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OPINION Robbery in government big and small BY VIC N. SUMALINOG

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AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022





A RESIDENT throws a bucket of water on a still burning house in Purok San Miguel, Barangay Agdao Proper on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 16. BING GONZALES

Monkeypox shelter

• Camp Malagos identified as the isolation center for rare disease

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews) – The local government of Davao has designated Camp Malagos of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in Baguio District as an isolation center for monkeypox cases in Davao City, a Department of Health (DOH)-Davao official said. Dr. Gerna Manatad, DOH-Davao regional director, told the Kapehan sa Dabaw on Monday that the city has designated its own

180-bed isolation facility for monkeypox as the local government units (LGUs) have been encouraged to prepare in anticipation of

the possible spread of the disease in the region. She said each regional and provincial government has also designated its

w w w. m i n d a n a o t i m e s . c o m . p h

own monkeypox isolation facilities. Still, the DOHDavao has yet to release the total bed capacity of each province. Manatad said the confirmed monkeypox cases would be brought to the facilities if their homes were

Mindanao Times

unfit for isolation to treat the symptoms of positive patients. There is still no monkeypox case in Davao, according to her. The DOH central office reported last July 29 that a 31-year-old Filipino


in Manila, who arrived from abroad last July 19, was the country’s first monkeypox case. She said that the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a public health concern on (






AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022

MAYOR Sebastian Duterte, together with deputy mayors from the 11 tribes and other city officials, leads the opening of this year 37th Kadayawan sa Davao at Magsaysay Park on Monday afternoon. BING GONZALES

Matina overpass closed as cracks spotted after quake

Rep. Lagman seeks probe on ban of five ‘subversive’ books MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews) – Rep. Edcel Lagman of Albay has filed a resolution asking three committees of the House of Representatives to conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation on the “unauthorized and illegal issuance” of a memorandum by the Komisyon sa

Wikang Filipino (KWF) banning from libraries and schools five books in Filipino for being “subversive” and “anti-government.” Lagman’s resolution came on the heels of a KWF memorandum dated Aug. 9 banning the following books: “Teatro

Student nabbed over marijuana A 19-YEAR-OLD student was arrested after witnesses allegedly identified him as the one who left the box containing P45,000 worth of marijuana outside Rechlle Store at Purok 12, Km. 12 Barangay Catalunan Pequeño, at around 9 p.m. on Aug. 15. Maj. Nelson Violan, commander of Baliok Police Station, identified him

as Glenn Free Tare Cemini, a transient resident in the area. According to the report, two witnesses identified Cemini who allegedly carried and abandoned the yellow-white carton box in front of their sari-sari store as he claimed that it contained garbage. Upon verification, the ( / STUDENT / 10)

Pulitikal Dos” by Malou Jacob, “Kalatas: Mga Kuwentong Bayan at Kwentong Buhay” by Rommel Rodriguez, “Tawid Diwa sa Pananagisag ni Bienvenido Lumbera: Ang Bayan, Ang Manunulat at ang Magasing Sagisag ng Imahinatibong Yugto ng ( / REP / 7)


AN OVERPASS in Matina Crossing was temporarily closed as additional cracks were found on the structure following a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Magsaysay Davao del Sur, according to City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO). The CDRRMO and the overpass to ensure its ture is still safe for public the City Engineer’s Office structural integrity. use),” he said. (CEO) are assessing build“Na-coordinate na pud Baloran added that ings and other structures to nato na sa City Engineer’s emergency responders from ensure the safety of their kay naa man sa ilaha ang his office were deployed for continued use following mga technical people para inspection immediately Monday’s earthquake. maka-determine kung safe after the tremor. CDRRMO chief Al- pa ba gamiton ang maong Police personnel were fredo Baloran, during the structure (We have coor- also tapped to make the Madayaw Davao program dinated this with the City rounds within their areas aired over the Davao City Engineer’s because they of responsibility to check Disaster Radio on Tuesday, have technical people who for distressed people and said the CEO would assess can determine if the struc( / MATINA / 10)

Kadayawan officially opens THE KADAYAWAN festival has officially opened with the symbolic banging of the gong at the Bantawan Amphitheater in Magsaysay Park on Monday. The event was attended by Mayor Sebastian Duterte, Vice Mayor Melchor Quitain Jr., city councilors, and foreign delegates from Germany, Spain, Malaysia, and South Africa. Archbishop Romulo Valles celebrated a Misa

Pasalamat before the Pagabli sa Kadayawan program started with a performance from the Kalumon Ensemble. The deputy mayors from the 11 ethnolinguistic tribes, with the 11 Hiyas sa Kadayawan candidates, made a symbolic offering of the city’s harvests. Mayor Duterte and all the deputy mayors gathered for the gong banging, signaling the official opening

of the Kadayawan festival. Dr. Maria Luisa Monteverde, President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc., said Kadayawan had come back with a "big bang" after its two-year hiatus. Duterte said the festival is the city's way of “honoring the 11 tribes.” He said the diverse cultures of the city’s indigenous peoples have continued to (

thrive because “Davaoeños are a peace-loving people” who do not discriminate. Although the mayor urged everyone to join in the festivities, he also reminded them to observe the minimum public health protocols at all times. The cultural performances of the 11 tribes will be showcased starting Tuesday at the Bantawan Amphitheatre. / KADAYAWAN / 10)


AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022



FVR: The retired general who put Mindanao on the map of priorities DAVAO CITY (MindaNews) – Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the first Mindanawon to become President, but the President who put Mindanao on the Philippine map of priorities was Fidel Valdez Ramos, a retired general who negotiated peace with Moro and communist rebels and championed Mindanao as he pushed for its transformation from the country’s “backdoor” to the “main door … to our ASEAN neighbors.” Ramos knew, even before he became President in 1992, that peace was key to the nation’s economic development and addressing the roots of conflict in resource-rich Mindanao, the country’s food basket, would be a major step forward: he disappeared from public view during the Presidential campaign to visit Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, explaining later that he sought his help to get Nur Misuari, founding chair of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), back to the peace negotiating table. It was in Libya where the Tripoli Agreement of December 23, 1976 was signed between the Philippine government and the then undivided MNLF under Misuari. But its implementation failed because, among others, then President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, exercising his legislative powers under martial law, created two regional autonomous governments instead of one as agreed upon. Six months after People Power ousted Marcos in February 1986, President Corazon Aquino flew to Sulu against the advice of her security sector, including then Armed Forces Chief of Staff Ramos, to talk peace. Misuari agreed to go back to the negotiating table, but no peace agreement was reached under her administration. In October 1992, on the fourth month of the Ramos Presidency, exploratory talks were held in Tripoli which led to the resumption of formal peace negotiations in 1993, facilitated by the Organization of Islamic Conference (now Cooperation) and hosted by Indonesia. The talks ended when the Final Peace Agreement (FPA) was signed on September 2, 1996. By July 1997, the government would sign an agreement on a general cessation of hostilities with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). This revolutionary group broke away from the MNLF in the late 1970s. The agreement marked the start of formal peace negotiations with the MILF that would be disrupted by an “all-out war” waged by the Estrada administration in 2000 and by the Arroyo administration in 2003. In 2008, the

government under Arroyo and the MILF initialed the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain but the formal signing in Kuala Lumpur on August 5 was canceled as the Supreme issued a temporary restraining order barring the government peace panel from signing the agreement. The peace agreement with the MILF – the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro — would be signed in 2014 under the Aquino administration and the enabling law establishing the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) to replace the ARMM was passed and ratified under the Duterte administration. “Malacanang of the South” Newly-elected President Ramos wasted no time in focusing on Mindanao. Within his first week in office in 1992, he laid out his “Mindanao Agenda” or “Mindanao Peace and Development Agenda,” setting the tone for succeeding Presidents. Mindanao’s economy by then had been stagnant due to its unstable peace and order situation. Mindanao was home to all Moro liberation fronts, it was second to Bicol in terms of the armed strength of the New People’s Army, and the Abu Sayyaf, initially composed of disgruntled members of the MNLF, had just started to make its presence felt in Basilan. Mindanao, the country’s food basket and supplier of raw materials, was also the country’s “war zone” and, under the Marcos dictatorship, became even more heavily militarized as state forces launched campaigns against Moro and communist rebels. When the Aquino administration took over (1986-1992), her policy was to talk peace with the Moro and communist rebels to address the roots of the conflicts. But no peace agreement was reached during her time, as it was besieged by a series of coup attempts to topple her administration. Mindanao leaders pushed for an equitable share of the budget for the country’s secondlargest island grouping to allow it to catch up with Luzon and

Visayas. In the late 1980s, thenSenator Aquilino Pimentel Jr., in a privilege speech, lamented that Mindanao was “the country’s cash cow that gets only dog food.” Under the Ramos administration, it may not have gotten what should really have been its equitable share of the budget. Still, for the first time, Mindanao received the full attention of the national leadership. On July 5, 1992, his fifth day in office, Ramos issued Executive Order 7, creating an extension office of the President in Mindanao and Visayas and assigning a Presidential Assistant for Mindanao and another for the Visayas. The EO provided that the PA for Mindanao will also chair the Mindanao Economic Development Council created through Executive Order 512 of President Aquino on March 19, 1992 – less than two months before the May Presidential elections – and implemented under the Ramos Presidency. Medco preceded what is now the Mindanao Development Authority. Ten days after he issued EO7, Ramos swore into office his Presidential Assistant for Mindanao, businessman Paul Rene Garcia Dominguez, at the Central Bank building here. A portion of the building became home to the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Mindanao (OPAMIN), dubbed “Malacanang of the South.” Ramos was in constant communication with his assistant. “Constant” meant Dominguez had to install a fax machine in their dining area at home as his daily breakfast ritual would, until he resigned in late January 1998 to campaign for Renato de Villa for President, include going over Ramos’ faxed instructions to him or marginal notes on the day’s newspaper clippings on various Mindanao issues. Under the Aquino administration, a Cabinet member was assigned a region – as Cabinet Official for Regional Development. Ramos went a step ahead: he set up a “Malacanang in the South” and designated a PA for Mindanao – Dominguez, followed by

PRESIDENT Fidel Ramos with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in 1995. MindaNews photo by RENE B. LUMAWAG

PRESIDENT Fidel V. Ramos. Photo courtesy of RPDev Jesus Dureza from February 1 to June 30, 1998. Ramos’ successor, Joseph Estrada, abolished the OPAMIN set-up and the CORD through EO 7 issued on September 30, 1998. Instead, he appointed PARECOs or Presidential Assistant for Regional Concerns, initially two for Mindanao and later three, but their presence was hardly felt in Mindanao until his ouster in January 2001. Estrada’s EO 7 ended the six-year period where Mindanao’s and Mindanao’s regional concerns, including disasters, were swiftly attended to by an office directly under the President. “No longer the backdoor” In October 1992, the same month as the exploratory peace talks in Tripoli, Libya, Ramos

proposed during a meeting of leaders in the Association of East Asian Nations (ASEAN) the creation of a sub-regional economic grouping that would eventually be launched in 1994 as the BIMP-EAGA or BruneiIndonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area, comprising Brunei, East Malaysia, East Indonesia and Mindanao and Palawan in the Philippines. BIMP-EAGA was a shared strategy among the four countries to “accelerate socioeconomic development of the less developed and geographically remote areas in the member countries.” Ramos would be the first Philippine president to return to the country from a foreign trip via Mindanao, landing in Davao City from Indonesia in September

1993, where he declared Mindanao as the “main door” to the ASEAN. “Starting today, Mindanao will no longer be the backdoor of the Philippines …but a main door… our door to our ASEAN neighbors with whom our future and destiny lie,” he said. That 1993 statement, Dominguez said in August 1996, “continues to reverberate today because it is a major policy statement and we have seen so many follow-through policy changes by the national government in terms of implementing that policy.” The Mindanao Development Authority noted that from 1994 to 1997, there was a surge of investments in Mindanao. Air routes within BIMP-EAGA opened:


/ FVR / 10)

PRESIDENT Fidel Ramos, ARMM Governor Nur Misuari and Presidential Assistant for Mindanao Paul Dominguez in Tawi-tawi on 15 July 1992. Photo by RENE B. LUMAWAG




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AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022

C. Luzon’s 7.9% inflation rate highest since 2018 CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga – The inflation rate in Central Luzon climbed to 7.9 percent in July 2022, the highest annual rate recorded in the region since January 2018, the Philippine Statistics Authority-Regional Statistical Services Office (PSARSSO) reported on Tuesday. The latest figure was higher by 4.1 percentage points from 3.8 percent in July 2021 and 0.4 percentage points higher from 7.5 percent in June 2022. Central Luzon ranked third among regions with the highest inflation while Davao Region ranked first at 8.6 percent followed by Zamboanga Peninsula at 8.3 percent. On the other hand, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao remained to have the lowest inflation at 3.6 percent followed by the National Capital Region at 5.1 percent. The annual inflation rate in the country continued to inch up and was recorded at 6.4 percent in July 2022 compared to 6.1 percent in the previous month. In her report, PSA-

RSSO III officer-in-charge Arlene Divino said the uptrend in inflation for July 2022 was primarily brought about by the higher annual growth rate in the food and non-alcoholic beverages index at 7.3 percent from 6.7 percent. This was followed by housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels at 10.5 percent and the index of transport at 19.3 percent. Likewise, higher annual increments were noted in alcoholic beverages and tobacco at 11.2 percent; clothing and footwear at 3.1 percent; furnishings, household equipment, and routine household maintenance at 2.9 percent; health at 2.6 percent; recreation, sports, and culture at 3.2 percent; restaurant and accommodation services at 3.1 percent and personal care, and miscellaneous goods and services at 3.9 percent. Meanwhile, a slower rate of increase was registered in the indices of rice at 3.1 percent and vegetables, tubers, plantains, cooking bananas and pulses at 8.6 percent.

On the other hand, the same rate of increase as that of the previous month was observed in the indices of education services at 0.1 percent and financial services at 0.0 percent. The annual growth rate in the regional food index registered an increment of 7.7 percent in July 2022 from 7.1 percent in June 2022. The continued upward trend in the food index can be primarily attributed to the increases in the annual growth rate of the following food indices: sugar, confectionery, and desserts at 17.4 percent; corn at 12.3 percent; and fish and other seafood at 10.8 percent. Meanwhile, Gina T. Gacusan, regional director of the National Economic and Development Authority-Central Luzon, earlier said that to preserve the households' purchasing power, there is a need to control the inflation in food items as food takes the largest share in the expenditures of households. Gacusan said policy interventions are being implemented to manage the supply and prices of basic commodities. (PNA)

Malaysian companies bullish on PH RECOGNIZING the importance of strengthening the existing presence of Malaysian companies in the Philippines, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) is spearheading the Export Acceleration Mission (EAM) in Manila, Philippines. The event featuring 12 Malaysian companies from sectors ranging from food & beverages, healthcare and ICT is a strategic collaboration between MATRADE, the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) Malaysia, and SME Bank Malaysia. During the mission, which will be held from 22 to 26 August, MATRADE, through its Manila office, will be coordinating over 100 one-to-one business meetings with leading importers and buyers. Complementing this, programs that have been arranged for Malaysian companies include a Seminar on Doing Business with Malaysia, market visits, and networking sessions with relevant authorities, associations, and industry players. This is part of MATRADE’s efforts to familiarise Malaysian companies with rules and regulations on doing



Alsons Dev launches Poblacion Market Central, DC’s latest attraction where heritage meets hip

ALSONS Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev) just made shopping, dining, and entertainment a bit more exciting for Davaoeños with the launch of the Poblacion Market Central. A l s o n s D e v f i r s t devinco Shopping Center’s In a place where heritage meets hip, Alsons Dev opened the doors of Pobla- most loved and long-standhopes to draw crowds from cion late last year. It hosted ing tenants to a new space across the Philippines to over 300 seasoned and up- with upgraded facilities in Davao and make them ex- and-coming artists during January of 2022. It has been less than a perience that fertile middle the Mindanao Art Fair in ground where traditions are October 2021; gathered year since the first customcelebrated and contempo- adventurous foodpreneurs, ers walked into this new rary takes on art, retail, and artists and artisans during hub with almost a hectare gastronomy are more than the month-long Christmas of gross floor space. So far, Bazaar; and moved Al- Alsons Dev has delivered a welcome.

well-curated merchant mix of art, antiques, souvenir shops, restaurant concepts, and convenience retailers with convenient parking. To date, Poblacion has over 70 merchants, with more opening in the fourth quarter. Creativity runs deep in the South As Davao City welcomes local and international visitors in time for

the Kadayawan Festival, Poblacion also bares its food hall, Kukun, which is short for Kusina at Kultura ng Dabaw. Kukun offers value, variety, and experience, serving everything from Persian food by Majid’s Kabab, Pinoy grilled favorites by Yassi's Siargao BBQ, lechon meals by Porky Best, and seafood bento boxes by Claribel Restau-

rant. It also houses AMCG Farm, which sells fresh produce; Hootsa, which has a full menu of milk and fruit teas; and Myami Vyce Resto Bar, which serves mocktails and cocktails. Popular coffeehouse chain Bo’s Coffee is also there to serve its single-origin beans from across the Philippines. There is, however, more to Kukun than south(

/ ALSONS / 11)


AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022



Schoolgirl style at FOREVER 21

WITH face-to-face classes, back after two years of virtual learning, it’s time to say hello again to teachers, classmates, and friends in the classroom and on-campus. It’s also time to say hello to dressing sweaters, skirts, shoes and bucket hats for up again, and new clothes for come back- athletic and punky girls. ing students. And Forever 21 celebrates Sofia’s high-speed style is sporty and schoolgirl style with four inspirational with a touch of motor racing, and sexy looks Elle, Alexa, Callie and Sofia. night out/party outfits. Elle introduces a bohemian rock-n-roll Check out Forever 21’s Back to vibe with a touch of western floral and School collection in-store at SM City elegant feminine - dresses, woven tops, North Edsa, SM Makati, SM Megamall, flare pants, denim flares, sweaters, boots SM Mall of Asia, SM City Clark and SM and hats. Lanang Premier or you can also shop these Alexa’s style highlights contempo- items from the comfort of your homes rary minimalist work/school wear with a by checking out Forever 21 at ShopSM, downtown luxe feel. Tops, pants, dresses, Lazada, Shopee and Zalora. skirts and heels as it transitions into a 90’s You can also follow Forever 21’s wall street style with a touch of modern facebook: facebook.com/Forever21 minimalism. (PH) Instagram: @f21philippines and Callie has a touch of 90’s skate culture tiktok: @forever21ph for the latest with back to school grunge - athletic tops, updates.

Callie Cool. Sporty and punky striped rugby cropped shirt, a plaid skirt, faux leather lace-up booties and a bucket hat.

Alexa’s Allure will be enjoyed by girls who wants to have a Sofia Style: casual and trendy bustier contemporary minimalist work/school wear. Think faux leather Downtown luxe. A d double- breasted cropped top paired with a lace-up mini bustier bralettes, button down shirts. baguette shoulder bags, blazer paired with a mini skirt and a skirt from F21. bootcut jeans, knitted bodysuits and faux leather blazer.s baguette shoulder bag from Forever 21.

Bahay Pag-Asa marks 14 years BY RHODA GRACE B. SARON

THE MAIN residential care center for Children-in-Conflict with the Law (CICL) and Children at Risk (CAR), under the Davao City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO), marked its14th founding anniversary last August 12, with dancing, merriment, and appreciation for the office. CSWDO head Marlisa Gallo said that the Bahay Pag-Asa has allowed children to reform themselves and become community members over the years. “Sa atong programa kaganiha duna kita’y usa ka batan-on nga nakahuman na sa iyahang pagtuon lipay kaayo ta maminaw kay naay isa ka person na nahimo na siyang architect karon nga graduate, gikan na siya sa atong Bahay Pag-Asa center (During our program, there's a child who was able to finish schooling. We are very happy to hear that we have one client who was able to become an Architect and that person came from the Bahay Pag-asa Center),” she said. The Children’s VillageBahay Pag-Asa, located in Barangay Bago Oshiro in Tugbok District, is a 24/7 facility that provides residential care and services to CICL and CAR awaiting court disposition. Before becoming the Children’s Village, it was originally known as Lamdag sa Kabataan Boy’s Home. It was established on

August 14, 2008, at the SDC Building, Claveria St. Davao City, in response to Republic Act 9344, or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006. During that time, only CICLs awaiting court disposition are accepted. As the city’s main thrust is protecting children from further harm amid the increased number of children at risk, City Ordinance No. 0264-12 Series of 2012 or the Ordinance Providing a Juvenile Intervention Program for CICL and CAR of the Local Government of Davao City was passed. A temporary shelter for children was started to cater to CICL and CAR. The city government built the now two-story building, which was inaugurated on June 27, 2013. On November 7, 2013, RA 9344 amended Republic Act 10630, which mandates that “each province and highly urbanized city (LGU) shall be responsible for building, funding and operating a “Bahay Pag-Asa within their jurisdiction following the standards set by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and adopted by the JJWC." Consistent with this amendment, the Lamdag sa Kabataan- Boy’s Home was renamed into Children’s Village of Davao City BahayPag-Asa and was transferred to its almost one-hectare permanent location in Purok 10, Barangay Bago Oshiro in

Tugbok District. The Children's Village primarily provides CICL and CAR residential care and programs and services that are designed to enhance the children’s social functioning. These programs and services include psychosocial care, self-help activities, health and nutrition services, group supervised interaction, socio-cultural and recreational activities, spiritual and moral welfare, value education, family preservation and unification, case management, psychological evaluation, occupational therapy, and educational assistance. The multi-disciplinary team ensures that proper case management and appropriate interventions are being afforded to the residents. The priority program includes capacity building and training, coaching, and mentoring. The team ensures that services are effective and efficiently delivered to the clientele they serve. The celebration of the 14th Anniversary was participated by around 72 residents, 44 staff, friends, visitors, donors, and partners of the center. Among the highlights of the activity are the thanksgiving service, showcase of the boys' talents, and distribution of the Certificate of Appreciation to the individuals and groups that extended support and services for the clients and


/ BAHAY / 11)

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A new hobby for older men IN my life, I must have heard the term ‘life was simpler then’ more times than I can remember. I don’t even mean the “life” out there in the world. I just pertain to the personal side of life in the family. Now often oddly feeling on the outside looking in, I am listening to my nephews and nieces talk about their new grandchildren (newborns at that) and it gets me thinking. I might as well be a picture on the wall...looking down and silently observing the goings-on in the room before me. I too, vividly recall that there had been a time when they were proudly chatting bout the antics of their children. Funny, these ‘children’ now had babies of their own. Time was when I was looking at my parents’ beaming smiles and hearing their funny-sounding baby talk as they each beheld the long line of babies before them, proudly presented by me and my siblings through all those years in the ancestral house. Them our beloved old guards are sadly gone now, along with my hardy grandparents, who once upon a time, surely smiled too when we, their infant “apos” first came into their black and white world. Yup, that might qualify as a ‘ life was simpler then’ kind of moment. At another time, during one sober meeting with old friends and some high school classmates, the subject on grandchildren came up and I immediately thought, what a bunch of old farts we have all turned into. Aside from getting childishly-animated all of a sudden, one could also feel the arthritic spell that once draped our dinner table virtually fly out of the room. I reckon the subject of babies can always do that to anybody. I’ve seen old people at countless gatherings, standing erect and stoic in their depiction of what had transpired in their work, their art Correspondents:

Published by Mindanao Times Corporation, with Editorial and Business Offices at Ponciano Reyes cor. Palma Gil St., Davao City. Telephone numbers (082)227-3252 or 227-9535 local 24 and 300-0854, Fax - (082)225-0309. Publisher:

JESUS G. DUREZA Editor-in-Chief:

AMALIA B. CABUSAO Managing Editor:




and accomplishments. Their transformation is almost magical the moment one whips out a wallet to show pics of grandchildren. In that sense, we’ve become fave subjects of memes when this happens. Looking back, I guess it’s really true that one’s got to start somewhere to appreciate where one stands at the moment. As the song goes... “Let’s start at the very beginning, A very good place to start...” First, you have a baby of your own and if not, nephews and nieces. Then, the time eventually comes when they have their own children. Much later still, these rugrats too have their own. Without you noticing it, you’ve turned old and it’s only the child within you that’s looking out of that frame. Funny now, while aware that these nieces and nephews, childhood friends and classmates may have all evolved into mothers and fathers or even grandparents in their own right, in my mind’s eye, they’re still frozen into that golden old time... when life was so much simpler then.


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AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022

Robbery in government big and small THIS one information, we believe, should immediately be investigated by the concerned agency or agencies of the local government of Davao City. Yesterday morning when we were somewhere in the Calinan area to do an errand for the woman of the house, we accidentally bumped into an old friend years back. This friend of ours invited us for a cup of coffee in a nearby street side establishment serving the beverage. We obliged for old time sake and of the fact that we had not seen each other for quite some time. But as usual we kept our guard against the possibility of CoViD 19 transmission. In our succeeding conversation this friend of ours asked us if we are still active in the media this time of the pandemic. We had to tell him that we strive to be but our media work is now devoted to column writing unlike before I joined Davao Light. Our friend told us that we were therefore the appropriate person for him to approach. He told us that he would want certain shenanigans by some barangay officials in the third district who had somehow come up with an “innovative” idea on how to rob the government of money that the people have been paying in terms of taxes. According to this friend of ours, his wife being a member of the indigenous people’s (IPs) community was the one who discovered an anomaly which apparently could have been practiced by some officials of the barangay he lives in. And it is even possible that the same is also prevailing in some other barangays not just of the third district but in the other districts as well. This friend told us that his wife, being a member of the indigenous group, was given a slot in a project in her barangay where a group of residents were made to work for ten (10) days and paid about P300 daily. She falls under the quota of a member of the barangay council who represents the IPs in the barangay law making body. Aside from his wife, says our friend, there were other IPs who also worked for the project as a quota of the IPMR council member. And he said that it could also be possible that similar arrangements were made by the other barangay council members. He could not tell us exactly what the project was as well as the sources of the funds used to implement the same. He said he was not even aware if it was a national government funded project or by the local government. But according to him, his wife and the rest of those hired were made to clean the barangay road sides including the shallow canals that serve as the barangay’s drainage system. In our mind it could be the city’s “Cash for Work” project. He mentioned that with hardly any work available in this worst of times, the implementation of the project was a very welcome development in that particular barangay in the 3rd. But what made it revolting, our friend told us, is that the said barangay alderman who recruited his wife, and possibly some others, had set a condition for her hiring. The condition was that she should share to the official concerned the fifty percent of the total wages she will receive after the ten day work project. What made the condition even more disgusting was that the one who was supposed to get the fifty percent of the wages was a close relative of the village official. Our friend’s wife could not help but be frustrated although she eventually relented. After all, the one to get the fifty percent was also her relative and fellow IP. However, what got the goat out of our friend’s wife and several others who could have been similarly given such condition by the same official, was that the recipient of the other half of the wages earned, were not made to work. In other words, they simply stayed home and waited for the payroll time and go to the barangay to collect. When this “scam” came up in a barangay council session because some others of those who actually worked on the project complained, the barangay captain professed no knowledge about the arrangement. Now, the money involved here is just “peanuts” compared to the amount allegedly cleverly robbed from the government coffers by certain corrupt barangay officials. However, robbing big or stealing small is the same. It is still robbing people’s money. For now we are not yet ready to divulge the names of those involved and the barangay where the “small robbery”


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AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022



Culture of security and safety TODAY, allow me to share concepts on safety and security. This is very relevant given the fluidity of the world dynamics that continue to put at risk the lives and businesses of individuals and institutions. For centuries, the concept of security has been related to the use of arms and demonstration of might. As the population exploded and the nature of relationship evolved to form a state, sources of power and reference of authority also shifted. When nations are established, the reference of national security and understanding of threats has something to do with other nations’ posture and power. It is important to put considerable weight on international relations and foreign affairs, in addition to national defense. Shaping the ascendancy of a state in the community of nations include moral, historical, economic and political elements. The traditional line of human security emphasizes the state as the referent point which leaves in the shadow the non-state actors that pose national security risks including insurgents, terrorists, and international crime organizations. Even natural calamities and disasters are hardly taken in for perspective of traditional security mindset. But what is security? Security is a measure of absence of threats on the acquired values. Subjectively, it is the absence of fear on possessed values, family, and life. In effect, the security framework is multidimensional and the most important ingredient is eliminating threats and fear on the set values, material or psychological.


BY ADRIAN M. TAMAYO The fundamental intentions which need supreme guarantee of safety and security are people’s wellbeing, economic assurance and possibility, order, freedom to live and act, without fear and hardship. To a large extent, security is a psychological definition where the definition expands itself to vulnerability and the feeling of being unsafe. More often, the human brain subjects itself to the presence of enemies and danger to the past, to a history long gone. Safety and security is a public good, much like providing roads, bridges, connectivity, electricity, water, health, education.

A public good is non-rival and non-excludable, and the benefit is equal to all individuals. It is a social contract between the government and the governed. Humans must be free from chronic threats of hunger, disease, and repression. Humans must be protected from harmful disruptions from the regular cycle of daily tasks. On this, the traditional theory reduces as human security expands. Human security and security studies cover concerns about food, health, population growth, economic unevenness, climate change, and violence on non-state actors. Human security is actually about living and everything to it. Why am I saying all these? Because I was asked how secure is the Mindanao security. Truth of the matter, we have made a very impressive stride in this area. Though there are packets of clashes, those were just minor incidents and do not really represent the general atmosphere that we Mindanawons enjoy. We are all seeing and enjoying peace dividends. Those who think that Mindanao is chaotic are stuck in the dungeons of the past, they have to learn anew and see the peace that we enjoy daily. [Adrian Tamayo is the head of the Public Relations of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA). He teaches economics at the Graduate School of the University of Mindanao and currently on a scholarship grant for a Master of Public Safety Administration (MPSA) at the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC).]

The Truth about Conflict NAAWAN, Misamis Oriental (MindaNews) – Conflict was not planned by Jesus when He came to the world, but results from His coming: He becomes a threat to those in power and authority; He pricks their comfort, thus, their cunning adverse reaction. Conflict always comes in when there is a clash between the good and the bad; what is right and wrong. Jesus embodies all the goodness of God; that’s why His coming would not bring peace but conflict, divisiveness and fragmentation everywhere – in the family, in an organization or society at large. There will be conflict in His name. Expect, therefore, conflict when a parent disciplines his erring son in the ways of the Lord; it disrupts his ill-desired wayward life. Conflict always happens when

you try to right a wrong. There would always be adverse response. Conflict in the family or in organization should not be encouraged because it is unproductive, costly and burdensome. It should, at first instance, be nipped in the bud because the fruit of conflict is anger, hatred, pain and sorrow that destroy the peace within each one of us and around us. It is toxic, a poison that should be removed from our system for us to heal, and for a broken relation-



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an international scale. “It’s very important that all our LGUs would know how to respond. We are guided by the interim guidelines on surveillance, monitoring, isolation, and then treatment and management of monkeypox,” she said. She said that monkeypox could be transmitted through skin lesions, blisters, or body fluids of a patient infected with monkeypox and contact with contaminated ma-


terials. Manatad said the DOH-Davao is assisting and providing technical assistance to the LGUs. “We really need to step up in terms of monitoring, surveillance and preparedness,” she said. Manatad said travelers to the city are being screened at the airport and seaport and required to fill in health declaration forms to help fight the disease. (Antonio L. Colina IV / MindaNews)

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was perpetuated. We however, strongly encourage the offices concerned in the local government to do some discreet investigation into it, specifically in the Tugbok district barangays and not remain contented with just the signed payroll of the workers on the project. For certain the names of the people who got the other half of the wages without working for it are in the payroll and these are duly signed by them as acknowledgment of their receipt of the pay. Indeed this scheme is very disgusting. Imagine getting half of the wages of those who really toiled hard while they (the taker of the other fifty percent) were just relaxing in the shade of their residence! Indeed, big corruption or small corruption is corruption just the same.


ship to get fixed and restored. In no way is conflict a blessing to us unless or until truth triumphs over and frees us from evil and raises us into better, not bitter, persons: wiser, more discerning, more sensitive and compassionate, and more responsible. Expect conflict and retribution when you stand against excesses of all kinds, when you stand for what is right. For instance, when you speak the truth, against the abuses of those in power, you could be slandered, shamed, red-tagged and caged. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. William R. Adan, Ph.D., is retired professor and former chancellor of Mindanao State University at Naawan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.)

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Batas Militar 1975-1979” by Dexter Cayanes, “May Hadlang ang Umaga” by Don Pagusara, and “Labas: Mga Palabas sa Labas ng Sentro” by Reuel Aguila. The memorandum alleged that the five books violated Section 9 of Republic Act 11479 on “inciting to commit terrorism.” But Lagman said the KWF’s action was an “unwarranted sanction by an unauthorized agency without trial and due process.” The resolution, addressed to the committees on human rights, basic education and culture, and higher and technical education, invoked the constitutional safeguards on freedom of expression and academic freedom. Lagman called the memorandum “a patently unconstitutional edict, an obtrusive weapon of thought control, an unmitigated censorship, and a wanton assault on academic freedom.” He cited that Republic Act 7104, the law creat-

ing the KWF, does not authorize the commission to ban and censor writings in Filipino. He noted that the memorandum, signed only by two of 11 KWF commissioners, Carmelita Abdurahman and Benjamin Mendilo, does not conform to the requisite majority of the commissioners as the imprimatur of the Chairman, Dr. Arthur Casanova. In a post on Facebook on Aug. 12, Casanova denied allegations circulating in news media and online that he allowed the publication of subversive materials and allowed the entry of alleged members of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army into the KWF. “These books which are alleged to be subversive passed through the review process of the KWF. All the books underwent the usual scrutiny that all publications of the KWF must pass, including receiving the imprimatur of the other two full-time

commissioners (Abdurahman and Medilo). I did not railroad nor force any publication. Furthermore, the allegations that these books are subversive is a dangerous accusation which may already be stepping on the boundaries of freedom of expression and academic freedom,” he said. “It is unfortunate that these allegations, which are untrue and unfounded, are being used by people who are pushing their own agendas. This is but the latest in a series of actions being aimed against me to destroy my character and to disrupt efforts to strengthen and cleanse the KWF,” he added. Casanova said he is “willing to divulge any and all information at the proper forum, whether it be through a Congressional hearing, or before the proper office in the Office of the President, of which the KWF is part.” He also called on the National Task Force to End Local Communist

Armed Conflict (NTFELCAC) and the AntiTerrorism Council “to look into these allegations and see for themselves that they are baseless and malicious.” Flosemer Chris Gonzales, NTF-ELCAC spokesperson for legal affairs, posted a statement on the agency’s Facebook on Aug. 12 that the memorandum was an “exercise of prudence and sound judgment,” as the books “were determined to contain subversive content and/or content that are political and ideological in nature and wherein said content incites one to go against the government.” “To the brave men and women at the KWF, our gratitude for doing your mandate,” said Gonzales, whose post was accompanied by an image of the memorandum showing that only Commissioners Abdurahman and Medilo signed it. (MindaNews)

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spot any damage caused by

the earthquake. He said there were no reported cases of people getting injured. Landslide-prone areas will also be thoroughly inspected by the CDRRMO, as the rainy weather experienced over the past weeks has only increased the risk in foothills and mountainsides. The CDRRMO chief reminded Dabawenyos to be on guard in times of natural calamities like the earthquake felt on Monday.


AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022

He also urged everyone to report any cracks found in office buildings, schools, bridges, houses, and other structures to the authorities. “Kung aduna silay makita na hairlines, maski hairline lang na cracks, magpahibalo gyud sila para ma-coordinate dayon nato sa City Engineer’s ang ilahang mga buildings (If they find hairlines, even hairline cracks, they have to report so we can coordinate the inspection of their buildings with the City Engineer’s),” Baloran said.

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box contained one Watson's blue-green plastic bag with 19 sachets of suspected dried marijuana leaves with fruiting tops and a digital weighing scale.


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The Hiyas sa Kadayawan coronation night will be held at the RMC Petro Gazz arena on Wednesday (August 17), followed by the Sayaw Kadayawan dance competition at the Bantawan Amphitheatre on Thursday (August 18). The Dula Kadayawan (Indigenous sports) will be


The report said the marijuana weighed 300 grams. The suspect is now temporarily held in the Baliok Police Station. By Rhoda Grace B. Saron

at the People's Park on Friday (August 19). The Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan is slated on Saturday (August 20) at the San Pedro Square, while the Pamulak sa Kadayawan, Pitik Kadayawan, and Tambayayong sa Kadayawan are set on Sunday (August 21).

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pursuing their passion and doing what they love -- whether it’s gaming, music, shopping, and more. Kick-starting their digital financial journey, GCash Jr. has designed an easy dashboard to access GCash’s convenient features such as online payments and Pay QR for their K-Pop merchandise, buying load for their gaming credits and skins, and GLife for food deals and the latest fashion trends. GCash Jr. allows younger users to properly manage their finances with an e-wallet size of up to PHP50,000 and a PHP10,000 limit for daily incoming and outgoing transactions. Safety and security remain the top priority. Like regular GCash accounts, GCash Jr. follows a stringent KYC (Know-your-customer) process. All you need to do is to download the GCash app and minors aged 7 to 17 years old will just need to submit a photo of any of the following IDs: student ID, passport, or


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business in the Philippines. According to MATRADE Trade Commissioner in Manila, Intan Zalani, “This mission will provide an enormous opportunity for Malaysian companies to establish their presence in the Philippines’ market and expand key business relationships. With young and fast-growing population, the Philippines offer valuable prospects for Malaysian-made products and services that are synonymous with quality and compliance with international standards”. Within ASEAN, the Philippines is Malaysia's 5th largest export destination after Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam,

and Indonesia. Between January and June 2022, Malaysia’s trade with the Philippines recorded double-digit growth of 30.1 percent, reaching USD4.5 billion. Exports from Malaysia to the Philippines were also encouraging, increasing by 24 percent to USD3.23 billion, while imports from the Philippines to Malaysia grew by 44.3 percent to USD1.62 billion. Philippines’ companies who are looking to source Malaysian products and services can connect with MATRADE Manila at manila@matrade. gov.my to receive the latest market updates and information on business opportunities.


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Davao-Manado, Davao-Kota Kinabalu, Zamboanga-Sandakan. During this period, Mindanao’s first five-star hotel would rise – the 18-floor Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City, which was inaugurated in 1998. It was Mindanao’s tallest building for several years. It ceased operations on June 15, 2020, due to the pandemic. “Peace and security are the first urgent problem” Ramos talked about peace in his inaugural address on June 30, 1992, and gave more specifics during his first State of the Nation Address on July 27, where he declared “peace and security are the first urgent problem,” transmitted to Congress for concurrence with his Proclamation 10 granting amnesty “to enable rebels to re-enter civil society as lawabiding citizens,” and stressed the need for a “comprehensive peace and unification process” alongside institution of “basic reforms to root out the causes of rebellion.” Ramos also announced that he had directed the Secretaries of Justice, Defense and Interior and Local Government to “review the cases of so-called rebels under detention or serving sentence” and to recommend as soon as possible who can be released through administrative action, granted executive clemency, or recommended for release under bail, “with the end in view of further creating a favorable climate for national unity.” He also asked Congress to repeal Republic Act 1700 “so that the Communist Party of the Philippines and similar organizations will no longer be outlawed but allowed to compete freely, openly and peacefully in the political, economic and social arena instead of their following the path of the armed struggle.“ Two months later, on September 24, 1992, Ramos signed Republic Act No. 7636, repealing RA 1700. “Peace is a process. And we must all join hands to bind and heal the conflicts that have so long divided and held us back,” he said. National Unification Commission and Six Paths to Peace Also mentioned in his SONA was the National Unification Council (NUC). On September 1, 1992, he issued Executive Order 19 constituting the NUC which was tasked to conduct a nationwide consultation process to develop a strategy for peace talks with the country’s various armed groups. He named the highly credible Haydee Yorac, University of the Philippines Law Professor and former Commissioner at the Commission on Elections, as NUC chair. The NUC’s recommendations provided the framework for a comprehensive peace process through EO 125, issued on September 15, 1993, which also paved the way for the creation of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) that same year. EO 125 tasked the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process with the management and supervision of the comprehensive peace process. The functions and responsibilities of the PAPP are enumerated in Memorandum Order No. 163, dated August 25, 1993. The NUC consultations, according to Prof. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, “legitimized and validated the long-existing demands of social movements and progressive sections

of civil society: the need for comprehensive reforms to address structural inequalities and achieve lasting peace.” “Despite shortcomings, including both the diffuse nature of the consulted groups and the exclusion of others, the NUC’s report was groundbreaking in recognizing poverty and inequality as the primary causes of conflict and in setting out the ‘Six Paths to Peace’ that became the operational framework for government peace policy,” Ferrer said in an article in Conciliation Resources’ Accord 13 in 2002. Ferrer would become a member of the government peace panel negotiating with the MILF in 2010, became its chair in late 2012 after chair Marvic Leonen was appointed to the Supreme Court, and signed the CAB in March 2014 with MILF peace panel chair Mohagher Iqbal. The Six Paths to Peace which are “pursued in a simultaneous and integrated fashion,” are: “pursuit of social, economic and political reforms; consensus-building and empowerment for peace; peaceful, negotiated settlement with the different rebel groups; programs for reconciliation, reintegration into mainstream society and rehabilitation; addressing concerns arising from continuing armed hostilities; and building and nurturing a climate conducive to peace.” JASIG and CARHRIHL Significant agreements were reached under the Ramos administration between the government and the National Democratic Front (NDF). Both parties signed the Hague Joint Declaration of 1992 on September 1 to hold formal negotiations to attain “a just and lasting peace.” On February 24. 1995, the government and NDF signed the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees for NDF negotiators and consultants and on March 16, 1998, the Comprehensive Agreement to Respect Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. The Makabayan bloc, in a statement on August 4, said Ramos “was a leader who understood that for our country to prosper we need peace based on justice and that it can only be attained by addressing the root causes of armed conflict. “Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. would do well to follow his example on the question of peace,” it added. In a statement also on August 4, the Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform (PEPP) said Ramos’ legacy as a soldier who heeded the clamor of the people at EDSA and “his subsequent commitment to attaining true and lasting peace through principled negotiations during his presidency will always shine as bright honors to the Filipino people.” “We mourn the loss of an outstanding statesman for peace. An individual who would always welcome peace advocates to his office, an advocate who would travel and give time to speak to venues near and far about peace, and a kind humble human being who lived and dreamed to see peace prevail throughout the Philippines,” it said. Dominguez, in his tribute to Ramos on August 8 at the Heritage Park, recalled how in the aftermath of the sacking of Ipil in April 1995, Ramos asked him to organize peace and development summits in key cities in Mindanao. The President attended these not just to deliver his opening remarks but he “stayed the entire confer-

ence, sat in on a number of the workshops, received the outputs of every single conference in six months and in so doing, not only wiped out the impact of the Ipil raid but piece by piece built up the support and advocacy for peace and development in Mindanao in spite of that terrible effort to derail it.” Mindanao as “focus of our concerns” In August 1996, a few days before the signing of the Final Peace Agreement between the government and the MNLF, Dominguez described Mindanao’s economy as stagnant from 1975 to 1992. “Between 1975 and 1992, that’s a 17-year period, Mindanao practically did not grow… Since 1993, we’ve put together three solid consistent years of growth.” “We have just completed the turnaround. We have just turned the corner and we are beginning to steadily accelerate,” he said. In his speech during the signing of the peace agreement with the MNLF on September 2, 1996, in Malacanang, Ramos said the agreement “falls squarely into our aspiration of total peace and development for all, especially the millions of poor and destitute masses in our southern regions.” “That we have made Mindanao the focus of our concerns fittingly demonstrates its vital role in the overall enterprise of nation building. We must forge the peace first in Mindanao because it has suffered the most and harbors many of the most depressed communities in the land,” said Ramos, who in 1995, became the object of the wrath of those opposing a peace settlement with the MNLF. At one point, during a Mindanao visit, protesters threw tomatoes at him but missed their target. Peace and development summits in Mindanao, a regular feature in the Ramos administration, continued to be organized after the signing of the peace agreement to help the people understand it. On November 29, 1996, the Mindanao Bishops-Ulama Forum (now Conference) was organized with the help of the OPAPP, to help in peacebuilding and protecting the gains of the peace process. In March 2000, Ramos’ successor, Joseph Estrada, waged an “all-out war” against the MILF, displacing nearly a million residents and setting back the peace process. The MILF disbanded its peace panel in August of that year. In April 2002, Dominguez told a civil society forum in Davao City that “the present value of the economic cost of a never-ending conflict would be at least $2 billion over the next 10 years,” estimated to be 30 million pesos a day at the exchange rate then, based on ‘very preliminary findings of a World Bank study which cited the ‘hidden costs’ of the conflict, including profits made from investments in southwestern Mindanao that were reinvested or spent in other areas; defense budgets used to mobilize troops for war rather than for modernization; and social services repeatedly disrupted by violence. Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who took over as President in January 2001 after Estrada’s ouster, waged an “all-out peace” but waged yet another war against the MILF in February 2003. Mining Act, Mt. Apo Geothermal, UP Mindanao While the Ramos administration was busy addressing is-

sues raised by communist rebels and the Moro liberation fronts MNLF and MILF, the extremist Abu Sayyaf started making its presence felt initially in the island province of Basilan. The Abu Sayyaf would later be blamed for sacking Ipil in Zamboanga del Norte (now part of Zamboanga Sibugay) and be among 13 groups designated as Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the US Department of State on October 8, 1997, along with Al Qa’ida and Hizbollah. Under Ramos, the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 was passed, opening mineral-rich Mindanao to investors. Mining operations in Mindanao became sources of employment but also became sources of conflict. In the energy sector, Ramos, at the start of his term in 1992, named a young Mindanawon development banker, Guido Alfredo Delgado, as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Power Corporation (Napocor) representing Mindanao and, in 1994, appointed the then 36-year old Delgado as its President. Under Ramos’ term, several power-generating projects were launched to address the power shortage, among them the Mt. Apo Geothermal power plant, which was unveiled and inaugurated on December 14, 1996, and was fully synchronized to the Mindanao grid on December 23, 1996. In the education sector, Mindanao finally had its own University of the Philippines in Mintal, Davao City, in 1995, nearly 50 years after UP Visayas in Miag-ao, Iloilo, was established in 1947. Republic Act 7889, the bill creating UP in Mindanao, was signed into law on February 20, 1995. Ramos and Duterte Duterte opened his inaugural address on June 30, 2016, by thanking Ramos for making him, President. “Sir, Salamat po sa tulong mo (Thank you for your help) for making me President.” In speeches before the security sector in July 2016, Duterte recalled that Ramos asked him to run for president in a three-hour meeting at the Marco Polo Hotel months earlier. “It is time that Mindanao will have a president,” he quoted Ramos as saying. Duterte flew to Metro Manila from Davao to pay respects to Ramos at his wake in the Heritage Park in Taguig City on August 4. He told reporters there that Ramos, who passed away on July 31, “was the first one to push me to run and the first one to contribute money.” But Ramos was also among the first to be disappointed in Duterte. In his column in the Manila Bulletin in October 2016, Ramos said the first 100 days of the Duterte administration were a letdown. “We find our Team Philippines losing in the first 100 days of Du30’s administration – and losing badly. This is a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us,” he wrote. Ramos said Duterte could have addressed better priority issues such as poverty, national security, and the environment if Duterte wasn’t “stuck in unending controversies about extrajudicial killings of drug suspects and in his ability at using cuss-words and insults instead of civilized language.” Ramos resigned on October 31, 2016, as Duterte’s Special Envoy to China. Duterte stepped down as President on June 30, 2022. (Carolyn O. Arguillas / MindaNews)


AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022


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ern flavors and aromas. Enter the food hall, and customers will also be greeted by a visual display of Davao’s art and cultural fair–okir wood carvings by Maranao artists, murals by Davao-based creatives Ghamar Kanda and Makro Aquino, and lighting designed to highlight all the floor-to-ceiling elements woven together. Outside the food hall, in the Atrium area, a massive mural by Mindanaoan contemporary artist Kublai Millan stands to welcome customers. Millan is the sculptor, painter, and digital artist behind the giant durian monument at the Davao International Airport and the giant eagle and Bagobo children sculptures in People’s Park. “Alsons Dev is happy


commercial shopping center, followed by multiple residential projects that are now home to generations of Davaoeños. For more than five decades, Aldevinco housed Mindanaoan textiles, antiques, and pearl shops; it welcomed locals and tourists and enabled entrepreneurs to start and flourish. Early in 2022, Alsons Dev closed the old shopping center and relocated its tenants to Poblacion, providing better facilities, marketing support, and the foot traffic necessary for commercial success. In the next four months, Poblacion will open more concept stores and experiences in time for the holidays. Follow @OfficialPoblacionMarketCentral on Facebook and Instagram.

conduct moving-up ceremonies for the children. She also added that the CSWDO would remain on standby to help the children. “Ang CSWDO padayon gyud nga nagapaluyo sa ilaha. Naa man gyud panahon nga makasala ang tao pero para kanamo, that is not the end of everything. Mao gyud

na among panlantaw diri sa CSWDO tabangan gyud nato ang mga bata (The CSWDO continues to support the children. There are times that as humans we commit transgressions but for us, that is not the end of everything. That is our main view in CSWDO, we really should help the children)," Gallo said.

Davao Ros-Ver Pawnshop, Incorporated Ilustre St., Davao City Tel # 224-1204; 222-6086 AUCTION SALE! The DAVAO ROS-VER PAWNSHOP, INC. and NEW PAG-ASA PAWNSHOP will be having its JOINT AUCTION on all unredeemed pawned items left during the month of June 2022. The said items will be sold to the public at the following VENUE AND DATE. Gipahibalo ang publiko na ang DAVAO ROS-VER PAWNSHOP, INC. og ang NEW PAG-ASA PAWNSHOP; magsubasta sa tanang prenda nga naremata atong Hunyo 2022. Ang tanang prenda dungan nga ibaligya sa publiko sa mga sumusunod nga dapit og petsa:

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the center in general. Gallo said that they are hopeful the children, after their time at the facility, can go back to their communities and live their lives, especially with the offers for educational assistance extended to the students. She said that in the previous weeks, they were able to


to host and showcase the work of Davao’s best creatives. Whether they make food, sculptures, weaves and textiles, or handicrafts, we believe that testing their concepts in a place like Poblacion Market Central contributes to a retail and cultural scene that is meant to gain national recognition. Poblacion, true to its tagline, is a place where the heritage of Davao meets the possibilities of a hip and everevolving market,” says Miguel A. Dominguez, Alsons Dev Director. Enabling Davao’s transformation Alsons Development and Investment Corporation first made its mark upon creating the Aldevinco Shopping Center in 1965, then Davao’s first


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negative certification ang office (PSA). Omnibus certification, considering nga bali usa sya ka listahan, pang buo ba. (Omnibus meaning in one list, a listing in a whole),” he explained. The extension of PSA assistance under the PhilSys Birth Registration Project, will last for one year after the signing of the MOA between the LGU and the PSA. To fast-track the process, Amoyen said PSA is

encouraging the Local Civil Registrars (LCRs) to come up with the list of unregistered individuals and not to wait for the MOA to be signed. “So supposedly prepared na ang list, then para pagabot sa MOA (so that when the MOA comes) we will send the List and the MOA to the central office (for verification),” he said. Amoyen made it clear that PSA will not transfer money to the LGUs under

PhilSys Birth Registration Project. Still, PSA will shoulder the cost of printing and distribution of the Certificates for Negative Registration and the Certificates of Live Birth. Birth registration is crucial to recognizing an individual as a bona fide citizen of a country, entitled to all the benefits and services of the national and local governments. (PIA XI/ Jean Duron Abangan)

DAVAO CITY WATER DISTRICT NOTICE OF LOW WATER PRESSURE TO NO WATER IN ALL DUMOY WSS AREAS AUGUST 20, 2022 Davao City Water District advises the public of low water pressure to no water on August 20, 2022 from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM affecting all areas served by Dumoy Water Supply System (WSS). Specifically, affected are entire Matina, Matina Aplaya, Ecoland, Maa, Langub, Bucana, Downtown, Bo. Obrero, Cabaguio Avenue, Agdao, Madapo, Marfori, San Rafael, Circumferential Road, Bacaca, J.P. Laurel Ave., Buhangin, Tigatto, Mandug, Lanang, Angliongto, Mamay Road, Bo. Pampanga, and Sasa until Km. 12; some Bangkal areas: San Juan Subd., San Roque Village, Muslim Village, NHA Kadayawan Homes, Santos Marketing Subd., Flores Village, SM Village, Ortega Village, Royal Valley Subd., and Central Park Subd.; some Panacan areas: ICSAMA, Crystal Meadows, Tierra Verde Village, EMI Ville Homes, Empress Subd., Tierra Niño Village, Landmark III, San Juan Village, and Vista Verde I and II; and some Cabantian areas: Holy Trinity Subd., Countryville Executive Homes, Dela Peña Subd., BACAHOA Subd., Victor Homes, Emilia Homes, and immediate environs. Some production wells under Dumoy WSS will be affected by Davao Light and Power Company’s (DLPC) power interruption on the said date needed to facilitate their Dumoy Substation’s normalization of loads after the installation of AVR. Although the power cut is

shorter in duration, DCWD needs additional time for re-switching on of the affected facilities, pressure buildup, and line delivery, thus the longer duration of water service interruption. The DCWD management asks for the understanding and cooperation of would-be-affected customers and advises them to store enough water prior to the schedule. Water supply may be restored earlier if DLPC’s work goes smoothly or later if unforeseen problems arise. DCWD conducts flushing after service works are completed. However, once water is restored, customers are advised to open all faucets and allow water to run for at least two minutes. While doing this, do not drink tap water immediately. Water may be boiled as an additional safety precaution. For the latest water service updates or any DCWDrelated concerns, the general public may contact DCWD’s 24-hour call center hotlines at 235-3293, 244-6767, 0927-798-8966, 0925-511-3293, or 0908441-0653 and chat support in DCWD’s website (www.davao-water.gov.ph) or Facebook page (www. facebook.com/officialDCWD). (Camille Margarette U. Solon)

DEED OF SEF-ADJUDICATION WITH DONATION AND USUFRUCT Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late GLORIA C. MILAN, who died intestate on November 23, 2020 in Toril, Davao City; That the surviving husband and the sole legal of the deceased Gloria C. Milan, at the time of her death left a real estate covered by TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE No. T-141582 more particularly described to wit: Lot No. : 2-C, Psd-11-0023413, portion of Lot 2, Pcs-11-000252, Location: Barrio of Daliao, City of Davao Boundaries: On the NE., along line 1-2 by Lot 2-F of the Subdivision plan; on the SE., along line 2-3 by Lot 2, Psd-11-005441; on the SW., along line 3-4 by Lot 2-F., on the NW, along line 4-1 by Lot 2-D, both of the subdivision plan., DONATION WITH USUFRUCT That for and in consideration of the love and affection which I have for GINA R. TEMBLOR and KRISTINE JOY G. LAGUIHON, both lf legal age, Filipinos and with address at San Jose, Daliao, Toril, Davao City and Saint Jude Village, Daliao, Toril Davao City, respectively, I, CANUTO S. MILAN, BY THESE PRESENTS, transfer and convey by way of donation inter vivos, unto said GINA R. TEMBLOR and KRISTINE JOY G. LAGUIHON, their heirs and assigns, the above-described real property with all the improvements thereon, free from all liens and encumbrances; That pursuant to Sec. 1 Rule 74 of the revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, that the above mentioned described property has been the subject of DEED OF SELF-ADJUDICATION WITH DONANTION AND USUFRUCT made and executed by her only heir CANUTO S. MILAN per Doc. No. 231; Page No. 48; Book No. V; Series of 2022 of the Notary Public ATTY. PERCIVAL M. BALUGO of Davao City. (MT-Aug. 10, 17 & 24, 2022)

AUGUST 17 & 18, 2022



DigiHub FabLab Donates Standing Frames to Help Kids with Orthopedic Disabilities Stand

THE Digihub Fabrication Laboratory (Digihub FabLab), a joint project of the Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI), Department of Trade and Industry XI, and the University of Southeastern Philippines donated Pedia Standing Frames to Tebow CURE Hospital to assist kids with cerebral palsy in standing last August 4, 2022. Standing Fra mes or utes affordable therapeutic “Happy kaayo ko kay Standers are assistive tech- home-care devices for chil- dako na kaayong tabang sa nologies used by people with dren and adults worldwide. amoa na nahatagan siya ani, orthopedic disabilities to imThe fabricated Stander ug dili na kaayo gasto (I prove mobility. helps children with cerebral am very happy because this DigiHub FabLab fab- palsy as the frames help sup- (standing frames) is a huge ricated the Pedia Standing port their weight, providing help for us and will also reFrames developed by the stability which allows them to duce our expenses),” said "Stand With Me" organiza- stand for an extended period. Jolina, mother of Jade. tion, a non-profit organizaJade, a 4-year-old a kid DOST XI City Science tion based in Hanover, New with cerebral palsy, was the And Technology Director Mr. Hampshire, United States first beneficiary of the Pedia Arnel M. Rodriguez said that which produces and distrib- standing frame. the fabricated frames used

materials like wood to reduce costs and make it affordable for those who will purchase compared to standing frames sold abroad. “These (standing frames) will give them an opportunity to live life standing upright,” he added. Dr. TJ Braganza, a physiotherapist of Tebow CURE Hospital, said that the Stand-

ing Frames could help improve the muscle activity of kids with cerebral palsy. Ms. Rosemarie Baco, Director for Hospital and Field Operations of Tebow CURE Hospital, also expressed gratitude for the Pedia Standing Frames and hopes that more children will receive them in the future. DOST XI launched DigiHub Fablab in 2019 as a

component facility to produce designs using graphics workstations and to develop packaging prototypes. The laboratory provides various services using a 3D printer, laser cutters, large format printers, handheld 3D laser scanners, UV printers, embroidery machines, heat press for fabric, and Tungsten Inert Gas(TIG)-welding.

Birth registration ramps up with PSA support to LGUs TAGUM CITY, Davao del Norte (PIA)--- Birth registration is expected to ramp up as the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) is extending assistance to local government units (LGUs) which can provide a comprehensive list of unregistered individuals residing in their respective locality. During the One Davao Presser, Davao del Norte Chief Statistician and Provincial Officer Pepito Amoyen of PSA Davao del Norte said PSA prioritizes indigenous people (IPs) and members of the Muslim communities in extending assistance for this intensified birth registration

drive. “We prioritize sa preregistration for our IP brothers, unregistered IP brothers and sisters, and also those coming from the Muslim group, and the poorest of the poor families,” he said. Amoyen explained that the PSA would shoulder the cost of processing the Negative Certification of Live Birth, which costs PhP155.00 when processed through Civil Registration Services (CRS) outlets, and the Certificate of Live Birth, which also costs P155.00. Under the usual PSA processing, a late registrant can only obtain his or her

Certificate of Live Birth once issued with a Negative Certification of Live Birth. The LGU has to provide the Provincial PSA office with a list of unregistered individuals, including children, and then enter into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the PSA. Amoyen said PSA should then submit the list and the signed MOA to PSA central office for verification that those in the list are not registered persons in the PSA data bank. “Upon verification nga negative sila, that’s the time nga mag issue ug omnibus


/ BIRTH / 11)