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Beng reiterates strong support for new congressional districts MAYOR BENG CLIMACO has reiterated her strong support for the creation of additional legislative districts in Zamboanga City as proposed by local lawmakers. Climaco said the creation of new congressional districts will largely benefit the people be-

cause of additional funding for infrastructure projects in areas covered by it. “The more (congressional) districts (we have) the better. It would mean not only more representations in Congress, but also more assistance from the national government to the local government

Mobile app developed for Dapitan garbage collection

unit,” she said. The City Council has also approved a resolution supporting the creation of one or two additional congressional district. Climaco said Zamboanga Reps. Cesar Jimenez (District 1) and Mannix Dalipe (District 2) are also Continue on page 5

DAPITAN CITY – Calling it the “Grab” for garbage, two brothers here tied up with the local government to use their “Hakoot” mobile ap-

plication that provides a platform for garbage collectors and the public. Claiming to be the first in the country, Continue on page 5

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July 29-Aug 4, 2019

Duterte’s concern for Zamboangueños

‘Beng praises President for his love of Zamboanga’


ayor Beng Climaco praised President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address, citing his personal dedication to issues that concern Zamboanga City. “I am satisfied with rte has a big concern and the power crisis in Zamthe performance of the love for Zamboanga City,” boanga. She said Duterte’s President just as 80% of she said. call paved the way for her the Filipinos appreciate Climaco recalled that meeting with Energy Secrehis presidency and be- Duterte personally called tary Alfonso Cusi in Manila cause of this we advo- to inform her of his com- last week where measures cate that President Dute- mitment to help resolve Continue on page 3

Zamboanga remains under ‘calamity state’ MAYOR BENG CLIMACO has rejected a proposal to place Zamboanga City under a state of calamity following the outbreak of dengue fever that had killed over a dozen people. Climaco said Zamboanga remains under the state of calamity due to the effects of El Niño. Citing the City Council

Resolution 209 approved on March 5, she said the city is still under a state of calamity. “There is no need to declare Zamboanga City under a state of calamity as City Council Resolution 209 approved on March 5, 2019 for a similar purpose has not been lifted and is still in effect,” Climaco stressed.

She said the Zamboanga City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) have undertaken measures to address and mitigate the effects of drought earlier this year. The drought affected the water supply and damaged agricultural crops and fishery products, and Continue on page 2

Mayor Beng Climaco with President Rodrigo Duterte in this photo from her Facebook page.

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The Zamboanga Post

Zamboanga remains under ‘calamity state’ Continued from page 1 resulted to other health issues, Climaco said. Climaco issued the clarification after the City Council, through Councilor Mike Alavar, approved a resolution asking the mayor to declare a state of calamity due to high numbers of dengue cases. CDRRMO head Elmeir Apolinario said his office and the City Health Office (CHO) have addressed the situation following reported deaths of dengue vic-

tims. CHO chief Dr. Dulce Miravite said they have stepped up anti-dengue measures to prevent and control the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. She also called for greater community participation, specifically in searching and destroying mosquito breeding grounds, and imposing self-protection measures, and for residents to immediately seek medical attention if they suffer symptoms of den-

gue fever. She said CHO personnel continue to pursue anti-dengue drive in different barangays and schools. “The CHO also coordinates with the Department of the Interior and Local Government and barangay officials for the implementation of the Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue advocacy campaign and closely coordinates with the Department of Health for logistics. (Zamboanga Post)

DPWH to comply with LGU requirements for all infra projects THE DEPARTMENT OF Public Works and Highways (DPWH) have assured the administration of Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco that it will fully comply with all the local government requirements for all its infrastructure projects here. Undersecretary Dimas Soguilon, along with representatives from the DPWH office here, met with local government officials led by Administrator Apple Go and private contractors, to discuss and harmonize national and local government-funded projects. Also in the meeting were City Legal Officer, lawyer Jesus Carbon, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer, Elmeir Apolinario and City Planning and Development Coordinator, Rodrigo Sicat, and representatives from the Zamboanga City Water District, among others. Soguilon reassured the City Government that DPWH will proceed with various projects here as soon as all the legal requirements have been complied with by the DPWH. He also apologized to the local government and sought understand-

ing for any lapses that may have been committed by the DPWH in the compliance of requirements. Among the DPWH projects discussed in the meeting were the planned flyover inter-changes, underpasses and long span bridges to be built along the city’s major thoroughfares, particularly Gov. Camins Avenue, Zamboanga Highway and Veterans Avenue where traffic congestion is heaviest. Carbon assured Soguilon and private contractors that the City Government has no intention of impeding any of the DPWH plans for Zamboanga, especially the flyover, provided that the on-going road widening project is first completed. In fact, he said, Mayor Beng Climaco appreciates the efforts of the DPWH to introduce infrastructure projects that will alleviate the lives of the Zamboangueños. Climaco previously said that the local government is supporting the implementation of national infrastructure here, including the proposed flyover project, but reiterated that there is a dire need to widen the roads affected by the construc-

tion of the overpass. The DPWH has been insisting for the construction of the project without the necessary road widening and one of its female engineers even went to the extent of denouncing City Hall on a local radio station for the road-widening needed to proceed with the flyover project. The DPWH project was also used by a politician as part of his propaganda during the campaign period for the midterm polls. Climaco said the expansion of roads is vital for the smooth implementation of the proposed project so as not to further worsen the flow of traffic. The overpass project costs about P600 million and is expected to be completed in at least 500 days, but this could be longer considering how slow the DPWH construct its projects. Last year, the DPWH conducted a traffic dry run in areas affected by the project - to mimic construction works – but it drew angry reactions from motorists and commuters as well because of the chaotic situation it created even for just a week. (Zamboanga Post. With a report from Claudine Uniana)

The premier LM Metro Hotel’s Sky Gym in Barangay Tetuan celebrates its 6th anniversary on July 20, 2019 and treated members with free food and drinks. Manager Alain Luy says a bigger gym is set to open before the end of the year and will offer more amenities, including cross-fit training, among others. (Zamboanga Post)

July 29-Aug 4, 2019

The Zamboanga Post

July 29-Aug 4, 2019

Duterte’s concern for Zamboangueños


‘Beng praises President for his love of Zamboanga’ Continued from page 1 to end the persisting power interruptions and

fluctuations were tackled. “These measures agreed upon during the

meeting are underway,” she said without further elaborating, but the cri-

sis was brought about the decision of the Western Mindanao Power Corpo-

Zambo traffic woes, solutions discussed The Zamboanga City Traffic Operation Management (ZCTOM) has started discussions and careful planning to help reduce traffic congestion here.

City Administrator Apple Go, who presided over the recent meeting at City Hall, said they have discussed various issues, including the proposed

Local Public Transport Route Plan. The meeting, she said, was also attended by Councilors Pinpin Pareja and Bong Atilano, and

City Administrator Apple Go presides over a meeting by the Zamboanga City Traffic Operation Management at City Hall. (Kathy Wee Sit)

City Legal Officer, lawyer Jesus Carbon, among other officials and stakeholders. Go said they tackled the proposed implementing rules and regulations for towing and impounding of vehicles and where to store them. They also discussed proposals for the temporary one-way traffic scheme along Baliwasan Grande and the temporary closure of a portion of Gallera Road due to on-going road rehabilitation projects in those areas. Go said they also talked about the flow of traffic at Zamboanga-Labuan Road from Baliwasan Chico to Suterville Road. (Zamboanga Post. With a report from Kathy Wee Sit)

ration (WMPC) to cut off electricity supply to the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (ZAMCELCO) for failing for pay over P400 million in bills. The cooperative said WMPC overbilled ZAMCELCO with the same amount and demanded a refund. Both WMPC and ZAMCELCO have signed a compromised accord to bring back normal power supply to Zamboanga and agreed to further talks to settle their differences. Climaco also said Duterte’s infrastructure program or the so-called Build, Build, Build Program have given great impact to Zamboanguenos. “This is one highlight that the Duterte administration delivered to the people and we await its finalization,” she said. Among the infrastructure projects for Zamboanga are the proposed overpass and road expan-

sion program to ease the worsening traffic problems here. The projects are being carried out by the Department of Public Works and Highways. She lauded Duterte’s pro-poor programs across the country, but Climaco cited the need for a re-evaluation of the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) in Zamboanga City. She said there were many complaints about non-inclusion of poor and deserving families to the government’s anti-poverty program under the Department of Social Welfare and Development. “The people’s satisfaction of President Duterte is mirrored in the implementation of all government programs from the national down to the local level,” Climaco said, citing his high popularity rating. (Zamboanga Post)


The Zamboanga Post

July 29-Aug 4, 2019

Zambo cops get new prowl cars

Some of the brand new police cars purchasedby the Zamboanga City Government. (Kathy Wee Sit) THE LOCAL POLICE praised Mayor Beng Climaco for her unwavering and strong support to the authorities after the Zamboanga City government purchased brand new patrol cars. Climaco said security of Zamboanga and its people is one of her top priorities. The prowl cars would be used to patrol the central business district and to serve as quick response to emergency situations. The police also re-

ceived many brand new patrol cars from Climaco in the past and brand new service vehicles and garbage trucks for the different barangays in Zamboanga. She also reaffirmed her strong commitment to continue her flagship program on Security, Health and Education for the safety and protection of all Zamboanguenos. Climaco previously thanked members of the City Council for their allout support to many in-

frastructure projects and programs the local government implemented and launched for the benefit of the public and progress of Zamboanga. She also thanked the Zamboanguenos for their unwavering support and trust in her administration and pledges more projects and pro-poor programs in the last 3 years of her term. Last year, the Climaco administration completed at least 186 infrastructure projects worth over P464 million. (Zamboanga Post)

Two tired vegetable vendors sleep inside a wooden basket in Zamboanga City. (Zamboanga Post)

The Zamboanga Post

July 29-Aug 4, 2019

Mobile app developed for Dapitan garbage collection Continued from page 1 Hakoot developer Efren Jamolod Jr. - a Dapitanon working as software architect in Linköping, Sweden - said he and his brother Jesrome, a software engineer in Cebu City, developed two applications for the system: one for the garbage collectors and the other for residents and establishments. “Through their cell phones, residents and establishments can in real-time inform garbage collection management the volume and kind of garbage they want to dispose of,” Efren said. On the other hand, he said, the city’s solid waste management receives inputs that will enable them to efficiently manage the routes of their garbage trucks, effectively dispatch garbage trucks and crew, and decide whether there is a need to send garbage trucks for another round. Efren said that Hakoot enables residents and establishments to monitor through their cell phone the location and direction of garbage trucks. An existing ordinance provides that garbage should be taken out to the streets only when garbage collectors arrive. “Hakoot enables residents to know when to take out their garbage, unlike the present set up wherein residents and establishments have to watch out the whole day

for the garbage truck that sometimes doesn’t come,” he said. Nevertheless, Efren stressed that the maximum effectiveness of Hakoot will still depend on solid waste management infrastructure - enough garbage trucks and collectors, the establishment of Material Recovery Facilities and the main residual containment facility. Alvi Agolong, City General Service Office chief, acknowledged the challenge on the part of the city, noting that it still lacks some essential equipment and facilities. “We have the residual containment facility, but we still have to prod each barangay leadership to establish their own material recovery facilities. Worse, we don’t have garbage trucks, we just borrow two dump trucks from the Engineering Office,” Agolong said. The problem with borrowing trucks is that it can only be used for a single round on its route every day, “and it has to be sent back for engineering works,” Agolong said. Dapitan only has about five tons of garbage daily, which can be taken care of with three to four garbage trucks and about 32 collectors and drivers. At present, Agolong admitted that they can hardly collect the city’s garbage, “particularly if the schedule is disrupted when the aging dump trucks bogged down or

if trucks are already full before its routes are completely covered. Efren said the mobile application was designed out of the frustration of residents, who “have no one else to go but the social media. We were troubled, annoyed with the rants of our fellow Dapitanons on uncollected garbage, that’s why I called up my brother telling him we have to do something.” “Thus the birth of Hakoot, but we will continue on improving the software through the feedback of those in solid waste management and the residents and establishments. Hakoot has to be tailored fit for the needs of the city,” Efren said. The Jamolods and the city government have already agreed to use Hakoot in principle, and a memorandum of agreement will be signed this week with Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos, who just ordered the immediate purchase of two new garbage trucks and another two next year. Asked why the two-letter “o” in Hakoot, the developers smilingly answered: “that’s how we Bisaya pronounce it.” (Gualberto Laput) Caption: Hakoot Developers Efren Jamolod Jr. (standing) and his brother, Jesrome, introduce a mobile application that provides a platform for garbage collectors and the Dapitanons. (Photo by Gualberto M. Laput)

Beng reiterates strong support for new congressional districts Continued from page 1 supporting the proposal. It was first broached during Climaco’s incumbency as 1st district representative; unfortunately it did not push through because of disagreements with her counterpart Erico Fabian, who was then representing the 2nd district. She said both Jimenez and Dalipe have discussed the proposal. “It must also be the initiative of both Congressmen Jimenez and Dalipe, and we all have to agree on the delineation or boundary of each congressional district,” Climaco said. “Let’s look at it in a bigger and wider picture wherein the people of Zamboanga will benefit in terms of infrastructures and programs from national agencies and offices,” she added. Under the law, a congressional district must have at least 250,000 pop-

ulations. Thus, Zamboanga City, having nearly 1 million populations based on the latest census, is qualified for additional congressional districts. “We can have more than two (congressional) districts already. Whether or not the census will come out next year, we have to start the ball rolling already because there are only 36 months left (for us to work this out),” Climaco said, stressing the need to pursue the establishment of addition districts so that it will be able to meet the budgetary requirements. While Climaco, who has been espousing the creation of the new legislative districts since 2007 when she became a member of the 14th Congress, then Zamboanga lawmaker and former mayor, Celso Lobregat, rejected the proposal for fear that politicians from nearby prov-

inces may took advantage of this and run for a congressional seat in Zamboanga City. At present, there are over 230 legislative districts in the country, each composed of about 250,000 people. And according to the 2015 census, Zamboanga City has a population of 861,799 people and is the 6th most populous and 3rd largest city by land area in the Philippines. Zamboanga was granted separate representation for the first time in 1984 after being re-classified as a highly urbanized city on November 22, 1983. And the enactment of Republic Act No. 9269 on March 19, 2004 increased Zamboanga’s representation by re-apportioning it into two congressional districts which began to elect their separate representatives in the 2007 elections. (Zamboanga Post)



The Zamboanga Post

July 29-Aug 4, 2019

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The Zamboanga Post

July 29-Aug 4, 2019


Pineapple Chicken


May Body Odor, Paano Maaalis? Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong

INGREDIENTS : • • • • •

2 lbs chicken cut into serving pieces 12 ounces pineapple chunks canned 2 pieces tomato chopped 1 cup bell pepper cut into thick strips 1 piece carrot wedged

• • • • •

2 1/2 tablespoon fish sauce patis 1/2 cup fresh milk 2 tablespoon garlic minced 1 piece onion sliced 2 tablespoon cooking oil


2. 3. 4. 5.

Marinate the chicken in pineapple juice/concentrate (derived from the can of pineapple chunks) for 20 to 30 minutes Pour the cooking oil in a cooking pot / casserole then apply heat Sauté the garlic, onion, and tomatoes Put-in the chicken and cook until color of the outer part turns light brown Add the pineapple juice/concentrate marinade and fresh milk then

bring to a boil Add the pineapple chunks and simmer until the chicken is tender and half of the liquid evaporates (about 20 to 30 minutes). 7. Put-in the carrots and simmer for 5 minutes 8. Add the bell pepper and fish sauce then simmer for 3 minutes 9. Remove from the cooking pot / casserole and transfer to a serving dish 10. Serve. Share and enjoy! Enjoy! 6.

MAY KILALA BA kayong may body odor o may amoy ang katawan? Ang amoy ay nagmumula sa naghalong pawis at bacteria sa katawan. Ngunit huwag mag-alala dahil mayroon tayong mga tips para matanggal ito: 1. Maligo araw-araw. Sabunin at kuskusin ang buong katawan, lalo na ang mga lugar na madalas mangamoy. 2. Hugasan ang kili-kili, singit at paa ng 2 beses sa isang araw. Ibang klase ang pawis na lumalabas sa mga parteng ito at may amoy. 3. Gumamit ng sabon. Pumili ng sabon na babagay sa iyo. Puwedeng subukan ang anti-bacterial na sabon. 4. Maglagay ng kontra sa pawis o antiperspirants sa kili-kili. Puwede ang tawas, roll-on, baking soda, at iba pa. Hanapin kung ano ang mas epektibo para sa iyo. 5. Subukan ang alcohol sa kili-kili at paa. Ka-

pag napatay ang mikrobyo, mababawasan din ang amoy. 6. Umiwas sa pagkaing spicy at maaanghang. Umiwas din sa mga bawang, sibuyas, curry at maamoy na isda. Alam ba ninyo na ang amoy nito ay lumalabas sa ating pawis? Kung mahilig ka sa sawsawang sili, suka, patis at bagoong, baka mangamoy din. 7. Uminom ng 8-12 basong tubig, para luminis ang iyong katawan. 8. Magsuot ng cotton at linen na baro, pantalon at underwear. Mas mabilis matuyo ang pawis sa cot-

ton at linen na tela. Umiwas sa mga nylon na baro. Mas mainam din kung maluwag ang kasuotan. 9. Labhan maigi ang mga baro. Magpalit ng baro at medyas arawaraw. Kapag mabango ang iyong baro, mas hindi ka mangangamoy. Huwag ulit-ulitin ang baro. 10. Huwag masyadong magpawis. Kung alam mong may meeting ka sa hapon ay huwag nang mag-ehersisyo o dumako sa maiiinit na lugar sa umaga. Kapag pinawisan ka ay mangangamoy na. Magbaon ng extrang baro at medyas. 11. Magrelaks lang, Kapag kinakabahan ka, lalo kang papawisan. 12. Magpakonsulta sa doktor kapag may body odor pa rin. May mga espesyal na deodorant na binibigay ang mga doktor. Kailangan din masuri ng doktor kung may iba kang sakit tulad ng goiter, nerbiyos o talagang mapawisin ka lang.

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July 29-Aug 4, 2019

Pro-ISIS bomber captured in Zamboanga town

Abu Katheer al Maghribi - Moroccan bomber (Amaq News Agency)


AGADIAN CITY – Security forces captured an Abu Sayyaf bomber tagged as behind a deadly attack in Zamboanga City in January 2015 and also linked by the military to an ISIS suicide bombing in Lamitan City in July last year. “We still do not know by former militants and Army Capt. Clint Antipala, a spokesman for whether they are up to civilians. Hasim and anoththe 1st Infantry Division, something or planning an said soldiers and police attack, but interrogation er Abu Sayyaf bomber commandos raided an is going on,” Antipala told Hashim Saripa also faciliAbu Sayyaf hideout in The Zamboanga Post by tated the suicide bombing Zamboanga Sibugay’s phone from his headquar- at a military checkpoint Naga town and captured ters in Labangan town in in Basilan’s Lamitan City Zamboanga del Sur prov- by Moroccan ISIS soldier Isnaji Hasim last week. Abu Katheer al Maghribi Hasim is a henchman ince. Antipala said the on July 31, 2018. of notorious Abu Sayyaf Philippine authorities leader Puruji Indama bomber was tracked down in Basilan province, but in the village of Bang- said 11 people were killed it was not immediately kaw-Bangkaw after a long when a car bomb explodknown whether he and and careful intelligence ed at a security checkhis pro-ISIS group are operation and informa- point after government tion passed to authorities militias stopped a suspiplanning an attack.

cious vehicle the bomber was driving in the village, about 2 kilometers away from downtown Lamitan. The powerful explosion obliterated the vehicle and left a huge crater and among those killed were a woman and a child; and the militia commander whose unit was under the supervision of the Philippine Army. Five soldiers and several civilians were also wounded in the explosion. The Moroccan bomber came from a nearby town and heading to downtown Lamitan when his vehicle was stopped at the checkpoint. Lt. Col. Don Templonuevo, commander of the 44th Infantry Battalion, who captured the bomber, said Hasim was behind the January 2015 car bombing outside a bus terminal in Guiwan village in Zamboanga City that killed 2 people and wounded nearly five dozens more. He said they seized

an automatic rifle, a hand grenade and an improvised explosive device, including blasting caps and other bomb paraphernalia from Hasim’s hideout. Maj. Gen. Roberto Ancan, the division commander and head of the anti-terror task force Zampelan (Zamboanga Peninsula and Lanao Provinces), praised the terrorist’s capture and

lauded the units involved in the operation and those who provided intelligence that resulted in the arrest of Hasim. “Trust, confidence and support of civilians, stakeholders and local government units to our troops resulted in a successful law enforcement operation,” he said. (Zamboanga Post and Mindanao Examiner)

Military photos released to The Zamboanga Post show Abu Sayyaf bomber Isnaji Hasim, tagged as behind January 2015 deadly car bombing in Zamboanga City; and has been linked to ISIS suicide bombing in Lamitan City in Basilan in July 2018.

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