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5 Proven Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Over time, teeth lose their bright whiteness as the minerals which make them up change and begin to break down. Teeth also become discolored by smoking, drinking coffee or red wine as well as from excess fluoride in tap water. If you have become excessively conscious about the color of your teeth then you can use a variety of whitening methods which include whitening toothpaste, the tray method, whitening strips and pens. These vary in cost but can be easily bought from any corner store, supermarket or department store. However, the quickest and most effective method is to engage Woodinville teeth whitening services offered by professional dentists. Whitening Toothpaste The cheapest method of whitening teeth is the regular use of whitening toothpaste. It is important that you choose a brand that has been stamped with a Seal of Approval by the ADA. These particular toothpastes use relatively harsh particles to give teeth a lasting sheen, along with other chemicals that bond with stains, thus removing them. However, these toothpastes are not any much harsher than their non-whitening counterparts. Whitening Trays Whitening trays are widely available in one-size fits all that can be adjusted to fit any set of teeth. These are made of a soft pliable plastic which when heated in hot water and placed in mouth, is then moulded to fit teeth. Once this cools, the plastic hardens. You then place a small amount of whitening gel into the tray. The suggestion is that the focus be placed on the front of teeth which is the area that is most visible The whitening solution should be worn for no longer than 60 to 90 minutes per whitening session. One set of trays is reusable for followup sessions and should be cleaned and stored carefully. Whitening Strips Whitening strips contain a mixture of peroxide and polyethylene and are pasted onto the teeth. Best results come from consistent length of wear. Before using these strips, it is recommended that you teeth be cleaned by brushing and flossing them. This will increase the effectiveness of the whitening elements on the strips.

Whitening Pens Teeth whitening pens offer a paint-on solution to whitening. Pens contain a peroxide-based solution which is manually squeezed onto and in between teeth. Consistency of use is necessary for results to be achieved. Additionally, teeth should be brushed and flossed thoroughly prior to using the whitening pen in order to increase its effectiveness. Professional Dental Whitening Service While the above methods can be effective in their own rights, often-times their effects are short-lived. Professional dental whitening costs more than the other forms of whitening but is guaranteed to give you faster and more long-lasting results. Whitening with a dentist can either involve a professional version of the tray method or laser teeth whitening. For the tray method, your gums will be protected against irritation by the placement of protective gel or a rubber guard as a preparation for the whitener. Then, peroxide gel is placed into a custom moulded tray which will then be fitted onto your teeth. On the other hand, laser teeth whitening are an aggressive and intense process which uses a combination of chemicals as well as the high heat of a laser beam. It is by far the fastest, most expensive, yet most effective teeth whitening methods. Click here for more information about signature smiles a Woodinville dentist or best dentist in Woodinville. Original Source:

5 proven ways to whiten your teeth  

Over time, teeth lose their bright whiteness as the minerals which make them up change and begin to break down. Teeth also become discolored...

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