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Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019

Mayor Beng warns barangay chairmen ‘Clear public roads or face disciplinary actions’


AYOR BENG CLIMACO has warned barangay chairmen who fail to clear public roads of all obstruction shall be slapped with disciplinary sanctions.

Climaco’s warning came after the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) urges mayors to

put their foot down, impose their authority, and hold barangay captains accountable for road obstructions.

The DILG was following President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to clear all roads of blockades or Continue on page 3

‘Thank you for your love, support Mayor’ Mayor Beng Climaco leads the demolition of illegal structures on a path walk in Zamboanga City. See more photos inside. (Kathy Wee Sit)

Zamboanga City gets award for outstanding programs

Read Story on page 2 Mayor Beng Climaco hands over to Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir, the chief of the Zamboanga City Police Office, a copy of the Land Transportation Office - Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt for a brand new Toyota Rush prowl car. (Kathy Wee Sit)

THE DEPARTMENT of Labor and Employment or DOLE has recognized the City Government of Zamboanga for its outstanding educational program and for institutionalizing the Public Employment Service Office. The awards were conferred by Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III and Undersecretary

Renato Ebarle during the 2nd Local Chief Executives Forum held here recently. Mayor Beng Climaco, who was with Vice Mayor Rommel Agan, thanked DOLE for the recognizing the efforts and advocacies of the local government to ensure that residents, especially the poor and students will benefit from all these local government

programs. For the past 6 years of the Climaco administration, the City Government had spent about P2.272 billion for the education sector, and P661 million for health, P1.427 billion for security, P585 million for social services and P3.55 billion for barangay development programs. Continue on page 2

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The Zamboanga Post

Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019

Zamboanga City gets award for outstanding programs

Mayor Beng Climaco speaks during the 2nd Local Chief Executives Forum held here recently. The Department of Labor and Employment has recognized the City Government of Zamboanga for its outstanding educational program and for institutionalizing the Public Employment Service Office. (Kathy Wee Sit) Continued from page 1 Climaco said the S.H.E. program will remain her top priority to ensure public order and safety as she vowed to make Zamboanga one of the most progressive and peaceful cities in the South. “Muchisimas gracias DOLE for the recognition y muchisimas gracias tambien con el City Social Welfare Development Office y otro departamento del govierno local quien ya hace todo el esfuerzo para este reconocimiento,” she said. DOLE’s award cited the Climaco administra-

tion for the following accomplishments: “In ensuring that 2,766 poor but deserving students, OSY and dependents of displaced workers are afforded financial means to pursue their education via temporary employment through the allocation of P16 million 2018 budget allocation.” “For playing an important role in linking labor demand and supply more effectively through regular conduct of job fairs. And for taking a proactive role in advocating and implementing

workable strategies in the communities, serving as base in the expansion of inter-agency attempts to combat illegal recruitment and trafficking in persons.” “And for providing sound information to students in making informed career choices thru relevant and accurate analysis of the city’s in-demand jobs and skill shortages.” And also for institutionalizing the Public Employment Service Office as committed during the 1st Local Chief Executives’ Forum in 2018. (Zamboanga Post)

Mayor Beng Climaco (top) and Vice Mayor Rommel Agan poses with Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III and Undersecretary Renato Ebarle during the 2nd Local Chief Executives Forum held here recently where Zamboanga City has been recognized for its outstanding programs. (Kathy Wee Sit)

‘Thank you for your love, support Mayor’ From page 1 POLICE AND MILITARY officials again thanked Mayor Beng Climaco for 8 brand new prowl cars the local government recently handed over as part of its support to the security sector. Climaco turned over 7 units of Toyota Rush to the Zamboanga City Police Office and a Toyota Hilux pickup truck to the Philippine Marines here. The vehicles, she said, form part of her continuing commitment to security forces under her flagship program on Security, Health and Education (SHE). Apart from the donation of vehicles, the local government also shells out about P22 million for the local police force for its fuel, vehicle maintenance, among other necessities. Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir, the city

police chief, received the prowl cars from Climaco during a simple ceremony attended by policemen who praised the mayor for her “relentless support” to the Zamboanga City Police Office. The patrol cars were assigned to Police Station 11 under Major Elmer Solon; Police Station 7 under Captain Jupertson Pelovello; Police Station 6 under Major Mark Anthony Karanain and Police Station 5 under Major Salvador Galvez, and also the Police Traffic Management Group under Major Raymond Samson, Zamboanga City Police Office Headquarters and Emergency 911 through Alan Aizon. Climaco also handed over the pickup truck to General Alvin Parreño, the Philippine Marine Corps Commandant; and Task

Force Zamboanga Chief, Army Colonel Leonel Nicolas and Marine Battalion Landing Team 11 Commandant, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Ariel de los Reyes. Parreño presented Climaco with a token of gratitude and thanked her for the donation. “Thank you for your love and support to the Marines. God bless you more!” reads an inscription on the token. Climaco said the Task Force Zamboanga is also set to receive its share of the Toyota Rush vehicles soon. “The City Government will never get tired of supporting and assisting the police and the entire security sector in Zamboanga and all these for the dedication of the soldiers and policemen in securing our city and our people,” she said. (Zamboanga Post)

Mayor Beng Climaco donated 7 units of Toyota Rush to the Zamboanga City Police Office and a brand new Toyota Hilux pickup truck to the Philippine Marines as part of her commitment to the security sector. (Kathy Wee Sit)


The Zamboanga Post

Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019

Mayor Beng warns barangay chairmen ‘Clear public roads or face disciplinary actions’

Continued from page 1 obstruction to ease the flow of traffic and movement of people within 60 days. “We have been deluged by complaints from the people about barangay captains who are failing to act and worse being complicit and actively tolerating road obstructions. The mayors have to make them accountable because that’s their mandate and responsibility,” DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said. Malaya said under the Local Government Code, the mayors are the disciplining authority of barangay chairmen. “Impose your authority. Hu-

wag ninyo nang i-asa pa ang pagbabantay sa mga barangay sa ating national government,” he said, citing Section 32 (of the Local Government Code) which states that “the city or municipality, through the city or municipal mayor concerned, shall exercise general supervision over component barangays to ensure that said barangays act within the scope of their prescribed powers and functions.” In cases of resistance from barangay officials, Malaya said the mayors must exercise their political will and discipline these uncooperative com-

munity leaders. “Tapos na ang eleksyon. Trabaho na ngayon. Regardless of whether kapartido o hindi, they (mayors) should suspend or reprimand barangay captains who do not comply with the President’s directive,” he said, adding, road obstructions will not happen without the knowledge of the barangay chairmen. “Sabi nga ni (DILG Secretary Eduardo) Secretary Año, imposibleng wala silang alam sa pagtatayo ng mga road obstruction na ‘yan. It is just proper that they rectify their actions by cooperating to the clearing operations

of the local government unit,” Malaya added. On July 29, DILG Secretary Eduardo Año, through Memorandum Circular 2019-121, gave mayors 60 days “to exercise their powers essential to reclaim public roads which are being used for private ends, and in the process rid them of illegal structures and constructions.” Following Duterte’s directive, Climaco - together with barangay officials - has been leading the massive operation called “Oplan Baklas” against road obstructions. Just last week, the mayor’s group and barangay leaders removed illegal structures in Barangay Suterville, San Jose Gusu area. “We will implement President Duterte’s order, not only do we clean up the roads and sidewalks, but also we enforce the anti-littering, anti-garbage and anti-traffic laws and city ordinances,” Climaco said. “We expect all other barangays to do the same as monitoring will be done by the City Government which is tasked to submit report of compliance to the DILG. Disciplinary

sanctions will be imposed on barangay officials who will fail to comply with the order within 60 days.” But Climaco strongly stressed that she would take full responsibility if any of the barangay chairmen fail to implement the DILG order and Duterte’s directive to remove obstruction on all public roads. She also assured that those who will be displaced and whose livelihood is affected by the clearing operations “the city government will find a place for them to do decent and honest means of living.” “In Zamboanga City, we balance between compliance with President

Duterte’s order and the livelihood of the displaced (people). We need to give people the opportunity to earn honest livelihood for their families,” Climaco said. City Administrator Apple Go said at least 23 of Zamboanga’s 98 barangays have already complied with Duterte’s order. The early compliant barangays were Tugbungan, Labuan, Capisan, Maasin, Mampang, Sangali, Zone 3, Tictapul, Mariki, Arena Blanco, Mercedes, Vitali, Zambowood, Quiniput, Santo Niño, Canelar, Tumaga, Campo Islam, Dulian-Pasonanca, Boalan, Camino Nuevo, Recodo and Cabatangan. (Zamboanga Post)


The Zamboanga Post

Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019

Zamboanga City Police Office reaps honor, accolades

Mayor Beng Climaco with Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir and local cops. (Kathy Wee Sit) THE ZAMBOANGA CITY Police Office has been honored and received accolades – the first time in the past decades – from the local government of Zamboanga for its “dedication, hard work and perseverance.” Mayor Beng Climaco led government officials and civil employees in feting the Zamboanga City Police Office and for winning the coveted award as “Best City Police Office”

by the Philippine National Police. Climaco rolled out the red carpet for the members of the Zamboanga City Police Office headed by Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir and 11 station commanders in a wellpraised public ceremony in front of the City Hall as a gesture of the local government’s appreciation to the dedicated service of the police. The Zamboanga City

Police Office was named “Best City Police Office” during the celebration of the 118th Police Service Anniversary at Camp Crame in Quezon City. “On behalf of the people of Zamboanga, I thanked the police force for their efforts in keeping the City safe in collaboration with other security forces. Their hard work resulted to zero bombing and zero kidnapping for more than 3 years now,”

Climaco said. After the ceremony, Climaco invited Martir and other police officials to a breakfast at City Hall and handed them cash incentives as a show of appreciation for their efforts. Climaco said the City Government has allocated some P1.2 billion for the security sector over the last 5 years in line with the local government’s priority thrust on Security, Health and Education (S.H.E.) program. It was only during the administration of Climaco that the Zamboanga City Police Office received so much vehicles and other equipment and financial support from the local government. Climaco also provided dozens of brand new vehicles and garbage

trucks to the different barangays. She said her administration continues to introduce various reforms and pro-poor programs aimed at further improving the lives of the people here and bring more progress and development to Zamboanga. For the past 6 years of her administration, the City Government had spent about P2.272 billion for the education sector, and P661 million for

health, P1.427 billion for security, P585 million for social services and P3.55 billion for barangay development programs. Climaco said the S.H.E. program will remain her top priority to ensure public order and safety as she vowed to make Zamboanga one of the most progressive and peaceful cities in the South. Martir praised and thanked Climaco for her strong support to the police force and vowed to continue working hard - just like the mayor - to keep Zamboanga and its residents safe and secure. The Police Regional Office 9 in Zamboanga City also won the “Best Regional Mobile Force Battalion” and Captain Allan Benedict Rosete as “Best Junior Police Commissioned Officer for Operation.” (Zamboanga Post)

Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019


The Zamboanga Post

Dapitan ballet students win medals in Singapore

Merry Diane Silva, Reyna Mea Venezuela, and Kaye Lourraine Salcedo pose with their teacher, John Ray Rocamora, after the “classical solo ballet” competition at the Asia-Pacific Arts Festival held in Singapore from August 17-18. (Photo courtesy of Jete Performing Arts Studio) DAPITAN CITY - While ballet is largely considered here as the domain of the affluent, this did not stop a Dapitanon family to impart the love for this form of dancing to local ballet dancers. Despite the hardships and financial difficulties in running their own small ballet school, the family-run Jete Performing Arts Studio managed to send three of its wards to the Asia-Pacific Arts Festival in Singapore on August 17 to 18. The three did not disappoint, bringing home two gold and a silver medals. Snatching gold medals for “Classical Ballet Solo” category were Reyna Mae Venezuela, a senior high school student of Jose Rizal Memorial State University-Main Campus here and Kaye Lorraine Salcedo, of Andres Bonifacio College in nearby Dipolog City. Winning the silver medal is Merry Diane Silva, also of Andres Bonifacio College. The festival was participated in by Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. “We’re happy that our hard work paid off. We are proud, now we’re no longer looked down as poor people in the mountains that have no sense of grown-up dancing,” Henedina Rocamora, founder and manager of Jete Performing Arts Studio, told the Philippine News Agency. Henedina’s five children – all of whom she taught ballet – are already helping her run the studio since 2008. To help support their school, Henedina has to work as a Physical Education teacher

at Jose Rizal Memorial State University-Main Campus, and her five children are also into their own professional fields when they are not teaching ballet. The eldest, Johanna Kay Zamoras, 30, is a commerce graduate and is working at a rural bank; and John Ray, 28, took up Hotel and Restaurant Management and just came home after two years of teaching ballet at the Department of Ballet of Thailand. Jush Anne Rocamora, 25, also a commerce graduate is now teaching ballet at Department of Ballet of Thailand; Jenny Mae, 23, finished Tourism then worked as non-regular employee at the Government Service Insurance System in Dipolog City and is now back to full-time teaching at Jete; and, Joseph Ian Rocamora, 21, is studying ballet while finishing Hotel and Restaurant Management. Jush Anne also brought to the Asia-Pacific Arts Festival her Thai student, who won a silver medal. Henedina said life with ballet was never easy, “ilabina nga akong mga ginikanan ignorante sa ballet.” She finally got a break when a relative shouldered her expenses to study ballet at the Silliman University in Dumaguete City, but because of the high costs, she transferred to a smaller dance studio. “Then I just pursued ballet while working as PE teacher,” Henedina recalled. “I also taught my children. Luckily, we started to be known when my eldest, Kay, was able to join Ballet Philippines.”

She said joining Ballet Philippines was tough, adding that she was hurt during an interview upon hearing an unkind comment: “Dapitan? Di ba probinsiya yun? May ballet pala doon?” Henedina said in 2008, Gregory Aaron – one of the owners of Atlanta Festival Ballet in Georgia in the United States – learned about Johanna Kay and invited her to teach at Ballet Center Cebu, which Aaron had earlier bought. “Mr. Aaron even conducted ballet workshop in Dapitan, and that’s when he knew our family. Maybe he saw something with my children that he invited them to teach in Cebu every summer, and he also helped us produce ballet performances in Dapitan,” Henedina said. The Rocamoras and Aaron were able to perform classics such as Nutcracker, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Swan Lake and Cinderella in Dapitan with an average cost of only P200,000 for every production. She said at first, they called their studio “Shrine City Ballet” and later changed it to “Jete Performing Arts Studio. They had studios here and in Dipolog City but later closed the Dapitan studio as it became stressful to her with growing enrolment mostly coming from Dipolog. Jete Performing Arts Studio first sent a lone contestant – Aleya Therese Baje from Dapitan – to the Asia-Pacific Arts Festival held in Vietnam in January this year. Baje brought home a gold medal. (Gualberto Laput)


The Zamboanga Post

Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019

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The Zamboanga Post

Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019


Chicken Sotanghon Soup


Magsipilyo ng 3 beses bawat araw Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong

INGREDIENTS : • 1 1/2 lbs. chicken breast • 1 piece Knorr Chicken Cube • 2 1/2 ounces sotanghon noodles • 7 cups water • 1 piece dried bay leaves • 1 1/2 cups cabbage shredded • 1 piece carrot julienne • 1/2 cup scallions chopped INSTRUCTIONS : 1. Prepare the chicken by boiling water ina cooking pot. Add bay leaf. Put the chicken breast in the pot. Cover and boil in medium heat for 20 minutes. Remove chicken from the pot and put in a clean plate. Let it cool down. Save the chicken stock. Shred the chicken and set aside. 2. Heat oil in a large pot. Saute garlic until light brown. Add onion and celery. Saute until onion softens. 3. Put the shredded chicken in the pot and then saute for 2 minutes.

• • • • •

2 stalks celery chopped 1 piece onion chopped 5 cloves garlic minced 2 tablespoons garlic roasted Fish sauce and ground black pepper to taste • 3/4 cups annatto water • 3 tablespoons cooking oil 4. 5. 6.

Pour chicken stock and let boil. Add Knorr Chicken Cube. Stir. Add annatto water and sotanghon noodles. Cover and cook for 10 minutes. 7. Put carrots and cabbage into the pot. Cook for 5 minutes. 8. Season with fish sauce and ground black pepper. 9. Put some roasted garlic and chopped scallions. Stir. 10. Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve. Share and enjoy!.

ISA SA LAGANAP na problema ng Pinoy ay ang pagkasira ng ngipin. Pumunta sa anumang barangay o eskwelahan, karamihan ng mga bata ay sira o nabubulok ang ngipin. Kapag nangyari ito, ang unang iisipin ng magulang ay ipabunot ang ngipin. Paano na ang kinabukasan ng bata? Ang may kasalanan talaga nito ay ang mga magulang. Hindi nila tinuturuan ang kanilang anak na magsipilyo. Napatunayan na kapag laging sira ang iyong ngipin, mababawasan ng tatlong taon ang iyong buhay. Paano ang tamang pagsisipilyo? Ang tamang paggamit ng toothbrush ay iyung nakatagilid sa ngipin ng 45 degrees ang angulo. Hinay-hinay lang ang pagbrush. Ang tamang pagbrush ay pataas-pababa, mula sa pagitan ng gilagid at ngipin. Taas-baba lang ang dapat gawin. Ang bawat ngipin ay dapat ma-brush ng 10 beses bawat pagsipilyo. Sa ganitong paraan, matatanggal ang mga dumi

na sumiksik sa ngipin. Unahin muna ang mga ngipin sa ibaba, bago sa itaas. Mag-brush sa kaliwa, sa gitna at sa kanan. Abutin din hanggang likod ng mga ngipin. I-brush din ang dila. Huwag magmadali. Mag-brush ng higit kumulang sa 3 minuto. Mga dagdag na payo para sa ngipin 1. Kung hindi kayang mag-brush pagkatapos kumain, magmumog na lang maigi sa banyo. 2. Gumamit din ng dental floss (yung sinulid na pinapasok sa pagitan ng ngipin) araw-araw. Mag-floss kahit isang beses sa isang araw. 3. Bumili ng panlinis ng dila o Tongue Cleaner. Napatunayan nang makababawas ito ng mabahong hininga at

bacteria sa bibig. 4. Huwag kumain ng matitigas na bagay at baka ma- bali ang inyong ngipin. Dahan-dahan sa pagkagat ng baboy, baka, butong pakwan at iba pa. 5. Umiwas sa pagkain ng matatamis na pagkain tulad ng candy at chocolates. Nakasisira kasi ito ng ngipin. Magmumog o uminom ng tubig pagkaka- in nito. 6. Huwag hayaan si beybi na makatulog na may bote ng gatas sa bibig. Painumin siya ng tubig pagka-dede para hindi masira ang ngipin. 7. Huwag uminom ng makulay na inumin tulad ng softdrinks, iced tea at hot teas. Umiwas din sa sigarilyo. Nakadidilaw kasi ang mga ito ng ating ngipin. 8. Magpakonsulta sa inyong dentista kada anim na buwan. Kaya pakiusap ko po sa mga magulang diyan. Turuan ang mga anak na magsipilyo araw-araw. Iwas impeksyon, iwas bad breath at iwas gastos din. Mas mainam na kumpleto at maganda ang ngipin para makakuha ng magandang trabaho.

Founded July 2019

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Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019

Zambo’s undisciplined drivers add to traffic woes


ESPITE THE EFFORTS of the local government of Zamboanga City to implement traffic laws, many motorists continue to violate the laws and further aggravating the worsening situation on the road, especially during rush hours. Mayor Beng Clima- Interior and Local Governco has repeatedly warned ment (DILG), has ordered all undisciplined motorists to city and municipal mayors in strictly follow traffic rules, the country to ban pedicabs but drivers of both public and tricycles along national and private vehicles re- highways. main defiant. “For safety reasons, no Tricycles freely ply the tricycle or pedicab should highway and passenger operate on national highjeeps are also overloaded, ways utilized by four-wheel and motorcycle drivers - the vehicles greater than four worst of them all in traffic vi- tons and where normal speed olations - habitually occupy exceeds 40 kilometers per opposite lane of the road de- hour,” Año said. spite the presence of traffic He said while the govpolicemen and enforcers. ernment recognizes that And these practices tricycle and pedicab operahave been going on for many tions provide livelihood and decades now and Climaco income to Filipinos, both in has reiterated her order to the urban center and rural the traffic authorities to en- areas, allowing them on main force the laws and clear pub- thoroughfares poses hazards lic roads of all obstructions. to other motor vehicles, the Secretary Eduardo Año, riding public, and even to the of the Department of the drivers themselves.

A library photo shows an unidentified cop directing traffic in Barangay Putik where motorcycle riders occupied the opposite lane posing dangers to other motorists. (Mindanao Examiner) “The regulation of tricycles and pedicabs on national highways is, therefore, to the best interest of everyone,” he said, adding, vehicles may only be allowed by concerned Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council) or Sangguniang Bayan (municipal council) to traverse main highways if there is no other alternative route. Año reiterated the direc-

tive after receiving reports from its field offices regarding the unregulated operation of tricycles and pedicabs along main thoroughfares which poses serious hazards to the passengers, drivers, and other vehicles. Under the Local Government Code, city and municipal mayors, through their respective Sangguniang, are authorized to regulate the

operation of tricycles within their territorial jurisdiction, subject to the guidelines prescribed by the Department of Transportation. Año also urged local authorities to strictly adhere to the standards and guidelines provided by Memorandum Circular 2007-01, which contains the basic considerations in the preparation of city or municipal tricycle and

pedicab franchise and regulatory ordinance or code. The guidelines include banning of tricycle and pedicab operations along national highways; prohibiting said vehicles to carry more passengers and goods than what they are designed for, or more than what is authorized in the franchise, among others. (Zamboanga Post)

Lotto, Swetres scam, tuloy pa rin! PATULOY NA NAMAMAYAGPAG sa Mindanao ang isang sindikato na sabit sa maraming panloloko gamit ang pangalan ng Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office o PCSO at nagaalok ng mga tips o winning numbers sa Lotto o Swetres kapalit ng malaking halaga ng salapi. Kalimitan sa mga nasa likod ng sindikato ay bumibili ng “air time o block time” sa iba’t-ibang himpilan ng radyo sa Mindanao at doon ay nagpo-programa ang mga ito sa pamamagitan lamang ng telepono o cell phone. Hindi naman agad ma-

tunton ang mga nasa likod ng programa dahil karamihan sa mga ito ay nagsasabing sila ay nasa Zamboanga, Misamis, Davao at iba pang bahagi ng rehiyon at kadalasan ay nagpapalit ng numero sa kanilang cell phone. Ngunit pare-pareho umano ang modus operandi ng mga sindikato at hihinalang iisang grupo lamang ang mga ito at nagpo-programa sa radyo sa iba’tibang oras sa umaga hanggang tanghali. Madalas ay bumabati pa ito ng mga pangalan ng kung sino-sinong tao na umano’y nagte-text sa programa upa-

ng sabihin sila ay nagwagi sa Lotto at nagpapasalamat sa winning numbers na ibinigay sa kanila ng sindikato upang ma-enganyo ang maraming iba pa na mag-miyembro sa programa. Ngunit pawang mga tauhan rin ang mga ito ng sindikato at nagpapang-

gap lamang na mga nanalo sa Lotto. Humihingi ang mga humahawak ng programa sa radyo ng halagang P3,000 hanggang P100,000 o higit pa mula sa mga nais na manalo sa kapalit ng “winning numbers” sa mga Lotto

draws. Ngunit kailangan ay magbayad ang mga ito sa kanila ng halagang P10,000 hanggang P50,000 bilang annual membership fee bago matanggap ng Lotto o Swetres winning numbers. Naglalabas rin ito ng mga di-umano’y testamento o pagpapatunay ng maraming mga nagwagi sa PCSO Lotto draws mula sa mga winning numbers na ibinigay ng mga sindikato. Ngunit lahat ng mga taong nagpatunay na sila ay tumama sa lotto at naging milyonaryo ay mga miyembro rin ng naturang sindikato. Isinumbong na rin ito ng

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mga nabiktima ng scam sa PCSO Head Office ngunit wala naman aksyon na ginawa ukol dito ang ahensya na ngayon ay balot rin sa alegasyon ng korapsyon dahil sa hindi pagre-remit sa mga na-kolekta sa Small Town Lotteries at iba pang numbers game. Hindi naman mabatid kung alam na ba ito ng mga opisyal ng PCSO regional offices sa Mindanao o kung anong hakbang ang kanilang ginagawa upang mapatigil itong katiwaliaan at sampahan ng kaso ang mga nasa likod nito. (Zamboanga Post)

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The Zamboanga Post (August 26-September 1, 2019)  

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