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Vol.2  November 2018 ~ February 2019

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hinning from In & Within throughMindBeauty How to grow your inner beauty – Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, a girl boss or a full time lady of leisure, we are all strong independent women who deserve love just like everyone else! But how do we find love beyond romantic relationship, friends and family in the town of gorgeous skyline!

“If you don’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else!”—RuPaul I don’t know about you but I do quite enjoy building relationship with myself, sooner or later you will realise that you don’t need someone else to fulfil every single need or expectation you have in life because - YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! In no way I am saying you don’t need the Mr Right, I am very happy in my romantic relationship, but it did took me a while to figure out the relationship I have to work on first is the one with myself and then you can really love the person you are with! Loving yourself comes in many forms, a cheeky little bar of chocolate, signing up a personal trainer, pampering yourself for a spa day or rolling out that yoga mat. Whatever it is that pleases you. The moment you start loving and fully accept yourself, comes beauty from in and within. Trust me people can smell it! Much like beauty, self love is a life long pursuit and there isn’t a simple quick fix.

Inner eauty We all know the saying ‘You are what you eat’, eating well doesn’t only mean having a straight homogeneous h diet, but it is also about knowing how to enjoy food, its flavour, texture and fragrant. Next time try something you haven’t try before, spice it up a little out of your comfort zone! Appreciating food is almost like treating your body with nutrition. Did you know saffron keep balance of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin which will surely put a smile on your face next time you use it to spice up your dish! Being zen and balance is also important to stay beautiful! I try to stay mindful while I practice yoga and meditate, it helps organise train of thought organically, especially in a busy and heartache city like Hong Kong. While disappearing in galleries and museum listening to meditating music works the magic for me too! Not only art is that activity which manifests beauty, it is also a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms. With that being said, aren’t we all just trying to turn things and ourselves into beautiful forms in some way, inside and outside? The true beauty has to be coming from in and within, so love yourself first so you know what you deserve!

What is YOMOGI Steam?

By absorbing the steam throughout the whole body, it will warm the body from the core and improve blood circulation of the pelvic area. By having the herb steam hit the mucous membrane that has more absorbing power than the skin, it makes the body easier to absorb the active components,reduce the size of the vagina and releases the left over blood from the uterus. MindBeauty girls know well how Yomogi Steamcan meditate and connect it to our inner self. Time to rest and pamper the innder of your body! Open in app!

It is called "chai-yok" in Korea, also namely Vaginal Steam in English - One of the ancient Korean treatments found 600 years ago. Yomogi and other Chinese herbs are boiled under a seat where has a hole on the top and the steam which includes the herbal components, comes out of the hole.


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Aurore Yomogi Salon Warming Uterus with Loess Treatment 40mins HK$ 350


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Spa & Massage

Soul Feet

The Right Spot

Foot Massage 50 mins

Signature Hot Oil Massage 75 mins HK$ 298

HK$ 925

SOVOS Aromatherapy

Organic Pregnancy Massage 60 mins HK$ 780

Zen Massage

Lafayette Spa

Nutri Slim

Zen Signature Massage 120 mins

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment 30 mins

Traditional Thai Massage 45 mins

HK$ 988

HK$ 880

HK$ 168

Levo Spa

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From the latin word levis which means "light, not heavy". English words for the Latin word Levo are relax, soothe, minify.

Unwind • Connected • Warm "We have the power to change someone's life through our relationships and at Levo Spa, this is what we do. When it is time to wind down, there is no better place to shed your stress." from Levo Spa.


The Purifying Facial 90mins HK$ 1,200

50 0% OF F Photo from Bom Bom Levo Spa

Glow S pa

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No frizz, no fuss and especially good – NO FORMALDEHYDE! Zero down time!

Oh! Just bhave! Why be frizzy? The new bhave™ Smoothe XT has arrived in Hong Kong and it is absolutely FANTASTIC! It’s time to tame that frizz & keep your hair smooth & manageable with the new NEW and IMPROVED formaldehyde- free bhave™ Smoothe XT keratin hair treatment – IT IS arguably the best smoothing treatment to combat frizzy hair in the Hong Kong heat! finished in Glow Spa, so you can Extra Tipsps bhave™ Smoothe XT is completely finished

Lady’s Cut & Blow Dry / Full Head Colour + Shampoo & Blow Dry

from m HK $ 580

colour or highlight on the same day if you wish.

Bom Bom Lifestyle & Spa

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Western District’s leading niche 5-star spa center Bom Bom Lifestyle & Spa aims to offer its clients some unforgettable relaxation in the urban jungle! Located in First Street, Sai Yin Pun specializing in manicures, pedicures, waxing, threading and tinting, facial and body massages. Their spa therapists are professionally trained to provide attentive care, comfort and cleanliness to all our guests.

MindBeautyyExclusive CND Shellac Manicure 60mins HK$ 468

25% OF F 25 Photo from Bom Bom Lifestyle & Spa


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Among the chaos of tourists and busy shoppers in Causeway Bay, Massada Medicspa is the escape you've been praying for! Originally from Spain with a branch now in Hong Kong, Massada Medicspa provides your skin with what it truly needs. Every facial has been carefully created and tailored for every individual, patented massage techniques together with Massada's original Spanish products assure you the best quality and excellent experience. Massada provides one-stop service, offering a range of treatments from body massages to professional spa mani-pedis in an incredibly sumptuous setting. A new selection of medical treatments such as HIFU Laser are launched for your needs recently after merging with listed company, Medicskin Holdings Ltd.

Photo from Massada


MindBeautyyExclusive Anti Aging Caviar Deluxe Facial Treatment 90mins HK$ 1,280 0



Scan and open in app Ayana Spa

Phytomer Anti-Aging Facial Facial & Beauty

HK$ 990

10/10 Space

ELEMIS Super Food ProRadiance Facial HK$ 1,380

Levo Spa

Canary Central

Antica Barberia

Organic Grape Seed Facial

Spa Manicure

Mother and Daughter Hair Cut + Finishing

HK$ 988

Pavillon Medspa

Photo C B5 Essential Facial HK$ 580

Hair/Nail/Make up

HK$ 410

Bom Bom Lifestyle & Spa Classic Manicure

HK$ 268

HK$ 1300

LA COUPE Hairdressing Colouring: Organic Natural Colour with Blow Dry HK$ 1500

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MindBeauty Gift Card 880

Nail & Hair Styling Facial & Body Beauty Treatments

HK$ 880

HK$ 1,200 HK$ 1,380

Save HK$ 130

Personal Training and Classes

MindBeauty Gift Card 880

Day Spa & Massage

HK$ 2,500 HK$ 2,875

November Giveaway

NOV New Face Beauty

Save HK$ 375

8 201

Slimming & Waxing

Beauty of Gifting

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Rosa Damascena Rejuvenating Facial 60mins PROMO CODE


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Weekday Exclusive Offer

New Face Beauty

NOV 8 201

Swiss Perfection Cellular Anti-Oxidant Treatment MindBeauty Weekday Exclusive HK$ 680 Original HK$ 1,280

FREE! HK$ 1,200

November Giveaway

Antica Barberia

53% OFF

Through the power of pure vitamin C, our highly active anti- oxidant facial stimulates collagen production, restores radiance and firmness. Your skin will appear brightened and renewed. This treatment is the perfect cure to combat premature signs of aging and free-radical damage.

Men's Hair Cut PROMO CODE



HK$ 500

Photo from New Face Beauty

Weekday Exclusive Offer

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Pamper DPT

Christmas Giveaway

Glow Spa

8 201

Signature Hot Oil Nourish Massage 75 mins MindBeauty Weekday Exclusive

HK$ 720

20% OFF

Soak Off Gel Mani&Pedi Combo MindBeauty Weekday Exclusive

HK$ 800

20% OFF

Transformation Facial PROMO CODE


SELA Pearl Rice Facial 75 mins MindBeauty Weekday Exclusive

HK$ 1,300


HK$ 880

20% OFF

The goal of Pamper DPT is simple, to bridge the gap between upscale beauty centre offering over-the-top services and at the other end of the spectrum, the cheap and often times questionable chop shops. Pamper DPT to offer efficient yet impeccable services. Our team are executing literally thousands of impeccable services every week. We’ve put an incredible amount of effort and investment into making sure that our massage, brows & lashes, nails, and waxing services are the best round.


Christmas Giveaway

Aurore Yomogi Salon

8 201

Warming Uterus with Loess Treatment • Premium Herb PROMO CODE



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8 201


HK$ 480

Christmas Giveaway

Relax Beauty and Spa

Organic Body Scrub Treatment PROMO CODE



HK$ 580

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MindBeauty - Hong Kong's Beauty and Wellness Booking App. GIVEAWAY / FREE Vouchers, and hot news from the beauty and wellness trends are cur...

ChitChat MindBeauty Vol.2  

MindBeauty - Hong Kong's Beauty and Wellness Booking App. GIVEAWAY / FREE Vouchers, and hot news from the beauty and wellness trends are cur...