life’s Adventure.’ Email: Tel: 0090-5338492742 UK: 0044-7884132929 MAR, Member of Association the Reflexologists UK, Associate Member: International Kinesiologist Federation

Viola Edward, Relationship Coach NLP Neuro Linguistic Psychology The Ennegram Holistic Trainings

Discover, release and heal patterns that are limiting your potential Including:

Confidence * Anxiety * Fears Addictions * Dysfunction * Others Covering topics such as: Loving Partners * Work * Health * Studies Money * Sexuality * Business Associates * Others Consultations in Nicosia, Limassol, Kyrenia


Untitled-2 25

Private Sessions and Workshops Get Inspired Nicosia & Limassol +357 99675094 Kyrenia +90 533 8673685 / +90 392 82244952

11/10/2010 11:17:26

Lecture schedule S

Saturday 13th November Room




Cypria C




Opening Procession - MA.GAIA Woman Frame Drummers

1 12:00


Marion Degel - Clear Your Time Clutter

Caroline Evans - In Tune with Ancient Knowledge. Healing Yourself with Nature!!


Barbara Jones - Heart Meditation


Denise Offermann Loizou - 2012 Decode Yourself




Theatro Transcendental - A Part of “The Room of Unlimited Possibilities” in English

Theatro Transcendental - A Part of “The Room of Unlimited Possibilities” in Greek

Tarik Tekman - Qigong Workshop

Benny Vervliet Numerology and Crystals

D. Anne Austin The Healers in China, Japan, Australia, USA, Singapore and Malaysia

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou - Work with the Family of Light in Cyprus! Invitation to all Light Workers! In Greek & English

Lynne Bullerwell Finding the Root Cause Reason for Why You are Sick, Stressed or Exhausted

Helen Weeks - Super Brain Yoga.

Anette Martinsen Have You Got A Food Intolerances And How To Live With It

Georgia CharalambousBotsari - I Rejoice and Enjoy My Life In Greek Sue Worwood Aromatherapy for Home Use Evie Lanitis - See for Yourself, Know for Yourself

Michael Nanson - What is Palliative Care?

Constantinos Prosalentis - An introduction to the oldest form of Yang Tai Chi style practiced today. In Greek & English

Maggie Erotokritou Theta Healing, Living with Vision Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne How to live from Your Heart’ Workshop

Kriszta Veres - Mystery of the Dark Mother, Journey with the Crone to the cauldron of transformation Workshop


Constantinos Soutis - Tachyon Bioenergy Hellas - Introduction to Tachyon Energy Methods and Applications Dr Pericles Charos 11 Dimensions of the Macrocosm In Greek

Maria Evans Heathy Cooking with Thermomix

Xenia Ioannidou Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) & Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) “Old Lives Become New!”

Malvina Savvidou - Kids Yoga (3-12 years of age) In English & Greek

AlexanderBacht Safarov -Contemporary Cosmoenergetics™ In Greek

Neophytos Efstathiou - Armoniki Zoi Kyprou Self Acceptance – The Way To Be Your True Self in Greek

Elena Ogarkova The DEIR School

Georgios Psychis Lifewave Patches


Untitled-2 26

11/10/2010 11:17:36






Presentations will start on time. Please be seated

5 minutes before .

Sunday 14th November Room



12:00 Master Vasilious Firippis - Tai Chi Chuan - The “Natural way” Workshop


Life Centre - Malvina Savvidou - Rejuvenate Your Life with Yoga (All levels)- Workshop in English & Greek

13:00 r

Cypria C

e k

Yari Koivu - Sky Cafe Soaking in the Healing Light - Workshop


Elena Ogarkova - The DEIR School In Greek

Sylvia Braun- The Bowen Technique and the MindBody Connection

Xenia Ioannidou Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) & Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) “Old Lives Become New!”

Andy Stylianou (Director of Therapolis) - DNA Testing & Personalised Medicine launches in Cyprus

Angels House University: Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou - The Flame of Mary Magdalene in English & Greek

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne- The 7 Steps to Perfect Love - Workshop

Maria Stavrou Constellation Workshop In Greek



The Day I Died” - Introduction by Barbara Jones with 1 hour film and discussion

Joan Bunyan The Fall of Humanity

Orestes Terzides The Bridge from Time to Eternity

Neophytos Efstathiou - Armoniki Zoi Kyprou - PSYCH-K - The way to change the beliefs that create so many problems in your LifeIn Greek

Susan Rudd Lemurian Healing

Margaret Antoniou Studio Figura

Maggie Erotokritou – Theta Healing - Develop your Intuition, Activate the Third Eye.

Helen Weeks “Your Hands Can Heal” Introduction to Pranic Healing

Ludmilla Breeva - Contemporary Cosmoenergetics™ In Russian

Constantinos Soutis - Tachyon Therapy Introduction to Tachyon Energy methods and applications - Part 2 workshop in Greek

Marek Kukulka - Time Therapy - Play of Emotions

John McCarron Dying Consciously



5 λεπτά


14:00 Anette Martinsen - Theta Healing™ – Change Your Life with Theta Healing Workshop

Οι παρουσιάσεις θα αρχίσουν ΕΓΚΑΙΡΩΣ παρακαλώ να είστε εκεί πριν από την έναρξη

Paulina SrzednickaBrazilian Womens Wisdom Elina Papa - Stress Busting with Laughter Yoga - Workshop

Nana Georgiou - Dynamic Yoga - Workshop- All levels

Alexander-Bacht Safarov -Contemporary Cosmoenergetics™ & Energetic PassageWorkshop In Greek


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presentations Workshops, talks and classes

Presentations will start on time. Please be seated

5 minutes before

Saturday 13th November Marion Degel – Καθαρίστε τη χρονική σας ακαταστασία

Marion Degel Clear Your Time Clutter

Are you conscious about how you spend your time- about how you spend your life? In her talk Marion will show us how we often waste our time by not deciding, by procrastinating or by following external distractions. Additionally we don’t take enough time to live in alignment with our deeper sense of life. As a result our energy levels drop, we are stressed and unhappy. Marion offers private and business consultations, talks and workshops throughout Europe.


12:00 Dionysus Room

Table 96/97

Tel: +49 5483 8037, Mob: +49 172 9458501,,

Benny Vervliet - Numerology and Crystals

Benny Vervliet – Αριθμολογία και Κρύσταλλοι

Crystals/stones can enhance your life, through the use of numerology we can find out which crystals are strengthening us. Benny grew up in a family of gemologists, in Antwerp, Belgium where he is born. He studied Numerology in Malaysia from the famous Master Liu (Chinese Numerology) and Germany (Western Numerology). He currently lives in Hungary where he owns a Crystal and Esoteric gifts Wholesale/Retail business. Benny lectures and gives private sessions all around the world. He also teaches classes via the internet.

Οι Κρύσταλλοι / πετρώματα μπορούν να βελτιώσουν τη ζωή σας. Μέσα από τη χρήση της Αριθμολογίας μπορούμε να ανακαλύψουμε ποιοι κρύσταλλοι μας ενδυναμώνουν. Ο Benny μεγάλωσε σε μια οικογένεια γεμολόγων στην Αμβέρσα του Βελγίου όπου και γεννήθηκε. Σπούδασε Αριθμολογία στη Μαλαισία με τον περίφημο Master Liu (Κινέζικη αριθμολογία) και στη Γερμανία (Δυτική Αριθμολογία). Ζει στην Ουγγαρία όπου διατηρεί επιχείρηση λιανικής και χονδρικής εμπορίας Κρυστάλλων και Εσωτερικών αντικειμένων. Ο Benny δίνει ομιλίες και προσωπικές συναντήσεις σε όλο τον κόσμο. Επίσης διδάσκει μέσω του διαδικτύου.

12:00 Amathusia Room

Table 30 and, +36 204496367,,

Lynne Bullerwell - Finding the Root Cause Reason for Why You are Sick, Stressed or Exhausted

Lynne Bullerwell – Ανακαλύπτοντας τις αιτίες της Αρρώστιας, του Στρες και της Εξάντλησης.

Understanding the real meaning behind your illness and stress, and how to deal with it. The talk explains why the symptoms your body creates have real meaning and how they can be decoded in order for you to move towards health and wellbeing. Lynne has qualifications in so many forms of treatment that she prefers to call herself a Health Detective. Her training includes counselling, healing, kinesiology, energy therapies such as Psych-K, CKT, Matrix/EFT to mention just a few.

Κατανοήστε το πραγματικό νόημα της ασθένειας σας και πώς να το αντιμετωπίσετε. Η ομιλία εξηγεί γιατί τα συμπτώματα που δημιουργεί το σώμα μας έχουν πραγματικό νόημα και πώς μπορούν να αποκωδικοποιηθούν ώστε να προχωρήσουμε προς την υγεία και ευεξία. Η Lynne έχει γνώσεις και προσόντα σε τόσες πολλές μορφές θεραπείας που προτιμά να αποκαλεί τον εαυτό της Ντετέκτιβ Υγείας. Η εκπαίδευσή της περιλαμβάνει μεταξύ άλλων Συμβουλευτική, Κινησιολογία και Ενεργειακές Θεραπείες όπως Psych-K, CKT και Matrix/EFT.

12:00 Cypria C Room

+44 118 9723979,,

Sue Worwood - Aromatherapy for Home Use

Table 46

Έχετε συνείδηση του πώς περνάτε το χρόνο σας – πώς περνάτε τη ζωή σας; Στην ομιλία της, η Μάριον θα μας δείξει πώς σπαταλάμε συχνά το χρόνο μας με την αναποφασιστικότητα και την αναβλητικότητα μας ή με το να αφήνουμε την προσοχή μας να αποσπάται από εξωτερικές καταστάσεις. Επιπρόσθετα, δεν αφιερώνουμε αρκετό χρόνο ώστε να ζήσουμε σε αρμονία με την βαθύτερη μας αίσθηση της ζωής. Ως αποτέλεσμα «πέφτουν» τα επίπεδα ενέργειάς μας, είμαστε αγχωμένοι και δυστυχισμένοι. Η Μάριον παρέχει συμβουλευτικές υπηρεσίες σε άτομα και επιχειρήσεις, παρουσιάζει ομιλίες και εργαστήρια σε όλη την Ευρώπη.

Learn what aromatherapy is, where essential oils come from and how to use them for yourself, family, pets and around the home. Susan Worwood, M.I.F.A. is a clinical aromatherapist and has been practicing for over 24yrs. She had taught aromatherapy in the UK, USA and Canada and has been involved in various research projects. She is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and the official representative for IFA Cyprus. Together Susan and her sister, Dr Valerie Ann Worwood, wrote the book Essential Aromatherapy. Susan has clinics in Nicosia and Dherynia. She is the owner of Fragrant Planet & creates hand crafted aromatherapy products.

12:00 Salaminia Room

Sue Worwood – Αρωματοθεραπεία για Οικιακή Χρήση

Μάθετε τι είναι η Αρωματοθεραπεία, από πού έρχονται τα αιθέρια έλαια και πώς να τα χρησιμοποιείτε για τον εαυτό σας, την οικογένεια, τα κατοικίδια ζώα και στο σπίτι. Η Susan Worwood, M.I.F.A. είναι κλινική αρωματοθεραπεύτρια, μέλος της Διεθνούς Ομοσπονδίας Αρωματοθεραπευτών (IFA) και η επίσημη αντιπρόσωπος της IFA στην Κύπρο. Η Susan σε συνεργασία με την αδερφή της Δρ Valerie Ann Worwood έγραψαν το βιβλίο Essential Aromatherapy. Η Susan ζει στην Κύπρο και διατηρεί κλινικές στη Λευκωσία και στη Δερύνεια. Είναι ιδιοκτήτρια του Fragrant Planet και κατασκευάζει χειροποίητα προϊόντα Αρωματοθεραπείας.



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11/10/2010 11:17:49

Saturday presentations Γεωργία Χαραλάμπους – Μπότσαρη – Χαίρομαι και Απολαμβάνω τη Ζωή Μου – Στα Ελληνικά

Georgia Charalambous-Botsari I Rejoice and Enjoy My Life. In Greek

Table 5

The Science of Spirituality teaches how to obtain true and lasting Happiness, Love, Joy, Peace and Fulfilment in modern life through a simple method of meditation to the inner light and sound. Evy Caradja, Greece + 210 748314, In Cyprus, Giorgia Charalambous, 99- 644893, in Nicosia. evycasos@otenet.grt

12:00 Idalion Room

Η Επιστήμη της Πνευματικότητας μας διδάσκει πώς να αποκτήσουμε πραγματική και διαρκή Ευτυχία, Αγάπη, Χαρά, Ειρήνη και Πλήρωση στη μοντέρνα ζωή, μέσα από μια απλή μέθοδο διαλογισμού στο εσωτερικό φώς και ήχους. Εύη Καρατζα, Ελλάδα + 30 210 748314, Γεωργία Χαραλάμπους, Κύπρος 99- 644893 στη Λευκωσία. email:


Caroline Evans - Σε Αρμονία με την Αρχαία Γνώση. Θεραπεία του εαυτού με τη Φύση!

Caroline Evans - In Tune with Ancient Knowledge. Healing Yourself with Nature!!

Table 3

Healing Yourself with Nature!! Using traditional methods of healing brings about the most optimum natural health. Caroline will teach you ways of tuning with your natural selves and how to bring about healing for mind, body, soul and heart the 100% organic way. Learn preventative methods of health from the ancients and keeping energised whilst grounded in today’s busy world. Caroline Evans is a Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutrition Consultant based at Pano Akourdaelia Herbal Gardens, Akamas,

13:00 Dionysus Room


D. Anne Austin - The Healers in China, Japan, Australia, USA, Singapore and Malaysia

Table 62

What is happening worldwide, the similarities and the differences and how synthesizing is taking place. The emergence of earth healing tools using metals and crystals channeled in UK and the importance of the higher vibratory rate of. flowers from various earth areas for the healing of emotional states and what we can each do to quicken the healing energy of the planet. Anne travels extensively giving workshops and lectures ways of healing self esteem and bringing forth spirituality in every day life.

13:00 Amathusia Room

What is the third eye and why would we want to awaken it? Developing the third eye is a direct way of expanding our consciousness and discovering our essential nature. It is fundamentally the gateway that leads to the inner worlds. Based on the Clairvision School of Meditation techniques we will begin exploring some simple practices and we will stop doing and be fully aware, just aware, allowing what is hidden in the depths to come through and reveal itself.

13:00 Idalion Room

Table 51

D. Anne Austin – Οι θεραπευτές στη Κίνα, Ιαπωνία, Αυστραλία, Η.Π.Α, Σιγκαπούρη και Μαλαισία. Τι συμβαίνει ανά το παγκόσμιο, οι ομοιότητες και διαφορές και πώς λαμβάνει χώρα η σύνθεση. Η εμφάνιση εργαλείων για τη θεραπεία της Γής με την χρήση μετάλλων και κρυστάλλων, μετά από διοχέτευση στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο. Η σημασία της υψηλότερης δόνησης των φυτών από διάφορα σημεία της Γής για τη θεραπεία συναισθηματικών καταστάσεων και τι μπορεί να κάνει ο καθένας μας για να επισπεύσουμε τη θεραπευτική ενέργεια του πλανήτη. Η Anne ταξιδεύει εκτενώς παρουσιάζοντας εργαστήρια και διαλέξεις πάνω σε τρόπους θεραπείας του αυτοσεβασμού και εισαγωγής της πνευματικότητας στη καθημερινή ζωή.


Evie Lanitis A Practical Introduction to Awakening the Third Eye

Table 42

Η Caroline Evans είναι Βοτανολόγος, Φυσικοπαθητικός και Σύμβουλος Διατροφής με βάση της την Πάνω Ακουρδάλεια στον Ακάμα όπου διατηρεί βοτανικό κήπο.

Ήβη Λανίτη – Δες μόνος σου, Γνώριζε μόνος σου – Μια εισαγωγή στην Αφύπνιση του Τρίτου Ματιού Τι είναι το Τρίτο Μάτι και γιατί επιθυμούμε να το αφυπνίσουμε; Η ενεργοποίηση του Τρίτου Ματιού είναι ένας άμεσος τρόπος επέκτασης της συνειδητότητάς μας και ανακάλυψης της βασικής μας φύσης. Είναι ουσιαστικά η πύλη που οδηγεί στους εσωτερικούς κόσμους. Βασισμένοι σε τεχνικές του Clairvision School of Meditation, θα ξεκινήσουμε την εξερεύνηση απλών πρακτικών, θα σταματήσουμε την πράξη και θα μείνουμε συνειδητοί, απλά συνειδητοί, επιτρέποντας σε οτιδήποτε βρίσκεται κρυμμένο στο βάθος να αποκαλυφθεί.


Barbara Jones - Heart Meditation

Barbara Jones – Διαλογισμός Καρδιάς

During the guided meditation Barbara will use her Rose Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl to help you to connect to your HeartSpace, the place within us that is uniquely our own, yet interconnect with all that is. This beautiful bowl sings at the note, high C, connecting with the 8th Chakra. Its sound is pure and uplifting, enabling joyful heart opening and expansion as we connect with our higher self and open to our HeartSpace. It is becoming clear that a heart based approach to learning, life and business activities brings greater joyfulness, authenticity and healthy relationships.

Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτού του καθοδηγούμενου διαλογισμού η Barbara θα χρησιμοποιήσει το Κρυστάλλινο της μπολ από Ροζ Χαλαζία για να σας βοηθήσει να συνδεθείτε με το χώρο της Καρδιάς σας. Το μέρος μέσα μας που είναι μοναδικά δικό μας και ταυτόχρονα συνδεδεμένο με τα πάντα. Αυτό το όμορφο μπολ, ηχεί στη ψηλή νότα Ντο (C6 – σοπράνο) που συνδέεται με το 8ο τσάκρα. Ο ήχος του είναι αγνός και ευχάριστος, καθιστά δυνατό το χαρούμενο άνοιγμα της καρδιάς, όπως ενωνόμαστε με τον ανώτερό μας εαυτό και ανοιγόμαστε στο χώρο της Καρδιάς μας. Γίνεται ξεκάθαρο ότι η προσέγγιση της μάθησης, της ζωής και της εργασίας με βάση την καρδιά, φέρνει μεγαλύτερη χαρά, αυθεντικότητα και υγιείς σχέσεις.

14:00 Dionysus Room

99-335984, and


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11/10/2010 11:17:57

Don’t miss my talk

“Have you got a food intolerance and how to live with it” Saturday 14th November 15:00 Cypria C Room at MBS expo.

‘A Recipe For Health’ cooking programme is predominately for people who want healthy, nutritous, tasty food but my programmes are also geared towards people with intolerances, allergies, illness and disease. These recipes have taken me many years to perfect. They have all been made many times at my home for my children Tomas, Tristan, Jade and my husband Peter. They helped me make the recipes better each time. I made flapjacks for months until I found the perfect combination -- not too dry, a little crispy on the outside but a little bit gooey on the inside. I love cooking and experimenting with recipes and healthy ingredients. Have been doing it for years now

Dairy, sugar, egg and wheat free

Norwegian Spice Biscuits Ingredients

220g spelt flour 3 teaspoons ground ginger 3 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground clove 2 teaspoons ground cardamom 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 2 tablespoons maple syrup 100g organic natural margarine 80g fructose


1. Place the organic margarine, fructose and maple syrup in a bowl and start mixing it until it becomes smooth and fluffy. 2. Add the flour, sifting it first, and then add the spices, baking soda and cream of tartar and mix well. 3. Wrap in cling film and leave over night in the fridge or for a few hours 4. Then cut and roll flat on a floured surface.

and had so many recipes

5. Use biscuit cutters if you have or shape

that I decided to write a book

them, the thinner you make them the crispier

and make my own cooking programmes. All recipes are vegan, healthy, sugar, egg, wheat and meat free and they don’t taste like

they get. 6. Put them on baking paper on a baking tray. 7. Preheat oven to 2200C and bake for approx. 10-15 minutes.


A Recip eF Anette or Health Martin sen

Watch all my programmes on YouTube.

This recipe is taken from the cookbook A Recipe for Health by Anette Martinsen. A Vega n cookb le suffe ook for ring wi health th food intolera , an ipes ar nces, al e dairy d strict diets. lergies , egg, su And th gar, ey don ’t taste wheat and me like ca rdboard at free.

For peop

Untitled-2 32

The book will be on sale at the MBS for €20 at table 37, or at bookshops.

All rec

11/10/2010 11:17:58

“You don’t need to use dairy, sugar, eggs and wheat to make georgous tasting biscuits, there are plenty of other ingredients you can use like mayple syrup, fructose, agave for a sweetner. To get them to rise use cream of tartar and bicarboate of soda. I use spelt in this recipe which is an ancient type of wheat but it is not as heavy as wheat - you can use rice flour for gluten free” Anette Martinsen


Untitled-2 33

11/10/2010 11:18:04

Saturday presentations Angels House University: Πασχάλης Καζακόπουλος & Φρίξος Χριστοδούλου

Angels House University: Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou.

Table 65

Work with the Family of Light in Cyprus! Invitation to all Light Workers! In Greek & English. We invite you to be part of this unique experience! During this experiential workshop, Paschalis and Frixos will introduce the participants in a powerful energy field in order to experience the new codes of the light and the new ascension energies.

14:00 Amathusia Room

Table 47

Εργασία με την Οικογένεια του Φωτός στη Κύπρο! Σας προσκαλούμε να είστε μέρος αυτής της μοναδικής εμπειρίας! Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτού του βιωματικού εργαστηρίου ο Πασχάλης και ο Φρίξος θα εισάγουν τους παρευρισκόμενους σε ένα ισχυρό ενεργειακό πεδίο ώστε να βιώσουν τις νέες κωδικοποιήσεις φωτός και τις νέες ενέργειες της Ανάληψης,, +30 2109853796

Helen Weeks - Super Brain Yoga

Helen Weeks - Super Brain Yoga

Super Brain Yoga is a simple way of stimulating the brain to get better results in memory, concentration and before exams. It is being used in patients suffering from Alzheimers, Parkinsons as well as Autism, ADSD and ADSL and to stimulate very premature babies. 99-851102 helenpranichealing@

Το Super Brain Yoga είναι ένας απλός τρόπος ενεργοποίησης του εγκεφάλου, ώστε να βελτιώσουμε τη μνήμη, τη συγκέντρωση και την απόδοση σε εξετάσεις. Εφαρμόζεται σε ασθενείς με Αλτζχάιμερ, Πάρκινσον, αυτισμό, ADSD, ADSL και για την διέγερση των πρόωρων βρεφών.

14:00 Cypria C Room


Michael Nanson - What is Palliative Care?

Michael Nanson – Τι είναι η καταπραϋντική φροντίδα;

How ‘Friends for Life’ delivers Palliative Care in Limassol District. Michael Nanson comes from a background of Private Banking and works as a volunteer Management Consultant for ‘Friends for Life’ responsible for drafting and monitoring their 5 year business plan.

Πώς το «Friends for Life» προσφέρει Καταπραϋντική Φροντίδα στη Λεμεσό. Ο Michael Nanson έχει εργαστεί στο χώρου του Private Banking καθώς και ως εθελοντής Διοικητικός Σύμβουλος για το «Friends for Life», όπου είναι υπεύθυνος για τη δημιουργία και τον έλεγχο του πενταετούς επιχειρηματικού τους σχεδίου.

Table 83

14:00 Salaminia Room

Table 48

Constantinos Soutis - Tachyon Bioenergy Hellas - Introduction to Tachyon Energy Methods and Applications

Κωνσταντίνος Σούτης Υπεύθυνος Tachyon Bioenergy Hellas

The term ‘tachyon’ physics identifies a particle held to be theoretic, capable of travelling at a speed faster than light. Space is not empty, but immersed in a very concentrated energy field, composed of these theoretic particles which move faster than light and which constitute a source of free energy, situated outside the electromagnetic field, independently of light and of the sun.

Ο όρος ‘Tachyon’ αναφέρεται σε υποατομικά σωματίδια με ταχύτητα μεγαλύτερη του φωτός. Είναι βασικοί παράγοντες δημιουργίας του κόσμου και μεταφέρουν πληροφορίες ζωής. Φορείς θετικών ιδιοτήτων συμβάλλουν στην εξέλιξη ενισχύοντας τις δομές με Αρμονία. Εμπεριέχουν συνειδητότητα. Η Tachyon θεραπεία μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί με τους ακόλουθους τρόπους:

Part 2 - Sunday, 17:00 in Cypria C (in Greek)

2η ημέρα (στα 17:00 Κυριακή - Cypria C στα Ελληνικά)

14:00 Idalion Room

Table 37,, 22-757538, 99-255129

Anette Martinsen - Have You Got A Food Intolerances And How To Live With It

Anette Martinsen – Έχετε τροφικές δυσανεξίες και πώς να ζήσετε μαζί τους.

Find out if you have one and what to do if you have one. Demonstration on how to test yourself for food intolerances. The book by Anette Martinsen ‘A Recipe for Health’ will be on sale. Watch her shows on A cooking show for health, for people suffering with food intolerances, allergies and strict diets. All recipes are dairy, egg, sugar, wheat and meat free. And they don’t taste like cardboard! My book “A Recipe for Health” on Amazon,

Ανακαλύψτε αν έχετε τροφικές δυσανεξίες και πώς να τις αντιμετωπίσετε. Παρουσίαση του τρόπου εξέτασης για τροφικές δυσανεξίες που μπορείτε να εφαρμόσετε μόνοι σας. Το βιβλίο της Anette Martinsen, «A Recipe for Health», θα διατίθεται προς πώληση. Δείτε τις εκπομπές της στο user/AnetteMartinsen. Μια εκπομπή μαγειρικής για άτομα που υποφέρουν από τροφικές δυσανεξίες, αλλεργίες ή πρέπει να ακολουθούν περιοριστικές δίαιτες. Οι συνταγές δεν περιέχουν γαλακτοκομικά, αυγά, ζάχαρη, σιτάρι και κρέας και είναι νοστιμότατες! Το βιβλίο μου “A Recipe for Health” διατίθεται από το Amazon.

15:00 Cypria C Room

Untitled-2 34

Tel: 99-619049,,

11/10/2010 11:18:05

Saturday presentations Constantinos Prosalentis - An introduction to the oldest form of Yang Tai Chi style. Greek & English

Table 38

Basic kinetic principles, meditation exercises for all and many more! An overall presentation of this truly magnificent art. Learn the basic kinetic principles of Tai Chi, standing and walking meditation exercises, how slow deep breathing can change the quality of our lives, proper meditation method, introduction to basic self defense applications of Yang style and basic push hand exercises. Suitable for all ages and physical condition. or

15:00 Salaminia Room

Table 48

Κωνσταντίνος Προσαλέντης & Χριστίνα Αργυρού – Εισαγωγή στην αρχαιότερη μορφή του Yang Tai Chi Εισαγωγή στην αρχαιότερη φόρμα Yang Tai Chi που υπάρχει σήμερα. Βασική κινησιολογία, ασκήσεις διαλογισμού και πολλά αλλά για όλους! Μια ολοκληρωμένη παρουσίαση αυτής της εκπληκτικής τέχνης που δεν πρέπει να χάσετε. Γνωρίστε το μαγικό κόσμο του Tai Chi! Το σεμινάριο αυτό είναι μια μοναδική ευκαιρία να γνωρίσετε την παλαιότερη και αυθεντική φόρμα του στυλ Yang και να εξασκηθείτε στις βασικές αρχές κίνησης του Tai Chi. Νιώστε την ευεργετική δράση του στατικού και εν κινήσει διαλογισμού του οποίου η εξάσκηση μπορεί να αλλάξει και να βελτιώσει την ποιότητα της ζωής σας! Στο σεμινάριο θα παρουσιαστούν επίσης βασικές εφαρμογές του στυλ Yang για αυτοάμυνα καθώς και βασικές ασκήσεις “χεριών που σπρώχνουν”.

Constantinos 96 51 53 55 Nicosia,

Dr Pericles Charos - String Theory & Internal Healing (in Greek)

Δρ. Περικλής Χαρός – 11 Διαστάσεις του Μακρόκοσμου. Στα Ελληνικά

In the 11 dimensions of the macrocosm, according to Einstein, the parallel micro-universes in infinite number construct-promote, create, compose an integrated set of dimensions or operating with a different synthetic, reverse, limit, destroy the same micro-universes. Dr Pericles Charos (M.D) is a Doctor graduate of Medical and Pharmaceutical School and Alternative Therapist (graduate of Alternative Therapy School). He has been a Director and Professor of the Hellenic Natural School, cooperating with alternative centers of Dynamic Therapeutics, teaching Iridology, Nutrition Counseling, Biotherapy, Vitaminology, Chrystal Therapy, Sound Therapy & Osteopathy.

Ο Δρ Περικλής Χαρός (M.D) είναι Ιατρός απόφοιτος Ιατρικής & Φαρμακευτικής Σχολής και Εναλλακτικός Θεραπευτής (απόφοιτος σχολής Εναλλακτικής Θεραπευτικής). Διατέλεσε Διευθυντής και Καθηγητής του Hellenic Natural School συνεργαζόμενος με εναλλακτικά Κέντρα Δυναμικής Θεραπευτικής, διδάσκοντας Ιριδολογία – (Radionics), Ραδιονική θεραπευτική, Ρεφλεξολογία, Συμβουλευτική Διατροφολογία, Βιοθεραπευτική, Βιταμινολογία, Κρυσταλοθεραπία, Ηχοδονιτική θεραπευτική, Οστεοπαθητική, Βελονισμό και Ομοιοπαθητική.

15:00 Idalion Room, 22-757538, 99-255129

Denise Offermann Loizou 2012 Αποκωδικοποιήστε τον εαυτό σας

Denise Offermann Loizou 2012 D e c o d e Y o u r s e l f

Table 14

Most of us are aware of a deep shifting inside and outside of us. This may be due to climate change, fast advancing technology….and in decoding ourselves. We are approaching a new language… a language that our ancestors left for us. It is the language of COMPASSION & BLESSINGS that helps us to release the leftovers from the dark middle ages, the cruelty and struggle of surviving our past. We decode our ancestors’ wise voice that wants to come forward in order to create a new era of life. This seminar gives you the insight of how to start/continue to decode yourself.

15:00 Dionysus Room

Tel: 22-485021, 96-710022,

Theatro Transcendental - “The Room of Unlimited Possibilities” A Theatre Play Based on Spiritual philosophy

Υπερβατικό Θέατρο «Το Δωμάτιο των Απεριόριστων Πιθανοτήτων»

Discover Theatro transcendental unique self-development process where Theatre becomes a channel or catalyst for audiences to transform themselves and transcend their limited realities. The live example of actor on stage, symbolic gestures and the transformational power of sound and rhythm, provide one of the most supportive ways to activate true lasting life change. Certain integrative techniques are then suggested in a wonderful workshop which can open new centres in the brain, and provide unlimited possibilities of living and being. Experience the full room! «The Room of Unlimited Possibilities»

Ανακαλύψτε τον ξεχωριστό τρόπο αυτό-εξερεύνησης και αυτό-εξέλιξης του Theatro-Transcendental. Μια θεατρική παράσταση που φιλοδοξεί να προσφέρει στο κοινό την ενθάρρυνση και τον τρόπο για ποιοτικές αλλαγές στη ζωή. To Theatro-T , χρησιμοποιώντας το ζωντανό παράδειγμα του ηθοποιού στη σκηνή, συμβολικές εικόνες και τη δύναμη του ήχου και του ρυθμού, μεταφέρει το θεατή σε μια κατάσταση απεριόριστης έμπνευσης. Μετά το απόσπασμα της παράστασης, οι ηθοποιοί θα παραδώσουν τη σκηνή στους θεατές για να δουλέψουμε με τις καινούριες πρακτικές και θεωρίες που η θεατρική παράσταση προτείνει. Δείτε ολόκληρη την παράσταση, σε παραστάσεις κοινού σε όλη την Κύπρο.

16:00 Dionysus Room, tel. 96384954 16:00 in English and 17:00 in Greek

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne (aka Louise A Langley) How to live from Your Heart’ -Workshop

Table 43

Οι περισσότεροι από μας αναγνωρίζουν τη βαθιά αλλαγή που συμβαίνει μέσα και γύρω μας. Είτε πρόκειται για κλιματολογικές αλλαγές, ταχεία εξέλιξη της τεχνολογίας, ακόμα και αποκωδικοποίηση του εαυτού μας. Προσεγγίζουμε μια καινούρια γλώσσα, τη γλώσσα που μας άφησαν οι πρόγονοι μας. Είναι η γλώσσα της ΣΥΜΠΟΝΙΑΣ και των ΕΥΛΟΓΙΩΝ που μας βοηθά να απελευθερώσουμε κατάλοιπα από τον σκοτεινό Μεσαίωνα, τη σκληρότητα και τη πάλη για επιβίωση. Αποκωδικοποιούμε την σοφή φωνή των προγόνων μας, που επιθυμεί να έλθει μέσα σε τάξη, ώστε να δημιουργήσει μια νέα εποχή ζωής. Αυτό το σεμινάριο δίνει τις πληροφορίες για να ξεκινήσετε ή να συνεχίσετε την αποκωδικοποίηση του εαυτού σας.

What if life were a game ...? What if that game was a story that you had created for you to uncover in the perfect moment? What if all the people you meet and events that unfold are merely characters and events in that unfolding story. What if there was a simple way to decode your own story and become the real empowered you? What if there were a way to change it! Would you love to know how? Join Ahqulieah on this fun experiential workshop to find out and watch the real magic of your life’s purpose begin to unfold!

16:00 Amathusia Room

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne (aka Louise A Langley) – Πώς να ζείτε από την Καρδιά Σας Η Louise A. Langley παρουσιάζει ένα διασκεδαστικό βιωματικό εργαστήριο όπου θα ανακαλύψουμε και θα παρακολουθήσουμε την πραγματική μαγεία του σκοπού της ζωής μας να ξετυλίγεται! Μετά την έκδοση του πρώτου παγκόσμια αναγνωρισμένου βιβλίου της, “The Sacred Quest”, η Ahqulieah προχώρησε στην έκδοση περισσότερων βιβλίων, έγινε ομιλήτρια, ταξιδεύει ανά τον κόσμο δίνοντας σεμινάρια, εμφανίζεται στην τηλεόραση και σε ταινίες μαζί με άλλους κορυφαίους ειδικούς της προσωπικής ανάπτυξης και γράφει για περιοδικά. Μοιράζεται το εμπνευστικό μήνυμα να ζούμε από την Καρδιά και να παρακολουθήσουμε τη μαγεία της ζωής να ξετυλίγεται. 35

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11/10/2010 11:18:15

Saturday - presentations

Table 45

Maggie Erotokritou Theta Healing – Living with Vision

Maggie Erotokritou Theta Healing – Ζώντας με όραμα

Create a new vision for your life and learn how to empower yourself and move forward without fear. When you clear the limitations of the past, you free the present and this enables you to create a future that is filled with creative possibilities and joy beyond what you thought was possible. Theta Healing can transform your life and teach you the tools on how to achieve this.

Δημιουργήστε ένα νέο όραμα για τη ζωή σας και μάθετε πώς να ενδυναμώνετε τον εαυτό σας και να προχωρείτε χωρίς φόβο. Όταν καθαρίσετε τους περιορισμούς του παρελθόντος, ελευθερώνετε το παρόν και αυτό σας δίνει την δυνατότητα να δημιουργήσετε ένα μέλλον γεμάτο δημιουργικές πιθανότητες και χαρά πέρα από όση πιστεύατε δυνατή. Το Theta Healing μπορεί να μεταμορφώσει τη ζωή σας και σας διδάσκει τα εργαλεία για να το πραγματοποιήσετε

16:00 Cypria C Room,, 99,435687,

Eminentia Trading Ltd Heathy Cooking with Thermomix

Table 1

Come to a cooking class! See how anybody can achieve fast, easy and healthy cooking using Thermomix machines. In the busy lives we lead, few of us have the time to cook fresh home cooked meals. But with the Thermomix it is possible to have a complete healthy meal in 30 minutes or less. Thermomix supports healthy cooking by actually cooking healthily and at low temperatures, which helps to retain all the nutritional value of the food

16:00 Idalion Room

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) was developed by Robert E. Detzler in the mid ‘80s. Although this method is relatively new, it’s based on Pythagorean philosophies and quantum physics. A pendulum is used as a receiver and indicator on a special set of diagrams in order to access your Akashic Records (book of life), always with the permission of your own High Self, in order to clear the negative energies, subconscious programming, blocks and interferences that build and carry over from this and past lives. This allows for new, positive, supportive ideas and beliefs to establish themselves and bring about self-healing on all levels

17:00 Cypria C Room

Table 42

Ξένια Ιωαννίδου – Θεραπεία Πνευματικής Απόκρισης (SRT) και SpR, «Παλιές Ζωές Γίνονται Νέες! »

Ξένια Ιωαννίδου – Θεραπεία Πνευματικής Απόκρισης (SRT) και Πνευματική Αναδόμηση (SpR),«Παλιές Ζωές Γίνονται Νέες! », Η Ξένια Ιωαννίδου, δασκάλα του SRT θα επικεντρωθεί στην απάντηση των ερωτήσεών σας σχετικά με τις πρακτικές εφαρμογές της θεραπείας. Ξένια Ιωαννίδου – Πιστοποιημένη Δασκάλα SRT και Σύμβουλος SpR, +30 210 42 97 105, +30 6932 30 39 29, gr, Email :

+30 210 42 97 105, +30 6932 30 39 29,, Email :

Malvina Savvidou - Kids Yoga (3-12 years of age) In English & Greek

Μαλβίνα Σαββίδου -Παιδική γιόγκα Στα Ελληνικά και Αγγλικά. Παιδική γιόγκα (3-12 ετών)

A fantasy game with exercises, inspirations, and creativity all derived from the representations of nature. What is included in a Kids’ Yoga class? These Yoga exercises originate from fairytales and songs meant to increase the interest and concentration of the kids. Along with the yoga postures, the kids do simple breathing exercises. During the concentration exercises, the kids focus on things, games, parts of the body, or situations which the instructor creates, and during these silent few moments, the kids learn to slowly focus, stay quiet, and listen.

Ένα παιχνίδι φαντασίας, άσκησης, έμπνευσης και δημιουργίας που προκύπτει από την παρατήρηση και τη μίμηση της φύσης. Πώς είναι μια τάξη παιδικής γιόγκα; Οι ασκήσεις μπορούν να συνοδεύονται από παραμύθια ή τραγούδια που αυξάνουν το ενδιαφέρον των παιδιών γι’ αυτό που κάνουν. Mαζί με τις στάσεις της γιόγκα, τα παιδιά κάνουν απλές αναπνευστικές ασκήσεις. Στις ασκήσεις συγκέντρωσης τα παιδιά συγκεντρώνονται σε πράγματα, παιχνίδια, μέλη του σώματος ή καταστάσεις που ορίζει ο δάσκαλος και μέσα από την ολιγόλεπτη σιωπή εκπαιδεύονται σιγά-σιγά να συγκεντρώνονται, να σιωπούν και να ακούν.

17:00 Salaminia Room,, 22-377630, 99-413707

Elena Ogarkova In Russian

Table 18

Ελάτε σε ένα μάθημα μαγειρικής! Δείτε πως μπορεί ο καθένας να μαγειρέψει γρήγορα, εύκολα και υγιεινά χρησιμοποιώντας τα μηχανήματα της Thermomix. Η πολυάσχολη ζωή μας, επιτρέπει σε λίγους από μας να μαγειρέψουν φρέσκα φαγητά στο σπίτι. Με το Thermomix είναι δυνατόν να έχουμε ένα πλήρες γεύμα μέσα σε 30 λεπτά ή λιγότερο. Το Thermomix υποστηρίζει το υγιεινό μαγείρεμα με το να μαγειρεύει σε χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες, πράγμα που βοηθά να διατηρηθεί όλη η θρεπτική αξία του φαγητού., Enimentia Trading, Ltd., 22-667242, , Table 1

Xenia Ioannidou - Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) & Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) “Old Lives Become New!”

Table 36

Enimentia Trading – Υγιεινό μαγείρεμα με το Thermomix

The DEIR School represents the unique comprehensive system of techniques and methods pointed on the personal development in order to improve the different aspects of life, such as health, personal life, business or carrier. The education in the school is divided into 5 stages; moreover plenty of thematic seminars are developed. The base methods of the school are described in books of Dmitrij Verischagin (Д.С. Верищагин). The English translation of the first book is downloadable here: deirENG.html,

17:00 Idalion Room

Elena Ogarkova

Η σχολή DEIR αντιπροσωπεύει το μοναδικό σύστημα τεχνικών και μεθόδων που απευθύνονται στην προσωπική ανάπτυξη, με σκοπό να βελτιώσουν διάφορες πτυχές της ζωής, όπως υγεία, προσωπική ζωή, επιχειρηματικότητα και καριέρα. Η εκπαίδευση στη σχολή είναι χωρισμένη σε 5 στάδια, και ταυτόχρονα οργανώνονται διάφορα θεματικά σεμινάρια. Οι βασικές μέθοδοι της σχολής περιγράφονται στα βιβλία του Dmitrij Verischagin (Д.С. Верищагин). Μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε την Αγγλική μετάφραση του πρώτου βιβλίου εδώ:, www.deir. org


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11/10/2010 11:18:16

Saturday presentations Tarik Tekman - Qigong- Ενεργειακή Άσκηση

Tarik Tekman - Qigong- Energy Exercise

Table 50

Introductory workshop on Qigong (or Chi Kung), an ancient Chinese exercise to open the energy blockages of the body, boost the immune system and strengthen body and mind. With qigong, you can: regulate and strengthen the energy flow of the body, treat and heal various conditions, strengthen the mind, nerves, immune system and internal organs, improve endurance and physical strength, build a strong foundation for martial arts, open the awareness of energy in and out of body People of all ages and health levels are welcome to participate.

18:00 Dionysus Room,

Kriszta Veres - Mystery of the Dark Mother, Journey with the Crone to the cauldron of transformation Workshop

Table 95

November is the time of the old festival called Samhain, this is the time to connect with the ancestors now living in the Spirit World. This is the time ruled by the Crone Goddess, the Wise Woman of the Cave, the Witch of the Faery Tales. She is the one leading us deep down inside us.Placing our fears and negativity into Her cauldron, She transforms us to be who we really are. Through old legends, meditation, movement and ritual we will connect with the Crone Goddess, we let go, and jump into Her cauldron, and into our new power.

18:00 Amathusia Room

Table 44

Ο Νοέμβριος είναι ο μήνας του παλιού φεστιβάλ Samhain. Αυτή είναι η στιγμή για να συνδεθούμε με τους προγόνους που τώρα ζουν στο Κόσμο των Πνευμάτων. Αυτή η περίοδος διοικείται από τη Γραία Θεά, τη Σοφή Γυναίκα του Σπηλαίου, τη Μάγισσα των παραμυθιών. Είναι αυτή που μας οδηγεί βαθιά μέσα μας. Βάζοντας τους φόβους και την αρνητικότητα μας μέσα στο καζάνι Της, μας μεταμορφώνει σε αυτό που πραγματικά είμαστε. Μέσα από μύθους, διαλογισμό, κίνηση και τελετουργία, θα ενωθούμε με τη Γραία Θεά, θα απελευθερωθούμε και θα πηδήξουμε μέσα στο καζάνι Της και μέσα στη νέα μας δύναμη.

Αλεξάντερ – Μπαχτ Σαφαροβ - Σύγχρονη Κόσμοενεργητική™ - στα Ελληνικά

In the beginning of the 1990’s, a new phenomenon called, COSMOENERGETICS™, appeared in the world. It is a simple energetic technique for self knowledge, self healing and healing for the world. In essence it is a method that offers more opportunities to the people who are seeking themselves and answers in this world. Cosmoenergetics™ fuses knowledge and techniques from a variety of schools e.g. Religious, Mystic and Therapeutic. Advantageously it can be used in conjunction with other techniques and is easy to learn and apply. It brings swift results. Harmony is one of the greatest gifts Cosmoenergetics™ gives the world.

Στις αρχές του 90 στον κόσμο εμφανίστηκε ένα καινούργιο φαινόμενο που ονομάζεται ΚΟΣΜΟΕΝΕΡΓΗΤΙΚΗ™. Είναι μια απλή και εύκολη ενεργητική τεχνική για την αυτογνωσία, αυτοθεραπεία και θεραπεία για το κόσμο. Είναι μια μέθοδος που βοηθά να ανοίξει πιο πολλές ευκαιρίες στον άνθρωπο που ψάχνει τον εαυτό του και ζητά απαντήσεις σε αυτόν τον κόσμο. Η Κόσμοενεργητική ενώνει διάφορες τεχνικές και γνώσεις από διάφορες σχολές όπως Θρησκευτικές, Μυστικιστικές και Θεραπευτικές, ένα πλεονέκτημα αυτής της τεχνικής είναι ότι εφαρμόζεται σε συνδυασμό και με άλλες τεχνικές, επίσης είναι εύκολη στη μάθηση και στην εφαρμογή με γρήγορα αποτελέσματα. Η αρμονία είναι το κυριότερο που δίνει η Κόσμοενεργητική™ στον κόσμο.

Tel: 99-611506, 22-375204,

Neophytos Efstathiou - Armoniki Zoi Kyprou Self Acceptance – The Way To Be Your True Self

Recognising and accepting your weaknesses, your fears and your beliefs as well as your talents, is the first step to become your true Self ! It’s the way to change and improve certain things in order to be able to live a Life with meaning and fulfilment., 99-696765, info@

18:00 Salaminia Room

Table 24

Kriszta Veres – Το Μυστήριο της Σκοτεινής Μητέρας. Ταξίδι με τη Γραία στο καζάνι της μεταμόρφωσης – Εργαστήριο.

Alexander-Bacht Safarov Contemporary Cosmoenergetics™ In Greek

18:00 Cypria C Room

Table 34/35

Εισαγωγικό εργαστήριο για το Κι-κόνγκ (ή Τσι Κούνγκ), μια αρχαία Κινέζικη άσκηση που ανοίγει τα ενεργειακά μπλοκαρίσματα στο σώμα, βελτιώνει το ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα και ενδυναμώνει σώμα και μυαλό. Με το Qigong μπορείτε: Να ρυθμίσετε και να ενδυναμώσετε τη ροή ενέργειας στο σώμα, Να θεραπεύσετε διάφορες παθήσεις, Να ενδυναμώσετε το μυαλό, τα νεύρα, το ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα και τα εσωτερικά όργανα, Να βελτιώσετε την αντοχή και τη σωματική δύναμη, Να χτίσετε ένα δυνατό θεμέλιο για τις πολεμικές τέχνες, Να αναγνωρίσετε την ενέργεια μέσα και έξω από το σώμα. Είναι ευπρόσδεκτα να συμμετάσχουν άτομα κάθε ηλικίας ανεξάρτητα από την κατάσταση της υγείας τους.


Γνωρίζοντας και παραδεχόμενος τις αδυναμίες , φοβίες και προγραμματισμούς σου καθώς και τα χαρίσματα σου είναι το πρώτο βήμα για να μπορέσεις να είσαι ο πραγματικός σου εαυτός . Είναι o τρόπος για να αλλάξεις και να βελτιώσεις κάποια πράγματα για να ζήσεις μια Ζωή με ουσία και νόημα!, 99-696765,

Georgios Psychis - Lifewave Patches

Γεώργιος Ψυχής – Επιθέματα Lifewave

Communicate with the body through the human electromagnetic field. This is known as resonant energy transfer. It’s Non-Transdermal. No drugs, No Chemicals, No Stimulants, Nothing enters the body. Lifewave breakthrough patch Technology gently stimulates acupuncture points. Energy enhancing, pain relieving, weight loss, antioxidant, relaxing sleep 99-326246, gpsychis@ gmail.comTable 24

Επικοινωνήστε με το σώμα μέσω του ανθρώπινου ηλεκτρομαγνητικού πεδίου. Αυτό είναι γνωστό και ως αντηχητική ενεργειακή μεταβίβαση. Δεν διαπερνά το δέρμα, Όχι χημικά, όχι φάρμακα, όχι διεγερτικά. Τίποτα δεν εισέρχεται στο σώμα. Η επαναστατική Τεχνολογία επιθεμάτων της Lifewave διεγείρει απαλά τα σημεία βελονισμού. Αυξάνει την ενέργεια, ανακουφίζει τον πόνο, κατάλληλο για απώλεια βάρους, αντιοξειδωτικό, χαλαρωτικός ύπνος.

18:00 Idalion Room

99-326246, 37

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11/10/2010 11:18:24


A Near Death Experience - A Window to the Soul By Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones

Dont miss the film

‘The Day I Died’ Introduction by Barbara Jones, one hour film and discussion Sunday 18:00, Dyonisus Room

a sudden burst of adrenaline, and began to run away from the car, totally unaware of my injuries, fearful it would blow up. However, I was stopped by the Bedouins who were already coming out of the desert to claim their treasures. They led me back. One by one they came up to me and very gently, reverently they touched my arm. They could not believe I was alive. I had one flesh wound, a scratch on my arm that the Bedouin who sat with me in a taxi back to Cairo cleaned with his turban and water, thanking God for the privilege over and over again. Many days passed before I returned to the car again. I expected to find an empty shell but instead it was completely intact. The Bedouins, who were camping close by, had guarded it for me. They welcomed me and treated me with deep respect. I felt their total understanding of my experience.


ear Death Experience (NDE) is a term used for the extraordinary process of dying and then returning. Most people describe a tunnel of light, some return before they enter the tunnel, some return whilst traveling through the tunnel, and others return after completing the journey. Those who fully recollect the events remember some form of life review, each event flashing by as quickly as the blink of an eye. The phenomena of NDE have been recognized throughout history and is accepted by many cultures. Detailed research shows NDE has been witnessed by many surgeons, theatre nurses and resuscitation teams as they have watched the signs of life totally fade and minutes later return. Often the patient has remembered the finest detail of events which have taken place, reporting that he/she has “stepped out of his/her body” and observed those who are trying to assist. Those survivors who “remember” have full realization of the impact every thought, act and intention has on their lives. I have been researching NDE for many years in order to make sense of my own experiences. I had four NDEs as an adult, the first in 1979 and the last 1998 and recently discovered I also had one as a child. Each of my adult NDEs led to major changes in my life, best illustrated by my third adult NDE in 1984. At that time I lived in Egypt and whilst driving from Cairo to Alexandria on the desert road, I was caught in a sandstorm. I felt a rush of heat to the right of me, and suddenly the car was burning hot. I lost visibility. Trying to stay calm, I began to slow the car down gradually, aware that the lorries behind me considered brakes an optional extra. I felt secure that road was straight as an arrow (as everyone had told me) from Cairo to Alexandria. The Peugeot lion on the steering wheel was my marker. If he was upright I was OK. However, what I didn’t know, was that I was on the only bend on this road, 80 kilometers from Cairo and the very next moment I was somewhere else. I was weightless in a tunnel with a bright, indescribably beautiful light at the end. I was moving very fast towards the light, I felt great joy and urgency to get to the light. I experienced a life reviewing: images, sounds, smells and intense emotions flickering before me like the old style movies. I heard music in the distance and strange creaking, sighing sounds around me. The music was Eric Clapton’s ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, still playing on my car radio’. The creaking, sighing sounds -- my car as it settled on its roof. I was inside, upside down in a 15-foot-deep ditch. I kicked open the car door with

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An NDE is life changing. It can evoke a great sense of loss that can be life crippling if it goes unrecognized. In my NDE in 1998, I reached the end of the tunnel. I was enveloped by an indescribable light, unconditional love and acceptance. The message “I could stay” was somehow communicated to me but I knew there was more for me to do and I asked to return. For years afterwards I dealt with a sometimes overwhelming sense of loss as I felt I had been in the presence of something indescribably divine, I yearned to be back there, but the condition for my returning was I must “learn to stay”. This began to change when on September 8th 2001, I attended Gateway, my first program at The Monroe Institute (TMI), Virginia, USA. TMI’s residential programs are dedicated to the development of human consciousness. Through exploring profound states of expanded awareness, the individual comes to better know his or herself better. You are asked to consider the philosophical point that possibly you are more than your physical body. During the 8 programs I attended over the last 10 years, I have received confirmation, clarification and healing of all my NDEs. I look forward to the opportunity to share some of the tools that have helped me. Barbara Jones is a Monroe Institute, Outreach Facilitator (FTP) and offers the Excursion Program - a weekend programme in which you will learn methods to achieve expanded awareness to improve your focus, intuition, clarity, and performance levels and access tools which you can use in your every day life. Barbara’s journey to wellness led her to train as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bowen Therapist, Bach Flower Remedies Consultant and Trainer and she assesses and supports students with learning and life challenges. Tel: 25 22 20 32, 99 33 59 84

Table 51

Barbara Jones

is s hosting the BBC documentary entary “The Day I Died” on condition that you sign up to attend the film beforehand, thereby maintaining the private showing license. You can do this at Barbara’s table #51 at the Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition, Nicosia, Nov. 13th and 14th or here:

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Sunday 14th November Master Vasilious Firippis - Tai Chi Chuan The “Natural way” - Workshop

Table 46

Tai Chi Chuan translated means the “Natural way”. Most people are aware that they have energy, but have never really felt it, so the aim of this workshop is to show you how to truly connect with your energy and other peoples. We will first practice a set of unique Qi Gong exercises known as the heart mediations. These movements are known to heal, calm and balance our energy within and around our body and allow us to connect to others in the right way. The second part will be to understand the energy of others and how we interact with all things.

12:00 Dionysus Room

Table 42


Μαλβίνα Σαββίδου - Αναζωογονητικό Γιόγκα

During this Rejuvenating Yoga session, you will learn tools for transforming your life and you will return home radiant and inspired. This workshop includes: A series of postures that generate strength, flexibility, and balance healing chronic pain in muscles and joints. A flow of postures that have a powerful rejuvenating effect on the endocrine system to boost metabolism and mood. Breathing techniques that generate radiant health and vitality. Relaxation techniques that cultivate profound inner relaxation, mental focus, and a connection to your own spiritual source.

Σε αυτό το αναζωογονητικό εργαστήριο Γιόγκα θα εξασκηθούμε σε ασκήσεις Γιόγκα, τεχνικές αναπνοής και βαθιά χαλάρωση. Σειρά ασκήσεων (asanas) για δύναμη, ευλυγισία, και ισορροπία στο μυοσκελετικό σύστημα, Ροή ασκήσεων με αναζωογονητική επίδραση στο ενδοκρινολογικό σύστημα, Τεχνικές απνοών για προώθηση της υγείας και της ζωτικότητας, Τεχνικές χαλάρωσης επιφέροντας βαθειά γαλήνη, καθαρότητα σκέψης και σύνδεση με την πνευματική μας πηγή. Η Μαλβίνα Σαββίδου εξασκεί τη Γιόγκα για 15 χρόνια. Έχει λάβει μέρος σε πολλά εργαστήρια και σεμινάρια γιόγκα. Έχει δίπλωμα δασκάλας Γιόγκα που συνδυάζει Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vini Yoga, καθώς και δίπλωμα Kids’ Yoga.,, 22-377630. 99-413707

Elena Ogarkova In Greek

The DEIR School represents the unique comprehensive system of techniques and methods pointed on the personal development in order to improve the different aspects of life, such as health, personal life, business or carrier. The education in the school is divided into 5 stages; moreover plenty of thematic seminars are developed. The base methods of the school are described in books of Dmitrij Verischagin (Д.С. Верищагин). The English translation of the first book is downloadable here: deirENG.html ,

12:00 Cypria C Room

Table 49

Elena Ogarkova. Στα Ελληνικά

Η σχολή DEIR αντιπροσωπεύει το μοναδικό σύστημα τεχνικών και μεθόδων που απευθύνονται στην προσωπική ανάπτυξη, με σκοπό να βελτιώσουν διάφορες πτυχές της ζωής, όπως υγεία, προσωπική ζωή, επιχειρηματικότητα και καριέρα. Η εκπαίδευση στη σχολή είναι χωρισμένη σε 5 στάδια, και ταυτόχρονα οργανώνονται διάφορα θεματικά σεμινάρια.Οι βασικές μέθοδοι της σχολής περιγράφονται στα βιβλία του Dmitrij Verischagin (Д.С. Верищагин). Μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε την Αγγλική μετάφραση του πρώτου βιβλίου εδώ:

Sylvia Braun- The Bowen Technique and the Mind-Body Connection

Sylvia Braun – Η τεχνική Bowen και η σύνδεση ΜυαλούΣώματος.

The Bowen Technique is a subtle, highly effective, versatile complimentary therapy which stimulates the body’s own innate healing mechanisms bringing deep relaxation, pain relief, the restoration of balance and the recovery of energy. Bowen works on many levels as it frees up the body, releasing cell memory, trapped trauma and accumulated tensions and stress. Bowen work combined with NLP based therapies can further address the links between physical and emotional well-being, so promoting healing of mind, body and soul.

Η Τεχνική Bowen είναι μια ήπια, άκρως αποτελεσματική και πολύπλευρη συμπληρωματική θεραπεία που ενεργοποιεί τους μηχανισμούς αυτοθεραπείας του σώματος φέρνοντας βαθιά χαλάρωση, ανακούφιση από τον πόνο, εξισορρόπηση και αναπλήρωση της ενέργειας. Η Τεχνική Bowen δουλεύει σε πολλά επίπεδα καθώς ελευθερώνει το σώμα, απελευθερώνει κυτταρικές μνήμες, παγιδευμένα τραύματα και συσσωρευμένες εντάσεις και στρες. Η Bowen μαζί με θεραπείες βασισμένες στο NLP μπορεί να ασχοληθεί με τους συνδέσμους μεταξύ σωματικής και συναισθηματικής ευεξίας, προωθώντας τη θεραπεία του μυαλού, του σώματος και της ψυχής.

12:00 Salaminia Room and 99-139722.

Xenia Ioannidou - Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) & Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) “Old Lives Become New!”

Table 36

Το Tai Chi Chuan όταν μεταφραστεί σημαίνει «φυσικός τρόπος». Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι γνωρίζουν ότι έχουν ενέργεια αλλά δεν την έχουν νιώσει ποτέ, επομένως ο σκοπός του εργαστηρίου αυτού είναι να σας δείξει πώς να συνδέεστε πραγματικά με την ενέργεια σας και με την ενέργεια άλλων ατόμων. Θα ξεκινήσουμε με την εφαρμογή ορισμένων μοναδικών ασκήσεων Qigong γνωστές ως διαλογισμοί της καρδιάς. Είναι γνωστό ότι αυτές οι κινήσεις θεραπεύουν, ηρεμούν και εξισορροπούν την ενέργεια μέσα και γύρω από το σώμα μας και μας επιτρέπουν να συνδεόμαστε με τους άλλους σωστά. Το δεύτερο μέρος έχει σκοπό να μας δείξει πώς να αντιλαμβανόμαστε την ενέργεια των άλλων και πώς να αλληλεπιδρούμε με όλα τα πράγματα

Life Centre - Malvina Savvidou - Rejuvenate Your Life with Yoga (All levels)- Workshop in English & Greek

12:00 Amathusia Room

Table 18

Master Vasilious Firippis - Tai Chi Chuan – Ο «Φυσικός Τρόπος» - Εργαστήριο

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) was developed by Robert E. Detzler in the mid ‘80s. Although this method is relatively new, it’s based on Pythagorean philosophies and quantum physics. A pendulum is used as a receiver and indicator on a special set of diagrams in order to access your Akashic Records (book of life), always with the permission of your own High Self, in order to clear the negative energies, subconscious programming, blocks and interferences that build and carry over from this and past lives. This allows for new, positive, supportive ideas and beliefs to establish themselves and bring about self-healing on all levels.

12:00 Idalion Room

Ξένια Ιωαννίδου – Θεραπεία Πνευματικής Απόκρισης (SRT) και Πνευματική Αναδόμηση (SpR) «Παλιές Ζωές Γίνονται Νέες! »

Η Ξένια Ιωαννίδου, δασκάλα του SRT θα επικεντρωθεί στην απάντηση των ερωτήσεών σας σχετικά με τις πρακτικές εφαρμογές της θεραπείας. Ξένια Ιωαννίδου – Πιστοποιημένη Δασκάλα SRT και Σύμβουλος SpR

+30 210 42 97 105, +30 6932 30 39 29, or 39

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Sunday presentations Andy Stylianou – (Διευθυντής Therapolis) – Έναρξη Εξέτασης DNA και Προσωπικής Ιατρικής στη Κύπρο

Andy Stylianou (Director of Therapolis) - DNA Testing & Personalised Medicine launches in Cyprus

Table 22 & 23

13:00 Cypria C Room

Table 65,, Tel: 25-328585 or 77-777727

Angels House University: Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou - Awakening Magdalene’s Flame in Cyprus! Workshop in English & Greek

Η Φλόγα της Μαγδαληνής! Angels House University: Πασχάλης Καζακόπουλος & Φρίξος Χριστοδούλου.

A profound workshop with the energies of Jesus/ Yeshua/ Sananda and Mary Magdalene. Paschalis and Frixos are channels for Jesus/ Yeshua/ Sananda and Mary Magdalene. In this workshop they will channel the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Christ Consciousness. The two Avatars of Love, the Masters Jesus and Mary Magdalene are coming now dynamically forward to bring the new codes of the Integrated Christ, preparing humanity for its ascension within Love. Welcome to the family of your heart! Angels House University:

Ένα μοναδικό εργαστήριο με τις ενέργειες του Ιησού / Yeshua/ Sananda και της Μαρίας Μαγδαληνής. Ο Πασχάλης και ο Φρίξος είναι κανάλια για τον Ιησού / Yeshua/ Sananda και τη Μαρία Μαγδαληνή. Σε αυτό το εργαστήριο θα διοχετεύσουν την ενέργεια του Θεϊκού Θηλυκού και της Χριστικής Συνειδητότητας. Οι δύο Αβατάρ της Αγάπης, οι Διδάσκαλοι Ιησούς και Μαρία Μαγδαληνή έρχονται δυναμικά μπροστά για να φέρουν τις νέες κωδικοποιήσεις του Ολοκληρωμένου Χριστού προετοιμάζοντας την ανθρωπότητα για την ανάληψή της μέσα στην Αγάπη. Καλωσορίσατε στην οικογένεια της καρδιάς σας!

13:00 Salaminia Room,

Joan Bunyan - The Fall of Humanity

The rebellious and incalescent human beings, who have adamantly refused to conform and adhere to God’s Laws, shall have to suffer dire consequences. They will forfeit their atom, which was on loan to them from God, and they will also have to be disseminated, because they shall no longer exist in their original form. Joan is a qualified Quantity Survey and Estimator, author of ten books on Universal Philosophy, Clairvoyant and Channelling Medium for 40 years.

Table 32

13:00 Idalion Room

Table 37

Joan Bunyan – Η πτώση της Ανθρωπότητας

Τα επαναστατικά και θερμόαιμα ανθρώπινα όντα που αλύγιστα αρνήθηκαν να συμμορφωθούν και να προσχωρήσουν στο Νόμο του Θεού, θα πρέπει να υπομένουν φρικτές συνέπειες. Θα χάσουν το δικαίωμα στο άτομό τους, που τους είχε δοθεί ως δάνειο από το Θεό και θα πρέπει επίσης να διασκορπιστούν αφού δεν θα υπάρχουν πλέον στην αρχική τους μορφή. Η Joan είναι προσοντούχος Επιμετρητής Ποσοτήτων και Εκτιμήτρια, συγγραφέας 10 βιβλίων για τη Συμπαντική Φιλοσοφία, Ενορατική, Κανάλι και Μέντιουμ εδώ και 40 χρόνια.

25 336284, 99 039453,

Anette Martinsen - Theta Healing™ – Change Your Life with Theta Healing Workshop

Anette Martinsen - Theta Healing™ - Αλλάξτε τη ζωή σας με το Theta Healing - Εργαστήριο

Experience group healing from the seventh plane and a one to one demonstration on how to clear and remove an issue or belief using Theta Healing from the seventh plane on all 4 levels, the core level, the genetic level, the history level & the soul level. Theta Readings - get clear concise information from the seventh plane direct from the source on your life, relationships and career. Heal issues, physical ailments, disease, trauma and beliefs.

Βιώστε την ομαδική θεραπεία από το έβδομο επίπεδο και μια επίδειξη 1-1 για το πώς να καθαρίσετε και να απομακρύνετε ένα θέμα ή πεποίθηση χρησιμοποιώντας το Theta Healing σε όλα τα 4 επίπεδα, σε επίπεδο πυρήνα, γενετικό επίπεδο, ιστορικό επίπεδο και ψυχικό επίπεδο. Theta Readings – πάρτε ξεκάθαρες και περιεκτικές πληροφορίες από το έβδομο πεδίο, κατευθείαν από τη πηγή, για τη ζωή σας, τις σχέσεις και την καριέρα. Θεραπεύστε θέματα, σωματικές παθήσεις, ασθένειες, τραύματα και πεποιθήσεις

14:00 Dionysus Room

Table 92&93

«Αυτό το επαναστατικό έργο έχει αλλάξει τους τρόπους με τους οποίους κρίνουμε την υγεία μας και εξετάζουμε την αρρώστια.» Μπαράκ Ομπάμα Σχεδόν όλες οι αρρώστιες έχουν ένα σημαντικό κληρονομικό στοιχείο: διαβήτης, καρδιοπάθειες, ο κοινός καρκίνος, νοητικές ασθένειες, άσθμα , αρθρίτιδα – τα μυστικά αυτών και άλλων ασθενειών ξεκλειδώνονται τώρα για πρώτη φορά, με τη βοήθεια της τελευταίας επαναστατικής έρευνας και ανακαλύψεων. Σήμερα, με μια εξέταση που κοστίζει μονο μερικές εκατοντάδες ευρώ, μπορείτε να μάθετε για την Υγεία σας και για κινδύνους Παχυσαρκίας, Γήρανσης και απόδοσης που βρίσκονται κωδικοποιημένοι μέσα στο DNA σας, ώστε να μπορέσετε να αντιμετωπίσετε τυχόν προβλήματα έγκαιρα και αποτελεσματικά.

“This groundbreaking work has changed the very ways we consider our health & examine disease” - Barack Obama. Virtually all diseases have a significant hereditary component: diabetes, heart disease, the common caner, mental illness, asthma, arthritis – and the secrets to these and many more are now bring unlocked for the first time, thanks to latest cutting-edge research and discoveries. Today, with a test costing just a few hundred euros, you can learn about your Health, Obesity, Ageing & Performance risks encrypted in your DNA in order to tackle any potential problems early and effectively. Therapolis Centres in Nicosia & Limassol,

Tel: 99-619049,,

Yari Koivu - Sky Cafe - Soaking in the Healing Light Workshop

Yari Koivu - Sky Cafe – Απορροφώντας το Θεραπευτικό Φώς – Εργαστήριο

Soaking in the Healing Light: “Help your personal spirit to awaken. Understand the relationship between your spirit, the Holy Spirit and the supernatural realm. Come to soak in the presence of the Spirit, as we press in to experience His love.” Yari’s training and personal experience is in the area of healing (physical, soul/spirit hurts, spiritual oppression) and prophetic readings. He has published a book in Finnish called “The Faces of Calling” (1997)

Βοηθήστε το προσωπικό σας πνεύμα να αφυπνιστεί. Κατανοήστε την σχέση μεταξύ του πνεύματος σας, του Αγίου Πνεύματος και του υπερφυσικού βασιλείου. Ελάτε να διαποτιστείτε με την παρουσία του Πνεύματος, όπως προχωρούμε στο βίωμα της αγάπης Του. Η εκπαίδευση και προσωπική εμπειρία του Yari είναι στο πεδίο της ενεργειακής θεραπείας (σωματικά, ψυχικά/πνευματικά τραύματα, πνευματική καταπίεση) και στα προφητικά διαβάσματα. Εξέδωσε βιβλίο στα Φινλανδικά με τίτλο «Τα πρόσωπα του καλέσματος» (1997).

14:00 Amathusia Room, Yari Koivu, Tables 92&93 41

Untitled-2 41

11/10/2010 11:18:43

Sunday presentations John McCarron Πεθαίνοντας συνειδητά

John McCarron Dying Consciously

For many of us living consciously is a challenge; shamans find that all the dead are not gone when they are buried. When I got back to England it was 4 days after her death before I could view my mothers body; she was being embalmed so that the family could mourn beside her body as was the Irish custom. When I arrived I felt her soul still inside her body. I cleared the room lit a candle and performed the procedure to release the soul. Then I took it to the luminous beings who were waiting for it. You will see also so that you can do it for your loved ones.

Table 69

14:00 Cypria C Room

Table 39

Ορέστης Τερζίδης Η Γέφυρα από τον Χρóνο στην Αιωνιότητα

In this talk, we would like to present the Rosicrucian understanding of how the source of the eternal within the seeker can be unlocked. From the True Self within, the “Rose”, a new consciousness can arise and initiate a shift, a “re-birth” that will profoundly change our life and reality. The inner rose becomes a source of light and love that sheds its perfume and radiance over all, for the benefit of all.

Στην παρουσίασή μας, θα θέλαμε να παρουσιάσουμε πώς, σύμφωνα με την Ροδοσταυρική προσέγγιση, η πηγή της αιωνιότητας στον αναζητητή μπορεί να ελευθερωθεί. Από τον Αληθινό Εαυτό μέσα μας, το «Ρόδο», μια νέα συνείδηση μπορεί να αναπτυχθεί και να ξεκινήσει μια μεταστροφή, μια «νέα γέννηση» που θα αλλάξει ριζικά τη ζωή και την πραγματικότητά μας. Το εσωτερικό Ρόδο γίνεται πηγή φωτός και αγάπης που απλώνει το άρωμα και την λάμψη του πάνω απ’ όλα και προς όφελος όλων.

Lectorium Rosicrucianum, +30 -210-644 4303,

Neophytos Efstathiou - PSYCH-K - The way to change the beliefs that create so many problems in you Life In Greek

Νεόφυτος Ευσταθίου – Αρμονική Ζωή Κύπρου - PSYCHK - ( Σαι – Κει ) – Πώς να αλλάξετε τις πεποιθήσεις που δημιουργούν προβλήματα στη ζωή σας» - Στα Ελληνικά

Your beliefs are the foundation of your Personality !They define you as worthy, as competent or trusting and so on .. Your beliefs have far reaching consequences in your life . they affect your mood , your relationships , your job , your self esteem etc. PSYCH-K is a revolutionary yet a simple technique with which we can “transform” our limiting beliefs by communicating directly with our subconscious.

Οι πεποιθήσεις σας είναι τα θεμέλια της προσωπικότητας σας! Καθορίζουν την άξια μας, την ικανότητα μας κτλ. Οι πεποιθήσεις επιδρούν στη διάθεση μας, στις σχέσεις μας , στην εργασία μας. Το PSYCH-K είναι μια επαναστατική ενεργειακή τεχνική με την οποία μπορούμε να μεταμορφώσουμε τις πεποιθήσεις επικοινωνώντας απευθείας με το υποσυνείδητο μας

14:00 Idalion Room

Table 68

26-956004, 99-332126, johnmccarronuk@

Orestes Terzides The Bridge from Time to Eternity

14:00 Salaminia Room

Table 34/35

Για πολλούς από μας το να ζούμε συνειδητά είναι μια πρόκληση. Οι σαμάνοι ανακαλύπτουν συχνά ότι δεν φεύγουν όλοι οι νεκροί όταν θάβονται. Όταν επέστρεψα στην Αγγλία, είχαν περάσει 4 μέρες από το θάνατο της μητέρας μου πριν μπορέσω να δω το νεκρό της σώμα. Το σώμα της βαλσαμώθηκε ώστε να μπορέσει η οικογένεια να τη θρηνήσει σύμφωνα με το Ιρλανδικό έθιμο. Όταν έφτασα, ένιωσα ότι η ψυχή βρισκόταν ακόμα μέσα στο σώμα της. Καθάρισα το δωμάτιο, άναψα ένα κερί και έκανα τη διαδικασία για να απελευθερώσω την ψυχή της. Ακολούθως την πήρα στα φωτεινά όντα που την περίμεναν. Θα δείτε ότι μπορείτε να το κάνετε και σεις για τα αγαπημένα σας πρόσωπα., 99-696765,

Susan Rudd Lemurian Healing

Susan Rudd Θεραπεία από τη Λεμουρία

Lemurian Healing energy is a pure, flowing energy, said to have 10 times the power of Reiki. It is very good for healing the planet. It should be used as much and by as many people as possible before 2012 in order to heal the energy within the planet. This will help prepare for the birth of the new Golden Age in 2032. In this short presentation you will discover your Lemurian links, take part in a healing meditation and find out how you can learn to use this wonderful energy for the greater good of the planet.

Η Λεμουριανή θεραπευτική ενέργεια είναι αγνή και ρέουσα και λέγεται ότι είναι 10 φορές πιο δυνατή από το Ρέικι. Είναι ιδανική για τη θεραπεία του πλανήτη. Θα πρέπει να χρησιμοποιηθεί όσο πιο πολύ και από όσο πιο πολλά άτομα είναι δυνατόν, πριν από το 2010 ώστε να θεραπευτεί η ενέργεια στον πλανήτη. Αυτό θα βοηθήσει την προετοιμασία της γέννησης της νέας Χρυσής Εποχής το 2032. Σε αυτή τη σύντομη παρουσίαση θα ανακαλύψετε τους Λεμουριανούς σας συνδέσμους ή ρίζες, θα συμμετέχετε σε ένα θεραπευτικό διαλογισμό και θα ανακαλύψετε πως μπορείτε να μάθετε να χρησιμοποιείτε αυτή τη θαυμάσια ενέργεια για το καλό του πλανήτη.

15:00 Salaminia Room, email, 97 6482128.

Margaret Αντωνίου Studio Figura

Margaret Antoniou Studio Figura

Table 58

Studio Figura, first of its kind in Cyprus, is among over 300 very successful studios across Europe including Russia and Ukraine. They have been operating for several years helping men and women achieve fantastic results in weight loss, body shaping and overall health improvement. At STUDIO FIGURA we offer a FREE TRIAL so everyone can experience THE ROLL SHAPER without commitment. THE ROLL SHAPER is a new generation health and fitness equipment that trains, tones and shapes the body, by aiding lymphatic drainage, without the need for vigourous exercise. THE ROLL SHAPER is suitable for everyone regardless of age, physical condition or gender. Treatments are offered in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of STUDIO FIGURA under the supervision of fully trained staff

15:00 Idalion Room

Το Studio Figura, πρώτο στο είδος του στην Κύπρο, συγκαταλέγεται ανάμεσα σε πάνω από 300 πετυχημένα στούντιο στην Ευρώπη, Ρωσία και Ουκρανία. Λειτουργούν εδώ και πολλά χρόνια και βοηθούν άντρες και γυναίκες να επιτύχουν εκπληκτικά αποτελέσματα στην απώλεια βάρους, σχηματισμό σώματος και γενική βελτίωση υγείας. Στο STUDIO FIGURA προσφέρουμε μια ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΔΟΚΙΜΗ ώστε όλοι να δοκιμάσουν το ROLL SHAPER χωρίς καμία δέσμευση. Το ROLL SHAPER είναι ένα μηχάνημα νέας γενιάς που προπονεί, τονώνει και σχηματίζει το σώμα, βοηθώντας την λεμφική αποστράγγιση χωρίς τη χρήση έντονης άσκησης. Το ROLL SHAPER είναι κατάλληλο για όλους ανεξαρτήτως ηλικίας φυσικής κατάστασης και φύλου. Στη χαλαρή και φιλική ατμόσφαιρα του STUDIO FIGURA προσφέρονται θεραπείες από το πλήρως εκπαιδευμένο προσωπικό.

24 665549,


Untitled-2 42

11/10/2010 11:18:45

Sunday presentations

Table 43

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne (aka Louise A Langley) The 7 Steps to Perfect Love - Workshop

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne (aka Louise A Langley) – Τα 7 βήματα για Τέλεια Αγάπη

How much time do we spend seeking that elusive Perfect Love, always believing that someone will show up bringing it to us? Imagine for just a moment that you didn’t have to look for it. That it was already here ... right in front of you! It’s just that YOU haven’t been ready to SEE it or RECEIVE it! How would that affect your life right NOW? Imagine if in just moments shared together in this fun experiential workshop, you could find that Perfect Love. Join Ahqulieah to find out how

Πόσο χρόνο περνάμε ψάχνοντας την άπιαστη Τέλεια Αγάπη, πιστεύοντας πάντα ότι κάποιος θα εμφανιστεί και θα μας την φέρει; Φανταστείτε για μια στιγμή ότι δεν χρειάζεται να ψάξετε. Ότι είναι ήδη εδώ … ακριβώς μπροστά σας! Απλά ΕΣΕΙΣ δεν είσαστε έτοιμοι να τη ΔΕΙΤΕ ή να τη ΛΑΒΕΤΕ! Πώς θα επηρέαζε αυτό τη ζωή σας ΤΩΡΑ; Φανταστείτε πώς θα ήταν αν μετά από μερικές στιγμές σε αυτό το διασκεδαστικό εργαστήριο μπορούσατε να βρείτε αυτή την Τέλεια Αγάπη.

16:00 Dionysus Room

Table 40 ( or 0044 788 449 8517

Maria Stavrou - Constellation Workshop

Μαρία Σταύρου - Βιωματικό Εργαστήριο Συστημικής Αναπαράστασης Ενεργειακά Πεδία Αγάπης

Open your heart to the infinite love of spirit. Systemic constellations is a method that helps you release issues with family, friends or within yourself to live a more free, happy and fulfilled life. After of several years of workshops for personal development Maria Stavrou has completed her training as facilitator for Systemic Constellation work. She has also done the Advance DNA ThetaHealing™ .

Βιώστε την απεριόριστη αγάπη του πνεύματος με το άνοιγμα της καρδιάς σας. Απαλλαγείτε από περιορισμούς και αποκαταστήστε την ισορροπία στη σχέση σας με την οικογένεια, τους φίλους, τον σύντροφο, τους συνεργάτες και πάνω απ’ όλα με τον εαυτό σας. Μετά από πολλά χρόνια εργαστηρίων προσωπικής ανάπτυξης η Μαρία Σταύρου ολοκλήρωσε την εκπαίδευσή της ως διεκπεραιώτρια εργαστηρίων Συστημικής Αναπαράστασης. Έχει επίσης παρακολουθήσει το Advance DNA ThetaHealing™.

16:00 Amathusia Room


Maggie Erotokritou – Theta Healing Develop your Intuition, Activate the Third Eye

Table 45

Everyone is intuitive, but not everyone pays attention or acts upon the information they receive. This skill can be developed and refined to a very high degree to assist you in every area of your life. When the 3rd eye is activated you become clearer about your life and it becomes easier to manifest and clear the limitations, which get in the way. Theta Healing teaches you how to do this

16:00 Cypria C Room

Table 47, Tel 9943568

Helen Weeks – «Τα χέρια σας μπορούν να θεραπεύσουν» Εισαγωγή στην Πρανική Θεραπεία. Νιώθοντας την Ενέργεια. Ομαδική θεραπεία για το Στρες

Everyone is capable of using energy healing to heal themselves, their families and their friends, even if they live abroad! Pranic Healing is a very simple but extremely effective method of healing which can be learnt in a 2-day workshop. In this presentation, you will experience energy with your hands and there will be a demonstration on how quickly you can heal a simple pain. You will also discover, as a group, how you can actually project this energy to send love, peace and inner calm. Pranic Healing has centres in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos.

Όλοι έχουν την ικανότητα να χρησιμοποιήσουν την ενεργειακή θεραπεία για να θεραπεύσουν τον εαυτό τους, την οικογένεια και τους φίλους τους ακόμα και αν ζουν μακριά! Η Πρανική Θεραπεία είναι μια πολύ απλή αλλά πολύ αποτελεσματική μέθοδος θεραπείας που μπορεί να διδαχθεί σε ένα διήμερο εργαστήριο. Σε αυτή τη παρουσίαση θα νιώσετε την ενέργεια με τα χέρια σας και θα γίνει επίδειξη για το πώς μπορείτε στα γρήγορα να θεραπεύσετε απλούς πόνους. Θα ανακαλύψετε πώς, ως ομάδα, μπορείτε να στείλετε αυτή την ενέργεια ώστε να μεταδώσετε αγάπη, ειρήνη και εσωτερική γαλήνη. Η Πρανική Θεραπεία έχει κέντρα στη Λευκωσία, Λεμεσό και Πάφο.

Tel: 99-851102,

Ludmilla Breeva - Contemporary Cosmoenergetics™ In Russian

In the beginning of the 1990’s, a new phenomenon called, COSMOENERGETICS™, appeared in the world. It is a simple energetic technique for self knowledge, self healing and healing for the world. In essence it is a method that offers more opportunities to the people who are seeking themselves and answers in this world. Cosmoenergetics™ fuses knowledge and techniques from a variety of schools e.g. Religious, Mystic and Therapeutic. Advantageously it can be used in conjunction with other techniques and is easy to learn and apply. It brings swift results. Harmony is one of the greatest gifts Cosmoenergetics™ gives the world.

16:00 Idalion Room

Untitled-2 43

Όλοι είναι διαισθητικοί αλλά δεν δίνουν όλοι προσοχή ή δρουν ανάλογα με τις πληροφορίες που λαμβάνουν. Αυτή η ικανότητα μπορεί να αναπτυχθεί και να εκλεπτυνθεί σε πολύ υψηλό βαθμό για να σας βοηθήσει σε κάθε πτυχή της ζωής σας. Όταν το τρίτο μάτι είναι ενεργοποιημένο νιώθετε σίγουροι για τη ζωή σας και η εκπλήρωση και η απαλλαγή από περιορισμούς γίνεται ευκολότερη. Το Theta Healing σας διδάσκει πώς να το κάνετε.

Helen Weeks - “Your Hands Can Heal” Introduction to Pranic Healing. Feeling the energy. Group Healing for Stress

16:00 Salaminia Room

Table 44

Maggie Erotokritou – Theta Healing – Αναπτύξτε τη Διαίσθηση σας, Ενεργοποιήστε το Τρίτο Μάτι

Λουδμιλα Μπρηβα - Στις αρχές του 90 στον κόσμο εμφανίστηκε ένα καινούργιο φαινόμενο που ονομάζεται ΚΟΣΜΟΕΝΕΡΓΗΤΙΚΗ™. Είναι μια απλή και εύκολη ενεργητική τεχνική για την αυτογνωσία, αυτοθεραπεία και θεραπεία για το κόσμο. Είναι μια μέθοδος που βοηθά να ανοίξει πιο πολλές ευκαιρίες στον άνθρωπο που ψάχνει τον εαυτό του και ζητά απαντήσεις σε αυτόν τον κόσμο. Η Κόσμοενεργητική ενώνει διάφορες τεχνικές και γνώσεις από διάφορες σχολές όπως Θρησκευτικές, Μυστικιστικές και Θεραπευτικές. Ένα πλεονέκτημα αυτής της τεχνικής είναι ότι εφαρμόζεται σε συνδυασμό και με άλλες τεχνικές, επίσης είναι εύκολη στη μάθηση και στην εφαρμογή με γρήγορα αποτελέσματα.

Tel: 99-611506, 22-375204,

11/10/2010 11:18:52

Table 52

Untitled-2 44

For more information please contact 25-354920, 25-710664 Fax 25-823049 E-mail: or visit us at table no 53

11/10/2010 11:18:53

Sunday presentations

Table 48

Constantinos Soutis - Tachyon therapy workshop in Greek

Κωνσταντίνος Σούτης – Tachyon Τherapy

Tachyon therapy, reference to energy centers. Practical therapy with tachyon activated crystals for strengthening and harmonizing your physical energetic and spiritual body. Introduction - Saturday, 14:00 Idalion Room

Tachyon θεραπεία, αναφορά στα ενεργειακά κέντρα. Πρακτική θεραπεία με ταχυονισμένους κρυστάλλους (για ενδυνάμωση και εναρμόνιση του φυσικού ενεργειακού και ψυχικού φορέα μας. O Κωνσταντίνος Σούτης της Tachyon Bioenergy Hellas, είναι Σύμβουλος Γεωπαθολογίας και Tachyon Energy, Διδάσκαλος του Ελληνικού ιερού δέντρου της ζωής, Ενεργοθεραπευτής και Ραδιαισθητικός.

Constantinos Soutis, Tachyon Bioenergy Hellas, Teacher of the Greek sacred tree of life, Energy Therapist, Radiesthetic. Associate of the’Kirikion Alternative Therapy Center.

17:00 Cypria C Room, 22-757538, 99-255129

Paulina Srzednicka – Η Σοφία των Βραζιλιάνων Γυναικών

Paulina SrzednickaBrazilian Women’s Wisdom


This workshop shows women how powerful and creative they are. By revealing the wisdom of the Brazilian Macrame technique and sharing Brazilian songs that accompany the weaving an amazing way to learn selfconfidence, patience and the beauty of creation that we all have in our hearts is revealed. In this way, the synergy between artful handcrafts and musical song become a tool for women to reconnect with their creative spirit and calm their minds. Professional violinist with unique ethnic improvisational style, aerial dancer for Brazilian circus and now Cyprus special events, workshop facilitator and handcraft jewelry artist

17:00 Idalion Room


Marek Kukulka - Time Therapy Play of Emotions

Marek Kukulka - Χρονική Θεραπεία - Παιχνίδι Συναισθημάτων

Everyday problems are born out of the various difficulties with emotions such as fears, blocked feelings, taboos, disrupted communication, etc. Emotions are a form of energy, which is pulsating more or less, either flowing through the body or staying blocked in it. The “flow” of energy manifests in this way as different states and processes of emotions. In each culture there exist a handful of basic human emotions that are the same. Time Therapy using the golden chain of emotions “fear-sadness-love” show their great importance. Working with chain of emotions implying transformation of energy is the way to solving our everyday problems. Aggression is the symptom of fear, fear is the symptom of sadness, sadness is the bridge to love - the state of free flowing energy.

Τα συναισθήματα είναι μια μορφή ενέργειας που πάλλεται λίγο ή πολύ ανάλογα με το αν ρέει διαμέσου του σώματος, ή αν μένει μπλοκαρισμένη μέσα στο σώμα. Η ροή της ενέργειας εκδηλώνεται ως διάφορες συναισθηματικές καταστάσεις και διαδικασίες αισθημάτων. Η επιθετικότητα είναι σύμπτωμα του φόβου, ο φόβος είναι σύμπτωμα της λύπης και η λύπη είναι η γέφυρα προς την αγάπη – την κατάσταση όπου η ενέργεια ρέει ελεύθερα. Αν νιώσουμε συνειδητά αυτή τη σύνδεση, οι συναισθηματικές δομές και τα ενεργειακά μας πεδία μπορούν να αλλάξουν. Αν καταφέρουμε να χρησιμοποιούμε αυτό το εργαλείο στη καθημερινή μας ζωή, είναι δυνατόν να λύσουμε μόνιμα πολλά από τα προβλήματα και συγκρούσεις μας.

17:00 Salaminia Room

Table 51

Tel. 00306 9743 45223

The Day I Died” - Introduction by Barbara Jones with 1 hour film and discussion

«Η Μέρα που Πέθανα» - Εισαγωγή από την Barbara Jones, παρακολούθηση ταινίας (διάρκειας μίας ώρας) και συζήτηση

This BBC documentary takes an in depth look at a fascinating body of evidence gathered internationally through the medical research of top scientists. Barbara Jones has researched this phenomena as a result of the life changing effects of her own NDE’s. She is aware that many people have had NDE’s, often as children, but few have had the opportunity to discuss and validate the experience. This is a rare opportunity to do so. “The Day I Died” is only available for private showings and study groups. Book prior to the showing at table 51.

Αυτό το ντοκιμαντέρ του BBC εξετάζει σε βάθος ένα συναρπαστικό όγκο στοιχείων, που έχουν συλλεχθεί μέσα από ιατρικές έρευνες κορυφαίων επιστημόνων παγκοσμίως. Η Barbara Jones έχει ερευνήσει αυτό το φαινόμενο για πολλά χρόνια. Γνωρίζει ότι πολλά άτομα είχαν βιώσει επιθανάτιες εμπειρίες, συχνά ως παιδιά, αλλά λίγοι είχαν την ευκαιρία να συζητήσουν και να επικυρώσουν την εμπειρία. «Η Μέρα που Πέθανα» είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο για ιδιωτικές προβολές. Αν επιθυμείτε να παρακολουθήσετε, θα πρέπει να εγγραφείτε δηλώνοντας το όνομα σας και τα στοιχεία επικοινωνίας σας στο τραπεζάκι 51

18:00 Dionysus Room, 25-222032, 99-335984

Elina Papa - Stress Busting with Laughter Yoga Workshop

Table 33

Αυτό το εργαστήριο δείχνει στις γυναίκες πόσο δυνατές και δημιουργικές είναι. Αποκαλύπτοντας τη σοφία της Βραζιλιάνικης τεχνικής Macrame και μοιράζοντας Βραζιλιάνικα τραγούδια που συνοδεύουν την ύφανση, αποκαλύπτεται ένας υπέροχος τρόπος για να μάθουμε την αυτοεκτίμηση, την υπομονή και την ομορφιά της δημιουργίας που έχουμε όλοι στη καρδιά μας. Με αυτό τον τρόπο, η συνέργια μεταξύ καλλιτεχνικών χειροτεχνημάτων και μουσικού τραγουδιού, γίνεται ένα εργαλείο για τις γυναίκες που τις επανασυνδέει με το δημιουργικό τους πνεύμα και ηρεμεί το μυαλό τους. Επαγγελματίας βιολίστρια με μοναδικό έθνικ αυτοσχεδιαστικό στυλ, χορεύτρια στον αέρα στο Βραζιλιάνικο Τσίρκο και τώρα σε ειδικές εκδηλώσεις στην Κύπρο, διοργανώτρια εργαστηρίων και καλλιτέχνις χειροποίητων κοσμημάτων.

In a high pressure, high tension modern world, our lives are subject to huge stresses which can lead to stress related illnesses. Laughter Yoga helps you laugh through life’s challenges while boosting your physical, emotional and mental health. It’s a fun and easy way to manage stress, anger, overcome sadness and depression. Through fun and play in a non-competitive environment, you will develop self -confidence, creating positive energy for improving your social and business network. Elina Papa is a Laughter Yoga Teacher, certified by Dr. Madan Kataria in Bangalore, India. She runs the 1st Free Laughter Yoga Club in Cyprus

18:00 Amathusia Room

Ελίνα Παπά – Χτυπήστε το Στρες με Γιόγκα Γέλιου – Εργαστήριο Στο σημερινό κόσμο έντονων εντάσεων και πίεσης, οι ζωές μας υπόκεινται σε τεράστιο στρες που μπορεί να οδηγήσει σε αρρώστιες σχετικές με το άγχος. Η Γιόγκα Γέλιου σας βοηθά να γελάτε με τις προκλήσεις τις ζωής ενώ ταυτόχρονα ενδυναμώνει τη σωματική, συναισθηματική και νοητική σας υγεία. Είναι ένας διασκεδαστικός και εύκολος τρόπος να ελέγξετε το στρες, το θυμό και να ξεπεράσετε τη λύπη και κατάθλιψη. Μέσα από τη διασκέδαση και το παιχνίδι σε ένα μη-ανταγωνιστικό περιβάλλον, θα αναπτύξετε την αυτοπεποίθηση σας, δημιουργώντας θετική ενέργεια για τη βελτίωση του κοινωνικού και επαγγελματικού σας δικτύου. Η Ελίνα Παπά είναι Δασκάλα της Γιόγκας Γέλιου, πιστοποιημένη από τον Δρ. Μαντάν Κατάρια στην Μπανγκαλόρ της Ινδίας. Λειτουργεί το πρώτο Κλαμπ Γέλιου στην Κύπρο.

Tel: 99-312722, 45

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11/10/2010 11:19:05

Sunday presentations

Table 42

Nana Georgiou - Dynamic Yoga Workshop- All levels

Νανά Γεωργίου - Δυναμική Γιόγκα

Dynamic Yoga combines traditional yoga postures with fluid movement and key breathing techniques to deliver a powerful, flowing, meditative and energetic practice. In this way, dynamic yoga helps to build strength, improve flexibility, calm and focus the mind, and improve circulation. Dynamic Yoga is appropriate for any level of yoga practitioner. Nana Georgiou has been trained, amongst other schools, in the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in India. She teaches Hatha, Kundalini and Dynamic Yoga. She has been a Yoga Instructor for ten years. Table 42

Βασισμένο πάνω στην κλασσική Hatha Yoga, η Δυναμική Γιόγκα στηρίζεται πάνω στα βασικά στοιχεία της Γιόγκα, την συγκέντρωση, τις ασκήσεις, τη ροή και την αναπνοή. Ό ασκούμενος, μπορεί έτσι να αυξήσει τη δύναμη και ευεξία στο σώμα και να φέρει σε ηρεμία κα συγκέντρωση το μυαλό. Η Δυναμική Γιόγκα είναι κατάλληλη για όλα τα επίπεδα αφού δείχνονται παραλλαγές όπου χρειαστεί. Η Νανά Γεωργίου έχει δίπλωμα από το Sivananda Vedanta Ashram στην Ινδία. Ξεκίνησε τη Γιόγκα πριν 15 χρόνια στην

18:00 Cypria C Room,, 22-377630, 99-413707

Alexander-Bacht Safarov -Contemporary Cosmoenergetics™ & Energetic Passage- Workshop In Greek

Table 44

Cosmoenergetics™ fuses knowledge and techniques from a variety of schools e.g. Religious, Mystic and Therapeutic. Advantageously it can be used in conjunction with other techniques and is easy to learn and apply. It brings swift results. Energetic Passage: a series of meditative stretches, stances and movements that were developed by Native American Shamans who lived in Mexico in times prior to the Spanish conquest. Qualifications : Grand Master Cosmoenergetics™, Qualified Healer in Bio Energetics, Radiesthisis Practitioner (Biolocation), Fire Flower Meditation Technique Practitioner & Teacher

18:00 Salaminia Room

Αλεξάντερ – Μπαχτ Σαφαροβ - Σύγχρονη Κόσμοενεργητική™ και Ενεργειακό Πέρασμα – Εργαστήριο στα Ελληνικά Η Κοσμοενεργητική™ συνδυάζει γνώσεις και τεχνικές από διάφορες σχολές, πχ Θρησκευτικές, Μυστικιστικές και Θεραπευτικές. Ένα πλεονέκτημα αυτής της τεχνικής είναι ότι εφαρμόζεται σε συνδυασμό και με άλλες τεχνικές. Επίσης είναι εύκολη στη μάθηση και στην εφαρμογή με γρήγορα αποτελέσματα. Ενεργειακό Πέρασμα: μια σειρά στοχαστικών τεντωμάτων, στάσεων και κινήσεων που αναπτύχθηκαν από τους Ιθαγενείς Αμερικανούς Σαμάνους που ζούσαν στο Μεξικό πριν την Ισπανική κατάκτηση. Προσόντα: Grand Master Cosmoenergetics™, Qualified Healer in Bio Energetics, Radiesthisis Practitioner (Biolocation), Fire Flower Meditation Technique Practitioner

99-611506, 22-375204,

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NICOSIA FIELDS OF GRACE ® CONSTELLATION WORKSHOP STEPHEN VICTOR from Oregon, USA Invites you to his life-changing FIELDS OF GRACE ® WORKSHOP 20th and/or 21st November 2010 at the Classic Hotel, Nicosia Are you ready to be transformed and inspired in all areas of your life? This workshop offers powerful energetic diagnoses and solutions for family patterns, health and business evolving from Bert Hellinger’s family constellations and Stephen’s own unique pioneering work. Some private sessions also available - personal or business Contact: Olivia Zachariades Chalice Earth, Nicosia +357 99497318 46

Untitled-2 46

11/10/2010 11:19:08

Weaving The Rainbow

By Olivia Zachariades

Portobello Road!) On Iona, this summer, I walked the whitest beaches, broke bread and drank wine at the Abbey and joined the Iona Community for their weekly Ceilidh (dance evening) under the full moon. In the autumn I wove the thread to London and the Isis (Thames) then to York, Durham and Lindisfarne off the coast off Northumberland, dancing with old school friends at more crone celebrations , honouring my ancestors and completing my circumambulations.

All life is a dance and a pilgrimage!

All life is a dance and a pilgrimage, treading the path of the ancient ones, making rainbow bridges, acknowledging the shadow and spreading the network of light. Last summer our Nicosia group travelled separately to many places – from India to Sweden, Spain and Scotland and we also travelled for each other, joined at the hub of Chalice Earth and many other hubs, weaving our fabric into the great webfield of GrandMother Spider. Wherever I went I could feel a strong heart connection with all my friends , especially on Iona, and I too was with them energetically in distant lands.


lanning ahead for the summer of 2010, I booked into the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, hoping afterwards to jump north for a longed- for pilgrimage to Iona. Iona, that mystical, spiritual oasis off the west coast of Scotland, a centre of Celtic Christianity and burial place of over fifty Kings. Well, in the end I didn’t return to Avalon, and Scotland was written off too until a friend suddenly moved there and the pilgrimage was back on, plus a week on the Black Isle. I marvel at life’s synchronicities and spirit’s invitation to the dance as we journey the spiral of our becoming. This past year has been no exception with the closure of many old cycles and new beginnings on all levels. Wherever I go I am aware of connecting the energetic rainbow thread from Cyprus - from spiralling Glastonbury Tor in summer 2009 to heralding 2010 with a wild New Year’s morning labyrinth walk on Dartmoor. I also give a real piece of ribbon to people who have completed their Peruvian Munay-ki Rites. A dear friend danced at her wedding with the rainbow around her wrist and it was still there for the birth of her first child a year later. Dancing the maypole on MayDay this year with my beautiful women friends, we each held on to our own coloured ribbon as we wove together to celebrate the May and my entry into senior cronedom. Such a special gift and what energy we created and took out into the world! Reconnections were made on the Black Isle this August as I dolphin watched with the other members of my first London spiritual circle almost forty years on Scotland also took me back to the Findhorn Foundation where I’d lived a few months in the 70’s and where this summer some Cyprus friends were dancing Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms. How good it was to touch into the energy of the Findhorn Garden again – where it all began - and also to be reminded of the strong energetic triangle between Iona, Glastonbury and Findhorn. It was at Findhorn in the 70’s that I began my own sacred dancing with Bernard Wosien, who re-introduced many ancient European dances to the world. We girls bought bright, colourful dresses from Afghanistan for the dancing, in the days when one could still visit that country and women were free to dance (though we bought our dresses from

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This is my life, weaving my rainbow cloth, walking the web and bringing together people and the different facets of my work - from the meridians of the Chinese Yellow Emperor to the Apu’s of the Andes, Singing the Soul back home in a Soul Retrieval, Dancing the sacred circles, Healing the ancestors and those who are to come and Honouring the earth, our beloved Pachamama. We are groups within groups and circles within circles within the spiral of life, grounded in the sacred lands on which we live. As we continue to grow, to clear and to shed our skins and raise our consciousness , a myriad of positive future possibilities come into focus which make it increasingly possible to manifest and live our dreams.

‘It was there that Ian White, founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences – and soon to come to Cyprus - made part of the Water essence, the first of his special White Light Essences’. Which brings me back to Iona, that haven of peace in the western isles which was sacred to the ancient ones long before St Colomba arrived from Ireland in 563 A.D. There, In Iona as in Avalon, the mists between the worlds are thin. One feels the harmony between all the elements and the knowing - the same in Celtic Christianity as in Andean Olivia Zachariades Mysticism – that we are all part is an acupuncturist of a vital world of living energy and shamanic and that our life is a pilgrimage worker and Founder of upon Mother Earth. ‘We are not here to heal the Earth. It is the earth that is healing us. We all have an Iona in our hearts.

Chalice Earth, Nicosia. +357 99497318


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BOO...Wake up to why you are really here!

Don’t miss the workshops!

Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne AKA Louise Langley How to live from Your Heart’ Amathusia 16:00 Saturday And The 7 Steps to Perfect Love Sunday Dionysus 16:00


Have you ever felt that there is a higher game plan at work in your life? Do things seem to happen outside of your control? Can you imagine suddenly finding and understanding in absolute clarity why specific people, places and events keep showing up for you? Then being shown how to navigate it, a kind of ‘Sat Nav of life’, so that you can take control of your life and create total abundance and joy! Then imagine being shown how to change it! This is what happened to me...

arly on in my own personal journey to awaken, to bust out of the illusion of the MATRIX, I began to see that certain things in my life were repeating themselves over and over again. Sometimes I would have a realisation and it would disappear momentarily, only to be replaced with a more extreme version. I had begun to understand, for example, that each time I became involved with a man, a deep rooted notion of self worth would arise. ‘Am I good enough, beautiful enough, what would he see in me?’ Where was this coming from? When I looked in the mirror I could see a beautiful girl smiling back at me, so why did this arise each time? Having moved into my new house, shortly after my divorce, I began a program of building works. During this work all the parties involved began to dishonour me. The architect disappeared with his payment and the builders took their money upfront but didn’t complete their contract. I was left with a huge bill, having to employ new workmen to complete the project. At the same time I was experiencing other ‘friends’ in my life who were taking from me and then disappearing. What was going on? I couldn’t possibly be choosing for this to happen... or could I? There was no doubt that I had to be growing through this experience but what was it teaching me? Why was it that so much magic was unfolding in my life and yet at the same time this was happening?

Oh, I knew for sure by then that, in every part of my life, I was thinking things and they were happening so instantly. I was magically creating my reality so quickly. If I was choosing for this to happen, then I knew it must be for a really good reason and I must be in gratitude to these people who had shown up to facilitate this great learning. I wanted to understand what lay behind all of this. I knew somehow, there must be a greater game plan at work here which was driving me toward a higher purpose, perhaps towards the vision I had written about at the end of my first book ‘The Sacred Quest’. I felt there must be a way to uncover this higher agenda at play- that’s when I met Nicolas David Ngan and his work with Soul Contract Readings that impacted me so greatly. It literally ‘lifted a veil of illusion’ for me. I was staggered at its accuracy and how it helped to explain all that had been happening in my life that I had NEEDED to experience until my great ‘Wake Up’ moment in Dublin. I was so impressed that I learnt the system to be able to support others, to help them too to understand their soul contract, their ‘sat nav’ of life. This is the incredible impact that understanding your Soul Contract could have on your life ... Your Soul Contract is a road map of your life, a kind of spiritual ‘Sat Nav’ which YOU choose before entering into this lifetime. Once you understand what your particular Soul Contract actually is,


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it can give you clarity on how to align to it and navigate your life’s purpose, your reason for being here! It sets out your overall life purpose, what you have come here to experience in this lifetime and why. It is programmed into your DNA from birth and creating your reality in every moment. It is literally attracting to you people, places and events to create what you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. This context of experience is only here for you to overcome. Why would you set out a series of challenges and goals simply to overcome? Because it is through overcoming them that you re-experience how extraordinary and powerful you really are! You begin to re-experience your divine essence. Once you start to come into self empowerment through clearing the emotional issues that arise in working through your life, you are then able to make a choice to change your life, to begin to realign it with your life purpose, thus creating a more fulfilling life. To determine your specific Soul Contract, we use a system which converts your birth name into a series of phonetic Hebrew sounds. We extract the Hebrew numbers inherent within Hebrew letters to determine the challenges in your life, the talents you have to overcome them and then the underlying drives and dreams for your life. The net effect of all these energies produces the Soul Destiny or Life Purpose your soul desires to achieve. Each Hebrew symbol is a unique sound of Creation. Each of the 22 sounds creates specific life experiences, which reveal the Divine Order in your life. Once you have your road map, it can guide you to your ultimate destination, help you become conscious of the challenges you have set out for yourself, bring awareness of your innate talents to overcome these challenges and assist in guiding you through them to reach your destination. When you begin to trust, everything can flow so much more easily and the magic of your life journey can truly unfold. For most people, the biggest challenge is often to surrender and embrace the unfolding events that follow. When fear is removed, your greater life purpose becomes clear. You may ask, ‘How would I know whether I am aware of my life plan and aligned to it? What kind of areas in my life would I want to change if I’m not aligned with my purpose?’ From a tiny age we are conditioned to believe certain things and that life is happening to us instead of understanding WE are CREATING it. This conditioning runs so deep that we believe it until we finally have the courage to align with our own truth. Once we do so, we can move towards a more fulfilling experience each day. Our magical journey can unfold more easily. For me, just a few of the amazing things that understanding my soul contract have brought me are fulfilling and empowering relationships, clarity of my purpose, total conviction in speaking out and a great understanding of why certain people and events are in my life. This has played such a pivotal role for me in waking up!

having great fun exploring the ways to uncover our life path! For those of you who would really like to uncover your full path, bust out of the matrix and pull the universe onside to make it happen, join me for a 3 day workshop ‘The sacred Life Path level 1’ 19th –21st November in Cyprus. Details are on my events page of my website

Ps. If you change your name, you change your game! I know ... I have just done it Here are some examples of why YOU are not awake: • Repeating patterns of events/people • Fear of being seen and speaking out • Indecisiveness • Lack of self worth • Debt • Conflict with others • No trust in the flow of life • Relationships that don’t work • Lack of confidence and self esteem

How can understanding your soul contract help you? • To confidently speak your truth • Transform relationships that don’t work • Become open to receive in all areas (money, relationship, success) • Attract like-minded people to you • Experience great joy in life • Install great confidence and self belief • Understand who is in your life and why • Live fearlessly, surrendering and trusting in the flow of life in every moment

Do you want to ‘wake up’ to your real reason for being here too? Join me at the MBS exhibition Nicosia 13th, 14th November and we can do it together! You can prebook your own mini soul contract reading before the event by contacting me on 00447884498517 or by email at my website Come have fun at my 2 hour workshops each day at the exhibition where we will be 49

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By Anette Martinsen


arlic also known as Allium Sativum (Liliaceae) is renowned for its pungent odour and taste. It is a bulbous perennial, which can grow between 30cm-1m, and it has pale pink or green-white flowers. This humble bulb is something of a mini miracle worker with its valuable medicinal properties. It is completely safe for home use and a powerful treatment for many health problems. According to the Garlic Research Bureau it contains over 100 active compounds, its key constituents include volatile oil (alliin, alliinase and allion), selenium, scordinins and vitamins A, B, C and E.

History Garlic has been around for a very long time and as civilizations grew from 3000 BC onwards in Egypt, the Middle East, China and Indian so did the use of medicinal plants and herbs, which we can see from written accounts. The earliest surviving examples are the Egyptian Ebers papyrus of 1500 BC, which lists medicinal plants, their uses and related spells and incantations, garlic being one of them. After Columbus’ ships arrived the Caribbean in 1492 herbs were more readily available. The only foreign plants that were used medicinally were those that could easily be grown locally, of which garlic offers one of the earliest and clearest examples. The herb was introduced into Britain after the Roman conquest in the 1st century AD, by which time its remarkable medicinal powers were becoming understood.

Cooking tip Eating raw garlic is the best way to get the goodness, as cooking can destroy the active compounds. If you are cooking with it, crush the garlic and stir it in five minutes before the end of the cooking. It also has various anti oxidant properties and is thought to help maintain a healthy heart, lower cholesterol levels, improve circula-

tion and reduce blood clotting. It was used as a treatment of all from tuberculosis to typhoid before the development of antibiotics. In the First World War it was used to dress wounds. It is an effective expectorant, it increases sweating and it also lowers blood pressure. Due to its antibiotic properties it can heal all sorts of infections and can ward off colds and flu. It can also heal acne, boils, candida, cold sores, coughs, bronchitis and athlete’s foot. I have successfully used it to expel worms and parasites from my children. Garlic is an anti-diabetic and it is also a great detoxifier.

Research Garlic has been extensively researched in the U.S, Japan and Germany from the 1980’s onwards, but experts still disagree on how it gets its antibiotic action. In clinical trails in the 1980’s garlic confirmed that it reduces blood lipid (fat) levels, and lowers blood pressure. My mother gave me the following prescription which was originally found in a Buddhist monastery in the Tibetan mountains in 1972 and where it was written in antique written signs.

What you will need: 350g garlic ¼ litre of 40% alcohol Glass jar with a lid Gauze or equivalent

Method Peel and crush 350g of garlic through a garlic press and mix it with the alcohol. Pour the mixture into a tightly sealed glass jar, and place it into the fridge for 10 days. After the 10th day you can take out the jar and filter it through the gauze squeezing it very hard, keeping the liquid and discarding the pulp. Place the jar with the liquid back in the fridge for another 2 days. After the 2nd day the liquid is the ready for use. Don’t worry if the mixture turns green after a couple of days, this is quite normal. You should follow the table below: Take the drops with a little juice or water before your meal, once you have completed this course you cannot take this again for another 5 years. And don’t worry you wont smell either. This mixture with extract of garlic will clean your organisms reducing fat; it will improve your metabolism and should therefore reduce your weight. It can heal all types of infections and health problems such as bronchitis, headaches, rheumatism, eczema, fungus, candida, gastritis, and eyesight disorders. Your whole body will renew it self.

How many drops to take per day: Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Morning 1 4 7 10 13 16 12 9 6 3 15 25

Lunch 2 5 8 11 14 17 11 8 5 2 25 25

Evening 3 6 9 12 15 18 10 7 4 1 25 25

Take 25 drops 3 times a day until the mixture runs out.

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Pranic Healing The Most Advanced Method of Energy Healing in the World ARE YOU FED UP WITH BEING SICK & TIRED? Learn how to heal yourself and your family physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pranic Healing is a simple, easy to learn yet powerful no-touch healing system. Over 500 people in Cyprus have already benefitted from this really effective healing method. It will improve your health, happiness and sense of well-being. It will also help you develop more balance, harmony, inner peace and joy in your life. Pranic Healing is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your family. NEXT COURSE: 26th and 27th November (with GREEK translation)

Meditation & Healing Meetings regularly in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos. For information contact: Helen Weeks 99-851102

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Super Brain Yoga Cypria C Room Saturday at 14:00 Workshop ‘Your Hands can heal’ Sunday 16:00 Salaminia Room Experience a mini-healing at our table No.47

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The purest skin care on earth


The earth is our inspiration and our most precious resources. We are here to help protect it while drawing out its vital, abundant biodynamic Beauty into our products, for our customers, onto their beautiful skin. At Jurlique, we believe that beauty comes from beauty.

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