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February 17-23, 2020

‘Beng tells political foes to accept defeat’

Move On! Z

Mayor Beng Climaco (Nasser Hadjula)

AMBOANGA MAYOR Beng Climaco has told his political foes to move on after the Commission on Election dismissed the electoral protest of defeated politician Celso Lobregat. Lobregat has filed In an eight-page de- COMELEC’s Second Dia motion with the cision penned on Janu- vision found Lobregat’s COMELEC to reconsider ary 31, 2020, Presiding “election protest to be its decision junking his Commissioner Luie Tito insufficient in form and electoral protest against F. Guia and Commission- content.” Continue on page 3 the prominent Climaco. er Socorro B. Inting of the

...and more eMedia charges vs. Beng Climaco dismissed THE OFFICE of the Ombudsman dismissed two more cases filed by eMedia (Television) against Zamboanga Mayor Beng Climaco for lack of probable cause. The two cases were filed by eMedia on March 13, 2018. Graft Investigation and Prosecution Of-

ficer Vivian Jumilla signed the resolution dated August 29, 2018 and was only received by City Hall recently. The latest decision of the Office of the Ombudsman brought to 6 the number of dismissed eMedia charges against the popular mayor.

Cases No. OMBM-C-18-0140 for violation of Section 3(e) and (f ) of RA 3019, and No. OMB-M-A-18-0154 for conduct unbecoming of a public official; grave misconduct; violations of RA (Republic Act) 6713; and RA 9485 were Continue on page 3

Zambo has no nCoV cases, but 8 people placed under monitoring EIGHT PEOPLE are now being monitored here for any symptoms of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus due to their travel history to China where the virus emanated, although health authorities said Zamboanga City has no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus or nCoV. Continue on page 2

A community worker checks body temperature for a resident at a street near the Yellow Crane Pavilion in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, Feb. 7, 2020. (Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu)

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The Zamboanga Post

Zambo has no nCoV cases, but 8 people placed under monitoring Continued from page 1 The City Health Office (CHO) said the 8 persons under monitoring (PUM) are on 14-day quarantine period. The nCoV is a new strain of coronavirus not previously identified in humans. It affects the respiratory tract. Dr. Dulce Miravite said health authorities continue to monitor the situation as there are several others who have travel history to or from Hubei Province. They are also under self-quarantine. “Zamboanga City remains to have no confirmed cases as well as no persons under investigation for nCoV. The CHO continues to closely collaborate with the Department of Health and other health agencies including public and private hospitals, conduct information drives, place health personnel in points of entries and other advocacies so that people will be informed with the accurate data and prevent panic and confusion,” she said. Miravite emphasized that persons who have travel history, had exposure to nCoV cases and is a health care worker, but with no signs and symptoms of the disease are considered PUM and are required to undergo home quarantine. On the other hand, she said persons with history of travel, had close contact with nCoV cases, is a health care worker and show signs and symptoms are considered persons under investigation (PUI) and are advised to be admitted in the hospital, she said. Miravite also urged the public to monitor, share and spread only validated information from official sources to prevent panic. She said the disease - which already killed over 1,000 people and infected tens of thousands more in China - is believed to have transferred from animal species to humans in a seafood and wildlife market in Wuhan, the Hubei’s capital city. She said the virus develops 2-14 days after infection which include symptoms of colds, cough, fever, shortness of breath and severe respiratory problems. Preventive measures include regular hand washing with soap and water, covering cough and

sneeze, drinking adequate water, proper hygiene and sanitation, healthy lifestyle and avoiding crowded places, she added. Tight monitoring of sea, airports The Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) here also stepped up its monitoring at sea and airports to prevent the entry of the nCoV, especially passengers of ferries plying Sandakan to Zamboanga. Dr. Omar Aranan, chief of the BOQ-Zamboanga Station, said medical personnel conduct rapid health assessment of all passengers and deportees before disembarking here. “We have nothing to worry because we have people on the vessel,” Aranan said, adding, the BOQ is also coordinating with other agencies for the protection of all other ports of entry within its area of responsibility.” Aranan said the BOQ has linked up with shipping agents, different maritime agencies, port authority and members of the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Services for the consolidation of efforts in trying to prevent the entry and spread of the dreaded nCoV. He said agencies have agreed to stop the issuance of “shore pass” to foreign crew members or vessels arriving here, although minimal contacts between the port operators and crew members are allowed. Aranan said they have coordinated with the different port safety security officers on different points of entry, including private wharves, to look at the Safety Security Plan especially for those catering foreign vessels plying the Zamboanga route. Ship agent representatives have also been required to submit to the BOQ an advance copy of the Maritime declaration of health, voyage memorandum and crew list in order for the latter to have the pertinent documents on hand even before the vessel arrives in Zamboanga. In this manner, Aranan said, the BOQ has been able to scrutiny even before the vessel arrives. Vital decisions or precautionary measures can be done according to the documents on hand, he added. Crew members and vessel should also be

placed in a 14-day quarantine period from the last origin. Nonetheless, Aranan said these safety measures are undertaken without hampering trade and commerce. “We do our job at the same time we have to strictly monitor our safety in terms of health,” he said. Events Cancelled Because of the Wuhan coronavirus scare, the local government cancelled several events included in the celebration of the 83rd Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga on February 26. Christian Olasiman, head of the Special Events Team of the local government, the Inter-school Drum and Lyre Competition and the Grand Civic-Military Parade and the Field Demonstration at the sports complex have been cancelled. The main commemorative program and the Local Achievers Awards, which were originally scheduled at the sports complex, will be held after the flag raising ceremony at City Hall grounds, according to Olasiman. He said all other activities for the celebration will continue, but will follow guidelines set by the City Health Office to ensure health security. Under the guidelines, those who have had travel history to China and other countries with confirmed nCoV cases are advised to undergo self-quarantine at home for 14 days; and those feeling sick or not feeling well are advised not to attend any of the activities and just stay home or go to the hospital. Among the activities that will continue are 7th Copa de Ciudad de Zamboanga Open Invitational Bowling Tournament on Feb. 21-23; Open Chess Tournament on Feb. 21; Zamboanga Film Festival Awards Night on Feb. 22, and the Open Cheerdance; Hiphop Dance competition on Feb. 24 at the Mayor Vitaliano Agan Gymnasium and the Zamboanga Music Runvolution 4.0 on Feb. 25 in Pasonanca, among others. Olasiman said the city government has partnered with pharmaceuticals for the “wet sampling” on the attendees and provide them with hygiene kits. (Zamboanga Post)

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February 17-23, 2020


The Zamboanga Post

February 17-23, 2020

‘Beng tells political foes to accept defeat’

Move On!

Continued from page 1 The COMELEC decision said Lobregat’s protest failed to reflect a detailed specification of the acts or omissions complained of showing the electoral frauds, anomalies or irregularities in the protested precincts, in accordance with Section 9(b), in relation to Section 7(g), Rule 6 of Comelec Resolution No. 8804 (Comelec Rules of Procedure on Disputes in an Automated Election System). Climaco thanked the COMELEC for the decision, and also her legal team headed by Atty. Quirino Esguerra for her victory. “I am very happy about it. I am humbled and grateful to the people (for the opportunity to serve them as mayor). With this, we hope to end the animosities and energies that we have had in the last elections. Let us move on,” she said. Lobregat, who ruled Zamboanga for two decades as mayor and congressman, filed the electoral protest with the COMELEC in May 23 claiming alleged irregularities and fraud, among others for his terrible defeat. And he wanted the poll body to declare him winner in the May 13 elections despite Cli-

maco’s overwhelming victory against him. Climaco won with over 30,000 votes against Lobregat and the Board of Canvassers declared her the winner in the polls with an overwhelming 146,079 votes as against Lobregat’s 112,343 votes. Lobregat, who was never defeated in his entire political career, said the results of the elections were “unbelievable” because his family - from the grandfather Pablo Lorenzo, who was once Mayor of Zamboanga and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1934, to his mother, Maria Clara, who became mayor and congresswoman – served the city. He is also insisting the ballot boxes of 379 precincts should be opened and counted manually. Lobregat said he will go to the Supreme Court if the COMELEC En Banc junks his motion for reconsideration. His younger brother, Jomar, who ran twice in the polls since 2013 as congressman in District 2 and the same position in District 1, also lost terribly. In 1984, Lobregat’s mother also lost to Climaco’s popular grandfather, Cesar, in the mayoralty

race. Climaco strongly denied all of Lobregat’s accusations and told the elderly politician to accept defeat and respect the “true will of the people”. The 52-year old mayor, popularly known here as “Beng,” also cited historical statistical data to prove her victory was beyond any doubt. She said her victory over Lobregat was a clear indication of the strong support of the people for her third and final term. Climaco, an educator and guidance counsellor for children and family affairs, said the results of the 2019 polls mirrored the 2004 local elections. In both elections, Climaco said she received more than 140,000 votes as vice mayor, while Lobregat got a little over 113,000 as mayor for first term. And Climaco said when she ran for her first term as mayor in 2013, she garnered 174,725 votes; in 2016 for second term she had 175,599 votes; and in 2004, when she ran for vice mayor, she received 140,225 votes. She said in comparison, Lobregat got only 113,447 votes in 2004 when he ran for mayor on his first term; and 110,867 votes in 2007

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for his second term, and 118,227 votes in 2010 for his third term. Even in congressional races, Climaco said she outperformed Lobregat by as much as 11,000 votes. “There is no historical evidence that

suggests Lobregat is more popular than I, but there is overwhelming evidence that I am a more popular candidate than him,” she said. During the campaign period, Lobregat claimed that 78 of Zamboanga’s 98

village chieftains were supporting his candidacy and he even came out with a signed manifesto and published in two local dailies. But Lobregat managed to win only in 20 villages. (Zamboanga Post)

...and more eMedia charges vs. Beng Climaco dismissed Continued from page 1 all dismissed in connection to eMedia’s operation without a business permit and the closure order issued by City Hall. Following the trail of documents, notices and even dialogues on the issue, and the evidence on records, the Ombudsman said it found that the elements for violation of Section 3(e) and (f) of RA 3019 were not established. “It was not shown that respondent Climaco had caused any undue injury to the government or to any party. Neither was it established that she gave unwarranted benefit, advantage or preference to any party or individual, or that respondent acted with manifest partiality, evident bad faith or gross inexcusable negligence in performing her official functions,” it said. “Climaco’s refusal to act on the permits applied for by eMedia was anchored on legal and valid grounds, and was very well within her powers, duties and functions as mayor as provided under Section 455(b)(3)(iv) of the Local Government Code,” the Ombudsman added. As to the complaint for violation of RA 9485, the Ombudsman said: “The same was also unavailing in the absence of sufficient evidence to show that respondent had committed any acts enumerated under Section 11 of the law. The holding in abeyance of the processing of the permits was justified by valid reasons as narrated in the respondent’s counter-affidavit.” Just recently, the Ombudsman dismissed two cases filed by eMedia in December 17 against Climaco, City Administrator Marie Angelique Go and members of the City Teodyver Arquiza, Elbert Atilano, Al-Jihan Edding, Juan Climaco Elago II, Tungkuh Hanapi, Cesar Jimenez, Charlie Mariano, Josephine Pareja and Jimmy Villaflores. It found no probable

cause and substantial evidence against Climaco and the others who were accused of violating Section 3(e) of Republic Act (RA) No. 3019 and Article 177 of the Revised Penal Code, and OMBM-A-17-0599 for conduct prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service, Dishonesty, Grave Abuse Authority, Grave Misconduct, Oppression and violation of RA No. 6713. The Ombudsman also found no probable cause to indict council members for violation of Article 177 of the Revised Penal Code as “they merely expressed support to the action taken by the city government. For essentially the same reasons and for lack of substantial evidence, respondents are not administratively liable. Wherefore, the complaints were dismissed.” The charges stemmed from the operation of eMedia without a Mayor’s permit and the eventual issuance of a closure order by Climaco and the councilors who passed a resolution supporting the move. In a 10-page Joint Resolution dated December 18, 2018, a copy of which was received only on February 3, 2020 by the City Legal Office and made public Wednesday, the Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer Rey Mar Ondi found no evidence showing that respondents had acted with manifest partiality, evident bad faith or gross inexcusable negligence in order to warrant their indictment for violation of Section 3(e) of RA 3019. The Ombudsman further stressed that procedural due process was complied with considering that several notices were in fact sent to eMedia prior to the issuance of the closure order. Also a dialogue was held between the concerned parties. Records showed that eMedia, which has been in the multimedia business since 2013, entered into a management contract with

Westwind Broadcasting Corporation, a legitimate broadcasting corporation, to be the latter’s sole and exclusive program and content producer in Zamboanga City. Last year, the Ombudsman also junked two other charges filed by eMedia against Climaco. There was no immediate reaction from eMedia. Climaco has repeatedly reminded business owners and operators to comply with the local government requirements if they want to operate here. Citing, Section 6.2 of the Department of the Interior and Local Government-Department of Trade and Industry Joint Memorandum Circular 01, Series 2016, she said all business permit applicants are mandated to comply with national laws and regulatory requirements. “Among the legal essentials are proof of business registration, business capitalization, occupancy permit, contract of lease and barangay [village] clearance. For other industries, such as media, a business permit can only be obtained if the said outfit has complied with statutory requirements specifically the legislative or congressional franchise to operate,” Climaco said. “Based on records, a number of business establishments are not compliant with requirements under the law and are facing sanctions. Under the Local Government Code, the chief executive is empowered to impose penalties on violators of the law. This, based on Section 16 of RA No. 7160 or Local Government Code, which states that every local government unit shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied therefrom, as well as powers necessary, appropriate or incidental for its efficient and effective governance and those which are essential to the promotion of the general welfare,” she said. (Zamboanga Post)


The Zamboanga Post

February 17-23, 2020

Zamboanga Pictures in the News (Photos by Kathy Wee Sit, Giana Andrion, Argie Ramos, and Ivan Iturralde)

Spanish embassy officials visit Mayor Beng Climaco, who praised the Spanish government for its support and projects on education in Zamboanga City, a former colony of Spain. Mayor Beng Climaco joins military forces in their random patrol in different barangays to ensure the strict security implementation for the safety and of residents.

Five young professionals exemplifying the characteristics of the ‘First and Only Zamboangueno Senator Roseller T. Lim were conferred the FOZYL Awards in line with the commemoration of the 105th Dia de Roseller T. Lim at the Garden Orchid Hotel. Mayor Beng Climaco inspects the Integrated Bus Terminal in Divisoria in line with her thrust on security and public safety.

The USAID-SURGE facilitates a meeting between the Technical Working Group on Water Security in Zamboanga City with USAID consultants Ramon Alikpala and Engr. Evelyn Sagun. Brig. Gen. Generoso Ponio, commander of the 1st Infantry Division in Zamboanga del Sur, and officers pay their courtesy to Mayor Beng Climaco.

Mayor Beng Climaco graces the 9th Founding Anniversary of the Tactical Operations Wing Western Mindanao with Maj. Gen Joselito Ramos, commander of the Tactical Operations Command.

Engr. Arcidi Jumaani, new manager of the Port of Zamboanga pays a courtesy call to Mayor Beng Climaco at City Hall. The mayor urges Jumaani to ensure stricter measures for public safety and security.


The Zamboanga Post

February 17-23, 2020

Coronavirus: Gilead’s Remdesivir Begins Trials as Researchers Publish Positive In Vitro Results CLINICAL TRIALS of Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir have begun in Wuhan, China, the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak, a day after Chinese researchers recommended that the antiviral drug candidate remdesivir be assessed in humans as a potential treatment for 2019-nCoV. China’s National Medical Products Administration has approved applications by the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to conduct trials evaluating remdesivir. China’s state-owned Xinhua news agency reported that Friendship Hospital plans to study a total of 761 patients in two trials—one trial to assess 308 with mild or moderate infection, the other 453 severely infected patients— at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, under Phase III studies that have been officially launched. “We hope good results will be achieved in the trials,” said Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the science and technology ministry’s China Biotechnology Development Center, at a press conference held by

the National Health Commission. According to updated coronavirus figures reported by the National Health Commission, 65 people died and 3,887 more people were confirmed to be infected. To date, over 24,000 people have been confirmed as infected with 2019-nCoV, and 490 people have died—more than the 349 who died in the SARS outbreak of 2002–03—with 892 patients cured and discharged from hospitals. China has launched numerous initiatives in recent days aimed at controlling the outbreak, with Xinhua reported that President Xi Jinping said “the infection prevention and control is at a critical moment and stressed the utmost importance of carrying out the work in a law-based, scientific and orderly manner,” during the third meeting of the Commission for Overall Law-based Governance of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, headed by Xi. Xi also signaled that China may hold some officials accountable for the nation’s initial slow response to containing

2019-nCoV: “Xi spoke of the need to improve legislation related to epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the building of supporting institutions and improve punishment procedures,” Xinhua reported. He has previously characterized China’s initial response as marked by “shortcomings and deficiencies.” Remdesivir, chloroquine “highly effective” The trials were announced as having begun a day after the experimental drug and a marketed anti-malarial, chloroquine, showed promising preclinical results. “Our findings reveal that remdesivir and chloroquine are highly effective in the control of 2019-nCoV infection in vitro,” the researchers reported in “Remdesivir and chloroquine effectively inhibit the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in vitro,” a study published as a letter to the editor of the Nature-owned journal Cell Research. “Since these compounds have been used in human patients with a safety track record and shown to be effective

against various ailments, we suggest that they should be assessed in human patients suffering from the novel coronavirus disease,” the researchers added. The research team consisted of investigators from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences / National Center for Biosafety and the National Academy of Military Medical Research Institute of Emergency Medicine for Prevention and Control of Drugs. The researchers published their recommendation Tuesday, the same day that China’s Ministry of Science and Technology first said it would launch human clinical trials of remdesivir after a batch of the drug arrived in the country, Xinhua reported. In their study, the researchers assessed remdesivir and chloroquine and five other drugs against a clinical isolate of 2019nCoV in vitro. The five were: ribavirin, penciclovir, nitazoxanide, nafamostat, and favipiravir (T-705 or Avigan). “Notably, Remdesivir (EC50 = 0.77 μM; CC50 > 100 μM; SI > 129.87) and chloroquine (EC50 = 1.13 μM; CC50 > 100 μM, SI > 88.50) potently blocked virus infection at low-micromolar concentration and showed high SI [selectivity index],” the researchers reported. A time-of-addition assay showed remdesivir to function at a stage post virus entry, which according to the scientists appeared to reflect its putative anti-viral mechanism as a nucleotide analogue. “Our data showed that EC90 value of remdesivir against 2019-nCoV in Vero E6 cells was 1.76 μM, suggesting its working concentration is likely to be achieved in NHP,” the researchers added. “Our preliminary data showed that remdesivir also inhibited virus infection efficiently in a human cell line (human liver cancer Huh-7 cells), which is sensitive to 2019-nCoV.” Pursuing remdesivir patent Remdesivir proved sufficient effective, the in-

stitutions added in a statement issued by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, that they have applied for Chinese invention patents on January 21 “in accordance with international practice and from the perspective of protecting national interests (Resistance to new coronaviruses in 2019).” The institutions stated that they also plan to pursue multiple patents worldwide as allowed under the global Patent Cooperation Treaty. However, the institutions added that should Gilead “intend to contribute to China’s epidemic prevention and control, we both agree that if the state needs it, we will not require the implementation of the rights claimed by the patent for the time being.” The institutions have opted not to pursue patents for chloroquine, which is already marketed in China, also with the aim of encouraging partners to join them in efforts to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus. Gilead said on January 31 that it will partner with officials to carry out clinical trials of remdesivir, and has offered the Nuc inhibitor for use in a “small number” of patients with 2019-nCoV for emergency treatment in the absence of any approved treatment options. The company added that it is also expediting “appropriate” laboratory testing of remdesivir against 2019-nCoV samples. Gilead chief medical officer Merdad Parsey, MD, PhD, has cited positive in vitro and in vivo activity shown by remdesivir in animal models against MERS and SARS, coronaviruses that are structurally similar to 2019-nCoV. Remdesivir also showed “no adverse events” after it was administered as a treatment to the first American confirmed to be infected with 2019-nCoV, according to “First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States,” a case study published Friday in The New England Journal of Medicine by members of the Washington State 2019-

nCoV Case Investigation Team. Rating unchanged despite potential “This case-report suggests that remdesivir could be an effective treatment for 2019-nCoV and should be formally investigated as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of 2019-nCoV pneumonia, and we are encouraged by Gilead’s efforts to further investigate remdesivir, through the recently initiated trial in collaboration with Chinese health authorities,” SVB Leerink director of therapeutics research and senior research analyst, Geoffrey C. Porges, MBBS, wrote in an investor note along with colleagues Neil Puri, MD, Ke (Andrew) Yuan, CFA, CPA, and Bradley Canino, CPA. They added, however, that they would not change SVB Leerink’s “Market Perform” rating of Gilead stock as a result of remdesivir’s potential in treating coronavirus. “From a societal perspective, we are unequivocally supportive of Gilead’s (and other company’s) efforts to develop an effective treatment for this rapidly spreading, and potentially fatal, infection; however these activities do not alter our fundamental assessment and outlook for GILD’s stock, as therapies of this nature are likely to provide a short-term financial boost, but unlikely to yield a significant impact on long-term shareholder value,” Porges and colleagues wrote. Atazanavir, an antiretroviral medication used to treat and prevent HIV, was the most promising chemical compound to emerge from an artificial intelligence-based prediction model for antiviral drugs that may be effective on 2019-nCoV, according to an article posted on the bioRxiv preprint server by researchers at Deargen and Dankook University in South Korea, and Emory University in Atlanta—the latest report in GEN’s ongoing coverage of the 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus outbreak. (Alex Philippidis – Geneng News)

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The Zamboanga Post

February 17-23, 2020

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February 17-23, 2020


Timbo karon, timbo ugma, timbo kada adlaw ug timbo kada semana! '352%$%/(6

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1 5 8 6 One Week Hearing


Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong 1. Eat breakfast daily. Eating breakfast gives you more energy, improves your concentration and may help you live longer. The problem with not eating breakfast is that you’ll get very hungry




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spread. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps kill off cancer cells. 3. Eat more vegetables and fruits (and less fatty foods). Every day, we should eat two and a half cups of veggies and one and a half cup of assorted fruits. If you want to stay younger, eat more of nature’s healthiest fruits like bananas, carrots, tomatoes and citrus fruits. Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and fibers known to provide health benefits. Vegetables are also excellent diet foods because they’re low in fat and high in fiber. 4. Regarding food, everything in moderation.

5 8 2 9

4 4 6 1




How to stay younger later in the day. This results in overeating and bad food choices for your next meal. The healthiest breakfast would, of course, include some fruit on the side, like a banana, an apple or a slice of mango. Other excellent food choices are eggs, cereals, oatmeal, vegetables, yogurt and skim milk. 2. Take tomato sauce and green tea. A scientific study shows that eating tomato sauce (rich in lycopene) leads to longer survival for men with prostate cancer. But in order to release its lycopene, tomatoes should be cooked with a little oil. Considered a superfood, green tea contains catechins, which may help retard cancer growth and

7 5 3 4

Whether we are talking about protein, fats, eggs or alcohol, take everything in moderation. Excessive alcohol intake leads to a multitude of diseases like liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, stomach ulcers, brain damage, abusive behavior and vehicular accidents. 5. Love is the answer. Married people or those with close relationships are generally happier compared to single people living alone. Being in love releases endorphins (happy hormones) that strengthen our immune system. If you don’t have a partner, then having a close friend, a pet or a hobby can be a substitute. 6. Laugh a lot. Laughter is indeed good

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medicine. Laugh often and laugh out loud. A study at the University of California Irvine College of Medicine reports that after watching a funny video, the viewers’ mood improved dramatically. Depression and anger dropped by 98%, fatigue fell by 87%, and tension was reduced by 61%. 7. Nurture a group of supportive friends. One study shows that talking to a supportive friend for an hour is as effective as taking a tablet of pain reliever. Invest your time in building close relationships. Another tip is to interact with people younger than you. This is because some of the positive energy of young people will get passed on to you and you’ll feel younger, too. 8. Have (safe) sex more often. Studies show that healthy men who have sex two or more




times a week can decrease their risk for a heart attack or stroke. Women who enjoy sex also tend to live longer than those who don’t. It’s also good exercise for the heart. 9. Take safety precautions. Follow common-sense rules our moms taught us. Be careful when driving at night. Wear a seatbelt. Don’t drink and drive. Young people should be educated on the dangers of practicing unsafe sex and taking illicit drugs. Stay away from danger and you’ll live longer. 10. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. Resting and sleeping are the best ways to heal and strengthen your body. Have 10 to 15 minute mini-breaks during the day. Whatever relaxes you is also good for your heart and body. According to sleep experts, the best time to sleep is at night.



thecountrycook.net INSTRUCTIONS : 1. Preheat oven to 400f degrees. 2. Remove Little Potatoes from packaging and cut in half. Place potatoes in a medium-sized bowl and sprinkle with the Onion Chive seasoning packet. 3. Sprinkle minced garlic on top of potatoes and stir mixture together. Then, pour heavy cream into the bowl and stir again until all potatoes are coated. 4. Cut four (18 x12-inch) sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil 5. Evenly distribute all the potatoes onto each piece of aluminum foil (reserve the leftover heavy cream sauce in the bowl - we’ll use that in a minute!) 6. Top potatoes with sliced onions and a tablespoon of salted butter. Repeat this process for the other 3 packs.


8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13.

INGREDIENTS : • 1 lb Onion & Chive Oven | Grill Ready Little potatoes • 1 tbsp ranch seasoning (optional) • 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced • 1/2 cup heavy cream • 4 tbsp salted butter • 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (or chicken breast) • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese • 1/4 cup real bacon crumbles • 3 green onions, sliced

Slice chicken thighs. Place chicken thighs into leftover heavy cream mixture that coated the potatoes. Stir well to coat the chicken thighs. Evenly distribute the chicken thighs into each of the four potato packs. Roll the packets up so that the top and sides are sealed. Place packets onto a large baking sheet. Place sheet into the oven and cook for about 40-50 minutes. Remove packets from the oven and very carefully (they will be HOT) open each packet and top with shredded cheese and bacon pieces. Keep the packets open and place the baking sheet back into the oven. Just until the cheese has melted. Remove, then serve with sliced green onions.

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February 17-23, 2020

African swine fever now in Mindanao, Zamboanga tightens watch

Workers keep a watch on a roasted pig in Zamboanga. (Zamboanga Post)


AYOR BENG Climaco has reminded authorities to strictly keep a tight watch on the he entry of processed pork products and meat to prevent the spread of African swine fever following the outbreak of the fatal hog disease in Davao City and nearby provinces. At least 200 pigs had “Task Force Karne” with died from the disease the local government in two villages in Davao working closely with the City and 13,000 more in Food and Drugs AdminisDavao Occidental’s Don tration (FDA) and the DeMarcelino town, and partment of Agriculture in dozens more in Sulop conducting inspections town in Davao del Sur in support to the national and in South Cotabato’s ban on the importation, Koronadal City. distribution and sale of all Local authorities had processed pork products already seized and de- from countries infected stroyed over 40 pounds with the ASF such as Chiof processed pork prod- na following the breakout ucts from Davao and of the disease in July 2019, Manila and intercepted mostly backyard pigs in at the airport after its the provinces of Rizal and owners failed to show Bulacan and then spread supporting documents elsewhere in Luzon. from concerned governThe task force is comment agencies as proof prised of representatives that they were free from from City Veterinary Ofthe African swine fever. fice, National Meat InClimaco said strict spection Service, Task protocols will be ob- Force Ordinance, and served to monitor and Business Permits and regulate the entry of hog Licensing Division. Cliand pork products here maco said random and as a measure against the surprised inspection in contagious animal dis- public markets and groease. cery stores, barter trade Last September, centers and supermarkets Climaco organized the continue here to ensure

that no canned pork products, particularly those

imported from countries where ASF had been reported. The FDA previously ordered the pull-out from the markets of all processed pork products such as luncheon meat imported from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Moldova, South Africa, Zambia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Live hogs and pork products that do not have proper paperwork and certification will not be

allowed entry in Zamboanga. These requirements include the health certificate and the veterinarian shipping permit, a document which all city and provincial veterinarians have been directed to provide in light of the ASF scare. Checkpoints have been in placed in entry and exit points in Zamboanga since last year to ensure that no infected hogs and its pork products slip past the city. AFS is a large, double-stranded DNA virus in the Asfarviridae fam-

ily. The virus is transmitted to pigs through direct contact with infected pigs, their waste, contaminated clothing, feed, equipment and vehicles, and in some cases, some tick species. Although ASF cannot be transmitted to humans through contact with pigs or pork, the virus causes a haemorrhagic fever with high mortality rates in domestic pigs; some isolates can cause death of animals as quickly as a week after infection. (Zamboanga Post)

Zambo cops praised! LOCAL MAYOR Beng Climaco praised the Zamboanga City Police Office for its many accomplishments, especially in the campaign against illegal drugs and anti-smuggling in support to the efforts of the government in putting a stop to the nefarious activities. The Zamboanga City Police Office headed by Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir also received an incentive from the local government for a “job well done.” Martir was accompanied by Major Rolly Joaquino, the operations chief of the local police force, and police spokesman Captain Edwin Duco when Climaco handed over the incentive at City Hall and witnessed by Rafael Derick Evangelista III, Supervising Transportation Regulation Officer at the Integrated Bus Terminal. “The success of the ZCPO in the field of operations, to include the campaign against illegal drugs and smuggling, as well as

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Mayor Beng Climaco poses with Zamboanga police chief Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir, Major Rolly Joaquino, the operations chief of the local police force, and police spokesman Captain Edwin Duco after the chief executive handed over the incentive at City Hall and witnessed by Rafael Derick Evangelista III, Supervising Transportation Regulation Officer at the Integrated Bus Terminal. (Giana Andrion) campaign against criminality contribute to the overall peace and order situation in the city,” Climaco said. Last year, Climaco also led government officials and civil employees in feting the Zamboanga City Police Office for winning the coveted award as “Best City Police Office” by the Philippine National Police. Climaco rolled out the red carpet for the members of the police force led Martir and 11 station commanders in a well-praised public ceremony in front of the City Hall as a gesture of the local government’s appreciation to the dedicated service of the police. The Zamboanga City Police Office was named “Best City Police Office” during the celebration of the 118th Police Service Anniversary at Camp Crame in Quezon City. The mayor thanked the police force for their efforts

in keeping Zamboanga safe in collaboration with other security forces. She said their hard work resulted to zero bombing and zero kidnappings the past years. After the ceremony, Climaco invited Martir and other police officials to a breakfast at City Hall and handed them cash incentives as a show of appreciation for their efforts. Martir praised and thanked Climaco for her strong support to the police force and vowed to continue working hard - just like the mayor - to keep Zamboanga and its residents safe and secure. The Police Regional Office 9 in Zamboanga City also won the “Best Regional Mobile Force Battalion” and Captain Allan Benedict Rosete as “Best Junior Police Commissioned Officer for Operation.” Climaco said the City Government has allocated some P1.2 billion for the se-

curity sector over the last 5 years in line with the local government’s priority thrust on Security, Health and Education (S.H.E.) program. It was only during the administration of Climaco that the Zamboanga City Police Office received so much vehicles and other equipment and financial support from the local government. Climaco said the S.H.E. program will remain her top priority to ensure public order and safety as she vowed to make Zamboanga one of the most progressive and peaceful cities in the South. For the past 6 years of her administration, the City Government had spent about P2.272 billion for the education sector, and P661 million for health, P1.427 billion for security, P585 million for social services and P3.55 billion for barangay development programs. (Zamboanga Post)

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The Zamboanga Post (February 17-23, 2020)  

The Zamboanga Post - 29 Tels. (062) 955-5360, (0995) 5202358 3F, JLC Bldg., Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City mindanaoexaminer@gmail...