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OPINION We are starting to be proven correct BY VIC N. SUMALINOG

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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021





THE PHILIPPINE the Peace and Unity Monument at San Pedro Square in front of the 123rd Independence Day on June 12. BING GONZALES


DAVAO del Sur Governor Douglas Cagas passed away on Thursday morning, June 10 due to complications of COVID-19, his family confirmed in an official statement posted on the Province of Davao del Sur Facebook page. "It is with you our Cagas this morning, owing He was the loving husdeepest sorrow that we to COVID complications. band of Congresswoman announce the passing of He has joined his Creator Didi and father to Vice Governor Douglas "Dodo" in heaven. Governor Marc Douglas.

w w w. m i n d a n a o t i m e s . c o m . p h

But not only that, he was also a brother, uncle, advisor, and friend to many. He was the father of Davao del Sur, a dedicated public servant, and his life is a wonderful inspiration

Mindanao Times

to all. Amidst his many battles, Governor Dodo's always loved to recited a passage from the Psalm of life: "lives of great men all remind us We can make


our lives sublime And departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time." Governor Dodo has left many footprints in Davao ( / DAVSUR / 10) mindanaotimes




FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021

WORKERS apply fresh paint at the newly improved Rizal Park. BING GONZALES

No more walk-ins at vax sites BY RHODA GRACE B. SARON

THE CITY government has discouraged walk-ins at the vaccination sites due to the rising COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, a total of 102,359 individuals in Davao City have been inocand 552 A3 individuals, -

vaccines as of June 8, 2021. -


the total 21,550 inoculated with the second dose,

vaccines. days.



of the second dose of the

vaccines, a total of 29,534 -




/ SECURITY / 10)

/ NO / 10)

CDO warns ‘stubborn’ patients, contacts

arrives in Davao

close contacts may face -


volved individuals but it

Notifiable Diseases and





/ PFIZER / 11)


mind them that we have a law. We can still actually -


/ CDO / 10)

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021




COVID-19 has not stopped people from hunting Eagles DAVAO CITY (MindaNews) – COVID-19 has not stopped people from hunting Philippine Eagles (Pithecophaga jefferyi), a bird listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, three of them admitted for treatment at the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) in Davao City in the first quarter of 2021. It was a series of eagle rescues, with each bird represent- giving rewards for eagle captures, but it meant keeping the ing a different age group. One is a sexually immature bird bird free and unharmed in the wild. We also gave examples (three to four years old) rescued in January. One is a very of community-based conservation to demonstrate how locals delicate juvenile (two-month-old chick) that was admitted in February. And the third is a sexually mature, adult bird (over It took the captor and his supporters some time to accept the sense of the country’s law and program for the Philippine Shooting survivor Eagle. Clearly, the remoteness of the area means its residents to the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on January the weak bird entangled among forest vines. The bird was named Salagbanog (or “eagle’s nest”), after the waterfalls at the capture site. sponded. In no time the male eagle was restrained and safely transported. At the border of Sarangani Province and Davao del Sur, CENRO staff Edgar Calderon handed the bird over to the PEF rescue team, who then brought it to the PEC for examination and rehabilitation. The adolescent bird was a shooting survivor. X-ray showed a 16 mm round object lodged between the skin and the muscles on its right shoulder. The object was a toy marble, which is used as a projectile in hunting

and values. Our experience was a classic case of a mismatch of standards. While we see eagles and other unique wildlife as worth preserving, some remote villagers might think differently. With poor access to formal education and limited understanding of wildlife laws, the captor and perhaps his village members too hold a purely utilitarian value for the eagles and other wildlife. While many urban residents revere or treasure

PHILIPPINE Eagle Salagbanog’s x-ray shows the marble circled in red. MindaNews photo courtesy of Philippine Eagle Foundation

incentive. Through fair community engagements, we hope that future eaglets from Agsamon’s parents will be spared from the same ordeal their sibling has experienced. A good eagle is a trapped eagle Another male eagle was accidentally caught in a na-

removed the marble through surgery. Salagbanog is the second eagle shot with a marble gun during the pandemic. The tan,” another immature eagle rescued in Surigao del Norte RESCUERS check the heart rate and other vital signs of Philippine Eagle Agsamon upon - arrival at a remote community in San Fernando, Bukidnon. MindaNews photo courtesy of lously, the bird had no wound Philippine Eagle Foundation and was merely stunned. It fell off from its perch after getting hit by the marble. bles through gas pressure from denatured alcohol combustion. Although illegal, it has become a very popular hunting X-ray also showed an air gun pellet trapped at the base of the bird’s neck. No entry wound was visible for the marble and the pellet, which suggests that the shootings happened a few months back. Shooting remains a big threat to our national bird. For example, of the 89 eagles admitted for care and rehabilita-

PHILIPPINE 2021. MindaNews photo courtesy of Philippine Eagle Foundation

the nest. Two days later, a community leader contacted PEF. Responding instantly to the call, PEF, CENRO Valencia, and LGU San Fernando personnel rushed to the bird’s

the eagles, the same animal to upland dwellers could be just food or a novelty item that can be traded for cash. Adequate conservation education and awareness campaigns can bridge this value gap. When combined with community-based engagements that bring a better life to poor families, utilitarian attitudes can be transformed into genuine care and concern for the species. After over two hours of negotiation, we agreed to explore

that if the bird is really that valuable, it should not be hard for the government to pay. This is the seventh case of a chick four decades ago. In all of these cases, the captors expected a cash reward. We explained patiently that protection does not mean

City and brought it to the PEC for rehabilitation. Eagle Rajah Cabongsuan is the fourth eagle captured admission records, he is the twelfth eagle accidentally caught by local traps intended for other wildlife (deer, wild pig, palm civet, monkey, etc.). Philippine Eagles walk on the ground to hunt monitor lizards, snakes, rats, and a few more mammals. This

bird. The PEF rehabilitated and released this eagle back to

mere game in a wildlife hunt. Saving a baby eagle

After stabilizing the bird, we negotiated the chick’s release. The farmer believed he would be rewarded once he

ter the community near the trap site. Finally, he contacted

vulnerable to improvised noose traps. Three birds were also intentionally trapped by farmers whose domestic animals the eagles have killed. In one of these cases, the eagle hunted and ate a dog. To get back at the bird, the pet owner used the dog’s remains as bait and

were birds that had gunshot wounds. Of these birds, seven died within a few months after admission. The pandemic did not stop the hunting. It might have even fueled it. X-rays of three eagles rescued during COVID-19, including eagle Salagbanog, showed air gun pellets inside their bodies.

remote village in San Fernando town where the chick was kept. The chick was named Agsamon, after the mountain where the nest is found. PEF Vet Consultant Sheen Gadong examined chick

saved it by buying it for Php 5,000.00 (US $ 100.00). This

With chick Agsamon gone from the nest, the eagle couple will re-nest this year. As long as the forest is intact and the eagle pair is not harmed, it will re-nest in the same area for years, just like how generations of eagle pairs in the past have nested in the same place over and over again. Eagle breeding places are ancient nesting sites. As centers of reproduction, protecting these sites secures the species. The team left with chick “Agsamon” before dawn. The next weekend, we were back and held a pact with the community through a traditional ritual. We also launched a livelihood project for the women as a pilot conservation

During the pandemic, two eagles were also purposely trapped by farmers after the eagles killed and ate their piglets. Overall, trapping accounted for 15 admission cases (17 %) at the PEC since the 1970’s. For poor farmers whose livestock were lost to the eagles, the only good eagle is a trapped eagle. Don’t harm me These stories of eagle rescues prove that some people can still harm the remaining wild population of our national symbol in the wild. If we look further at the PEF’s 89 cases 60 % were due to human persecution (shooting, trapping, clubbing, chick removal from the nest, and selling). The pandemic, and its economic impacts in the uplands seemed to have made the eagles even more vulnerable to human harm. Since the COVID-19 quarantines and locktimes the pre-COVID average annual rescue rate. It is also the highest rescue rate ever in the program’s history. June 4-10 of each year is being celebrated as the national “Philippine Eagle Week.” This nationwide campaign deliver a message to the public, perhaps its simple plea would be “Please stop harming me and my family.” (Jayson C. Ibañez is the Director of Research and also a Senior Lecturer at the University of the Philippines




FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021

Sarangani Bay restocked with 1.5 million bangus fry MALAPATAN, Sarangani - Around one a half million bangus fry produced and donated by the Alsons Group through its Finfish Hatcheries Inc. (FHI) were released at Sarangani Bay on June 7 in Barangay Lun Masla in partnership with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR 12). The restocking of the Hatcheries Inc. operations basis. This is our way of bay activity was attended manager, said the activity helping our government na by FHI personnel, BFAR aims to help the govern- maparami ang mga isda sa officials, barangay and ment in its bid to replenish Sarangani Bay. Ibinabalik municipal officials and - lang din namin ang biyaya residents of the host com- tion that could be attributed na bigay ng Bay," Ticao munity. said. Dorie Ticao, Finfish "We do this in a regular Alfeo G. Piloton,

Investors’ search for yields hikes TDF rates MANILA – The rates of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) term deposit facility (TDF) inched up on Wednesday due to high demand even as volume offering for the 14day facility was increased. Data released by the central bank showed that the average rate of the sev-

en-day TDF rose to 1.7582 percent and the 14-day TDF to 1.7950 percent. These were at 1.7200 percent for the one-week TDF and 1.7860 percent during the auction last June 2. The BSP kept the offering for the seven-day (

/ INVESTORS’ / 11)

regional director of BFAR 12, said this seeding of the bay is in line with the "Masaganang Ani at Mataas na Kita” initiative of the Department of Agriculture as part of the food security program as priority agenda of the Duterte administration. "Actually in line ito sa programa ng Depart-

ment of Agriculture na ‘Masaganang Ani at Mataas na Kita’. Talagang pinopromote natin ang food security program as part of the agenda ng administrasyon ni President Duterte,” Piloton said. "Isa man lang ang purpose nito, pagkain para sa lahat. Kaya nagpapasalamat kami sa Alsons lalo

walang sawang suporta,” he added. Last June 2017, FHI also released giant LapuLapu spawners at the marine protected area in Maasim to help replenish the grouper (lapu-lapu) population in the area. (Sarangani Provincial

DBP grants P750-M credit line to boost renewable energy storage MANILA – State-owned Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) has granted a PHP750-million revolving credit line to a fledgling energy firm for the manufacture and export of cost-effective and sustainable energy storage systems for power generation activities

o f r e n e w a b l e e n e rg y companies, a top official said. In a statement on Wednesday, DBP president and chief executive said the bank’s funding assistance to Amber Kinetics Philippines, Inc. (AKPI) would be used to partial-

working capital and other short-term operational requirements for the domestic and export sale of its novel System. “DBP is ecstatic about this project as it manifests our passion for supporting ground-breaking environ-

ment-friendly processes and new technologies that utilization of green energy,” Herbosa said. DBP is the sixth-largest bank in the country in terms of assets and provides credit support to four strategic sectors of the ( / DBP / 11)

Motortrade kickstarts June with Mid Year DEALight DAVAO CITY — As we move halfway through 2021, Motortrade brings promo wherein Ka-Moto’s can avail Motortrade’s lowest downpaymentof only Php 1,000, along with a trade Half-face helmet and jersey,TPL insurance, and LTO registration. This promo offers huge

discounts to various motorcycle units that are perfect for your everyday routine to work especially public transportation means are limited due to the community quarantine. This promo features Suzuki Raider J115 Fi Mags with a downpayment of only Php 1,000; Kawasaki CT 125 with the lowest downpayment in the market of Php

2,100, both available on all Motortrade branches. also offers a downpayment of as low as Php 1,900 to selected Honda units available on Motortrade H3S branches, while Php 3,500 for selected Yamaha units available on all Motortrade Y3S branches. This promo runs until May 31, 2021 and customers may avail of this

promo through our physical stores or online through our Facebook page, Motortrade Mindanao. Along this promo, Motortrade has more to offer for the month of June. Light, Motortrade also offers its Tara Change Oil! promo wherein customers oil and service labor for

ry purchase of pre-owned units at any Motortrade branch. Motortrade also expresses its gratitude for the continuous patronage through its Customer Appreciation Day. Ten (10) customers will be chosen as Customers of the Month

Honda 3S and Suzuki Moto Center (SMC) branches of Motortrade. Moreover, a

event will also be conducted for our social media followers who will have a chance to win exciting prizes such as premium jackets, exclusive Motortrade jerseys, elbow and knee pads, and other Moproducts and services at any( / MOTORTRADE / 11)

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021

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Reds ‘complicit’ in mine blast that murdered footballer, cousin MANILA – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Wednesday said the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army (CPP-NPA) is complicit in the planning and directing the unprovoked anti-personnel mine (APM) attack that killed footballer Keith Absalon and his cousin Nolven in Masbate City last June 6. "In their attempt to He said the communist of APMs and their rampant appease the families of the terrorists committed simi- use by these communist victims, the Communist lar crimes in the past and terrorists. Terrorist Group (CTG) admitted to having perpe"Here and elsewhere in through a 'spokesperson' trated these dastardly acts. the world, this practice of issued an apology to the "But they have not using APMs has long been family of the victims. They done anything since to banned under International expressed willingness to compensate the victims but Humanitarian Law. The indemnify the families for empty promises or claims AFP yielded, but not this their losses," AFP spokesterrorist group," Arevalo person, Marine Maj. Gen. did not perform any acts said. Edgard Arevalo, said in a to indemnify their vicHe added that they statement. tims in the past, how may already reported to the Arevalo added that this we expect them to recom- United Nations and local apology "remains to be pense for their crime this bodies the 141 incidents seen" referring to the CPP- time? And if they will make of production, stockpiling, NPA statement on Tuesday amends this time, why not transporting, and use of owning up the conduct of pay for their past transgres- APMs by these terrorists the APM attack that also sions as well?" he added. in the past decade. wounded Absalon's 16The military, he said, "We will be unrelentyear old nephew, Chrisbin continues to sound the ing in the pursuit of justice Daniel. alarm over the stockpiling ( / REDS / 11)






AS OF last Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the police reported a total of 2,157 persons issued tickets for violation of health protocols in the current quarantine status obtaining in Davao City. Of the violations, most of those apprehended are those not wearing a face mask or face shield and those who just go outside of their residence without essential objectives for their travel. The apprehensions were mostly in Bunawan and Tugbok quarantine checkpoints. We can only hope that this seemingly religious enforcement of health protocols will lead to effective compliance by the population of Davao City. We believe that it is only through this equation that the local civil and health authorities will be successful in defeating the upsurge of the deadly coronavirus disease in this part of Southern Mindanao. We are also hoping that there shall be complementary or similar measures adopted by the other local government units in the whole of the Davao Region. If the other provinces or cities will be complacent and will adopt more relaxed procedures in stomping the COVID rise then there will always be the likelihood the hazards of the virus infection will be lurking in the peripheries of Davao City, no matter what the authorities of the latter LGU will do. On the other hand, the local health authorities the new COVID cases on employees in Business Process

Published by Mindanao Times Corporation, with Editorial and


JESUS G. DUREZA Editor-in-Chief:

AMALIA B. CABUSAO Managing Editor:


JON O. DEVELOS Copy Editor:


they have adopted are in accordance with the standards imposed by the government health authorities? It is for this reason that we appreciate the move of the local government leaders of the city and the health authorities to call for an immediate meeting with the management of the BPOs to thresh out the inadequacies in the preventive measures against the disease. Hence, we hope that the meeting will achieve the purpose with which it was called. And we hope as well that the measures to be taken will not deprive the employees of their livelihood or even a part of it, and that at least the output of the meeting will result in a new doable work arrangement that will

mitted by the management of the various BPOs, according to a local television report. One of the BPOs housed in a multi-level building going south of the city has reportedly over 400 of its employees tested positive of the virus. Without a doubt, this number of incidents in that particular BPO establishment could have aided in catapulting Davao infections in the Philippines. Of course, the management of the different BPOs is claiming that they are doing the best they could to undertake measures that will deter more new infections. But the question is whether the means


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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021


can survive in this very critical time. ****************************** A few columns back we tackled the hottest issue of the times other than the daily accounting of victims and the locations of new COVID cases, the looming national and local elections in 2022. We share our prognosis that what the administration is doing at this point in time, or aspiring or being goaded to run for President or Vice President with emphasis on the Presidential daughter and her President father’s tandem could only be a diversionary the opposition from the real potential endorsee. Earlier we mentioned the names of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar or 2010 defeated Presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro as dark horses for the President’s endorsement consideration. The other day we had this feeling that we could be correct in our intuition. No less than the President in a live interview on television with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, mentioned Mark Villar as one of his most industrious Cabinet secretaries in spite of his family’s status in the fortune side. And this was preceded by the President’s statement that there are some in his Cabinet who are worth his consideration but he may only name them when the right time comes. Then on the same day, Sen. Ping Lacson made a disclosure in the media that he got from one of his loyal friends that an administration undersecretary is reportedly organizing a troll farm in the entire country and is demanding from every district to recruit at least one troll farm member. The objective, according to Lacson, is to start and continue building up the image of Secretary Villar. And he assumed that this could not be for other purpose but his desire to run for (

/ ROUGH / 11)


FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021



OUR COVID-19 JOURNEY: Surviving the ordeal at home QUEZON CITY (MindaNews) -- This is an essay I promised many of my friends who journeyed with my family through COVID-19 and asked me how we survived the ordeal while managing it at home despite the difficulties. I write about presence of mind, common sense, hygiene, Western medicine, and Indigenous Knowledge (IKSP). I am sharing this experience as cases surge in Mindanao. It was in April 2021, at the height of the second wave in Metro Manila when COVID-19 struck our home and infected my husband, Bj. and a high blood pressure (BP). We did not suspect it was COVID-19 because he had been hypertensive since the start of the lockdowns last year. His BP was uncontrolled (i.e., no medication) so to lower it we got prescription medicine via econsultation with a doctor. That was on a Sunday night, April 4. The next day he developed a fever and felt a shortness of breath. We assumed it was COVID-19 until proven otherwise. We immediately isolated him in the room we were staying in because we knew it was already contaminated. Pablo, our 10year old son, and I moved to his bedroom. We started wearing masks at home. Getting tested. We were afraid of the high rates of infection outside so we decided to go for home-based testing. We were lucky because Metro Manila, unlike most places beyond the National Capital Region (NCR), had several home-servicing testing centers. We availed of the service of a reputable testing facility that used the COVID-19 test kit developed by Dr. Raul Destura with funding support from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The three of us decided to get tested at the same time because: 1) we were a co-sleeping family, and 2) most of the time, Bj and I shared drinking glasses and dessert plates. Later on, we learned that we should have waited until Bj’s tests came out and did additional tests only if he tested positive. We were all going on quarantine, anyway. Home care. We got excellent guidance from the webinar, When COVID Hits Your Home, by Dr. Anna Lim Ong sponsored by Santuario de San Antonio, and the COVID Care Tips Robredo and made available online. The infographics from the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) Class ‘91 was also helpful. We supplied ourselves with a thermometer, an oximeter, a BP monitor, medicines, vitamins to boost immunity, masks, and disinfectant. In an ideal setting, the patient should undergo laboratory tests to determine their exact condition. But since we could no longer leave the house given Bj’s infection (we don’t own a car), all diagnosis will be based on our honest, accurate, and rigorous observation and reporting of symptoms. Aside from consulting with a cardiologist on managing his BP, we sought the help of an internist in monitoring and managing Bj’s symptoms. Both were done remotely via private messaging. I asked Bj to be honest with the doctor and me about all the symptoms he felt so we, the doctor included, would know how to manage the sickness. We monitored and recorded his BP, oxygen level, and temperature at least two times a day, and observed the onset of other symptoms and reported them to the internist daily. For this, the COVID-19 Monitoring Sheet prepared by the OVP was very helpful. We never second-guessed our doctors and instead followed their advice to the letter. We politely turned down offers of access to Lianhua Qingwen and Ivermectin. Pablo and I also had our own thermometer and oximeter and monitored our temperatures and waited for the onset of COVID-19 symptoms each day. We boosted our immunity by Was I worried? When Bj's BP was still unmanaged and spiking, I was. We never self-medicated or used another person's prescription to buy our own supply. The BP had to go down gradually because a sudden drop could be dangerous. We focused on the best course of action to get advice and a prescription from a doctor. We could not reach our cardiologist immediately (he was on COVID-19 duty). We insisted on arranging a consultation despite advice from the family to change doctors. We didn't want to gamble on someone who had no knowledge of Bj’s medical history. Thankfully, the doctor’s secretary put him on the priority list when we disclosed that he was positive. okay, I just chilled. I did not dwell on the what if’s and refused to be brought there. I took it one day at a time. The government's pandemic response has been an epic failure. Hospital bed availability was hit-and-miss—you just couldn’t rely on it or include it in any planning. All the same, I made sure to have the numbers of the One Hospital Command Center, our Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT), ambulance services, as well as a PPE provider in case Bj had to be driven to a hospital by a family member. We knew the critical oxygen level number by heart. At that time, WHO’s protocol pegged it at 94, while the UP PGH Class ‘91 infographic suggested 92. If it reached either of those

MINDAVIEWS BY EIZEL PAZ HILARIO Bj's reached 94 on our 8th day. We were still on Day 3 of the second phase of the virus’ evolution (Days 5 to 10). The internist gave him antibiotics that were for the treatment of pneumonia. That was when I asked for help from the family to download the One Hospital Command Center app just in case the infection progresses. Bj felt assured when he was prescribed antibiotics to address the bacterial co-infection. However, he developed nausea as a side effect. This had to be addressed again reached Day 10 and his oxygen saturation did not go down, I knew we were going to make it. He had a fever throughout the 10-day critical period plus another two days prior to when we had our swab tests (doctors count as day 1 the time when one gets tested). His highest temperature was 38 degrees centigrade, and he managed this by hydrating, taking paracetamol, and bathing. To ease his breathing, he got relief from a prone position when sleeping and deep-breathing exercises. Challenges, bloopers, and blessings. We are a nuclear family of three living in a condominium. As soon as Bj developed a fever, I called the manager of the condominium that we are getting tested. He instructed us not to go out anymore, made arrangements for our deliveries and garbage disposal, initiated contact tracing, and coordinated with BHERT. We also discussed the experience of other positive households in the condo. The to leave our patient alone. Instead, we needed to isolate Bj in a room while we all quarantined in our unit. He told me of a neighbor’s case where the patient, who was left by his family to isolate alone, fell unconscious because his oxygen level dipped rush him to the hospital. The presence and capacity of a caregiver are among the WHO requirements for home care. Otherwise, isolation in a well-equipped facility needs to be arranged. Bj validated this protocol when he said there were moments when he felt he would collapse in the bathroom because it was so We could not trace with certainty Bj’s source of infection. Bj has been on ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) mode for the whole duration of the (ongoing) pandemic — the only times he regularly went out of the house was to pick up deliveries dropped off at the condominium gate. Two weeks before he got sick, he went to a diagnostics center for a quick blood extraction for some laboratory tests. Our doctors considered both of these activities as low risk especially since he always doublethat the COVID-19 coronavirus is airborne. So, I suggested to our property manager to enforce stricter policies regarding the condo elevator's use. On top of disinfecting them regularly, only one household should use them per trip. However, I was told decided instead to disclose our situation to our residents’ social tors and to take the stairs if they can until it was clear that there was no community transmission. The number of COVID-19 cases in our condo reached 16 at that time. To allay our fears, the manager disclosed the potential sources of all the existing cases at that time (mostly from the workplace). Our unit has a single bathroom so that was a bit of a challenge. WHO guidelines prescribe that home care is an option for households with at least two bathrooms. But the Manager said that all past and present cases in our condo involved single bathrooms, so it could be done. I had to disinfect the bathroom after each and every time Bj used it. For this, surface disinfectant spray and surface disinfectant wipes helped a lot aside from the were odorless. The smell of Lysol was torturous and triggered Pablo's rhinitis, especially since Bj used it aggressively. Alam mong galit na galit sa veerus and the way the government has been handling the pandemic. I also bought disposable gloves which Pablo really apprecisurfaces. I removed our shower curtain to get rid of extra surthan to disinfect the curtains all the time. I also removed all the things that did not need to be on the bathroom counter like décor and plants. We transferred our toothbrushes and soap as well as laundry bag to the bedroom. For the toilet bowl, I stocked up on colored toilet bowl cleaner. Bj had to sprinkle the bowl water with it after each use. Why colored? It was a visual marker for me to know that it was already disinfected and safe to use. I also trained Pablo to ask Because we had a single bathroom and Bj knew how much time and effort I spent on cleaning it, there was a period when

aggravated his headache and caused his temperature to rise. I honestly wanted to wring his neck when I learned this. I could not fathom ending up widowed because my patient did not drink so he would pee less often. How then could I demand accountability and health justice for him because we are forced by the government’s mishandling of the pandemic to do home the most important thing to do is hydrate. Pablo was harsher and threatened him that we would resort to “dextrose” (i.e., intravenous therapy) if he did not drink lots of water. What I could not tell Pablo was that I was already so stressed because there were no oral rehydration salts in all the drug stores that offered online services in our city. It was a blessing that a friend sent us lots of buko juice that day and my sister sent lots of Gatorade. Those really helped Bj rehydrate for days. On eating. Bj ate inside the room. We would lay his meal room while he collected it. Then he would spray the air with disinfectant so that it was safe for us to come out. He had a different set of plates and utensils and dishwashing sponge. I would wash his plates with gloves after I had washed and secured ours. We did not use paper plates because we're keeping our infectious garbage to a minimum to reduce the chances of passing the virus on to the maintenance staff who did the disposal for us. Garbage disposal. Bj had his own garbage bags inside his room. He would secure all the bags and disinfect them before bringing them out of the room. I disinfected the garbage bags again and brought them out to the hallway for collection. Communication. Bj and I immediately disclosed to our immediate family and colleagues that he had COVID-19. To save time we streamlined the communication line between us and other family members. Bj updated us with his vitals using only one online platform. He did so regularly so he did not have to keep replying when others asked after him. It gave him more time to rest and it saved me as well from echoing his message especially since I was swamped with domestic and care work as well as deliveries coordination. It was very comforting that my work colleagues were compassionate and understanding. I did not have to explain and space from work to take care of my family. They checked on me from time to time to make me feel I was not alone. That meant a lot. Laundry. We washed Bj’s clothes only after he went out of isolation. He kept his soiled clothes inside his room. On tuob (steam inhalation), Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and other Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSPs) It is not a cure but tuob is life. Tuob is a traditional home remedy to soothe and open-air passages. It also helps one relax. I just made sure it was not too hot to damage our nose linings. In our case, we played with it by infusing the water with essential oils, mint, oregano/kalabo, salt, or unused tea bags. I am a strong believer in Filipino traditional medicines. I am also an ardent admirer of the honor and excellence of Filipino scientists working with DOST under the leadership of Secretary Fortunato dela Peña. The studies of the DOSTNational Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) indicated that while it is not a cure, VCO helps reduce symptoms in COVID-19 patients. Instead of the controversial Ivermectin, its anti-viral properties. It is also safe. Former DOH Secretary tablespoon with your meals, one could practice VCO pulling at least twice a day. Preparing children. We did not have time to prepare Pablo well. On Day 1 of the symptoms, we woke him up at dawn to transfer him to another room. Later he overheard me arranging going to die?” When Bj got the results, it was Pablo who got the call as I was napping and he insisted on listening. It helped that he had read and watched a lot of videos on YouTube about COVID-19. So I only had to reiterate the use of masks inside the house, wearing disposable gloves, washing hands frequently while singing the happy birthday song, and feel involved in managing COVID-19 at home. It became his task to make sure our doors and windows were locked at night. not simply take Bj to a hospital-like we always did when we got sick. He asked this every time he would see me dead tired from all the domestic and care work. I answered his questions honestly: that the Duterte government managed this pandemic poorly by putting military men instead of the best Filipino doctors, health professionals, and scientists including health with patients so there were no more beds available. Then we turned to prayers. Pablo coped by sharing the ordeal with his




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SSS: Applications for renewal of pension loans available online THE SOCIAL Security System (SSS) reminds qualified retiree-pensioners who would like to renew their loans under the Pension Loan Program (PLP) to submit their applications online through the My.SSS Member Portal. SSS President and CEO Aurora C. Ignacio said the online facility for the PLP was added in the said portal The state pension fund said community quarantine lockdowns imposed by the government to stem the increasing infections due to COVID-19 limited the mobility of pensioner-members and affected transactions with SSS branches, including PLP applications. SSS said it disbursed P787.27 million in pension loans to 17,585 retiree-pensioners from January to March 2021, representing a 43.8 percent and 44.1 percent decline, respectively. During the same period in 2020, PLP releases amounted to P1.4 billion for 31,467 retiree-pensioner borrowers. imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19,” Ignacio said. on developing an online channel for such pension loan applications. In September 2020, we began the initial must still submit their applications through our branches following applicable service guidelines implemented in them,” she added. conditions for the program. These include: 85 years of age or below at the end of the month of their loan term; no deductions (outstanding loan (UMID-ATM) or Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP) Quick Card as disbursement accounts; and receives a regular monthly pension for at least one month, and the status of pension is “Active.” Excluded from the PLP are retiree-pensioners under the Portability Law and those under the care and custody of a guardian. Moreover, applicants who would use the online method must have a My.SSS account on the SSS website (www.sss.gov.ph), and a current and active mobile number registered with the SSS. To apply, retiree-pensioners must log in to their respective My.SSS account, proceed to the E-services tab, click “Apply for Pension Loan,” choose their preferred loan amount and term, agree to the terms and conditions of the program, submit their application, and print or download the PDF copy of the Disclosure Statement. “Those who may use the online application method for the PLP are mainly retiree-pensioners who have previously availed of the program that are already fully paid and whose disbursement accounts are UMIDATMs or UBP Quick Cards,” Ignacio said. “However, we are continuously developing the PLP to include Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer Sysretiree-pensioners can conveniently avail of it,” she added. Members, pensioners, employers, and the public are strongly advised to follow the minimum public needs through a low-interest loan at 10 percent per annum and help them avoid falling prey to loan sharks. A one-percent service fee is waived as a means to subsidize the payment for the premium of the Credit Life Insurance (CLI) of the borrower. P200,000. Moreover, the net take-home pension of the pensioner-borrower should at least be 47.25%.

ment term of six and 12 months, respectively. On the other hand, a pension loan of nine or 12 times the BMP For more information, follow the SSS on Facebook and YouTube at “Philippine Social Security System,” Instagram at “mysssph,” and Twitter at “PHLSSS,” or join its Viber Community at “MYSSSPH Updates.”

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021


(from front page)

del Sur that will be remembered for generations, and even more indelible footprints in our hearts." As of 10 a.m. on Thursday, his body was then transported here to the city for cremation. The governor was brought to MCDC last June 3. According to the press release posted on the provincial government's website, Cagas received last May 16 his first dose of CoronaVac, the anti-COVID-19 vaccine developed


at his residence. It added the governor the vaccine because he was part of the vulnerable sector, particularly A2 or senior citizens. Cagas began his political career as an assemblyman in the 1980s, then as congressman from 1998 to 2007. He then served as governor of the province from 2007 to 2013, 2016 to 2019, and 2019 up to present. According to the Department of Health-Davao, 401 new COVID-19 infec-

tions were reported in the region on June 9, bringing the total number of cases to 31,521 with 5,306 active ones, 25,027 recoveries, and 1,188 deaths. Of the total, Davao City, which reported the highest COVID-19 incidence in Mindanao, tallied 18,835 cases, with 2,830 active ones, 15,215 recoveries, and 790 deaths. Davao de Oro reported 2,314 cases, Davao del Norte 5,907, Davao del Sur 2,170, Davao Occidental 376, and Davao Oriental 1,919. (MindaNews)

(from page 2)

weeks ago. The city government opened on June 2 the city’s biggest vaccination site at the Azuela Cove in Lanang, Davao City, which could cater to up to 1,000 recipients or 1,000 vaccines per day. Dr. Ashley Lopez, City head, in a previous Davao City Disaster Radio COVID-19 Alert program, said, “Hopefully dili mastop o mainterrupt ang supply nato so that makapadayon


ins at our vaccination sites. The long wait and crowding at the vaccination sites might put you at risk of being infected.” The advisory enjoined city residents to coordinate with their respective Disvaccination schedule. Contact the Davao City Vaccination Hotlines: Smart Hotline: (0961) 073 4965 / Globe Hotline: (0927) 022 9087 for more information.

(from page 2)

condemned Santos’ killing, which he described as an “ambush”. “(Santos) was a father who had dreams for his children, his life cut short that easy by those criminals,” he said in a statement. He said the latest incident happened as they were still reeling from Quintoy’s murder last week, which


ta og mamaximize atong pagpabakuna (We hope our vaccine supply won’t be stopped nor interrupted).” He also bared that the National COVID-19 Task Force promised to send more Sinovac, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer vaccines here. Meanwhile, the City Government of Davao issued an advisory yesterday, June 9, saying that with “the alarming rise of Covid 19 cases in Davao City, we strongly discourage walk-

was pinned on another company employee. Catulpos assured that Brigada will fully cooperate with the investigation and assist authorities in ensuring their swift resolution. He said they remain undeterred despite the situation and reiterated that there will be no changes

with the company’s resolve to provide quality services to the people. The Brigada Group is the mother company of the homegrown Brigada Mass Media Corporation, which operates a television station here as well as a network of newspapers in Mindanao and radio stations in parts of the country. (PNA)

(from page 2)

Meanwhile, City Mayor Oscar Moreno said the extraction measure is one of the focuses of the LGU COVID-19 cases. "If we talk about transmission, there is a

great risk for those positive cases who are still (doing) home quarantine. Even if they are isolated inside their houses, the chances of transmission are very high," he said. Moreno confirmed

EXTRA JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE OF SIMPLICIA OCLARET BERO Pursuant to Sec. 1 Rule 74 of the Revised Rules on Court of the Philippines, notice is hereby given that the late SIMPLICIA OCLARET BERO, who died intestate on January 29, 2021, in Davao City, left a parcel of

that there are 231 positive COVID-19 cases under home quarantine, but said they are looking for additional isolation facilities to cater to those cases and their closed contacts. Nery said there are a total of 24 isolation facilities in the city, composed of 11 city isolation units (CIU) and 13 temporary treatment and monitoring facilities (TTMF), with a total capacity of 1,258 beds. Based on the latest data of the city government, there are about 1,000 positive patients in the city's isolation facilities. Nery assured that they are closely monitoring all cases in isolation facilities, especially those who are asymptomatic, to be properly included in the time-based recovery system. The rise of new recoveries, she said, is also a big help in decongesting the CIUs and TTMFs in the city. (PNA)


FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021

BILLBOARD FOR LEASE Strategic Location


Davao Ros-Ver Pawnshop, Incorporated Ilustre St., Davao City Tel # 224-1204; 222-6086

AUCTION SALE! The DAVAO ROS-VER PAWNSHOP, INC. and NEW PAG-ASA PAWNSHOP will be having its JOINT AUCTION on all unredeemed pawned items left during the month of April 2021. The said items will be sold to the public at the following VENUE AND DATE. Gipahibalo ang publiko na ang DAVAO ROS-VER PAWNSHOP, INC. og ang NEW PAG-ASA PAWNSHOP; magsubasta sa tanang prenda nga naremata atong Abril 2021. Ang tanang prenda dungan nga ibaligya sa publiko sa mga sumusunod nga dapit og petsa:

Call (0932) 372 7799 PFIZER...

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of Health XI (DOH XI). DOH-XI regional director Annabelle P. Yumang said these vaccines will be distributed to Davao


City and Davao Oriental. “These vaccines are and second dose for our A1, A2, ug A3 groups,”

Yumang added. As of today, Davao Region has already received a total of 537, 350 doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

(from page 6)

President with the administration’s blessings. Meanwhile, here comes Gibo Teodoro suddenly becoming visible and audible again. And what an auspicious choice of venue to make his comeback in the political scene – Davao City - to greet Mayor Sara on her birthday and to offer himself as her potential teammate if she runs. Then he had himself vaccinated in Davao City creating some kind of controversy because supposedly it was not yet his time for vaccination. The scene was fully covered by media and therefore it became a national issue especially when the opposition started ganging up on Gibo through both the mainstream and social media. Slowly the head of the cat is out and we are not precluding the possibility of the correctness of our readings of the writings on the political wall.


(from page 4)

facility at PHP150 billion but increased the volume for the 14-day facility by PHP10 billion to PHP370 billion. Bids for the shorterdated facility amounted to PHP140.165 billion, resulting in a bid coverage ratio of 0.9344, lower than the previous week’s 1.0570 when tenders amounted to PHP158.544 billion. The auction committee accepted all the tenders for


this tenor this week. On the other hand, tenders for the 14-day TDF reached PHP458.961 billion. The auction committee made a full award. Bid coverage ratio stood at 1.2404, higher than the previous week’s 1.1502 when bids reached PHP414.061 billion. In a statement, BSP Deputy Governor Francisco Dakila Jr. attributed the lower bids in the seven-

day TDF “to market participants’ preference for the longer tenor amid their search for yields.” “Nevertheless, market conditions remain normal, supported by the sustained cial system,” he said. He added the central bank “will continue its assessment of the latest liquidity conditions and market developments for its monetary operations.” (PNA)

innocent civilians," DND spokesperson Arsenio Andolong said in a statement. Andolong said the DND strongly condemns the violence and senseless killing of the Absalons through the communist terrorists' indiscriminate use of APMs. "It is abhorrent that after taking responsibility for the deaths of Keith and Nolven Absalon, the CPPNPA has the gall to pretend that they will conduct their own internal investigation, which, in reality, will never result in any kind of justice for the bereaved families," he said. He added that the arrogance of the CPP-NPA further compounds their crimes against the Filipino people and they must be made to answer for these acts. "In all the decades of

the CTG's existence, the deaths of the Absalon cousins are, unfortunately, just two cases in the long list of crimes committed by the CPP-NPA. We, therefore, call on the Filipino people to unite and condemn the atrocities, and reject the

(from page 5)

for the 224 casualties, inof whom were killed," Arevalo said. What 'tactical error'? Meanwhile, the Department of National Defense (DND) dismissed claims made by the CPPNPA that the incident is just a "tactical error" on their part. "This tragedy is not caused by a mere 'tactical error' as they claim. The use of these anti-personnel mines that killed the Absalon cousins is actually a matter of procedure for these terrorists who are bent on inflicting death and damage to lives and property. The CPP-NPA's persistent use of landmines is a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law. It is also undeniable proof of the CTG’s utter disregard for the safety of


(from page 7)

teachers and classmates, his therapists, and friends. It was heartwarming that people who were Post-COVID-19 life. Bj came out of isolation 14 days after he tested positive. He reported to our barangay LGU and obtained his barangay clearance. It took weeks before he fully recovered as he continued to feel discomfort in his chest. Following the barangay’s advice, he registered for vaccination as soon as slots for the A3 category were made available. He got Sinovac and register under my category. We continue to live on ECQ mode, save for doing some essential work and errands outside the house. The vaccine protects us from moderate and severe forms of COVID-19, but a fully vaccinated person can still be a spreader. As I write this, the DOH has administered only 5,965,651 doses of vaccines, still far from reaching the government’s target of vaccinating 70 million people dangerous it is and we will not gamble with it or put other people at risk. (MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Eizel Hilario is an applied anthropologist working on ancestral domains, environment, biodiversity conservation, and transitional justice issues both at policy advocacy and community levels, while taking her Doctor of Social Development studies in UP Diliman and parenting a 10-year-old child. She grew up in Bukidnon MindaNews welcomes Mindanawons with a story to share about their own COVID journey. You may email editor@mindanews.com)


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economy –infrastructure and logistics; micro, small and medium enterprises; environment; and social services and community development. AKPI's parent company, Amber Kinetics, Inc. (AKI), developed its patented kinetic energy storage system that features a flywheel that converts and stores electrical energy in a rotating mass and is more superior than traditional batteries in terms of unlimited daily cycling capability, high round-trip

manufacturing site in Sto. Tomas town in Batangas. It plans to open a second manufacturing facility also in the province to meet growing demand. Herbosa said the introduction of this technology is seen as a boon to the power industry as it complements the gradual shift to renewable energy sources that offer variable outputs, with an energy storage system that ensures overall electricity generation matches demand. He said Amber Kinetic's technology offers an option that can provide a more reliable power supply, at less cost, especially in those rural areas with

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unreliable grid infrastructure, or in those islands that are now heavily reliant on diesel generators and biofuels for their electricity requirements. “DBP views this as a timely and responsive initiative that directly addresses the growing demand for new power sources fueled largely by our expanding national economy,” Herbosa said. The bank is optimistic that this project will strengthen the country’s position as an emerging high technology center for mechanical battery storage as well as an export center, he added. (PR)

ment of this upcoming promo and its mechanics will be published on all Motortrade social media accounts.

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Mindanao Times, June 11, 2021  

Mindanao Times, June 11, 2021  


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